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Trump’s 'Hardest Decision' to Kill a Terrorist WASN’T Hard | 10/28/19

2019-10-28 | 🔗
Trump just announced the death of ISIS mastermind Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. And the contrast between Trump’s strength and Obama’s hesitancy to kill Osama bin Laden could not be more apparent. Glenn the “hip-hop master” gets jiggy with the freshest in rap news: Rapper YG shoved a fan offstage for refusing to yell “F*** Donald Trump,” and Kanye West is surprisingly the new voice of reason with his new album, “Jesus Is King.” While the crowd at a World Series game chanted “Lock him up!” to Trump, the media has been predicting “the beginning of the end” since before he took office. And in some 2020 news, Joe Biden is less popular than Bernie, Beto would allow AR-15s at hunting clubs, and Buttigieg may actually have a chance.

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Thank you and is complete. Surprise and I knew about it may rise to meet all I know about it in advance. I know you didn't ya. Did you really yeah? I was even in the video yeah. That's right, you're That's great nation yeah. Well, it was. It was a real surprise. Five second is inaugural Bonn. Hopper award, which will be giving to people that are much better than me and taken a future. So you're like the physical. First episode of a series of the head like a really low budget, the others this is this is this is like the pilot. You know where they like, ok, except for the main actor I like it, Rifle will buy it change here. Are we had a great shout coming out, including
We had to have been the hardest decision of Donald Trump Life hard this year's fact? You re I've known you five hundred years next,
the fusion attainment in right. Now, you know it's! No it's so sad is Donald Trump had to make the hardest decision in the last five hundred years, while I'm I've just assuming it, he had said it was, but I remembered when, when Veronica Burma had to decide whether or not he should kill or take out o sum up in London, he was the hardest decision of his life. It was it was the hardest decision of five hundred years and remember he played cards upstairs. He couldn't even he couldn't even stand to be in this situation room except for a few minutes when they took a picture of him sitting the back on the couch with his hands over his eyes were I'm sure it was exactly the same with Donald Trump, as we took out Alba daddy either that or was the complete opposite. You decide in one minute s. Is there
program sought or about you, but it's not every day you survive getting hit by Van, that's what happened with Joseph in New Jersey. One days is crossing the street in New York City and a van hit him it was rushed to the hospital and the heap lucky to make it with this one I'm getting hit by a van in the streets of New York. It's so orderly! survival doesn't always come with guaranteed recovery. In four years, afterward Joseph had trouble doing yard work playing with his kids because he had so much pain then one day you heard about relief factor and miracle of miracles. Within a few weeks, Joseph got his life back the pain he had been in ever since that day, where he was hit by that Van melted away.
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Do we have that picture? Can we put tat picture up yeah you do. I just I thought I'd just side. If if you get that and also the picture, I'd like see them side by side, the picture of Hillary Clinton as far as she was sitting. Remember it wasn't. Brok, Obama sitting at the centre of the table throughout Europe The side slumped over Colonel MC lean him back here, something tat he was in that he was. He was sitting on a couch like in the back I don't know what to do he's lying on a waterbed actually had put a water bottle of Katy Hill by so it was quite a different scene. Now I have you seen the picture of of down drama ass, pretty bad ass, the eyes sitting right in the centre there. It is sitting right in the centre. He is alert his shoulders squared. Notice, everybody's in everybody's, in a suit, unlike with with Barack Obama,
Oh, I think was in his pj's yet cropped up actually on. He was wearing a craft. Iguana waterbed environment recur movement of mesh crop top, which is a strange, choisya big operation. I so Barack Obama says it was the hardest decision that he had to make and Ben Joe Biden says hardest decision in five hundred year. Ah, what a hard decision was to get Osama Bin Laden the world's most wanted terrorists killed thousands of our citizens. De I invite him to to tea or gonna kill a modern via the decision making, and I don't know I don't know what we do. There's there's Bert Obama sitting in the back Hillary Clinton whither her hand over a mouth. Oh my god. What are you going to do this for baron? I look it's. Fascinating, I mean look these. These are these are picture they release right. They come from it house, so it's not necessary. Look. You couldn't
It's not necessarily exactly how these operations go. It's how the White House wants to two message them right and you look at that picture from the trouble administration. It's it's it's a message of strength, knowledge of of like we went in there and kick this guy's ass were glad he's dead, yet a message from the above and white houses. Oh my gosh. I can't believe we have to do such things. Oh my gosh. I don't know this is this is a terrible downside of our job that we have to get rid of these people who may gone down the wrong road, just listen to me. We just listen to that. If we can hit them with guns, therapy, we will do it. Then we could just get rid of all of the guns in the world and have rainbow ponies. Now it would be the best. It would be the path that we would that. Unfortunately, we have not gonna do the flower in the gun procedure. We were hoping for it's just that they have capitalism link just hate our capitalism, that's how they bremen
that's the messaging of a photo like that right now, Obama. It looked pensive, they look. I got mad gimblet. We have to do this. I guess we have two and that's kind of how they treaty, the decision to open they waited for what months I'm always was it was. I thought I was sick was six months for being a very long time. They had the information where they believed he was or use patient back and forth in the White House. I don't know what to do. I don't know my image of that night is not that sure my image of that night was him. Upstairs. Remember he was playing cards upstairs. He didn't even want to be in this situation. Room. The killing Osama Bin Laden. You have groups on the line, and you You were upstairs playing cards, IRAN, whose is gin can play on that for I've been there. That's insane and now look at the picture of of Donald Trump sitting there right
in the center sitting erect he's gotta pants. Right next to him pants look serious, focused every one in the room, looks like kill them. He had. No Romania, they look. Confident They look like they are concerned about our forces, but nobody two towering going I'll. There's none there zero that the pic. That's a picture that you send around the world that makes people say the this guy's we'll come get you you and you're the master of aesthetics on these things, like you notice looking at two pictures Europe cable level for the Donald Trump Picture, but that there are down essentially at you write that there's a way
If you look at the above a picture in its like that, it's a selfish angle, regular, get Dan really good point. Isn't that what is the different there? What do you know what the difference is when you know you, when you, when you're doing a movie for doing harm over you'll notice, Euro was looking up at the people, you're looking up a Jason Voorhees you're, looking up at Michael Myers, because they're looking down at Yucas there in the position of power dominance more the opposite is true. In the above a photo? You, like its mean, it looks like the selfish they inhabit a long selfie? Stick, towards a ceiling on its pointed down at you which looks good? to grow models. Necessarily the right angle when you're trying to project strength. Especially, I mean look whose head is the lowest in the picture, but that picture backup look whose head Is the lowest in that picture brought about is, the lowest he's like buried in the corner. Yeah he's in the corner looks like a little like a little weakling honestly, that's it that's.
Credible. They message this right at me like this. Is they could the picture of damage fascinated by this measure, but this is something that they choose to release. This isn't like. Ok, there happen to be rapporteur and their who got the shot. This is as you a photographer. Look, there's focus their all staring at you for in the trunk photo it. You know it is in intensity. So you know what look it look at Donald Trump head. It tat his head is the highest. If it wasn't that the other heads were coming closer right yeah. He is sitting the highest in there too, Look at the way he's just focused These are two incredible pictures that really say everything. Apps lately, everything you need to know about the two administrations and how they felt about killing terrorists, and so it
the story of their foreign policy right up, I mean you. The reason why I swelled exists is because of failures of the Morocco bomber approach. So yes, in no way. Yes, No, it is a failure. However, I don't think you really I don't think any of us know what the act rural policy was and still is, apparently of the democratic. Already and the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton We have in doing the research for this wednesdays special. We He stumbled upon a name that kind of popped up in Ukraine where, like waiting Why do we know that name I could remember so we went back into the files, but just you know, search for the name and a name popped up that we haven't seen since around two thousand ten,
it was when we were just finishing up at Fox and It was a name that was associated with several players, and I dont want to say too much because we want to make sure we have everything button down and then bring it to you We will tell you a little bit about it on this Wednesday show, but I'm telling you I said to my wife: she what what is it that you are working on- and I told her and I said honey- I think for the very first time I have found something that if it is. The policy still current lee- and I believe it is- I think it's unknowingly. I think it is. Each state. I mean it's just it was put into action, and it's just right. And it explains what They are truly doing in Ukraine
and I said honey I think if this is really on autopilot and it doesn't stop and people know about it, think I could fly the american flag anymore, it makes me so ashamed of what our country is doing. And nobody I'd. I think both sides, Republicans and Democrats when you hear what we have found. It will be so disgusted and Will, I hope- rise up and I hope the President will declassify something then stop it. But it is deep state. And what we're doing around the world- and it's not good. So when you see the little cowering pictures of the Obama administration that's not really who they are. That's not who they are
so the that's the face they put on, but it's much more accurate, see the little Hillary Clinton with her with her hand over her mouth at that moment, all MIKE. What are we doing? Oh, oh, no, It's much more accurate picture of Hillary Clinton when she found out that the Libyan the ambassador of the libyan President, MARC Adelphi? was dragged through the streets and killed beaten to death in the streets What she said we came. We saw he died. And then she laughed that is truly the Obama policy, and- he policy at the State Department today. And we will show that to you- and we begin this Wednesday in tune.
It's it's a part two of our chalkboard. This one is all right. What's happened sense How has the media spun this our people power people reacting to this? What are the updates When you see the work that we have done on the media, we Take that the five principles of journalism, five standards that you have to hit and we show you how they been dealing with what we had on the Chalk Board and what they're saying is happening, and we compare him too. The five standards there violating every single one and usually in every single story they do we'll show, up in about three or four we make sure you join is ablaze tv just go to, she prepared for the the Big River EL. The empire strikes back. If you will
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In a hurry, because this offer ends Thursday on Halloween October? Thirty, first, so text G Ellie an end to the number eight thousand seven hundred and twenty two to the number eighty, seven thousand two hundred and twenty two text, the word Glen. For more information and rules, go to protect and defend dotcom standard message and data rates do apply. We pause for ten seconds station. I d, let me ask you this: do you ever heard Barack Obama talk about how Osama Bin Laden cried and wept I don't even know if this is true, but what a bridge into play. This is here's Donald Trump. Over the weekend talking about how bag. Daddy died. What they ve done with the internet through recruiting and everything, and that's why he died like a dog? He died like a coward. He was well
bring screaming and crying and frankly I think it's something that should be brought out so that his followers and all of these young, Is it want to leave various countries? loading. The United States they should see how he died. He didn't die a hero. He died a coward crying whimperings, aiming and bringing three kids with him to die? I mean this. Is he's had some criticism over this from line from her wide for what worries actually right at me like this, has been pretty standard procedure for president's too. You tell us, you know you could hear George Bush saying those same thinking the same thing and different words right when he said all the time. These cowardly people, like it's a messaging thing to people who fall, these guys that they all looked brave when there you know their electrocuted prisoners and their burning people to death in their do their jobs, heads off and then what
was that of their life there pathetic mess of whimpering nonsense right, like that's the way these things end and they need to know it. So what is the? What what it? What was they concern always still human being in the press yard? Not a refined, Fang YA do and up- and this is the way he the language we use was not appropriate. For this moment he went to eat went out, died like a dog in a tunnel in a town. And taken three kids with him, absolute We what what was inappropriate about that I mean. How is that? Not cowardly, I ain't your enemy or murdering your children. I mean this is. What do you have troubles did for this is this is this is something I mean it's only the worst people on earth to do such things, and of course he was This is a guy who it's easy to say. I was a terrorist leader nuts, the guy who who masterminded
these social media approach of lighting people on fire in cages. Dipping each is into water and drowning people, electrocuted prisoners in owed decapitated people for you know four retreats. This is a guy who crucifying Christians, they won't even mention those people They won't even mention them. You know what they should have done. Is they should have looked at that and said died like a dog yeah. Well, maybe, but let's remember all of his: greatest hits and show the beheadings showed. The executions showed the drowning in water, the electric, the crews of fictions You have shown those. You have shown that this guy was responsible here, He is the reason the Nazareth Fund existed he is the reason and still exist. It may well be that why we started it because
the guy was was executing Christians going door to door and executed, and I got news for you think it Louis e K is bad he's he too guy, you think even Harvey Wine Steen is bad. I mean two things this man did to women and authorized, and moded. Mass rape on a scale has not been seen in this war for a very long time. It's a mention, murders and imprisoning and taking away all rights and dignity from women. And Vienna. Like I mean look, I don't think anybody out there saying he was a good guy, but the the Washington Post, calling you an austere, religious scholar in his, obituary, that's crazy! You know that this sort of treatment is is fair. It was tsar and in place right into what is true. The media does everything they can to take these things away from Trump. They make it about Trump, mainly escaped. We killed them.
The most wanted terrorists in the world France, the nationals game, a boon, the guy on that day, like that, You weren't Boeing of Bomb of the day killed Osama Bin Laden. I mean it was the best if its presidency, again, he didn't, kill somebody net. Trumped didn't do this either, for there is a those best day of his presidency, exact, opposite reaction. You know rise and they all lay all gave the credit to Paraca Obama, and none of them will give it to non trump. American financing Duration, bear animal ass, one who, through before military development, I would you not worthy of a less consumer access, not or lotta things out there that should terrify you. I mean I'm not a fan of giant Harry spiders top of my list, not a huge fan of knife wielding maniacs blood. Sucking vampires. Also don't like it thing. I don't like, Halloween things that go bump on the night, but it doesn't have to be scary? Does it all those things that go bump on the night, like your banker d? like really I dont, like bankers, dull The mortgage process dome
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What you want to know about dated eight. Seventy seven be easy. Catch Welcome to the programme, hello and welcome to Mr Pat Gray Calloway, a pad. You know pack got dressed up, he was at the M one ball and look nice and Stew sat in the corner like a little mouse. Not like the Brok Obama, the picture backs loved over your head was lower than just about anybody. Any disaster so pretty words he was at. You noticed an end that we have an announcement to make
who just signed a new deal with the programme, so he's gonna be here for another. For a couple more years, ten days or whatever it only weaken, tiring vary. But when I called him out and I'm like an stooges, do you know you to sign a new Delhi sleaze gotta? that's a money lane around the couch. Now that was appreciated by the way yeah what you didn't stand out, Marianna like we're still yeah. I gotta give any that moment, but I didn't do anything like that. Neither the bright the people right around me new, because I was with them and have tabled round me, but I was way and the lack of a corner yeah as you just gotta, set up there and I look around aimlessly for about thirty really quiet. Second yeah resolve something nothing, and I appreciate that it was a. It was a my least behaviour it, I am one fund raising gala
what school did endorsement. They has you guys new and I didn't know I was horrified- will not work I found out. I was sitting at the table, and and I had no idea what this coming my way and we had been working on something for a couple of years, and I know who we worse talking about giving it to and decided no, not this year, probably next year, We had worked on this real, beautiful award called the bond offer a ward and its four p. All who will stand and speak in the face of evil by First said: silence in the face of evil is evil itself. Not to stand is to stand, not to speak, is to speak, God will not hold us guiltless,
and so it requires people who are willing to stand so I'm sitting there and said to me. I said Suzanne who's running the Rina running Mercury, one I said at nice. Post to speak tonight, because I heard I was supposed to speak and I dont know. What am I supposed to talk about, an Like all you know, dead, didn't the notes and I'm like no and she looks over. My wife and my wife looks at me, and I said to you have notes and she's like yeah. I've got a memo person I sit. Can you take him your purse. I think I'm supposed to speak in a few minutes. What am I supposed to say and then she, Strangely it Suzanne and Suzanne said, ah you Fine just add limit and, unlike just tat look I dont know what names is imposed even talk about and- and so my wife is looking through the whole script that she had and, unlike
I'm the one who asked to speak, and I look at the script- and she just gives me this dirty look and she gives it to me like ok, I know now why she didn't want to give it to me because, as I am turning it and it says no bond offer award. It says you know Glenn back That is being given to me and that's when my name is said on stage Glenn back and unlike wait. What now Oh, no, oh and I, walk up, and I gave this speech and I don't even know what I said and it was. I just walked off. The stage has not feeling good, not feeling good. It was the opposite of, I think, winning the Oscar because they all think they deserve it, and I was like no, no, no, no! No. This is now. This was up to go to see. I know who this is supposed to go to as a surprise. I know this is because it is not supposed to go to me. It's also go to them, while Pat nigh ethic
were we know both there and we will feel the same whether you didn't deserve at either. So we shall we now I'd our view. Now. I think I found that one had a beautiful yeah, very cool who's, the valley who's, the guy. This is one of the low the Disney artist ah found dead designed it designed it is absolutely beautiful, beautiful award, and I thought was gonna- be borne hover. You know that was, but that's not Bonham knots, an angel yeah, that's an angel, ok
yeah cause his bond, hovers angel or something I don't know. The Bonn hovers angel a word and set Charlie's angels most horizons right right, not nearly as sexual neuron is not now I wish we had known. I wish we would have known that Albert Daddy was being killed as we were run it raising money right to help the people. You know we had an operative in. Didn't we. Out from the stage die I kind of lost track of everything, but I think it was announced from stage that there was a rescue mission that was happening during the event and we rescued another. Another group of people that have been kept slaves while during that event on Saturday,
but what you think of Albert Daddy, it wasn't the toughest decision in five hundred year, not was the second toughest. The toughest was his arm. A bit was actually there actually calling it. The third toughest decision in the last five hundred you really, whenever one was Osama Bin Laden, yeah number two, who was extending daylight saving time, another of another real. Why a weird, wow and then, and then L bag daddy, was there. After that, I now ivy laws or early. I had heard I had heard. I did know about the second place, but I uttered third was actually so. It may have moved this into. Fourth, I had heard the third was act Billy, when Barack Obama last year decided to stop using Johnson and Johnson NOME tears. Shampoo, hurriedly yeah yeah, because it harder science is very hard to get in your eyes and it causes it cry and when you stop using it yet
you do start cry out. Your shampoo it that's not good is good. Not good is not, and I heard he had searched the head and shoulders because at some point, you ve got enough. Dandruff but apparently you don't have enough money now, that's you never have. Never. Never somebody have to beg. Vows really doesn't seem like that. You just bought a fifteen million dollar house strangely on an island when you're telling us that within ten years, all the things are going to be underwater yes, which is weird That's a weird investment everywhere in anger, weird and reactions. Verses words thing on eleven incredible is fascinating among rich liberals. Isn't it I mean like just go down and you see. Ok look at the coastline of Miami and Influence they're in Florida, which is just littered with beautiful,
Holmes built nine inches away from the ocean, and they just continually tell us this. Is this tortuous ocean level rise is going to why our city after city after city, Al Gore, has maps were their animated, there's water all over Florida. It they keep investing millions and millions of their own dollar. Anybody Malibu run out, live now an unnecessary and not necessarily millions and millions of their own dollars. Yes, they the house, but they know. Oh that, if anything happens to that house because of whether it is the average the person that is paying the taxes that actually pay for their insurance. The flood ensure- and this is one of the first things I would get rid of it- would not be popular. It would not be popular, but if If I were president one of the first things I would do well, I mean maybe on day seven maybe one day said, there's a lot of other things, probably bigger than this, but stop
guaranteeing insurance for them, big houses in Malibu and in Miami and all up and down the coastline, subsidize rich p. Whose homes we do, that's exactly what it is and you bad in some places like in Houston, those were not necessarily you no expense save homes, they were homes in low lying areas, but you know the idea. Is you shouldn't build in a low lying area because you couldn't get the end currents and yellow you never did like the homes in Houston or miles and miles indolent yeah. You know there are built right on the be correct, correct their built, a hundred miles inland nor any being flooded. That's right! That's a big difference! If you are, if you couldn't get insurance through any kind of regular insurance. You shouldn't build a house there now
If it is like a one hundred year, flood meant that that's fine, that's fine! Hundred year flood. That's fine because the type of things to that insurance companies will ensure Yeah yeah yeah becomes too expensive when these houses are right on their behalf, constantly rising its of. If it's an annual floodplain, that's the writer of five hundred year, floodplain right, I don't you don't build things there and then we are paying for every large mansion about you. I'll bet you more logo has that insurance has a government insurance and that's the thing. It's not nests. Look there's a lot of people who built homes these areas under the understand, with the understanding they were going to be able to get this insurance and that's one thing, but Continuation of that policy is just incentivize in people to do it more often, which is why
the hurricanes when they come cost so much more than they did years ago, Baisers, so many more expensive structures right on the water. I was just I just on article about a place, the South Carolina that was completely wiped out for it, which hurricane at work. It was like a hurricane twenty twenty years ago that component ITALY wiped out the area and then destroyed every home in their, so what they do they built right back up, in fact, closer to the shore. Bigger homes closer to Georgia should not happen. Its reduced use, give it. If you live in a place like that, that has been wiped out over and over again, we should We should end the federal insurance by saying this. Look we'll pay before the helm. Right now of d, you know for the law, Your home has been wiped out great, but you cannot rebuild here. You even rebuild. If you want we're never gonna cover this insurance ever again ever
go build your home someplace else remedies just like in the american spirit of being like we got knocked down, we're gonna, build it up again, right, never got it. We are jumble one, but you have upset his wow were quoting songs from jumbo Wamba arrived with egg. You. Thank you very much all right, I have crack the code of sleep. What your wife's say about about about guinea. My sleep code, neared zip code is busy. I looked good. I ordered a multiple pieces of her ok hurrying, so here's the thing throw out the guy, As of warm milk, I mean who does that stuff? with the ambient. Its yourself either number one on my sleep code list, my pillow
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a pillow dot com, promo code Back near lessening TAT, Glenn back, Welcome to the programmes lead you here. Let me go to marry in Ohio, hello, Mary, Mary. Are you there? Yes, I'm here, I'm high! That's alright go here. I just wanted a couple thanks. First of all, you said, back daddy died like a dog. I think that an insult the dogs and actual wrap Mcconnell. The dog is when the here is in this, along with special forces president trumpeting also dot. Neither dogs nor sewer rats blow themselves up with vast and kill three children
they are really even sooner. Rats are being talk down to here. That's true. I agree with that. But now the real reason for my car is that I believe that the ISIS members are paid mercenaries by the deep to date, and I feel that the deep state was created basically by that a global network of people's Democratic Republic hens. It's not all of them. Obviously, but the deep state members are global now and they ve created and fostered ISIS, and I also think that now, where do you get this wording of this idea just by paying attention and reading a lot of sources, and I have a feeling that what you're going to China stay that way we're going to touch on it. We are going to prove it in three weeks: it is, it is terrifying? What this, what the State Department is involved in now with
the authorization from Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton is absolutely terrifying. What is going on and Erica needs to know about it. Really understand it and it's got to oh from thee, While this is just a conspiracy to reality and We can show you What has been happening? We have videotape, we have met. Of the documents many of the players. We don't have the founding document because its classified, but we would sure like to see in the next couple of weeks the President declassify this and if we can't get it done, for the special we would urge you to join us on this unnecessary and we'll talk about it more in the upcoming weeks. But Europe
they marry an end. You know, everybody knows this. You ve just might have forgotten it whose idea was it to destabilize Syria, whose idea was that that was Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and a few others and when Mary said, whilst the deep state, including the the Republicans she is right again. Who was it went over and was taking pictures. With these guys and verify that none of these are good guys. We can trust with joy John Mccain. They are heating and shaping the world closer to their hearts desire, and we are going to prove it to you always our second special in the trilogy within no. We had trilogy, but one
We found this out there's so much to tell, and we want to make sure we get it right. There will be another special after this one you'll be able to watch it on you tube and on the blaze so make sure that you are a member of the blaze plays tv dot com, slash gland, blaze, tv dot, com, Slash Glenn, you don't want to miss part. Two of Ukraine explained the real scandal. Seems to me like the new bug boy, I would be really interested in that Miley Cyrus story. If firm, I cared Miley Cyrus. When would you still means that are required They act like other far either NEA this can go that far, although it is just another. Are these people
that's what they're saying buccaneer now the saying that Kenya is is not really he hasn't really. This is just a assistant act, an act. I don't think so. I think it's real. I mean I, you know I hesitate to get excited about things that Kenya West says why twenty five, however, I mean, on the other hand I mean I can make, you could certainly make the argument that you know look. People are doing crazy things in our lives and they want of doing good things later on greater right. Ok, you know you got The hip hop master talk here for a little while I dont feel comfortable describing yourself, because I've got a rap session here wrap sessions here, what's gonna happen, while just dinner,
it is in a few seconds or get started, rightly so that it can get a hip hop. Minister, Vienna, we ve got some rap newsprint news from the world of wrapped. Yes news from the world or that screams Glenn back. So let's do it right right turn up. The fusion of entertainment and enlightenment Hey homes? It's me your rap mass. Your daddy, talk to you about some RAP news news of news from the world on your ass from the world of ram going back centre right there, I know now listen,
I know that so far ahead of you know the average. Oh in the rap world in the rapporteur, but I am going to I'm gonna try to slow it down, throws off your tongue lies. So, my dear papa, you know me Esther talks that I've? Given you in the past. I want a slowing down for you, so you can understand them as I speak, the streets in one minute for doing all right? What are you doing there so much pain that you can't do the things around the house. You can't do the things you have to do let alone the things you want to do when you can't sleep half the night that, the situation, the dawn found herself in she's, a hare stylus for twenty five years and she developed and was com, thirdly, dealing with pain in her hands at her feet in her back and she was desperate
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they give. You word from the streets to your mother. Please don't do that again. Making fewer in number over our eyes let's get Gigi with it and talk about a couple of items in the rap world first of all. What now Are you doing a very good convincing job as a g reporter in the world of rap on Saturday Night Wrapper, why I g, as is no, I I M just why listen to him and people would hey. What's that and I'll say no, the question is: why are you sure It's not pronounced g nope.
Ok, you're, not sure, I'd so concert with why G on Saturday, he noticed that a fan was not singing along to his very popular anti trump anthem, Which is so super super clever, F, Donald Trump so he want to go through some any of the lyrics I dont think goes. One deeper then F Donald our hair. I also see they had a really. Maybe they had some information on the rush investigation and closed in the rap We need to look into now now now He invited the the less than enthusiastic. And in the crowd. Who might have, because we all do, might have left
All of the other super super classics firm. Why G, but just didn't like this particular song So he invited met so sad. The ad is Zoe, invites him up on stage and do we have the audio and video year period is as far as one As you say, you don't know So, as you well know, I beg you to back up. Your bar tonight are dangerous secretary of state your mom. Are you bear your grandfather's watch, nobody was a brave girl here- pushes pushes him off stage. Don't come to a mother
F in show with why G on the mother ethane bill, if you dont tromp supporter the wrapper continued F r? U doing don't let this a back in the crowd. Tell him why jeez said so, Donald trumps, racist, he don't F with black people. So if you F with Donald Trump, you racist as F, and I can f with you period almost poetry is beautiful way, his regular you deliver it. Thank you. Thank you. Well I am. I I'm all up with rap had to be fair year from the store, Sir? Grew up industry excite? I was there at the birth of rap as the screaming part of the birth. Yes, yes, you know that money,
that's an interesting interest, lie I dont think wrappers would enjoy the economics of RAP without white, suburban kids, who might support Donald Trump. That's not a! that's not an economic picture. You wanna necessarily. I go into a fine there's a lot of white, suburban kids, but you don't realize that why G is an artist. So he doesn't care about the economics of it. Now exactly I saw I saw a pan to the right. I saw an american apparel sign on stage no, which I know don't seem like you might care about economics know. Doesn't he doesn't care? because I was no longer time as I am not an historian of rap as you are as I am, but I do remember a time in which one about common, acts on other artists was was that they were sellouts right like that selling out to just corporate interests there not actually artists, they just trying to make money allowing for
ample? If you had a giant american apparel sign on stage? Wouldn't you, while you were wrapping, I might have Venezuela now it was not the way it is now not on the streets, not in doubt I'll tell you this! No white people ever have shocked at american apparel. Before I tell you that genuinely not all know, only only Trump haters have gone to american apparel. Now. Would you like more from the the rap I feel so educated right now after hearing the segment, but I do need more. Ok. Well, you know Khan yea. Yes- and I call him k, we do and Khan. Is he's got a new Albemarle does yeah Jesus is king. And he said he would not sleep until this album was out and
this allows sixteen months ago. He said that an Friday, a very, very tight the cardinal where's Jesus is king. Now, because I mean a remarkable cultural development. Lotta ways I mean. I know I don't care about conduits music. I know you, here the rap aficionados here on this programme. I dont care at all about what he wrapped about. Generally, but I mean the idea that Kenya West go back a few years. Think about I'm standing with a terrified MIKE markers and a Telethon Saint George, W Bush doesn't care about black people, tariffs to the point where He is now Natalie embracing Donald Trump, which is workable in and of itself, without releasing what seems to be like a legitimate gospel. Album recollect gets that even is not like a you know, amusement calling himself the king for how long Jesus is king. Is coming out and- and it is a remarkable development and I hope
I'd sincere it does. I only nausea it does, and it has just. I hope it's not like. Well like somebody standing on stage with american apparel logo right next to them closed on Sunday. Your MIKE Chick fil hold the selfies, put the gram away get your family, your home. The hands and pray. The lyrics, of course, from your might check filet, that's it just as I almost thought, you're playing the song that was such a California waiting allows you reading it. When you got daughters, always keep them safe, watch out for vipers, don't let them indoctrinate closed on Sunday, you, my chick fillet. Your number one with the lemonade
raise our sons, train them in the faith through temptations, make sure there are wide awake, follow G listen and obey no more living for the culture. We know bodies, slave Oh Don Sunday, you I checked fillet wow, that's beautiful glad the way you did that! Thank you of all the things to praise it. Filet I feel like lemonade, is a strange choice. We would not be the first thing I would think of. When can I can? I ask you where the rhyme is in that one when you, their daughters is: keep him save, watch out for vipers. Don't let them indoctrinate closed on Sunday, you, my chick filet, your number, one with the lemonade greatly. They lemonade I think we're here closed on Sunday, you, my chick filet
you're my number one with the lemon ay right right yeah right now I dont know I will say you are an official NATO in the world of of rather more run comic hero in the I've been in the rap world. You come from. The streets were Yoda, I've been told by people who have more insight, in rap quality, can you not necessarily known for his wrapping as much as is producing so is being able to go he's doing the the the actual. Ramey Algeria. Hers is what I ask. Your strong suit is Christmas known for its wrapping? No, it's the gift inside that counts, and you know that rhymes with lemonade. Thank you. I'm pretty sure. I think right. I dont we're done news from the world of wrath. We didn't get to the audio of contact talking about there is more new history from the world of wrath,
more news in this term, which DE were gear car shield. That part, under the hood of your car there's this bunch of stuff under there was trite, really like what you do is even stuff. I don't know it's all connected the I had to have more money like those looking for work, the one of us some filters now supposed to look for high legitimately, even with Youtube cannot figure out where it is in this car, like I it's an older car and any person with any sense can find it, and I cannot find it so my mind other gets there by. Why me why the cars not running my wife found its very good right. My wife found my son and I underneath the truck. We were We were lay there and I was like. Let me show you Joe you, its energy, this drug. So we lay down there. It was really just an excuse to stop working. She came out she's like what are you stu- and I said, I'm teaching the boy about the engines
he's a euro know anything about it. We were there talking about. You know. Netflix shows right, that's brilliant! got underneath it, like, I don't know anything except the exhaust by and the muffler, which I think is connected to these aspects, but I'm not sure anyway, When did men stop doing this. Just I'm I'm hearing a little voice in my head. They didn't you shouldn't, have vast that question it's. Yes, do you in stew anyway, I cars are almost impossible to fix now, because you you have to have the computer be able to show you what's wrong and justice stupid little chip can cost you thousands of dollars. You have to have the right coverage the right bridge before your cargoes to the break big junkyard in the Sky car shield,
The process of fixing your car for covered repair, amazingly simple, every favour, favorite mechanic or dealership. Do it there provide twenty four seven roadside assistance, a rental car. What yours is being fixed in this at all for free. So don't let it check engine like change. Your life does come on. You know how to fix a damn thing: either car shield. Car shield, dot com or call eight hundred car six thousand everybody whose in their truck right now it's gone? What the hell you talk about, I know how to fix it. Eight hundred car six thousand eight hundred car six thousand use the promo code back at car shield. Dotcom we break ten seconds stationary more news from the world of rap with Mr Stevens Radiator? Thank you. So here is kindly talking about and he was talking on a
network. I know you are very familiar with Glenn big Boy TV for my only like a big boy, nothing! I forgot where big boy pants reason number one here you are a big boy yourself, but also just your dear gesture. Intertwined you're almost inseparable from any rap, sometimes a sometimes I'm hanging with all of my favorite rap stars, Who will remain unnamed right now? Right for various reasons, people they don't even they can't there like, which one is there a Glenn here and I'll, be like you Yo Yo Dog over here, so anyway go ahead. How usually do it here is Conway talking about how african american voters potentially been manipulated. Now over the years, shut up. Here's what
Canada has to say they were fighting for us to have the right to our opinion, not the right to vote for who ever the white Liberal say. Black people are supposed to vote for you gaps and then James Gordon, when I said what this president, your Christian and this President Hanno, see anything christian about us. It ok Selassie, not try to tell me who ass possible for because on black, this year, white level framatome inhospitable, for because I'm christian that would be like living calabash necessary when my cause Gabby a convertible, is all basal your vision of what I'm supposed to do- and I understand like people. Is that a matter whether you like it or who, like it, we are in a country where we allowed to like what ever we like.
The world is officially upside down, yea becomes the voice of reason and he goes on to say, talk about how how aboard is killing black communities, how that's being pushed on black these by white liberals, you know I have to tell you, I think the most fascinating people on earth right now are the ones are breaking the mould. Yet in their own in their own tribe. I think that's true. We know I always think of that When I read people when I, when I listen to a podcast when I went I'm looking for someone who's going to actually tell me the news or something interesting. If I know what there going to say word for word before I start, why am I going there? Isn't it
much more interesting for us, for, I want to say something really being drowned, but we are in the world around US In this era, we need some sort of rap music music, I say the home pleased about said about Roma idly. Nor that request. So anyway, the the. I don't want to support I'll drop, because I dont like things about him. Personally, I dont want to be the guy defending Donald Trump because he's a rack with these two euros like don't don't, please don't set. No, Mr President, please those it but you have to if you're going. To be honest, if you see other things, for instance, I dont know if he's a but guy in this in Peter I dont know what he's done. I've done.
My homework, and I can't find anything, but that doesn't mean we're not going to, but I I don't want to be. The guy leading the we strangely are leading this away. Go and wait a minute. This isn't what happened this is what happened over here. It doesn't make me It makes me feel it because we live in a place to where it's all black and white, where con yea he is. He is all Donald Trump well, he seems to be very Donald Trump he's wearing the trump you know. Have anything else, but that's really what he saying what he is saying is, if you're in four Donald Trump. You can not be for Donald Trump if you are for Donald Trump, be ever Donald Trump. If your kind of half way in between be halfway between, but we listen to each other, like I would never have had a problem being for Donald Trump
twenty years ago. If this, if the culture was same as it was twenty years ago, because twenty years I'll, think about this forces at the beginning of George Bush. You know George Bush, you could say, and we did I'm for them. I'm really not for that, but now Our left and right. If you are for a few things or if you want to say Donald Trump, didn't do this. This is this. Impeachment is garbage you can't you viewer automatically for all of his tweets in all of the things that he does, that are piggish, oh I'm just telling you you could not like that, but That doesn't mean you have to be for this, because this is wrong. Winded stop being. The Baltic Sea and balance things? When did we When did we stop seeing graze when it
stop seeing things and go wait a minute. I like this, but I dont like this. I mean every Chris. Jane. I was almost every Christian, picks and chew. This is around the Bible well, I am not going to do that. They didn't really mean that no sleeping together before marriage, but I'm a deep christian whither. The review can pick and choose around the words that are very in black white and red you can. We around those, but you can't pick and choose around things behind a candidate It makes sense that there we are now at a time where you need to kind of proof. Every once in a while that you're, actually thinking about the things you're talking about because You listen to some of these people and I miss both sides.
You sick continually on the left that we should go through some of the headline like us for years, although Katy he'll say just jaws and matter, you know know exactly what they're gonna say about every friggin story is already been strengthens that both our enemy? I am I look. I wanted I it's not real. That's why it's not working it's not reality. It's just not reality right back in a second with more no no more ram and those zombie campaign of Joe Biden you're, lessening Glenn back, when you feel spineless, I mean not not like your cowardly, but I mean not like Everybody in the media like someone's taken. Hacksaw to your back and taken out your spine pain,
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But blaze, tv dot, com, copies the promo code, Glenn for ten bucks off big special this week, the media's narratives about Ukraine. What's true and what is it You know when, when the president went out last night, to game five. This the World Series, yes good, sports knowledge, you're, almost as knowledgeable about sports as yours, wrap in Madeira. That close sports
Glenn bagged boy. This is a bad, our as an ivy, not ineffectual. I'll tell you that this is a pretty big show. Maybe three words lays party that really pre. We had whether the picture big show you this week, then Monday is the. So don't don't expect a lot. This is just the beginning, Not this revenue arranged a little bit more pre gaming, so here have the of the president arriving at the nationals versus the asteroids world series. Now I think yesterday was the day the president probably thought hey, I can go outside and be in a crowd because we us killed AL bag daddy right. So it's a big day because I remember saying a you know what Barack Obama he didn't kill him, but he did give the the order to kill Osama Bin Laden. It's a good day for Barack Obama. I think without question the best day of his presidency writings
It was a president for eight years. I can give seven years in three and sixty four days that sucked, but there was a pretty good day. That was a good day, so I think the president was probably thinking I can go, listen to the crowd! Reacting when he comes into the state warrants was to say that about president's. I was told very clearly that the horrible sign for humanity, if you were to cheer locked them up towards the candidate, barely that's gone. There has been a bit. And in that policy is no longer. In effect. That's that's apps! That's incredible! That happen. Now not a surprise. You know in Washington DC ninety five percent. I think, are Democrats. We address that advocates. I think it was no five percent were republic. Yeah five percent think it's there's other, like minded on, I will sit down to Domini, nobody independent well the domination of works. Now it does give. Don't you think that
credit party- is absolutely religion wash ear Washington DC voter breakdown. Seventy five point: six percent Democrat five point: nine percent Republican- saw me. Look at that, doesn't mean everybody. There is from DC exactly, but you you wouldn't expect a wash indecency audience necessarily react positively to Donald Trump, though we'll say you not go back to the date of birth, but I guess you exactly what I did on the air, which was in drink beer to celebrate Osama Bin muddling dead on the air. That is certainly not just an excuse to drink, I'm a job. That was because I love you. I was not. I was celebrated drinkin forget no go home now, in reality was that it was the best day of his presidency. Well, you it was just hand when we didn't know that it was the hardest decision in five hundred years until a few days later now it was when we now, then we torched
but that wasn't a decision. That was because this decision of five hundred years is as it is by Joe Biden being given the typical Joe Biden that he is looking back at it. You can certainly make it into something that it is not what was. It was not a difficult decision at all. No, in fact everybody whose life was actually on the line in the mission will tell you a way is there a one percent chance we can get rid Osama Bin Laden them. Let's go a fire, what counters let's go, because that's what those guys were. Therefore, we ve talked to many of them over the years said we ever than anything you're going. An NGO. We have talked to the guys who were on the on that mission to kill Osama Bin Laden- and you know what we didn't know at the time was Barack Obama made it almost impossible. If- It goes wrong with your helicopter. Good luck because we're not come in India, and we know now that there was a very long delay from the initial Indy
asian as it was six months thing was six months I mean, but and I don't think I still think he handled it well, but still on that day, we get here happy right. We gave him a thank you for killing this really bad guy. Now some people will say that I'll bag, daddy is not. Oh, some have been London. Well, yes, George. Our banks is not Darth Vader, but when you kill jar jar banks, it's still a very good day, Turkey at ports we are well. He was on the same side is Darth me. Well you a cousin to use against him. I guess he was though then right, because Darth was on Darth yet, Oh yeah, oh god, spoiler alert. Oh my god, my eyes, I'm sorry! You know, I know I've never seen the end of the third one, then the third three year I never have seen the United Kingdom go now, everybody knows about them and I've never made it there. It is so painful
episode nine is about to come out now you could get your tickets now get so episode. Nine here's my theory you're on. This is not we're we're going with us, but go ahead. Gimme the star wars there. Before we get to the trouble. Here's my theory, she going go. Neither bad nor good, they're gonna form their own. Little knew little thing. They're gonna, they're gonna. There's a new they're gonna say that both sides were bad brimming with third party they're gonna go third part: they're gonna go independent, they're gonna, go judge Gary Johnson The original text show up at the very end, really like yeah, let the pot be with you. Man and that's what he's gotten even over tattooing is around. So it's not. It would be like the the dusk side as other, but not the light that the darkness, our kind of betweens kind of the Grey Sophia you know, is coming
sometimes I gotta do. I gotta do I kind of war. Kind of one and ultimate victory here. Do you for the good guys right? That's how this well it's going to be, but I think what kind of in that place delight. Our baby we're gonna kill adored tribunal, sometimes Udo, so I think that, what's your name, she'll be I go. We got torture, torture! That person plain him to Egypt. Egypt me, you should right this really yeah. Now this is not. I think, that's what's colleagues, I think that's where Hollywood thinks America is just like hey. Sometimes you got do some stuff. As our eye man, I kind of like you know I kind of like the good being good evil being evil. I kind of like that. I, like that's better. I think you should stick to writing rap rather than writing a star wars, movies I'll, but that's just it is my opinion. You, my chick filet lemonade lemonade
we could also, where have you on the job of writing headlines for the media, because this is a difficult, gig, If you get understand with creative new ideas, every single day is really are and don't think it's his heart is some people think it is really only if so I mean let's go through some of the headlines. This is, I beg, atoms posted some basing June. Two thousand sixteen the beginning of trumps end. June two thousand sixteen the beginning of the end for Trump asked remarkably under that, once the different crises subtle you ever do I do August two thousand. Sixteen will trumps attack on the cons, be the beginning of the end for his White House hopes October. Twenty. Sixteen is this, the beginning of the end of Donald Trump to again to question knows February. Twenty seventeen. This is the big of the end for Donald Trump Febrile
twenty. Seventeen is general, the wind sacrificial lamb or the beginning of the end, Donald from sea. Again, a statement. Gee, I don't know March twenty seventeen in the white things are looking bad. This could be the beginning of the end for Trump statement. Next ones gotta be in question at it If CNN new Russia Report is true, we may be seeing the beginning of the end of Donald Trump President's. Allow the making at the end of May twenty. Seventeen is if the beginning of the end for Trump, even elected Democrats can feel it of Democrats are going to say well that you got up on their such credible added armchairs employers on this disease. Was she out there now saying on the you know, I used to be on the Trump train, but now I question in February twenty eighteen John Dene warns gates. Testimony may be the end of trumps presidency marketing for member
testimony that makes it harder. Twenty eighteen is this the beginning of trumps see that's totally different. It was a land of travel and of truck or the beginning of the ETA trump. This is the beginning of trumps guy. You notice the subtle differ April, twenty, a Michael Cohen and the end stage of the Trump President's August. Twenty eighteen, the beginning of the end of the trunk presidency August. Twenty in Donald Trump may have finally reached the begin- the end we'll leave their recognised. We been printing these stories for too damn here. He may have reacted in November eighteen, the Trump now or dislike, stating its note December twenty teen trumps latest meltdown shows. Even he knows this can't be
Let me get another who had to be got the Ivan. He knows Nancy blows these known for a long time, but even he knows it could be a lot, but because we recognise here, although the qualifying parts it's not the end, its beginning to the end, and it could be the the end and trumpet, and even he might now that it could be the beginning of the end. You know it's amazing about that, though, when you think about it, is they can't even agree on the beginning is not like the beginning at the end happened, and all of these things are happening now, sort the middle of the beginning of the right. Now it's just we're still there like forget about that. Beginning. Yes, does that didn't work out this one is the beginning. They keep changing the beginning, we're not even in the middle name, time. It fails in their like yes, but this one right. Did you see his caloric in tank about January twenty nineteen? This looks like the begin
of the end for drum or September twenty nineteen. Could this impeachment inquiry be the end of trumps presidency? The good thing about this some time before January, twenty twenty five they're gonna nail this kid I gotta be right: they're gonna have it as he's on the stairs waving goodbye they'll say: could this be and of Donald Trump, and they will be wrong. The gas to Europe, I hear something fun. Researchers have now discovered that a smart smarts speaker speakers are smart, now wait and I don't even know what I M saying raising of now discovered that there is a popular smart speaker, elective the like a smart, mahars, smarter marked, saw wifi yet the whole thing, whether all connected everything's connected to the internet of things got internet thing a key we instalment attack or crack women it.
Oh you're speakers can be attacked. The hacker would have the abyss, need to view and control and uncontrolled control traffic across the standard Wifi network. Through your speaker. What you're too smart. This addition apply their resources to just normal jobs. These criminals be really worth while much more wealthy than they are someone's identity is stolen. Every two seconds and you're gonna miss certain things. Like someone hacking into yours, Wi Fi speakers, life, locked, it ex a wide range of identity, threats and they're. U S based restoration, specialist gonna work to fix them. Nobody preventive identity theft. Montreal transactions at all businesses, but lifelike sees the threats that you might miss on your own, so act now and get an extra ten percent off your first year would promo code back call one eight hundred lifelong or visit lifelike dotcom use the promo code
Save an extra ten percent off your first year, one eight hundred lifelong or lifelong dotcom programme coming up the zambian campaign of Joe Biden, you know want to miss that look like a zombie on television this weekend, it's kind of his normal look now a little bit closer to the crypt. Then let me know: but maybe a character from a former HBO series,
but he was out of sixty minutes and what almost explicable inexplicable things of this campaign to me is that Morocco, What has not endorsed Joe Biden and you think about this. We talk about this as everyone wants to think about their vote as being super important, we can offer for uniform. We talk about it incessantly and then the truth is there is almost no chance that your vote is going to make the difference. We all do it because we think it's part of our responsibility, a citizens. We all do it, because it's important in reality, it's not probably gonna be the difference. Well, that's not true for Morocco, Burma who has a vote, by himself to singularly choose who could be the next president if he doesn't work stepped out or something were to happen to him of all the people in the United States of America. This man shows Joe Biden has the most qualified person to be president behind him. That is what the Your job is as president to name. The person that, if God forbid your leave,
office resembles what happens. I mean John Kennedy named Lyndon Johnson. They needed the vote and I, the same thing with chilled by eating Joe Biden. Svoboda was not even a neighbor aliens, whose barely even a figure in that election memories getting one in two percent. At that point, Labour Union right, you know it get, there's other. And it had for that they picked by two because for for multiple reasons, not just because of this, but you making a statement right? who are choosing the guy, you believe, is most qualified and he's not endorsing, and why is a one person election. You can just come out and say, look Joe Biden. Obviously I serve with a guy for eight years he's the guy who should II. The nominee obviously well stead of this he's this he is now. Endorsed and that's not because he doesn't want to endorse joe- is weak. Joe ask him not to endorse here, It was only the how is laying waste with a straight face
bite and talking about the Obama endorsement, need somebody who one day, one knows exactly what to do can command the world stage, no one. There's whether I know a great deal about these issues in foreign policy in their domestic policy I've. Dublin summit of. Why hasn't President Obama endorsed Youtube guy serve together for eight years, because after all I wanna earn this on my own. Did he offered to endorse you no, we didn't even get there. I ask them not to he said: okay, I feel better. I think he thinks it's better for me. You know I I I remember because I was just riddled with problems and an Geez. This came to me and said I can take away all your sins and I said no, I want to this. I want, if any said, you're not to be able to do that dude and I not at I don't want you to know I want to this I mean that's, that's.
Crazy as what he just said. Yeah did Joe no years of the wife of horse its fascinating, because the Democratic Party has largely acted as if they ve turned against Obama. The people in the party are still he's not advocate. Ninety five percent approval rating Barack Obama among Democrats, but they Did you, like a mountain, criticise his presidency because Joe Biden closely associated with it. But this is a big thing by the only person who stood up for Obama in these debates, everyone else trash the guy he's out. There stand up for him SAM, you know. Look I think it was. I think Obamacare worked right. Like he's the only person saying these things get Barack Obama ISIS where he must know something about bite in May it's the corruption, but maybe it's incompetence. Maybe what sleepy sleep in order? The meetings whatever it is, there's a reason: why he's not endorsing Joe Biden, none other Good friends,
a good friends Emily either good friends. They almost never see each other talk, but their very close, and it's only been Joseph, don't call me I'm too busy, please, he's they'll be seen with May listening. So he took carriers out and we were shooting on Friday I was some Navy seals and flower. They good, as they probably should be but sorry better. We were shooting a our fifteen's because we want to, and we owe them, but that's a different story- one of the shooters really banged up and shoulder, was killing her and thought. May I recommend relief, factor relief,
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our team Why? I don't think the press wants Joe Biden to win from New York magazine the zombie campaign of Joe Biden, also Yahoo. Being the front runner takes its toll, Joe Biden more disliked now than Bernie Sanders, and I have to start with some just in readable, audio from Better Aurora who just learn that eight hours could be used for hunting. He had never heard that before programmes in one minute. Have you seen the absolute put on your phone. That will tell you how many hours of screen time you have every day, if you're not prepared,
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Calm slash back, get up to fifty percent off in a credible price. Your first year, fifty percent, FED Norton dot com slash, bang. So Joe Biden is in a high school and you know he's the guy who said hell? Yes, we're gonna, take your ear of fifteen. They wouldn't Biden high schools now, I'm so not by nudge, up a better roared out. So better work is in high schools and school. Students is excuse me, you ve said hell. Yes, I'm gonna take your air fifteen's, but I oh dear hunting, that's what I use. Why are you taking that away? now better claims vis,
The first time he heard that people use those four as hunting right course tat. What you think, they're used for what was also. If that's true, what's take him at his word for a moment, then he does not have enough information about that. Epic to make policy recommendations, Zactly right, eggs. Actually right? he also said you know I've heard about it. You know in Texas, with feral hogs. Oh so, you do know that they are used to hunt things okay, well, oh, that's like hunting dear feral hogs have to be killed because they destroy everything. On these ranches, the guy lives in Texas. He is he preaching about gun safety and end, removing a firearm from your house door to door with a sheriff, and he
it didn't know those were a modern sporting rifle the guy's. An idiot but he folds to this teenage kid listen already says so: This is the first time that the case me were using their marketing year, urge Pharaoh. Hogs Texas, ensure real problems, she's in arms. In my home state, perhaps away to address a legitimate concern is to ensure that those who have worked to use an irritating or able to keep it at a hunting or add so that there is some control and safeguard still placed on fire. This one here, one was to those who feel perhaps differently than I do. I ask you and ideas in whatever becomes the final piece of legislation or the law that we adopt
This is why I'm am at a high school, so I could listen to the experts, so I can eat this is the First time you ve ever had that these guns were used for hunting. That's absolutely incredible what what? What? What they purchased for. Seriously. What are they purchase? A murderer Glenn their purchase, to murder. It's their only use the only possible uses to murder this. Why? If I wanna get tills feral hogs, I can keep my rifle at the gun range so well. All I have to do is get all the hogs into the back. My truck number We're gonna bring em over the gun range, and then I can have my gun there to shoot them. That's Pretty reason you know if I could put them in if so I've I like, I like to shoot Skeet so you put a man, you know loaded in one of this scheme.
Shooters you know you just pulse and fair all real I'd, be fun. Fats, like a right of veto, sort of policy description for this one sure yeah I mean it A it's a bizarre. Thing, because such a small percentage of rifles or ever used for any negative purpose in one of the big complaints from the left seems to be. We really dont like the guns at work. Well, like we like each other if you have one if you haven't shines like that's fine right, but this one- Shoot accurately, they even say that these are precisely accurately what the hell do. You want a gun to be its opposed to fire outline what it like, what were the barrel can be banned both why you never know where you're going ahead? What's in front of you, what's mine you what society there were now and in the whole point is that you can hit the fingers most hit. Obviously, A very tiny the percentage of people, have decided to use these things about ways that we saw shooting again this week it and had nothing to do with an air fifteen. You,
many. The machines have happened with hand, guns or shot guns or at any it exactly why we should take all guns and that's the next best thing right behind they should be kept in Bellows basement. You can just go over to his house, knock the door and say hey battle. I need my gun and he'll say: well bring the robber. Whoever is here I'll, give you your gun, you can sign it out and then you can keep it do not threaten them with that gun now, but you can. You can use your gun just not words him until the police arrive. That's basically were heads are really at it. So. Let's talk a little bit about Joe Biden, Joe Biden, apparently, according to a new pole, Twenty seven percent of likely democratic voters would be dissatisfied with Joe Biden twenty seven percent.
That is higher than the twenty one percent. That would be dissatisfied with Bernie Sanders as the nominee and binds running as a sort of consensus. Candidate right hit. The case for his election is nobody's to completely of Ben did by his his his policy platforms? Okay, so I think I think this could be true. Because Biden is the corrupt? candidate, like Hillary Clinton oldest abolition and corrupt candidate right and that's what? but people on the the the conservatives I wanted to get rid of the corrupt candidate. That was part of the system. So I can I understand that you don't necessarily like him, but that, but for for it to be six points higher, Then those who don't want the avowed socialists to say we're gonna get rid of the free market. That's per
stunning. So too, the one percent are dissatisfied with Sanders. Fifth, eighteen percent would be unhappy if Warren was the nominee. Only nine percent dislike mayor, PETE Buddha Judge, which is also starting to come up. Have you ve noticed I've got a story someplace where they are talking about how right here, see an emerging scenario where Buddha Judge wins the nomination for Iraq. Seeing star in the party vastly over performing expectations in crowded presidential field would easily be considered a victory in its own way There is a real reason to think PETE Buddha Judge could win this nomination outright one such rather plausible scenario, is starting to develop right before our eyes and it starts, as these things often do in Iowa to pull
Does this last week had good NEWS for Buddha Judge in the the led off cock Estate Suffolk. Person in USA today, Pole had the mayor in third place at thirteen percent more Fortunately, he was just five points off binds first place lead of eighteen There were a lot of undecided in this survey at twenty nine percent. They work of liberal, you are in trouble. Will Oda jogging legitimately, when you break down the cross, to have these policy showing up at desire? Oh and one percent? Among black voters Elizabeth Warren at seven, an Biden at eighteen with tee? ninety nine percent undecided. Now I may look there's a case here, The judge is a. The guy that I don't think has really excited Democrats. So far he sort of boring, buddies. Well spoken is obviously a very pretty smart guy,
and he has some intersection our intersection reality value for the left. The thing that's great for good judge is the two states that vote first are super duper white there like that. It is of the white, the widest Whitey people, of all times there that that's the problem provided by this guy go through three actions before it gets to a large african american voting base, and it's like that's where he said: for strong. But you lose three states in a row. Can you, Sir, I've that well you have Buddha judge whose only Did you and say seems to be white light and movement in liberal, as soon as you get out of white Liberal, you are in trouble, loaded jogging legitimately, when you break down the cross subsidies policy showing up at zero and one percent among black voters. Ladysmith roundly you can only zero. Only one place to go. That's true!
and they can write another article about how is increasing support among Voters bite in his has a case here too still make him and he really hasn't fallen apart nationally d, it all the press about Warren. He said right around the same area. The difference has been some of sand or support, is gone away and is gone to warrant but centres I haven't been right around twenty five to twenty seven percent, this entire time and is, he hasn't really fallen apart. His camp seems to be asleep. I mean it will Is that what you did a zombie campaign to describing it as the zombies ongoing campaign? It's kind of after me like think about this. The bite thing happens with Ukraine and the whole trump situation there going through some impeachment. I made this case before if you are bite and you need to take the hand that you're dealt if you wanna, when this nomination you're out there every single day bragging about how I felt the need to call a foreign president to get dirt on me, because I'm such a great candy knows, I'm gonna beat him so he's trying to
break. All the rules to beat me I'm the guy. I can beat him and he knows it. The case you're making to the american people to case you're. Making to raise money is the case for me not every left wing talk, show but he's not doing that he's barely doing anything. They give you another What's going on with Syria right now, Syria The Kurds, all these battles going back and forth between Turkey. This has been in the news a golden like crazy right and what's the fundamental part of this, the Kurds, their own homeland right back what their own homeland, Turkey, doesn't think they should have it now He thinks they should have it right, this entire region, the curve want their own homeland. What, if you go back to the Iraq war when it was all going on and every coming up with new ideas there, this, one guy, Joe Biden, who actually recommended that Iraq be divided into three countries right where the curve, would have their own homeland. Now
you can go back and look at our policy and finally should holes in it. Like crazy say it wouldn't work and its out the right prescription, but again, oh by him, is running for President United States? Its here job and his teams job to take it back, judge of news events and say this is why the president was. If you are, he should be the president, because if he were the president back in and in this time he miss the Kurds would have had their own homeland. Maybe this would even happened. How can not be making the kick he's. The only guy I can remember ever Recommending that policy prescriptions, it was a big deal at the time huge and stead, he justice sitting back as if he's oh, I know a lot about foreign policy. Why don't you just I have some of the specifics. Why not take advantage What's going on his campaigns, to be completely inept at this a candidate is doing. This and he can't seem to do it, ok, so this is from New York magazine that calls it the zombie campaign, in its its obliterates blue,
It operates him gay. So this is from, like page fifteen, the strange dynamic, the most qualified candidates in the re, surrounded by an entitled staff who don't understand that they have to fight for the nomination or the presidency, but without a real case, to make beyond a democratic succession that would allow to an Obama restoration, one, so close to the bottom of the Abiden family said. The problem is Joe has no centre he's literally only a politician, the so he is that's all. He is Biden is fundamentally a toady he's just political. He needs to kiss ass. He kiss ass. I mean it is. It is remarkable. What they are saying, of course, bye
is consumed with endorsements. Another side of is perhaps outdated political instincts getting insiders to declare their support meant something when, our full political machines controlled the primary process, but it doesn't of relevance to presidential politics today, and the only endorsement that could matter hasn't materialised Barack Obama, as remained silent on the twenty twenty primary, even ass. He saw fit to involve himself The canadian affairs endorsing Prime Minister just intrude. Oh, a senior Whitehouse official, reflecting on binds weakness, told me I should have never even entered the race without knowing need have the former president support. Of course, that was always less of a sure thing than it might have been that it might have seemed in twenty sixteen Obama went all in four Hilary, even as Joe Biden was contemplating a run in the early.
Data of this race. He didn't just avoid a lying himself with Biden but gesture towards other candidates, including any unlikely contenders, including devolve Patrick the former gum of Massachusetts, possibly to discuss in his former vice president from running in they are there do not want him to be. President leaf our left and the media I want to talk to you a little bit about some of the things that are going on. We ve gotta show coming up we're going to talk to you about The things that are happening in the country with the economy? Let me give you just this growing portion so as sub prime auto loans are starting to sour sooner. An accelerating rate loan
made as recently as last year are going bad at the fastest rate since two thousand eight with me. For consumers than usual defeat. Putting within the first few months of borrowing men. Of these loans, have been packaged into bonds and they are all being sold on the open market Santander is one of the largest some prime Otto lenders in the market, and the quick failure of its loans could be an indicator that some of borrowers are getting loans based on fraudulent application information, a problem that company has grappled with in the past. It also shows weaker customers. Are consumers are struggling? This before, really anything, but during the housing crisis, one of the indications of application fraud was when mortgages started to fall behind within months of it being made. Now it's happening to the Ark, our car loans and Things haven't gotten bad, yet this
is just showing that there is a problem in the car loan industry. This in problem that there was in the housing, loan industry, and many experts have told me this is the sign they're waiting for this a mortgages going in the auto industry well here you go. So what is all that mean? It means there? There could be storms ahead me. Maybe there could be a real problems on the horizon that you need to really pay attention to, and I beg you put your house in order right now, gold line is a place. I want you to call or just seek out the information from go blind dotcom. I recommend you call them. Let your situation tell a what you're interested in and then have them send a portfolio for you to look at and you got to do our own homework, but if you think you can
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doubt so your automatically registered vote in California isn't that great well There's been a few problems. They found a hundred thousand registration errors just enough. First year on where they were looking out. Some voters registered to the wrong party, some of em non citizens. You know somebody Some of them well significant error rate legists put it that put it that way. Some were accidentally signed up and I wasn't where to get a card. Why? How was I accident we signed up to vote now, but it's it's great. What California is doing right before this election just put something new in and his daughter sign up everybody in the state. I love that sure nothing. You go wrong with a horse. Nothing will go wrong with that. Now,
I want to say we we really have gone this way of thinking that everyone should make. We should make it so for everyone to vote in everything, no one should be voting. Look people who know what you're talking about should both people who have but more than five minutes in the past four years? Thinking about politics, and it would at some level yeah there's your vote just like with better. If you didn't know, an air was a modern sporting rifle that people you too, to shoot dear bear yeah go hunting with it. If you didn't have any idea that that was a sporting rifle, a hunting rifle you shouldn't you shouldn't, be allowed to better you shouldn't be allowed to vote, but I can't he tenuifolia. Knowing it do you, I think I see qualified in other areas in the family. The sun is the main problem here's a cold hard reality. Emergencies generally strike when you expecting them
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This is the Glen by Programme Ben exactly a month since we at our first special on democratic collusion and corruption in Ukraine, but that just the first in a trilogy that we planned the first one, a new hope where we meet our heroes and we meet the villains and we think oh wait. A minute. Obi WAN, you're our only hope if we can do get the media just to pay attention. We get. People to talk about this issue, I only hope, the air and, if you watch them first one you knew that term Joe and under Biden were just the tip of the iceberg that it really wasn't about that, and it's really not about the phone call. It wasn't because, after all, we know that Donald Trump just on a decoder, starchy, staging a big up some power converter, but we really thought that we might,
actually find some people that wanted to do some digging. But that's not what happened. New hope, was quickly followed by the media empire striking back and they struck act with a troop two pronged attack. The first was diversion campaign using Rudy Giuliani. I'm not saying. But he is definitely not the main part of the story. He's gone an attempt to get us to look again at another direction on Wednesday day, I'm gonna show you their case. I want to show you what they have, I'm going to re and organ reorient this this ship of ours. And show you how the focus on Trump and Giuliani is nothing more than one thing, a diversion and aid, jurists diversion for a cup of reasons
we have a new election coming? Is anyone paying attention to what is really going on the second part of the media's attack on the truth, came in the form of a series of fact, checks and de of our claims on what Democrats have been up to in Ukraine, and I have to tell you You will not believe now you thank you: will you think Oh, no. I know what the media's like. No, no you don't. I thought I knew how low the media would go until we started doing research on the fact checks and the debate, of our claims on what Democrats have been up to in Ukraine, and I have to tell you you're not going to believe the misdirection and the blatant lies, it is the worst I've ever seen and they're using four main points to try and absolve the Democrats and we're going to.
Down every single one of them will show. You will show you so much that If you just show this one section, you Your friends will never trust the media on anything ever again, and I know you feel that way, but, our people right now that saw the chalkboard and then they her Things in the media and the New York Times in the Washington, Post and CNN, and there are like all well, that's been debunked. No, no! No! it- is an art form to their lies, but also going to do one other thing as an empire struck back. Did as well. I'm gonna to set up for you, the third. The third instalment of our trilogy Our research in Ukraine has reopened the doors to something that I started looking at in two thousand and nine, and we thought it wasn't going anywhere and then
a name came up. And when we said we all look each other when why do I know that name, we Aren't you going back and looking at our files and whole the cow we ve when something. Quite honestly, I wish I hadn't, but it ties everything together. If you thought Ukraine was bad and You thought the world was upside down and it's all just a crazy coincidence. If You thought the demo that's really believed hey, we shouldn't get in followed in other people's business. If you don't think at our government should be doing things in other countries against those countries wishes, but we are so damn arrogant. We just know what's right, I'd like to produce you to a few documents and the truth of what
is really going on as the world is being set on fire. The tree the g continues with the empire strikes back an all, new special on Wednesday. You can see that on Facebook and on Youtube and on blaze, tv we really really want you to see this special and this is important because it sets up number three which is coming in a couple of weeks, three four weeks and its This one is truly terrifying, she's, a promo code with that, maybe upon Roma Glenn. Maybe this if ten bucks ablaze to beat I come back Japan, is well, but also a good idea. Also, we are taking your phone calls to day to day at five o clock. I just want to hear from you and I want to know what you want. To get from these specials. What are your questions? What have you heard? What is it that you
Having followed you heard the impeachment, you have any questions on what we talked about on the blackboard and anything. Beyond that I'd like to hear from you now in fact will start taking some phone calls right after the top of the hour so noon eastern time, we'll start taking those phone calls as about twenty minutes away, and I you colleagues, I really want to talk to you because we really want to make sure that were covering the things you want to learn about or no call us now. Eighty eight seventy seven be easy gave you seen something on the news and you're like while this doesn't fit. Please call us. Let us know, let us know what the Restrictions are as well on days. This story, aid aid, US seven hundred and twenty seven bzk. Eighty eight thousand seven hundred and twenty seven b e c k call right now and are produced. We'll get you were lined up aided, it. Seventy seven back call us now we
in touch on the Katy Hill story, today was thinking about putting all of the pictures. I have you seen all of the pictures. You ve seen more than I've wanted to see. I don't know I was thinking about just meal putting him. But blurring of the offence of parts? So we would have to blur face. And then I was at a know. It I'm in another? No, I meant blur the other parts out right, yeah, so anyway, not simpler. I chant on. I cannot I talk to my wife last night cause she hadn't been following this and he said I wonder why it is a big no media sources are covering. It cannot be at you what me too, I know that you have tag it when you send now. Why didn't? I should hashtag, who has noticed that the media doesn't really seem to care about this one. Now they don't care at all, hashtag me. Well, they do care that the right
is pouncing they care about the room, pouncing than they care about. They care about revenge porn. Ah, they care about ok, but they don't care at all about a powerful congresswoman. Who is hooking up with her staffers multiple staffers. Were younger and underlings. And apparently that is not all the issues in the matter she wasn't an underling. Now for. She was, I think she likes to see, prefers to be an error, since have you heard and had ever seen the picture of that off, the staffer who looks like she's being held hostage. The woman we're her her rushed. Yes, look at her face. She looks like help me. Somebody help me, please she's, fine. Clothed and is congresswoman is completely naked. Binder sitting in this chair, brushing her hair
it is so creepy, and it really is: don't you think it is it see island graduate that was the original movie in the ring. Betty ideas of what Harry Saint gave rise does look a little like I mean eight Reno makes my makes our our horror films, but she looked like the woman who just got out of the tub from the shining right she those alive. It's so terrified he's the Sierra terrifying. So, yes, she has these naked photos, which you know that talking about those as if this is something like the right came out with, and everything because it is not a conservative media reporting was red state that first posted the photos, but though restore here, as these are young and many case female staffers being actually use used by sitting Congresswoman some cases, the campaigning congresswoman and it's the first, it's the first
congresswoman to ever be hit by. Ethics Committee for sexual the emperor, yeah and she was a rising SAR Montgomery S because she was a. She was a bisexual out. Bisexual sheep apparently had affair both men and women in her orbit He denied it a lot at first and is now a kind of relented and said yes, these things that occur, but you know who's to blame- is her abusive ex husband which which this, if, if If the emails or be to be believed, it looks like the the victim if you will the young staffer review see the veil, the emails, and it's like I've seen how she treat you you're, he you gotta get out of that relationship. It's an abusive relationship, apparently the female staffer thinks that Katie's, the one who is is abusing her husband, not the other way around. I mean it's hard to know ray? I I don't know, but
I do know, is what she knew. What she's of ETA it too is against there are all these ethics guidelines and I believe, illegal like it's just you know it's one of those things you have drawn a line on don't hook up with your staffers when you're a cop this person so at the idea that this is some like leaves the pages republican. What did I say that our mountain it really? This is nuts under the public a lot higher. If you're going to Republican you're gonna plot as a republic and to take out a powerful congresswoman, you dont go with Katy Hill, which we should all admit here. None of us knew was a congresswoman as of last week. No, I never heard afore. I had no idea this note. You know what that might be proof. It is a GEO. People are really because that seems like something the GEO P would do. Let's find the most worthless person, yet no one knows take em down. That would be a typical gerardi playwright. Somebody
it can't hurt us or do anything about it, and nobody will. Air about yeah. Let's get them those are the worst episode of House of cards like they make sure they do all sorts of corrupt things by the seeds of Amory led editing think push themselves on the train tracks. Second, I swear. There was nobody there of course thought it was a GEO p guy. He threw himself in front of the train, it's not every day that you get hit by a van or a train I can't help you if you been hit by a train, but if you ve been hit by a van. This is what happened to Joey's from New Jersey, it was crossing the street New York City. The wrong moment. A van comes around the corner and just hit him he's rushed to the hospital He lived through it, but a lot of pain.
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a drug, free, natural, weighty, easier pain, get your life back, go to relieve factor, dotcom, that's relief, factor, dot, com your listening to Glenn back. globally, program, we're gonna, be doing especial show. End can be taking your phone calls here. In just a few minutes so anything you want to talk about the numbers dated eight. Seventy seven b c k we're talking out of the thereby situation the election. Ukraine. The net election. Russia we'd like to
you're from you anything that is on your mind, call us at eighty, eight. Seventy seven BC k I'll be taken phone calls in just a few minutes. The brother of a sandy hook. Victim has blasted Joe Biden for the lie of Biden. You know taking everybody in AIR Force One to the White House, they he said, and I quote this Alai obey came to sandy hook and met with every fat family. But Joe Biden did not go by just as Joe Biden claimed he came to sandy hook after the shooting and met with every family law somewhat. It was actually Barack Obama. Who did that? Not Joe Biden by not also thought he was VP when parkland happen. He's either a liar or he's losing his mind, tat such But he could easily be both he's ISA he also said
Not only did by not meet with all of the families, like Louis said, by claims, but Louis the Obama administration offered trips to Washington AIR Force One, but the only went to families who supported the Obama administration, gun agenda. He's guys are just there. Just It is amazing, amazing, even on the day, without Baghdad, going down here good day. Can you think I'm innate silver is in trouble with the left now nature over you may know he runs five. Thirty, eight com is a guy. Who was the architect bind the the landslide I thought gets. He gets unfairly, I think maligned for some of this, but I mean he was one of the first of all. He was one of the first people who called the tea party thing back in the day of like two thousand, eight right after Obama. Every was saying the Republicans were just gotta, be a regional party till the end of time. That's right, Miller. First, people who did that is all very early on on open
was very consistent, saying that Obama was going to beat Romney and he was right on that you and he he had a more optimistic take for Trump, then every prediction website out there. However, I think he said it is about thirty percent chance trumpet win he's been malign, for that will let you know. Get it wrong in and amateur at some level. Anyway, to go into all the details, but he was the liberal hero right here. A long time left us here forever. Now he's been called all right, not all. Where are you now right? Yes, he's all right, why is he all right? Well, he is. He said he couldn't understand why the left and some of left, media sources wouldn't be able to just give Trump one good day when it comes to taking out one of the world's most renown, terrible terrorists. That was apparently just saying that he should have one good day because killed what you know equivalent of today's Osama Bin Laden with you can't even get one good day seems like
going crazy. That apparently makes him all right because he's I guess saying one good day for Trump makes you an extremist and the left media and its trials. Absolutely it is, I mean, look, would Saturday night lived in liquid, all the media has done them they're, making Albert daddy into some. You know nice guy. That was a human that we really should not celebrate.
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