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Hour 1  Christianity = Fair Game...under attack like never before...Corey Booker puts faith is on trial...pulling Christianity out of the closet...Flashback: Hillary Clinton 'Marriage, is between a man and woman' ...War drums with Russia beating louder?...no room for a mistake here...a new Cuban missile crisis...No more wars, especially with Russia...America wake up! ...Add Scooter Libby to Trump's 'pardon' list...nice timing President Trump ...Maybe a rapture is coming??...PBS is set to go conservative??...'In Principal' with Amy Holmes and Michael Gerson...Premieres Tonight!...Glenn Beck to be shows first guest on Friday The 13th, what could possibly go wrong?....#InPrincipleOnPBS ...Russia is ready to start World War III and CNN is talking about 'Pee Pee Tapes'    Hour 2  The patriarchy strikes again!...Fat activists are furious after this college course is cancelled...'thin privilege'…Glenn in a chair with Oreos? ...Gender-bending with Bill O'Reilly from (BillOReilly.com)...Is war with Syria coming?...Mattis is calling all the shots...Attorney-client privilege is being destroyed right before our eyes…law vs. how we interpret law?...O’Reilly: ‘No attorney-client privilege in this country anymore’...At All Costs: Media wants Trump out of office…listen to the next hour for ‘a story that has been buried for so long’    Hour 3  ‘Chappaquiddick’ movie...Family members of Mary Jo Kopechne speak to Glenn…first cousin Georgetta Nelson Potoski setting the record straight...to discuss the historical accuracy of the movie...who was Mary Jo Kopechne?...smart, accomplished, known for her values and character… her parents ‘were destroyed when their only daughter died’...they got ‘nasty letters’ for all their lives about her…speculation and theories on high?...James Comey talk or IHOP?... 'One-of-a-Kind French Toast' talk/eating?... ‘science purposes only’...Glenn loves Hawaiian rolls, isn’t sure about this?...look, media, we all already know Trump’s record with women The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck and Stu Burguiere, Weekdays 9am–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio

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The blaze radio network on demand courage, Sri Lanka, back Corey Booker. Yesterday do we gave the audio. I do want to give you a chance to speak about your comments, one day and lesbians. You said in your speech that morning in America that endorses perversion and calls it an alternative lifestyles. Your words is be, gave a perversion. Ok, can I ask you: what does this have to do with the Secretary of state? What the? What does it? After do I mean we're gonna get into negotiations,
you know with the Kim Jong on about this. He want Did know about gay sex Corey Booker, stop the campaigning for just a second www aright if you want to know where this is headed, let me just let me just start here: you should read about Salem Massachusetts in sixteen. Ninety three witchcraft is not what's on trial here: faith, religious doctrine- Christianity, that's what's on trial here, because that's what happened but where was was trying to pull out of the closet Christianity he was trying. Pompiers Christianity, what what what would what would pumps It would have but if he would have taken the bait, what would be the follow up question.
Are you or are you not a Christian. Are you now or have you ever been a Christian? how many times do you pray? Do you gotta which week, what do I mean what it what's, what what's the follow up. Is my constitution copy the one that I have different than everybody else's because in mine freedom of religion is covered under, first amendment. In fact it's in the first moment to make sure that there was no religious litmus test to be. Serve in the government. You didn't to believe one thing that somebody else didn't believe this is why it's in the constitution, because you use We have to go to assert church believe in a certain thing are found. Her said
hope everybody couldn't you doesn't matter what church you go to doesn't matter. If you don't go to church, it doesn't. Matter. Should. Matter that Pompeii O believes that gay sex is a sin or can we think what we want, Can we all believe seat of this is an argument. My daughter and I had years ago and now she has come to me and said: oh wow, This isn't about love. No, it wasn't it. Why as for the average person, it was As for the average person Hey, I have a right to love who I, on to love, you do ok, good the government. Shouldn't be in this business of marriage at all. But there is a lot of other people or it was, about love.
It was about control. It was about Everybody else to believe and think what they believe and think. So I thought that was the problem. That was the problem that people had with religious people. But they were always trying to get you to believe and think exactly what they believe and think. But I can't figure out for the life of me a group of people, how a group of people who have been forced to live in a closet. We have been forced to live in a closet forced to Not be who they, are how all of a sudden they want to force other people, into their way of thinking. Every christian belief, soon, on trial, in the hollowed halls of Washington D C
I mean, I know what I can try other religions, just Christianity with everything. Christians view as sinful suddenly make them inadequate or disqualified from public service? Look, I have to tell you I don't have a problem with Christianity at all, I have a problem with Christians, sure Jack. He's is saved me from your followers. I think that an awful lot because none of us living it I mean I don't- I don't know if I can be called a Christian or say I don't know of Jesus would call me a christian hope so, but I dont know Christianity, is absolutely under attack, we all have to start living it, but you can't tell me that if Keith Ellison
A practising Muslim was sitting in the same spot that he be. Given the same question? They wouldn't have dared Ass Keith. Alison anything like that about his religion, but Pompey Christianity? It's fair game,. For some reason is easy: for them to believe that a Muslim is capable of being both religious and able to champion secular rights of people, but a Christian isn't somehow I mean Muslims in the Middle EAST are throwing gay people off of rooftops, but we don't question that and quite honestly, I don't think we. The question that we have to know: do you want? throw people off rooftops, but that wasn't that wasn't. Ok, if upon peo, to say, Pompiers head yesterday that look I've
printed, everybody the same. My view is my view, but I treat everybody the same. Ok, then I'm cool with that hey. Mr Keith Alison do you who believe but homo. Actuality is a sin. Can't ask that question. I don't want to. I want to as this- and I think I know that I think I think I know the Answer- Keith Ellison, do you if the people are right and throwing gay people off the rooftops, he's gotta, eaten. No o Does anybody remember this comment? I believe, that marriage is not just a bond buddy sake. Bond between a man and a woman. Ok, Laurie Clinton Breeze through her confirmation and near record time. Did you know,
Is it no one asked her about the heiress, see declaring marriage is being between a man and a woman it so pivotal. Beings secretary of state? Why didn't they ask her that? Oh because she learned no, she didn't. She was either lying then or she's lying now. She We came to this enlightened position when it became Popular in the polls. Now, maybe it Maybe they didn't ask her, because her last name is Clinton, but it's also because Christianity is under it. Tat like never before. We all have to put on the full armor of God, because we ain't headed any place good and the witchcraft trials.
Our coming soon, it's Friday, April thirteen. This is the Glen Back Programme shameful what's going on, but as long as we're living our lives away, we're supposed to be as long as we humble ourselves. As long as we Live in love, I think we're going to be okay, gonna get her harder to do and we ve got twelve warships setting sail for Syria. This no longer sounds like a little missile strike We have telegraphed what we're going to do and so serious moving all of their armaments onto russian bases, which is going to make it even harder and were building a coalition apparently Donald Trump End and John Bolton want to say
a strong message in the Pentagon is working, we're we're. Here where one mistake away here from specializing in military and dumb and foreign operations, hello, Jason Attic. So what are we? specializing in military in and foreign operations, hello, Jason adding. So what are we had for here? twelve warships, so we ve got a carrier strike things the Truman hidden in that direction, so that not a total of six ships, the aircraft carrier and its support group, and then we also already have four destroyers in that area already with two submarines. So this is one of the larger build ups that we ve, seen. Probably since the Iraq invasion difference there was there were six aircraft carriers I'm? So there is a lot of fire power. That was an invasion is obviously an evasion, but this is still a very large build up of a fire power. Now we can
They are the coalition that you talked about this building with the UK and France, if even it's that together by half each each country, then we're looking at a significant force now? What that tells us is that they're not going to do with it at last time? It's not as could be financed Markers missiles at random airports, air, a syrian base and a few planes, and by the way that airfield that we hit last time was operational, a matter of hours, so that last strike did nothing. So that's what Addison telling don't jump right now. He's what we did last time didn't do anything. It didn anything then it didn't deter chemical weapons used because are still using my crazy. It didn't do anything. So what you have to do now. It was, if you don't do some pointless is go all in Europe, The coalition you need to strike multiple targets, an actual. Do something it's gonna tell weekly. What are we doing and what is all in mean all means an invasion of means full war right. Is that what you
they should do or you think that they are either even considering that conflict, they tend to deny that there are even considering that but I dont think an invasion is, is, is, is quantum court all and on this I think that there are looking to significantly either the only thing that we would make they would justify. This is if they damage him enough, regime change would come organically. They wouldn't you know, come out the thing that change the face of the war? Was russian air power, so coalition. Nato coalition air power would reverse that. So. Ah, Libya, b, something along those lines that that kind of that maybe they're all in unluckily. Libya worked out really well great. I have argued on home rotten look at what we create this power vacuum I'm gonna be good because and is going to sweep in right here.
Beckley right and then the joint use of actually said that before they they ve made made a hint of what are we doing? What are you doing? the plan is that's a very good question. I don't think they ve had a plan for a very time list. If handed the roots of the area over two I ran I've gotten no plans about what to do now. So I ran face it has taken over Syria, Iraq, we ve got no plan we're sitting there with the Kurds wondering what the heck do we do, time, our NATO allies coming down and kill and the Kurds so we're sit Alexander basely. These Curtis forces are only footprint in this country. If we give in what I believe we will and let Turkey go ahead and take the Kurds out. She's been what what's our plan so now, really there looking at ok, we have to give it the Kurds to Turkey they got to. I don't want that to happen. That they really have to how do you do side with the Kurds or do you give into a NATO ally? We're gonna given to the NATO ally of Edison, should know better NATO ally in the first place fully agree
we have? The syrian government and Hezbollah they have read, but they have reportedly evacuated the weapons from key locations and Assad is moved his planes. To the russian operated bases, he's no dummy. So what have we? We can't we can't hit a russian base. You would hope not, but That is exactly what Madame said in the interest in this. In the lead conversations in their meeting yesterday was the boatman try will I be able to do it, but Madison comfort rely woe leg, vit, there's significant chance for a mistake to happen which has been there, since we ve that, since the coalition against ices has happened, but never so more than now right now, so If we do actually say ok, forget that were still gonna go all income quote and go for some of these military assets. What if we we make a mistake on our end and take out a couple russian troops. This will spiral out of control. What, if they just, What, if there s four hundred missile system, which is the most advanced one in the world, kicks
up and down to be too bomber or raptor or any other coalition aircraft? This will spiral out of control the chances for a mistake. Here are huge and in the end the consequences are catastrophic I ain't, we haven't been in a situation like this. I don't think an armed milt when have ever during the cold war. Been this close to russian Army soviet soldiers. Is the sound but has a missile crisis exactly sounds as if you're saying it's not worth the risk. Is that Is that your and our ability to break it down? Is that what you think your eye it exactly? I dont side I think it's worth the risk and if they'd, if they believe it's worth the risk it such heavy costs once this has been, a Congress has to and regardless, even if they're going to do that anymore. Not just a limited little strike like last year. They have to go to Congress. This happened But here the what's really disturbing to me. If you look like the front page of the drugs reporter really pretty much anybody you're, not in this lead because nobody's clicking on that story here, just now
Clicking on that story because it has nobody's given this perspective, yet nobody said, wait a minute, wait, a minute: wait a minute stopped talking about call me stop talking stop promoting he's new book gamma. He was shaking his hands and he made a mental note that his hands were as small as had been reported. Did you hear that you came here that that's incredible? What an incredible leak this this is what we are concentrating on and the press is letting us down again, but this time it may have serious consequences for the Entire republic quickly,. Because we cannot go into war with Russia and it It seems as though that's the way were moving in the way the rest of the world is moving. Can we We pause for a second and have a conversation, you're right Jason. This needs to go to Congress.
Congress needs to rule on this one, because the consequences are, Far too. I therefore to great here too, to just. To just have somebody make the decision and go in and do something where it could clearly be world WAR three if they would shoot down a b to or we would hit their planes and their men and they responded by launching at our battle group and they sunk a ship or two, Can you even imagine, want war with Russia. It leaves I dont want one. The just starts on a Tuesday and we're all looking at each other Wednesday. Going wait, wait, wait what the hell just happened, Mary we ve got to wake up. We ve. Got to have serious conversations, stop talking
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the appointed the person who brought the charges against him. So it's a kind of us sticking in the face of of call me. More importantly, more importantly, it sends a great message to anyone who might do something which is, if you're loyal to the president, guess who gives ordinary its part. In the end, by away completely trumps right to do. I don't think he's wrong in pardoning scoot scooter living. I think the charges were largely nonsense against him. Anyway, I'm so there he's not doing anything wrong here, but it's a net. The timing is a nice piece of strategy, it's a heck of, nice pieces tragedy bigger it sends dual messages of Canada. Your finger to James combing at this. In time a reminder to Pee all who may or may not talk to certain special council that duplicate You stay loyal that in the end, there might be some of the good Look at look at what Washington and the media are circling around I mean part.
Things Scooter Libby were we're we're being told by Russia that we're on Eve of World WAR. Three, this is what the press and Washington is dealing with. Glenn back. Mercury. There is the glad that programme. There is a new show starting tonight on PBS called in principle it it is hoped instead try this oversight, its huh. Stood by Amy HOMES. Who was with us. She was, I think, like employee number, two or three of the blaze it was our news anchor for years I it and MIKE Girton, who was a spy reach rider for
George W Bush Senior advisor for Bush Also a conservative group agree. I think your last name is Coulter. She is the senior producer or the series producer, and I she was hired by PBS from in clear. So I dont know how any of this happened, but on PBS of all places? A conservative talk show and I'm going to be a guest on it tonight. Welcome to Amy and Michael. How are you? marking knew a great deal to be with you so first well You guys have any comment on how this I mean. Is it the rapture and ten days that brought this show PBS or Norway to August last year? Washington? I think they ve been to do a programme like this for a while yet programme. Is it's not an ideological
Programme, we deal with things baldly, but the topics are of interest to people in the centre and centre right. I think- and I you know that the goal is to have sort of a civil discussion about not issues of the day, but really sort of the ideas beneath the new sweats going on in the realm of ideas and euro? They came to us, so we were all to do it a Michael. Let me ask you, because you were in the White House with Bush from without one or two thousand six, I'm not really disturbed by what things look like we're doing or preparing to do over in Syria. I'm not really sure, but things are really quite tense? What like when you were in the White House on days like this or weeks like this, where we are too many of them, get on with nine eleven and Afghanistan and Iraq
Where can I rock these were extraordinary days? My fear is that the process in the White House seems to be chaotic. I trust some of the actors, like the Secretary Mattis at the Defense Department, who was really a fought fallen responsible guy, but when you have the president announcing policies in tweets and then withdrawing them tweets, you know you're, you ve crossed some line. I I am fearful about the process and away they make decisions which seeks to be chaos and process can really matter when it comes to life and death are we preparing for war. You guys think Amy. Do you think our preparing for war. I dont know for Chris war, and I don't think that much Where does he. There too, we can hear me, Michael, you probably go, go ahead, aiming yeah. I don't. I don't think that, where necessary
preparing for war and the President. I dont biggest signalled that I dont think you, you can keep all want more engagement in the Middle EAST. I think those actually fatigue about engagement in the Middle EAST and, of course the president campaigned on. So what did we out of all this, it doesn't seem particularly clear and then, after eight years of the Obama, ministration at least becoming even more chaotic. I did. The american people are certainly not prepare for that. I dont know about the process in terms of decision making we saw that there were three bombing after the chemical attack some months ago by the president, but I dont think that he is given that for some sort of full scale military conflict. I hope I hopes I hope you're right, Corey Booker yesterday went after upon payers.
Christianity. Does that ever does that have a place in in a hearing for the the head of the State Department that's the first I'm hearing of it you might be. In fact we have no religious tests for Office United States. Let's that part of the constitution. This is your raised. It had also judicial nominations are particularly with Catholics, where their young, This is question. Are they gonna be? Yes, unbiased, as religious people can't make judgements about law, and, in fact, so I think that this is one of the problems the kind of secularism that says religious motivations- and these are somehow
of limits, as no other people don't have their own philosophic approaches and g right. It's kind of privilege in a secular perspective, instead of saying we all are informed by our big most basic beliefs and and should be so yeah. I think it's just, I think, that's a serious problem when you press but class based on religious belief. I'm really excited to have a new show, with conservative perspective that everyone is gonna, be able to see a thing. It's really exciting thing Amy, though at this question should I be excited because the first guest is Glenn back. What does he say anything in this interview that will and our careers? now you ve got the excited at all. That might give the course and courts, and
You know we were. We were discussing this after interview with Mr Back that were there for open conversation and viewers blisters. When I watch light, they're gonna get that their weight again thought ball. Reflective can and you know, self critical discussion, glad you were out very directly by Michael Michael about some of them innovation that are built into the structure of media like getting ready, getting more click getting more like getting more a boat, and how does that influence, possibly a tense for hope, soon get themselves more than glad you're, pretty candid about that there's like yeah. While I will turn about her, I will tell you this that I ve done is obviously a lot of interviews and I was really impressed the way you to work together and and how you let
me answer and it wasn't day it wasn't aid, jump on every word that I say was deal. You know had some tough questions, obviously, but it was ants do actually speak without being interrupted and and without argument, just honest questions which see very often well that's the goal of our show that the goal of here when the show was conceived. It is like There is a lot of that sort of world, roughly federation of politics on cable news, and you see people in their corners and the bell rings and they go into battle and we felt like the real hunger and will need to have. A more extensive, thoughtful and illuminating conversation about the party politics policies in it.
Is that really matter and said that we are aiming for bogus. Thank you so much. We will be watching to night eight thirty eastern time it happens on Fridays following Washington, weak Fridays, on PBS, it's called in principle, and we wish you all. The locking, we'll see you tonight on your first episode. The first episode airs tonight: eight thirty pm eastern, some thirty central and PBS Gps, DOT org slash in principles any Michel hashed. Is in principle on PBS, we slip through another wormhole. Yet I hear and its people, s doing a conservative show I don't know that's good. I mean it However, I think I'm really interested to watch the show because of the EU the deal
format that allows, I think, no more. You know us a conversation that doesn't lend itself completely to sound bite answers without cutting each other off. I mean, I think, we're two point now with conservatism where it's important to you to decide to have the voices from across the spectrum to be able to talk and and and Actually, let ideas come out, I mean you will look at it and on social media, and you have the situation where you make a comment, and then you have five hundred people yelling at you and I'm just a just devalues so quickly. It was really. It was really quite interesting and very self reflective. I mean I don't know. I think I interviewed them for about an hour or so, and I think the interviews and end up being about twelve minutes, so I don't want you does it s? Pretty law. Is still very little for for television, that's an eternity buddy, anxious to see what they are, but they use, but it was not a. It was a real good open scutcheon where we we pay
open to all of the media. Finding that's what people like generally speaking when talk radios at its best ryan our times, where sucks of course, but that when talking to you, is at its best, you could fifteen hours a week to dissect important issues, hopefully be entertained and everything along the way, but I mean the goal being to be able to do so those issues with with a little bit of context little bit of space a little bit. Breathing room in think we ve gone get further and further away from that in the sort of click baby social media sort of world, but I think that's the strengthened of what talk radio has brought to the table for decades and hopefully, if they can get to appoint- and it seems like this, what there for we can have actual conversations that aren't cut every ten seconds zoo nice, the name of the show says all in principle and end that's what we have to talk about. We have to talk about the bigger principles this this com.
Stuff today, not just is just promoting his book. That's all this is doing, is promoting a book and, like you know, Fox NEWS. We we have from criticism of fun over the years. There are things that we don't like that they that they do, but then the That sort of media criticism of a fox is that there are not taking the new seriously is all they want to do is defend Trump and you'll, see the show in a journalist all the time I see in my feed tweet things like look at this what's going on in your you'll see you know Russia scandal. Russia skin on, unlike Tucker Karlsson, shocking about panda bears were so yet again. Idiocy does one, and it has been a bunch of these at a come round at this- that all the same time like here's, these other works MSNBC in an CNN, taking things seriously, while Fox is over there doing what they do. Trying to ignore. The big news I daresay I watched. I was I offer stop stop Fox news
tromp way Syria options with Ally S, CNN Trump allies, fear, feds, have Cohen conversation to yes and outside which one is a real newsy are exactly, and you can talk about motivational you want. You could say that you know maybe they're talking about this, because they think the comic book is bad for Trump. We mean that accusation, but I want to. I was in my office working out yesterday afternoon for two hours, and I was I just had to keep going. Of the television to see what was happening right as the calmness of his coming out and its true that the Fox NEWS spent a little bit not much time on this up. That was breaking from the comic book. We are talking about issues of substance, They are talking about Syria. There talking about Russia, they were talking about it certain issues that were going on right now, you know what they were doing on CNN there talking to people tapes, your truck but people tapes. They were talking about the site,
The clear that came out about James Commies, noticing that trumps hands were smaller than his, but not abnormally small theirs. But all the gossip communist book for two straight hours, while Fox was at least talk, about important issues. They are talking about real thing. He's the actually matter to people. The Syria thing is: really you're serious it's really serious and when when I got home yesterday, and I saw that as you call them, the p p tapes, I didn't call We believe they were calling on people, tapes on CNN there, about the showers, I'm talking about all all on so so so I read this degrading z. I've stopped watching television, but I I read the story when I got home and I thought p p tapes first of all If you know anything about Donald Trump, you know these are german hope. So there's no way there's no way!
he wants anybody's is no way. I wonder his pee pee in him or around him. Ok, let alone anybody else's. This is what we're talking about. Seriously something that any scene, individual or any insane reporter. Who is at least honest about Donald Trump and who he is chief a germ of knows: that's not happening any journalist whose honest about Russia knows from the russian playbook on how did scratted people, please and you're talking about this? While Russia is talking about world war, three good thing on the comic book Or two ways that books league early K: why the publisher says. Let's take this excerpt, this export the excess were
sir need this most salacious stuff and leak out there, so that the people the media will jump over. It will promote the book. The other is the entire book gets out to multiple p. They go through the whole thing and they start picking the most delicious. But there's a big distinction that if this is the media getting hold of this book and telling the best stuff from inside of it. There's nothing in this book? Nothing on a day about Casper Casper is our sponsor this half hour. They have taken this sleep to a wonderful place, Casper address. The engineers at Casper have outdone themselves with an x. Actually comfortable sleep experience Casper my favorite mattress I have to be honest with you. I was when the first day I got it. I wasn't sure I took the hundred d sleep test, I tried it out in my own home. Just like you can you, if you don't love it You just call them up; they pick it up. They refund every single penny. You you
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the controversy, no other, that's appropriate for him to do the FBI directors, one thing, but the other thing is: if he actually had done it, He wouldn't assign a person he's completely uncomfortable with James Comin, to invite the gate, whether its true or not, thinking, is through they set up. It is this. Is it observes largely logic in reason, as now are we do in the media now stop it? up with some distorted headline that everybody can just click on. That has nothing to do with what you just said, Bill Riley's next Glenn back, mercury courage, Sri back the patriarchy s strike again it is it this
I don't know what to do what, in State University has cancelled its fat studies, glass, fat studies. I get study, fatness Eddie or it was you, did they university the fact activists all over the country are furious. Now the moment they if their second played every Friday, tofu they're, gonna wattle out into the street and scream at the sky. Why a throughout Country campus family, are quivering terrified that fat. Shaming will only get worse now. So let's talk about the fact that that studies class exists. Now I I want you to know, I speak to you as Lord of the fat people. I speak to you From my chair in my study, oh, that smells
well it. It's smells like doughnuts with just a hint of cinnamon. And this is the room that I usually sit in after the show in my underpants and any Oreo cookies by the sleeve. So I speak to you as an expert. So let's talk about fat studies. First of all, take a guess which programme the classes under. If you said, women's studies, you win a diet, coke and a cheeseburger. The course is a quote: examination of weight based depression, as a social justice issue with other systems of oppression by strong gender race class age, sexual orientation and ability the and if a mask idly drum, T shirt is not included our country is now in the throes of an ability, epidemic and academics are concerned about fat
inclusive, bikinis, and I am not getting you the end. I male gaze, the and tie male gaze. Yes, that's right. The fat studies folks have flip. The feminist com of the male gaze, which claims that the patriarchy is triggered by white sis. Gender men, whose oppressive gaze Five women worsen massage any in a gasping, contradiction, an inadvertent counter exam. Love, the original theory, fat, shaping and fat study. Feminist claim that time. White, Sis, gender men, don't find ovary overweight women attractive and are practising the end Ty Gaze is because their misogynistic sway
the way I, why need it? Ok hold on. I need somebody from the campus to answer. Which one is it I am a massage is, if I gaze or Emma Massage, is, if I don't gaze now, don't exe did answer because you know they're all too busy fighting for the rights of oppressed communities, often without invitation- I mean I'm fat. I never asked them to fight for me, oh because I'm a male and I'm white, so I don't count Now two wishing at Washington State runs about five thousand dollars per class, adds at waste of money. You're, never gonna get back. This course is run by Doktor Deborah Crystal.
Who has applied her Phd in sport? Psychology? Women's study and apparel design to help students understand fat stigma, wait bias and thin privilege also, of course, the weight based oppression. Now her writings have been featured, and I'm not sure of this has been peer. Reviewed but tat they they it were writings often appear in the journal, fat studies. I get that all the time I can't I tried to. I tried to cancel my subscription, but they make it oh hard to euro to stop getting that monthly magazine fat studies, so I don't know what to do She uses critical feminist theory and near- and I love this. Narrative, pedagogy he's too, to fight fat stigma, viper
putting activism to erode the things trick orientation among students. The hell you talking about. First of all, the word critical is academically. Go for me Marxist any time you hear a professor or academic rattle on about critical theory there talking about marks there. Basing what they say now on the principles of the Frankfurt school, also known as NEO Marxism and narrative, pedagogy, is its academic code for a full. Of teaching bay on relativism in which stood- ten teachers use their subjective experiences to learn, because any idea could be terminated in in an infinite number of ways, because there it's no meaning there is no truth very No objective reality post modernism, meaning the fat studies movement
like much of the campus anti logic, modern, feminism and social, still leftism is based on the objective statement that there are no objective statements. Wait. What. And since feelings are facts, concepts like fat phobia, microbes sis, gender white privilege or all considered, not just legitimate, but India. Beautifully true, even though There is no actual truth, so it's the foods fault. No, knowing that foods fault, it's the patriarchy fault, it's the patriarchy! That forced me to eat that second tub of cinnamon laced, cupcake, batter over the leader of the street is yes, it's Friday April,
Thirteen you wanna toys is the Glen Back program. You wanna talk about Sis Gender bias. Little Riley comes to mind forcing me to eat sleeve after sleeve of Oreo cookies Why? What gender? Back? Where way? What is that like you not to know bill job you need to know what is it don't. I have ninety. I have no idea what I think this area under is male female guide, as is gender is. Is we traditionally thought of his gender back in the days when we were, informed in a nun evolve when you say, male and female male female doesn't really exist anymore, Sis, gender, the Oracle Those minded bigot old school corpulent
If I don't know what else does not? I think that was a fancy word for fat word of the day bill O Reilly just called me fat. I'm Billow Riley died John. We have a special section, four people, to overheat. And we applaud them, yes, yeah. We, encourage that you fulfil your basic desires. If your love tig, we like you just the same, while the railway died come assist, gendered whatever that is, we are and go there. I think that's a man as it does that in that Add students is generally incest. Gender, bad, I think now is the it's the way it's the true. It's the new one for the traditional understanding of jail. Well, I don't think you understand. Ok, I got it is. No. There is no objective, truth alchymist! So ok, so Bill o lots to talk to you about. First, can we start with em?
Orton NEWS, and they will go to the Big NEWS but important news. What the happening with Syria well There is a fear on the part the Trump administration that, if the a states launches military action, which would have to be bombings missiles at no ground action that the stock market will tank the ITALY interrupt. The economy it'll cause and the consequences two's. Nor do something rotten IRAN will to soil you know what things that Trump wants to accomplish. That's what's hole, them back the unintended consequence. I know I'm Hakim asking I'm asking you we're descending twelve we're
sending twelve warships over into the area. This will be the biggest build up since I think the Iraq WAR We are building it we're building a coalition. It makes me a little nervous that More than just couple of missiles being lop lobbed over or that we are afraid that Russia may respond, as they say they are wrong, russian Fleet. Got out a tortoise, that's their mediterranean port. The region, news in Syria is because he made a deal the side to have a bigger based there and to have a port targets, t aren t you ass. You remember that Saint Paul hung out and torture anyway. That's why good NEWS in their he's, got his Mediterranean port but Toby warships, rather there they were What are the leave? saying that warships, Guy because you, some british and french warships as well,
because a view basically set up a blockade Syria, you can do them heavy heavy economic damage without shooting anybody so my beat away to go here. The guy, calling the shots has managed to defence secretary. It's not trump on a shot, you're Madison issues really in trouble. You don't believe you don't believe the rumour that trust and then Bolton are asking for a hard line and the then Pentagon with with matters, are pushing back and say no to know. Mr President, I want to go that far now. I think, both in a matter of a pretty sympathetic go order of the day. And at matters is lead on this to borders, I'm gonna go whining and start to break the furniture on the second day where, third day their side, That's a scenario, and I kind of like the blockade thing. I think that that's a message
gin, and that can do a lot of harm to Syria and hurt Assad's power base. Ok, as I look up at the as I look up at the the telephone who's the monitors. I keep seeing Fox NEWS talking about you know pretty much actual news the whole day. And CNN just continues to focus on call me and the PPP tape. You know I the column and I hope I sent to you back as I always in my com. You're Goin derives for his approval whenever added, but I said it now: I'm gonna copy stew, maybe I'll guy from yes right, smart, but anyway luck there no media, honest media in this country anymore. And anything that they can grab the two. More tromp. They will the real I only unnecessary CNN hated. Call me
call me was going after Hillary Clinton and I finally, Davis on below railway dot com two days ago, and he broke Those who said that he talked to the inspector general, the Justice Department about call me and handed over documents that may call me look like a complete phony and a complete fraud. This is Davis, saying it when he gave us, of course, very close friend of acquaintance so it's very its instructed to watch now how combing the good guy again, because call me is trying to demean and of a smart Donald Trump, which a witch a horrible situation performer, Guy director had the highest clearance of security to write. A tawdry book smearing you now yes from fired, yes, don't call me, doesn't like em but to get down in the gutter that right we reproach poorly. I am. I will tell you, though, the the one thing that I saw that I thought was remarkably slimy end
What is the name of the book like you know? hi IRAN, or something like that. I thought was totally dishonourable He told the story whether its true or not. I don't know, but he told the story that a general Kelly came to him after Trump fired him in and and said you know, I can't work for a dishonourable man, and I go to quit after this, and he had built is up like You know General Kelly was the one stabilizing factor in Kyoto: a yadda and then he exposes them as coming. Out in saying that I mean that Have you made any human being add with James call. Me is obviously knock em. He kept providential birthing lately by my way way way way. The point of that is, though, is he was trying to make Kelly. These are very important as the only adults in the room and the only stabilizing factor. Well, if you cared about your country and if that were true. You wouldn't out the guy. You were counting on keeping the acid or a warrant
they can t squirm. Does he doesn't like Kelly either? But I thought the though worse thing I promise knock. It off read the book, as I dont believe. James call me tells the truth, but that's not the worst who was talking about troms concern for his wife, over these younger. A fight allegations in a russian dossier, now if any man is concerned for his wife's feelings, that's a good thing. And to turn it around into some kind of tar display. I'll call me did in his book really says All you need to know about James call me does it not and if he's concerned about his wife- and he goes to James call me, but he did these things. Why would you go to a guy that you supposedly dont trust and say hey: can you verify that I can do the eyes gourbi up the I say: listen if you can get me information I can pass on to millennia. That would be dome, make her feel a little bit better. Please do so
In a totally rational, totally caring, and we want to use that word request and then returns it around. Try to use it and, of course the New York Daily NEWS picks up, puts it on the front page. I mean you know it really. This country, America right now, because the media has really done. Send it into a place. It makes me extremely uncomfortable more were deliberately here in just a second and we're gonna go to the raid on the the President's personal turning that's happened since last, we spoke to Bill O Reilly would get has taken that coming up personal data, simply safe last week. Simply safe. One. The editors Joyce Award from Cnet magazine PC magazine, oh the wire cutter, three respected price,
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put simplisafe in your home cuz there's just I mean if you're looking for a way to secure your family, there's no better way Please safe back dotcom, go there now and they'll take ten percent off the purchase price of simply safe and its forty, Ninety five a month for the monitoring we'd know contract simply safe back dot com. Back mercury land back I wanna get into the Jake down of the president's attorney and how that was handled and what it means here in just a second by bill. I've I've got about two and a half minutes. I wanna get comment on this. I just look up at the screen and ONS Cnn. The the the banner the lower third says call me call Tromp an ethical liar and see about says we are now do democratic congressmen, Danny
pack to get here, opinion on this. That's like that's like saying the new, Tesla three as a crappy car and the companies not gonna, be around long. We go out MIKE did O a chevy volt salesman for his phrase, directive, the mouse right but it's more of the same, and I just can't emphasise enough, dear listeners. That is a total collapse of of any information flow. That's worthy! Are you not This comment that I referred to before the break. To show you, underneath what you see on cohesion and what you read in the newspaper. How its being designed. This is all by design now sought an axe it's not a mistake. I mean they take Miss sources thence somewhat ridiculous people familiar with the conversation, ok wide and then they print of this fact.
And then they bring on five people have let's go to Jeffrey to begin to disguise the anonymous source. That we don't even know it's true, but we really care. If it's true, I've never goes we're. Gonna treated is true. I will tell you All the world is but a stage that phrase has come to mind more than ever I mean almost every day. I look at television and I think that I feel like we are in a we're in a play right now to bad bad thing. There are a few voices, I think you're one of em. I certainly am dad, don't have the agenda? We just want to bring information to the poor, what we tell them, whether its speculative or whether, its actual and then the people can decide for themselves. But this dash manipulation, is just crushing the spirit of the country so we're gonna go into what happened
the president's lawyer they now, our hoping that there are tapes involved I gotta go to their next Glenn Back mercury. This is the Glen when we got out a bill, Riley and forbidden rarely dot com. We want to talk a little bit about Michael CO in the personal attorney of the president who at his home office. And hotel room rated earlier this week. First while bill do you know why he had a hotel room? We he lives in New York I do not ok, you think it's weird. They went to a meaning that, like they were trying to find something that he might have been taking from the office or keeping with him
do you know you'd be irresponsible bowl of me to speculate? I just don't know: ok, the you're saying now that that one of the things that they are looking for is indications between Cohen and Wikileaks, because, Hollywood, the access Hollywood tape came out and right after that, wiki leaks started to release things. About. What's his name, I want to say, learn: Davis, buddy epidemic. So what thoughts on at well for some. Why are you say there saying whose they're saying here I buy understand that that leaks? Yes, I visited this This is the big story today. So the FBI, raids office and then all of a sudden, the wash and imposes printing? What the f b I found on the end and all that, so somebody
on the FBI or the justice apart ROD Road signs office or Malta's office had a league it to the Washington Post, add now, you're the one that this is one of the points of view and in you should make this point one of the points in Rob Ed is about you know when happen. A bill Clinton, MRS Ken Star, was not leaking that we know of bright. This is a point of this nobody's trying to stop it. As far as I know so, you want to lead to watch the bus. Go ahead, we're not going to give you a lie. Detector test, we're not going to start to prosecute, people who are doing is conscious. Illegal, if rage anybody's office calls wash imposed tells what they found that a felony? Ok? So, but it's a shut it who's. Talking about that, nobody is, both reports and watching also you know. If it's true, they don't know, but they don't care
but what is going on in England. Let me just play devils advocate here. I tend to agree with you, but let me billowy blithely devils advocate. Is it possible that a these What would have happened or could have happened under Clinton, but it's a different. World in the media. Because of irradiated added my article, I say that maybe the leaks did possible right by they could only to Anti Clinton people like rush limbo, I'm gonna go to leak to. There are a lot of all the Washington Times. There are a lot of Anti Clinton. Politically late, but no leaks came out, but now ever yet within two hours. After anything, happens revolving involving Donald Trump Watch, post New York Jesse and and get out yet now back to color so you re the office and you have presented to a judge to get the war. For the raid a kind of trouble felony.
We have evidence of felony was committed here. It is judge here. It is judged. Looks that is coming from. The FBI ok time and a wide duenna go look for back up but you think happened, so they go may cease all kinds of workers. They don't. It's not a wide debt is specific. We just looking for this. Mr Goin, do you added european value? where it is now they get everything. So there is ten thousand potential violations of attorney client privilege, not you, good I'll drop, but Collins got other. People. He works for his well wait. A minute way way way way way way way. Irregularities skate on that one. This, is not a violation of attorney client privilege with a clean and dirty FBI team. This is the way it is set up this. This is now,
usually done, but can be. And it certainly not ever done with President did something this high level, so they better have something. The only question is you trust the clean team to stay from the dirty tea out, you can't do that back, because let's wait, don't you believe stuff about the raid? Somebody involved with the raid weak it yet, but they did. Not leak what they have found. They have not even though, this is what we were looking for. Yes, so that is the dirty aim right right, they're gonna, like that, then you have a mass massive potential and I I didn't work potential. Yes, I agree attorney quiet privilege. I know I'm going submit to you, I'm you I'm illegitimate today on the Glen Back Programme on Friday, the thirteenth but there is no attorney cry and privilege in his country any more as there
is no contractual law. Contract law. Forget it together You signed a contract and it says, acts somebody violates acts. The system says we look here. We don't care contract law. There's no attorney choir privilege, the original anything there's no privacy on Facebook. There's nothing So what you want to stay outside your house with some guy gizmo that record your conversation inside your house, who's gonna do some about it. Nobody saw The american people ought to know that all the rights they thought they had talk into an attorney Writing a contract? They're gone, they wait, wait, I'm not gonna! Let you, built. I am with you on ninety nine percent of that that our it's our are gone. There is no such thing as privacy, however, attorney class,
and privilege the stand. This is that when, if I The client that is accused everything that I say about my case to my attorney and everything my attorney says: to me is protected. However, I am gonna, get a minute. Wait, a minute wait a minute. I guarantee you that what you are saying is all because You're gonna be leaks about what tromp disguised with his it. I think that is legally commalena than is any charges before anything. Then that is different. Then Sir that this is a violation of attorney plight. Cramp, client privilege this the way the system is built. If I He colluding in another crime or, if The attorney is committing a crime that it we're talking of a hang on building on when we are talking about that thing.
It is not privileged and that's why there are two teams, one that is investigating one crime and another team. That is worth Basically, for the court that goes in and says you have to find these things everything else. It is not regarding these things. You cannot touch, and you cannot reveal, a new bully. No, I don't know I don't, but I am saying what they did with calling I am saying that when use when someone makes the blanket statement that this was destroying attorney. Client, privilege, ya, know this. Is the system that we have always had. This is not.
Making law up, you're out of shape their aim absolutely right and when it comes out, I'm in a demand ere you because you're not listening to me, you're, not listening you. I know you're talking theoretical, I am no. I am talking about the law here, though, and speculating here. I believe they are saying that this is gonna happen in the future to hang out just a second I'm talking about the law, and then I'm saying to you, I I agree with you that I don't trust the people involved, but that's different. Then saying there is no attorney client privilege under the law. There is we just don't have I don't know how you I can't get thirty you and still is. In the wording of the law is still there same thing. Contracts back it's there what, if it is enforced, you happen to people who violate a buying. I agree, then it
doesn't money. So far as I know you don't like just back, I, I know you don't like to speculate you liked to deal on facts. So far they have not violated the attorney client privilege they have now. But it's only been three day. No, but I know it's bill rightly does not like to speculate boy. I'm gonna play that over and over again, but I know you don't like to speculate arise. How I can I can accuse, I can say you. Vacuum a potential. As I have said fourteen times, you know yourself back give potential. We fulfil our ideal. How can I ask your journalistic expertise on these asking here on the leaking issue? Four minute? Listen! This is it from the Washington Post this week, it's about a portrait of Trump, The current moment comes from interviews with twenty one people, and then they break down the types of people. Hydrogen now
they're using the number twenty one to gather a credibility baked the twenty one much writing advance their readers that they are not bunch of charlatans, right and and what I'm saying is work if the Washington Post had a Stella record a being they're not only to dial tromp but too conservative traditional Americans to the Republican Party, if their record was there, then I would believe them, but it's not still. No nobody do they hate anyone who is not liberal orthodoxy, they despise them so that, therefore they can say, we talk, eighty seven thousand people and I'm going I don't care because what the outcome
was already told to the reporter before he talked to one person fish the outcome. We want all right. We want tromp out of objects that has been made very clear by the publication, New York Times hang on. Just second guy has, as I know I just want to be very specific neck ass. I do not believe those conversations were had, I believe, those conversations. Don't need the bad, listen to me. Listen to me. I believe those conversations don't need to be add because the its group think they all. Think the same way yes, but no planning. There's no conspiracy. I find it very hard to believe there were porter would say. I talked to twenty one people told me and then the person didn't talk to any any twenty one people, but it doesn't matter,
because they might talk to people for three minutes day. Hey. Did you hear that oh yeah, I heard it by an that's: that's what I'm getting at you resolve come the outcome of the article. This is what everybody has to understand when these reporters are assigned something all right. It's not just chop. It is created wait clear to them what they, editors, one, what they want This is what we want you to find out: bang and those supporters are gonna. Do that because if they dont they're not gonna get the good assignments. I could give you names. I know this. I've seen it all right and and absolutely happens, but now it's an epidemic because Some want trump out of office right. I agree with you just as we do
ten Ben Smith. I ended. We just had banks, we aren't there any leagues trump does something good will the administration leads, says hey something good one. Just what I'm trying to get out here with this, though bill is its source inflation they're using that number listen to what is comes after it quickly views with twenty one, it ministration officials, which would be notable if they had twenty one administration officials do not work, stops twenty one russian officials, comma outside advisers. What the hell is that com, more than eight hours shook sure, is a law maker, the interview Sumer about this at advisers and staff of CNN right at all. It's all a ruse. You know that I feel are rightly Miller only Bela, rarely dotcom bright,
you gotta go there. Is we going we large a great start back? So I want you yourself to go when he's trying to weaken anyway, you do anything. I was spending my time, my bill orally dot com, that's what I'm doing yeah you can eat. Don't that's why I got a donation, my underpants simultaneously. The sounds like it sounds like a fabulous weekend bill orally. Thank you so much thanks and guide unless bill orally dotcom thinking, he's all right. I just they feel like we're. Saying similar thing. Get your car in the neighborhood didn't age s refuses to listen. That's you! that's it you're, a mathematical o Reilly, ivory, tat every every Friday. Our are. Let me tell you about my patriot supply. My bed, supply would like you to be prepared, FEMA emits recently that they can't help everybody whose underprepared we have to take matters into her own hands. In fact, they say everybody should have. Was it a month's worth of food? I think some months where the food so yeah, ok, grey,
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Seventy one sixty three, it's ninety nine dollars now at prepare, weak, Glenn, dot com, back Mercury land back. Then I can't tell you how excited I M for this interview: Mary Joe Copeck niece family, in their first national interview, LISA I was talking about Mary, Joe How she died, TED Kennedy and the New movie Chappaquiddick it's going to be interesting to hear from them in a story that has been buried for so long and the New York Times is now say us too the unfair, totally unfair. They did accusing them of killing her just leaving her.
They didn't, accused him of having an affair even accused of anything They just showed the basic the most basic facts. Still very damning. Bad for TED Legal, bad food was bad. Yeah he's a bad guy, but they didn't. They did not push at storyline at all, and they say that its Unfair wow will they'll, hear from Mary Joker, Peck niece family. I can't wait, don't miss it, its next Glenn Back mercury- love, courage, shrink back. So imagine imagine being the family of Mary, Joe Konecny.
So many people in America don't even know that name now shockingly because it would be buried for a very long time because of a very powerful family but Mary Joker, Peck, nay twenty eight year old campaign worker speechwriter for Bobby Kennedy. She was the one that died at Chappaquiddick. If you dont know the story of Chappaquiddick, there's a new movie out that you need to see, but the story is Shockingly told four things first time, its told in a very fair. I think, an and charitable way. But you see this woman clinging to life trapped in a car that has been driven off a bridge by TED Kennedy where she saw. Wives for three hours, gasping for air, she, been relegated to a two footnotes status.
What's really sad is Mary joke affect me, isn't a person she's a thing that happened to TED Kennedy that happened to him or happened in his life she's a person. And the family is his speech. King out now. I believe this is their first national interview talk about Chappaquiddick and Mary joke affect me with us Georgia, Nelson Pretovsky, she's married your copeck needs. First cousin. Bill Nelson, whose marriage or companies first cousins son there, the co authors of the book, our Mary, Joe Georgia, bill. How are you. Wow. What MR demand is a really of pleasure. I've been a ban for a long time. Glenn is wonderful experience to talk with you. Well. Thank you very much. It's weird for me to talk to you guys because you are such that you're such a
art of history, you were there and and nobody Nobody sees Mary Joe as Mary Joe. It's An event yet, yeah she's hypothetical, put note in history. She was just the girl died, my car and out. Her heart to lose her, it was really sad and and hard to deal with its might finance are you on builders? The earlier about our yeah yeah. You may not be able to hear him a bill Do you remember? Do you remember any of this incident I was born in eighteen, seventy two. So I didn't have the pleasure of meeting Aunt Mary Joe now. Ok go ahead, but all over the time and growing up with my mother, of course, in and knowing about Chappaquiddick, I went in search. For information all the time, and I can never find anything about Mary, Joe and that's really why we started to dig through all of it.
Pictures in the letters in the stories in the memories from her friends, and we wanted to put together a book for the family? So that's how it all got started because I didn't Oh who married your was, as did the rest of the world. No one really knew who this woman was, except that she was a boiler room girl. I have to tell you I would love to have you guys in studio and an georgette bring the pictures and unreal. I really love to tell her story, because I think this is fascinating ad. My my daughter sat with any she's thirty years old and my my two nieces nephews and we watched Chappaquiddick. And I watched almost in horror. The They knew nothing about it, they knew a thing about her: they they had never heard it after the car, went over my dad looked at me and said: please tell me he didn't big, he he wasn't a senator after this, and I said: oh no, honey watch how how
tsar. Is this for something so huge to be: Bear for so long and then now there's a major motion picture out about it. I am very happy with the picture and we were privilege to have a private screening than we had our family in closest friends there and my young niece cried at your head bill at the end of it We had about forty people, friends and family, and they are they reacted in after the movie was over because you're right, Glenn, they dont know of the new generation coming up, don't know, I'm shocked that it took almost forty years almost fifty years, to make a movie about this. The story, and I think it was a surprise so many times over the years and not allowed to be made, I am very proud of the courage that the film makers and the producers have in making this woman, like you, said
did it in a very fair and balanced way, because they used the inquest testimony from what everybody, Ireland that night said happened. You can't really disputed. If that's the official record of what they said happen, you can't you you can't see, you know have fought with it then and say: well, we don't know the truth. Well, neither we saw in? I imagine how frustrating that is for her parents going to jail Georgina Dumb, when EAST who, in the movie, we see we see Mary Jos, parents, Europe, your parents, my my and our mothers were sisters, so that was my Atalanta, so your aunt Joanna Europa sitting there was was: did they fight? it strange that that head Kennedy the? U know, sent somebody there and was be no screening everything in kind of taking control of their situation, or did they find that a comfort at the time were at them?
beginning. When said, she thought that they were sent to how come, but then, soon realised that they were screening, everyone who is calling the house or coming to the house, and there were close friends of glad Ngos that they would have liked to have seen because they could have given them real comfort. Our family was kind of scattered. I was living with the family. Family in Rhode, island and the bulk of our family in Pennsylvania, Gwen enjoy or in New Jersey. So it took a few days to get everyone to get you so that we could comfort them, but she thought at first they were helping and then later, but maybe not Maybe they were just greening who is gonna, say well lists or ask him mad or beginnings were destroyed. They were absolutely described. What they're only daughter died, Dunkel Joe said, more children, but he said if we could only have one God send us the best she
she seemed remarkable idle. I love the way they portrayed her in this they didn't. Into anything salacious like an affair. I had always heard that they, they were having an affair. Were they or not? Now can't you many particularly like it I dont think even if they were all very young, he was in this third issue is twenty eight but for she idealized Bobby, and there was, The only thing that brought her out of the south. She was down felt during the civil rights days and we were very worried about her teaching scorn Alabama. But when she had the opportunity to work in Washington at with the people who were making the rules, making laws and and making things better, for everyone and equal rights, became right up to Washington. Yes, she was a speechwriter for fur Bobby right. She helped him write his speech
The mountain you was going to run for president. Yes! Well, yes, you are smart. For she was wanted the older boy you're wrong. Girls. Do, though, I don't usually when an old explain what a boiler room girl is. They were. Group of women are all very intelligent, all very well educated, all committed to helping Bobby at the camp. In all the good work that he was doing and they have to work in this one rule. I think it with window list, but it was not present at the vase met with the boilers now Can you guys tell me we have the one thing we all walked out of this movie. The saying is how did she not get out and he did there are any. If is there any thoughts on this I wish I knew that marriage, always a wonderful swimmer, if she had her face, couldn't have been more than a foot from air, even though she was inside the car trying to
read the air and that was in there. Why didn't she got out? if you want my god you're here, If you want my opinion, I do when they did the inquest. There was blood that went down the back of her blouse, probably to the small of her back. They dismissed it some sort of nonsense. As far from her mouth I always wondered that. Why didn't she get out of the car? And I personally think that she was injured inside that car and she may not have been all the way conscious either. I think instinctively. When John Farrar pulled her out of the car and stinks really, she had found an air pocket up by the what would be the foot hole because it was the car was upside down to it, be where you at with your feet. That's good, that's a question. That's puzzled! Us for years and we don't. We don't have a lot of answers about Chappaquiddick, but what we ve done. It will give you who married your wife, so we can tell you what probably didn't happen, for instance, this
more about her being an affair with TAT Kennedy, there's a good chance that that never happened because of Mary, JO, was in her upbringing and our Catholic, our values and, and things like that. So when you find What didn't happen to kind of lead you down the path of what possibly could happen, and I wish more people would do that that were there or that no things I wish more people would come forward with whatever little pieces of info mission that they may have and that at least we know our fact and then you can work backwards. You think is more information, more more people that could come forward and tells, I sure, do I sure do because we were more than TED Canada on that island. That night there was stirring multiple people. Probably eight or nine or ten more people that are alive today. That at least know a little piece of the puzzle, and if you can take that little piece of the puzzle- and you can deduce what didn't happen, then you can work backwards and probably
come up with a good theory. I could tell you didn't happen and that whatever they set at the inquest, because it doesn't make sense, none of it makes sense. So it's logically not possible, you mean what what didn't make sense. HIM diving in the water and swimming across the channel. Their been multiple reports that that's impossible. The site of the car on the passenger side is absolutely crushed from the front vendor to the back fender water. Doesn't that so going off a bridging hitting the water does not crushing Oldsmobile any and elsewhere. We lady eight there made of steel. I believe so so there's a lot of stuff that we don't know where the hell then left out of the big picture. What do you think what do you think that means what speculation. Well, there's a lot of different theory, so There was a theory that there was an accident before the bridge and that Mary Joe, was hurt, which would also go towards the blood on her I'll send her maybe be induced. Orientated too, though,
the theory that he was never in the car when it went off the bridge there, the theory that there were other people in the car. Besides TED Kennedy, there was a couple other a woman or a man or others. There is a lot of different theories. That kind o make more sense, then the official version of what happened. Yeah that makes if they were, as there was an accident she was hurt and even if there weren't either people for him and push it off of of of a bridge probably would make a little more a little more sense as it doesn't go ahead. I think said thing, poor, Gwen and Joe that no one has ever coming to them and said you know. I saw drawing on the island of she was happy. She was looking forward to a new job. These girls all came together because they had scattered- and this was there last chance to see each other Bobby had died. A few of them, including marriage, had been chosen to clean up the office sinned
as to the museum, something's homes and things to the office. It was a very tragic, ah tat cask for them, because they are love the senator and done so? This was a chance for them to be either, but no one has ever come to go in and Joe and said. I thought a! She was happy. We were looking forward to this or that, and so they ve never had the last few hours of their daughter, his life, and I think that the terrible tragedies awake sewing. None of them are none of the boiler. Girls ever got together with the family, and now they were at her funeral like when Huncho GO were so sedated today, the true that and none of them ever introduced to any of us. So we never had a chance to talk to them either and afterward when we, calm down and they thought that will now the senator will come forward and talk to them. He d come
mass and become the Hyaena sport and debate that will now now find out what happened at night when they got there they walked into a cocktail party. He came up and said hello appeared and they turned around, went home and more or less I related rest of their lives, but he member far as I know, everyone said I'm sorry touching on that, I'm not did Glenn and Joe lose their. Only daughter in a highly publicized for accident Iraq whatever you want to call it, but then they didn't get their daughters last lives. Then they were abandoned by everybody that was there and then, above all of that, you gotta remember that they got all these ass. The letters from the public, the using them of of hiding things or or I'm getting an autopsy because they wanted to know if she was pregnant or some nonsense in every every anniversary they go out to the mailbox and they
have these nasty letters for pretty much the rest of their life com. I can imagine my money went through. Ok, we have those letter can Can you hang on? Can you hang out just a second, because I want to continue our conversation with the family of Mary Joke a peg me, that's a movie in and of itself tell you about filter by great sponsor of ours. They make a really good product, but they also employ a lot of people. Apparently, as companies lose two hundred and fifty million dollars a year due to employees with the with the whip. Allergies and the suffering that goes on, because we just don't clear, we don't cleaner air filters. Something is simple, Changing the air filters can make a world of difference in a workplace, satisfaction, productivity and your home. Now it'll make difference to you. If you just change the filters, I want to talk to you about filter by
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filters all here in Amerika Filter. Be you why dot com filter by a dot com. Go there now get your filters, get you air clean in your home? and in your business at filter by dot com back mercury grand back family of Mary Joke Affect is on with this bill. We lost year. We lost your mom and but I want to ask you to if it could you guys could we fly you win and and bring the letters in the whole story and any speech. That she wrote, I would love to have you guys, come in and share that history,
absolutely I dont know we were locked. It I've been honor, I'm sure my mom would be very happy about that. Also she's gonna warn, you know, she's the busiest retired woman I now saw say absolutely so let me just let me just spend couple of minutes here, asking about you're you're what it would be aunt and uncle or great aunt and uncle marriages marriage? It would be. My aunt cancel your great aunt and uncle right. Who were lives. This life of of so proud of their daughter, and then there d but are becoming this village. To some and an event to others. What was the I was there lifelike
we visited one ngo very very often we would go up and we're visitor and looking back now is younger than I was in my teenage years when we visit early twentyth, but looking back now through different eyes, I saw like specially Uncle Joe. He was a pleasant, but he was hollow. He, I caught him one day looking out the window- and I wrote about this in the book and I didn't really still here's later that he just seem like he was waiting for somebody and it was waiting for somebody to come home, and you can tell that he was often afar place. I'm sure I was thinking about marriage. L at that time you marry Joe didn't deserve to go down in history, the way that she did and that's why we started her scholarship at the first year, Mr Corrie University, and why we wrote her book to set the record straight so that she and her life have an opportunity to do good and through her scholarship, to do good for education and for people who are in oak, furthering their education and has been very well received. It's been humbling,
I said it's been so well received by everyone. The Newton's really gratifying, the name of the Turkey is our Mary Joe. It's available everywhere and I I haven't read it yet, but I hope that it picks the story up boy four and after the movie Chappaquiddick yeah yeah, the em, it's it starts from actually her heritage and where she came from it continues up past her death into Goin in Jos. Life without her arm is comprehensively and what we did is we took all the letters that we had received from people around the world what one and Joe had received, and we had actually inherited them, and we put them in the book to tell Mary Joe story through the eyes of other people through her friends, her coworkers all the network. Now she was great because we say so, but because everyone who knew her said so saw all the people surrounding her head
opportunity to go on and be lawyers and be published in a very successful live, so it would always Mary, JO, would also have done that to so with this is this gives her a second chance. The name of the book is our Mary. Jo, it is Mary, Jo Kopechne story. The name of the movie is Chappaquiddick. You need to see it. It's unbelievable! Thank you. So much bill mercury? Your last name to the Glen Back Programme wondering the programme to TAT Gray, hello, Pat did you just? Did you just here, Mary joke impact these family? On with this idea, unbelievable me, I'd bridle Let me let me out. Let me ask you this, who Who is alive in history, that we should be talking, whose alive that witness of like
I would have never thought that we could just reach out to bury Joe Compactness family a dizzy. I don't know why. I just didn't even occur to me: Tokyo rose, was living in? She died. I think in two thousand and ten we should have talked her before she died, who out there that's a witness to history Do you hear from you just tweet me at Glenn back, like two here: who's, a witness of history- that we should go, look for and talk to emigrate as ceases to hear the and what it was like for them. Go through them like ass, a family members of the ECB. Is you only hereby the TED Kennedys? That which is really important? I mean the Chappaquiddick movie. It deals mainly with with TAT Kennedy side of it, and it's really important to know. But her. I don't know about you, but when I saw you guys Posada movie right when I saw it, I immediately thought: how did the family feel? How dirty did then aloud
awful, but first they were real supportive of him at, but ass time went on. They realized yeah I left her to die in tourism but the scene of the movie. I want to ask about waiting time, but she did. She was friends. Would they boiler room girls? Rightly this group of advisers and speechwriters of young PETE girls that were IRAN that can indicate any circles. They are meeting up at this house and after this happens, they come back in the next morning and say: hey look! Some really! Some crazy crap went down TED's at the police station and why the boiler room girls friend of Mary Jos, in the movie at least it comes up an end and says: what can we do to print TED like that was the reaction like this. Isn't a person died, your friend died. What can we?
to protect. You really said that that's pretty dislike. It may have been a composite re out of him, but I think it seem if my memory serves me well. That was a way they re Angelo generally, knowing that none of the boiler girls River, reached out to her family, we're Switzerland I'm spelling food. Oh my gosh, some also good. So this is waste has today. This is taste, hesitate, yes, the important thing, as you know, we deal with international news all the time. Here the programme very important and the international house of panic, it has to do new and it doesn't get any more international new think that is also so hang as the second as violating these. What are these easily lion sweet role before each gentlemen done your gullet? Let's explain what they are: the whole INA rose. You have arrived holidays love those in the orange bag, yet the errand? they're gonna sweet right. I have decided to make french toast out of them
which is a friggin awesome idea with whether international that's whether in every country in the world, I strawberry, banana, cinnamon, toast and regular case. Let me let me just this out as were eating this, to tell you just for science, science perfect for purposes only stew, yes, Can you give me what Russia just announced? oh? This is interesting. Eat when I'm gonna go There's a lot of details yet, but the rushes by russian military is safe. The alleged chemical attack in Syria now they're, saying as it is happening, did actually happen. The alleged local targeted period? It was fake news right, What happened to that now? It's not the russian military, saying that the alleged chemical tack and Syria was staged and directed by Britain. I mean it. You were the alleged was a ever our data that are as we have we done
Would it be tried, you're gone cause, I'm not been impressed when you mean you're, not impressed. This is an interesting concept, does not lie in roles. Are the greatest things ever I dont know what hawaiian king came up with them but demanded the island back. I'd give it to them is line is now, as long as they would continue to ship. The rolls me I mean it's good, but it's not awe inspiring spilt, it's not as it's not as it's not as good as as it sounds know what might now. What's your? What's, your reasoning behind, I think that's pretty good. It doesn't taste here's what I would say about it. It doesn't take that much different than regular french toast right like there's, not a huge difference. I had very high expectations because those roles are so yummy
but again as proof for good. Now it's good it's it's good. I wouldn't spit it out. A light would go further than I would eat it. And I would order it, but it's like, it now. I was expecting something just really remarkable, I'm not going to an international city just to have it now he's got my download, rustles deviant bono, Europe's around with a bag The good news is its international house, pancakes they're all over the world. So whatever city you finally news there I mean The way the russian military says how bad the nice thing to try. I'm your, I think, you're right though, if I go to like, if I find myself it, I hope, which I intend to do just wake up in your their abilities and I'm sort of urine. I hopped guy. I am, I over over the waffle house, only guava
the problem was not too much. Emotion is a problem for us real, but Like I, like all the gene breakfast places, there's not any, then I could identify that. I dont like but my kids ruling. I hope we do at pancake time on saturdays and Well tangible God? I hope and if I'm mad, I hope, which I am a lot. But actually put this I'm a menu of selections on damning, yeah yeah, so right, but what I would like what I forgive you know quit my job. And move to a parliament next door to happen. So I can have every morning until the it expires, maybe not baby, discounter someone, I happily you suddenly. So are you notice RO. I really like you, I'm not saying anything bad about you buy it. I think I see. I think I articulated that well it, wouldn't quit my job and move next to it. That's a knock and others. Who'd you in court, your job for and move. I insisted on food really, I think of it is exclusively
It is rather the boots. How can we justify putting my job in moving next to a restaurant and think about that? Often, while the rising as I ops arose in the best parts, they are yet ass, pretty bright, it's pretty solid. Bulgaria has not yet each year bad so much good by the way, the russian military says that a little wretch chemical italian as areas stage by Britain, I've eaten all the fruit off the plane. That should tell you something: Khazars still bread. In writing. I have eaten other fruit at the play. What happened here, diet. You know your shut up, I don't eat. Things like this anymore getting her rather than a reality. Aaron keeps going you guys. That's supposed to eat, that's that It's it's. A radio show its more important than a stupid diet. Can people need to know the information about the International House, a pink its latest offerings ghetto? you're, the Lens health thing, and thank you to thank you. It's saying, and I am donating I am loaning my body out for science right now think about this.
Sacrifices your make a man brother preach on now. We people a lot of people won't do the types of things like you're, not everyone will go covered genocide in Syria. That's not everyone will go to Rwanda, middle of the Hutu Tutsi day, man and get our on the ground, preach it and talk to the guy's holding the machete out and other people voted. I hopped up their diet, aping a man. You'll. Do that extraordinary human being, thank you that that even the guy, you know I comfortable with you guys pointing How great I am. I don't think you do. You seem fine within this. Is your choice. I guess America could we sit here and dissect. All the leaks from the James call me book today, apple sure we could show it's been lots of time? Talking about James call me in all the observations he had about Donald Trump hands. Why or tell you what the latest thing I harpist is tell you something honestly what
What what? What is it that there is to gain on any of this com, and I haven't read it obviously yet, but from what I've heard, there's almost nothing new in it or I was making is not a new earlier. My window, when a book company mundt one sub, certainly not from a buck teeth to one of two things happen Journalists has received the entire book whether they bought it. Sometimes they written mistakenly, put at stores. Sometimes we note book company could lead it to them, say look at the book and they go through the book and they find the best stuff, the most important stuff that they think what would make boom. You know, get attention to it and they bring it up. That's part, one part too, is the publisher of the book leaks excerpts of the things they'll find to be most select, is so that people will start talking about the book before comes out. If it's that, if it's the publisher leaking details in this, is what's coming out, we don't know there's good stuff in the book. Yet we no if there is real softened the book yet because they may just be
making salacious details to get attention, and then, when you read the substance of it, you may find there actually is substance there, but if, on the other hand, we of the right, if they have this whole book, they ve read the whole book and what your hearing now is the most interesting crap in there there is both a giant zilch and by all indications. It's that one. It's that way We actually do have the book, they ve gone through the book, and these are the thing they find to be most important about. That's really that the only thing anybody's talk about is that dumb, russian rumour about the sex with prostitutes- Moscow and what went on there and he just says he thinks it might. He thinks it's possible that its true, oh, certified. First of all, we already went down that road. It's not the reason he thinks it's true is because apparently Trump asked him
to go, investigate. That's exactly a cunning tat, something that tells me it's not true. That tells me it not true I why, if my if I've I had that out about me and my wife would know but I would say I dont want that out about me that right, horrible scope, prove that there is an accurate there, make it a big deal out of it, because everybody saying will why, which even believe there's a one percent chance will, because he admitted do affairs multiple times he bragged about it in books, so yeah she could think. Maybe he did something weird like that so go investigated? Number that I know you do, there's no way he did something. I don't think he did it. You know no way way way way way. There's no way she believes he did something we're. Would he would he go to Moscow and have sex with beautiful models year, and I think she would. She would have fears but maybe he would do that, and I think she would be justified in that this. That's not what this is. This is
him buying, hookers, which I do not believe. Donald Trump would do it. Would it be too big, lightless is take it the the the shallow way. It would be too much of a hit to his ego to have to pay for it, so he wouldn't, I dont, think the second part of that is the golden shower. Donald Trump doesn't shake hands. He doesn't like to peep to shake people's hands, he's a germ phobia. You think that he's gonna have somebody p all over him around him no die but I mean it, shows exactly there. I just I don't think it happened. I don't I don't need another can happen. Either prodigious show how far coma is going to try to make this case. That's the point. You brought a pet it what he said, something the effect of look, even if my wife,
thinks there's a one percent chance that this something like this happen identify need to disprove it right and colonial investigated and shower and combings self righteous line after that were kind of marriage. Are you in? If your way would believe, there's a one percent chance. You do something like that than theirs. Such a stretch he's just saying book. I want to make sure I disapprove this there's no chance at all. My wife would believe it. I don't She believes it, but even if there's a one percent chance right, I want the Rev truth to be other saying that his are just so bad that she might believe it now. You may take that from other comments put two to just stretch his his comment. ITALY's. Did it completely out of proportion? Would emission his marriage as bad as ridiculous is worried? I M there's a lot of other evidence of those sorts of her. First of all, can we just let us be honest here for a second: let's, let's talk about the product as,
if it is the product that we all know it is Donald Trump. Is not the king, a virtue, as we hear from we're a chill leaders all the time we didn't know, lighted, a pastor waging they elect a pastor, so we know his record with women. Okay, we know it now whether it's this Normie Daniel Mail. It should say all of that stuff stopped the minute. He on his true love in Maloney, right, ok, we know who he was in the past you. You know, think Maloney does of course, of course, there's one percent chance. Of course it doesn't mean anything other than hey he's had this. Stuff in his life before, where Oh, he likes the youngest hottest thing. You know I, I'm not as young as I used to be I'm whatever, where she would think that and of course of course a good husband would think
our thinking that way. Yeah member of the time that your wife found her first gray hair and you had to make big deal out of how young she was absolutely not clear. Remember that either it's never happen. Jackie has a girl. I just remember I just register. Remember my father, who was a bad man going to talk about this today and background wish the revaluing in Nagoya. Apparently Ways tv radio broadcasts and he also read books too. If we want our interests, Are you early for you to? Let me tell you about tat. Bitcoin I've been trying to figure out Bitcoin for a long time been trying to figure out how crypto Quincy works and it's bit what it took me about two years and I really missed. I thought I could have bought it when it was like. I don't know two hundred dollars. A coin yeah miss that now. What is it today back over a thousand back over eight
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