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Their Dream Is Over | Guest: Alan Dershowitz | 7/25/19

2019-07-25 | 🔗
Hour 1 Muller's testimony was a Unmitigated disaster and the Democrats are losing it. The dream of impeachment is over. Muller deflected over 180 times ...What is a Liberal in 2019 ...Jeffrey Epstein is not partying with the Buffalo Bill cheerleaders in jail ...Watch The Omar Bunch on BlazeTV.com/glenn  Hour 2 Tips of the Icebergs on the IIhan Omar story. She won the seat Keith Ellison once held. Threes Company Also and The Omar Bunch only on BlazeTV.com/glenn  Hour 3 All of this is a lie with Alan Dershowitz. Weighs in on The New York Magazine article, Alan can't stop talking. Alan's continued fight of False allegations of sexual conduct. It's a Open and Shut case. I am being silenced 

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