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Trump Deserves An Apology 1/12/17

2017-01-25 | 🔗
-President Elect Trump is owed an apology -Was Trump too nice? ...Shame on The ADL-Is the intelligence community sabotaging Trump?-When to report and what to report -Perception is reality-When does reality become reality? -Mirrors over windows! -Is Jeffy trashing Glenn behind his back? -Jeffy is Russia-The 3 buckets of the Trump/Russia story -The People vs. The Press-Is Obamacare about to end? -Supreme Court finalists -A comedian loses it over Trump -Banned political words -Never forget, but not allowed to remember -Prepare. Just sayin!-How is Philadelphia liking the new beverage tax? -How new taxes destroy businesses -New taxes never go away -List of nominees of Family Friendly movies of the year -Glenn's take on religious themed movies -Influencing the culture through movies-The far right in Europe is rising

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