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Un-Silence the Majority | Guests: Jason Whitlock & James Dodds | 11/25/20

2020-11-25 | 🔗

Outkick sports writer Jason Whitlock and James “Uncle Jimmy” Dodds return to fill in for Glenn. Jason reviews a “typical liberal reaction” to his statements about liberalism, race, and God. The “silent majority” of believers must un-silence itself. Uncle Jimmy recounts an important moment in his life involving Jason. Several Penguin Random House employees allegedly cried over the company’s decision to publish Jordan Peterson’s new book, “Beyond Order." Jason takes calls from listeners. There is a way to be responsibly masculine, and we must have faith over fear. Sports commentator Shannon Sharpe slams Dallas Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy as racist for smashing watermelons. Jason knows them both and has some choice words for Sharpe.

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