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Touching, Smelling and Whispering? | Guest: Elizabeth Johnston | 4/1/19

2019-04-01 | 🔗
Hour 1  Slow, long passionate kisses all weekend long? Is Joe Biden is the New Michael Jackson? ...Alex Jones blames his lies on sycosis? "Tread lightly, because you will have to defend speech you do not like"?    Hour 2  Are the walls already closing in on Beto? El Paso callers Julio, Jesus and Gomez seem to think so? Fake News and the Falkland Islands? "Peeing is just not Presidential"? ...Callers review 'Unplanned'."You had me at 18% butter fat"?   Hour 3  Does 'the queen of dunce' AOC ever make sense? "We need to save ourselves"? Picking through the hypocrisy global warming alarmists? ..."Not On My Watch" author, Elizabeth Johnston joins to talk about the Day of Mourning?

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