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There Is No Free Market Any More | Guest: Rep. Karen Whitsett | 4/13/20

2020-04-13 | 🔗

What is happening with our governors? Even drive-in churches are under fire! There is no free market any more, as the Federal Reserve buys up loads of debt. How was your socially distanced Easter? Is Dr. Fauci heading toward the Trump nickname zone? Michigan Rep. Karen Whitsett thanks President Trump and hydroxychloroquine for her COVID-19 recovery. She joins to call for unity as her state desperately needs more resources. In today’s coronavirus update, all 50 states are under disaster declarations for the first time in U.S. history, we could face rolling lockdowns for 18 months, and is democracy the main victim of the virus? The New York Times found no patterns of sexual misconduct by Joe Biden … except for one. 

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