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'Thought is Frightening' - 4/6/18

2018-04-06 | 🔗
Hour 1  David Brock and his brown shirts (Media Matters) are still around...but why?... ‘their entire goal is to silence dissenting voices’...The Atlantic fires conservative writer Kevin Williamson...his point is that abortion is murder...We are not allowed to talk to each other anymore...The state of the mainstream media today = 1984 ...Making a point and context...Flashback to 2011: Actress Roseanne Barr wants to 'behead bankers'…she’s being serious...making you think in the harshest way? ...we must be free to tell the truth ...'When will the American media wake up?'...stay out of the 'safe zones' ...Producer Mark Ciardi joins Glenn to discuss his new movie, 'Chappaquiddick,’ chappaquiddickthemovie.com...a well-done movie, based on facts rather than ideology...now open in theaters  Hour 2  Clamping down on religion…online sales of just one religious book now banned?...China's powerful are strong arming the Bible ...'Secret Empires' with author Peter Schweizer...How the American political class hides corruption and enriches family and friends...Obama was a serial 'smash and grab' president? ...ultimately, both parties are ‘on the same team’ (their own)…If you actually believe abortion is murder, then don't the abortion doctors have blood on their hands?...if you’re around people who want to silence discussion, ‘you’re in the wrong crowd’…The other skeletons in Roseanne Barr's closet   Hour 3  Joining the show: Mindy Belz, author of 'They Say We Are Infidels: On the Run from ISIS with Persecuted Christians in the Middle East'...Austrian police raid homes of Iranian Christian refugees ...Christina the California Unicorn calls to spread some good cheer ...Kansas woman called police when her door was chained from the inside?...No Spoiler Alert Needed: Glenn reviews the new movie 'Ready Player One' ...Picking the Oligarchs...Trump's tariff war with China isn't going well for Americans…China is basically targeting Trump’s supporters because tariffs hit the middle class...Pizzagate x 2? ...Placenta smoothie anyone? ...Ticketed for nothing in NYC...There was a serial underwear thief on the loose  The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck and Stu Burguiere, Weekdays 9am–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio

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