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This Is Who's Destroying the Housing Market | 11/30/21

2021-11-30 | 🔗

Pat Gray joins Glenn and Stu to discuss inflation and how it’s affected his business. The new Twitter CEO came under fire for some old tweets, but he claims they’re taken out of context. Glenn recommends books he thinks teach American history the best. Glenn warns of a technology revolution and the problems it will cause if you aren’t aware of it. One out of every five homes sold went to investment companies as they take advantage of the housing crisis. Glenn discusses the lack of trust in society. Stu discusses the latest Chris Cuomo scandal. Will CNN finally kick Chris Cuomo to the curb? Glenn takes calls from various listeners about the various issues happening around the country.

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hello. America. Welcome to the global programme today is all about. You today have cleared everything out of the show and made space for Europe call, I want to hear what you or feeling what you're thinking what you're worrying about? How is inflation hitting you and your family? I want to hear the voice of the american people today too often The media, we know, is wrapped up in themselves and I want to make sure we are not at the same time, for you to voice your concerns or the things that are happening that are good. That we might be missing is well eighty Seventy seven be easy, gay triple eight. and two seven back. We
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Good congeal in your bloodstream and that would not be good but I wanted to talk to you about what are you saying in inflation? Ah, a lot of inflation on virtually everything every ingredient his gun way up and for the first you know, it's been going on for like a year or more ends oh for a long time. We we just ate it just ate the difference, but eventually The razor Bryce raise your pricing. While I know that kills you yeah it does it hurts, but then We we raise the price to include shipping, though in shipping is probably it's one of most expensive aspects it is, but the Ingram between the ingredients in the shipping efforts in She really hurts really hurts when butter goes up. When sugar goes up when eggs go up,
all that stuff was into the cookies, I was telling Stu, I went into a cost go and I picked up first. the stakes. You know just a pack of five stakes there, Eighty dollars yeah Ebby behind What are you kidding me? You know, I mean, really are becoming golden calves again we get. we usually we have a tradition that, on Christmas Eve by one of those stake, roast yeah yeah really taken also Gurria Ben. Usually there a lot, but this here there I don't know three hundred dollars or something. Oh, my god, we're just a me word. We're gonna get cables bits this I feel seriously. I'm used to see if I can afford you know the influx yeah, and even I backed away, I mean I don't know how the average person is. Having meet right now. It's what
thanks to even if you can afforded its value proposition ran like do. I really want to spend eighty dollars on five stakes and if you can afford the eighty dollars just seems and sing, especially, if I mean you better know, you're going to eat them. You know what mean put them in the freezer could sometimes. Why else are you buying stakes because sometimes you'll think I've gotta go out me and then I M and have a stake on Monday or whatever, and then something comes up, and then we don't have time to going someplace, and then you, for get about it and by the end of the week you're like the stakes are brown. Can we eat that it still now it's like if you're getting meet you better, damn eat? yeah, no doubt and then be coupled with ass prices and I don't know how How are you getting work people getting about? I don't know: do you see that their thereof, releasing more oil throw from energy and oil reserves that that is it first, all it didn't.
work. The first time. It's not going to work this time, and when are you going to reveal it? guy. Usually we really feel when it comes down in price. They are not coming down in price. I love These people, who just are pretending that this is meat and any kind of oil based products is never coming back down as long as these people are in charge, you guys are so out of touch o release all out an OECD you, the best of gas prices, be Buddha, judge, I cut six year walks us through, oh how you should deal with gas prices. Ok, our rights niceties cuts out. There is talk about the bill back better ACT, which is going to quote human infrastructure. Are there things in that
legislation that is now being cobbled together. That is important to you as the Secretary of transportation. Absolutely yes, obviously, most of the physical infrastructure work was contemplated in the building was just sign, but there is more invasion in the bill back better law. I'll give you one example: it contains incentives to make it more affordable, divine electric vehicle up to twelve thousand five hundred dollar discounted effect for families, thinking about getting a Navy families that once they own that electric vehicle will never have to worry about gas prices again see an electric one hundred and twenty five thousand dollar Tesla minus forty, five or twelve five right, ok for a hundred eight thousand right now, so I ordered eight thousand dollars. Tat tat is the average family car and you just drive it a hundred need a thousand miles if it's a dollar per gallon you I say because you start to pay for the electricity in, of course, that's going up to say if you go through all of an I mean in a matter of multiple decades, you're gonna make your money back. I see people don't understand that the another two simple minded to simple minded. You know you say that energy is going up. The electricity price
is going up, but is it really, once we get rid of me, you know the coal electricity and all of the electricity is due to be weighed cheaper. Once we get rid of it is, are you sure all ok sure, I'm pretty sure that the bill back better been seen like a scam to control every one and to impoverish everyone, but yet you're, not thinking that no one else about there are ways to make sure it is solar panels and wind energy a lot more expensive than something like coal or not for gas. Yesterday, work is well known. Health will be less national. No one saying that no one is much energy out of it. No, but what if we pass another multi trillion dollar bill that just takes money from people who are produced the economy then give it to people who would rather use that electricity. So we get the same or more efficient product, but for just a little bit more money, rather than a lot more
that is how you solve a problem in this country and just so dies the worse option you're talkin comments. It ends in washing our. I mean a lot of April in Washington Dc Argon bright. He gets racket, mightily somebody on conservative radio, saying the truth. By way of you heard about the new jack from twitter. All the new ceo, either new CEO, we're going to talk about him coming up a little while he's fan is fantastic. Have you got to twitter today I have not no get you gotta Twitter, because if you go to twitter today, you'll see right at the top. They want you to know, hey those things that New guy in charge here said, though, are taken out of context. He meant that as a joke, what what's happening? An old tweet from Parag grow wall. As I love him is a quote from
Television show, as a Dearie satirical, take on stereotypes, journalist report journalists, journalists ripple as part of a panel on the daily show from October. Twenty six thousand tat is why he didn't quote that it was from that because he was just looking around was to be evident to all of us, and I am so glad to see that setting the standard that when somebody says something as a joke, its mediately at the top of everyone's twitter feed. Hey. We want you to know this was a joke. I think that is as a good standard yeah. That's a good standard really is also like you. Dont have to quote every joke that have on the daily show, you pick the one you really like. You think is really funny right, so he said if they are, if they are not going to the distinction between Muslims and extremist, and why should I distinguish between white people and racists? He thought
that really dynamically about him. Even if it's not his line right, I quote lie one great line near thought it was the last thing you and action If you look at it from the other side of the house, well, if you will get into fantasy land, crazy land, bit land. Really, if you look at that, it's a valid point. If not going to separate a muslim from terrorists which we always have always. Why should you expect anyone to say while white? Some is enduring assist that that's true Not even funny, that's true, that's true! but what he saying it now, he saying it is that all white
people will never ever give Muslims a break, and so why don't? We just say that all white people, which is not true- I don't know why, it doesn't seem. Like a good point to me, I will, I will not know it's, it's not one and one that is legally said loud right in Pablo, yes, but if, from their point of view, it is right so how he's defending really honestly by saying that was a joke he's offending everybody on the left. as already on the left to go yet yeah all people do stereotype Muslims Not our own neanderthals is back from too, and ten though, or maybe we made the distinction that some white people could not be racist in a bag in those days it was possible for someone with white skin to not have negative characteristics assigned to them, which otherwise, the definition of races unless we the dark ages. Yet we now know that all white people are always sneer. We live.
That's not racist! Now what you just said known when you didn't, I didn't defy someone by skin color with negative characteristics. That's not racism right just so. We are clear that, as I guess that the old, cool definition of racism. Oh by the way, the guy who is in charge of the the c r t classes in all of the dollar, The curriculum yeah we're in in Virginia gotta new gig. Gig and Houston we're in the Houston School District, the ashes Yeah he's going here. Be making sure that Houston is full of equity. Now, that's good to hear so. Wonderful people don't mind no that who are in Houston whoops have, I said, out loud did say it out loud, probably check into this if you're in Houston, because got rid of him in Virginia, and he got a new job in in Texas at a bigger school district in that great,
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Can I be so today is your day. I want to hear from you what they did. Eight. Seventy seven be easy K. How are you dealing with relation? What are we missing? What what what views that you have or concerns that you have our now being covered by the means. Corporate media or even us. What, it that your feeling that we might be missing Van and I've Carolina Welcome Van Mr Burke, I didn't believe I'd be talking to you one day, a first off. I want to say thank you. fifteen years ago. I didn't care about politics. Our live in my life and are raising do my parents are Democrats anyway, Long story short go, and I thank you and your team because I start illicit. You guys, sort of way
and attention while and sorry went away. Sorry you make me laugh somebody other guys. Like so depressed you guys. Rising Glenn is the up part of your life. You we're glad. I mean our loser for law, but unfortunately I do you got it, but as far as a culture goes and the media, I don't. Television. I just listen to the radio, and I'm really I'm worried agreeing cared about eleven twelve, your great in virginia- and you know I do I just saw worried about what you're gonna have to deal with ghosts I could handle the and all that it at their kids. Man worried about the kids when I was Just what does not go head? Go him now
I want to. Thank you again. I mean you know one of these guys it was you I start listening to. And I just wanted to say thank you. I can't believe I got through higher than I really appreciated. Thank you so much for listening when it to the kids they something happening this review after remember, this is a cycle that go through every eighty years and you can track it all the way back to me, the there is an eighty year pendulum swing? we are at the same place that we were out in the nineteen thirties and fortys, and that is the we generation and the we generation either really really evil because you can't really when it's a me generation when it's all just me myself and I
there's nobody wants to join any groups, because it's me me me me me and it's bad luck. it selfish, but it's safer than the we because you convince the people that they all have to act as a collective you can convince them to be a collective and turn out the heroes of world war. Two or turn out dark side of world or to those were both active movements. We that Zenith in twenty twenty four twenty twenty five is. The pendulum starts to come back, but it forty years to get back to the middle. It is it's. It's a tough road, but these kids are the hero generation, and I, think we need to a educate them. make sure
They know american history, and that is really hard really hard and they are so far. Behind the eight ball? we were having a thanksgiving dinner. And John ass, the kids, what they learned about the pilgrims in school, nothing, nothing You know Columbus, bad. The pilgrims are bad, but nothing else I had some nieces that came back with us and I took them through our museum here and showed them things. They couldn't. and this is not unusual in in England, only twenty five percent of people can identify Winston Churchill. I see the name Winston Churchill and people still don't know who Winston Churchill is there is no chance of american survival
all you know is the name and the picture of Abraham Lincoln and the picture. George Washington, but you don't know any of the stories. no chance of survival They are hungry to learn it so You have a responsibility to educate them, but again they're coming out different. Coming out different some of them, especially this latest generation. that is in their teams and early twenties. There's a fire to them and they are the hero generation. I believe they are going to be the ones that fight it, but should also recognise that they're coming out, really tolerant, really really tolerant, of allow of stuff and
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this is the Glenda programme. We were just talking about the worries that all of us have about our children and our grandchildren growing up and how radical the schools have become if you're, not teaching history, and I have news for you this is really hard. It is enough. People will come up and say to my kids off, but you know everything about american history cause your dad. No I'm their dad, I'm dad veil, listen to me as much as your kids- listen to you, your their dad right So you say it, we were it. We were watching some movie. I remember what it was weird seeing some movie and,
about World war two or something, and they said dad. Look at that in that cool. Can you imagine- and I said, yeah It's been in my office since before you were born there, like what the movie one, no, the real one, and they looked at and I've talked to them about it and they were like wait. Wait a minute, wait, no one! rest no interests before, but because they saw it in a movie now All of a sudden, it's important and it's really hard? I dont know how to I don't. How to do it. I've done my best I dont know how to do it. What is the transition year of this case? You know my kid still the point where they are want to listen. They want to hang out with me. They to listen to the things that I say there into
stood in the things that I want to do with them and so point that turns into the opposite right, like the last person. They want to listen to us you what, year, what a eyes that ain't it's about anywhere between twelve and fourteen okra, unlike my son's ten, so I've got a couple years, come early years made on a couple years, and then you know very fortunate, but my wife is now starting to see you know with both of them, they're not listening to her there listening to me It goes back and forth, it goes back and forth and you might both lose em right. You know to be here for a while, and you just keep your fingers crossed come back. There could only do and they due largely to Albania as a teenager. You have your issues with your parents and their as you get a little natural right. You get older. You get to the point where you can come back and understand what was going on it pushes you out of the nest. Yes, ok, ok, current salt battle, just
I you eat is that to justify. So I got a thorough longtime exactly exactly right. Thank you. So there is a there is a problem. I can't tell you: I know how to solve it. Cuz I can talk to other people's kids and other people's kids elects, which kids so we have to let switch kids because I can two other people's kids and they will interested and they all listened with. My kids dad's telling another old story. So how do you teach him? I don't know, but let me give you some tools these. should be under the Christmas tree at EM a person's house, but is within in Arusha. of me right now If you want to teach your kids, the truth about american history. The first two books are by David Martin. The american story,
This is a history book that invest. Short chapters, tell all of the important stories in american history and its its. Easy to read- and it gets you just the basic on standing of the basic high points of history. You can go and delving, but even in Two page story about the pilgrims you'll learn more than in all of the other history books at their reading in school. So that called the american story, that's usually true with with the Barton family because they talks fast, they actually say more details that any one. This is a joke, as I was just tat with real good affirming, really good information and the other one he published a long time ago. It's called american history in black and white. If you happen to be black, more white. it's a really good book. Shows you, the history of the black american heroes all the way back and
what the truth is on, how we got to where we are now the other book. I've talked about for you years and it is a sad ensure reading for every family, and it's called the fight thousand year leap? How did the world jump after five thousand years of nothing but fire. How Did we go from fire in seventeen seventy six to HU, the light bulb space travel and now talking about a I how did we do that? What happened America happened? and it explains how we were set up and the Prince falls behind the American, experiment an idea. anybody also for a book list. Anybody who is an adult and really wants to understand. Why going on in the world the great risk
That is my new book. It comes out in January, but I would order it now and the tunnel twins. Now I want you to know this is a sponsor, but I'm not doing it paid commercial. I could easily leave them out, but I we believe in these books. The tunnel twins books are really really good, and that goes for young kids, teenagers even adults they have different books, differ Levels of of majority- and they take on things like the road to serfdom Most of us are not going to read to serfdom. most of us here- are not going to read the law or leviathan. So This is an easy way to learn these things, these the adventures of these kids. They teach them all. Of the principles in all of the most important books that creep Did America and they teach the free me? get system and crony capitalism. Why that's bad all of it? You can find
in the tunnel twins books. So what or time. Let me give them to you, the America story animal, can history in black and white. Those are both by David Martin. The five found in year Leap look for the one that has my forward on it, but either is fine, but I worry about what's online now the great reset, one is by me and the tunnel twins books. couldn't find them at Tuttle. Twins, dotcom, slash back, and should you get the air? Is it easy to do? by the summary of the reset, if you gotta get that it's gonna, be a lot faster, really, yeah, ok and I've read it. I still have you and it's it's really well decay. It seemed like it was all computer generated. Maybe yeah not I mean it's probably gonna make more sense than what you wrote your. I actually need to be careful if your by me Ray Reset, because there are fraudulent copies up there on Amazon. That say the summary
of the great reset by Glenn back by some other author yeah, somehow yet be careful. When do we really really early when buying it? Ok, let me go to. Let me go in June to Joe in Georgia, hello, Joe, I'm glad we only. Thank you, sir. I just want, about, inflation will be first of all, we are forever. If everybody martian a daisy, I mean free, the inflation don't happen overnight. It comes out after years of years, a bad money management net, what we heard it easy and it always start firing. People en route make an umbrella. They work. Grass, immediate Michael thickly thing before the pandemic I know what I all the pandemic fault, but my wife is paying a hundred fifty dollars for the refugees, now we're average in two to twenty weeks in it it's our you handling that Joe
my good, my my wife, both good money, but we're not like your body remaining weeks, tennis or via the pandemic. We get jobs it. You know a forest work omen other stuff, but when you got people that role because they don't stand alone bills when it started in Spain alone bills. Do you wanna do infrastructure? Do infrastructure will do prison formed to prison for quit, pack and pork and stop Britain more money. I mean the occupying analogy, NASA kid I used to watch the three stages of you probably didn't like restated. Welcome this conversation. I saw it on their where curly action miss to hold the boat, so he pulled at the Rio and stretched driven home logos. girl, not how to let the water out. What is more money problem? It will create more yeah. You can't just keep throwing money at the problem and expected go away. It Democrats are probably the worst about doing it. They think we need a government programme where everything our framework
will set itself and will let us survive district report. You, let you get out ways, We don't want get away exactly right, Joe you. You thank you for your called the important thing to learn from this and you just take it at the end. There not looking too HU let go water out. They are actually drilling holes because they want more water to come in, unlike the three stooges where they were just doped, excuse can't be had anymore everything that is being done? Did you know in the bill back better bill? What six million illegal aliens are going to be nationalized, six million that In six million can now access welfare can access health care, etc, etc. We just added six million people. Ok, fine, but as you stated that in the bill back better bill. You wanna do
reform of immigration do reform of immigration there. interested in doing that. This is human infrastructure, bull, calf this, is the infrastructure to control? There is still a chance that that bill back better bill does not pass in the Senate, but you ve got to call your senators. I mean it's down to Joe Mansion and cinema. You ve to call your senators and say: please do everything you can do not let this bill pass in any shape or form. I dont if it doesn't cost the dollar in any. shape or form. This bill cannot pass and you do see occasionally these things work and an example. From this week, where someone we talked about what was issued for the shoes from the Soviet Union. She, I can think of her name after my head. You talked about talked about. She was blocked by moderate senators
she was going for the banking, oh yeah, yeah, yeah yeah. What's mastering as the former Soviet Union, she was going for the controller of the the Treasury and there were five senators that were put that blocked her nomination. happened. Last week there was a really really good sites. Five democrat say ass, rent by us all other applicants samarova. Here all the reports in voted against her five Senate and I will tell you that I got a email from a senator who I alerted early on and he said, can't be True and then he did his homework and few minutes he wrote back and said: oh my gosh. It is true and he contacted a Democrat and said you can't you can't stand for this. You can't and he educated that Democrat and that Democrat educated
other Democrats. It was just alerting the senator a friendly, the this is what really is happening here and there are demo rats that can and will see the light and you ve got to reach out to them, because right now, you know mansion is saying just I wanted less than one point five. I dont want I don't care if it if it has zero cost to it. I mean legitimately, there's like nothing in there that cost a dime. It cannot pass is infrastructure. Bill is a cage. It is the key to use. are the machine of the great reset and cannot be passed back at him. alright. I see Christmas season already
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Christmas is around the corner: go to genuine dot com entered the special promo code. Back thirty five get an additional thirty: five bucks off reorder, today's instantly upgraded to free, express shipping, good eugenics, Hilda com. It's g and you see L that come back welcome to the slender program like you're here, we'll meet merely touched on this for a second here, but it's worth reiterating that This audience is single handedly responsible for blocking this, Why yield a nominee, four controller of the currency. She why led to end all baking.
Banking, as we know it and make it one bank, the Bank of the Federal Reserve. I still think that is happening because that's their goal. but she came out and said it. She was educated in the Soviet Union, she'd, never really distance herself from the Soviet Union. She was frightening nominee, yeah and We know the behind the scenes stories of this one, and we know that this audiences, basically single handedly responsible for and in what's animal and look Part of me is inspired by that right, like you know, you impact Glad we're all over this, and indeed the research on it and and The audience was alluded to it. changed, but what happens if you happen to be looking at a different news story that day what happened? If you happen to be distracted by, you know
deal at talk about how you just didn't happen, a reader. Thank you for the pressure and thank you. I appreciate just don't miss any stories. The here's, the thing please can you to do what you're doing as an audience May I said we know the inside scoop this audience is the audience that made the difference in blocking that nomination. No questions asked so please call your senators today about the build back better. bill and say I don't care. How low the cost is. You ve got to make sure it doesn't pat and it's a good reminder: police, teepee, dot, com, Slash Glenn, promo code, Fauci lied. If you want the stuff to continue, we could definite use your help. Glenn Beck program programme. Let me tell you about Bill bar holidays or here did you gain anyway?
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hello, America? Today is your day. I wanna talk to you on the false. What are you feeling? What are you experiencing? How is how the gas price affecting your life power, the price of groceries, inflation affecting your life, and I want to share a story with you from one of my new employees that we just tired she came in today and she said you know we found this great house blow up. She was out bid by seventy five thousand dollars. Seventy five thousand dollars now, who does that? All I'll tell you who does that in sixty seconds programme?
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I will start with you on the phone, we're gonna North Carolina and MAC Hell. I'm mad welcomed the Glenda programme. Dna thinks you're welcome, just wanted to say that I I run a small shed shop that has turned to a kind of a small home company. Now tight there completely, but I've I've done everything. modular in between, and when I mean modulation and climate controlled, Stick built a gear homes but are as construction. I want did, I think, right now about six seven dollars a two by forming has gone up. It was up to fourteen hours at one point out, come back down, I own one franchise, by the way that I bought with my combat pay from one of my last appointments. and guy, run. My own show here more the pointer dog at this point and work in the cell side, but I've watched its inflation. I've been trying to figure.
What to do for homes. That We ve got one of the highest per capita homeless. That's in, North America here out, that actual Mark Carolina, where we got one of a better, be age so, It's a long story short. I got into the small home thing because I was ass every week. What does it take to turn words into a tiny how they sheds- and I had to tell people know Did I don't tell me? You're gonna live in an hour, can't sell it to you now personally and combat and treatment. I don't think the governments tell you which cannot yet be on your own property by that's the whole matter. Conversation where I am the I wanted to bring up here is this. The small home thing is here to stay. It's no longer trend, and I don't mean tiny home when you say tiny home inspectors get upset because you're usually having to get a lot of stance to approve the code but are we did our demographic test and looking at how many people were are?
making money and what are they making and I looked at the millennium goals and I looked at baby Boomers Norma, and we still have you know what over seventy five percent. The monies troll by the baby boomers, but then we make up what, like seventy five million, another. Ninety six million baby boomers in the market and a lot of them are still mom and mom and dad and so meeting you myself I'm a grandpa. Millennia the world of trying to figure out. How do you do this? I got three kids and I never got political task. I haven't you, it is amazing that happened here is now that the reality is. This has got to be something that we figure out, because how Prices are going through the roof and actual area is one of the most sought. After very Ireland, we got all these people will unintended thousand people, Dear friend, you're came from Florida from all over just trying to get out of the big cities, but also to retire here.
Is because the mountains and made an amount, israeli and John just watching us in trying to figure What do we do? You know it's far. Sustainable and I think one of the best things you can do is get out of that I mean we solve our house down size lived in a fifth will for a whole year so that we can get out of debt. To tell the house that we just finished half of what we originally has like Turkey, hundreds where feet so, but the thing is its doable and I just want to employ the audience getting out of debt as one the biggest things that you can do because of what's coming and most people are waking up or their two comfortable? Not not thinking about? No, I can't tell this house could have had a four hundred years in a family or whatever, but I just I see the handwriting on the wall, and I really appreciate you articulating it where you have over the last year. and and throwing the staff and the facts out there and letting people realize we're not
Returning to normal lumber prices have not come back down and you know This new normal, unfortunately we're gonna change. The pendulum swings yes, but Gonna change and the damage is done. I dont know if it's gonna be under way as far as the market were poise for another two thousand me: oh, you mean I, why more than they had money, what we want. We watch the baby boomers lose in Ireland. my friend, older friend lose big time in the market or in the real estate world and we're not willing as money off to do that and we kind of value things a little bit differently. So it's weird when we were doing that floor plans to do the surveys and see that baby boomers, like the big big room. As you know, a double back up there in my crown, rather have a small living spaces. and area a just different priorities across the board. Well, what we need you are apps
Lastly, on the right track, you are really well informed, Thank you for your your phone call mutely that is the best message you could give people right now couple things one get out a debt if you can getting out of debt, my grandfather, always said: the people who made money in the depression are the ones who had money in the depression, because most people just did have any money, and so The people who survived were the ones that could Ford to buy things at dirt, cheap prices. And people were happy to celebrate dirt cheap prices because they didn't have anything. and they needed the money, but there is thing. Different as well. We are living in have lived for the last twenty years or so in
what will be regarded as our own kind of roaring twenties the houses that I see that are built you're in Texas, and they and built this way for really ten years. Twenty years, these giant giant homes I will tell you that I think that that is the great Godspeed Home of the future That is those areas that have those big homes. I think they are going to be kind of a little like the Newport, Rhode, island homes they're, just not, going to be they're, gonna, be at a part as some as time period the whole it itself is completely changing it We have a home with a formal, dining room and formal living room ass, a thing of the past?
because he's right people don't we're. Not living that we haven't lived that way since that practically turn of last century by that's when the homes were design and everything is changing and he's right again, people all that are younger. Do not want these big homes. So when you have people my age downsizing, because all their kids are gone and everything else he downsize who we gonna sell those homes do because big homes, the ones that are been coming. Dont want those big homes. it is changing and its changing rapidly. I was telling stew during the break that this week podcast is with Andrew Yang, and I just recorded it yesterday and these fascinating? Now he the guy who ran for president. As a Democrat, I dont know why he's not
Leah Democratic Mean heat grew up a Democrat, but He doesn't believe in big government, he D I believe in things like you be I, but we talked about that in the end cast universal basic income. Thank you! That's where everybody gets a thousand dollars every month check four thousand dollars every month and you cut all other services, gay, just every He gets a czech four thousand dollars a month. He I don't agree with that. However, we agree on the problem and very few people. I'm trying to think of another way of saying this, because I know I have said it before, and I just wish people would listen. Very few people truly understand what we are on the threshold of we are on the threshold right now are in it. I asked Andrew. Are we
radio, the industrial revolution which chain changed us from a community of people that worked farms with our horses, To the life that we have today industrial revolution took about a hundred years to fully flip and give the changes if you were in let's eighteen, fifty just the beginning of the Industrial Revolution in Europe. Eight hundred fifty and in a ten year period. Eighteen sixty by the civil war. All the changes that happened from eighteen, fifty, two nineteen fifty happened by eighteen, sixty earthshaking earth shaking earth shaking people would be lost. They wouldn't know how to survive. They wouldn't know what to do. They wouldn't
barely understand the machines that they were due to operate, that is exactly what is happening right now, I've been telling you that the indulge revolution that hundred your period is gonna, be compressed into a ten year period, you're not going to like it, and people are going to be. The up Evil? Is his and be remarkable, and I talked to Andrew Yang about it and he said your exactly right and I said I think we. Why think we're at the end of the beginning of this? I think we're in that ten year period and he said Yes, we are in he again express kind of this frustration that I just expressed. How do we get people? two to understand this because of you old understand the technology, of tomorrow. If you don't understand a and at least a g? I you don't.
Your stand? What there actually working on four robotics You have no idea. What's coming Mammy, he brought up the call centres anybody working a call center Google now has your call centre and it will be better than a human. Have you ever have you yet a computerized call center. I feel like I, Maybe I mean it's tough because go back and forth on. This is some of this stuff is so bad man. I can't recognize what you're saying gay you know some. Some of it is really getting a lot better so call centres. He said that he said that right now, Google has call centre with technology that will cut all of those calls and our jobs and e said that's ready right now, any said: it's really good or of our jobs are going to be at stake. This
Upheaval is happening and it's gonna happen in the banking sector. Its have this is what build back better is really all about, but there now telling you what they're telling you is. We have a golden opportunity to change the world, and so we're gonna. Do it Twenty thirty pain, in a ten year period and in ten years. You won't own anything and you'll like it. How do you get? tree and a whole western culture that is based ownership? How you change that in a ten year period massive massey of upheaval now I want it. I'm gonna take a quick. Megan then I'll come back, and I want to tie this back to the original statement about buying a home.
You're, trying to buy a home you're trying to sell your home. Well, if you're trying to buy a home right now, especially in a place like Texas, which one of my new employees is. She can't? I won, because she was just out bid by seventy five thousand dollars You know you're used to you now, ok I'll, give you five thousand dollars more I'll. Give you three thousand dollars more mill this this. Person quota unquote came in with sir, in the five thousand dollars over the asking price will there out? Who does that build back, better I'll tell you in sixty seconds. Lifelong cyber criminals are people too they are. They just want to see presence under their Christmas tree this year too, I mean you have a problem of that. Would, in my view, such a Haider Just want to use your money to buy them. I mean you
Have so much you probably don't. Even he don't even know what to do with all of it, but cybercriminals do every effort. Ray day. We put our information at risk on the internet, especially this time of year, when you are buying things online. You are opening yourself up to all kinds of trouble now can parental identity theft or monitor all transactions at all businesses, but you can't keep what's yours, yours with lifelong by Norton, joined and save up to twenty five percent off your first year with a promo code back call one aid rid lifelong one, eight hundred lifelong or had to life locked outcome, mused the promo code back for twenty five percent off. Do it now Second, stationary now, here's something new that is happening
almost one in every five? U S, homes sold in the third quarter of this year was perch. By an investor entity right then in individual that is looking to live in or rent out the residents. Think of that one in every five homes that had been sold out owing to a big investment firm investors bought more than nine ninety thousand homes, totalling more than sixty three billion dollars representing a ten percent of all homes sold in the quarter. The nuts he broke all records increasing home prices, fuelled by intense housing shortage, have created opportunities for investors to reap big profits the same factors it pushed more Americans to rent which also creates opportunities for investors, because investors typically turn their homes they purchase into rentals and now can charge
higher rents, rent for Your family homes surge by more than ten percent in twelve months through September, the fast annual rent inflation in sixteen years nearly seventy, seven percent of all homes were bought in all old cash transaction. Seven, seven percent purchased in an all cash transaction. That's not your average person and these investment firms like Black Rock, Are going in and buying entire neighborhoods? They are people that come in and say I'll, give you seventy five thousand dollars over adapting price. I don't care at all, want to play around with his buying and they'll pay he's exorbitant costs? Now that doesn't mean any sense we are at the top of a market.
Why would investment firms think that they are going to just be able to make money on on paying something seventy five thousand dollars over The asking price, what is it. They know tat. You don't know. They know as the great reset states that in my one thirty! You own nothing and you'll, like it. You'll rent. Well, that implies some one owns something and paying Mr Potter in the end to live in potter's Ville. This is exactly what happened. It's a wonderful life that was, The choice is the big. I who has money, is he come in and swoop in when there's problems and buy up every
thing and then make them rental houses or make them people in slave to him for profit. That's exactly it's happening, and it's all happening in the name of equity. But I know it means the same kind of equity. They think it's money, equity,. This is the great reset So now, how do we solve this. We ask Americans to do what I think is damn near the impossible, because If somebody comes in and offers seventy five thousand dollars for your house five thousand dollars over asking price. Are you gonna say no more likely. No, mostly, LEO be like seventy five thousand dollars that changes? Everything for us. But the only way to stop this. To not sell to these big investors
have to send the money. To send the message, no, I am really care about the little people. Not you who's. This gobble my whole town, no. it's gonna be hard. But literally I M an employee. That cannot find a house within any seen distance from our Studious cannot find a house to buy because are all being gobbled up. There is a problem if we leave the little people bind you know the normal people. We don't have a very safe and secure country anymore- we to try to convince you each other and hold each other's hands. Working in this together. Don't grab for the customs two thousand programme,
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dot com for up to forty five percent off line is dotcom rules and restrictions may apply bill there now big savings. This Tuesday today lines dot com had ever to place dot com, Slash, Glenn, you can save twenty five bucks off your subscription. If used it probable promo code felt she lied, this is the Glen Back Programme. Let's go to Matthew in South Carolina, hello, Matthew. Our area take up speaker, bone cycle we better. I appreciate that I'm fine. How are you Glenn? I am good. I first off cannot believe I'm talking to a man
the ledge and well Doktor Glinda yeah. Thank you infer noticing. I work many many years on that doctor. It yeah. I don't appreciate an asset college educated man myself. Yes, I I started listening to your show how about six years ago, I guess on a regular basis, and I guess it was tat- was the beginning of the education system there for me and then I also listened to the great rush limber right after you and now that we have this empty, you're much being gone. I listening you primarily now a lot of your predictions, a lot of what their people say I'm crazy conspiracy. Crap is actually true I'm seeing it happened and also the chop years. Unsheathing thing
in a different way. Now it's almost like a veil has been lifted and I see it and if I hear something on regular news, I'm always squash. What's in it for them, really gone on. So with you doktor found. She special that you had A week ago, I first up you're right about Google. I looked on Google, I just type in going back and usually good all bring in every one of your shows on there, except for that one. And I'm scrambled girl, looking looking odoured well, maybe two boys I typed in the blaze in their about ten fifteen- shows back in mixed them all these. Different years there was yeah. I watched it and I thought are you should also be shocking? This is gonna, be surprising. Actually wasn't I
I will I already been thinking. That's what's been going on all of you. I think that we might have all felt that way, but to then see here Is the proof- and the proof is so easy to verify and so easy to get and the fact that not one may stream corporate media has done any of this work. Is still shocking, still shocking. At least to me, I don't know when I'm gonna stop being shocked by the do you know President Trump said, and I didn't like it when he said this press is the enemy of the people, but when it comes to this. He was right. He was right. Is the enemy of all free people, the republic,
It is in other that the the new head of twitter he doesn't believe in the first amendment, doesn't believe. The first amendment applies to Twitter Minos, fine, whatever but he really truly comes from a place to where he thinks he knows better than everybody else. By the way, a pine for the days of Jack, this guy's a nightmare this guy's a real nightmare and he actually believes that people or cattle they are just not smart enough. There not edge. hated enough there, not whatever will pay Surely that's true because weave trusted that the sis would keep us safe that we're gonna be fine, no No we're not going to be fine because we didn't pay attention. Thieves
have come in and they are stealing everything this country has the biggest trance. For of wealth in all global history and The good news is, we are waking up. We are. are waking up. You know. Let me put it this way. Let me set a scenario for you. Americans have lost loved ones, in a war that turned out to be ambiguous at best and regretful in follow through right. We ve had epidemic. That is terrifying people closing urgent schools, businesses, people are walking around in masks. The economy is taking. a terrifying turn. Me
little red radicalism is on the rise. No entrust their neighbors anymore and America has become unrecognizable to its citizens and all people. Want for is the things for things to go back to normal. Would you say. That's a good description of today. Because that's not what I'm describing I am describing is not enough at twenty twenty one. That is the American at the end of Woodrow Wilson presidency. That's Erica ninety nine years ago,. This is when America voted for an end to the progressive era, at least for the time being,. If you listen to me for more than six years you
had to endure. My Woodrow Wilson is an evil son of a bitch that phase fund. It was a fun era. Whereabouts. like, why are you harping on Woodrow Wilson? I like cause, if you wonders, Woodrow Wilson. You understand where we're going and. I have to say that we are in the same. Potentially we are in the same place. Let me tell you what happened in night. in twenty and beyond. Americans were disillusioned with the Wilson presidency. They Had just gone through the League of Nations, where they wanted one world government and Americans were like wait a minute. What I'm not kidding. right away to some other country in some global is group, no Americans want a change, they wanted the government to get out and
change presented itself in the form of a wildly unremembered, yet extremely popular. In his time. Presidential candidate, Warren Gee Harding. Where Wilson had promised voters a perfectly orchestrated society from the top down Harding promised to be business oriented republican and campaign with a slogan, a return, two normalcy by the way Your world war two and a decade over a debt Kate, of progressive things that were happening under empty are due what the winning slogan was from the Republicans. Had enough. Yet he said America's press, And our present need is not heroics but healing
no streams but normalcy, not revolution, but restoration. surgery but serenity. After the activism of Theodore, Roosevelt and the just out of troll arrogance of Wilson, Harding was a simple, bland and absolute perfect guy to be and he won in a landslide, and you know replaced in sight, cow, Harding, Harding, cut taxes and spending by fifty percent in its first year. Then he followed it the next year with a fifties. Fifty percent reduction of that budget- those taxes in the next year. silent cow by Your story of him Calvin which was sitting at a at a dinner at the White House, and Guy sitting next to him was one of the big reporters of the day, any
said em. My editor bet me. I said I can get you to say more than and two words in a row. I think we three words. It is three words a row cool it looked at him and said you lose. sky was not somebody who is out in front of the public all the time. We don't want that. I dont want to think but the president I dont want to think about Washington. I want to think of what I want to think about a mere consummated come back in the nineteen twenties we roar, to back the roaring twenties. Then we slipped again then we came back we slipped again. We came back again in this. way. Our nation is a pendulum swings, From one extreme to the other
then, with a sweet, yet short respite of balance between the two, but it is the balance, tween the two that we should stop, for not the extremes the world was bleak for Americans. Woodrow. Wilson was done. I can imagine that they could actually see a comeback from that? Remember Wilson had actually paid neighbours to spy on neighbours. How were you going to repair that vat in credit we'll distrust. People were paid by the federal government to go through their neighbors mail and read it and washing to know what was going on.
History is a really great place to just sit back when everything is on fire. Just sit back and read history and learn from history cause he could go. I can't believe we survive that so I mean we did survive that and worse We survived the civil war and came back with them. I reckon century its Gonna be easy, it's gonna be hard. This is going to be the toughest time period for Americans to recover, but I still believe in Amerika. I see I believe in the american people, still know that this audience is going to play a big role in saving America. I dont know what form that takes and probably not a very grand form, its just probably
millions of Americans doing exactly what they're supposed to do. And being a source of light and goodness and truth. It can happen. and if we look back at history it seems probable, that it will happen. Things have been really bad before and we our way out Things are not really bad yet, but they're going to be read history, Hang on to the framework of hope, because we are Americans, and we will make it through this again. american financing, Nmls one thousand one. Eighty three reforms that are needed
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Me too. I with my whole life. Oh my gosh images signal. They have to pay me a lot of money going to send letters, Pennyweight Go the break as our joy here. I am engine guided by the seas business of real estate weight, Please give me the nice boy. You were speaking my language just a little while ago. Here is just that The admiration of the the american dream that goes with owning realistic, and I am I did. I am part of the problem. By making a living? Oh yes, for quite a few years, but you know that that day It's not just me that affects all my eye. To be able to own land to be able to leave that to my kids, but I love God, and I just you know I just don't you
gee, I don't worry ollinger. Could I have to tell you I am- I am out of the ordinary American Box, but I don't think I'm gonna be able and loot. They leave a lot of land for my kids and I have a lot of land. I dont think that government go to allow any one through taxes to really leave very much of anything to their family and we are, we you gotta be clear to we're, not vilified people who invest in homes. That's nice! That's not the point of us even in their. There are a lot of companies who are coming in. We know and doing things that are totally out of the norms of the market. We're not talking about a person who buy and sell. Homes was a lot of people who do that. There's nothing wrong with that and there's nothing wrong with making a profit that there's that there's no problem with that. We just have to me sure that war, understanding where these things are going, how their working and what effects they have. Yet we all of us strength or being used against us right now and that's the real problem
our strength. Is we're capitalist society Our weakness is where a capitalist society, and so people with ill intent, those who are very, very greedy- and in this case those who are in bed with the government and a global government, no exact, what's on the horizon and they ve left everybody out? So you know about it and so their plane a completely different game, have to understand that game by the way. If you want to understand it, the best handbook out there is the great recent fired on Amazon now land back the great recess glum programme. Thank you so much I might do too. hours in Let's do two hours within this one hour. I think they're really at the latest. The people deserve it will let what will do
we'll talk over each other. Will each do individual hours until four topics are designed in a right channel I'll. Do it in the left right? So, if you are in your car can turn to the left and hear Glenn and fraternity you'll hear me right and what is category we can't even go back and forth. You can listen to a little bit of maybe I'll talk. Chris Cuomo Glenville Talk Mc Apocalypse was go back and forth right and then you know right that wage level generated a price of one two hundred zero. You will get you This is that this is probably the most exciting podcast development ever too goes one on the left channel and the other show in the right channel and just a engineers just make that local stations will send you the audio altogether. You guess at every level, don't worry about it. No big deal M, stereo
Hu Jia was huge entertainment the clock back hello, America, welcome to the Glenda Programme. Today we really been concentrating on your thoughts. Your phone calls aided eight. Seventy seven be easy, Kay the thing,
that you want to talk about things that are happening in your life, for the questions that you might have on topics that Maybe we ve hit on or didn't hit on things that you think are really important. I really want to hear from you on how inflation is impacting your family. Have you really felt it yet? More is coming pay. The fad just came out and said you know that transitory inflation It's going be with us through twenty twenty two high inflation through too may twenty two, but in a transitory fashion, rights accorded a land, while some point yeah, sure sure EAST, until twenty twenty two right could be twenty twenty three twenty four you dont know by anything that ends technically could be called transitory. May I just point out that life like
itself is pretty much transitory. That is like you. Well, you get it for me, I'm a doctor, not kapogo. Ok, gosh. I have a sponsor to tell you about, but I can't tell you everything. I know because it will spoil the surprise But I want to talk to you a little bit about legacy box. How do you know about legacy box? I mean they. Don't do don't I think your audience deserve to know one another. Think what is I haven't done? A lot of this is a Christmas thing. That is very, very personal, so you You're, just going to deny the knowledge to the US based here's, an interesting position for someone to take out what it is admitting years what I would like you to do, but the Christmas music gone And of and get a legacy box and start going through your pictures with your family, your pictures, you YO tapes, the film, maybe that you still have the slides that you have and put the
the legacy box and send it in and have them chain that into a digital format, something that will last I was in sallies pizza last week: New Haven. So good I mean there's nothing like New Haven Pizza, shut up Chicago, shut up, new european knots, irritated the bats. It's the best pizza and so I was in there and they have you know good italian restaurant when they have a picture afraid coming. the essence of picture frank, you're. Ok, only good places can get pictures of Frank Sinatra right now. Here's this here's that Sallies had a picture. of not only Frank But also another picture of dean. Why of Sammy Davis Nan. One of what was his name laugh Laughlin. What was his name? the fourth one in the rack, Pat that nobody ever known, but it was with the guy. Who started sallies all of them in my my arm- and it was a year like. I am ok
completely safe mayor what I was looking at those pictures and I'm like those things, are gone ten years. They are gone, causing the original photos and they are fading so badly. I wanted to tell You really should sit down with legacy box, but I knew they wouldn't listen to me. They're, making pizza, legacy box there. Cyber weak sale is here and there giving you the best deal of the year visit Legacy box, dotcom, slash back for eating. credible, sixty five percent off any site these legal legacy box- that's legacy box, dotcom, slash back, you can buy the way, give the empty box to a loved one for them to do. You We have to use it right away just by it and you get the sixty five percent off when you I d ship in legacy box, dotcom, slash back, so
Frank Sinatra. You know where there is not a picture of Frank Sinatra in the Cuomo House there I don't mind when they say that boy, my like one, but they probably had to buy it. They probably by Frank, didn't come back here, although you may have ye may spend some time with Mario, I gotta say back in the day. It's very petya, Mario Mario, is a different story. Chris Lou. this is why, started off with the Andrew Chrome, loathing and Andrew Como is awful doc. I thought to myself: there's no weather, but he's gonna get I've been here down, he's gonna get get thrown out of office because I am a pessimist. You know. just even though he obviously deserved to be thrown out of of office and maybe a little jail time. Perhaps you should leave here a little jail bit o when it happened
he'll, thousands of old people, generally speaking about the outdoor go to jail. However, in this case no, I don't think he's going to bridge is possible and you want to getting thrown out. We know kind of more related to the sexual harassment part of his currently just so much more important than the killing of old people. Here both are important. Put healing of old people. Usually I mean just the whole life or death thing. Tangier outweigh almost anything really shows, but not in this case you anyway anyway. He was, of course thrown out of office, and what does things that popped out of that little scandal. Painting was Chris Cuomo assistance in the matter, and I said this real buncher times. People credit gloss over it, but the first one words, you heard from Andrew Cuomo about this scandal.
That CNN was covering in real time. They were. They were never in the underground scandal here when he made that speech. Those words were written by Chris Cuomo that that is known. Chris Cuomo was writing speeches that his own network were covering out of the mouth of his brother here as if it was new, sly roadhouse, was writing the news, what they knew that I don't think they knew it at a time. The time now that you'll come. I noticed the pause there. I don't think. they knew it and die because there is, pointed out that maybe they knew it it's one of those things that they didn't know what on the record at the door, I don't get you now. They may have plot own it at the top plausible deniability ice. Now it's interesting about this is that, more and more detail has come out. And we of course saw multiple statements,
Chris Cuomo on the air, correct he addressed and said things that he did do and that he did not do yeah stuff like ie, not use sources, for example, exacted go after the women who are accusing by would busy brother. That would be reprehensible reprehensible who, by the way, they release some texts from Andrew Cuomo AIR from Chris Cuomo. directly to Mr De Rossa, who is the top aid slash henchmen of Andrew com What does it say? Well here He was using resources to get information on women rear, accusing HA reason that He told CNN that he was due to the area and in fact the quote one of that one of the women it's gotta keep. It can be very difficult for the average person to keep track of all of the women that made accusations against Enter Cuomo Chris Gama, whose also accused in that you seem to have gone away completely, but Andrew Cuomo was accused by a woman who did not
did not dare to accuse him of of some of the criminal type stuff that went on some of the other users, but accused him of making her feel uncomfortable grabbed her bare back pulled her in for an unwanted kiss forcefully in free of cameras, there's cameras, there's a video of this utterly right now, she was at a wedding, MRS, at a wedding, a woman who did not know and requirements, but just like us, support or fan wanted to get him, and then he of course, took advantage of that situation because he's a piece of no tongue now go ahead. So this accusation comes out three days later, Chris Cuomo texts, Melissa De Rossa, the aid and says I have a lead on the wedding girl could happen.
completely different girl, good, a man may be, they hide a girl at a wedding and harass looking to book may when the flower girl, of course, what he says is no. He was checking with his sources, but just trying to understand when new information might be coming out, not trying to dig up dirt at all, not at all one of the vaguest odds on him losing his job with CNN. They changed they change. I having the thing that the tightest and just like it did with Andrew now course, Christmas committed all sorts of various sins against journalism. and against CNN and I at any out to be cleared her. I don't big CNN has any journalistic integrity. when it comes to Chris Cuomo Onawandah guarantee not. There is a part, though, at some point, be a person embarrasses you so often so dramatically that you feel like you need to take steps and CNN, as now announcing you think
The CNN is at that point. Well, let me clarify cause I'll get. You have incited this. I hope You are discreet in the way that you talk about the ok. What I will say right so probably not gonna have probably not a bit of a risk so pretty. Great Rebecca, I wrote a letter so first of all seen and has launched another investigation. Another investigate they're gonna go look through all of these texts in order to receive dog now over, there's a bunch of stuff in there. We can go through parliament at the moment, but I will say If they are honest, obviously they would fire this guy he's, but I'm not I'm. Not only has he broken every journalistic rule and make a mockery of journalism, he also has long, aid to his employer multiple times and embarrassed the multiple times and, in addition, this. Does a terrible television show CNN should look at this as a blessing from God to get out of the contract right like just as it excuse just
firing because you could say We did not want to use our bad. What did you do to save your money? What you were saying here is that somebody in the hallway should go right, later produce Margie Glad. That's in the contrary, exact right. Ok, I want to take a step that ethics you're gonna understand here. Maybe not the entire audience will understand the specifics, but let me first the generality. I can't every once in a while, you will see way way way way, because I won't be a response to that right with. Let me to a commercial areas like TAT way. I can only when all the time in the world there is about called Line Bank of America made the cheery prediction that stocks are gonna fall twenty percent in the next twelve months. gee. It looks like they're they're on their way. The DOW is down what another four hundred five hundred points right now, not a big deal if only because of the new strain a virus, and they have
the FED coming Outgoing yeah, look like we were wrong about inflation, who would have guessed it besides, every one other than us gold. is the hedge against insanity and you, but hearing me say it for years and I'll keep on saying at the time to invest a portion of your portfolio in something like ten percent into something conservative like precious metals, if you're wrong, we doing your research, you know. Something big is coming for the: U S dollar and our economy, and it's not going to be good. You need to be smart and early, preserving your wealth and the people who can help Do that work on the people, a gold line, gold lying This week, only gold line has extended their thanksgiving special due to overwhelming popularity, Goeben Jap check them out today, Ass, the Malaga receive a free one out Silver Santa Claus rounds just for the holidays. They make a good
investment. In honestly, I remember my grandfather giving a silver dollar every time it would come and stay with him. In its a great memory. this is a one else, free Santa Claus round for the holidays. Eight six, six goldmine, eight six Ec Skull, or gold line dotcom. Ten second state, hey go: go go go yes, So these eyes, cable does. You might be a fan of cable, new rights, and you see the host have on great guests from terms Glenn Back comes out to show Europe. While I like one glinda comes on, the show, is a big famous talk. Show host has a lot to say, rise, pretty interesting it in an excess comes out and you're. Like that pursues a real expert in their field. I understand why there are and then every once in a while, someone like Jeffrey Tubing, comes on the ear here's a guy who was in the middle of a zoom call and whip
the thing out and goes to town and is back on the errand like a couple of months since the weird thing, normally speaking, that would not be the case. you might well is it does make everybody a little uncomfortable when you're like in that the guy was playing with himself a yes and money tries to say all. Can you believe what an idiot this person was yeah, it's hard to take a serious right, a little bit out of it, and you might say why does that happened and he'll known as it, particularly with legal analysts and cable news channels, Jeffrey Tube and back on the air are right and two peoples chalked up. You all well he's liberal k that might be part of it, but We propose that I'd give it until. I might know a story that you don't want me to try to ok, multiples outfit right. So what happens? Often at cable, networks is There are lots of executives who work there and they have issues in there.
personal lives, which need legal attention. I hope I am sometimes convenient ha. Poland, a legal expert who happens to work for the channel up to your off Samuel conversation and throw out maybe a little personal legal conversation, a little consultation off the books in a normal. Friendly way and often my haven't be incentive to keep their mouth shut on things that they have done by having them hate, you should be famous yeah. Maybe you should come want what, if we book you on all these show our right. I that's crazy and that scare, because really are illegal and outside important, and let me ask you this question aside right. The about my personal life that sensitive and so more often- and I don't know specifics here of course, but sir times. These legal experts have away
all of us warming their way in networks, because they give legal advice to very important people who were there how if you were only if you happen to be executive at CNN and you happen to, let's say, take legal Consult from ache, its Cuomo at some point while he works there, it might be difficult for new to fire him because he's giving legal consult and pr consult about us. Issued to someone else, because If you fire him, he might just bring up or leak that information to the media and believe me he in particular, would not be above such a thing, in my opinion, so now you might notice this happening from time to time. Where you see, while this legal analysed is tat
boy, you are there. It's you bad with. What's weird is I have a very specific example of this happening: real, maybe multiple snow, one, real belly. The point is really mail, You just see if it's the same one you're thinking I get that give a couple ok and I'm sure what is this there's no reason to go at a specific on it at all. My the point here- is that this a common occurrence and may be at play with all our Jeffrey Jubilant and crew squab outcry, in my opinion, in your opinion, I think that's crazy unless you know what has happened to us. Well again, I wear what, where I was doing an interview with sir, legal analysed. That is not said and it will you he taped it in advance, and it was one. It was suggested that he was a
Good guy to go to and I rib team to shreds to shreds, I think I threw him out of my studio. Ok, but if I remember rightly did I do something like that. I threw him out of the studio and sad because said to him during the interview. Are you out of your mind the evident? What are you thinking that is completely and it was odd and. And an eye through mountain. He said, do realize, who I give a cramp who you are tat. Strangely, never aired I there is somebody in the control room. That said, that is not ever airing and it s then we realized. that's why they have guy sucks so much and is still on the air so these things do they do hacker and, and they I think its past
while Chris Cuomo has finally pushed far enough to four ever protection he's been able to acquire. Over the years he may, It may not be able to protect him anymore. I mean this is so far over the line, not even just as a journalist but as a human being I mean this is so far over the line, so maybe CNN, will will act here, but if they don't, I I have a couple of Gatt? Isn't this what is occurring so you know it's weird still and I feel bad, for Chris Cuomo at this point? Do you I do because He's not the godfather he's Fredo, so. Let me just say this to Fredo. If they invite you to go fishing on old hike. Don't do it. I just want to for that little bit of advice: don't
go fishing with your brother's friend just throwing out by today is giving Tuesday. Yeah, I mean you know we go, urged ourselves with Thanksgiving then black Friday and then Cyber Monday. Can you think about someone else other than yourself for just a second so it's giving Tuesday today this is actually the biggest day. Poor, nonprofits to be able to get people to give. I don't know why it's not like volume. Heard me talking about me, and I know media is now give I heard me talking about it in my car that I'd be like you know what this is exists, clearly the day I'm going to give. I dont know why this is become a big deal. Yeah, that's gets. although it is cool, it's really great. It's really great! Today If you are feeling generous allows.
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yeah. If they ask for it, I don't even know if they're gonna ask board you. be ready in case they ask for him, but there have a great deal effectively this deal of the seas of well, you like grill, and you like great deals. a great deal will forget that you just gave all your money turn. Where have you any one credit cards and who will go to wreck tech? Dotcom are easy to eat. You get a blaze. Dvd cops life, Glenn Promo Code is faulty lie. Does if twenty five bucks upper subscription to police tv Amerika, welcome illegal in fact programme. It's Tuesday, wanna hear from you hated eight seventeen. Seventy easy, Kate try to laugh rose many of these, as we can still remind me just to shut the hell up this lobbies and look,
Laurie in Oklahoma you're on go ahead Glenn. I am so frustrated I lived under the communist dictatorship in Belarus and I ll something that Americans really need to understand. In order for us to win this battle, Marxist do not believe do not see the world as American see the world? There is no human dignity. The morals are weakness, so lying cheating, stealing murder and even government generated inflation. Are all tools for them to gain and maintain control does so. What we need to remember who, with the enemy, is and that they do not think like we do in order for us to win this battle. That is the. That is the reason why this has gone on for so long and why I'm actually kind of glad
we're seeing what we're seeing right now, because it will awaken Americans because they're not hiding it really any more, Americans will see, wait a minute. Its It's almost is like it's almost like. They want all these bad things to happen, because one of the odds, everything you do is bad hang for the american people and so people are waking up and the hardest thing that is been in my job is to convince people. You cannot think like an American, you can't just go. oh come on. That's crazy talk! You can't do it. You have to believe people when they say in private meetings. This is what we're gonna do believe them Thank you! So much Rick go ahead. You the global programme, when thank Yous, much. My brother, I I don't have one to say other. Then I just to tell you how much I love you you
a wonderful vibrational signal. When this life and If we all could just do this whole thing you're doin, I donated I never thought I would do it, but I donated to the Nazareth fine donated. How to shout from police find good free. Have you know it's just you know this whole vibrational signal is what we all must. toy love one another in chess, vibrate and positive vibrational signal you're in Pennsylvania. You should be in California. How did to how to deal with the views of my brother. I bet you sound like all of the people. I grew up around in Washington State I don't know what to say about how much I love you take my out. Incidentally, I read frightening deals book
oh, my god that just blew away a little talk about less erection, email that that you know that's just with amazing Rick. Thank you very much for calling in at really means a lot to me. Thank you, Joe in South Carolina. You have good news. a good move, one August, first of all, I just one body to realise something about this vaccine and change. It we should allow the gonna get. The called vaccinating want just called Prophylaxis the Good NEWS about the year, the vaccine is, it It has been reported so far from this woman, the doktor down in South Africa number one to certain people under forty number two. Apparently it is called zero deaths and not only not only zero deaths but as far as we know in South Africa,
zero hospitalizations, the doktor who discovered it says it all they produces very, very mild some comes to varies yeah that's a month. That's my point in so far as now would be a good idea to actually make a sort of a vaccine from a virus that doesn't called death. I have to tell you I I mean worried about this covert strain, it might turn out to be wrong, but I'm not worried about a still really made. They dont have legitimate David, no any financial, still guessing it's too early to know it certainly too early to panic. Let's go to Eric hello, Eric when I listen to you for about twenty years. I gotta admit that's a heck of an accomplishment, because there is no way that a person with eighty should be able to keep the attention of somebody else. Ladies
We didn't together man, the egg we cancel each other out would already be. So what's up Eric. Ok you ve, been focusing a heck of a law on the politics from the economics of the whole situation that our countries been going through for the last couple years. I dislike to bring you back to something that you pointed out back in two thousand sixteen, but I think you ve kind of forgotten about by there's a spiritual aspect. To this whole thing. I've noticed over the last few years a lot of people acting really out of character. In order that for they were generally in nice and cordial, they got really mad at one point in started, acting out on that totally star I mean I'm even guilty of it and, as I observed this, I kind of went back and, and you know, try to trace the beginnings of it and it was like mid two thousand and sixteen left okay Greg you can play
To the Hilary you know election whatever, but I think it actually has to do with the archway triumph being resurrected. in Washington DC. Remember your treaty. Being moved around my gosh. I had complete really forgot about that was at twenty. Sixteen that that happened September. Nineteen to twenty six team. That's an amazing thing. Explain what that is. Is the gateway to Bay Owl. Basically it and it was the doorway that went in to the area. What worshipped, by our way out of the thing about it is a doorway opens from both sides yeah Not necessarily the were walking through it, but maybe we let something in on this side, I am its creating
level of spiritual oppression. Better acting normal people that otherwise would not be anything like this. I think you there, you maybe onto something I think, but I have to go back and look at all of that, but thank you for bringing up it for for anybody. don't know anything about this. This is SAM. This is the eye of Moloch, the ancient worship of of evil gods that I think we have been worshipping on and unknown to ninety nine point, nine percent of US unknown. We are peering all of the rituals that go with these old testament, ancient evil gods, and, what he suggesting is when this this archway, which was tat in from, I think, a rack. Wasn't it
was taken from ancient Babylon and it was to a temple and they took it and they reconstructed it and they put it all. Were the world, I think they put it in London. They put it in New York and and people were little upset about it. As you can imagine real. Darkness comes from that in. If due to be, get into something a little more cultural. Now there's a river of slime that is running under the Heath, all of our feet and ghostbusters too. I would just have a it's. What sets the slime that is making us all angry it's not really original or the one that just came out with Ghostbusters. I did it by the way I saw the new Ghostbusters afterlife trimming
that's really better than all ladys version wow and a great tribute, although its a tribute to Herald Rhamnus now, and and without giving anything away. It's really well done really well done great tribute and you'll. You really like it shut up you're supposed to shut up this. Our thank you. I will Why you're saying that if we then have you forgotten that club big Programme, The fund, as I am here I then Well, I'm a painter in the Granada, this Michigan area and we just gotta notice that our paint prices are gonna, go up. Double the jets in January, on top of our food prices, on top of our gas prices on but everything out here and it's not helping. Business at all. Oh, I bet not I I
actually was having you have an old metal shed. and it needed to be repainted- and I was just painting it white- and I guess I wanted eggshell like I guess, I dont know what even means, but it's what holds up past, I guess and The painter called me and said I can't get it. And I see what you mean, and he said they don't have it any came over we called Sherwin Williams, corporate answer. When is it going to be done and they said we don't know when it will. It will all be here some of our pigments. They said generally, we don't have a problem with the pigments, but we're going to have a problem with pigments and we don't know when they'll be coming in, but it's all of the other things that make up paint that they get and they said we're we're having a really hard time how long will I have to wait to get the white paint that will stop to the metal
and they said we can't give you a date. We don't know twenty twenty four that's a little terrifying Ben. That's good! terrifying to you. Well, yeah, it's no good! I can't find it. place to rent? I got kicked out during cope with You pay your rent lake kick you out. So Wait. Wait we're trying to get my arms around that when you pay your rent. They can kick you out. yeah. So my landlord sold by house the first month covered lockdown. Ok, ok are sold, He kicked me out and I now living benefits. We all camphor tree. to keep my business afloat and pay for other thing. I keep on going up and no, how far this
I'm gonna go until I just have to The job, Oh, I don't know what you were dome best of luck to you been thank you for calling in keep your chin up and don't give up, You know who I am. My daughter Hannah they decided to spend a couple of days for Thanksgiving here on a lake. And they were like. a year and rent a house for religion alike. Are you kidding me we're renting a yurt and unlike I was a yard and it's it's used in now the Himalayas or wherever and it's it's amazingly tight, and efficient, and everything else and tiny homes the year to aid
Top of the league of looked him up top line. Europe is like ten grand I know that nobody really wants to live in a Europe, but when I was growing up there, bill across the street, had a teepee they bought. Land, and they lived in a teepee now None of us talk to them. Of course they were weirdos, but people should look into other forms of small housing, because They are actually available now. I can't believe I'm recommending a Europe. Back in just a second, let me tell you about Patriot Mobile need. We need to stick together now, more than ever. We all have to be more bring in lockstep, there is real power in numbers and
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never carry a phone. I actually bought a phone. I believe in this company so much I bought a phone. I found it by the way. This morning, nice and Anne had Patriot Mobile installed on the phone. I've done commercials for them for years, but I I believe in them so much I personally, He wanted to make sure That I was supporting them because I believe in what they do. Patriot mob. dot com slash back. We all have to stick together. Patriot mould, dot com slash back nine seven to page. Goin back programme this the Glen Back programme looking to make sure that I have the right comments from today but the stock market
taking a nose dive. Last July, twenty ninth taking a nose dive and they are they. Are there falling because of a matter on which I just don't think, is going wrong, be big deal whatever our reset the new variant. Yes, yes, and also his tapering comments, is too bring comments, are really really important, because that me, the FED is going to start tapering there. It's like government in and the stock market is addicted, Hu, the heroin and then the FED been printing and pouring into the market? Ok, and they're, saying we're. Gonna start tapering that down, because we think the patient is strong enough to handle it and the more it says it. Not strong enough to handle
and Powell said this, but not that way, not that information coming rapidly words of all evolving, a real time. You can understand why investors we're taking little bit of a pause we think on balance it would make sense to be invested in the markets. At this time says Powell will have all the updates for you on this, and so much more tomorrow is to climb programme
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