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Hour 1 Pat & Jeffy in for a under the weather Glenn ...The Hail Mary's keep coming...Kavanaugh allegations pile on from the Left...from out of no where, he's a drunkard and a gang rapist? ...President Trump vs. Media...quotes Elton John...Trump vs. Canada...Trump comedy is refreshing, if you're in the mood for it ...Anonymous complaints work?...If it's not Kavanaugh go get a woman to be nominated?...List of alternatives?    Hour 2 Kavanaugh committee hearings live...like watching paint dry...Dianne Fienstein's 'rush to judgment'...accusations of plowing the vote right through...Christine Blasey Ford takes stand...it happened, but I 'can't remember'...thought he was "going to kill me"...'recounting caused me panic and anxiety'...fear of consequences...Senate Judiciary committee starts to grill Ford over texts? ...   Hour 3 Grassley puts the hammer down...Senate Judicary Committee continues to question Christine Ford?...Remember how the media treated Monica Lewinsky?...'young tramp'...'conniving slut' ...'Addicted To Outrage' On Sale Now...Glenn Beck DOT COM

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The blaze radio network on demand that packaging for Glen or the GLINT programme today be sick. And quite make it back today. Its laws Saving more than anything else, so it's just he's pretty much loss, tat right now, Tripoli, seventy seven be easy gay in about an hour work or going to join the Cavanaugh hearings alive, so you'll be able to see and hear well here everything that happens there as I don't know the schedule of immense, but I would assume that at your cabinet? make some kind of statement and then blossom glossy forward. If she's there will make some kind, Stephen then be asked questions either. It was leaked her statement. That was the prepared statement, the full transfer,
so it surprising it. I don't know that that means that she's going to show up and here's what she's going to say or if it means she is not going to show up and here's what she had to say to put on the record. It describes you know everything about the. About the incidentally incident. The incident where two other men have come forward by the way now and said they were the ones that did not die Brad Cavanaugh without the late king, or to the Senate Judiciary Committee too, in that they, the ones who actually assaulted Christine lousy forward during the our party that she described in nineteen? Eighty two republic on the committee released a timeline of events late last night, which included details about their interactions with the two men, the timeline recounts GEO peace If members interviewing a man who believes he not Judge Cavanaugh had the encounter with after fourteen eighteen, nineteen. Eighty two,
fascinating That's not what she says of dynamite but why would you gonna get two men to come in and admit to this when they didn't do it no way who's going to do that now the statue of liberty limitations, probably provide prevents any kind of prosecution, but you could be sued civilly It could ruin your reputation so at some report move if somebody, if they didn't do it they're saying they did Joe to save bright governors nomination. I don't, Who would do that or why I don't either up, but you know like, of course they could have come forward like one of the accusers and just been all anonymous yeah
like the anonymous mother was speaking on behalf of her anonymous daughter, great and it was backed up by three of renown of US friends. The the only person who was it enormously bread cabin I at EU level he pushed, a woman up against the wall in it, no physical and sexual way right, but the woman was anonymous chosen out of those three other anonymous people yeah, who could verify right would willed. Five as they sought, but an anonymously of course, and the mother not the amount was daughter, was told this from her anonymous daughter. So I believe we have. The fact is that as man it doesn't get anymore factually does not really that you cannot deny it so here on this particular purpose we're supposed to believe that their walking out of a restaurant together and all of a sudden out of nowhere broadcasts
Just grabs, one of em and jams. Em up against the wall has been drinking. They hid the. I guess he was the only one drinking in this bar impossible would be that the other people were there with them or drinking now if it took place at all, obviously right, yes and then, and then he slammed her up against the wall. Actually violently I'm not sure. I know what that means sexually violence at the outset, that I could that's not the actual quote, but it is something like that. It is like a remember thinking the tub. What what exactly you have to have to really see that I've been thinking I mean, I think, that's you can let you know it when you see it yeah yes that one supposedly happened in ninety ninety eight here, so the year is not unknown. The people are anonymous, except for bread, Cavanaugh,
dont, know very many details, but we do know what happened in nineteen ninety eight and he was drunk. As he always is, providing out the red card. Has been drunk about ninety eight percent of the time he's been alive, so it certainly makes sense, because I thought it was the first time I saw his testimony. I thought is wrong: links that mercury is a really serious business. If you are, Sky, who is mad drinker partying assaulting women going the parties standing in line weight. To have sex with separate women, and this happened over the course of many years and many parties. Do you think that an FBI back objects, someone someone who else
standing in those lines, someone else who was a salt did someone else who was in this bar drinking someone else who is passing by on the street, who owns the store next door to the bar that saw the sexually violently embrace against a wall drunk one night well, come out yet oh yeah, I think Someone would have remembered something you Eddie, he raped squad allegation who talked about quite a bit on my show, background leashed, which immediately follows this. When I talk about this yesterday, it's hard to believe that, if that indeed happened. Nobody ever talked about eight. We never heard a thing about it, and this guy just went on with the rest of his life and became a respected. Judging DC and noble, said word one until now, come on, come on so including the woman who, by the way, kept going to the parties- and
a boy. I would avoided the alcohol, so she wouldn't. The submit herself to the rape room- I guess I don't know into the river- was ok as long as it wasn't her exactly exactly that's my point, so you didn't say anything to these girls: hey, don't don't drink the earth, the punch, because it's been spite and their use end up in the rape room. I mean this is used to live for the bathroom. No, this is the replied. I mean agreements amazing, just it defies all logic and reason those now yes, last night late afternoon, presented Trump That is a very long. In fact, I think it just wrapped up about fifteen minutes ago for us gaseous rather than just wrapped it up and not a lot to say Heath. The other was fascinating. He had a lot to say he called the cabinet
allegations, a big fat con job areas. Do we have that audio workshop calls cabin on a big fat got conjure, I've given I'll gave Lily F B, I told us they have investigated Joe governor Times five times many times over the years. They know very well six times five at higher. There was nothing or two investigators from at least one standpoint. They didn't know the location they didn't know the time they didn't know the year they didn't do anything it's like: where do you go? Also, it's not for happy have you look at what Joe Biden said. He said they don't do this. And he said it very clearly. So I think when you really look, it all started to change any of the Democrats, mines their obstructionists there I cannot address because they know how quality this man is and they have destroyed a man's reputation and they
want to destroy it even more, and I think people going to see that in the mid terms, what they have done to this family, what they ve done to these children, It's beautiful children of his and what they ve done to his wife and they know it's a big. Fat. Con job They go into a room, and I guarantee you they'll. Like hell at what they pulled off or new and on the public they laughed like hell, I believe him. I do too That's true! They know it's true and their due anyway. Does they hate him the trumpet they hate cabin men there anybody on the right. It's it's hard, not to believe that because it prove it every day they show us every day. He also talked about how yes, he believes he believes. Cavanaugh But I don't know who knows what will happen tomorrow will see what the women have to say. Is this
it is the women could be convincing, could be here's what he said not alive. As far as the other women are concerned, I'm going to see what happens tomorrow. I'm gonna be watching you to believe it or not, I'm going to see what she say ok possible that they will be convincing now, with all of that being said, Joe bread? Cavanaugh has been for many years, one of the most respected people in Washington. He's been on, I guess, you'd go, the second highest court. Always single person knows him, People know him well and those people don't believe. What's going on, You know, I guess you could call it the second eyes you coronary or, as some people have called a bad. You know these road everywhere.
So we absolutely believes that this is a smear job at a big fat conjure up. The women might convince me too. I don't know, I don't know leave me I'll, be watching yeah. I do believe him. I double He can be convinced of he kind of said it I could be convinced of almost anything men need, I think he asked. Will use that phrase during the course of the press conference he had ton of things to say it back. And so many things to say. We we just gotta put some of it together for you, a nice so that you could just gotta recap. China has total respect for Donald Trump. And four Donald trumps? Very, very large, a brain Why has president Trump given so much to North Korea? So if I wasn't elected, You would have had a war present
Obama thought you had to go to work you now close. You was to pressing the trigger for war will not doing well. Those. Let me call the Russians to help. We have pictures of President Europe. Where can I get a? Why that's a lotta hands? He stood already team. Europe rides register with Estonia, Thomas Peter, from Sky NEWS. Ok, cuts, kindness. Congratulations on the purchase, she has nothing to do with me. Thank you and I hope you benefited you Alex governments like is shocked by this is gonna, be not good. He's gonna, regardless totally like stunned, that you have you ever been picked before for a question because she's we use it where, from where the media outlets or from Kutuzov region, northern Iraq I'm occurred. Good great people. Thank you, sir. Mr President, most are you occurred? Mr President, the green paper,
the great fighters. I, like em, Let's go like this report to throw their supplies New York Times come on New York Times prevailing New York Times stand up guy. Like President, she is a friend of mine who may not be a friend of mine, anymore body. That think he probably respects from what I hear you were talking about your administration, accomplishments at the United Nations and a lot of the leaders laugh, you illustrate that experience are fake news and it was cover that way they weren't laughing at me. They were laughing with me. We had five when you say does it affect me in terms of my thinking with respect to judge governor absolutely I've had it many times when I see it, I viewed differently than somebody sitting home watching television where they say oh judge Cavern or this, or that It happened to me many times. I've had many false charges. If we brought George Washington here, and we said we have George Washington. The Democrats would vote against them. Just so you understand,
and he may have had a bad press tuna shoot him though he may have had some. Accusations made, didn't have a couple of things in this past, always like to finish with a good one. Elton John said: when you hit that last tune and its good don't go back. I've seen have you ever see, they do great a great. They hit the list to animals as a lazy, although they go back to me beer, this amongst others. So good tell me that, the president of the United States, I of it I love great stuff an hour and a half yesteryear, The stuff was great too, in in this press conference alone, really good. We can get to yeah go after the battle is really good and he- and I are I saw a cause the question afterward. One of the talking had shows about the drop being on the rails during this brusque oversight. Even he, his comment was like really think he was ever other rails really
Foster admitted that, while now you it sounded like he was a great time tied. Oh god, I don't. You Failing new year zero, we're like rub the letter, Father Avaux, Tripoli seventy seven backwards, patent, Jeffrey for Glenn other glimpse programme and our sponsored. This half hour is Palm Beach Palm Beach letter, because I want to share some of the recent feedback that we receive from our our partners. At Palm Beach letter and ticket Tories Crypto course now Indy, seven percent of our listeners have given his crypto currency course of four five star rating. That's amazing! for the comments. Thank you for deep. Is defying this from William H. I'm on my way now just bought my first Bitcoin excellent course.
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eight seven, seven p, B, L back all right now it's pat gray and jumping for Glenn Tripoli. Seventy seven be easy. Gay present trump cricket. Cover just about everything yesterday and that Prescott seated did was a marathon press conference. He called on anybody in everybody, including Jim Acosta, will play that for you in a few minutes. By a wide range of things, from Cavanaugh all the weight of NAFTA and hats, fascinating things to say about Canada yesterday as well that you reject a one on one meeting with the canadian Prime Minister just intruder the idea why This tariffs are too high and he doesn't seem to want to move, and I told them forget about it and frankly we think it about just taxing cars coming in from Canada. That's the mother, Lode, that's the big one, however The problem may Mckinley in car company. You kick his that I know of his our canadian car
Excel agenda move the lesser. I love those Canadian caught lying there. American companies in Canada, their american- companies that are producing their cars in Canada. So who are you gonna hurt by doing that? You're gonna hurt Americans paying higher prices for american cars. That's what's going on we're very unhappy with the negotiations and the negotiating style of Canada. We don't like their representative very much. They ve taken advice. I love Canada. By the way I have so many friends, everybody it so many friends he has everybody. So many friends, everybody Canada, is a friend of his see just great. That has nothing to do with some representing the United States. The girl was totally, I mean they were great by the way. The new president has been greatly everything's radio is done now has to go through Congress and a lot of things have happened, but we ve done
a blight iser, whose here someplace where's barbers Bob Bob Bob Lighthouses done Boston negotiating as their we put. The deal is done. From his garment limits, but Canada has treated us very bad. They ve treated our farmers in Wisconsin in New York state that a lot of other states very badly dairy products. Three hundred percent three percent how do you show a dairy product? Three hundred percent was the answer. Is we don't want? It is? Is a barrier it's basically there saying we don't have any barriers by the waves three hundred percent, so you don't send today because you can't compete canada- has a long way to go. I must be honest with you: we're not getting along at all within negotiators. We think here, no ghost it is have taken advantage of our country for a long time. We had people that didn't know what they were doing and that's why we had. Over the last five or six years. If you
rigid out. We have eight hundred billion dollars a year and trade losses. It's ridiculous succour to happen. What on that NAFTA? Mr president? Nafta, what does that mean for NAFTA really be pulling out of NAFTA? I don't like NAFTA, I never liked it's been very bad, for the United States has been great, for Canada has been great for Mexico very bad. For us, a lot of things are not going to use the name. Nafta refuse to use with I've. Seen thousands of play. Some factories laws I've, seen millions of jobs lost to order, please that move in Mexico is twenty five percent of our total business now because of NAFTA under our deal, I'm gonna happen. It Nugget Avenue any more. So a fascinating stuff too. Boy where he actually said that we don't like the represent the trade Rep from Canada. It would like it very much just don't get that from an iranian president, the all that often so good
style is refreshing, isn't it down the return that time of year, recital every living something regular. We don't like the guy. Rightly we don't like the guy. The guys do gas, to bring somebody else next time, Later, when alike much nobody likes, you might be a nice guy that nobody likes him here. Nobody likes, addicted to outrage. The new book from Glenn back addicted to outrage is available everywhere border it now at Amazon, dot com an jiffy for Glenn today. Triplets of do seven be easy Also, we have the bread Cavanaugh hearing. It starts at nine o clock today. So as soon as it gets going, we will carry the can live cause. That's gonna be
many big deal, it's gonna be very big deal very interesting. I would think so yeah I If she shows up it's gotta be fascinating because we will be no matter what it will be, some kind of circus that we can look at- that's for sure and again to us. And came forward said. Yet we did this, not broad capita she's wrong, because it was us So why would you do that? If you didn't really commit the crime? Why would you do that? I don't have an answer for you about no you don't know you don't have any is doing as there is no answer you wouldn't do that. If it wasn't, you know I would not wouldn't go I've done it, you can do it if it was you. Thank you I think we have established that micro entities that maybe you don't even me, the hearing only those were the rapporteur so something that came out there.
In the in the news yesterday. If, if Democrats win them term election if they regained the house? It's gonna be some pretty there's gonna, be some serious repercussions for that, and I thought of this, but Maxine waters would then send to possess in a power where she can start to subpoena, and she said he will if she gets that position and she in line for that position. Also, she'll have subpoena power. Over. You know everything he'll, be subpoena subpoena being everything and everyone and will give up its ITALY unbelievable it'll, be I mean. Can you imagine. I she will be going after him on virtually every effort.
Single issue. She's gonna be supporting a subpoena, shall subpoenaed documents from the Deutsche Bank russian money laundering supported the finances of the Trump Foundation, the Trump businesses is family businesses, and you know she's gonna, but after all that stuff she's already said she is. So it's really critical. The Democrats don't gain control of the house in November no kidding I don't know according to the poles, it doesn't look like it could be stopped. At this point, we just gotta on paper for a miracle this point. Don Lemon was and with a woman Esther Chris Cuomo, and they were talking about TED crews and his wife being accosted that DC restaurant view by the way the restaurant just kind of directed the crews, cruises into a separate room. A private room and
well once all the excitement ended, they had come back and said that actually make sense because remember I talked about. He had trouble opening the door yeah and I thought why would they opening the door getting about, but everyone went to another room, not not showing them out of the restaurant, which was which has great here, and they did call the police So you know those two things were some of the concerns we had why I have to leave and everybody arise and widening the police and just get those idiots out of their well, it s a data, so that was good, yeah so Don Lemon is talk about. That particular or of incidents And whether or not its appropriate, listen to this sort of thing, only agency you have is to protest to get in someone's face. You don't have any power when it comes to governmental and and and in society, but I don't like it, but It is one reason: I'm not a public official that I'm not running for office
the way I think it goes with the territory I don't like it, there are. No talking is one, but that's what, that's what he signed up for and as a strict constitutional instead crews is. He knows that its protected under The first amendment began realise a blanket. I know what really happened about. That's you don't like it happened to his wife, but he that's what he signed up for. That's my lady. I don't know that's what he signed up for. Thank you mean you don't agree with Chris Court Como. Very often, oh, you don't, but that's Agnes from dawn limit. What are you talking about? That's what he signed up and we're method. That oppress goes onto their to say that if you know that might be other, that's that's what's happening and we're ok with it. But Obviously we agree with that's not what he signed up and we're not ok with it I would ask her to guess at ninety five. Ninety eight percent of Americans are not okay with aid ebbed. Even the Lebanese is at the point. Where he's ok with it up to the point as long as it's not him you're right where so
if we're going to run a hound Don lemon and restaurants when he's with his significant other. Is he gonna like that? I'm sorry, irritated tv personality. That's whereas I am sorry our you sign up, for it is freedom of speech our right. Now. It's not your right to interrupt everybody else's dinner in public such a right, though your rights gotta stop words getting in the way of everybody else's right. Holler at me, when I'm walkin from my car into the restaurant, go ahead disturbing the peace comes to mind. Oh clogging, up somebody's hindering. Business is not ok. A lot at those things are not ok, that's part of free speech. He can't get to the point where we say yeah, that's right, that's it just freeze! each man, that's what what are you kidding me? It's the same. They did with the banker the those idiots from Occupy Wall Street showed up is at his house in Zaire and the hell out of his nine year old daughter when she was home alone and
everybody came. Rushing back home, cause fifteen hundred p or something we're on their law. Member, that I do yes, yes, that's what he signed up for not avoid allowed. No, we do not. Now, that's not, ok, you don't go to people's homes scare, that crap their children in others, There's some lines that you don't cross and crossing them all right now, because because we believe there is alive theres many there's there is no life then in if any. If anything in the past was thought have a line that it needs to be cross now or erased, and that's what does what the Democrats are doing that's what Antwerp is doings, and it's it's just wrong. We can't get used to the stuff, we can't say: hey, yeah. Now, that's! Ok! It's all right! It's really not! It's, not! Ok! Just because a! U S, senator is a public figure
It's ok to hassle, women, restaurants and everywhere he goes seen waters challenge to her supporters is not ok. Note is not. And even though she's she could be in a position to start really wreaking havoc administration, be how can I be possible. You know two years ago you would have ever thought that it would even be in the realm of possibility for Democrats take back the house, but here, we are with it. What was I heard last week an eighty percent chance or going to retake the house, not good like that number. No, I don't. I don't like you say I'll, never, not use that one. I couldn't say another numberless, a five percent like that. You like that way like that, would allow. I just believe that true, but go that way now. Yesterday we had the accusation on broad governor of the of the rape gay,
and he was part of you know we're we're the rulers of that as we did in the mic or whatever and Sweat Nick, and what an sheikh she came out with some of those details yesterday and then last night, this fourth AL, shoved, her friend up against a wall very aggressively in sexually aggressively. How do you suggest? anonymous people. For women were win Cavenaugh who was drunk, and I dont know all the details, but they were in a bar there, under the influence of alcohol, and then there were all shocked when Bread Cavanaugh shoved. Her friend up against a wall very aggressively in sexually aggressive louder uses actually shoves. Someone up against the wall did It is sexual places at what the allegation is or did aegis Look like he had that. Look in his eye or shoved against the wall aggressively sexual and now there were.
Four witnesses, including my daughter or I says the writer of the letter provided no names but said the alleged the victim was traumatized. And had decided to remain anonymous. Herself a democratic, sir said the minority wasn't satisfied by the Republicans question of questions about the incident during the call color then cursory? We believed it should be investigated more deeply, the edged event occurred in D C, Nineteen. Ninety eight It says when cabin I was an adult We want an adult twenty years ago. Rise. It was an adult, my eyes this is one of my favorites because of the the anatomy and the anonymous and niceties of everything It's amazing to me that is even we, the Good NEWS. I now so our body
who ban birth control. Kory Kory gardener gets a gets a letter from an anonymous lady supposedly the Republicans these anonymous people are supposed Republicans. Ok, and she's talking about her daughter, but we don't know who your daughter is because the mother, I don't know she is autonomous. We don't know who the daughter is, and we don't know, ran friend elaborated the aggressively sexually toss up against the wall that could back her story of a hundred per cent do yes, so and the other friend that happened. To do with any of this is also anonymous. So it's great right. It's a powerful antlers other there's another anonymous person who saw those that could back it up and can you believe at a point where we're talking about someone- is pushed it pushed up against the wall I don't know how hard we don't know how aggressively we don't know what you know if you just grow.
Your arm in turn around. Who knows what happened right here? Really, this is what you get an and she's been privatized ever since it first. I am worried that seem. She may not even have a job now kiss you know, she's been so traumatize Ryan. She work, I don't. I don't know I wouldn't surprise me if she can't will never know well, we ever know because we may they come out as to five at their anonymous. So maybe not so all you have to do is sit an anonymous complaint to a representative, and it's just, over the place. Yeah come on. How do we go by this? I don't know how do we get to this place so no many many many things that have happened now. I dont think you ever past right there already there, already there. I don't know that you ve ever come back to
the eyes every nomination process gotta be this ugly. Now, here probably I am even if it's good of half his ugly else. It's still the ugly you'll think up. Otherwise this battle is most bears out, one which We too believe if he is not confirmed that next the very next nominee has to be any, should do it right away he bear it go ahead in go after a woman. And, let's see what happens because you are the ones who are concerned about. Aren't you you're concerned about women's rights? You are concerned about being sensitive to women, knew about equality, and so you better not go. You're a woman, but would they. Be interesting to see her would be. What are they gonna say about her cause: they're, not gonna, like her she's, more conservative by all accounts, then brought cabin eyes. So thick certainly don't want her
be interesting to see, would be in Vienna resting above it be fun to watch. If You said you know what you want. You didn't when I don't believe you, but in a world where let Brett Discontinued is oh. You know if time important appointment on the I got, some people call it the second highest land, we let him alone, but we ve been nominated for somebody in that regard. We get her in her rest, aimed at Saint Ives, pretty clear you guys want of woman. So let's go: let's go with Amy Coney Barrett, Tripoli. An hundred thirty three, ninety three from hurricanes to earthquakes and cyber warfare. Every American should have a plan to get through an emergency. I began as we ve seen, they can happen at any time natural disasters. The power could be out sometimes for weeks, the Pentagon, happens it it just more urgent than ever that you be prepared, and we ve seen again and again response and repair to info
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program Goin back is coming lie to talk about the right path forward and to make fun of the people standing in the way we might not be able to save the country, but at least we can all go down laughing Glenn, backed by the addicted to outreach toward on toward this ball. Back that Grey and Geoffrey for Glenn. Today we are about to join the club A hearing LIVE Christine Blasi Ford is in fact there and ready to testify. She did show up and chuck grossly is speaking now. No, up the hearing. Let's, let's join that library and their families every saved vile threats what they have endured. Ought to be considered by all of us as unacceptable in a poor. Reflection on the state of civility in our debate
so I want to apologize to you both for the way you ve been greater democracy, and I intend hopefully for today is parents, one in which to be safe, comfortable and dignified for both of our witnesses. I hope my colleagues will join me in this effort of a show of civility without said a low that this hearing how this hearing has come about July. Ninth, two thousand eighteen, the president, announced Judge Kavanaugh's nomination to serve on the Supreme Court Judge Kavanaugh, has served on the most important federal power court for twelve years. Before that here, some of the most sensitive positions in the federal government, the President
Judge Cavanaugh to his short list of Supreme Court more than nine months ago, in November twenty seventeen as part of Judge Cavanaugh, his nomination Supreme Court, the F B, I conducted its sixth for field background investigation of Judge Cavanaugh, since nine ninety three twenty five years ago. Nowhere in any of these six reports, I was just recommending. Investigators have reviewed on a bipartisan basis, was area with of any issue any issue at all related in any way to inappropriate sexual behaviour doctor. For first raised her allegations. A letter to the
ranking member Neri two months ago in July this letter was sacred from July thirtieth September, thirteenth, to no joy. Breathe until September thirteenth. When I first heard about it, the right remember member took no action, though I wasn't share with me our colleagues or my staff. These alley. Deviations could have the investigator way that maintained confidentiality. That Doctor Ford requested Before his hearing judge have Kevin arm privately when sixty five senators, including the ranking member but the ranking Didn't ass, Judge Cavanaugh about the allegations when she met within privately in August the scent Judiciary Committee held its four day public hearing from September for to September seventh,
Cavanaugh testified for more than thirty two hours in public. We have the close asian for members desks, sensitive questions on then lay on the last evening, we're so ranking. Member did not attend. Judge Cavanaugh answered nearly thirteen hundred written questions submitted by senators after they are, More than all prior Supreme Court nominees throughout this period, we did not know about the ranking members secret evidence, then only at an eleventh hour on the eve of Each Cavanaugh, confirmation boy did the ranking member refer the allegations. The FBI and sadly the allegations were leaked to the press and that's where Doktor Ford was mister. This is a shameful way to treat our witness
who insisted on confidentiality and. And of course, Judge Cavanaugh who has had to address these allegations in the midst of a media circus. When I received Therefore, it later on September, the thirteenth my staff and I recognise the seriousness of these allegations and me it began are committed investigation consistent with the way the committee is hands, such allegations in the Basque every Therefore, the way the democratic side refused to participate in what should have been a bipartisan vessel Asian, as far as I know, on all of our judge ships throughout at least the last four years. Three year, that's been the way it's been able after doktor forge identity became public, my staff
did all the individual she said, attended the nineteen eighty two party described in origin, imposed article Judge Kevin or immediately submitted to Us a view under penalty of felony for any knowingly false statements, the allegations categorically democratic step. Is invited to participate and could have asked why should we want to do, but they declined, Let me then, to wonder if really concerned. With going to the truth, why wouldn't you want to talk to the acute the price? says and procedure, is what the committee always does. When we receive allegations of wrong doing my staff reached out to other The visuals, allegedly at the party mark, Judge Patrick Man, Leland Keyser, all three. So statements then send under an underpants,
lay a felony denying any knowledge of the thence described by doktor for Doktor Ford's lifelong frame. Ducked Miss Keyser stated she doesn't know. Judge nor does recall ever attending a party with him. My staff made repeated requests to interview Doktor Ford. During the past eleven days, even volunteering defied California take her testimony, but her attorneys Reed It was to prevent Prijedor allegations to Congress. I never. I never the last honoured a request for a public hearing, so Doktor Ford today has the opportunity to prevent her allegations. As you can see the judiciary, maybe was able to conduct a thorough and instigations into allegations of thoroughly the in delegations, some of my colleagues
consistent with our stated desires to obstruct Cavanaugh. Patient by any means precisely by any means, there's a very poor. FBI investigations into the allegations, but I have authority, to foresee examining a branch agency to conduct an investigation into a matter. It considers to be closed. Moreover, once allegations become became public it was easy to identify all the alleged witnesses and income her own investigations. Contrary to what the public has been led to believe, the FBI doesn't perform any credibility. Assessments, or verify the truth of any events. In these basque background investigations, I'll pull, then chairman joy, joy, even during Justice, Thomas's confirmation hearing. This is what Sandra Biden said quote the next.
Person who refers to an FBI report as being worth anything obviously doesn't understand anything the FBI blessedly does not in this or any other case reach a conclusion period. They say he he said she said they said period. So when people wave F B, I report before you understand they do not, they do not. They do not reach conclusions, they do not make recommendations and senator binds quote the FBI, provided us
the allegations now it's up to the Senate to assess their credibility, which brings us to this very time. I look forward to a fair and respect for Harry. That's what we promised doctor for some of my colleagues complained about the fact that an expert on this side is in getting sex crimes will be questioning the witness. I see no basis for complaint other than just playing politics. The testimony we we're here today concerns allegations of sexual assault, very serious, our gaze ages, ethical taken right now, credit and what wild gradually is babbling endlessly, and hopefully, by the time we get back Christine plausible, we'll be testifying AAA. Seventy seven back. It is Pat and Geoffrey for Glenn. What is right, where did
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Chuck Grass Lee to open the cabinet hearing you did finally need did finally end and now we're hearing from the ranking Democrat, of course, diet. Feinstein then will here The ranking socialist and after that will be the ranking communist, followed by the Secretary S. Then then, the person under the under other, the Irish and the over under will be theirs weapon here, Eureka there, but I want to know, I didn't forget the north, because I would do that and she was about to speak. Thank you. I have to say. When I saw you see, I was in extremely impressed. You have a bachelors degree from the University of North Carolina Chapel, Two masters degrees are its again. Diane Feinstein is making her opening address and she's telling her just how impressed she is where there is a wonderful woman will end some sexual vile, ok life too. So here's her opening statement, the rape
abuse and incest national network, sixty percent of sexual assaults go on reported. In addition, when survivors do report their assault it's off years later due to that I'm a they suffered and sharing their store This will not be believed. Last week I received a letter, a sixty year old, California, constituent who told me but she survived and attempt to break at age seventeen. She described as being terrified and embarrassed she never called the sole until much later life. The assault stayed with her for forty three years. I think it's him Orton to remember these realities, as we hear from after Ford about her experience, there has been a great deal of public discussion about the me too. Today versus the year of the woman almost
twenty seven years ago, but while young women are standing up and saying no more, are in Tatoosh, have not progressed in how they treat women who come forward too often women's memories, Credibility come under assault. In essence, they are put on trial force to defend themselves and often read victimized. In the process twenty seven years ago. I was well king through an airport when I a large group of people gathered around tv to list Two Anita Hill tell her story. What I saw was an attractive woman in a blue soup. Before in all male judiciary committee. Speaking of her, experience of sexual harassment.
She was treated badly, accused of lying attacked and our credibility put to the test threw out the process today a doktor Christine Blasi Ford, come forward to tell her story. Being assaulted and fearing for her life She was a teenager initially as ice doktor. Ford did not want to make her story, public, within thirty six hours have coming forward Republican, scheduled a hearing without talking to her or even invited her to testify, she was too old. She had to show up for the or the committee move forward. With a vote it took a public outcry from the majority Excuse me for the majority to back down and give her
even a few days to come before. The committee Republicans also scheduled this hearing with Doktor Fourg, with out having her allegations investigated by the FBI in nineteen lying size and worthwhile any leader hills allegations were reviewed by the FBI as the normal process and squarely within its jurisdiction. However, despite repeated request, President Trump and the Republic have refused to take this routine step and direct the FBI to conduct an in partial investigation This would clearly be the best way to ensure a fair process to both judge Cavanaugh and to doktor food in nineteen ninety one the Senate heard from twenty two witnesses
three days today, while reject being an FBI investigation, Republicans refusing to hear testimony from any other witness, including marked judge who, Therefore, it identified as being in the room when the attack took place- and we believe judge should be subpoenaed so the committee can hear from him directly public consent also refused anyone who could speak to the evidence that would support or refute doctor for claim by all that it will not get too and witness Sonia. Just who could address credibility from a lawyer. Actor have either for. Or Cavanaugh and also means gonna write an easy. What I find most usable
she's got zealous to judgment. The unwillingness to take these kinds of allegations at face value and look at them for what they are, a real question of character for someone who is asking for a lifetime appoint on the Supreme Court. I'm begging, you know, and you re ninety one republican Little, Professor hills experience saying- and I quote it won't make a bit of difference in the outcome End quote, and they were already burden of proof- was on professor and there's a day an american political colleagues are so this is a hiccup doktor. Ford is mixed up and declaring all listen to the lady, but we're going to bring this to a close once worse.
Many of our colleagues on the other side of the I'll have also made it clear that no matter what happens today, the Senate will plough right through and ensure Judge Cavanaugh would be elevated within a week. In fact, on Tuesday the majority went ahead and scheduled a vote on the nomination good for we one word of testimony regarding allegations of sexual assault and misconduct by bread. Cavanaugh republican leadership even told senators. They should plan to be in over this weekend, so the norm nation can be pushed through without delay. This is despite the fact that in the last few days, tumor women have come forward, their own serious allegations of sex assault involving Brett Cabin
by proposing to other men, have admitted that we are laying out about Christine Bossy for was a student at Yale with Bread Cavanaugh. She too did not want to come forward, but After being approached want orders, she told her story. I go avenant as you was all your colleagues part. I want to begin. I exposed himself to her. She recalls seeing him already other one and then seeing him laughing and pulling his pants and one that would you recline? Yes, no six days with lawyers to come to the conclusion that experience, Diana Feinstein continues to battle and Christine Blasi Ford continues to it patiently, the democratic, the ranking Democrat that well. I guess we gotta hear her statement, so she continues to make it, and hopefully, when we come back, will actually here from Christine Blasi Ford. Would
nice. Let's get to it already covered up on the glimpse programme. You're listening to the Glen Back Programme with Brad Jovi. Today we are joining. The cabinet. Hearings live as Christine Blasi Ford is just beginning. Her testimony tell you what happened to me. Haven't and I were in high school. I have described the events publicly before I summarised them in my letter to ranking number Feinstein. Again in a letter to chairman crossly I understand and appreciate the importance of your hearing from me directly about what happened to me and the impact that it has had on my life, my family. I grew up in this. Birds of Washington DC, I attend, the whole alarm school it says to Maryland from nineteen seventy eight to nineteen. Eighty four
Whole learns is an all girls school that opened in eighteen, o one in my time at the school girls at Holden, arms, frequently met and came friendly with boys from all boys schools in the area putting the land in school, Georgetown, prep, Zaga High School as well as our country, clubs and other places where kids in family socialized, This is how I met Brett cabin on the boy, sexually assaulted me during a freshman sophomore school years, when I fourteen and fifteen years old, my group friends intersected with bread and his friends for a short period of time. I had been friendly with a classmate of breads for a short, time during my freshman sophomore year, and it was through that connection. That I attended a number of parties that Brett also attended. We did not each other well, but I, for him and he knew me
in the summer of nineteen. Eighty two most summers. I spent most every day at the Columbia Country Club in Chevy Chase Maryland Swimming practicing diving One evening that summer, after a day of diving at the club, I attended law gathering at a house. In the first area there were four ways. I remember specifically being at the house. Brett Cavanaugh Mark Judge a boy named Pga and one other boy whose name I cannot recall I also remember my friend Leland attending I do not remember all of the details of how that gathering came together but, like many that summer it was almost surely a spur of the moment. Gathering a truly wish. I could be more helpful with more detailed answers to all of the questions that have
of and will be asked about how I got the party and where it took place and so forth don't have all the answers and I don't remember as much as I would like to, but the details about that night. Bring me here today, are there I will never forget. They have been seared into my memory and of haunted me up beside as an adult. When I got the small gathering people were doing beer: small living room, family lip room tape, area. On the first floor of the house, I drink one, beer, bread and were visibly drunk. Early in the evening. I, what The very narrow set up stairs, leading from the living room to a second floor too the restroom when I got the top of the stairs. I was pushed from behind into a bedroom across from the bathroom. I couldn't
who pushed me Brad came into the bedroom and locked the door behind them. There was music, in the bedroom, was turned up louder by either Brett or mark. Once we were in the room, I was down to the bed and bread. On top of me, he began running his hands over my body and grinding into me, I yelled, hoping Someone downstairs might hear me and I to get away from him that his weight was heavy Brett groped and tried to take off my clothes. Her time because he was very inebriated and because He was wearing a one piece bathing suit. Underneath my clothing, leaves he was going to rape me. I tried to yell for help when I die
Brett put his hand over my mouth to stop me from yelling. This is what Finally, the most and it's had the most lasting impact on my life. It was hard me to breathe, and I thought that Brett was accidentally going to kill me both threat. Were drunkenly laughing during the attack they seem to be having a very good time mark ambivalent. At times urging Brett on and at times to stop a couple of heightens made contact with mark and thought he may help me that she did not during this assault. Mark came over and turn the bed twice while That was on top of me, then, the last time that he did this. We toppled over. Brad with no longer. On top of that, I was able to
and ran out of the room directly, us from the bedroom was a small bathroom area and insight. The bathroom and locked, the door waited until I heard Breton marked leave the bedroom laughing and loudly walked down the narrow, stairway, pin bawling off the walls on the way down. I waited and when did not show them come back up the stairs. I left the bathroom. Went down the same stairwell through the living room and left the house we're being on the street and feeling is enormous sense of relief that I had escaped that house and that bread and mark we're not coming outside after me, brats assault on me. Draft drastically altered my life for a very long time. I was too afraid and ashamed to tell anyone these details. I did not want it.
My parents, that I aged fifteen, was in a house without any parents present drinking beer. Boys I convince myself that, because Brett did not read me, I should just move on and just pretty it didn't happen, over the years. I told very very few friends that I had this traumatic experience. I told it has been before we were married that I have experienced a sexual assault. Edna told the details to anyone specific details until May two thousand twelve during a couples counselling session The reason this came up and counselling is that my husband and I had completed a very extensive very long remodel of our home, and I insisted on a second front door, an idea that
In others disagreed with and could not understand, explaining why I wanted a second front door. I began to just cried the assault in detail. Recall saying that the boy who assaulted me could some day be on the Eu S Supreme Court and spoke a bit about his back. Ground at an elitist all boys school in Bethesda Maryland my husband, Calls that I named my attacker as breath. Captain after that may two thousand, of therapy session I did by to ignore the memories of the assault, because we're counting them cause me to relive the experience and cause panic. An anxiety Occasionally I would discuss the assault in an individual therapy session, but talking about it cause more reliving the trauma, so I tried not to think about it or discuss it.
But over the years I went through periods where I thought about the attack cited in some close friends that I had had it experience with sexual assault occasionally. I stated that my assailant was a prominent lawyer or judge, but I did not use his name. I do not work each person I spoke to about brats assault and some have reminded me of these conversations since the publication of the Washington Post story on September, sixteenth, two thousand eighteen glimmered program that until July or lose out to meet christian aid, never and lazy for Mr Cavanaugh via the european side of therapy this changed in early July, two thousand eighteen. I saw press reports stating that cabin, I was on this short list of a list very well qualified Supreme Court nominees. I thought it was my son,
duty to relate the information I had about MR cabinets conduct so that Considering his nomination would know about this assault on satellite six, a sense of urgency to relate the information to the Senate and the President as soon as possible. For not many was selected. I did not know how specifically to do this. I called my rational representative and let her receptionist know that someone on the in short list, had attacked me. I all I sent a message to the encrypted Washington Post Confidential Tipp line. I didn't use my name, but I provided the names of Brett Cabin and Mark judge. It stated that MR haven't I had assaulted meat in the nineteen eighties in Maryland. This was an extremely hard thing for me to do, but I felt that I could not do it
over the next two days. I told a couple of close friends on the beach in our task: California, that Mr Cavanaugh, sexually assaulted me. I was very conflicting, as to whether to speak out Until I name, I received a return phone call from the Office of Congresswoman Anna S shoe after Mr Coveney. Had become the nominee. I met with her staff on July ate and with her on July, Twentieth, does I think the assault and discussing my fears about coming forward there. We discussed the possibility of sending a letter to ranking them Feinstein, who is one of my states, senators describing what occurred. My understanding is that representative ashes office delivered a copy of my letter to Senator fine Sense Office on July thirtieth. The letter
who did my name but also a request that it be kept confidential What was that? Providing the information? Confidentially would be sufficient to allow the sun to consider miss having a serious misconduct without having to make myself my family anyone's family, vulnerable, the personal attacks and in of privacy that we have faced since my name became public In a letter dated August thirty. First Senator Feinstein TAT, she would not share the letter without my explicit consent, and I appreciated this commitment Sexual assault victims should be able to decide for themselves when and whether their private experience made public. As the hearing date got closer. I struck with a terrible choice do. I share the facts of the Senate and put my
my family in the public spotlight or do I preserve our pride, see and allow the Senate to make its decision without knowing the full truth of his past behaviors I agonized daily with this decision throughout August and September, two thousand in this sense of duty that originally motivate motivated me to reach out confidentially. So the washing Post and Anna s his office when there are, still a list of extremely caught qualified candidates and Senator Feinstein was always there, but my feet. Of the consequences of speaking out started to exponentially increase during August, two thousand a eighteen, the press reported that MR have a nice confirmation was virtually certain
persons painted him as a champion of women's rights and empowerment, and I believed that if I came forward my single voice would be drowned out by a chorus of powerful supporters by the time with the confirmation hearings. I had resigned myself to remaining quiet and in the committee and the Senate make their decision without knowing what MR cabin I had done to me once the press started, boarding. On the existence of the letter I sent to Senator Feinstein I faced mounting pressure, we're gonna take a quick gray clearer than there now get back to more of Christine Blasi forts. Testimony live from the cabinet hearings are sponsor. This half hour is zipper, Kurt Zip recruiter. You know it. Not smart, Ah, besides that overwhelm you with tons of the wrong recipes, you don't need that. You don't have time for that but you know what he is: smart, Zip Rico
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Glenn back with bad and Jeff you ve, been carrying the cabin auguries, live Christine Blasi for just finished up her opening statement, and now the senators are beginning to question. Please asked me to clarify it or ask it in a different way. When I asked questions, sometimes all refer back to other information, you provided to do that and I get it wrong. Please correct me this. Is the special prosecutor reach not going to ask you to guess, I know it was a long time ago few do estimate, please let me know that you're, estimating, ok, fair we ve put before you and I'm sure you have copies of the many way five pieces of information, and I wanted to go over them. The first is a screen shot of. What's up texts, between you and somebody at the Washington Post g of that in front of you.
The first two tax were sent by you on July six, the sat, cracked, cracked and then the last one sent by you was on July tenth cracked are those three com accurate breathed, and so there is one correction I've misuse the word bystander as an adjective occur, vice tender mean someone that is looking at an assault and then the person impeach. I was gonna technically a bystander as writing very quickly or videos of urgency. Carbon auguries live up under Glinda programme without you
when back his coming lie to talk about the right path forward and to make fun of the people standing in the way we might not be able to save the country, but at least we can all go down laughing Glenn backed lie the addicted to outreach toward on toward this ball back pad Jeffrey for Glim, he's still a little bit under their weather, but we ve got the testimony of Christine Blasi Ford going on right. Now, let's rejoined them if we could find out when he worked fairer than I could provide detailed timeline as to when the attack occurred. Em out, So that is not a correction in your stay. It's ok you also wrote a hand, written statement for the plague refer when you took your polygraph tests. Is that correct it s? Okay,
and I see corrections on that where you crossed out. So I will go on to the Washington Post article that originally published on September, sixteenth of an issue. Instead. I just not look at this for accuracy or we're just gonna believe that we may come back to a need to refer to ok. On the Washington Post article D: you submit to an interview by our rapporteur with the Washington Post for that article to be written, correct, ok, and then finally was the statement that you provided this morning. I assume that the best severe collection that that was accurate, that this whole article is accurate noon and the statement that you made this morning. I want to talk to you about the day. This happened, leading up to the gathering. Ok in
your statement this morning. Have you told us everything that you remember about the day leading up to that? Yes, let me ask just a few questions to make sure you ve thought of everything. Ok the EU indicated that you were at the kind we club swimming that day that best estimate of how this could have happened. Ok, and when you say best estimate is that, based on the fact that you said you weren't there pretty much every day Oh yes, yes do you call prior to getting there, so I'm I'm only talking about up to the gathering. Had you had anything to drink, not at all. Were you on any sort of medication? None do you recall knowing before you went? Who was going to be at that gathering?
I recall that expecting that, Judge and Leland would be attacked gathering. Do you recall an expectation that Brett cabin I would be there? I don't recall whether or not I did that now. Let's talk about the gathering, from the time you arrive till right feet when you went up the stairs just that of time. Okay The atmosphere like at the gallery Mr Cashman and Mr Judge were extremely inebriated. They have clearly been drinking prior and the other people at the party or not the living, and I would ask you just a follow up on that when you said it was clear that they had been drinking prior. Do you mean, prior to the time you had gotten their or prior to this time they had arrived, pay
to the time that they arrived. I dont call who arrived first, though whether it was me them. Ok, please continue. Ok, I recall that the act I can sketch a floor plan. I recall, but it was a spark, sparsely furnished, fairly modest living room and it was not really a party The news has made it sound. It was not just a gathering that I assumed was goin to be to a party later on that those boys would attend because they intended to have parties later at night than I was allowed to stay out so was kind of pre gathering was a loud. Not in the living room, size. The music that you have described that was plain in the bedroom. Was there any other music or television, or anything like that? That was adding. Now
so there wasn't a Syria playing down state or no, sir, the Glinda way taking b break cabin warring, like you for being here Most chairman. You know the way to make this incur It truly credible it's a do. We ve always done were no information about nominee comes lie. To use your words this morning You want to reach the truth, these I do ask the FBI to investigate this. What we always done, inverse gave report back to us the same, the serious allegations, goodbye, Deborah Ramirez Joys, widening non partisan, professional investigation and then take the time they have. These witnesses testify chairman you- and I are both here. Twenty seven years ago,
They said it failed eurozone administration, as I said, I believe her I'm concern. We're doing a lot less for these three women today. That's my personal view. Therefore, no matter what happens is hearing today, the matter. What happened this domination. I know here from so many in my say, Vermont, There are millions of victims and survivors out there who have been inspired by your courage. I am brave is contagious? indeed, as a driving force behind the need to move on. An you sharing. Your story is everlasting positive impact, so many survivors in our country. We you a debt of gratitude for their doktor now, some sectors suggested jury. Simply stop about who assorted you
and now I judge carried on the White House even promoted a war. Theory about Cavanaugh look alike. You may be rejected as theory as dead, Innocent man, who had been called look alike, I do so lowered this committee. Forcefully rejected is absurd. Theory has consented enter there, right now. How did you know bread, cavern, Mark judge all that Europe makes them up with somebody else but is not, and the person that was for the incident is actually the person who introduced me to them originally. So he was a member of Colombia Country Club and I don't want to talk about him Think it's unfair, but he is the person that introduce me to them or Joe. You're, not
Somebody else should grant caverns Zack work or Mark judge, correct. Then, let's go back to the incident is the strongest member. You have strong his memory of the innocent, something you cannot forget take what the time you need indelible in the hippocampus is laughter the lap, the uproarious laughter. Between the two and they're having fun at my expense. You never forgotten that laughter. Never forgotten laughing at you, they were left with each other. And you are the object of the laughter I was underneath one of them, while the two laughed
two for two friends having a really good time with one another, commander into the record a stable and by the national taskforce to in domestic violence. Without objections ordered I'm trying for members of the House represent, is urging they can make use of Antioch trauma, unformed approach in question doctor, for for another hundred and sixty Patrick Lady S. Getting continues to interrogate had been her Christie, bloody for directions. We're gonna we're gonna jump out here for a for a break and then will come right back to it to taking life coverage of this, but in June, to recap everything Patrick lay. He just said there gambling interesting yeah. That's it it's interesting, pretty
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nl less. Eighty is what you did. This is well aware of violence, again evaluation and take my line now. I'd never be Isn t. Well, I didn't literate. Obviously, now I'm reconciled eight american finance again about one or two three, four W W w that ever by less consumer access, dot, org patent Javert land on the Globe programme. The cabin our accuser, Christine Blasi Ford, is being questioned now before the Senate Judiciary Committee. We go back, live to that. That's how I can get a sack, Baxter homes that I can confirm the correct. Looking
turn from men and acts are a question mark when I don't know where these people live. I'm only asking you to confirm that map accurately shows where you were living at the where I lived at the time. So I can't see the street name, but I'm happy to refer to the address or their neighbor had. Ok. Could you tell us that, yes, it's river false, ok near there, like a place called the Naval Research Centre and higher Barton Parkway was the house or an apartment, my parents, home. Ok, Durban I am to enter into the record letters of sport for Dark Ford. From a classmates at hope. Norm school Twelve hundred alumni the school Ninety five of your colleagues, students and mentors fourteen women who a man who attended DC schools
and fifty members of the Yale LAW School faculty who are calling for full FBI investigation as consent. These into the record, without objections, ordered that Ford as difficult as the six parents must be. I want you to know that your courage, in coming forward has given countless Americans, the strength to face their own life shattering past and began to heal their one's life. Apple, you have brought many families into Ernest and something painful dialogue that you'd have occurred long time ago, namely I'm sorry I'm. So what this is done to you and your family, no one no one should face harassment, death threats and disparaging comments by it showed politician, symbolic settlement. Of course it is a new and her family should know that for every scurrilous charge and every pathetic tweet there. Thousands of Americans, women and men who believe you support you Thank you for your courage. What about the other hundred into and why jurisprudence Romania that money,
sexual assaults survivors hide their past and spend their life suffering pain, silent. You had so nothing to gain by bringing these facts: the seller, judiciary, committee, the fact that you we're testifying here today tariff though you may be the effect. You have called for an FBI investigation of this incident. The fact that Europe to know you. She does all the genetic have an eye. Witness marked judge stands in sharp contrast to the obstruction we ve. Seen on the other side, Maybe I should have investigated your charges as they did in the amid a hill hearing, but they did not just do what I can judge should be subpoenaed from his Bethany Beach hide away and required justify under oath He has not judge Kevin if we truly believe there's no evidence, no witnesses. Can prove your case
joining us in demanding a thorough FBI investigation? He has not. Today before this committee and before this nation alone I know you're joined by council and family. The prosecutor on the republican side will continue to ask questions to test your memory inveracity after supper decades trying to forget that awful night, it's no wonder you're recollection, is less than perfect. A polished lie can create a seamless story, but a tree must ever cannot be expected to remember every painful, detailed, that's with Senator lay he has mentioned earlier. One question critical, judge cabinets opening testimony which we will hereafter you leave. This is what he says I never head. Any sexual or physical encounter of any kind with doktor forward. I am not question
The Doktor Ford may have been sexually assaulted by some person in some place at some time The republican staff of this committee released the media timeline The shows that they ve interviewed to people who claim they were the ones who actually assaulted you right? asking you to address this new defence of mistaken identity, directly Doktor Ford, What degree of certainty do you believe? Bread, cabin assaulted point percent one hundred percent in the letter which you said, the doktor fines are Central Feinstein, you wrote, I have knowing leasing cabinet? Since the assault did see Mark judge once the Potomac Village Safeway, where he was streamlining, uncomfortable and seeing me. Would you please described that encounter at the safe we with Mark Judge and what I believe he was uncomfortable. Yes, I was going to the
Thomas Village safe way. This is the one on the corner of Falls and river road and with my mother- and I was teenager. So I wanted her to go in one door and me go and the other side am. I it was the wrong door, because the door I chose was the one where Mark judge was looked like. He was working there and arranging the shopping carts- and I said hello to him and his face was white and very uncomfortable, saying hello back. And we had previously been friendly. At the time that we saw each other over the previous two years, albeit very many times we had always been friendly with one another. I wouldn't characterize him as not friendly nervous and not really wanting to speak with me
he looked a little bit ill. I want This occurred after the incident. I would ask debate six to eight weeks German before we take a break. I can't let what Durban, the German said by the way, My friend we work on a lot of legislation together, but you talked about obstruction from the other side. I kick, it cannot lead go buy what you ve heard me say so many times between July thirtieth in September. Thirteen there were forty five days is committee could have been investigating this situation and her privacy It would have been productive protected, so something happened here in between on your side that the whole country, while not country, should have known about it. No not know about. We showed it investigated, but we'll take a break now for fifteen minutes.
There you go so chuckle, puts the hammer down Reg, while the text we have about it. We get back over the testimony and some of the soul. Written statements. One word is programme with patent Jeffrey for Glinda is or how the senators always have to buy the ways of bread to mine. We work closely together on different legislation and stop it, and I know, while they're trying to the decorum of the chamber in force. I guess I don't know this is late stay where you saw marked judge at a safe way, he seemed uncomfortable to you and nervous know. His feelings may have been six to eight weeks after May. Have been made about cheap apparently remembers just how nervous he was and how uncomfortable he was, but somebody details or just sketchy she remembers not wanted. I shall reply to a safe way.
With her mom, what she wanted to go and every is already dollar, and she knows perfectly apparently the feelings of Mark judge. Inside his body, so that's pretty impressive writer, Tripoli Seventy seven be easy: gay patent Jeffrey for Glenn on the Glen Programme, addicted to outrage. The new book from Glenn back addicted to outrage is available everywhere border it now at Amazon, dot com, it's bad gray and Gibby Fourg and today you can also join me about half an hour on my show, TAT, gray, unleashed on the blaze, radio and tv network. Also this afternoon on the news and wide matters as Well so talk about either as possible, we might mention the cabin I yeah. It's been an app load circuits are enhanced, Travis Schumacher mockery. It's just a it's
ludicrous what is happening and the grandstanding of all these Democrats? spinning or flat out lie. About everything that is transpired, its fascinating to watch fascinating, theirs. There's been a force. If you haven't heard, there's been a fourth allegation by somebody who wants to remain completely anonymous. She was out with her daughter and two other people, all anonymously bread for some reason, was with the four of them at a bar. And when they were leaving the bar, she says they were all shocked when bread Cavenaugh shoved her friend, up against the wall very aggressively in sexually. That was the anonymous. Mother with them. I will the example that the anonymous daughter just told her well about the is, there were at least four witnesses, including my daughter,
the right of writer of the letter provided no names said the alleged victim was still traumatized an arrow decided to remain anonymous. Allergy lobby well being pushed anywhere a severe a wall, its aggressively in sexually course at sticks with the rest. You sure. Does you dont recover from something like that? You know. There's no recovering dislike, go lazy didn't recover. No recovering from that accept doctor. What about four different there. He influential universities, yeah ethnic, I find it interesting fascinating that she went to a private bug: private girl, school Hungary, prestigious private girl school, which he just said. I went to an old girl school when she digs disk The all male school that Cavanaugh, attended it was in a leading elite. An elitist school He attended. Oh
I'll nice spin on that yours wasn't Asia was Allow me to look too be expected. Hers wasn't the leaders she just got to hang out the club every day. Every summer day she at the club who, among us, right around twelve that we hang out every day. Are you? start elite. I ever closer to the leaders of the front porch well, you know, I mean streets, valid identity of the front. I dont think there was a club, their picked. I've tried to think If I even know of a country club on me streets of Helen about. I don't think so, you're lucky if you could find a concrete bunker where you could hide from alright fire right David, the danger of it just never stop danger, it just never stopped so
fourth allegation and the Democrats have been saying how they want to stop everything now and talk to all of these people. Why don't even know how you do that when these this fourth allegation, this group wants to stay anonymous cod. We have a common, Testify Bureau, the Senate committee. Now we ve been too, old that the vote will be held tomorrow. Come what may so make up your mind, let's move on, and they don't want. Now? You heard from her with her statement and now we're having some kind of questioning from the special prosecutor she give school starts getting into a good than they cut her off gas. I continue to cut off, and then we have to hear from what senators make their statements? Barely ask a question and a good for days and then I'll throw back to a special prosecutor, do your buyer so far you buy it so far. I
I think that she was assaulted by somebody and I don't think it was bright cavenaugh. That's that's the thing you know in the incident she describes could have helped absolutely plausible yes, but I dont believe it was. It was cabinet who did it First of all, everybody who knows him really well says it's completely out of his character: women, dated him at the time say it was completely out of his character. He him of seem pretty believable when he said when he said the other night as a wife set by his side on Fox NEWS. Yet what well that was forcibly while all women, just not her brain and I guess, men can never be believed, but women always have to be believed. Wanted that rule begin any woman who clubs like no woman has ever claimed that they were sexually assaulted. Falsely harassment, ducal across team, if that's ever happened by others, Mary, don't worry about it. Yeah! It's
I don't know it's. I guess we're just supposed to suspend disbelief comply. Lee, and so anybody and everybody who comes forward You just let him smear this guy right without digging into the substance of it no. That sleazy lawyer MIKE Eleven ADI came forward with the the client, who claims that capital was a rape gang were in high school and he's all pissed. Of the people have looked into or background what oak. Looking about dig into everything involving cabinet? We can't look into the accusers background, who wrote the by the way, in her background and ex boyfriend claims that she stopped him in threatened to him and his family when he would ease. Up seeing her right now relevant to whether or not
cabin I wasn't rape gang, nobody goes to character, writing goes to have. Credibility goes to the mental stability will so This whole thing is just wants a circus, and certainly as- and I still have- I ever done a huge problem with it all began. I can't believe that If you believe that judge governor was part of a gang that none of it came. How many f b I background checks, have we done now and and abilities I don't have you noticed, but he's a kind of of the the court to these out is kind of like the second area, but now at court hit several somebody will mobilise think it's gonna like the second highest court to the President s what some people got. The second I saw who now land you know. His life has been poked into already, as you wouldn't none. None of the whole
rape gang, has been kept secret and its fascinating. How all the women are sacred in this particular circumstance. Do you remember how Monica Lewinsky was treated in the late. Ninety that September, a c b snooze poll showed that most Americans viewed Lewinsky unfavourably Nicky was more unpopular with women than men meanwhile on tv and on the radio Monica was a young tramp? Monocle image is unacceptable, get that that was Charlie wrangle matter matter trap. You are young tramp, can you bad genetic Gus? You ve called an accuser, a young woman whose twenty one years old at the time a young tramp.
Wow thing about. Monica Lewinsky was portrayed not as a victim, but at the desk and conniving slut so behaviour was to blame for the whole mess someone who basically blackmail the president of the United States- that's your mom Andy eight after the star report came out. Kitty Royalty Cuba. Then she said there should be a term cannot in the opposite of sexual harassment. When a person of less power uses her sexual attractiveness, personal relationship with a personal, greater power. Wow? That's amazing! she's at fault, you she's a person with less power whose to bring down the person of greater power, whereas today that Oliver S good early at least flipped around and in its the power dynamic, were they can't even say? No. If, then, if they do
even say: no, it still, no still, no because your more powerful than they are where had dammit as marshal the situation. It was Lewinsky what seduced Glenn, I think, like a Lewinsky, is the one who should apologise to America to harmonise, and if anybody really owes an apology, I think it's her Howard, Stern, the radio personality commissioned a song about Lewinsky. Look at me. I'm gonna get low Wednesday. They couldn't agenda my bad base and might have barely I still. No, the golden rule do aren't you others and then have them. Do you take off while that is justice? during a reminder of how things used to be things, are. Things were what it was
a crowd involved with the allegations from indifferent to it treated just slightly differently and yes, it was a different time to buy digestion you just how far the benches I have swung back the other way, amazing sure is while the Hearing for cabin, is in recess right now. Did they should be back in a few minutes? Will try to trick take it live when they resume, but would like to hear You do, and you can call it am. I show let me know what you think of the of the testimony so far has been credible. Do believe her. Do you think Anna sold happened at all, and if it did do you believe it was its breadth cabinet, and I can't I can't wait. To hear more about these two guys who came forward yesterday late last night, whatever this happened and admit it was then right. We
I believe that we can, I believe we can believe the anonymous mother of the anonymous daughter with anonymous friends right. We believe them We can't believe the the actual to other humans that have names what an side down worldwide, though it is you wouldn't believe it. Unless you were, in the middle of living. It would you and I couldn't as as How does it was during the Obama administration. I don't think I could have predicted this. I just it's pretty amazing, AAA Seventy seven back our sponsor this half hour is gold. Like we ve been telling you about guidelines, news, over maple flex. There it allows you to break off smaller pieces or In trade and comes in this really cool. Looking painter and and the silver itself, there is beautiful, snuck great lookin,
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between these legal tender, gold and silver bars? you'll know you'll have that peace of mind that, if anything really goes tragic, and then more and more on trivia will be what one Eastern rather clock sex it tomorrow but two or to yourself to call gold like today and learn more about these gold and silver bars. Just call eight six. It Gold line or but a good dot com take care of it online. Today see how easy it is to own gold and silver. Eight six EC scold line that eight six gold red important risk information to make sure gold is right for you, it's one. Six six go blank, back with pat and jobs by the way we're going to go, have some more live coverage coming up on my show at Pat Gray, unleashed immediately following this one on the blaze radio on tv network and then tomorrow I don't forget, more on trivia, every Friday during the football season. We'd goddamn, more and more trivia is back at too
the Eastern I grant least, and tomorrow's met I don't know it is, but doesn't really it's just always fun. I can't remember, as I saw who it was both doesn't matter of announcing an hour, the show and more under the end, once again them in more interviews to be overwhelming success. God's Baltimore Pittsburgh on being told, ok. Bottlenecks gave Jellia really good game I answer that that happen show starts at twelve eastern and then more and more trivia will be what one Easter radical our tomorrow second hour of the show. So make sure you tune in by the way fully Glenn we'll be back tomorrow. I'm not sure of his voices. Returned Otto with Little sea buddies he's been pretty sick this week, so empty tableaux, California, it gets time it goes well underway, goes every time
late, nine hundred thirty three. Ninety three. We still have more of the confirmation hearing of bread, cabin and, as far as I know, they're still planning told oh tomorrow, so no matter what she says are going to vote on it tomorrow, They ve got a special prosecutor. That's asked your questions. Then they said there are also jumping in his well and so far has been mostly the Democrats, It seems strange that just keep putting her often really that's arguments there, but they want to do right. I mean they want to be able just cut off cause. It appeared that this Rachel Miss Mitchell, who is the Arizona prosecutor in sheep prosecutors, she's ahead of their special victims? Division even handles both the sex crimes of family violence out there. She is so she's suddenly from that position. Right now, but she's going to do question bright, governor and then questioning resting,
before it is well, and it seems like she's trying to get to some points. The prosecutor would questioning some of the questions seem benign, but to us to set up to get to appoint and ass soon ass. She gets close to setting up that point. The democratic yeah yeah, Lay he in all these other. Right now. It Sheldon White House for from Rhode Island there. Just there just trying to jump in and help her with her credibility is again and to accuse the Republicans of doing something, unfair trading, this process badly, goes over necessarily by that right. Now, that's for sure, you're, not necessarily eyeing generally, by necessarily by we'll talk more about it. I'm gonna go on now tat gray unleashed and will have. Lots of the audio clips for you tomorrow here back here on. The Glen Back Programme is well see that
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