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Trump Redefined the SOTU | Guests: Reps. Thomas Massie & Chris Stewart | 2/5/20

2020-02-05 | 🔗
President Trump’s 2020 State of the Union address might have been the best ever given. But many Democrats refused to stand even for points they agreed with! Glenn speaks with Reps. Thomas Massie and Chris Stewart to discuss the hostile atmosphere in the room, Speaker Pelosi’s handshake “attempt,” and her speech rip. And Glenn exposes Reps. Omar and Tlaib, who weren’t even paying attention before they walked out. BlazeTV’s Jon Miller discusses Rush Limbaugh’s Presidential Medal of Freedom and how black voters might respond to a Buttigieg nomination. And Rebel Media founder Ezra Levant discusses how his book, “The Libranos,” exposes the death of Canadian independent journalism at the hands of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

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Oh, my gosh Hilary? Thank you so much. We are live from Washington D C in the blaze tv studios. In we are in the middle of history. I can't wait to talk to you about what I saw him last night. We also several congressmen coming in where to start with one of the best Thomas Massey. In just a few minutes. But first let me tell you about our sponsor the separates its home title are. I think it is still that told me about home. Title lock is like you, gotta go there's that I like people are stealing homes yeah they are, you brought in an FBI agent, hoo hoo,
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the future of an attack and enlightenment? I am so interested to talk just do today because do was in the blaze TV, Washington, Dc Studios, watching the president's speech. I was actually in the room with rush limb by and the president and all of the nightmares and white and what I saw. What I felt I dont know if you felt it through the television one of I would
say this may be. I have to go back and look at some Reagan stated the union's this may be the best state of the union I have ever seen and he is totally changed. The dynamic you dont need alter any more Donald Trump did in Oprah at the state of the union. Last night, we'll go there and get the abuse of Thomas Massey. When we come back in one minute lament programme, I tell you I am staying at the Trump, the Trump Hotel, which is luxurious. And really really really really good sheets, as I told you, I must sheets knob usually ape digest, I hate go, in travelling cause the sheets sucks so much. These it's really nice I mean no visa dream sheets,
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dot com, promo code, bang, Thomas Massey represents Kentuckians, fourth congressional district that stretches all across northern Kentucky two hundred and eighty miles of the Ohio River. He his he's a smart guy. I mean he's no Glenn and Stew but he did go to MIT, he's on three different committees: the House Committee for transportation infrastructure, the committee on oversight and government reform, love you and committee on science, space and technology he's here also the guy who last night took me: down to the skiff and took a picture of me at the door of the skiff. Wouldn't let me in for some reason, wouldn't let me in
But we were down where that those all the secret meetings went on with the with the whistle blower Welcome Thomas Aerial yeah. You bet first wall, let's start with ie but where it, where half way through a historic twenty four hours, yeah we got the stay the union last night, which was just outrage really good in my opinion, and then in fact, what for lock this afternoon, the Senate's gonna vote to acquit yeah. This is it's amazing slice of history, this twenty four hour window and to be there last night was just amazing, floor. The house I started out by shaking the president's hand, is he came in and thanking him for the work, he's done, and then boy when he started into that speech. I think those Democrats super glue on their on their side,
it's because they refused to stand up. For that I mean just if he had seen apple pie or baseball. Means TAT. You could have come out and said I ll Socialism and they would have they would not have clap and they would not have gotten up. That's right, I mean and no matter what he said. Even it was stuff they ve always been for they I mean he's. We hear he talked about me. Me things that they have been for and they couldn't they couldn't applauded ads, the lowest unemployment rate, the law the highest employment rate for African Americans ever the highest employment rate for spandex and Asians women, nothing, nothing. Nothing they would. It was incredible. He got a few of them to clap for criminal justice reform because he coast
answered the bill, but even people who voted for that bill wouldn't get up and clear or even acknowledged that the president did something good by signing the bill. Let me ask you this last year I was your guest at the state of the union, and I felt. It was wherever that the president was kind of he was almost squarely at a couple of times he go come on. You can clapped for that. Remember, yeah, look around to run after go come on and it still a little good natured right Last night, I felt From them hatred, I mean I that room was full bay hate him, seething see leaving a trade, and you know I the President's hand when he came in to do so. I had to sit on the Isle, so I was just a few feet from those Democrat.
Who would not stand up for the president for anything for anything good about Amerika, and I would look over at work and looking over in touch on some of them and just look at him in the eyes and and think what is into your head right. Now. Why what is it that you hate this man so much that you're, gonna, be so spiteful and hate our country me when he it wouldn't stand up, not a single one of them. Could I see clapping when he said how we need to put Americans first. They wouldn't stand up, not a single one of them. Could I see clapping when he said we need to pay? last night that he said. I thought this was a wildly uniting speech there, were things last night that said I thought this was a wildly uniting speech, because there were things in their the piss me off you know when he was alive: zero metres, high speed internet for everybody, unlike that set the government's job it and that's one of the things that they were demanding.
Before was high speed, internet high speed internet for everybody will good. I mind for that. Let's have companies, do that, not the United States, government and I note because how long did we spend on the stupid internet thing? Reverie from another, oh yeah. What was that the lump lumpy tribe, yet allow me try right in that, when clip they didn't have any they didn't. Have any high speed. Internet no bomber wanted high speed internet for everybody. Here he's proposing it and they won't stand up, they won't even clap. He didn t stand an olive branch extended an olive tree, he did an olive orchard he day and they, and any the family leave act I mean holy cow value. I did vote for the family, I, U Vat and the engine and he is proposing to extend to extend it. The better a private company right right end
me that was. He was trying to build a bridge to the cause. It was that was a bridge a little, far yeah, but will all the stuff he talked about the union's right. He talked about the union's last night and, of course, the new NAFTA agreement was a gift to the union's nothing new thing crickets on on their side. In mean that's just credible, because some of those folks have cosponsor does those bills run them voted for those pills right, but they just hate him so much. This is so Are we going to get through the next four and a half years? Oh, you know he's got a spanking at the ballot box again for them to learn that. He's in line with American Americans and they're. Not I mean this was basically laying the framework for the twenty twenty election or stark contrast. I wasn't about an election, but you could
the stark contrast between what press Tromp stands for and what the day crash stand for in here but he laid out a vision for America and you know state data. The union's powers speeches are so host to be and and oftentimes are hopeful and did that at the end I mean he was talking about those best. That's the best speeches given last year, I thought it was the best speeches given he's good at this which stood out our talking about it. Never would have expected him to be good at state of the union address cause he's just not a great reader and not great speech. Giver he's good off the cuff in his own way expect good rallies expected one liners at debates. I write and expect these words the state of the union is good. I think this was a redefining of the state of the union address. I think this one. When you know there were so many. The thing is born
It's not every year, let's be honest, the horizontal was anything but boring is obviously if you were in the room I dont know how this. How did you translate not in the room still? Could you feel the hatred, as much as you're saying I mean they. Certainly you could hear jeers occasionally all they were. They were nonstop yeah. They were gone, stopped UK here What's really going down on the floor and you can't hear it, you can't see it it. Non, stop they got to appoint towards the end Vienna. You notices Thomas, but you are close enough to it. They got to a point where the one One woman actual They put her head in her hands and just laid down in our own lap. Just like I can't do it any more. I watch two or three of them walk out three of them. I saw you and literally
At times he had to speak over them because they were jeering so loudly now, if you're watching it on tv, the sound was being picked up by his microphone. So you will you ve gotten the entire omby answer the room right, which at times was was jeers from the Democrats on he just instead of acknowledging them us plough, he aroused through all the eet. He did. I mean that was an expert last night and expert performance at joy asked ploughing through, and I wondered if you heard that, because many many times he is being jeered by them he just raised his voice and he just didn't stop there now. That's why we're gonna, and that was smart because he was not detectable largely. I wish it was really I really wish people could see the state of the union the way I've seen at the last two years, because you it's a totally different world
can, I admit, to breaking with decorum. At one point in my speech. The beginning we started chanting. We start a little chant where I was for more years. That came out with you. I heard at issue here that young guy well, I presume painted it that we have a it was, and you know is Funny- is every time the the republic really responded with yeah yeah was when he was covering for them. That's right is it. It will end it I mean. Can I admit yet can I hit resumption AG you out of the gallery. He didn't dragged me out of the gallery, but they must have but tat there was a couple of times to where I didn't necessarily even fully agree with. You know that I agree: with it, but I wasn't like year, but because
a jeered when people started to clap. I was first on my feet: goin yeah, ya, know and the gods and eggs three opposite this guy from Oklahoma and the other one was I can't where the other one was from guy from North Dakota in front, and they were they were Magyar, guys you fit in, they were lifted. The roof off with a group that I sat with we resolved every time that we heard the democratic jeering at him, while he is trying to speak. That win was done speaking that we would clap twice as loudly. You heard it yeah heard it. You huh, that at least in the room gonna continue our conversation cause there was there were a couple of really touching things. I Ellen Omar and receded to leave closely and their statement when they walked out, we just
couldn't take it anymore. Aid. Until I share what I witnessed, because I watched them like a hawk his eye watch them last year you can learn an awful lot from just watching those too and why Until I tell you the real story about there dramatic, walk out where they just couldn't. Take it anymore, come in just a second also Stewart is gonna, be joining us. We have as relevant coming with us and also a John Miller, who is our White House correspondent he's gonna be here, he is very, in front of my he was actually a buy in turn and then my assistant for a while. He the Columbia University he's a black eye and What talk about unpopular in his last class? They were asking, each fascist dictator. This is Professor Colombia. We
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so Thomas, you are running for reelection, I am Grain and Europe, for upon his and you are a you know. You said something to me the day that I really I really appreciate. I hope I am not sharing anything motion, but you said No I'm actually really grateful for this challenge this. Yet wearing, because you can easily forget how hard it is to get here and the people that, you know, or Europe, serving unless you're you're You're reminded every two years: I reinvigorated to serve another eight years because of this challenge I mean the the people who supported me the first time, it's a chance to reconnect with them and also meet new friends who have gotten to know or have gotten to know me, and now I'm going out and meeting them and I'm
finding out how important it is to some people that I'm here just its reinvigorated may now the hundred hundred and four days, you're going to be tough slog yeah well, not as tough as you might have thought, because I know you have a challenger yeah. What's his name I so anyway, this guy is presenting himself as a giant trump fan up supporter he's chief of the bag, people, yes right, even put trumps hair and his logo thinks it's cool. To that? It would be a subliminal suggestion to people that he's Trump sky as he can't run to the left of me in Kentucky. Nobody wants a. Fifty and a republican primary energy.
Render the right of me, then it's not even a credible proposition right here, right right and even my colleagues in Congress, like that's a subtle, and so he decided to try and run to the trump above me because pulled some statistic from an ABC news website that says you're only. Seventy percent of the time have I supported tromp, but those that's it Stick is based on a voting record I went and looked at the the votes that are used for the thirty per sang and they are debt limiting increases. They are omnibus bales, their continuing resolutions, their arms to Saudi Arabia. There even the vote even count the vote to re authorize the face a court. That's fine on the president! If you didn't vote for that, their sounded support the president, Similarly, there saying that, because the president signed those bills came up here, I will play this. Commercial
is this from your campaign. I saw a silver daddy. I let it kids if there are any kids listening to this clean up your Facebook page right now, if you ever plan to run for office, because this guy didn't and look what they found. Listen, I'm Thomas Messy- and I approve this message- is even worse than a member tramper toxic mercury is a Trump creator. Look at his facebook page tromp would never be my choice. I hope the military disobeyed his order and stages a coup. Sad but true tromp is the epitome of a weak male traumas and Idiot Hilary is right, hands, temper, mentally unqualified, to be president siding with good Hilary. That's taught mercury, the Trump Pater. Kids clean out your Facebook page right now, I twelve years old, you're thinking about running for this
and is that all you found Odo there's a lower? kind of the highlights Ria, so he's. What do you suppose is gonna happen to any support that he may have add, because that's. He really was presenting himself. As you know, the Trump gotta Trump guy, but he's he's a Trump Haider he's an opportunist claimed and the swamp appear. There. People appear they that don't like the fact that I'm an independent boy said don't always follow. Party, I'm not in lockstep with anybody, but my voters in Kentucky me your website where people can help you would win Thomas Massey dot com by last day, misspelled Emma S, I e of Thomas vastly. Thank you so much. Thank you. Grab. Luscious are back in just a second. Here, listening Glenn back.
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congressmen, Chris Stuart from my Utah, who is, is with us He is on the. What? What? What committee are you on? I'm on the house, intelligence and appropriations, which are too great committees and also budget collecting the debt? Actually matters? Yes, it the matter the one I know, but you were part of the youth you had to sit there. With Adam Schiff the whole time yeah on watching him and the others and the thing that I'm not sure people see or hear back home, because what when the president introduces his guest, the cameras focus on the on the guest and what they don't see are the demo sitting there and cases actually booing and kind of hissing their likeness scan, like a second grins, had when he reunited thee the army family at the end they were actually groaning through that. Like come on. I saw people,
turning around looking at each other. Like I don't what they were saying, but they were like yelling at each other. They were so mad. They were yelling what they wanted to say to him. They were saying to each other during that really nice moment and you didn't see it and they should or the little girl that he gave the scholarship to oh, my they should that they should, according to their constituencies in their interests that they claim is important. Then they should have been clapping and cheering for that for to give her this opportunity Instead they sit on our hands, and you know it's funny. You you mention Adam, and I watched him in his very clear. He knew that the cameras are going beyond him at any time, so he was always careful, but his face never changed for the whole hour and a half he just and stared with this painted on smile- and I know it bothered him in it was a lot of fun to watch because he could see the energy and the support, and he knows- and this is a really important going- he knows that they messed up. He know this is over. I do I do
He said he look, there's Adam his lot of things, but one of the things he has is smart and he and he can see and read and observed, and and I'm not saying he wouldn't do it again. I am certain that he would, but he also knows that they failed in convincing the american people that this praise, that is, is made stronger, yeah absolutely made a start. Ups leave that president, the one I saw last night showed up for them what two hundred and seventy some days, every day that was the president that showed up I he would win in a Reagan style landslide, he ate it was that was presidential that positive. Looking forward no little snipes, I mean it was good, it was, it was terrific. I mean I've talked to so many people. You know they collar and say hey. What did you think what was like so many?
people said to me: you know their number times actually was brought to tears. Last night I mean it was an emotional day positive, the real that's. The other thing is there was nothing negative about. This bj was very, very positive. That start with the letter saying: that's not what CNN and everybody else they're saying this was a destructive dividing speech I have a hard time finding. It will, after you have to scratch, really download a find something I mean look some of the policies they disagree with. I get that but this is a very forward. Looking very, I thought, uniting of banned and it could have been if anyone had any hope, an open hard about this at all. So is Nancy Pelosi Ash on totally insane. I mean can't imagine what she was, how she thought that was a win last for her to do that and if I may go, we play the Joe Wilson moment. Is. This is from an Obama state
union listen. There are also those who claim that our reform efforts would ensure illegal immigrants. This who is both. The reforms, the reforms I'm proposing would not apply to those were here illegally. Look at Nancy policies face there and Joe Biden just shakes his head in despair, and this was a big deal, Joe Wilson, was right last night in the president's speech he is saying we're stopping all of this health care going for free to illegal aliens. So Joe was right. It was in the bill the whole time that was a week, long, walk
of shame. I think they tried to censure him to do not you. I believe they did, and you know, work and we're gonna do something to call attention to this. As I was saying to you before we came on the air, we had just left a meeting where their considering their options, but she is a speaker, the house, but she is also just a member of the house as she has to abide by the same decorum that the rest of us have to and why, it was such a mistake. It was so unnecessary was so calculated and me she planned on doing this and how she thought that was a win. I just don't. I just don't get it's like you said. Has she lost her mind completely? It's it's their their driven, I've never understood the the, up to syndrome, and I think some people were driven by that with with Barack Obama they just cut were so blind by the lies and everything else they couldn't. They couldn't get past it we just stopped think about it. We just somewhere like ok well below american people, made their choice here.
Gray. I, let's look to the future, these guys. They can't. I They are driven by their hatred for him, she's going to make a few election night in November so much fun, because I agree with you. I think that I think the president is in a wonderful spot right now. I think he's in a very strong spot right now and they, as you said, hate him so viscerally. I can't imagine what it's going to be like that. When he's re, elected and re elected, I think you're in a pretty powerful way. It's amazing to me is happen with Russia, limbo last I and their reaction, the they have people on their side that have received presidential metals of honour that I of thought. This is a marxist. What it! What are you doing? You know There's been people also that have done really good in the past and then politically, I completely disagree with them, but I can
sit there and see. Ok, you know this. Precedent means a lot to f of the country, whatever They couldn't even do that now, and you may disagree with some of these she'll recognised that they were leader and they bore a proponent of powerful proponent for things that they believed in right, and we may not agree with those things, but there's still a powerful leader. We might recognize that that's all we were looking for last night and out even I dont think that here's a guy I mean for the president to do that and presented to him, which is a first. Presented to him, I should That would lead one to believe that he is very ill, these very ill and and that was a human. And a terrible thing to do. And they couldn't even given that yeah well
you know, and so their reaction was very predictable there. But I'll tell you what isn't predictable and nuts even harder for me to understand, and that's when the president says things like. You know America's the greatest country gods ever given a mad at ten, they sit on their hands and scowl, and if I were the present, I would turn to a man. I'd repeated ass, I'm gonna say it again Because the greatest gift ever given a man and and have the cameras, focus on them and have them sit there showing them scowling, I really think Congress should you should UK should try. To get cameras on Yeah I've learned more about your job and his job? in the last two years, just going to this day, the union no montoni, and I went to the White House Correspondence dinner once and honestly I went home, I went to the hotel and I took shower. I felt dirty after that it was awful and ice
we were like. Never again, we left early and never ever again, so I can have expected. That kind of thing here and it's not and you really you learn so much when I type I watched where she did to leave an Ilan Omar and I watched them the whole time and when I go through and describe what they were doing, the entire time, and then they walked out and they should the statement we couldn't take it anymore. It is, I mean I watched it. It was a performance, it's a performance, they don't care, yeah. You know Brok, Obama and I didn't agree on very much,
ended. There were some things that he said and did that I found deeply offensive and I thought were unconstitutional and and a danger to our public, but I still went to the stated: the unions and when he said something positive and true, I stood up and in the knowledge that they just can't do it they just can't do it and it's not that it was you don't even to give him credit you could. Just America is stronger. Better, the economy is stronger. How can you deny the the evidence when when remember Bernard Obama was saying there. You know, because of me X, of jobs, have created or save, and you can count saved already being saved yeah. This is an actual unemployment number and there Well, the president is using those number it's the unemployment number, which
the lost in my lifetime bright and the lowest ever fur hispanic, lady, african, American and the women and others, but putting that aside. Coming back to this other thing, you have this little girl who they just changed her life by giving her this scholarship and they sit on our hands and do you have it? Scooby airman a hundred years old, that other world war two hero and they won't even acknowledge him and only reason his knock as they don't like him its cause. They will not give this president a win on anything. They won't acknowledge that he can do or say anything. I was afraid under, I think they hurt themselves. This impeachment was a huge mistake nickel error on their point on their part. Look it what they are Doing in Iowa they low world. Voter turnout don't really have a candidate that anybody is coalescing again for their going. Continue to have lower turn out with
president. Last night, this is the first president that is overtly court head the minority and everybody else is written them off Reagan kind of. Did he just included everybody? I think he just included. Everybody is an american and and he there was no hostility. There you have. This president, who is who is not seeding the ground but Republicans have ceded since the nineteen sixty M M is exactly right to do that, he shouldn't concede that ground I mean he can go to the african american community as he doesn't ask him. What of it. Democratic done for you in your lifetime and the answer. Is it isn't that much and then he can make this argument. Look what we ve done done for you or tried to do for you for all Americans and it's a lot and
turns out. The american people are too stupid to some people think they are and they can look at their own lives and say you know what I really am better off now then I was three years ago and I more hopeful for my future than I. Three years ago and if they can Answer those questions in a positive way that I think a lot who say why, wouldn't I support this precedent on a final note, you are you been impeachment committee, the whole time. Trying to ring the bell and trying to me no letter but he know what was really going on. I appreciate you sitting through all of those you're one of the very few that I've given nay in advance to. In fact here it is This is the special tomorrow that I'm doing good Chris. This is.
Will shock even the about two and a half will On this special I will tell you that this is worse than we thought. All of is backed up. We have all of the paperwork Please look into this. This will shock even the left. I think the left will turn against Barack Obama, mainly There is something that was going on that we reveal tomorrow, that is well. It was one of the worst scandals in my life. With another president. Will if I could just very quickly thank you for that. You have done and a few others that you have done remarkable work on this, and this is important work that new you. You said, thank you for the work we have done on the unimpeded Unintelligence committee, I more power
if anything, the work, we did previous that, where we said for three years, hate the Department of Justice, the FBI and some of these directors or corrupt and a politicized of these agencies it in a way It destroys our democracy if we would not have known that. So are we I've only got about thirty seconds. Are you going to pursue it? Are we going to pursue it as a nation and clean? This is what I tell you. I have great faith in. I really miss attorney. General Barr is very serious about this he's committed to doing it. He doesn't have a dog in this race and he doesn't have to make a name for himself. I'm very hopeful that Chris Stewart from Utah. Thank you very much. Thank you.
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I hope you will watch and share with your friends. It must be investigated this one. Is constitutionally, goes to the constitution of the United States and its the fight a million dollar question on Ukraine there really a billion dollar question Ukraine, the final peace, its special goes tomorrow. Go to place tv dot, com, Slash Glenn. You could subscribe with any bucks off. If you use a code gb twenty tell your friends watch it on our you to blaze, tv you tube channel its free for everybody, also of your subscriber you'll get it. We need your support, so we can continue these special and also in that special, a major announcement also about the land back television programme. You're, lessening TAT Glenn back.
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Today is a historic day to day the impeachment happens. They they are going to quit. It is just a historic, historic weak. And last night the president couldn't have done better. I would have worn a mega hat last night, leaving that leave that chamber, and partly because of he just masterfully? Athens took marxism apart I thought he showed the difference between capitalism in Marxism. He supported Venezuela show the Marxist, don't really support Venezuela.
Human rights, I mean it was masterful. It was a well constructed speech. I mean a lot of. It was accomplishments that four in arguable and then there are things that were partisan, divide type issues that he presented really well, like you could say all you want that you don't like school choice, but when you're looking at this young girl, who now has an opportunity to change your life hard to disagree, you did so that they found a way to do it and where to get into that here and just second triplet, seven, twenty seven back is the phone over track with more and the radio begins momentarily. Entertainment and enlightenment
well hello, America, a historic day. The president is going to be a quitted of impeachment. Today, last night I think the state of the union was delivered by president from I don't think I've ever seen a better stay. The union I'd have to go back and re watch some Ronald Reagan stuff, but this was this was game changing this president, the one that showed up last night if he continues to show up for the next two hundred plus days, this president will sweep will sweep because nobody's gonna turn up for the loves on the other side, when
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was quite amazing. It was absolutely amazing what I witnessed last night. You know you We were just talking about Nancy Blowsy, ripping up the papers. That was, shocking to you, because I think, and I I did not watch it. I was there in the room and so I have a very different take on what that room felt like you agree, I'm a pretty good read of room. Yes, Stefano! Would you agree? I've been in rooms of hatred, ah every room, you walk in his we're hatred right, so I have been and in a room, in LOS Angeles, with a bunch of lefties. Actual communists in the room, litter The communists in the room- and I asked this room, raise your hand. Please don't be shy and they weren't raise your hand. If you think you hate me were you there. I wasn't.
But I've heard this story so and not more me endorses multiple sources. Ninety five percent of that room there, like seven people there and I think, fit, or of em we're ten members of my staff in family that didn't raise their hands on Peggy. Everybody else raise their hand. And so on. I know rooms where you can feel hatred. Last night. I experience something I have never experienced before in my life I it was, it was, as you know, I know I have experienced laid before were you with me. Now you weren't stay away. I know in Israel I and into the palestinian Section, is giving a speech in the pan Estonia section, and we were up like five stories up on a roof and
he's palestinian protestors. Came to the street level and, as I was given a speech. I was on a rooftop and ass. I was given this speech Indians were down on the ground and they were throwing chairs at the side of the building. They were trying to throw them wanted looked down ago, guys you're, not even close, but they, so much hatred, for me and and Jews, they were throwing the chairs from the ground. They were just gathering thinks anything they could throw and they were trained hit us on the roof gay. So I've experienced that nothing compared to the Last night I walk into a room that was full half full of people Who could not? I shouldn't even said, I think, was about a third of
room. Maybe sixty percent of the Democrats were hundred per cent of the of the radical progressive caucus, gay. One hundred percent that Hatred was so strong in that room. I it. It almost took my breath away. When you saw Nancy Pelosi rip that up who can say well, that was petty that was lit oh, you could even say- and I honestly do not think that Donald Trump saw her reach her hand out I saw that moment. Didn't even see the hand age up when you watch it in pause. It which I have done the library, my frame its possible. He asked
it didn't even see her hand now. Wasn't I wasn't expecting it might? Pansy didn't shake MIKE's right and you know, and so he wasn't expecting it and she had when she grabbed it. She grabbed it with both hands and as he's turning, she puts his Andy. Now he may have seen it in his parochial vision and I will be, but I certainly wouldn't put a past him and he's completely justified to not shake your hand. Right, though I have not seen him take responsibility or deny it should provide check. Twitter he'd probably will take put worse after ripping it up here. Probably will take Randal she's she's gonna blame all. Well, you know I did you see that that the post the Democrats released after this it's a place where, Nancy policies of reaching out her hand and that as it is turning away, and it's like an we as Democrats We will always reach our hand across the idle and we will always try to work together for the good of the country. This is moments after she ripped up the speech.
You try to send a message that she'll never respect a word me she's ripping up the stories. A veterans and children and victims of crime and horrible. Just I mean it's awful, so she was that move with her ripping it up. If you saw her face and you knew how calculated she was and what that fell like that was nothing compared to what I felt in that room for this precedent, this prayer, and was masterful in controlling that room last night and making sure they didn't get any air to breathe. He did not stop when they were, they were jeering him murmuring, hissing, my worse than last year have only been two of these. Last year still had a little bit of a light spirit where he would look even look at the left. Any go come on. You can applaud for that There was no humour in this at all. He knew what he was facing. He has really
Billy grown into this job, and and he was talking about stuff. They would start to jeer, and he wouldn't you that room any oxygen he d started talking louder and any time you heard the republicans- really stand up and go yeah. That was not because necessarily they were so excited about that peace. They were. They were sending it back to them. Because they were jeering and booing and just behind quite honestly like a bunch of third graters. And it will. It was. Really really hostile, really hostile. There were three people that walked out actually for people that walked out from the floor. One person in the gallery had to be rejected, I saw. I saw Congress. Women actually put there,
in their hands and then just collapse into their lap, like vague, completely defeated, which a lesser man Much less would if it would have made him feel good I don't want to comment on how I felt, because I don't want that lesser ban, to hear but anyway, so they were they got to a point in the speech to wear were actually yelling at each other. Ever been in a room full of people where somebody is so offensive, or it's so crazy that you look at your friend and your like. I can't believe that Son of a bitch is doing that your yelling back at the same time have you ever been in a situation where you're, so why
old with anger that was happening last night on the floor. Nobody saw that the press turn. The cameras to the floor You should have a side by side where you can see the members of Congress, because I have no idea what president is going through unless you can see what he is seeing and eat Nancy Pelosi was a picnic. The ripping up was a picnic. Compared to this now Let me tell you about Ilan Omar. An Rashid to leave. Or should I readily they were set in the very back row. Last year I told U I watch those too careful. And they were really kind of coordinating things. This year. They came and
they were not interested. You know what they were you know those girls that were always too pretty for the assembly's they were too ready for you too pretty for everybody two pretty even for the pretty girls at school sure and they Just above at all, and if somebody would say something to them, they just look at you like you, he'd go hey, can you guys shut up? They would just look. You and they like. Laying you should I be the lapis seems personally but yeah go. Have it does seem a give, very specific, single, pretty girl even would say that to you so anyway path, So that's that's. What what right a they were, they were, there, but you know it's, you ve, seen it in movies, in mainly in comedies, where there
doing their thing and you are irrelevant to them that was receded to leave and a Omar. They were sitting in the back They were laughing, they work giggling I mean I want to show you the notes, so I can prove what they said. Laddie site are these Temporary is note Caesar contemporaneous, so they must count as right. Yeah, ok, so now I want you to know that you can't prompt. You will not be able to read them. I show you one of em. Be able to read them, because I had to write this with. Really even looking between my legs on these piece of paper, so there Beryl, I can barely understand them, cause you're not allow turn or not. Alas, oh no, the if you On the other side, you can write, does you're a member of the press. Ok, if your dad, on the floor. You can taxed, you can record, you can laugh, could play part cheesy, oh, but if you're
the gallery nuthin. They yell at you? They tried to eject me last year for making no so his year. I got a very small pan and ape peace paper from the hotel and I just was taking notes and I was trying to hide it so, their hard to read, but on page. On page one, this is this is page one gay and my notes I write they really our message to the other. Really horrible to leave and Ilan playing a game. You don't laughing. She might be looking yeah they weren't they were, they were just like. I don't know what they were doing, but they were showing each other different things they would like survive. They might have been like a be seen this new turban. This is a great turbine. Could she was wearing a you know?
headdress urged her. So I dont know what they were doing. They might have been shopping, they might have been laughing. They might have been on you some dating app. I have no idea what well with Ilan. Maybe you don't know she might be looking to date and other brother, oh my gosh did he say that ok She's there they're laughing and- and I watched them the whole time On page five, I write open contempt, just fun and games for Ilan and Rashid night, Rashid, Rashid. Page sags, see paid. Seven Ilan for time she has looked up and paid attention ice officer. That's when she documents
I saw Vassili. She looks up. That's that's how deep into this she was before she paid any that that's over an hour is Ilan Ellen. She was his worry. One was coming and I could have been but acts First time she looked up and gazed at all, but she kind of looked up like is he still talking and what is energy, had it looked up in the gallery, so she was paying attention to the ice does she have em in due to review in case you dont know, she's had many questions about marrying her brother, not marry her brother, about how she got here about whether she was bringing others here, yeah legally or inter lots of Questions right, but it is also one of those issues that she clean, to care about, rightly be that it may be. The other things were hitting our interests k on page eight I write. Why you she even here and at what I Thinking was, if you care this little.
Why did you even come? You didn't even have to come. It's She was last year, she was coordinating, things are and ale see they were, they were, corny regime to leave and a lot of MAR were sitting in the back. They weren't p, any attention. No one was paying any attention to them and I really thought on page eight why're, you even here in gay, so she was pay tension. Rice, then she went back to fun and games litter. Talking to each other. You know the public The people like in a movie or anything like an important speech the southern gonna go. Can you shot often ok, its weight was then page nine. I put walk out Ilan, Rashid out. I didn't tie it to anything. I couldn t do anything. Now that you know what I observed. Let
tell you how it was spun by them, and you tell me what the this is what really happened will do that in one minute you washed ashore or last night, sputtering and choking on sea water. As you drag yourself up the shoreline and and blowsy tried to drown you last night, so oh Adam Schiff, you just fell sleep there on the shore line. Was a bad idea. Your headache, whose morning suggest out in the Since you see the remains of your, king ship. U S? U S s impeachment its! just sinking beneath the waves. It's on fire. Your whole life is on fire and then you reach up.
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Finally, walk out after me wondering they're not paying attention at all Why are they even here. Well, they they pay. Wished a reason why they walked out and and. You tell me Democrats she did to leave. And a lot Omar storm out of state of the union address it's all fake We just had to walk out of that speech. The lies the bigotry and the shameless bragging about taking way food stamps that people- depend on live. It was beneath it dignity of the office. He occupies shame. Shame on this forever, impeached president, that's what a tweeted you tell me they actually cared about the dignity, of the office.
They actually cared about any of this. I watched them bold time They were laughing and talking there were like high school girls. They were too pretty to pay attention to anything. Else. The rules do not apply to them, they weren't booing. They weren't doing anything. They were reacting because they weren't listening. This is a show now lie night there was real true here trade for this precedent in the room And that's gonna Trade will destroy you. It will just destroy you. Yes, each for and your journey to the dogs, we'll be complete, but That wasn't what was happening with Rashid, an island DORA sponsor this half hour, is a net sweet. If you dont know your numbers, you don't know
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Calm, slash back set up your free demo, now ned sweet dot com. Slash back, got a blaze. Tbd com, Slash Glenn, used a promo code, GB two zero arthritic at twenty bucks off your subscription, all these special tomorrow at the last piece in the Ukraine, last the state of the union- I was in the house chamber, which every American, if you should ask if you can get a ticket from your Congress. Men are your senator and see it at least once it is really remarkable. It is, unlike anything I ever thought it would be like I'm. I hate these things. You know me stew, men, too
me to come to Washington is like takes a an act of God to get me and I'm very much on the make the state of the union a letter again campaign. Yeah me too. I would love it if they just went back to nice little report. We can all get rid of the pomp and circumstance, but if you do learn interesting things about your representatives there, at wit, when you're in the room, not watching on tv when you're in the room, you will learn Han of stuff ran into an interim on the way out Aurelia? He? I thought he did a. I thought he did an amazing amazed enjoy he's good at last night. He is good at that I mean was a well crafted speech. It talked his occur. Push Mintz and there's a lot of them politically with the economy and ice. Things of that nature. He presented of issues that were are typically thought. As partisan issues. Presented them in a way that is almost impossible to disagree and when you
things like late term abortion and you know cool choice and their several in that realm and he was able to kind of that solar money being killed You said the dial tests have you seen the dial test yet now I saw you know the dial Franklin's dialed wasn't frank though, but there was a dial test and They give it to me in a Republicans and Democrats and there watching the speech life and its a big volume knob and you turn it up when you like it, when you like it, you turn it down when you don't Usually his speech are polar opposites. Rob. I love em Democrats and Republicans are giving him ays thee rip. The Democrats are giving him apps in. Critical places Republicans were giving him Ays and Democrats were giving him see pluses budget out pretty high fur for plus there were not a lot of s last night, so anyway
he's telling you this was a divisive speech. It may, Ben if you're in that room with Nancy Pelosi, but if or an average American and you a blue collar person, you're somebody who you're independent, you don't know who are going to vote for. Remember the ones who give him an alien enough. There, never gonna change their minds the president needs to change their minds, who might give him a sea or a b, and that's what this speech was last night and it was so effective, so effective, on a personal note, about an hour before I gotta, call and said: hey Russia's gonna be in the room with you and I say in the room with me: remember: there's a thousand other people in the right direction and They said he's coming. I
I immediately thought he should be recognized didn't know that he was coming with the first lady and I saw him in one of the first things on my notes that I wrote was rush, looks good. Now I saw him from a distance he You know I dont know if it he didn't seem frail did he. Frail on tv. Now he looked like he had lost weight since the last time. I had seen him, but I didn't it didn't look like he looked frail yoga it the beard yet which I had an item with that, but he thought he looked. Last night, and when he when he was poor. Get out. The cynic would say, well the present- and this is what all the press is saying. Well, the president. You know he needs those rush limbo. You know people to be behind him now it happened. Last night you were not
watching you were watching to friends, I Eve. Rush, limber and Donald Trump are just two friends that live in a very different world. You know one lives in his mansion and the other lives in moral logo. And their isolated they too have a lot attacks all the time and they they have a lot in common and their friends and I thought you saw the ultimate act of friendship last night, I'm the president. You know I want this guy to know how much he's meant to Republicans and to America. And when I, when I heard that he was getting the presidential metal of freedom which the highest honour, the president can do it's like the congressional medal of Honor
is the present a medal of freedom, the the left went crazy, which was so I who does that Who does that to a guy who, as you know, late stage, lung cancer and when you have late stage, lung cancer- I mean you can look it up yourself and I have great hope and he has great doctors and he has great hope. But when you look at the odds, it's one of the most vicious cancers, because it you don't feel anything and once you do it's your riddled throughout your body within and there's not much, you can do surgically and to me I felt this was a friend saying, hey, I know you're afraid oh! I know that there is a chance that you're gonna make it, and I know you and you're a fighter and I want to give
you some hope and optimism, and let you know how much your loved by people It was also a feeling that my friend we do no. What tomorrow holds- and I want you to have this now yeah- did you that feeling now totally at eight, came off as COM Lee legitimate, heartfelt ruhinga that doubt that part of it was interesting because beat in as they're getting ready, we're getting ready to start or covered here. Blaze DV, we alerts on our phone that say rush limbos going to receive this metal really you ever, I got it was before the thing started. So when he, when they mention to him and he stands up. He he's lodge. He looks legitimately shocked that he's getting well I saw him at any room, see in the room. You can have any self right. That might be a when. Did they really sad it was. It was right before the British, wherein there we have no self service, so you're alone, in a room where no one in the gallery has a cell phone and or any act
as to anything electronic down on the floor? Yes, but if Europe everything is taken from you, we already have this point. Member during the coverage have the entire speech, we know what we can read. I had we know. What's going I'll, have to eat your lived in that room in about an hour before the first family gets and about fifteen minutes early the president's wife is introduced, when she first, when you know when, when she's it is when the starts but rush was in early no way he there's no way he saw them Do we have John Miller on the phone with us, John. What are you there and I'm here John Miller from the White House brief. I know we pulled you away from a speech that you're giving this morning
were you in the room or were you watching it last night from the cap? No, I was I was so are you know they treat media like garbage at events, but what they do with their pipes at the capital and they stick all of the journey in the Kremlin. Then you get to watch it on these cheap little monitors that they have set up and We have all the Congress, men and women walking by and they walk into the chamber and we get the honor of watching it in in the basement, crypt area with police making sure we also need and gravy so, John by the way, remind me still talk about the police I saw stuff yesterday. I dont know what they were prepared for, but it was raised oh, how it was crazy down. John, let me ask couple questions before I get to what the response was in the room and how you felt in the room. You know they're in the crept Let me ask. Have you ever seen. A Republican. Do a better job of reaching out to minorities. Then
president and how did that? How did speech plea to you as an african American, whose a conservative yeah I mean, I think you know, was one of those things where it wasn't just here in my little line to pander to african american tiered my little. You know until you know o an african american view. I mean the beginning of this speech. Essentially, he started with a talking the black unemployment rate, a number of you get wrapped in America there, not just african American, you know to be like look. I have in America in report, but warrants actually helping policies, I mean you have said the little girl United and her mom Stephanie, who were affected by the current then you're governors and political choices, the veto that he did you had. The Tuskegee Arrogant and his son. You had all of these people who depression with honouring and, of course, unheard
already talked about this today, but the room you did not acknowledge it the silent and as an african American, to watch that until watched them. Grab completely shun african American. That was nothing to watch and confidential down my spine, but the present report. Europe knew every if, if PETE put a judge, It turns out to be condemned their or the nominee. If Thou the guy. A lot of people tell me that African Americans, they won't care they'll, just go with it anyway. Other people say you know that is one line they just won't crosser they having crossed yet If you have Donald Romp, who is performing this way, and reaching out this way and PETE booted judge. On the other side. What happens to the african American Lock vote? I think
I started with a really interesting things happen because other already, some all that their letter showing african Americans were, I dont know I trust you spoke, showing it near african american support for Donald Trump, which incredibly high to me, but it tells you that there's something happening where he is he is gaining traction without reckoning, Can I specifically think with african American mailed, because they are the one job being taken- and they are the ones who are being affected by things Donald Trump advocates such as clamping down on illegal immigration and I think, like you said, with the people who reject thing. He is the perfect I'll get put an awkward situation, may not John. Why do people have exact? Haven't euro per cent with the african American. Then I'm always like. Can I say it there? You know, as an african American, a group and african american household every avenue american? No, even why and in today's world.
Major not allowed to examine, say, but that you know that if the black household are how to get. You know our very faith based, and we hope in a church- and he grew up, an end. The arm and his sexuality is something that I dont know if blacks are ready for that's something I blacktop very conservative watch and I know you're not alone they that- and I know that that something that you know he's pc, but he has almost zero percent annually, and even more than fifty lined up black people behind my but he saw his Iowa good speech, but he will literally, he had for black women I, which will make you happy them somewhere another for black women that support him, but he had no
and there is a reason for it and and the reason why is obvious lack of each camp there? It's! It is interesting to see his meaning. The pc world will tell you that you can't say it, but where it is being said, is by black voters to pollsters right who telling them they are uncomfortable with resident Would be who may be gay John, let me switch topics, switch topics, quick real quick I've got about forty five seconds have to take a break. Tell me Your impression was there in the press room in the basement of the cattle, what? How are they re wording since Talk about rush before we got on Glenn. Let me just tell you that they, literally god I was so disgust- by their reaction to rush when rushed at his feet. We ask you when he wrote getting the metal from the president? They literally said. Oh, he fell sick of this disgusting, they literally Scott and the failure to a man with lung cancer
you who might be in his last? You know who knows what just showed their disrespect and end the kind of people they are, and I really have a hard time respecting people who would to a man who is as ill as Russia. John. Thank you. So much greater you keep up your coverage. You can see, John with the White House brief on blaze, tv he's a he's, just a great guy, just really really good, very, very smart top of his class Colombia, even though he was a even though was a closeted conservative, full time, a whole tat. Now they didn't know there that smart back in just a second You know really embarrassing, standing in front of a group of people in delivering a speech only to realize that you put your underwear on the outside of your pants, I mean.
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we have a preview of the special that his airing tomorrow. I have let a few people. In in Washington that are in the Intel realm. If you will I've, given them an advanced embargoed copy of the script I just gave wondered Representative Chris Steward who's on the intelligence committee, and he looked at the stuff and said: how did you get this information? I think it's a little easier when you're not working through the federal government and you're going to foreign countries, and we have eight buttoned up Kay. That will show massive unconstitutional act, that is, still underway and currently being covered up by the impeachment hearing, and you need to know about it. It must be exposed. It's free.
Tomorrow on Youtube, just go to the blaze Youtube Channel or if your Strieber to the blaze will be there. Their twilight API. Shit. So. I know what you're thinking glance What is bad, meddler saying about the speech last night. You know
I vibe I've got it. I've got it. Where does he get his stats from? He lies so much he he even should we even believe him tonight he threw people off food stamps. He didn't live people off welfare, you're, you're, saying yourself yak land, but what about Rob Reiner, the only one I only one to have one thing to say about rush linboff, getting up presidential metal of freedom at the state of the union. I love this effing man. Yet Glenn, but what about John Coups Ag Ye? I don't
I have no idea what junk, whose exit? Nor do I care about any of these? Nor do you the left, is in full fledged hate tonight. The impeachment four p m Eastern, the impeachment trial will officially be over they're going to take a vote this afternoon. He will be acquitted of this, and most of America will move on with their lives coverage on that and well It be like tooth gout against your president or a candidate, and then have the federal government come down and do an investigation on you because of your opinion. I'll, introduce you to the man, that's happening to right now in one man This is the line that programme George is a list of ours. He lives in Ohio in ease and architects and he's still likes to draw everything with a pencil not only
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natural way to ease your pain. Get your life back, go to relieve factor, dot com, that's relief, factor, dot com. There's a guy that you may or may not know, because he is canadian He has been on the conservative front of canadian politics for a very long time He is really in many ways the guy. Who is, he other Rupert Murdoch of of the Canadian, can, serve additives he has tried for long time to make sure the conservative voices were heard in Canada,
its harder than it is here in Amerika. Relevant is is with us now and end you have written, a book that came out. During the election of just intruder and you are now being investigated by the government I'd love to tell you a story about this, and I'd like your I reckon listeners to think an alternative history. If say, Hillary Clinton had one into in sixteen. What might be different now be when I talk about candidate like you, have a distortion time machine. What could things be like if you go off course yeah or, if you may, the wrong choice. So, in the last canadian election in October I wrote a book of public, the book about just intruder, I called it- the libertarian owes a taken out of the Sopranos Santa funny. But you know the book did well went to number two on the canadian best seller list is very critical of Trudeau. There were twenty four
about just in Trudeau in that last election cycle. Some most liked him mine, was critical, Christmas? I got a registered letter from our version of the Effie, see it's called elections. Canada saying was being investigated for illegal campaign activity and war, present myself for an interrogation, so I went to I do want to the high security headquarters of our Effie. Seen were to thirty year veterans of the mounties who are now federal investigators for elections, Canada Kill me for an hour in a small, closed room about my book. Now. This is after the election yeah. So the election was over. Trudeau was re elected, he is a minority government, but but he still in power. Or and he's really moving forward on different kinds of censorship. In fact, just last week is when was Cabinet ministers proposed red
stirring and licensing news website, so we're p We the first in line because were that'll, happen here. Well, I talked to TED couple. He wants that to happen line lovey incumbent media want that to rule out the insurgent me. Yes, the legacy media's way of protecting them, so I I have been investigated before about a dozen years ago. I was interrogated because I republish the danish cartoons of Mohammed, and then it was a human rights commission. The prosecuted me, so I what was coming so I recorded my interrogation and didn't let the cops know about it. They actually when I came in the room and said no video recording of this for security reasons, I thought well, I'm gonna nor that advice. I recorded the whole thing and I did so I don't know they do that,
if I have never done them with a secret recording beforehand, but no one will believe me if I just tell them what happens for chapel and I sent you producers from clips the first same running on the room was. You ve summon me here or why can I see the complaint against me? Can I know who complain against me, I haven't seen it yet and if You have the time it's about a one minute. Clay do if you have that, can we play these? Are these in order as the first clip I think so it's it's so one where I say: hey guys some can you show me the complaint answer is shocking. Its out of the star chamber. Let's see if this is it go at ten, I see the complaint against me. The letter that you received known I presume the your investigate all the complaints of his still investigations will have that the investigations been completed
I still have made a decision at that point to the side of it smaller than usually is released, so it's a secret complaint, thus income, It's just a complaint is part investigation and deter the key. The integrity of investigation. I know you understand what the recapture everything that we have as why don't want everything that you have just if I'm here to meet a complaint but you won't show me. The complaint How can I possibly meet the complaint? How can I possibly respond to something that You won't show me. Well. I think the letter was quite clear on what were what the infraction is is alleged, and this is where I want to clarify with you. Well, did you generate the complaint or was it from outside party? Nobody can generate the complaint. So someone not generally the complaint, so someone external to Europe, has generated. A complaint is usually
it not the case in this case. We do not generate ok. Was it the Liberal Party, the generator the complaint? So you won't tell me who the complaint is. How can the complainant sad to see? I don't know about this point so at what point you tell me who the commissioner is, is the ultimate the response? person further for the investigation and how this so I did so. How do I know what I've what conduct has been complained about. If you will tell me this is the you dont have a right to fish. Sure accuser. I don't even know if there is a complaint, and I dont know if they're asking questions it too, as misdirection later on I mean we were there for fifty five minutes and I recorded the whole thing they were doing it best not to tell me anything, but I was asking as many questions as I was answering finally said: he
watching my shows my my videos. In one of them. I said, of course I publish my during the election- that's what people want about an election punishable gap in the election is gonna, be a thousand books about Donald Trump. This year you would pop. Before not after right end. You eat, he there's a clip. You have there where he says I. Think its number. Here gave s hiding exactly I wash in that this is clip for please investigators, question as rise release of the trading book during an elected sad it that's. What made it an elect crime is that I wrote about the election. During the election. It's it's unbeliever. He says it: what
the way. You change your decision to release a boy in time for the election. I don't have your own words with online you when you received a letter from you did. I have learned by line that I wash you speak about, of course, was released in time for the election, which, if that's your position today, that we are delighted to have the essential for for advertising for book. So that's why I want to clarify, perhaps result spoke alone or so, where you could try to clarify what Is that even mean what exemption? What are you talking about? There's the the ally's written says, books and the promotion of books are exempt from prosecution, and so I, when I first got this, threat letter over Christmas, I did a video saying this is ridiculous. Books are spent
Quickly exempt It's gotta, be mistake: the homey in anyways any he had watched my video any said. Oh, you admitted that the book time for the election, which it was of course, was that John Bolton Book is worth something to Simon Schuster because it was they could leak it at the time of the impeachment. Of course that's not meddling in the election. That's participating in the election bright and there you know I was not aware of the fact that twenty four other books were published Trudeau, minus only one being investigated. Let me play that clear answer flip three.
Have you investigated any of the other matters published books about Trudeau at the exact same times me have you, invest in John I've been investigated, John Iverson spoke or Aaron, where his book is over. Twenty four books are published, given its my question have investigated. John. I'm sinner Erin, whereas books, I haven't, I view I am the eyes anyone your office investigating any other books about just intruder were just above its critical about getting angry it and are dismissing there's one more clip and I know I'm showing a lot, but it was its incredibly these thirty year, mounties. Actually, both worked organised one, organised crime. They both were terrorism cases. Now the federal investigators Five men on my case and and one of them said. Did you consider registering the book with the government and, let me just say I'm registry under soviet domination in Romania, which was an eastern bloc country. If you had it
hyper writer. You had to register typewriter with police and you had to I felt a sample because each typewriter in the olden days was slightly different. They would keep a sample. So if they ever found some SAM is that some freedom type they could come, to all the register, typewriters and know who the troublemaker was they registered type leaders in Romania. Under soviet domination, and this cop says Consider registering your book with the government lip five You do not have an election candidates when you are valuable and you the new third party leader some comments on yourself as well? Odin. Did you give any consideration of saying? Maybe I should register is a dirty, for this circumstance or maybe I shouldn't
because my interpretation of what am I do. What do you do not make a determined The present question absolutely didn't think about a great way to share your stuff, Some of them, I I find the day I register with the government to write a book is the day we no longer are the tunnel strong and free and if Elections- cameras commissioners stupid enough, to prosecute me for running publishing and promoting a book about an election during election, the matter, important fight to have. Because we want to roll back these pencil night bureaucrats and their black face boss. And we need to remind them that were still a free country.
So I thought about it long and hard to him. I was a little bit library there. I was doing my best not to swear. I was so frustrated and these guys. I felt they were trying to get me to confess and do a plea bargain and I I blunt I said no, I think you need to be told by a judge the what you're doing is wrong now. I hope that the judge, because we do have in our constitution some protections for free speech, but you wouldn't know it because these guys have five on the case of my book, and I should tell you my book only hit number two on the best seller list during election. Since I released this interrogation. Take my book hit number one, so that's the irony about censorship in this day and age that some want to read the things that people don't want you to read of. Why is it the that Trudeau was so mad about a little book by an independent author that he wants to ban at any six five cops on it? what is it and Canada we have. I state brought
after the CBC, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is larger than all private sector news. The combined, so it's Oh dominant Trudeau, Has that and many to the massive newspaper bail out we're almost there. Newspaper in Canada. Now gets payments from the government? So the number of purely independent media in Canada. It's less than ten percent is probably by readership, partly five percent, but that last five percent is so irritating to him. He wants to half an hour. I believe that, in short order there we'll be two kinds of journalists in Canada: those who work for Austin, Trudeau in some way or those who, in prosecuted by just and Trudeau in some way coming our way, I think so I think really we don't turn around. I think the EU what happened with breaks. It is a big cracking in the new wall and I think,
is a chance that this stuff is turned around, but if we don't and these governments around and they don't start risk. The rights of free people, they're going to continued power, grab and power grab in power grab, and we will all be silence. You spoke on the radio once about Tommy Robinson, a dissident journalist, who is put in solitary confinement for sixty six days because of his reporting about a raping, that's worse than tat data and Canada is worse in America. So this is your early warning, the UK. Is terrible. Canada is not as bad as dangerous my and it's easier to fight in the first it than in the last ditch and it it is so much harder to regain a freedom than to keep it, and I just
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He has been outspoken for a very long time. Usually you Billy S. First ball. He every time I see him, he introduces himself is really really humble and quiet but use. If someone gives to somebody else's charity as Selina large way they make a big deal out of it I didn't know that you have been done. Eating your your company or team and your listeners donating to the Nazareth Fun now for a long time, five thousand dollars a month, commitment. Why what I mean I'm so appreciative. I didn't know You are doing this. Can we turn a line of Aragon, creditors, our donors and our viewers. I went to IRAN just over two years ago with team and we saw the genocide against Christians. It's really ethnic cleansing. Being ignored by all the powers of the world. Even I regret it.
I think even the church has ignored in some great exceptions. Yes, like this, his purse is a notable success. And so we did some videos about this. But I thought well, that's help, so three some money for these. These Since I'm jewish myself- and I saw so many analogies with the holocaust the day- the creation of the christian cemeteries, the mark The door in Germany was the Yellow star in Iraqi. Noone Nazareth symbol and also the fact The west ignored it. So I bought it. Leave worth a lot of echoes of the Holocaust because I want to just continues coverage. I have to break for just a real quick network break. But let me look spend just a couple more minutes when we come back with you of course,
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as all of us whether sees the founder of rebel media dot com. And he is currently in a battle for freedom of speech in candidates and pretty amazing case. He wrote a book about just in Trudeau that was not flattering to just in Trudeau any really, Released it became number two in on the on the national book cells and was during an election, and now Trudeau is having the Their version of the Effie see come in and investigate them as they shouldn't have done that during an election. When else's anyone going to read a book about the election that's the whole point of that and I'm really afraid that freedom of speech is really truly on the ropes and its it's on the ropes there there's look, there's two ways to go and I think you know I had dinner with Nigel for all the other day who
pulled off a miracle He really has one of the respond. I was talking to a couple of ago, we were talking about breaks it, and he said you know. I remember when Nigel came in to the congress- and he was came to us about this breaks. It thing and he said I kind of thought outlets acute little idea, never gonna go anywhere, but a cute little idea and the Freedom guy, but Africans, don't really understand the vice there, the Bbc- or, in your case the c b c and the government, has on opinion You don't have talk, shows like this. You don't you don't you're not allowed to, and for that, happen, shows the people are done and I dont know if the canadian people or are there and are, and I know you're fighting by yourself if you happen to be someone who believes in freedom of speech, and you understand that
is falling all around America and if it falls all around America it has. Better chance of falling here. We ve got to push back. I want. You go to a website. Save rebel news, dot com, save rebel news dot that the canadian government is trying to bleed these guys to death in money and governments can do that and a key, hassling them and hassling them in hassling them in and driving up court costs. I think and hopes to put you out of business I think so. The process is the punishment. Even if we win at the end of the day it took, our time and money. But you know nodules an inspiration. Everyone was Einstein except the people, the media that the political ass. It was he really and it was a cold fine affair. It was a premonition love, the Trump urgent, We haven't had that moment in Canada, yet I hope we
who I see stirrings in ITALY in another part, gave you a large Hungary and I hope get rid of this glow homogenous, including in the tech sector, that My real worry for the long term is it censorship will happen from fake book. Google below Youtube Twitter, not even already, is like in the future What won't be called into a small room to be interrogator, it'll just be done, and I won't even know who did it and white yet you up when they wouldn't. Let your face your accuser, they dont faced Doesn't tell you what you did wrong. They don't data turn it yet and if they were do they are already doing that if, anyway, if you want to help out on this save rebel news, dot com, and please us read up about it and if you have have the will to do it, he need your help. With that being said, let me go back to your help on the Nazareth Fund, which I find amazing. You have used your platform
Do good and raise money every month and you're sending the Nazareth Fun five thousand dollars every month, which I've for how long have we know each other while I come I'll meet you once and I go in for months, and I who ensign I've enjoyed it, but I years you introduce yourself every time, and I think I say every time I know who you are so many people I know and- and I found out somebody said to me last time we met so Do you realize what he's doing for the Nazareth fun? I said. No, I you never said a word about it. What he's got me? It's our view were no. I know him credit for an image. We went to Iraq and we saw this terrible situation. So we re some money, but it it's over low trust society and some very friendly way of seeing a corrupt place and the first re people we went to. We wanted to give it to a pharmacy. We wanted to give it to a charity. I I feel that it was gonna, be purloined, stolen.
In fact we delivered some food on our first trip there and we were charged quadruple the price. Market, yet everyone ripping off and I have read in the end, I found the natural and I did my due diligence. I read your eyes filings read as much as I could hear anything the day it was right. I was going overseas to find a place, trust it, actually here in North America, that I found the one charity. I trust not to waste money not to put the money and We just baby steps started giving started. Giving am I want to keep a low key? and then we sent one of our reporters over there in November, just to see with their own eyes. What are you guys doing on the ground and she put together A bunch of videos- I don't think I've even see me well, we have them up on our website. Revolution come up with just one strong, em, all together. Forty five minutes with a video one of reporters honour on with the self we stick in Siam spent too.
Days with your guys watching the please being taken in amazing and so we made it our Christmas drive. Our report. At their November and in December we said to our viewers: hey, let's chip in this, make this Christmas drive and so on here a check from our viewers, in canadian many back. So it's about a third of lasting that bad, but I am delighted to give you a check for thirty thousand nine hundred and seven dollars from viewers Annabelle news reporter Sheila Gunnery went there check. You guys Robbie, honest, I said, check him out, make sure there, oh yeah, they say there doing. We want you to and Sheila I said, be sceptical because we were given Ganz me she came back and, is she said these are the best guys doing work in X dreamily difficult circumstances, and I thought why I'm here. Thank you. So we
almost thirty one grand there and will continue our monthly support and it's because we trust you. Thank you. Thank you for that. Thank you for that. Let me just say this Simon of these recent centre came to me about five years ago said. Could you please stop talking about the coming persecution of the Jews? And I said why and he said. For this reason I have to convince Jews. Tell the Christians because, mark my words coming for you first, this time, they'll get to us, but I've got the Jews, to pay attention to the beginning, and this time they're coming for you first and it was shortly after that that we, we saw the beginning of ISIS, and so oh you're, you as a Jew standing up for the Christians is just so great. Well,
thank you most of our viewers. Herb are christian, I, but but but you thank you, but you care. Well, I mean I've been in Holocaust Memorial in Israel and there's a concept called the righteous gentle someone like Oscar Schindler, who, at great personal me Good saved use for no other reason than its right. He did it wasn't you himself, and I thought surely it's time for all of us to be right too. Words, and these are the most ancient Christians in the world. They still pray in aromatic. That's the language, Jesus pray and in itself, Much like he bribe went to high school, so I could understand. I found my God look at this. You could see the inner webpage Paul called, are the juice or older brothers. I felt that their praying in a language so close to Hebrew and they ve been there Fourteen hundred years in some these towns and men, like the the costs would wipe out an entire jewish town and just make it a wrong here. That's how it is in the Nineveh Plain yes M
I'm the belief. Only safe future for many of these people is to leave and that's so hard to say, but they don't have enough contiguous territory to be protected right. It's a little village here in a little town there it's! Israel that at least has borders. They couldn't handle amazing how they won't because they like, we can't leave their it's their return, the land. It's there. I am an end, its they're they're, the ones protecting this holy site that the apostles were I and there like. We can't leave it they'll, destroy everything and pardon me says stay and fight, but another part of me looks around any. Ices has gone, there's a new militia called hostile, shabby its uranium ban. It's never ending I truly believe that the Nazareth Fund has the right balance and part of that is getting them out of their just to live on. Also added Canada's really been a part of that you'll taken every week we'll take it everybody from everywhere. But true
put a limit on Christians, deadening, yeah, the previous prime minister, Stephen Harbour had a special track for Christian. Refugees of persecution, it was amazing, Trudeau, one of his first act was to stop that. Why would you stop that? I mean want the lambs, not the wolves. Trudeau will bring in the wolves from these places the largest sources of immigration. Canada are, some countries and that's that plot you'll be fine. Can we please sort the will from the lambs it would be as if in the thirties and Fortys the west was taking Germans but didn't sort tonight. From the juice we take the lambs? Please I'm happy take the lambs from Iraq and ran, and Egypt were the right rescued and China, the persecuting Christians, can we saw Ten, China's persecuting Muslims Wiggers here any. Incredible I wish
I love some errands purse and I love than answering fun and were proud to be supporters and thanks for letting me a few vat hang out with it. It s good to see you thought about you too, if you'd like to help their cause on freedom of speech up in Canada, this the moment. If you watched last night, there was a time there was a title change. I thought this week, is a historic week with the impeachment, with the humiliation of that p impeachment and not towards the president, but humiliating just. Decimation of this case, and the present speech last night, the economy, things that are looking up. There's there a historic sea change going on and it's happening around the world, but we have to each other. We have to link arms because not all countries- free to say the things that we are even help.
Ezra and his is organization by going to save rebel news, dot com that save rebel news, dotcom back in a minute Thank you! Yes, yes, yes thank you organs our sponsor Sarah, whose are sponsored. I'll go. My let me tell you about gold line right now in what's happening with gold, I want call Goldline, one thousand eight hundred and sixty six gold line. One thousand eight hundred and sixty six gold line call them right. Now, just get some information, I got to give you a free silver coin and that's what I'm supposed to talk about and it's a great silver coins. Ninety percent, it's war of one thousand, eight hundred and twelve blah blah blah blah blah, it's great, Let me tell you why you do me now no they're paying for this, but this is. I think this is much more important with. What's happened,
with the corona virus. You know there a start making apple products. Until again, I think the first of March, somewhere between the first and march in the fifteenth march. If you get into April, on a start really impacting things like apple? They won't have products men going into US apple store. They don't have any of the product, the core The virus is affecting the economy overseas and if its, reds here it's gone, really deeply affect us. The whole world can change on this virus so Really important, not to panic, has I dont know what's gonna happen, but at least be, haired and spread out your risk. Gold is going through the roof lately because of the corona virus. Please do your own homework. Don't panic don't make? stupid moves. Do your own homework call eight six, six gold line, one eight six, six gold line or
gold line, dotcom listening to claim back I have to tell you that I thought down from speech last night was. Reagan ask and is the highest compliment. I can pay any president in speech, it was Reagan. Ask. I dont know if everybody watched it, but you should watch it on Youtube. If you didn't see it it'll make you feel good. I haven't I wrote down in my notes-
This is Reagan. This the way it felt during Reagan when you started believing again and was this speech last night that gave us that moment of believing again, and listen and tell me this- isn't Ronald Reagan this, how he ended it as the bears witness tonight, a mare, is a land of heroes. This is the place where green MRS born, where destinies are forge, were legends come to life. This is the home of Thomas Edison and Teddy Roosevelt of great Any generals, including Washington, purging Patten, Macarthur this home, of Abraham, Lincoln and Frederick Douglass, Amelia, Erhard, Harry Truman, the Wright Brothers, Neil Armstrong, and so many others is the country where children learn the names like Wyatt, Earp and Davy Crockett and Annie Oakley the supply.
Where the pilgrims landed at Plymouth and were Texas, patriots made their last stand at the Alamo, which actually got some grumbling from the left. The american nation was carved out of the vast frontier by the toughest, the strongest, the fiercest, the most determined men and women too. Ever walk the face of the earth, our ancestors brave, the unknown. They take the wilderness, they settled the wild west. They did millions from poverty and disease and hunger. They vanka tyranny and fascism they the world. In a new heights of science and medicine, we laid down the railroads we we dug out. The canals we raised up the skyscrapers and our ancestors built the most exceptional republic ever to exist in all human history, and here we are together, make greater than ever before. Then Is our glorious and magnificent inheritance we are Americans, we
the pioneers where the path finders, we settled the new world, we built the modern world and we changed history forever by just simply embracing the internal truth that Everyone is made equal equal by hand of Almighty God Iraq is the place where this can happen It is the place where anyone can rise. Here on this land on this soil on this continent. The mole incredible dreams come true. This nation is canvas and this country his our masterpiece. We
get tomorrow and see unlimited frontiers waiting to be explored. Our biggest brightest discoveries are not known, are thrilling. Stories are not yet told our grandest journeys are not yet made the american age, the American Epic, the american adventure has only just begun. Our spirit is young, the sun is shining gods, grace is still shining and the best is yet to come.
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