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'There Glenn Goes Again...'? - 7/18/18

2018-07-18 | 🔗
Hour 1 There Glenn goes again talking about Hillary's emails? ...How President Trump plays 'Big Brother' to Kim Jung Un and Vladimir Putin? ...Mission In Possible: How Russian hackers stole information from Democrats?...Glenn breaks it down   Hour 2 Post modern rule book...Rules for preferred pronouns?...Anything goes' on college campuses ...Bitcoin/Crypto Currencies with Teeka Tiwari...not a bubble, but a bull market is coming?...Master Card just hopped on the Bitcoin train?...'the NSA has so much ability, more than we know"...Predicting to hit 40,000 before years end? ...Remember how we use to miss George W. Bush?...Obama's back, bragging about his money...but what did he do to earn it and what has he done with it?    Hour 3  The 'poop' Streets of San Francisco?...'No Human Pooping' signs have gone up around the city along with injection sites where homeless heroin addicts can shoot up...the city is 'killing the poor' ...Air Force 1 is being redesigned to look 'very American'? ...Dwayne 'The Rock' is under fire for not being a 'real' amputee? ...New American Hero?...Homeless man with no arms uses scissors to stab a person with his feet? 

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