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Truth and Disconnect? | 4/15/19

2019-04-15 | 🔗
Hour 1  Trolling Is a Spectator Sport? Glenn has the perfect idea for President Trump's Sanctuary Cities nightmare? A Sanctuary city nation wide tour? Chicago Mayor-Elect says "We want them (illegals) to come to Chicago"?  Donald Trump is a horse in a hospital? Ship them to Cambridge, Massachusetts?    Hour 2 It's all in the family? More bad news for the bribery Bidens? ...The progressive Left are overplaying their arrogance? It's all just a game to them, a means to an end? Nancy Pelosi rips AOC? ...One Stu still hasn't watched? Record ratings expected for HBO's Game of Thrones? ...Star Wars and what should of been?   Hour 3  Some on the Left are standing with President Trump and don't even know it?  Why are Cher and Cory Booker sporting MAGA hats?  'Wars are brewing' within the Democrat Party? Disconnection with Reality is beginning to settle in? Bill & Hillary Clinton fail once again? ...Are we really being "Taxed to death"?

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The fusion of entertainment and enlightened death is that combat programme. I can only hope that the left continues to move out of the Democrats. Just continue to do this because it will be over. They are eating their own. The president, I you this is one day. This is one of those days where any lady who voted for drug. Thank you. Thank you. Today is a day that I say thank you because today is a day. He is doing something that I not only agree with. I be it we're gonna start with sanctuary cities and Donald from side the how to take care of all those people were disposed to release into America. We do that beginning in one minute. This is a landmark programme. A still you know when their black Friday sale is happening, applying start com.
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dot com, forty five percent of everything boy, plus an additional five percent off with Promo code B, because it's blinds dot com. Today's the last day, I am actually in a very good mood today. How are you stu? I emphatically are you? Yes, I feel good today, you daily, I do I do I give a dangerous thing. Well, usually, when you feel good, I'm deaf to deal with pr nightmares for that either. You say that when I feel really bad too. Yes, it's true to your point. I want to learning here so here's the thing Donald Trump today is the day there. It's I love love, Donald Trump being the President United States, because no one else would have the balls to do this. He,
and said okay, so you won't help us out of the border You don't think it's a problem, but everybody else in Amerika seems to think it's a problem, but you don't fact you got your sanctuary city, so I tell you what we're gonna do. We are all these people that you just say release in to Amerika what we we're going to do instead is we're going to transport them to your sanctuary, city and wheels. Drop em off in your city. Good luck with that! now, I'm interested in this because its I heard is a radical proposal I know this he's out of control First? They just said it was something that was floated in. That was bad enough, but other presidents really really considering it. Why is there, and I just want someone to ask what is the negative tone? you explain to me what the negative is. The only one I've heard is going to come. Asked more, which does make any sense to meet all Khazars sanctuary cities around every border in America. So you can just
Of course, when you don't have to go to San Francisco, I could be an option, but I hope it is an option see that's the thing it's like this is being treated as a troll right by the prison, nitrates, he's trolling them and the trolling part, as you pointed out, they re really vital fact: I'm gonna, I'm gonna, I'm going to the anti. I don't think it's troll enough, but we'll get to that guy go ahead, but I gotta say the trolling part of it is my least favorite part of this proposal. Listen to limit value. My case How is this bad for the cities? sanctuary cities. As I hear we know, all
these left wing people coming out of saying what we we can bring all these people here, working in care for our own. It was sherry. We share your share. She said that we can give to care for our own here in California. Tampering more people here, Wade Mass are argument on bended going guy as you all yours and understand how there I don't understand how they actually get out and and tie their own shoes and get in the world you? They obviously have not thought these things to evil. That is your argument. You're on the wrong side exactly and maybe it's so fundamental to their belief. The real reason we don't want to legal immigrants here is because they are raised were racists, like maybe that's what they, actually believe I've always thought that was just a dumb political tactic. Maybe that's actually believe, because if Do you think the only reason we want people here don't want people hears, because we don't like Mexicans, will then you're an idiot. We were happy to bring
Eagle, mexican immigrants into this country. Happy to do it. The question here whether we can take care of people who are illegal, so you are saying that it's bad! It's a punishment essentially for these cities to get these illegal immigrants, you are admitting a foundational part of our argument and if it's not true, will then you are to be happy. It's not a punishment, so you you're not worried unsteady side. However, the immigrants is it bad for the immigrants Will you tell us all the time? the sanctuary cities are the only people treating them fairly. You tell us that the cities our sanctuary. Cities are welcoming with open arms these people and are treating them better than the other places shouldn't be. If we're going to be nice to illegal immigrants, are people claim to claim asylum that we, Putting them to the cities that you identify as the only places they can be treated fairly in the United States. Yes,
good for immigrants yeah. So now we find it's good for cities and it's good for the immigrants. What about the order towns themselves, the borders that are not sanctuary cities. What about the seas? They're comin to these illegal immigrants or asylum figures are going to now that are not sanctuary cities that people who do want, who in force are immigration laws and our lead forced to take thousand thousands of illegal immigrants that they are welcoming new challenges. It said to them. I know it's not fair to them and it's not fair to the immigrants either the gas undocumented immigrants, because these are dangerous cities for them, because they're not welcomed like they are with open arms in places like San Francisco, in LOS Angeles in New York in an even Austin Texas, eat all your ear got open arms you're saying come here. What is the point of of saying, you're a sanctuary city
you're saying open arms hey! This is the place if you're looking for sanctuary nobody ever, you know, as marvelled at didn't run into the house of the hunchback because she's like a I want some soda. Does anybody have any sort here? No, she cried sanctuary, you can't watch me you can't take me out of here. You can't do anything. I'm safe here that why you have a sanctuary city, you're, safe there, every blade not a sanctuary city, it's very unsafe and, as we ve learned, no nobody wants to feel unsafe. It's a safe zone for you, so you we don't want to just let them come over to places that are not safe. Exactly the feelings are an important part of this hope. I guess and again like. I think this can come off as a troll, but in reality no none of it. If it is like these,
these cities are saying we have the resources to deal with these people. We have the right We have the open arms to ensure that we have been type of people who will accept illegal immigrants. You guys don't. We are better than you. We decided to violate Federal long to signal our learns you on this issue. We should reward that behaviour and I agree with you one hundred and ten percent and the only thing in the article initially and since the only thing they can come up. Those two things: one is: it's gonna cost more, we don't have the money for these hey it's there right thing to do that, but not put a price on the right thing to do, but you do have to put as I would argue in many other cases, as would you that Congress, as the power the person there has to be money associated with these types of things. You can't just create money. Print money to do this right, so I only now look. The government is encouraging, but I do there
are so many stew. How dear you this? What will it cost us not seek and you're just trolling millions rhyme? They know shit and I thought of ice a let's take them up on their all of our sure. I understand that, but like there, listening to the way I dont want to just troll in a minute, I'm gonna tell you how I want this actually executed. I don't want to stroll, I see it sincerely war, this to happen, and I thank the committee on this. I mean I actually. I really know what this programme, I believe, if they say there is no money for buses. I believe, if this audience will raise the money to bus? These people to Sanctuary said it's, but at the same time like ok, whether on a bus to be on a bus, a little bit longer will be more associated costs. I guess, but first of all there are close by
keep talking about San Francisco. That would take a long time, but it blunt according to at least ABC News there, not their flying people to these cities there taking their in planes ten thousand dollars an hour that therefore in people to these cities and I well. They have to fly I'm a little bit longer. It'll cost more why you? How is that internal market pig they're going to India? They can get out a greyhound bus go to India and others must be set. I think there is that re, how I say we just get some yellow school. What? What ever, though, is that the the idea if we can hold them in our facilities which, by the way Republicans have asked for additional facility, has been rejected by Democrats. Barium weren't, you remember so view
You have to put them somewhere inside the United States. Why would you not give them to the people who say they want them exactly right? That is a good option exactly right and you can do it by the way their border towns. There are places all The border regions that are sanctuary city reach it- you don't have to go to San Francisco Myrna last year to bring them to the close. It certainly money over flights, one of us reach it now. May I tell you how I would like to see this unfold what little club the americans- I remember We'll do that in one minute Spencer deserve our field of greens. You know as Glenn America's greatest Father. I had a meeting or not Kosovo's talking about myself, George Washington. Now not the Father
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Donald Trump is the only man that would ever consider doing it and I think he would love it, which me me very excited so stew, what are you proposing we just take. These a tarmac put him on the plane send them someplace or just have em, go to a greyhound bus stop and then ship I'm off to wherever. While I mean that's that and woods were doing, that anyway, the question is: where is the? Wherever? Do you remember the Berlin airlift? Yes right, what was the Berlin airlift? People were starving, overrun surest or in Germany and one half this road safety, my brother? No, no, no, no, no, no, no,
Berlin Airlift, we take this right after world war to the Soviets have EAST Germany, we have West Germany, they won't. Let anybody come over and you know, and then they have no food nor starving and we ve got. And so we say you know what they won't. Let us supplying food, let's just air drop it ok, ok, I we made a big deal out of it. It was like hey we're just gonna quietly in the night sky, now, it was big deal, you Jessica, big DIA, so here's what I would like I would like. A fleet of school buses. Just I mean every district Mass Onyx that creative horrider must send at least to school buses. Onto down to the border and we have us controls area where everybody is getting into school buses, the press an inter rides on air force, one then the prison
and gets into the beast. Along with his you know. Twenty five car caravan, and they leave the parade and though tribe, comes in, leading all of these school buses in to LOS Angeles, and he just pops out of the car unease, leg. LOS Angeles Finally, a sanctuary us in January city where Everyone can feel safe. The five hundred buses are full of citizens better, yearning to breathe free. They are. A poor, the tired, the the wretched refuse from distant shores and they are now oh here for you, and then he gets back into the secure vehicle, and they open up all of the bus doors and
a just. Let them they say. Free. Your free fly fly little birdies you're free Then they go to the next city, president? Maybe we have a marching band, maybe we have. Maybe we have sky writing there her here free and I Think the president needs to go from city, the city, dropping these people on a tour. This good report- and I like it, could be a very big campaign. Then he he leaves a sanctuary city where Quiche it would be very popular because he's helping them. They probably win California. After this outwardly would he, I would say they would be saying, oh my gosh. Finally, we have some immigrants that we love We love the illegals here, we will our boat, well, I was gonna say our restaurants will be cheaper, but they won't be cheaper because everybody gets fifteen dollars an hour and still there porn g of labour to do or
of the things that Americans just won't do in those sanctuary, cities they'll be they'll, be All kinds of great things happening a blessing in disguise, but I don't see how they could they could be disguised. They ve been asking for these things to happen for exceptional telling is operated is so I think the president needs to go. I'm lucky, I literally pain, maybe not the sky runners. I literally mean the president should be there when the buses role in, and he should say, and, you're welcome, just flew away to the next sanctuary, is Sanctuary City, where the buses are rolling in any good say, and you're. Welcome. Now, if we would like this to stop which I don't understand, as you love this in sanctuary cities. This is what you been asking for so you're welcome, but how
here's my phone number, I'm gonna give one of these guys my card. You call me but if you're in the city, let me know if you'd like this to stop, because I can get more buses. With more illegal it undocumented heroes. And there are so many dreamers from all over the world- and We, like you to have them and if you, I get to stop. Let me know, I think we should I'll, be given new literature for their bus ride. That just highlights all the statements from mayors of these city saying how much they are welcome and how other places are hateful, and you should ever leave because other places will will be, but will be, will dig not put you in the shadows. So, unlike places like San Francisco and Chicago here's, what I'd like you to do today? I would like
you have you live in a sanctuary, city or near a sanctuary city I would like- you to go. Look up the words of your mayor or the mayor's around governors or anybody else That has said sanctuary cities you're welcome here we want you here. I want you to look up all of those words attacks to please the name of the mayor and the town. I think need denominate. Some of these great sanctuary cities who loves these guys more than anybody else through your time for the Chicago Marital, do after the break sir. What do that right? We have already the Chicago Merrill ACT through commentary on this very issue. I think be very welcoming right. She is yes
Obviously you're a hate mongering massage away, but I think we need to do a lot to do in that year. Herbert apparently still lower than you know will be doctor you're, like a terrible news report, astronauts la good our eye to our sponsor this half hour. It a little bit about cyber security and lifelong lifelike will checked a wide range of identity threats like yourselves security number on sale for the dark web other dark web. That's not so dark. I mean, if you don't mind, murder you know and end or if you do like, where you could buy it there, he could buy hit men. Why do when you can just go to your closest sanctuary city sometime soon. Ah, yes, available Labour so anyway, here's the thing right now, you're wreck
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How are the low Glenn so is that great it's great right is greatest grow. It is great- and you know it so great about not only the Glen Back Programme having pack gray on it. We also still here and we are going to talk about how We can make these sanctuary cities very happy right, an area I'm all about that. On about it too, Let it be thrilled. I know, mare, Elect Lorry Lightfoot of Chicago is going to be incredibly harmonies, mom Gordon's yeah, except the half sister. This is this- is lorry talking about what she to do with Chicago and illegal immigrants. I dont think that we should take, debate every time the president puts out a provocative tweet but I think we need to do, is make sure that we are being very clear in speaking our values. We are a city that is a sanctuary city. We have immigrants from all over the world who call Chicago their home. They contain
To do that and we're gonna continued. Make sure that this truly a welcoming community for those immigrants and we want them to come as an agent Lowry allusion lorry. As you just said, we re sakes wary sit whatever your voice, what's goin on, as lorry just said, there a sanctuary city and they are what they want. They love this immigrants from all over the world. May she lying. She said they want to be truly welcoming community rice. Mindful think we start in Chicago Ed. Here's the great thing America, this sounds like a bit. This sounds like something we would have had, four, ten years ago, and there was no chance of this happening. I think this president will do it. That's what I love about this he would he would. He would do that he would he's gotta twitchy. I he is he he's,
it's why his horse in a hospital? It's why he was elected, but they really is. It is we wondered the whole time we know now. This is why he was elected. Yes, he would do something like this when he was his pipe to ship of dissent. Worry cities which I thought that's, but its genius. George WWW Bush would never have done. No president would have ever done there. Nobody ever here's the thing, here's the thing it won't work, less its production will not work unless you have pooling loads arriving all at the same time, buses yeah you ve gotta, have it has to be an overwhelming city, and I think over wellbeing seen for one city, and I think you do it to one city and they stop so it be so hard to pick, though, because you got shot mounted on our way way way. Shook our goal is where it started. Remember. Last week we showed you that
the sanctuary city movements started in Chicago, and that was the first one we draw off. We drop em off at that church that exact address where ninety I love a charitable organizations. Mysteriously have their home Bryce in Vienna, that makes sense, Chicago's one the only about Chicago. Is there because I mean there's a part again. That's a troll right where the but I want talking about in that. It probably is The type of thing that you will make a big production about, let everybody no Chicago's in a city that absorbed and absorb, allow more that I and I'd that may be why they were looking at the small and middle sized cities rather than a grant ones along those lines is Cambridge Mass with their merit. Mayor just talked about this over the weekend Mark Mcgann. Of Cambridge said I'm proud bridges, a sanctuary, city troopers schoolyard bully, who tries
intimidate and threatened. People are not intimidated in his arrival and seekers find their way to Cambridge will welcome them. I'd love to- put that to the test. How well yeah great one hears seventy eight thousand from the last month. Good luck! You! I, the other thing about it? Is I like the idea of targeting not a city like Chicago? That is absolutely struggling and can even do things for themselves should pick pick up rich, you can we Cambridge Cambridge Massachusetts, a fantastic one they got following a matter is the average salary, oh yeah. This is that what you're talking about this is the obvious nation on earth, Pat coarse and right help these immigrants, absolutely the wealthiest cities in the wealthiest nation ideas there MIT will probably open the doors. Just just admit the ethics gonna happen, you don't even have to qualify free college tuition at Harvard. I, Harvard
they overwhelmed the city in any way, I think Harvard would open their Jim doors yet the housed there not be great because it really nice well and they ve got an endowment of your aware of thirty nine billion. Thirty nine point: five billion dollars. Now they could take every single one of these illegals and give them free call education for the next two years without tuition, probably just apply it. Educating illegals who come to Cambridge to live. In your sanctuary city the awesome. I love this. And you know, what's gonna happen in Cambridge I ve been told over and over again, the crime rates are going to fall, they're going to rob through the floor because, as we know, immigrants credible age are lower their lowland. Then citizens, here's this here's the thing truth is no longer verifiable. We ve taken,
the search for truth and disconnected it from all kinds of science and reason right truth, thus becomes something that someone says and then some one else equally is port, no more important, repeats it, and then, after so many people repeated it becomes true, okay, so the Lee we know We ve sanctuary cities had more people coming into them, the crime rate would of course fall into. They tell us right, so, let's just put it to the test gray. Are you willing to say you were wrong? If, indeed, we put seventy eight thousand people in Cambridge and The crime rate does indeed phone intent are young, William to say we were wrong. Yes, are you willing Stu? I think I am. I am do if, if you ve all of a sudden Cambridge joy,
becomes this paradise? Ok, Ok, we were wrong. Many values go up? Crime goes down south go up employing It is better I'll, pebbly admit wrong. I was wrong with as raw Jane was changed. Sides are changed sides on this. Don't think it's gonna happen. You do now put your money sure town put your neighborhood puts your tat. Dollars. Where your big fat mouth is because you forced us to do it. You forced us to do it. We are, putting our tax dollars into something we don't believe in we are forced to do it.
We live near a sanctuary city. If we, if we have, if we live, God forbid near the border, we're all suffering from it, viewing Cambridge now not so much well bits. Seven point: six percent hispanic there in about seventy percent white there. Oh my god, you know what the problem is too much diversity now the problem, is they don't have enough diverse in her eye? You know what I mean. Let's loving Texas is twenty five, twenty five, twenty five. Let's take a bunch of people who dont speak English I have no intention of becoming an american, but just want their culture and let's drop them in Cambridge and I'm wondering if anyone in Cambridge would start to say this place. This places
They become you, it's just getting better disk. What is now what they'll say courses will, but I'm I will I'm wondering if one would say Jesus, we're losing what we were The people do Glenn run it you got nice vacation with a family. He would enjoy the great outdoors in your family. You go camping, multi, would of a tent city in Cambridge. I think they would love about tents, popping up all over the city for people to live where you don't even have to go out of the cities for camping debts. Imagine and write me they're right. Therefore, you and you know you're talkin about camping. Another place to do it is, is Portland Oregon. Of that people love, and yet I mean those guys and those guys. You want to talk about hearts. They kept up for a long time there yet and they ve got big big, big, big, big, big, big, big, big hard in Portland Oregon. They would love to take care of you now
I hardly what I tried to shut down ice completely right so impatient. Send we should send them there, and and and because they ve got big hearts. They can take care of everything city is totally in control, let's just a hundred thousand people into their population see what happens can even give you know what the left so pro choice they always are. We can give The equal, an eagle, illegal immigrant, a choice! Do you want go to city aid that the mayor says this or so. He be where the mare says this, and we can have put him side by side and say which one would you rather go to. I bet a lot of them are gonna pick wasted, says specifically that there are welcoming community new illegal immigrants and the people who say that we bring them here. We want them here. Yet one city is fighting to abolish ice. One city will not work with federal law enforcement
one city will not arrest you one city will not ask you any questions at all and if you are stop would drunk driving, don't worry about it. Don't were. We all have a few on the way home from work. Our way it works out all right now, not american citizens, because they go to jail well, yeah yeah, but if you're not from here, then it's fine, we'll just let you go right. I mean what do you think we're talking about? Eight muggers? No, ok, yeah! I know you have that or you have it w. Why you're not only in jail, then you're deported and that somewhere and the mayor and the city and the police and everybody else there all committed in fact they look it ice. As a partnership which city do you wanna go tell my goodness, everyone to Portland, it's all about you're, all about parlor, Iraq, Cambridge, your back Chicago LOS Angeles. These are good good places
to go? There's a problem started the movement right. They started the sanctuary city movement, they started the caravan movement San Phronsie, Scott done. Etsy policies district right there and we know she loves you just drop em off at Nancy blows. His house certainly she'd be excited about that when she should love. There is a giant Waller under House, though, that we don't work in fact you want anyone. Work in this case is that they will not get it they'll get over that while they want to I'm telling you warning America warning, I've kind of I've kind. I've come to a place in the last year. Where I realized. My job is not to provide answers. It's really got a nun and my job is to warn that's my job. I'm on the gate. I can see the little the euro or the rise, and my job is just to warn you so listen to my warning: heed it. Don't
it might have the cleaning. I'm warning you now there is going to be such a struggle on our border the western half of Amerika at sea point. You will have farmers right pictures being slaughtered and you will have p, proclaiming claiming this is their land and no longer part of the United States. It was stolen from them and they want it. Warning. If continue going down this road. That is what will happen. These are not just all wonderful people that are coming over. You no, would you everyone in Seattle is a wonderful person pick the widest. Why city in in the? U s whatever that city is, would you say Everybody in that city is great, of course, not of course, not of course not,
You were letting hundreds of thousands of people in you have no idea who any of them are it's ridiculous to think that some do not have ill intent are not running from the law and not because they were just persecuted its redeem. The less to think otherwise morning our eyes blinds dot com. Haste do have you heard they're having a sale yes big day today, the day today is the day. Now it started on black Friday. On this Friday, this line Friday and it's going through today, black Monday, why is it black Monday stew eyes of black, I don't know the answers that day ok here today is a black money this year. Now here's the thing you actual. According to the New York Times. Yes Virginia, you did actually
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We told you about Ukraine. I'm gonna go over that information here on radio here in just a few minutes and to night at five o clock will show you another one of the big scandals, and that is in China and this one it makes the Ukraine look like small potatoes, really does what's happening with China and the corruption with Joe Biden A little staggering and will that too you coming He is the most corrupt vice president we have ever had and remember I mean we had the impeachment of what was it Andrew Johnson? After Lincoln, he was Lincoln's vice president and he became president. He was just awful yeah, there's been some bad ones, nourishment from real barrier. Agnew springs to mind yes, but I know you know not even so the best year This is the worst.
And will show you tonight at five o clock only on the place to be make sure you join us blade Stevie dot com, Slash Glenn! If you use a promo code, Glenn you're, gonna, save ten dollars off of your yearly subscription. It is more code, Glenn Blaze, tv, dotcom, slash glam beside the internet. I gotta be for this to go to the inner websites, you go to the inner webs anytime, it in police, W E Donna W W W Dodge that's a period. That's not deity place tv that calm, Slash, Glenn Promo Code is planned. Look good Is he d? Never title luck, on this. We had a jacket at the Green jacket, does not protect
Yes, I'm title foreign. Sadly not that's. When I found out you need somebody to watch over your home in your title. This is a very easy crime and fastest growing crime. In Amerika. You need home title lock, home title, lock, dot com, you get a hundred dollar search for free. When you sign a voice tiger. Woods can be surprised when he says that home title locked outcome, that's hold title, lock, dot com, Bernie Sanders and it is a scandal. Rid career backs the fusion of entertainment and in line with this is that Glenn Back programme. There is a civil war happening inside the Democratic Party and not a lot of people are willing to talk about it. It's strain it came. It came out and sixty minutes last night with man
Pelosi where Nancy Essay NEO sees coalition is only about five people boy. The gloves are coming off. What does that mean and which side is gonna win and if its, if it is the Dan Dirty old school. Progressive side was interesting. Is that probably will mean that Joe Biden would be the presidential nominee there's problem with Joe Biden? He is riddled with corruption with his family will show you the facts in one minute. This is that land back programme? Ok, you went away again. Oh I was guy, came in from California. Yesterday that cities intake whale guns, Eric swallow all well, sir,
No president could be named everyone about Dick Jake allowed, but it sounds like a disease doesn't asking. Oh, my god, I had a terrible, so does swollen, while while some really does only had amended as doesn't it anyway, He said yesterday that the the the amendment is, is not an absolute right and he is going to ban all semi automatic weapons. Then the Jake Tapir, you say what every one about the Jake Tapir but Jake Tapir is the only one asking these questions of anybody. And he said so. Does that mean, but he can do those people won't turn em they're gonna go to jail. And the answer was yes be interesting the borders and issue he imagine if they started with a pudding. Jail. The millions of law abiding citizens who have
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fathers and exploited our last week I took you through several examples of the way Joe Biden apparently helps is close. Family members secure, amazing business deals while was vice president, one of those instances involve Joe Biden younger Brother James, becoming an exact of a new construction company even though he had apps but no experience in construction whatsoever, six after he joined the company it score too one point: five billion dollar contract to build one rid thousand homes in war torn Iraq What are the odds? Here's a construction company they hire somebody as
adviser through as zero? Let me say it again: zero construction experience, and just a few minutes of just a few months later. He is so good with his advice that that company gets at one point. Five billion dollar contract from the United States government, which is brother is vice president of what are the odds, it's a miracle, even the president of the company, said to investors a kind of to have the brother of the vice president as a partner. Ah well, this is endeavours. Thing: that's wrong with capitalism. Is it if I think it's good to be the vice president's brother. It's even to be his son on last Thursdays tv show? I did a major chalkboard explaining how Joe Biden Son Hunter came
the Board of Ukraine's largest private natural gas company, Now wait a minute wait. I mean it it Hunter. Have lots in law. So experience to be on the board of a gas company in Ukraine. Well, he had as much experiences his uncle did incomes, action see row. I don T v going back, to the chalkboard for part, two of Joe Biden Profile and his back, as the Biden's activity was in Ukraine. It is that of the iceberg. When you see the deals that had been struck in China now too, just a quick hand, this isn't even a preview about power plugged in they are in China. I'm gonna give you a separate story that we don't even have time to get into tonight there
should tell you how big tonight's episode is when this is a scrap that we couldn't even get he had to leave this one. On the edit floor Chinese oil tycoon Ye jamming worked overtime. I am to get meetings with his top movers and shakers in the. U S government his efforts included, but you to see Tell me stew, you're you're disturb you just this man do you want. Do business with the United States. What have to do to get a meeting with like the vice president? What do you think you have to do with if the vice president under Obama. What do you have to do? this message among Linkedin message him on Linkedin, that's a good one. That is a good hour. Send in your resonate, show how much shovel mover in shaker. You are gonna, be an ideal. Yeah big deal get back some merit. Behind that.
Who are you donate a hundred thousand dollars to the Clinton Foundation PAN. That's it Another path? Is? It would seem that path to so many fish right I mean it was almost a right of passage for any foreigners at one and access to anybody in the Obama administration. But it's it's weird, because those are separate. Right right right, of course, ok. Twenty fifteen, Mr Ye worked. Trying to connect with the Biden family, but that point, as you will see tonight, Hunter Agnes Company, was dead. The involved with chinese businesses at four first one of MR ease top lieutenants, a guy named Patrick Hull, met with Hunter in Washington DC that Mr Ye himself meeting with Hunter at eight Miami hotel in twenty seventeen. At that
eating. Mr Ye proposed partnering, with Hunter buttons firm to invest in U S, infrastructure and energy. Will there nothing wrong with that right Then, in November of twenty seventeen Joe Biden, brother. James was the hotel lobby, when he got a random call from Patrick CO, That mothers remember is MR, Mr Yees top Lieutenant whole was in deep trouble and told them. A president's brother that he was looking for a lawyer, FED. Agents had arrested hoe in New York on allegations that he bribed african officials in Chad and Uganda for access to oil fields, bribery a minute, that's awful, an awful lot like what was happening who, with the gas, The Ukraine
bring home trial prosecutor show that Mr Yees company had assign gig not only bribery, but he also was an arms dealer. Poe Ultimately convicted of conspiracy attempted bribery and money laundering, his boss, Mr Ye is now in chinese custody add an under closed location, now, perhaps the weirdest in most cryptic part of this whole episode is James Biden told the New York Times when they interviewed him about that phone. Call from Patrick CO! Listen carefully g, whose Biden said he was surprised by the call and believe that HO had intended to reach Hunter Biden. Job I didn't son. So He gave him hunters contact information and there Joe, then the Jos brother James, said this quote there's nothing else. I have to say. I don't want to be
idea into this any more end quote dragged dragged into what. Whose dragging Joe Biden his brother, into some nefarious Ultimately, the deep web of chinese business connections that Joe Biden facility is facilitated for his son, while he was vice president, might be something that his brother does not want to be dragged into probably the most disturbing access aspects of the chinese deals or the national security implications. Tonight, I will show you the partnerships that have been formed in China. I accept in all of its on tonight's Glenn Back programme. Only on blaze, tv, we also to Peter Switzer, who blew the lid off this scandal on
Agnes activity, but no one seems to care, perhaps it's because they haven't heard this? worry, they haven't seen it on the chalkboard tonight thing These are heating up on blaze, tv dot, com, Slash, Glenn, Blaze, tv dot, com, slack, gnp and an if you haven't, joined yet Please join now. Norton has been an expert in cyber security for many years and way ahead of their times by keeping your data secure this time, their launching their own vps technology. Its avert we'll private network, and they are the next big thing in privacy. This something that every home should have. Every person should have you connect to a public wifi you are even if its password protected. You are opening yourself up for all kinds of trouble,
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yeah and his his pulling it is a seemingly I mean it. Forget, at least in one poor. He now too Bernie Sanders twenty nine twenty four in the latest pole from Emerson, which is a good pollster, but small simple size. Dates are right in the middle of the year, the peak of the sort of controversy. So whether this is a long term thing or not, we don't know PETE Buddha judge. Is up to nine percent. Now is in third place and then at the kind of group of other contenders, including Kamel Harrison America's May, thereby up almost Gus Aurora, gender and Warren as well, are right. There that's and seven percent, and then everybody else follows well behind. This is a national pull by the way. This is going to be that I am convinced you make a lot of ice. Convinced statements about politics that you look later on, say you were not so convinced about or should not have been so convinced about yeah. I was always convinced I just. I was wrong
Yes, you are, I mean I'm willing to admit I'm wrong now. This is now you ve, never been a guy who says I can predict politics Ivan when I'm the exact opposite. I can predict politics. I have no idea, no I mean I can predict predicts by, can predict ah directions. I'm good at direction Youngah long term direction, and I just feel that This race is going to be one by somebody that is not in the system. Just not in the system, that would be a boot. A judge or some someone like that that is that's a complete. Eat outsider, that when right now, the people who are really paying attention are the people who are politically connected, and politically aware. I think the the demo rats are so over.
Playing their hand that there Their arrogance is gonna, be there I'm doing this time around why I say that is when, when you see what oh see and alone. Omar and all of these people are saying, It's too far for the average Democrat, even the democratic. We are not the ones in Washington. Even the ones emerging in the ones in Washington or sick, but they, but they are the ones they are not going to get. The vote be as people see this game that they're playing and their sick of it there, Sir, Nancy Pelosi would love to get everything that eo see and A lot Omar are asking for: she love all it She was she realizes that we what you're saying it's too far for lot of Amerika right
she's used to dealing with the entire caucus, some people who are in purple districts where they one by one point and they can't come out and endorse socialized medicine. Tomorrow even though they may very well want it, but here's the problem lit the Democrats because they they hated me and said everything that I said was was you know a conspiracy theory and stupid and however, that they didn't listen to the warning that I gave me just to the american people. But I guess More importantly to the Democrats, when I too, about the coming insurrection that book from France- and it was it, was written by the people who were sick of the progressives. They were, the actual marxist revolutionaries and started in what the prize academia, and they were saying you. People have been in office forever.
We are so close. Now we want it just take it you, you. Guys are only doing this for yourself you're. Not you don't believe in this. Europe is doing this for your own power and you're, never going to complete the deal. You're just gonna keep stringing us along and that's why I, the insurrection was coming in France, which we have seen with the yellow vast. By the way, did you see the police were good. Permission to use live ammunition to bring down yellow, vest protesters? This weekend, things are heating up in France, and that is where it started the real radicals had said we want change now. Now t policy can say she's a progressive. All she want, but progressive ISM was now but the answer it a means to the end, the end was to flip us read not ready No to flip mice, totalitarian,
dictatorship all address the words didn't have the meaning that they, have now. There is no meaning It was stored chase. That said after World war, two. We just have to call this system acts now because fascism, communism, dictators, Those are all words that have for meaning, so we don't I have a word. We're just calling it systematics, so progressive ISM just put in system acts which is tat, down everything we no known it as communism or fascism, or authoritarianism, statism Nancy Pelosi- doesn't realise here not in charge anymore. You not charge anymore. You think you are. You thought you can use these radicals, you thought could bring them in give
a taste of power. Each them how the the system works. Then let them create their own little viruses and you'd see. I'll be inoculated against it, you're, not I mean she certainly is dismissive up, and I mean this. This video can we play. Some of this is yes Nancy Pelosi talking about you. Do I see any Laana MAR list, the House dismissive. She is of them. They I mean at this point. The people have held power for a long time. Hey heat this group of new com, They are not fans, they don't like the idea that we're getting all the attention they are getting all the media, love. Listen this from Nancy Pelosi. You yourself said that you're, the only one who can unify everybody in the question is: can you by and large, whatever the orientation they came to Congress with, they know that we have to hold the centre that we are doing.
Go down the mainstream. They know that they do, but it doesn't look that it looks as if you're its fractured. She, to minimize the conflict within her carcass between the moderates and the progressive. You have these wings Elsie and her. Upon one side five people now have group I'm a progressive, no, no you're, not while she is she He is a arisen for actually more progressive. The man who she progressing slowly, they are going for the revolution, corral she's, but she sees progressive ism as a destination. It's not a debt innovation it a system to get you like a train no no your ear. That's not a destination, that's a vehicle that delivers you from one place to another.
Aggressive ism is progress you to another destination, the people at the other destination or saying your trains to slow here. Listening to the bank. Please say if one hundred percent committed to helping you fear lasted home, simply safe, protect your home, twenty four, seven with no hidden fees or contracts. This is whether the fastest growing home security company in the? U S, protecting now over three million people there, by young guy who was just trying to help his friends who rented apartment apartments now they are completely monitor, rising the entire industry. There explode because they have respect for you, the customer and they ve got really great products. Simply home security and amazing company you don't and these kinds of american success stories very often anymore. It's still a small run company with the same values they started with.
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but not one moment in eight year. I think be interesting for me to just try to pick it up during the season as if I can figure it out. There has been a failure. I've watched it, my wife is now watch did, and I wonder if she was like. I don't wanna watch that and it's really it's really good. It's really good its dicey man, the bad guys are really bad. I hear about it all the time. One of those things where I had several conversations with with random people at things were doing this. We cannot just like that, you watch. It gave a thrones you pumped up learn. What do you think it's about What do you know about it? I think it was set in middle we'll times the rest of us right, the restaurant at my right about part of that kind of younger and there a struggle over a throne of some sort, where they may be.
Families are trying to fight against each other to get control of something ok and then like each other and an understatement, and they, maybe get a little violet and maybe there's a lot of sex in unity and then a couple of flying dragons, Those are those things that we say I now yes, so tat the liver, my college over there, you know anything about winter, generally or he's a good. Are I gotta? Have you heard anything about the wall? I I mean. From talks about it along the only thing I know about the wall, you're gonna be confused. You watch tonight it is only right last night, just jump right in and they give me Tell me what you think sitting happened. Yet, no idea, no idea just start, don't ask anybody, don't ask anybody just
I understand it in a complete vacuum in a complete vacuum. Jumping out of season eight season at last I gotta know, are expecting one billion people to watch this by the end, the one bit in people to watch the season. That does not see. Possible, but I feel I mean you know ah cool man made over a billion dollars, so anything is possible, but I was sitting at a billion people did see now, Minister, that kind of probably would hurt. Could man of ability to hold franchise would die this an amazing? This amazing story? I want to read the books, their head of the books now I don't know this is another thing I don't understand, and then this is, I will say, a little bit of knowledge. I do have on this particular topic, which is if I understand correctly dude, writes a bunch of do these books are great. We should make a movie series out of this. They start the series he's not done with the books right. So now the series of caught up to the box and are now pass the books yeah do not right in the books now right.
In writing the more really old I dont know if he's gonna make it but he's here, advising them he's telling them the outline of the books. So he's base. This is a good gig because he may be sold all the books and made a lot of my of that. Then he's made a lot of money on the h, P, o show and now he just gonna like tat. No longer has the right. The books gaze guiding noticed this one does a transcript. Take the transcript receives at a right down there, because that's all you have to do just add a couple of two things in there. This is smell the flowers which were beautiful this time of year. Then back to that If he is a great big, it's like the Harry Potter thing but she wrote so many books and that they she made so much my then she made all the movie money and then she's Ike.
I'm never written another. One of these are surprise. There's another one way to do it somehow did by makes another like fifty zero million dollars a year. The second one was bad. What is a green grin, grin walled, green. What whatever that thing is. I saw the first one and I thought it was ok and then first one is is an extension of that Harry Potter, world right yeah. I think it's before Harry Potter, Harry Potter, another I could jumpin renown have new idea. What's going on Harry Potter, hadn't again good books, the great ray. Book. The movies array This is not my genre, I mean you know that the medieval thing VI, it's one of my central premises of watching anything which is with very few exceptions. I don't watch anything before world war. Two lives is says: hang lightly, my boy, maybe before, while it may be after world war, two
We don't know so we don't know could be on all of those things in future could be passed. Donor star wars seems futuristic, but then it's a long long time ago, in a Yazzi far far away my gosh, I never caught onto that right about interesting the visitor. A central point in MID oasis, but I'm thrust into as so you know it I find interesting is the the woman who plays the the blonde. She's, the mother of all dragons gay. You give me information here out. Well, you're, going to figure out the blonde and they're gonna, probably say mother she'll, be writing a dragon, blogger, you ok, She is, what is her name Denard, her real name she's, an amazing actress, amazing, actress and Got this role at the last minute and Then she has just made in her own.
I think it was in season two. They just came out with this in season two right after season seas and one or two she had. Stroke she had a major brain aneurysm. And it is blue Holding twenty more I ain't something like that: Amelia Clark yeah, oh my god, she's a great actress, and so she had this brain aneurysm and she didn't- I mean they didn't think that she would recover talk, be able she couldn't remit. Her own name. She was talking nonsense. She work works and works and works and works and works and works and doesn't tell anybody, and- she recovers enough to to shoot the next season So she shoots the next season says of the hardest thing. She was in so much pain and she was just trying to remember lines and not be Peter shoes position, Ah, and she makes it not a
peace issue, some awesome it does then yeah yeah, you wanna III, only one where the midnight places, because you know and eat m after you walk around like it, was either tops yeah I got issue is never thought of that shoestring. Cheese write that down so so she's goes through next season. She gets shrewd. She has a second brain aneurysm, this one they she's gonna die and she is in the hospital in New York she's. They still there's no way. She's gonna be able to recover from this blah blah blah, blood massive massive brain hemorrhage. She does it again and she said it was worth getting better. This time the pain was so much worse. Everything was so much worse, she does, again and nobody knew until I think what three answer, go. She came out with that
which is remarkable, is remarkable, is very difficult to recover from two brain, your inner isms and hold your job in the entertainment industry right now. My way way, not only that she did at another movie in that time called before you, which I didn't. Recognize her and all she didn't. Look like you know, generis, ordinary us or whatever name is she is. She is fantastic she's, just a Lecter EC on the screen in me before you, it's she's, unbelievable so you can survive the brain and tourism thing and as an Arab, yes, we can't survive asking a couple of women, to watch. You do things to yourself and I agree and then later complain about it. You can't keep your job, is a cartoon dog. If you do that that we should, we should be very clear. In case. You are looking for this career path and you want to be a cartoon. Dog
why you wouldn't know brain aneurysm. In the same category now I'd say it's difficult to come back from right. Come back for land use and they re. I come back from the other thing with as a cartoon does a cartoon dog as Louis He K is found out because are coming out with the secret life of pets to secure life of pets. If you have kids, we probably seen it if there and that a lavish great age. That's, it announces funding its other. What those like? I don't, have it Pixar? I don't even know it's a universe. Pictures illumination, You know that these things come out all the time and now your kid, of course. If there are that age, they watch all of them and you its interest to me, because a lot of times will be watching we're on a trip they get the dvd, when in the back of the car something- and I the voices, and so I'm always they're always familiar, and you can't quite place than out of context correct and I were but listen to that one right away realize it was Louis UK who is the voice of the lead dog in
particular movie can no longer be occurs. You not now you can't do that now. I dont know what is voice had to do with his meat. Two problems. I dont know if kids would be like. Oh, my gosh, I feel that dog is going to do something to itself. Might of that. What is at stake here and wood it really be unused what they got. It actually happens in these movies, but now they they ve, now stripped him of this role, and there give it a patent Oswald. Noise, while which I guess he's just GINO perfectly pristine in his in his life I guess patent he's like he's He may be verified, really not guys had an interesting life is lucky, as I mean is that tragedy in his life, but he's very viscerally. You know hateful towards rowing and stuff met. That apparently does not keep you out of a guy like this, although he has any is also at other times done very nice things for random and heat peace like helped fund
Like I know I don't know I mean, Let me speak just as a new, Jerk live in social media. I I don't know why. I don't do spies, patent Oswald, and maybe it's because rather despises year. Just if only I can guarantee, does approach. Because I think he's funny at times- and you know yeah. He sees the ice very funny, end, and so maybe that's maybe that's what it is. But but I have looked at him and thought He's he's he is maybe a little unstable, maybe a little unstable. He said I mean I don't know. I strategy dying was a really big, crazy, think hard about of nowhere, and that was she was she hurt the historian kind of crazy. She wrote a book about the one of the one of the serial killers I can once it was in California. I shoes writing a book. But that when she died and
that's the one they just found. They actually has uncovered through all the egg found the guy and figured out who it was a cold case for decades. Better known story, but it's an amazing one. If I tell it well and she's not yet told by someone else issue. It is a great story. Do you hear my game thrones run down tomorrow? European economic household store hours wiser. This have our is of lines I come today is a day. Today is a day to day is the last day other Brok, black Friday sale, started on Friday, and today on black Monday. Black Monday? Isn't because it's like you, don't have to go in and steal a tv or you know club somebody over the head, for you know them, but the last remaining big screen at Walmart, last Monday is black Monday, because its tax
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blinds dot com. We're just talking about the new star wars, trailer that came up it's? The last one of the series- and I watched it looked good but as going ethical, ass one. The last June I being part eight of the serious hurt the series decent at me, I think Disney bought this and per Perhaps marvel at exactly the wrong time may be I think they're gonna make a fortune of this. I mean only I'm gonna go see it gonna, be there opening where nobody was Emmy needed. Had the mystique star wars who had mystique and now it's it's kind of like an, I think, you're right. We were just talking about the what was the last On called the land yet at the last general, it should have been ass, yet I wanna was and when, when LEO die, she dies in the middle of the movie in the production in real life and realize dead, so
Why did they? Why widen they? Just letter float away in space? Yes cause it's it's one of those! horrible scenes, our ruins an entire movie horrible she's float away to space than most swims back through space to get back to the ship, and they like what what is going on she actually died in real life. This is I mean you all know this road like we're. Gonna, have flowed into space. It's gonna look amazing, and then you look at it like. Ok, this is a disaster. What do we do? Then? blessing of all blessings the actual actress drop dead in real life, and there like well that's just snowboarder breakable computer generated race, but that will do so no with make Luke live in in and let her just float. That's one of those things off. That's where those things were. You need a good coach just to come in a cake,
a game change, our this isnt working, we play a zone, we're gonna, pull in her out were put new in gaol. That's what I that's! What should have app? I think they should have gone to the point where, after the instead of running that seen the way they did it, they should have just said. You know what we just don't reference lay again We just act like you. Never existed, delete local as the last Jeddah somebody's gonna come up to him and said: hey, Princess Leia, and he just does that hand wave right, lay and never existed, land or existed hey guy learn everything? That is why, my, why am I talking about someone? I would add that we already over a newbie like why, why what tat and then they could drag it up and twenty years from now, when they're, making even a crappy or movie for our kids. Now it's terrible's loss to lose, carry Fischer? Who is awesome in many ways but like to preserve them,
like she's floating off into space. It wouldn't look good. It would have been a good ending to her run on this on the serious letter kind afloat often and she can come back into the GOES thing right- do that she can do the Jacob Marley like return right and he couldn't scare everybody or tell them. You know it's or whatever stand there. You know by the trees, with E walks dig it asked they put her next or none of the note of what I would have been fine and stand. Women find on understand, she'd been dead with Harrison for TAT, they can be together and then looking cannot keep going on. Italy's have somebody from the old movies. I just don't understand it, maybe not maybe about Mary wanna talk to a little bit about real estate agents, I trust we are officially kind of The spring. Are we really Easter? Is the beginning a spring primetime home buying and selling season yeah. If your look
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the fusion of entertainment and in line with this is that global programme. Well, its tax day, we have the word from the New York Times was killed them to admit this. Most Americans are paying less in taxes, would give you that coming up in a second also more on the Trump Sanctuary city strategy which I'm in love with, but apparently apparently some mayors and some Hollywood celebrities are now. I guess, standing with Donald Trump. We begin there in one minute. This is the Glen Back programme. Wants you a little bit about acts chairs? They are more like a reclined than your typical office cheer. They are that comfortable for those of us who spend our time sitting in she, hares and and
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chair on sale now, four hundred dollars off just go to next year back Dotcom? That's a letter, acts chair back door, com or call one aid for four for next year, one aid for four four exchequer or exchequer Back dot com. I want to show you a cup, it's that I just I just posted. We we a picture out of sheer a make Amerika great again hat now. I hope she safe open, she's, going to Vienna Waffle House for some place there in California that she safe wearing that red hat and I think that's it, actual photo we I was surprised to see her in the red had might be too photos, maybe put together
actual found both actual yes again, so here's what she tweeted after Donald trumps, you know I d of sending me no people these dreamers down of the board in places like out LAS Angeles. She tweeted I addressed and helping struggling immigrants, but my city, LOS Angeles, isn't taking care of its own, those are all caps. So is this what about the fifty plus a fifty thousand plus citizens who live on the streets. People who of veal below the poverty line and our hungry all caps. If my state can't take care of its own. Many are that's. How can it take care of more adequately such a drop had. Doesn't it and is also a very good point. It is now it
is the point. I think that we ve been making on the right for a very long time, kind of like a lifeboat, that if America is a lifeboat, we we too in as many as we can, but it's some point: you have to row the boat away from teeming water, otherwise they'll swamp the boat and everyone will be dead so the idea is to make sure that we have the resources. For instance, we all love, socialized medicine. All of us love it. Well, we all love it. Now many of us believe that no one was dying of answer on the streets in front of the hospital. You know if you had cancer. You were taken care of if you were,
hemorrhaging and you walked into a hospital they they didn't say. I'm sorry! I need to see you her insurance card. First, your hair, bridging bought. This new idea of AIR nobody can have free healthcare. That's wonderful!. Unless you lead everybody in, for instance, In my house, different in your house, everybody it's for free. I don't charge my kids for breakfast. I died don't do it now. I know that makes me a weirdo, but I don't good for lunch or dinner or snacks. I don't say to them by the way you didnt pay your bill last night for dinner Don't do that The reason why I don't do that is because my family lives in the house
Occasionally we will share it with friends or neighbours and they will come in and they'll have their but thereby invitation because we run our house and our food this way we have extra money to where we can go down and we do and give our money to soup kitchen or those in need. However, fine, just opened up the doors and any one come into my kitchen, coming I pantry and fix up all of whatever it is, it wouldn't have enough for my family and I have a constant struggle between chaos and going broke and I wouldn't be able to make it to the soup kitchen. Now take that idea. Share and who understand what you're saying? Is this anything, I'm saying at the home level, you're saying it at the city level:
that's crazy, cop or more level state level go up one more level. The country level it still works. Isn't that crazy? So all you have do is just think a little bigger. Now I Oh that's easy for you to do because you're, the woman who said no dammit, I'm going have twenty five costume changes in one show, and you did it so you're a big thinker, I think that one through share together the idea, occasionally that the the partisan, sort of picking tee. Thing, is so bad that the people making the arguments don't even realise what side they're supposed to be on. Will this is this this crazy cuz. This is so.
Blake. This is what we are saying about. The country were saying: look how with tell about poverty, tell me about poverty. Oh me about jobs. Sneeze homelessness, yeah Why does your state have such a problem with homelessness? Why is that a lot of it as to do with illegals coming in. Over run by illegals. Now there nothing wrong with people who want to come in and work? But you can just have every one come in knowing who they are not, everybody wants to work some people just why to a better life on the streets here than they have their she's articulating. The conservative point here exactly right, and I part of it is, I think we know people on the left. In particular, are so locked into some things that they think are autumn equally. True, like you know
Republicans, racists and rich people are evil, and we should judge people I, the color of the skin, and not the content of their character. There are certain things that are. Fundamental to the belief of being on the left. So if you are too, if your belief is, will Republican dont want illegal immigrants because they don't like Mexicans. This might be a good point to you but you might say: well, yes, we can these things we never get over. Our systems can be overwhelmed. We want to help, but we can't do everything for everybody with is there dismissing the actual arguments were making. I remember tat. Took a guy a long time Yahoo, but he said he was pro. Choice sounds like that, and I do not see my green because it was their views seem to be generally speaking, like middle the road. Maybe linking conservative said What's your you know? Why? What's your viewpoint, I hear you say your protrude like what: why is that we were talking for a while after a while, he said he I just can't. I can't to the idea that Republicans reads like I don't I mean if someone is raped her there,
incest or abuse like I can't, I can't tell that person. They can't abort their kid, and I quote First of all, what we're into that detail over later there some some quibbles I would have with that, but you do realize you're currently, describing George W Bush is position on it on abortion. It that's what George Bush. Says he says: rape and princess, exclude exceptions, no borders, outside of that, like you people don't even realise the terms there are blocking the things they think they're on other sides, and we ve seen this. Recently, and it's not just disease of the left, but people oh consistently vilify ideology as if it's something bad, I Energy is a collection of viewpoints. It are coherent together. That's what it is tat if believing things that make no sense with each other than you might not have an ideology, and you might say: well I've just pragmatic and I'm getting things done, I'm just doing the best thing, but if they dont work together, then you're making gigantic mistakes. Are you prob
We don't know what you're talking about a lot of things know why you should have an ideology: everyone. Haven't ideology you could make. Argument. It should be a egg wall of firing in since you must have an ideology to vote? because, if you're just going in there with absolutely no coherent thought about these things, you haven't taken enough time to noodle it to really understand the things are voting for the that someone comes, it is as well. You know what this feels pragmatically good today is a terrible way to run a country You should have competing ideologies groups of views. We also things like well, you know left wants to do action, and why don't we do that, while because we believed exceeded excessive government Increased government is bad for people and There is a reason for that and here's the ideology that underlies it. Instead,
what we get our people who like well in this instance. I want that thing. The government is giving me something that I want so. Therefore, I will support that thing and then ex time, when someone else that I don't know- and I dont want- that to give my money to them or then all oppose it for that so a coherent way what rubbed run a country. Have to think of these things in a principled way, then I'll ideological, where this is? Why feelings don't matter it doesn't matter? what happens is well. I feel for this person, but don't feel anything for that person, so I'm gonna get help that person and not that person, and it's not just I'm- help that's fine? You want to run your life on feelings at fine, but you can't run country on feelings. You can't run a system of anything on feelings, because why did you pay, that person will be I felt guy fella at person really needed it, and I don't really like that person over there. That's racism,
sexism that just an ism of some sort- and no one makes that and say no one, but most people don't make that obvious thing they don't know that it's a subconscious thing was going well, it's you know it's it's not that you don't like the people, it's just that that It seemed like a central interest to you and you see the impact of this other policy new, like the fact that its coming to you or you are like the fact that come to someone you know or care about out, we this what this happens with sports teams all the time. It's like I the biggest sports food in the world, and I love it, but the proper amount there, government should give to sports franchises to build their stadiums, is dollars per year at four a m zero dollars forever, I mean, Yes, I would I be like you know: if it, the Philadelphia Eagles, had to move out of Philadelphia. Dorothy per cent conservatives who would support government money going to the eagles that were filled up. Those fans like a hundred percent, it would be all every single person who would not want
Permit money to go to other things would be like water, what the Eagles, leaving town of course. While I want that it should not be making the decision whether the Eagles leave town or not, you know that's not the way it is that's supposed to work easier. Fundamentally, they amount to be spent on sports, including by the way the special Olympics by the government should be zero dollars. Zero die, The special Olympics are a fantastic event and we can't sign of good things about them. However, the government should not be funding sports events. That is not the role of the government and you don't have an ideology. You don't get to these places. You just say, while I liked the special Olympics and I like the fact that it does good things which it does, it's almost what's two as saying is the government should be responsible for the general welfare it should just promote
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a free and natural way to ease your pain, get your life back. I wanted go to relief factor right now try their three week. Quick, start relief factor. Dotcom we pause, Pretend second station. I d say so another one that I had a tweet out in the red hat was Corey. Booker bow was surprised to see him he's right against Trump. Yet this is gonna burn him if he wins the nomination. The fact that he's wearing this magua hat yeah now He said he it that Donald Europe is only trying to pit americans against each other and me excess. Laugh sorry makes us less safe by threatening to release undocumented immigrants on the border into sanctuary cities. Why would it I would it be less safe, you're, acting as if these people could be a problem. Plenum racist, well, I mean he's
from support we see with a hat. So you understand where that comes from while Corey Booker that's? Gonna hurt him in the primary you know when you do, king, for to find a candidate to defeat Donald Trump. You don't pick one, it is telling you the compliment. Both basis of his position on immigration at sanctuary, cities and everywhere is less safe. Let me have your release. Undocumented immigrants from the border into these sanctuary city saw what Donald Trump says saying he doesn't want Mexicans and they cities. That's what he says. What he say. That's what I'm here, you could hear him say: races, look in his eyes. There very large indulging tells the sort, the store irish workers and I don't like Mexico Middle the wall. While I'll have you learned? How does tat s it? Does you put that I and all on your build a wall must feel everybody foul of a border. I'm surprised at year end Corey, Booker that they would say these things now that Then the interesting thing here about Corey Book or is he is too
talking about how d tromp is pitting Americans against each other in using fear? Could we please play the full Corey, Booker statement he likes to create sometimes to jump start. He says a Congress, that's not act and you say friction. I so he's trying to pit americans against each other and make us less safe because we are seeing now. Will you take a threat seriously? I take this he's, injecting fear into our country, and so he was looking to solve a problem. He wouldn't be doing things a divided country against itself. I could pick beware of any the body is trying to tell you to be afraid in the strongest country in the world. Is postal showing or strengthen our courage by pulling people together to find common sense case solutions to solve this problem stopped for just a second, so I think I hear Corey Booker say here: is beef? eight of anyone who tells you be afraid and always, No, never say
ever. But always use always. I think that's why I hear him say yeah, I mean I find this whole approach fascinating, right, other doing this thing, with a lot of mar where they're saying oh she's, getting all these death threats and- and things are too well for her, because the president tweeted out a video of her com. Where she said not listen, her word. Yes, sir, where she said some people did something on nine eleven and then they, the highlights or Reno what, if I don't know my own low lights of nine eleven and then we're supposed to sit here and and and believe that she's getting lots of death threats because of that now, first of all, every single congressmen, I'm sure, received death threats. Ass, Steve Skull lease. If you ever received a threat, perhaps one at the end of a barrel of a gun at a softball field, them ask ass,
anybody who was on the field, ten percent of the robot elected Republicans in Washington, if they ve ever, had death threats before, as they were, hiding in a duck, from a Bernie Sanders Volunteer, so I The idea that this is true, but it's terrible, obviously shouldn't be true. People do get death. Then I'm sure she's had them just like everybody else, but the idea that you can sit here and say because Donald Trump tweeted video about your lot, Omar she's getting threats and we should all worry about that when all you do all day is say that Donald Trump is destroying the country beyond that, when it comes to global warming, you're saying he's destroying the global about ways, but wait. There's more he's also be very divisive by does eating the country, s and you, you'd never divide the country,
You should never be so Davis. That's why you have to pick sides against Donald Trump. That's why I gotta pick sides. That's why you know that's the way white people will do yeah. That's why this group of racists over here against this good, now people over here and you're, saying gland as some people are clinging to their God in their guns gimme, they will give horse its hypocrite hypocrisy, but I mean there is whether you like them twelve or not whether you he's your feet? person or not. There is no person on earth. As consistently vilified in in the american media that and then Donald Trump I mean there's just no. Question about it every day show after doktor chauffeur show, is just saying how race the is how a device if he is how is destroying the world with global warming, how we stealing money from poor people and giving it to rich people, we should go over. The tax thing today all these things are said about him all the time and then
come out and say that his tweet is the thing that's responsible for death threats. Can you imagine what the secret service is dealing with when it comes to death, the present United States right now I mean it it is so disconnected from reality, you're on television, bashing, this guy everyday and seeing a horrible things about him and then try to make the case that this one representative is indeed because of a tweet and people are smarter than this are there they are self. They are. I hope so. I ll show you what's coming into the second hand, the New York Times on taxes next year, lessening TAT Grand Bank stew oh yes, gloves do today is the day raise that last day blinds dot com. We should have a marching, banned or something it's black Monday. The blue Friday?
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Into your house, half off everything, blinds dot com and use the promo code back, blinds dot com today, only last day of the sale. Fifty percent off promo code back replace tv dot, com, Slash Glenda the details and abide in special tonight if you use a promo focal and you'll get ten dollars off the site and also fifty percent off your current crack purchases, It's amazing how things are changing this exhibit programme. I think the Thee Avc Democrats has moved beyond the Nancy policies in the chuck tumors in the bill. Clinton's evidence upper West side he can theatre it's right there, it's great Theatre Bill Clinton is doing a speaking to her. His tickets. Mainly unsold lots of empty seats at the Beacon theatre. He that's I mean that's, not big theatre,
on a big theater and where he should be raking ticket sales. In I mean, can you think a better place now, if you, if you're in a plant one Clinton event in America, you might put it in the computer. Direct and and ache. They had a hard time selling the tickets seats a countdown to light nineteen dollars to hear him. He was heckled during it. I mean it's less than three thousand people, s capacity, yeah! It's I mean this is this is interesting to see this go now see Pelosi think she can put the Genie back in the bottle. She was kind of you know, despite very, very dismissive on sixty minutes of a yo, see saying, there's only five followers of hers, that's I'm gonna sit well, there's a war brewing, inside of the Democratic Party will talk to you about it, a little bit more on tomorrow's broadcast, You don't want to miss that, but
There is a there's, a war that is brewing inside and Will Joe Biden be able to survive. I don't know tonight. We show part, two of the scandals that you really need to pay attention to he's, got so many scandals in his past and all the stuff about photos they're, not important. What is important is our national security and the day will show you the deals that he made with China that our hair raising hair, raising the clock tonight on blaze, tv dot, com, Slash Glenn user, promo code, Glinda sign up. Also, today is charity day today at your probably feeling your most charitable right. This is how you support other people. You move your taxes. I bet you're feeling exciting about feeling nunneley charitable. Strangely charity,
and so very patriotic. Yes, super patriotic visiting a sickly July, fourth part too, and I hope you're feeling that way. Today. I know I am win them. When the federal government comes into my counters socks out a big chunk of it than Luvis cited love it almost as much as I love it when they see they take it, as when I about how they wasted yeah, that's really fun to love when you realise in their like, oh, when diplomacy says: there's there's just no scraps left in the cupboard we can't any more than you get these. You never is what was the reason you had won the other day like with like several billion dollars in just four: they missed taken. Payments Oh yeah, yeah yeah. I was on the college thing was it, you know it was on the programmes, programmes legislative, sometimes heard up, pay it man and you ve, already paid is paid again any only once in a while. You like to stop and think about it when they say like oh yeah, they made a let's say
A ten million dollar mistake, a minor mistake when it comes to the government of the United States. Are they made billion dollar payment to someone who didn't deserve at our it just disappeared or whatever you stop and think about it and that is going to be more money in taxes than you. Will pay in you Your entire life, plus, probably everybody you know, three dollars, they will pay in there entire life, and that that little girls story doesn't even is aiming for. Page of the paper. If there was one and if they put them anymore but take eater a little tiny little section of like the hill dot com. Like the you know, several clicks in and I'll be like. I always have ten million dollars on this. Breathing you'll work for for your whole life, plus a lot and that is like when you think about it, how this trust pressing. That is these little mistakes. These little stories we bring up
people's life's work, going down the drain for nothing, nothing. Who could have every tax dollar you ve ever put in back plus all the tax dollars of everybody that you know back. And then some if they You made that one mistake he put a lot of time, willingly, blower, barely more dimension, I mean you think they ever here, they release that government waste report. Republicans do that show all the, turkey, things that they spent money on Yahoo spent five hundred thousand dollars on the story to see snails can fly like it's all this weird stuff, you're like a hot, that's funny, that's funny! Kicker story that day, those are people life's work going down the train over. Over and over again every year and nobody notices I want to know how bad taxes aren't. I think it's it's were at the point where we need to start making these Arguments and making their more profound,
because they mean listen. Listen to this is the New York Times today that I do. I do Just did this just a second ago now that, as I'm talking about this was in this The gap between perception of reality on the tax cut appears to flow from sustained and misleading effort by liberal opponents of the law to bread it as a broad middle tax, tack, but middle class tax increase. This, isn't it and wish you all the times telling you as a time. Yes, they are telling you there was a misleading effort by liberals that make people not understand this cuttings long sustain yeah, we're seeing now poles as those seventeen percent of people believe they got attacks cut when the real number is well now of sixty? and probably even higher than that we don't have the final numbers. Yet they say that four began in the fall of twenty seventeen when Republicans prepared at their first draft of this tax bill and won t policy centre at the independent tax policies under predicted. It could raised
his on nearly a third of middle class taxpayers. Now, that's not the build up past I can t through trumps signing of the law, even though the group's model showed the same group that initially set it would raise taxes on people. Groups model showed that the revised bill would raise taxes on relative rip tap relatively few in the middle class after the law into effect, Derek That's played down those estimates and instead highlighted projections that most Americans taxes are set to increase in time. To twenty six ass, the individual tax cuts, are scheduled to expire. So they're saying your taxes are going to go up so that the tax cuts go away, which of course, is true. This is but that's there that's their attack, those though their tax rates which are higher. This is the amazing thing about the New York Times. At times they too the absolute truth now at Times rail to that. Now I disagree with what they just printed in the OP ed
the men will tell the existence or otherwise of the echoed a hundred times gone by all of the rapid collar correct, so just a cup, but sometimes they do great reporting it such a weird thing if you are really truly just being a hack for the left her, This person survive near its Simon eyes and I think, that's import. That is important to note. It means a lot of times when we're talking about real conservative arguments. The base for that, the source of that reliable information is the near times because these it's great to go to the left and say this is the New York Times I'm showing you this? Is them saying and not me not in national review, not the blaze, not bright Bart. Here. It is right here New York Times they say no three quarters of Democrats say they did not think they got attacks cut from the law, and the overall. A share of Americans who say that they got attacks had just
ro slightly since the initial argument, exports, divided on whether the Tax Latka Tax Cut law was a good idea. There is little disagreement on this core point. Most people got a tax cut that its policy centre estimates that sixty five percent of people paid less under the law and only six percent paid more. The joint committee taxation, congresses, non partisan team of tax, analyse from it ever the income group, would see attacks cut on average sort of the Institute of Taxation on economic policy, which is a left, leaning, think tank. They even further. They said every income group in every state- would pay on average on believe unbelievable. That's interesting about that. Is people aren't realising these tax cuts because they say relatively small amount. Some people, about seven hundred eighty dollars, the middle, the Middle Middle Class- and they say, while in seventeen eighty two million dollars is dice, you'd like to get seven hundred eighty dollars, but
It was a few dollars in bye, bye, weekly checks, and I think so this myself are mad that I'm paying a giant chunk today have a giant tax bill to pay today, unfortunately, but the true This. I should be happy about that, because my money in my hands for longer. I was able to invest it. I was able to hold on to it. I was able to make interest. I did not make an interest free loan of the government crazy is we use the federal government as a bank and the worst bank ever and we use anything with social security. Friday idea, we we looked the federal government as a bank and we hope we get a tax return. Will your guy. The money you paid in, but you're, not saving at you getting any interest on that so paying you interests known, so you could have put that same amount in the bank and said I'm going to take less every month and I went up
in the bank, so we can earn interest. I want to put it in a cd, I'm gonna put it in something safe, but at least get five percent interest and then come to next day, I will take that money and I'll cash out now pay exactly how much I need to pay. Instead, we, do that we live. The government, take all of our money and then, when they give us a year later after holding it in using it, then they get back to us without any dressed and we celebrate like it's a gift like the whole thing is it give like? I didn't know. I had any Latvia, I think it's insane unless it was agent or block last year, the data that campaign about, like its tax refund day together this great holiday, it's not a holiday, deepen stealing your money for a year, Maybe this is we ve been saying this point for how long I mean legitimately thirty years Reagan Reagan set it. He said if you at the end of the year, if people hunters
right a check. Then this will be totally different. Why don't we pushed for that as actual policy? what we always talk about it. We also mention it. I don't know you know because make a quarterly checks are our monthly gliding. Whatever every time you get a paycheck every time and a paycheck withheld. You have to write it right, a check and send it and have to write it is automatically dino you gotta be able. There has to be some action taken because it just like your point with immigration, if we take all the sanctuary cities and take illegal immigrants and spread them out across there'll, be some impact. These cities, but most people might not notice them, given that, if you do it with a bunch of buses and they all arrive at the same time into plop, undoubted everyone's gonna notice, you do with a lot of fanfare. This is what this is: its fanfare. Make people notice what they're doing make people accountable. To eat out to two to the actual people and the money that their spending because people don't realize it. You know what,
It is with health insurance to people who know with prices are. This is why they develop this system. They develop the system, because they knew you would revolt if you actually had to do it yourself, so they ve made it. But what what? What thing as the government make easy for you, the governor, big any now easy for you can't get a feminist possible to do almost anything, almost anything except digs. Yes, I am your tax dollar. They will take. Those tax are now at the end of the year it pain in the ass. That's the get your money back a lot as high correct button to pay your taxes. Every single pay check the old they make that so easy may take that burden away from you. Thank you so much well next weekend is Easter, which spring is on the way man,
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best person in your area to help sell your home fast. On time. For the most amount of money, real estate agents. I trust Dotcom, that's real estate agents, I trust dot com, We get to you several examples of how Joe Biden apparently helped his close family member, secure, amazing business deals. While he was vice president, one of those included Joe Bindings younger brother James he became an executive of a new construction company now, what's weird about this construction company. Is you know when they, when they hired the brother of the vice president he became an executive, he had the. Well, I was ass a years and years experience with the construction We actually had zero here zero experience with construction. And then right after this brand new company come
together and James Biden is, is part of this construction company. They surprise, surprise me it's. This man snag a one point: five billion. Dollar contract from the. U S. Government is in that weird you'd think the United States government would look for somebody who had experience. Not a new company, that's not die anything but Sperience Company that high people on their board that had experience but known that's not what we were looking for. We were one that had connections to a vice presidential, family member, so That's just the son, I'm sorry, that's just the brother. We Would you last week about Hunter, which is the sun tonight more on Hunter Biden, and the deals that he has made
with the with China better unbelievable. Here, Is this guy who just starts his own company Connally boys, families, amazing conall. The uncle that had no experience at all? This is zero experience. Construction, His son also has zero experience. He starts a new company and he he gets an economic deal from China that now Even the experts Goldman Sachs could get not show how good he was. They made the right move, wow good, pick, yeah! Wait until you see it tonight, by the way, one of one of the New York Times called James buying the brother of the Vice president's said: hey. What about it? sky. He said I have nothing to say this quote. I have nothing to say I don't wanna be dragged into this anymore dragged into what,
dragged into what tonight you'll see only on the blaze, tv, dotcom, Slash, Glenn, Promo Code, Glenn Airlift Bond
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