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Trial or No Trial: Senate GOP, Make Up Your Minds! | Guest: Susie Jennings | 12/16/19

2019-12-16 | 🔗
Former FBI Director James Comey admits he was wrong about the FBI’s FISA handling. The mainstream media isn’t "mainstream" any more because of the Left’s arrogance. Despite the privacy concerns, Google is the most favorable company in America. Which is better, a real or fake Christmas tree? Democrats say Trump has tainted the 2020 election. Which would hurt Trump more – a massive Senate trial or letting it all go? Listeners call in with their takes on impeachment, corruption, and Mitt Romney. Is the "War on Christmas" real in our schools? Susie Jennings, founder and president of Operation Care International, joins to discuss helping the homeless and throwing a birthday party for Jesus this Christmas.

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Thank you so much was sir. Pleasure to have you back this morning. We had our Christmas Party on Saturday and it was any are over we're calmer. No light will be added to the gulf. Lay we'll talk about it in that. Second, irish, overcoming the number one inspirational movie in America's now available for digital download. Today, it's available in Blu Ray and DVD December, seventeenth it the Kendrick Brothers one of the Will you know some of the most beloved storytellers in the face state faith space? I think of our time they did courageous the war room, both huge heads over tells the story of Coach John Harrison when his high school basketball team State Champion Jim dreams are are crushed
you're, gonna you're gonna really love it. We talked about it when it came out really good movie, Overcomers movie, dot com overcome our movie dotcom download today or pre order, your copy on Blu Ray or DVD, overcome, or movie dot com the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment- ten o America and welcome to Monday glad you're here a lot to go over. We begin with James coldly when we come back in one minute.
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no, not respect for her respect. Horrida cover for the condition I think cheek. She could be she could be suicidal in her in her short life in a week we had the article that I felt really interesting about just search, search for meaning yeah. Then she says herself that she was really depressed, and this is what helped find her meaning in the tie. You can kind of understand some of those decisions, particularly that the parents of made in that, like if you The person whose, like it deep to pray, and she's here she met. She was completely lost that are like and found no meaning in her life and now their daughter is out there doing something that she feels is important and is much as you look at it from the outset of perspective in and can't understand how you'd thrust not like this into the public spotlight. On the other hand, like you, could probably see she's, probably a lot more reno. She. She parliament, Self, as they would see it around the house and everything else. So it's a tough, it's a tough
bandit banality addresses this is bad she's, cheese, aching, someone like that and putting them in this position is a recipe for disaster design, disaster. Finally, and I hope that my god forbid, I hope that something that doesn't have it, but she said she really is become the face of movement and now she's, going to put herself in a position where everything that she does is is is critique and- and under a microscope and at night Seward. It's also. She is she's she's. Turning into a monster, surely, as on her parents, are to blame, but we'll get into that little while levy. Let me just first: let's talk about James call me Jane call me has come out now and say we have the video of James call me here. I was wrong about Pfizer. He's a teen signify
and errors in the fire, a process, and you say that it was handled in a thoughtful and appropriate way. He's right. I was wrong. I was overconfident in the procedures that the FBI injustice had built over twenty years. I thought they were invest enough, it's incredibly hard to get a Pfizer. I was over confident in those because he's right there was real sloppiness. Seventeen things these are should have been in the applications, are least disgust and characterize differently it. It was not acceptable and so he's right. Pretty pretty amazing moment there, because we heard how many times from James Comin that this was a perfectly buttoned up process, though we have the audio. Do you know how the audio from last week, where he was saying It was completely
indicated him yet completely vindicated him. There was no problems at all, yet we may have two clips just sick. You know tucking backs up here. We may have to close the coma thing, there's one or two and a half minutes and our sheet. If we have that one could we could we will that Acta has the vindication angle in as possible are now to have any idea unknown to anybody target was are more roll over here welfare. While we're waiting for that clip. Let's go to add here's trade gouty. Talking about that. Oh, my apology think this morning, comb we admit it who is wrong? Sometimes, Maria Maria it's better late than never, and sometimes it's just too damn late and in this case call me, is about two years too late. We could have used his objectivity, we could have used and the head of the FBI, helping Republicans figure out what is happening with five instead of the warning us in obstructing. Also that was a policy procedure issue is not Maria. They ve always
been policies against manufacturing, evident to withholding exculpatory evidence. That's not new. Those aren't new policies. Business personnel issue is the wrong people in the wrong positions of power. That's not can be fixed. Will the new policy or procedures can be fixed by replacing the people who did what they did in twenty six thing to get points made by trade gouty with fascinating hair? Look I couldn't cancer. I don't know what he was saying. I could you play that again, just without the audio view. Happily we watching blaze TV. I was thing I couldn't. I didn't even see there. I couldn't even less Adam vulnerable area. No, I know I was the training on his nose its disappearing. It's like just the straight line, doubted it it's like. Is it beaker forever, Where will it looks a little like beaker with the little care on the top and this right notice and seen that before I met here it does just think of him.
I'm on my way where payment. Yeah yeah? I know that I mean I pray, I mean. I say this with all respect. While you you say this is a man. Who's made a Kentucky, fried colonel chickens, t shirt of his face on the side of a chicken bad. So I mean: are you laugh at myself, so I can live a monster. He can't ok aright, while I didn't do it the longer clip here of James going yeah. If we get here that total confidence at the fire of process was followed in the entire cases of thoughtful responsible way by the J and the FBI notion advisable to be used here is nonsense. Nonsense, conspiracy, theory can spare, see theory. As bizarre, etc. Cindy here call me come out and say that an end you know I
es. You give him some credit for admitting it in a little late thinking. I I don't know I mean I guess you say: ok areas recently sang it, but it's impossible. That and to deny at this point- and this also the same guy. As you point out who, when this came out said it was complete vindication, which they Christmas ask him about said hey. You know. You said this was complete vindication of for your position here. But the idea said about that and they play however, the edgy saying no, it was definitely not complete vindication others. Massive problems here It's true. I mean it's obvious right, we're all. We all saw the report, we can see and hear and read so the was a weird pr attempt to come out and say you were vindicated and then ten seconds later come out and say well, you're right. Call me line on the vindication: to say. Well, we were vindicated from the very worst accusations.
Right, so to say instead of saying like well. Well, I'm your very worst accusation by your vindicated Carter pay each that was, he says in an end, he's playing the line that the media was playing, which is there was no political bias. That was report said. There's no political bias now didn't say that it's that there was no evidence, there's a documentary, evidence of political bias. However, the How do you may, however, having team errors and they're all going one way and they're not errors? They're changing documents falls the final document of the only two explanations for this are political bias. They were doing their breaking their own rules to target Trump right. That's we're on! Never too is they break their own rules. All the time to get these Pfizer warrants the end, and it's all tilted towards actually conviction if you will write witches that's even worse and worse, I mean so which one is it. Is it that who always fix these things so do you can give the fires are warranted or were you targeting Trump for political reasons? One of the two
the entire system is a disaster. If they do this, everybody. So in a way you kind of wish they were just doing it because I didn't like trump it out because These then you'll have to completely scrap the entire system, but until we know the answer to that. You pretty much happen. Grab the entire system if this is the way their handling this its whatever Libertarian warned us about this. Entire time going down in the Bush administration and were apparently, there are completely right completely right, completely completely vindicated the oratorians were yes, yes, correct, yes, here I was. I was looking at the Boris Johnson, win and- then? Looking at this impeachment and looking how the the F tier in America has been dealing with things and how they're trying to silence people and I think, there's a few lessons that really need to be learned and I think the first thing is,
the silent majority is, The Democrats should be talking to and trying to relate to, because the silent majority, not the law. Out minority that act He goes out in votes right, Our society is built on silencing and making you feel alone and Europe majority. It's the same message. I gave you during the nine twelve project, you're, not alone you're, not alone There are millions of Americans who feel just like you do and they're not all Republicans. Some are independent. Some are Democrats, but they don't lie the craziness that is happening right now, social media. Social media is not the voice of the majority. Botz, don't vote, algorithms, don't vote people. Do
algorithms make people discouraged algorithms make people feel alone. Algorithms make people stay home, so it's the majority voice. The silent majority voice that we need pay attention to. If you're going to win an election, that's who you pay attention to, not social Media and certainly not the press? The third thing that I think everybody needs to learn is the main Stream media is no longer mainstream, not you don't mean that their well there so far left I mean they're, not really appealing to the main stream anymore? There not be appealing to the silent majority there not appealing people in the centre of the country and it has been replaced, but the mainstream media is, has now been replaced by one entity them
industry media, has been replaced by hundreds hundreds of entities. So. We ve lost some of our cohesion. We ve lost some of our unity but I believe- Cause we We no longer believe the mainstream media were better off for it. But you should know mainstream media. It was your bias. Your lies, your incompetence, your air. Against that drove your audience away. They didn't find something necessarily they like better just couldn't take you anymore, and you have sullied yourself so badly that it's over Did you can't silence, thought you can't tell people over and over the sky screen. When we all know the sky is blue, sure, Sherlock Holmes
do rely on investigations and investigative reporters. But we don't us do anymore. The american p pull are smarter than you given them credit for. And if the media doesn't learn that the media's done done. Close up the shop sell, the lights cell the cameras, nobody buying nobody's watching close up shop. The same thing can be said, thank God for Progressive ERA and the A socialist democratic, socialist era they are selling a load of goods that the word quite honestly doesn't want except third world countries. And once they get it, they don't want it either. About to change, and it just
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Cast MSNBC in fake news. Cnn are watching their ratings tank. Fred O is on CNN and using freighter. Dying on CNN. Dont know why Fox wants to be like them. That's pretty standard fox behaviour, though, to bring on opposing interviews. Right I mean that's, that's been something they done for a long time. Here's my prediction MA am Yes, addiction, sure, here's, my prediction tromp will leave office in twenty twenty four, most likely And he will purchase oh, I am and he will start the trump. Ill news network or the Trump Television Programme, our Trump NEWS network, you don t. I then he's throwing Fox news under the boss, because something they deserve to be thrown onto the boss, but don't we all but
He is setting up to be the competitor and write it down trump will merge or purchase Owen and become the Trump news. Networking that's interesting. I mean it. Certainly, a possibility is that just gonna go away right here We are going to play just play. Golf marilla necessitates gonna happen on this point: the millennium Mention how media is being in over by hundreds and hundreds of yeah. He says how people fine, their news in other ways and how they trust or things and one of the things you talked about a lot is the control of of big tech over so many of these voices seen it was Stephen prouder within it with you and with so many Prager University noises and like I feel it
talk about this stuff. Sometimes we can get into our own little bubble here and we talk about how big of a problem this is and how it kind of seems, like everybody, should know it by now. I was fascinated by this that this is a brand new study of a brand mobility in the United States, ok, so that giving the top five or six year Campbell Soup, seventy two point: nine per unfavourably Sony. Seventy five percent favorability Kellogg. Seventy five point: nine. You p S, seventy six percent, Amazon, twenty six percent very favourable number to analyse is Hershey's the United States of America Hershey. Seventy eight point, six percent. Seventy eight percent Hershey's does every last second highest. Second high, only one company beats Hershey's and knives. They other companies do not say number one highest brand favorability in the United States, Google,
my gosh. Seventy eight point. Seven was is wrong with you and by the way I left out one other one, which was just ahead of candles and in below Sony Youtube. Seventy three point: eight percent. These are brands that people door, and you wonder why, at times, why don't they understand these moves? It looks so bad weather not paying rice for an opinion and its true what we all know that, when you want to search for something you go to, Google It works better than pretty much everybody else you, but you know why it works better because it can have all of your information at sea. They know what you're looking for it's gonna get very, very good. They will be able to predict you better then you can predict you. They will have no Anon Non emotional. Algorithms on you? They already have it and they will be
able to predict you that there is some. I did a podcast who, whether with the brown and doktor, brown in now and he's a futurists, and he said we united you're gonna, get to this place. How's anybody ever gonna give up Google when Google, it. I will say to you, you know you get up morning. Hey Do I know you ve been having a rough time. You and your wife should take a vacation to. Why already arranged it. It's in your favour. Hotel. In this flight. I can cancel it, but I know we are concerned about financing, so I've rearranged and you can actually afford it. Would you like to go and how you gonna? Have you to say no Jeff Brown says to me that location, in the next Iphone. The net
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Welcome to the lender program that re joins us from Pat Brian LISA Podcast. Did you can you daily whereby each about gas well the programme. Pat! Thank you. I won't talk about the election, but because we had a little holiday music. How much did you pay for your Christmas tree? You have a fake one or a real one, I've a fake when you have a fake one, still fake one, fake proud Facon from why dude, you have a real and no, I have a fake one, but I want to start buying new ones, and so I bought I bought one. We went out and got one at a tree farm up in Idaho, and it was, I think, thirty five dollars, and it was indeed, I think it's like it's amazing you know out west. Do you oh, how much a tree costs in New York City a lot a lot and what would you think
What would you think Stew from twenty this, a twenty foot? This is Frazier fur twenty four hours, that's accusatory. I meet a good story, so it's gotta be a gigantic gotta, be not probably I mean you know York City, I mean only pay five hundred dollars for that in a normal play, so double that the eight hundred dollars a thousand dollars of gigantic. Her got a clue. Gotta, gotta, gonna gotta, guess well I dont have a gas, as I know the railways. I noticed a very tough. What sixty five hundred now six thousand, not five hundred dollars or alive three four alive tree- is there a place in New York City that Jeffrey Epstein doesn't own were treated like I'd? Even fits Ojeda here really get their ballroom of elegant a lobby of a hotel right of in so they are three hundred and twenty five dollars per.
Foot in New York City. That's crazy! that is not do they use in the use of southern and your expected to put presence underneath it there's your presence Merry Christmas, kids, you didn't even have of money to put the lights on it for years. I bought a twelve foot tree that you can. You can reuse over over and over and over every year indefinitely, I like the way you do much less and do not answer were the same being decorated behind this set. There's another set and is being built for speed crowded Christmas Party, which is on Wednesday or Thursday, I think he's doing alive. He's got a bunch of people in see now many trees or on the set many and
All failure and they're all on wheels, and we just when we're done, we just we'll them back into the tree area in the proper department. I love that I love that I mean, let's be honest about a favorite once fake is much better say said: the stripper but in this case either with trees. Does I fought for a long time? I love this experience of like the real fight. I really the last one. I too am but not anymore. Because a year at the same time, the last one I had, I wouldn't take down fast enough that's so rigid and stiff. We could not get it out the door had individually. We fought off every branch inside the drive for everybody exert a mess that The disaster yeah. What was the latest you ve ever had a tree up I mean, even in you know we college days. No you and you are young- longest. You ever had a tree up. I mean if it was it was up to me. I just I will say even to this day what we you were the tree is taken
down and then put it up in full form in the garage. So we don't to put it away so it is in our garage. All your le hung up, and not quite paraded but has a lot of some of this stuff on it already obsolete. I think that's the efficient ways do packing it away like that, what they are bad for us. We have to sit there with each other it will branch and flung out the branches every year? That silly is keep it up. You are lazy, or are you arm Europe Gardens in the other direction? No, no you're Jimmy. I put it in a well. When I say I, the kids, in the bag every year and take it out in its like it's a pain I own riot neighbours, a couple houses away. They showed us what they do. They have a roll away wall in their living room early on designing rate and they just they pull back the wall.
Push the tree on wheels back into this little wall. Compartment is Lamar Gall and you can't tell looks like you're just in the living room, that's America! right there and it's only a whore the tree, that's only for the tree, gender equity, naturalisation, yet ladders Brewer Jefferson had that at his house to those rather service. For me, it's only for the little girl as an ethnic. That's a little girl is air. The police. Are there s an hour an hour? I what? What's in the news that strikes your fancy today, Pat, I was just a little concerned about the taking the dealer. Jude Amazing, of the twenty twenty election that did. Democrats are doing now, trying to claim that ok, not only did, did Donald Trump, so the twenty sixteen election with the Ukrainians or the Russians are both or whoever bodies all ready tainted the tune,
twenty election, how I don't know his Miss Connell It is going on all with Julie. Awnings trip to the to Ukraine A Giuliani as they have any do they have any evidence of this. Now, of course, I mean they together behind anything anything know anything they ve got nothing and that they just continue to lie and lie and lie yeah em, it's it's streamline dangerous I've, add dork country bad. If you start saying the Donald Drums election cause? I know they're like they're, not gonna, be able to beat him, which is either already saying. Well, he's already tainted the election and that they know they can't win. So it does when they're gonna be claiming it's not legitimate. That he's he's been selected, somehow he's gotten their through cheating in and fraudulent means, and we're gonna have a mythical
pushes over the edge here. We are not careful Avenant about this for a couple weeks we need to make it will need to go back and make a montage of all the times yes, obey, setting that Donald Trump was gonna. I'm out after the election and say, wasn't valid and how our roof he right gets used against the get on the democracy. American democracy is at stake. He put it at risk. There are. Doing, and they all are still saying. Stacy Abrams is the rightful governor of Georgia. Yeah right they are. I mean they do this every single time time they lose arouse everytime, you lose it some there, some fraud that went on and then they act as if the other side is doing. So. Let me change the subjects slightly here to go back to the impeachment and, unlike intake calls next hour on this, should Donald Trump actually go and have the full version?
the full trial. Now I have said yes because I think that it won't be legitimate, they'll just say, ah the Republican just didn't do anything about it was swept into the rug, swept it under the rug, so I don't think that's another is good and what I don't like wept under the rug. Is that all of all of the truth about what the what the Democrats have done anything to be shown. This is a sham, a total sham, however thee The concern is: is there This is a set up because you could get any body in the Senate that they'll call witnesses and they'll call John Bolton, who I don't think he's a friend of the President's they'll, tell you, bolt milk. All people and they'll they'll try to your points and all you have to do is just peel a few people away he's one already, because the we have. You have at least one Democrat, that's going to effect this week, the real, clear Paul
Ex Polling average on impeachment and removal a underwater not for the first time is now more people. Think trumps should not be removed from office bridge and full partisan. I mean you, have a guy literally leaving the democratic parties such as voting he's leaving the Democratic Party because he says, This is ridiculous. This is this a total sham, so he's leaving the Democratic Party, not just voting with the Republicans he's, leaving it so Remember the reason why Nixon left office is because started to have the Republicans go soft. Well let us remember, were gone, into a Senate where Mitt Romney is yet there's just the possibility of of disaster, right. Somebody says the wrong thing that changes the storyline somebody screws up some new thing,
comes to light that we don't know about, and this is one MIKE Lee was saying when he was on last week, even though MIKE first the trial he's like the argument is, if you have one already. Take the weight and leave you don't don't sit there. Can you the argument in an open yourself up for a possibility of something that you don't exe? going wrong makes sense, I still think it s doing or whether the country I say, risk big one big. I think you gotta go for it and expose what what they ve done here. That way way way way set the rules in the Senate like these sentiments in the house, like you, have to Mcconnell to approve the witnesses what's up, second half of that phrase, though Lou that's what I was are you prepared to have Mitt Romney, say John Bull, not around says you know but he was just crazy and I had to leave because he was he was doing.
Cocaine on the on the DAS says something stupid and then Romney says yeah. You know what I am in this charge and in you start to flip just a few republicans. Do you think that's? the risk of someone who is friendly to the president going for in his defence and saying something ridiculous. Let long lines that I don't know why being the storyline mean that we see in these things happen before. Where someone want to shouted. The whistle blower though I do it Eric Shara Mellow right but I got married genetic like I'm, gonna get him. Yes, oh here's the they will. I know so. Here's the but here's the the question, because I'm I'm very clear the right, to do is to have the trial now. Let's just talk politics for a second gang forget about them.
Politics has nothing to do any more with doing the right thing is for sure. So, let's just talk politics. Are you prepared To lose it, even if he doesn't. Even if he's not impeached too, we have. This thing swing around to wear fifty five percent of the american people are like? I want him impeach now I he should have been removed. I mean I'm not a probably not prepared for that. But I just don't see that happening. I mean it didn't happen in the house, did you see he's gonna happen and the more favourable Senate did did a have. Have you at the Republican Party Did your betting on intolerance, netting on a copper, is safe, save thing and be do Gee, you see Donald Trump,
Presently, I say, because I didn't see that when coming youth I mean there's been like every day. I look at the news and unlike get inside our common bats bizarre, there is definitely an argument for it here. However, you gotta stepped back and say you know what the political there is political risk here right. You don't know what the media globs onto and turns into this big issue, and it might turn some public opinion but said Enderley in an instant secondary the consideration of what is the right thing to do. If this is really happening, it needs to be exposed and whether we re so I I comes to pat side of this in the end and that, like
You don't really site I've been with him and I didn't know, pats the Smart one here against. I want the darkening arguing the whole time, but that's why that your point is so brilliant. You ve been telling Glenn decided regulating what you I'm serious colonies, extorted where I found what we are going to devalue its time of rapid real. It's not going to that great idea on the whole thing. You better start that music, we're gonna go into the of the phones and take your opinion on this. Next, our call us now at eighty eight. Seventy seven be easy. Gay I'd like to just hear from from you. What should the river looking do do. Why? the risk it it's an open and shut deal? I should everything come out and be exposed, or should we just move on. I can see both sides did eight. Seventy seven be easy. Gay call us
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Use the promo code back and you're gonna get the new ex wheels with your chair as well as Ex chair back Dotcom Promo Code back you know: it's it's crazy. We will. We really have to play a couple of. We have to play a couple of cuts from these, how how crazy A crazy people have gotten in the media. Joy aid is really upset. She says it down. Trumps, not gonna, leave office. All of this. This conspiracy stuff, I'm he went
who said that about Barack Obama. I always said this agony happen, he's gonna leave office. It's not gonna happen, here you have hosts, who are propagating this stuff Jim Shouto. He works for CNN. He was part of the Obama administration and he's one of their national security advisers, and there is he's pretty I believe, the worst on television when it comes to support. I get me as our period very period he also he also has defended the deal dossier more than any other journalist and he's. Wrong, every single time, but it's not like. Speaking from opinion He said that, U S, officials had cooperated some parts of the dossier, that's absent Lee Untrue, when you look at all of the things that he has said over the
the last couple of years about this you'll dossier and about the FBI he is: he is the chief conspiracy theorist your lesson? Tat, Glenn back. So, as a large chunk of your monthly budget going towards credit card bills, if Oh, you are not alone, and I said just last hour that the number one and number two New year's resolution so far this year, get out of debt. And spend less well, you do both of those if you re fi right now. Get out a dead american financing, consolidate that dead with the lowest possible interest rates. It's a mortgage refined you can. You can save a thousand dollars a month and it will only
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Is that the right thing to do and politically, is it the right? thing to do you decide I can see both sides. I want to hear from you aided eight. Seventy seven be easy case that programme start taking your phone calls here in one minute. First, let me tell you about the exchequer. What kind of cherry you sitting in right now? Is it comfortable? Does it have ten, print adjustments if you're sitting in your car. Does your car seat have ten different adjustments does have a dynamic variable. Lumbar support system Doesn't it's not an ex chair? The last bit is patented, so I have been Bruno sitting in chairs is at a studio. My whole life. You probably done the same sitting in your office, your whole life, I'm tell, There is no better chair than the next year and I've had a plethora of chairs
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And have a full trial and have it fair and free, you know have the have the Republicans in control, but I don't even know what that means, because the Republicans, the Republicans Mitch Mcconnell is saying, however, publicly that he's sickly, letting trump design this process, which is ridiculous. Why would you say that? Why would you do that? We're thing to say publicly as privileged dupe? Surely the work the Democrats would do This is exactly the same thing. However, they probably wouldn't say it publicly right. And he's trying to basically signal to Republicans hey don't blame me if you don't want to do this trial, because I'm letting him design the process that driving Mcconnell, just Reno CIA here right but is a bizarre thing to say publicly say that you know whether it's the better
political moved, I think, can be debated, because you can say they ve already one so the american people move on get to the election What's what another minute on this, then you have to On the other hand, I think the right thing to do is that the real full story comes out, and so far there has been no opportunity for that and if you believe that had the right side of that story. The american people should know about it Don't now the question is I agree with that, but the question is Mitt Romney. Either way word in Utah is Mitt. Romney will not win a second term. He is he is really. If I buy that, I don't know, I don't know. I heard that right so. You go into a trial and John Bolton. Or if somebody you really is like Vienna lifestyle trumpet, you know a do says just like ganja. Another thing he's really great unease. Building he's building
She grew weapons to kill all the people who are living in New Jersey, newbie like wait. What, I mean anything, can happen in a trial. Anything could happen in a trial, and all you need is somebody like Mitt, Romney peel away and start to say you know, I don't know, and then you then it's just an avalanche. Then it could just be an avalanche I'll think anybody thinks he's going to get thrown out of office. I know it's not gonna get to sixty seven senators that I don't think so either, however, it could affect public, opinion, if it looks like the the Republicans are playing at. But partisan game the same way endemic We are dealing with that right now, whether they are seen as just doing this partisan thing in dragging it out and it's a bunch of nonsense to so many people and that's what the pole, turning against them, so we, the same thing, has happened. A republic which hurts the President more a trial or no trial What do you think should happen? The numbers aided eight seventy seven be easy K. Let's go to John in Georgia. Allow John!
you go in our very good, you put it in a merry Christmas to you listen. I think it might be actually a third layer to this in Gimme. Just five. Second, to explain this. There is a potential Senate, Boatport Dismissal, which is a simple majority. There's a potential Senate vote for acquittal. And then, of course, there is the formula deal trial, which we all kind of in our hearts. What what? What that middle option that Mexico has discussed previously of voting for acquittal right up front would actually attached double jeopardy, so if you only dismiss than assented could potentially in his second term, exceeding the house in his second term could come back on another bite. It, Apple, you stay acquit double jeopardy attaches and this thing from a political expediency standpoint would have to go away without the big messy trial in terms of the ballot box, so you vote for acquittal,
I actually want the trial, but I'm too much of a cynical believe that that will actually get the result that we that we would actually hope and pray for ya. Which is everything come out exactly yeah. I I don't know That's gonna happen either, but if you did a trial and even if he were impeached as long as the and removed from office as long as the senate- and they don't have to do this as well is the Senate Wooden attach You can never run for president again is not automatically attached to that. You couldn't teach him removed from office, and the people could come back and elect him again, this fall. I can't, I just can't imagines a group of people removing a president this close to an election thanks,
Appreciate, let me go to Jim in Virginia a merry Christmas gland. Thank you, ve, taken Mccall. Thank you. I feel for all that you're doing do wake up and educate America. Your Ukraine special was truly an award winning award were they journalistic investigation? Thank you very much. I appreciate that I'm for the full trial and I think they should take your Ukraine special and use that as a blueprint for the trial. But the problem is, I don't think the leading Democrats or excuse me. The leading Republicans in the Senate will do that in. This is the reason why- and you touched on it last week, when you talk about the one news agency that actually sent reporters to the
change, to do investigations over there and they came back with a report stating that many of the leading Republicans in the Senate were also involved in Ukraine. Doing the same thing that the Democrats were doing trying to influence the Ukraine's got, Lindsey, Graham Mccain, the trader Mccain and my car I ample before trial, but my hopes but ever happening, or are slim and meal, I agree with you, Jim. Thank you very much. Thank you. I'm still for a full trial, but he prepared to live with the consequence and not getting anything exposed because I think Jim's right, I don't see any. I mean what I mean stew, an open and shut case. Do not I mean you know, What are you trying to prove right? I mean we ve even said that there is not a crime.
Activities, whistled, I'm saying the whistle blower open and shut the the wood collusion, open and shut the money laundering open and shot. Of this stuff, I think, is we ve done to show you. These documents written by the people were talking about. Yes, I mean it's just open and shut. Why well Anyone use them. Why won't anyone in real authority in power step to the late and use them. I mean the most we heard from people in real positions of authority in power is that it's a very complicated storyline and that the american people on how the attention span for we sat through a year of the Oj Simpson trial a year. Here a long time ago in a bar on time ago and will still do that for certain things, but in a What happened to you know that this there's a there's an argued on the left in this, I think was: believed by many on the left that
one of the errors they made with the rush The situation was to go through it in such detail So the idea was you the whole Mahler report at your ear sort of how descent air storyline under the microscope for an entire year year and a half at the end of the day. The american people, like I've, been hearing about us forever? Nothing ever seems to come out years. The report doesn't seem like it's not like the craziest thing rightly their stuff in there? That might be disturbing to you, but it was in never rose to the level of interest that was promised. It was a big, is a great trailer and a crappy movie right and So this is why they went with the ukrainian thing, which was oak and we got a simple storyline. We ve got a transcript of a call. We think it's bad? We can rush through it will win. Still shocking to people and they tried to do it quickly.
I don't know if that's the right thing to meet, certainly not the right thing for the country. Obviously, but I'm saying from a democratic political perspective, was it the right move? I think it showing that that didn't work either. One of the issues they have is that neither one of these provisions was actually the impenetrable, so that's kind of like you have a bad baseline and maybe that's different. Would you actually? We have a good basis baseline good base. However, can the american people full is long enough to actually taken all these details learn all these characters who they are What happened? I mean it's a big ass For you know, people who are like a whore current embracing Tik Tok as a platform let me go to Rachel in Ohio, hello, Rachel. I an early crescent evident for me, thou. I feel a merry Christmas. Merry Christmas fell. I think we
there, a full, proud too and then pray like crazy has. Does the treaty path to come out and the truth actually will come out. It's just welcome our normal. Yeah! Well, the truth is already out by nobody seems to embrace it, and I personally think that the only one that can make this happen is Donald. Trump Don Tromp is uniquely qualified to say much. In the gallery today. I might just I might just walk in today and just decide to testify or got some crazy. Things happening today in the Senate, make sure you're watching. Think he is such a sideshow, but I think he could get people to actually watched the trial and if they suppose it an people are watching the trial. I think it's the end of the Democratic Party. I really really do. These people are fair in America and when you
actually see what they were doing There are still doing in Ukraine and all around the world with the State Department nobody's gonna want a part of that devils advocate Are you prepared for a loss, Steve, welcome. I don't blame you whenever you good, you know I'm thinking on this one's goes to the Senate. The question is: is the other How can you gonna do anything like that because any witnesses they call democratically? the cross examined, and I have to ask myself how many lives Republicans are just as the Democrats. And already see when she drowned backing away from want to trial. Recalling roads, I'm going to Rita Rum,
country, we're gonna, try and you're ready, and that is all I heard the name recognition alone. My represent you talk about. You see. I was in Saint George and granted. It was Saint George, which I think is the concern. Most conservative stay areas of conservative county in Utah, which makes it the most conservative county in the country it was nice. Anyway I was there over the weekend and somebody had told me Romney's Romney's in trouble there, but he's he's not popular in the state. That's true, yeah are fed up with him. I said I think people check that box on the ballot. They recognise the name but work or really old We get the word out it that you know I'm ease off sheep's clothing. Any always has been thank you so much Steve, preceded aright come back here in just one minute back to your phone calls, for you.
You mean track. What is the score so far, everyone said trailer, Wait till we hear someone say they dont want the trial, but I think you know like this. This audience is gonna wanna, hear the information in what others do here, You know who doesn't take the weekend off besides and I mean Santa takes a whole year off, except for the well probably the last couple of weeks. He's probably just have the l doing everything, Maisie elves, doing everything working round the clock he's probably just working on his whip for the rich dear you know, that's what you know what he's like and then Mamma Mamma, the elves songs all wrong, and I can't eat your food because it looks all purple. You know what it's like up in the air the legitimate complaint on that last week, Did you ever notice his food when he sits down she's eating and she serves? it is like a breed chicken leg in its purple. Everything is on his plate is purple. It's like I'm need that either when he of the EU try too fat me up wanted just serve some good food woman, woman worth attack or right anyway,
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You see k at lifelike dot com for up to twenty five percent off. We break now for tat, the second station, I d See here, the problem is that the media- and I want to play this audio of all of the things the media said about this he'll dossier. We now know because of the Idee report, that, breathing in the steel dossier was bogus, F B, I could call cooperate. None of it now. A single thing: we were the asterisks asterisk of publicly available information. That's that's their big out cycle, Yes, some of this stuff that was already reported by the news seems to be corroborated,
but only that, so they got none of the stuff. That was our nothing since I do not know the lashes, I'm nothing. That was bad. Although you know, Donald Trump has a strange hairdo yap, yap blood, been saying that around and rather Trump Organization TAT, why words, cooperative okay, so none of the stuff that was trouble for Donald Trump had been cooperated zero and FBI changed some of the information and didn't tell the vice of court that that none of this had been cooperated and that steel himself, Ben. What did they say? They closed the door on him. I care about what they call it, but close him out because they that he was untrustworthy. They never said that. Listen to what the press!
said over the last two years, parts of the now infamous dossier on tromp have proven to be true. I not an hey Garcia, but it hasn't been discredited. In fact, it is as if the corroboree note has much of the dossier has been corroborated, discrediting dossier. We always Tagus paid here. Intel community has corroborating. No, it has on the details of the vote on the subsequent onto him of the dossier. We were corroborate in our entire community assessment, not true from other sources. We had very high carbon. We know that, with the Pfizer application, the relevant parts of Christianity steals dossier the corroborating adjourn the application included information from the dossier. It would only be after the FBI had in fact corroborated information through, an investigation. We all know that as time goes on, more and more parts of the steward dossier get cooperate.
So when the present just were first so to speak dossier. That is false. I I don't think that's the aggregate organization for the entirety of the dossier. Investigators have cooperated part of the dossier, I feel, has been corroborated by the intelligence community who S. Investigators, have collaborated some on the allegations in that dossier, but we do know that parts of it have been corroborated. That's not been corroborated, but Ben Disproven either, is there anything in the dossier that has been disproven? No one, not one, Thing has been disproved: no major thing from the dossier has been conclusively disprove, display mundane, none of it has been disproven and whole big parts that are holding the dossier holds up well. But has been disproved all of the allegations in it. I don't know that anything has been disproven if None of it. Not one word has been disprove map whose daughter, Stew,.
I just want to let you know day, four hundred and twelve, of my investigation in you still have not disproven that you're a murderer really. Yes, still, cannot prove that you did not murder people, so you can't for me at every moment of my entire lie. Aunt can't and have a detail in Iraq have done murders spree. The Huron has been cooperated. I couldn't hey this do if I hadn't have come operated some of the corroborated. Yes, I guess, if or are we are you ever ours? Is that when a diamond asterisks? Yes, thank you, so I couldn't Ike. I mean I get away with just saying this: he S. Will you guys sources gel while you couldn't cause your Glenn back if you're on CNN, you can get away with that. You get away with saying this, and will they account? Is there an internal it counting process. That comes to know what I mean worse one. There was aunt. Allison came Rota who says what every part of the
dossier has been corroborated like that is like the most I mean more, The p tapes are in the dossier like none. Of course, that has meant I'm everyone at the beginning knew that was nonsense right, but did you notice that these changes from allow some of it to none of it has been disproven right like that? The double negative there had us crazy? That is certainly not a new standard. Is it is, that journalistic new standard took report, something that it hasn't been disproven. That's not, thing right: no, not for not an american Russia, Russia, it was, here Europe, your support to be innocent until proven guilty Proven guilty not proven innocent, it's kind of the rivers of what the american system really is
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who plays tv dot com slash Glenn this week will save twenty percent off of your membership makes for a great Christmas gift gb. Twenty off is the promo code blue! steamy dot com, Slash, Glenn, give the gift of information truth and a little bit of entertainment as well. Its blaze, tv dot, com, Slash Glenn aright. Joe in Florida, we're talking about the impeachment trial on whether you want to see a trial or should the trumpet straighten. Take the advice. Attorneys and just move on Joe Miss Mr Baxter, projecting like all the battering, a middle ass mere for about fifteen years. I appreciate everything all you guys do. Thank you. I do not trust like most of us, the media I vote for a full time. Oh, but I do not think it should last longer than six months, but I want
the entire thing drawing from the: U S: government, if it's gotta come from the White House, and I want full access to it. I don't want to have to wait on ABC Nbc. Msnbc too. Way here cut away their stream it make it air for everybody? And I think if we do this in the new year, twenty twenty, this could lead to spark worldwide, say: look what Merrick still to shed light on corruption and bribery. I ran. Do the right thing I'll, do it I'll everybody else and it might use push things in a good direction are Joe. Thank you very much. I appreciated, and the streaming idea is, is a good idea and the government should make that available.
So we could see all of it. Let me go to pressing because up tat leave see. Ends of the world? Are not gonna go a month, on trial without any commercials. They just won't do it and you know when they take commercials Preston Florida go ahead. Good morning light happy Christmas very new year and God bless you for all you do. Thank you very much like do the opposite, I'll give you three. Words why this will not go to trial. I wanted to go to trial. I wanted all to come out with three words. Why we'll, go to trial day, Peters, wiser his book you write a book about the white. You spoke about the princess a garage agree that New DE yet exactly right, there all involved in this Glenn. If you just do ya like you, do your homework and if you start to look into what they do how the money goes overseas and then it comes back to them.
India in their date. They set up here, Rob girl, get charities annoy you, though I did a little thing with we saw with the whip Hillary Clinton and her on her foundation, the quaint foundation, we gave money to Arizona, Anita, I'm sorry, Arizona, guy started we gave money to Algeria with them a government aid ah They donated, I think, a hundred thousand back to the Clinton foundation. So when you see this. You know. What's going on and it's gonna be it's it's not gonna go to trial they gotta do everything they can. They don't want all the stuff tat come out for they will come up here. That's the thing is eventually: it will all come out and no longer its hidden, the worse, it will be for all of them present
thank you MIKE in Texas. Welcome, merry Christmas glance Merry Christmas, my arm, I do not think we should have a whole trial. I think the Senate should incorporate the Democrat record on encouragement from the house incorporated by reference and then try the case based on that regular and I'll. Tell you why it seems to me that its very likely, the president is gonna, be convicted and removed by the sun. So that means is only two issues left one. Will the american public view what the Senate does as fair and to is this humble whistle blower scandal is that could be swept under the rock so things to me on the first point, it would be very difficult for the Democrats to argue that the record that they put together in the house that they used to encourage our president is now all of a sudden unfair to be used for purposes of a trial, so I think it would be regarded as fair and you could avoid the circus that we saw in the house, something that I think most reasonable. People are find a point. Secondly, with respect to the so called whistle blower, it seems to me there is an entirely nother way to deal with that problem and that is holy apart from this appeasement. Thing have Lindsey, Graham open up a an investigation into the leak
that occurred in the conversation that compared with the landscape, there was a leak there. That's how this whistle blowing apparently got information about what was on the call. You could use that investigation to determine what really happened with the so called whistleblower. So if you need to get those facts out, there is an alternative way. There is a lot more effective. Then, barely all of that in the context of engagement So what are you? What is the process of impeachment there? You were talking about where you bring the record over from the house. You just simply incorporate that record. The whole thing the evidence that document Speeches, everything. So that means a box Bulgaria can you send it or for the Senate and everybody points to it and says that is the record on which we will vote on conviction. I dont think this
it should should somehow rescue the house or the deficient record they put together. Let them try the case on the same more occurred as well oh used to teach him in the first place, our aid, so that means humor, wouldn't get his Guenaud John Bull. In and everybody else it till they couldn't bring any new witnesses. Weird, going over what they did in the house exactly and if it would be reasonable to be used for purposes of impeachment, which is a pretty serious bank, then why would it be unreasonable or unfair to use that very same market to use purposes of voting on conviction and then go after the scandals in a different context, all right, my good eye
Thank you very much. Curtis. Do you want to see a trial or not, but thanks things take my call Doktor colonel back. Thank you were getting it right. Finally, you gotta. Thank you. Really. Love is worth specially when our patent IRAN, but as far as the young via me too. Well, I think they should have a trial, but only they're gonna hold anyone found guilty accountable. I think the american people are tired of the elite and the politicians getting away with whatever they want and I think it would hurt from and the republican chances have taken the house back where'd, you find them and guilty and not hold accountable. I agree with you. I think it hurts even more ever you seen what you know, what happened last weekend in England. We, Boris Johnson, the people will only stand and take so much.
And now Boris has real power to start making real changes there and he apparently is going for it he's gonna be making some deep, deep cuts in in personnel and ministers, really changing the landscape over in England, and I think Donald Trump This is done right. Donald Trump will have the chance to do the same as the people are going to want it, they are really sick and tired of all of this lorry North Carolina, I'm glad. I don't stop makes me want to cry. Like Hilary supporters cried left but was an animal they was on Fox NEWS and he said that they go right in as attorneys and they say we want a motion to dismiss. There were no facts in the first article. And in the second, the president has executive privilege doubling ten. I think John robbers should just dismiss the whole thing and going back to the collar
a couple of times ago, then there was the light Laker why Shouldn T be court martialed, who but here we don't necessarily know that for sure, but there is little many times he talk to people, and then I wouldn't let him say that the second person was right now that he was the lake yeah yeah. I ran precede the cognitive, it's interesting because I think you're looking at this as if you're looking at it as winning the impeachment rights, making sure he is not removed from her from office. It makes plenteous just dismiss it, but when you look at it as what this process actually use, which is a partisan process with the intent not to remove the president from off, They never thought therein remove the president from office, the intent, is to win political points, write it to please there, a YO, see wing of supporters of one and appearances before he was elected and and its also
try to sway people in the middle? Who now see him branded as an impeached president? All that guy, happen anyway on their side. The question is: do you bring evidence to the table to fight against it, and you can just dismiss this the cases and then bring this out in a committee or something, but only to pay attention to. If you want people to pay attention to it, it's gotta happened during the actual Senate trial, and you know it I think it's important that this information is important enough and the american people need to know it. That's where you going to put it straight in the Marquis Think we are the country that we hope to be want to be. We are not the country of the declaration of independence and certainly not the contrary. Country the constitution. If we don't change, and rude out. We saw happen, I mean that the bar is so low for and impeachment. Now it is its truly remarkably ridiculous. It is it is so low, and if
people can get away with this and get away with the lies get away with the health of the yeah Pfizer report even just get away with just the Pfizer report of thee of the FBI and the Justice Department that doesn't include what the Intel community did doesn't include. The lies we're told under oath in the house. It doesn't it. Would any of the lies that the media told or that that Schiff told or the the monitoring of journalists if we don't rule. This out of somebody doesn't pay a very high price for this. It's going to be come business as usual. You will embolden them to do this, same thing over and over and over again, but I too to agree with a people that were words king here in the last forty five minutes, the people said it's not gonna come out. I think you're right
think they're right, because there are too many dirty people in Washington, D C That's honestly, where am I a key and and there's, you know. If you did find tools he gave her. I think Chelsea Gabert would be on this. I think would despise what's going on and you could the Democratic Party, the Whig Party overnight overnight, and you could make thee the Republic China kind of like the old eighteen sixties democrats. That's a good place for the Republicans to be, but I think there is a new way that is waiting to happen because the corruption is so deep people. Feel it in their got too. They know it. All right. Something really excited to tell you about with gold line. If you're looking restocking suffers this Christmas, I told you about, online for a long time, and they can help you provide yourself with with, strong hedge against inflation, it's good to have?
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I went to her friends house and the prince of Hawaii and the Prince of ITALY, where there, obviously in who doesn't hang out with royalty. Better stay seem to be at every party these days rotten right, so I guess prince of Hawaii? If America hadn't had taken over Hawaii, he would be king today and the prince of ITALY would be king. I think of it was four Mussolini and so it was just a it was a, but you know is a bizarre. I didn't you know When first has he said, Prince Lorenzo is gonna. Be there and I'm like mother and I thought Prince was his first name, not a real brands: you're, not whose house do you go over where there is like a prince. You know and so, I get there
and I'm glad this Prince Lorenzo from ITALY? and he was like a glance. How are you it is? and I realized, I think, guys a real prince, and then I want to say you like a real pranced that, like your neighbor, what are you going to plead pass? The jelly back. I didn't want to be that guy didn't want to be that guy, so it is lead over somebody like he's a real, principally a measly real parents in, prince lorenzo- and, unlike I'm sorry, I don't know my royalty This is the guy that was on the bachelor. I maybe what you look like somebody. That to me I'd die during a handsome, as is able to use very handsome man. Let me see long hair so anyway I'll show you hamburger, I e might be. Somebody else said that I don't know if that's the same guy or not but He all of a sudden fell in love with my wife, because she's a calonna uneasily
oh, come on me and my very Colonna, my family away back Michelangelo and then you just lie will allow lifelong learning about a guy from the bachelor falling in love with your wife at all. It's no big deal. I don't even think again. You don't know how to see. Another was about history and travel agents are not giving up a waiter you're lessening TAT Glenn back. So I just got news that, and by for the New republic. I hope so I hope so. I don't Oh, we answer that there were picking apart your coverage on Ukraine. Barely you you're nuts, which is real shocked to hear from the New republic, but you are the conservative blow hardest transformed from me never tramper to a Ukraine, conspiracy,
originally the subtitle really. Yes, very excited cause. That's that's strange because you would think that maybe a guy who was not for tromp might have something to say what they suddenly as he for Trump on this one. But maybe hi there Their take on that is that you ve decided it's more profitable for you to be four trump than against him, save switcher view, because I'm really in depth analysis of the situation, as is always the case. I love this love s We ve got a few things to talk to you about Christmas, lighter sides of it. What happening with China Lindsey Gram. If we can get to it, and I think we should
check out this article burn em, they're, saying that I'm scholarly now really, maybe they don't mean it, shit, hello, America hits the Monday, and you know what we're pray quickly on vacation mode. I don't know about you, but the holidays. The holiday party is I'm kind of invocation mode, I'm kind of still think in have gotten everything for the kids about how.
Days before we go on vacation? What is it that we're gonna eat for Christmas Eve? What is it we're gonna eat Christmas day Christmas nigh day after Christmas? What are the wood of the left? Overs gonna be like gonna get my Sunday eat last sellers more for me, those kinds of holiday as they go about questions are still on my mind. This is gonna, be the last chance to win a thousand dollars from the folks at the? U S, Ccs. After this is over, it is over Now the? U S, Ccs, giving away a thousand dollars for free to night teen lucky people you might be. One of them, or to all you have to do, is just text just text the word back the number eight seven to do too, to claim your free chances to win its really simple, but the is it. This is the last give away that the USA is offering this year and it ends this Friday, Nova
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and two to two standard message and data rates do apply for rules more information, go to protect and defend dot com hello and welcome to the programme. So glad that you are here stay where you are. What you do this weekend, aiding holiday related yeah I saw like some Christmas shows, and could you see Christmas shows there's a big one of the big like churches here and there, and it is a very spectacular christmassy thing and I was a gateway. I know it's called precedent. Would church and they do they had like the camels on stage zebras and all sorts of churches start to have stages in it
I'll have calling it a staged, as it was a Christmas shell, but to me as the place where people stand and play music and really that not a bad, really bad description for state. No! No, I just wondered I mean I know. Allies is weird, have stages. If the big church criticism you're doing, which is why I'm being different alive, it's this thing or like all well, it's a brig church or they ever stage, are worded church to rub stages. I like, where you stand when you do music on another time in order to provide aid and language gateway from time to time. I love those. I love the mega George as I do, and I am sure you know that That's always a crab. Weird criticism you like I care that dart, music still good bar transaction they're all our talented residential area. What does concern now? I love. You drive me crazy money, it's like let him go if they so but their talented, so what they
I dont understand. I have to tell your eyeing the time it's like I gotta I go to. I go to my church. Occasionally I gotta gateway and I loved their music, and you know sometimes you know. Sometimes we kind of struggle, and you know we put a few people to get hurt you're like well. That's what you get when you pay. A for a band to come on and rehearse all week all we. You get, could good music get good. Music is often wrongly hello by Guy was really it was, but easing crazy, like it was a legitimately good like the end of recipes, show the Rockefeller yeah. Me too, have elements very similar to that, as well as the birth of Christ Insomnia. It has that year and had like it at all sorts of like warm holiday stuff. You know like a kind of head of the ECB but something that word people who necessarily aren't church goers might go in and
again some really nice holiday moments that those great shaken the story, the real story of Christmas. I think that's great, I think so. Do I like those things as here in Texas, is different. I mean the south is different, but Texas is really different. Nobody's I d say Merry Christmas here yeah hey merry Christmas heavy holidays. What's wrong with you, you know from around these parts I mean it's very. I remember the first time I went to a doctor here. I moved here and doc You know goes through everything and it I'm putting up buttoning up my shirt and pulling my pants after being horrible. Violated sensitive, restoring and he he's a sign off a bunch of stuff, and he said so: let's talk Spiritual Health how's, your spiritual health, like why Ok, I just come from New York. What would you spiritual of what are you talking about, whereas the camp where's, that what are you friend I hear going on given x, ray for that?
It was just so refreshing so nice to see somebody action not afraid It's just it's different you. I saw President Trump on tee be today needs like we're, say and merry Christmas, and I had forgotten What it was like to live up northwards, like don't you say Christmas. Christmas saying about Crest, Skype, Christ, in the name it just end. Just with mass, I ain't around here or not done about. No Christ The wind or solstice knows how those stories. The left as those mocking the right for say more on Christmas. This is no there's a war on Christmas, but it's like every year. There is more and more stories of you now something like this, being removed from the public square somewhere you're not allowed to you know I mean I know why said my kids to a religious school and there it's very, very
prominent the Christ and Christmas. However, like you, we have friends who go to public schools, even here in Texas, who have only happy holidays parties, only Mary Winter Parties is Texas, I like I mean I lost the educational system. Here I mean there's plenty of people who still of Christmas. That's not the thing, those it's certainly there, but there is that movement there, You know we used to mock used to be the guy really the guy who's, those file, the lawsuits that was even wanted to taking God. We trust off the money and he would finally every every six, Mongolia New One and a lot of them question he made in those bossuet in the conversation surrounding those laws. It was about stuff like that, which time or ten years ago, was seemingly ridiculous, when I'm not a merry Christmas and schools are and have happy holidays, It is only an for time it just becomes well, of course, at school, they're gonna say mean oh Mary, winter, of course
firstly its at something. We all accept. Now these things move quickly quickly They go from. You know to do they get you acceptance pretty darn fast, the top One thing is never units, it's their tolerance later it is never enough. You're, never going to be woke enough for any of these movements as people like P what a judge or finding out, because these not gay enough, apparently while in my the kid school they have firm, they had I snacks had snack weak. Equally at apparently savary we his neck weak? For me, I know Apparently they can buy snacks throughout the day or whatever I don't know what it is now a days. It snack, we could get some extra money for some snacks, My wife Look at it! from the school and is is it snack week, so you need snacks and by snacks. Among the last line is and a snack week. All the proceeds go help fight global warming. Can I just like to make
they said, guess who's, not Avons care of your girl. You want it's that you're not now in my care, and this is what they always do with schools. I walked out of school, but sir, many times in protest. I have now Why do you why I walked out on any of those times? We constantly we have these like school walk out, and we do marches around town to protest. Something- and I was always involved in it, because we we're leaving school right. What am I going to stay in school and not walk out and do something that's supposed to be important at this happen. When did this happen? Because what are we. Ten years apart, thirty five and thirty five thirty six years apart, simply meant
shut up exactly so we're not that far PA we're not that far apart and like school, for you is there I mean when I went to school and communicating paddled by our none and you're like yeah. We were going to make Donalds. The protocol was that's. That is where I would widen. Typically, we would, we would go out, would walk out of the door for the walk out and then we'd continue walking when the rest of the people took a laughter. We keep going straight and go to like the convenience Store Mcdonald Dingy row up, at least in the general ex. Your first year millennial right, I mean I've got about that. There's one study that says it begins and nineteen seventy six, which is when I was However, most study states like making eighty want nuclear materials, but I like to say on the first point out: I was I'm the godfather of the millennial, seventeen February eighteen, seventy six, basically the first one and then I'll do it the torture millennials, because I actually don't wanna be one, but they really are
Like it, when I say, I'm Williams, I say so hurts I say in saying that there is a word other that we're not that different in age and and yet were you at least released, more afraid of getting in trouble. At home than you were at school, when you go to school, they could beat you almost to death. Just don't tell my folks. I did not those school where they would beat me to death, while nobody actually died out just recently. We knew tat. He was very good. She knew when to stop yeah. Ok, I know what I mean literally, I I could have begged her. Please I'll, take any punishment. You can cut off my fingers, just don't tell my parents, because it would always be worse. You I mean I stems certainly wouldn't want to want to go home with you. I was I I D got in a lot of trouble at times at school, but mostly for just being
a wise. So that was my general budget, shock? I know I, wouldn't we audiences really stand about that. I didn't think I mean I know it's a different level when you're what shivering people in the hall? Yes now yeah was in the bathroom shivering I was. I did I did have some key issues with certain teachers, the figures of authority, would like what kind of choose the wood I didn't always get along with them. It was not all were his really yeah. I did. I did didn't I didn't fallen in line as far as like when I know I thought they would give me a hard time. I tended to point that out which didn't necessarily my academic future. So did you sit in the back with the ruffians the ruffians
no malarkey you there. We are on the northern Nivernais and I was out of a negative with no rebel or anything. But I just was a wise asked everybody. So why inaccurately gotten trouble, but I was you know when it came down these things? Where, like there were these big movements- and I think it was probably stuff like we need funding for new that is courts or something Connecticut as these are not real problems. But whatever it was, whether I supported it or not. I I just walked out with the group because I didn't want to be at school, and this was like. This is a situation, and I think this is a legitimate problem today, which is I was right in the area where this began. I think we're activism began to be praised by adults when children did it not as it not as a means to an end, but just the end. The
itself is: are you activists? Are you involved in your community? Oh, do you care about things? That's great and we should realise that behaviour. May I just say there is a happy medium weight. We went from. I had dinner one time with my family at Richard escapes house you remember him again. I think people go no, who Richard Balanced gave it. Ok, so he was from the Euro Carnegie Melon. Yes, let's help people might know him here anyway, so he was like eighty and he I think, was the last like Vanderbilt. Last one. They grew up with tremendous tremendous comprehensively and comprehensible wealth Like sixth birthday party is a picture of him. It is six birthday party. The table everybody was in act, I the kids, in dresses and they had black tie butlers standing. Every the chair for the kids and this big huge cake of-
like, and that was during the depression. Is that when we take it easy now's. Nineteen thirty six, I said so wasn't hard for your family depression like not been known as well, and we went into his house one time he invited as doors to his house and we stayed with him and I brought my children and We came down for dinner. Will we re having dinner at three p m, and so we came for dinner and There were not enough chairs to include the children. And so we are like. Are we having dinner by arse cell houses? working. We don't want to sit down, and then he came in and he was like children like our children, and he said well, be eating in the kitchen with staff and those like
a version of a kitty table kind of ye out and grew up in a time where children were seen, but not heard, you'd pat them on the head, and then they d staff would take them in know what or you know grandfather was heavily staff. Obviously the chicken would take But you know it was like you didn't you didn't interrupt. You didn't tell elders what to do you didn't you didn't speak unless, but can. Do you know that kind of a thing tat you are in a crowd with adults we ve gone too far, The other way here, the mid There is really pretty good, really for the line between having the kids they eat in the other room with with the chickens and the staff and Gretta Thumb Burg. Being time person of the your right there's a place events can I think that I think on everything I think it's at that place.
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looking at the you are setting like it's enough like setting the exact temperature with an app of what you how you wanted, cooked it's got all the details. You can start it when you're, not even home, like if you want to fight up your girl when you're on the other side of how one of these don't chocolate, see it in your eyes. You want one LISA he's talking to you right now, he's done you're talking to me as us. Whatever his rock tat, girls are commonly known whatever. If you happen to be there, if she happened to be searching, rye and landed on wrecked tat, girls dichotomy wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. I M in the holidays are covered up right. You know he might around the corner near but you're, not saying, oh, no, no! No! That would be ridiculous unless requested a specific present a you know, that's what she does with you all she sent me links right. She takes it very easy and set to enter in the crowd Carter Forbush. It's already filled out on the address. Every thing it's coming, pre rap, just all I need is a credit card number rector, grills thee.
Is our far and away the best bang for your back, because they ve cut out the middle man, but do your own homework and then look indirect wreck rector go, go online and find them in social media on Facebook, think they're on Instagram as well. They are it's it's alive style, it is a its family. It's a group of peace. Pull that just love to grill share their grilling experience in their recipes and everything else. This is to last wreck tech, grills DOT, TK That's with an s, wreck, tech, grills, dot com, we break for ten seconds, stationary doo, doo Bob
I have to get this off via off my desk here, as has been sitting here for a while, and I just I just I just don't want it sitting on my on my desk any more and it is it's this story. A man whose farts kill mosquitos seems to have been signed up by an insect, repellent company obeying the secret of his killer gas. He is from Kampala, Uganda. Andy he says Boffin has launched a study into the chemical property, Serbia's trouser toxin. Trouser toxin. That's what it says in the story, I'm just I made his gun
we from what the near times what what were? What's the story? He says he says the sun from the UK. Aha, he says in his home village, no one has ever had malaria because his gas, can knock out. SK vetoes over a six mile radius. Now That is true. That way, make his fall out zone larger than that of the atomic bomb destroyed Hiroshima in nineteen, forty five he is known, apparently all over town as the man who can kills mosquitoes with his farts. Now. Nowhere in the store I mean, do you have any any questions here,
This point I cut a number of one of our school walkouts was over the sky. Send knows you're right. You have any questions, as the rapporteur has an interest in person, the question: how how do they? How does it feel mosquitoes it? Ok, I would just be like Pross. What is the? What is it like? her humanoids. What's his diet, like secular, what does he eaten is he married, Does he have any friends? Does he live alone diversity? kill mosquito taking for granted. This is true. You're not asking any questions on science and Howard, someone's hang them up, but not Hiroshima, sale area, world yours assuming its. I don't. I don't to imagine that they would make is it says in the story he has done a charcoal based underwear, pads, in his pants all the time
filter I don't think this lorries through, I believe, all new sources that use the term trouser toxin. That's just what am I facial lives in the official official name. To know who you are to know where you're going and knowing if you can get there, it's important to know where you came from this year. When I get give two twenty three and meet somebody. They care about finding out where you're from the people who came before you is a priceless experience, one that you could share with the whole family. I did it my family in it was really a cool experience for all of us, and it's not just ancestry, services, ancestry, an health you'll, get more than a hundred and fifty personalize genetic reports, including insights into your health, and now more than fifteen hundred geographic regions. Twenty three and me is the most comprehensive ancestry break down on the market. So you don't also pay more.
Or treat reports? They have the traits. Thirty different trait reports are included and the new easy to use automatic family tree builder uses dna to start building your family trees and spend you know the holidays, just sharing the results with friends and family. If you're looking for a great Christmas gift that will help bring the family together, get the help it Century kid. It's only seventy box right now, through December, twenty fifth, twenty three in me, dot com, slash back to three and me: dot com, slash back
if you don't have us who's, gonna cover the FARC, killing mosquito guy or whatever I am GB twenty off as the promo go, get twenty bucks off your subscription at police Dearie Christmas gum. All the trees on their doing in Dallas. Everything is really really cool operation care, is having a birthday he celebration for Jesus. You find it formation, it up care dot, Org Susie Jennings is on with us. Susie was with Mailer University Medical Center in Dallas, and then she
she resign that she left there and she she started operation CARE and and God's leading our life, and- and this is one of the things are doing, and I just I love this story. Hello, Susie, good morning. Land area- I am bless, thank you. Accurate all right, so you Dallas, your known as the blanket lady and then that's why as I started the ministry, giving away blankets after my husband of nine years disappeared. Our home. He was in the military, committed suicide from a mental illness. He develop. Chemical imbalance called Sarah Thorn Inefficiency and then left disappeared. Thirty days and was miss We found his body in a talk Oklahoma and when found him. He had been dead for thirty days. Only on him in the ravine
the heels of Attaka, and he was hiding there and the farmer found his car and I am only would go there once a month and that's how he scar was found, but she was missing March nine. We discovered him April aid. Ninety ninety three sorry to hear that, Sissy, but that changed your life. You started getting involved the homeless here in Dallas, started. Giving way blame its and now you're doing a birthday party for Jesus, which I vote, I've always as my kids in everybody thinks I'm I'm making this up, I think merry Christmas dinner, you should sing happy birthday and you should have candles on the cake now. Maybe not you know twenty twenty. But you know you should have candles on the cake it because it's Jesus birthday. Yes, sir So that's really what happened after my husband committed suicide. The Lord sport in my heart to help the homeless under the bridge living in downtown Dallas.
At the beginning. I really said: no, I'm not going to do that, their crazy. They just like free stuff and I couldn't stand homeless people and the thing was, I asked God. What can I do for him after my husband died because I choose joy, so I asked God what can I do for you? So I tell you gland: do not us God, what can you do for him? If you are not prepared he'll tell you you're gonna, take you out of your comfort zone, but that's what it all started about this a blanket industries, so they called me blanket lady for eight years. That was what I did a supervisor in Spain or hospital. At the same time, I was helping the homeless, and then God gave me a big vision of holding this massive birthday party producers would guess at the homeless and the poor of Dallas Fort Worth so that's which started in two thousand and four. So now, where sixteen years old, Dallas Convention, Sir the Nations law
just event for the homeless and a poor with ten thousand to twenty one thousand people. So we have thirty seven hundred volunteers that come in one day the serve the poor and the homeless and the heart of the ministries, Breyer, Hind evangelism, we tell them, but God we don't force. Nothing would just ask them. How can we pray for you because it gives them hope? And then, after that we was their feet. So we must thousands of feet and put on saxon shoes and we gave away blankets weeping by Herr Cosmic over a flu shots eye glasses dentist. Free lawyers are job counselling, housing, availability. We partner with a community and the children alone about a massive area, zip lines, the rock climbing pony. Why spreading zoo face pain balloon artists, and now the vision has grown damage
is leading America. We're gonna hold this body in fifty states next year. This year next decided day, twelve states representative the different states of flying to Dallas New York, I'm in new. We have massive, we have Chicago, we have New York, Have you tat? We have merryland Florida and we have and so Banion North Carolina Cancers, Georgia and its rights I mean they're playing here to see how dollars help the poor and the homeless and they will copy it in all the states. Next year, one day, twenty twenty, in the whole Amerika will celebrate Jesus in the same day. How greatly? that now Susie. Let me ask you, you listed often an of stuff happening and I did not hear the magic words cake or Kay like substance. Where we have five percent cupcake
ok, ok, yeah! So we have a birthday party, both big parties, up there at known, wherever if no messenger, alas, is gonna thing, happy birthday Jesus and then we celebrate with five thousand cupcakes were expecting twelve thousand people Glenn six thousand at the edge of the children and six thousand adult are coming, and three thousand of these children are homeless. Children have any homes censored. Need more cupcakes. How can how can people help where big we right now. We are desperately need thing called shoes and toys for children and adults calls for adult large two three x for man beside the biggest largest need for operation care, but they could really give us the funds
and we could order in both because a collectively order at this only eleven dollars? If you buy it's like twenty to thirty dollars, they gave us funding money, go to our website up, get that org, o p c. I agree that org and then they could do Nate or do we want to sponsor a child is thirty dollars that go to toy a coat and a pair of shoes for a child, and we have three thousand children. I don't have anything right now, because we could not afford it. I'm just a little widow trying to help twelve thousand on people. Good, I'm and we are in, and I quit my job. If you are aware of it, they do I loved you. I did leave my job you're using, unlike just a little widow, to be reckoned with. A little widow tornado Susie. Thank you so much and and bless you for all your doing an end. I wish we could be there. If I was another town, we would be there, but a good luck and regulations said so
he Jennings of you, if you'd like to help its up care o p. Error dot or again, as she said next year, it's gonna be spreading, and all fifty states is a couple of other things. Christmas that you might be interested if you're looking for something to give to thy lemme, give you a couple of ideas. One, the Nazareth fun. There is nothing better than freedom for Christmas, because that's really what the Christ child is all about. Freedom from our past freedom from our mistakes. But this is action. Freedom. The Nazareth fund or oh, you are dot org you can go to and the Nazareth fund DOT, Org and donate, for. I think it's now. Twenty five dollars somethin like that you can free a person. And get them to safety Nazareth Fund, a dot, org, Thou Nazareth Fund, DOT, org or you can go to
Oh, you are dot org and that specifically goes for sex trafficking in children all around the world also it's actually to fight that. We will make sure that that's clear yeah, that's the fighting! begging for children around the world has to be to put a thank you fine point on that. Thank you. It gets an mistakes. Also, if there is, if there is any room for you to help in individual out you, I know individuals that need help, but if you don't, there is somebody who is has been a guest on our programme before and he has paid a very high price for his his Changing his viewpoint He was a university professor it and why you for years he lost his job there. He is taking on jobs doing anything he can, but I
the feeling he's about to lose literally everything, and there is a go fuck me page and you had just look for support freedom fighter fighter Michael reckon Walled r e c p M Walled, W Ale de erected, wild and and donate. I think he. I think somebody somebody started this page in its. I think they, like fifteen thousand dollars, would changes world. I would strongly urge you to to help if you have the money to help him. Here's a guy who has been literally left in the cold and is Friendless another one. To be homeless as well and he's written some great books. Recently trying to make
make some money, but you know you could also just by his book the Google or ARC archipelago, which is all about the truth about Google quickly. A clarification is we didn't mention that the money goes to fight trafficking, not to support it, and we should also give their correct website, which is. Oh, you are rescue dot, Org. The other one, might go to supporting it. I don't know I'd. Ask me to me out of bed may I add another website. This whole thing, scam laughed out. My asserted! I'm sorry! Oh, you are rescued. Oh yeah! Thank you! a couple of other ideas on on Christmas. If you are looking for something of educational value for Europe, children, if you're looking for books and monitor your bout website called well well, educated heart, dotcom, go had look it up, see if it's.
See if the money is going to like demographic children educate, well educated, heart dot com. This was by a woman named Marleen Petersen and years ago, I got a collection of these books and I Honestly cannot tell you why I didn't talk about them on the air, but I didn't and I recently found out she thought that that was a miracle. She thought trying to get me to talk about. It would be a miracle, but then I didn't and she said now. That was the miracle, because it would, if it would have made things worse because of the time I am. These books were worth a lot of money and now she's found a way to get them both hands for really really low prices and what they are are These are the stories of Amerika and if you go to well, dictated heart, Dodd, home. Look for the Freedom Series of libraries of hope and
she's done, is she's taken all of the old books in the old stories and she's put them all together in a series, and it the Freedom Series under libraries of hope, and I can't I commend them anyhow, these are the these. Are the stories and the ones that you can trust and educate your children with death to tell you my Christmas miracle, Pronuba yeah, some driving home on my way home. From being out it's late. Now, eight nine o clock not lately, but yeah dark, and so I pull out. But half a mile away in order need to get some gas halfway away from the gases allowed sort accelerants up a hill? Seven eleven, on my right hand, side, but half mile up get about halfway up the hill quarter mile away now the car start sputtering. And I realize I'm running out of gas, so I try to accelerate couple times. It doesn't do anything so now
well, I can I glide to this gas station causes uphill. It's dark its somewhat colds called for Texas. I don't want it with us in the middle the night, so I've throw it into two neutral gliding up and I'm getting so slowly closer closer, but I'm going really slow at this point and I'm a pill and what I think gotta make it into the entrance of this gas station some picture. You're mentally wrapping yourself, like I'm gonna, pull aiming at a glide up over and pull right into where you can put, but you know we can put gas in the car the pump and I as I pull it, I get to the entrance and there's someone parked in the side where my gas tank would be so I have to somehow figure out how turn around, so still gliding, I'm still gliding, so I've, no, no gas at all. I'm I'm inching up. I'm trying to attempt a three point turn within with just momentum like I'm just going up. Is a little bit of a hill and some kind of backing up and turning the wheel the same time as going I'm not going like what half of all my own, our now, but I mean that I'm in the parking lot and
turn the wheels heart is. I can't I'm and is coming down the hill and I can only get it It's like a forty five degree angle to the pump. I can actually pull up to the sight of it. It just about a forty five degree angle to the pump and as I'm trying to like just into a little bit more press the gas one more time in literally nothing. It was even sputtering. Any wide legitimately ran aghast and I pull up. I pulled it, put it in park and I pulled a hosting fully extended. Asked gets in two, the actual car into the gas. But this is what second earlier, if I had romantic ass, I would not have made it, and here it is a miracle. Did you see? I don't believe this at all. You can believe that elderly art guy, not as you know it- you saw this on the home, use others are known all market is that go to the story that, and that is why that's why
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One eight do through three four W W W that animal S, consumer access, dot org, well knew the programme are coming up today at five p m on Blaze, tv, we are going through. The the lies that the media has told the lies that the left his told and and really gonna go offer. I think some crew nickel items that may be those who are for impeachment should pay attention to, and maybe those who are,
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