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2017-01-25 | 🔗
-Does Russia have compromising information about Donald Trump? -The media sat on a very embarrassing story about Trump? -Deal with it: Trump won fair and square-Russia aided Trump for 5 years? -2 lessons EVERY president learns early -Who does our intelligence community really work for?-A former intelligence officer weighs in on the Trump story out of Russia -Should we believe today's story about Donald Trump? -The Intelligence community strikes back! -Yaron Brook of The Ayn Rand Institute on the future of Obamacare, taxes and our place in the world under a President Trump-Glenn celebrates a court victory with Pat's musical talents -Donald Trump answers questions about the report from Russia-Did Trump's press conference instill confidence or do damage? -Trump came out swinging at America's intelligence community. Uh oh. -President ADD

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This is the police. Radio on demand. Individuals and businesses with tax problems listen carefully. If you owe over ten thousand dollars in bag taxes or have unfair tax returns, we can help you take back control. The IRS is the largest and most aggressive collection agency in the world, and they can see your bank account garnish your paycheck clothes, your business and file criminal charges take control of your tax problems now by calling the experts had tax mediation services at eight hundred six hundred. Sixteen forty five that eight hundred six hundred sixteen forty five eight hundred six hundred sixteen forty five, this buzz feed story that I now find out, is not actually a Buzzfeed story. We think CNN broke this with Jake Tapir, Loud Donald Trump and Russia is some of it is so horrible.
And I dont believe it- that I can't believe that we, its now out in the open air, I don't know what to make of this story, but now it's out. We have to talk about this story. We can. It and we can dismiss it at this point have to know what the story is. First- look at all of the possibilities and then expect I don't even know I don T, expect what expect what the internet in a world of fake news, This is fake news, the point this is fake news but then again at the devil's advocate when drugs came out with the blue dress before there was a blue dress, wasn't it
fake news. Or does the media do their job and how do you decide what's real and what not We begin there right now, the fusion of entertainment and didn't lighten it. This is the Glen like this is an incredible story. This one guy speed now listen to the way. This is written, listen carefully, Busby Here's the headline these, reports. Alleged Donald Trump has deep ties to Russia who click on that one. What is that story
Listen to the first paragraph. A dossier piled by a person who has claimed to be a former british intelligence official. Alleges. Russia has compromising information on Trump. The allegations are unverified and report contains errors period. But other than that of Iceland? The story, you listen to just this and there is no reason why Buzzfeed should read this run this story. Now it was my understanding that this was the original source of the story that Buzz feed was the first one to come out, So you know, we think, remember, when Harry Red came out and said, wait a minute. James call me. You think that its
ok to release that we're looking at a computer that you ve never seen of Hillary Clinton without any information. You think it's ok to release that when we know you have information about Russia and Donald Trump you need to release this. Apparently this is what this information is, what Harry Reed was talking about and we have conferred by the way. I see it and did break this story. Ok So I want you to hear because what I just read from Buzzfeed is outrageous outrageous, Anyone who had come into my office and say Glenn, we gotta do this story and its bits pretty bad. Will give you the facts here and a second and he would say. Look I've got a dossier was well who did it well as a person? claims to be a former british intelligence of visual? When you mean clay, Where they are worth well, I'm not really sure but listen,
They allegedly have Russia on the record, saying they have compromising information. They allegedly so you don't know for sure. Now, that's just what their alleging nobody's back and then up no sir. The allegations, Yuther, unverified and also the report contains errors. I would say, get the hell out of my office but now I want you to listen to the way CNN framed this when they first broke. The news with. Jake Tapir or when they were talking about it with Jake Tapir. Listen to this walkers through what we ve learned want to be very precise here? Multiple? U S, officials with direct knowledge of the briefings, tell CNN classified documents on russian interference in the twenty six in U S election presented last week, President Obama and the President Elect Trump, looted allegations that russian operatives claimed to have compromising personal and financial information about Mr Trump, allegations were part of a two page synopsis. These were bay,
on memos compiled by former british intelligence operative, whose past work? U S, intelligence officials, consider credible the EP is now investigating. We credibility accuracy of the allegations which are based primarily on information for motions sources, but the FBI has not confirmed many essential details in the memos about MR tromp classified briefings last week I should know presented by four of the senior most: U S, intelligence chiefs, that is director of national intelligence, James Clapper FBI, director Jane Call me the CIA director, John Brennan an end a director admiral MIKE Rogers, ok, so that's a totally different way. Retail view view that word Buzzfeed has direct, but but as I listened to that out of the experts that go it and delivered this to the President and Donald Trump, two of them are but completely politicized, I dont believe,
lap. Her for a second call me Is credible to me, but call me was the guy who was on it was allegedly on Hilary side. So why resettled Trump Army Trump sat. So why? What? If he's on from side? Why would he come in with anti trumps up? You know I mean. And the point is obviously I too have no of bug positive opinions about James Clapper either. But here it is, one of the leading intelligence age has been wrong. If I had and limit letter I we start here. Can we start here? Let's let's agree on the premise: first: ok on the premise of what we're doing We have two as citizen now figure out. Why, there or not. We should look at this. And discuss this or not. Here are the two sides:
One side will say the head break it down in classic logic, the press, gets the best intelligence right? Yes,. Although it's not always right to say it, the first, premises. The present, It's the best intelligence, this, was given to the president. Therefore this is the best information. Now billowy people who are making that look didn't make this up. This was given to the president. You don't believe the president's briefings that The first side bill immediately accept it because This is credible information coming from those four guys, but that's false because of what that said the middle scent is, is incorrect or incomplete. This was given to the resident the middle sentence should be this, is given to the president, but a lot of Stop he's getting lately has politicized
and sometimes it's incorrect just ask him about weapons of mass destruction, exactly right, ok, So the other side will tell you the press. I think it's the best in intelligence yeah, but it's all politicize. Now, therefore, we have to dismiss it. No, no both of those are wrong. Magic will tell us the President most times or the president it's the best intelligence available to him. What is even to the president, is sometimes wrong. Therefore, We must not dismiss or except. But instead investigate so
this is up to us now, because its dropped into the lapse of the american people. So, let's logically this passionately, look at what we have and not except or dismiss anything Anybody who says I'm not listening, you're a fool. Anybody who says are not us in trying to you. Try to excuse it all your fool, I'm not so do you because you're Talkin about Donald Trump you're, a fool because take it from the Trump side. The she's Donald Trumps, Bertha problem now, This will forever be the the birth certificate, a Barrack Obama, from here on out the law I will use this information to try to discredit, and they will say in the end,
all kinds of fake, fake news? Well, Oh, yes, he's produce he's prove that's wrong, but You ve got better sources and let me show you, I'm gonna be making a statement about some better resources that will show you he's lying. And it will be used against Donald Trump from here on out, so you better build a strong case based on logic, not on fear, not an anger, not on blind loyalty, because the The other side will build it that way and we're talking about the President of the United States, both sides, oh it to themselves into the country to to dig ended we win and investigate. We were never birth errors, but I will tell you that there were many bull around us that were passionate about Brok, Obama's birth certificate at the very beginning, passionate and we,
dispassionately investigated. We did our own homework We were never birthplace dismissed it, but I'm sorry at first. We took The approach not on the year but internally, we took this approach, need or dismiss it. Nor except it, it's out their lead do our homework and find out whether or not its credible or not. We But to be completely and credible. So we dismissed it. Let's do the same thing here because I guess Don T you This is going to be his birth certificate problem or a minimalist part. One of its parliament, I think ill. So many things are gonna come out like there's two things that he has going against him. How you cry foul that
can't believe a source when you were the one accepting the national inquirer. When you were the one who said I had, additional information on his birth certificate. Annie reproduced it you you you right. I mean there. You're, not gonna, gather a lot of sympathy from people who don't like you right. There's no fairness points coming your way unless the really are trying to be better people and all We look at this and we try to look at it as you point out, soberly dispassionately and and look at the information airily right now what we know and as far as these reports go in and we haven't really talked about. What's in the review s we'll do that next? What we can do that here and a second but There's no, it's it's important to look at it. The way it's presented, which is, I think, fair for the journalist sickly correct way- is the way that it chat, tapirs team, did it and then rather way of what use is what we clip from that was who was on tapir esteem? I mean
it was early Bernstein and it was the cream of the crop of journalists that doesn't mean anything to a lot of people it is the best we have right perimeter What I find out how to report a story, a good place to start, is to see how Jake Tapir reported it for any here and you're gonna, be there on your right side out about ninety nine percent s agri. So, any you see there. I think what happened with the bus part of this is: there all. These media organisations have had this information since what they believe since August and in my initial inclination on a story like this? Is they would never do? Look at this there's try to take down a republican president. They would never do this, but to the other side they could have released this information before the election. They had it. In fact, Harry Reed was demanding. I guess so. We could have done this before the election, the CNN report I think breaks every lot, but they're, not the only people. With this information CNN reports, it
and then Buzzfeed says where we have this: let's get our our piece of this story out there and try to claim much of the reporting as we can break out and made did they step over the line. I think the issue probably, but I mean I understand their motivation era and why I actually I mean the Buzzfeed story. I hate to give this thee. Because I didn't Know- CNN broke this. I thought seen and I thought the events were reverse wherever right, I thought CNN came out and did that I was like ok. Well, that's the credit way credible way of presenting is Buzzfeed the only one that reporting the most salacious z they release the actual documents inside the documents. It says things about: process to get into here in a minute and also financial connections. Cnn didn't really go into. They didn't even mention it right, and so I did say the motor salacious personal parts- they're not even talking about that. I mean
now it is. It is the other parts of this that are equally disturbing I will tell you that the personal parts are almost irrelevant to me. You know because- you know you either major mind up about who Donald Trump in is as a man, one way or another by ancestors about whether he's compromised as a president, nor at how information is correct in saying that the sex that this part of it doesn't matter except is he compromised! a president, but the as part of it, is bad enough to be compromised as a president, and a lot of the debate today is about oh, what people are saying. Well, he didn't do that he's innocent. He didn't have all these prosecuted in Moscow. We'll get into the details as to why that's not important, I don't think it is important. I would also say that I do.
If there is any reason to two even entertain the idea that those things are true at this. There are such limited information, except for this. Everyone in the audience to make up their mind now, if it is true, does it matter? Does it matter reaches its it Does it not consider this is gonna drag on for months, if not years? True it as it mattered, is their air about this guy's correct journal. Is there anything in this story that matters? If it were true, please I don't think it's true, and I note that there's enemies- and I agree at this point at this point- there's not but there's other reasons why it's important information and we can get into that. Yes, ok, so we'll do that coming up in just a second first get to the full information in just a moment, bank programme,
individuals and businesses with tax problems. Listen carefully. If you owe over ten thousand dollars in back taxes or have unfair tax returns, we can help you take back control. The IRS is the largest and most aggressive collection agency in the world, and they can see your bank account garnish your paycheck clothes, your business and file criminal charges take control of your tax problems now by calling the experts had tax mediation services at eight hundred six hundred. Sixteen forty five that eight hundred six hundred sixteen forty five eight hundred six hundred sixteen forty five Program- eight, seventy seventh back. I want to make sure that We all understand that there is before we get into this. There is a there's some text to all of this and I will ensure that sub text we deal with right out of the gate. Trump one trump one legitimately fairly
and he won on his own approach. It would didn't because anyone helped him in Russia. It's not because Call me it's because Hillary Clinton was a bad candidate. People We're tired of the progressive jam down your throat approach, a Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, There were too many things, even for Clinton supporters that me it hurts made her a flawed. The candidate. The vast thee the vast number of people that, when it out, went out and voted not only voted for Donald Trump, but some voted against Hillary Clinton. And some voted for Trump, even though they had questions But no one voted. And rigged the election. Russia
did not rig this election day. Wiki leaks play a role yeah, but I don't think it made it. Impact in the election call me made an impact in the election, but different. That's the FBI, that's the federal government, so a trump, one legitimately fairly and on his approach his case is on this, however, is hurt by him, because he said when he thought he was losing the elect. And was gonna be rigged, but it was, and is fair and legitimate. Was not in question. Nor is it in question that that truck is the legitimate president, no matter what we find in these documents from Russia. Let's, make sure we make that clear. Now will read the documents to you when we come back
Yes, this is the Glen Back programme. Mercury. Glenn Tag programme. So let's look at the actual briefing that was received by the President yesterday, which or or earlier It was released yesterday, let's ask ourselves. How is it that I am holding the documents that the president received? How Is it I am getting the president's briefing here. That's interesting. I think I can answer that so, the way to think about this, because the whole debate today is going to be do Donald Trump Have we really weird sex with a bunch of prostitutes in Moscow, that's true or not people say no, it's not true and people
don't like down will say it is true, or we really need to consider seriously. I think the right way to think about story, is tat. Even the intelligence sources saying they thought it was true I think I understand they are not saying based they investigated this and what they found. Is Donald Trump was looking up with prostitutes in Moscow. What they're saying is Russia was trying to influence our election and these are the sorts of things they were floating around to try to do that, that's why that information was important to the president and the President elect not that it's not that it's true, also that it was. This is a sort of these are the sorts of things they were doing to try to influence and and threaten operatives for tat the other, so we're gonna give you the report, but I want you to know that all of this, its power, simple, but all of this is true possible that all of this is false it's possible that in most
likely that some of this is true and Portions of this are false. We have to decide if it matters. Why It matters, but we have to also ask ourselves the question who benefits: from this information getting out. We have a former military intelligence guy who's on our staff who came up. In the break- and he said I mean Russia's fingerprints all over it. I can't believe this Actual dump of this information has Russia's fingerprints all over it. Ok, so we there's multiple levels to look at and this is a three dimensional chess game. So get into it. You Presidential Election Republic, it candidate, Donald Trump activities in Russia and compromising relationship with the Kremlin Summary Russia regime has been cultivating supporting and assisting Donald Trump fur.
Least, five years aim endorsed by Putin has been to encourage splits and divisions in the western alliance. Ok, can we just take this? Russia regime has been cultivating supporting in assisting Trump for at least five years. I believe that is true. Has nothing to say about Donald Trump, I believe that the russian government has been doing that with any large. Business Man in America has done business or wants to do business in the former Soviet Union? That's what I do so Is that say anything bad about Donald Trump. No, important for Donald Trump to know that, so he knows, ok, I'm a target. I got it not a problem, This has been endorsed. Putin has encouraged splits and divisions in the western alliance. We know that from Putin himself.
His advisers and he himself had been on record talking about things like that split? yup, NATO and splitting the United States of America, so nothing really knew there at all. I think so far too Piss decline, various sweetener real estate business deals offered him in Russia, in order to further the Kremlin's cultivation of him. That's it the thing I doll drop print. He's not been done it. However, He and his inner circle have accepted a regular flow of intelligence from the Kremlin including on his democratic and other political rivals? Ok, let's talk about that when, for a second. You're, a big business man you go over to Russia. We have not met with Trump. Our own with Putin, but you ve got over there and you meet with the top bankers, who we know are directly can did the put in everybody's directly connected to Putin. If Europe position of power,
it's an oligarchy, so they are directly connected some Then this is the way intelligence works. Put me, doesn't get on the phone with or us. Why doesn't get on the phone with wood tromp they use a third party and that third party may even be somebody who, Not not knowing that the person is giving them the information. Is efforts, be so the Kremlin says we gotta get this today. I'll drop. You know the head of the bank, the bank is, I can do this KGB agent FBI agent, who he does or does not know, is Espy but knows. Is connected, and as material he goes to a friend at the bank, and he says hey by the way I got some information,
Do you know there's this this information here on the Hillary Clinton. Don't ask me how I got it, but it's pretty good. I hear from upper levels. They ve got this information, you, my mom, to friend the the bank says well, thank you Donald Trump, he calls up Donald Trump. Does a lot of business with illnesses? Listen I got this formal friend he's a good guy have known for a long time doesn't know that he's efforts be. Known for a long time. He's got great connections, hey, listen! I want to send you some information he gave me. It's on the Hillary Clinton don't know was thrown out you should read. Has I'll drop done anything wrong. Now, then the fact that he is said himself? He has no connections in business wise to Russia for the scenario play out, but I mean yeah. I don't think so in that what is he doing? I'm going to have this right, Jason Unlucky, the Intel guy yeah, that's away, worked right Dont Roma, nothing wrong.
So on the first two things you can accuse Donald Trump of doing anything wrong. Former next one former top russian intelligence officer, except being naive or stupid, I mean yeah but yet all know. There's nobody knows what that information to. If you just listen to it in as we know in advance- and they never find anything- I mean Aubert if they look into it and they do find something. Wouldn't you use it? Would you like a minute? Let's get it, of course it with frightening you're. Only your only accusation is your stew it or naive. If you think you're dealing at high levels in Russia and and especially, if you're running for president and your I'm getting that an Putin doesn't know you're getting that information. Your foolish for
metropolis top russian intelligence officer claims efforts be, has compromised trump through his activities in Moscow sufficiently to be able to blackmail him. According to several knowledgeable sources. His conduct in Moscow is included perverted sex acts which had been arranged and monitored by the F Sb last one. A dossier of compromising material, and Hillary Clinton has been calculated by the russian intelligence services over many years and mainly comprises bugged conversations she had on various visits to Russia and inner. Phone calls, rather than any embarrassing conduct the dossier is controlled by the Kremlin spokesperson The person directly on Putin's orders how However, it has not yet been distributed abroad, including two Trump russian intentions for its deployment, still unclear. Okay, so They're not gonna, do anything on Hillary Clinton. Less Hillary Clinton is a problem to them. If she was president, she would have been compromised So? What what are we or do we have here?
The guy who's elected might be compromised. The woman who could have been elected might be compromised. That's what you're looking at The rest of it his salacious details, I mistaken that's what I get from the summary there it just as detail right details? Obviously the thing that everyone is talking about today but before you get into the details. Am I right, Donald Trump? They are trying to groom him. He has rejected all sweetheart deals that in his, that's a plus in his column. In this, Opposition research, fight so I mean they would they're. Looking for international ain't, bad things about triumphantly then to say he's resisted these sweetener. Deals is definitely important. Is a point in his favour
Though that's that's the first one, They have been trying to cover a cultivate him. Unless you a moron and Fortunately, for him what he needs to come out and say is Of course, I know that when you're dealing in Russia you're dealing I just levels you're dealing with Vladimir Putin and, of course, you'd think this would play into his ego of Sweden wants me in his in his little chess game. Of course I'm a powerful man before I was president. Of course we want The control me. I'm smarter than that. That's why I didn't take any of his sweetheart deals. Eyed. The problem, though, is that he has made the case over and over again that he has no dealings whatsoever with the country period. I mean We need to make any of these other points because he has said he has no dealings whatsoever and
course. No one knows because he hasn't been released, the information and the details of his business again, that does it. You know does it mean any of this report is true and that's why this you know the story. We as a whole is important and interesting. I think. Because, really, what they're saying is: hey other candidates, missions, opposition file reports and We believe these things came from russian sources had that were leaking things at the behest of the russian government. This is not something that the our intelligence agencies have checked out and said. You know what looks like he did do these things. This is an example as to what he was being accused of in these circles, which is in because the case they were making to him was hey? we're trying to influence it. You know that's the case which he saying wasn't going on. We know it is. It's it's and its. It would
the unnatural, if it wasn't. It would be unnatural. It would be like saying Ronald Reagan did not try to interfere for our, the interests in the former Soviet Union course. We did We all know we did we all know we had operatives on the ground. We all know that we had people in their own press in their own organisations, doing everything we could to bring them to their knees and to split them as a union. We know it for us to think that not happening to us is be. And primary thinking they just it's it's it's it's infantile to think that that's not happening, of course, and I think to another thing. We have to entertain here and you brought This up earlier as to, why do you even know about this report?
important that it went to the president, I think that he is absolutely right, then the President Elect should know this information was being circulated. Guess Donald Trump, absolutely right! We know it well, it was an opposition report. File that had been set Delays from media circles for money again, this could have been released before the election and at something important to note However, there is also an interesting part of this, which is Donald Trump has made such a big deal at dismissing and disparaging our intelligence sources. I think this is the biggest thing that, I think, is very possible that This is their way of telling Donald Trump stop going with us all the time, but I think I think It is really possible that now there's ten refugees are cardiologists guys that, yes, there are two. There are two organisations that you do not screw with is present in the United States number one the FED fails through your economy and make you
president words, president of all time, and they split did it to Ronald Reagan, raw rabies. They give the fat until the FED started screw with him. Then, all of a sudden he was like you know what I think we're you leave the FED alone, and then everything went well gay, so the FED don't screw with a FED. That's what lesson number one. I think we can all say a president knows number two: don't screw the intelligence community, because this is what they do for a living. They want to discredit you they will the problem with that is. Our intelligence community, is doing this. Then, who does our intelligence community really work for. Is the tale wagging the dog. Do they work for the american people. Do they work for the president or they work for themselves. If there willing to do this. What aren't they willing to do? How much trouble are we in.
We'll get into more and actually get into the details coming up in just a second drivel, eight, seventy seven back a clear programme. Innovates images of these well into the programme we're gonna bring inner Jason betrayal, who is who used to be with military intelligence? He now works for me as a researcher and he has been on this for what two year three years we ve been talking about this And we we said before the holidays that Russia, is involved, and They are going to discredit and their winning this intelligence game. He has inside as
more Intel guy who you would help repair river. Prepare some reports like this. Would you not taken? Ok? Does Without saying at this point, we don't have time this red one way or the other, absolutely legit or absolutely false, seems at home. Coming up that this is the Glen Back programme like you This is the police radio on demand,
individuals and businesses with tax problems. Listen carefully. If you owe over ten thousand dollars in back taxes arrive on file tax returns, we can help you take back control. The IRS is the largest and most aggressive collection agency in the world, and they can see your bank account garnish your paycheck clothes, your business and file criminal charges take control of your tax problems now by calling the experts had tax mediation services at eight hundred six hundred. Sixteen forty five that eight hundred six hundred sixteen forty five eight hundred six hundred sixteen forty five Fake news is is a problem when somebody just make something up, but that's usually that kind of stuff that we can figure out pretty quickly when Big news comes from the highest levels or government sources. That's when it's a real problem, the new confidential sensitive source report that was Apparently given
the President and Donald Trump and the media has had since August came out yesterday afternoon there's something really wrong here: want to dismiss it. Nor do I want to accept it. I want to digest it because it's out now, what do you do with it? What does it mean and what does it say? you have an advantage today. You dont have just me a talk, show blowhard, you have Jane the trail who is with us these former military intelligence. This is the kind of stuff that he used to do he says, he's never seen anything like this before and yet
It seems all too familiar we'll get that beginning right now, the fusion of entertainment and didn't lighten it places the Glen. Let's go. Do up Jason Betrayal, we're talking about this news to destroy the came out that Busby did not wake CNN broke. They. Hope this yesterday it is a a opposition research paper that been floating around. All of the news media has had its since August, nobody went out and reported on it yesterday for some reason: It was made public by Jake.
Upper? Who is a good journalists and a pen oh uh, good journalists who say they have been looking at this for a long time, They came out and they did not the salacious parts of it, they were just. Talking about the these cyber attacks and the men population of the United States and Russia when it Comes to Donald Trump. We have just had a trillion because it can you give a little bit of your background. Just real quick. I was in military intelligence. The marine corps was on maritime special purpose force Adele with Counter Intelligence, urban intelligence misinformation lot of, but a thing like that. So, when you saw this this morning, take this piece by piece and You know you said this is how misinformation works, and I said an hour before you got in itself this, the devil. Worse is I'll Satan works. He take a little bit of truth and then,
mixes. It with lies. That's how misinformation works. You don't take whole. I they they mix it with truth, so don't know where the truth stops and where the lie begins. My right right, ok so, let's go through what was in the report. Russian regime has been cultivating supporting and assisting Donald Trump for at least five years, endorsed by Putin they ve been encouraged? They are encouraging splits and divisions in the western alliance. It does not say that Donald Trump was aware of that. As an accused him of being aware of that at this point is dubious. That's true, that Putin is doing that absolutely, but but you could say that about every major business manager travelled travel to Russia agree, but the privilege caveat is: did they have knowledge of it if they did He would be in jail right now. If he did, he would probably in jail right now, but they dont have evidence. So that's not just so
Tromp has declined very sweetener. Real estate deals offered him in Russia in order to further the Kremlin's cultivation of him agree. The grand happens all the time all the time and his people probably rightfully warned him about that as yet away. Ok, down, so that actually looks good rate, however, He and his inner circle have accepted a regular flow of intelligence from the Kremlin, including on his democratic and political rivals. If done the way, I explained last hour, where its through a third party operative, your friends or this person. They have credibility with you, you don't know but they're being fed by SB. Maybe they don't even other beings fed by former KGB there's nothing wrong with. That is a note me. He would have no knowledge, that's not the way they operate. He wouldn't there would be a random private investigator that handed him. Something like oh look. What I got former top russian intelligence offers are claims efforts be his compromise trump through activities in Moscow sufficiently be able to. Blackmail him
According to several knowledgeable sources is conduct in Moscow is included perverted sexual acts, which have been arranged monitored by the efforts. Be I'm not gonna ask you if you think this is true, because we have no way of knowing. If that is true, is that the kind of stuff Russia does I've? Seen that, First ten I've been a part of operations. We try and stop that first hand in Moscow. So yes, that happens. All the time to every political personally goes to to Russia, and especially big businessmen, happens all FACTS, dossier of compromise, Material and Hillary Clinton has been collected by the russian intelligence service over many years, mainly comprises bugged conversation she's had on various visits with Russia in her phone calls, rather than any embarrassing conduct. Sure but why highlight Hillary Clinton, that they have those on every again person. That's ever operate in Russia and the United States direct, ok, so there the first part I've? No, we'll problem, believing any of that. I think the
they're, all true by the wheel, Father super unusual. We probably do this. Many of the same things good point, absolutely handed out by everything that they say that we do that they did ass. We do to them, and I have no problem, believing any of of this that so far that they are trying to do that, and I have tried to do that to Donald Trump. I do not accept they said that the he went to the rich. Carlton I mean this. A crazy this is he went to the its Carlton. He found out that he was saying in the presidential suite and Michel and Barack Obama had just stay there, and so he quote I need to define the bed and so he brought prostitutes in to have a golden shower party that he watched. I believe that I do. I dont believe that. I just don't believe that at all. Even a reason to entertain believing it. At this point, I think so
It's it's so thinly sourced in nineteenth hand, Croatia Room, there's no way to prove that's ridiculous. The only way you can approve it is it says the efforts be, has tape, so they could blackmail. What would be the advantage of releasing that kind of story, even if its untrue, Jason, specially Vincent Well, there's no reason that they should ever made it to light anywhere. I mean that so this was a release as part of an or was it was the official will a research, not only does this unreserved opposition Rachel, I have opposition research papers for you, energy research, or that I would never show you cause. You would let me out of the building because, most of it just rumour into something we're looking into, if I would have done in my capacity as an intelligence officer got busted down and probably kicked out of a job for ever introducing something that we're researching because most of its rumour, most of its rumor, There's something called it's a joke: it's called roommate, rumour intelligence. They have human human intelligence signals again Rumour intelligence is a joke. It's like you know if its consent, if it goes under the umbrella of ruminant, you know,
bring that to anybody higher it. Just something you're looking into this is this is so unprecedented. The even a hint of this made it to the president, but the Inn and even then was released to the public that there are many nerves. So many stories like that about Glenn Ah, you know that he was me was arrested in Baltimore for drunk driving you're with me Bobby Old, a nine year old girl. Guess, there's Eisenstein, it's all nonsense, she's always clearly TED, but still it. But let me ask you this, though, would you have someone who is saying outwardly that Russia did not Russia. For the good guys they're not help they're, not going after us. They are. They are not true. To influence us, they have no, so the king being made to Donald Trump and to the president, and in this particular case was hey. They really try to manipulate the selection right. That's the case being made not the case that the
he actually went to this hotel undefiled a bed, but the cases, they actually did try to manipulate the you here is: And of them trying to manipulate you not evidence that the stock is true in the report, but just at the reporting, this and this is what they were circulating if that on that level, that is, I think, viable in. Patient to bring to the president and a trump some should know what russian sources are circulating about him, even if obviously, is completely under agree or disagree I would agree that he shed well now I act I struggled to agree with that, because it depends on how reliable that's you know. This said sources are, so am I six at my five is like homeland security at the idea and envy and Emma six is is CIA right? Ok, what's my three we'll get to that later that's a mission, impossible salt! I think it's. The guy who who gathered this entail is
former. Am I six. Supposedly, the United States is used. His information before he's always been reliable, etc, etc. But that's the source: that's where this from Why would we be get? Why would we be quoting a the work of a English? operative, who is no longer a part of my six. What why it why, when we take the guy who is no longer part of my six, because information then verify it through our own sources. And then go to the president's. They look. There's much rumours out there, but we ve checked into these are the important things that have a semblance of truth to them. That we could verify. Why? Why Why would anyone be out? This is not the one big victors questions, because this is not the way it usually done. The intentions committee would never quote a former Emma six operative. They would for one here,
be source. He would be an CIA source that we would work just the same way. We would work a russian source or whatever, but just bringing him up that he is a credible former, and my six operative is highly unusual. I can't think of a time that we would you put your. I think this is why the story so freaking convoluted, is They didn't they didn't even was now included in their intelligence report right. The EMS information that was opposition research done by other political campaigns who you this guy. Who supposedly credible and The ribbon reported is Crusoe, so this is the stuff he went out there to try to find a bad information about Donald Trump and that the the credibility level. Here is not whether the events occurred the credibility Did this come from russian sources that we're Phil from the government. That's what they believe is credible about the information not that he these things, but that they can
from russian government sources. The rumours that lies- let's call them lies, I'm completely comfortable calling them lies. The lies about him having prostitutes, king, from russian sources and that's the information they deem credible here and I think that's an import. Distinction, not the information bright. The fact that it came from a rush right, the people who do who were spreading it we're people know. They have associations with them. From government any of us, but what you think of that Jason more I agree, and I think that the This is so unprecedented that I believe that in you hit the nail on the head like a couple weeks ago that bit this is it. This is not the way it's done Visit this would never get to their ears unless they can actually put it in the actual intelligent portray like this is verified information. Actually so verify that some of this stuff so explosive, we like we ve got the FBI knocking on from store right now to taken to jail that that's that's pretty much when it would go to him you because this stuff, this stuff,
in this report. These guys are candidates for the electric chair, I mean The three people there. They name in this. One of them being doll drunk, but all of them working for Donald Trump, its electric air stuff, oh there. So why would we get this report if it were true Why would we get this report? when we always here and believe me, I've had it used against me in a court by the government we can give. You information because its ongoing investigation. Will there would be an ongoing investigation, you're looking at high treason, so well, they held, two possibilities. I see one but I'd love to hear your opinion. One rush released. This. And Russia's putting this in two poison the water even more in our country too.
To divide us and to get us yelling. Each other even more and distrustful of our own agencies, our own intelligence, everything else too. The our own intelligence agency is trying to each Donald Trump, a lesson don't screw with us? Is it one the other both or something else I think it's both to go to point number one. I think that Russia has actively, involve more so since around two thousand fourteen to you know, added destabilize American. It's happening really. I mean we're at each other's throats, the media it's taken, those small little revelation, really what what what Russia actually reveal a Dnc hacks, but a couple stupid little thing they were there no minor paid on the way,
and their Dnc didn't Bernie Sanders right. Woe! You know I mean, did that really influence my people that it like a hated Hillary Clinton, Haider more the people that lover really care like? So what really did it do not what's causing all of this hubbub and the media is taking this to brand new levels now part two: the intelligence community is yeah. I believe in you said this earlier. I think there are striking back. You cannot you, cannot call out the intelligence community call them stupid, say that everything that releasing has been lies and spin licence the Iraq war. You cannot do that if you do, you're, going to pay for it. You're going to pay for this. I'm telling you. This is not how the until his community operates. This is not how they release information, as is that how they broke brief there hires this was released in a strategic way. In my opinion, I think it was really and the strategic way. I dont think that I think this is going to up in the air, but you know that you know he's not very large enough to know Jason their smart enough
they wore game as much as you do as much as I do. They know how fragile America is they pulling us apart even more and in creating this distrust of them as well is a horrible horrible, of a member I learned about you know I learned about the Bubba fact from them the number one thing they were worried about in two thousand. What six. And they said this is coming in our future, so last thing they would do unless they were just EVIL S, o bees is throw logs on the fire so, How could you say that they would do? Why would they quietly do something to our president and say don't screw with us. They definitely- It is a method that can be the hair he explosive volcanic. That's for sure I I don't. Think that those who believe that the the I doubt that the
at the highest levels, are intelligence operation is putting out Ex president in his place publicly. I remember I said on we will. I saw you on your think tank shown. I'm gonna go that there would be. You said this Mcdonald's for this, that we have not seen Alaska. They are going to strike back in some way. This is a huge way, and To be honest, I don't think that done. I really dont, because a lot of it stuff like I said it is alleged to end its erected on the other side. The wreckage on the other side? You know they are Chest Blair's. What's the wreckage on the other side, think about that first come back. This is the glad that programme carry in
jewels and businesses with tax problems. Listen carefully. If you owe over ten thousand dollars in back taxes or have unfair tax returns, we can help you take back control. The IRS is the largest and most aggressive collection agency in the world, and they can sees your bank account. Garnish your paycheck clothes, your business and file criminal charges. Take control of your tax problems. Now, by calling the experts had tax mediation services at eight hundred six hundred sixteen forty five that eight hundred six hundred sixteen forty five eight hundred six hundred sixteen forty five program really hard to life. I don't really hard to believe that this is a? U governments false report here that that the CIA is trying to teach him a lesson. Do. I believe that the CIA would revel in. Teaching him a lesson yes, but I think they would make this up and and release. This is the damage it would
to end. This is not a lesson be released, rumors The real lesson will put him in jail, and I guarantee you they have it. This is like look, but are you a conspiracy theory Storms and what I mean, I mean that's what you did for living here as a single, so somebody does furs their job. I know these things are obviously real as a possibility right. I mean the one thing get two. If you want to say it was not intelligence. Releasing this information you quit. You can argue that in these reports as opposition research before they were at any new that intelligence they were being circulated through media circles from some months and months and months, media organisations have been checking into these six months before election
it's possible. They had this the whole time they just waited to release, and so, but why, after it was hidden? Why would it be handed to the president now, if they headed for months back programmes,. You're listening to the Glen Back propaganda will have some idea here. The government takes this report at all credible on Donald Trump, because in that report it says that Russia made several deals on energy with Trump or the Trump Surrogates going again, Are we getting this? How is it happening? There's no reason to accept information and there's no reason to dismiss this information. It's just out oh, and it is what it is. We have to use some logic, but will see if anybody takes a seriously seeing
till arson is having his confirmation hearing today, president backs on. Let's see if a senator brings that up, if they don't that speaks volumes about the credibility of this. You aren't broke his here from the iron Rend Institute. How're, you, Sir I'm good at, haven't you greatly knives yeah. I know we had some plans to talk about some of the things today that are important, but first I want to get your thoughts on on this. What will this is Europe very logical reason: man there. We are living. In a time beyond reason and logic, it is because reason a logic require fact they require evidence. They require the ability to to look at the world and no what's true and what's not, or at least the indication of withdrawing. What's not we're living in an era of fake news, You don't know where this is coming from, why this is being reported whose reporting it it's very hard.
You had a rounded in his reason, but can I ask you a question I have two volume said, I think it's actually in my office of a two volume set from nineteen twenty six, it's a real. Print from the New York, historical society and its from the committee. The committee king into the conspiracies of the revolutionary war it was. Can it was vague convene right after the revolutionary war. They wanted to Now we're all these rumours came from where all this fake news came freedom and its eighty, I mean it's municipality. Five hundred pages you're sure so fake news is not new. Yes, that's always been this way here by two different it. It's never had. Credibility it has today many people are taking it seriously in a way they never did before. Generally we don't discuss issues, Reasonable logical way, this election,
than any other election. I think was based so much on pure emotion, yes, and in what way? What we see today is the media wishing political leaders Was seeing how to our universities promote emotion as the means to his knowledge. Rather than thinking and reasoning and using logic, we don't teach our kids logic, eight hundred. How would you? How would you logically look at this story and say this is how we begin to untangle this Well I mean you really have to look at what are the real sources without sources to really hot untangle? Anything at? But U S, EFTA! Look it! Ok. What are they incentives? What what? What what's goin on hand? Look through actions, a bad guys? Russians are baggage. Putin is not a good.
Guy so and- and I think this this some evidence to suggest that the relationship between Putin and Antwerp- something is going on trumpets, so adamantly defending Putin was throughout the campaign, is now some relationship between Trump and Russia. We don't know what it is you know There's no reason to believe these particular allegations, but one has to be sceptical about what is going on, given how adamant trump is in in defending anything russian. Could it be? Could it be, Let's talk about tiller, some tiller syn, is a deal maker K. I, what our foreign policy, I dont, know we put a deal maker in and he's asked it making deals where.
Russia and the Middle EAST and- and I think I think much of our foreign policy- we are not going to be tough liking, it would tell us- and they were not gonna- be tough and Russia. We are unlikely to be tough on Saudi Arabia in in the gulfs than you I tell Us- and I like to us until since it out with shrug fan, he's a visa, is a nice guys, obviously incredibly competent seo. He did it job I like seo is like business and I think that great rate, but is he a foreign policy experts dizzy, bring a principled view, a foreign policy I mean. Maybe I just don't know I haven't heard anything to suggest he does. Donald Trump is a pragmatist, as far as I can tell there's no principle driving a Trump administration and the people who surrounded himself with a mostly pragmatists on a case by case basis. They might make the right choice to make the wrong choice, but there's no
simple. What is America's an granted? There hasn't been a principle foreign policy in headed straight for a very large area along time bit, but this is taking pragmatism to the next level, because it's you know Usually people apologise for not having principles these guys embrace The fact was, leaving aside the it's like to me, We have always said our people have always said. We did so I wish somebody would run this country is a business. Your now I'm going to see it run like a business and that's, We don't have the ceo of the United States of America. That's not the way. This job works, it shouldn't We're gonna see how it works. A CEO of America. I've come to call Donald Trump, the central planning chief, because that's always act that he's acting as a central planner, I'm gonna fly
yet Indiana talk to carry I'm gonna go and talk to the sea or for it I'm gonna, I'm gonna be the seal of seals. I'm gonna tell the business world, I'm gonna tell market how they should run, how they should function as defined the ceo of the marketplace, but that's that's central planning and we know we know if anything the twentieth century has taught us central planning does does not work, and I used to be what Democrats were proud. Of their central planners and Republicans pretended at least not to be central plan, as they were, free market will only now that distinction has gone, they pretended. I know only Europe can only after whoever does Hoover was the last sky we had that was very much Donald Trump. He was a central planner. He was a builder where oh yeah Semi Hoover was the last businessmen to be president. He gave us, who'd Holly, yet, which was the tariffs that yet always integrate depression. He increase taxes, he didn't decrease taxes. It was a terrible terrible president. You know this. This trend to Dodge extent,
celebrated under Hoover. Blue really goes back to Wilson. He has also as the first president. You have to be a central plan has difficult to bring it to the United States. Europe loud and old field list plough New one here, the the GEO P and what they're gonna do with about we have had. We have had years for this moment. It's unbelievable to me. Six years right since Abominate was past may be talking about, were pure, replace, repeal, replace we're. Ok, so where's your plan right, you that, six years to put together a plant at the pious, not that hot, we ve seen outlines of this plan in the Wall Street Journal everywhere. There is a plan out, they find it put it together. It might be flawed,
I might be the perfect plan, but don't come out as babbling idiots and end in it. We ve got a plan. Maybe we'll see you know my take six months. You may take three years. Who knows? I mean this is really Republicans living up to the stupid potty label, what they do with a bomb occupy now, a top of that the Us just chance that they want to keep we'll important possible mama pre existing conditions. If you load pre existing conditions, anti insurance When he's, they are not insurance companies anymore, they just social security, type companies, gas and their subsidiaries of the government and the Democrats love. This Obama was always plan to fail, though purpose Obamacare was to fail, but to fail as a as as as we tried markets. We quite rightly places we let you have your private insurance that doesnt work, so we have to have single pay, a universal health care one by the government, if Republicans plea into that by keeping pre existing conditions, or by do
other things that are get base again destroy insurance markets, they just playing into the hands of the votes, are saying, and right now is one of my biggest spheres. Is that people look at Whatever is gonna come out of the GNP now as a conservative, small government constitutional, your answer and I'm not seeing those yet I hope to, but I'm seeing them, especially when it comes to Obamacare Wendy, fail, or God forbid, make things worse, this is then, then everybody will say it's time to go all the way. Let's go. Marxist ammunition is the lesson everybody learnt from funded George Bush or years right. Yes, if this is what small german conservatives are there, Don't want anything to do with that and we got Obama and we got everything that Obama represents. If this is, what defending America means, going to walk and screwing it up, then
we cannot. We wigan it. We're gonna get a Obama to to clean up the mess. So yes, the backlash against Republicans when they do really really stupid things is, is what is part of what destroys this country and there's nothing to suggest that this Straighten is going to be significantly different. Now, what do you mean anything anything that that surprises? You did say well. This is good. It also has a point so that point, but we're on our bad right. Only labour secretary, I forget the guy's name bit bit- seems like a good guy gets, gets minimum wage. He gets. It gets these issues under way way in prices. As secretary of Human Health and Human services, I thought was a good choice. Price actually has a plan, to replace Obamacare, you know with free market reforms. Why not just embraced right he's? There is a secretary of health and Human services, but for some
We in the house in the Senate in this is partially because republicans of such cowards, they can actually embrace a free market solution. If anything, the one thing we will get and we can guarantee this right. Is a text cut Republicans a good cutting taxes. They don't cut spending so the consequences. The next president has to raise taxes in order to close the deficit gap or pretend to close a deficit gap, but we'll get tax cuts and that's a good think right. I'm not going to demean Texaco, but if you're not cut spending, it doesn't matter. Okay, so Zola, one lesson here: Nuremberg from the Iron Rhine Institute and when one of the best critical thinkers America.
When we're looking at all of the things that were were about to see what is the, what is the flag that you would raise up and say we have to do this one thing is it is it a policy? Is it we have to get a handle on on r are uniting with each other on fake news on what fear I by two. This uniting stuff. I mean what, when we're not gonna, be united, do we split in his country with split fifty fifty we don't agree and an eye, I don't have a problem with the fact that we don't agree that clearly different points of view out there. I think some of us are right and in most people are wrong, but but that's the reality, this this disagreement and end. I, for example, have always live gridlock in Washington. I like this
dream into washing cause him make, don't miss miss when I say when I say uniting, I mean not tearing each other, not d humanizing one another, that would be able to live next to each other and say why really disagree with heads, but it's gonna be difficult to I mean I think what we need. Are we discovered to unite us to do a lot of other things is what is America? I think we ve lost that. I think in that sense Obama's one we become another european country in in many respects, the american Spirit. What made us uniquely american? What what? What? What are they foundation ideas, the foundational concepts of what America stands for, that the founding the two founding principles of this country, that that is not in the debate. Nobody talks about it and this presidential, you no one was more than ever. Doctrine never mentions the founders. He never really talks about the constitution
it's important to write those principles. God forbid, we should have principles. We need a. We discover what we are, what what is american exceptionalism people so that out all the time the claim all whip pro American. We love America, but Donald Trump has raised a question up. What does it mean to be poor Amerika? What is America first actually mean unless you understand what America is America's nodded geography, geographical place idea? It's an idea, and the question is what is that idea and I think, very few Americans today, you know what that I do is. I think, that's reflected in politics. That's reflected in our dialogue. Very few people know what the principles that this country was founded on. What made us the greatest nation in human history as heavy back in endless to a list to an hour of just that, what is America is America? We do that. I would be fabulous great love that current. Thank you very much and your logic is equal is on ice.
They're right equals unfair. Didn't I I am sorry, I was not even told you a book go well. I got handed you a book not that long ago I saw because I thought aggressor we'd better. The book is called equal is unfair. It's it's available everywhere and Takes on one of these big issues is, what does it mean? when you found it say tat. All men are created equal. Does it mean what the left suggests? Equality of outcome, even equality of opportunity- and I owe you know it- just means equality of freedom, equality of liberty, equality of rights, equality before the law, the law properly understood in the whole idea of equality is a false god. It's a false god. Bank programme.
Trouble if seventy seven back the glad that programme stew as soon as it is only a cord on this down from breathing, we'll get to hear a little while also is bonds? He supposed to go live here right after the top of the hour stations, we will be taking that as well as it does happen, good news to share. We do sometime during the course of the day good news Julia have signed. We realise that there are some good news that we the happy for more than three zero song. That's coming on their myself. There remains saw another ways on happy, happy news coming up and assuming thing turn starts on time. We're gonna have this press conference here and a little bit. Obviously the story when talking about all day, I will be discussed at the same time point. The rex, tillers and secretary of state hearings are going on
tell us in just said that Russia today is a danger. It seems that this is really what dialogue, Donald Trump, it's a very streams is a strange rolled out, as you would expect We'll see mortars imminent bank programme work. This is the police radio on demand.
Individuals and businesses with tax problems, listen carefully. If you owe over ten thousand dollars in back taxes, arrive on file tax returns, we can help you take back control. The IRS is the largest and most aggressive collection agency in the world, and they can see your bank account garnish your paycheck clothes, your business and file criminal charges take control of your tax problems. Now by calling the experts had tax mediation services at eight hundred six hundred. Sixteen forty five that eight hundred six hundred sixteen forty five eight hundred six hundred sixteen forty five. Hello, America and welcome to the Glinda programme. We are waiting now for a new conference with president on this that the latest on this back and forth of Russia. We have two hours talking about it today, trying to look that it logically, we can't make heads or tails of this. It does ever lead any place good and we don't buy into all the stuff that it says about Donald Trump,
we'll see what he has to say and see if we can bring any reason to any of this? As he comes out, we will do that. Also. I understand, we have some good news. We get there right now. The fusion of entertainment and enlightenment places- Glenn you're waiting for Don Need, Donald Trump Prescott virtue, which is coming up. It is like the birth. We got some really good news now. May we get to that, may I may I read this is from the corridor yesterday, on this day court considered the anti slap motion to dismiss Mosen dismissed files. By defendants, ablaze, ink and Glenn back collectively, the blaze parties pursued
compromise over the table. All about my love after considering the motion to dismiss any responses replies there to any supporting our official affidavit global level that will allow the emotion to dismiss is granted, therefore ordered. The motion dismissed filed by the blaze parties is in all things granted in its entirety, this is in the clock. Kid Bryce augment the clock. Kid clock, Med, we call him observe, allegedly clock method, the most heavily. This was so what an anti slap is in the United States Army in Texas it's really is the United States. Now it is a a remedy that people can take. If or first amendment rights are being questioned too soon. Up really kind of free. This last year I visited frivolous lawsuit. Two yards and If you remember right that it was the kid who went to school with the clock,
He said it was a clock. It looked like a bomb in originally we were pissed off at this. I'll, just three or four, we were for him. We want for the kid we were defending the kitten. Then we saw the picture of it. One like wool of course they fellows- and of course I thought it was a borrower looks just like one end, and we also then heard that he was told by a teacher. Hey don't bring this into Other Clyde dont shows anybody. It looks like a bomb in, and so here. Do the you know first? you look like weapon the common sense and said I put that away. Don't do that anymore, another teacher don't be so cool with that and they weren't and he kept doing, it almost as if it was true to illustrate almost as if we don't know if that's not Rosalie, look that way. In our humble opinions, we reported it and we reported it accurately on this. Program and- and yesterday the judge through that case our fortunately showing that apparently free speech is still alive,
However, I will say that it is the first amendment is not real healthy, and yet we have not talked about the other court. Case that we settled in Boston we will. So you know I settled that case, but I settled it with the the under standing and the legal ability to open up the entire record of the case. That case is not sealed, and we did settle for a small sum of money. Because was gonna, go all the way to the Supreme Court it should have, but it would have probably cost me about five million dollars. Instead, I settled with it unsealed, because you're going to present this to you
and show you exactly what happened in the Boston bombing case. There is something very wrong and it is little to do with the guy, who was suing me and everything to do with the union, states government, which was the point in the first place. But in this particular case it's- little celebration is
don't worry, I look like a bomb, especially so we try to do so. We dry deserve sands gather TAT Legend way, not at all, and I did say that just put it our gaze actually one, I don't even have some documents that show that his mom was especially proud, mirth and other relatives allegedly nationally. It's amazing about the case is the amount of stuff that was sent from
the legs aka burgundy and everybody else when it turns out that that wasn't exactly what happened, that that's not and and the judges you know. Now you know now because he sued I don't even know how many people his family has come back ensued, everybody Hiroshima, Ferguson, Romania, where the set, where the second key to be dismissed and there's a line of people that are going to court. You know who else has been dismissed. You do know Can you know I don't I don't know I don't remember. But there were two. We, I think we we were in court with two of the people. I think the mayor of Irving. Her tail is all right. She still, we all have court tat. We all have court cases and it's the same, I think it's the same argument I don't know, I'm not involved in EU else's. You think so. Yeah ridiculous
so we're way for the the Donald Trump Press conference to begin. He is not walked out yet, but when he does stations, you should know that Why don't we bear you know what one or ache early? So when he comes out, we don't have to. Laughed interrupted with commercials. Grand backpack you sign up for the news lettering, get all the info. You need to know what Glenn Back Dotcom Mercury they jewels and businesses with tax problems. Listen carefully. If you owe over ten thousand dollars in back taxes or have unfair tax returns, we can help you take back control. The IRS is the largest and most aggressive collection agency in the world, and they can sees your bank account. Garnish your paycheck clothes, your business and file criminal charges. Take control of your tax problems. Now by calling the experts had tax mediation services at eight hundred six hundred. Sixteen forty five that eight hundred six hundred sixteen forty five eight hundred six hundred sixteen forty five
I signed up for the letter. I get all the info. You need to know what glad that Don T want to talk about fake news. This is a very good chance that this is. This is all fake news that present Elect Trump is now going to have to respond. To, Cnn reported on a briefing that the this event and Donald Trump received recently from the intelligence community aid included two pages of what Buzz feed reported. Yesterday after CNN reported on the two pages and buzz feed release, then the thirty five pages that were we Boil down to two for the President and Mr Trump and so Buzzfeed is being called a responsible. I know I wouldn't have publish them myself.
They didn't do this. The media has had this since August. Nobody publish this, they did publish it. After CNN talked about that to page report in a credible way. Then they jumped out onto the internet. The thirty five page report I dont think I would have done that even after CNN had made this public because I think it's poison, presenting a lot of it is bogus and poison. Now. He has to face these questions about Russia there's some. We know why back what it was presented to the president was not bad otherwise Donald Trump would have been arrested. Quite honestly, on some of these charges,
right and I don't even think they're trying to say that their true I mean right. There's there they included it and it was nine clear there was discussed with either. The president or Trump saying like here is an example of what they were doing to you to try to compromise you Donald Trump and there's that that's good information to have its you gotta know what people are saying about you and and and being circulated widely by political opponents. Amelia people trying to write come up with stuff and some of your staff that is on in Buzzfeed and Buzzfeed recognizes at the beginning, which is why I wouldn't publish it something's wrong. I mean they have. One guy and pull it works for Trump. In Prague, when you can verify that it looks like he was in southern California to baseball game of his son, I mean in others, there's stuff in here that just not right, and now it's out and a lot of people like birth certificate will believe it. And they ll say already. You know why he was. He was doing
terrible things with women in Russia. No, no. There's no reason to believe any of this here's ears. What's reason to believe Russia is not our friend Russia does target every boy business men and political person like Donald Trump and Trump didn't take the bait. Now here is Donald Trump- is stepping up to the microphone in New York at Trump Tower. At the press conference United States of America Donald Trump, Thank you very much. It's very familiar territory, news conferences because we used to give money almost basis. I think we probably may be one. Nomination, because of news conferences, and it's got to be with you- we step
again because we're getting quite a bit of inaccurate news, but I do have to say that, I must say that I want to thank a lot the news organisations here today, because they looked at that nonsense- that was released by maybe the intelligence agencies holy cow, who knows, but maybe Intel, always analyses which would be a tremendous blot record? If they all my God, GOSH comes Housemaids block, because a thing like that should have never been written. It should never Had had it should certainly never have been released, but I want to thank a lot the news organisations for some. Whom have not treated me very well over the years, a couple in particular and they came out, show strongly against that fake news and the fact that it was written about by. Primarily one
and one television station so I just wanna were compliment many of the people in the room. I have great risk. For the news and great respect for freedom, The press and all of that, but I will tell you there- were some news organisations. With all that was just said that were so professional so incredibly professional that I've just up a notch as to what I think of you. Ok, I hope you are ass. We ve had some great news over the last couple of weeks. I've been, quite active. I guess you could say in an economic way for the country lot of car companies are going to be moving in. We have other companies, big news is gonna, be announced over the next couple of weeks. Companies at a building in the Midwest. You saw yesterday feared Chrysler Big Big factory, going to be built This country is opposed to another country, for just announced that they stopped plans for a billion
dollar plant in Mexico and they're going to be moving into Michigan and expanding very substantially and exists implant vibration. That from Ford. I appreciate it very much from fear Chrysler I the General motors will be following and I think they will be. I think a lot of people would be following. I think, a lot of industries becoming back. We have to get our drug industry coming back on. Drug industry has been disastrous, they're leaving left and right. They supply drugs, but they don't make I'm here to a large extent, and the other thing we have to do is create new bidding procedures for the drug industry because they getting away with murder. Farmer farm, has a lot of lobbies, level, lobbyists a lot of power and theirs a little bidding on drugs were the largest buyer of drugs in the world, and yet we don't properly and we're to start building and way to save
billions of dollars over a period of time, and we get it that with a lot of other industries? I'm very much involved with the generals and admirals on the aeroplane the F, thirty five you ve been reading about it and it's They way behind schedule in many many billions of dollars over budget. I don't like that. And the admiral's have been fantastic? The generals have been fantastic. I've really gotten a norm well and we're gonna? Do some big things on the F thirty five programme and absurd? If eighteen programme lad. We're gonna get those caused way down and we're gonna get plain to be even better and we can have some competition. There's gotta be a beautiful thing. So we ve been very, very much involved and other things we head Jack MA We had so many incredible people coming. Still are no, They gonna do commend
things for me, this things in this country the very excited, and I will say if the election didn't turn out the way it turned out. They would not be here that would not be in my office. They would not be in anybody else's offers, they'd be building and doing things and other countries. So there's a great spirit. Going on right now are ever we'll get agreed jobs. I said that I will be the greatest jobs. Producer that God ever created, and I mean that I really am. But very hard on that we need certain amounts of other things, including a bit of luck. But I think we're gonna do a real job. Then a very proud of. What we ve done and we haven't even got in there yet very much forward to the inauguration. It's gonna be, a beautiful event. We have greater Alan tremendous talent,
and we have the all of the bands or most of the bands from the different, and we have PE all of the bands or most of the bands out of the different approach from the different segments of the military Some of these bans over the years there really really didn't talk about. We have a very, very organizational about what is going on in my twenty Eightth is going, I again something that would be very well when you should come out, and I think of grass, because we have, which is to me a headline movement like the wind comes our swinging. Blaming the unintelligence community creating this? Leave it up a little bit, so we can hear, did get it right. But he's coming out swinging, which that was a beautiful seen on November. I think that's has remarkable those state as we do the origin and we focused very hard in those states and they really reciprocated and those states. It can have a lot of jobs and they can have a lot of jobs and they can have a lot of security. They gotta have a lot of good news, for
veterans and by the way, speaking of veterans, I appointed today the head secretary of the Veterans Administration David Shelton at will. Do a news release in a little while tell you about David he's fantastic he's, fantastic He will do a truly. A great job of the commitments made as it we're going to straighten out the The whole situation for our veterans veterans have been treated horribly there. Waiting in line for fifteen sixteen seventeen days, cases where they go in and they have a minor they stage form of cancer and they can't see a doctor by the time they get to the doktor, the terminal they're to happen not going to happen so David is going to do a fantastic job, we're going to be talking to a few people. Also to help David and we have some of the great hospitals of the world.
To align themselves with us on the veterans Administration, like the Cleveland Clinic like the Mayo clinic, few more, that we have and we're going to set up a group these past Those that have been the top of the line, the absolute that's gonna, be out of the line and they're going to you and I, together with their scope, doctors, Doktor Toby Cosgrove. As you know, from the level Atlantic has been very and run away, though, I really gonna tell grace methods is decisive, got only sweetie. I can't be patient. The guys can recognise our interest that I know that both we wouldn't listen to this bunch of Barack Obama we began with an office? Yet I think we will get the information on this issue and I think, really drugs area, this job, and you know what we have here is really does elites these two areas hearing our questions, but some good, some, not so good, but we have
other talent and zones beautiful. We think this celebration will be something without working time with time straight away and straight in where we go of course, he's coming doing. We have entered a second highly. Ok, we'll take a quick break and come back with the with the questions for Donald Trump and it will be interesting to hear him. I'm assuming someone will ask him to verify if he is blaming this report on the intelligence community. If you don't know what's happening. A report came out yesterday. I believe the television station that he's talking about his CNN. They first broke the news about a two page report that went to him and Barack Obama that we don't know exactly what it included, but we know it included. Some of the things in the thirty five page report buzz feed and every other media organisation apparently has had since August
yesterday Buzzfeed made available and it is, I believe, full of horrible lies and some truths and have true, but it should have been released. We get to the questions the President Back programmes. Is the Glen Back Programme, this press conference, looking at some of the release, statements from resolute he apparently says as far as hacking, I believe, is Russia, so that is a difference of what
where his stance has been. Let's go to the press conference now and, and here the presence of the press and Donald Trump or otherwise, and if not, will you release? You can read it out that I have no dealings with Russia? I have no deals in Russian. I have no deals that could happen in Russia because we ve stayed away and I have no loans with Russia as a real estate develop. I have very, very little debt. I have assets that are now. People are found out how big the company is every little done, a very low debt, but have no loans with Russia at all, and I thought that was important to put certify that. So I have no deals. I have no loans and have no dealings. We could make deals in Russia very easily we wanted to. I just don't want to cause. I think that would be a conflict, so I have no loans, no dealings and no current pending deals. Now I have to say one other thing.
Over the weekend, I was offered two billion dollars to do a deal in Dubai, with a very, very, very amazing man, a great great developer from the Middle EAST Hussein to MAC a friend of mine, a great guy and was offered two billion dollars to do a deal in Dubai number of deals, And I turned it down, I didn't have to turn it because, as you know, I have a new conflict. Sexual because unprecedented- which is- I don't know about that until about three months ago, but it's a nice thing to have, but I do want to do advantage of something. I have something that others don't have voiced President Pence also has it. I don't think you'll need it I have a feeling is not going to do, but I have no conflict of interest provision as president,
It was many many years all this is for presence, because they don't want president's getting. I understand they don't want present it's getting tangled up in Managua. They wanna president to run the country, so I could actually run my business. Could actually run my business and run government. At the same time, I don't like the way that looks, but I would be not to do that. If I wanted to be the only one that would be able to do that, you can't do that in any capacity, but as president, I could run the Trump Organization, great great company, and I could run the company the country. I do a very good job, but I do want to do that. Now all of these papers that you see here, yes, go ahead involving lets. You believe the hacking was justified and will you release your tax returns to prove what you're saying about no deals in Russia? Will not religions tax returns because, as you know, there underwater
the seventies has highlighted earlier residue. I've never really simple arise. It has, as you know, the only over the years about much actually Georgia. The reporters, ok you're. The only measure analogous to lecture one do you believe it take care of it all. I think you care, I think you care, could persuade you learned very little from a tax return. What you should do is go down to federal elections and take a look at the numbers, and actually I have learned a lot about my company, Are they realized? My company is much bigger, much more powerful than they ever. Thought where many many countries and are very proud of it, and what I'm going to be doing is I too sons who right here, dawn and Eric, are going to be running the company, They are going to be running it in Asia. Professional manner they're not going to discuss it with me
I don't have to do this they're not going to discuss it with me and with that I'm going to bring up Sheridan and she's going to go. These papers are just so, of the many documents that I've signed turning. Over complete and total control to my sons, Why should I good morning my honour and privilege to be here today at President Elect trumps request, he's as long as you gotta leader, is neither takers. His Prescott, France's remain bizarre, absolutely bizarre and in the end, I get more information out of his tweets, more information out of his two interesting thing. He brought up there. I think trying to make the point that I am not going to be influenced by
business end of things. He had a two billion dollar offer the other day to do these projects and by using that is an example of hey. This is great. I rejected this is kind of terrifying. I guess, though, that this is still possible. I mean Donald Trump is correct: he's able to still run his company but I mean what you say- he's the greatest guy of all time and he's able to resist these pressures. Ok of someone for you two billion dollars, for God knows what favour its problem, the loophole. We need to close after this because it lets say that expressed isn't doesn't have the high principles of Donald Trump and can't stand and offer like that. It probably shouldn't be available to the press. The United States that loophole problem. Should be closed. After this I don't think a reassuring that people are offering him two billion dollars fighters he's not becomes the present fill me with confidence,
not fill me with confidence building the business at the country. Didn't fill me. So I'm glad he's giving up one yeah, there's no way you can do both our even down said he could, but he could not, but he says that there is also no not the ceo of Amerika, you don't you don't run America, I could run both prison doesn't run both run the country, that's the problem we need to stop thinking about about. Right and end if if we, as conservatives allow I too believe that's what happens. Will then this is. I don't mean to use this where I want to use this word the way it was used in the nineteen twenties, that's fascism, that is a government helping companies Run the company, the
collude openly with privately companies and they go and say you guys we're gonna go this way as a key country, so you should develop as But as you can of these things- and they worked gather that was the idea behind fascism. Fascism, wasn't always a dirty word, it was a ceo. It was the country run as a company by a leader. What we are. Can you imagine, George Washington, standing up at a press conference in talking about his holdings? our third, I have incredible holdings. As you know, we ve got a massive business, as you know, I have been running this we mon most Virginia is, I think you know my holdings, inflation just it would be around a billion dollars on the richest president. There has ever been, I mean you taste,
it's just the weirdest thing. This still sit and listen to, and that is true, but we are on any deal jointly did. I know I think it was by far the richest or other. We ve never had an end by far one of the most humble president's we ve ever had a mean. No, you would not be saying at I've I've got dealings in the slave trade. From all points of the compass and and it's a beautiful beautiful by sons are gonna, be the bureau, the portico it's beautiful and work. And to be expected. I can I could with the port in the end, expansion in the slaves and, as you know, I could be king. If I wanted to have been offered that I've said no, I've said no, I'm going to be king. It don't bring that up to be again, but I should I could be king. If I wanted to create a great favour, they were putting together the constitution and they couldn't get a dive, and so they came to me and they said
George, I said I was there and my beautiful lobby of my house, it's more of a lobby that an inference edge, a man should, of course at a house that its state of you will it's beautiful. It's wonderful, my son, my daughter was upstairs. She she's wonderful. She s a beautiful frenzy Lambert. She was with us on a vacation a few weeks ago. In fact, let me bring her up and shook it. She's beautiful here. She is here by bus, the hell. Did you just say: that's what he just did that press governor. I dont know what the hell do. I on to know: what will you do not blame where she is with Russia with their? We did. It means that one question about Russia did say that he believes Donald Trump believes Russians were responsible for the hacking. That's a pretty big headlines. Big headlines. Its is that's the opposite of what he's been saying. Yes, I mean he says he thinks so doesn't mean he's sure, but he
he's the indeed intelligence briefing I bet you guess he received indicates that, yes, that is probably this most of these acts that is deal earning as not talked about that at all But I really will he again, probably won't during our armoury interlude into the George Washington Press conference, you have not missed anything from titled tribe. The turning is still standing up there. I guess explaining all the conflict of interests, laws and how he's getting around those at risk and not by no means asking about that. We don't he's exam weaving cared about four reassured. I mean we do not the current issue later. Ok, if I said to you, if I said to look, not gonna, run I'm pat. I am going to completely focus I'm gonna completely focus on other things and end and in my my son will be doing every
thing on my primary business that I've I've staked my entire life on and is my life fortune. My sons are going to do that, but I promise you for the next forty eight years, not a word and not I've got a whole bunch of its money where its mouth is. Where a he's asking us to do the impossible. His end because it's nefarious his son, I'm still there there's a crisis. Let's say the world goes into a crisis and his his son is, looking at their financial empire starting to crumble, you don't the sun goes to dead dead. I gotta have your help on this ridiculous tremulously, kill your journey. Kirshner is a good example of this. Is a son in law he's going to be named in official senior advisor to the present? A United States there are ones like well, we have to see what's gonna go out with these nepotism laws and because he would be affected by these things. He has to
invest all those interests. It's a big deal for Jared Cushion to go through this. However, what you're telling me that in IRAN to enforce these laws and then, instead of being a senior adviser, they're, just gonna talk about it of around dinner, like they're gonna call into stage other these things anyway, all of us is going to go on it's better than learn this from Hillary Clinton. You just you use the h, our sea email, you dont use at stay right, but what there's nothing to prevent them from talking to each other interested to know? I know I had already seen your advice or at all there doing is circumventing the law needs to put its it's a union which has, of course, I know, of course, he's gonna talk to his son and what is in it the same and that we just saw just a different. I mean they were doing the same thing. They just said I you know, I just don't use the server use. This service will be. Ok. Ok, so that's what did to get around it and everybody yawned. Now
he's just saying to his son in law. You know what we can talk about. It here who fear of aid for more soup sod Right and they are going to talk about it, then you're not going to prevent a person from talking to his family members, Bout important things in their lives when their trust and confidence in, and that's why I'm just saying that especially family, that is business that Is their family relations and that's not being critical of Donald Joe? I'm a jerk cushion, or I mean, while a big Democrat and in a much more liberal than anybody, probably in the audience, has been a trusted adviser of Trump throughout the entire process and that's not gonna, be a huge surprise that there together he's, you know a bit business man and well versed in its own right and, of course, they're gonna be together, but, but I mean like I don't know that I've ever seen anything like this in the press conference. However, where you're getting so a century as spokesperson for the present United States in them giving us an intermission, we're getting
procedure mission of this, where he ex she explains all of this, is kind of an interesting turn. It's it's also really interesting to me that this is where they're turning- and I guess you know you want to turn the new cycle, but every he wants to know about Russia, the big who's out of this, quite honestly, I think that Donald Trump came out. Blaming the. U S, spy agencies for planting this story about him. That is remarkable. Because, let's just take it at face value that that's true, that that they were sending you a message: don't screw with us. It's not gonna get better if that were true, and that in the in the spooks are evil spooks that are sitting behind their desk and they like. We taught him a lesson and he came out and he said that was very wrong of the spy agency's and you we're gonna see how that shapes up. You don't think that
Big, evil. Spook, that's in the movie, isn't going that ran past. Now. It's war, I mean it's crazy! It's crazy! some battles you fight behind the curtain. I thought you were listening to the Glen Back Programme. Command Back programme. I really want to take and three diagram press conferences, answers to the press conferences because I'm so distracted he does. He is more riddled with eighty than I am. Maybe anybody honour, yet he had so distracted by it? You know you view if you look at his senses, there is a noun in it. For instance, I hear you're running yes, I was running and I've got these great ten issues she'll them she knew now. The next sentence will be about shoes. Then, if you,
scribes the shoes and how they were on the road. The next one will be about his favorite road and you're you're, eight degrees away in a census from the question and the topic at hand, this is the Glen Back Programme.
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