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Time to Drain the GOP | Guests: Asra Nomani & Victor Davis Hanson | 10/8/21

2021-10-08 | 🔗

Glenn rants against the GOP and the 11 Republicans who voted with the Democrats to raise the debt ceiling. Asra Nomani, vice president of Parents Defending Education, joins to discuss the war on parents standing up against school boards and the corruption going on behind the scenes. Bill O’Reilly joins to discuss the news of the week, including Congress voting on the debt ceiling, an upcoming interview with President Trump, and what a possible Trump presidential run would look like. Author Victor David Hanson joins Glenn to discuss his book “The Dying Citizen." Glenn and Stu discuss the James Bond franchise. Glenn and Stu go over a Daily Camera article that was riddled with corrections.

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now is welsh people. Now, I'm not good at making predictions can't really see over the horizon ever on anything, but I want to make one comment to make: one last night, the GEO P and in particular eleven senators, have just started a new tea party. Here, half that's her! I just think what they did last night. I was a betrayal of everything that we, we hope and believe in you know. Some of us still think a few things are self evident. You know like math, he not, but if I can add numbers up and no when it doesn't work, and I also know how to count to eleven
It's just one number below the dirty dozen you remember the saboteurs yeah yeah yeah that blue everything up eleven is just one senator shy of the dirty does and we begin their in sixty seconds do you hear Joe Biden yesterday he indicated that what he didn't pressure them, he was Colleagues here a friend. Went to the hospital and the high Spittle was overrun with covert patients and He got a call from the wife of the husband in their like chew, chew, he's in the hospital. It's so overcrowded. We can't do anything. It
oh and then Jos, like one noon, no moral or no end he called the hospital and He talked to the trial nurse and hospital and said: hey I've got a friend who is there in your waiting room and care. get any service, and I'm just check in autumn? Can you give me any information. Oh, my gosh ah now see that's the kind of fairness we were looking for. You know. That's that kind of thing that I think the average person loves about politicians. You know when they can just call and use their power, to save their friends while you're all have any power. You know, residents that call about you and
I think the fact that he was so open and willing to share that speaks volumes. You know so I was in c the other day I was in massive pain my wife called the president and she's Joe Joe, he can't get any arrow win at C b as that it along the era when they well I'll them and justly Randy idea thing they gave them that mere rooms, you know, causing. We urge and see me. As I said, we will Doc Heroin, and so I had to go home and just stick with my relief factor. it's the best. We can do for the little people as they won't. Let us have heroin. You know the I sing about really factor, except for on days like today, when I'd really like some heroin
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two children happening today. I have a Navy seals fundraiser which, but I've been waiting for about two years. bored, meaning another charity event, Andy Wedding, to go to all today So I is gonna be great. Sounds like fun sounds like a good day and then I get up- and I guess I'm a few senator friends who were burning up my. My my text I m. Just they read, write a hello, hello, hello. I think we just sold our country out cut back, we have eleven people have just sold the country out. No, they didn't know. They, you know what happened. Is they felt that if they didn't, if they didn't raise the debts
something that the Democrats could have done on their own. Ok, they didn't need to have any republic and help them. They could have done it on their own, but they didn't want to ok, because they don't want to handle the gun it. They would Much rather say boy that person to be killed over there wow, but I can't but you know how many people would save you not honestly. Mitch, Mcconnell geometry. People would save if you'd just pick up the gun and shoot that person we we'd be your friends forever. we love you so much. It would be the spirit of compromise we'd be able to team up into all kinds of things and the net. Time the next time. You want something. Well, we promise We're not gonna give it to you
What is wrong with these people of the G o p, I predict they have just started a new tea party, because I for one, an empty. I was at a fundraiser last night for a poor guy? Who is running for county judge, which is like county executive and he's the guy who you know really raise the funds for the? will that were standing up against the school board that put to school board members in jail he's the guy, whether spying. I was just saying last night. I know I I won't do anything for the G o p this guy. Happens to be a republican item. above flyin crap. I wanna see not what you say. I want to see what you do
This guy had a long track record of doing that. thing and then, as I'm there, there selling our country out and I have to tell you there a few things that I still hold self evident. That all men are created equal, which means I'm not going. to take another single day from a single person in any school district that I have anything to do with will not for another day I will not stand quietly by if you teaching my children that people are more equal than others that teaching my children that Martin Luther King was wrong. That you're,
Teaching my children that somehow or another they or anyone else, our guilt of sins that were committed by people? They don't know nor were related to know. another day, I hold the truth self evident that all men are created equal. That you have a right to life, so not another day gonna say gee, I don't know we should give Fouche some more money do some more testing on dead babies do you know that's how they did it. you know where they were testing the corona virus vaccines with dead baby tissue, hell yeah. Well, abortion is not another day liberty.
not another day, not Another day will I will I stand by while you who are checking people's bank, the accounts of violation of the fourth amendment, one You are putting people in solitary confinement for a misdemeanour. I think that one violates the the fifth: and the sixth amendment now now I will stand by anybody who is a Democrat or a Republican that actually Nor is there oath and Don't see very many people doing it. I know eleven people are trying, make themselves sleep well by saying we save the country. No you didn't know. You didn't
first of all If they want to go on the debt ceiling and say it's gonna, try America really work. Gonna pay our debts, I mean, I know you guys, don't read the constitution, but the constitution says that takes priority over everything else, so they were, had cut a few things now cut a few things la shoot I got a few things to cut how about the report of education, but there about the Department of Interior. At this Point, I'm pretty damn close to saying about them. Gone. is there anybody? Is there anybody on on the democratic sigh That sees what is happening to our country
And has an ounce: of testosterone. Weak men create hard times. What have we done to our men? Weak men create hard times. Aims and we wonder why we're having a problem because we got sallies Nancy's up there. Oh sure they I to identify as someone with a spine, they might identity. I as someone who is a defender and protector. But sorry, I don't think you are you but the dress back on the These people are not willing to stand for the things that we have pledged to each other are self evident.
They will not stand. Well, where are the people, and I know I'm talking to you, I'm talking to you. I know you don't want to run, I know you don't think you have time to go to the school board meetings. I know you think your voice doesn't matter. that's by design. I want to elect the people who don't want to go. I want to elect the people who think politics is despicable. I want To elect people who think it's nothing but a game and there they despise it I want to find good in honourable people that aren't coveting.
power and money. I want bull with children. and grandchildren. But I don't necessarily want the ones that are still walking around with great great grandchildren. We are run by a group of people that have pudding at four o clock in the afternoon. At the early bird special at Dennys there nothing wrong. I think they old, you get the more wise. You are the more experiences you have. The more we should ask and listen to our elders, but there's point that we all have to say they dont get it. They don't get it at all, their living in nineteen sixty seven and all the damn hippies.
who had been set to destroy our country since nineteen sixty seven have all the power now. and they don't have a clue as to what the hell they're even talking about good? I want an M twitter machines. so absurd that face look. I was reading that face book last night. I got up age, one hundred and fifty seven, here's a good news. There are so many up and coming patriots I said in two thousand, what nine or ten when we were in Washington together. If you happen to be there somewhere somewhere in this crowd. Is the next George Washington somewhere in the crowd, is the next Martin their king, so the next Thomas Jefferson.
Abraham Lincoln they're, not giant? statues. Yet some day we may be building statues of their likeness. There. Probably eight years old today it makes them twenty today and they are out there. They are. There and their already engaged their smarter than most of us were there more engaged, then Most of us were I feel it passionately they were selected to be here at this time by a guy who knew that weak man would destroy freedom, cautious, awfully sexist.
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And we gotta stop. I think we should just eliminate the debt ceiling altogether. ah, It is sort of pointless in a way because they don't pay attention to a knowledge justice, a speed bump. It's just a reminder to everyone, what a terrible job there doing, every tractors, which is why they hate it correct and I were in its actually two months right time, the other times it's going to get to what December is going to December, and you think four hundred eighty billion dollars. Ok, will it gets us to the end of the year now? This is too early December early December, four hundred and eighty billion dollars of debt now love that cool way. This works is the party in power, has a suck it up and get the vote done. Why the other party gets to run adds against them in the next campaign. That's like the trade off normally whom and kind of a silly game, but still its It's a game that has pretty well defined rules here. They ve just
Whatever reason the Republicans are like well, you know what will just go along with me on this one. Well, only only Mitch Mcconnell in his clan could could just snatch, victory oh? No sorry now he usually snatches defeat out of the jaws of victory. I need Heaven its it was going to be raised and I as their. Let them do it to get. We let them do it and they said well there very we're gonna, get rid of the filibuster, lead dry lead. try. The only thing that would defend them on this is, if they think big in Hold Joe Mansion against these bills, ties it sure, there's a backroom afraid, offer great when he's gonna. These guys don't like solely thereby- and I think that might be the european year- eighty zero- they I can come up with the other night. I have to speculate come up with any reason why they would do this now they I would like to keep their status in the new corporate Amerika.
That's what it is. The dew lever, the the public private corporate Amerika they want their share lessons to learn, not programme. by the way. Wait until you see what merit garlands family has been up to where dogma that coming up and is the second rough greens Jason Rights in says. My dogs will actually push my hand away when I mixed rough means in their food bowls just so they consume chopping down. This is who know has done this. He is like come aka pointed out their first shiny. They have lots of energy. I definitely recommend rough greens to anyone with dogs. Thank you so much Jason. Thank you thanks for writing in it, is really full in satisfying to me to see when people actually causing ass mail. It up. Do you really believe in us? Yes, otherwise I wouldn't do I canceled a contract. with General motors, because I
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A base and for your work, she's all the coalition other co founder of coalition for T J, a group of parents in community members in Virginia she's a form rapporteur for the Wall Street Journal Co. Director of the Pearl project in Co. Founder the Muslim reform movement. This woman has been fighting the good fight for a very long time, yet to day she came out. Story that is so important, as are FBI in the debate. men of justice under merit? Garlon are coming out in and looking Or the terrorists that are the parents, she her group got, a tip that merit darlin, I might have a conflict of interest and she is with us now too, Splain Azra welcomed the programme, as are you there.
hear me. Yes, I January Hogan great regret. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for your kind words to bear. I was so looking forward to talking to you because you're an investigator, so You know how to follow the money and and- and I knew that you would get the story of how important it is so yeah. Ok, so, let's its go through his daughter, Merrick Garlands daughter, is married to what's his name tanner now I know a minute. I would immediately through. This allow me to make you go through this. This is another example of how ridiculous it is. The actual name is Alexander, but he goes by them in that area. mainly for Alexander right. Oh yes, though his daughter his name is Rebecca Garland and the daughter grew up in you know the comfortable life of her dad and mom and went to jail
at Yale he re connected with an old childhood acquaintance van and vague. married, and it shouldn't have ended there. The happy you know, gory bright, New York I'm waiting announcement, the whole thing, and what's in the first paragraph of course, that her father, Eric Ireland attended and then a few paragraphs later them overcoat CO founder company called panorama. Education panorama, education that sounds epic. What do they do get itself? so tame right at me pick the perfect, imperfect disguise the perfect Trojan horse. So let me guess forward to the fact that we now have venture capitalists investing in panorama education, so it must be hot and why those investors is a man by the name of Mark Zuckerberg. While your wife
Mark Zuckerberg, be interested in its educational company based in Boston by a couple Yale graduate because It is a data mining company, panorama education, that They use these fancy words cod, show an emotional learning, think think about that, like communists, the word so that our social and emotional learning, what does that mean all my kid with small? It was just like learn to have critical thinking and have character and be nice to other. Now they are you using it as an excuse to mess with kids head and some of the questions in these quotes. Greenery, but they're. Calling your surveys are things like. Are you gender fluid What's your position on race? Are you happy happier. You sad
literally parents are not even aware about them. case. Here's the thing. If you listen a Megan Kelly sharks. You have talked about this, but she didn't know necessarily what it was heard, do her child came back home and said I am asked if I still feel like I'm a boy do it every week exactly it's from one company or the other. It is an industry, so panorama education is the tip of the iceberg in this all time million dollar industry, and let us be clear about what they are then government contractor you know they're, not just an education company there not to say oh we're here for advocate welfare day or government contractors, and some miracle in southern law is profiting off the backs of our countries: children,
not having little contracts millions of dollars. Let me give you let it gets a vaccine Fairfax County Day, Fairfax, counting public schools site. Quietly and one point: eight million dollar contract with panorama education for their. for their screening, where they ask the students questions whether they feel sad or gender, fluid, etc, etc? The panorama, education staff gets status now as school officials, so they have a right to the private student data under federal law, people leads to sure, but you just said I mean it's so dramatic contract theories are getting status, a school official. He caught the teachers are printed school schoolboys members and their basically aid
scientists or even Dayton, nothing. You know, but just absorbing this information about kid, I'm glad this is the news headlines for you. I know you are breaking news. One wait a million dollars with an agreement in June. Nobody even knew about it. They started having board meetings and they just mentioned all. We got cold it money, ok over the summer and guess what we spend it on. Cleaner said there is a vigilant mom, who heard just to mention in a school board meeting a she asked them. What's the screen earth about how she got, the information about the one point, eight million dollar contract and ass, she called us apparent parents, defending education and gave us the Tipp, but guess why They then quietly signed another agreement, an addendum in September. Raising the number two point: four million dollar.
Yeah, that's one school district, one school district, so that happened in early September and then within a month I went to the school board and I protested. The waste of this money and days later the School Board Association. You know something the FBI B. I must this because of me, but I know that they know that parents eyes are on these contracts, and then we got this edict from Merrick Ireland, the shutter So here is it here's? What I want you to know. The federal government is data mining, our children. They are asked the bay, vague, Selves. Are allowing contractors funded by Zuckerberg and merit garlands son and daughter, son in law and daughter, it's their company? There going into our school districts in
cover of night with the school board they getting this information. They are deeming the people who are poor, accessing this information is school officials, so that you can have access to all of this and share it with third parties with our parental note vacation or consent. Yeah and so then what happened is that we raised questions about it and then they suddenly announced oh there's gonna, be an opt out form their parents fine, but it wasn't available for days. It wasn't even on who do you, send it to and then guess what parents started filling it out. They then started getting emails literally asking did you make a mistake Are you sure you want you to opt out as if these parents made a mistake? and another way the opt out date. The file date is today right in and then
you believe that you know the opt out day for school, The northern region yet know how important it is that, and you know the details matter- and I also know if people start looking into their own schoolboy out you're going to find you're gonna fight. Are there any other country companies besides panorama education, that people should be looking for? Oh my god, it's so thin tactic. the one other little not yet. I wanted to share with you a year listener that that Fairfax counties, public schools, we have discovered- also shared information on all of the student before a single opt out form- was even prevented the parents. Oh yeah, so they got their student name. The student idee number there class. and their school and everybody needs to remember that the child, the market of children
has any parent knows spend a lot of money. We spend a lot of money on them, so this is a big market that that company want to understand? So let me tell you so what happened? Is that This evil eye mom also submitted a fire, find out who were the other better, because this one of all agree, we actually had other bidders an anomaly led some of the companies or better than perfect county, but there's a company called calf or see a sea out their huge in business mediate ass. You see, I e our eel castle. Ok, yeah castle, the big companies and then we have another company and such like three names that you kindly start forgetting what they are, but but then New York University has a company
and they did their education departments. Are you just have to look up if there's a contract with New York University and then we have this other company that is culturally responses. And they do the rules as they make it all sounds so girl, culturally responsive is the name of the company yeah, exactly ok and I'm gonna get you a whole list. Please Now- and I will I will tweeted out today- fury, End Fairfax County School District, your opt out date ends to day. You better get, on the stake. If this is the first time that you ve heard about this, this is this is once again, our kid being sold for power and money and you know, don't mess with my kids. Man don't mess with my kids, and this is the thee
the kindest thing I could say is Mary. darlin, just this really brilliant guy that should have been on the Supreme Court. Just didn't see the conflict of interest. You know about saying we're: gonna go after these parents who are standing up against these things, with the FBI way His daughter and son in law are making millions of dollars. Data mining, the children in the very counties, he's saying we're- send the FBI into ITALY's yachting yeah. What we ve done now is that today we sent a letter to Senate Commerce Committee to ask for hearing on this very important issue of big TAT data mining, our kids and I hope, everybody was support. Ass, the writer Thirty or senator representative. This list matters, because these raise their use
hope. Everybody understands as a way to make an excuse to get programme that indoctrination into this report so we need to have some uplifting Anthony racism trainings on about how they get their their programmes and Method in horror has were thank you so much gland. Thank here. If you want to find out more information, go to defending a deed, defending ed DOT, Org defending ed DOT, Org, every parent must be involved are right. Man coming along day to day, but I to go home and slip in between my gives a dream sheets yeah you don't that tonight's do it's the way to do it. Now ever. My my wife's friend is trying to convince us that no no you got to sleep on linen why don't we just sleep in burlap being
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its gale tv dot, com, slash back, what do you mean? Not entertainment? The clock back Hello, America, I said last hour that I think eleven senators of the G o might have just started the next tea party
A massive but trailed and sell out o the GEO p again just snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory. They do it again, love to hear billow, Riley's opinion on that and whatever you think deems is the biggest story of the week. We talked a bill o Reilly next, because it's Friday programme, We talk about life lock be easy to give up a just assume. The Samara criminals are gonna win in the long run, maybe just metropolis mail and credit cards, whatever cash you have in your wallet, eight sign the title over time, either actually protect yourself with life, lock it actually less work, then mailing all the cybercriminals life, will detect a wide range of identity threats and they will send you an alert plus they have a dedicated.
The team of restoration specialists. If you become a victim such is the company that I note that these are the people that started this the I believe they been in it now for thirty years, when areas like engine internet. What is that but they were already doing this stuff lifelong dot. call one eight hundred lifelike one, eight hundred life, lock or lifelike dotcom, make sure use the promo code. Beckoned save twenty five percent, miss your bill, O Reilly from Bill, O Reilly, dot com, where you can grab his no spin news every day it nothing has changed just the device I mean you're, not watching and on cable tv, but you're watching the same, show that he's always done, and it is just as entertaining and as to Smart bill o welcome the programme back. I need your help.
I need your help right and that hurt me It hurts me to say it again saw interviewing Donald Trump. Next week, and I want to do a different kind of interview- the I don't wanna have him venting about the election and all that okay saw you- and I hope we can do this in the last three or four- in each of our interview today who suggested question. Sorry, let's, let's take them, towards the end of the show, the bottom of the bottom of the hour: ok, Bill thus the eleven senators that saved America last, night, the eleven G opium senators, people like TED crews, likely others also Are you mad? Are you out of your mind? What are you doing they were bluffing. What do you think? Well, they look The Democrats have a little safety shoot.
But a lot of this stuff is now a parent to you and me or any other American there's back room dealing and Mitchell how's the biggest back room dealer. I think Probably in U S history! Here, that's the problem right away don't know what the eel was with Mitch. In the other eleven rye, the deal might have been, give us this extension and will bring. Down the three point, five trillion too, to want to aid or something now it's not a deal. I want, a deal advice, but I dont know if your president is really taken into account by Mitchum. I know I know what I mean. He should listen to the g o p that they are there are the absorb the voters, not the g o p. The voters are with this, then they don't want to aid and abet
this this transformation of our country. That's true, that's true, but the deal that Mcconnell is making he's thinking for five steps out yeah I am too yeah. I know say and unlocked still yeah, you know it's all you who today you can take a matter. I am actually going over the turtle beyond his telling you something that isn't reported or annulling I am. There deals that are. May ok, so tell me what to do but tell me what selling your country out would be worth look back back big picture. Is this these Democrats? by the administration. Want turn the United States into applies. I socialist stayed with
economies run by the government. Yes, three body knows that. Yes, I ride. All eighty million Americans voted providing a partially responsible for that. Yes, there are going to fail, but they could fail very quickly, If, in the mid terms of two thousand twenty two there is welcoming landslide for the Republican Party. Ok, that's only mechanism that stops mad, but all Riley all right wait a minute just a second the you're right about that cop Cloud Fort fortunately, in that three five trillion dollar bill are all all kinds of in. Structure. Pieces. Do remember that I'm gonna get hang on. Yes, they are. no they are yes, they are. Do you are in your ear member thee, ass, the song by Johnny Cash, one piece at a time of day
worry where he was building a cadillac. You work in a GM and he decided instead of buying a cadillac as he could never afforded. He was gonna steal. It can take it out in his lunchbox one piece at a time took him like forty years, but he finally a cadillac that was a hideous monster right exactly what's happening here every building they pass every bill they pass. Has another piece of the great reset. That's right and you're absolutely correct, and I am not arguing with you about that I am saying once again when you with eighty million Americans, passing a vote or man like Yo Biden, and they will worn by you and me and my astute commentators that you have you will suffer the consequences and we are. But after every mistake there is a remedy and the remedy is next year, you're not gonna. Stop the buyer
administration from wasting trillion of dollars on equity? Quite the change, whatever other naughty thing. They come up with, there's no mechanism to stop it because the Republicans control either side of the house. A mansion and cinema who are saving the country that do Democrats will vote for the three point: five trillion there under unbelievable pressure, and if the Republicans compromise a bit they'll fold, they'll fold and by now get the whole thing. So now Mitch boys doing it say in a mansion cinema. You know when unreasonable. We will compromise a little bit, so you just hang in and we'll get thing done in a responsible way. Of course it isn't responsible.
You know we have now a government wasting literally wasting trillions of american taxpayer dollars and that's not responsible, but it never going to stop until the american people wise up right, That's why they should vote John Barroso in Wyoming out Roy Blunt Missouri, Shelly, more capital from West Virginia Susan Collins, job corn in from Texas you're dead. To me, John Mitch, Mcconnell, Kentucky Lou, LISA Mercosur last going on and on is Rob Portman in Ohio, my grounds Richard Shelby, in it in Alabama and Senator John soon those were the electoral or the eleven. It voted for an extension of the dead shilling you want out. I wish there was one more so I could technically call them the dirty dozen that were the Sabbath tours, but I can't backs one: should combat
yeah. Do you just get the arrow wet Claude begin dab his forehead week. We can more time. Ok! Now I get some research today, because he always ask me on Fridays. Why is the most important story of the weak? Yes, ok, so I have something that no one knows about is vitally important like to tell you about it. Go ahead are the most. important story in the United States. This week is a quiz on bill, O Reilly, Dotcom, the queen, just called does it make sense and there are in questions to the quick and I'm gonna give it to you and stew right now, it's a year or no answer. That's it since the question are you ready to take it ready? First question does makes sense to allow millions of foreign nationals now drew the USA Unsupervised now. Ok are questionable.
does it make sense to abandon Afghanistan completely leading the human rights abuses by the Taliban. Now three: does it mean says he shut down the Keystone pipeline, just turn around and Saudi Arabia to expand their oil say. No, no. Ok, three knows boy question. Does it make sense to support critical race theory teaching in schools that divides children on a skin color base snow now questionable five for the federal guy. movement. Does it make sense? spend so much money that inflation exports now accepts does not question number six to support. Does it make and to support no bail laws, but allow criminals to commit more You know now. Ok, question seven. Does it make sense to be one, Only seven countries in the entire world that allow on reach
did abortions. Now, I'm exact, now, ok, question right. Does it make? as to oppose voter ideas, no right nine does make sense to say that white supremacist are larger terror threat, then jihadis. That's no and final question is does it make sense for a president of the United States to accuse his own country of sister MAC Racism, notably that now. Ok, so you guys scored a hundred percent on the questions you guys you. Thank you. Thank you now. I ok wait. I'm ok everywhere, of those questions has been endorsed by general bomb vice president, will probably Obama to. Yes, I'd Biden he's really running any one of them. Yes, and if you'd you see it in black and white, if you go to bill orally, that competent black and white and download it- and the two to your liberal friends, the buying people does any of it. Makes sense. Ten questions, simple man, simple questions,
ok, what do you see? It becomes devastating? It becomes devastating that we have a president who is out. Of control and hurting the nation in every single area. So now does it make sense. I've got a question for you. Yes, it does Make sense that those powerful ten statements, all came together out of incompetence. or senility. Now it's! This is by design also lawyer by design, No, I don't mean that I mean that the things that they're doing is by design they did. This is not a coincidence. It's not just a horrible accident that we all belong are happening The only one that isn't by design is the afghan Stan withdraw did, I don't think, We also disagree with that.
We're gonna go in there and organised by the withdrawal? from Afghanistan, so Biden look terrible, The learner all sat there, what they did was say we are going to do things that will separate Amerika from her allies show american military what they really are, nor the military experts damn consequence erect. But I guess I disagree with you guys. Don't think that was policy going, and I think that we just rank and competence on a port abide. Guy thinks I think he he did not listen to his military experts and pushed through all of the recommendations of common. I guess he was getting. Is of an ideology here from the Susan Rice, yet world around you now get out. I agree with a progressive here. Ok, but all the other nine absolutely what the progressive left,
we want- and we have this befuddled president, who does everything they want. I mean that's the frightening situations we ve got to be neutralized by the report. I don't believe they are the best guys and gals in the world. I just as we were talking about stopping the program, I mean I'm not a big or the Republican Party is so good. No, but at least they're saying this: what we now is in same aren't with bill orally here? Just a second first, let me tell you about Penelope. She lives in Texas men over the years she has begun to get older. She developed a lot of eggs and pains throughout our whole body. She found she couldn't why upstairs anymore, without having to stop every little bed has It's why God invented elevators, I'm just saying Penelope she happens to listen to this programme man. She heard me talking about relief factor, awhile back and she decided mines will give it a try. They didn't
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we have, I think the biggest story of the week is the the Ernie General coming out and saying yeah me: no we should have the FBI look into these terrorist act. Parents, I mean I ever you, everybody on the right, and some independence are outraged by the story: I'm gonna tell you something I think is gonna, be surprise. You I'm here This happened who's this, what they call the tipping point. Yes, once you get in to parental authority in this country, or a government telling parents what they can and cannot do visa be their own children. Dover, Macao was gonna, lose in Virginia, Bethink sounds back and yes, I do. I think that the silent people, the independent people there saying
are, you kidding me you're, not you're. Gonna. Tell me up. When somebody in my school is telling I did I old a person of another color you're going Oh me, I don't have the right to go down there and then on that and that Zactly which happening here. The exactly what's happening and the second part of this story is that as an extension of the white supremacist thing, ok So now what Odin and again Biden Don T have to do with it, but what the binding, illustration: the message they're sending is: if you complain about critical race theory being taught to children and remember what it is The essential message of that theory is that if you are white, you are an oppressor. just by your skin color, because your ancestors did all of this stuff and you
fitted in African Americans on other minorities got hurt, that's what it is. Okay. So or dividing children, and then this you can compare about it, because if you do that you're a waiter premises and in your big it an extension of that and it like in the waves. I give you white supremacy, so if you objective critical race theory in school, your white supremacist, that's the linkage they're trying to make so the old large is, if you object to progressive, policies, no matter what they are! Your evil you gotta be shut up and merit garland, it's gonna deputize. The FED role gum to make sure you shut up Do you realize back there had not been one arrest in the entire United States made not one at any school board. Hearing at any public school
confrontation between teachers- and we do not want rests solely because they are all Andrey, not like us. Cops- are the clan whatever but eight you step back, which I always do it. You look at. The absurdity is absurd. Its observer Let me living federal government would be threatening parents for stuff. They haven't even let me give you let me give you one more piece of the story of what this is about- Zan Tanner. examined or is his name, he married Rebecca Garland. That's that's Merrick daughter, don't they they started these two started panorama. Education. These peaches your day correct my data mines, all of this information they have a too
point, four million dollar contract in Virginia with the Virginia schools right and add and g its. It's almost like daddy's racing in with a private army to be able, make sure we shut down these people, these parents, who are questioning what my daughter company is doing to their children. I don't think that's a real good luck, for turning your bar. Only you know I don't care what Moran. No I don't know I don't, but we you hear about that story Esther whole tell you that, no out it means you're. No, Now now David gets out and make up, but he wouldn't do it. Now Nora, oh Don t. She gonna tell you, story. I you know a pattern here. I think those are all the the anchors of the evening news which I didn't write now, don't think most family. I was on the air that
is why these people do and get away with this raising condom, because the Corporate media in America no longer covers the news. You ok, they know garlic knows what his daughter and son in law is doing, knows that, but he's gonna get whipped, saw on it, because no one will mention it except O Reilly back. Let me give you one other. Let me give you another piece of this story that I think too many people overlook. They wouldn't In doing this, you weren't effective. Showing up in the school board meetings and speaking your mind if that was an effective they wouldn't waste any time on you, You must continue to stand up by the way check or school district find out. If panorama education is involved in your school district listens to plunder programme
all I against say and warn you the holidays or coming up really quickly. So yeah on the ball and order erect tech. Today, if you ve never had smoke turkey before, you're in for the treat of your life, you might never cook the bird again the same way. I love these people who who frightened every time I'd. I've always wanted to do this. I know I'm too dumb to do it that way, because for years, somebody like Blue themselves or some anyway, the big meals. thanks giving a Christmas our coming up or those nights when you're just him friends over to watch a football game on tv, or day that ends in why, when you happen to be hungry, wrecked tech, we'll be there. Smart, green technology does basically everything for you at an app that you can monitor from your smartphone or device the whole time. The meal is cooking Wreck Tech,
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Why are you touring with Bill O Reilly? That should be the first one When will you announce one way or another What would you do differently this time that much? bring others to the table. We know that we know that the left lies, cheats and steals. We know what they did in the last election. Theyve how they will now have at least two years, possibly for they are intent on bringing new voters in from. Overseas and south of the border. Why would we believe this would be a different outcome. Then too twenty, because,
Adele Heller all interview, then you just go you're doing in a way alone that I'd ask you. What would you and what would you do differently now? Can really get about this? One Do you realize how much better the interview would be if Glenn Backward that Canada, wherever the person conducting an I like, ok a lot fewer years was not enough time to cut the cancer. out last time you concentrated on the Supreme Court and made huge progress, but then the deep state was left in place. What is the first thing in this term you would concentrate on and what makes you think you and get it done in four years. This time. got it. If you run, can you not destroy Rhonda Santas, I have met the Santa sand. Brian
primary, and would he be brutal on the Sanderson, Norman Young and old hat Nicky Hayley, as he was on little Margo, and I think you with building I gotta. Do the country and a good idea building have any sensors to who would be VP on it of potential? Try ministry people Anderson that none of those- climate change is already taking place, is one centre term Scarves South Carolina and Christy know me, governor chopped gotta, the three front runners VP now, but I can change and I just want nor by that interview will run on the eighteenth of October Monday, and works was
you some clips in advance back on what happens, because you ve been so kind to guide me when Billy. I noticed my pants doing an interview on Fox this week. Write them without seem to get a decent amount of publicity is what's the relationship status, yes, Mister, what's a relationship status between trumpet pence right now it all so distant. or your relationship I mean depends calls tromp trampled take the car, but that's not gonna, be involved the misfortune, agents pence runs down, no, no, no they are used and add the grab pass in the sense that the Republican, some of them believe, use a trader. That's unfair instead. Our way way way. How trader to what will you and trotted decertify. The election ok, hang on. I named the rib
publicans that feel that way: no, no, no, no back a lot of them all very angry with him? not going to change the majority, the Republican Party, but in all it. There are segment very, very committed Republicans and committed tromp people who believe the pen sold out. The president goes that's what terms that I have to say, but I have to say that There was no cons, the two tional way, do. I know there is no we want, and what do we pointed out at the time, but you knobs,
If you are really a fanatic and any thing it all kind, I will listen to anybody. You know how, so that nothing glens of fanatical and listen to people or no, never really a fanatic about pillows here certain I ill. I dont know how I would ask him this, but this is a concern of of mine and because he heat he tends to have a very long memory and when you're an enemy, you're, an enemy you can get back in his Look. I know you hang on. Hang on, hang hanging adjustments. How much vengeance will be his if Gets a hindu office I mean, can he
get back to an emotional neutral, the the people he feels. Have you no damage the country's stole the election. Everything else can he let loose change, for example, yeah, so lose chinese Cheney's, RE elected in Wyoming, and I don't think she will be. I think, you'll lose but say she, Israel actors got big money, a lot of money going to help her there would tromp forgive lives, Cheney now. So I'm not worry, I'm not worried about. I'm really not worried about even personal relationships, and you know what I'm worried about, is that he was so angry. I think just fight in many ways very justified in his anger, but
he's he's, got to be able to go in and make sure that he is abiding by the constitution and- and setting out on a vengeance campaign here, but good luck with them Why are gonna drop its personal and an YA I was surprised when drop said he would do the history tour with me. I really was surprised. I didn't think it was going to happen. Because he knows that I don't pull any point. ideas cliche, but I dont Donald Trump I know him as well as any commentator knows him and every Donald Trump, his personal everything. and that is why you lost the election because of you. It is policies, particularly in economics and the military real good job, and then he got vaccine in record time, any
The president would have been elected by a landslide over at doddering guy, like Joe Biden, any any any president that had done that those three accomplishments would have been elected easily. If the media was pounding you every hour on the hour, which is what happened at drop and be Hosty tromp takes everything personally and makes everything about him all right. That set him. Back among people who aren't really pay attention that closely? There basing everything on personality anymore, just like he is but Harrison up that. Nobody, I dont think, is considered because trot takes everything personally, because he takes everything. Firstly, that told him to do a good job. Gino all of his accomplishment, he could say I did it. I d write so He was like a fanatic on the economy on gettin black people jobs.
On shilling up the border is a fanatic got it, never rest it alright pounding the table any bit. It any did it So I said to him. Look you go on you're with me about history, what you did and how you did it a new look? You haven't gotten reporting on that, because they did you so much? They wouldn't know analyze your accomplishments, giving you the opportunity to do that in of huge live crowds and everything's gonna be taped. Okay and its aka be Mama. The table, the media, but you will use it and you can use that he as the useful all the things that are tape. put him over. That's why he's doing. The two shows in Florida Lauderdale in Orlando and the two in Texas used in doubt and back was gonna go.
did adagio, but his wife is ordering him to leave the country. That's Rakkeed C is easy, is stall air, but back where we will have a special feed for back or whatever I I'd like to go to one of up so maybe I'll flight of Florida. For one of gay I mean look, this is a once in a lifetime thing. You, people's he's, gonna, do no no going to ask him very very point is specific. Questions- and you know me just move. I'm gonna get the answers or I'm gonna, say in front of ten thousand people well not Miss dropped as one answer that you know. That's how in. I can be so so. Here's another question then turned to to ask What is your, what is a vision to take us to the next level. what we care and rolled nowhere, but we can't, he can, live on the
I was screwed out of the election. I mean he's gotta shut that down and I now move on what he you a wound down, but I think if he does repression and again he wants to talk me but in all its got a line up, it's got a line up. A lot of things involve at that and he doesn't want to spend his own money. Go our money now and his pack Megan. Do it, but based Lee he has to come to the realisation that relegating in the two thousand twenty election will hurt him. Yeah will ok Will he has not come to that realisation? Yet he needs Joe Focus if he's gonna run, he needs to focus on. this new, normal, isn't normal. I on bringing back to when we had fully parliament,
when we had a grand economies gotta keep it on his accomplice. Yes, yes, not personal, beat, yes, okay! So, but look you I can do that and we can analyze it from that point of view, and certainly one eyed with a man on the history. To worry me, there's gonna be a lot of discussions backstage and all that I'm going to, exactly what you said. But can you yes upon himself to look ahead and say this is how we want to solve this problem this. What we're gonna do I dont know: He has to do that because of its of its ay. I was wrong in this time. We're gonna win. won't sell. With I mean it will be a repeat of twenty twenty, it will Elegancy Gary Clothing they'll steal it. We already have proof of that, because when he went to Georgia, yep campaign for the two redoubling insanity? May I speak all about him and out of your your hosting the two
public senators locks up. So the folks in independence always always decide elections, but I'm telling you this. If he can latch on to that crime. Go race theory, any anger parents if he can make that a focal point in his presentation, these rhyme, your exact, I believe, Actually I tat they asked me a question about ask him a question about merit: Garland and the FBI investing investigating these boys Homeric. Ireland was now you know. I know, Obama want I'm Supreme Court Uno Aright bill. Thank you, so much bill orally from bill o dot com, we'll talk to again next week bill. Thank you die Nigeria me I'm sure he lives in Michigan, and now I'm sorry Angie. wrote in.
She wrote into the show last week about our experience with american financing. She said ass. She called them after hearing we talk about on the radio thanks for listening and she said, like a lot of people, I spent ten minutes on the phone I gave my call She said I wasn't convinced it would go as smoothly as Glenn back said. It would, but it did Angie, refinance Honour mortgage and it was done in thirty days. She got a grip, interest rate. She said she had a wonderful experience over all She said I never get tired of hearing from people who ve let american financing the things that they did for me and feel the same way. I would they ve done for me what they ve done. First, do what they ve done for my brother robber, what they ve done for so many people say. Didn't you use them at one point yeah I mean we are
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there have been one yet I'm just yesterday I was trying to think of of I was getting. I got my car repaired at one point and I was her think was apple. When was that what year was that? And then I remembered oh yeah, had to wear a mask into the dealership, so had to be two thousand twenty: not to doesn't nineteen and its marking my calendar. Basically, at this point, my memories are being sorted behave like what, dumb restrictions. We had two partaken at any given moment where we were think we thought are defining moment would be for our duration would be nine eleven eleven now and I This one seems especially with the ramifications coming after this. I think this is an idea you're talking about being just the health costs of this we're not no, the health costs the cost on kids, education, the costs on the economy for another decade, business thither, Emmy reports written about this for them ten years ago, we are truly living. History leaving economic history if even
This pulls out this the first time its ever worked gay leaving each economic history where living constitutional history either the end of the republic or them that our massive save right to the edge were live revolutionary history we're living medical history. I mean everything that is going on, but we're living technological history that the change in our society on all fronts, the way Business is being done, The way small businesses have been done. The
the way, capitalism. All of these things are giant moments in history, and all we can do is be thankful that we have such an astute person at the helm, J lied and his legs brand bragging. That's got your let's go Brandon Tee shirts, now shop, DOT, Belize, mediated dot, com
I want you to think back on all of the things that have been a crisis in the last couple of years: constitutional prices with the impeachment president impeached two times the corruption involved in all of that the election, which was absolutely corrupt. The now spiralling costs cars in gas and refrigerators in your home and lumber food. They give the inflation just on meat that you're now you're paying a hundred and seventy five dollars more than you did last year, just on inflation and stagflation, even worse, might be in our future and worse than the nineteen seventies. Many arrogance, don't even want to work any more. The american government is
it now seems to have the back of the Mr Potter's of the world and is set against even the
de as of the little guy at the Bailey Savings and loan its anarchy on our border. Another possible. Ninety thousand Haitians are coming. Our way confirmed. Sixty thousand are coming our way: Afghanistan, not just anarchy. It was a marker to our allies and our enemies that America's no longer to be counted on, and a marker in all of us that this is dishonor. We leave dishonored ourselves, tribalism that is happening, the unelected bureaucrats that now seem to be running our country without anyone being able to stop them. Seemingly the FBI now investigating parents who say it, I want you to teach critical race theory. I don't want any of this in our school. You now are a terrorist and the FBI is being weapon eyes. The IRS is being a weapon eyes. The constitution is being thrown out the window, while it's kind of hard. It's kind of hard to imagine that the american citizen is going to survive. Victor Davis Hansen is with us. He is the author of the dying citizen, how progressive elites tribalism globalization are destroying the idea of America. Does the american idea in the american citizen survive? We talked a Victor Davis Hansen in sixty seconds programme
You know you didn't tell quality work when you see it buying and selling houses for example. What does it take to become a real estate agent? These days you pass, it testing slept credentials on Sonya you're good to go whether your heart or your head, is really in it. I'm gonna. Do this part time. Well, okay, I want a part time person working out, you imagine going to a investor. Somebody at o a broker in saying yeah. I'm gonna give you my fora. One k in all my life savings is like ok, why you get me on Tuesdays and Thursdays me no working at the restaurant, the rest of the week now I don't think so. Here's what you need. but he was really dedicated to somebody who listens to you. Somebody who knows the best practices and somebody with a great track record realist
Agents, I trust dot com. This is, I want you to call them. I want you to take my word for it. I want you to interview the real estate agents that they will pass on to you. you do your own homework, these we have done our homework on these people. We believe in these people see, if you do if you do higher one of em, it's a free service to you, but get the best really did agent. You can find real estate agents. I trust dot com, pre service, real estate agents. I trust dot com Victor Davis, Hansen senior Fellow Hoover Institution North or of the dying citizen. Victor how're, you, Sir very good, glum things for me. I don't know if I'm looking forward to this interview or not because you need you nail the problem, you nail the problem well scalded, it's called a dying. Not quite I didn't use the title dead, citizen,
That is its it's on a date on its last legs. It seems in its in intensive care, and I'm I'm wondering what we have to do to be bull to save it, you know you have we had this conversation. I was writing a book in the last two years so the trumpet and I was worried but and we This conversation, then we would have said for all of the law suits and subterfuge. The border is finally becoming let's say bye. I don't know August two thousand twenty secure. had gone back to the idea that you're gonna come in the United States. You had to do so legally in May. Your fashion and preferably with a diverse immigration policy globally, and I think we also, I think you would agree that
for all we and I have been very critical. I know you have two of its spending. Our control by don't prompts administration, but we still Had low inflation and low interest loans point and we didn't know people Jane, Homer, we didn't help. port of railway backed up beyond the horizon, and you could. Abroad, that the Abrams a court in turn new chapter of the Eu S. Foreign policy have gradually starting to get out of Afghanistan. People had come to a consensus that now, with the energy and self sufficiency, were sufficient and energy. We don't have to have these optional wars in the Middle EAST that no pan out and the blood and treasure for interest, much less the people who fight them. So we were on a trajectory that I think was. You could older, remediation or weak, not a complete anecdote, but we were making some progress and then We had this walk revolution we had covered. We had the economic
Terry. We session we had the George worried riots. We have this hundred and two million absentee ballot election, and it is about atomic face them This was happening and I was I thought you know nobody wants to read about these abstract, historical and cultural and social. reasons why we lose citizenship. But then you see it's like here. Your writing about there. It is yeah it, sir. It's really it's real truly terrifying. How well orchestrated this has been. I mean this is it's brilliant in the architecture of bringing us down to her knees. I think so I think in the sixties. the protesters through rocks at the Pentagon, or you know that through pain on corporate logo weapon at a corporate headquarters or they went in storm, the dean's offers, but now those people they are, the dean you either
operate correctly, are the general generals and the Pentagon Cerveza turnabout top down revolution, skits its Phyllis quarters the b, Oh I'm co, founder marxist on her forehead, candy charges? Twenty twenty thousand dollars for an hour. information on zoom per corporate person. Scope is emerging strange revolutionists its among the elite taken these organic food who's that have been going on weakening the middle class, weakening the purchasing power, the middle class destroying our borders fusing residency with citizens and then we re tribal eyes you so we identify bar race or ethnic rather than our common American. I didn't they, but that was that was in Howard by these elites and want to change accounts to they grew the administrative state they unleash people. Might you know jack
General Miley James call me Jane Clapper, drawn Brendan Eric lines with Peter struck, and then we ve got these people who all the sudden. I don't know what happened, but a hundred and eighty year filibuster, no good. Fifty state union sixty years, no good fifty year, tradition of nine justice system, a Supreme court, no good, two hundred and thirty three years of electoral college, no good turn thirty two years of the states have primary responsibility in national elections, no good and that's a beginning, their their questioning. And today, in L, a time, somebody's question. Why- and I mention that in the book, actually why we need to senators why not make them proportionally represented? Why should we owe me, nor I don't have anything- Evans, Red, the federalists papers. All of the answers are in that good heavens so where do we even begin? I mean the the the average citizen is being taught a lesson there
taught a lesson, get the vaccine and like it and you dare say anything about it or lose your job. There is no law. There is no Biden mandate nothing's been written down on. This is just people him suggesting it, and everybody going dollars a mandate. Is there beet and it's not even based on the science Glen I mean to know. If you have had covid, we were told you that we were told that was an inadequate prophylaxis. Now we're told natural acquired immunity is superior to vaccinations, but you still to be vaccinated. Who got these people the military and hospitals, some of whom? A lot of one hundred million people had called it may happen. Community than vaccinated people. The court Nobody. You have to have both, but maybe people like me they got vaccinated but didn't get. Call should now go out. According to that logic, and get real immunity by getting right amended since its incoherent and it's scary, because
we're losing losing our minds. All the sudden were were tribal firing. People use your way. You dont want to use, raises a criteria to punch sure reward students are were shutting down small businesses, but Amazon and Walmart and target just exempt in people in jail for violence. Came, but a thousand healthcare professionals swear. then it's better for the mental health donation, that the olympic protesters be exempted from quarantine law does its face. articles. What I'm saying we really saw out with I may not centre Cinema in the bathroom incident were of yours chased by those under and then on an airplane Our wine Chuck Sumer yelled at the Supreme Court in said we're gonna, make you pay gorse, each in front of a mob, whether they rush plague and and compare all about to what they do to other cities.
and saw a symmetrical and It's a weapon. Zation I'll, be up the idea that the Eu S military top wrath de the F b I very happy little police- I mean it's just just as an end in their sending the message, sit down, shut up, do as your told or will destroy you and It's really critical, in my opinion that the that we understand their only doing that because they know you, can be really really effective. If all of us, start to stand up and go. I don't care about your mandate, I don't care I don't care, if you try to destroy me, I don't care I believe these things are self evident life, liberty, pursuit of happiness and those aren't. They only rights and I believe in the bill of rights and I believe in the constitution and don't believe that, just because your white, you have to pay for, something that a bunch of white people you're not even related to did.
fifty years ago? stand afforded allure I know, and you can always see indications about Glenn I mean suddenly the Tonia WAR, the Grammy award, the asker. They just disappeared from the popular american mine. Nobody cares anymore, those used to be national events to watch the Oscars gather years ago. Nobody want nobody watches the NBA they always that exist is Gaza by one point, four billion dollar chinese, more a person, chinese market, and they endure. and the money that flows in, and I think people are kind pretty door monastery, they're mine there they're turning out What news on network programming are the latest going to the theatre in the sea? The latest Hollywood movie answered starting to starting to resist- and I think that's that's very scary- and I think the military when we
your general millions or we're going after white rage and white supremacy, but they dont produce any data that support those really amatory accusations, and then I saw I when I heard diver. Ok, General Austin says you once proposed: no representation in the military and or Owls Milly said we're. Gonna go after all, these suppose him, young white people, we were promised supremacy. Let me look at the dead. The fatality statistics enough. Stand and Iraq, and if you look at them and theirs, Seventy five percent white males, not women, not minorities, white males who have died two wars, I'm thinkin according to their own logic than they. Say what we have to pull him out combat because they died disproportionately according to them percentages, another kind of country we want, but that's what does the trajectory that they're taking us to an I think a lot of people doing the sick of it. It's just a question. I think there's gonna be a big push back.
met terms. I hope I see these hispanic you know where I live in a sample, simple valley- that I think much. Can american males voted? Fifty percent to recall cabin knew some forty three percent of the pot is bank population enemies, these border communities, were republican or conservative city Someone and mayors are being elected. So if something happened, I think good too the things I mentioned. The apple argues that the Republican Party storing the shared the caricature than it so well. Be golfers white, Starkey on Europe! sort of emit, Rob Mitt, Romney parties, more populous nationals, Middle Class party excel. First of all, it does, except for you know the Mitch Mc Connell's of the party that still seem completely out of touch with the american people, and I wanted to talk to
by that, and also some of your solutions. Victor Davis Hansen senior fellow who were institution. The name of the book is the dying citizen. How progressive leads tribalism. Globalization are destroying the idea of America back with him in sixty seconds financing. Annabel us one. Eight do through three: four W W w dot animal less consumer access, not order federal Reserve as decided the benchmark interest rates they been holding them at near zero. They ve indicated that rate hikes are gonna come up soon. Some of the banks are already raising their rates. You know why not weakened talking about this for a while. Now and borrowing costs are still at near historic levels. I'm. Sure how long it's gotta before interest rates go up and even knew it. They do that's gonna destabilize things It's gonna be harder and harder to get alone, and I just we're headed towards disaster. Please
get your financial house in order now call em. Can financing at eight hundred nine zero, six, twenty four forty or go to american financing dot net get a reef eye on your mortgage or consolidation loan, but get something rock Solid Rock now, with american financing. Eight hundred nine zero, six, twenty four forty american financing dot net; ten. Second, station idea Victor Davis. Ensign makes sense to you it's because he still a farmer- and think there is something about farmers and people that Thomas Jefferson at this when peace have their hands in the soil, dead, they're, just something about them- that
It's them into logic, end and common sense, so Let me let me ask you about what happened yesterday with a GEO p, because I have to tell you I don't. I don't see the GEO p rallying around our bill of rights or our constitution, and I see them seemingly just sitting on their hands and then last night eleven of them decide either going to raise the debt ceiling Thoughts on that one, yeah, I think, we're in a period of transition, but we ve got enough. Five leadership, especially in the Senate, but what me. Some hope is that I don't. national. Maybe you do because Maybe too naive, but I don't see a national
campaign run on the principles of the all republican Party? Enough start, what I mean is nobody's going to say any more as George Bush did that illegal immigration is an act of love and nobody, at the more than you can to China and bring it into the global community and overlook achieving them and copyright infringement more they're, going to route we paid at MEG many with reciprocal magnum, and I don't think anybody believes Eddie, I just don't. Anybody believed you can write off the industrial Heartland of American say well, a jobs laugh because these guys are all had these cleaners and Gregson deplorable. I don't think that's gonna be, and that was pretty much. I think it was John came up with the subject of young came and Mitt Romney, I voted for them, but I did a very ultimately out, while the other always
people that I never thought I anything in common with, but so I think there's been a chain there, the least rhetorically that people in the snow, campaign will more one on the train the agenda. Now they make tweak it or not be sincere about but I dont think anybody seen we gotta get back to the principles of Mitch Mcconnell and no one. Maybe he did some good things would be outsmarted his rivals on judicial appointments, but I dont think that he is he in what he represents is what most people aspire to now. It's just a kid You know how much damage you do in a realistic, pragmatic, short term. Chance by getting rid of em versus who's gonna report and then the inner fraction probably why the Democrats were imploding. I think a lot of people who say well don't come a time permits. to step down, but right now we want to have a big fight when these people, our socialist and they want to
story us and they seem to be destroying a country in themselves and the problem is we ve been down this road with a Republicans before? I know they say a good game? Well, we gotta take care of this first. They dont ever mean it ever Mina not lay down. That's why I'm not a republican Register republican price. For that reason- and I was I was shocked, though, that they really do do certain things under tromp, but I didn't think they would do. I didn't think they would. Actually. Bill that rickety wall and start to rebuild some new air out build some new areas. I never thought they do that, was all gonna, be rhetoric, and I never thought that then we would go into Anwar are saying we want moral and bright federal land lighted for deregulate be right, never thought that I know well. That was really. I don't think that was republics. I think that was startled trumps most of it.
Davis, hands and thank you so much for being a part of the programme today, thanks for everything that you do, the young, the author of the book, the dying citizen believe it came out just this week, the dying citizen, how progressive elites, tribalism and globalization are destroying the idea of America common sense and you need to pick the Volga pursues programme. right. So I told you yesterday and I am not making this up. Eight trillion dollar platinum coin. is being debated now by some of the top economic mines in the country and Congress get the foot treasury to print are too coin. One coin market a trillion dollars put it in the Federal Reserve and say print off of that its insanity,
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there's only one that was, I think, was bad. We don't even we know that movie shall not be named that particular one in the Daniel Craig Series right now that it's interesting because they had Billy Irish sang the song for no time to die. He came out to earth. yet we had the sun came out of in February of twenty twenty here. So the videos you that they really isn't song a couple weeks before the movie and we d never came out right by came out what was to come out in, I think, with marked April of twenty twenty and has been delayed, several times there and each time a cot get kicked back. I went this movie better, damn well be worth. It me out. Come in its socked sucked it sucked. Let me tell you, I believe it was worth the weight. I dont want I don't wanna high bed, I want you to just go in and go and that's a pretty good James Bond movie. just go in with that attitude.
Let's get. I heard it's pretty good one whose pretty given cause. You don't oversell, that's a classical at back thing to do. He tells you it's the greatest movie of all time and you go in there and as a growing when you're totally disappointed by that yeah. It's not the greatest movie of all time. I I happen to think that it is it's my favorite of the series Of the entire James Bond universe, none at all, of the of the Danube, Craig SIRI Smoker and yeah they, the Daniel Craig, are my favorite James Bonds, okay, so to be clear, This is a typical glad, he's that saying it's the best movie or not- and I say you're gonna find out why seventy five James Bond movies and been rising, except for the second Daniel Craig, which fits right by what was that guy's name that did one James Bond movie.
Timothy dolls in gay hid. It was now he was to be Timothy Dalton. That movie is slow Lee better than the second Daniel Gregg Movie area was it that was it. I was horrible, it was horrible, but all in all. I love the story arc. I love the fact that their all tied together I realize that until I think we got two Spectre sky fallen, I'm like hey that relates back to them first I mean I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Sometimes and in so I love the story line and I love what they I just. Of the way they rapid up, you'll like it, I like it. So What was I to get our bond? The history, correct of all George Lassen be, was the one with the one movie
Timothy told me to help you hated living daylight and licence to kill. While I ever saw licence to kill that it won, T ask peers browsing for four year and then Daniel Craig now has five the second one which you are giving our tough time toodles. It would Quantum of solid, like us of said Finally, I say I wanted the journalistic say that three times and its suddenly on Netflix in your watching Maria, yes, don't do it, don't do it because all of your devices are listening to you. Gotta go you're gonna, throw you want, we ve decided, you want to see quantum of solace, oh, and I can't believe I'm looking at now the list of all of the bond movies and the lowest reviews they give to any movie in the entire series is a view. Would kill with Roger more, which is
are the greatest of all time, and we clearly now really was some of it doesn't hold up. I'd. Look at what ok ok play things they used planes in that they still fly play yes. Now. Let me give you a part of this that does hold up yeah. Maybe tat was was a prophecy in some way. These The villain in the movie is MAC Zoran. And MAX, or it is very strange person who seems to be somewhat of a result of an experiment from Nazi Germany, but he that for a second ok, he has a plot as all bond villains do do terrible things in the world. His plot was to take explosives and put them under the earth in a very large amount, an ex blow them up, which would cause a massive earthquake that
Berry Silicon Valley, underwater or it would essentially turn Silicon Valley to a lake. Why did we stop him MAX Zoran for president? I ride your more. That's would blame this on Roger, more we wouldn't have have faced. Man could have it as a group. We would have got rid of any of these things. Larger labour laws or start ass what's the villain in there and we will realise MAC sort us they era about their lives supporting that term review of of you to kill with wood It is a classic bond film, however, it son Roger more he'll be. But I like it was my James bond. When I was a kid gay and and mine is well yeah that was actually is last one was a veto, kills nineteen eighty five here so I mean I loved Roger more at the tie, it
Doesn't really age well use about eighty four when he made the agenda as an age while he's now fast in the movie. I do remember him in chase scenes. Its energy could caught him that much polyester and leisure suits. I mean it's just that that whole decade, you know, was bad re read to remember: ok, bye on film bad on wreckers, seven anxieties, seventy bad bad! We should all forget that era take now right. Things have improved in many ways, although I don't know are you Are you? Are you coming to? Are you coming to the mercury one thing tomorrow? I would love to cover you inviting me. I would love to company Thank you for that invite I pronounced. We want all photo sold out. If you'd lights tickets, you can still
Get tickets just go to mercury, one dot, Org mercury, one dot, Org If your name is, do we have? We are full up on stews, now you too many name quota. Yeah, unfortunately, it's a toy music is not maintained. Its the toilet music, for I see several shows at this particular must not have been so many stews there when you went ok. I just get me great event, though, and its two tomorrow to Morrow, and Why, then introduce you to the real hero? The actual real hero. When I let you ve decided the real hero he can come and I cannot be therein new couldn't introduce me and exactly what will happen? I will introduce you and the real hair all will be there and I'll introduce him. but anyway, he ease the real guy who made every it deserves all the accolades for happen in Afghanistan and we're gonna give you in a profound update on that tomorrow.
I am also going to be explaining step one on how we What we have to do to save our country, so the power of one tomorrow. Ok, I have get this off my desk. It's been on my desk all week. I saw this correction and I thought I just have to share this, because you know people say that the meat The media just its things. Wrong and I want you to know that the daily camera witches the boulder Colorado Paper of record, it has had to retract and article, and they they wanted to post some corrections in the article everybody ex must stay. Everybody makes besetting that's how you'd make a linear journalist. You make a mistake. He post correction, okay, so there was a story that they posted on nine eleven of this here and there
things that they just needed to correct in the story, and I just I just want to give it first quotations. They interviewed a bunch of people for this and one of the people ed. You gotta make some corrections here one that he's, that he was this ass, it that he suspended a phone call with colleagues on September, eleventh two thousand one- that monitored Whitehouse orders during the crisis and that he escaped from the Pentagon. me personally witnessed rescues. There You just said. I d I didn't. I didn't I didn't say those things. Ok, but they may be, they got mixed up her or whatever Malea. Yes, I just wanted to congratulate Owen and also that they said that he participated in a video conference with colleagues that were working in the Pentagon, some of whom he learned here that evening were killed in the attack he just,
something like a lorry, but that part in here that part didn't happen. Nobody who is on the phone call with we're. Ok, I mean look, you know, sometimes their mistakes made when you're writing. It also also that he said that the phone calls he made immediately after the plane struck the World Trade Center tower that didn't happen and inaccurate statement wrongly attributed to him. Regarding President George W Bush is addressed to the nation that morning they got that when they got that What would you mention them? They interviewed several people. What maybe they they attributed some stories from other people too. go out there now well. First, let me just rap him up the story, also a tribute to him numerous, wherever references to exact times She said I didn't bring those up the rapporteur, so so that Oh and is current vocation. He e lobbies, Colorado's congressional delegation
and he's not a university speaker so Well, I mean like the details of his job and I that germane yeah right sure at ever. That's your mistake that you're mistaken been good for the daily camera to admit than it does seem, I would say extensive, but at least they came out riding in the other person that they interviewed said she the statement from authorities that they couldn't contact you airlines, flight one. Seventy five was not true. The United Airlines had down communications and she suspected hijacking. She said. I never said that regarding the monitoring of real time live in flight information, not true state. that she was terrified to go back to the skies. She said, no, that her love of being airborne died that day not drew stating that she and survivors guilt and her emotional reaction upon realizing that something profoundly bad. It just happened, and I would never see my friends again not
not ok, not true, pray. Look, this happens again, usually not usually at this scale We now- maybe somebody had about also also also that she said her to closest friends- were on Board United Flight one. Seventy five and had flown with them at least a hundred times hundred tat. She said I knew the to flight attendants and we had flown together, but not the other and then the the third. person that they interviewed. They got a couple of things wrong there, another yet John Maynard said. I never said that I left for work. Listening to reports of the events on my car radio. I didn't know that it would I'd soon be. acting through debris, to help with identification by didn't say that I didn't know if my daughter was dead or alive by the way. identified his daughter and they gave them name for her
He said I never identified flight one. Seventy five as my daughter's typical flight, I it's called a report in New York City- is a mental health specialists with the FBI. I now were tied. The events of nine eleven to anger and I never said anything about the veterans of the Afghan will. Not work I watched it, I'm not an FBI employee. I watched the events on television oh and him, saying that he found peace twenty years later, in saying that the afghan veterans should talk about, their experiences should was not was was was was not true was not true so they re. So at least I mean look I'm tired of interviews with King Anko and everything they say is false, but that can have they also acknowledge. The camera also acknowledges that there are a few other things,
line, labeling subjects as story survivors of dine eleven. None of my president president, indeed attack location. They say they got into their via the date rather well. Yes, it's hell, that's true. They got wrong the apparently the location of the Pentagon, timing of some of the elements on nine eleven that the work arrangements of one of the inner views. This woman was not scheduled to work on nine eleven heads, which schedules with another flight attendant the year that one of the people they talk to graduated from bolder high school right. The trip to New York was on a commercial flight, not especial flight. For the FBI, the person's trip back to bolder was not in a caravan with other flight attendants where one of the people worked. That area that day when the last thing that the daily camera wants you to know about this article is.
this list does not necessarily constitute rehire. Men are raising. I must know where this that I had to go and what is it? What do you suppose that, but don't worry, the press has got it together. Our patriot mobile taken stand for what you believe in is hard, taking a stand against things you don't believe in can be even harder. I tell you a lot of the big mobile carriers today. Support leftist causes, you don't wanna, be doing business with them. Just gist, which you're going to save a lot of money. If you switch to Patriot Mobile a lot of money, there on the same cell towers. Is the big companies you're gonna, get the same great service. The same coverage, you're fondling money into planned parenthood by working with them and you about half the price paid
mobile dot com. Slash back. We have to stand together in seven to patriot. Nine seven to Patriot, get free activation of the Africa back. They have special discounts for veterans and first responders, Patriot, mobile dot com, slash back nine, seven to Patriot Programme, a low when welcome to the programme there is a retraction from the New York Times today that we we wanna? We want to pass on poor. You know there is an article, they rode and it miss state of the number of covert hospitalizations among the EU s children. They favour the real numbers sixty three thousand, but they they accidentally. They Briac certainly had a different number. There. Nine hundred thousand dyed her wealth,
I think it is a matter of just sometimes you put it extra zero or leave as euro off and six masonries nine brought cells. Comes you just replace the nine with the three and six it around and get some disease programme?
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