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Trump vs. Goodyear | Guests: Donald Trump Jr. & Anna Paulina Luna | 8/20/20

2020-08-20 | 🔗

DNC night 3 felt like a depressing infomercial, and Jason Buttrill has the rundown. Viral political commentator Christian Walker describes what it’s like to be a young, outspoken conservative and why the Democrats are the “party of mobs.” Florida congressional candidate Anna Paulina Luna joins after winning her primary. Trump is boycotting Goodyear, and new leaked audio proves that its “zero tolerance” policy is real. Donald Trump Jr. gives his thoughts on the DNC, Joe Biden’s campaign, and why the Left’s constant hoaxes only make his father’s accomplishments more important. Forbes magazine is telling its readers, “You must NOT do your own research,” in an attempt to convince Americans to take a coronavirus vaccine when it comes out.

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What you're about to here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment when their programme holy cow was last night bad. You know that for the bad. For the Democrats, forty eight percent ratings decline year after year over a year or the convention after convention, forty eight percent viewer decline nobody's watching this thing. It's on watch able we're gonna talk Donald Trump Junior today and find out what is it that their learning from this because the republican convention is right around the corner. So how is
I gonna go. What are they learning? What, if you know what what? What? What are they not going to do that? The Democrats have just done also Christian Walker, Herschel accuracy. Son come on back home to Dallas. Very excited to start is first year at you see allay he's coming back because he's out spoken as a conservative and talk to him, and so much more. All on today's broadcast, we begin in one minute is the green back proudly
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There was a discussion on Tuesday now during the Muslim delegates Assembly. The video that live streamed. This event showed that J Dorani led the pledge, but If something out listen to the pledge of allegiance Tuesday Democratic Convention, I pledge allegiance with the flag of the United States of America. And to the republic forward your stones, one nation, indivisible with low and justice for all you notice anything missing. Now this is the same group that denied God three times in twenty. Sixteen, it's crazy, it's crazy and yet they tried to position themselves as main stream. Last night? They were talking about taking guns away from people and how we need gun legislation are you crazy guy,
have gone up through the roof? This is month after month. It is record breaking sales of guns, no people who never wanted to have a gun that are buying a gun. Now. Why? Because the I'm a want to take your guns are also the ones backing t far and the rights that are happening in the streets there trying to defend the police, How are they going to thread this needle? How is this going to work only way it works is if Americans are just living in self imposed. Ignorance and, I think that's a possibility. Why is it we're not rising up in saying we're going back to work period? All of us, we're going back to work. How we It we're looking at the end of New York City in this nation.
How is it this is happening? All of those hotdog stands those vendors. All of those people have they have lost their jobs. Now everything that is closed now in New York City, why aren't we standing up I'll? Tell you why? Because I think we have cakes and surf circuits is going on with Amazon. Prime with with Netflix. All of the movies that we just sit at arm and just watch we're just entertaining ourselves. We better wake up last night in who said, moment. Obama said Biden and Harris believe no public official should use their office to enrich themselves it its hold on Jesse, aren't, didn't work brought didn't you enter office with nothing, you captain
about how you still had student loans- and you just bought a twelve million dollar home in Nantucket. How did that happen? If you using your office to enrich yourself? How that happen, Marthas Vineyard Glove, what Martin he brought in Mongolia sat Sorrow ass. I took it to not Nantucket Nantucket is probably too conservative for him. There, a bill in dollars brand right now and if you want to when I talk about people enriching themselves, I mean don't. We get me started on Joe Biden we'll get in that in a second Gimme started on the Obama's being a billion dollar brand. Don't get me started on the Clinton's have build a blog seo. Have you heard the latest and build a palazzo? his wife is now having to defend what is is being called, is being taught. We're being told, is one point one meal
in dollars in salary for her staff, but the heard show it's probably closer to two million dollars for fort in people on her staff. Meanwhile he's cutting basic services, he's cutting all kinds of people, salary, but He'S- defending her million dollar staff. Say what you don't know what she does for the city wide like to know what she does for the city. What does she do for the city And why is she doing it. This kind of regimes is. Is this a socialist again enriching themselves and now that sort of thing does not happen. England, the ok. Only in all circumstances like you, let me go to somebody who we have to speak gently to don't make any sudden moves. I think he has PTSD Jason but real is with us now, our chief researcher and Jason, it was
his turn to watch the Dnc Convention last night. Could you say we back to a war zone? Please allow me, how can I do that again? Oh my god, you know, I don't know, The GOP is really got to figure this out, because what was what happened last night does not work. I mean they spent an entire, our just depressing everyone. That's all we'll gun control guns are killing the entire planet. Then they shifted and the climate crisis. The climate crisis is destroying the entire planet and to cap it all off. Billie Eilish shows up as the bull music video, and I thought that was supposed to like perk everyone up. She look like she was there too To the emo electorate, she would like her more intelligible to a haunted house. She was sure she really did. She looks so spooky. Can I mean if you know who Billy eyelashes you might
Ike area like your music. Whatever but she's, not exactly a pick me up out of a hearing her and she looked so damn spooky all the time and depressed she's not the person to bring the electricity into the auditorium, you know to be heeded not made they didn't it? Didn't it didn't look good last night, it just didn't, look good. It look like a Jack infomercial and I kept waiting for Phil Swift to come in through the door and saw a boat in half and sell us inflexible coming that was via religion. I tell you something would be funny if Donald Trump did something like that, if he had the Flex seal guy on it just say. Let me recap: let me the cap, the DMZ.
Hillary Clinton was the first to I guess big name really to step up, and I don't really know she was gonna show up, but I think she was added later by adding that the only really first officer her speechwriter, really drop the ball in this shit, like five minutes to get anything out and really the only thing significant she said was you could tell it. She was still very bitter about collection, one thing that you said what she said don't forget Joe and Kemal can win by three million more votes and still lose take it for me. She said going after the electoral college still going after Russia, theirs that deal there still accusing him collusion with Russia, that was actually followed come up with. She said vote for a president that we choose not chosen by a foreign adversary. I'm mean about turn the camera. I turn the video off right. There's there that got to be kidding me Gatwick anyway, hello see. Why was after Clinton, she really saving Warren spoke
again, sticking with not really saying much, but something to tease next week she was, classroom and behind her with something kind of interesting. You look like she was like a preschool kindergarten can earn classroom behind her just over her left. Shoulder was El M letters in an elementary classroom, but the first man really that's product placement, but no that's by design a week when I show you why, yet next week we have a special on Wednesday that every american needs to what, if you have kids in school or you have grand kids in school. You need to watch this special id it Is the hostile takeover of our schools, not even if not even hostile. It was a handover be a lamb. Now is controlling or a lot of the messaging in schools
we're gonna go over some of it today. If I have time, I want to go over some of the things that they are now saying in school that If you knew what was happening, you'd you'd flip your wig. You must be involved in your child's education right now and you must be involved in a local. Dialogue and the local school board you have to our kids have no chance of escape. If we don't stop this right now, it's it it's a little overwhelming yesterday Jason. You were here, you are not the researcher for a last night's tv show that was Nathan, but you you were here. While we did it and watched it is overwhelming on how well planned this is I was sorry I was just die and to show you something you get busy with something else, but I
that way you. So this is one of those shows like you said that you have to watch, and this is more than shows where we have smuggled documents. So This is happening in, was all over the country. One of that is one of the smuggled documents that was just about to show. You yesterday was a pamphlet on how to paint the black Panther Party in a good light. How up out the things that they stood for in a good light? I'm talking violence is once ever justified, and this is what their teaching elementary school kids element. Who kids is via when justified with a black Panthers justified also Marxism, but they do it begin there talking to eight year olds, they're, saying hey what we know. What is this about? You know getting money from people that have abundance and filtering it down the people that dont have as much. You know what system does that sound like to? You slowly trying to teach Marxism to children go, and this is so bad. I've said
because my my son right now in high school he's, starting online school. I wish I could tell. The Cameron, shall you I've set up him a little kitty desk right next to mine. I'm gonna monitor every single thing. They say because guess what even if the school board is not on ball involved, we ve got. Legal documents that be a lamb is actually saying. Ok, that's ok! If they don't borders and approve it This is how you sneak it in any way. I could you not. This You will have to monitor everything the documents that we have received week. We have tried, over and over and over again to get this teacher to come the programme. She did she or he we don't even know, will not come on the programme. Will not don't do anything they like. I did my job. I got the documents out, that's it then terrified terrified of what
is going on and how the control of our there are. Schools is now in the hands of of overlords war, lords and unions, and they you'll break bones, and we are in the last phase of of everything we talked about of everything we talked about Jason. Thank you very much. We'll talk again. Eggs. I owe you combat pay. I think for four that last night watching the watch, the Dnc Convention, or I can up in just a second. We have Herschel Walkers son. Who is amazing is so articulate on black lives matter and everything else. We're gonna get his view on what happened at the convention and also happening in his life. It's pretty amazing was going out to you, see, allay he's coming.
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watching the Wednesday night Special and was almost lost by it a couple of weeks ago and said way where we that can't be beckoned me, through. How can I haven't heard about any of this stuff is because We're way ahead and the media both left and right in the mainstream. They are not covering the stories that matter there telling you the truth on? What's going on doing no digging pass the surface, it's all about the arguing of the left and the right. So You are way ahead in the news and I urge you not to miss a single episode of this programme. These are the days that we talked about, and I've predicted coming for so long. This is it gang yet you're, going to make the world a little more of a boring place, because it
surprises in a we ve- talked about all the stuff when, when when another pandemic, I guess this is it. This is a big surprise, at least how hard it's hit. How many times we talk about a catalyst event that would set off a string of events and you have the chalkboard. That's been sitting up here since The beginning. I mean that we have. We had all of our key. Did it up on the board on this big chalkboard and over the little corner. We left up these four points that Glenn put up so had to be what last year. Yet at least a year- and these points I mean at the time, seemed most we completely out of the blue We are in the middle of all of them right now yeah this is this. Was I took ten points that I feel word downloaded to me. About a year and a half ago, and I tried to boil them down, to something digestible. And so I came up with these four points and I put him up and they
it seem like they were a long way away and like they wouldn't happen and the first one was polarization in civil unrest, and I said the critical stage will come but time we need to really will know we're in deep trouble. Is when we have nineteen thirty's view. No european levels of riots in the streets with to fight and communist and islamist when they start really going? That's the crib we'll stage where point number one civil unrest in polarization you can that as destabilizing the country, the next one was economic destabilization, stock market plunge it hasn't, happened, price collapse. It's about to Bay. In central bank failures, business failures that seemed like craziness here, but
Could I make destabilization is absolutely obviously here I mean everyone would acknowledge that tech disruption communications privacy. They would the critical stage they be censoring everything and the last one was trust. Implosion, no trust in government media attack financed justice. You were there. The last thing is the new world order, and we now know what that is more limited, glanced back programme. Let me tell you about our sponsor. We wanna thank rough greens for being here for us them giving your dog the healthiest happiest life that you, give him isn't just a nice thing to do with your responsibility as a pet owner, and if you don't look at Europe, Pat has a pat but a member of a family. You to do that with our dog is part of the family have to look at the other day knows I can't cheese is getting old now he's only like eight,
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we're, come so much and has such a grade attitude and really understands the essence of America. Love the sky. Last night I was sitting out in the back porch with the guy who has been working on the sprinklers and are in our guard and Herschel is a neighbour of mine, and we were talking about Herschel cause. He said I watched you're you're special last week, your podcast with Herschel Walker, He said I worked in his yard and put his sprinklers in you know. Years ago he said like year ago, I'm sitting at some coffee shop, and this guy slaps me on the back and sits down like Brian how you doin it is Herschel Walker he's like I don't even know how he remembered me. He said he is the most normal human being. I have ever met and I said I feel the same way. It is a really great guy
his son we're gonna do something that I've never done before? we had the father on the last podcast tonight on Blue. He's tv you'll get it a couple of days earlier, if you're a subscriber, I wanted to his son, Christian Walker. Who is now a political commentator. He didn't play on becoming one. He just decided that, because he was going to school at you see allay, he couldn't take it anymore and he had start speaking out notch or he knows what's in store for him but I'm guessing? He has seen a little bit of it so far because he's a very effective speak. Or he would he when he talks about what happening on the front lines with Black America and the lies of black lives matter.
He is rock solid, just rock solid he's with us. Now Christian may there Mr glance, how are you are very good, very good, That's what your dad called me to the opposite of O Reilly back and Mr Glenn. So christian you're out in your out and allay and you're gonna, go to you see allay and now you're talking about coming home. Why so I started speaking out about a month ago when the riot started. I was on the roof of my building in LA and I was overlooking the city we had eight helicopters in the air. There were twelve police cars on fire and all anyone had to say about it was: let me go post a black square on Instagram. There was no truth. It was just deception,
so it's been really heartbreaking being in this city that I love so much so I am thinking about coming home. Are you getting? Much are the push? Are you getting much push back because I've seen a couple of your videos. Let me, in fact I have a thirty second clip here of you're, not a racist video. Listen to this you're, not a racist, you're, not a raises when you say you Jonesy color. This idea that if we run around all day talking about celebrating people's health, racism will go way. Is the range stop talking about it be is running around terrorizing. Why people for things they didn't even do raises no one away go up allowing Bluebeard white liberals with mental health problems. Tell you who you are, you know you're, not a racist, stop! Accepting it white supremacist when you call the cops on someone who looks threatening and you feel threatened, the cops
you're an had another video out that just talked about the stats. And you combated black lives matter, and it was really powerful, but why It is the reaction you're getting from people out in In l, a. Well. What I've noticed his people don't want to hear true. They want to believe what ever lied their choosing to bleed. They want to believe that police killing black people at such a high rate when it simply not the treat the main issues affecting Black America, our father, absent are black on black people but they don't want to hear the statistics. So that's what I hear a lot at just a lot of costs. Words! It's a lot of. There are major smearing yeah yeah. So what are your woody your peers, saying I mean what they just body into this, and there is no way or is there any light at the end of the tunnel that people are waking up to this,
wool. I've noticed there such a young conservative base and their such a young conservative group on social media that just feel stifle because politics and pop culture have merged together. So ever, feels force into posting a black lives matter square force into posting. A black lives matter petition, so they need a strong voice. They need young voices that are willing to take some of the heat. Some good I kind of get to lead that movement, and I noticed a lot of people are starting to speak up now after I have so, Tell me you thought about the Dnc, and you know what are the highlights? The low life this week, and you know anybody who is even watching it I just want to. Conservatives are watching to get nervous about what happens if our great President tram doesn't get reelected Henry but Some of the highlights last night when they were talking about climate change but refused to address and
far and black lives matter, going around lighting federal buildings on fire, I'm sure that's not good for the climate happar or this prayer. As for calm and being a black woman being a woman being all these different things, and this is what the left as they uplift minorities, and then any time you go to criticise them. They say you can criticise amusing, massage monistic. You can criticise them, you're being a racist, no Equality means we can all criticise each other. Equally, we don't like com was policies. That's why we're criticising her and then Michelle Obama, how do you feel about Michelle Obama because a lot of people feel the same way about Michelle Obama as they do about common love that that I don't know I can relate to her. She seems nice, you know how do you, how do you relate to her.
Rule. I read a quote yesterday by Thomas Soul: he's a really famous blog economists, Mosebach America doesn't know about them because they uplift drug dealing wrappers instead of people who are educated. But how said something like this Obama's are really great. If you don't know anything about policy, if you know about policy, you know about what they ve done, then You see all the lies and one Michelle Obama tarts after knowing what they did during their presidency, about how they the policy that they implemented the NEO liberal policies that destroy Mental America, it just its offensive. Can be lectured by someone. Like her. You know I've been saying Christian this week that I think this shows what the Dnc actually, how actually view the voter that is out? You know the rest of America because
they're, saying things and doing things that their standing against? their policies. There saying you know, you know we're for law and order. Yadda yadda yadda; no, no, no, no can't be for anti fa and end and cutting the police for envy alarm and be a lamb and be for law and order. They say that, therefore, you know a restoration of America's constitution in Europe and our rights and our principles, that's it exact opposite it's it's all this, as if they just think the people who are voting, and they may be right- the people that are going to vote for a Democrat who are watching this thing. Are so stupid. That they have never heard what actually happening in Washington and them be true. What your take
oh, I think, democratic, genuinely think. American citizens are stupid. If you look around the country, is the most dangerous cities, its Democrats cities, said last night the really not a Pro America Party, there, an anti Trump party, anything to say it turned out above is anything to undermine his presidency. I mean another, highlight from last night- was Elizabeth, worn talking in the kindergarten classroom and you look behind her and there kindergarten blocks that say be a lamb, yeah. No doubts that doesn't equal lawn order be alarms. Running around burning buildings down and beating up american citizens. That's not! but the media, so against us that people really believe everyone just a peaceful protests. It's not the tree. I you know, I don't know. If you really remember, the tea party was happening when you were pretty young but I was. I was part of that movement and I saw millions of Americans total grass roots
we were snubbed and called names every piece every time. Every day. Every thing we did was radical destructive, anti American yadda yadda, and we were just trying to get the constitution to rule Supreme again. That's all we wanted What's amazing to me is, in three weeks of Bee EM, all of a sudden, the- Ba is, is painting the floors. The NFL is completely bowing down I've, never seen any grass roots movement. Have that kind of control and now in our schools, its clearly a business. Its clearly not grass roots. One thing I like to always point out to everyone is the Democrats. Are the Democrats are the party of mobs one of the most famous ones? Was the k k, K,
to say it be alarm is just the k, K, K and black face. It's the new KKK, They go round destroying things they destroy people's businesses. They put him cons, lives at risk, they kill police officers. This is a radical domestic terrorist organization should have said its teams in companies, kneel down and worship this work as if they are doing the rate for block America or doing something great for the country is offensive in it, almost treasonous, I would say your dad is room our couple, absolutely remarkable. How of a roll. Did he play in your life and an who you ve become. Who It's been always really nice to have a role model and be able to look up term and look up to his accomplishment. Likely he really never pressure men to anything. He let me kind of become myself you. Let me do my own research on things. So that's been
you're cool aspect, but it is always nice to have someone to lean on Chris. We'll talk to you later and you'll be doing the podcast with me tonight blaze? Subscribers will be able to see the pod cast tonight and it will be available wherever you get your pot cast on Saturday, Christian Walker. Thank you. So much. Thank you. God bless such a smart, nice skin It's it's funny, though, how you, when you talk to twenty something's their discovering things like this guy, Thomas Soul, I mean it's amazing. It is always that people do actually understand who people liked on the sole are Thomas Soul, a feeble now, yet Thomas Soul is becoming an underground colt hero. I think with the Teens in an early twentysomethings I mean I hear so many young people,
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glad you're. Here I don't know what I was thinking about the pot cast. I think he might be scheduled for upon CAS later, and I just I just kept thinking that he was doing the podcast with us today he's Surely not we have James Lindsey doing the podcast he's got unbelievable book that he wrote with Helen Pluck rose, cynical theories, its look at critical theories, how the activist scholarship, made everything about race, gender and identity, and why this harms everybody, these Keyser, so brave, yeah and then thin punished for it already significantly yeah they there. But if you dont, remember them by the weather the people who they place a bunch of fake studies in real action MC journals that we're just a bunch of nonsense based on overly woke figure free his and are not conservatives by the way they not at all, no love, that's not what they do they just just our saying,
we're going on a road here. That is not right. You act, Journalists are just approving nonsense and acting as if its science, and so they went in there and they said? Okay, you know I the one I remember off. The top of my head was too that they were basically reworked. Mine com with from Adolf Hitler, just change some names in some raw. Some references and submitted an academic journals like this is brilliant ass. I could because you can, if you're, saying the right groups our horror, I used to white man like then, then it's ok, it's approved and they got up bunch of them it was like more than half of the ones they submitted actually are approved, and it was all nonsense. Summit was, like you know, just random were generally at dog parks yet, but your dog is raping another dog in a dog part of me and at his eyes were, is brill. It was brilliant because they were so absurd and it worked too well the because it works so well that everybody in the academic community got pissed off at the yet they said,
your exposing something you shouldn't have exposed well they're doing it again, Chris, call theories. They say cynical theories as the name of the book and They are the podcast tonight. Well, whenever we release its, whose we're done we we'll posted on blaze, Dotcom lays tv, dotcom, slash back, become a member now get that podcast couple days before everybody else does proudly hey. Everybody knows pay pal, but did you know that they were teaming up with honey? To save you money honey. Is the free online shopping tool that automatically finds the best promo code and applies them to your card? And now it's part of the pay pal family just add honey to your computer in shop on all of your favorite sites like normal when it comes to check out just click. The little apply coupons button when it pops up few seconds later, honey scans, the database for all the work and coupons on the web, and why
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What you're about to here is the fusion of entertainment and in my men when so there is something happening again. I think, with a g o p, where these young people that have no political experience are speaking a different language and they are cutting through what as the G o p need to learn from the latest round of elections, especially those in Florida. We have an Polina Luna. Somebody that we introduce you to on this programme several months ago, thought she was really great, while she just one or primary she's, going up against Charlie Crest. We, reintroduce it to her Sixty seconds is a glance back programme,
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I remember when I thought you'd taxes you must back. You said I ve got the wrong guy. You know all find out here. I am values that is so great. That is so great. You tell her The audience refresh the audiences memory, if, if they may remember you and they're not in Florida tell us who are made. MRS Ana Polina Luna? I beg United the air force better and I am a conservative before May Republican. I pro life cook forgotten and I'm anti socialist and I'm taking on Charlie crave the November and half it's very good is give gather. You said that a few times So why do you think you can be Charlie Crest? What what is it that you have that of the FAO? more governor of Florida doesn't show. I
tell you that what I fired and mind you, I'm not- I haven't done this before, but what I find is that the most effective way to really gay people try to really want them to vote, for you is one tell them the truth all, the two be humble and what I'm doing at how I'm running my campaign? I did gotta take the note from Prague to check this out, but I do you social media very heavily, especially during the initial locked out with co bed. But also, in addition to God, I am doing everything that I can't make myself a grassroots candid accessible, so or people think you can just go and advise the UK. You got any more. I will work everything. What a by competition due primary and I will say that it was tat. I was going to doors. I was going to the people. I was clothing, protecting rallies, get socialism and it worked, and so that the fighting spirit that I bring to table after those in why not no Charlie Craig is and has been in office for thirty three years to but am office for longer than I've been alive
started out as a Republican, and then he became independent and now he's a Democrat. But we did hear that you try to come back as republican utopia. Or the twenty twenty lectured cycle and party with the having it. So I will say that you know I might not be a perfect person, but I bring abiding fighting spirit and I M a hard worker and I've got you protect the american dream and I will be taking him out of office work. If you make people what is the difference policy wise between you and increased everything you can Be more different. I mean I am pro god he's not yes, he does. He says that you fight for a black black rights and black lives, get you the first person the guy embrace plant here but as we all know that plan parent heard the most aborted demographic would be a black children, and so I will say that You know everything that you stand for it. You should the changes might involve at a bit polar opposite of me, and he has in fact changes vision on everything you can imagine. I am sure you know he had changed. Everything
well. He. He says that the extreme right wing has hijacked it. O p that be you or. I am glad that you break up everything. You said the extreme right wing has hijacked the g o p. Is what I not very raonic, that he says that because I don't know if you know this, but Charlie actually ask Donald Trump to host a fundraiser for him when he was republican and to say that should be extra. I wish you mean. I support defend the constitution. I mean at least I have a backbone disguise sitting here. Telling is voters what you want to hear, but are what they want to hear, but he does he got into the districts. I can tell you that I am every single day out the community I'd I'm seeing that it's not just of young people, but its minorities is older people. It can no longer allied with the identity and what had become of the Democratic Party there, realising that it so progressive. So far left- and I would even say Mark said that they are now thing
hey. We're gonna be the point that we will be voting for conservative candidate and I won't them attracting independence, because I vow raise blood, and this is what the incredible I've been able to. Raised over one point: one billion dollars on dollar donations for people, not corporate interests from Washington DC, and I'm going to continue to state if you that, because I want only represent the people, my community in the american people, though their groups Frederick, I cited so you raise one point: one million dollars a dollar. The time now. Model. I doing small dollar donations. Ok, ok, meaning at my average donation, twenty dollars is quite remarkable Something is happening that I think the GEO P needs to pay attention to, because I don't think they didn't change in the tea party. I don't think they they ve changed with Donald Trump they're. Just many of them are just tolerating Donald Trump,
I think the GNP establishment doesn't really like their voters. They don't they don't like those people that live out there, You know he's out there in the dark lands of the country, but there something happening with the non establishment candidates, especially those who are winning primaries in your state. What, happening in Florida, and is there a trend or a message that the G o p really needs to wake up to and Is this something that we're gonna see grow in November at believe what you're finding, not just in Florida but across the nation, as that they are candidate getting alike. Did that our Part of the Washington DC established bed, and I think that that's exactly what this country needs, because the problem that sitting in Existence how long? I think on both sides that you have people that don't leave their search circles of being a leader?
guess who they serve and they walk at being an elected representative as it is job, it was never anticipated by our founding fathers should be a full time position. It was never supposed to be in a leading position. It was to be that you are elected by your people to go represent. That their vote in Washington DC and then you came home and you can t need your work. I what but now is that idea had been really perverted so his he does happen, not just here in Florida and it you know insert areas. I believe that will go back to read. Seeing it in areas that we never expected before, even like California, with Might Garth yeah he's a prime example of someone who is not part of the GPA Babbage bit and he came in any crush a guess. What he's going to do some incredible things, and so I very happy to be a part of this. It's not just myself there. Somebody others like myself, like Madison Coffers, Alisha Andrews, the meagre Hamilton I've been so many people,
explanation that are really crushing it, but am I can tell you one thing: it's not gonna be easy and I'm gonna need all the help I can get, because when you go out there in your maverick like that, you become a car. Yet, and I do believe in fighting for the country on the patriot, I've got a politician and I will be putting the thief you by the way, if you'd like to find out more or help a vote on a Paulina dot com of ANA Paulina Dotcom, so ANA Polina What is the message that the gene o p needs to hear to win what is it There is a! U Nepal, for polish, showing that Democrats are gonna win. I don't I just can't. Imagine the America that I have always known in love is and go with a party that is this supporting- be a lamb, wilt won't call out the riots for what they are. I mean protester, proto protests. Those are protected.
These are riots, and these are really really bad marxists, that they are dismissing what is the message? The GEO needs to push forward to be able to win at european wine. Pushing for that everyone. It doesn't matter where you're right, but you need to be taking a stand right now. People want strong leaders that, even in the face of it out of adversity, will sit there and they'll. Tell you the truth. Even if there are the only one thing, and I can tell you that in everything that I've done, if I would have gone by day and bending the need, the model I wouldn't be here today, so that year be need to make sure that everything. One of us is locked up in standing for the constitution standing up against this radical behaviour, though they of mob rule. That's really taking effect. All the to ensuring that we are using the truth and we weapon eyes the truth. Right now, I can tell you
that what are you a debate? People the biggest take down that I get is one I'm putting the cold, hard facts out there in court your stories owner who you are, I dont, be afraid of telling them ok what they need a year. Sometimes, if you're the only one thing it, and I mean not easy again, glad I've never done this before. But I can tell you that you are not giving up, I believe in fighting for a country, and I think that, regardless of what the media, I can tell you what I'm being every single day when I got the community in places where they said that he owed them are that people will not be voting for Republicans. People were be voting for President Trump, and you know what I'm getting a great response and I believe that something can be devised Anna Polina Luna congressional candidate in in Florida. Studies show that the boy guys that get in to Congress. At first, our military, because they are willing to fight
the time goes on. They become more and more big government. Because they ve they ve been born, you know and and and really kind of raised in the military, so they see government as a solution And you become more and more like John Mccain, who I think was a hero but heave. I think he lost his way towards the constitution at the end, How do you know? How do you view that end and what would make you stay close to the founding idea of small government naturally you know I'd use and what are you sure you're perspective on that one? I've met a few great veteran, but I've also back the in Congress that user back but I've been very disappointed and, and I can tell you that, whatever what I'm fine Is that a lot of people I d pivoting and changing and becoming these big governments. You know
pro I'd pro pack hacks is what I call them because of the fact that there really controlled I the lobbyists and are controlled by the special interest groups, and so I have been fortunate enough to amass amasses profile and social media too. I I am able to sunrise and stay queen for that, but really You believe that you know that amount of money coming it if it can be a problem and ultimately from people it's easy to just got to Washington DC and take money from the special interest, if not easy Hey, I'm not gonna. Do that about you. It from people and- and I hope to be that person and not what I'm doing so far, and I am speaking without plan- and I will say this- you go Glenn the longer that you're there at the more difficult it becomes. So I don't want to be in office for that long. We need term limits and I'd try to do my part right now, but I do look forward to the day. I can retire and throw myself on an ocean of ocean, but why you really sound genuine? I
we know several people in Congress who say this is the worst thing they ve ever had to do in their life and they despise it because it so it's just riddled with infection on both sides. Are you cared for in how lose, losing everything the kind of thought you you knew about the good things about Washington and and really look at it and not become abyss as you stare into it Yes, I am at one or the other was drunk bathing guy, but also to you, I mean I'm not doing this because it's you My and I'll be all plan actually sacrifice a lot to do that conclusion. When you go into this arena and use that by that you realise that you come under severe attack, what they re doing. It is because I genuinely feel that it needs to be done. I feel that if we don T
stand now that we will lose its country, and so for me, it's not because I'd never fairly am ito chopping up a bit to go, get trash in Washington DC. I'm not, but I do believe that it's my public service and I really did fears that much has to be clearly right. Now I took my oath of endless, but very seriously and it says you upload and defend the constitution of the United States of America against all enemies for domestic and when you have people systematically it's mathematical, using legislation to really take down and dismantle the constitution. They are no longer pride, the people there no longer defending the constitution, and so we have the right that occasion, whether or not we want you, because it's the right thing to do a Luna Congress, candidate in Florida. You can find her and support her at vote. A calm, cannibals, thank you so much. Thank you so much Bessemer.
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So in our removing good year tyres from the presidential limousine the beast, and I'm actually glad I mean I, I hate boycotts, but why support these companies that are working against what you believe The good your tyres. It had a training session and somebody picked up the picture of their their training programme, one of the screens and it said the you know the dews indulgence if you will of working at good year tyre, so they had zero tolerance. What was acceptable blue lives matter, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender pride. What is on, except Bull, blue lives matter all lives matter, Maggie attire, pull the affiliated slogans or material
Well, let's ha because if you see Blm, Elam is not political El Gb teach you agenda, no politician normal all their no but supporting police officers. You know staying alive that political and every staying alive that certainly political look it's a terrible policy. They try to deny it and say that it wasn't really. It was from their corporate office. There's some new audio, which is coming out now from internal good year deliberations, which not only save the exact policy as into darkness of the stock? men, but also extend I would say our in oats, it's pretty blatant, and I don't think it's a league. I don't think it's legal for four forth for third, I dont think its legal. What they're doing you can't discuss based on colors it now, I know the California the commission is attempting to react to remove the idea that
Discrimination is wrong because they want to able to discriminate against the right grew. That they want to discriminate against standing is that, if as an employer- and I really allowed to do that- we can get rid of it. What a while ago, we all sort of agreed that it was a good idea to get rid of discrimination based on color scheme out. That's when we were stupid and racist stuck, it is so good year. I have to tell you if you're look, for tyres, and I hate to say this, because there is a lot of good people that are working at the good. Your plans and Ohio and that's. The problem is like that people who came up with a policy or not losing their jobs, no the people who lose their jobs. If people stop, I good your tyres are random. Regular people who work at the fao- fisheries in the offices? it's not that's when those people need to decide what's important if they rose up, I think they are that. That's that's! That's what leading this stuff is he s right? I mean it's important to expose it and it is the type of thing that some does get reversed when, when, when the sunlight hits it maybe that'll be
For those who having this won't be Elam is look, we have to talk about it and we have to talk about the organization and inch and expose it, because if you don't people are going to think it's this wonderful. It's not data a corporation Nan. It is a it's a really really bad entire family Ty West Anti Capitalist group really is using George Floyd and black lives for their own agenda, This is the Glen Back Programme GMO Goodyear, and I hate to say that, because of all the good people who work there but shame on them I want to congratulate you on being a new boat. It's gonna come in handy when you go on that vacation. You just paid for sure the kids are gonna love having all that room in the new Suv away, You didn't buy all that
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and had over to police dvd com, slash planning to catch the latest Glenn Special, their use, a promo code Glenn and save Ten box on your subscription this is the Glen Back Programme, where we have the lead to audio. Now that proves that good years statement was was bogus. And shows that it was actually worse because it is race based and give you don't know what we're talking about. Let me recap before we play the audio yesterday, There was a slide that was being showed to employ training, in a class for employees and on this Unbelievable slide. It should
that you what was acceptable and what was not acceptable and the things that were not acceptable, Were blue lives matters tee shirts, hats, anything like that all lives matter, any mega attire out politically affiliated slogans or material. What was exe double black lives matter: lesbian, gay, bisexual chance, transgender pride algae BT. So you can wear anything you wanted with that, but it who did anything. You know pro cops or mega you they had zero tolerance. Ok, you know we can't lose good year and we can't lose jobs at good here, but unless the employees stand up
and the way to get the employees to stand up. I think, because I'll bet you most of the employees disagree with this. If we can get the employees too to stand up at the beginning. Then you got to apply pressure and I hate to say it, but if by an today wouldn't be good year because They came out and said: no, no, no! No! No! No! No! No! No! The visual in question was not created or distributed by the good year. Corporate in and it wasn't part of a diversity, training class. Aha, to get through and oddly worded denial for the start right yeah. So what? If it wasn't a route? If it wasn't a part of a diverse retraining, training class in some ways it it's worse
you're, Graham Watson was it for, like you just given to people on a normal day, that's even worse. At least people can turn out under diversity training days. So now, let's play the audio, and this is the audio from good year. Listen pride on their face covering sure to wristband that will be deemed approved because it complies with zero tolerance. And, let me let me Give you the full statement, some People may wish to express their views on social justice or inequality or x. The issues such as black lives matter or algae Bt Q pride on their face coverings, shirts or wristbands. That will he deemed approved because it applies with a zero tolerance stance
however, go ahead. We're all blue white lives matter, shirts for facetiming coverings, Applebee's, not appropriate. There's rules now around what you can wear. Well, you say you ve lost that, because you ve caved in this is that the there, things going on. Let me finish what he said: you can wear anything black lives matter, etc, etc. However, any associate that where's, all or blue- or white lives matter shirts or face coverings that will now
be appropriate. Now he references in their these world tolerance policy which only an indifferent in this zero tolerance policy slide than what he just said. Who was what mega Well, you didn't didn't mention what mega any did did mention white lives matter with white lives matter in the initial, and remember my I don't think so. Let me look now unreal wearing white lips had her now or by lives matter all lives matter, mega, higher, politically affiliated slogans or material. So, doesn't look good for good year, and you know, Martin Luther King said if you don't do boycotts. A year movement doesn't have any teeth. And You know you, everybody has to decide on their own what they're gonna do, but if I were buying tyres today, I would make it v very clear to good year that I
intentionally, not buying a good year tire. It's amazing, too, that these companies keep doing this. It's like you, you have Do you realize that this is not a ninety ten sort of split your talking about here? Look at you, you're too mega gear, half The country is going to vote for the sky, whether you like it or not. You can't just eliminate unless your part, listen organization might like. If you're the Huffington Post, you can do all sorts of things to piss. Conservatives known cares your tyres after employees or more than half of your employees probably are going to vote, four Donald Trump. I know that I make you happy, but, like you have to be able to understand that you're a business, you are not a political.
Activist organization. Everyone seems to want to be one man's understand. That's the second message from this. I think I mean here's the sky and you can hear and in his voice he's like come on guys, malicious, remember what we do here. We make tire right: either, there's no passion behind it and eyes. Like look guys, can we just please just make the things that role on the bottom cars right so he's is basically defending this policy. Making sure that everybody knows, because he's forced to or their forced to become, they are giving in to the? the minority of black lives matter that is going to that minority is gonna, get smaller and smaller and smaller as time goes on, because is more people see them for who they really are it's going to become very unpopular They are doing the same thing that the the
His passionate Nazis did the people who just ran a business or a store, and they just wanted to be left alone. They ha the Nazi flag in their store window, and they do it only to say please leave us alone. Just leave us alone are not gonna, be a problem with just one. We just want to make tyres, leave us alone and that's what he saying here, however, he's expecting The white people he's expecting the police, the people who and why do believe in the police he's expecting people black and white. That vote for Donald Trump he's expecting the people black and white that know that black lives matter is a marxist. Company once the destruction of the traditional family and the western way of life he's acting those people just to go along with it, and that's where he's playing. Please guys! Can we just
We just all know that this is just a bunch of vocal minority here that it we're just lay caning is so we can get back to business. That's what I'm saying if he would have said that it would have fit perfectly with his tone: his tone is at work in we want. I want to be happy. We wanna makes of tyres, it's a good place to work go along with this. Had not wine about it right, I'm not saying that you should wine about this. You should like, as a as someone who's trying to get himself through this announcement. Yeah. You hear it is tat. He was probably the guy who is sitting in and their private there were lots in court at board rooms all across the country that are guys make tyres we
tired, making a statement about what you more than one right political stuff. You can wear right when those who can we stay out of this. We make tyres. We make tyres for people who drive cars that we know are going to an anti for rally and we drive car. We we make tyres for police cars can can we stop we stop. We make tyres and you know that's happening all over I I am so blessed to work for my own company, where we have had to have any of these, and nor will we have any of these kinds of meetings it's really kill us. I don't know how you're doing in America and think about this too. What party is closer aligned with what good years actually doing you know? What would the? other party is trying to get rid of cars. So there's not a lot of value in good you're tyres when none of the cars on the roads- and if your say oh well, that's that True, they want. They want electric cars, ok, fine, but I mean
but the tires made out of a quick right visit. These are this is a there made it. A fossil fuels. That's what they're made out of this is This is such a rude careless thing and every I'm putting you know when this darted back of a dig legs. We were right at the cutting edge of this and I say: cut I mean I'm a knife like that side. Getting stabbed lie as you know, these sort of faking movements, that would say all well. You know when we get I've calls from some random activist group because supposed legal and said something on the air? It was always Glenn. Glenn said something on the air and area it never me got us in trouble for some reason that someone didn't like some crazy activists and I would call and then get did the same people would call this respect when they're doing it via phone and then they are if I emailed than they did the same people would get.
All these emails come in from the same activists over and over again their form letters they baby I remember thinking at some point, companies, learn that what is here. To them is a scam there's not that there is not a large movement saying you kill, because they don't learn, they never learn, they didn't learn them, they have, they got into the system and they are in positions of power. So they are black lives matter they are in positions of power now all of their supporters. They have them in Washington DC. They have they. Have taken over one of the two political parties, so you can. Ignore them anymore and enjoy, Yes, that's exactly how they built it, and it was built on sorrels money and everything else and its dirty is hell and its marxist, but all
companies. They may go with it, because what you going do we or do we did a quote from Abraham Candy, one of reasonably big white bees in that white fragility, sort of world this new ratio- and his quote- was fascinating and so honest and so very where we are today, which was the only solution for past discrimination is present discrimination. The only solution for present discrimination is future discrimination there outwardly advocating for discrimination. It's why California is pulling out of. State Constitution the the ad the clause about you're not allowed to ruin it against the race or Color Skinner whenever they want to be able to discriminate based on the collar of skin that statement there to blur Paula get
of constitutions they're bringing us back four hundred. This is in progress. This is taking us in dragging us back four hundred year, all of the worst instincts of human beings. These people are trying to bring back. When I mean these people, I mean left wing activists almost. A very small percentage of them are actually black list his is a bunch of white elitists who have wanted this for a really long time and there are the using the death of George Ford using black people who have been killed. Some you know in valid circumstances, some in completely horrific circumstances and saying we're gonna build this movement on their backs. It's disgusting Let me tell you about changing window coverings. Changing them in your house is actually no small feet. We wanted done right here not gonna wing and put any old thing up. You're gonna go to an expert right,
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this is the Glen Back programme. We have Donald Trump Junior on joining us here. Just a few minutes a camp. To hear what it's like to watch it are they watching it together, wouldn't you love? I think I do Old trump would have done, a live stream of him just watching the convention, it would bigger than the convention itself. You know you know what I want to watch setting when I went away- and you know imagine if he was sitting on the couch with the family and you're just hearing him go, come she's may I just raw like he usually is there, it would have been huge do something like that on my instagram pager southern tonight. Just it's just watch the speech and just rant about it, because that's how I that's how you watch it and it is impossible you have to watch it. That is what you do you just sit.
And you make fun of it, and you comment on it and you many pick it apart piece by piece as you go there. We suggest- together. We just do that gap that we created a refund. So we have him on. Up in injustice. I can- and I mean, if so many questions to ask not sure we're gonna be able to to get everything cause. I I want to hear He thinks about the convention. How the Republicans in his dad is not going to repeat them. Takes of this convention, what they gonna do, what have they learned from this convention to make sure that it's better? muffling a terrible infomercial boy that was bad and then how hard must be done. There and hear them talk about your dad stealing, the election.
When they are doing everything they can to steal the election, how they say he's not a great unify or when they are pushing that all white people are racist, emits unifying people and hating white people rough and that's uniform, unified unifying factor there. You know, if you have your, if you Do you not agree with them entirely? You are just the worse person ever and should be banished into I don't even know if the hills are good enough for you, negative ever recently again, and that figure is remarkable quality that we should do this tonight. I'm Instagram attitude as America, ackland back on loafing, put on the same this, but at the same time, but not all of it. Uninstall amiable put something- maybe tonight not around here and be great, and I dont want juniors coming up next, Let me tell you about our our spotlight sponsor its built bar. Oh my gosh, I just had my favorite is Miss Browning have you?
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will com promo code back. Man needs no interrupted. No, no interduction Donald Trump Junior is joining us now thought. How are you Do. I also need no interruption. Did you did me the biology or so So dont tell us first of all, you watching this convention with you're with your family, with your dad, you watching it separately they're, watching it alone in New York, New York Father's, my father's c, but I've been trying to watch it. It's not easy to get room. It's it's pay, but we bore again. This is from the party that owns Hollywood. They have all these directors involved, and this is the best they can come up with its own life. Ever since Harvey Einstein went to prison, the Democrats have lost, etc. I will tell you it's making a lot of conservatives very nervous is because, if this is the best, they can do
My gosh! What are the Republicans going to do. What is your daddy is different. I think I think you expect You I didn't you, you inspector archly nonsense from the Democrats. Instead, your things, your aid drivel long boring speeches hip hop, be that knows no bounds. It. You talk about oh Obama, you it Bill Clinton talking the sanctity of the oval office, knowing o talking about in themselves from like all this. I did. Obama waited as a community organised argued buying it. Twenty billion dollar all bombardments, major, please spare me, you know I'd spare me the nonsense, it sort of amazing, so I'm I hesitate to even bring this up because your dad just my do it, but I think your dad would beat the ratings of the I'm credit convention tonight just on line. If he just live streamed and just off the
Just commented all the way through, I think more people would watch that then watching the actual convention, and I actually said something similar during the democratic debates be like wishing to set up a fundraiser which is just a live stream d J T watching the democratic debate and come anything in the way that really only he can hear it would be truly special. So that brings me to your dad being kind of handicapped here because of cove id I saw your dead speaker, I think it was see pack and when you watch him lie, If it is, a totally different experience than seeing that live. Where you knows each on television. You see him live you wonder, stand him much more, he listens and he learns from the audience and it's it's a remarkable thing. He is really truly remarkable live That is his strength. Now
with cove id you don't don't you don't have the opportunity to for him to play? It is strengthened. I think that's part of the deal here and he kept him. How is You going to maneuver around this, so he can use his strength. Well is it, I think, you're a hundred percent right in many senses. I think there is definitely a political element of this endeavour, pleasure, loving that you ve never seen a political campaign by Joe Biden, where there actually thrilled that they too have an excuse to not put their tendency in front of the american people who would be voting. For him. You know, that's literally, never been done in political history, Yo Donald Trump his polling when speaking to a crowd of twenty five thousand feet What they're into it you see reaction. He doesn't go to Also, where you know everything that happened in right about much of the last few years, he gets there rightly from the american people, so they're trying to cut that out? I think the difference now. I think it would have been much more problematic
This had happened in twenty sixteen, because now the american people see it but More importantly, Donald Trump made promises to the american people and twenty sixteen, and, unlike most of all politicians were accustomed to promises. Donald Trump actually delivered. Maybe I could understand if you're pearl life, I could understand being sceptical and sort of the New York City bragging millionaire, like this guy gonna, really bipolar, only if your pro religious liberty of your pro two way whatever it. Maybe the reality is Donald Trump a strong on those issues, if not stronger than any presently in modern american history. So now for conservative, they see that more importantly for everyone else. They also see that, Is it and came in with no one we have no Washington ties was able to get to the greatest economic numbers. Our country has ever seen number of new start, a business lowest unemployment for every demographic and every minority, your for one case through the roof. Even Anna,
of a pandemic. The numbers are still better than many of the one under the administration, so you I always say If Joe Biden like, if you knew how to fix everything, why didn't you tell Obama why and he do it. Why did he wait? Fifty years as a Washington DC swamp greater half a century glad to now now he's gonna deliver I'd. Ask you this in a single Joe Biden accomplishment that was good for America has accomplished this already built that China he pushed her. To be in the World Trade Organization. They grow Erica nay from one that was the size of the Netherlands through the became it that is today because of people aged Joe Biden pushing for it, but my other than for China, single Joe Biden, accomplishment and now we are to believe that this guy's gonna fix a mirror coming out of a pandemic brought to us by a country that he spent the last half century building it asinine and I people say it, and it's not only that I don't think he's really making the policies. I mean I and I
I mean this with any kind of glee or anything else. I I You at this. This way If your father, Time became as addled as I thought. Joe Biden is wouldn't your family gather around and say: hey dad, dad stop you don't we not let's not reoccur under preserve right under present. Its growing task is family is under bite and taken one point: five billion from the chinese government now was the investor? No, not really. I never did Abbot brothers making. More than a million dollars when getting housing contracts and erect minor detail. If ever built a home, actually literally wrote a book about it. I mean it's coming out first week of September called liberal privilege, because that's the kind of stuff is going on. Their entire families. Livelihood wasn't depended on Joe Biden, taxpayer funded office. It up it made, would happen
These include. Do it and again I don't mean to make light of dementia or any sort of Iraq by the way. I think he could be great grandfather, maybe a great guy. But why are we really I trust that nuclear football? Are you really get a trust. Your choice and your grandchildren futures on this guy because we want to be sensitive and kowtow around the issue of mental decline. I mean I get that is essential thing for many people. Doesn't mean you should do it, you get anything. Today. I want to be right about this, so let's do him. The presidency. I mean it's it's sort of insane right is very insane, and I think your fear, dad's gonna, have a minefield to be able to point. That out. Without having everybody, pounces a look, how many years, but it has to be pointed out it in the debates it It has to be made clear. He is he not. There he's just not there illicit Gwen,
if Donald Trump made one the daily Joe Biden type errors are getting where he is confusing. Why, from his sister not being able to speak to a group of five or six people are dealt with Europe. Fifty year, Washington DC politician, you can't speak to group of five people without a killer. And even with the teleprompter, you screwed up the problem. If Donald a bid. One of those things you would have many television psychologist in America, Aren t be immediately thing using the later stages of all fibres and dimension combined. I've never seen anything like this. It's terrible twenty fifth amendment with Joe Biden heroic nothing to stay here. Because the media can push Joe Biden as the moderate. They could try to sell America, we look it's moderate Joe from Scranton. They don't talk about the fact that he left stranded seven. They don't talk about back in he was an elected Washington, DC officials and his twenties and has done nothing else. Give that blue. Dollar Joe, but they can try to sell image to the american people, while you have
a cobbler Harris with the most liberal voting record in the Senate, even let the burning in their while you have. By then Sanders Joint unity platform. Byron Bernie Sanders joint unity platform on Joe Biden website. So when say that he's a radical and all of it now you're, not even martyrdom like yours. A moderate. If you have the bite, Bernie Sanders, joint unity platform on your website, four trillion, axis, though you, the american people, can have the privilege of aid for Pre healthcare and education for illegal. Now you don't have the privilege of getting that for yourself, but you can type worried for others. I mean this is insanity and so jealous be perfect sort of pop it for the left. You no real darling of this thing is Kemal areas for the media. That's who they are, We wanted- and I basically who they'll get
If YO bite is the priority of lacking to beat a guy to do it, I know we have such little time left. I know you have to get to hear your uncle's funeral today and I am so sorry for what happened over the weekend. The way that was handled by so many it's. It's really despicable. I dont know who we ve turned into, but Let me just ask you a couple of questions on the election. I don't know how you just don't lose your mind between the Russia Hoax and then the Ukraine phone call hoax and now the post office hoax, and of these things, its work, they're doing it's, what they're doing their self diagnosing every time you know I'm goin on Ukraine. There is something you're doing it in Ukraine, you know, there's a somebody's trying to steal election yep you're, trying to steal the election. What can you? What is the? What is the president going to do because, he doesn't win in a landslide. There
a tear this country apart. Can he has shown How can doing it anyway? I know I know you anyway. No, no, no they're unify right of that Neuro we learn last. Neither unify airs there you don't buyers if you agree with one hundred percent illustrate that the now, if you'll be, are off a little bit like it you're like. Ok, I agree with you. Ninety nine percent, but I wanna I like my second amendment: Europe, persona non grata. Your cancel bill destroy your business, will cut you off. You know it's over, so you know it's interesting, you for all the hoaxes is continue. Continuing. You even see the post office houses. The do I now know latest outrage, it's crazy! that's it literally is on the record my help on the post office, but I want to do that whilst simultaneously funding the american people online new people in the Democrats who they were- millions of dollars for the Kennedy said, therefore, the arts. Now I am sure that
they set off for the arches wonderful, but at a time like this, when Americans have lost jobs, were businesses were struggling work like that we give the american taxpayer money back their money. The other problem with all over the hoaxes, is that it actually only makes Donald Trump accomplishments all that much more significant, think about it. The economic accounts, judgments the GEO political accomplishments. Getting a peace deal done in the Middle EAST, but while his they spent you're trying to throw me in jail and make sure you don't need Then he was an agent of Russia. Somehow they Can you do that to this day glad you have been, huge human hoax. You have all these lies, and he was still this. More incoming fire than any president has ever taken here, Still able to deliver the american people now imagine what we could do. If we had the house, it would get the hell. But we had at once, but we had weak leadership and now they were going to push for any of these plants, because you know they were concerned about
Some liberal in Washington DC writing a mean article about him. They're gonna happen anyway. So this time already, do it, but I didn't to me the incoming that he took make makes his accomplishments that much more important. I want to. I want to respect your time. I would just urge that you please look into a way to keep accounts on high tech they're, going to sway the election in their already doing it and in others ninety percent listen. This has been an issue. There has been. No one is really important to me. I've been probably one of the most vocal conservatives on the issue. I ve been doing it for three years later, the eye with cancer, two weeks ago off of twitter, I was thrown open to grab a few times they sensor by post, even when there are a hundred percent accurate in the jail RO team on the things, the social media center, It has been a disaster for conservatism honestly on why can we not a lotta republicans have even been aware of its own guys like me, started bringing it up because they do not know its free,
Eric, I know, not free market when you get liability protection from the? U S, government aims, but then you're acting as a publisher deciding who is getting to do what and when you notice you have ever heard of it, the left wing organization, regardless of how radical who's been thrown the social media platform, but everyone can name fifty concerned have you been thrown up censored, demonetized e platform or just outright thrown off the black, so it it's scary thing! Please, there definitely putting their hands on the scale of this alleged. Please look into Doktor Robert Epstein work up in Boston. He is for ten million dollars. He can monitor what happening that will be immediately erases, Sir ephemeral stuff and its he's got it down. He just need some supports a look into that. If, if you can one last thing: deep state are we owing to see people go to jail for what happened with the impeachment and Ukraine stuff,
I sure hope so I made a god knows. I was one of the other than my father. I was probably the number to target of their hopes Edith so it s even taken one time. I hope it's because they're getting their ducks in a road to do it right that you get up, but didn't believe in the deep state in twenty six state. I, if you don't believe minute now you're an idiot you and so what we do have to combat these kind of atrocities goes, but why this should be a partisan issue it not because they could manipulated against that from what I know Eric and regardless of your political affiliation, should want or think that could ever happen again to any president, the any president What what happened was an absolute disgrace to many people, Washington DC are more concerned about preserving the institutions of government rather than the constitution itself, and that should sterile
What did you see that? I honestly, you said a lot from people on the right we allow I'd known for a long time in my bodies are not going to do anything like your buddy. You don't literally is it was involved in these parts. Non, peaceful, transit, of power in two hundred and forty plus years and then you're getting out of hand because you ve known him, that's pretty said you know the F b I career at the top and again I want to make the distinction between the door takers, because all the ground Yahoo come up to me all the time and anti competitive shooter right by four to go. In those circles I mean they come up. Just re literally apologize for the disgrace of what haven't a leadership at the FBI, opera, those courts or dead, happened, you know the media makes combed his door of their darling. I mean the guys it the most sanctimonious Joker I've ever seen in my life. It's almost embarrassing that this guy could actually ascend to the top of the FBI, but that's because Then to get anywhere do so, you have to become a bureaucrat you have to sell out yourself, you have to be one of them, and
scary, and it needs to stop don't junior. Thank you so much for being on the programme preaching everything you and your family have gone through of wave in our name. Thank you for that and congratulations on the Middle EAST. It is an unbelievable accomplishment thanks. So much will talk about, might be about Bobby, Donald from Junior. As weaken draws near it's funny that starting to mean something again for the longest time. Every day was the weekend that good old cove days missing knows no actually not anyway. What do you do this weekend, If you, if you have a right to, I, can guarantee you're with me. You are cooking out this weekend. You be, watching tv and the air conditioning, while the Rectec does all the heavy lifting than you to eat. Something really really delicious afterwards get yours of erect tech then
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That second station. I he's a great talk: Radio Guest Donald Trump Junior he's visa he's. We was really good, and they were so much that I would have liked to wear spend time, but they are on their way to the the funeral for his, brother for his uncle Donald Trump, Don trumps brother, and I can't him Jane you know they were saying that they were have the funeral, the White House? everything about having at the White House. Would you want to go out to a church to that circus. For, if know really, no matter what you do at this point I mean many president, but certainly this when more than others I mean just as has circus chest us circus.
To be able to do that, and you know what they're having you know they just already did to your family, yeah that the media was disgusting about that as they tend to be. This is why are they claim? They tend to exploit death agony anyway. They can't tredah such as them. The left generally but That's called the really is, and in many ways the left is a difficult. They they cheer for it? They know egg on they they use death whenever they can to scare Haiti is a death called it freely. Is terrifying philosophy, on the overlap, ride back in a minute, glanced back programme mills? I'm a runner usually places a second or third, his age group at the races and he lives in Colorado, so were or
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about them, I want to share with you one of the most incredible the stories I've ever read. This is this is from Forbes magazine and the headline is: you must not, do your own research. It so exact opposite of what I have said to you. Is now forms I tell you all the time do not believe me. I can make me stakes and information is not fully yours and you it fully supported or dismiss it unless you have done your own homework. And I have also said when it comes: to this question.
With boldness, even the very existence of God. Forty, if there be a god, he must rather honest questioning over enfolded fear. Two things I have been saying to you for twenty years. Now. Listen to this article. Research, both sides and make up your own mind it's simple, straightforward, common sense advice and when it was to issue both in when it comes to issues like vaccinations, climate change and the courts. A virus, it can be dangerous, destructive and even deadly the technique. Said most of us used to navigate most of our decisions in life, gathering information evaluating it based on what we know and choosing course of action can lead to spectacular failures. When it comes was to a scientific matter the reason, is simple. Most divorce, and even of those of us who are science, the scientist ourselves lie.
The relevant scientific expertise needed to adequately evaluate that research on our own In our own fields were aware of the full suite of data how those puzzle pieces fit together and what the and tears of, our knowledge is when a person's a spouse, opinions on those matters, its immediately clear to us where the gaps are in their understanding and They ve misled themselves in their reasoning when they, Bigger arguments of contrary and scientists. We recognise what their overlooking misinterpreting or emitting. Unless we start valuing the actual expertise that legitimate experts have spent lifetimes developing doing our own research could lie to a measurable and unnecessary suffering. Stew, why did no one see the two thousand eight crash coming and I did
What did the guy? from Colombia that the the professor from Colombia, Economics, professor, say to me when he came up, he said where's your degree where'd. You get your degree and economics, and I said I don't have one. He said I new it does it was. You were looking at it from a different perspective. You were lost in the same metrics, her own or ass. He said I cannot get my students to think like you, he said because they're so trained to all think like a monolith, they're all they're, all trained to say: oh no! This is what the truth is and Only an outside observer can look at go. The emperor has no close hello, this is this is so destructive to not. Asked society, but to you your own personal power,
this, you know what this is. You ve got to go to the high priest you don't understand latin ok, I understand that you say, oh God, did you know. Jesus came to rescue us as individuals and he wants a personal relationship with me. Yea outlet is as acute little understanding, but you don't know all of the rules, because you, don't understand Latin, so come to me and I'll. Tell you what those are that's told, full control. Toe all control. Now they say let's start with a simple low stakes. Example. Fluoride, in drinking water, on one hand? Fluoride is this is a simple lie on that shows up in various concentrations, including naturally,
calcium, fluoride, in an in bodies of waters all across the world when humans in jest too little of it, particularly at a young age. It leads to weaken tooth enamel and greater rates of cavities when humans and just too much of it, it leads to tooth discoloration various severities of dental floor. Us Floris in extreme cases, significantly too much or too little. Fluoride could also lead other problems. Blah blah blah in places in the? U S in Canada, our drinking water is, is forwarded at specific levels that safe and effective for humans of all ages, but in places like Colorado, Springs, Colorado, significant amounts of fluoride are removed from the water, bringing the levels down to acceptable values. In other places, like New York City, fluoride is added to the water controlling the floor. I'd levels of water is safe and effective public health intervention reducing debt. Whole carries in children by far eighty per cent. However,.
There are major cities in the world like Portland where the public or City Council respectively has voted in the case of Portland repeatedly, not and floor. I do their drinking water and is expected the tip we'll cavity rates are about forty percent higher? Where the water is afforded. There is an old saying I ve grown quite fond of recently. You can't reason with somebody out of a position. They didn't reason themselves into when most of us research an issue. What we are actually doing is formulating an initial opinion. First time we hear about something then evaluating everything we encounter after that through that lends of our gut instinct, finding reasons to think positively about the portions of the narrative. That supporter justify our initial opinion and finding reasons to discount or otherwise dismiss the portions that detract from it
course that's not what we think we do we're doing. We think of ourselves as the hero of our stories cutting through misinformation and digging up the real truth on the matter. We think that just by applying our brain power and our critical reasoning, skills we can discern whose expert opinions are trustworthy in responsible. We think We can see through whose a charlatan and fraud weak. Tell what safe and effective from what's dangerous and ineffective, except for Most all of us, we can't I I excuse, First of all, what he described is not critical thinking the stock. Cool thinking. That's not honest questioning if go in and I'm trying to prove what I think is right right that is not investigating and doing your own homework convincing yourself- and there is a great, of difference. I've told you many times I have started down a road of research. And I realized halfway in boy
I continue to go down this road. I'm gonna find things that are gonna have to make me re, evaluate a lot of stuff, I believe in do. I really want to do that. Because it's really hard proud to say. In all cases I've said yes,. Yes, I do. I want to know the truth. The question is, do you want to know the truth Why is Forbes telling us that you can't figure out what's right and what's wrong, but you shouldn't question anyone. Well here it is, if we, if we would only listen to them. It's absolutely foolish. To think that you are non expert who lie the very scientific expertise necessary to evaluate the claims of experts. You know, like the experts that said the world was flat.
The experts that said the world revolves around the sun, the experts It's that have told us all kinds of stuff butter, bad for you butter is good for you. If we don't listen to them, we're gonna be having trouble? We can't do better job than the actual bona fide spurts of separating truth from fiction or fraud when we Do the research, our self, we almost always wind up digging deeper into our own positions when left to them, own devices, a substantial fraction of people we choose, not you ready. To fully vaccinate themselves or their children. This is all about the cove id vaccine. This is, and I'll bet you this was written. We
the help of the research that we told you was being done about a month ago where they were testing how We convince people to get the cove id and the for part, is just to nudge. Its term make people feel, like you know, little guilty, them feel like you're. Not so smart to other people are smarter. You should just kind of go along with it. I bet you this. This is part of that research. This articles written Whose incomes now they're saying then the big group of people who don't want to get the back to the cove is acting cuz. There's a lot of people who don't want to get vaccines for various reasons have been in that area. For a long time, the new girl of people who don't want to get the coded vaccine are liberals, because they do Trust Donald Trump, they think Donald is trying to force the vaccine through to win the election and their tariffs. Other, because they think he's going to force everybody to cut corners and it won't be safe,
people who are actually pro vaccine. Our turn, against it because of trumps involvement there it's a fascinating development to me, I have news for you, You're only really a non partisan, if you don't for this Covey this this path. Supple vaccine, it wouldn't matter. If Obama did it or both did it or link, and I did it or trumpeted This has never been done before. We ve never moved anything this fast and they are moving Helen high water, and I think it's it's great, that they try it, but my taking it- will not take it for a long time. I want to see what everybody else it's happening, get down. Turn your back on the phone tone to send me the first dose. I want you, I'm one of her. I want to die really tell down down children, you can send me any needle, he wants it I'll, just give it a world, I'm sick of us. I wanna go to a movie theatres, again, move to come out
but now I mean I'm on. This is much more my position that I think a lot of peoples, but I like I'm, I'm totally fine with the vaccine. Although again, this all means XO qualified right. Like my taken, the one Vladimir Putin just came out with a priority in the one, the one from the Wool Han Institute, a virology which their activity in the middle of making one erect. It makes me a little more doubtful of it. I didn't you I'd want to know. If I'm not I'm not saying I wouldn't do. How also do this too, I would ever come up on my own, own determination of my situation and what my health might be, you're supposed to do as an individual right. You don't take it. I won't take it whatever. Like the you, make up your own decisions and that's how at least America used to work right, not anymore right. I mean, look if I'm seventy years old. I might be one of the first to stand up and say you know, I'd gimme that get give it a whirl I'll give it a go. As I want my life back, I want to be able to go out and theirs
it safe, knowing bad. If there's any long term problems with it or something like that, bad, really have long term plans. You know anyway, but have to tell you define I'm not taken it not taken and not. Because it's Donald Trump or the government or anything else. No, ever done anything this fast. So why writer require significant margin and it would be great if it if it works at it. Is it I nine, I'm not that concerned about dying from corona virus I mean I hate to say it, but I took my hydra clock. Hydroxyl chloric win and zinc when every one in my family everyone in my family who I was not social distance from, because we were all in the same House Every one in the family had it. I took
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This is the Glenn programme, so still. You looked at me like I believe you are surprised that I would take the vaccine no I mean you are a guy who who drank we'd killer. I drank round up that's if it does so you did do that, ok, which I wouldn't have done. It's I had its own it. Oh yes, I would, I would not recommend, is not delicious and design right to shore stage or- and I thank you also drank flak racking, wrecking, flew yes, well again, not designed solely and I'm not, I'm, not surprised that you heard line up to take it you are a science minded guy and My only thing is not that you are anti vaccine awry Manto back now, it's dead or or I wouldn't trust the government one way or another which I don't, but that doesn't and come into play. You know this statement of our knowledge,
and up to be one of the first. I want to see what happens. We ve never rushed anything. This fast and its noble that we're doing it, but you know maybe those who are really concerned about getting it be the ones that get it. He got me we're taking probably three years off of the research timeline yeah part of the reason why I volunteered to four for studies for this did you really get mom? I'm on the list have been called that says about me, That's not save him! actually part of the reason. Why is because I'm thinking deeply impressed by this whole operation. I mean operation warp speed some into the administration together is it is, it is a scientific marvel is and if they do come up with a right vaccine and it works Donald Trump-
deserves it incredible amount of of of credit for it when they have a lot of the corners that they have caught or not scientific corners, their money corners, some comparable. With that any talk about at Morton tomorrow about the whole process,
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