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Time to Reopen | Guests: Rep. Trey Hollingsworth & Bill O’Reilly | 4/17/20

2020-04-17 | 🔗

Mercury One has received so many generous gifts for Detroit after just one day! Rep. Trey Hollingsworth joins after angering leftists by saying that we must get back to work. Bill O’Reilly brings his biggest stories of the week: dictator-governors, reopening the economy, and the northeast’s plan to “Trump-proof” it. The media still slams hydroxychloroquine, but Dr. Robin Armstrong describes its great results with his patients. In today’s coronavirus update, China revises Wuhan’s death rate UP, the White House releases reopening guidelines, and wholesale gas prices are WAY down! Nancy Pelosi’s freezer reeks of elitism, while Joe Biden’s mental state just reeks. And do you trust Dr. Fauci? One “Dr. Shiva” may provide some balance.

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it is so simple, and this this thing is built like a tank rectify rills are easy t see grills within ass, dotcom wreck tech, grills dotcom check him out too now what? Oh here all we got, the gospel cooperate back all years. This one we're gonna, lift up, This one sincerely praise the Lord. What a great audience this audience is. What giving group of people you are, yesterday. Yesterday I had the state wrap wherever the woman who was from Detroit
she had all kinds of problems in her family with corona virus couldn't get into a hospital. Right is just in full fledged melt down and She goes in to the hospital. Is she nice here she's a Democrat, she happens to hear Donald Trump talk about Maxie Chloric when so She asked the doktor. If can get it it's a nightmare because she's in Michigan with that governor, and and she finally gets the Hydroxyl work when clerk when it cures, she credits, Donald Trump Well but he's doing that she's been rate over the coals, she's, not real popular with the Democrats right now, but she and care she's like one. Indeed saying. Thank you become political.
So she goes and she's on our programme and she talks about how bad things are in Detroit. Then he flies out to meet with President the present in vice president meet whether she was on yesterday, and she just told this amazing story about how everything happened at the White House. She is I've known, heard somebody Politician, she's, not a politician, but I've never heard a politician that so deep really cared about her community. Listen to what happened yesterday on the show. I want you to know that after we spoke on Monday, I reached out to my charity mercury one and I said we have got to help the people of Detroit, and so we will. We will work with your office. If you will take a call from my charity, we will work with your office. I don't if we have to truckloads know send truckloads of food up to you or, if you p S or whatever you need, we we help
help you. This audience is one of the greatest groups of people ever I got up up up up up up up We're all in this together, Karen Glare, from the people. I don't get it right. I thank you. Very much. You tell us what we need to do and we will do it and if you need people that are there, I can guarantee that we can send volunteers up there that deliver whatever needs to be delivered, you tell us what you need and we will do it as a community. I mean I made
for my part, am I for my mother and my father that our home, with a kiss, the discharge, fiscal that have fallen through the cracks, Adele Fall and the Detroit Public schools, though so they have? No Ipad they with no means of China do their homework and they are trying to do it on a single bone. Down, have even told there would be a bit Even the cheapest Molly thought there would be a benefit. China get clean, The plans for a jails and for our prisons in passing kid I mean What Mark Campbell that I was with yesterday partnering up with him because he does have the test thing. You can do the task if we can get more testing
kids, it we can pass. We can give the monitors if we can help the way county share, that we can help our Detroit Bullies Alphabet, our first responders. We had over sixteen hundred narrative walked out and their walk out of hand, and more than one half or even by gray path. Biddle I mean I haven't. I have a line. He live well. Now what on earth is the line blind. She is right, workable and anybody who is listening to that interview, that challenge you to have not tiered up yesterday? It was me pal in tears. I was in tears. It because she was so passionate beforehand. She was
talking about we're talking about people in Detroit without stoves they dont have stoves, let alone internet and those with internet there they're. Not they don't have you no computers and everything else they just that. This is the worst of the worst of Detroit Forest. Poverty, girls, you know they don't have Christy there They don't have a way to go pick up the food, so I put plea out yesterday and I called Mercury One and Your response has been remarkable as of last night, in in ten and twenty five dollar increments. You have sent in a quarter of a million dollars.
One hundred percent of that money will go to Detroit now, one hundred percent of anything that use it. Could you can air market corona virus anywhere? You they Corona Virus Detroit and that, they will go to help Detroit one hundred per cent of that money. So let me tell you what we have done so far now, within the sound of my voice, there is a truck driver who is listening to us will at least I hope he is listening to us. He is in a semi truck with one hundred and seventy thousand meals that are on the way to the good people of Detroit we have included, water. We could we find yesterday. Thirty toaster ovens. I dont know why. But we have thirty toaster ovens going up, we have sanitize are going up and we are planning on sending much more next week. We are hope descend, p p ease, but we can't find them yet,
we have her list of things that they need and meals were, were one of the big ones and so we got that onto a truck right away and is on its way to Detroit right now. I can't Thank you enough this. Audience never ever Let any one down! I've never done this. For over forty years, Pat you been with me for what thirty of them I have now ever seen an audience like this one. Ever it will anyone audience anyone's audience. And I can't thank you enough. Oh times are tight, but we have. We have the meal trucks going several places. Now we are trying to deliver food were we're helping the volunteers we ve got
partners all over the country that are in dire need, and you have not let us down for them down. Thank you so much one of the other things that we are doing unrelated to Dallas. Sorry to Detroit. Is we are Ah, working with abuse shelters, because the abuse economy give you this from the U n the, U N or a warrants corona virus. Locked downs could kill hundreds of thousands of children hundred thousands of children this year could die because of the global economic downturn brought on the corona virus pandemic and tens of millions could fall into extreme poverty, extreme hardship is now being experienced by families as a result of the global economic downturn. Now
That is, for those deaths are for several reasons, but people are not talking about the economic consequences of abuse when you can you imagine your trapped in your home fully you're in a good place, but could even imagine being trapped at home with a child abuse. Or can you and being trapped at home as a wife or a spouse, oven abuser. And their there all the time I know how edgy I've got, nor my wife has gotten you know just because the house is just you know, It's hard to be together or all of the time and not go anywhere, imagine what Like in those alcoholic homes or those of of homes. So we are really really trying to focus and will have more details on those things, but you can also
help us with abuse? We We are in this together and we have to start thinking that way, if he is listened to yesterday, show with Harry Dent. How'd you sleep last night that after the hat yeah that was chilling it was chilling, He is a an economic forecaster and he's the guy who we had on about four months ago, and he predicted that in I the United States in the world would go into a global depression. Pretty amazing, didn't know about krona virus, just said this is you know, because of all of the bank bailouts, that they were doing that we told you about in the fall. Told you this is a very, very unhealthy.
Something's going on. He predicted that it would come apart in in March and LO and behold because of corona virus. It and we are facing a very long recovery. He makes you sound like marries Hopkins so. Where are you looking for theirs? There's no spoonful of sugar with there so we're all gonna die. Gotta die so anyway. Thank you so much for helping us out with Mercury one. Our job has just begun. Please. Become a monthly member of Mercury one it is. It is one better things you can do and if its not this charity pick another one doesn't matter, I don't care just wants you to find. You know some. They told me I'd a bishop once and he was here at one point: the head of Goldman Sachs and he said I said I d
dont know how to be charitable purposes. Early on in my career- and I said I don't know how I ve- I didn't grow up in a House- with money and we didn't ties or anything else. I said I dont know how to be charitable. You know I want to be really responsible and he said well No. This is very Wall Street of me, but I look at charity as an investment in people, so you have to decide what is what the cause that you care about and remember. You should care about the entire human condition and he said, then you look for those charities that delivered the biggest bang for the buck. So look at how much of that money is actually going to the person you are trying to help and that's why we started mercury, one where we do fund razors to pay for all of the offices and everything else. We do fun razors every year and
and you know we do a big dinner and everything else and that pays everybody salary when you donate and you earmark your money for colonel Virus or Detroit, one hundred percent, One hundred percent goes to that cause. So please, join us now mercury, one dot org there are lots of things to be done and you can help just become a monthly donor. Ten bucks a month makes all the difference in the world. All right. We ve got to talk a little bit more about face book. We are, we also have tray hollings worth on. He is a congressmen who is in a lot of trouble now because he did to say that we should look at the economy and the acts on the economy and what that's going to do to us. Of course, You cannot say that, even though that's exactly what the? U N, is now saying you say that God forbid he's on O Reilly is on and so much more all on today,
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I don't know about you, but I am all a tingle, because today on the Friday Exclusive only for blaze subscribers today, a very special show: Billy Chris, I hear is joining us, I'm I don't have that confirmed. But it's I here we are really close to getting Billy Crystal. To do a little opening number for us today we announce the nominees for the coveted career. A dictator award, the Chairman MAO Corona Dictator Award. We are,
so very excited fact. We have, let me just give a little sneak peak here. It's boy we are really. I mean we are all just so ready to go. I'm gonna be putting on my tux today to be able to announce all of these things tonight on the Friday exclusive we are. We are looking at the best arrest by an assemble and that's gonna. Be balance a hard. What I mean you know one of the nominees while I can announce that. But let's just say I mean there's been take downs by police on buses.
There are then take down of a dad just throw in a ball in in Colorado. There's some great things also best achievement in mayoral power tripping. That one is that one was hard to narrow that down best use of police resources, best use of or well in technology, also best achievement in criminal. Take down for the state Vasco material beat downs which are so that mean that was all these words are gonna, be announced next week and that the winner will get the Chairman MAO Statue, which is he coveted highly coveted by the way we work for these statues on line. Does anybody else find it ironic that you can buy a chairman MAO statue for fifteen hundred dollars? What teeny tiny, this fifth
fifteen hundred dollars, not this one August. One are now this when I do this one I picked up in San Francisco for like twenty bucks, I fifteen hundred dollars, I mean that's like CHE. You know I mean He'S- his image, make so much money for somebody yeah anybody, and when get a around the any is he's a communist little love pay. Well, image on a declaration on a White House Christmas tree at one point, so I did indeed- and I you know- I have so disappointed to see that thou trumped in pull that that DEC We should now I now and use it, but God race it. That's all it is its react. That's all it! His lonely is racism. Yet
Are we ve got a? We got a big show for you're coming up, but we have to tell you a little bit more about Facebook and what they are doing now, and this is something really really really dangerous, really dangerous. Also I have the history of high dropsical Hydroxyl Chloric win Oxy Chloric win everybody's, treating them like it's a brand new drug. When you know they history of this drug, it's good a blow your mind blow your mind, we'll do that? Also we have a congressmen hollings worth with its next programme: American Fun, in writing. One eight do three: three: four W W w dot animal, less consumer access, dot, Org this unit really piss you off. Do you know that the interest rates have already gone up a few last week. If you applied for alone, it was like two point: eight percent- something like that now it's in the three again
they're getting all their money for free at these banks all because the did Man is up Ah, so can gouge us, oh Ok,. I just learn this from somebody who has been trying to get alone, finally got one from american financing and he said why a wire world these banks coming back with with higher interest rates and they told him I mean it's just enough to make your eyes plead anyway. American financing is going to find the best rate and gonna help You re fi or finnish mortgage. Whatever you it is. You need to do american financing. These guys are on your side. They are not part of the big banks, a man reckon financing dot net call them now. You need alone, call them eight hundred nine zero, six. Twenty four forty american financing dot net
always arguing with socialist, save yourself some time arm yourself with facts and just get them. Glints new book argue we Socialists right now this deadline by programme ah good prepare yourself, because I hate monger is about to grace us with his presence this guy- oh my gosh, he actually wants to see. All Americans have the opportunity to succeed and direct the future of their families, free from government interference that yeah yeah yeah
is committed to returning our government to one that is by the people and for the vehicle, our own skies s man. He also is for term limits and reinvigorating the economy and enabling businesses to get started. Yellow in your garage, low man, oh gay, Mr Nineteen, ten, his name is congressmen. Tray hollings worth he's from Indiana, not a popular guy. In the hallowed halls of the ivory towers of the press in New York and Washington by more and more popular with people like me and Pat, and probably you Christmas hollings worth welcome to the programme. How are you terrific great radically. You guys get grey are they so tray of you? If you would oh the thing
they got you in trouble is saying letting more Americans die. Of corona virus is the lesser of two evils compared the economy tanking, how Could you possibly sailor Well, you should clarify it got me in trouble with those liberal elites in Washington DC that liberal leads in New York as liberal leads in San Francisco, but is there anyone else that matters right right? the heartland what I heard from people was. Finally, somebody stood up in spoke. The truth. Instead, there's real costs to this economic there are twenty, two million Americans out of work, small businesses, shut down, religious freedom all but ended? There are real costs and we need to stand up and down. Counting those caused alongside the biological caused, the corona. Fire in way those two judiciously not just think about the corona virus losses, so I had a class with my daughter
Yesterday we were do I was teaching or some history and everything else, and I talk to her about you. The head and the heart, and when, when things get out of whack it's when you're all head or all heart, you have to balance the two and we used you as the example you you, There is a real cost to this corona virus and we want to make sure that we help as many people as we can, but in the process we don't want to hurt more people you have to bear. Since the head and the heart- and it doesn't seem like anyone- is willing to do that now, Jackie right in the twilight so important. We, the people, stand up and the main thing, that of our elected officials. This is what I said, and this is what I stand behind. This is, our way of life that is at stake out religious freedom. Our ability
create opportunity for families are going to put food on the table for our families, our ability to go out in travel freely. We have. Way the laws our way of life against the loss of miracle lives, and that is not an easy thing to do. It should not be taken lightly, but this is what we are left officials to do it. GOSH. I hope that we start doing it having those conversations with the american people, I will tell you, I got in trouble about four weeks ago because I said look I'm mean: oh, I'm fifty six, so I'm I'm beginning to hit the target zone, but if it meant saving the american dream of not you know, a car in the house, but the can dream of being able to chart your own course. I gladly sacrifice myself for my children and the Ass, just doesn't get This is a. Three time freedom is imperil there
requires a sacrifice and I believe that Americans, for the most part, we be willing to sacrifice if they understood the day, This is it. This is the difference between survival of the eye. A of America or its death, but you put it exactly right, and this is where we are and leaves on the decisions we have to make. I don't know I under stand, but they had an own goal. In reality, but it is reality, and this is something that guided us through wars. Savings I said in previous pandemics this principle a perturbation of the american way of life, of an understanding that there will be sacrificed their will, but the american way of life, american freedoms and our values the american way of life, american freedoms and our values through those by the sacrifice by those
bearing the burdens. That must be borne, and I continue to believe that Americans are up to that challenge. I continue to believe that we will be corona virus, but it is not good. Be a shot out three. What where, where are the other members of say, that freedom guess why why are we hearing so little? I mean I was really heartened to hear you speak up, but it is the Calvary on the way is, is it Anybody writing to the rescue here to stand up with you and say: yes, we need to consider the: U S constitution or freedom. Our economy is well, I hope so I hope that more and more members will stand up, look the reality and we ve got to many members in Congress. Right that look around am I in the group is or a lot of other people go to stand up and speak with me. I don't wanna be different than everybody else. I don't want to take a real stated that might inherit my future elections, which is why a believer in turn limit. I don't care about
that I care about doing the right thing for who should I care about doing the right thing for American and the right thing for America, and that is the the question that you better especially moment of crisis. In a moment of challenge. We should wake up every morning, elected officials and say what are we doing to better the future of Amerika today and it's not whether we ve got a lot of people It's not whether everybody to say the same thing is not whether the liberal media is gonna come down on our head. What should matter is only whether it is right and it is an accurate and it benefits the american people I have Jim Jordan on yesterday, and I suggested to him that all of you, guys in the GEO P excuse, expression, get your ass to Washington, understand their in those hallways and say we are here because we Congress is an essential job doing doing. The work of a Congress is essential, especially at this time, because
I'm telling you Nancy Pelosi- and you know this is ginning. These things up, keeping people away when you guys should be burning the midnight oil and making or this crap stops I couldn't agree more Congress. Is the body that sign on the dotted line. Young men and young women abroad, knowing some of them. Come back. That is our sworn constitutional duty, but we have been told that we can't go to Washington to do the work of the american people, even though they are already we should. Doing their work, because the american people should expect leaders with some courage some courage to stand up and do the right things and courage to stand up and say I think some courage to push back against the fear mongering and have a good a conversation with the american people about the pathway back to their wives, a pathway back to their freedom
half way back to their opportunity a pathway back to a future that they can believe in are a tray, and I haven't felt this way. I remember saying this to remember: who were a long long time, Joe Liebermann, I think, was that long ago. And I said Joe, do you guys in Congress have any idea what headed your way He said he I think so, but I don't think he did. I think anybody did, but I could. I could see over the horizon: the beginnings of the tea Party and occupy Wall Street, all that stuff telling you what coming? Your way is worse. When people see that nine million dollars went to Harvard, and only half of that was required to, pay the help the young students get in such a group with what forty billion dollars Why are we giving money to Harvard? Why
are. These banks allowed to raise the interest rate because of demand when they're getting that money from Us- and They are making money off of it. We get it there were. I mean the eat with that once again, the american worker: the american entrepreneur being left in the dust would just some crumbs from the table after these big banks. Been bailed out it's sick and you guys, have got stand up and listen to the the. People, I know you serve in Indiana, forget about the people in New York. You know all the soothsayers in the ivory tower wannabes youth to listen to main street exactly right in good honestly, the truth is, we should be afraid of the american people coming to take their government back. That's what
I took it. You want to see the american people should get up and that you know the way Washington been alive. Thirty forty year that hasn't work out for us, the american people that work it out for the american future. We have got to incite people to come back and take their government back. I want more people to take their government back, because the source of strengthened country for the last two hundred and forty years is not five hundred thirty five members of cargo. Gay who's up in D c, the source of strength for the barricade faintly getting up We gave building a better future for themselves and then we all live better life because of their hard work because of their effort because of their ingenuity because of their resolve in the face of danger, in the face of challenges, and that is what I want orbit washing. That's why we pieterzen why we need one? you. Will you have the IMF Can people will rise up? The american people will demand.
If they think that there is somebody there whose least guarding the treasury, whose Lee Standing Guard and will fight. So many Americans don't feel they know. The Democrats are their socialist now there being run by socialists and the publicans are spineless B. Government jellyfish. We need somebody to stand up and say the UK should be on guard right now that this is the biggest transfer of wealth. Is the biggest robbery in the history of the world and There's gotta, you where's, combat new words. You are again we re people don't have an understanding of what one trillion dollars really is. If you burned at dollar every second of every minute of every hour of every day, it would take you thirty thousand years to burn.
Billion dollars. These are huge sums of money and their ran through without regard in a princely an insult to the american people that have worked so hard to send. That much. To the? U S treasure: we owe them better. We owe them genuine debate. We owe them getting their input. We owe them the opportune to say these are more values. These are the things that matter to meet. These are the things I want to see money spent on and that is blatantly disregarded over and over again in DC. It couldn't be more or less writing to me, but he couldn't be more pressure to America from seed a see but see it every single day federal government and the EU and the state governments told us weak had to close our business, those businesses that were right on the edge had two cloves they knew it was gonna, be over for them a death. Now, then, all the taxes they been paying as they struggled Go someplace else and their there
with nothing. I I plod you! Try. This is congressmen hollings worth from Indiana. I applaud you for what you did can t You to stand a mere. A needs. Real leadership that is connected to the average person and I hope you can find a chorus with your tray. Well, I hope so but I will continue to stand trial for the values that I know better both to you matter most to me and, frankly matter most to Americans, we're gonna, get there we're to get through this, and I believe we will be Even stronger because I thank you for the work that you're doing every day to keep Americans focused on what's wrong we going on in Washington. Thank you so much Dray hollings worth a Republican from Indiana? Who dare to say: maybe we should consider the effects of the economy and how many people that will kill and impoverish if we, the american dream.
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entertainment and Enlightenment Amerika and welcome to the programme were glad you're. Here he is Friday. We ve got a very very big show for you today are the nominees for our Maoist is coming out shortly today on the Glinda program. You watch that England TV humbly Stevie, but it is who we ve got a lotta nominees for the corona dictator of the year. These these awards course been. You know we ve been given these others. I think the eighty first annual starting back in nineteen, thirty nine you dont, want imbued autonomous it tonight. It's very, very special, Mr Bill, O Reilly. His next cycle in that programme Are you all right
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Really is but a kind of spring. So little light to my eyes. You know to just maybe just a little bit: aright Seville, let's, let's talk up, let's talk about the biggest news stories of the week. We have a half hour today. So let's go I too, where do you want to start biggest story of the week? You think what are you doing a dictator is the pandemic. Is I would you do on yeah? That's why I'm gettin shortened up today is it is Wait Mars got away right. The governor again, well, she might be a nominee, we don't know yet. I gotta be an open, resemble, and he knocked herself VP sweepstakes by this insanity I mean Almost a man, logical man, you know where I say I live in Michigan and I got a nice house in lands, ring the capital and that I have another little chalet up in the upper
to learn? I wanna take a drive up there, just to make sure everything is good at the property and not a lot of virus up there, and maybe I relax weakened the governor, you can't you I'd get in your car and drive. Your home you're other home and then I say why who am I putting at risk? By doing that? and then there is no answer that way. You get that kind of ridiculous public policy? That's when people have to say no and they did in Michigan, they are and they are at their standing up, and I am sure you know they're being called far right, extremists and in every other name in the book because of it, but there are absolutely right? So, as you like get the things that are happening bill with the otter,
economic devastation we add another five million people added to the rolls yesterday we are probably or probably at about fifteen seventeen percent unemployment rate right now of peace I don't think are listening to the people there not responding to the business owners. What what? What do you see being on this end of a locked down because of the big made now is oh Donald, Trump is so irresponsible and nobody saw king about the real, people that are hurting because of this lockdown, because There is always a political agenda. As we discuss here on this programme. There are many people in the country that feel a trump is worse than the virus. Therefore, more years, tromp is worse than anything. The pandemic bring
so the way to get him out used to keep the economy me in a deflated, It until November very simple, Queen Anne and no can say it is an employee of courses and play. You see at all times every day. So as far as Americans, your concern there not getting information they need from national media and I'll give you specific in Europe. This week, Denmark, Austria, the Czech Republic, opened next week, Germany, Big Germany, open. Up on Monday and the reason they are all opening is because Europeans, generally speaking, have no savings, because the government eight the toil of their money right there on savings
cows like we do in Amerika, and I raised on retirement, I'm an EU that is, the government gives them cradle a grave, but now I can't buy food. And a beer in Germany. You can't buy food, you know what's going to happen so Mark Watto right, but ass to open the country on Monday, so Can it be watching what happens in Europe? Does the pandemic spike Is there chaos in the streets? What happened Is it orderly? Are these the shops functioning in an orderly way, people have to wear masks and they have to distance do a lot, but I assume they will I, but this is a big story. Because what happens there this week and next week is gonna happen here yesterday, Jack, bill opened his speeches. Jacksonville has The open its beaches because
has no money coming in so all these stories or what American should be concentrating on? Not the phoney fabricated reports that getting twenty four seven cable news, which is absolutely outrageous. What a use of industry glad so way way we bill, I want. I want to go back to Jacksonville, knew what he said was really important. Jackson, has to open their beaches because they have no money coming in with what really pisses me off is is states quite honestly, like Michigan, where yeah theyve theyve you ve got money coming in cars are keeping the state liquor store, is open. Yeah, but it's nearly no Jacksonville ass to open their beaches? Well, what about all the businesses that have to open loosen Where'd, you get to see in America's what you're saying in Europe you're going see beginning very quickly,
doors snorting open in states that are not that, and you see that that's gonna happen now, be places like New York City, where I am ok we're up again but it will happen. I'd seen, seventy five percent of the country. However, we have to work, what happens in Europe. This is the perfect place because have the pandemic. There for all coming together to be Trump proof Do not give a gimme a review of what you think about these northeastern mayor or governors that are all coming together to be Trump proof, but when he, what are your thoughts on that? Ok walk If you dollar than a north, east or California, you don't understand the welfare state. That's been set up. So you don't have that welfare state in Texas, where you are You don't have it in most the Upper MID West and the Rocky Mountain states. Would you have it here so New York,
state always hundred billion dollars, they can't possibly ever pay it, so they need the federal government to give them stuff because New York State is solely responsible on spending and it's the highest state in the union, but they give away and so much corruption that the tax money is large, down the drain justice, in California. The governor said we're gonna, get thousand dollars to every illegal aliens in here. Okay. Well, how do you do that? You don't know where they are. They don't file tax return. You know how they're going to do it back they're going to give it to private charities, the state Sacramento, my partially, but private chat. Who deal with weak undocumented community as that call it and how much of that money? I guarantee you this much of that money.
But how much of that money is not going to actually make it to those people. This is a way to funnel money into those organizations and, if you're, an illegal alien- and they don't know where you want you going free and get the grand why you gotta tell you, though, to three go to war. It is you don't get a little, is around here. I am nobody's going to monitor it. They don't know where you live. They don't know you are you? Don't have a passport who are you, I don't know, I'm in a league allowing get me a thousand dollars and then California, course gonna run a huge gap in turning a well. I want a federal money, Gimme Federal Block grants to look. This is the game this, when you're depended on government as many aids- are they depend on the federal government. And then you're in a pandemic where the It's burning is crazy or at work where you gonna go so
most says I need thirty thousand ventilators Gimme Jimmy I'm right now we're how come you don't have a visible Cuomo, say right: your family's, you five five doubt I'm sorry he thirty thousand ease use five thousand. I bet you wanted the thirty thousand Gimme, the thirty thousand. Where are they? How come you don't have, and this is the game, aim. Everyone else, for your irresponsible and corrupt spending practices, because on my ball, oh, no! No! No! No! No! it is so staggeringly corrupt, but when, You do have a corrupt system. Anything like this collapses it and clear to the american people that you had not be depend, and on a government if you're the path.
You're going to die. It's a matter of when not all right. So Let me, let me ask you this. Looking at the latest Paul to find the actual story. It shows that Donald Trump, as is gone down, five percentage points which is a big deal for him. Our so you don't buy it here. I do American learn in impatient people. Of course I do. Really does goes on. Numbers are gonna, go down then one gets better. The elbow up. Any debate and, on the time line on work, They go up enough for him to win but If I may, I will get a little teed off now. The blame game is starting at. Fortunately, there are Americans are watching
Good news, which is totally misleading them in every area and enough people, believe it so that anybody's numbers would go down. And that's what you're seeing Whitcross Trump knows that he wins if he gets under control by mid summer. That of some rose around a kiss, can go back to school or instrument than he loses. He knows ok back in just a secular billow. Rather I want to talk to him about the W h Owen and what Facebook Google and everybody else is doing on the W h. Oh, it's it's outrageous, an extraordinarily dangerous we'll talk to bill about in one minute standby hang on me and difficult or bearing talking to your doktor about e and look. It could be something, though that indicates a more serious health problem that you make sure you get taken. Care of my be differ talking to your doktor about hair loss. Will they have treatments for this stuff in there's? No reason you have to deal with these issues and the early
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so Bill we just had Facebook. Reverse themselves on something USA, today, two weeks ago said we needed a false rating, Glenn back dot com and a social clip from a special that we did two weeks ago, where we showed the video of the chinese collecting this horseshoe bad stuff and bringing it to a lab, and it was all from the chinese government, yadda yadda, we were a little early. Everybody else was about a week later on it we were early. But U S they D Day deemed that false, even those true D. It falls. It too we have been downgraded, we have been smeared by the Facebook sensors we have. We have lost a lot of facebook traffic because it is hurt us
Yesterday we get this after reviewing you're dispute. We have removed the USA today, link fact check article and lifted the false ratings which will lift Facebook. Foresman on your content. Well, that's great aid except a few? If he's book now deems that you are saying something that their fact checkers don't agree with friends The w h o is corrupt. You are going to be downgraded and smeared. It's not just that you disappear. They smear you and they're, sending people too W H your website for all of the truth bill. How does a nation survive when that's going on the Serbian at I would that only he recited, I guess, that's the originator of the falsehood and any up Facebook attorneys. Listen, you know you,
a private company. We understand that, but you can't hurt this private company if you're going to deal in information which they do then, you have to be honest in your dealings with that information, there is no subjective. It's either. You gonna put it up there because we have a true and if you you don't have beyond the reasonable. But it is a tree to keep it up there and if you don't find your way in court? You can win alarm. Well, here's the thing. I am have every intention of pursuing this, but what I want, I want to ask you what I really would like to hear an answer and on is how do when when they are not only blocking the truth on something like this, where it is an evolving story or something like that, W H, o D, W H Yo, is dangerous right now to the world because they are so corrupt.
If they are saying that is our source for truth, W h Joe and then they smear anyone who disagrees with it. How does a nation survive? Listen, The good news is that the President cut off the five hundred million american payment, the W h. How would you leave you to my? Was your position so that the right that our aid, so that you and your we of the W O is legitimate, and here is the proof that unites item argues, collect my bike, know yet by for their arrest of America that doesn't believe in Donald Trump for half of America, this validates to them will he spoke a centimeter, the W h how to get the real scoop see. Its trump is just crazy. Back. It's gone been going on for what, five years. I mean you people who don't want the truth, who don't look for the truth, they act
belief of whatever it may be and they want their believe reinforced? So anybody stepping objective. We note that the World Health Organization enable China, the light of the world is no doubt about. That. Does not do so. The story, the who objected to the United States, stopping flights from China, on January thirty stone that happened. So that's the end, The argument that it, if W a girl almost play. From China from will become an integral saw. You know I'll bet will these bad Emmett would be goin aright. So in much worse much where I swear I, so you have fact you have verifiable facts that the double wake you that story side. If you have Will the spread of the virus all over the world? There is no Besides that story,
If you have an American who reject that, you just have to walk away from that person. You can't have any further desire. Dude you. Have to walk away from the mainstream media, it is becoming more and more dangerous and me we're talking about life and death. We are talking about science. Now, we're talking about. Science is absolutely verifiable and we're talking life and death situations and there steering you two people who, if we listen to we you have a lot more dead today. They are in bed with China. Bill giving real quick. Your take on Sweden, because Sweden was being held up as a lock, looks like they're really the time in their not close an ending down, and it looks like they are really the line and I paid up. Its warrior tried, so they use there is a middle ground between public safety and the economy,
and that's the ground that you have to seek Weed basically said now: keep everything open a panel price now Lorella sorry to cut you off this week, you'll be back next week, but make sure you join billow rally. Dot com, you having special, is weakened. Just me very special guy out- while lots of fund at the bill, O Reilly household thanks. A lot veil appreciated, have greatly doktor next week by back in just a moment you're, lessening Glenn You know, Back in the good old days, car engines ran on a series of rubber band swatted up pieces of chewing gum and and bail entwine,
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we'll take care of all of those covered repairs, they ve got a loner car rental car. While yours is in the shop, they pay the people directly, they have twenty four hour. Twenty four seven roadside assistance, its car shield, car she'll dot com, use a promo code. Back eight hundred car six thousand Cartwheel Dotcom get our biggest discount. Ever this quarantine seizing go to blaze, tv dot, com use a promo code Glenn for thirty dollars off your subscription. While there is. There is early data on a drug made by guilty. Add that suggests patients are responding to treatment. Now. This is everywhere in the news: the meat very excited. We we only have a few data points right now and there there in phase two of the three phases for their clinical trials, but it's very promising, and
stock market is going through the roof. However, the hell, would you like to remind you that Rita Wilson experienced extreme side effects of hydrogen Hydroxyl Chloric win. Family of New York, woman blames hydroxide chloric, win combination for the fatal heart attack frame. Study now from CNN fines. Hide. Roxy clerk just doesn't help any patients with the corona virus same from reason. It's just very disappointing. This story, a local sir. Free from Dallas thirty nine elderly Texans successfully complete Hydroxyl chloric win treatment for covered nineteen. They complete five day treatment and their doktor said. None of the patients experience side effects and maybe the. Maybe they're all dead now we'd we're not sure awake. We have the doktor on doctor
Robin Armstrong, medical director at the nursing home the resort in Texas City- He is a man he has his bs in microbiology from Texas. I M m d from the University of Texas Medical Branch and Galveston. And his wife is a doctor. So you know he's he's got something going on he's, not a vet. So, let's, let's talk The Doktor Robin Armstrong, high paddock area, I'm done well and yourself. Thanks grab me on You bet I'm excited to hear the results of the thirty nine patients. What would happen? what happened with our patients that that we treat it with a grassy clerk with Asia to biased and in We had great results. We had one patient- that that passed away from other causes not cut back around virus likely tat all the
The thirty eight have have done well with the regiment, and so are. It is wrong Elderly patients as well nursing homes, and so these were patients that, by and large play from the ages of probably fifty five but really chronically ill to one hundred and two, and so we have a wide range of patients. Most of them are all above seventy and eighty, and so are they actually tolerate of the medication where we monitor them closely. Did not have any side effects from the medications and they ve done very, very well. Cohort of patient. You would expect a certain number. Go to the hospital, you would expect a certain number two number two to Jessica, to the elder spoke, but that just didn't happen in our case and with our observations so are any of them now. It free dish, about as free as you get with this. So as of yesterday was two weeks post testing your test was on April. The second sleeping
two weeks yesterday, we're going to test them actually. On Tuesday of next week- and they make that termination. We certainly think that they're out of the words as far as a serious medical illness from covert nineteen at this point, because they're both fourteen to their all fourteen days out, and on Tuesday they'll, be two weeks from the treatment as well. The debts of talking error. There are stories of people that have taken this sad within a few hours. I turned you know for the better. To making the turn Have you seen any results like that to where they were they going in the wrong direction? In this turn it around, or do you have any writ real results that you could say this is this was effective well. In our observation, I would say that the only pay since that we treated all this red. We had about fifty six positive. Without could everybody on it because we put books on it,
we're getting worse, we put folks on it in the nursing home, our goal was to manage their the nursing home and if they started getting more short, a brass. If the option such racist started to decline started having a fever, we would start the medication regiment at that point and and so what we saw was the patient's started to better they either maintained where they were at an end, at least quietly got better and over time all of them got better, and so we ve seen a significant improvement in them, and so, like I say it small observational study. Are our patients strictly have got better health department. Director says you know, you would expect percentages to be much higher percentages of death percentages of hospitalization. And we just saw none of that it so in my observational study we saw folks improve. So that's pretty exciting Could we have our? I saw you that's what we're about our acts.
Let me let me take you. Let me take you here. There is a report out that's been circulating this week and it started with this woman, in New York who is now suing because she said that It was the the combination that caused a fatal heart attack and even I know that just talking to my local doktor, when he looked into this, I call them- and I said what it. What do you know about this stuff here? today said hi, dropsy Hydroxyl, Quinn's been around forever ever. He said it safely, another some I problems, etc, etc. He said the combination of the two he said I wouldn't feel comfortable giving someone unless they were being monitored at a hospital because it can cause heart problems. This is nothing new. Every doktor knows that that's one of the risks correct the only correct without so what it doesn't cost heart attacks. It can cause
and a real me out with the two with a combination of what they do is April, prolong the queue tc interval and that cagey finding. That shows that their predisposed to having a cardiac arrhythmia now most cardiologist will tell you that that is a long acute you interval, they ve never very rarely see a risk based with them, but if you do so that prolonged you to see Europe on the E. But it says that your predisposed to that we actually take equal checked in cages on all of our patients in the middle so on day three day, for we check a KGB on those patients that were all combination, because I understood concern and none of them had a prolonged you to so none of them had of change. Had indicative of cardiac indicative of Cardiac and so, and so I dont think that that's actually aqueduct you. I bet you if you go to integrate, was medicine cabinet. Many of those predication prolonged shooting
see, interval anti depressants do a lot of them do in it. She sort of a common form side effect of a lotta Gilbert medications, but it's very rare- that they cause fatally with me, is, and it is in our study we have and another bad Katy finding. That would show that they would have an arrhythmia. None of them had a really is an end, the UK to consistent with the witness we are hearing from doctors all over the country that are using this- that, if seen results, I mean it's not a cure all by any stretch of the imagination, absolute, but yesterday they are getting a few things have come out about the new drug from Gilgad its even through with testing the stock market, crazy, CNN, all of the New York Times. Everybody went crazy. All this is if we finally have a cure. That we don't even know anything about this drug yet and I'm really excited. I hope that this is all true, but
Here's a drug, that's been around literally for ever hydroxyl when and it is being treated like a pariah. It do you believe that this is happening, because Donald Trump was behind it I mentioned it. That is the reason absolutely things ass. The reason, I think that that's why people are I've been tat. Good, I've treated with this, and we ve seen improvement in the ice sheets, and so I believe it is a poem cool agenda. Unfortunately, in its just the it really sad to be because I've never allow a political preferences, get involved with with my with my medical practice, and that still the case, we ve never allow them to have put it. It has happened in this case and I think it's a shame that they have allowed this to happen, but even though I've seen great results, families were happy. The patients are happy. Patients are alive, they didn't go to the hospital like you would expect, and so
I'm really excited with the results itself as a medical professionals. Morally, it I was set up the situation where I thought the outcome of this could be catastrophic you could, you could send all always spoke to the hospital and expose EMS mess, workers, art, nurses and doctors, or you could manage them in place, watch their symptoms closely. We rounded on them everything there. We saw them every day to manage their symptoms and make sure they were not getting worse started. The medicines one or two them closely on the drugs in the nursing home and saw him brutal and so on. I'm excited about the results like to hear the results from the test again next week. Thank you. So much Doktor Robert Robin Armstrong from the resort at Texas Cities, the medical directorate that nursing home treated thirty nine elderly Texans with the signs of covered nineteen for treatment for covered nineteen one
passed away not from covered nineteen and the rest of them are getting better every day. Thank you so much appreciated up like you, Sir clearly a quack, nothing Billy. Mia does have a bee ass right. Microbial right, I'm a in politics plus mean get this travelled on missionary journeys to Africa and MILAN the around what and when in the inner city and youth ministries. Guys at Jesus for boys are religious. What that's what it up? We got to the bottom. Wait a minute wait! A minute is also a state republican committee. Men came there, we go and at District eleven, so he's a republican listeners. I wish I would have known this for four yet before we talk to him and wasted all that time, listening he and his wife, who is also a doctor by the way they have force and get the name
Daniel a real Joshua and Noah, worried, they are these crazy right, he's crazy, he's, probably homesick cooling, some of those kids. Twenty six rise is away from this vacuum, but this would be the treatment of you get on CNN. They did you make it to see adds true though they were eager, would never make it because they will see. Oh he's a Republican, he went to school in Texas, so he's got. I mean. What it, what is, the vat You know he's better machinery for, Missionary he's crazy. We can't trust him floods go with it's gonna kill every allotted, unbelievable aright Let me tell you about our sponsor this half hour. We are, pleased and please
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this is the line programme
more in front of me, you're missing! Is this not a fisher dear missing, she's gotta come garden, but its harder to get see dear missing words. Scotty from issue can obviously exercise, but not your second property. Like your cabin dear Miss Tino, I really can't sing. I really I can barely play when I wrote this on the key living purer wishing Lenny. Perhaps symbol is come set us free living here missing, please out ass, and he is right. You can barely play and he really can't sing, but what
great effort from us. Gotta Gunther, I'm home, to get him on our award show. To play that life. You know song of the year. Might, there might be nominated. We're not sure we're not sure tonight, as some of the nominees are going to be announced were very very excited this. I mean this black tie event today on blaze, tv where we are going to announce the nominees of the corona dictators of the year and there are several different categories- you know best performance by a police squad, That's where you know police have been tackling people because are not wearing masks or whatever and there's lots of nominees- they have all come in, over the last few days for all over the country and we're gonna, be we're gonna, be giving out this. The chairman MAO Award, which a very coveted chairman MAO Statue
and it's just beautiful now was thinking we were gonna bees consistent I was thinking about prison hunting. Each trophy to the winner, but the winner wouldn't actually get the trophy. We would give it to somebody else who really didn't earn it. Because I thought that would although those socialist dictators would be happy with that, I'm sure they would understand, surely not, earned the award, but they wouldn't kid it who redistributed to somebody else who didn't damn thing for it here, listening Glenn our colleague nineteen update, actually a really good one, a fun one day you dont want whom I mean this fund is covered. Nineteen can be when you don't want to miss coming up in just a moment of those that are about programme
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That is up from yesterday plus We have thirty, four thousand six hundred and forty one deaths. All global confirmed cases have had an. Outcome of either recovered or dead. Twenty one percent of covet victims died worldwide. China revises the womb and death rate upward by fifty percent. The W Joe praises their transparency for those of so I've been saying, bull crap. These numbers are not right in China, there's no way they would have done all of this. Had they, He had those numbers been that small, where one hundred percent vindicated now the child the Communist Party, issued a revision indicating that there now Ninety percent positive their original case. Fatality rate was by only fifty percent.
There is also a ninety nine percent probability that the Dublin but will issue a statement praising all of the transparency of the Communist China, Chinese Communist Party, that this is. We ve got to get out of the W h Joe. This is something that is so instrumental. Let me just spend a second on this and to go back to something we talked about yesterday, because if it revolves around this, He spoke yesterday lifted the false rating of Glenn back dot com because we had aids social media clip on Facebook, from a special that I did two weeks ago on the corona virus, where I showed- video from the Communist Party was on Communist Party television back in December. Showed them these researchers, going in to a cave of horseshoe bats and collecting
samples- and they were talking about how dangerous this was because of this dangerous corona virus. In these and they had to be very careful not to get it on the skin and everything else, so that was on their national television in neither late November early December. We showed that those scientists were. Three hundred yards from the wound on wet market We showed that it was now just now showing positive proof. Positive, patient zero did not come from the war on market. The the actual patient zero came, they said from near the market, I gotta know. Maybe three red yards, the this is what it what you mean when it sit when you say it came from a lab, they didn't bio engineer. This thing they were sloppy with it obviously it's not.
Well. It wasn't something that they were least intentionally. I don't think we The question we didn't even make the statement. We banned by Facebook. They demonetized us. They gave us a false rating. And the reason why they did it is because USA, today. USA today claimed that we were making this up. But this was a conspiracy. Theory they used in article from like the middle of March to prove us wrong. There prove us wrong. They prove themselves as being behind the news, so yesterday. Finally, after about two weeks, are Spute with Facebook has been settled and they have removed the ban and the USA today link this is why it is critical that you- and I have a direct link to each other because
only did Facebook do this. Google is doing this. All of these companies are doing this, their throttling back. Anyone who, as actual information, I think you ve listened to be long enough to know. You know I separate the difference between fact and fiction cans. Piracy theory and conspiracy fact. We are not Talking about any conspiracy theories. Now we're not talking about any conspiracy theories with the W H, o the w h, is corrupt. The w h yo is on the Payroll of China. They head guy is a fall We're politician first time, not a doctor, a former politician from Ethiopia who on and his country is on the payroll of the Chinese Communist Party. This is all about money, it's all about politics and we need to pull out clean that place up it's it's. The
United Nations, so I dont think you can clean it up. I don't think we should be spending a dime with the double hey Joe, but you sturdy Facebook said that they are redirecting any stories that they deem false there redirecting for the truth to the Dutch. Wait, show the the only reason anyone would ever do. That is because you hate Donald Trump and I just want to prove him wrong about the w hey Joe and so you're just taking a stand of no, they did nothing wrong it. Clear, clean the w h always in the wrong. There They had information in late December from Taiwan that said China is lying to you. We have proof. This is much more virile than anyone thought it is spreading like wildfire the W H, YO. Didn't even address it, because Taiwan doesn't exist,
Oh ok. That sounds really scientific. Thank you for that. Please, Please join us at blaze, TV become a member. Now I'm telling you we have got to have a direct pipeline to each other with no middle men are algorithms in between us plays too dot com slash clan more important than ever. That's why cut it to the bone we ve slashed. Thirty percent views the prom Code Glenn right now we are going to keep this promotion going until the end of this ISIS and we're all back to work, and we can. We can afford things again. Their opening up the casinos the the rules for reducing the social distancing rules released by the White House Task force came out, yet today they are called. For three phases of reduced social and economic restrictions? I mean,
Everybody knows all of these. We all know all of them were already doing it. Nobody has to tell us where, to stand. We all standing away from each other when we have to go to the grocery store we get it. It's time we open the country back up, it may not be today we are in weeks weeks, opening this up. If it's not next week, it should beast today in some places next weak and others three weeks and let New York open in August best of luck to you, I, personally say I baling you out any more new York. You view of major own bed for decades, why is my tax money going to bail out cow? for, and New York are give you a couple of other things. I told you that we would get to a point where gas was so cheap, vague
pay you to take it no way. No, way, that's crazy! That's crazy! Do you now what the wholesale gas price is today in the middle of Amerika, I don't primarily you're talking are you good about known to heavily Alan per gallon gallant, get gallon gas gallant gas. What is the wholesale price in Middle America? Does that include Texas? I, but I think I just paid like too in the latter. Do not add up What are they trying to sell it? To that? stations the wholesale price you're buying a bunch of it. How much is it for instant with economic We know inflation adjusted the lowest its ever been in the history of gasoline in Amerika was for ten cents. A gallon, ok, and the old timey times, but that's eagerly. Sir inflation adjusted numbers. So
the lowest its ever been? What is it today, the lowest ever been is zero dollars and fourteen cents. Fifty at fifty cent, zero dollars and twenty five cents, twelve it's! It's all were nowhere lowest duties over bad. It's lower than it was in the great depression at any given time. While it is the lowest it is ever been there. There is such a glut of gasoline. Now they are getting. To the point where they are going to start paying the stations to take them so that its, all this! They, the pipelines, now are full of Gatt they're using the pipelines as storage units. There is that gas that is is available right now. You are now not going to see those prices. Obviously I mean if it was zero dollars and twelve cents a gallon. You probably I don't know, be about zero dollars and seventy cents, sixty cents a gallon. Maybe
and you're not gonna, see that cause all the other gas that's already in the line, but fifty cents a gallon, sixty cents, a gallon, that's amazing, by the way that guy It's twelve sense. Wholesale you're anew California it would be about six. Eighty, seven at the pump let's see there's a there's a couple of other things. I want to get too Nancy policies, Freezer She was on James Gordon the other day and I just I have to say, I've, never seen anyone more out of touch and I've never seen anyone with a freezer. Quite like this now I'm not a guy that can cry poor mouth, but I believe, her freezer rivals, that of Queen Elizabeth Can we play this video place and this is
This is something to get through the mail, a good run. Miss Sherwin yeah to side by side regula. I never knew right all my while looking at one, our family, that's all other players, but contrary to what apposite their posit there, issuer choice the frozen. If you will she's got a really well organised, free, everything's, color coded it's like a freezer has made serve she sky, dove bars in their Jenny's ice cream, everywhere, labors hours, organised or whatever, that that I mean that Japanese of ice cream to this the stuff text to the dove. I don't even know what it is, but I know I see it at the supermarket all the time and I look at it I like. While it looks good, then you pick it up and you're like
eighteen dollars for applying you're like there I've never seen a refrigerator freezer like that. Have you know, I've been its twin four thousand dollars they'll be between the two sides. That's a twenty four thousand dollar Wolf refrigerator Freezer I mean just the inside of it I mean just I'm not talking about the freezer yet out. Those are really expensive. Freeze, I'm talking about I've, never seen a freight I I just took a picture of my freezer in my kitchen and I just want- and can you put him side by side Stephen because This is the way my freezer looks. That's hers. There is mine, Ok now, not as there is no need service. No there's no made service common there's, you know, there's a girl waffles in there I mean there's some you no fruit in this crap in their there's a lot of crap in there
yeah it's what we really need to clean out our freezer. This is really quite embarrassing, but I think mine and mine is not a cheap, ass freezer and you know I mean I'm not crying poor mouth, but that looks like the inside. I think of most people's freezers does not just does it's not and maybe a little below its color coded right. Soon. It has no made service that that they're, not much that you know the frozen items are not having a little frozen mint on their pillow every night this is not I've never seen somebody so out of touch ass. She is our will come back with more here. Just second, let me break for sixty seconds TAT. I have to tell you I am. I
got to send you. I've got. If I leave some without some ribs your front door. Would you eat them? Have you ever you feeling right achieve another every touch Don't welcoming exert? I will wear gloves software I'd love to yes, I coming from where I think they're coming from, I will eat them, yeah they come from me my rector grill it. I am learning how to smoke now with erected grill, and I would never do this if I had to go chop the wood and put the wood in and tend the wood and all that now it turn it on, and the temperature and then put the media, close. The hood openness would maybe at once, you know and then we in a couple hours later come and eat it. That's what I wrote in otherwise I'll just go to a barbecue place
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Ninety eight, let's real quick can we get out. We had Thea Joe Biden, music. Sarah, we have a Joe Biden up day. We haven't checked in honor, president of the United States, quite awhile, here's the Joe Biden it's coming along it anyway, so so Joe Biden, he is you want to set this up buzz path. He is made another appearance and he's he's stolen. Some really good stories in jail is sitting by his side in the depression on her face during part of this rambling story that he's trying to tell
priceless first, first, the long version where he he goes through this bizarre story. Guy some guy used on on telephone He told me so I dont always look. I want you to a hospital and he's a man I got. I got myself a musician where I got the virus should currently be in and they put me in the hospital I made it out and throw him out. There's you made it with my family, the third floor. Iser at fifteen minutes, followed them saying he said I have a three year old and before you will make up the door outside and they just knock on the door to see daddy. Can I see you daddy? Can I see you daddy? We, and time gone through. I do with my kinsman little and I could see them. Replied, gauges and knocker. Make up a game, knock knock on the door and say this is enough, actual things. The guy scared to death- Any such my word is what I mean
acting in the present talks about this. Like ok, it's gonna be ok, we're gonna, open tomorrow. We're going to do this, I mean just when. Did he tell you opened moral dries crazy? I dont understand. Guy Ok, so I mean if you live around his head, ass, my father in law has head strokes, He is not like that. Right. He's he's totally makes sense and he's head strokes, yeah, seriously wrong. First, he's talking about the hospital the guy got, he was in the hospital, then he was out of the hospital. Then he's on the third floor than his kids come and knock, and then he had a game with his kids. We dont know why, when he could, why couldn't you see your kids and they came in Korea where they knock men? and then, if you feel bad for his kids, you feel bad for his work and then stops
and their use, and it is on the truck very bizarre, and here another little section even Jill is obviously concerned about him here she tries to help, but he's beyond all help here we gotta you gotta, be we gotta yeah, we gotta reassure LE monde. My message to everybody I talk to while we gotta go. Look what we have done. It's getting to the boy. Why it's not even funny right! That's just sad! That's just the left said that no way, Donald Trump could win. I hate to say, there's no way this guy could win, but we
the corrupt media and everything else is going on. There is a chance this guy could have the launch codes right. I mean what is already presidency. How important is your life right resident pick? Oh yeah, real and because of the shortest presidency, ever re aright getting pretty near time now, for for us to go back to work, and I want you to get out a pain. I want you to get your life back relief factor relief. Factor. Dot. Com has helped me and his help. So many people, we you, I get letters all the time from people who say The most dramatic was a woman I met about a month ago, and Her husband both were really bad pain, but she was, she was trapped in the world of narcotics. She could not function with her pain, she's, try and tried write, she's tried everything she's
no longer on prescription medical met, medication and her. Has been talked about how the light came back in her eyes, how she was there she's there again. Relief factor, please just try it if you're in pain, seventy percent of the people who try go on to order more eight hundred five hundred eight thousand three hundred and eighty four eight hundred five hundred eight thousand three hundred and eighty four, its relief factor com need a good read while stuck in quarantine, Glen's new book or doing a socialist out right now so this week found she has come out and talk a little bit about dating on tinder, which moderate made me uncomfortable. I really don't need fancied. It contender at all.
He was giving some dating advice and I loved his advice. Hey you know, everybody to figure it out on their own. If you want to day, you can date, and I thought why, unlike the way, it should be for everything maybe that is the solution all round we're smart enough, figured out. No, no! No! You can't go to work but go ahead and get naked in swap bodily fluids. With someone you met ten minutes ago, that's perfect, I mean you're right, vigorous a go for it. Do it wasn't his theory about getting back to work safely he's. He keeps telling us we're not ready for that that that's not anywhere near, but he's. Ok with with the tender hook up. It's amazing to me. From the sex. I mean man alive. He is, are you are you have found she Haider, I'm not hater Maggie, take me, though He hates me
Peace is sticking, his nose word shouldn't be mean. I understand, whereas expertise is its with the medical profession and Ben. You said that these that over and over again I areas like look. I am here to talk about medicine and saving people's lives. I don't cross over into the other things. That's for other people to decide excepting does cross over and other things continually tells us were not ready to do this or that we shouldn't be this or that he crosses over almost every day. But almost every day, but wait a minute. If Your job was only to advise on medical and what is the best way, to save people? Ok she'll be the guy who would say all the time. Look, I'm not sure if I am not sure if We should open this up. I mean I'm, I'm just talking to you now about medicine. I am concerned this, could you know, come back, we don't know, that's him, job
kids room. It's really the administrations job to decide when we come back and when we don't based on medical advertising, raised on the medical information he gives right. I disagree because I dont think that we should be just looking at the medical information. We need to understand the medical information, but we also need to know the economic ramifications of of everything else. A lot I think more people in in the world will die from the economy and the economic ramifications, I'm Tanya globally, then one hundred and forty seven thousand people. Yes, I am absolutely convinced. In the next year more than one hundred and forty seven thousand people will have died because of the economic ramifications of what we ve done, so he talk all he wants about medicine man, I is the president needs now talk to economic advisers and say What does this mean
I there's? No bounty hunter right. That's right! There the guy said to wait until we have the doctor. That was doktor by Shiva. I think his name is he he was he was on a show. I don't even know what the show was, but he's not have fancy, fan, listen to some of this in and see what you think, but it's just kind of a little balance to fancy and whip it will bring a man who has a multiple degrees from MIT, including a Phd in biological engineering. He is also doing for Senate in twenty twenty welcome, doktor Shiva so nice to have you on the show today, great to be your casino hope you all, so lonely okay, so we ve all been held as a captive audience ride watching President Donald Trump handle the corona virus outbreak the situation then he has received both praise and criticism. What do you think how as the president handled the outbreak oh he's handled in know.
Is the best Bessie could given the fact that he surrounded by sharks and people were not really advising and well on the science side of it went up. What I'm talking about is faulty and that's what's unfortunate because in the president went through the rest, the collusion nonsense that he had to go through the need to go to the impeachment thing now is having to deal with krona virus and unfortunately, this guy found she has been in environment for nearly four decades across multiple president's many essentially embedded into the scientific establishment which has created and and fortunate lie the immune system and and and fortunate lie about the solution to something like call the krona virus or, more importantly, infectious disease with any real emphasis, which is a real issue about the fact that it is overactive dysfunctional weakened immune system, overreacts and that's what the damage to the body. Fortunately, south she's not talked about that, because the
of that leads to a solution which has nothing to do with mandating vaccines and shutting down the country and that's what's unfortunate, interesting pause for just one is the salt. I only what what is this? what's the solution because he's right about that I've read about it. This is what happened in nineteen eighteen as well in the second phase, everyone, immune system just overloaded and short circuited, and that's why it was killing so many people it was. It was actually over reaction of the body. So what is the solution so that all the heat he doesn't get to it here. But ok, he's saying that foul cheese solution is not the right one because he's in bed with the pharmaceutical in industry and he's he's king, for this he's looking for this vaccine or pharmaceutical cure. Well, ok, I mean I'm not a biological engineer so, but I think the balance
of the the contradictory opinions that we're getting medically is cut of important. I hope I think it's really important tat. We are not yet other. The thing that really bothers me is We live in this black and white world. Everything about this is going to change first Let me just say this again. I said this to you in January. We are all, you're going to get this, all of us are going to get there. Many more utopian, have not here, then added later, let alone at next year in year after year. Yes, at some point, we are all going to get this guy deal with there's no way have avoided it's going to live with man now for a very long time. The flu that you get every year that goes around is of strain of the nineteen eighteen pandemic? Flu guy the spanish flu strain the sea.
Thing with this one we're dealing with this now for the rest of our lives. So, let's That's understand that stop fearing this so much one hundred and forty seven thousand people globally have died, pats remarkable its remarkable. Specially for what it has cost us what it is, cost the world we have destroyed organised everything. Almost everything we really have and there's gotta be a middle ground. Because I'm not saying you know it worked needed like when we say look, let's, let's at least talk about getting back to work here and restarting Morgan. I wanna hear people right. It's like I'm suggesting that we all go out and tongue kissed each other out on the streets and that's not. That is not the solution here, wits theirs
to be a middle ground between what we're doing and starting back up the engine of America is there is an and its common sense right or do it now, if you been to the grocery store, you are, you're, doing common sense if you're too, if you ve been to home, people there already doing common sense. Exactly now I mean you everyone is avoiding each other that what you need to do: the people who are really really sick raw Bert whose, like my brother, I grew up with him right I talked to him yesterday he's a drug that suppresses the immune system. It's for when you like, have organ transplants and everything else. So he the cold. He can die NI hasn't left his house. No one, not even of his children, are coming over to his house, and nobody ever tell him that I now Robert figured out on its own yes. Yes, yes, so
everybody. If I mean if you are- and I would never say to Robert he works for us. I would never say Robert. You gotta come back to work with Congo. It will kill him but there are other situations. If you are If you are somebody who is vulnerable to these things, you shouldn't be going to the grocery store today right, but it's working around the country I don't understand why we are being treated like absolute children for the four. Time in human history were exactly what to do. And we ve got a presidential who's, trying desperately to do something about that any its hand every day or where it let me tell you something: I just found the story today. That is a change everything you want. This economy opened up, Stand by I'm gonna give you a story when we come back that will make sure that this economy- and I mean this sincerely- they will
Open this economy. Once people really understand this round vacation, will tell you about it, coming up in just a minute by the way I just want. You know things are gonna, get better we're gonna get through this gonna be a slug, but we're gonna get through it, and we just have to be responsible. We have to be thoughtful. We have to look at our choices. They were all making. We have to save money, get the best deal that we possibly can. We have to start listening in listening to the words of our grandparents it if they lived through the great depression, I want to tell you about also high stakes. If you are looking for meat, there is a great way for you to get Omaha stakes right now. They have a limited time: stock up, sale, you make savings. When you got you alma stakes, dot com, you enter the promo code back in the search bar. You
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sixty nine dollars or more you have to go to Omaha stakes, dot com, you type in the promo code, back in the search bar that will take you to these specials omaha, stakes, dotcom, democratical, socially, the kind of arguing with socialists who, for some of the new book from Glenn back and yet I think, to ask that you can order it now and Amazon or wherever books are sold, is think labelling programme while I am I'm telling you right now, America will go back to work. We will open these doors up. We will face anything it's America. Stands the ramifications of this story. This is from the daily beast and are, I could join them for a dollar unpressed
and at times call for unprecedented reporting join for dollar. I'm gonna wait on that one, but I will Give you this very important story, because it it clarifies where we should be looking. Most, if not all circuit events have been cancelled after corona virus infections, at my enemies, winter Party and L Gb t q bars and clubs across Amerika face tough fight to survive marker Britain estimates his business will lose to utter fifty thousand dollars this month. Cons. Three gay bars in Chicago and all were forced to close after the governor, ordered bars and restaurants to shut down? He said you know, even though the bars will be closed until March thirtieth at the earliest. He said the issue as their fixed costs won't go away acknowledged to be talking about about pizza, parlours and every place cells. A gay bars would be included in that, but I'm glad they're bringing
Gay bar thing here. If businesses are not reopen with two months, his business will probably be looking at three hundred and fifty thousand dollars in losses and the business. Aren't: gonna have enough money to pay for this, so He and his husband are are contributing the money themselves. Were you borrowing the money from our banks or we're taking the money from our own account and he said ass rough. That's rough, and I hear stories like that in once America starts to hear the stories about Oh it's affecting not, you not, Anybody I don't care if you're, gay or straight, but specifically the gee BT, Q, community and sky. I mean, if he's not the public face of suffering. I dont know what is you yeah
he's gonna go, take it out of his own personal savings account. No, no! No! No yeah, yeah yeah! You don't anyhow too, that it is a lot like other bar owners were straight or gay people come in to em into they get a special how do you know? No? No, no! I did leasing it's devastating its devastating the gay bars. Tat, so that is going on at his bad. They have to get back on their feet. It too. I you know what I truly. Do, I hope all busy I don't get your straight right. Why is this widening the story? Wisest singled out and those are the stories you're gonna hear? Nobody is talking about bar owner that is really struggling. That's a stir bar owner. Who cares about that person why We need to be looking at all people that are struggling because we're all business people that are
wriggling all put people who have lost their jobs. Waiting tables are struggling. Are we talking about the stock market and then top of it special interests. I didn't care right. I don't here it's everybody. We were all in this together. We we announced yesterday. We were gonna help. Oh, we were talking to a Democrat in Detroit who was just begging for help this audience really responded. Yesterday was amazing. We are sending a hundred and sixty thousand meals to Detroit. Day, therein trucks already being driven to Detroit right now for mercury, one care that she's a democratic, the Turk, Detroit Reno does or doesn't both for whomever I don't Here we are all in this together, that. The nine eleven Bro nine twelve project was you're, not alone. We surround them, while the problem, Is
ready, hungrier, all the stuff. That's gonna come from this. Don't worry if we have each other you're, not alone will we'll take care of each other. Stop relying on government stop relying on government and, let's start relying on ourselves and our friends and get the government out of our lives. Ok, without being said, you don't want to miss today's super super special on the Friday exclusive. It plays tv dotcom. Yes, the nominations are out for the coveted Maui, the dictator of the year. Corona virus dictator of the Euro words, the nominees are announced, just hours or blazed he dot com
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