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Trade Wars Lead to Hot Wars | Guest: Marion Smith | 10/09/19

2019-10-09 | 🔗
World chaos is accelerating FAST. Turkey has entered Syria with a goal of wiping out all the Kurds. The Nazarene Fund is doing all it can to save those in danger, but the organization needs YOUR help. The world may think Trump is distracted by impeachment, but behind the scenes, he’s acting fast. Glenn walks through the ACTUAL whistleblower process and how many crucial steps were skipped, allowing this whistleblower to go straight to Adam Schiff and a lawyer bent on impeaching Trump. China is getting WAY more aggressive. Marion Smith, the executive director of Victims of Communism, calls in with the facts: Communist China is THE DEADLIEST entity in world history! Corporations like the NBA must stop bending to its will!

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