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Trump vs. the Left | Guests: Sen. Ron Johnson & Sohrab Ahmari | 10/22/20

2020-10-22 | 🔗

Glenn shares his advice on how President Trump should handle the Hunter Biden story as new info continues to pour out. The NY Post’s Sohrab Ahmari gives a new angle: “Meet Your Chinese Facebook Censors." The FBI announced efforts from Russia and Iran to influence the election — and Iran was posing as the Proud Boys. Sen. Ron Johnson talks the latest on the Bidens and how Obama’s “character matters” cry applies to Joe Biden too. Rudy Giuliani called the Bidens a “crime family” and has documents to back it up. Congressional candidate Burgess Owens is facing one of the closest races in the country. Author James Lindsay explains how the Left has left him no choice but to vote unhappily for Trump. Glenn and Stu give their debate predictions.

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What you're about to here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment the Green Programme, America, and welcome to the global programme. There is a lot of breaking news that we have to get to news on ran news on Joe Biden, the news that broke last night on our programme with Rudy Giuliani. We also have the editor of the New York Post, which is still not allowed to do access their twitter account. It's crazy. What's going on, we have Senator RON Johnson on to talk about a hundred Bygones travel history. Why did he asked the secret service to verify that we also have some advice for the president? Don't
Guess, on Hunter Biden show why this story is important to the: U S, economy and people's wallets, and we begin their in sixty seconds. The Green box know, who you are the moment. I start can about severe and feet were frequent, in your ears might perker, because You're in severe pain. Yeah you ve been? Listen to me ramble on and on for about three years now about really factor, and it always sounds nice, but you haven't tried to get the question Why. probably for the same reason, I didn't respond right away. Maybe you ve tried a lot of different things to combat your pain and nothing has worked. Maybe just tired and you just like I just gonna live with it. Will you dont have to don't have today is the day
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Joe Biden and Democrats sweep the board in November. More people are gonna find themselves out of job at a jobs at the worst possible time. There is a new study that shows the moderate Joe Biden. endorsing a fifteen dollar federal minimum wage. All we have to do is look to Seattle. What happened in Seattle, when they enacted the fifteen dollar minimum wage all hell broke. Loose jobs were lost, business is closed. they say now. According to the employment policies institute that in Acting this proposal would destroy two million jobs by two. the twenty seven two million These projects to have the highest losses totally totalling three hundred and seventy thousand jobs lost twenty twenty seven Pennsylvania Florida, North Carolina, Ohio in Georgia
also see over a hundred thousand jobs lost in the next six years? This In sum, this isn't something new. This isn't something that did takes a brainy act to figure out You can see the results of things like this ever a place that it is tried It loses jobs first fifteen dollars an hour may not be enough in New York City in places in Texas. It's it's a fourchan. Its foolish. Now. This is how Joe Biden. And his story with his son actually hurts you first of all The story is no longer about hunting the Hunter Biden. For me, it never has been hunter, It is a sad sad case. I feel for him. really do he a guy who is addicted to drugs and alcohol.
It's been out of control his whole life and as much as we say that Joe Biden, loves his son, etc, etc. You do not do the things that we now know cause of verified emails. You don't do that. to your son, who is struggling, he is trying to get out of it. I that's why this laptop was produced. If Joe Biden, we, oh take millions and millions of dollars to enrich his family from oligarchs an mobsters in Moscow mob. Stirs and crime families in Ukraine and Partners with communist and mobsters in China do you think he would protect you if he
old, protect his own country. If here out for his own interests in and we'll sell out his own country two mobsters. Why do think you would care about your job if he d Doesn't care about the pain of his own son, and that is quite a remarkable statement, but I want I want to read something from Hunter Biden. This is an email to the whole family. On Hunter bindings laptop quote, he's writing to his family law of all of you, but I do get any respect. That's fine, I guess, works for you? Apparently, I hope All of you can do. What I did and pay for everything for this entire family for thirty years. it's really hard, but don't worry, unlike pop I,
I'll make you give me half your salary. He also has emails that have been released now where he says dad I blame you, because you put a target on my back, he's been trying to get out of this. He struck heat. I think he started and try to do the right thing, but he's Fredo. Hunt areas, Fredo, Bow was Michael. if Joe Biden will do this to his own family And involve them, what do you think you'll do for you if he ll sell out to the communist Chinese that we know we know. Are sponsible for a lot of the job losses here, whether that's because of the free market or because Of unfair trade
Doesn't matter at this point we know jobs, good jobs were lost to China, millions of them. If you Have a president whose in bed and taking millions of dollars from the Chinese. Do you think your job is safe? do you think that that president actually thinks about you? This The point that Donald Trump needs to express tonight because, honestly We have been investigating this for over a year. Some people have been investigating this for four years and we all care, because you ve done our homework. We know how bad this is. we also have the luxury of look. At this. From a different angle: we can
Look at this as. almost theoretical, because My job can't be outsourced, but you This probably can be for me, it doesn't affect my jaw will, if he's elected but for different reasons. collusion with China? ex me real, Only in the way that it hurts my nation and I think, the Chinese Uno, the Chinese, are a danger to us. but this actually affects your job. You have, I in office, who I disagreed with when came out and he said China, can I do aid policies with China and we're gonna we're gonna, actually Make sure that we balance are our trade. I don't believe in any of that.
However, as I told you at the time, China is a destructive force for freedom. In Fifteen minutes to give you the evidence. that Facebook hiring the chinese communist programmers. to help them with censorship here in the United States, You want somebody in power, controlling your information that looks? the Chinese for help on censorship. I mean yes, they are the experts. it because we lack actual nazis now. Will show you that so. We know now that Facebook is literally working with the Chinese, hiring them bringing them here to help perfect
to their algorithm to me iter and to stop any kind of news that the don't like. if you put a president in charge. Who is, who owes Facebook and these giant media companies and is in bed with China. For a guy who says Amr bring your jobs back and I've just done it now We ve hit cove id, but You ve just done it, you know I can do it. I don't know. I have to say: oh look: it will happen ask me. I'm telling you what will happen, because I just did it with Joe Biden said those jobs will never come back. This is why this corruption matters.
You know the one thing I really like about Donald Trump. Is the fact that he is despised by the press and the deep eight and here's why I say that. there. Never gonna, let him in due to the club, no matter. You know if they had something on him. You'd know it by now, have anything on him, and he's fearless, and he despises them and They despise him who thinks, gonna fight for you, who's gonna. I'd to keep your voice and your freedom. I don't know. the guy there trying to get out of the way, so they can get to you this is the explanation to all of your friends that you need to share
when they say I don't care about Joe Biden in Hunter Biden. It's just about hundred. I didn't it is not enough It's not even about Joe Biden as much as it is about you your jobs, the future of jobs in America. the future of freedom in America. You can not, how can you imagine in nineteen fifty's Eisenhower we found out was getting money from the Soviet Union. now. Imagine that if he was doing deals with a sigh the union and not just companies in the Soviet Union, the actual soviet state. And his son was due a deal with a nuclear power company. That holds most of our nuclear secrets and the Soviets were caught spying From that company here in the United States, they were spying trying.
Get this information and the the president's son was doing investment work with them and helping them by companies here in Amerika. And it was all funded by the Soviet Union. Can you imagine what a mess It would be like today. do you think you'd still be free. Or would we all be working in some DIS European Soviet Run kind of economy. Now, for your friends that say: well, those emails they're, not true, well I'm gonna play some stuff for you today from Rudy Giuliani. He told me last night at right. Learned a lot of stuff, for instance, rooted Giuliani, did not have this,
my email or this computer. Up until about two weeks ago, he had putting two or three days, before the story broke. I thought He added since December it I asked him: why would you hold on to this? He said I didn't He said I started looking into it and he said I found things and I went to attorneys or e g and said This is what is on here. I think I have a responsibility, Turn this into the police. The FBI already have it, but if I have this knowledge, aren't I sponsible. If I hold it yes it's all. I did what I was legally supposed to do. I released it as soon as I added. but if you think, maybe that this is bogus, I to give you the store, that has broken out from the Wall Street Journal a
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new breaking story. Now from the Wall Street Journal a Wee, a whistle blower ceo, an insider tony bubbling ski released up. Public statement last night backing up the reporting of the New York Post. We have the editor of the post on here. In just a few minutes, backing up, claiming that he personally witnessed democratic presidential nominee. Oh Biden discussing business deals with his son Hunter Biden. sources. Familiar with a matter told Bright Bart that Bobby Linsky. Is the person whose allegations and inside information are the centrepiece of with coming investigation by the Wall Street Journal Bob. Linsky statement also authenticate at least one of the bombshell emails obtained and released by the New York Post. This is the one that came from the laptop at the computer is pair store in Delaware. The statement
contradicts claims from Democrats that russian disinformation campaign is at the centre of this. It's not. Here's what the press release said for Tony Bobby Linsky, My name is Tony Babylon Ski the facts set forth her both below are true and accurate. They are not in any form of domestic or foreign disinformation. Any suggestion to the contrary is false and offensive. I am the recipient of an email publish seven days ago by the New York Post, which showed a copy to Hunter Biden, an Rob, Walker, the email, is genuine What I'm outlining is a fact. I know It's a fact because I lived it. I'm the ceo of sight, HAWK holdings, which was the partnership between the chinese operation was. They were operating through C e, F C, chairman YE and the Biden family.
I was brought into the company to be the ceo by James Gill, you're. An hunter Biden the reference in the memo to the big guy in them publicized may thirteen twenty thousand and seventeen email. In fact, a reference to Joe Biden, Other J B referenced in that email is Jim Biden, Jos Brother, so You know that in this email that was talking about compensation, It says Hunter has some office expectations that he will elaborate. A proposed echo He split references, twenty four age and ten held by aid. for the big guy, no other. Further details. this is him saying this. is how we coded Joe Biden So now you have a guy who was the ceo of the vote holdings company that was doing the deal-
And he's now saying: yes, I have that email to, and indeed the big guy is Joe Biden. I can Aren t you they're not going to do anything about this tonight in the in the what he called the debate of eight, and I think, Donald Trump going to find a way to. I sure you can people here this tonight, but do you think that the moderator it's gonna be doing any of it. I only the moderator- or maybe the moderator brings up the story generally, so he can deny that there is any initiative. Biden can say: well, that's nothing to it's all been debunked, but I think at Trump I mean this is abysses big night right he's. This is obviously a last chance to get people to know this information fleas. Please, Mr President, please keep for based on the american people. Eighty four
you to be able to make sure that these people pay in jail time for the things that they have done? You ve got to win, so please stay focused on the american people and the economy and make your point of Hunter by MID Joe Biden. That way We have so much. I just scratch the surface. We also have the the editor of the New York Post audit editorials section coming up in just a second, me tell you about our sponsored. This half hour its car shield, car shield is saved me. I can't tell you probably thousand dollars. Just on my two trucks every time the check and you goes on. If it's a Deal it's all covered by car shield. I've told you this before they say me, six thousand dollars for us too bid sensor us
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Various something really really bad and disturbing that is happening at Facebook and so on so Rob Armani. Our Mari is with us. He is the op editor of the New York Post. He was with us earlier this week or last week. Talking about out being banned and still not having access. The New York puss still doesn't have access to their twitter feed and we'll get it until they retract the Hunter Biden story, which is looking more and more. Like biggest scandal in american political history, every single day, but there's a new angle on this: welcome to the programme. How're you go morning, Glenn You broke some news yesterday that you know you, you can't really tweet or retweet, because headlines,
don't tell the full story. You can read the article on Twitter before retweeting, You you have the story meet your chinese facebook tell me about it. With the headline just so, people can find it because social media is thus really in trouble, how it treats the new posts and that's a separate, shameful story. The headlines meet your chinese Facebook censored and the authorities is that last week, after observing, what does what Facebook was doing to new posts or our facebook high ranking insider got in touch with me and shared a number of things, but among the things he shared was at a an opportunity to shed light on the actual mechanics of how Twitter does is censorship and what we do away with twitter or Facebook. I apologize Facebook error, it would eat whatever
to me, as I argue, the article in the most sophisticated censorship mechanism, possibly in human history and its a team at Facebook called hate speech, engineer George Orwell call your office and its a team that is most sleeping, in Seattle? Washington ends this inside. Our shared me shared with speed, a directory of the factors work on that team and he noted and we verified, using lived in that at least six of these team members are chinese nationals what the team does is. Basically, you machine learning, teaching computers do things on their own without the need for direct human action. They use machine learning and what called narrowed that works too. we Jaeger the news feed that you get
you have go and its facebook seek what you see y. All your friends have shared what destined as is ensure that certain content goes up on top and for that they would get discretionary bonuses according to the insider, but it only her that certain other content shows deadline, like, for example. In this case, it seems like this is a mechanism that use an ear post story that standing about hunger but other and Joe Biden three weeks out before it. I now look. Let me ask you this. These are people that their phds and they have each one, be visas. So coming in from China are they experts the chinese censorship programmes. we we don't know what I looked up is an out of courtesy to Facebook. research and we didn't show enabling developing other names. We have a lot of information about the New UK access once you know their names and where they work
but we didn't show that it is out of courtesy to Facebook, but for you, what we can do. What we did find is that at least one of them used to work for waterway, which is a chinese check conglomerate that is closely bound up with the chinese regime. A lot of went universities like University of managing the Chinese Academy of Sciences You know it's not like here. It's like you know about George Washington, you or what have you done? These are all those states beast safe, supported entities and they have links to the chinese security apparatus either not exactly whether they did censorship for the chinese regime, but we do know that the assertion that train them up, but you know, are not our state entities. And another one worked for another signal service at Signal Telegraph service for the each these by chinese Railway began a state enterprise
and look because there is one these yell a lot of companies, higher aid, be employed. Indians, chinese Eastern Europeans, it's got all nefarious a lot of them. To be honest, just We have nothing of the fact that the chinese people working at Facebook, these alone just wanna sharing the american dream and settle in his country, but because there is one reason being that some other could go back so another worry is well. They then take back the techniques for social control that they perfected and learned at Facebook to the most repressive society when it comes to the south and help jumping further press the free flow of information in his our society. This is so evil creepy mean it is just evil. What is is happening right now, and we see it
in what they're doing too to you and the post and your reporting we know. Now we have it from several multiple sources, including a guy who is the sea a whole of The binding firm that was you know putting the chinese deal together, confirming that that email is true that the big I is Joe Biden. We have all that and yet it still being called a conspiracy theory and you're not able to get your accounts back on social media. Mine, the German you're talking about is a: U S, baby veteran!
sir for years and then got into business, including probably to disregard with under by them, and he has come out come clean with a statement thing, I add, to the extent had to admit I had made political contributions, which are small: I've made them to democratic causes and candidates. So you ve got some Republican. This is ponder pirate rowing republican figure, anything as it as a patriot as someone who served in the: U S, military and the armed forces you to send me that people talk about this stuff as russian this information, because it is a fairly reputation railway, not about something else. Russia conspiracies ages, it and because of my conscience and empower phrasing, but basically because my conscience tells me to cover queen and say this is not russian. This information, a lot of stuff that was antitrust the path for years that Facebook and Twitter never censored truly was written this information, not least
the fate, the famous infamous dossier that the detailed and support our man he was concocted by the russian disguising the softer proposed rapporteur is not russian. This information and I think, a lot of pundits reporters not to mention big tax, feel over the new post, a grovelling apology, not that I'm well try this on four size yesterday the DNA confirmed at a ran, the world's leading sponsor of terrorism, interfered with this election today Donald Trump, by sending threatening emails to democratic voters while posing as the proud boys, so CNN. First of all did not cover this lady. cover it, this is the federal government saying here is the evidence they ve, voter registration information and they
have been intimidating Democrats to try who cause hatred and possible violence with the wow Boys CNN, not only didn't cover that FBI briefing, They then went on the air and said the only reason I ran had that proud boys moniker is because of Donald Trump talking about them all the time, but as far as find the only time he talked about the proud boys is when he's asked about them and to deny them yes and another utterly utterly shameful thing. again on a cross left of centre media left forever. I'm left media, let's be honest, the fact that when the dna, the director of national intelligence, the law Long, standing national security professional comes forward and says the posts material about the hunter,
file is not russian. This information they brought out the inner lots of people who said well he's just in the tank for Trop. I mean this is so a response. Philip saw responsible, is it so undermines any remaining trust that people have in the intelligence apparatus of this country when they, when they so to the extended its size apparatus the path for years and then when it does produce a finding that contrary to democratic preferences, then the entails. apparatus attitudes in the tank for trunk. To me, this is this is really impossible to the poor and the damage of what this story has caused will be with us for time no matter who wins the election in November, well, I think it's interesting that they didn't ban the Lincoln Project for tweeting out the proud boys were emailing people and threatening Democrats that that wasn't I wasn't a problem that war.
Went through In fact, they were just allowed to delete that after the press conference yesterday, but it was the Lincoln project that helped ran push. All of these lies through its its, it's really criminal. What's going on here, I mean talk about the collins and look I'm letting it better time over the past four years. You like, I consider I use a category of milk to be clear on the opinion editor, so I'm not a news person. I suppose I can share my opinion. I guy AMOS Sue turns woke and unhook It is, but I dont mean it in the sense that the left means work I needed in a sense, I conservatives who Conservatives are aware of what's going on unwelcome As other kind were they in fact, happening and there like a weight? Will That is why we want we miss that your phone broke up. What did you say that
I was just saying: conservative are conservatives who see the stuff going on and just bring and, although the double standard will consent but if I want like, I would say, turning general bill BAR or Senator George Holly, or centred we cannot as like. Yet we know, what's going on we're, gonna, take political action, because at this point twitter and Facebook are not just tat arms are not just part of commerce in this country. They are political entities taking political action but unaccountably in the case of Facebook. We now know with elbows with Chinese, find genuine national computer scientist they're doing this half year after year, yet they're not jack to any political accountability in this country. So this requires political action. The Senate, I believe, needs to subpoena to help to build one. Twitter and Facebook marks a burden and jack,
mercy and then begin to think about how to be. How do we change the governing law, which section two thirty, because free speech is dying? its dying in the private sphere and a lot of concern. again, our saw hung up on whether it's a private entity doing it or a public one that they can't see that ok, we'll Facebook, effective feeds shutting down free speech, and we can't say well, that's ok, because free enterprise. Do I get my wonderful? I only have a really only have about twenty. Seconds for you to answer this, but I can't to go in and not ask you to do. You think the moderator is gonna, bring this up tonight in a non conspiratorial way and do you think it matters to the average American I don't know I didn't want to predict but even passes president precedent. I doubt that the moderate
will bring Europe sets us she s, not because I do. I do think it should matter. I do think it should matter. This is no longer just about a story of corruption which is deeply corroborated. It's also story about whether our historic rises Americans to report the news and then make up our own minds about it, get to see without their. This right is now at stake. The fact again that it's a private company doing that should be irrelevant to the competent institution to the GEO to the broader, concerted movement. so Rob Amari. Thank you. So much up ad editor of the New York Post, it's always great to have yon. Thank you for all of your hard work at the post. By the way we have Senator RON Johnson, one of the good guys was concept. We have him on coming up in just a few minutes. There are all kinds of news makers on this and we also have to get to the debate tonight and to the interview with Rudy Giuliani. That said,
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announced central banks. So well that's positive. The story, I think was out of the Wall Street Journal today or financial times a month. Sure where I saw this morning, I have up later in the programme says that if Joe Biden gets in, they are predicting massive devaluation of the dollar that the dollar will will win fall dramatically. They say gonna go unstable sometime during the election period in the recounts. If, indeed, we mean everything that we ve talked about, everything that you should know but Bitcoin is one way, that's possible hunter. Now in the written into paper out now I just got announced this week. That's a big difficulty at a howl is one of the most used yeah online payment services. The other thing that I want to talk to you about is tonight. We have our debate coverage, we're gonna, carry the debate and then
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What you're about to here is the fusion entertainment and enlightenment. When their programme holy cow, the press has just in their arrogance, overstepped. Now Joe Biden, I'm sorry Hunter binds business partner in the chinese deal is. upset he's a former Navy guy. And is very upset that the press is saying that this is russian disinformation because he was on that email chain and has the same emailed where it was Talking about the big guy in ten million going to the big guy from China and confirm that that, indeed, is a real email because he ran Hunter Bygones company at the time and the big
is Joe Biden. the only reason why he came out is he was sick and by what is happening to our intelligence community. It's really weird thing. That's that's happening right now. I don't know I'm a guy who was helping the vice president. You know take money that he was hiding. What is only now pissed off because of what's happening with the intelligence I dont get. It Whatever senator RON Johnson is with us he's a guy who went to Washington because he knew the country was being bankrupt by politicians. He now sits on as the chairman of the homeland Security and Governmental Affairs committee. We also serves on budget foreign relations, commerce, science and transportation RON Johnson, who did something very controversial
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stir things up here in Amerika online. So we used obviously heard from I've, been charged me or community in terms of what what was happening again this is he like here, Ference supporting Joe by trying to be harmful to doubt drop it. That's Joey, something lose me. Doesn't that really want to reveal it? Here's example, foreign watching your come to the aid of of Joe Biden, because, let's face it, they realize down trumpets reelected, isn't even however, ran he's going to make sure they never become a nuclear power. So I think that's, I think, that's true, but it also is doing what Putin was trying to do last time and is trying to do again, and that is just so discord. I mean everyone knows a house divided against itself, can't stand and are trying to so this particular case around was trying to not only help Joe Biden, but scare voters on the right that the proud boy
we're, gonna come and get em, because they posing as proud boys, and just goes into the civil unrest that I think is coming again the Good NEWS is this was exposed, and that really is our first lie in advance of any kind of cyber attack. Any kind of foreign interference is exposure soon. Aware of, and so we can. We can count- we don't want other factors with climbed upon I'd like to make again I dont condone, rushing or any foreign interference it. It's always and always will we really have our near keep our guard up, but I would argue that the effect on our politics of any this Fournier Fearest hails- I mean pails by many orders of magnitude, in comparing into the EU interference created by the. Democrats, who waited, who use that is kinda hard and explain it
every every bad thing and every bad. These information gives Democrats explained ways or less russian disinformation, and it also pails Harrison to how the news he carries the Democrats, water- that is the true you got your fears and eyes, opening up. I think it's true, I think the ballade drams breaking terms information on the boy. family corruption and one Dixon was what are you're talking about now? It sounds like you was Adam sure why one more time kurdish refugees. Your information was sort of it. The straw that broke back damage back that they'll just kind of a bridge too far. Anyone reasons. This was a war, is now coming forward in going to cooperate with the with our committee, so I say this will weaken. Thank Adam Share sure line one more time. in in actually happily always aboard come forward.
we'd bulging a lot of the useful information that I think the american people deserve to know. Ok, so I think there's a lot of people in America that the press is just worn out and made this in a conspiracy theory which it is not. it was a theory. You know about me no a year ago, eight months ago, but then documents started to be produced. Now all kinds of documents make it a conspiracy fact but how do you, the America? People are worried about their jobs and money. How this contribution, oh Biden Graph story affect them. This is why I heard President Obama also deleted in his Stephen was character matters. Yes, it does and so you hope with american voters, will take a look at the character of Joe Biden comes everyday, increasingly obvious that you knew exactly What kind of vitamins do he was aware of these overseas? A business deal
higher biting, though you claim He didn't he lied in american people. You know that, and so We laid out in our eighty seven page report raised far more questions than answers, but it showed all these complex. business, deal this best web connections with chinese nationals. Their ties to again My party, China, the People's Liberation Army. It's really that report is prompted a lot of people to come, one percent- that now there seeing all that's that's how this information connected think so, unfortunately, we should have known this years ago, but we haven't I'm hoping it's not too late get the truth, I've the american public, so they can actually factor the simile. Go the Poles, because it isn't going away. like your by is one zero David chairmanship of Investigative Committee, which I will even with the furnace, suddenly investigation. I the continued dig into exactly what kind of corruption were kind of extortion, threat binding in hundred by business connections with all these internet.
Employers are really posters, Kashmir by demonstrated this isn't going way but characters matters, and I think Joe Biden has the character to be elected. so Senator, where do when we're talking, The senator RON, Johnson from Wisconsin, you know we're looking at the balance of the Senate and it could go either way. What I mean if the river blackens lose the Senate. if we lose the present, see em said it. First of all, members will ever be uncovered. It'll be buried for all time, but even worse net, when they will never give up power this. Is such a rapid bunch in the sandwich pursue eliminated once I feel about you pass every bill, I'm Ale seem very sanders wish list stop there. They will Packer speak by adding judges. Prowess drop of thirteen we get someone bought March, the good of fifty. They will pass the circuit court. So all these judges we ve been able to
now many confirm Amicia court now I'll be for not because you just those courts put in more usual of activists. Then of course there actually do so you were sent your turn. These evil turn for reporting estate for reliable Democrats and how we might used are breaking up the California they will. Then, of course we will both electoral college, so that states like mine, we'll try, be viable countrymen, comes camping, will never see. Present candid because presents present canvas will only austrian dicks and we will be ruled by big Democrats stage with big democratic control, Then they will never relinquish power and we know how radical they are this. This is truly What about freedom and liberty, verses? circus in the rioters, it will tell us what do you think Telstra Daddy's, the profound choice, America House, going about today and in the fact that the press is giving all
covered. Joe Biden and the corruption of the buying family is just the scandal unit himself one. I did a three part special about a month ago on the election integrity project. It wished Joe Biden role in these war games was played by John Podesta? You know bill Crystal Bird. Participated in this was terrifying when you read what they printed, not this, not a conspiracy, what they themselves printed about each scenario and how it turned out The last scenario they wore game was a Donald Trump Landslide, where they change the outcome through the court system they needed to make sure that there are millions of people on the streets and then they would hold leave the president hostage,
and say we're not playing your game? You have to give us certain things and they even talked about encouraging secession from California and the and what they Old cascade ia, it sounds so crazy, but it is their own words, and they are proud of it. There not the shy about it. As the chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, When you look at the kinds of things homeland security or they prepare ring and do they know about these things. We are crystal Ray our committee, we were assured acting sector, will support from our committee you're talking about these rights. It drives me nuts. I'm is quite obvious. Driving these rights. Yet my ranking members Centre Peters. I talk about. Why two, I don't think it's wasted premises, it may be involved in some, small fashion, but these rising pizza run by Antifa and by the way mattered
take a look at their website them taken doubting terms. What does actually stands for Ok, so you're exactly right me just look at what they actually say. you're, pretty order. The videos on the website now terms these annexes in riders in St Determine revolution, can I posted a trench rally in danger on Saturday is ill. I know pressing trump, no people they rallied love this country, we love it We know how great is which try to make a greater the people on the left. They were Fatima fundamentally transform it didn't you do really love or even like something that you want to fundamentally transform and accurately. to do so again. This is this: is a new credibly, serious moment our history aimed to Spain? All your listeners go out and vote for a republic, consent in the top right. We need to at least retained but we have to realise present drop what happened. We recognise America six months, you have now we're not been recognised and again, the left will never relinquish. Power
real change. Every rule they violate every president every norm, three in power. That is how radical democrat parties become This is from news. Weak magazine over two hundred protests are already planned by the left and they are. They are winding these groups up and making sure that they mobilise and I'm quoting in every corner of this country, to make sure The voters have the last word in November. These are, groups that have are all progressive, leftist and marxist, and they have tied themselves together too protest and they are ready to go right now. They are also in the election integrity project. Documentation talking How the right and these NEO Nazis are gonna play a role
it's really important that the government is looking into these groups, especially the election integrity project and and noting that the the groups that they are saying are gonna cause problems like the white supremacist. Those are socialist group's that also want to overthrow the government because they're going to paint the average person that stance with Donald Trump. As one of these radicals. Well, you'll be the actors in the wider. The have westward you and pressing for companies be pressure. You know you can allow for peaceful transition borrowing. said. Well, it would have been nice if I would have had a peaceful transition, a power. Yes, that is what is so outrageous about. This. Is the Democrats, the press, the deep state it would not have been totally toward the deep state starts right blow.
properties amused is right. What service in its pervasive and show me these agencies? There was an effort from a day after your companion, but obviously was before them because of it, corrupt investigations. Donald Trump his campaign bright day at there's been a concerted effort to sabotage and undermines ministration in its never stopped, and I've got evidence of it from the standpoint that I cannot give the documents are. These agencies is like point people finally getting some from from the FBI. Thirteen days before the election will it later It's probably too late to have any impact on What, anyway, now this is the matter of the treat their three standards that the binding family, corruption, the corruption in the press to suppress? put suppression of enormous new story and then the corruption within these agencies, repression of information documents to a rational oversight request this. Is this a scam?
There is no doubt about it. That's why I ran two thousand tankers ice paragraph, Fourteen two thousand death. I'm war panic today, senator RON Johnson from Wisconsin. You can follow him at RON, Johnson, DOT, Senate DOT Gov. Thank you so much. and keep your headed and your wits about. You watch your back and keep your eye on the institution, thank you so much Thank you for all your great work in your pages into an older listeners. Thank you out your involve our list frankly for a second, you should have homes security. You know under normal circumstances, because break ins happen. These are normal circumstances and I highly highly recommend that you simply safe today. Civil unrest has been the currency of the realm for the past several months, and it's going to get worse. The day after, election. So
invest in simply safe, near investing in peace of mind. Your investing of state of the art technology that super sleek super effective round the clock, monitoring, that's gonna cost fifty cents a day, no contracting Cancel at any time, this will help Sleep a little easier knowing that you're home your stuff and most of all your family is protected right now. Is it simply say back dotcom, simply say back dotcom get free security, camera plus a sixty day risk free trial with any new systems, order, nothing Go there today, simply safe back dot com. Ten second state daddy I wanna play some a couple of a couple of cuts from really Giuliani interview that I did with him last night on blaze, tv
were a couple of things that were breaking news. I asked him point blank it would their evidence of money laundering. any of these emails. Listen is their evidence that there is evidence that money was being taken by Joe Biden that job I knew about this issue, more than one but I'll tell you early the dock. Meant that as a former prosecutor, would blow up to the jury, And say this explains the whole thirty year by Bruce steam. Ok, that's Biden. Families been involved in that I've been pointing out for a year and a half right. So None of this is the price to me, except it's more money than I thought it was. the idea that this goes back thirty years. I think I said that I, but it looks like
This is this. Is this is a blow watching blaze tumbling off the computer? You can see. This is a text message as opposed to an email it's amazing eczema, listen to them, DR area Jew, It says that I message. I could go to. I love all of you, but I dont receive any respect and that's fine. I guess he is. talking to either one of this siblings, or maybe his daughter, I love all of you, but I dont receive any respect and that's fine. I guess works for you. Apparently a ball of you can do what I did and pay for everything for this entire family for thirty years, it's really hard, but worry. Unlike pop, I won't make you give me, have your shower while What we're talking about here is that he was a bag man. took over furs for his uncle James who, in the early days, was the bag man when they were small time. Drifters means Genesis
majority Giuliani is exactly the guy because he's taken down crime families before This time I heard him call d by means a crime family. Last night there are millions of dollars and the reason why this matters to you because we now have more breaking news hunter binds partner. That was doing that deals with them, and China has the cop of those emails himself that he saved and He is now seeing all this in realising the people are being lost two in this- can't stand he's a Democrat by the way, and it shows that China, Ten million dollars or ten we assume its million ten million dollars, was poor, after the side for the big guy Joe I he verified today is the big guy it matter.
because if you have a guy who's being paid, millions of dollars under the table lies to you about. It says that China is in no not really there just a competitive there, a friend and you have another guy who's. Fighting for your jobs in standing the line against China, but why do you the guy who is taking money from China, is stand for your job here in Amerika. Is the Glen Back Programme in animal ass. One eight do through three: four W W w dot animal, less consumer access, dot, Org, twenty twenty, it's a pretty weird year. Would you say that still I mean Probably a tad can work to try to organise work is torn toil one's gonna, perfect, don't say that it's it's not good or evil is now. Is it time to make sure that you are in good shape financially. Why?
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I'm gonna blow. You see that calm, Slash, Glenn used the protocol, Glenn thirty bucks off the biggest savings I've ever seen and give place dvd com Slash Glenn. How confident is the left? The we're going to control the United States of America and the rest of the world tomorrow. There is a new issue of time magazine. The entire issue is dedicate to the great reset and let me just give you let me give you some of the headlines. A better economy is possible, but we need to re. Imagine capitalism to do it. Europe has big plans for a green new deal. Poland's coal country isn't so sure, corporations really want to address racial inequality. Here's what will make the difference,
redesigned capitalism doing corporate social values. They're going to fix the climate. All of this is about designing a very chinese kind of system of capitalism. In fact- just one. I just give you a couple of notes on this. Just so you have it in September. This is from the guy who's, the head of the World Economic Forum, my belief that a more virtuous capitalist system was possible. It was reaffirmed by the initiative from the forms International Business Council. They re. least stakeholder capitalism, metrics non financial metrics and disclosures that will be added to accompanies annual reporting in the next two to three years, making it possible to measure progress. What they're talking about is these are the measurements and the metrics. What is the gender pay gap in company acts? How many people of diverse backgrounds were hired and promoted what
progress. Is the company made towards reducing its greenhouse gas emissions? How much the company? Take in taxes globally, what did the company due to hire and in train employees? Did it a capitalism and make no mistake about it. It has nothing to do with the free market. It is capitalism that is run exactly the way its run in China, where its run through the government. You get it you're thing, but you gotta make what they tell you to make. You have to be responsible. You have to pay your fees to the government. There even saying that a! U dont worry about profits. First, shore shareholders can be involved, but you'd worry about profits. What you worry about is the social justice that your company can do it is a really is total real right of capitalism and freedom, total rewrite, and then
it is on the horizon. Coming to the world an America in January. make no mistake Biden and his allies are absolutely on board with this. It's come unless we win and we have some fighters in Congress and in the Senate and boy do we ever have some fighters And hopefully, a new one Burgess Owens, a former NFL Superbowl, championing congressional candidate in that Utah's. Fourth congressional district. They are saying it is the closest race in the country, welcome Burgess Owens. How are you doing? talk we began pursuer and you're gonna get your statement will quickly about these pulses, We imagine? There's always from people imagine from the first place that no build anything but gas from there the golden tower. They always could feel they can do it much better than those to go out and taking a risk figure things out failed and get back up against us,
We up against those who were will understand what is going to make it happen and preserve beginning some Burgess. What are you hearing from people that you talk to? What is the mood in water, water people? Do you believe going to vote for in the end, do they understand what's really at stake Well, you did your Glenn, I ass. I guess one world it locked in his eye. I have so much space the american people, just as I do in the paper. In the end, you times we by a natural instinct, our dna, but that their houses drift towards light has been out without twenty four year. History I see as I look back in our history, that we ve always been a council meeting. We'll just because about foundation to their christian values and that they better stop suddenly and because you have a certain people who say that he doesn't exist, so I truly believe that this coming November, I went out what it does at all that we have a president to take us the next four years,
to show up a gear? What american leaders it was like when you have a house and aesthetic with more backbone, though I shall be due to push pushed a process boarding. and I be able to replicate what he's doing so Disguised again, I also don't worry about the poles. This listing like an urgently what what are we gonna do? How did we come through? What caused the top? We always just one. Maybe some of the data have once again so you're in the fourth district, which has a lot of Republicans in there, but also has a lot of independence and men moderates people who can There are themselves moderate, the guy. That you're running against is trying to appeal to e saying he's a moderate Democrat. But there is no such thing as a moderate Democrat anymore. You you're not allowed in no, no blowsy have our best as do the dictator, for no you don't They are being moderate. You come here to vote for her in the eighty five percent above began to fall below the people who voted for in peace, Madonna,
look. I Tom was Goin Berber. Well he's a high percentage of rating by plan. Parenthood That is not the sort of moderation. So when I was with what I see the thing clan this last, you really tough for once. But what we do with tentatively top will be nine eleven of Pearl harbor. We can't we come together we cannot come a little that'll afternoon sail them. green sailed. We normally have. We still have a conversation across the board thought it would happen, Democrats within the tenants. Welsh Republicans talking, about things that we might not have talked about a couple years ago, how Also came the losing our freedom Mccain's out. A business is going to force about paid to take our kids school. Those things across the board are concerned, and I think the american people will have at this very moment it was realised that we cannot go towards this darkness that a democratic party offers. So in this case here
I went down what I'm up one point, but I have with these these deal a really good ground game. Here we live excitement and somebody was Burgess for you There are those who want to support it as well but they are in the course of the next next week, but I feel verbal good doctor you time to rest in our country well in a base will help because I'll come back in the right direction. Let me ask you a final question here: Burgess tonight. The president is this: facing a debate as as somebody who has, lived a long life of of. Oh, you know, through the nineteen sixties and through the civil rights movement in and now with black lives matter and everything else there, sir, seems to be a movement. I mean when you get fifty cent coming out in saying he's voting for Donald Trump and you see the poles of African Americans is this.
Is this movement this walk away from the democratic party? Is this real Israel Whale is genuine and achievable. happens when America look at what what color we are without background. We love the idea of freedom of opportunity, and we had a chance to do. We have a window time were miracles, crossed aboard the laws and applause, history accountable black, the Spanish may Asians women teams, those cut it, does even though the most come aboard and what we feel it. Never go back to the dark. So, yes, we will win, coming aboard. I think the black community read what make our nation proud, as we saw boy the base of always been intrinsic within us with Valley We do not want to stay on his plantation any longer in any way. Walk to the airport to see the Maga hats for Black Americans cross the boards, and it says that this is the real deal and it scares the left to death so get ready for some good. Some good news. I just want people to remember- have faith in american people. That's what it comes down to
the balls, the american people always come through the right time. At the right reasons and it was evident that done this this November Burgess I e you'd be one candidate, I'd love to endorse, but I dont, because I'm the kiss of death and Ike Herring money. I endorse they always lose. They always lose your first year of about. One word about banks allowed verges. Irish God bless that's Burgess Owens! You can find his website Burgess for Utah Dotcom. A lot of money from the left is being shovelled in this into the sea to expand the democratic arm. I came I mean I I mean how to if you want to endorse him right there we were gonna cut your MIKE nine just so you know I learn as long as the air we gotta guns dead air for electronic gonna. Do it, I'm not gonna do. In fact I want to make it very clear. I'd ever endorse Donald Trump, never know now, never there's no more, since leaving out the universe in some sort of weird Glenn Back Anti Glenda Karma, I'm a guy
Stem cells are what arrogance If it is, it's amazing that somebody can claim to be a moderate Democrat today, and people will believe it when Chuck humor came out, and had a talking to define Stein way? and she came out earlier and said you know that was one of the best hearings we have had for confirmation, very long time. It was really well done. She was punished for slipping into honesty. Go head play it for me, please a rapid growth in our prisons- and I find early in the year is made with criticism- is genuinely to make any changes to the Judiciary Committee in serious talk with Senator Feinstein. That's all I'm going to say about it right now. I've had a long and see I took her out to the woodshed. Let's, basically, what happened? You cannot disagree with these people.
This is a woman in her eighties who's been serving forever and who is a eye of progressive leftist from the go and will not, though I'm sure for Amy Coney Barrett. However, just the fact that she said it was a decent hearing and gave a hug to Linsey Gram she's now in the out, it's incredible It did there can't be amount, even if you are moderate, you can't you to hand this guy run against Burgess Euro. One of our modern any Democrat that says that there are moderate you can to believe them down there. They are not the moderates the day, look rats aren't even in control of their own party anymore need is the progressive hard. Grass. If left away this works is, would have tuner nineteen seats in house right now, so they have a nice. They have got a cushion. So when there something that looks good to conservatives. What Nancy says is: ok, Mc Adams, this time you can
can vote against it. So he'll have a slightly lower percentage. Eighty five percent. He only votes with Nancy policy. Eighty five percent of the time. Why? Because this is a set up trying to manipulate voters and when they know they dont need the vote? They see age who these purple districts you vote against this time it is like, ran Paul used to do over, not Rand, run Paul used to do in a drawer used to drive me crazy and to be clear, ran, doesn't do this, but but wrong did he would put his pork for his district. into bills that he would vote against any new. He knew they were being pat. They were going to pass so he would put his pork in there and then he vote against it in that way could say I vote against spill able had too much money. I voted against my own district, but it was sport in there? The only one is doing that. I know it. I know it does happen here, but you remember
back to like the Freedom caucus when they were doing a lot of stuff, they were actually stopping and changing bills right, they would And so you don't have the vote without us and here's what we wanted this bill right, that's not the A moderate Democrats operate, they vote with. Nancy Pelosi they vote with Chuck humor and when they have a little bit a wiggle room when they got a few extra votes big day dole, those votes out so that they can try to fight people in Utah off. If the voting for Democrats, if you are on board when they let you hang and dry, If you, if you play ball with them, the rest of the time they will allow you to voting Instead, when they know they have the votes, but if you don't if you're, not on board with a mere like, you know, Nancy. I think this is wrong. What you're doing you're done? You're done, We had his, it is knowledge shove shoot. You are.
Deeply in the shove. Do you want this to continue to go any further and give these people any more power because there's only one more s laughed. our sponsor. Hopefully. Hopefully you are somebody who now looks and says I am not going to back these companies when can you know it's it's. I think it's unreasonable to ass, most parents to boycott Disney cause. Your kid say: I wanna go to Disney, but can't afford it kid Scottish darn it I wish we could. Even Verizon is a company that you can get away from and I urge you to do this, so you can send a message there is there? Is power in numbers? Send the message? Can you hear me now Verizon because what Verizon is doing is taking some of their profits, which they have a right to do and in the planned parenthood. Give it to you, no anti. Second, amendment stuff there
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mobile dot com, slash back! That's patriot, mobile dot com, slash back the Earl TAT Glenn back resident Trump's economic plan looks at lowering the tap the top capital gains rate to fifteen percent, which would allow people to invest more of their more of their money in the economy if anyone knows how to fix the economy. I think it would be Donald Trump, as he has fixed it last time, I ate. I hope the american people haven't forgotten that, but maybe they have because all you see on television is A bad things are We are recovering and it's going better than all of the predictions. The is it the GDP? He groaned, I wasn't gdp growth, it was said
to be point: nine percent- and it came out to be one point, seven or one point. Nine percent so is a full over a full point. over what the predictions were and we we are Moving forward now can Donald Trump make that case tonight that is the real issue. Tonight, is his night to actually change minds and I hope that he doesn't get stuck in. Just the email and the Biden scandal he's got to bring it up, but he had to bring it up in a way where it is a understandable and can now did to the economy and that who do, you believe, will protect jobs, your job from growth, going to China, the guy, evidence now shows is taking millions of dollars from the chinese communist
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Here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment when back programme. Well, I've been wondering if there are closeted trump supporters, because it's a high cost people pay. If they come out and say that they are a trump supporter, well. I think I can do one better. The guy who was anti Trust, then became antigay both of them trump and by then became and Biden is now kind of kind of with a miserable feeling, but he's in the cow pro trump. Why
He is an author mathematician political commentator. He is a guy. I really really respect for his bravery. Doktor James Lindsey he's coming up to tell us what this election really means in sixty seconds is a gleam back you're one of the millions of Americans who deal with frequent and sometimes debilitating pain in your everyday life? Let me ask you: what are you doing to manage it you trot. You probably like me, tried a whole bunch of different things, only to find that they didn't work or they didn't really kill you're, paying that just didn't make a care so much about it, and that media he'll drug doubt all day they used to be in the same spot. My wife dragged me out of it by my ear and basically made me: try relief, I didn't think it would work. I mean like you, I'm sitting there listen into some blowhard like me. Are you really factor yeah right? I do
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I think, he's an agnostic. so I dont know if he prayed, but if he was a praying, man would be one of those days. You're like pleased your Lord, don't ever have me on the Glen Back Programme, talking about it on old, tromp inner that I'm gonna vote for him welcome program James, how area get the target is it? Is it regularly I mean it is I'm a man of integrity? I hope so you are. I say what I think yeah they would. I believe I I have been so impressed with with you and your friends that who had been willing. You know you know when it's. When you're doing something that you believe in when it's something you really don't want to do, but you're, just like I gotta do it and you have been that guy ever since, ever since I've known you, you are the author of cynical theories. The coat a co founder of new discourses and
You just put a podcast out where you explained why you're in this position now, can you go through that. Yeah a lot of people don't understand, what's happening with the election that we have right now. They think it is a choice between Donald Trump and Joe Biden and at the surface level, of course, it is were voting for each candidate to the dual put into the office of President, but that what we really have going on, because we have in Donald Trump, a man who's going to govern, as we have seen the way that he feel like he's going to govern, and we haven't oh baby, a man. captured by a movement that wants to tear apart the american society at its very foundation people think that Donald is the cause of chaos and in some ways he is I mean he is he I think he likes chaos. I think he operates best in chaos, at least in his mind, the press,
is always rewarded him for saying crazy things in the past, and so now is just part of his life. Now they hate it, but how he says things and has in one of the things that really concerned me in twenty sixteen and really up until Cove. It is I this guy, you know being a ceo, was not going to be. The guys is now. We can't do that. The constitution doesn't allow me to do that I thought he would act on his instincts if they were real problems here fought all of that authoritarian, not only maybe an instinct in him or a ceo in Sync instinct, but the press and the left were calling for him to take control of companies and take control of states, and he rejected it. Did you see that one coming No, I didn't his. His rhetoric is very often kind of authoritarian and it has been something that a lot of people have been duly concerned about. For the last day of three
and a half years, and it seemed like the kind of thing that would happen, and it didn't happen. The evidence doesn't pointer direction, so it was quite surprising to beyond in and you I think this is one of the things are really concerned about cause you're. You are a liberal, but a classic liberal you're. Seeing things now I mean I am terrified: of the left, not necessarily of Democrats like my democratic neighbours, but I the left and those who want power so badly they'll do anything to get it. I think These guys are free, a frightening because look what they didn't. Cheap are not Nancy policy. A Diane Feinstein all she said was this hearing was really good and productive, and it was one of the best Supreme Court hearings we ve had in a long time Humor said I have, as I had a sit down with her because the left was
ending that she be disciplined for, saying that it was a good hearing. They are completely off the rails and that's what people kind of me to understand. Is that what I said at the beginning that this is an electron between Donald Trump and then a movement as controlling Joe Biden. The movement is the one that wants to sit down and talk to people their own mind I don't know how many of you earlier listeners or how familiar you are with the Evergreen Stay college. Why more than college melted down. Yet two thousand seventeen see Joe Biden as third, the George Bridges Character, George bridges with the president of ever green. He was not woke, he did not come commented woke president to run the college, came in ass, a guy? was going to be a permissive too. The radicals and in particular a couple of faculty members and a contingent of students that were a small minority of the college and that's what it takes because people don't know how they operate
The reality operates by taking over administrative bureaucracies. What a lot of your listeners will help Ministry of State, that's where they will work their way in the question is: do you have a guy in office whose fighting it trumped has put out the executive order against critical race theory or have a guy in office was going to eat a permitted or put the accelerated floor like a talk about your podcast by is not going to be permissive other using going to put deplore Talking about wanting to add justices of the Supreme Court had feet. I think he said something about it today or CNN, reintroduce the the articles coming out on the left. Talking about wanting to abolish the constitution. We are abolished. The police abolish all the things we don't like now abolish the constitution, and this cannot stand this The question is: are we going to fill our administrative state with people Who are going to make this the policy they're gonna twist the word so that the law
laws are less relevant or that are interpreted in different ways bill. Corporate are our constitution in new ways. The so called living constitution on steroids not just a matter of jurisprudence, but rather on There are always like literally reinterpreting the whole thing when they give you a quick example. The fourth amendment attacks against searches, eager property, well few mainline imperative a narrative. We live on stolen land. The fourth amendment doesn't protect against the surgeon feature of stolen property So if we live on stolen land and everything was made out of stolen labour from slavery and those are the main narratives all of a sudden, the fourth member protects you against nothing, and so you don't have to change. Institutionally owing to abolish the constitution and if we fill our administrative state with people who think this way. Who, power and want to exercise power in this way. actually matter where the president has it doesn't matter who the legislators are. It doesn't matter any of that that's
they're going to operate at that level of administrative policy that mostly on account what about her? talking to James Lindsey. The author of the book that I highly recommend cynical theories about, but how he has gone from, never vote for a Republican, never vote for Donald Trump too. Now I must vote for Donald Trump thee. the press has gone wrong, really truly over the edge they have. They have looked into the abyss and jumped they are now talking about, answering anything that they disagree with they, the evidence now on these emails that are coming out against Joe Biden. That shows that he is absolutely corrupt.
They were being verified, left and right there more eager emails that are matching at one of the guys who was the ceo of the Hunter Biden Company that did the email or was on the email chain did the deal in China, he's come out today and said this. This gotta stop! Yes, that deal was done in Joe Biden is a guy and they are not talking about it at all. Theirs. I mean there's no chance of getting the truth anymore from the media. If you look even at the critical re theory executive order, we saw that immediately They came out just person after person after person. after our way. There's still doing it saying that president has banned diversity, training or land racial
but every training will those relies. He did not, and if you read the executive order, he didn't even technically ban critical race theory. He banned the device of things a critical Reese theory does and he banned the teaching of it. As fact he says in fact, in the executive order, it says you can teach it in the sense that you might teacher comparative religions Class reads a christian We believe this is some believe that Israel, what religion, belief, category theory believe this: You can teach it that way with. You know the other people believe differently, but you can't teacher as fast. And you can't put especially in administrative trainings and the federal government or contractors are education and they came out. just lied about it, and you talk about censorship. You had the british member. Parliaments can be the other day spoke up and said. The could. Of course, there divisive and Facebook and Twitter started immediately centre, her speech and so on. This is very weird. This is very, not
liberal in the sense of what our constitution has an error that Britain, but nevertheless Facebook is not a british company This is very not liberal in the sense of what our constitution about free speech free thought, free religion. All of these things very learning, and this is the movement that is controlling the demo. Party. It is my belief that there has been a largely effective and a velvet coup silent two of the Democratic Party that turned it completely in the control of this movement. In that's what we're going to be electing. If we like Joe Biden, I can't do it do. You have friends that are waking. I mean you just have to be a pariah with your old circle of friends me. You know when I say friends, I don't mean good friends but I mean, are you? Are you sing anybody else? Waking up is this. Is this
censorship being done by twitter and and and Google and Facebook is, is any This playing a role with your friends: do they see wait a minute? Wait, a minute this this way out of control. First, I will tell you that we can include good friends. I've got them torone under the bought by good friends and family members as a matter of fact for this, but that said I mean written out of their lives, and so that's it though there are people waking up and as a matter of fact, I'm being told that the gas to about about why? I said the top Biden has not the room. Where were where it sits Biden that matters movement, the controls by the predominant discourses yesterday the people of Albania This is having an amazing him back. The people are seen at this time. Ship that these willingness of the willing at the expressed willingness to change the fundamental structure of our government and to hold the constitution,
we contempt that scare people even more than the riots in the excuse, not even the riots. Okay, so as excuses that were made for the riot really have scared people our main media, many even was ringing in democratic politicians, picking up saying There are reasons these riots, it's our societies, these walls, behaviors all summer work justified much named. The third reason is racism and say, as a public health threat, that we now have to treat like it. The pandemic damning people are actually horrified by the, though I'm seeing kind of three kinds of responses so far. One is that people are very happy that those lines right. One is that people are mortified and are hoping that I'll, reconsider and reaching out to me vigorously and one is that people are being quite nasty with me, but then in the kind, the coroner am also hearing a bit of arrest
where the amount really what people think thank you you make me feel like I'm, not crazy, and I can breathe by humans a brief than what I know I have to do. It's a tough tough. decision. I have somebody very close in my life, who said never ever ever ever ever vote for him ever and had a conversation with them recently and said I understand, but, and they not me and said: oh no, I'm there by voting for him, wait what they see it, they see it. If you're willing to open your eyes, you see what we are really facing, James? I right eye, from the first time we met and- and we we talked I found you to be an honest broker that was willing to listen and have their mind changed. If
could present a good case and think I struck you as the same kind of person. things that I do and believe I dont want to believe cause. It's not fun, but I do and that is a person of integrity and- and I I can't thank you- enough for not only having the integrity but the courage to then make it so clear to so many others. Thank you. Thank you. I agree. Ben His website is new discourses. Dotcom make sure you listen to the podcast stew, let's tweet tweeted out and facebook it in what sense Let's send out his podcast from yesterday, because it is it's gone viral and he is a very, very logic as a mathematician he's very logical, aright rhetoric If you are a fan of sleek, if Durham let turns your dials to eleven if
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Hey you know we, this is, this is getting out of control and he's a liberal he's never voted for a Republican, He understands cause he's in academia, he understands what's really being taught, and everyone thought about that. About the fourth amendment when heat what he was talking about, but that's that's, who you're getting That's who you're getting that's what we're going to be up against tomorrow. have to talk to you. If I have time the new time magazine, this new edition is all about the great reset and I'm should you do your homework on the great reset go to the World economic forum? Actually read it pick up. This addition of time, magazine of actually printed anymore. And bend to a store, because You know the cove id
it's so it I'm afraid I'll get leprosy with my covered, so I don't go around anyone leper covet, it's terrible. You ve heard it. Finally, I am your lungs just come right out. You're, no as anyway, it's all about the great reset. It's a whole issue and raising I'm hoping that in their arrogance are shooting themselves in the foot, because. before this election, if people understand what they are talking about, Sir they're, not gonna Gulf agent, my hope, I don't think you're gonna go for it. At least they waited till after Obama, one to say we're all socialist now just announcing it beforehand there that confidence to standardize it's a total redesign of capitalism, where all the we're all of the states. You know like the United States of the states of America, the government get to dictate to companies.
what they really have to make and the social goals that they need to make a meat. Oh, it's gonna, be great fun be grateful, sounds like a la yeah and why we have the debate coverage and I got there don't forget if Europe, if Europe plays TV subscriber already you'll get it for free. If you haven't subscribe, boy joined the team, we have all of the place people on tonight. We're gonna have to coverage pre coverage with stew and then right after the debate. I am anchoring our coverage for the blaze tv debate analysis tonight. Proudly you really don't want to miss that by the way you ll save thirty percent. If you go to blaze, TB, Dotcom, Slash, Glenn and use a promo code. Glenn are at our sponsor this half hour, gold line
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she's, Kirsten. Well, here's what sir the crowd put together. Just still some of the highlights of how much she loves Donald Trump. When Donald speaks directly to people. He does better and so this is why I think this example of Christian Walker so important, because can see the actual interaction that takes place when Donald Europe is answering the question, and then we will show you how she surmised him addressing the question after that, yeah. You know internment yeah, there's a first who I seem rather unfortunate, that this is a world, but the world's always been a dangerous place, cool collected. It are not usually that gives you would use to describe Donald Trump. That's just happens to be one of them. What asked about this exchange this is how she told her partners and media the present responded. I asked the prince.
and if he was rattled, but by all of this he said of course, but he also expressed his gratitude. He said no, no, no, that's the exact opposite of what he said. Activate think she is it's gotta be interesting. It's gotta be interesting to see how bad the debate will go with moderator like this, but I'm free. that Donald Trump just hits it out of the ball park to take as if he does. I think he can turn this election around its his last known, big opportunity to move the electorate and so to huge night. What is he? How would you, if you're up there on stage bring up the under Biden situation. Do you address it? How do you do it? So I would whatever the question is: are you know all these people died? You know because the corona virus near a tyrant
interesting. I like to answer that now. I will later, but I really think what's important to the american people right now, our jobs their future. That's why compare old to ask Joe Biden about the overwhelming evidence now that is coming out from the Wall Street Journal, the New York Post including his sons own CEO, that helped do a deal with China, and paid apparently Joe Biden ten million dollars to be held by his son and here's my question Joe. How can the american people trust that you will protect them from the biggest rob thief? of the world. China all these jobs in the past have gone to China. You said they would never come back. I see
China is an economic threat to us. I brought jobs back I've actually stood up to the Chinese. How do you stand up? for jobs or really anything that they say when you ve taken ten million dollars. So I saw a sort of a pivot get to the point. However, you can and then, but but broaden it too. Focused on the american people, rather than just sort of a back and for you have, the president has to focus on what people are focused on, and that is I am concerned that things are unstable. Its chaos and am I gonna have a job am I have a job. Are we gonna get through this so they ask about covered the merit. People know we're gonna get through this and we're gonna do it safely and effectively, and we have things in the blind now, there's already ten million doses than her off the line and ready to go from Pfizer will know in a couple of weeks. If that is the cure, but we'll be there, but though
Can people really what they're saying on Cove it is? Can we go back to normal. Well, we can't go back to normal Joe Biden is in charge. And he says: I'm I'm not taking money from China, but the facts show he is taking money from millions of dollars and the only reason why this matters his poor son, I feel horrible for his son The only reason why this matters is because you cannot at this time have a president. who is taking money from China, What would you have said about whew Hon, would Joe Biden do when he's the guy who said he's a xenophobe in a racist when I shut down travel from China he's taking money from China. Do you think dis his masters, how bout would it have been with a bag, man and China,
to the other thing about. All of this is. They hold information on him right. anywhere seeing these emails now, obviously- the chinese government has, information on bite in those compromising it's gotta, be much worse. It's gotta be much worse. And just as if we have is pretty compromising and the fat that they are, they can hold that over the head of the President of the United States, its all the things you said this before million times when it's all the things they accuse, Donald Trump up, he's got. You owes money to rush on. Therefore, that's why Russia's holding it over his head. While we look it now, we have been of apparently the tax returns from the New York Times. We have the mother investigation of all these things that show that he did not business with the with the russian government and and all those things that were, he was accused for multiple years I don't know how I dont that's not at this not the way you want your country to go. If you have a
it is that is in jeopardy of having information that is compromising released by authorities of other nations Manila. But they were worried about supposedly with steel dossier. I had here it is coming off hunters on laptop. Do it is why you- and I said from the get go if Donald Trump did any of these things there accusing him off I'll stand with the Democrats to impeach him now can't have a precedent that is compromised. You can't and honestly I feel I feel awful for his son. Because if you read those emails, the emails between Hunter and his dad Joe he's he's been, sickly begging to make this stop add make this stop He is the bag man for the money. He is the Fredo of the family,
and he is so screwed up in so much trouble and in such bad, mental health and screwed up with drugs and everything else, this is where you treat your son dad. If that's what you will do to your son, what would you do to my son? What would he too horrible for you to do to my family if this What you do to your family for power and money? the only thing I just I hope he does tonight for the this time would to denounce white supremacy don't they ever John is a network of he's scared of doing because he's, obviously the head of the cake acre. Well, when you see him put his arms and underneath you know his hands on her knees, armpits any flaps is his hands like a chicken. You will know that is the secret chick
code of the class really yeah isn't it. I didn't know that yeah he's did a whole showed this week on and they will do some of this tomorrow on just how the whole accusation away said: Bell Buedir good people on both sides, white supremacy. We went through all the what's all the stuff from that Time- it is so infuriating that, still to this day, we're gonna spend ten or fear. Ten percent of this debate talking about whether Donald Trump will denounce white supremacy for the eleventh freely. It's time I can't Take it anymore. It will be interesting. It will really be interesting to see if they actually do talk about foreign policy really has been touched. There hasn't been too and you have, and you have all of the success in the Middle EAST. You have NATO actually paying its fair share again:
you have ISIS gone ISIS gone, you have the ran deal done, and you have the breaking news yesterday that a ran from the FBI Cnn did not cover this the F B, I held a press conference and said O ran and Russia are of directing our election right now. We have evidence that they are pushing out emails, posing as the pie boys and sending them to democratic voters, trying to get them all keyed up that these racist, proud boys are common. Yet you- and it was all from ran down here talk about that
questions about the proud boys not about that, but about how supposedly racist Donald Trump is the maize and shouting agonizing that's tonight, and we cover all of this still show out, is an hour earlier I'll, be on his show and will give you the preview. Then we have the actual debate on blaze, tv, then the womb, after show show that you don't have as yet place tv dot com, Slash Glenn. If he's a promo code Glenn they have the big up to the election. The biggest this kind of ever seeing them give thirty bucks off the annual subscription please tv, dotcom such gone protocol is glad there is strength in numbers and power in the truth. Join us at plays TV are. making timeshare makes sense. Is a job really for economist really is, and you know the type and the Agnes of having to pay the maintenance fee every year for the place you barely get to use. This case, did you even use lotta cases you dont want to use its madness
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This is the Glenda programme. U S: jobless claims fell last week to seven hundred and eighty seven thousand That is the lowest since March. Now, if you were you, You know a decent moderator, you would say President Trump, U s: jobless claims fell seven hundred and eighty seven thousand last week. Those are the lowest level since March. It looks like the economy is starting to come back, but a lot of you bullets not coming back soon enough. What would you do to accelerate that end, providing the same question to you. Why Would the Americans change stream in the middle of the river with a guy, who has brought us lowest unemployment, but now? It seems to be in the tank because, of course, a virus. Will why would you What do you have up your sleeve that press,
Obama you didn't do back then, trumped answer to that question is, is all about look at the look at where we were and look at the trajectory right when Biden is going to say the way you solve the economic problems tied to the corona virus is to solve the current of ours. And he's gonna say Trump didn't do that. Well,. the real we know. If you want to talk about an actual long longer term solution, it would be developing treatments and vaccines and such to actually get rid of it and tat. Was done, massive things on that front. The fact that we're we're going to have the first, this vaccine turnaround in globe history here and prompt and in his plan, is had law has a lot to do with that, his his plan, without forcing companies to do it. I mean that The incredible thing it hidden you didn't have to turn into a fascist dick to really get the same. Wanted him to. Why won't you just forces, because I can call them and ask them they love their country. They'll do it. I mean it.
It's really It's really sick and we'll be there to tell you what to watch for then the debate and then are after debate, analysis with the whole team. Here at the blaze hosted by me. That's tonight only on blaze, tv dot, com, Slash, Glenn, Promo, Glenn save thirty bucks, Glenn Back programme
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