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Trump's Supreme Court Pick? 1/24/17

2017-01-24 | 🔗
-President Trump moving too slowly for Time Magazine -Judge Trump on what he does and not what we fear -A new Hall of Fame member! -Never again is now? -Oscar nominees announced -Does Glenn have Low T? -Musicals are so annoying -Mel Gibson finally getting love from Hollywood again -A vet's pick for best picture-Jeffy. Man of honor. Or something.-Going through the decisions of Trump's likely Supreme Court pick-Dippin' Dots vs. Texas heat -The goofy regulations left by The Obama Administration -Guide horses and fancy hotels -What's making the cows fart? -Glenn to get a horse and a pig for the set?-Mother in laws get a bad rap -What Glenn learned at a funeral -Remembering a special listener-National Patriotic Devotion Day -Trump may have someone great in mind for The Supreme Court -PC-ESPN's ridiculous political correctness just got more ridiculous -ESPN is ripe for the taking?-Shame on Venus Williams -How do you communicate with unintelligent people?-A fascinating figure from American history The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck, Pat Gray, Stu Burguiere and Jeff Fisher, Weekdays 9a–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio

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This is the police? Radio on demand git aspirin mattress and get a great night sleep. Try. For a hundred its risk free, go to cast Dotcom, Slash, Glenn and use the promo code. Glenn get fifty where's towards a purchase of your mattress terms and conditions, do apply. Palau I'll come over here, America lot. Play today. Yesterday, the first for work day at the White House. What did president from do? What is in the process, and why is it that I didn't see this headline from? hi magazine. Oh, I don't know. Eight years ago, Donald Trump breaks almost all of you day one promises. No really, especially after you read the story. Seems like the headline writers like to just ro bloody meet people. We'll get to what he did and also it looks
He may have selected a Supreme Court justice. We have some Insiders that are now saying we think it is this. Secular man, we're gonna, give you all the details on who there Is and what it means. Beginning right now, the fusion of entertainment and didn't lightened- and this is the Glen Donald Trump breaks almost all of his day- one promises as candidate Donald Trump set a sweep. Day, one agenda as a Monday evening, the vast majority of his promises have gone unfulfilled and rallies in speeches
in the course of his campaign as well in his contract, spell out what the american voters from vowed to move swiftly to overhaul the country's approaches to trade and immigration, You said repealing and replacing his predecessor signature Healthcare law. We be one of his first acts of press as president evolved determinate. What he does his predecessors too you'll executive amnesties and committed. Push forward with sweeping ethics reforms and undue sir because of environmental and other regulations, but since he was sworn in on Friday, he's moved at a decidedly slower pace. Anybody else find but syn She was the Mornin Friday he's move at a slower pace. Here is what, he did yesterday on his first full worked day, the White House. This is what he did. He
drew from the transpacific partnership. Tt teepee, be is a thing of the past, Here's, what the order does he It is clear that he would not consider putting the agreement to a vote in Congress. The? U S, withdraw as a signatory toward the deal and permanently withdraw from any further negotiations. The member nations closer the agreement in twenty fifteen, but with most of the Democrats against it in protest, trade, Republicans hesitant, reported in election year Obama's decided to hold on asking Congress to ratify the agreement until the GEO P, here's where competent was passed that moment, never came what it doesn't do it does not, in the Trump has taken the? U S out of trade altogether. Indeed, Trump official say he will consider seeking discreet trade agreements with many. Nations who were party to pee, pee, pee, the? U S. Alright, He has bilateral agreements with many already it
as a move. A strong signal that the trouble demonstration once free and fair trade throughout the world says Sunshine Spacer. The executive ashen ushers in a new era of U S, trade policy which the trouble administration will pursue. The bilateral trade opportunities with AL he's around the globe good every happy without one. Yeah! You know that I have my issues with the with him on trade, and I you know, I think that no need going into them. I think I don't know that he's pulling out of teepee pay for the same reasons that you dont, like tv be, and so I I doubt concerns me because I know the way he talks about trade but die, and are you ok? So, let's let's judge him on his actions, not what we fear. Can we do that, of course, its care so adjust on this action?
not what we fear, because what I fear is the same thing. You fear we start putting up trade barriers and we, We are moving into the things that he is also said. He's going to do and is moving in the area of tariffs and we're in real trouble, but He hasn't done that on this. I think this is a good thing getting out of teepee Emmy. There are risks to it. China will be able to write all the rules right, so I mean the right with. You know that obviously it's our issue with is China, with trade Thou, China's growing running the rules likely for this entire group of countries, which will be their neglect getting starting point for anything going for further. Of course, you know troubled, say that he's going to. It will negotiate better deals and he may very well. He might so. I went to this one on that, like thrilled about that But I know I'm in the minority for sure you happy bet ya, think Yet another thing right reinstating a ban on funding some abortion services
Frumps order. Yesterday reimpose is a ban initiated in nineteen. Ninety four nineteen, eighty four by Reagan on government support for international aid groups that provide or council women on abortion services to receive Any you as a non governmental organisations, will now have to certify they do not perform or actively promote abortion as a method of family planning. This ban, called the global gag rule lifted by Obama after he took office in two thousand nine what it doesn't do it doesn't effect. Family planning or abortion policy here in the United States. The standard in the rest of to start, what the hell are. We doing funding abortions anyway anywhere, but especially foreign country ass. Yet that's a plus for me and also lets you know. It's been one of those things that every Democrat has not acted in. Every Republican has
those are Bruno Reagan had abandoned the Clinton stuck it off than Bush. Put it back on than Obama, took it off. So this is very consistent with past republican policy since Reagan and obviously, if somebody who's pro life, it's it's important. Ordering a government wide hiring. Freeze, What the order does the trouble. Illustration directed the leaders of all federal agencies and departments to freeze hiring of new personnel anyway in seas in the federal workforce, as of noon on, Sunday must remain unfulfilled and no new positions may be created, except in limited circumstances The decision is meant to counter the dramatic expansion of the federal workforce since the Clinton administration from In point, eight million civilian employs two two point: one million the cost and health retirement benefits are unsustainable, says the administration is frankly to some degree, but a lack of respect for taxpayer dollars in this town for a long time said spacer with the orders. Not do
lottery is exempt from the freeze. Each department or agency can also accept any position that it deems necessary to meet. Nash security or public safety responsibilities? I that's good. Just through attrition, you will cut the icily government down dramatically yeah, I'm certainly a big fan of this one as well. The leftist is based, their point is just a just. So we know is always important now their argument a century of all the things that have expanded during the Obama administration, federal employment hasn't beryllium, expanded. Alot of that did you do to do with economic collapse and others if they buy kind of chased. That, but he's at about here the office about the same employment level federally as he got into office. Sort of surprising, I think, really rise because it, but it did. Up initially, and then it has come back up to even So that's just something to to note if you, if you care about it, but I mean as a principle, I think
good idea. We obviously know the first federal government is way too big and This is your right away of doing it attrition without having to lay people off constantly and and have all the harder joins it's hard to fire people s hard to fire people. You don't want to fire. Good people won t believe you dont, replace them, and has to go along with obvious cuts in the structure eventually, but there's enough fat on their that you have to think about that guy, while gonna turn the federal were Goes against us, I mean how many times have we worked in a company where they didn't higher replacements, and then you get Congrats relations no pay in Greece. You get to do their job to and you're, like God, Crabs. Gonna, be bad on the morale of the government workers in progress here ass, his intention to renegotiate or withdraw from the North American Free Trade Agreement, NAFTA with Canada and Mexico He is in conversations with canadian mexican leaders trumpet a clear intention to renegotiate the deal. No formal steps have been taken,
He is also convene his generals and inform them that they have thirty days to submit a new plan for defeating the Islamic State Group, so these are the some of the promises that he made remember. He was out and he said we're not going to fight this. The way I'm going to go to the generals and we're going to I'm going to tell them you what you're doing and come up with something else I want to do day one well. This we're Time magazine is like, while he didn't do that, what he's informed them he's convene them and he's telling them that they now have thirty days com, up with a new plan, because the old plan sucks I mean that it is time to give you the difference between the way they cover these president's, and this is a political fact who did this, but we did we talked about it that we talk about. Yes, I think we may have. Maybe I was on patents. Do yesterday
by the way. Do Joliffe aim? Oh yes, Barack Obama, electrodes interviews in ninety six percent about one of the lower number. We seem to get into the detail with ninety five Europe. He I'm yes, it takes time five. But oil is somewhat disappointing. What do the boy was about? There was not a hundred percent less than ninety nine percent. Last. What I'm really expected that ninety six is devastating honestly to his legacy powers. Not the all time high. Both donor, though I wanted, I await the all time high vulgar there's a few nice centres, Al Gore, Al Gore, was Anthony, Wiener believe wiener ourselves. At the height of the week Skin is undesigning prisoners Anthony winner, Al Gore Maxie. Waters for some reason she did that day. Harry read: well deserved, airy, edge, Shilts. Ninety nine percent of the Deuce Hall of Fame and Nancy Policy,
this is hard to believe erratically below sea last one Harry Reed, Eric holder, are allowed. You nine and Barack Obama that that says something may have something to do with respect for the presidency, but I'll could be that's an actor, and other theory is what's the reason why he has a sixty percent approval rating. Where now, which is everyone's, been focusing on other people they don't like for awhile soldier of forgotten about him. He hasn't been. As in the news lately, just think about it for a second and you can get back to my rising alerting. That's amazing by point, though, the coverage was that he put a fact gave him a true for peace. Is he made about his first day or first, a hundred days or whatever it was that he was going to reform crook, Justice and so, when you look at the details of the promise he said he was going to appoint a now to look at how they should reform criminal justice and because he appointed the panel, they gave him a true,
Now I did look at it, they know their law. Any did look and I didn't want. The panel zones rose a true now that is the now look at what he's doing here. They're saying it's a false hood that he was able to do this with a general, even though he's as in basically said look at it from has formally requested Pentagon advice on changing the campaign against the militants, spices the president will continue to have those conversations later in the week So did you break his promise that day and eliza- and I mean when I, when you're saying day, one I mean: do you really mean the first day, I'm going to sign all of these things new real, I mean he wasn't the president. Who was he to go to the generals and say hey when I get into office I a plan. I wanna have that plan ready and I'm gonna executed on day one silly knit PS. I would ask Congress been promised to send him a bill to repeal and replace Obama's signature of care law.
He's already done that didn't he. Then he asked Congress last week, even working with Congress for four weeks, yeah. He didn't. He passed an executive order, which I don't know this is a common way of doing. It would basically saying we're going. We want to pull out of Obamacare was based here I examined in order. That was on Friday right, although I dont much was day one, it's a weird executive order. Do they usually do that, like it didn't actually do anything? They just said we work we're gonna, take every step we can do. It announced the intention, and I think it was important to him to show that you did something to you. So pending he's setting stop all federal funding, Sanctuary cities- ISIS I do it places where local officials don't arrested, detain immigrants living in the country illegally for federal authorities began. Deporting what Trump estimates to be more than two million criminal illegal immigrants living in the country. That's an interesting two I mean he is.
Important one because it was they who cost him the popular vote, as I gotta go ahead, but I mean he men, they are really pushing for this. I mean he said and I think a spice or yesterday who said We are not going to repeal Dhaka the Obama Administration executive order that basically put liberal doctrine into into rule and when there are I their ideas to find a long term solution through Congress, which is surprising. I mean that when I was actually surprised about and they are very much talking like Obama's been talking for the past eight years of we're gonna go after criminals like it's, it's We must now focus on criminal, illegal aliens.
Which, as we have noted the other day, the deportations for they have increased and that's the easy way out it's easy way. Then you don't have to deal with that, will work but dreamers errant year for twenty years, while they shouldn't a bender for twenty years and deported or remove the incentives now there something that is happening in Silicon Valley on this topic that I want to get too after we get through this whole list, but Silicon Valley has decided they're, gonna, say never again is now their say. IBM helped with the Holocaust, and we will not assist the government in any way on doing things where their targeting minority. He's a religious groups or anything like that It's really weird steward. I read it this morning and we both agree with what they they they want to do, but not the reasons. The reasons you're. So shallow, it's it's it's. Little Red. I mean it's really disappointing, but
I think it's gonna be one of those things that your torrent on, but kind of applaud them for doing it, but not for the reasons there doing it and on these policies roots discussing over all there's a lot like it was a little weird to see Donald Trump sitting down with all the union officials in agreeing with them about trade policy We regret that makes me feel very weird, but over well there's a lot too like there, and you know I think, while there might be a mixed bag, It's great to see some of these changes its unconstitutional to make. You feel weird, to write ass, high, ass, well, say now, this fishing with appeared Fishing is when somebody goes on line and you get an email from them. Looks like it's from a rabbit. Well source. Think John Podesta. This is what fishing as its scam to get personal information there is a new, highly sophisticated fishing campaign. That's attacking compromise Gmail account by mounting secondary attack on users in their contact list, I didn't
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we thought it was his TAT. I know him well enough to know that he had my phone number any would have called me and not emailed me. And so and send the money. That's what it looks like in some. Easily can be snatched into it. Nice tragedy, life lock, is the best identity theft protection available. Nobody can prevent a light, then the better monitor all transactions and all businesses, but for nine ninety nine, a month plus a sales tax. You can have somebody who is standing guard twenty four seven go to lifelike dot com or call one eight hundred four, four zero. Forty nine thirty six one, eight hundred four four zero forty nine thirty six used up I'll come back. Get ten poorest turn off your life like ultimate plus membership, one eight hundred four hundred and forty four thousand nine hundred and thirty six one, eight hundred four hundred and forty four thousand nine hundred and thirty six
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The glad that programme after a few minutes ago, they were Saint Malo. Land was gonna, be the most nominated in history. It had to beat, I think, t, nominations are fifteen nomination in tied Titanic tied titanic. Fourteen right, yes, we're Yang on essential. I saw that they can all these nominees is. I was like I gotta, go see this movie and then I saw but five seconds the preview release. It was a musical than wives cured S. Amazing! No! Thank you. I know. That's not gonna come a surprising to see anybody. I loved it. I owe you ve already seen I loved it, That is a musical yeah. It's a musical. His is a new is telling you. It is a girl in. What's your name, Amis dome? Yes, where she is brilliant she'll get an Oscar for best actress. She was apps
and then the other really reactor is Ryan. Gaza, Ryan, Goslin, you're, good singer. When you watch this, you will have. No idea that that guy, I watched the added some like hey? How are they doing this because, he's playing the piano and really well the guy can't play the piano. Oh really, he played the piano. You took lessons for three solid for three hours a day three solid months and he's the piano in this and one unless you're a musician, a real good position. We would never know it quite amazing that this is a really really. Austin nineteen forty style musical, make you feel back programmes. If we want to take a quick moment and think overstock, com for
Providing the new set that we're onto Dave, you happen to be watching yesterday. We we moved into our new radio facility? And we want to thank overstock everything on the said came from overstock and just you can't I, ever used overstock a year ago. And have been using them I'll, never furniture shop for shop for anything their great ever now. In a store again, it is. The easiest thing ever and this stuff is awesome. Patches enemy did you have to have their customers? I'm, like no oversight, And you would not believe they have it's like its honestly. Its It's so similar to Amazon, where just circulating on the Amazon. You know years ago. You do likewise by my books there, but now used by everything their same thing with Restock the name is misleading business not I used to think overstock was this thing where you know like area
this off the shelf and so now reply that it's not that it all now and you'll love it. You'll love it. So thanks overstock forum, your help, go back to the go back to the Oscars here for a second, let's see how many of these we ve even seen about on twitter, somebody tweets adding get past the description of Lala Land Glenn loved it he might have. O t without an interesting observation about young, and I think we can establish that. I, like I do, have loan to be caused by musicals. Is that no its? Not? But I did I mean I don't. I think that it is a proven. Why are caused by musical noise? It might be. I purse I loved it, and I think anybody who, as are you heartless, Rynch, where they were unable to have a heart without singing it. There
denominating Hocus Pocus through yes, ok, I mean it will take you the first seen it took me The first seen is an opening scene where they all get out of their cars on the freeway. They start singing. Now, really that- and I am- and I was like- I don't think I can do this- I just don't like being while yeah. I don't think I can do this Pass that scene and you'll love it Larry so, is it one of those of noxious things where every girl son noted and I speak for long periods of time into first tangibly. Burglary forecasts. Ok, so you think when you first watch it that for the first song you know it's Opening is a song and it smart because it It lowers your expectation that your life, I'm gonna, hate this movie and
It starts out where everybody is singing and they're all I'm getting out of the cars of the like I'm going to work today or whatever the hell. They're thing happen. You're like oh, my gosh. I want to hang myself and then they happen to me yesterday and I thirty five everybody jumped out: they we're having fallen stock and then all of a sudden everybody the same time gets in their cars in they drive away. So you have happy anyway, it's great. So then it settles down to where it is more of drama where the one character or the two main characters just sing, something it's not like Mullah Rouge, where they were big production numbers this the more they only real protection. Number that I can remember, is the first one where everybody is singing like: ok, stop it the rest of it it's just this love story between these two. Then this second half, most has no singing in it.
And if this is really cool, love story, so be it related approach it for some reason, you are the constitutionally required to sing in movies, but you're. Not so you don't have to find out ways to minimize it. You could just do none of it. Well, it is almost like it's almost like they started out as like a real nineteen thirties movie and you know they were. They were like Ok, we're gonna, do this big Broadway cut a movie and then They saw the first time in their like that's not so good of an idea. Maybe we'll just have a couple of people saying just do a drama, etc. We already have benefited most of these big enough to keep a bracket. I really loved it, though. Obviously la la land has been nominated, ok, so I'm the only one is seen that the only one day also Manchester by the sea. I here that's already not seen anybody see. I've heard it's a very sad, but I must what's it about. Looks release I don't wanna go,
I said I don't either needed Heller High water, whichever son I love. What are you gonna do that is to Texas Movie, that is a sexist movie. Remember they went and they, the movie company, came to us and asked us to bring some people to screen, let's ride, member and that we screened it way in advance, because they were afraid that conservatives wouldn't like it, because it's bank robbers of this bank that his screwed up, These people in from two thousand eight ok, and so is lower. True story. Now and but it's I loved it. I absolutely loved in the audience, really loved it. It's really good fences. With Denzil Washington. Good haven't seen it moonlight, which I don't know anything about. What the hell is that I don't know
things. Miami. Ah, that's gonna chance. Actually, if it's not gonna be Lala Land, which is gonna, be the big favorite moonlight, I would say Lala Landscape, as if a love story to Hollywood, it's there. Her story nettle. Well, they will win because every like, oh, I remember that was me. I remember when I got out of my car in the freeway and secondly also lion. I don't know anything about what was that about this programme? Dentist Sid. Where the dentist and killed the lion like in nominating, were an award hidden figures, which is the the three african women who might we're family is seen that my kids have seen that they say it like it. Fantastic things about hidden figure, send them the Hacksaw Ridge, which have also seen Abner nominated for an Oscar? Actually, so Miss Gibson said. Look it's time. You guys forgive me and apparently they did because Hacksaw
just nominated for best picture and director, as a cell lines about another battle. He had to fight to get that illegal and the sea. I have not seen it who has seen it just you Oh god, you have to see that movie now you'll love, it is so violent, You have a real problem of probably know it's. There is a violent worsens us, but you know you will love. It is one of the best stories I have seen and it's true I haven't any of these, my own, You know something else. You won't watch out of a window, something else you won't watch. The Oscars
but not so. Euro you'll come back Lou Circle, but I was actually go see some of these weird independent offshoot. You know movies every I usually see three or four, the basque amateurs. Lot of these are not weird offshoot. Now Hacksaw region and the one in Texas and the last of the nine, the last of the nine I finally have seen arrival. Ok, I saw a rival so I just going with the result that there has been pretty good. Wasn't I'm sorry so lion is after being separated from his family and in the five year old Suru was adopted by an australian couple who raise him. With great love as an adult. However, Sir struggle by resurfacing memories of his birth family and employs new worldwide technology to locate them
while that sound, terrible, sound, good or bad so who is sitting? Allow Hollywood pitch meeting wine accepted that, while whether this is an interesting part of us Jeffrey because I'm reading at another description of those answers, twenty five years later on with only a handful of memories, is unwavering determination and revolutionary technology known as Google Earth revolutionary deck. Now I think I have on my computer agar this. That's that's what the movies level, what you know this is this is this is the appeal this is Hollywood's reaching out to the as to the world, your handwriting revolutionary technology, where you can get water from a tap our aid, our sponsor this half hours. My patriot supply, is your family ever needed to tighten its budget for a month. By the way, did you see the headline?
from CNBC. Today I saw a headline from CNBC Air, but I don't know yet if it's the same one, which when did you see stocks of Colombia natures around eighty percent intermediaries in pig features, wasn't an ecological. This pig natures. Why do I even work we rise? So hard to get it out or out of it, so the headline was Donald. It will be. The president of the next recession, for, a year is hunky dory. We have heard about how perfect this economy is, and I told you the minute the next president gets in office we'll be recession, is around the corner. That's unbelievable and yet so so, believable gap, It's I mean there. It is. I couldn't believe when I saw it, I was like one.
I've been saying that for four years, who ever is president gonna get blamed? get blamed for it, not Obama and you're right. They never did they weren't hinting didn't know. There was trouble on the rise. Oh, no, no! No dare you lives or up? What are you taught? How dare you even say that there might be a recession anyway? the recession is coming and it's not trumps fault, it's it's honestly it is. Bushes, fault and Obama's fault. You can't stop the natural cycle, the FED, said they're out of bullets? They will not be able to stop the next week I should they said when the next recession comes there only option is to print another four million dollars. And even that there are not Sure will work. So you know when which was in office. We had eight hundred
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I prefer to call it alone, but you know there are actively combat better. Now I would actually combat medic- and I thought had always was absolutely just phenomenal- one of the most under appreciate it. I m a lesson: military and if we don't get a lot of recognition a lot of a callback action, an oasis do, but the combat and I thought it was great to see a movie where they could show someone who can t you with your tree with someone in the crap like that and you yourself with as we are- and I just thought it was absolutely phenomenal, show up spirit and waited people We can care about. Other people did you didn't do know about this guy right before the movie, it as it will you go through combat medic school, Now what can Houston Texas portable figures as they have it? combat Medic Museum down there pulling much everybody goes.
We go away and they give everything and in combat merit clock. They actually teach you about getting dark ere. He sacrifices that he gave to her. Others in it basically is the embodiment of what every combat medic should be. The person who is there with you, three more there you're their moral support, an end Also there you know their heart and soul without you, everybody else there wouldn't be able to do their job. If someone got hurt, though I just really it was, it really touched the air- I actually gonna, cried your movie just because each of the economy go back to being over there. So when I was talking to Miss Gibson, he said that he told some of the things down that jobs and a dozen did, because he said there really truly unbelievable and what he does in the movie assembly really said, but if we everything that he had done. He said nobody would have believed it, but
one of the things that we talked about with. I thought this was the Most real predicts depiction of the war that I've ever seen. Is that what it's like to an extent that is quoted, you're gonna, get to move about being over? There are some things that I still don't talk about to this day. Even my fiance cannot. Yet what about upset because their state that you just don't talk about the theatres Fiji do, that your lot- you tell your proud of, but you're not proud of three times- and this is fully- was the pulses days to what we actually do in the heart of battle air of any movie. I've ever seen, they re much thanks for your service right. I appreciated Douglas
I can't see it now from the already advise of its goods to reels gotta bring back to members. I ve ever travelled overseas. Little platinum. I'm not even sure if you ve seen a war moving to real glad. I know I know you're such a hero or not. I don't profess to be. Euro run better ideas are not new job yeah right. Ok, in the big one right. I suppose reveal Grenada, big without really big, whatever it is. Delegates drags drag, yeah, yeah, we're you there for the Falklands to you that was beside himself No I'm not making follow, not you Debbie, you do that with your network,
but now with the hero metals, the remit of this house to back programme mercury This. Is the police radio on demand git Casper Mattress and get a great nicely. Try for a hundred. I risk free go to cast Dot com, slash, bland and use the promo code. Glenn get fifty where's towards the purchase of your mattress terms and conditions, do apply. America welcome that had run by programme. Glad you're here
we have a look at the new Supreme Court Justice. I shouldn't say, consider the one that we are getting some rumbles from from inside the White House. That is going to be possibly the guy that Trump nominates
We finally decides I'd. I don't know, but if it's this guy you're gonna love, it would start there. In fact, let's do that right now, fusion of entertainment and didn't lighting- and this is the gleam of america- lead you here. We got news this morning from inside the but White House that it looks like they may be close to nominating as Supreme Court Justice if indeed our sources correct this
We think is going to be a really good thing for anybody who said I after vote for Donald Trump, just because of the Supreme Court? if he does indeed dominate this guy and it turns out to be in he he does. Become a justice Roberts on us, which I don't. Because he has a very long history. The bushes, I have always nominated people who this didn't have a bad record. They didn't have any record, but there very conservative, but they had no record will they ve been the bench and they have no record there, not conservatives this guy has a long record of being conservative and stews been looking at him for the last couple of hours and can bring us two speed on possibly The nominee that's gonna, be coming out of Donald Trump
at some is interesting it so the could. The source is not ours on who it is its Jonathan Carl who is in a been very good reporter. He says he. I expect Donald Trump to make his core nomination early next week, sources. Tell me You'll Gore such is the leading candidate. I gotta admit I don't I don't. I don't know him then we are none of us know my idea. We called some people that we know and got the low down some people who have been doing their homes. On these all of these guys and asked what they thought and stew. Been doing some extra homework himself. What fell yeah. It's pretty interesting me. He was up appointed by George W Bush in May. May two thousand six others Circuit Court of appeals, tenth circuit, he will give some of his his background. Hobby lobby case. He wrote a concurrence sided with hobby lobby.
Other case the little sisters of the poor case of anarchy up given that was the one where they had to provide birth control and night there this point: will tensor goes from insufficient deference to the little sisters own articulation of the tenets of their religious beliefs? That position was, of course, vindicated by the Supreme Court later on simply put in cases that closely divided his court and the Supreme Court Gore. Such has shown himself to be an ardent defender of religious liberties and which is big mean that, as a one of the biggest things that we had worried about with some of the other nominees, he seems to be good on that one he joint, another descent in which he disagreed with us, basically ruling on the correct side of Europe. From our perspective, About the government's ability to display ten commandments monument in a public park without exception all of the other offers of donated monuments, frankest money too, they ve. Now you have to do this attack monument. You have to put up so
he agreed without. One is out of the Supreme Court by the way common and if these cases is one that matters very deeply to conservatives, a sense that the government can permit public displays of religion and can accommodate deeply held religious views, that either violating the religion clauses of the constitution or destroying the effectiveness of government programmes at occasionally run into religious objections Scully, articulated, very similar reviews, gorgeous Indians on these issues are quite thoughtful and demonstrate that he would be unnatural successor to school year in adopting a pie religion, conception of the establishment clause very positive again, this is coming from Scotus Blog, which is a neutral. It's not a liberal, or can certainly say it. Just a Supreme Court nerd that ice cream lot is pretty good as well of this one case federal law prohibits the wing possession of a gun via Phelan Day. This is
This law has given rise to a debate about how to best reed. What is knowing mean right. Does it mean that a Phelan possesses a gun or does it mean what if he doesn't know that he's a phelan, for example? He has a minor thing in his past, which technically was a felony that he didn't Eliza. Does that mean he should be able to Does he violet some minor felony the x, Splendid- and here I mean a felony- sounds pretty how you see the something that would should pop up on your re, Dwyer Sectors. It says, doesn't apply when whenever felon, knowingly possesses a gun or must violators also know they have been convicted of a felony. This matter, because lots of minor crimes might technically be felonies and lots of dispositions seem inconsequential because they involve no jail. Time might technically be felony convictions. I would agree that you would have to know you were a fell and right and so sodas gore such he says he urged the tenth circuit to review its rule, holding that it is enough to support a conviction that the defendant knew he paused,
the gun, whether or not he knew he was a felon. This opinion is an example, of course, such a strong commitment to textual ism and severe quit of using legislative history, man, that's a good one, particularly to make criminal. What might otherwise be innocent when you re not using not using history. What did he say? Contextual three consecutive alarming centralism and a severe Jacob using legislative history. Yet so here this is a guy who's. Gonna, look at the meaning of the constitution. This so far, this guy sons rate and again here's the end its worth. Noting this means, of course it's just like Scully. Is sometimes willing to read criminal laws more narrowly in a way that disfavour the prosecution specially when the second amendment or other constitutional protection is involved. That's great Gore such like Scalia has not been a friendly vote for death penalty petitioners pursuing really from their sentences,
his position in death penalty cases is likely to be quite close to Scully US this. I thought was really interesting: dormant commerce clause, the dormant commerce clause, what an interesting thing, if you're, trying to, if you're, trying to increase the power of government, not the commerce clause but the dormant commerce clause. What is the dormant commerce cooperate? Question these doctor. Street, the commerce clause, not only as a grant of power to Congress to make laws regulating internet commerce, but as a kind of presumptive station on the power of states to make laws that either under he burden or unfairly discriminate against internet interstate commerce, because as its name suggests, the dormant commerce clause cannot actually be found in the text of the constitution right silly. I came around to the view that it should not be a thing and refused to admit any future again raises an odd thing. It's nigh and would not be greeted. They also came around to the separation of church and state. Isn't it
Mary, monotonous life constitution. While there are we talking about, are you talk about the separate in church and state or the dormant wall. Seven ratings. Just lay there is normal on their scalia talked about in two thousand fifteen. The fundamental problem with our negative commerce clause cases is that the constitution does not contain The negative commerce in words is a really good outrage, and I love this at the end Gore such that the potential judge as such by John Carl, for maybe so His opinions also reveal a measure of distrust towards unwritten. Constitutional provisions like the dormant cover that last week you mean he doesn't seem to really put a lot of weight on the thing. That's not in the constitution, because it's not in the
on situations. They're gonna hate this guy now, but that's great stuff and that's as far as I have been able to get through so far as we ve been doing. So. How are you feeling about? You know that just the first do not project out just what he's done, don't project what you feel about him so far up because of the election in what he did dough project out? What he might do, just the last few days That's what we promised by the way did we promised a clean slate and try to examine these things as they got right to really good. So far, will we get trapped except except with, the, but the caring about the stupid crowd size outside the advisor going out and an actually other than lying in picking a fight other than that plus. I am disgusted with spices, a pic for the White House Press secretary, I think he's so
so far the I think he's really bad at anybody who is. I will tell you in his favour that position. It's tough because we didn't like Gibbs. We like earnest tab, unlike in his defence in his defence Any man who takes the strong position that he does against deepened dots. Is a good man. It's an interesting because I'm that is probably the best part about him. So friar now you may not know, but he taken a strong now wait, a minute I gotta worry you have yet to dip in dots is not the ice cream of the future, and I happened to agree, will meet to let's make a smart man. That's like a jet sins future. That's an alternative universe future. Where dip into I've. I leave. I've ever had dip in dots they because you sure of ice cream. Since nineteen seventy they're, not they're, not it's not actually than I used her. Is here and there not it. The story from we club lines out that what the lines of this battle
the free press briefing served as a trial by fire for Spacer himself couldn't get through the entire five minute speech to the press without slipping into it to an attack on his arch enemy, deepened doubts the ice cream in future. As social media detectives and quickly discovered, spice has been waging a quiet. One sided twitter food with a flash frozen spherical treat it started in it doesn't ten when spacers still a year out from taking his previous poses communications, for the agency to read it out different. That is not capital letters. The ice, of the future, a man, a blatantly incendiary claim that flew in the face of the company's luxury slogan is not clear. What provoke spacers attack about trip to the zoo, maybe or perhaps six flags, but it was still sticking to the his cry. You extending and his cry year later, which I think Pat had surgically removed. When you double down on the ball claim. I think I have said this before, but did Doubts are not the ice cream of the future, given that the self described ice cream of
future filed for chapter eleven bankruptcy protection after fighting off foreclosure efforts by regions bank for more than a year? It is glaciers. Credit, though that he didn't can content himself with mere opinions on the matter of deepen dots versus the future. Where would Garson stand on that when we don't know later he supplied evidence linking to the Wall Street Journal article above the company's financial woes, his Apparently, slain spice laid down his sore sword and got back to much more important work of attacking Barack Obama for every conceivable thing he ever did and more time there was peace Then given doubts wandered foolishly back into Spacers crosshairs intervening failing to ship enough vanilla, flavoured ice cream too. Washington Nationals game that he was at work moments the old fires. Arranging again, if dip in dots, truly the ice cream of the future. They would have really would not have run out of vanilla at the last.
It's getting late winter ass. I love you, I love is everybody? Has a war against dipping? I mean really makes me forget a couple of things like a mere lie into the press. I've done does has responded and they bear yes, they finally of ev realise that, and they said they want to be friends with Ruth spacer thing I never had it been dots before we ever had it. No, I have I will The weirdest. I mean in our tastes, are elements that it's up to you. I don't usually they discover the future. First of all, I would agree. I have For its part about it is, and its funding where I had this was at the zoo, because my kids wanted something at the zoo. We're at the zoo. An end the worst part about it is especially in Texas. He when it melts, you realize you should not have eaten it. It like turn this weird like. Brown liquid when it melts it just is now all kind of like a milkshake, no, no less.
At the moment, he it's? No, that was one of the most stern like. I was a warning. Now don't delete this right now it was more like I've. Toxic, like River gets its much more liquidity. It's not like cream things, it's the instrument of future. It's me something else that out. But it comes at eight looks like something that spills out of your car. Obedient arises Parker there. So that's all I've. Never I've never had them because they always looked to me like those little styrofoam. Baby, don't you get and I'd like I do what I do. I don't want that and I like the either Yanina Riah. I can believe that you ve never have themselves, they usually just sell at sporting events. The ballpark sneer, but in zoos Zoo like yeah yeah, it's not not my favorite treat, I would say I mean, of course I would eat them, because
So if I didn't, I didn't, I wasn't, does a k so deepened knots to try. But what have they would have slightly because I'm back in pathetic, yes added to which I would say the future does not seem to be defined by diplomats, as a general statement. I think we can agree on. They began, I I stand by Spacer on his did. Not six of its best moments of the administration is ok, sponsor the seven are as mercury real estate if you want your arm sold on time and for the most money without all sorts of excuses, there is a way for you to do it. We started real estate agents. I trust to help this audience find a great real estate agent in your town. We started this about three years ago. Now, we didn't tell you about it for the first probably eighteen month.
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looking right now did I ever finish that go around the room and you in tat answer that I believe and then what how to get off an attendant ok. So I am I feeling pretty good, except for those Yanks. How do you feel pretty good he's exceeded my expectations so far you had no expectations you. Why did we need to pay That out, but I mean it seriously, there's been. No, I think it's been a mixed bag. I can't be I'm not. But I am I I'm through with some of the things. I think it's interesting about Trump. Watching him go through. This is he is he sort of up. You know your foot on the gas guy and when it connect with something you're: u, like he's amazing, for ample they so far on the EPA in those related issues, Energy EPA he's been, I think, very good he's about to design is about to open the Keystone oil pipeline
and in the end, the Dakota one as well. The EPA, his repeat, the EPA chief PIC, I think, was very solid, he's been. Very good on those things and because I say issue on passionate about, I really like it, I'm also I shouldn't about free trade, and I don't agree with him on that, and his stance as there are gonna be problematic. For me. You know the flint applied. It is a disaster. To me I mean it's really bad. And in that one I think it is- is really problematic, but I would they. Overall, speaking generally, I think he's. So they exceeded my expectations and I think a lot of the pics have been really good, not kind of good, not just okay. Well, that's acceptable from a republican president! Actually beyond that, because he seem to care, which is great. However, on these cuz, I don't agree with them on it's going to be it's going to it's going to hurt a lot. I think you know if we see this sort of a dynamic where there's really good things and really bad things.
Long as the bad is too too bad. It's gonna be better than I expected and look. I hope. That's the case, I hope it continues what The things we talked about yesterday on patents do is how stupid this protest was by the left. Think about this. You have a guy who, who, in the campaign, asked for six hundred eighty billion dollars for federal funding of maternity maternity leave me he values his daughter, Vanka, seemingly more than any person on the planet and trust judgment and embraces it. So now you set up a dynamic instead of working with them to try to get those things done, which no other Republican would do for you. You out there in Nepal, and just piss him off and the weight from seems to react to things like that is all you thought. You're gettin, that no way he will step up and build a wall around himself and say screw. You gonna go out there in protest me with three million people screw you you're, never getting any of those things now as a test.
We'll tactic, but when you're playing for long term back programmes, The programme is eighteen. Seventy seven that part of the programme we should We should look at the regulations and run but the Obama administration, with a look at some of the, craziest things that they did friends removing he and she from all regulations to avoid gender norms. They actually took the time to do all. That is an important step. Was Gender Normandy, the Department of Transportation authorize pigs to fly, emotional support animals in twenty twelve. Will those good if you need it
If you have a pet piglets, Riley's Roy, were intended to eliminate discrimination against disabled persons when they fly and fisheries guidance. Ok, pop belly pigs weighing up to. Three hundred pounds to come on the airplane with you, but Billy PIG. How close neighbour cures for a four hundred pound pot comfortably? Are you with a three hundred pound pig way? You look at a beheading Let's see one major regulation from Obamacare was adding calorie, requiring de menus in restaurants, bud and defined, What constitutes a menu was not easy. The rule we're blasted as impossible to comply with and carried criminal penalties for not labeling food correctly estimated costs,
The industry one point seven billion dollars. The regulation was so so the big that it announced that seasonal pumpkin, spice muffins would have to be labelled but not crushed dry in peppers, which are considered a continent that is exempt. Definition for menu reached, one hundred and seventy one words, the definition Of a menu reefs, one hundred and seventy one words: vinyl Reg patient applied to things that are not on menus, such as placements and coupons, and also a thing We having colors on menus, has been shown in study after study that it doesn't actually do anything if a fact it does makes it worse of tat. Great principle right is that it actually makes people more show me two things of you know like equal desire and and one of them has more calories and the other it's gotta be allowing more cat. That's gonna, be better re. Obviously, more delivery is heads Personally, I look at those values and I'm I you know
it's a round. Eighteen hundred calories, I'm like ok, I'm gonna have that men. There is some of their own right, but the hit yes, but there are some that you're like oh, I thought of, much more than other as much What's the matter with me and you end up having yet I'm only seven hundred calories, I thought it was. I thought it was in easing twelve on rules that it s actually like that they're on the menus, big baby. I don't want it I just don't like that. It's a federal regulate me too, but I was at a restaurant the other day and I was like I should get somethin healthy, like a salad or something I wanted to get a pizza and then I looked at the calories on the menu, and the salad was like a nine hundred and ten calories, and the pizza was like six hundred and seventy nine whitewash
wait. A minute Allen was more than the piano tat was more than the pizza sailing. Gonna go find that menu right. Like I back the pizza you're going with it. I wanted the pizza and the calories in the menu convinced me. I should get the pizza, so Obama's regulation actually made me by Peter Miley problem with this really honestly is at its mandated. Yes, I would like it if every restaurant did it on their own, but it should not be a federal regression. It's horrible nother mandate, They mandated the businesses allow miniature horses as guide animals. Thank God final. How long are even worse things all the pod belly pig? man that MRS Berger Wars, the resources of the idea of well in New York, more Chicago or even Dallas have any minute.
Forces? Do you see guiding blind people around town? I mean it. I see it all the time I've actually dollar ten times yesterday they allow it was finalized. The government included a provision that store owners should let miniature horses in if they are used as guide animals. That is that that was the rabble of obviously those the proud people. So you did like guide whores, get out not adding the words that are in a grocery. How many guidelines. Now, maybe we ll hang cores. Why can you not long ponies full size. Horses are not covered in restaurants. Ok, Jade hoarsely does miniature guide, who s little crony right. Well, yeah opponent, managers, Shetland Pony- maybe, but I don't think a Shetland pony would be- are still hold voices they pupil for the northern ITALY oils
the nature of Work- has been individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of the individual, with a disability than that force must be covered. But the eighty eight guide, I will say, that's incredible. I had no idea. This is actually a young and having lots of pictures of it s very the guide horse Foundation says there are quote thousands ignite oars, which I don't know you know that's a pretty wide. Amount could be tooth lifting story about a lady that couldn't survive without her guy horse and it was the horse travels with their everywhere, like gonna play on a plane, driving cabs gars obeyed. It's it's good that there's regulations to help or while horse bits The gap is a miniature little horrid. That's my horse! Banners! The loan ranger writer there like it
Don't look so that the two big dark doggie, as I would say, is about the size of a big does eyes of agreeing on baby you're neuro. No, no grey! Answer that big. Like a massive is this thing has now I was in smaller than a massive if the size of its pretty small item of injuries. Well they're! Only that big! Yes, I'm pretty darn smothered about the size of an average too. You know a gold medal, Well then, I don't have a problem with liberty. Can we get a collapse in the kitchen and you want some of the? U S among some of the benefits of having a guy sure you absolutely adieu and long lifespan lawyer, they can live to be more than fifty years old. You're kidding you dont have to hurry up in a dog. Early, eight to twelve years, yeah cost effective training a dark and cost up to sixty thousand dollars. You say nothing as you know are smarter than horses, though, other oh yeah. I guess you know I saw a chariot
saw a man who, just the other day, I saw the magnificent seven. The other day and Denzil Washington looked at the horse and Said get out of here. And, of course, this is a horse the year based on Obama's like legislation. This is interesting that that this is here because. One of the arguments for guide horse is better acceptance. Many guide dog users report problems getting access to public places because their dog is. Why does a pet? Ok? Most people do not associate a horse s. A pet and guide horse users report that they are immediately recognise as a working service. Animal because the United Wagoner, I gotta, tell you something: I walk into any place in I can do an airport with a horse. I I I I I I'm kind of glad that there may be blind, so I dont see people look at me like what the hell is going on here. I don't think the first response. Of the car see airs Eddie. You know at the Ritz Carlton
it's going to be saying, oh. It's a guide horse, I think it looks influences. What are you doing the horse in here and I think happens at the roots, Carlton or the holiday and death, and maybe the holiday Inn faster than the Ritz Carl. I will say one of real benefit of the guide horse appears to be They were sneakers that's pretty awesome. So the globally club is gonna get the news of the day we must manage. Your horse is used as a guide dog wearing sneaker wearing sneakers live animals. Do not pretending to be a dog Not yesterday, that's important distinction Jeffreys. They are not pretending there dressed as there are not out of their not errors. No, it's a dog. They don't come from the dark side of town this
they are more dialogue. Have now you now ok, excellent vision, great memory com nature, focused demeanor. I want one of these safety conscious, high seas, and good manners. They say please and thank you just nice debate. Bill Pooh Piles, allows guide. Horses are very clean and can be housebroken. How horses do now get fleas and only shed twice per year. Horses are not addicted to human affectionate, we'll stay quietly, while on duty that sad and train service dogs very good about that if you show them of action they want. Perfection here, like german childlike, their ear, that cheerily manly reform Please, and when you spoke german to your dog and said, please You didn't plan stood when
Anyone beaks german somebody in the right tone- and you do one thing hides over the other regulations regulating Christmas lights. To extend their hand, Christmas lights, the consumer product Safety Commission regulated that Christmas decorations are a substantial product hazard if they didn't meet the government standard for wire size, The final rule applies to stars: wreaths candle, without shades light sculptures blow me we'll moulded, plastic figures and aunt em. It figures, but not any solar powered products. Let's see, maybe directed bathrooms for degrading images of women the Tories not exempt under orders from the then secretary of State ERA, Zack Trade, defence, Jack Angle, Navy had to say, which sailors works bases to make sure they didn't have pinup calendars.
Could be degrading or offensive to women. No mother bathrooms were expected We inspected for any unprofessional calendars in twenty fourteen? in twenty fourteen, the Obama administration. Regulated. Thee, a thin emissions from the dairy industry by twenty five percent. The targeted whenever we talk about cow flat, violence, California followed suit last year can bearing himself to know from the Bible governor, We Brown announced new regulations that regulate cow farts dramatically. Methane emissions by twenty thirty or the cows abiding by this new regulation, I'm not
I'm not really sure how do you do that other than killing the cows? I don't know I mean What you find out, if you feed them certain things that would result in network and beans for the candidate yeah I mean pretty much there eating like alfalfa, hey there eating grass border blood, I mean what are what have we feeding cows that give them the flageolets grain rain man? Whatever you do? Don't them grain. You, you feed them a thousand hey, that's what they eat. They have flower teeth, Zoe, diet, alfalfa, hang locality, gluten, free gluten, free legal rights. That is, of course, a bloody, and I felt a zero and, of course, dairy free as well. Here's a response! this half hour, its american financing, salary based mortgage consultants at
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Sounds dresser recently merely already joy. They can lay down over there by the fireplace ours is laid out and her allotted wrong. They lay downright now. I know I've seen horses lay down yet not on their side. They just gonna, know something's wrong with them when they lay down they only nor the other is losing out, why I keep dine on me. I think so there s a lifetime gold together. Now just curious. Maybe we can get a pot belly pig in here too, and your mom is here. You can call- and I honestly would like to see a miniature horse guide dog course. Guide whatever they article. It would be be somebody who do they have the little blind there No things on them, so you utilised the Ghana has a has a pig as a pet. I mean I was overzealous. Now another service animal disappeared, it's ok,
and apparently good temperament. A very nice little messy at least early on in its opinion Finally, the review is little messy, potentially getting into biting furniture and things of that nature ass, not to turn this rise is now knows. I didn't stop me it's a reason. I don't have a big right and they are being like pig farms making dairy farm, all smell, wonderful. How? How bad is the pig stool Smell I didn't get into detail on that another max. I won't have you that's what I like about, who I know right off the bat I mean I weighed the horse would be cool, buddies, poop and now there was apparently alot of that. I will say he beheld open. Now I didn't notice. I didn't actually get anybody's below the level. Of smell with him, but he did say there was a lot of going in that house. Oh no, I couldn't do it go away now! Couldn't do it! I'm Agnes was part of the problem right
I dont know why you want to get rid of it. I guess a lotta people really how strange things looked. Just like you No, I'm not! I once I got there stew where, when get away. I will tell you that we used to have a body rabbit when I was a kid and we how strained the bunny grab- and I dont know how we did it, but we Australia, Bunny rabbit. I used to love, have little still bunny happen around, but there's a difference between a body in a big It felt like a few pages like you're living with a pig This is the police radio on demand, get it esper mattress and get a great nicely try for a hundred its risk free go to cast.
Dot com, slash Glenn and use the promo code, Glenn get fifty, towards the purchase of your mattress terms and conditions to apply hello, America and welcome to the Glenn Beck program. Today. I want to talk to you a little bit about something that I witnessed this weekend, that I thought was profound and and something that isn't said near enough get to that also more on what has been happening with the regulations and the Supreme Court nominee, which apparently Donald Trump is going to talk Congress about today or some the leaders Mitch Mcconnell? the capital he could have an announcement coming very very soon and if it is the guy we spoke about last hour. This is good news, Conservatives how that works.
Goes through Congress we'll see, we begin there right now, the fusion of entertainment and didn't lightened- and this is the gleam of talking about something that I saw over the weekend at a funeral- that I attended. It was Pats mother in law who passed away and my friend of thirty years got up to speak.
And I don't think I've ever seen him like that. He had a hard time talking about her because of the amount of love that he has for And I I thought you know here's something that is never said and it bothers me. I love my mother in law and pat loved, his mother in law, mother, mother laws, get a really bad rap, like stepmother's get a really bad rap, and I think it's just because of the mother and laws. We love to laugh at like.
The mom on everybody loves Raymond, but it's. It's to me it's a lot like come. The mother in law that or the at the way that fathers are portrayed on the Simpsons and it's something that should be corrected, something that should be said once in a while. Least may we can all make our jokes and I'm sure they're a bad mother and laws just like there are bad stepmother's, but there are also really good stepmother's Tanya. Doesn't I dont think get the credit that she deserves, and I don't think you understand this until your kids get older until you go through it.
Walking into somebody else's family? I don't think I could do it. Maybe I could. But that's really hard, especially with all the family dynamics that go on Pat, said. He never called her mom because it just didn't feel right, but she was. I was closer to the way I felt about yeah, but already I'm all right, sir, and I've never and I'm not can coming anyone for this but I've never understood when, when my mom died and my dad remarried, and I got my stepmother DE who is.
To put it mildly, a horse of a different color. Hand and doesn't necessarily give stepmother's a good name, I had a really hard time really hard time. I wasn't allowed to talk about my mom after she died. I moved him my dad and we weren't allowed to even mention my mother. So we never talked about her after her death and it was really hard and But as I got older- and I was in my thirty's and I remarried myself. I realize that he had been my mother, good or bad for longer than my mother had and The only reason why I wasn't calling her mom is because I already had one. But I dont think moms or just the ones who give birth to your mom's are
My mother in law is my mom. My father in law. Is my dad and I love it. I know how much I love being called dad by my kids. And when my son in law, sometime was calls me dad. I love it. I wonder sometimes were a bit too stingy with mom and dad, because the way Pat spoke about his mother in law, the inland part sat saying, is: there's a contract that makes her my mother and she was far beyond a contract, a legal.
Contract. Maybe it's just me, but I sitting there I looked at my daughter as Jackie was giving the tribute to her mom And I looked at my daughter- and I thought someday you're gonna have to do this to your mom and how hard that's gonna be, and then I thought I may have to do this. For my mother in law are my father in law some day if the family would ask and how hard it would be.
It is hard, if not harder. We never had a funeral for my dad. We never had a memorial service for my dad it nothing. I don't think that's good was up part of his yeah wishes, yeah, really we have not been allowed to while partition, Baden. The mother in law has the ashes and our and saw nothing. It was because of that situation. Yeah and it's it's it's weird, it's really weird and we all kind of have said to each other Well, you know we'll keep him in our own way. I don't know if that's healthy. I think the service is part of the healing process. I know I sure got that feeling. Pat when I was watching you didn't feel like I was healing at the time, but some.
You know, I I didn't hold it together as well as Jackie in her brother did they were they were pretty composed, but yet I think it is an important part because gives you the opportunity to talk about their lives, to express how much loved them and to get all that out has ever seen you like that. An important Everley been that way she was. She was really something she was one of the best people.
I've ever known- and so you know like I said I I never heard her say about word about anybody even ingest till the week before she died five days before she died. She said she had. We had the whole family was gathered in the room together, we were just talking to her and Conor reminiscing and just spending precious moments that she had left and my daughters were, you might to oldest wall. Three of my daughters were there. My two oldest are both pregnant and and my eldest daughter got up she's nine months pregnant. She just said the baby on Sunday, so she she got up and started walking out of the room. My mother in law said Amber. You look like a chicken bean.
Out of the room. Invited in the drug war flight of it and it might have been the brain tumor pushing down or something I don't know to chicken dominated always what a chicken beam is, and I think she meant something entirely different, but it was really funny at a shared this latter together and as Amber, walked out. She looked it at all of us. Just said I just called her a chicken being, you did that others are really sure why, but it was the meanest thing we ever heard her say about anyone at our life and I don't even know what it means. So I I think she meant something else, but it was fun and it was just a nice more Our last really fun moment that we got to spend with her, so it was worth it no matter what you meant. Do you remember the remember the listener that we had render.
When the labour of love yeah, she was. The programme can you in fact was issue the founder or one of the founders of labor of love? No, no! She was what she was. An early member aren't of. I think I think she's. I don't know. I think she is just one of the early members, that has been really instrumental and she has been she's been on this programme before, because she's still, this super do gooder. That has done so much and so amazing, with their life. Here's a clip from She was on with us and tell me about it you're three weeks. I think that God wanted me to go on that trip to Israel. I was afraid of fine. I went totally by myself and I wasn't three weeks
your husband and not Israel. My husband was alive when I went to Israel and I, but we had plant and I had planned to go to Joplin with life with all my friends and then three weeks before Joplin, my husband died of a sudden heart attack and how long were you two were sixteen years hugh? Everybody thought I would just follow: the peace is because we were so incredibly close, but we had made vows to to help each other get closer to God. When we got married and we did we did that and the minute. I saw him because I found him, is that how much I was going to miss him, and I called had my daughter- a car susan and say that I can come to Joplin, but as it turned out, I was able to go because I couldn't just sit by myself until sorry for myself. And the thing about it. I tell everybody.
God new. I needed this group before I could ever even have imagined that I wouldn't need them, and the day that I got to talk to pat both of us had law incredibly, she had lost her whole house and I had lost my husband and pat when we sat there and we just sat and were able to talk- and she reminded me of my mother who passed away when I was eighteen years old and she was credibly soft person to talk to and we connected and any healed, both of us just like Argos it. How incredibly sad he was at the beginning of your book, and all of us are incredibly hurt like that adds. Yes, we are, but that has helped me he'll render is a woman that was standing on the mall with many of us, a twenty eight to face in the crowd, and I didn't know her.
And then we met briefly in Israel the next year when she was part of the crowd on a twenty eight and she was part of red by Say and Joplin happened, and she I think she, I think, you're right, Pat, that she was one of the co founders. She went to Joplin. This is three weeks after her husband died. She went to Joplin to help and she because she was listening. She thought I can't just sit here and feel sorry for myself. She went to restoring love and was deep in the volunteers with labour of love went to restoring love, restoring am unity in Birmingham and marched with us,
A remarkable remarkable woman and when the time is kind of forget, a woman who would make pie and our dutch oven over the firing would quilt, I mean, like artwork, quilting a sweet deal a woman who could make you laugh until you cried. Who never tried to point herself out as perfect was always really truly truly humble and kind and was looking to help. Others she's been battling cancer for
quite some time and lost her battle over the weekend, and she has left a huge, gaping hole in our audience. I ve been to listeners that we have lost in the last three years that have impacted each of us. One of them actually moved down here
two Dallas with us and we would see him once in a while, but he just in his spirit when we would see him, he was the happiest happiest man. Whenever mad, he was a guy who's homeless, up north and render who, when we first met
Was in a strange way, timid never been anywhere like on an international flight all by herself, but full of courage, and we watched her blossom and become a true leader of many many people. Anybody who crossed her path, we will miss you Renda, God bless. Our sponsor this half hour- is simply safe when you're in home. What have between you and your belongings, but with your family safety, something worse than a burglar please safe home security, this company that will help you take care of your home in your family security. Simplisafe has twenty four slash, seven protection, that is one thousand four hundred and ninety nine a month, that's less than zero dollars and fifty cents a day. So somebody opens
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Seventy seven back the glad that programme is this. Just something, and you guys convince me that it's not creepy did you do that. I need to be clear, and this is not creepy the president signed, an actual executive order. Making The day he was inaugurated retroactively and like a national holiday that we can't sell because it already already happened, will is for every year. This is why I am trying to make sure that no, I think it's a wonder. Just the one day thing rhetoric actively. What did you name it still give me one minute. I think it's match national patriotic devil, day. Scary, that's ability to me. They justice Bulgaria me thought spooky at all
look I didn't see. Other countries enabling us original example floor grew to raise your hand, if you think that's it all spooky yeah, ok two for two against A new it said it was a fourth president proclaimed January twenty two thousand seventeen his inauguration to be a national day of patriotic devotion Trot made the proclamation, What does that mean to him? Then I don't know what else we should listen to the aren't. Let's hear the body of the work there in order to strengthen our bonds to each other in our country and to renew the duties of government, the people. Ok, national pride, stirs the american soul and inspires the american heart. We are one all united by a common destiny and shared purpose plan when did nationalism be ok can become ok.
While number seven threat was under seriously. When it I mean people right, I mean this is Ben. I've always been Superman. Yadda yadda national linguistic. Yet, but we were never. When somebody would say we were a natural windows. Patriotism become nationalism, I don't know where the reason we knows reason. So I too. I don't know, but people are thrown around that where a new nationalist country- I don't, I don't like the best, not good you're listening to the Glen background, program. Hello, murder welcomed with one that programme. I'm glad you're. Here it is its day to us,
I will drop in office and it looks like we may have a winner in the Supreme Court justice number. The word is from who is it for me John Carl. John Carl, that we have a justice that they're ready to appoint and if it is indeed this guy, it's good news near Neil Gore such he is very Seemingly, by everything, I've read in the old abandoned in Somalia not only to the point of the things he believes above the law, but also even in his writing style, which you'd say who cares about that and make the right decisions, but have you red. Scully is opinions there. By far the most entertaining and interesting questions that that were on the Supreme Court? So I want somebody like that that can actually make that stuff interim. Because it's you can be a slug to get through at times. He is. He was one of the best, so. Everything I've read about, I'm so far, and and would dive deeper into it today, as seems to be that it
be a good choice and maybe better than some of the others on list. So can I switch gears kind of. Is anybody ever going to sue S p m for being wrongfully terminated. I don't know a good question this this I don't know. Maybe I should this. This latest thing where who was it that made the comment about Venus Loomed Adler Year is related Adler and he's a tennis commentator, former professional tennis player from the seventies and eighties. He was on doing Venus Williams match on European three, which we ve, I think decided yesterday was the just on my eyesight. He's doing your website coverage of of Venus Williams gotta be heavily Ah, ah, there had to be over eight people. What yes, at the time, wherever over a comfortable with over, I am celtic the under, so he he is doing
video games like disgraces on an app are tell me more than eighty Savannas Williams is a very aggressive play, aggressive area. Very, I guess she plays in voting for it. Sometimes diplomats are different ways right, a symmetrical would be one way of putting that or or guerrilla warfare guerrilla fact guerrilla tactics yesterday as in guerrilla, not them not the ape the monkey or whatever guerrilla Gerardo are its gee. You ve, yes, are our I l, L a so it's it's not innocent. Nothing to do with go real is so he described her aggressive style as a gorilla effect, meaning again not the animal, but the tactic and people on social media got upset the eight people or more that were watching the tennis match, got upset asserted tweeting about how,
Could this guy call her a gorilla? Oh my God is a spanish word yeah what he uses his reddish word. What they thought she he meant was the animal rights and in a racist when there is a very different thing? These are two completely different words when we talk, I'll guerrillas style tactics, we're not Talking about our armed forces, who are all a bunch of oil- is the guerrillas that are not even make sense. Madame know it is A gorilla is a spanish word, which means asymmetric warfare which, which you know you ve. You ve got you're, playing by the rules. These are guerrilla tactics or what is it we just like Iraq? Why was it MILAN? The ala? Yes, where they used to talk about the guerrillas, the guerrillas in intellect or Agua right right and this is probably the word that we used, because it became politically incorrect. If I hear one super
some say to my kids. One more time sit down on the floor. Crisscross applesauce a monopoly. Its indian style sit down. Criss crossed applesauce shut up, it's cross. Never would I haven't heard you say to a kid now that has been raised in the public school say: that's it on anyone style. They have no idea what you're talking about which you say it sit down, crisscross applesauce, that's indian STAR or does applesauce have to do it. I think I just rhymes and so in spaghetti sauce you're my while the net result critical spaghetti sauce. I have no idea. If it isn't it ok. So anyway, What was it that we called it while because it wasn't guerrilla tactics back in the revolutionary war we fought like Indians, we use the indian tactics. I bet you that at one point in american history it was cool to say
You ve got like the Indians had that's. They're, watching on the SBA and three in our joint one. I've been affair, and only one of these fires, the he's playing planets like an indian right, what's funny or those that ESPN is not saying they think he might have meant the animal guerrilla. They know they know what he said. They believe what he said and then they still went to him made him apologize, which he did then they release a statement saying during an australian open on European three Doug Adler should have been more careful in his word selection. He apologized and we have removed him from his remaining assignments. Now, start the story. The word is the worst cowards. This story from here, treat says he was fired. I dont know if that means you just fire from the desperate
regular Simon or his Orpheus actually gone a hundred percent. They fired him completely from his job. I mean that's just sheer. Cowardice. It's unbelievable static, what the he didn't even do anything wrong because little ten, we case in virtually every instance right like this though I ve talked about including chink in the Orange Ouch, the guy. What do they think in the armor didn't mean this? Lay there comparing it antlers full paw, echoes the two: seventy thousand seven controversy surrounding fame radio commentator Dimas Luke. To rise. The Rutgers University, women's basketball team, as I am quoting the story, rough girl rules and nappy headed hose end quote. That's nowhere near the that's. Not are you kidding me nowhere near as goals real attack takes is talking about a a war. Acting generals talk about guerrilla tactics, it's not a slur, it's a term and eat. It has nothing to do with the animals in chink in the armor. Even I think is firstly, do you think
The chicken the armor- basically he said that about an asian basketball player, if you remember so that is that first part is a slur right. So the point was he shouldn't have used the this phrase that because it because they thought maybe he thought it applied to him in some racist way. This one theirs. It's actually heeded even use the term Raymond sing. He did chicken the armory as something that sounding like really know. He didn't mean that, and we know that that's not what he said. We just saw one We want to punish him because it's what people thought, because he saw the last words were eager to fire him It's not really. Let people thought it's what a couple of first, what happens is somebody we saw how does one twitter know? How does Fox sports take? I mean I've never seen a network so ready to be taken as espionage.
Spain has docile, I mean if you look. If you look at the v, psychic graphics of just twitter feed of those people who said they were for Democrats, and those people who said there were four Republicans. If you look at the twitter feeds it's turning. How the laughed doesn't? connect in the same way to sports like that Oh, if you were on a twitter feed, and you also liked the NFL, the NBA and everything else, you were most likely a republican and it was a big. A believe, divide, vague divide, How does he s p and if it's true. If that plays out across everything, how does he s And survive because you would think the people. Watching would be the least likely to be politically correct. Now I mean, I think they did it
Job for a really long time and is slowly not you know drastically like at that moment to moment it's very slow process. Us here and it's gotten really bad, and I think you know voxforge One, for example, has been taken out of their personalities, particularly outspoken ones, because Spain is concerned the folding every time is a controversy. That's why you can't that's why Disney cannot own anything other than the movies and the parks can't. There, they own ABC, which causes them to be absolute cowards. We know for a fact. That's why I was hired by ABC. I never made it on the year after the press announcement right, rumor and that was because they went and they pressured the parks, and same thing. You know is happening here. Somebody just has to say will boycott Disney. You can't hurt the park don't hurt the mouse. You can't that situation, black people to be.
In reality, at all their living and fantasy land or those, one of the most unbelievable stores, it's almost as if its apparent. So I ask you why can't he slew them? I don't know in other. He apologized, which it probably would not be in his favour right but, of course, he's probably trying to keep his job and arrangements alive, we'll see you go in I mean you know it s, you go tell US channel, maybe, but we're in get hired after this I mean. I don't know that same on Venus Williams. Yes, Thank you, the other thing that that's the other part of that is you just stay out of it. You said I I never comment on this kind of stuff. Maybe you should all you should show you
You wouldn't know about guy wasn't doing that. He didn't do that. You know I didn't do it. You should step out and say yes pianists, being ridiculous higher this guy back, you didn't, say anything racist that he didn't do anything wrong. You can't fire a guy, because people on Twitter heard another word than the one. He said that is insanity. How do you speak to people who are listening? How do you play ram to people who are not intelligent, how do you programme to people who here what they want to hear, come playing because they're not intelligent enough to know the difference between the two and then now open enough to win hearing the truth, they. Oh I'm sorry. I was wrong. Ask MSNBC how you do all that there, the experts I will That is the only person who can write that wrong is Venus Williams. She needs, be able to stand up and say harmoniously and she needs to be than its realises. That said that she didn't know that
really. The only person I've ever seen in that situation actually do something like that was Tiger woods, and this is a good many years ago. But the same type of thing happen were commentators said something controversial. It was nothing was we were much more clear that it was the head, some racists, overt undertones, at least as a later fried chicken comment. Somethin like that and He came out. He said you know what I am. I know I know them, it's not that big of a deal I know I didn't mean that I know is hard. I've known him for a long time and everything should be fine. Let em off. We know dismiss this one. This. Before he had all italian really right hand down the content and went away it died. I mean I I mean, that's hard to do for him for a public athlete because I'm sure they'll be. You know criticized by means of their friends or other other activists that follow them on these social networks. But I mean it's important to do. The truth actually is supposed to matter. I don't over does anymore, but it's supposed to now. There's a noble
Nobel Prize Winning economist at the World economic forum. The meeting in Davos. Said the United States should fall Oh India's lead in phasing out currency and moving towards digital economies I'm telling you is going to happen if this is good, to happen, it me You seem like something crazy, from the future, but it is did you see? What did you see what happened? What Tesla Tesla It took one step back to make two steps forward You say that by the end of the year the Tesla car is gonna drive itself coastal coast without anybody in it. To show the grand experiment that illegal to do that, and they do that. I I don't know I know they're doing everything they can to dot the eyes there. They want to be the first out with Fully driverless car- they just you
how can turn on the full boat up to forty five miles an hour so now the that you have they just downloaded the software there recommending that you get the cameras adjusted on the car and it will take you wherever you want to go, just put it into this system and it will take you automatically up to forty five miles an hour. That's me The car is out there now, that's what Tesla drivers are driving right now. So the way loose changing and we thought driverless you no cars but be thing way down the road. It's here. I believe the same things to happen with digital currency. When that happens, the governments of the world, have full control over you need something, a value that is now digitized, some that has been a value for a very long time, something that is easy to barter,
you don't wanna gold bar, you don't wanna know you don't want this plain old bullion, because you don't you, you can't trust it. You know. Something that has been minted. So you know exactly what it is. Company, that I trust and have for years and years and years is gold line. Think please I'm having ten percent of your portfolio in gold or silver read their important risk information and find out if buying gold is right for you, eight hundred and sixty six four hundred and sixty five three thousand five hundred and forty six, talking about it at Davos and they're saying hey, you gotta follow India. You have to follow Australia, you have to follow Switzerland, who already getting into cashless societies that Switzerland, I'm sorry, Sweden. You call eight six six, four, six, five, thirty five. Forty seven rather important risk information find out a buying gold or silver is right for you, one eight six Ex gold, mine or gold line dotcom. Your were listening to the Glen Back Programme.
This is the great back programme for about five episodes away from the from me season, finale of his story and It is Frank: Capra Frank Capra is a fascinating figure and we talk a little bit about the struggle that Frank Capra and Jimmy Stuart. Both went through on it wonderful life. This was very important movie for both of us, for once I get we always July, it was supposed to boot is knowing it was hot. Report about what you do your school. That's what you are good. Why are we feel that this into some were given steward actually had a really hard time? he actually, it seems like did not like the movie at first, then he ts D, o from
yeah. I just got back from the war, but all of them had been doing. War serves right and they just got back from the war and had serious PTSD, and it wasn't like Jimmy Stuart, just entertained troops when he was over. There is actually no, no. He flew yeah a flawed Fatah, combat mission. You did, and Frank Capra, was documenting a lot of the war, loving fascinate tonight, five o clock on the blaze TB. This house back programme
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