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Time to Rethink COVID | Guests: Bill O’Reilly & John R. Lott, Jr. | 3/27/20

2020-03-27 | 🔗
Rep. Thomas Massie is a patriot for upholding the Constitution and calling for an actual vote on the coronavirus stimulus bill. But in doing so, he might just have committed political suicide, and that’s NOT GOOD! Daniel Horowitz, Blaze podcast host of Conservative Review, weighs in and discusses the latest coronavirus news. It appears the original COVID-19 death toll predictions were way too high, but are we overreacting? Bill O’Reilly gives his take on the massive stimulus package and the losing of our liberties. In a coronavirus update, U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has tested positive, and a Mexican governor told reporters that poor people are “immune.” Crime Prevention Research Center president John Lott argues why gun stores must be considered essential.

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Hello, America, it's for Friday, and A Friday it is because man, though we can't gets here and weaken just do all the same stuff. We re doing awake just me now, I'm not no! No! I am now catching a meeting. I which tat what other man I'm totally flying over. You guys. You know seriously thought your mind: the internet, the ETA that's who are going down now that there may be internet or even else, I'm jolly good, I could do that for another two or three months. Visa gazettes is oh, my gosh get me out of here. That programme. Hello. America, let me talk to you a little bit about
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We really what I mean crazy. We can all get my car and just drive around and look at all the things that are closed. That's always, but then we can all come home tonight, all three fifty million of us and try to watch Netflix then watch how house slow. The internet can get love that I've missed buffering about you not didn't better. Then I got all Friday night watch in your internet by fire, but other than that things are good. Oh, I think Thomas Massey might end his career today. What are you doing, Thomas Dull, doing don't do it don't make everybody fly in four votes voice vote. Dont doing maybe is me Daniel Horowitz, is here now he is the
the senior editor of Conservative review patent blaze podcast up host, oh he's not on, he might be buffering it's happening to everybody these days. Surprise, you're, so you're to be clear. You'd think Just letting this two trillion dollars go through a unanimous consent is a good idea. Now I d I just I why die on the battlefield by yourself to fight another day, because I think there's it's it's all. They get a piss everybody off and do you know you're making a stand, and I know, principles and everything else. But you know when you are one of the very few you know. You're you're, feel that is standing up. You know, that's that's great, but I'd read have you stand up when you have a chance of winning right.
The idea being that no matter what they're gonna fly, these people back in their they're gonna Howard, yes, anyway, yep we're going to vote for it he wants to be on record voting. No, probably writer and innovated Gus does come up for a vote. There will be a lot of no votes, I'm sure, just because it enables the oriented into it better, be great, to read in history books that this guy named Thomas Bassi stood up against this, and I prefer that that wasn't the last thing that we read about a bat Jarvis Massey in history books I acknowledge as Daniel Horwitz about Daniel. How are you. We're doing awry what a patriot from Kentucky Ok, so we're just. Just just wondering I, like thomas- and I agree with him- I think- is this vote where they there doing unanimous consent is sick. However, I preferred keep Tom Massey in Congo,
and I have a feeling that this will just be the end of his career. Look Glenn, I've, strongly advise member? Not to do that so am key here. The patriot I get it begin David This is the problem we have. A lot of our beef is often look for one big hero, the truth is that you quote Hillary Clinton I'll, be it in a more appropriate context. It takes them knowledge. You really need movement and Unita the people and once the fixed within it Indeed, we have already told people you're getting all these checks you're, getting all this stuff, it impossible for one person to put its finger in that dyke. That really the problem here that we need to get ahead of the curve. A couple days before this stuff our belief in demand, better action, but unfortunately, were always behind
the Bonn that, though I get the best we can do at this point, is try to strategy I'd better for the fourth tranche of this, IRAN, Iraq. Yes, thank you. Thank you. I mean. I really respect him. And I think, he's right, but not smart. Now, Smart, don't stand out because Donald Trump is going to death. Him and- and it may already be too late, but he's in decimate him in his re election and and I I hate to see that happen to him. As we need guys. Like him in Congress anyway, so Daniel you're saying that you're looking through all of the things that are happening right now, you're saying that the state legislatures need to come together. Control, our governor, What are you saying that is that is concerning you
the enter next week. This is where the fault line is that of the president and his team. The healthcare experts are basically hang? The models were wrong which which we knew. This is very serious. It bugs theories. Form of pneumonia and some people that absolutely dull kill people on there will be a death all, but that, with baked into the cake month ago, when we didn't shut off travel early enough and Democrats were fed Trump. The shop travel when he did what do we do now and what poor thing, which is what democratic governor Cuomo is a thing, is that you have to have a more targeted quarantine properly, taking into account demographics geography Wade. Against the need to get as many people working as possible, not enlarge group groups, but at their offices, though it get the economy moving again. Everyone should have we with that goal. Yet one after another, all the governors are pushing back again that in our Adam
leaving no, we are not going to do that were not doing it and each one is trying to one up the next to a noun, more draconian restrictions. Without showing their homework the evidence, often without putting I'm limit on it and at some we need to ask wait a minute good. Every Dinky mayor county executive in governor have indiscriminate authority to prom gate anything. He believed he can do even when it violates the most found these The first amendment right on there is a strong call. In power, but that's usually again with that I have the restore, were exposed to this, and it's got to have some limitation. So my concern is that, as the president tries to achieve that balance, remember all none of the restrictions are at a federal level there, all being it is out of date or even local level? Do nothing.
Change if the President a try, the ease some Louis friction. Could it all the thief doing it and that's why I believe it time to return to self governance that the state legislature need to convene an start rigorously debating the power of the governor and some the locality but the local government, because we cannot just say that down, shut up and don't say anything. This is the plague and everything goes there. To be some oversight. Okay, so Daniel I ate. I agree: with you- and I think that this we are now finding out that this is a way overblown and and all of these measures may have been for not, we may have destroyed our economy for very little reason however, when you look at the first since Florida,
and they said, ok, please self isolate. You know, keep your distance Beaches were packed, can't tell you how many people that talk to a new red and you see what they're doing in your friends will be. Your family will be like yeah. We're going out some friends tonight, you're like where what are you doing? I mean some of you're taking it seriously because you know they just pumped sir a trillion dollars into the system. The fair, just broke all of its all of its records just point money and handing out like candy the federal govern did the same thing, we're pretty ourselves on the edge of a depression and people still not self regulating their still same. While I can go out, I'm not gonna get it. Can we get through this. Can everybody just stay home for a couple of weeks, so we can get through this So what are you doing? Glenn Gwen?
I am not saying that evidence and remove picture that the beach were really from the beginning of the first week were at the end of the second week. My understand, is that has died down. It obviously took a few days for to register. To go from. One hundred to zero is a tough but everywhere I see in my community emulate the ghost town, and I think that is definitely majority of places I would I really think is going on here is to. Number one, the governor earth and the low look all official bear enjoying their. I mean you're, not seeing them say, look with a heavy heart. I have half infringe upon the first amendment, but I think it necessary. No, I mean revelling in it, and I think that what is concerned and is also, if you poor, lady, partly that against their all feed letting out criminal? What, though, there the science behind that to you? Let us criminals, but they say we have a serious warning against anyone.
You know the allay mayors pugnacious, shutting off the water empowered to business. Is there something right about that, though. I think at this juncture two weeks, two it where the modeling it turned out that served as the impetus for this which proven wrong Neil Ferguson and in the UK, basically recanted it without admitting it till. I think now who is the time not to go back to normal, but I think to try to achieve the proper balance but Glenn. If we don't do this, I mean every day there conjuring up more restriction and more knitting and monitoring surveillance, and at some point this cannot be a free All this is very, very, very dangerous diet. I would agree with you. I'm really disturbed to see that what the discipline since yesterday, people should have gone, whoa, whoa whoa wait a minute the guy's research that the entire world shut down on
he now says I was I was wrong about the number of dead, but only by about half a million. Oh ok, we're that's why we shut down. If you would have said twenty thousand people dead in the UK as opposed two five hundred thousand dead in the UK. We wouldn't issue, we would have done it like this and yesterday when he comes out- and I didn't see that sigh of relief from the media you know I watched dialed trumps is press conference yesterday and everything person that stood up at the podium said. What's here, putting right now with our media and the way their portraying things. You know that hospitals, can you can't get any service there talking about death panels now they're talking about you know who's, gonna, live and die, etc, etc. In in all of the doktor stand up said that is in
tiredly, irresponsible to even be talking about those things publicly at this point, because it's not we're, not at that point and we don't think we're gonna get to that point. But you know they just keep going that way. So I I get it was so. What are you? What are you suggesting? calling are legislatures in saying, get together and get the, the reins around this answer, Look. We all agreed two weeks ago. Look we don't What's goin on very scary, we gotta think lie what shut down fine, but what happened. Every day the evidence became clear. That This was overblown to an extent they kept tightening thing than doing things in their still moving in that direction to their knees. Could be a real that any rethinking, and he knows that the word rethinking yesterday the Governor Cuomo
the governor of the hearty paid faith. He said we are locking up young people with older people, but not the death quarantine strategy. We should know shut down all the workplace it's almost the court. I was trying to bring it up here, but that a Fox news article, as has all the quote there and I think you're Deborah Burke, said that the key point of of study. The imperial power study. Recanting. Is this it that it not it is starting now and we gotta stop it in the in the bud. We gotta make sure that those in grow right evident this been around since December, and millions of people have had it already so that that work a very different strategy that cuts the core of why we started it? So again, you know you hate it takes, village, we need it. We need they legislature. We cannot have governor of having more our than the president had are taken
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So still yes, Glenn seem happy today seems like it things are going well. Oh my god. Oh my gosh! I'm really seriously. No, it doesn't seem like it's going. Weldon, oh yeah. I it's a ship a little bit more nor more for you considering you ve done a lot of home schooling in your life with your kids right so is all I know is not even it's not even the kids, it's really not not even the kids, it's it's just Home the time you know and all. Of my projects, all the things I'm working on, just full stop it like driving me crazy. Yes, it's just a little bit
ass a little bit and yes, you cannot eagerly to that yeah. I think everybody can relate to this because it any you had this idea that you gonna sit home and watch Netflix. Ireland watch any Netflix, I'm not much if at all about anything like that. You know I m excited because Ozark is out this weekend and Everybody on earth seems to be talking about Tiger King, which, unlike dying to watch now have you heard Everyone is talking about that everyone. I heard it's amazing, I'm still, I'm still, watching this thing with my wife. What is it overlanders the out lander, whatever the sky movie our series and its great- it's really good- is actually really really really good, but there's only so much. You know me
two Darcy that one can take, there's only so much that one can take them easy. What the amount was, what you just did. That's it that's the amount I could take a ride. Ok yeah. Fortunately, five seasons, five seasons of that. Yet is this thing I think that is new and our society, where you commit to a series like that and you get halfway through and you you realize I pray publish should just bail on this, but I am now to invested it's like you. Your chin lost money. Everything yeah know it's not that I really like this. I mean it's got enough action in it to where it's it's good and it's it's got enough history into it, and I really I really like it, but it's just there's only so much. You know chick stuff. In it. There is just a kid I can't can I can we
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I have this feeling that this is going to be like the like scientists that were telling us all about global warming, because we're gonna, like could be don't know, yet they panic and say we're all gonna die? I still think we're two weeks away from seeing how bad this thing can we get, but be we're all staying in or most of us are staying in. We are Do you know we are really slowing the growth doubts. We will never know how bad it could have been. Do you think that, We have overreacted at all at all, oh yeah yeah. I think there's been some or overreaction and what I hate or the dire per day. Since that. You know the two point: two million dead Americans and all that how does that held him in any way at all it? Doesn't it causes people to panic? It hurts the market,
people just lose all sense of reality unless it's true, unless it's even if it is true. If that's gonna happen, why would you tell people? That's gonna, have a dime united to help us doesn't stop do. I get people to take it seriously right. Let me, I think, we're pretty well there already given up half group three components and deliberately regret, wait a minute wait a minute. Is it wholly me that has friends that our still texting there still there's still out. No yeah out of reach is no one else having a problem with their friends where you're saying pay duty, I should take this seriously, I mean we're all kind of standard yeah it's our blood blonde, am I only one that has friends who are still go out. When things- and you know going over to friends houses and I'm the only one
Maybe because I too, I don't know anybody like that. I in there's not where to go. If you were to go, where were you gonna go into they're, going to friends, houses and they're doing stuff his friends? yesterday, but yes, yesterday I went out my wife and I we were like ok got, it will take a drive and working on the remodel of our of our studio, complex and I'm way behind now, because of all the stuff, and after due landscaping- and I said, Honey- let's just go to that tree farm and she said is an open- and I said I hope not, but will just go and we'll walk through it, casinos. You can still walk through it. Even when it's closed will I get there and I into the park lot and entities packed and I'm whoa whoa whoa, let's not park here, ass. We went around the corner and we just walked through the trees, where there is nobody, but that place was passed
people were in close to each other, doing stuff talking to people buying stuff like what is now happening time. I don't see that I am even at the grocery store everybody's kind of distance themselves from each other, and I think just pick they have their own common sense. They don't have to be told. Where did stand like some right others have done where they show you where to stand in the check out like TAT, I feel a little lad out everybody s, not I'm not gonna get. You know right, do a little pony back ride on the next guy in front of me, I'm not gonna. Do that, so it's just, I think, we just exercised our common sense. We wouldn't have to be told actually what we should be doing, what we shouldn't be doing, I mean even in Britain, the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, just tested positive now this what it? What does he do? It you ve been a party he might have been
make it out with the Prince Charles because they both have. As we now know. We now know the princess Boris, I'm confused you with Camilla, you look so much alike, and did you see have you seen it their press conferences over there because even their their poems unlike hours, where the president's like it, oh god, his armor out people, are we're all in this together and given a press average, where there all right there in great pain, they had the poems six seven feet apart. It was bizarre six or seven feet apart way across the room from each other, and then this enormous television, where The press could ask questions. And they were all in separate rooms too, I mean it's not like ours when at all well,
According to the press, we ve taken no precautions whatsoever or I don't know what they wanted to do. I don't want that. But what they want trumped a mandate, but there, Still saying he's rudderless, leaderless he's done, nothing he's handled is poorly. I dont get, that I mean even though, yes, they do do the close contact. Press efforts, but they all know each other doesn't have it gives evolve in pet tested. But I don't know what else you can do in this in his country, go back and forth on this, but I think so far I think Trump has done, has been the right thing Like all of you are young, you don't hear but its unlike global warming. She broke global warming before and I think this is a good comparison. Global warming is something where they're saying we have to ask act right now, because It would the refractory where the effects will be horrible and irreversible in ten years, and then you go five years. They say it's gotta be in ten years. That's what it's gonna be horrible are irreversible and they kind of This constant moving deadline about what we know in the future and of course
nature is long into the future. Here we have a situation where I think there's a I have reason to believe that perhaps some of the estimates are too aggressive right. However, when the The information is gonna, be available to you as to how padded is in two weeks and if they worse case is really bad. If, if the experts, believe this? Maybe this is the right step. We did. He said fifteen days, Britain and yes, this is really hurting people right now. Obviously, they're gonna do this package, and hopefully a self serving those wounds, but the line at the end of this is. We should know in real it really close amount of time. Whether we to continue this or how aggressively we need to continue it. So everyone's beating up on him because either he went too hard on on these on these fifteen days or that Trying to get a ruddy out ended, work force by Eastern, that's crazy, but like the best thing It get the information that
this coming in and making the decisions based on that right, and it seems that that be would fetch you saying and Burke's saying we he's real. According to the information on the ground, where it looks like. Maybe it's like Washington's. A great example. Look like the first big break out, then it does not seem like it's been as bad as they would have expected it. So that's that's real information to be able to take it and say only what what right there what's going wrong in New York So here's behave. Here's the thing we just don't know, that's true and what's not, but what I watch the president yesterday and I what do I want you every day at five o clock? It's it's it's late like I think, growled people felt about my show. Maybe at five o clock it's like appointment television, I watch it every day in my life is like hey President's on when I watch in any other show like this. And so we're we're watching it yesterday and every single one of them were like calm down
people calm down, They weren't talking to the american people. They were just talking to the press, the the are you can't win with the press you Done too much or you have done too little and and and- and can't make up their minds, which, which is supposed to be It's only you re always actually here you they use both all that time. They do here in this chamber. Port, sometimes coaches, bizarre, and You know this is the United States of America. If, if you think he's done too little, I don't know what you spect him do have done at this point here now I don't either a short of soldering people into their homes like China did, and is that what you guys they keep say that you know he's got open up. Are you really going to open up the country now you Tommy, listen to what he saying he sang. For instance, let's go only by county. Let's look
the counties where its high risk- let's look at the population base, Finally, he saying the same thing that Cuomo is now saying we should have done it like we ve done it. We did it because that's that's all. We knew what to do at the time and now when we look at things: let's, let's re, examine this and see what what the hell we're doing here. And they don't accept that I just think that he is he's just gonna say at Easter: everyone gets your butt in church. I don't care how Nick you are crazy. I don't usually was crazy. They described it. I think faulty described it as his aspirational goal right. Plug using considering the information as it comes in and if its, if that goal, does it make sense, then you take my goal by aspirational goals to buy a body that isn't going to the dealership today. Give we're going to see what the situation is at some point, maybe I'll be a little forward one, but not right! Now fright, like
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Dot com, slash back or call a three three Glenn. Thirty, three, eight three, three Glenn, thirty, three! It's rough! Are you F, F, greens, dot com, slash back, I think back Just Thomas Massey is gonna, get his head handed to him and that's bombed out I hoping that he does not call for for a voice. Vote. Because he's just is stuck in a second to change. The way they are going to vote in it will delay things and we should not delay and he'll. Just he'll just get his head handed to please Thomas, don't try to.
Trying to get in touch with them during the show and say thou. Do it don't do it? but will see that vote is gonna, be happening here. Or is it is it already happened, and so full time. Now. I'm thinking Sir Nine O clock Eastern, but it's almost nine o clock. It's almost ten o clock now, eastern time. Still you just check on that? For me sure know to do it, You'd do I'm so I'm stay. I wanna talk as complementing you in this particular. Are you I mean like look? You know it's. Clearly unconstitutional right too, to vote? When I know who I know it's not it's not used. I know it's blatantly he's blatantly right on the issue right. We all know that the minutes a hundred asset. We should not be happening. Two trillion dollars ending bills. This way it seems. Meta make out a lot of sense to try to figure out a way to let represented
this vote remotely. I know that there is some questions about that in the constitutional treaty as well, but seem like that should be in to, but, like you know it no, I mean someone's gotta stay its right in the constitution. It you can't you, in a vote without Coreham, my mother, this right. I don't look. Here's the thing. Here's the thing, he'll just be too droid and then we'll lose him in Congress. I know I look, I'm the principal guy. I know the principle of this is wrong. There are so few people in Congress. Our standing for the right things. He is strong. He's really smart he's he's on top of all of that. Acknowledging stuff he's right on so many issues. I just eight see him go he's facing a reelection that the report Perkins will work against him. Because of this vote,
it's not it's not a good thing. I I hate to lose it. I'd rather have in their fighting against the next spill then lose him on this one. But that he had. Trump is no tweeting about him. By the way, I say, as a delay looks like a third rate, Grand Stander, nay, Thomas Massey congressmen, unfortunately from a truly good. State Kentucky lot of commerce in here. I'm sorry, hammering issues which were wants to vote against our new save our workers, Billing Congress. He just wants the publicity. It's not gonna, be good books, the effort out some ass, the other. It's an argument. He can stop it only delay, which is true, which is both dangerous and costly. Yours and small businesses need money now in order to survive. Ok, that's true as well virus wasn't their fault, it is hell bring with them. We're dealing with the dams had to give up some stupid things in order to get the big picture done. Ninety percent great win back house but throw Massey out of the republican Party.
When I was already is already in this, is our only hope you'll do it now, when I do it, I guess this is from trumps. Last sort of attempt to get him tune to back down and not do this, but Think there's a question as to whether it would actually be institutionally aloud but we're Matthew like theirs how can it be enough people voting there what they do and I think we can member who we talked to us? Was it Massey this week who's talking about how? Yes, what they say is, except that they have to get a certain amount of congressmen in the room to vote and what they basically do. Is it for people are there? Let's say, looks like two eighteen and then they vote. That's how this works. It's obviously completely wrong and totally against the constitution. It should happen on any issue and we're talking about these. Largest spending bill in american history. I I know that the right thing to do is to just have this unanimous consent vote based on something that is, Obviously unconstitutional
I don't know I mean I, I I I totally see what you mean and we probably will lose em over this bud. I mean this is why my thing is. Is it got the I know I know, and he He is right for these stand, cities taking I'm just you know we're we're losing we're losing people who are willing to stand, and we got it Thomas. You will stand just let's not lose an ally in this cause. It's not going to change anyone's mind. It's not going back. Friday, which means tomorrow is gonna, be exactly like
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What's going on and Venus Pajamas OECD why we can only see from the waste our building? He is the least wearing a t shirt. Discipline back, that's the key to get through this whole thing discipline. Is it think also. I gotta tell you bill Slowing down is the key to get through this. I think, think also I gotta tell you bill you know, I'm an alcoholic been sober now for thought. Twice. For years. Twenty five years and I was in the grow. Restore the other day. I would have broken a bottle open in Sudan. A bottle of that wine drink it right out of its jagged neck. Why, Why yeah come bill really seriously Not because I mean why
it's a series of challenges, shut up This is now I'm telling you you gotta looking at it the point of view of improving the country, improving every single citizen in it. I I do that. I do. Ok, if you think Alcoholism is logical than you know where, on our and our little bad start, here's ethics, right and I I and I know that I just you know I I I am somebody who likes work I like to two things I was in the middle of a billion projects, everything's at a full stop and it's like I gotta we ought to do these things yadda yadda, but I am really ready to go back to work I'm real everybody's got that underlining anger about their lives being disrupted and good projects in good he's gone down the drain. I acknowledge that word.
To get across to my People on radio and on billowy dot com. Is american show some things and when you can control it, you analyze it and then you do its best for you your family in your country and which best now is discipline and to do we have to do to protect ourselves and it too, He built a country that is tottering everybody knows United stay. I know hotter so little, We build it. In a sane away when we get through those virus. But I have some good news for you back. Would you like good news or you want to wallow in allowing none! I first of all, let me just say this: I know we're gonna get through this idea time by more ready to die, I'm ready to start moving forward as a nation, and I know the nations not ready yet physically, but
I agree with President Trump. You know we ve got to get back to work as soon as we can this that this spending that we ve done just this week is insane and if we don't get back to work it. Will cripple us I agree with that, and I think that I'm fact I don't think I know the strategy, the federal government. Now is it as we talk today, two segment, the country, into spots like New York, where I am right now and in other places at eyes, so bad and then in the not bad places you were out a normalcy before you do right, dad in New York or California survive the strategy right, correct, now bill how what is it like? What is it like in New York right now, cassettes where you're on long island? I know that but man,
watching television? It seems like escape from New York? Well, I'm twenty miles outside of the city, last time we going to see you three or four weeks ago. That people living in New York on a bad place, because they're on top of one another point six million living in a single city. London, buddy like London most people live in these high rise apartments where there are hundreds of people in Europe What's the you can't, sounds and distance, table. What's happened is most the folks are staying inside they go out by groceries or maybe take a walk or a jog Dave Dave. They extra
for that in the block the streets of dropping you playing I'll, try to fresh air, but it took streets of New York scenario, the movie we're talking about with, Russell and Banquet good news is really violence are then Albania rooting I don't social disorder Police are up against it, because they are getting sick and they have families. May to go out and interact and the workers in hospitals are up against it. It's bad here by in the rural areas of the country, most wages is not so bad, but I get The good news is geared to the gallows, in China style, but we, and thirty two hundred stores has
that ninety five percent of them the closing them down. Because young irish according to Starbucks. It contained, No doubt the stores are opening that's a three month. Because this started in China: it's a three month arc and then the virus is dissipated. Make amply the communist government gamble. What they say about your crap but this is commonality at all. Coming out of the sea there, and so when I saw that, of course none of the threats actually report, the news, so you didn't hear it anywhere, but Bill O Reilly dot com I want, is a pretty good day. All this is good. And the guy's cabin Johnson he's on the record That's true it there may a three month arc and that would be in may I call it wished
to dissipate in the USA Right whereabouts? fifty days behind China and so what s whatever is happening. If we can trust China, whatever is happening in China, where about fifty days behind them, so What, if you look, go back and look at the headlines, I haven't posted a Glenn backed our com. If you look at the headlines fifty days ago, in China that where we are- and it was I we're just that- I'm not gonna quibble. Should we whatever and about is, People are hurting themselves because I can handle the pressure of the me too, and I my eyes, Daguerre suicide Hotline people yesterday suicide allies of the three reset, to avoid accurately, but I also want to report things that are good. Not shepherd It's me from the national media.
Blending reporting on the pandemic with there medical wish list that Ciampi destroyed. So you don't get that the truth. There You ever get me a spin negative tromp about the pandemic. Oh you know that's my job, your job me. I have to say that I consider the blaze and honest form of communication. You're different from below I lay dot com Mary, I knew is focused on mine. I don't go up into a lot of different areas, but that's not it criticism, which is what it is, Hundreds of thousands of people are coming into my website, its unprecedented. Hundreds of thousands, because they What we are seeing, particularly on television in America is a bunch of garbage because it speculation how many times have you seen at anchor go?
there audience and to the gas How many times have you heard votes What do you make of this. When you hear those words, you know at anchor Persian whatever. Doesn't have a question smart enough to the question: what do you make of this you, nuts, your job supplying information? I get there information? Not what maybe I'll G Eric so anyway. I really want to bring the best about information. I think this way subsides by summer. I could be wrong, but I think that's what we're gonna look at
I think so too. I think it is going to have. I think you know April or may as when we're gonna pull out of this and it's a seasonal thing so will be facing it again. Hopefully we will be more prepared for it. The next time when, when this lifts we have to understand that this is like a seasonal flu. It's going to come back, so we need. Prepare? We need a you, we're gonna have to keep our distance from each other for a while. I want to take a quick break billing and when we come back, I wanted to talk to you specifically about the spending bill. DE. I think the suicide, the Thomas Massey just went on a suicide mission and- and also I want to talk to you a little bit about what the FED is doing and how you feel about this far as our recovery right thing to do too much too little there already talking about. Yet another stimulus package will get to them.
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to three months. You know about worse editor, I would vote for it. I understand there was loaded up with a lot of garbage that doesn't have anything to do with the pandemic. And the bill is get overall harmful to the nation. Could she needed at this time but quickly because it did stable? I just start market for a few days, but it's a three month, and now were, twenty five trillion in debt so you know, but you gotta get through this before we can deal with the death looks like Thomas Massey may have just committed political suicide. He was standing up in Congress in saying this is, constitutional to you, we we don't have a quorum here and you can't just ass bills without a vote.
And he wanted a, but he wanted a vote and you know you didn't get one, and now I mean How do you think he's gonna fair? I don't care that matter to me whether he said well or not. I pity and cut through Allah BS, but also pay. The bill and trouble science and then three months and We're gonna be look at another bail out unless they come up Back she matched our key here. Is it medical community can come up. With medicine or vaccine this thing out. These are about what I think they're going to be able to avoid that well socialism for the night, ten years dead in this country, Who is the target?
Bernie Sanders, always with wine, the drug companies I was gonna be, but the big drive company companies yeah, You know. You think that the federal government, new in the medical reality of the federal government actually bailout it'll come out of the private sector. So do you know it's it's it's interesting because found she has just come out and said if we would have had nationalized medicine, we'd be really screwed. Look at this in Spain, the idea of nuclear waste, every time he lies, the United States gets- in population he can't? You that's been impacted and They may not like Germany Staff and, if you like,
Germany, which, whose market I think may even be more free than ours, because their cdc, if you will doesn't have dictator real powers, they just vice and say, look we need testing that gives these kinds of results, and then it has to go to the free market and testing is off the charts. I mean they are testing every in Germany, and that is helping them and that's because of the free market. That's mandated because of national socialism, the nineteen thirty's well, I don't believe the german stats number one that they're putting out don't believe it I have arranged for me yes in Germany from Corona three point four a million in the United States is four per million in ITALY, it's a hundred and thirty four million.
That socialize, reticent, Spain, a hundred and four great Britain. Double hours double hours. So I'm out It is always a guy who's who believe the government should oversee the matter industry, but not impairs government. And a slight Bernie Sanders wants and all that- and I think this is One aware one of the things come out of the the Corbett thing, socialism is dead. The other thing is, in amendment will never again be challenged. At least in our lifetime, people can protect, you can protect. You I mean what about right now? What's happening, all look, what happening to the second amendment, though right now I mean you have states like California allay.
The share their shut down, all gun stores. I mean there They are doing everything they can to shut down every second I'll call. You I think Virginia? That's the one. Keep your eye on in November. Go out all these people. I don't know about our point. That's pretty crazy! what Virginia. How do I at that date in November? I agree I agree we're going to come back with Bill O just to say or to talk a little politics it'll Joe Biden. What the Democrats strategy is how the president is faring self so far press conference, it's getting too. Popular it is, must watch television and that's why the media wants it shut down
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Somebody else's very successful at the time, but Donald Trump, I think, is hitting this out of the park with these. Less likely Well, you know briefings at five o clock every every night and what's interesting to me, is The numbers are so huge. They have to be. Because the media doesn't want to cover them anymore. There are saying this is just campaign rally. We don't think we should cut away from these their fantastic television full. Information and really shows how wrong the media, because you watch that and then you watch them report. It's not the same thing. Well, Andrea Station in Seattle and then I could add, cover many more stand. There is a big debate in the corporations that run CNN and MSNBC about carrying them. I think you're right, style Trump
and builds up his credibility. You can see that the pooling, sixty percent feel is doing a good job on the buyers yeah and, as I said, if he gets it under control by summer. I, I am losing at all, no matter whether its Biden or Chrome, all because by the way, as you know, setting himself up is the virus candidate you gotta to that. The television media that despises tromp that makes up eyes of money aiding M mmm. Bail out They might do it, obviously not be doing it, for any other reason entered try to hurt the president yeah, it's amazing to me because there it's not just him- you have to get past- is wonderful. Marvelous. It's incredible! You got pass from other superlatives. He throws in all the time,
if you listen to the information and you listened to the way he's handling this. And then you listen to the experts, see he's not really taking things on he'll just be like a bill. Why don't you answer that he's doing in an exceptional job in my in, in my point of view and when you watching it. What part of that isn't essential information that you should have every single day. What part about your should have the option of watching and are not yes outwardly, No! He knows it was deprived of it. He started the virus, that's news has gone through the nose sure they would the door now I'd better get away with it. Major way, I do not have the president as you are, really use more precise language,
We don't know you're here, they're, really great people fifty times Eiger Agri, but In the very beginning of this, I had a conversation magnets area. We do about it dies level, and I said this is what you gotta do now. I taking credit for it. I'm sure in my view, on the same thing, but bad being a study that Keyword, ones. On the nation. You can take it or leave it. If you're an american you'd have to watch it, you can watch american banks, can be judged. I don't think so. But that's what I watch at five o clock so bill when you know it's interesting, I was watching, as I think my pants is doing a fantastic job, but if you want every night, my pants is, is very much cut from the of a bit of a
petition irregular politician depends very yeah he's a beer. He's doing. A great job here very, very positive, but You hear the same things from him every day he keeps giving the same positive message the same way every day where what I think eggs, Donald Trump different. Is he not prepared like that. He doesn't do that stuff and so it's just much more of a raw kind of guy may last year, I'm hanging out with you. Let me just tell you got all these experts over here. I don't know, says and compare you talk about that. It the more he does that the more effective I think he becomes, because what I am for the first time, I'm seeing what it must be like to work for him when he's building a very complex
system. You know unease building some golf course: hotels, casinos and he's in a board room meeting. I'm seeing him for the first time is a guy who assembles a rock solid team and then just shoots from the hip and respects what, the people that he's assembled or saying you, don't often see Donald Trump. In a like, where he's really respecting the people, you just think, key, doesn't listen anybody, what which is not true and you're, seeing that he's listening to these people and he respects them and they respect him. I think that's it. Looks like a doctor hence always reminds me of the Ebro Cream guy. A little dabble. Do you. They never moved. I loved. I love there and he looks, He ran Indiana exactly what he's doing now, very supporting guys, I gotta say anything. You get some trouble and then others exact opposite he's, gonna commodity said,
have you got a room and he's gonna get away do well. Maybe we and and people actually far away and listening to what he says, where's. My pen. I think I understand him, though, is well. I think that people, if they're, watching, understand what he sang and it's amazing the people that are aid to watch him, they don't send to him, because when he's too, king about Hey April. This clearly what he would like to do, and here preparing legal it in context of I'm right away, teach ride a lift the spirits of the nation, but You know where we discussed this on your fine radio programme. These its bombings that are sent out to cover Donald Trump Each day I told you what to do.
Oh here is the story of the day. This is what you need to find out so you're, absolutely right. There are listening to what are you saying how to get in their question many because they have been ordered to do satellite Gary bladders try to get the tree listening to what is unfolding we're them they the little list. Get em here. Get mare. Cohesion is question that do you believe bill for the first time I have seen the the news people in Even a were her slight that I have before I'm seeing now in a national emergency. Something what, where facing, bigger than nine eleven and we're in a national emergency, and they are
it's it's almost is it's almost as if they are who are who they would rather see the country burn down to the ground, then have this guy right in any way, shape or form. Certainly that is true for the New York Times. Washington, post aid Gee, that's CNN, gases embassy, those apples Thirdly, true even worse, is the speculation this might be a good idea. We need eighty, seven thousand ventilators, no eight, eight sixty four thousand. We Why are we aware, then? Why do we have enough mass? Did a guy a bad and move on. I don't know, but he may, but it could have been many have they won't get they won't. They won't even give the facts that the reason why we didn't have ventilators on hand is because
is Barack Obama use them in the last emergency and then failed to replace them, which he was supposed to do. So we were down like a hundred and fifty ventilate a hundred, fifty thousand better leaders, because he them in use and then never replace them after the last, while bloke virus Squire yeah right But why would you give perspective to a new story? Why why we are right to do that? You had the report Please don't even know that that's out Therefore, I am a weapon shows a number two that goes against the order. Do you're the order of the day Get em on April, get em on Easter. Get him on this. Get em on ventilators, get em on arguing with Bob I'll get em get em get em get em get up and it's all about. So let me we ask you this as we have we got, we run. You just broke Cuomo setting himself up as the virus candidate. I think guiding
Joe Biden, man, he's looking worse than he's ever looked, but he's only getting two thousand people watching him on his little podcasting. Anyway, it's it's really sad yeah you to go down. Gonna, look at european gas and NGO come on up and look at mine, because we have the most successful ones by poor, Joe but our luggage cordial I want. I want him on a respirator, just so. You can't talk right, so is there. It do you think, there is a chance that Cuomo comes in and he tries to make the case and and is at all successful of of high. Checking the convention. I think that's what they're hoping to bind, may get the one thousand nine hundred and eleven delegate she needs because. Many channels is blown up completely so you in second that's the big primary. That's gonna put em over the top. If he gets the delegates, Andrews gotta wait for years
but Andrew wants. It will no doubt about it are built only from pillar rarely dot com. Thank you. So much, Sir God bless him I have a feeling you, the type of person it and get completely taken off guard by this whole quarantine thing that I'm I'm guessing that you already have your pantry stocked with the essentials, including toilet paper, and you are not one of those who were panicking, as your listening to this, the show you're, not you now sitting in the rocking chair, widdle into piece of wood with a shotgun draped over your knees. At this point, You are somebody better cover the basis. You think about what's happening, you think about LAO, my protecting my family. That's why I want to talk to you, protecting your family with lifelong cyber criminals and identity thieves are getting smarter all the time this this whole thing is opening.
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hello, America, welcome to the Olympic Programme, so glad you're. Here we have our corona virus update coming up in a second also, probably the leading expert in the world on guns, gun laws is on to talk to us a little bit about what is happening to your second amendment right right now, John Lot to join us in about a half hour, corona virus update and so much more begins in one minute, both of Becker about Programme, Have you been thinking about selling your home any time soon? The last few weeks have got to be frustrating who's coming to look at your house at a time like this and whose brave enough to make an investment like this right now, while the Mark it is going to recover from this and it's gonna be a slow process. Perhaps if we can get back to work, it will recover quickly.
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Five hundred and forty two thousand, that is up from Four hundred and eighty six, that's quite a job. Total confirmed deaths worldwide up twenty four thousand only two thousand worldwide. We'll confirmed, recovered worldwide, one hundred and twenty five up from one seventeen, five percent. Cases are considered serious up from four percent yesterday said percent of confirmed cases here in the United States, however, do require but the. U S has eighty five thousand confirmed cases, one thousand three hundred and four deaths up from sixty five thousand cases and a thousand deaths yesterday. So up about three hundred, United States of America now leads the world in total, confirmed cases with four thousand four hundred and nine more cases, then China. We
have officially eighteen hundred official recovered against the thirteen hundred rounding the numbers off on deaths, so The big news yesterday was after two terrifying, the world governments into committing financial suicide. The UK scientists has reduced is death forecast. By ninety five percent. Now, Stu is the guy that I trust with all of the stats in everything else. I asked him at the time that out or came out with his global warming movie. I've gotta go see his movie, I'm gonna go. Do my own research, and still is like. Oh dear God, no came out of that and I a pretty good idea that, where I stood on it, but I said Stu, I want you to look at these stats. Look at these facts and tearing apart show me where it's wrong. I'm gonna say I No, I believe them, I'm not
acting on them, but I want to see them proven or disproven and he's. That's, what's do really does best. You ve, read you ve, read what he wrote, I've read what he wrote is it fair to say he's not recanting he's here. He's pointing out that the lower part of it scale is act yeah. It's been reported almost everywhere that he recanted his initial of two hundred and sixty thousand people we're going to die in Britain sort of projections, and now he sing twenty thousand. So that's. It would be reasonable to note that difference is pretty major. Have, however, Think part of this is just a reporting issue. If you read is study. What he says is he gives two different approaches. It is much more than that, but the two that we're focusing on the two approaches were mitigate and suppression Mitigation is sort of like the approach.
That has been sort of the alternative approach. A lot of people on the right have suggested where you would you would isolation of suspect cases, home corn, of those who are living in the household of suspect cases? social, distancing of the elderly, elderly and other risk cases right. So not what we're doing now, but that kind of alternative opera. Were the elderly and the sick would be isolated. Anyone who might have the disease would be isolated, but other people would be the kind of go about things a little bit more. Normally, that's negation, suppression, is kind of what we're doing now, which is everybody social distances. You know we isolate anyone who has it we icily the household of people who have it, we we close schools. We call Reclose universities in earthquake that much closer to what we're doing what Britain's doing with the way took his comments, and I think, is what he is saying is Britain has now implemented the suppression strategy. So
which was his most direct right and that one his death count was twenty thousand exactly what he put in the study. So what are you saying? Is we ve now implemented? The thing I thought we should implement and now I count is gonna, be a lot lower, he's, not saying see dupe, see I'm I said to sixty last time and now it's only twenty. Famous strategies and written hadn't right, but the day hadn't really been in that that locked now more than a couple, a date right, but what he says I mean. I know it's true and then, let's that he's saying that the peak of this would be in two to three weeks which How long he said the suppression strategy would would take to act We go into effect so It is again, I don't I'm not defending his analysis here. I think he's off base and I dont believe the worst case scenarios. I'm not saying he's right on this, I'm just saying I dont think he recanted it. He he's
he's trying to walk this line, which he did outline pretty clearly in the study between these two different approaches. I still we said this at the very beginning, two major problems here, one you know. I think estimates, are we now sky is falling type estimates, but I mean I M not in this field should he knows more about it than I do obviously secondarily, though there is a real problem with us and the entire world, seemingly basing all of our decisions on this one model, and I think what we crazy it just it's just you know anybody, even if you know like the most honest person with the with the most and information, might not be I you don't blame me things usually on one model and it seems to be this model, is what scared the hell out of everybody, which is why we made these drastic changes but to his, is that your candidate? It right least goes to show how We have to be so careful. You know we were looking at these models for global warming.
Eyes this one, we at least know right away and we can pull back and adjust. Global warming. We could spend ourselves into oblivion and have absolutely no idea the effects none They keep moving the goalposts and keeps a wow. You know why we, there that bad worked in. So it's not gonna happen for another twenty five years, so we're we're gonna have to keep pushing on. I mean you just don't know, at least with this when we all know, but it it shows again how much. We don't know these guys were so absolutely positive and I said before, and I I want to make clear on this. I don't believe that this virus and nor have I ever believed this virus was going to be as deadly as everybody worried. I have not been read about this virus, I have been worried about overwhelming the healthcare system. We don't
to overwhelm the healthcare system. If we do weary into a whole another kettle of fish that we just don't want to get into. However, as I started to see what its taking now six trillion dollars and I think actually more than that with what the FED his done before. This is serious trillion dollars between the FED in the United States Congress, though, two packages this week were six trillion. I bet were closer to ten trillion, with everything that has been put into this awful lot of money and we ve got to go back to work. To be able to pay for some of this stuff. Now we go back to England here for a second government guidelines gum guidelines at everybody separate, including Boris Johnson, but Boris. Johnson now is confirmed. He is tested positive for covert nineteen over the last twenty four hours he said I have developed mile.
Symptoms and tested positive for corona virus. I'm now self isolating, but I'll continue to lead the government responsibly, a video conference as we fight this virus his partner carry. Siemens is pregnant, she'll, also isolate for two weeks together will beat this. He said in one of the most irresponsible things I've ever seen, news from Mexico- and this show concern every single American because executions are going to pay for this and they are going to start making a run for our border overwhelm our health care system and nobody's gonna stand up against that in Congress, and they should Mexican We are making their own bed right now and it's going to cost us, possibly our health care system. If we guard against it. The governor
of the central mexican state of Puebla told Reporters yesterday you ready- the majority of people that are getting sick. I'm quoting are wealthy people. You know if you're rich, you're at risk, but if your poor Well, no US poor, we're immune Wade zone yeah with it. Does the disease check the tax returns? How exactly is that? I am not sure I'm not I'm not sure, I'm not sure, but how many poor people in sick who are not paying attention because their government is not making a big deal out of this arch go along with that and gone yeah. That's only a rich persons, disease yeah. At one end it's interesting, but this too, and going back to the projections we were just talking about it. Not gonna, necessarily know the answer with the UK and the? U s because we ve taken Germany's more drastic steps, places like
psychology and probably two thirds of the globe have not so we will see if this guy's projections and why not being true in places like Mexico, in and in the Middle EAST and in Africa, because these Trees haven't done anything better they're not met. Many of them are not doing an even any testing Mexico has only three hundred cases in their cunt A hundred and twenty nine million people in its cross a border where the most cases are in the world. It's obviously not true and they're, just ignoring it at this point in hoping for the best here's what we should be doing. We should be having our national Guard stand on the border and and have some sort of health care some sort of health care facility and attend to or something It is unjust on the other side of the border, we should work with the Mexicans. They should pay for it, but I mean it. That is going to become a humanitarian crisis and air
a bleeding heart is going to say we got a lotta man. Do our hospitals? No, we don't they ve made their bed and they'll swamp our system. We will we ve already done all of this and we ve ourselves in a situation where we might be in a depression. They did nothing, they did nothing and we we can offer help and doctors go down across the border when it starts to hit them. If that's what they want to do, but we cannot Have them flooding in and swamping us I'm sorry your country is your life boat. Who chose incorrect we as a nation aright, I love this story even in a pandemic fake.
Meat waltz won't sell, apparently at grocery stores, all across the the country, I've seen these pictures everywhere, even a crisis People will not by fate caught dogs, oh I don't know, that's actually true, but because I mean they are pretty did you make them that the market is like trip. Like every single year at the moment- these things, but there is certainly a lot of people who will not buy them, no matter what they rather die. Now it sells, though, see these see the pictures of the shelves every He's gone all of the vague in advance to tear it stuff. All that fake meet still sit in their areas like man, I'm starving to death, withers and stuff. Not at that easy? What are we? What are we in Somalia? I'm not eating that crap are there's. Your
date for the day back in just a second, Let me tell you some bad news here on cyber criminals: cybercriminals, if discovered away in the past week, to hack into your wifi and literally steal your toilet paper. Now, that's not but if it were true, you do something about it. Windsor America be like their stealing toilet paper. What I need to do Here's the thing, sir: criminals are getting something more important than your toilet paper, and this stimulus, I think, is only gonna, make it worse, because there's gonna be all kinds of people saying after click on this, to be able to get the money you gotta do this. In a we represent the government. There is a really easy solution to make sure that cybercriminals are not stealing information from your device. You need nor
three, sixty here's, what you get a VP n, a virtual private network, to help block hackers from stealing personal information and more more importantly, maybe comp he's from tracking your online activity, the government now is working with these companies to track everything that you're doing it's not good also real time device security for your devices, a safe cam, to block people from being able to take over your webcam privacy. Like you now its Norton dot com, slash back, get nortons three sixty I just a few ex ago upgraded, I had the basic package I just upgraded to the maximum package, because I think it's worth the extra money get the basic great as well, but maybe I live. Different world Norton, dot com slash back! Do it now norton dot com, slash back ten seconds,
in writing. So there is some good news here. The justice department is getting involved in a federal civil rights, lawsuit that seeks to block transgendered athletes in Connecticut from pick competing as girls, and it looks like schools. Schools must have certain biological males, namely those who particularly identify as female, compete against biological females. In doing so, It deprives these women of a single sex athletic competition that are one of the Marquis accomplishments of title nine. So it looks like
their weighing in on this and they're saying you can't treat trans light athletes as girls, but which I think, is a celebrate a celebratory moment. For a lot of parents and, quite honestly, a lot of girls who have worked really really hard. Surging traffic on the internet is slowing down the internet. I swear to you. If I lose my internet, my lose my mind. I lose my my are you you're not alone, and that one I can't even imagine what this period is like back in the old timey days, what were you gonna go on. Lot of sex lot of sex, A lot of sex lotta sex
that's what would have been happening there when the old it I mean days that idea of the the old baby boom. I think we're also discuss it with each other. This points, probably not gonna happen this time, there's nothing to be a current of baby boom because we're almost like honestly get rather there is your king I bet there is, I bet there is a corona virus. Baby boom it be injured, thing to see. I will Tell you this I was watching somethin last night on Netflix and its the slow down and I D Artagnan away, oh dear God, No, no, no! No! No! No! No! No! No! I mean Can you imagine if you had. You, know, rural service, he didn't have high speed internet. Can you Imagine what it's like in some of the but the places in the country where it's still just not high speed holy being trapped there. Yet-
would not be pretty transfer you gotta go you gotta go outside anyway, you can go outside, imagined New York, your trap, you can you live on the the You know, for a floor of some skyscraper you're, not it into the elevator with people. Two, and now you have to go, get food in and things like that. No, so what do in tying a around, I mean it's got it's a different world, especially, and I so glad I am legend. That's true. I am, I wonder, it's one of the interesting things about this, too. Is people keep saying they have to be in their house? As with our approach? you actually can be outside and do a lot of things outside. We just hate it. So much like we're weary as geographic and would say indoors II as a people and I are we- don't even white, like I suppose, even forget its an option to go outside like while Wiki, I know my way store. My wife said to make my wife said
to my son yesterday. She like we are going for a drive or going outside and myself said, I don't wanna go outside and you know what I said: really either I'm I'm kind of with him. They were air conditioning here. It's nice, I mean the whole outside thing is a little overrated live out, gets too hard towards too cold. I can control everything inside. I just need a hollow deck. Make us feel like we're outside and then feel like we're in a space ship, or you know, fighting aliens or something I could live in the game world. Oh yeah, I'm ready player one! That's me you're listening Glenn back. Ziprecruiter, despite
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have to remember that faith is essential to the american people. The other one. That is much more clear cut on remaining open. That is in store specially when you have the the governments or around our country, just lead the prisoners out what don't even understand that isn't shelter in place the perfect place to do that in prison. How is this not a up housed How is releasing prisoners? A good idea? I really you don't understand that, then, on top of it there closing the gun stores and on I that there are telling us oh well. Our first responders are to be swamped with calls. Will then who's gonna protect you. John Lot on John is John. Is He's really truly a national treasure? He is probably one of would say, this directly. He
the most important voice when it comes to guns, gun, crime, guns, statistics and that's he's despised by people on the left because he's no pun intended bullet proof with his stats. He is the present of crime prevention. Research centre. Welcome to the programme, John Locke, Junior how're, you, Sir great to talk here you, you bet so Tell me what you're thoughts are on one of play: is like allay saying: no Gun store, is not essential, great bombing people concerned about what will happen to the social order and we have kind of a perfect storm in the sunset prisoner. Are being released from prison because of the concern that some people may be particularly susceptible enclosed spaces to gain the disease. We're not arresting people because they don't want to have new people put into the prison system in police department across the
Three, you have two things that are happening. One said many police department simply our response. Funding too many types of calls from victims because they don't they want to live The exposure that the police are receiving, some departments, like LOS Angeles, have issued gloves and goggles and face masks to police, but the thing is when you are dealing with. Rough and tumble actually arresting criminal just because you have a face ask, doesn't as a means gonna stay there at the end of the process that you have, and you know it. You also have a fair number of police who are getting the illness themselves right now and into you? Gonna have fewer police officers available to to be called on so you make it. Let you have a Christmas
You have states now and counties that are starting to close down he's gun stores. I think it surprising what happened in Illinois, where the guy did the exact opposite right? Couple states now, where you ve had fairly strong gun control advocate democratic governors who actually allowed a gun doors to to keep operating, but you have a large a in major states like New York and New Jersey and and other places which made it impossible for people to be able to go and buy guns for protection. And in some of the states where the state actually operates. The background checks system, you dont directly go to the federal system. They just refuse to pray.
Us any more raw purchase. Somebody told me they were trying to buy a gun here in Texas recently, and they said that it They were told its aim almost a month, wait to get it through the system, and I that's what they said. I don't know if that's true, but that crazy, if it is to a number of licence dealers, and they told me those just impossible to get through this damn right now when they call up the lines busy. You know I assume that security across the country there are people now is that's, because people are going out in buying guns or during Obama administration. That was happening a lot to and during the Clinton administration talk to people who were you, no gun store owners, and they said boy that day, George
Bush was elected all of sudden all those phone problems when away is at this same thing, or is this just because there are overwhelmed far so because overwhelm, but of course, the system can break down when they have a huge number of calls going in to the to the system there. But you know, We know ammunition sales, for example, in the last three weeks, a paragon of about three hundred percent. What they were in the three weeks prior to that one- can only assume that maybe gun sales have been going up Somali over that period of time. But you know thing, just dimension about the police, as you and I can't tell a to do our job, something you could go and do your job from your home but police officers don't have that option. They have two: they can't they have to actually come in physics.
Contact with criminals and then allows them to face risks and terms of a disease that you and I and many others don't have to worry about. So John, is any of this going to be corrected? Assuming this a virus passes without any kind of real problems are Are we going to be able to take the states to court about this to be able to, this ensure this up, or do they have a right to just shut all this stuff down when it comes to and stores and guns. Right. Well, I mean there are a number of court cases. These things take time to wine through and it's been kind of a mixed bag so far the Pennsylvania States, prim, court, witches almost completely dominated by Democrats, voted for
the three that the state was allowed to go and shut down the begun stores that were there. You know, I think the federal courts from Bali's accomplished a lot. The court's he's only kind of brought it into balance. The democratic nominees had so completely dominated the court's prior. In being there, people talk, but the number of federal judges that is put on. But if you look at the circuit court, sod twenty for the states are in circuit where Democrats have a majority in twenty six hour in in states where Republicans now have a majority, and so this dates which are most likely to put these types of restrictions on are the Avonlea Blue States and they and be in those circuits, like the ninth circuit, for example, which are stalled, dominated by Democrats, John.
The as you're as your looking at what's happening with the the situation with guns watch the average person do and no today mean, I think, just as you have a fire extinguisher because something might happen a fire might occur, we're not talking about the zombie apocalypse right now, but people have concerns about their safety. If police can't respond to calls either because the police officers aren't there or because simply limiting the number of cars that they're going to take. They do want, expose the officers. People have to be able to oh and protect themselves. You know if you make it less risky for criminals to go and commit crime there go and commit more crimes than they would have other one. That's that's happened,
There are already in Philadelphia and other places, saying we're not gonna prosecute. For you know, certain things went on what it Ray I'm giving a licence drive, you steal a thousand dollars in some places, you're not going to be prosecuted. You have these district attorney's Try to George Soros and others have support to get an errand and nay. You know you can have these horrific videos of people, this boy into the stores in taking stuff off the shelf because they know that they're not gonna, get into serious trouble for doing the criminals are like anybody else. If you make it less risky, less costly for them to go and do something they're going to do more of it, John LOTS he's so much appreciated president of Crime Prevention, research Centre, Jain, your lot junior. Thank you appreciate it.
All right. We have made some important share with you coming up in just a second and and I'm interviewing somebody who the the I have to say, is very controversial, but I think you're just saying common sense, and that interview was coming up today, we'll talk about it in just a second. First, let's take it. Just take a minute stop to think about the thing. That you used to do that. You don't do anymore. There's some really good things that you know. I don't do anymore drinking that word. Weren't helpful, As you get older, you can start adding to those things the things that you want to do, but you can't anymore, because you don't feel well you just don't you're, just not as strong as he used to be, and pain, I'm not going skateboarding anytime soon things that you used to love to do, but body now react differently, cause you're older. Relief factor is therefore you get your life back. Mimi
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We have heard or seen things on the network that they have one of using in not only a backdoor, meetings, but also in front of the cameras and its moved. We know policy is moved, as you pointed out that the president's impeachment defence and in peace included a lot of the things that we ve talked about. It one of those situations where I think getting everybody together and give look, it's an obviously a really good value for, although shows for five bucks a month, but I mean beyond that. It actually has- impact, and you can't do that nearly as easily when you're trying to do it as a solo person. It's it's a lot more difficult to do it, and so the inadequate. It is a really good value, and if you can save thirty bucks, you can do it now. And I want you to Know- I thought of this today- cause I'm really trying to be responsible with your money in my money and everything else, and I just want point this out. I never even thought of this. Until until today you know doing some man,
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