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Trump Legal Fight Grows | Guests: Sidney Powell & Bill O’Reilly | 11/20/20

2020-11-20 | 🔗

The Trump legal team held a massive press conference, and Glenn reviews where they must go from here. The media is strongly dismissing any claim of election fraud. A mathematician says the election numbers don’t add up for a Biden win. Bill O’Reilly gives his take on whether there’s any hope the Supreme Court will reverse the election and how out of control the press is. Attorney Sidney Powell of Trump’s legal team joins to break down her claims of election fraud involving Dominion, Smartmatic, Germany, and others. And she previews a plan to release even more documents to the public. Fulton County, New York, Sheriff Richard Giardino talks his refusal to endorse Gov. Cuomo’s coronavirus restrictions this Thanksgiving.

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Hey there happy Friday, I'm Hilary. This is your formidable end today were reviewing the newest episode. The Glen Back podcast this week blends with british writer Douglas Murray and an energy that you do not want to miss Less recently spent some time in America, at the height of all the political and racial tension, that twenty twenty is brought any had some shocking take a ways. For starters, he believes the american brand of leftism is spreading to other countries that recently left leaning, french present Emmanuel Mccrone is oddly enough, become a leader in the fight against the Woke movement after another Eric and journalists tried to tie recent terror attacks to french racism. So why would the European left stand up against the American laughed when this clip explains in today's world? It's almost like Winston Churchill could come from France. In today today as well,
MAC Wrong, said this. Oh, what a couple of days ago that he thinks the New York Times and in places like that that are saying that France's Justice racist place. I've lost their founding principles, he's right on that then he went into. We will stand against racism and anti Semitism and we will not get rid of our history. We will not get rid of our statues. We will not do these things. I haven't heard that from a leader except Donald Trump is echoed work in France. It does work in France. I completely agree. Look at its heart, familiar british persons mouth when it is someone american, my friend, I have to say that they were brave. What's that no I mean it's it's it's it's! It's that sweet enemy, no cop, but
I think that this is our problem, not theirs. I think that the French for publication, extraordinary courage, stoicism and resilience in recent years. I dont think that America or Britain would have got through remotely as easily as as France has of the last five years after it didn't assess and attacks of the kind has gone through the issue is the American left that has gone, ram, sit and rotten, and that's what my problem was pointing out in his a with a New York Times and indeed his letter to the financial Times way way. We can't you wait. I want to interrupt you for one thing, because you said that the american Left- Do you believe that this is an american left problem that we have spread? This disease? Is oh yeah, oh area? american problem, the American left that cannot do patriotism and leftism the free
left, have no problem with this. The French left a totally capable of defending the Republic of France and also having certain views on trade unions, for instance, that the right don't share It's the American left this going to it's weird place where, if you believe in the left, you can't believe in America They were very proud movements, patriotic movements on the continent in France and elsewhere that believe and left wing principles which I happen mainly not to share, but also agree on the future of the country, and this is where my cries on totally safe ground domestically in it. He said when the statues, when be Ellen, started off this year in America over these been going for some time, but when it started off this year after the George Floyd Death- macro was was the only one out of the above and trembling macro said no Actually, the coming down
we're not raising any of our history in Britain by the way Boris dumps and waited until the statue. Winston Churchill was attacked in parliament square before him blundered out and actually find the courage to say something. But macro macro knows he's got unity from the French. Listen, there's a reason. Why, which is at the founding principles of the French Republic, are very, very deeply dog and then not play? on giving MA. Hush there's so much here, the full podcast it's out now at least tv dot com, and then you can find it on Glens, Youtube, Channel and everywhere else tomorrow. I'm Hilary that's formidable. Now: here's glints do the show of mourning Good morning boy, we have an amazing show, Sidney Palace was to be lacking in with us today. So will we, following from the press conference yesterday. also Miller. They joins us. Let me tell you about rough greens. It was on the air. The airplane
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greens, dot com, slash back. What you're about to here is the future. Entertainment and enlightenment. This man that programme hello, America, welcome its variety and what a Friday we Sidney Powell coming on the programme, assuming that nothing else comes up. due to the case the press, Conference yesterday if twenty five percent of what they said is true, and they can prove it. It's
biggest crime in american history it's not true. That's not good, but that the real question is: can they prove it, in two weeks. That is a massive case. These are expert attorneys. how are you going to gather enough evidence? Because I honestly As part of me, praise that its true part of me says, dear God, I hope we're not in that place. I want the truth, Alex the results. I just want the truth and I think the Americans are like that, were also going to tell you about how things have begun already there talking now about.
not giving accreditation to catholic schools there talking about yesterday we told you a tax on guns. They have another way to do. It is well in some counties, they're just not taking. They don't have time right now for any gun permits. So if you need a gun for man, I we're just so swapped right now, really the way it worked under the Clinton administration more in putting bill O Reilly coming up under they shall we begin in sixty seconds a green back programme. there's something about a business being family owned in of fully geared towards the best interest of its company of its customers. That is always meant something important to Americans. I know a guy open up in a bakery that was owned by my dad and when
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I want to start- I guess with what the press conference yesterday, so we have to cut Rudy Giuliani had Sidney Powell yesterday, let's start with ready Giuliani, in the states statement, we have indicated in Red George Pennsylvania, Michigan with content, Nevada, Arizona, we more than double. The number of votes needed to overturn the election in terms of provable illegal ballots. All you gotta do to find out if I'm misleading you at all the logic, which alleged what do the affidavit here. We can supply more affidavits in order to do what I have to get permission from the people. So in
I think the White House is in a relatively difficult position. They they have had their attorneys threatened. We know that they have a hard time getting attorneys at an end, not because of anything legal but because of this council culture We know that there have been law firms that have been threatened. You'll, never you'll, never work in this town again, because They were helping That's insanity, everywhere. I mean John Adams. He defended the british during the Boston massacre he he defended the British, why people said he's for the British. No, he wasn't. He wasn't he just believed in the american system that
Everyone should have the best attorneys, if you an accused. It doesn't mean you agree with them the upturn, whose job is to The attorney is like a doctor. Doesn't matter who you are you deserve, and Gar system requires attorneys to treat people to come, men and defend them. We don't like it. I can't mad. I mean you know I talk to Alan Dershowitz about this. During a podcast about you know, You ve been around some the biggest dirt pegs. I don't know how you do and did J Simpson any said cause it's not about Oji Simpson. It's not if we lose the right to an attorney, because attorneys become cowards and attorneys. How to this cancel culture
we have nothing left. We have nothing left. and I dont think they have a spine, the iter is that have quit have quit because they have been threatened, threatened with their life, threatened with their jobs. You can't put anything together, and these guys have three weeks to do it three weeks to do it Can they even prove that in three weeks. that's the real question. Do you have something and can, You prove it in three weeks what America is gonna find out in three weeks doesn't matter what they say right now,. And quite honestly, I dont know if I would say anything to the press. Did you see how I stole some of the press? People were dead give you this. The blaze ray.
On our platform, then ran on Facebook. We ran that press conference with out comment. So it just we streamed the press conference but we were well the phrase dinged by Facebook, because They have shut down. We can't do anything unless we take down the press conference, they ve they ve been and the press conference on Facebook now still bid. Is that. The only people watch that press conference and when Gosh, they don't have anything Do you know how many people watch that and when others, new information led People hang themselves let people express what
this is a legal process. We're going no in three weeks. If you're so confident, you're right, you're, not protecting the public and the report. Like because your censoring people- that's not a mare Can we don't send people. The reason why we have so many stupid conspiracies is because you keep silencing people- and we you can't get an answer, and war being shut down. It is natural mean I, why am I saying this to marxist? They dont understand natural man it's natural, for people to go see their covering something up if you want to look more guilty cheap, cancelling stuff, it's
going to me it's going to hurt you in the end. It hurts the republic, you let people argue it out in the public square, you let people to their own conclusion? New York Times said that Just can't reach the trump voter, and it's just not worth it anymore, cause they ve tried. You Try, the wind you try. When did you try? You spent the last. since two thousand eight below twelve years calling the party anyone who believed in the constitution crackpot a radical anti government. You ve never taken the time to actually listen to any of us.
Try to understand. I know because I ve done the interviews you come in with your perceived notion of who we are and what we believe and we can't change your mind because you don't listen. We're not worth your time? Will you you know New York Times you haven't been worth our time for a very long time, this place a deep hell, this stunning heartbreaking, infuriating and unpatriotic acts? I can even imagine, for people in this country to have participated in any way, shape or form an hour, the american public to know right now that we will not be intimidated american pay
traits are fed up with the corruption from the local level to the highest level of our gut. And we are going to take this country back. We are not went to be intimidated. We are not going to back down. We are going to clean this mess. Now, president, one by a landslide. We are going to prove it. You're going to reclaim the United States of America for the people who vote for freedom? I want to play that again don't listen to what she said. listen to how she said it. She, if she is lying she's credible actress Quite honestly, The academy should give her an list. Two how she said it. Listen to the emotion bind it you don't, This here. This is stunning, heartbreaking,
infuriating, and unpatriotic acts I can even imagine for people in this country to have participated in any way shape or form an hour The Americans will licensed up. That wishing believes this. This is this? Is she feels it and she believes it quite honestly,. Wouldn't you. If you were Sidney POW remember she was the attorney that was lambasted as crazy, as you know, unpatriotic, as somebody who is doing the devil's work for Defending General Flynn, as it turns out. that whole thing was a set up that whole thing was a lie,
we didn't know for three years. when she was fighting it and lost. Because She couldn't get the documents, to defend the man. She knew what was going on. She knew his of it. She could. Read the room and see was filled with sharks and she knew because they wouldn't give any of the information she was requesting. defend her client. She was called crazy- she was gone. on American for how long for how long three years, until the impeachment and once the impeachment happened. Oh, then, all of a sudden we start to get access to new information. including all The information about General Flynn, who is innocent of
they said innocent. If you're her. How do you trust anything. she seen it from the inside. We ve seen it from the outside. She seen this machine does drawing people. How does she trust anybody. she's gonna, be on with us a little later on in the programme. Assuming, Nothing comes up, there's I don't know how many attorneys they have butter You know she didn't have a lot of time for PR. She does one one thing a day. If she has time today our day and we're gonna talk to her coming up are right american financing? Is not sorry It's real estate, it's what really factor
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so that's Now, pull out around eighty five applaud over that eighty five percent. So still you watch the press conference last night. Yes, and you know- I don't I don't know who to trust on anything anymore I do know that you know Rudy Giuliani, he can look unhinged at times You know he's just not at the Rudy Giuliani, I'm going after the Gambino crime, family kind of look however, the thing that he has share with us have to now to be true, and we and able to verify it now we can verify things yet, but we,
should be able to see if they got the goods in two weeks. Look, which I trust, good, that the bottom line here is just patients right now I'd it's what you tell your kids. All the time have patience, What are we doing here? Well, you know Rutulian. He said in the press conference multiple times that not only can prove this. He could prove this eighteen different ways: If you can prove this eighteen different ways, he knows the legal restrictions. He knows the time constraints on. What's going on right now, Rudy Giuliani, can successfully prove this eighteen different ways along with city pollen, whoever else's on legal team of Then they're gonna win and we're gonna. Have you know what a totally four into outcome of the election mean I did this idea that, like every single time they have a press conference we have to reassess whether there are able to go forward with legal claims. Is a silly it's a silly sort of construct here. Let if they are
you're right. They have not been able to least even attempted to prove this in court. Yet, but They know what this is. This is not something you win at oppressed, efforts you don't win it online if they have the evidence which Giuliani said they could prove it. Eighteen different ways if they ve got that I've got that ability, but we have to do that in court and it will be but to assess that when they go through that process, but this this media circus that surrounds it- I just don't think, is productive it's interesting to me that Donald Trump is nowhere near it gave you know that it's like radio silence, with Donald Trump and that's it this thing for him he's not in their he's? Not the ones he's, not the one pitching s will I think, is I mean he is. He is on twitter and in everything else occasionally, but not his usual Donald Trump
leading the you know the parade of elephants right- and I am I I think that says something and I I think there between a rock and a hard place. he's losing the. Fringe supporters of Donald Trump he's losing them by not keeping them informed, but I I wouldn't trust anyone, She hair stuff in advance. I wouldn't give them their heads up on anything until I filed the court case, and that means That's the only thing it matters really if they can prove it in court. All those people who, on the other side, is why gas directive, what ear he dear you're gonna, be proven right or wrong in the next three weeks. The Glen Back Programme
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Still going on or these in June, I There are still doing it in its thirtieth year this year thirtieth. While that's me That's really incredible. That's always happened on my birthday. Every single time you did I was I was living in school bus in the parking lot of again or half were Pat was pleasant, die left all he was a fool at at at at at at at at. I was so pat you and I spoke we're in the kitchen yesterday at the studios, and we were watching the press conference which, by the way, I have to tell you Facebook is demonetized us and doing does because We ran the press conference, They won't reinstate us. till we remove the press, conference
from our feed, my god, he How do you How do you do? Do you not have the power conference of every O. J attorney speaking out about OJ sums and of course you do did we think that he was the that he was innocent. Now, not you have you have to hear the other side. This case. You walked into the kitchen and you were like. Are you? In this cause, by this, and you haven't: If this do you Billy, I think, if twenty five percent of what they said is true nodded either They can prove twenty five percent of what they said this is the biggest crime in american history for sure bottles. there is no question about that and they said its massive, its provable,
there were illegal ballots in many states, including Pennsylvania, Michigan. What Wisconsin, Georgia, Arizona, Nevada its it sounded like widespread fraud, that you would need to overturn the election now you're gonna to be able to show. I think some pretty compelling evidence when you go to court and in order to get the Supreme Court to rule on this, if they want even take the case, if there is not, no significant evidence right there. they're not gonna mess with this unless they actually have something in there I mean I don't can make this case as strong as they're making. If you don't have anything, do you mean hope not know. If you I it I wouldn't they lose their licence, yeah, big dog and all credibility for emerald. No, yeah. We will know that they had it or not.
In three weeks let it play out light play out. What's wrong is as a this is a legal process, of how the Democrats her Oh my gosh. I can't believe that this is an outrage built. Clinton. Wouldn't fund the office, the President Elect or give George Bush. any information on anything until I think those December fifth, dummy way here. What are you talking about and you do not talking about winning when they made statements about some of the evidence they say they have. I would google it and go to see what other you know. You were saying about it in an almost every case. They would say this is bad debunked. Experts say this is highly unlikely way.
Business. That's not debunking! You gotta have fact based in peace, of evidence in order to debunk something I didn't seem to have anything the problem is we have seen over and over there, try They tell us now that the conspiracy which isn't a conspiracy of the great reset is has been debunked. How can it be I mean what they talk about. You see. Did gas Carrie is on record in Just let me just give you this quick story. Joy. carry on record the great reset. We are the dawn of an extremely exciting time, the notion of a reset is more important than ever before. I purse, We believe worded dawn of an extremely exciting time,
the the clock when agreements are just not enough- and I know Joe Biden believes this, it's not enough to join their rejoined. The Paris agreement, the United States is not enough for the minimum that that requires, we are at a point of, great reset. All of this is is documented. You know, build back better, which is I read good, is is the original slogan for the rate reset the world economy Bank Forum has been using build back better for years to promote the great reset? That's why you're, seeing that by Prime ministers and world leaders all over the world trade. Try to control their own. Just talked about it. This week just totally by the great reset, a it's everywhere there talking about it in Germany, in
Spain, it's all over the place, it's there, so it's there now We're government each term central we have we have a situation to wear, we see what they're doing right now, they're lying to you. They ve been lying about Hunter Biden, saying that's discredited, that's not true! We know because the documents are there. We also know that the the federal government In on all of this, the FBI is dirty is hell. I think that just Department is, we know the state Department is parts of the Pentagon seem to be. We know all of these things and we ve lived it especially. the over the last four years, so how do they expect us to trust the media are telling us what's true and not an end.
that's really the only ones who are giving us this stuff. When, when she said yesterday, but they are Rudy Giuliani, said yesterday that the votes were counted Germany, ok, Is that true? Did they did. They raid the servers in Germany, where They say no, the very day the of the voting machine company they don't of cloud space enough in Germany or they don't have servers in Germany will it's. Not what the story is. The story is the software company has servers in Germany and the way switch rule on us that keep end that I don't know What's true you! I don't know what it's true at exactly right and I think that's why and why not see this through. If even if your,
a Democrat who loves the ground, the Joe Biden spits on and rules on, because that's what he's doing a lot of right now. You should want at least this process to play through shouldn't you, because you don't want I guarantee? You know that virtually a single one of the seventy two million Americans who voted for Donald Trump, think that there were there is something fraudulent about this election and don't you want that at least cleared up makes sense to see this process through. Let me be more It may be more cynical. You do I believe this was stolen. You don't believe, there's anything there why shout these guys down if you if you're so confident that nothing happened. Why shout these guys down? Why not just say now? Let him go, let him go.
Because they're all saying there crazy they're out of control, they don't know what they're talking about. They can't prove it. Don't go for three weeks, because in the end you would think they're just gonna, just edit themselves, right, What are you afraid of? What are you so afraid? It's almost as if they are not there, secure in the belief that everything's fine, It's almost as if they dont believe everything is fine. Ha The up and up I, I can't wait until until this is presented to the american people, I'd They got me kind of example. How do you feel. How do you feel if they come to the court to date and they can't prove it.
Then I'm gonna be pissed cause you don't need a strong statement, be lit this stroke aid. If you got nothin, do you I hope Ok, so let me play. Let me play devils advocate here. I she is a woman that defended General Flynn and she lost she lost, because we did three years to prove that day in the end, she was right. How you going to prove this in three weeks I don't know, that's a tough task, and it's really tough task here and they said yesterday is a tough task. They said this is a case that would normally take you years to work on it. They don't have years, they barely days and they certainly don't have weeks. They need to get this out there and presented it if it came to the king-
case in time, I gotta go to the american people with it and show us but see it lets you see it and then, Let the chips forward they may because, if they have what they say they have, which are you know, illegal ballots illegal malian ballots, illegal, digital votes, it's just a huge case. The way they presented it yesterday at me might be shorted if is. She also alleged that they she thinks he got. Eighty million votes. Will your about eight million short of that adds lot of oats that
that is a lot of votes and need to come in needs to come out. We need an airing of it until your point Lenin, members, if they ve, got three weeks here and would therefore the need to show this right in and they we have to remember these are legal professionals. They understand that this would be one or lost in the courts. The president, not speaking aloud on social media changes. Nothing here are people like always talking. He must not really believe it will it whatever he believes, doesn't matter right now. What matters is what happens in the court UK. It is a matter how many supporters, who has it doesn't matter how many people are behind emigrated matter. How many people are speaking about? Does matter it Romney, saying bad things about em or if it is allies, are saying good things about is another thing. What matters is the court Stick and Mitt Romney than we do? that, obviously the point is that none of the disease in a way, not just to say that I can say this. I can say this because I am one of them though Damn Mormons
They were responsible that issues. Senators from Utah were responsible for the smooth holly thing gave us the great depression. did Romney, I God only knows what he's gonna be responsible for what no guns it says the likely as well. I'm in lead there's been some not to get another good Mormons. I think mightily is one us do. Our impact is a good one. I'm a little sketchy bud. you know we try to do the right thing, but I think these guys just misinterpret they get all warm and fuzzy with you know. Well, what would Jesus want us to do? Well, Jesus, didn't believe that he should run the government
he's right you that later right anyway, I wrote to compile a government want the trees amount. So, let's, let's say I let him every day in court are coming up with just a second, I want to talk about the mathematician, who is one of the best mathematicians in that country? Yale and Princeton TRAIN Math expert says widened win. Just looking at the numbers will table that come up that's giving adjusts costs less than a week away get away. I don't have time to get rid of their bags and populist under your eyes and get those complements around the dinner table. If you're doing such a dangerous thing, all with genuine. So right now, every order until things giving includes Shalmaneser brand new, so teak, deep, correcting serum also free was so take you going red skin that is smooth, silk free from redness and acne and act scars, not to mention faster College and predict production
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This is the Glen Programme Bill or alleys right around the corner. Friday, Williams College, Professor Stephen Miller, a Yale in Princeton TRAIN Math expert has analyze Pennsylvania ballot data collected. He said that the number of ballots that were either requested by someone other than a registered Republican or Requested by a Republican, registered and and returned, but not counted rain between eighty nine thousand to ninety eight thousand, eight hundred and one he's. Did this in a sworn statement provided to just the news, which is a great website by the way accord defence of any state data for early and absentee ballot request. There are roughly a hundred and sixty five thousand ballots requested in the names of registered GEO P. Voters that had not been counted, as of
November sixteenth. He goes on to say almost surely that number ballots requested by someone other than registered Republicans is between thirty seven thousand one and fifty a thousand nine fourteen almost surely the number of ballots requested by Roy, history, Republicans and returned, but not counted, is through. eight thousand nine hundred and ten two, Fifty six thousand four hundred and eighty three. I think we should I think we should look into some. some of these. This is this to be an expert. Witness whose look at all of the data and and did them the medical figures
He says there something really wrong, because the math doesn't work, I don't know. Maybe we should pause back programme.
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And you can finance your purchase for as little as thirty dollars a month makes a great gift for somebody go to axe chair back dotcom use a promo code ex whale the Ex wheels and you're gonna get the free ex we'll blade castors at Ex chair back dot com racing into the truth, Mr Bill O from below Riley dot com and the author of killing crazy horse bill orally. Did you see that s conference yesterday I do that I saw it. O k O. So tell me why so We what you thought the press conference Giuliani and Sydney. What's your last name again, Sidney Howl well, she's gonna, be on with its next hour I'll get but go ahead. they believe? What they're saying I
I was convinced they were sincere than trying to fake anybody out at this point My question would be have any hope c mon- I always he evidence worthy evidence, where's the evidence at the predictable stuff. Right to me. Question is? Do you have any hope that this election will be staged by the Supreme Court, because that's the only way it could turn there's only one way. One path: Supreme Court. The United States. Do you have any hope now gave his power will say. Yes,. And then my follow up question would be on what you, What are you going to present to the court where they were take this extraordinary, unprecedented action. Never before happened in the United States
Do you have that would allow those this is to do it. and then, if you can answer the question which I believe should be able to it's over. Because a simple man, you know that I think that's why you identify with me, because you are very simple and simple: I want are so absorbed period. I talk to Alan Dershowitz and Alan said he thought this was unlikely he said, but he thought their path. Would be if you could get the states and the Supreme Court to say, there's enough evidence here too deeply question. These results, because of the voting machines and everything else in these particular states, if,
Who can knock those states out from certifying there if you can bring him down to even to sixty nine anything under two. Seventy, this in court doesn't have to call the election. The Supreme Court just will have to say there's enough fire here that we see that this needs to be investigated and I can say yes, your honor, but the veto. The time is up. And the if they just get aid, if they just get a few states too Not to lose the ability to certify vinegar as to the house. which I can answer that that's Alan Dershowitz, the Sub Saharan three times. It's happened three times before knowledge impossible this year.
I saw georgia- is the board there. They reach out by one the public in one state, not and to do any more they're going to sort Pennsylvania. Never in a million years ago admit to the fraud that idea, I believe, took place. I need, I believe, but you're not going to admit it right, Neither is it again with Whittemore neither is Wisconsin with it. I don't know. by the way way way way. But the point is: is you're, going to bring the case to the Supreme Court and say here is evidence that we have, and it too It's time to build this case by Here's the overwhelming evidence that it appears huh of thousands of ay said what was it million votes I can show that there is,
is gaining evidence here. Then we need to look into those states, the supply court, can override Those states, the governors won't have any energy employ, can't override states again issue to stay Ok and again, saying right right. We're happy, stop right, right Direct back radically what you really What you said is it is proper shore, but with all due respect. there are twelve administration as presented. One thing that would indicate they have this amount of evidence that way to compel the Supreme Court. here's what people need to understand back, I'm so happy! You had me on today. they need to understand.
Judiciary is not an investigative agency, so this way Why doesn't change at the gate? Aright? Nobody knows investigate they there in there, I and I think they have the chairs that you advertise there. look at you presented to them in a way. Like this: where the Supreme Court, the today the violence in the streets a lot of it yes You know that there are human beings. I know that there has to be welcoming evidence not just some correct- but you know I know well it happening here brought it the level. Where would overturn? Aren't, I know thousand you, but but Bill If you listen to them, I am saying that we will know in three weeks gazelle either file that or not
and it, but if you know they said they have overwhelming evidence, I have the need at anything none at all I know I know We all know in three weeks, if Do have overwhelming I can't wait three. We want to do it. They have to do I the week after Thanksgiving, which is too weak and they had to do it, but you have nine supreme fine, nine Supreme Court judgments is right now as we speak, out of the nine we'll never under any circumstance day that election. Our idea Should I be is account Counting John is counting Roberts Roberts wooden ever do it. So the tree liberal never operates, will no matter what you do,
could command say you dollar, I'm I'm God and I saw the cheating they're gonna. Do it That means that I've of the others would the girl, with it the odds of data about five hundred to one? I'm sure I do you do anybody, and I know that level of anger and play in this country on both sides, but an eye do you believe that their work, brought in the election, see how Madame likely you go from six hundred thousand boat, lead in Pennsylvania losing by sixty thousand I'd like to see analytics on that are right and I did the drop administration that they do analytics about the happening God, ok, so, hang out just a second! There is a mathematician Yale
and an Princeton trained mathematician. Who came and did an analysis of it. He says that looking at the collected data and interviews that he did Stephen Miller is his name. He is a mathematics. Expert He said that the Member of the nuts of valets that were either requested by someone other than that registered Republican or Rick. I stood and not returned or sorry over questioned and returned, but not counted. Is anywhere between eighty nine thousand three hundred and ninety seven to ninety eight thousand, eight hundred and one he's put this in a sworn statement. Here
There was a roughly a hundred and sixty five thousand ballots requested in the names of g o P, voters that have not and counted. He said the problem is his he believes that the of the bow Its are not only not counted but probably requested fraudulently and he said almost surely the number about as requested by someone other than the registered Republican, is better in thirty seven thousand one and fifty eight thousand nine hundred and fourteen. almost surely the number of ballots requested by legitimately route registered Republicans and turned, but not counted is in the range of thirty eight thousand nine hundred and ten and fifty Six thousand four hundred and eighty three statuary staggering. Pennsylvania Talkin about
Pennsylvania, wouldn't be enough to override the sixty thousand boat plurality. That Biden has not why don't we get a hundred thousand Do you, that guy and affidavit. That's what he came up with the other side will get an animal fortunately, the exact opposite so their support. going to be looking at said she said and throw it out what I like to see, is the administration, rather than running around, get a farm, a big and analyze the areas that they feel it was brought into. The certainty this is two percent, this could have happened. Five percent- thirty percent, whatever. It may be that convince Americans see this. what we're doing now is Donald Trump, as
perfect right and everybody should understand that too, I can see. I wouldn't. If I were him, I would never concede. If I were happy, I work do the orderly transition. I would brief Biden an matters, but I wouldn't conceit. Anyhow has the right to protect all Americans from fraudulent elections. So you do what he should do. I mean never here that in the media, but that's true, but the other area he's not going to prevail. I use it what I can do is set himself up for another, for three years now by getting overwhelming amount of evidence to say was cheated out of my second term. I'm cool in back I am going to win like four click on one of your favorite back. I know the only present had to nine consecutive terms. and here is the evidence
I now it's too complicated for most Americans. It's a here. said. She said in many cases, and I don't believe this brain cord is gonna. Do anything at this level, nothing Let me let me just as powerful limit on the Glen Back Radio programme could put one piece of stunning information. That's that's a fact they see? I don't think you now think she will and I'll tell you why in a second, but first, let me tell you this bill get behind the main Satan get behind me, I'm doubtless than bigger grabbed at that we will continue with Bill O Reilly coming up just a second, and I I want to tell you why I dont think Sidney Powell. is, is going to share anything big. I could be wrong. Maybe I'm gonna ask her, but I dont think she will and I'll tell you coming up into the second Mr Bill. O Reilly continues in sixty seconds. But first let
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Jesus Jesus: could have been one of the attorneys. I can't imagine Jesus with a briefcase, but he could standing thereon stage in saying now, I'm God I know, and I know I've got record of it right here. They we'd go on an anti Jesus rant. See Ni Powell knows this. Stand because she represented General Flynn and She wasn't proven right. Three years So why would she give any one? Why would she took her hand to any one in its two weeks away because there is a core to public opinion in the country. And no matter how. Let's talk, radio and Fox NEWS to get the message out. that their serious, they have a lot of Credibility in the end the gate of area you look at all
there's been away part country anyway? They why does it, I press conference on page eighteen or eight? They did Take it seriously, as you pointed out, they need to put up something that will give me pause that you're you're right right depressing market it down. They don't believe it in care by the way, if the elections Fraudulent, Everybody should understand and America breast rob fine weather election as long as binds oppressive defined with it does I bought Abiden there, Kay with it? I don't care what you need to know that, but what Giuliani in power? doing is theirs, ok, we're gonna, we're gonna have it work is coming up. Well, people need a little bit more than that and when I say people, ok, we really
let me wait, wait wait, wait! Glad bill, judge the judge shouldn't. Anything into account that they have heard camomile desire. Lear court were now. Are you ok, you know come on. I'm listen to me in this world there not get up read anything It has been into the judges that I know the judges that I know they up hold their own. They take that oath seriously. John Roberts, I dont think, does others do not listen. Listen to me. two weeks in two weeks we're going to know if they have something or they don't the court of public opinion
at this point and believe me. I want hope I want to know I you know I would love there was a strategy is flawed, if that's a strategy. making their carries harder are you something out they get everybody's attention, can't you see, I'm gonna do what I'm gonna do it? I'm gonna, do it because you lose credibility in the corridor. Public opinion is the only way this is gonna be stayed, the new five eighty million Americans are so angry their screaming at the top of their longings and hear it
they both an end in the back and the day they give it to court. You don't think. Seventy million people are going to listen to that in here what they said and would rise up if they deliver the goods you that they will, deliver the goods they will rise up back it just a second more bill, O Reilly, Glenn Back programme. I want to tell you about it: es stake. You can never have now, I'm I met my farm in my ranch where we we raise cattle, then I say we kind of. The royal we now I'm not involved in this at all I, the this week, we butcher our cattle and we
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we're back with Bill O Reilly. It's Friday on the Glen Back programme below and Elizabeth play couple pieces of audio forty of the press is out of control. This is my pants walking away from the podium just not going to take any questions. Listen to this line are undermining bill it's like one flew over the cuckoos Ness member them away. I would love to send nurse ratchet in to see them ass. I left
you know, I think now at this point in our history. We all know that the word. Media is corrupt, and that's why you are prospering with your news, operation below Reilly. outcome of the charge. Now I mean gone from five million dollar company at thirty million in nine months crazy because and found out. The Iphone two days ago bill that we, the blaze, is now vote largest. right of Centre subscription service in world. congratulations back because you re on once a month and posted on the blade. That's why you're sure I do still dial bought up Miss powers, appearance on Maria border Romo this morning? Did you see that yeah
I did not know what you re you're gonna get, but I think that with all due respect to the trump lawyers are making a big mistake, and I understand you: dont want to put out or chip your hand until you have to cross physically? She goes. I got it, but at this point you're fired the hearts and minds again. stay monolithic press that hates you and a foregone conclusion by the Democratic Party that binds the winner It's got to be a nod: you're, not gonna, get an equal. Evaluation of your case, certainly not can I get it in the state courts, which is why it has to go to the Supreme Court These are human beings, these is a human being. And therein I know it's not. I know by the law there, not China, Ruth against bird, which was canonized by the
and laughed and the media for bay. sickly never ruling on the matter. It should belong ever her in John Roberts. I would say John Robards fits into that too. Wherever it may be the pressure, has to be the evidence and I think, that at least Paul has we'll just one, You want a compelling peace on the Monday after Thanksgiving, and you can tell her this from me back. She's gonna put it out not Rudy, Giuliani, because he's ain't that right now. Ok, you gotta get out there and he does it. Look at this. And that's the only way- and I mean it sincerely the only way that these three million Americans wanna, get any kind of justice at all. On this,
I will. I will tell you this by my my feeling is my feeling is that not blindly loyal to anybody, and you know if they don't have a case. They don't have a case, but I I'll tell you! This Donald Trump has earned enough for the american people on the right to be, to be loyal. Foreign another two weeks and they will do just give them the benefit of the doubt yeah. So I mean I mean a lot for dollar chop or not Balin, on em or on the no geisha me. Some in the media are because you never these media people are they put their finger up to When that's why I see you get hurt any data they try to calculate what's gonna happen, but that the folks, the people,
into the poles of an honest way and voted for Trump they're not going to Bell, but it is not damn right now it's nine human being sitting on a court in Washington. That's me: only way that this day will be reversed there is no other way. I know Dershowitz, you say in Spain in this matter is not go away. happen, yeah. He said he told me so there's very thin chance of that happening. But, as you know, our honourable man go back at at so I don't even know it all. I want to have a nice little given by the way back, you're gonna be out at the ranch. Were things giving right there. Now. Yes, oh god, like do you, you, your food, gaiety, I go out and get it out of the woods.
you know I would if I was and so loud coming up to it but when you ve gotta physique, like mine, I just yeah, they're, a hero like yeah? It's a great shot just too loud? I'm a really good chaldaea yeah, Aren't bill Levitt Levy Way way way? Let me ask you this. Let me ask you this. I wanna play another piece of audio. This is, Joe Biden yesterday. We hear it is governors, measures need to be able to get funding when they. but when they decide they need to rubbing national garden, the play cigars, you can have to play this cost a lot of money. I wanna, I wanna get you on record. I want to start. I want to start up. I want to start an office pool. And it's the twenty Fifth Amendment office pool
give me a date you think that the the Democrats will invoke the twenty If the amendment on Joe Biden, what day is January twenty by Big- I'm Brigantine Avenue Quiz show that, I you did it's called wider. Is he saying where everybody trying to figure out why, the game where you do all kinds of signals, a need in trying to figure out what? What did he say he's pretty they want. They want by because they know that five is not going to do anything he's just. I will tell you. I think the Democrats have been eaten by the left. They been eaten by the left and in a minute he becomes a roadblock
Obama's running the show here. Commodity ran a campaign he's running the show. It's a return of the Obama administration, they're gonna tell Joe the more radical my administration or in a radical one. As the Senate will block that kind of crazy stops at a guy billows, more subtle about it, It is not dead. He both vote three cases: oriented dead heat, We have George divided country, I dont want to see violence in this country, and I think All people should understand that this election could erupt that way and if there is overwhelming evidence of fraud that rises to the boat, is not honestly tabulated, then we have to do something with it people were involved with these- have a responsibility to their country, and only- and I get angry because trumps doing the right thing
I mean he asked he should now. Betrothing, unlike next Nixon, knew what he got job Nixon He won that election against J F K in nineteen sixty, but he folded, and I don't think you should a folded. And I write about that. My new book killing mob, which would be out in May and could cod what I love about STAR Olympic, I just to me this year, which is how does he shoot up with you? Child as an obligation. If the enemy I believe this is the election was fraudulent. He's gotta do everything it can to incorporate some comply with that, but let's have one peace from setting, maybe she'll, give you something. Maybe you'll get a better one. I I just save I did. My hope is so dashed all the time when I see no
he's paying for crimes in Washington, no one, is paying for crimes? let me in in is not just watch and it is also Andrew Cuomo what he is done to the nursing homes and end. Then he staking victory lapse. In saying that I am the model is, is insane he can. Out. Yesterday any said, it's very frightening to me that these- arrogant sheriffs will not enforce my covert restrictions over Thanksgiving, arrogant. Sheriffs they don't they don't answer to you, the answer to the people and to the constitution. That's it they are the last line of defence between out of control, government and the car. Institution. they don't have to either am. What does your lap doesn't really want? Representative government? Do they back nodded out
So no one when I do know, my first name is Glenn right again. No. I just go ahead: now go and that your first name. we do know it just yeah. I didn't know if you knew it or not the area I mean I saw it. I call everybody by their last name. Biggest last name said, I know they have dignity, Well, you see everyone there, not there Dignity. Usually, when you get the suffix of Mister it's not said is back in by your last name on with deep deeply d Lee offended. Do you go when could be a white guarded, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina all right, all right, all right, all right, all right back its special north yeah go back.
Andrew Cuomo, so, I live in New York state. I'm here right now He'd be stoned to death. de I showed up in Levitt town today. So I do not jack. Mr popularity here he gave me Salvatore, five thousand dollar raise I mark came on on the radio and television today he resumed his own, raise aberration. Gee that state of New York owes thirty billion dollars, It is the highest taxes in the union. And he's given himself a twenty five thousand dollar eight, and then I do, research be taxed. so saw that if you get a twenty five thousand dollars a year back, get seven, ninety five really in your pocket. They take the rest unless Europe Cuomo Yeah I mean there's gotta, be something there's gotta, be something for people like him. Yeah right
There is just that's right now. In America there is not but on an election. If we don't get to the bottom This you don't have a free society any more than we do criminals in fill it mafia in Detroit Enfolding County, Georgia, these criminals and that's what they are. Then do a mass of fraud, and why a job lawyers have such a tremendous responsibility that's why they have to be very calculating and how they go about exposing this broad because- and I want to know- and that's why? If I may just put words in your mouth, that's why they should be reading in crazy horse available wherever books are sold bill. Thank you. So much will talk to you next week or a car. A couple of weeks. Thank you, sir. much and have a great thanksgiving out there on the ranch. Ok,
nah. I don't you to back down, frightened life. Take it easy I won't o Reilly. Thank you very much. So let me tell you, I just told you about some great great deals going on or had Omar stakes, I'm having that shift up to the ranch because bland and undoing some Berlin. and and it is a fine, fine grill if your grilling on erect tech, the great thing cooking on red deck is it makes you seem like a for starch F, even though you don't have any idea what you're doing everything I cooked on this comes up perfectly every single time and is because of the smart, green technology, the rector make sure that it's perfect. They
sensors that go into whatever your cooking from staked a pizza he'll be honestly and temperature regulation system that can monitoring control from the app wrecked. Brings the world of grilling into the twenty first century, with a bang made of solid stainless steel, so cooking on a tank suffer sound good. So it's not like cooking out it's like tank has been melted down and made into a rector calls that wreck tech with a cue. Are you see tee q dot com? I want you be compare these. It's the best wreck, tech dot com, America. This is the Glen Back programme. We have Sidney POW along with us in about ten minutes. You don't want to miss that I've got it
a ton of questions for her don't what much time she has but time and try to get to. You know, all of the questions- and I want you to Know- I am sympathetic to her. I am ready Giuliani to some degree, because Rudy Giuliani has been pilloried in the press, for I don't know how long and everything that he has ever shared with us has been accurate. Sounds crazy, but its then accurate, then Sidney Powell Nobody said she was crazy. She was shoe did know she was talking about. How could you defend General Flynn, but she Turned out to be right, I cannot imagine I mean you think you dont trust people. I went through court case. a few years ago, where aid
White House attorneys showed up in defiance of a court order and said we're not releasing any of those those documents and the judge said well, he can't prove anything if you dont release those documents were under direct orders, we're not releasing any of those documents they hold all the cards and if they can stand in defiance of a court ordered the Average american General Flynn doesn't have a chance. Donald Trump doesn't have a chance so we'll see what she says, but I give her an awful lot of rope as well. Hey everybody knows pay pal, but did you know that they were teaming up with honey to save you, money, honey,
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help. You understand, what's coming our way, what's already here and better, yet how to fight it. Do your part now visit not free America, dot com, not free America, dot, com, orders. Book today, and for their Liberty pledge its really great nice Jesse shared the thanksgiving table, What you're about to here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment this man. Tat program have all America it's Friday and I don't want to waste any time because Sidney powers on the phone.
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my remote location, so we shall try not to talk over. You dont mean any disrespect of it if it happens, but we're Such a massive delay that it's it's difficult you for coming on the show my pleasure and I understand the delay issue, no problem. So, you went through absolute hell with joy, Flynn for three years and you are facing the same kind of criticism that you are now and in the end, we find out that way. you are defending and who you are defending was absolutely true. Tromp has kept his promises to be. These are to be the guy. Who is the warrior for the american people? he's been almost entirely alone in that effort and too, in my point of view, he has earned the trust
at least for me, and I think, thrust from all of his voters to allow you to play this game. The way you see fit to do too talk to the press or not talk to the press. Your job is to win a court case you tell us when this is gonna be filed and where it's going to be tried No, I can't right now we're going to have to file several law suits. It's going to in all the swings Dave we're still gathering massive amounts of evidence to the why we haven't even had time to process all of its people are falling drafting, affidavit, forthright and laughed patriotic Africans are coming forward from every corner of the country and some people even internationally? They are fed up with corruption and they want to clean up the system and stop this
election rigging that has gone on all around the world for the profit of all kinds of tyrants and global interests that are just line their pockets while they write their own countries and treated their people horribly. We know it, happened in many countries in Latin America. It was exported to Argentina. I think it was exported to mongolia- probably most every. Andrea around the world, now has been infected with this sort of election rigging and made available by dominion and Smart Matic and other companies as well have used the same sort of coal, food and their machines that would allow the same results to be controlled. Okay. So let's talk about smart, Madigan and dominion. You laid out the connections or affiliations with, Venezuela
the press is saying that didn't happen. You talked about Germans counting our votes, the press, who said that didn't happen. Can you give us any place to even look for. The truth, what went wrong you, you say one thing: every buddy online and believe me, we were demonetized by Facebook, because we carried your press conference with comment we carried it we were demonetized for it, so I can go to any source to get the truth online, How can we find these things? Well, we will start, putting documents on wine and sending them people like you as soon as we possibly can now and hope that we could start that by this weekend, anyway, just been taking an information not just
So fire hose meanest started through fire hose and then it became a tsunami and some people of don't want their names disclosed, they have all come. Who for years, have people around the country security, now that they ve never had before, just because they dare to tell the truth, look at the fact that both dominion offices- shut down and moved all of a sudden enter show where they shared office, space with authoress entity and also, Denver all of a sudden. They just shuddered and moved their employees have been tat in their name off Wang Dan. Eliminating any affiliation with either company. There were hundreds of those that have happened. It anyway, we ve on earth. A global criminal conspiracy, that
just fine blowing and we ve only scratched it's a tip of the iceberg, the servers, vital in Germany, were confiscated. The other day I am hearing. It was our forces that got those servers, so I think government is now working on an investigation of what really happened, but we're getting in evidence also that there were wise into the servers from forty five. Countries all extremely adverse to the interests of the United States? but wouldn't they have counted those here? her first and then just uploaded them to the cloud. You're on those arose- maybe you perhaps in Germany right there multiple ways of doing the alterations of the birds, the person sitting at the data where their vote coming in can do it
watch a real time and change things they can Goodenough for them on the system across the board. Does the initial shifting and then and each data collection point which is we can tell for the major alterations or the democratic control politically correct. strong holes in the country, cities like Detroit in Philadelphia, for example, the latter bother. Spikes in the data, the statistical experts can mathematical experts can tell you exactly when the alarm please occurred that are statistically impossible and we found places where, for example, something like three hundred and eighty four thousand four hundred and fifty votes were added for Biden wow. Third of that amount were added for tromp and those exam same numbers were replicated twenty minutes later. So
but talk to. I talked to a Silicon Valley expert on Monday. Another time we were monetize this week and I asked him. I said: can you tell me the odds of of these kinds of things happening he said. Go When are you reported back to me said I didn't have to go further than the user manual for dominion. He said on aid for fifty six, fifty seven and eight. He said all of these things are not design flaws, designed and it says in the manual. The risk is very high. Oh, yes, you are Are we grabbing the software from the precincts. Is there any record that we should be seizing? Ah, yes, the government affrightedly should be seizing everything all machine. There should have been torrents run already on dominion. Offices,
operation centres, why none of that has been done is beyond my comprehension other than the CIA or some three letter agency as for a long time that this was going on, behind a lot of it, if not facilitating and operating a lot of it. I don't know, but I do this, it has defied the will of the american people and people arrive, the world who have thought there, legitimately voting and thereby was counted for the candidate of their choice when it turns out. I wasn't there choice at all and I can't even expect How angry this makes me from ever the involvement of our government is to its failure to do anything now to its motion of around the world or of turning a blind eye whatever it is, it's absolutely hideous and appalling,
a non american and contrary to everything. Our founders, that this country up to be. Well, we know that sorrows highs involved in in some countries, with these people and quite honestly, and his to putting out doing these things so. Let me let me ask you we ve reached out to the Department of Homeland Security we reached out. Two states we do not get a response from anybody. Weave asked these questions. Have you, as your legal team investigated or has have you asked for subpoenas in court to be able to see He's these things so far, what the campaign has been falling have been largely election challenges and they don't as far as I know, I'm not an election law lawyer for starters, but
My understanding is that there have not been any process yacht pursuant to Like it issues. The pain of there are different entities that have secured the machines to protect them at our request and we were just words of civil law. Years. Trying to do the right thing here when the Governor has ignored it or helped in along for at least two decades. we know we have a first and totally credible witness who has, as a lengthy affidavit. He was sitting Hugo Chavez right hand poor from the inception of machine and equipment and operation through its execution, in four years he been control run worry saw. It happen their own their own manual. As you say, with all these things as features you can, you can hang
and put him in a holding. The Judah could just file and then just throw it away. So you can color all but boat. You want put him in that file and put it in the trash ban. It is remarkable what they have decided, so crooked Lenny back to work something mayor. Giuliani said he said we have proof of more than double the amount of votes to overturn the election do you know. Is this from affidavits or is there evidence that the team has dug up that confirms what the witnesses have said, It's a combination of things that data We ve been able to get from certain pre things less another thing we need the, but we need the granular data and lots of places and it takes frankly of time and effort to go. through the data and do the analysis is not something that can be done in five minutes. We ve talked to problem,
over five reader, maybe than a thousand witnesses Bosnia. I don't even know what her affidavit count is a route. as one second I have another and then we share and what they each other. So we haven't even had time to read all the alpha that our lawyers have collected. So let us another concern what I wonder you hours a day. I know I know and I know the I know the council culture, and I know the fear that is involved with many attorney. Yes, and I quite frankly think there is a lot of conservative. The big name, conservative attorneys out there that are just some I for not stepping to the plate right now, but I understand what you're going through, which brings me to a fear that I have that I mean you're building the most important case? If, if
our twenty five percent of what you guys said yesterday turns out true, this is the best his crime in american history and you don't that together in two weeks do you have the time to make this world yeah in history? do you have time to do this? I think we can get it done. What we already have collected more evidence than probably half the prison population is in prison for right now. It's just a matter of. Tying it together in a way this the and were in the process of doing that as we speak, and I am hoping we get some being filed by next week. That starts outlining and improving the overall fraud, but I will tell you too, that the standard of proof people or they expect
is more than would be necessary for a criminal conviction, which is absolutely ridiculous. Our standard of proof is only preponderance of the evidence, and on top of that. The mountain of evidence we have to deal with is huge. And we ve got a force. Although me against us all the global interests against us all the social media companies against this, because they're all owned and controlled by foreign money there trillions of dollars of wealth and corruption at issue against our little team in in this effort every desperate. Every tyrant around the world who has been elected by the system. I'm sure it's putting all his or her resources and connections and everything else against us where we had taken energy issues we we know that our people are blowing.
My phone all the time everybody out there on the wrong side of truth and justice is asking us in one form or another, but we Keep going. We are going to prove it. Sidney. I am, I know a fraction of what the powers that be can do to destroy people and we pray for you and we pray for the team of millions of Americans are for your just for your protection and or guidance I e stations, I'm not gonna, break for the commercial here, a minute of that. I just want to take at ten second station idea and then back was Sidney POW. Oh, she has to go. Ok Sidney. Thank you very much. I appreciate your time. Thank you. Please send us the information when you get leave. The everyday
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why would she laid it outright? She said she knows what she's up against says. She knows the time constraints are there and she said she's gonna prove it so we're gonna know here in a couple weeks: it's not really if we can all speculated on eleven April ache theoretically have, but they have to presented in the next few weeks in and she said she was gonna be able to do it, and if I add anything this weekend or in the next few days, I'm going on holiday vacation. I would I'll do the whole matter. This piss facebook com, I will do a special broadcast. Whether its on face look or not gay guarantee, but we will. put it out and you know it's make trees sign up for our news letter. You know what do better in us it blaze tv, dot, com, join us, use the pro Whole code gland Blaze, tv, dotcom, Slash, Glenn, Promo Code, Glenn you'll, see
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They say it's unconstitutional they're, not going to do it in Orange County. The share of their will not enforce the corona virus. Only violations during curfew he says unconstitutional not going to do it We also have somebody who is taking a beating from everybody's favorite governor Cuomo, it says he's not going to do it and Cuomo came out, said, he's arrogant and out of control He said he won't enforce Cuomo Thanksgiving limit. His name is richer. Gi is Geraldine. Oh, he the sheriff of Fulton County in New York Richard how Area I'm doing great. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to beyond glad. I listen to you frequently what I appreciate. British. More shows
I give you two or three minutes, and you really can have an in depth constitutional discussion and new, allowing me to do that. I think, is a big service as to the community Well, you just eight thirty seconds of you too many have had given. So tell me, because this is really important to me. I don't they people understand that sheriffs do not answer to the governor, they do answer to any agency you don't answer to the president? You answer to the constitution and the people correct, correct the governor is the only one who can remove a sheriff or the voters at an election and the governor can only do it if there is a crime, I'm or is malfeasance in office, but we both take an oath. Constitution, so Jonah against the governor and for the constitution, Glenn Correct, correct
So tell me about his his of Thanksgiving limit and what's happening in New York, and why you're standing against it first of all it through negative order an hour. legislature, abdicated their responsibility months ago, when they turned everything over to the governor and it allows him to issue edicts her. What we call executive orders. I have explained what he can do by the constitution. First, he can issue get order border say, and you have to have a face: mass gamut of store, arrests, runner bar you can have the close at ten o clock, the tables gotta be this or that that's perfectly constitutional, because he controls all the admins rating agencies, stateless authority and the help Parliament, so that that's fine! That's why you can't take issue with him. Saying closure store This time keep people apart, but when he tells people what they can and cannot do and a private to their own home. There's a heightened constitutional balancing act
and I have my obligation to the constitution and there's no way to enforce this? It's not like you keep silence of law, but a law has a penalty so like if, if you're, not Are in use they open past stand, they can find you or they can find. Wages are where mass there's no penalty for executive order about how many people you invite to your home for Thanksgiving and isn't in executive order is a law goes through the legislature and governor signs. It that's I mean I just know, because I was a bill on Capital Hill. When I was a kid and so the way it works. It becomes a law one It goes through the proper channels, so how how do executive orders work when they went. want to enforce them,
well. Here's again your honor set right and most of us second or third grade were taught. The legislature passes a bill. The governor, either signs are vetoes the bill. If he sighed it's a long basic comic to Charlotte how he can exercise negative orders. He controls the state liquor authority and say that the health department, right, you can licences of business from the help You gotta comply with a restaurant rules and from liquor authority for bar their sanctions and they can have administrative action against you, so they can. The bar and fine you because you, a licence from the state you'll need a licence to live in your house? You know what I mean show When you get to the executive order that goes into somebody's home, then you into a problem, so I dont want to get to deepen the fourth certain and fourteenth amendment, but I can tell you that I've been contacted from around the country and around my own state saying thank you. for standing up. Thank you for speaking up
pay a lot assures shirts law enforcement said. Look, we can execute, executive order, but the reason they give properly, so we just don't have the manpower, there's, no, there's no sanction attached and we're not gonna go to somebody's house, it's really not practical and the fact that he ordered is what put a lot of people's backup, and here you know, get their spied out alone, so you just such an amazing guy. Can I can I can just fill in some blanks did just be you to law school right. So you graduated you're, an attorney rival with the law, school and Andrew almost was two years ahead of me at the same law school he we don't know how I was so, but he had a reputation in law, school of being a hard chargers. Fish on a basketball court which is carried through out his career, so
the other. I was just a little bit less Europe, but I went to law school graduated. What the NASA County Gaze Office, then I became a dish. attorney in upstate New York. an account of gorgeous county court, judge can you not hold down a job or you get to you You accomplish more in your first thirty five years of life that most people do in a lifetime It's called a severe case of attention deficit disorder, but I wouldn't know he's out three jobs: the secretary of and he has been the attorney general in and the governor. I mean you got a great career path and I've, jazz might have all been on the local level, but I'm very pleased where I live and work people hundred percent, not a hundred percent, most beheld Vincent that's what I'm doing for them is the sheriff and as a judge, Indiana Past, I just
just just throw these things out. You're, an instructor trial tactics at Albany LAW School. You have been on the board of the Chamber of commerce. You been a fire fighter for twenty two years and now you're also sheriff I mean it's, it's an impressive resume. Tell me about. Mood of community and New York, where you are in Fulton County, the moon for county is late I agree with my statement that their adults they ve, listened for eight months about the precautions most people, taking precautions were very low infection rates county in the state the last night. check? We are one point three percent, which is very low. People, take it serious here they have loved ones on my mother's in a nursing home, so I didn't get the seer first six. except through a window we we have twenty eight deaths in our county and we have fifty five thousand but the twentieth des were mostly as well
sort of covered in a private nursing, all that had visiting nurses from New York City, not blaming them. I'm just saying that we are numbers. Come from. A nursing home The only thing he forgot and if not I my resume and no o Reilly and I said together at our judges, dinner and I gave rise to the airport. He probably won't, remember me, but it was an Albany county nearly twenty years ago. So next time he's on down the crazy judge at the time. So I will- the problem that we have in Amerika, I think, is that People who are in authority are just shutting. Everybody down and not allowing even question honest questions to be asked is just that's the way it is in your stupid. or your you know, you're a rebel or you just want everybody to die, and I think, that's
causing a lot of the anchor in Amerika. I think a lot of people are actually how you described them. They they don't want to he'll people they they are reasonable. They can handle themselves. Just treat me like a not like a seven year old. Two common shown that most of the people who read and I've been contacted from throughout this country- it's amazing what a great country have I been. I had a message from one woman who said she hopes that I understand the blood of all those who die in full and care county after Thanksgiving giving is on my hands and when I go to the emergency room with covert, she hopes the nurses are busy work, any other people. I tried to kill an idea or bath and a nice lady seriously so and she left the message, but I have also had so many strong american say. Thank you. Thank you. Carmen speak up and listen. No one doubts the dead
Of course we know that the high risk people, the elderly, my moms and a nursing home ninety years old she's at high risk, those with diabetes. I have diabetes, those are overweight. We know the high risk categories. We know that we're mass social, distancing, disinfecting. We know that deuces dashing things but doktor fowl, He's told his front since March that we're gonna have a. eyes. Cases in the fall in the winter its we gonna happen. He said it over and over it's gonna spiked, because several factors, or inside there's. You know the The viral most it is, is growing, so so he's already told us that so whether I tell people enjoy your thanksgiving dinner, you know or they don't need the anxiety of wondering if the we are going to come to the house in that. The common theme of this. It's like an you and I are both constitution- was born. A lady. You put it to me this yesterday. She says you know. What would you stop talk
like a lawyer and a judge. She says you keep talking. fourth amendment to amendment forty Fourteenth amendment. People don't understand or need to know that in You know what I realise that she's right, you know that people who call me wishes We'll call me say: hey, I don't know what What such a door right it is, but there's just something inherently wrong would come into my house encountered head and whose eaten turkey and an aside no with, They say to me that how can you do this watch the fine how it started was weak and a half ago a man came out to meet local store to local shop into hey you don't if an arrogant by Gorner House, while this, king people going. We don't want to get a ticket or a fine and then set me off in order should, Sir, it was a veteran. You served our country, you should be able to have in giving with your family- and I just said you guys are now well in its risky, don't go, but I gotta tell you know: funny story in this one, I think, is probably the railway funny
We're going to make a quick, ok, lady says to me what your father think of doing this. You know a book in the gutter My father was a pediatrician fifty years he would say why? Don't you go to me The quorum or sit down with Undrew stopped being a knock over stopping us. A silly and your both Assyrians have a nice begetting dinner and decide. you can both worked together to better this country. And save more people in a constitutional framework that my day, which that's not going to happen. Richard Geordie! Oh! Thank you. Thank you so much bless you thank you. It takes for being a share of that understands and protects the constitution. Are I our sponsor is really factor everybody. Everybody deals with pain from time to time and Others. There are different kinds of injuries and deaths, things that happened to us ass. We get older, but stop. It is, is caused by inflammation and
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this is the Glen Back Programme were so glad that Europe listening I give a couple of things we we need. let the lawyers do the lawyer stuff, because today I spend almost the whole show on the election and it is really really important, but we have to trust that the lawyers are gonna, take care of this, because when I had, Landed day was talk about the Georgia election we didn't get to it at all, and that is something that you- and I need to pay attention to because we are we facing real trouble images like the sheriff, was saying you know he's you know if there's a There's a call executive order, the decade of order is enforced by the agencies, wealth
it depends is it cut, doesn't have to be just the agencies that are doing could be local agencies as well Nantucket but he's department of Massachusetts just announced on Wednesday. The officers will indefinitely halt new. Happens- permit applications due to a height and risk of corona virus spread this. It you're gonna, see this over. over and over again on carry talked about the excitement. the great reset he said, you know with a great reset we have dawn, a new age mix it is extremely exciting time. Don't tell me this is a conspiracy by the way german officials have just band and I locked down protest in Berlin. You can protest, you know the government, you can
Oh capitalism, don't don't protest baby anti lock down. Now, let's that's dangerous, that's course: dangerous! how so wooden protests, Germany, it doesn't seem like it works out, particularly well, it doesn't yeah. Doesn't it doesn't really worker in a press conference. Yesterday Joe Biden was bumbling around. He was talking about a virtual meeting that he had with governors and you're gonna hear that clip a million times today, I'm sure, but what he said. afterwards. Real meaning to it, and I want you to listen. This is how out of touch he is with crafting. A sentence, I'm owing to we're going to impose the word owing to enforce. The m. Excuse we will employ the defence Rick. instruct the act?
be able to go out there and dictate what companies build and do following things. I think He was talking about. Was the defence production act where the as will dictate to your company? what they have to make. What they have to do. This is absent. Lee on American and the question the follow up question from one of the press was how you justify not taking legal action against Donald Trump for not start. the transition? We have work ahead, but thank God, We live in America. Thank God there is God, you This thanksgiving back to remember what Europe grateful for
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