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Transition Integrity Project Exposed | Guest: Sen. Ron Johnson | 10/1/20

2020-10-01 | 🔗

Sen. Ron Johnson joins to explain why the Senate’s investigation into Hunter Biden is crucial and how yesterday’s hearing with former FBI Director James Comey was successful. Glenn explains the Left’s election game plan, war-gamed by the Transition Integrity Project in four scenarios. It’s clear the Project plans to blame the unrest and violence of revolution on Trump and have Biden contest any signs of a Trump win. Matthew Peterson, founding editor of the American Mind, asks why the Right doesn’t have an election war game or a George Soros. He makes the argument for how to reverse the mob mentality we’re likely to see after the election. Glenn reveals what scriptures he’s been reading to get him through this tumultuous season.

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Last night I did the show I hoped I never had to do I feel the same way today. show that I do want to do and hoped I never would, but the bridge is out and we are approaching it on. action day. and you need to be prepared for what is really going on. I'm gonna use their own words from their own documents. I met a point to these documents and show you everything we showed last night on our tv show I'm going further in depth on those and you will clearly understand. What we are headed for. It is important to see what the Democrats, and quite honestly, those progressive Republicans there's at least three of them. What they are doing
wrestle this country away from. You is tat fine, but we, we start LT today. We good senator going to tell us. Why the the investigations that are going on right now in the hunter bite, and why is that even important it is possibly the end of our republic. If we aren't informed- and we don't know what's going on- Senator RON Johnson is joining us in sixty seconds- is a green program, you one of those people like I used to be, who suffers from frequent unrelenting pain, it's time to be proactive, most Our pain is caused from inflammation. Are joints swell the nature of your pain.
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He didn't know absolutely anything and the reports that we now have with their handwriting on it shows that they knew that everything that happened in the impeachment hearing was a set up, they knew it. They had all of the information they knew. Hillary Clinton was behind it and yet they put America through what they put America through. Why? Because the deep state is two powerful right now. And Donald Trump and anyone going into Congress or into the Senate, is disrupting All of that. It's not. The power it is, the obsessing amounts of money have, you know, just how rich all of these people are. How does it happen? you're going to serve and you leave a millionaire. How does a guy like Joe by
spent fifty years as a public servant and lived. I've style. He has how're all of his kids. Wealthy people. Don't care about Hunter Biden and, quite honestly, I don't care about Hunter Biden either. What I do care about is we're possum we're going to elect a president who is the most corrupt that we have ever seen What happened in China? What happened in Ukraine is sickening and if its not ended. We don't have a republic anymore. Senator RON Johnson is with us now. senator. How are you, sir, I'm doing one hope you're as well. I am I just very very concerned about our Republican, this coming election for what they have planned, because we ve seen if you didn't believe in the deep state and twenty sixteen I get it. But if you know
and now you're not paying attention at all, and Nobody seems to be interested in in uncover any of this or actually doing anything about it, except for our small handful of people in your one of them. Well what I ve through discovered in our investigations, which literally date back to March two thousand fifty one like me, started investing you couldn't email scandal and you were the ones who found the of editing of the James Commies alteration. Memo work out of the deep state starts right below the surface and pervasive throughout these agencies so just bore the political appointees. We have a deep state these are by and large committed. The democratic mood left us They support Joe Biden, then he'll reclaimed. They do not support present trump and we ve seen them undermine under sabotage administration from day one. got granted is remarkable within two weeks you had.
Full conversations from present trunk. To the Prime Minister of Australia and then of the President, Mexico leaked. the press right you're, not my committee, looked at, at least two hundred twenty six four hundred twenty five, four hundred twenty six days in fish notes, to those who do the ashes purity, and these were the leaks that's spawned in fuelled and kept going The false russia narrative that then Jane People he's Comin Robert Mueller picked up. The ball is kept, pushing it American Publican in and look at the turmoil to put our political system in for the last Almost four years now so that brings brings us to a place run where we we are looking at. Say Hunter Biden, We now know through. treasury receipts that He took three and a half million dollars from the wife of the russian mayor of the Moscow Mayor
only corrupt took a transfer of funds for loan payments, which is code for money laundering, And shipped it directly to Hunter Biden, we know it. We have all of the wire transfers from the Treasury Department and yet the media and and Joe Biden was allowed to say and never corrected it. That's all been debunked. It's not true. Are you so sick, bed term debunked? When I said for a long time, the biased and immediate revealed far more by what they don't report Firstly, what the very over bias in what they do, and so it would be for persuaded four report came out. They were carrying the false allegations, Chuck grasping. I were peddling russian disinformation right. We literally Hundreds and hundreds of news stories coming up I'll, since our report came out no first, while they stopped
without allegation, largely because there's no russian disinformation report, but they just collectively from your report is nothing new here right These rumours about hundred binding been out there s true and the mainstreaming He has never touch them so once we put all but more meat on the bones, once you start giving these these reviewing these documents that brother don't they answer all the questions. We don't access to all potter, Bio binds financial transactions, but there's so much. We did reveal the other three half minute. There's no through today. One thousand slowed from that widow in into account I'll be ok. You say there was also promoted by Andrew Cuomo, then millions of dollars, transactions to and from China he's nationals with connections to the Communist Party of China, as well as a former furious peep memory Liberation Army. These are troubling troubling revelations again the media just up and not a new here all. But no wrong doing this area
shows no wrong doing. We reveal all kinds of church wrongdoing and potential conflict of interests. Culture, intelligence and extortion, risks and threats in a binding administration. So we spent about a year looking at what was happening with Ukraine and the civil society to point out the George Soros connections to, getting in wanting to change the constitution, setting up You know it. Won't you even call it an extra constitutional law authority seclusion authority over in Ukraine, all coordinated. With the Obama administration, all of this stuff that is going on- and now we are looking at the same kind of things happening here in our own state, in, and I look at I look at the You know transition integrity project,
That is a a well coordinated plan to overthrow a election if the pot pillar vote the way of Biden. Are you earn accordingly, go ahead. We will complete corruption of the transition process last time right. It would we have our report, do what one things I've been pointing out: you try to use this oversight work again. Looking to do. state, its impact is almost, Task to get documents and you need documents in order to dupe decent enemy. And but one things I've been doing in most recent tv leg show one email but we got from the genesis, frustration in our transition investigation Give the exact same email from the FBI. Production was notable is from the g. I say we can read the whole email, the FBI, it's completely reject it,
it's almost four hundred rejected in this after the EP yeah. I guess so frustrated. I subpoenaed their records there. They have just. We just had expired, the second extension and we still haven't basically Squat Gina Haswell has not provided any information and the one of the main reasons to the hearing with call me was was pre successful. Yesterday is the day before we finally dig it from DNA Radcliffe in email talking about the fact, Russia has information that here we couldn't you signed off unease. They plan to stir up a scandal, giants prisoners, candid trump, Tell him to put in Russia and the Bremen actually briefed Obama on this cleaning. The hurricane subtle decide oftenest on July, twenty six or two thousand sixteen and then that was referred by the intelligence community to the FBI. The investigation to call me and struck in calm. You goes. I don't remember that at all sorts of east they sternly
station Trump based on George Papadopoulos, Hemison BAR Talk, in London, and so this whole thing thence into it. Aviation do special counselling s window putrid, but call you doesn't remember when children, Hillary Clinton, actually bond pace the steel Bassi which had rushed desertification, and now we have allegations that she was surely proving a plan to speed up the scandal this this is mind boggling, stop in when you put that piece of the puzzle into our time with you by what you did a great job of time. Like we ve learned for new. Thank you thinking. We put we put that peace, a puzzle our time. Why he's pretty instincts she signs often this on January, enjoy twenty six lets the exact same day the foot friendly One government delivered this information on Papadopoulos to the assembly, in London two days that information is related to the counter
just vision. It happy I headquarters here DC three days later, they they set up cross by Hurricane now are also started Robbie move a month before made his only to the White House again. These are just piece of the puzzle. There's no absolute proof. but it raises so many serious questions that once again History, media is completely ignoring I'm a conspiracy telling where huge information I'm across Europe who were all groups, know this serious information, and when From said, there was an attempted coup against his menstruation his wrath exactly what this was aunt was still fret about this and the american but don't know the truth, because the mainstream media is not reporting on it, assent I have to tell you, I didn't believe I was very uncomfortable with the talk of a deep state coming from down tromp. I actually thought that there was a good chance that all this was true about Russia. And Donald Trump connections, and I
hold my staff. I want you to overturn every stone and we are going to go where the truth leads us. If that means we go against air. everybody on the right, because Donald Trump was dirty. We do it if he's clean, we do it there, There was no one that was more sceptical of Donald Trump at the beginning that I was, I was probably his biggest adversary what he said was absolutely true what what What he said was going on this There has not been a peaceful transition of power since George Bush, and that is, just a fact. These people have worked conspired and tried to thwart and overthrow him every day. He has been in office and it started before he got into office. If we, don't clean this up. We don't have a republic.
The boy, knew exactly right, and this should be outrageous and shocking american public. be shrugged off and again what when, when they asked the vice president in the debates about whether or not he would support packing the court's right. Where do you support the Senate? anyway, the filibuster ensuring the salmon in the house up. He's he's not To actually asked the question what you it's gotta drive from nuts This is their their game plan This is how we operate exactly did against present promptly they spent up. Isn't this entire fought them about rush pollution? Is it diversionary operations what I've always believed against the enemy. Please happy, I'm ok, it is worth phenomenally well, they did. The sixteen gets me they they literally created intelligence product accusing gradually myself of peddling working disinformation receiving it promised Andrea Durkheim we didn't is completely false. They lay dead too,
and ass. We get a hundred news stories accusing us of tabling a huge disinformation. It's all completely false, but they got away with it. We present truck. They didn't, try it time and time and time again senator I know you are really busy. I have to break for one minute for network break. Could I ask you to just hold for one minute and and come back or do you have to run? No, I'm happy, ok are quickly. Let me just tell you about our sponsor. We can go right back to it. I've been telling about rough greens for a while. Now it's amazing, it's amazing, my dog, who know I'm at a time when a film him tonight I half do. I have to take a video of this because he is he is so playful. Now he's like he's three I in this. Started. I don't know about a month in the rough greens we noticed a change in his activity, and then he started getting playful. Now, it's crazy. He is
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for the last three weeks. I've been doing a specialist series on. the color revolutions and the the way the left is using that right now to have a revolution. I will in our country, a coup and I've been I'm too, A on radio. I am going through the preventing a disrupted presidential election and transition from the transition integrity project. This is so well planned, so well coordinated. They They are already talking about. Go to certain members in the National guard. They have already the if you watch the media. If you read this and watch the media, it all in line this is a coordinated coup and a coordinated way to change America fundamentally
is anyone aware of this and planning for a government response. Probably not. God? I believe me, momentum, look, look, look at how lonely Chuck Grassy ire in terms of our investigations it when we people in our society, and it is not appropriate use of community funds to investigate these types of things. so no only be people have their head so far and also in the sand here and want to be seen terms what's happening, and the latter Extremely effective this year there Boeing, Alderson White Supremacist, he, even though we know that all these rights, these Europe is the ten thousand embraces returned to into It's gotta be now over six hundred riots in the street. Those rights Being run by conservative you're being run by buying supports by black eyes matter by Anti fought, and yet the ministry media by suppresses that
you'll, be they dont show the full destruction in connection with gas, and I still have a tally of how many businesses were burned. What the economic destruction was destruction was. all the downtown had aboard themselves up. It's just you, it's the dry by media, and that is the problem. That's what to slash always had is a hurdle in turn, our ability to get the truth about the american public. When history me turns a blind eye to it. It's like it does mean even exist Senate. I'm how it is one last point. His people think John terms not does not break his report because it might be to put us put the you out God Almighty, but they should be it. The american people don't learn what happened that the position of this election senator I have been warning of these times for a long time and if, if you indeed, did get anything from the Ukraine special. I am very grateful that Martine could serve
But the last three especial said I did. We will send them to your office. You you to see them, and even if you can't get anything done in Congress, wits buddy needs to speak to the american people with authority on this because we are facing a. A revolution and a coup, and it begins in about four weeks, and they are so well buttoned up. I thank you senator I really do. I think that have been agreed on. God bless you thank you. Senator RON, Johnson pray for our country more unjust. The second glance programme When you didn't do a job and do it right, you need the right. the tools anytime. I
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That is being put out and I'll explain by who here in just a second, it's put out it is. It is being placed into action within the deep state in all of the media, and it is something that you must know about you, We need to understand. For those who have listened to me for many years, These are the things. that I told you would come Not coming necessarily in the package that I thought.
There are many things that I hold sacred that I felt saw or new. That I didn't understand until recently. But I believe. that some of us are given a response stability to warn t, I believe, Some of us are given a gift. or a curse, to be able to put p oh pieces. Together, to see what others can't see. I have Raid that I have been that I was wrong. I actually even started to believe that maybe I was but when I
saw things originally. Everything was shown to me like a flat wall. I had no idea. This is why I am so bad on timing. I have no idea The timing was- and I was. Hoping that it was just my imaginations. on the things that I saw. We are not fighting men, arms. Are not the weapons that you use in a spiritual battle. and while this will be a physical battle, not by our choosing, I believe.
This is a spiritual battle. And we may be a small minority of those of us who gather here every day and have for a long time. But I have a strong belief that it is because of the leadership that you will provide, because you are informed. That will save many and possibly the republic. Rarely do I do my show with my scriptures, open in front of me too, Hey is one of those days and I pray You hear this not to cause fear not to come anger, but two. To cause a sense of urgency to go back to God, and pray for our country, and
prepare yourself and your family for what is coming. This is the executive summary of of the transition integrity project, I'm gonna red, correctly from it, is preventing a disrupted presidential election in transition in Twenty twenty, the transition integrity project convened in a bipartisan group of over one hundred current and former senior government. Campaign leaders and other experts in a series of twenty twenty election crisis scenario planning exercises the result, of all four tabletop exercises were alarming. We assess, with a high degree of likelihood that November's elections will be marked by chaotic legal and medical landscape.
He also assess the president. Tromp is likely to contest both illegal result and root contested by legal and extra legal means and attempt to hold on to power region events, including the president's own unwillingness to commit to the abiding by the results of the election and the iter He's generals embrace of the president's groundless electoral fraud claims and Unprecedented deployment of federal agents to put down left wing protests- where, where have? We had an unprecedented deployment of agents to put down any of these protests, which seem to continue. They all underscore the extreme links to which president Tromp may be willing to go in order to save his office now
it says. On page three, the transition integrity project was launched in late night, two thousand nineteen out of concern. The Trump administration may seek to manipulate, ignore, undermine or disrupt the twenty twenty presidential election and transition process. Tipp takes no position on how American should cast their votes or on the likely winner of the upcoming elections, either major already candidate could prevail at the polls in November without resorting to dirty tricks. However, the administration, Donald Trump, has steadily undermine core norms of democracy and rule of law and embrace numerous corrupt and authoritarian practices. This, Hence a form of profound challenge for those from either party who are committed to ensuring free and fair elections. I want to tell you first who they are Because that all sounds beautiful,. That all sounds just wonderful, that these are just people that just really care, and I wish honestly
that they were before All I want is a free and fair election. All you want is a free and fair election The transition integrity project was founded by name by a woman named Rosa, Brooks she's alive, professor and columnist that worked for the Pentagon, which is disturbing from two thousand and nine to two thousand eleven her old boss before that was George Soros We showed you last night on television and email that was part of the pedestrian hack that was revealed by wikileaks in it, but Emily possessed up refer, referencing, a meeting. They both attended with George Sorrels and she ended with an offer of help. Let me know, If there's anything, I can do to be helpful to you and Jake. Well, Jake is Jake Sullivan, who has worked for Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton he's now With Biden as part of his team,
So here we have Brooks and transition integrity project claiming. Totally non partisan attended by. Wig meetings. With Democrats at George Soros, his house and. offering their help to both John Podesta and Jake Sullivan. Jake Sullivan was producing preventive of disrupted presidential election transition document. Is this part of the support this was, this part of the support? The law use the research to war game everything they were planning to do on election night, and it's all in this report, now. The organisation that convened the war game that this report that I want to share with you today. Was was put on by a group called fight back table. That's what is that The war games it was convened
it was organized and it was paid for by George Soros. I We want you to do your own homework. This is not hidden, but It will be soon. I urge you to burn to death Sk anything you find burned to death These programmes. This is a Sorrels organization called Democracy alliance. On their own website, as we showed you last night, they proudly boast that the fight back table is their initiative So this is an entirely sorrels run operation. His former employee, who still attends high level meetings with both him and top Democrats, wrote the playbook, About a Sorrels organization sponsored war, game now Event was split between two sides, I'm gonna get into this here in a second, but I want to give. quickly the findings
they highlight in the report. One. concept of election night is no longer accurate and indeed is dangerous. The concept of election night is no longer accurate, and indeed dangerous. Why. We face a period where people will be contesting stretching from the first day. A ballot is cast in MID September until January twentieth. the winner may not, and we assess likely, will not be known on election night as officials count Malian ballots the period of uncertainty, provides opportunities for an unscrupulous candidate to cast doubt on the legitimacy of the process and set up an unprecedented assault on the outcome. Let me ask you: if you did more game and it all
the chaos ensued and everything went to hell and a hand basket because You changed the rules and said everyone. You should mail in your ballots. If you were the cause of the Vive the delay Wouldn't you do everything you could Make sure we had an answer like we always do on election night? Why Would you make this worse Panes parties in the press and public must be educated, to adjust expectation, starting immediately I tell you who was in this room and you'll understand why the media is now telling us, over and over again there's not gonna be result. be a red mirage the second finding a determined campaign. Has the opportunity to contest the election into January. Twenty twenty twenty twenty one
We anticipate lawsuits divergent media narratives attempts to stop the counting ballots protests, drawing people from both sides. President trumped the incumbent will very likely use the executive branch to aid his campaign strategy, including through the Department of Justice. We ask that there is a chance. The president will try to convince legislatures and or governors to take actions. Quoting illegal actions to defy the popular vote. key words? Not the electoral process vote popular vote. Federal laws provide little guidance for how Congress should resolve irregularities when they convene in a joint session on January six, twenty twenty one of four, killer. Concern is how the military would respond in the context of uncertain election results, here. Recent evidence offer some reassurance but its inconclusive.
The administration on the third point, the transition process itself may be highly disrupted per day two in our exercises of all backgrounds and ideologies, believed that tromp would prioritize personal gain and self protection over ensuring an order. Orderly administrative hand off to his successor to may use pardon this to thwart future criminal prosecution. Arraign business deals with foreign governments to benefit him financially. Attempt to bribe and silence, associates decline, suffice sensitive documents and attend. to divert federal funds to his own businesses. Wow, that's what they think is coming wow. So how do they stop it.
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Actually, what is going on? You will see that this is not this a coordinated movement to take this election And you will understand that in the next hour. Let me just give you a couple of things better in the document to set it up and then I'll go through it next hour. Their their goal. The recommendations include a plan for contested election. If there's a crisis, events will unfold quickly. Sleep, deprived leaders will be asked to make consequential decisions quickly, thinking through options now, will help ensure better decisions. Approach this as a political battle, not just a legal battle in the event of Electoral contest. Sustained political mobilization will likely be crucial for ensuring in transition integrity dedicated, Evan Resources need to be in place, at least through the end of January, to focus on readiness in the states providing political support for complete and accurate counts addressed.
we address two biggest threats head on the lies about voter fraud and- SK relating violence and then anticipate a rocky administrative transition. They are prepared, thirty minutes ago, you heard me talk to a senator who is on the committee is the chair for homeland security. He said We haven't done anything on this week, as a government are not prepared for what's cometh Glenn Hey everybody knows pay pal, but Did you know that they were teaming up with honey? To save you, money
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things happened, What you're about to here is the fusion of entertainment and in my men, when programme from America
if you don't understand what the left has planned and has put into practice over the last several years, they have a new dry runs everything you have seen in on our streets and end in the last few years. That is just been a build up to a plan that launches the week of the election, and you need to know where what it is- and I happen to have it because they're not ashamed of it. This is Soros, sponsored WAR games scenario on how to protect the presidential election and transition is anything, but it is an assault on our constitution. And while I can, I am going to read this to you and it is posted it Glenn back dot com, don't take a word of what I say is gospel, used the original source and share it with your friend. We go over it in sixty seconds. The Green box.
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right for you save up to twenty five dollars off your first year with a promo code. Back, that's a free scan at lifelike, dot, com, slashed scan and twice five percent off the promo code back. Do it now: what I to share with. You is the transition integrity project, they convened by partisan group of over a hundred current form senior government campaign leaders and other experts who I will identify here- for you. Now. Each simulation exercise involved. Seven teams each composed of two to three people. The teams organs acted to allow players, flexibility to adopt different identities and do at different points in the game. The team where the Trump team, the binding, campaign republicanism did: officials, democratic elected officials, career federal government, employees, civilian and military and police appointees point?
the media right wing left wing and mainstream than the public. This was this team was manned by pulling experts the teams were made up for participants with real life experience in those roles. Important note. According to the document, the exercise was not designed to model or assimilate legal strategy, but rather better understand the potential political mobilization and media dynamic surrounding a potential electoral contestant how to AL candidates, might use and exercise political power to achieve if a win, all that's pretty telling, isn't it so, This isn't about fairness or protecting it. It's about how to use political power to win.
during the exercises team Trump and the G o P elected officials took the following steps: calling recounts in all states were victory, was not already apparent. Lunch coordinated investigations of the state and federal levels on alleged voting, a leg irregularities in an attempt to undermine public confidence in results that that didn't go trumps way. Tempt to halt the counting of mail in ballots by filing cases in state court or leaning on republican leaders to stop vote counting or certify a result early without waiting for the certified results for the Secretary of state. Turning out, Or will the horse This is so laughable. Turning out there well organised and committed base to take to this Reed's in trumps favour republic, We have never been well organised.
In part by disseminating DIS information about the danger posed by a pro Biden, demonstrator, suggesting likely and teeth of violence relying on both Fox news and right wing, social media and echo chambers to amplify pro trump messages and facilitate the harassment and bullying of election officials. The car chaos and delay and or intimidate officials into taking actions that benefited treat team trump also to use federal agencies to justify or support trump campaign tactics. One of them aggressive moves undertaken by the Tipp acts. Exercises team Tromp had Attorney General Bill bar order. The seizure of mail in ballots to ensure that vote counting would stop. so that's what they expecting us to do, and there is a lot of a lot of stuff in there about the violence on the streets being caused by the right.
That's why you're hearing all of this now in the media, they are softening those who are on the left, who believing this and they are also putting the propaganda out into the system. So the Average person will think that their clan members everywhere dirt, the exercise in by the way Chris Wallace played right into that knowingly or unknowingly. nominal. Leave it at that knowingly or unknowingly. He played right into that door the exercises team Biden and Democratic elected officials took the following steps: they, organized the Sistine Biden. One thousand influencers to denounce the efforts to steal the election, organised all living president's to stand with Biden and denounced Trump administration efforts to subvert the democratic process. So that would be Carter, Obama Clinton.
And Bush that's not a hard call recruiting moderate republican governors such as Baker in Massachusetts, Hogan in Maryland, to form an election protection coalition work, with local democratic elected officials, to call on the AG general of the National Guard along representatives from the technology sector. To me, your vote counting. Organizing, a bipartisan national day for restoration of democracy and a national day of unity, including faith, leaders attempt capital strike and work stoppage as part of an overall effort to push corporate leaders to insist that all ballots, be counted.
That's what happened when they war games this our team Biden, it says during tips, exercises almost always called for an relied on mass protests to demonstrate the public's commitment to a legitimate outcome with the objective hardening, the resolve of democratic elected officials to fight and take action. the possibility for violence. The report says again This is the they say it's by partisan support, but it was fully funded by George Soros and his allies The possibility for violence will increase significantly and the actions of law enforcement will become critical. If scenario exercise, suggests that President Bush and his more fervent supporters have every incentive to try to turn peaceful protests.
or Pro Biden, protests, violence in or to generate evidence that democratic victory is tantamount to mob rule, so I'm gonna go right to what. I did and then I'm going to come back to what their conclusions are. so. They ran for games and the game summaries. These war games for the election game, one ambiguous result. This is the one where you're not really sure who one on on election night To a clear Biden victory: that's your binding victory not just on election night. All of these are not just election night election night and then through the counting process game three a clear Trump win. This is the most important out of these four. Game for a narrow Biden, win, ok, ambiguous, Clear Biden,
clear Trump Narrow Biden, So let me show you what they did and what they figured out on each game and what their game plan is. so game won. The first game instigated investigated a scenario in which the outcome of the election remained unclear from action night through throughout game play the election, I'll come turned on results of three states: North Carolina, Michigan in Florida, and combinations of outcome from those states could result in a range of final election results, including two Sixty nine to sixty nine electoral college tie a blue shift. occurred during the game where there initially looked like likely. A Trump win shifted in the second turn, looking to lie abiden win, so it was unclear in both games Trump campaign began the game by calling on Biden to concede, based on the election night in person, voting returns, which skewed towards President Trump and the GEO P. The Trump
campaign also use the bully pulpit of the presidency and influence with the right wing media to lock in the election night returns to call into question mail in ballots or the legitimacy of post election day vote counts and in this. The support of republican officials in several states to immediately halt further vote counting the Campaign then asked the Department of Justice to deploy federal agents across the nation to secure the voting sites and purple. here. The national guard for possible deployment to maintain order under potential pro test, general bar instructed the g o J to support litigation that would prevent further counting of mail in ballots on election The campaign for Biden, declared a victory and were it was imminent and called for every vote to be counted. The team mobilized network to inflict influential by partisan elites elect
Officials, retired military officers to speak to the press and denounce any of his effort to suppress counting the vote. The Biden campaign also called for peaceful rallies, echoing the call who count every vote now? Here's the here's, a part of this first of all They have already engaged, as you will read in this report, you can find it at Glenn backed outcome. They have already talked to the National guard. They have already talked to military leaders. They have already laid these plans out. They know how, going to react. Our side has done nothing. I talked to Us Senator Johnson, about an hour. or ago- and I talk to you about that. Have we done. He said nothing. We ve done nothing. they have an operation and when they say every vote counts you have to remember. any time you do mail in voting
Male in voting is new, no matter what anybody says, there are only a couple of states that actually did it. That's the same as an absentee ballot and Always throw out about twenty and his highest thirty percent of those ballots regular Does any old election they throw away? thousands of votes, I can get don t you, the press is not going to say that is a normal process, they're going to say their disenfranchises two hundred A hundred thousand people just right here, which work out to be about twenty to thirty percent of the vote, which is normal. The GNP elected officials publicly supported trumps victory, claims of voter fraud but stopped short of deploying the military forces. Democratic Elected officials were proactive in states where they held offices to.
insure votes would be counted and build by partisan coalitions to oversee and protect the count. You notice that already we are in position as the steelers of the election turned two and three: the Trump campaign turned to again attempted to federal lies. The national guard Our officials from both parties sought to block or overturn results in key states, including seeking use friendly state legislators and governments to send alternate an additional set of electors after the dice roles. Most of the Efforts failed, the scenario played out. North Carolina went to Biden in Florida de Trump leaving Michigan is deciding state there. A rogue individual destroyed a large number of vat ballots believed to have been supporting Biden leave He trump a narrow electoral win governor of Michigan use this abnormality as adjust
vacation to send a separate Pro Biden set of electors to D C. Do you see how well thought out? This is. President Tromp invoked the insurrection ACT, the out the scenario hinged on how the elected officials from the two parties addressed the separate slate of electors from Michigan GEO officials asserted that as president of the Senate, vice press did pants could legally choose to accept or reject electors as he wished. There was a clear resolution of the conflict until in the January, six joint session of Congress partisans on both sides still claiming victory, leading to the problem of two claims of commander in chief in power, including acts of the nuclear codes at noon on January twentieth. that scenario, one.
All of this is Glenn backed out. Come I'm going Take you through the rest of it. You need to hear all of it because we are About four weeks away from these scenarios being put into place and when you see how the media is already in lockstep how the media is already doing everything that this document, says the media has to do You are watching a stage play there is no truth in what you're watching on mainstream media watching a stage play. And if you don't believe me good, I'm happy you don't believe me. I don't need you to believe me. I need you to do your own homework. I need you to go. Look for these documents. I posted them at Glenn, back dotcom, compare him we will place where you from
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this war game number to the Trump campaign, initially contested the outcome of the vote. Once it became clear that efforts to overturn that outcome, we are unlikely to succeed. The Trump campaign pivoted to a strategy of self preservation and law. it'd future lean legal liability. Quite honestly, with We know of the deep state damn right, that's exactly what he should do make sure that we are not. I mean, because we will be a banana republic. We are there the deed state is real, and this is evidence of it. We don't put President's in jail. And that has been the long stand. I think it's wrong. It's been a long standing thinks a we don't have political enemies back and forth in tit for tat tell him you now ever things changing in our country. We are a banana republic.
The term campaign initially alleged massive fraud and called for a joint d and ideal J investigation in electoral election results. Negations, reinforced by GNP elected officials, both Trump campaign and GEO, beating called on the media to cast doubt on the income. The outcomes, unlike in other scenarios. They never attempted to get state legislators to repudiate the certified popular vote in the states or throat or athwart the law process for counting ballots, the Trump, And pain, maximized, federal funding for Trump businesses, Malleson that they feel that is by no means he's going to take federal funds and direct them to his businesses, but you'll be controlled Senate pushed through an outstanding judicial nominations, damn right, they better the truck campaign sought to shield Trump and his team from any future criminal jeopardy by preparing pardons for all individuals connected to the administration, regardless of admitted or perceived guilt. Damn right, they should
The binding campaign successfully secured the election result and work to forge coalitions who, with elected GEO P officials, which dice roles granted to a limited extent, while taking public. Steps to heal the country, the dynamic elected representative team also push whereby partisan alliance on the election. Tension coalition is awaited. Insulate results from the d o J dna investigations. They also sought to enlist faithless electors through the game, the budget, the play did not grant this. So here's a a clear by victory and I think what the Trump administration who did would be right on the money contested don't do anything extra! Look at it. If its clear its clear move on then protect yourself, because these people are vicious. The binding team emphasise standing up for credit transition process,
They said, then, that campaign the Trump campaign Started the new mega tv station, the binding campaign remain focused on transition, blah blah blah blah blah. So that's that's regular trump and pain fights for a minute that gives up and there's a transition of power right back put it Next, one I'll. Give you the next one here in just a minute. This is the really important one aren't we all do things that we regret later down the war of the road, a wearing a hawaiian teacher. You know buying a rolex from the Guide three cornered. That will not really good idea getting into a timeshare right. I mean unless you're one of the few lucky people out there, that timeshare has done little except drain money out of your bank account for years. The in its fee every year with a maintenance v it's time to get out of a bad deal if you're in one, and if you don't think you can. I have some news for you: help is a phone call away, but you gotta make that phone call
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This is the Glen by programme everything that I am going over today. I urge you to burn to see be before it is removed before it is changed or edited. It is preventing a disrupted presidential election and transition. The executive summary for transition- integrity, project tip- This is a war game done by well was completely financed by George Soros and his allies And so you can guess how things went. It is under the guise of making sure that everything is fair and that we we do. right thing to protect our car Institution and our republic, To make sure nobody is trying to steal anything. so in the war games, game too was the clear Biden victory, and I just want to recap, because the
next game was a clear trump victory, and you tell me if this is by partisan group. That is plotting to save the republic or destroy the Republic game to clear, binding victory. In this scenario, Biden one out right in the electoral college in the popular vote Trump campaign, initially contested the outcome of the vote, one became clear that efforts to overturn then I'll come more unlikely to succeed. The campaign pivoted to a strategy of self preservation and limiting future legal act, the liability, so in other words they They were getting ready to vacate the White House, but he passed a bunch of pardons in advance. Ok, that's that's! How They got on a clear Biden, victory now, here's game three vehicles Trump victory.
The third scenario posited a comfortable electoral college victory for President Trump, two hundred and eighty six, two thousand two hundred and fifty two, but also a significant popular vote, win. Fifty two percent two hundred and forty seven for former vice president the game play ended how did it end with a clear, binding. the game play ended in a constitutional crisis with threats, of secession and the potential for either a decline into authoritarianism or IRAN, ethically revamp, set of democratic rules that ensure the popular will prevails. Louis the game ended with the abolish meant of the electoral college and making the district Colombia, Porter Rico States and other changes. Key moves and actions include the trump can
they had two main objectives on the outside of the scenario. First, priority was to legitimize the electoral college results by pushing narratives. That casts doubt on former vice president's popular vote victory by portraying widespread protest of President Tromp as Anti american undemocratic and promoting Rob mob rule. The Trump campaign planted agents provocateurs centre that through these protests throughout the country to ensure the protest turned violent and Further, the narrative of violent insurrection against lawfully elected president. Do you really think we need to put some violent provocateurs? It's called and tea for the second, Tromp campaign priority was to consolidate power or reduce or eliminate the deep state, the broader
institution resistance of President drops agenda for a second term. Specific measures included selected promotions of military personnel with pro american views, rushing judicial nominations, increasing financial incentives to big businesses and working with states to MAC maximize GNP control through redistricting the GEO Peel did official team was supportive of trumps effort to crack down on protest. establishing law and order in defeating the anarchist, was the unifying call, but they pressed present president Trump to slow down on the campaigns. More aggressive and overt efforts to consult power, partly of concern that they would lose support of moderate Democrats needed to publicly declared trumps of legitimate victory. Most constant now, why are there were riots in the streets wired? even protest in the streets, because It was a clear victory Biden should say I give up he's the president. He won the popular vote and he won the Electoral college
he wins the electoral college and not the popular vote. The time, to change the rules is in a non heated discussion in a non heated time. We, have that conversation you're, not they conversation you're having Conversation on the streets after you don't like the results that Is revolution also capitalizing concern about widespread voter suppression. Before and on election day, the Biden campaign began. The game by encouraging three states with democratic governors, North Carolina Wisconsin in Michigan, to ask for recounts as a game develop governors in two of the three Wisconsin in Michigan sent separate slates of electors to counter those sent by the state legislature. You see what's happening, there is clear Trump win. That's the scenario.
Biden doesn't give up Trump did when becomes apparent. He can't win Trump gives up Now, why are we worried about what Trump would do when we see that the he laughed is planned. in a clear victory for Donald Trump to send other delegates and and and other electors, sir, Fritz slates the GNP can fail to convince moderate Democrats in the house to break ranks with democratic resistance. Very Morton words and support. Frumps electoral victory. Much to the GNP surprise. Part of the strategy here was to attack the Electoral College and claimed that the certified popular votes in those states were questionable because of voters. Suppression at the the first term, country was in the midst of a full blown constitutional crisis care to rise by political chaos. Why
spread. Threats of violence and sporadic actual violence in the streets for a hostile, dangerous, highly partisan and frequently unconstrained information and media. Environment. You know I'm tired of the Democrats, lecturing that just ass. You do the right thing for the country. No there's times you have to do the right thing for the constitution, because they all swore to protect and defend the com The position of the United States you're not to protect, in defending a president, a party, an ideology you are protecting and defending the constitution of the United States. This has to change our political system. Turns two and three. The Biden campaign encouraged. Listen to this debate, campaign encouraged western states, particularly California, but all
Oregon Washington to be collectively known as cascade area to secede from the union, unless congressional Republicans agreed to a set of structural reforms to fix our democratic system? To ensure majority rules we advice from President Obama Biden campaign submitted a proposal to one statehood to Washington, DC and Porter Rico? To accurately represent its population in the Senate, require Supreme Court justices to retire at seventy and eliminate the electoral college, see if they do this, then they don't have to pack the court they just get. Everybody was older than seventy get him off you can replace all of them. she will are all such spring chickens. You can read this
Tire thing. You can read it at Glenn back dot com? but I want you to read it. You know. Why did the Lord give us the book of revelation. Why would he do that? Why would he tell us about all these horrible things that are coming. Why would he give us all the signs? This is the one you look for this when you look for he didn't to scare us. He did it, so you could. Screw your courage to the sticking place. He did it. So you knew what was coming next. so you wouldn't be afraid you would know.
And you know how it all ends. I believe I know how it ends and it's good But it's going to be a log to get there. They want us to. they want us to strike out. They want us to create chaos. We were so restrain during the tea party and we think we didn't make a difference. Will there's another one that I want you to read. This is from the different group. This is Obama's group grouped you remember what I said. the the, Obama administration was doing what was it
I can remember the name of his his group for President Obama. Organizing for Obama. I think this is organizing for action- and I said at the time he's going to control the Democratic Party because he has all of the names and the phone numbers and all The organizing lists he is going to run it after he leaves office. That was a conspiracy theory. Well here it is here. It is in this. organizing for action. This is President Obama's thing, indeed possible. A practical guide for resisting the trumpet agenda for anyone who thinks we didn't win in the tea party? Listen to this, what the tea party conflict the teeth, Eddie organised to end hope for progressive reform under President Obama, their members chain- the votes and defeated legislation? They re
ethically slowed federal policy, making they forced Republicans to reject compromise. They shaped national debate over President Obama's agenda. They pay the way for a Republican take over in twenty ten and Donald Trump. Today. These are real, tangible results by a group that was represented only by a small portion of Americans. They're, using what we did. As their way of organizing for action exam. They're, not grass roots. This works again them and for them it works for them because they have millions of dollars. Things that we never had. The organization is amazing,. It's really quite awesome. But what they don't have is the truth. Would they don't have is the love of country they have
The hate of something else, the love of country is what drove all of us and we stay discipline. How many times did they call you violent? How many times did they just told you in Tokyo and poke you and you never responded? We wouldn't be here today. People were violent, the I need you to be violent and they, even if you're not violent, they will say you are. But we are on a sacred journey together. And I'm telling you now the hand of God will turn the Mississippi and make it run in the other direction. We need it and are worthy of it. We cannot become all that. We despise
We are going to have to be very, very careful and very smart. This. Europe is set to snap around your neck, It will kill the republic. We are in We are not asking God to be on our side. We Us get down on your knees and humble ourself pray we do not get all that we deserve as a nation pray that he will at least turned his face of little bit towards us. As we commit to him to be, on his side. These are his rights, not ours. all right tell you about wrecked tech. There are sponsor,
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Are concerned about what happens not just before the election, but also after November? Third, both twitter and Facebook say there how can we cracking down on post? That say, for example, voting by mail is somehow fraudulent post that the Kate violence to disrupt the transfer of power or premature claims of victory and they'll do by either labeling or removing we Should say that some of these kinds of messages and spreading doubts have come from none other than the President of the United states himself. I mean this. Does that fact complicate things for these companies and what they can do, what you re, we heard this again from President Trump this week at the debate has suggested he might not accept the results of this election. You know in the case of face this company has come round pretty reluctantly to the idea that they might have to somehow moderate what the President says, but they will. You are already seeing it Jake temporary you wouldn't let the spokesperson for the president even speak. Yesterday I mean you thought Donald Trump was interrupting Alot nuisance you Jake, Tapir did
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to become a member. Today, benefits are great, causes, greater aim, Acta, com, sorry Amy. dont? U S slash a MAC may see dot. U S, slash back a MAC better. For you better for America, What you're about to here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment the Glenn Programme,
hello America, welcome to the Glinda programme. This whole show today has been dedicated to something I am tugging red November. It's either going to the elections, will be all red and will have a clear, Victorian, Donald Trump or you're. Gonna have fires in the streets which will cause it to be read or worse red November. It's all planned out and we we showed you in their own words in this election integrity project that their touting, that is by partisan. It was funded by George Soros Senator on early this morning, RON Johnson, I asked him you are aware of this course. What are we doing? What is the federal government doing to prepare? He said nothing, nothing, we're not doing anything. Why? Well, I shall let you decide that, but I am not alone in the warning and I'm not allow alone in calling for somebody to start making plans a guy who's been saying this for a while Matthew Petersen he's the founding editor of the american mind and VP of education at the Claremont Institute, he's just written in article four, the american mind, no clue for you. We talk to him in sixty seconds the Green box.
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nasty, especially when you can get it now in the Toulouse. Eric and financing call them Right now, eight hundred nine zero six twenty four forty, eight hundred nine zero, six, twenty four forty or go to american financing dot net american financing. Annabel us one eight do through three: four W W w dot animal s, consumer access, dot, org, have you Petersen, as vice president education, the clear mounts institute, and and also the founding editor of american mind. Dot Org in Claremont DOT. Org is where you can find him Matthew. I can't thank you enough for coming on today. and, being so far ahead of of this particular topic. We are in real trouble. Is that of accurate statement
yes, absolutely by can't. Thank you enough for being one of the few people willing to talk about this in the last month. We are real trouble and ports farming. Is everyone knows it? Everyone can see what's going to happen and they'll describe it in different ways, but we know that there is a very high probability that this election is not decided on election day. That's by design changes in voting procedures by the Democratic Party and enormous push midstream to change the rules in rags And we know what's gonna happen after when Trump and others on the moroccan side decide to fight it and I urge you to remember here this morning there already talking about you know what will facebook do? What will twitter do cut off the president's communication so that this is a social crisis by design and its it's already under way.
so Matthew. I I touch a senator RON Johnson this morning about this, and I said what is the american government doing and in what is? What are the joint? Is a GEO p doing it, there's no one war games, they have been war gaming and in their own words they say that everything we ve seen on the streets has just been dry, runs to prepare them for. What's coming at the election, we're not what I mean we don't survive as a republic if there is not a another side. yeah, and what we are seeing is the consequence of of really years of mismanagement, and we now have in the clouds for the GEO be. What strikes me is that it over and over again the debates, everything that happened in the last few weeks you see besides tromp fighting for himself. There.
Is not a lot of it does not help what there there's not the infrastructure. So, as we said in this house in this editorial in a way the Rights George Soros, where's the rights transition integrity project. Now, there's lots that the governor, should be doing including mean a prosecuting these groups that are committing acts of violence, but I will say a minute hard for any one of the federal government to put together a plan that that flexible and broad enough I mean this- is really a and Elect in an election type thing right. This is really what the campaign strategies should be doing. This is what your fusion GPS, if you have one, should be working on, but it here's the problem. Glenn, we don't have one. We don't have our own groups and infrastructure outside of the federal government working on these problems and we don't start. If we have, we don't start to create that infrastructure. Nor are we gonna lose in November. We're gonna lose forever more and that I think, is
main problem. So what we need is elites who were you know actually people in power on the right to come together and started work on this, because we would have the infrastructure. So let me ask you this, though, that there's that's talking down above the road. If, if this happens here, you ve seen you read the report, the executive summary spells it all out. Even if a clear Trump win. Are trying to change the the whole makeup of our system? if they do when it all chain. we will never see the republic as we know it ever again and that's not hyperbole, I believe so What is the average person do out? How do we react to this when it begins. Well, the first. The first thing is: we need to be aware of what's going on and we need to be talking about it and we need to be calling it out. So
so that I think is is part of the effort that Europe is thankfully engaged in now, as is telling people look there they're not hiding what they about to do and you're not gonna hear this from the main Three breastplates clear it out me open up a secret really is out me open. You just need to interpret the right way, but I know Don't see any way around us. We need leaders with people who are going to stand up and start organizing forever activists, type behaviour and wit We need activism badly right. There were, if so, I was thinking this this morning on the way and look if we called a meeting of all the groups like the did other activists groups and said: ok, we're all gonna go protest in the streets
I mean all that list look like right who would be ice now. We would have a list of some group three us, but it would be nothing like what they are. Obviously it's, our thousands tens of thousands of union members etc. I don't see any way around people organised sing for a kind of peaceful activism. There is no way that we have to do that. We're gonna, have to create activists, groups that that organise people and that our presence in our voice, known and we're need leaders for that. But but leaders are made in situations like this, where average people stand up and start figure out ways to strike back. We are also going to need some of our political figures beyond Trump. To start talking about this more explicitly and if they don't, you know we're in trouble and in this is a time for those in there Working Party on no other moderates are scared right now, because we see the purge that's coming, if, if Biden wins, abattoir
I have to have some courageous people stand up and I think a lot of folks will rally to them if they start saying the words when you say we have to be able to strike back how do you mean that Well, I mean that I don't see a way around making a presence in the streets known having peaceful protests that counter. the protests of the left. I really, I would like to say something else, something more, actual all that. But now we need we're. Gonna need to be in the streets in some way, making our presence known, and then also where'd you don't eat, you dont mean with violence No, I mean, I mean peace, actual peaceful protests, you you, you was something modeled after Martin Luther King, exactly again, I think that that would
me no justice. Imagine the imagery right, I mean you saw the little bits happen with the statute as some of my friends and adventurer California, where and defended a statue of Saint Sarah and You know they say least presented the mob from ripping it down. The city and cowardly officials got rid of it anyway, but but they prevented it and. What you saw was families, and a lot of young men standing around the statue, and it was very peaceful and just their mere presence was when you saw that the value of it you could see the juxtaposition them standing there peacefully and then other thought yelling and screaming. That's ultimately, what could needed it that's hard because look on the run, as we as we know, people are busy, they have a life, they have jobs, are not paid to go out and do this but I don't see a way around that in due course there's more than than just peaceful protesting in the streets. There's also the way you can organise online and I think that
could in our own way make it for the other side, when they do so that we think are acceptable in what way. How do you mean? Well, I think we're gonna need a kind of a kind of boycott movement To go after big corporations, but two swarm and make our displeasure known when someone says something does something that we think is reprehensible. Again, this is something we are used to doing. We don't want to act like the left and cancel people, but we do, on the other hand, need to have a public voice, able, if that would be. For instance, you had did Michael Anton on my friend and colleague from Claremont bright eye when people issue really veiled death threats against him on Twitter. That means we raise a ruckus and we
keep some pressure on various people who made those statements we dont forget about it. We don't let it go about wheat. We try to I back in our way now look week. We can't just not going to just do what the left as a mere image right are. Our protests would be, in fact, peaceful, but there are ways to do this, and We don't start figuring it out, we're in trouble and, like I say it's hard because we don't have the the infrastructure. We don't have to billionaires funding, activists, organizations and we don't have the billionaires getting all the smart people in a room took game out, nor the war Game of of what's gonna happen, and what do you know how we could move chest pieces on the table? How we could possibly counteract this these people and that's what damage that did the people with money on the right are but really the shameful shameful they will be held responsible at some point in the afterlife. I think for not doing everything they could to pray.
man's freedom. I cannot believe the way billion errs on the right really rarely get involved in anything. It's it's. Tragically sad we're talking about few Petersen the founding editor of the american mind VP of education in the Claremont Institute, This really the one way that the right can organise quickly is if it was led by pastors and churches. Because I already will be able to say peaceful and there their congregations will understand that and they will follow those those both pastors. And they'll follow them into Hell. If, if the pastors have the spine to do it,. Do you agree with that?
yeah. I think that's that's a very important point and I think that people face need to realise that this is not a drill. You know this is this is not. It is not an exercise. Game did the violent brow. I'm sure that have been marshalled for the sake of political power about laughed a minute only a matter of time. We already see churches being, burn down and no one seems to be investigating are very interested in that. Why are these poor people lighting charges on fire we see this in the margins, but did they only? to get worse, and now we re really is ridiculous. At this point, we know where this goes. So, if the churches do not step up now, they don't start to protest now to add to counteract what what's happening, then we're gonna be
world trouble very soon, and we know where it goes. I know this is like watching a train right. A train wreck and slow motion is everyone's been saying everybody we can see this. Everyone knows we, we we need people with the bravery and what I would say is if you stand up. I don't know many examples of people in their job. you know in their church with you, stand up and start saying some of this you would be so prized, how many people will rally to you. I mean obviously be prudent. We don't want people to lose their job for free, I think of nothing, but but There are many examples where you would be surprised if you listening out there at how many people we wish you- and in fact you know where I had about these people agree with you, but they're scared. So what what you need is theirs is ancient Greek analogy in his comes from homer everyone's. Retreat everyone's in retreat in the Trojan war and a dizzying stops,
the guys who is leading the retreat- and he waxed them with a stick and says that we're going to stand our ground and once they stand their ground all of a sudden everyone else. Standing around them. That's the way it a reversal, the mob mentality. That's how you stopped and you need people standing up and people will rally around you. But if the churches don't do that soon, You know I mean it. Would government already has an incredible amount of power over over worship. They don't care about religious liberty at all and they're gonna, say you're all hate groups anyway, Morton, Matthew Petersen Founding editor American Mine, VP of Educational Claremont Institute, I have one more question, but I needed to take as one minute network break you hold Justice act out where they are back in just one minute. First, let me tell you about our sponsor scar shield. You can just mean all hope and pray that something's gonna go wrong with your car when you're warranty goes out, but it always does and
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a deductible may apply ten second station so I'm to Doktor Matthew Peterson, you mentioned, you heard something. Mp are I heard the same thing and I actually pulled it for the show today. Let me play it again, please. This is the audio from NPR today that this time I'm as Facebook, chief operating officer, Cheryl Sandberg, told all things considered this week. companies are concerned about what happens not just before the election, but also after November. Third, both twitter and Facebook say there now can be cracking down on post. That say, for example, voting by mail is somehow fraudulent posts that advocate vial. To disrupt the transfer of power or premature claims of victory and they'll do that their labeling or removing. We Should say that some of these kinds of messages and spreading doubts have come,
from none other than the President of the United states himself. I mean it. Does that fact complicate things for these companies and what they can do, what you are We heard this again from president tromp this week at the debate he suggested he might not accept the results of this election. You know in the case of Facebook, This company has come round pretty reluctantly to the idea that they might have to somehow moderate what the President says: that's a remarkable piece of audio, especially if you read any of the stuff tat we ve been telling you I'm posting today at Glinda com. You can get it now of the transition integrity project. What they're saying they're going to do in already are doing their already in the press. But in their own, in their own words and in their documents they talk about the that they have to find a way to silence any voice that can rally people and they talk about first going to those people and asking further better angels. While I haven't had a phone call from anybody on the
a transition integrity project. I dont think Ben Shapiro has, I dont, think Stephen Crowd or has wouldn t you can You can you give me your opinion on the z silencing of voices, I'm lucky, because I have radio but silencing of voices on line by just shutting down our pipes will still be online, but no one will see us and social media. You believe That's going to happen after election, I think we know I mean, let's believe what they're telling us right now, that the big tech companies are a bit nervous and twenty sixteen. They were blamed Four trumps win and they ve had awful forces in America going after them every day for four years ever since remember the internet was great and wonderful. I went Obama's president and then, when it blew up in their face when drop one, all the sudden digital technology
terrible night came down these companies and sadly, of course, allow these cup. is broken. A lot of them didn't need much pressure to turn to the left and also we will see how far they go. I would say A silver lining here- is empty hours, running this story, because they're still trying to put pressure on Facebook. I mean the reason their running. This story is be, as also to put the tech companies on notice to keep constant pressure on them to do what they want them to do, and that, and so that's that's notable it's not as if their that tech companies are all one thing, but they certain. Are not on our side. They certainly know what they're supposed to do and say, and on the right, the left, meaning its pressure on them young and we haven't done that to the extent we started talking about it, it led to great resolve. I guess we need leaders who are willing to stand up to them. Thank you very much daughter, Matthew, Petersen, Glenn Back programme.
He had a lot of work to do in very short time. when a significant amount of your time is being spent in pain, the thing you're constantly looking for, which alludes you is pure and simple hope. That's it It's hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel tunnel when you're down- and there is no one, but I have to tell you there is hope, because I've been there. I have Offered some version of what your suffering and we're all we all go through. It. Took learning about trying relief factor for me to get my life back, I ll key to be married to the greatest woman. Ever the she said, I'm not gonna. Listen! You! Wine anymore! You gotta, try everything. I said. I have tried everything she and tried this relief after it's not a drug, Was developed by doctors, I didn't think it would work when he presented the people who try go on order more I've ordered it now for the last two and a half years order, the three we Quick start see if it works for you, seventy percent of the people who do it they order more because it works, kick
Paying out of your life and get your life back now we need you in the game, relief factor, dot, com relief factor, dot, com, eight hundred five hundred eighty three, eighty four call now You truly want to understand what we ve been talking about today and no it inside and out just go. Listen to my specials all on demand. Last night's Glenn Back Programme and several emails. Today I didn't even know What camera show Shod gets my desk here behind Leah, the monitors is there one? I don't Somebody with a shock that I had my scriptures and I know I said that I do
usually do a show with my scriptures, open and I mention that earlier today and somebody said I saw them I wanted to know what you are reading, so I could read with you, and there's a couple of school first that I go too far. My job and I Try to follow this, and I I screwed up all the time, but there's a couple stories in the first one is not enacts And it's why it's it's when Paul, who I just the door. He's going to Rome and he's a slave on the ship and our prisoner on the ship and he is,
he says we, we we, we shouldn't, leave so there's going to be a massive storm and it's going to be real trouble and we shouldn't leave. And nobody listens to him because he's a prisoner was well listen to him and they rejected. he knows there in trouble Voyage goes on and he just is Of good cheer ever but he did not listen to him. And he knew I was coming and then after he warned he was just comforting and kind and of good cheer. And then, when the storm came, those people remembered, And they brought him to the captain, because said a you know. There was a guy who knew this in we dismiss him, and
captain said. Who is easy? You he's a prisoner, bring em up. If we obey with exactness. We will gain unshakeable hope. I wrote over the top of these is his courage. or is this faith. I dont know what comes first and the other page is Romans won through thirty two. And it is it's: how Paul made a difference.
He greeted everyone. With his testimony. They start Today, talking about what I go to be true in my faith and then he taught people with affection. he warned them? He showed them proof of history, You then showed them their current situation and warned them, and then he left them with hope and a promise. May I this one day complete. That entire journey and leave you with a message today of hope and a promise. I know what comes.
I know it's going to be hard no, you feel alone and beaten up. I know you're tired. We have all grown old In our service of our country, but it's been worth it. As I told you today, there is the action plan written by the Obama people he, Sir, president, I didn't leave Washington, he started his own grass roots. Resist seeing the Trump agenda. This is a document that is avail legal and backed outcome, but in it he speaks about the tea party. and with a tea party, accomplished.
It organised to end hope for the progressive reform under President Obama. This is their own writing changed, votes and defeated legislation. They radically slowed federal port policy, they forced Publicans to reject compromise, they shape the national debate over present Obama's agenda. They Pave the way for the Republican take over two thousand ten and Donald Trump. Today, court. These are real, tangible results by a group that represented only a small portion of Americans opening pages of their plan to resist trump. salute you. The media and everybody else has made you fulfil small and insignificant. The yelling in the battle back and forth. is just made you sick to your stomach. The six weeks of shutdown that are now what entering
Six months of shutdown have beats: many people into oblivion, financially,. They want you to believe that you in America is on the rocks. Well, It's not on the rocks. but it is the titanic. And we have hit the iceberg. But we can save those on board. we have enough lifeboats. Things as we know it may go down, so be it we can build another ship, we can build a better ship. We need to save what truly a value, our family children.
our future our freedom. It's gonna be interesting to watch how. The days of the day is that have been predicted so long ago. as they begin to unfold in front of us and. We all see it. It's going to be amazing to watch I personally wanna be her for it. But I fear I will be. But it's going to be amazing to watch. because he has promised us. We have like sheep
on astray and we are listening to another shepherds voice. I serve only one master. I have only one king one rule. There is one set of laws that. Supersede all the other laws. And those laws always bring me to peace and standing, Compassion. I truly feel sorry for those who have all we been lost on the other side and I'm not talk, About the Democrats, there are those loss at a Republicans and those that are lost, that her independence, that spare that you have to feel to buy.
in to this kind of a plan. Must be overwhelming. No matter what anybody says. This nation is blast, This land is bless, land. and an unrighteous people will not be able to allowed to be allowed to possess this land. And if it means that all of us are washed off for gods purposes than we are all washed off. but if we just turn back to him and we beg his forgiveness He will show us the way. His mighty arm,
it will be seen by all of us in the day. to come. Let's be worthy of being the people who were lucky enough to stand and see it. It may not feel like it at times. But we're blast to live at this time,. Let's make the most of it be the best person. We can possibly be And while others are not listening to us, they reject us they, lock us in the hold of the ship. Even though we know that ship is going down If we are of good cheer, if we are
comforting if we do don't act like the rest that have gone insane. People will remember and when they are truly afraid, they will come to you. The only thing, I fear is God: when you get there, you will have hope me. As he is the only thing that and a you can read all of the documents all of the documents that I've been talking about today, Glenn backed out com. You can also see,
Broke it allowed on a chop bored. I urge you to watch the least the three, the last three specials on Glenn Back TV at Blue, He's tv there on demand right now. If you want to really understand it, you should work, The impeachment special because it, an amazing thing. All of the specials that we have done over the last year have All tied into this I mean we didn't know it at the time, but I feel we were really guided on that sure. You join us at the blaze Blaze, tv, dot, com, slow Glenn, if you use the promo code, save our democracy, me, you can save twenty dollars. much of our gold lying wondering. If I should tell you the story, I I had heard we can last weekend. because I was thinking about finances and I was thing:
about. What is what do I do? because I feel that their roles to play after thing, go crazy! That job will change and. and I didn't know what to do with certain things and I was reading. I was just reading about gold and treasure in the scriptures. and I was so confused. I thought what away with it? What do I do. it's not the love, it's not cold, it's the love of gold, and the reason why the gold gold is mentioned in the scriptures in those days is as of the love of gold, but God who then- and he knows now, go is the standard the world always returns to and
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this is the Olympic programme led by programme, let's go to Jeff in California, I Jeff Yes, I was just listening to your radio Joe and I caught you going into that speech and you know I just got to command that you know I'm a I could do them. Of an independent in our group when I was younger out more liberal another border, I've got a lot more conservative after, like in the times that were now the political divide and everything that people have been going through. you know what a pretty exhausted at this point not particularly a religious person, but you know the call for all of us the say we all need to just remember that Europe, we can't let this animosity
man is manifest into who we are. You know we all remember to be the best, yes, that we can be. Yes, I think, that's the perfect message for both sides and again, as an independent. I think I speak for both sides, I say this here where analysis, Canada and that it had in you. I won't as remember just got it. You know, Went down a little bit and you dont forget who you are here, have thank you much. I really appreciate it I would say that much of my life. I forgot who I was. I had become a man that I had LAO myself to become now the person that I really was and if we, if we know the difference, between those two we're gonna. make this all of the documents that I talked about today. I urge you to burn them too hard drive, them send them to friends, make sure you follow Paul
pattern is. I showed you earlier if you're wondering ok what a white? What does that mean? What do I do that good place to start? Is the preparedness guide to the Marxist Revolution and wrote this? back in summer and a good place to start also Glenn back Dotcom proudly,
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