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Hour 1  If you thought Facebook was bad, do you know what Google knows about you?...Google knows you better than you know yourself... ‘the burden is on us,’ but do you have time to check privacy on every single app?...relinquishing all responsibility to everybody, everything, now Google...Don't worry: Google and Facebook have user privacy 'in mind'?...the Pentagon and Amazon working together ...It's 1984 and our TVs are watching us...Attention, parents... ‘Get it out of your house'?...it’s impossible to live a ‘normal life’ without technology…there is no such thing as 'off the grid' anymore ...Vicious attacker Laura Ingraham is now a victim and David Hogg is a vicious sexist?     Hour 2  The left's masks are off...Remember the days when hardcore radicals actually tried to hide their extremist past?... now, it’s bragging rights?...the media may have forgotten about the hate from the past, but we haven't ...radical means for the radical ends? ...Embracing The Fourth Turning?...Generation Truth, where are you? ... Words of wisdom from the late great David Bowie? ... ‘never work for other people at what you do’ when it comes to art…It's the 1960s all over again...what the older generation needs to teach the younger… ‘embrace millennials’…life was a lot harder 50 years ago...wealth is evil and greed is good...'Hello, my name is Glenn, and I am a hoarder'...The rat with the fuse in its butt?    Hour 3  In the age of reason… was JFK's love life ‘legendary’?...CNN’s warped obsession with adultery...HNN: The Hypocrisy News Network...Loitering in Central Park with a baggie? ...Glenn introduces the rat?...Reaching out and saving Christians around the world...Please pray and please donate to The Nazarene Fund... TheNazareneFund.org ...FLASHBACK: Glenn’s ‘wildly extreme’ comments on Fox News?…Everyone has a right to call the president a racist ...defending free speech even when you despise it ...gutting our Constitution and harvesting its organs? ...Happy 70th Birthday Israel ...Stu is gearing up for his 'ultra' marathon? The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck and Stu Burguiere, Weekdays 9am–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio

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The blaze radio network on demand, love courage, true Glenn, Beck Face facts on a couple of things: first of all, Google: the ultimate big brother Facebook is the current goat for all of our paranoia about technology and privacy and data collection and social media, but that is really only coming to the masses because of politics, that's it they're. Just the first make tech company to have something go wrong in a big way and have it go wrong in a big way. Revolving politics, but they're not going to be the last, and if you think Facebook is bad have you checked out what Google is up to
Google knows and stores in insane amount of information about you that you probably don't know about one most alarming is that it constantly tracks your location and travel times between locations. Google, logs your hobbies, Yorker Ear, your gender, your age, your interests, your possible income and EVA. Possible weight, easy. There. Google. Google also knows all of your Youtube history, which means have a pretty good idea of your religious and political leanings. They also your emails, even the deleted ones. The good news, if I'd say: there's good news in this situation is that you can log into your Google account and view your personal data and tracking history, and simply even delete things. You don't want king Google to keep in their filing cabinet in the dungeon you can
then download it as one giant file. Just don't try to print it. 'cause. It will be several million pages on. You spokesperson for Google told NBC that they should be aware of their online privacy choices and review them regularly right, right and through the burden is on us to track down what every tech company knows in stores about you and figure out how to turn it off the problem, is. Do you have time to do that for every app yeah me? Neither the director of the nonprofit center for digital democracy in Washington, says Google has built a global commercial surveillance machine rivals what the NSA or other intelligence agencies can gather in order to I'm the leading global digital digital advertising company some say
handing over our personal data by the bucket load is the price we pay for free web services. You can make that case. The problem is Google has the world over a barrel at this point. What what What are we going to do? Stop googling stuff, Tuesday April. Third, this is the Glenn Beck program. It's not gonna happen just so that they can detect your weight shut up. You are that not a good! That's, not something! I want my my Alexi yelling at me as I walk by this. I I do you see the article New York Times about this. By the way I I and I want to hear your opinion on this, because this is some of this is nuts. This is stuff that they've actually fine for 'cause. Everyone. Has these scare like these weird
of what might happen with this technology right, you don't. Who knows what it's going to be? This is these are. They've actually already filed for each company is. This is talking about Google and Amazon. Each company has a patent applications, many of them still under consideration that out rate outline error rate of possibilities for how devices like these could monitor what users say and do a whole lot of people are freaked out. That is recording you all the time and they say no. No, it's not it's not doing it, you have to say hey, Lexar, hey, Google or whatever it is I'm sorry about that. Sorry, but everybody in America for twenty two percent of Americans by the way now have these devices in their homes. Already so this is pretty early gave them our fingerprints remember in the high remember when I was young and naive I said I'll, never give fingerprints, you don't give fingerprints, you don't is did they. The government wants a collection of all of our fingerprints apple. Has it now
yeah. But let's save you a good half. Second, I know now we gave it away were giving all of our information away were giving all the private conversations we have with our spouses and with our family we're just giving it away and by the way I have Iphone ten. I can't believe the ancient times that used to be putting my fingerprint on this thing. Now it's just my face and it saves me. You know a good I get a quarter of a second. Do you like it? I love it. Yes, I cannot believe I that is, that whatever you're invited to whatever you're about to tell me I, I'll, tell you how it's going to be packaged and how will be used and how you're going to say I can't live without. This is why I bring it to you. Yes, there we go Amazon in one set of patent applications has a quote voice sniffer algorithm could be used under a devices like tablets, ebook readers analyze audio in real time when he hears words like love, bought
or dislike absolutely a diagram included with the application illustrates how a phone call between two hundred. This could result in one receiving an offer for the Lego Zoo and the other, seeing an ad for a wine of the month membership. So let me tell you, let me, let me show you this, and this is this is why this I've got to write this book it's been in my mind for a long time and I can explain it and it will all make sense, do you when you see it in its totality, it sounds crazy, but it won't. To be crazy. In ten years. Imagine you're having a conversation, and you're just talking to a friend there over at your house and you're talking about dream vacations? Ok, I would love love to go to Hawaii. When that be great yeah yeah, blah blah blah blah blah you're talking
Not all of this and you say in there, but I can afford it. I can't do this. I can't do that blah blah blah Google listen to all of this. It's heard it separates you from your friend now tomorrow morning when you get up says to you: you're, not it's not going to throw it. Your way. It's going to say, hey Stew, I have you were talking to Glenn last night- and you said you'd love to go to Hawaii, but you couldn't afford it. I've been working tonight and I found. Some really great prices. You can use Airbnb, which you and LISA would really like There be room for the kids and if you take this flight You can actually save a ton of money. I've already checked your banking account, and I know what bills you have, but can find a way to spread this payment out for you. So it really doesn't cost you anything. You want to go! That's what's coming like it's
it's actually someone with knowledge of your finances. Knowledge which of your preferences that is going to be convincing in an argument about about it, correct, ok, so so so so let me go. Let me go a step further. There is a hotel, it is the best hotels voted one of the best hotels in the world. It is always one or two in the western hemisphere and it's the the peninsula of Beverly Hills. I've stayed at the peninsula, Beverly Hills and it's worth every single penny. That you pay for this experience. If you are going, if you are going, you know, for you want to do anniversary or something, and you want to go to a great hotel. Uh There's no hotel. I've ever stayed like this. What they do is they have a meeting, and this is all documented. It's it's in it's in magazines that you should reach. I mean incredible what they do.
They have a meeting in the morning and then Evidente like four five o'clock in the morning and the general manager comes in and says: ok, here's who's coming in. And here's who's leaving today and have photos of all of your kids. I have photos of you. They have photos of your family that photos of your friends. They have complete records of everything that you ordered and did, and if you stayed there before, Then you've stayed there more than once they'll see if was any pattern, for instance, would go and I would have. I would have a strawberries before I would go to bed and I hey there. This is years ago. I stayed there a couple of times and I ordered a bowl of strawberries before I went to bed as a desert. Well, I after I had meetings. I came back and lo and behold without me ordering there was a bowl of strawberries there and I'm like oh, my gosh They remembered when I, when I went there one time with my family: they opened the door.
Of the cab. And my. One was the first to get out an my son. He he'd, been there once once one night, two years before they opened up the door. And the doorman, the guy who's just opening up the cab. He looked at Ray and said: Master Rafe welcome back, I was like holy cow and they do this. They have to know because People come in, they come with their mistresses and so in Part of that meeting is okay. He was here last week, but he was here with his mistress this year. He or this week he's back but he's with his wife. So the last time you saw him was four months ago. All right I mean it's insane, but This is what they do. You know without electronics. This is you pay lots. Of money for if you're, wealthy people
stay there, because it's total service that you don't have to think. Google an Amazon are going to be able to do that for you for free in your own life. It will notice the patterns and it will just make those things happen for you now how is that bad people are going to like they're going to allow this to not care about the privacy stuff. You everything! You know we forget that we look and say. Oh my gosh, you know a big flat screen tv. Well, when the first flat screen tv came out, it was ten thousand dollars. Now you can get them for three hundred bucks same thing is happening with service, services is. What really sets the wealthy apart? you don't have a secretary. Well, you do now with Google home, you don't have some bud, that has. You know that is, that is a Alice from the Brady Bunch that is ordering
the groceries and doing all the shopping event. Yes, you do it's Alexa. Yes, you do so all of these things that were only had by the rich there. How going down to everyone's level. If you can afford a Google home, you now will be able to live the life very wealthy person not there, but no, but it will be soon moving fast, so it's good I want those things all go ahead: Google also submitted a patent application They nest as well, so they have lots of nice to look at you application details. How audio monitoring could help detect that a child is, aging in mischief by at first using speech patterns to identify a child's presence. Then it could try. Since movement, while listening for whispers or silence and even a program, a smart speaker to provide a verbal warning to your child,
This is again. This is what they're looking at a separate, app regarding op you're going to want that. Have parent every parent says every parent says, hang on, I have heard the children in a while there's always trouble it's too quiet right, so you have Google doing that for you and then saying: hey kids, stop whispering. I can hear you that that is now and what parent we have all relinquished, our parent parental responsibility to the school to the television to society? What It's better than this. This is something that's going to regulate our children in discipline, our children and make sure. So I can go, do the things that I want to do and also it's going to. I mean to do. There's a larger conversation it to have here about what its training, your children, to be able to accept really right like where are they going to care about government monitoring when they grow up after that life? Now
are they going to? Are they going to be shaped into saying things for Insta If Google decides that some is politically incorrect, but you don't in the household believe that that's politically incorrect is going to shape your children and say by the way kids most people. I know your family doesn't, but most people believe do. They believe, gold, the all knowing the all seeing or do they believe mom and dad. I talked how they can detect your mood in your home with these patterns eventually, the same location, outlines how a device could quote quote recognize a t, shirt on the floor of a user's closet and quote? Bearing Will Smith's face and combine that with browser history? That shows searches for Will Smith to provide a movie recommendation that displays you seem like Will Smith his new movie playing at a theater near you and they're, going to
Look in my closet. You don't want to look in my closet. I don't wanna. Look at my class. That's not a good place to look people you don't as in there you don't want eyes in there for Amazon Kill itself, you already have eyes in your class. You already have eyes in your house. You already have eyes on a couch, my own eyes out when I walk in my eyes, users who, who I do too, but there was ice it that if you take your phone and you haven't covered your your, microphone. You haven't covered your camera, on your phone, and you charge next to your bed f but there are eyes already in your bedroom and everything that you do and say well that phone is sitting next to your bed. It is recorded. It has the ability to be heard as the ability to be seen. You have the ability to be the next star in the famous, Bing film or whatever it is, you might be doing in your bedroom, not knitting. Last.
Art here. They did. Did I this, of course, Amazon and Google? They didn't deny that these are real applications, and these are the exact same things that they came up with to do with this technology, but they did say they file a number of forward looking patent applications that explore the full possibilities of new technology and Google as you to know that all of their products are does with user privacy in mind. So that makes me feel completely fire. Yes, they're going to be looking at the t, shirts on the floor of your closet and combining it with your search history. God knows where that ends up, but It's with user privacy in mind, so don't worry By the way. Did anybody notice that the Pentagon has decided to keep all of the Pentagon. Files in the new Amazon, secure cloud Oh the government is
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business with people who do business right? Do business with somebody who cares about the jobs in America and they care about making? better product here in America and getting it to you They want a service you go to filter, be uy dot com, that's filter by dot com Glenn Beck, mercury glass. I glossed over this one, but regarding a personalizing content for people while respecting their privacy noted that voices could be determine a speakers mood using the quote volume of the user's voice detected, breathing rate, crying and so forth also medical condition based on detected, coughing, sneezing and snow, so forth. What the are they doing? Ok, so I think there's a couple of things here is the good spin on it. If
somebody is going to be in domestic dispute. Google will be able to sense. It they'll be well here it and then be able to dispatch police, ok, sure. So that's good now uh something else Why do you have to worry about doctors when it comes to gun control because you'll be able to set that there's somebody in the household who is depressed they'll be able to sense it right away so batch police make sure there are no arms in that house. Oh, my god, I mean I'm a you'll be able save lives, still will be able to save lives? And it's just going to make people not speak right like if you know these things are going on your not going to express' depression or expr worry you're, just going to you like it like, if you're in public, for example,
sometimes if your kids are being bad, people will get like muffled. There place and not either let them where at home they're, probably going over here right now, right, like they're, going to change their behavior, even in their own homes, change, in your behavior. She that sounds free state, I want to live in Glenn Beck mercury this is the Glenn Beck program. I love the, tweets that were on it's not hard. It's super not hard to do. You know the protect yourself from Google and Facebook and- and Amazon, oh, is it really yeah?
this one came in and here's an idea for protecting your privacy, don't buy the Damn smart speaker, exclamation point exclamation, point exclamation point get the phone case. Shields your phones, rf signals. It's not that hard guys by the way. I just point out that was said on twitter yeah, so yeah possible. You hello, your your digital footprint is recorded now on twitter and, if you've ever googled anything Millions of pages about you yeah, and I think, like the the point here is not I mean I understand, that's a good. It's a good point right like you could obviously protect yourself from the Amazon or Google Speaker by not buying it, but the issue is even if you do those things and you take all those steps, you're you're, just playing at the fringes there. It's like people who talk about global warming, they're like all well Are you what I do is I compost and there are in what are you well, what I try to do is I'm a bicycle on
that's a week to the gym, to make sure that I saved by your doing nothing for the environment, we're doing nothing you are doing is making yourself feel better and you're of the the fringes of your environmental impact. You can say to your friends that you've done well, you could also say to yourself some people. Do I mean my daughter of compost? Oh and- and she you know she said- I know this- isn't going to make a big difference, but it makes a big difference to me. Right My problem? That's a different little thing totally fine, but the point is that it's the same thing with technology yeah you could not have a device in your home well, there's hundreds of others, you so you can do smart tv, it is. It is watching an recording everything that to watch an it is, it is sending All of that data out. If you have a small tv that also can you can also skype. It has a
It has a lens, so it's looking at you and whatever you're doing in the living room, it can be, it can be commandeered it can be taken. It's it could be listening to you, I'm not saying that every smart TV is doing this in every smart phone is doing this. You just have the there it's already there and you don't even think about it. You are completely comfort, rible, how many conversations. Have you had that were so? Setif between you and your wife or you know you and your lover or whatever it is sensitive and you had it with your phone. In your hand, or your pocket. Now your pocket, over and over and over again you know you think about really to get off this now- and this is why this is a battle. That's I don't know that winnable at all, hey this improves your life quite a bit and every normal circumstances not winnable, be to get
of it at this point. Your Unabomber shack style life is what you're looking at I will tell you this. Since stew is some right is that the word you're looking for is usually that's the word that follows those two other. No, no, I a I have to get a little further away from something that is currently I'm going in my life in my household, but it I will tell you this and when I talk to you about it, you will stand. Do not do not think that, though, the playstation or Xbox is safe at all do not give your child a phone. Do not do it? It is uh.
Dangerous than you can possibly imagine, and I speak from experience. I have I have firewalls. I have security. I have everything that the average person does not have do not bring those into your world, don't do it and when give you the full story. You will understand, don't do it please sing for your kids or you're, saying it all. I'm saying definitely for your kids, but in your in your home as well, I mean don't, do it don't do it definitely for your kids. Do not do it if you have one me now get rid of it get it. Out of your home, get it away.
Your children. Are you know, but we we know get it out of your house there, I can tell you anything right now: get it out of your house, get it out of your house strongest term get it out of your house, you have no idea until it's too late or almost too late we talk about this more tonight on the blaze tv can stream it from your smartphone any any mobile device make sure you tune in tonight but it's a tough like even you as someone who is legitimately has a real situation, and it's something you've been hinting for a while. Is it your? Is it your worst nightmare still sure sure absolutely Do you know anybody who is more secure than me? No that's what
yes, this gets goes back to what we're talking about it. You can't do it you can't live a normal human american life and and defeat things right now and I don't think it's ever going to we're. Never going back to that place. You want to go to no coal off the coast of Madagascar. Maybe you can do it. But I mean I don't know. I don't know what else I don't know where you go certainly not here- you're not living in a 'cause. I mean it look back at new unit, Could you do the Unabomber thing now? I don't mean the package bombing I mean living in the woods, I'm sure there's people who are attempting it but time. You need to go, get food every time. We need to go. Get this basic supplies. Unless you're willing your toilet paper from the bark around you. What, are going to be on camera somewhere you're going to be purchasing something you're going to have you're going to be monitored in several different locations. If you ever go near civilization- and there are ways I guess, you're going you're going to the leaves for toy paper, though to do it and most
well, I'm gonna go with the most, Americans are not willing to go to that pay. That price I look at Eric Rudolph. Remember him. The terrorist guy who was you know trying to run away from. You know police officers and stuff because we blow but abortion clinic or something the nineties and he he was trying to do, the mountain man thing to get away, and he he, Sir, if he, if he did it for a few months and then was eventually caught trying to come down. I think, get food out of a dumpster. If I remember the story correctly yet how long less today trying to do that. I don't, I don't think I mean there's cameras in the parks right like that. It's not just yeah. Where do you even go? I mean if you are an expert, like survivalist, maybe if you're, Marcus, Luttrell and you've been trained by. You know Navy seals and you can go These periods
you know in the woods for a long time, but there's no off the great anymore, but there's not even you know what I talk to re curse while and he said you know, you'll, be able to do anything in think anything and yada yada yada no no, no, no ray. If you have Google Amazon and the. Are the source Why would they ever someone develop something that could hurt them and their business. Why it It absolutely stifles entrepreneurs because both were you even have expressed the idea yourself, you have done, Google Search, you have done research, it's monitor, in your pattern and AI or AGI, is going to be able to figure out what you're doing, and it's going to be monitoring you and thinking along, like this is going to help you, but it's
sing along the lines. The same way. Oh, my gosh he's coming up with a better Google shoes shut you down. Oh, my gosh he's going. You know what he's on the revolutionary path. Well, it's fun gone yeah. This actually has happened already with. I think it was Facebook who bought an app that that be monitored, app usage, so they just this company, and it will they had all this public data that showed how you did, how you use these apps and instead of they stopped. If you feel that the poor, the product was hey, look at look at beers, public data about how people use apps that what they say it's no longer public data is now our data and as they sell, flare ups with certain apps, hey this one's increased by a you know, a thousand percent in the last two weeks. They would go and try to purchase it realizing. It was an up and coming thing, so they get it before it really hit, and there
able to go in and purchase. At least this was their plan and I think they did actually execute it in a couple of times and they still own the company and that's Actually what you're talking about except a much bass at a very basic version. Let me let me let me go here: did you see the news that came out that scientists now have come up with a device and it's great for people who can't talk so in other words, let's go back in time and then let's go forward in time. Let's go back and grab Terry Schiavo and let's take her five years in the future five. Years in the future and put this new device that they have just developed on to Terry shovels head every he says she was in there choose and everybody there, but was supporting her she's in there. She knows she just can't communicate okay. Well, this ice reads your mind and then turns it into text.
In real time. So, if you're thinking it is is writing down what you're thinking? That's fantastic right. People like people like uh Stephen hawking he doesn't have to use his eye the type he just thinks it's like dictating. It's fantastic for people who cannot speak for some reason or another fantastic, but wait can read your mind. How much do you think of that? You don't want other people knowing you I don't want anyone knowing when you're. Officiating when you're bluffing, when you're saying boy that dress does make. You look fat. How many things do you think that. You do not want to speak out loud how many thing have you thought of like it would be easy to grab this man. I could grab this and you don't do it but that is in your head, all of a sudden yeah
Jesus said if you're yeah somebody somebody in committing adultery you're, committing adultery by looking at her and thinking that, okay, so control your thoughts, because your thoughts you commit to them it. It is the sin. Even think. Well, that's what this is wait a minute isn't that almost minority report yeah it's not crime. I mean the Peter Thiel book came out. We did interview with the author a couple weeks ago and he in in there when he's talking about how he's going to go after Gawker, they say it has a throwaway line that basically as a young, and we thought I guess a lot of the stuff we came up with was illegal, so we decided not to do it and that big press story for a few days, because he Sittard. He didn't. Really consider it was he and I got somebody said to him. Look. We could do this and now that's illegal. He can't do it like that, throw away right here, admitted it imagine if they caught that in your subconscious, how you would be immediately prosecuted for
I mean it's, it's it's it's think of how people it will save. This is where we're headed, and this is why I've been saying for the last few years we have to have ease moral conversations, we have to have ethical conversations that are so much bigger than stormy, Frickin Daniels and we better know, right what's wrong. We believe, is an intrusion, because all of this stuff is coming and it's coming wrapped. I pretty bows and every he's going to want it and when everybody has it? It's then too late if it is misused, we need to set standards, ethical Standards and boundaries now
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Couple in every way they use the word. Wine right is the most, bread, simple thing that has ever been done. I know in media it's almost like she was making Zyklon B. Oh well, not her basement. Well, no that was bear the spot. So that's right, okay, go ahead right! This now. Could you know this? Is confusing the left because they want to say she's the worst person on earth, yeah, she's, a Trump supporter and she's a right wing, and she does these things and she attacked it has so they've got her on the ropes, however, They also notice that she's, a victim of sexism, why well as the Huffington Post, lays out incredible detail issues Hannity and Tucker. Carlson could say things like that and not get in trouble and Laura Ingram is so she's, not only a vicious attacker of this poor student, but also a
a wilting flower sex wait, wait, wait! No! That means that David Hogg is also a poor child and a vicious attack yeah he's a sexist and and a helpless child? but he's also a vicious sexist. At the same time the left accuses me. I don't know, I don't notice. You can't keep up Glenn Beck, mercury. Love courage, truth Glenn Beck our playing amazing piece of audio for you, it's from Virgie Rollins. She is the Democratic National Committee's Black Caucus chairwoman she had an announcement to make
I'm a former black Panther and- and we could we talk about the movement as a former black Panther, with Angela Davis and Kathleen Cleaver. If it was important for us to unbaked people understand that it was about the movement for us educated us here's some it's really amazing, especially if you watch this clip, because the camera can't focus on her can't see her, so it's focused instead on Keith. Ellison a former member of the nation of Islam but here's what I want to say you remember the day. Is when hardcore radicals actually tried to hide their extremist past. I started outing out. President Obama's ties to radicals his pr went out in in Cooper, all out denial and protect mode. Do you remember that do you remember me saying to you one
these days there care anymore, and the mask is going to come off and they're. Just going to tell you yep was a communist yep I was a member of Ssds yep. I was a black man. And you know what it's better, we're doing now: we are gang, Do how much worse this is going to get there not trying to hide it anymore? To the contrary, there now bragging about it in a public forum Rollins goes on to talk about quote the movement and the Quote revolution and quote, as in spired acts that brought brought forth equality to feed the masses at one point she yelled quote: we've got to turn to the revolution and quote. Now. It's not surprising that she can say this now in an era where the black Panthers have been white washed and completely scrubbed
into the point to where they're radical extremist past is actually looked up to. Martin Luther king was not involved with the black panthers. They were against each other well. Well I mean, even though they were fighting for equality right. They just wanted to feed people right. No, Rollins declaration of bringing back the revolution sounds eerily similar to what her black Panther Party was saying back in the 60s when they and did quote the evolution has come it's time to pick up gun off the pigs and quote now if they were talking about actual pigs, and they were thinking about taking those pigs and then slicing them up into nice little pieces of ham to feed all the children? That would be one thing but those pigs, This were police officers. Black Panthers weren't benevolent no.
It's amazing to me how history is so easily forgotten and discarded, but it is The thing to do what, is happening now making terrorists look Like they were the great guardians of the people, this popular black chancellor, Panther Chant is nothing compared to their actual actions. They were involved in multiple shootouts shot. Several police officers employ ambush tactics and tried to kill police armed militants that actually stormed a courthouse and hold a United States judge they armed those lyttons, they were even caught. Torturing, and executing one of their own members for suspecting him of being an FBI informant yeah all the while they're making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the kids. Just like your mother used to
but it wasn't all about race, in fact race, as always, has very little to do with it. It is just the calling card these p all were militant marxists wrong, mentions two people in the same speech, Angela Davis and Kathy in cleaver. Oh, you mean two that were both radical marxists. Cleaver is now a law professor, of course She is the way to clean people, image up, is to process process them through the radical university system. She was so radical that she, allied with N Korea, while she was with the Panthers, in fact her daughter- was even born there if happen: I'm pretty sure that good old Angela was there at the time
Angela Davis was the one that gave guns to a teenager who then went in and shot a federal judge gave guns to teenagers. My gosh, I thought we were trying to take the guns away from teenagers. Class warfare race warfare, the black pants. There's wanted it all. The media may have forgotten, but we haven't going to be block on this on television, ten minutes on Who are these? People really were because we need to remember because they just dropped the radical means for the rat ends, but you can, Guarantee that people like Virgie Rowlands, she hasn't forgotten she's male part of the democratic establishment and leadership Democrats
people who are like my grandfather and many of my relatives who vote Democrat vote Democratic every single time. Just like all of you know my other relatives that vote Republican every single time, Demi this is not who you are you are not radical leftists. You are not race baiters, you are not Keith Ellison. That was uh. Member of the nation of Islam. Who still gets kudos from Lou Farrakhan, You are not the people who are leading the women's March, but it ' You don't stand up now and reject this. If you don't stand up now and say I want nothing to do with the black panthers. I want
nothing to do with the nation of Islam, and I want nothing to do with those people who try to spin them into great healers. If you don't do it, who are done for all time. You cannot rewrite history and re emerge, not as outsiders, but within mainstream politics and, to have any kind of bright future for tomorrow, Will anyone in the Democratic Party actually call this out Tuesday April. Third, this
is the Glenn Beck program. You know, I'm convinced that you know the remember the books do what was it the Fourth, turning and remember, we went through that and it was my generation that was supposed to tell the old farts the hippie generation shut up and sit down. It's your time has passed. I'm the part of the forgotten generation. I was the latchkey generation and we just kind of had to shoulder everything between our crazy out of control, brothers and sisters that were older or mom's dad's and now the younger generation. We don't get my generation doesn't get its day in the sunlight: we're the transition,
we're the ones that have to stand here and look at the mess that the ask generation just left us and have to stand here and shoulder that and hold that until the Next generation gets on their feet enough to be how to say: we've got it and we a better plan here we go and this is again not your theory. Now this is a theory from a book. Yes, so the theory from the fourth turning and it's a great book- and I leave it to be right. Side is your theory. Well. If it's you, I mean what I embrace it so when you embrace, so you think, because I mean you think the the people older than you are. You know It's going to be the hippies. The radicals hippies the the see below sees the Hillary Clinton's right? Of course, that's only part of slice of that yeah I mean, there's, not everybody and it's not everybody in my generation who feels the way I do so. It's just that as a group as
group, they went off the deep end, there's a reason why the stock market there's a reason why in two thousand and eight housing market in the stock market collapsed, and that is because in the 1990s, the last of the World WAR, two generation, the as they were always afraid of. Hey, hey, hey! Don't do that You don't you don't understand what a real collapses like the ones who lived through it, an were scarred by it for life. They were very, very balanced and they were like look. Let's, go crazy here. Those people died generally speaking and they were no war in Wall Street by the did the 90s and all of this crazy all this crazy spending, all the derivatives, everything else happened. Okay That generation was the hippie generation that was doing is like a love. We can have everything and all right that
Aeration has spent us into oblivion and they're taking us. Off the rails, because quite honestly, when they in college believe in the constitution in the first place, even though the Beatles said you want to change the constitution? You might as well change your head, but do sorry about that. So they if we're caught up in this radical marxist stuff and they're still going there so this generation. My generation is the That has to hold up the younger generation the one that has to expose the younger generation to the truth and expose them the younger generation to people in my generation say: look they're, not bad they're good. We need port them. We need to teach them. We need encourage them they're, the ones that are going to take us to the right place. Then
new ways and new ideas. That's our job. It's our job and how many of us are doing it. I'm Vince more and more. The it's not our job to save the nation? is our job to teach and raise the next generation because they will do it. They will save it because we're entering a world where we're not even going to understand it, I have already become my father and my grand father that can't figure out the damn remote I don't know how to use the remote that because we start to get old. And as we start to get old, unless you surround yourself with young people and new ideas all the time, you start to go static because you're just used to it being a certain way will, with everything changing we're going to get.
Really fast. If we don't stay plugged in we're now going to be able to use the tools that are on the horizon. You know how many of us at my age still say. Can I get a pencil paper please nobody. Nobody in their 30s says that. Unless you're an artist make some notes have a pencil paper right I mean, the journaling thing has become a trend lately because of that it's now really like how vinyl became cool for awhile, and I guess kind of still is where digital music, like it's the same thing like that's now becoming liquid little niche industry of journey and- and everything is look that's why that's why composting is coming back compost isn't new my mother, used to do it. My grandmother used to do it. We hosted everything.
Okay, it wasn't about the environment, it was just the right thing to do and we just did it then. Then you know the generation that is above mine and my generation. We were like, we don't have to do that. We can do it. Life is much easier than that, be better living Pharmaceuticals body into all of the the you know. Nineteen, seventy films, here's America in the nineteen nineties and we were like whoa we can we make the projector work, but it's going to be great, I'm the point now when I do have to write something if it's like a full size like over one piece of paper, like my hand, hurts 'cause. I haven't done it Once I lost my freaking wrote, but my hands like it. They don't do that anymore. You type! That's what you do Now now my thumb starts to hurt, because I mean I just Anderson Paint, maybe that's just the Prob
if you're, just getting old, maybe I'm just an old person. So here's the thing. Do you're do yourself and do the country a favor, encourage the millennials. Seek out the millennials that are trying to do something it is seek out the seek out the young minds of our country, and hold them up. Do. Everything you can to hold them up because they're, the ones that are going to make this transition. They're, the ones and they are- I had fifteen relatives in my house over the weekend. Fifteen. It was marvelous. This is the mistake. Now it was, I really actually enjoy it 'cause I, like my family. I know it's weird, but I like my family, but we
having a great conversation- and these are all my these- are all my nephews So my nieces and nephews, so it was all a younger generation, and so I spent the holiday weekend with that generation and they're just starting to have kids and everything else. And they're all sounding like my grandmother, but all of them are sounding. Like my grandmother all saying things like we just we used too much and we have too much stuff And they're not talking about society they're talking about them, they're like I we can spend our time instead of having a big house that I'm cleaning all of this stuff. That means nothing at sitting on a shelf and I never use it. Why would I collect that? Why would I need a big house that I'm trying to clean,
keep up with everybody. I'd rather spend that money going and doing something. I'd rather go spend my money. You know why do I have so many clothes hey? through my closet and I got so much stuff and I don't wear it. What am I doing? That's uh! like my grandparents, that's a good thing. That's returning back to original principles, and I personally, I think, that's Really really good sign, that's embrace this generation and help them You know I I didn't plan on sharing this, but I found something today that I I want to play for you that I I think you will it kind of goes into this, and I think you will it, especially if you're a if you're a. Driven person or us a self made person
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or carshield dot com, promo code, back, Carshield dot, com deductible may apply Glenn Beck, Mercury. Glenn Beck brother sold audio today from David Bowie, and I wanted to share with you. If you are here and uh to preneur or a self made person. I think you'll find it inspiring as well. Listen! Never the gallery. I think but you never learn that until much later on, I think, but never work for other people that want you to always. Always remember that the reason that you initially started working was that there was something inside yourself that you felt that if you could manifest in some way You would understand more about yourself and how you carry,
as for the rest of society on, I think it's terribly dangerous, run artist to fulfill other people's expectations. I think they're produced there generally produce their worst work when they do that. If the other thing I would say, is that if you feel safe in the area that you're working in your not working in the right area always go a little further into the water, then you feel you're capable of being go a little bit out of your depth and when you don't feel that your feet are quite touching the bottom you just about in the right place to do something exciting This is the Glenn Beck program. Program. I'm glad you're here is from David Bowie again and then talk a little bit about it. I found it this morning a friend of mine sent it to me
and it was about never playing to the gallery. Don't ever play to the gallery, don't play to the crowd, listen to what he said. Never place. The gallery, I think, but you never learn that until much later on, I think but never work for other people that want you to always. Always remember that the reason that you initially started working was that there was something inside yourself that you felt that if you could manifest it in some way You would understand more about yourself and how you coexist with the rest of society on I think it's terribly changes for an artist to fulfill other people's expectations. I think the produce that generally produce that west work when I do that and if the other thing on
It says that if you feel safe in the area that you're working in your not working in the right area always go a little further into the water, then you feel you're capable of being in go a little bit out of your depth and when you don't feel that your feet are quite touching. The bottom you just about in the right- nice to do something exciting and that's the story of the dancing in the dark, video, had tragic chapter in the global history. He did. He talked about that. I watched a couple of videos from today. He He talked about that. I thought you know he said you know hey. This is commercial. This is where it's at said boy was that wrong. This anyway, really it's an example of what you don't do describing don't do the dancing in the dark video raise any said, and he said you don't learn that until too late yeah It's true. You have to go through that. I think to actually figure it out. Yeah. You do you do you know if I, interesting is you,
what was the 1960s sixties? What was that all about? That was about the this generation. Coming home after complete decimation, I mean just the v: I don't think we can really even begin to understand what the rest of the western world was like after world war? Two, you know we came back and we started making big huge cars with tail fins and everything else, because we had the fact we had the resources. We had the money, the gold. We had everything Europe didn't You marry, you know those three wheeled little cars that you know, England made ok, then, maybe those three little three wheeled cars for two reasons: one the government was out of control, but two they couldn't afford big cars they could have ordered anything of any size because they were broke. They were
destitute after the war end in Seoul they didn't really start digging themselves out of that until sixty 70s and 80s, They didn't have the good. Times that we had in the 50s and the 60s and the you know up until the 70s. They didn't, have those, and so what was the 1960s. What was that Out that was about the rejection of They saw their parents build and their. Prince just wanted to come home and build this idyllic little space that didn't have any horrors in it it didn't have what what the Soviet Union had didn't, have what what Europe had just gone through. What Germany had gone through with Spain was going through. It was perfect, it was good it was wholesome, and so the kids oh wait! A minute hang on. My mom is not like that. There were problems in my house, but every Pretending
they're trying to create this image and that's not what it is. So the kids rejected it and that give us the hippie generation and that's we've been doing the hippie generation big at the access. So we have, we have crunch of the hippies. And the people like Donald Trump, you know, that's the same generation one generation went yummy. I smoke dope free love in rock on marks. The other went. You are an idiot in to amass wealth and build something. Ok, but, unlike the Lee's generation when they built something they wanted to build something that lasts They just wanted to build wealth, so you had. Wealth is evil
and greed is good. That's the these generation. So now the generation that I'm in we just watched them. And we were kind of the forgotten generation and we just kind of watched them and did our own thing. We were always just a little. It behind so He begat children who saw add access and that Marxism, and some of them are r gravitate Ng Twords that an the Marxism is once again- kind of cool, because. Everybody who's living in these homes, no, no meaning here. It's why people who are younger are starting to feel like. I want to get rid of everything. I don't I don't want to have all of that stuff. I don't want to have the life of my parents John
like the kids of the 60s did they did, the life of their parents, because they knew that was meaningless. They knew that it was. It was being hidden by cocktails and xanax and now what being hidden is being hidden by the drug of Facebook. It's not perfect, it's not what it is, and so people are once again hungry for something real you? I have no desire 'cause. I have tiny and I've talked about this verb. Well, probably a year. To sell everything, it's just I got there in the 90s, where I, is kind of going through a period where I was like. I want to sell absolutely everything and just start all over again and I feel the same way start all over again sell it all. My kids are the ones who are like yes, dad. Do it
'cause! We have a garage full of boxes that we haven't opened for like four moves ago, get rid of it all you have no desire to do that. Uh, no ' I do not know. That's I'm trying to think of the trip and a desire to do it, and now I don't I mean I think there's. Certainly the decluttering of our lives is something that I think is, generally speaking, can be a positive at yeah. So I don't I I I think, there's an element of it. I kind of agree with, but I mean I I don't I I don't find material things complicating. I I think some I'm enjoyable! That's not how I base my life on it. Yeah it would so I so sing material things are bad by bad stretch. You know, you'd die, that's up to you to decide. But you don't have a lot of stuff like we have a lot of stuff, they were like yeah that was given to us by so and so, and
yeah, we never use it, and it's in a you know it's in a That are its area, but we we don't. You know we don't. Can't really get rid of it, because why? Because of why? Well we never use it One thing I should point out is: I do live with the Joseph Stalin of Decluttering, so uh. You don't have those four things in my home right now for there's one in one room. I think there's two in another room and then there's one other room. I think there's one more thing, but she's selling these very she's, my is very much like just get rid of it. You know she she it just because she doesn't like clutter, she hates clutter. I hear we're clutter more than any other word in my home. I know I am much more. The person like I can you sure, she's not telling you a mother, knows his mother by the water and that's what it means right right she get attached to things like you know, there's certain like toys, my kids had as they were growing up, and I just
get rid of him, because I could just remember I can look down and see Zach or Ainsley playing with that toy and I'm like, I could not get rid of that toy. I get like that. I can get attached to them, she's just like I don't care burn it like. She just doesn't care. So our houses. I wouldn't say it's certainly not clear of you know she likes her stuff. Two. So I mean it's not good. It's not clear material things by any reason by any means, but it is a it's a it's a pretty simplified police. I would say see everything in my house: I'm the ups. Everything in my house, I am I've decided I am a hoarder. I I'm a hoarder, I'm just I'm just not a poor hoarder. Motorcycle called collectors. Yes, eccentric collectors
this old piece of paper to write you three thousand years ago, wow, that's great yeah. You know I don't know, I mean I am a hoarder I've. Just I've discovered that I can call myself eccentric. I can call myself a collector, I'm a hoarder yeah as everything in my house. Everything has a story, absolutely everything. It's not like. I go out and just buy stuff. I go. Look for things that they may not even be valuable, but they have story behind it, yeah and so everything in my life as a story. That's I I believe, there's a certain. This is doesn't quite apply to you, no offense, but there's a certain amount of wealth, but you were requires in which that's what you do with it. As you just buy stories you're just purchasing a sign language to Dallas where you're like this way. When you had I eyes, I only when you have like nine dollars, you're actually negative, much more than a dollar, and you were still doing this year. I I you know, I think wealth. Just me
you good at the things that you are, for example, you're. Now a good hoarder, you're, really good at it. That's a really fancy things that you hoard congratulation is not really it's still cooked. Still a lot of crap I mean I was young. I was supporting people, some people were here last night and they were here for the Mercury Museum and we were looking through a bunch of stuff that what are we going to put out and what it? What would be interesting to them and yada yada yada, and so you we, this that's just amazing stuff, and then you know get down to now. That's the typewriter that you know Actually they used to you, know type the the peace Treaty in the Pacific for World WAR, two, what the hell am I doing with a typewriter like that So who wants that? What why do I even have that? How did I even acquire that I don't even know? How did that happen? I remember buying it, and I remember thinking that's great what the hell was wrong with me. I have you ready for this one.
We have a rat, we have a stuffed rat. Okay, The ugliest damn thing you've ever seen and in the but of the stuffed rat is a fuse and it full of C4. Now we've removed all the C4. But it was a rat used by french resistance. They would put them the boiler rooms, and they would they would stuff him full of C4. Put a dent device up there, but and throw them into the cold things to wear, when they were chevron. Shoveling coal, the Nazis were shoveling coal in their big industrial plants. They would just pick up the rat and just shovel it into the end. It would blow up, and so it stop all of their industry. Okay, now the who came up with that is the guy who was who was who Q based on
in James Bond movie, sound, ok, he's the guy who came up with the explosive explosive but rap rap. Ok, a meeting, call it that that you called, I don't know, he's probably right. He probably he We called it something different hi, okay, what I meant we were going to the right. What are we going to do the right- and you know what I said to you I said last night, what did you say? Do we have anything Q two 'cause. It would be cool if we had something from you know James Bond movies too. So we could tie the rat along with the whatever the hell is wrong with you I mean that is an amazing story. You just don't need a rat on your shelf. To tell it. I know right, but you, but its story is so much better. When you have the rat is it is they would arrest? So I stand in my living room and I'm like we should get rid of the rat get rid of the rat, that's an easy choice for almost everybody, except for Maine, alright,
another major data breach this time, its orbits, the pop travel booking platform. They announced the breach it compromised. Eight hundred and eighty thousand customers, so no big deal hackers acts, the credit card numbers used to book travel through the platforms website in twenty sixteen and two thousand and seventeen. So if you booked anything through Orbitz, it may exposed you, the hackers, I've stolen names dates dates of birth, gender Phone numbers addresses and your credit card numbers. Congratulations! So there are so many threats today it takes one weak link to break that and then you're exposed the good thing New life lock, identity theft protection is adding the power of Norton Security to help protect you against the threats to your identity and your devices that you an easily see or fix on your own. If you have problem. They have agents who are going to work to fix it. Nobody can
apple cyberthreats threats, Proventil, identity theft, monitor all transactions at all businesses, but the new Lifelock with Norton Security is able to uncover threats that you might otherwise miss Solo to Lifelock, dot com or call one eight hundred life lock and use the more code back promo code. Save an additional ten percent off your first year. That's promo code back for an additional ten percent off at Lifelock DOT com, Glenn Beck Mercury? so Stu says to me before we go off the air. You don't need the rap to tell the story. We held off the air, and he said do you have that right here I gotta see the rocket science either. I gotta see it now: ok, where's the right alright. So that's not
put your plane, I'm a hoarder hello. My name is Glenn and I'm a hoarder. I got it yeah you're, not helping me. Well, I mean look, I would say a good show. Of the value of you as a human being is having these are these artifacts around. Is that what is an telling these important stories? I better not get rid of any of it, because if you do get rid of it, yeah I'm not getting rid of my personal value of your value as a human being, I think, without without these artifacts you are you're nothing holding since there a giant still she doing now, I'm not talking about getting rid of the artifacts. I will not give up the rat. I will not give up the rat. You shouldn't give up, that's an amazing piece of history and that crazy amazing. I can't wait to see it. You have it here. Yeah I have. Sending some to get it and I'll bring in the rat next hour? So if you happen watching on the blaze tv, you will see the rat with the fuse and it spot it's crazy. It's crazy leave it almost got. I can't remember the name of it: it's like Burt or something
almost got one of the dummies that we threw out of the airplane right before D day. We were, we didn't. We want if we wanted them to think we were going elsewhere, and so we dressed all these dummies up these parachutists, ok and we threw these dummies out of the plane to make it look like. We were parachuting where we weren't they are really really rare. We almost Post had one again, what then do with the dummy Mister Back I don't know gotta I his jumper Sedona got to you. Have it the rat Glenn Beck mercury.
Love, courage, truth, Glenn, Beck in the age of reason, Thomas Paine wrote this quote it's impossible to calculate the moral mischief. If I may so express it. That mental lying has produced in society when a man is so far. Captain prostituted the chastity of his mind as to subscribe, his professional belief to things that he believe he is prepared himself for the commission of every other crime. End quote: I have no idea what that means. I decided to read it 'cause. It sounds smart In completely unrelated news, CNN, like many other news networks, has profited immeasurably from The accusatory news segments about President Trump's supposed infidelities reporters and commentators at CNN
Have turned into media watchdogs the slightest hint of lurid behavior by President Trump whether it's true or not. By the way, I was just watching CNN just a minute ago, and they had to Richard Quest on who didn't was arrested for with a prostitute or something he had some candled. I know he It is, I know, still you said specifically not to say that I'm asking the question. I can't remember what the scanned was, but it was a bad word and I think it was uh schedule. It is a bad one and nobody is CNN. Problem that he's back once you look it up, so you can get that scandal right. CNN enjoyed the in the ratings from a recent interview with Playboy Playmate Karen Mcdougal, who claims to have had an affair with President Trump you turn CNN right now, odds are you're going to see Stormy Daniels, the porn actress who alleges she has an affair with the Donald Trump in two thousand and six when it to
in five recording of Trump's locker room talk emerged: CNN, like most media outlets, went in all activists mode, yet the network's. An advertisement for their original show. American dynasties, the Kennedys is good Refine President John F Kennedy in fact Gloria Buying John F Kennedy's quote ramp, womanizing, in their words his legendary love life? No, No, he was having an affair. His legendary love life, One of these love affairs was it connected to the mob I don't know, that's not that's I that's infamous, that's not legendary. Ben Shapiro wrote an article yesterday was JFK love life, really legendary. In actual
The JFK was an awful person in the bedroom, who certainly would have been labeled. A sexual predator in this me tomb of moment Depaul University, Professor Jeffrey Mccall penned, an op ed for the hill about the cognitive dissidence at play. Cnn's warped obsession with reporting about supposed adultery demens. Creates a larger problem at the once proud groundbreaking, Channel CNN, focus is not news, but on distracting itself and the nation's news consumers with for real and it's sensational gibberish that falls to fails to enhance the national dialogue in the up in the aftermath to the recently passed government spending Bill CNN mentioned Mcdoogle in Daniels more than three times as often as the spec sing bill. The spending bill Of course is in photo, Genic
It impacts citizens way more than a playboy model. The network's coverage President Trump is so prolific that they've neglected. Much, the news that actually matters they undersold it, in other words, they've neglect truth in order to prove their own narrative. This is worse, cognitive dissidents. This is full fledged hypocrisy. Is playwright, Tennessee Williams, famously wrote the only worse than a liar is a liar. That's also a hypocrite. I don't know what that means either, but it sounded good from Tennessee Williams and I like Tennessee so it's Tuesday April. Third, this Glenn Beck program, it's great to talk to you today as usual. It's always a pleasure. Is it no? No, it not.
So what? What is the real story? Yeah? He was at the park a little late right of ascent, park is closed from one hundred am to six hundred AM and Richard Quest was arrested around three hundred and forty am in the park is obviously what was he doing in a parquet the now I will be in the park at three hundred o'clock. It's actually close between one and six, so that is, why is he doing in the park you said initially stop for loitering. As I said, you know, that's not sure I did not initially initially stopped for loitering, but they did search him and what did they find the small zip lock bag for one, which is you know, there's nothing wrong with that right. That means it block is under God, Sinosic blocked that was in the zip lock bag was there was in. There was in it. Yes in the back in the bag.
I mean you're sitting. There was something in the back right it I yeah. That's not you sometimes well, it would actually come from the factory and he usually wouldn't have made the news story. If it was empty, they have methamphetamine okay it's been a little bit of that could've been could've been crackers. Are they also may have been methamphetamine beside that? Was he doing anything with anybody? Who is a rope There was a roman trope. There was a real use ropes for lots of things right. You know, for example, climbing a tree and drink. One piece of rope, maybe tying up a bundle of twigs or or what are some of the other things that might have. You may have a tidier genitals, the be another reason I have one that I've been central park. It was not the one that I was thinking. That was the one he was thinking. That ok is the point of the right. In fact, I've never even thought that, but he tide up his genitals in the, There is a little part in the park, but look you go for a run
Maybe you don't want to have to stop to go to the bathroom or you know I mean so maybe there's a way of doing anything else or was anyone with him. He was not with anyone, and this is why I said: don't go on the This is, I don't remember all the details of the scandal. Yeah I have to look. Now you've made me, look them up. Yes, he Currently there may have also been a a sex toy involved, but I mean people toys, for lots of reasons you never know what, but Let's have toys. Why can't adults have toys right? Thank you. Yes, yes, it was an adult that boy was that toy. Yes, anywhere yes, whatever your. Say. The answer is yes and I don't think we need to say it because people probably put this together so anyway, that's the guy that is currently reporting on CNN and nobody seems to have a problem with that one. Well, I look, you know what, in all honesty, I think, you'd agree with this people. Issues in their lives. He
an issue and I'm rarely apparently serious issue hit six months of counseling and everything else. It came back. There's nothing, there's nothing inherent like it's great ideas, put his life back together and he seems like he has right and I have the same network, that yells at sports hosts when they say the word boob's on the air and they spend a month acting as if it's the most tragic, incomprehensible circumstance they could ever. Even imagine that someone is going to have request on the air and is also going to have a sex special with Christiane Aminpour. The worst combination of two things possible: a sex. A sex special with the ottoman makes you want to put a rope or right here, make sure that it yeah right. I got it night again. I don't think it's be need to say what so you take from this segment right
little park is closed from one to six dollars in the park. Got three hundred and forty am not it's not the right time. Actually, I would like to party I'd like to take one other thing from this It is really it's another lesson here other than park, closing yes yeah, but it's not the one that you think. Ok, so the one that you think Option is real. Now Give this is real you just have to ask for it right, but Redemption is real and and you know, I don't think we need to make a federal case out of apps. Lee everything that goes wrong in somebody's life, especially the trying to make amends for it I would say, Me bring up his incident from two thousand. Eight is in the exact way. We should well yes, okay, it's not it's not that's something on him. It's on the network acting all high and mighty. I mean look these guys. You they're, not prudes they're, not playing the organ in Sunday church.
Okay, look at the two stuff and how many people in the media have been hit by that people who are on your tv day after day after day after day after day, telling you what was right was wrong mean Many of them are hit by this stuff. You know so I you know It's not always it's not always true. It's not always it's always the way. It's supposed to be no minutes a told, you know- and there is redemption there, but It's another thing to it's another thing: to go crazy when it comes on the air and says boobs or or whatever it is, and act as if you're above it it's a little insulting special insulting, especially if, if, if you've been in the in the in the park at one o'clock in the morning,
It's actually one would be ok, 'cause, it's borderline closes at one, don't say it. I don't think the time of three hundred and forty one is not the time to get furniture, for example. Now, if you're a night, maybe you work the night shift, I think maybe maybe just were on the streets. Just stay out of the park I think is lodged is probably I don't know you anyway by Seether at oh, my gosh okay, alright. So if you were listening last hour we're talking about you know you gotta, just I'm a hoarder, Mordor, ok, so now this is. This is the at from one thousand nine hundred and forty two. From Lyon, France and It had her at one point, but all of its hair fell out. This is a stuffed rap it's a real rat, it's a real rat, so it's not like a They made to look like as a real rat. Ok,
all of the hair is falling off right. It's a big rat, it's a big rat that would be very creeped out. I saw that okay, so it's a it's a rat and they stopped it. If you, if you, if you look in the in the by area you see that it tie in has Previous conversation, it is isn't it. Purely coincidental, but anyway that's a trigger and it's stuffed in his butt and what they did is they would take these and that and and take C4 and stuff it inside of the rat, and then they would put the trigger in there and then they would throw them in the coal bins. So when guys were shoveling the Kohl's in coal into the big burner, that were running these factories, C4 would explode and it. Took him awhile what was causing these things to explode and they finally figured out well
on the dead rats that had explosive in it? Now this this was cut. They they came up with this rat. The guy who came up with it is the is the inspiration for the James Bond guy that plays cue. The guy was coming up with. All the weird devices. Okay. Now, when the Germans, it didn't blow up as much, they didn't do as much damage to the factories as much as it just stressed, and pushed the limits of the soldiers. Because they all went out looking for dead rats, and so they had to they had to A lot of soldiers off of the line. Looking the underground trying to fight. You know the allies and at them, look and start doing, searches for dead rats, well, q, as he wasn't known, then Q decides
So they got the rats. What we need to do is we need to take Cole and we need to take like little brick cats. We need to cut them open, fill those with four and then throw those in so they'll be looking for rats, but actually shoveling the C4 explosives into the furnace and they will have no idea what's going on and then they probably were. You know hammer. The soldiers were missing the rats right like there, yeah the management is the upper echelon is Pist off at the workers who can't find the rats when there is no longer about rats. In that cool, great, I mean that thing, but I feel like doing it on is like a catered. Oh, no. I don't want this in the house a dead rat yeah yeah. I honestly looking at UK, feel like there's a third of a grape, maybe a thirty three
sent chance or so that it just gets up and starts running at me. Yeah, it's crazy, okay, really, creepy! Okay! So it's talking about just being a collector of stuff. All the This is just a little like what is this that describe? What do you think this looks like or what it is? It's almost like a little money, clip okay, yeah and it says us on it: okay, it's not a money, clip it's made to do this! Okay, you know that is you know this is used for liquor right at my th. I think I may have heard of the story. Okay, so this was and D day we gave all of our guys when we would drop him behind lines we would drop. We would drop him with this and instead of say,
thing you know: Babe Ruth Baseball uh, so identified as far side. You would just if you heard something you would do that and then the other person had to do that. Ok, you knew your friends. The problem with this idea was this sounds exactly like a gun cocking, so you would do this and the Germans would cock their weapon and you'd go ha good, guys boom and they chewed us wow. So this didn't laugh I mean look at him is mark to: U s everything we make it didn't. It didn't work for, looks surprisingly new for something that survived what world war two it's like and really have probably used ones. It was once, unfortunately,
so the rap was a better idea. I think anytime, you can put explosives in rats. It's a good idea. Just generally, I'm speaking in generalities here, but I mean, I think, typically about Angelina Jolie. Isn't it well? it happened in the documentary movie, of course, wanted with Angelina Jolie Classic Film. I don't think anybody saw that and I don't anything they deleted. Ellie was in is a classic. I don't think I totally disagree with this analysis. I mean you don't want to get on that. You don't want to go down that rd sure, but I mean I will say it. I will tell you this tomb. Raider, you know comes out, and I said: Ralph have you seen the new his in seeing the old tomb raider and he said no and I played the promo for him and he's like that looks horrible I almost I almost took him to the doctor 'cause I was. It was like, of course it does, but look at
you're thirteen. But I I wanted with Angelina Jolie hundred b4 million dollars in two thousand and eight and another two hundred and six worldwide, three hundred and forty one million dollars that believing they had exploding rats. They had exploded system at exploding rats. I have well it's very, very much, not approach Children was it for me, but was it based on this? on these. Supposedly it was it's not exactly the exact same thing, but you have to use the heat. I if I remember the story read they want to flood the enemy fortress. Yeah, and so they released like thousands of rats to come in and they all started exploding, but yeah Morgan Freeman, was in it James, Mcavoy, Angelina Jolie. Quality royalties for royalties. For I do, I am a creator. You need to build a culture of preparedness that doesn't come from me. That comes from FEMA Brock. Long said that America needed
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I don't know if this is happening, your Easter dinner table, but at mine we spoke about the Christians in the Middle EAST and we talked about how shallow our faith is here. At least I don't speak for you, but you know how many of us would really actually face prison or or execution beheading for our faith. How many of us would do that? How many of us would put our family at risk for that? We might, we might practice in the home, but never be outspoken. I want to tell you about a group of Christians. There were ninety five Christians they were in a ram and they were part of the underground church, which meant for sure imprisonment, but most likely public execution.
They escaped IRAN, but they need your help, and I want to tell you the story about these remarkable people an what they face. Something is going on and we don't know what it is, but some is going on and we really need your help. Mike Pence is on this, as is the Nazarene fund will talk about it. Next Glenn Beck mercury you're. Listening to the Glenn Beck program, last weekend we sell. At Easter as Christians, Jews marked Passover commemorating the exodus of the ancient Israelites in their freedom from captivity and enslavement in Egypt and Easter is the escape of man from death.
There is one group of Christians who, just like the ancient children of Israel, fled persecution there unsure of their fate wondering if they would would They are now wondering if they're going to be returned to the very country that seeks to hold them in bondage. And we don't know the answer to this story right now. As we speak, there are ninety five iranian christian refugees living in Austria. They escaped Kyushin in IRAN they granted asylum in the United States were given provisional approval by the USA government in twenty seventeen, but last month there uh there asylum was rejected for reason. So now the austrian government is threatening to deport them back to a IRAN and no in in Austria or the US government is explained why this is happening. Mike Pence is on this these.
Shins were members of the underground churches, while they were in IRAN. So these are the people that were practicing their faith in secret and they were bringing people together in secret, just like the early Chris instead, the roman persecutions you couldn't once your faith, because you would be persecute and prosecuted, but it's worse for these guys. Now because they escaped. They are known to be people that running the underground church and if their returned, they face certain imprisonment, persecution and possibly death It's going on right now in this is very, very serious for these ninety five Christians. Again it's reported that MIKE Pence in various members of Congress are working to rectify this and bring them to the US. But nobody can confirm who responsible for this, what why a change in position, buddy,
He is going to end up in ninety five dead Christians. If we don't change it, The Nazarene fund is trying to help. We have countries that we are contacting trying to open the door for them. These. Eyes are not alone. There are others that we are that are still trying to get out and trying to find homes. Australia has been exceptional with these Christians, but there is a a a whole bunch of these people. Who will be dead if they return, and so we are reaching out to our multi sources in different countries: churches, politicians in multiple countries, pastors priests, Ngos. Buddy we're burning up the phone lines and we've been doing it all weekend and I need a couple of things from you. Please pray for these ninety five Christians that something opens up for them. So they don't go
back to IRAN where they face certain death to, If you're not involved in the Nazarene fund, I asked the you you help us with the Nazarene fund, because there's a lot of people that are left. We also have some news: we've just we've closed down a an organ harvesting facility. Will give you more on this? It is worse than we thought it was big. Earth than we thought it was, but we believe that we can. We can break the neck on this but we need your help. Even if it's five dollars, please pledge to help these Christian. In this? An Christians like them in the Middle EAST, get them to safety. The nazarene funds DOT Org, it's the Nazarene fund, DOT org will keep you informed as the story develops, but please say
for them. Welcome to the program, Mr Pat Gray, how are you, sir? I'm good? That's the first organ harvesting talk. I've heard since the Christmas party yeah kind of exciting yeah, okay yeah. Well, I you know, I try to you know spice things up a little bit Easter. We did it Christmas at Christmas time and now you know so yeah yeah, that's good! So every high holy holiday. Well, I don't know if you know this, but that's why all of the Easter bunnies that are made of chocolate or hollow, because there were they've been harvested. I didn't know that you know that all explains alot yeah explains alot yeah. So I I is anybody else really irritated with this boycott of Laura Ingraham show. Yes, I'm just really. I mean over nothing. Nothing over abs nothing, nothing! The word. Wine is the only thing even approaching anything
you shouldn't mock him? She didn't she didn't attack him. Did you notice that he said yesterday that he is also he said, he's not being used? by anybody doesn't have anybody behind him. This is all him yeah. This is all him. Yeah do not sand. Are you really that stupid are you you know, have you know, help sure you have no help with that nobody's moveon dot. Org is openly yelping. Correct, I think, but also he probably is aware that he it looks better for him. If it's a grassroots yeah sure it comes off as just the typical left wing movement which we all know it is right. You know it's not going to have these effectiveness. I was happy to see the Fox statement yesterday, though, we cannot and will not allow voices to be censored by agenda driven intimidation efforts. Forward to having Lori Ingram back hosting or program next Monday when she returns from spray.
Occasion. They never did that, for us. Never did that, never know that they would never do they. They leaked information, saying we weren't going on vacation right, the trade allegedly a and try to make it look like, they actually had suspended us when we had email correspondence with their rights too, but that's because we wouldn't be under their thumb. And, and they were coming up to a negotiation- yes stunningly that wanted to get into a more yeah that too just position and around it did not work out. Work out room this kind of stuff. Later in the article it says, Fox NEWS executives will not comment beyond the statement, but but they believe Ingram's offense does not approach the issues that brought down host Bill O'Reilly or back, who both lost their shows after advertisers pulled out back fired after advertisers fled his show in response to a number of wildly extreme statements. He made remember that
in which the wildly, including ok, here's the one I mentioned. This is the most I'd wildly extreme thing here, Including? Can you guess, former President Obama was a racist I now know I remember member saying remember saying if I if I could, I could be wrong, but it wasn't clear if I my memory here. I believe I I, I don't think that he's a racist. I think he just has a deep seated hatred for the White culture and the discussion you said, I don't know what he is. I mean I think he might but you're just kind of amusing. Allow yeah, and you said several different ways, and I was I was questioning. What was happening because he was making statements in his own book? Like that's the way white people will do ya Does that mean exactly? What does that make you imagine Donald Trump saying? Well, I just the way black people will do you um that
beyond they. Might they might notice that in the media, beyond what what he was saying in his book? He had just recently made this statement. Point I was making was not that my grandmother harbors any racial animosity. She doesn't, but she is a typical white person typical light pole uh. You know if she she's somebody on the street. That she doesn't know yet action that it's been bred into red into her. Ok experience all stop. So anyone who I mean anybody who generalized an entire race, like that of people, is being typical. Anything with something bread into them would have been. Corrugated as a racist, but if it was anyone other than Barack Obama. They would've been a racist who was drummed out of their position, and yet it is now nine years later,
nine years after the comment on Fox and there's still bringing it up still. You know what the context here, which is that it is in all circumstances, wrong to all the president of the United States are racist. The media would never do that. They would never accused a sitting president of such a thing, and that's wondering and musing about it and you're just trying to figure it out. You clean you can't even do let's say Roach it thousands of hours of television designated and based solely on proving the point that the president is racist. They definitely wouldn't do that. Well, save that we know that they definitely won't even ask the question because they said even the question. All we just asking the question the question: what you with the races? Yes right, so that we know that they wouldn't even ask the question, let alone make the statement if it were, and for the last year and a half where they have been doing that to Donald Trump, and
we've been doing it because they feel their right see. This is the secret of our republic, You might think you're right. You might be wrong. The side might think there right, but they may be wrong. You bo have the right to question: is specially you, the government. It is the first amendment right, it is not our It is our duty to question. But what we're living in now is a world where depending on who's in office, the other I'd, can't question Sinclair CNN says apples and bananas will tell you the truth. Truth is important and that's a perfectly. I in fact praised Sinclair who they see as someone associated with Trump.
And or right wing view of the world says: is the same things says: has their anchor say the same thing that the x seen in commercial says and it's evil? You This is did you? Did you see that they said that it was absolutely fascistic? and that no other network would even Sinclair thing was fascistic and there was no way any network would have ever done that any other network CNN is doing just did, and they said they're doing damn because they are questioning the credibility of the media, What the hell is the fake news, stuff yeah? What's apples and bananas right? What is that about exactly yeah but the as you point out, they like the point made by CNN, because that is, in their world worldview. They don't like it when they by Sinclair the same thing
Hey! We've got a bunch of anchors over a bunch of networks. Reading this promo about fake news. Well, they see that as something associated with Trump. They don't like it. Yes, so that's bad Wendy's, Anti Trump when NBC does Green week and they have a bunch of anchors and actors acting out in Norman in the office did an episode about recycled paper when they It's going on well, everyone in N, B C Universal, including the theme park, was required required an edict from above that wasn't bad because they agree with that point. They like that point, that's why That's why the first amendment, that's what you must defend free speech when you despise it yeah They have a right to do that. They have to say that just Like Sinclair has a right to do that, and you have a right to disagree now shut up both of you shut up with the I've got tube. I've got to boycott and get them off. The air no sides have a right to say this. Yeah, you
right to not listen. At least it used to be that way in America, But, as we've seen the last few years, just not America anymore, now they've, just not it's almost like they've got it our constitution and harvest. Its organs is another high holy that Passover. I covered it for Easter. I was covering there refinancing your mortgage, I don't want another thirty year mortgage. I don't want to refinance. That's alright, Rick and financing can help when refinancing, to eliminate mortgage insurance, low your rate or consolidate your high interest debt, you don't have to worry about resettling your loan in resetting it. For thirty years. American financing they offer nine hundred and thirteen eighteen year loans? I mean pretty much anything that you need it's a custom loan you choose the
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And back mercury Glenn Beck but it's seventy years, the The state of Israel was founded. Seventy years, it's their 70th birthday coming up and on April 26th we're having a dinner here at the Mercury studios. The I think it's the heat, hot, how you? How did I just say that how Joval organization. Is putting it on it's h, a y o v e l. You can find out if formation on it on at Hayerov.
L dot com, Slash, Israel, seventy, but it's going to be a dinner full kosher, five star: they have music all kinds of different things: we're going to be going to be really celebrating the Merin Culas birth of this nation and what that name. Has done and its future, and I am the keynote speaker and I'm proud to host it reinar studios. We don't do that very often, but we thought for Israel. It would be a nice thing if you would like to join us. It is April twenty, x and you can get your tickets at H. A Y o v e l, dot com, slash Israel, seventy so I have your tree up yet for seven. No, I do not. I do not. I do not getting used to I'm getting excited for my new ultramarathon we'll be doing soon. Your alternate,
Yeah, I know you been following the phenomenal rise of the ultra marathon lately. Oh my god, including this one. This is probably what I'm going to do. The it's iconic this, the most iconic ultras to use Phillies the lingo of the world, I'm in sure it goes across the Sahara Desert and it's running for a fifty six miles which is why I'm getting trained for I like to see by my appearance I like to I like to go the longer than that for Maine. The good thing, though, is it: you only have to pay four thousand two hundred and fifty too enter, you mean so like six thousand dollars, five thousand okay, not actual pounds. Now, okay, yeah! You know I have another marathon coming up, you be interested in all thirty two flavors at Baskin Robbins,
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