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'Uptight and Humorless'? - 7/25/18

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Hour 1  Uptight and humorless...why are 'the left' incapable of laughing at themselves?...CRTV vs. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?...parody interview goes viral...1 million views...the left are going 'bat crap crazy'...Flashback Parody: Weird Al Interviews Bruce Springsteen? ...Draining the swamp with Austin Petersen, Austin joins Glenn to discuss his U.S. Senate Candidacy (R-MO), campaign giveaway, a ghost gunner 2 DIY gun creating machine; vote and win! Hour 2 CNN releases Michael Cohen tapes...'to pay in cash or not to pay in cash', that is the question?...the worst attorney of all time...12 tapes with only 1 Trump recording...why is Cohen doing this? ...to have Crack or not to have Crack? ...Why being addicted to outrage is all the rage?   Hour 3​ Fake news kills?...Five Killed in Latest Mob Attack After Rumors on Social Media; India's WhatsApp Murders? ...They Daily Wire's, Andrew Klavan joins to tell us why socialism kills countries...socialism takes God away ...President Trumps offers billions in farm bill, to help ease trade pain​ ...'The News & Why It Matters' now available on iTunes …President Trump’s sins have all been baked in with his ’intentionally blind’ base?

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The blaze radio network on demand back forty years ago, radical left his wrote. It but be remembered that you can threaten the enemy and you'll get away with it. You could insult and annoy him. The one thing that is unforgivable and that is certain to get to him is to react. And laugh at him. There this causes a rational anger or not This tactic has been used for years, and when we complain about it you know- maybe there onto far you know, like taking pictures of, let's say somebody stand there with a severed head of the president. You know maybe they say we're up tight and humorless.
Yet, as we have seen, they cannot handle absolute n e m me. Sarcasm any comedy they can handle zero of the same back into their face. Seen utterly incapable of laughing at themselves. Social. Eric Cohen? Can rib conservatives constantly and the leftist rejoice they are completely blind and silent about Cohen's wacky NPR character who pay thickly, encapsulates the hysteria of Troy derangement syndrome and whose own twitter Bio reads proud Democrat lie, sure on gender studies at Reed College culprit Simple and wild feels Polly Ed stay at home, male mom. How can we haven't heard anything about that? Because- You don't find that funny the carrot,
where's intro is I'm doctor near a cane the Anglia so whatever I'm assist gender white heterosexual mail, for which I apologise. You don't hear anybody talking about their. Do you. Another great example is your tv satirical video of Socialists, Alexandria, Cassio Cortez, now this Allie best stukely now alley is to work here at the blaze and Who is trying to find her own kind of niche. Her saying for on time and when she started here, she started making city recall videos not all of the more satirical still not all of them are satirical, but She just made one that went to a million views. I mean, within a day my cache, while the left is very upset
the video shows alley using selectively added comments from the cause you're Cortez Disastrous, PBS Interview where she it made anti semitic remarks and framing them in such a matter where she appears to be answering questions from Stuckey. This is the oldest trick in the book and especially when it's a very well known interview. This interview has been everywhere. Everybody knows it because she was a moron, well I think the occupation is I'd? Well, I not sure I am not an expert.
So the segment in his place, questions from Stuckey, cleverly inner spliced India selectively added clips from Cortez his recent interview with PBS. We ve all seen this done a brazilian times and the left's immediate response. If you can believe it was our rage outrage Shapiro said intensely stupid, this is what alley does I've started in them with her exactly right here. Actually right? Here's a shoe! clip of what she did do you have any.
Experience that qualifies you for this job. I was growing up during the the Clinton era and then, basically, when I was in middle school, nine eleven happened. Do you have any knowledge whatsoever about how our political system works hikes? Does that make you owe a little bit nervous? Put socialism into your own words, unprecedented concentration of wealth at the very top tippy top of the one percent, while I'm I'm kind of surprised to hear you admit that it. It sounds like. What's going on in socialist, been a swallow? What do you think about? What's going on in Venezuela just increasing crisis of humanitarian condition and said we would just be completely unacceptable if that happened on our
and now this is exactly what John Stuart and and everyone has done for a million years, well, port as who I can actually excuse, because she's is using this to make money. Guy she's just raising money on this social responded, report The kids are so scared me that their faking videos in presenting them is real on Facebook, because they, deal with the reality and more ok art. So is she doesn't get the joke or Munich Maybe she does get it but she's just trying to raise money when we go back one major point: why is it somehow find for leftist constantly make conservatives the butter, the joke and then instantly cry foul the moment The humor is reversed obvious. It, is important for people to listen to criticism and have their beliefs challenged occasionally, but is it hell? for people to feel as though their world view is inherently,
off limits. While the other side is made to feel, like their point of view, is somehow another evil? One side feels constantly under attack stop, listening. They stopping aging with the other side and, as a result, the division between left and right before become more unshakeable. This really dangerous situation, because, ultimately we need one another democracy She cannot work without balance of liberalism conservatism if two sides are unable to sit down together and of a laugh little. Compromise and empathize and commit themselves to improvement, and we ve Bigger problems than bias in comedy and theirs funny about that.
What may be there his, but only if it's done really really well, it's Wednesday July. Twenty four. This is the Glenda programme. Still, I would like to announce that I know I'm early but the death of the left. I think they are overplaying their hands. They are that there, there fucking themselves out in ways they don't even understand. If you're under declare the death of a political movement, glad you're gonna need to give us some supporting evidence. Cause I mean I don't know breaking out over an interview where you, edit, together clips and to make it in It was something funny is only so that has been going on for at least as long as I've been alive. You hire remember. We are now yank giving doing it on our tv. Every time you release did Albert alleys known for doing that. Well, unless you ve been watching her get first of all, it must even with cash you're at this one,
setting the awful both alley was on the show on our network, she did videos not exactly like this, but very similar to this in what she'd like mock characters. This is something that she does all the time the Washington The Washington Post release is a story about this, so posted controversy and first of all on justice egg. It could. I have the jingle please I think. Deserves this story deserves addicted to outrage, did you go ahead so used to watch him in Bahrain? Example up? Oh yes, because none of these people are actually outrage. No, it is none of them there. Doing it for clicks and fun that this is what they make they described the interview, they say they say, but the video did not. Picked a real interview, despite its caption alley, grills congressional hopeful of progressive it girl or and progressive it girl Alexandria Cassio Cortez, I'm glad, first of all, the Washington Post told us now for sure that
Progressive ISM is synonymous with socialist aims: I find it further, but this is this is alleys caption here and a knowledge of government or lack thereof ensue, instead use heavily edited funded from an interview of a cause. Your protest now, first of all, the Cassio could Orton Cortez interview on PBS has been achieved. I ain't news story for weak. Yes, everybody knew the footage everybody had seen the footage. Secondly, the backgrounds don't match. We're alley, sitting she's a white ground, but it's a different background for where Abkhazia Cortez sitting anybody who is looking at it would know immediately. Thirdly, you know you don't level satire satire. It is if you can but no try not to no reason for that is not because you give away the joke. Do now. Did you to hang on justice,
did you read the wash post? I am I dead for I'm getting the right. There have to label it, and you know that every satire you have ever seen is always label everything the Colbert report? What does it say, or that show even started warning satire approaching. Yes, try remain, they always label satire. Do that unless you have to react, she actually did label satire? Now, look there's they're talking about when she updated the caption. They have to do that. Just say this satire they actually bynum. Did it but He put a winking emerged in the middle of a headline if you are conducting a serious interview with an coming congressional candidate. Do you put a winking emerging in your in the description of your interview? Now is blatantly obvious what what it was was into this, though, after an outcry, the feast Page for studies show where the social media, China's given informal
the emperor I can reset network? given the blue, checkmark right was up It's a noted. A video was satire and include a reference to the original PBS show, but the first. Tat the video traveled so widely in for some apparently believable again I do not think they believed it. For some apparently believable. What is their evidence for this? Who knows they go onto give you a couple of random people from Facebook to say. Look one person said they believed it. It's like its facebook. One person says everything: equal one person is talking in Djibouti right now. One person is, it has an entire page dedicated to PIG Latin like at one person, Belize, everything but like that video traveled, so widely again it's over. A million had overlain views. The video did very well right, looking exe, of the previous videos from alley. Here's the one the top of her page, which is
video entitled here is human dignity starts in the womb, get that It has three point one five million views more than double the amount The Washington post is talking about when you go onto the previous video before that its alley there's so much one most, this alleys sitting at her car production value she sitting in her car, and they headline is Christ like competence is greater than self love and she, is its three main over your herceg, your car, that has seven hundred and sixty two thousand views. This is very much in the mainstream of where an Alley Stuckey video would perform right wing she does well on the internet, and it's like He said here in the hammer her as if she, has never done anything like this before that. That's one of the hour,
that's because people will say more about John Stewart. He's done the stuff. We know Saturn lives down the stuff every we at weird Algonkin ex done on these things well alley. Not known for that first of all, she's what twenty five years old, yes, she's, a new media personality and if you have been around her or following her, she used is known, is known for their nest. She's not well known because she's at the beginning of her career right, like the fact that you don't know what she does doesn't mean that her millions of fans dont, know that crazy do know it. That's why they're they're right near this again. It is repeated you're trying to make out but outrage story that you don't actually have any foundation to and the fact that they would I'll play along as you're right. Ok, you Cortez, she's between about it, she wants to raise money and look like the victim, so she came in. I wish, of course, but the thing so many media members jump under this an act.
If they also can't tell whether this is real are not really is the big ruffled unnecessary, and I just that I have some breaking news here on something that we have just discovered that done Trump has said. And it is stunning stew, We're gonna get into this next. What is it? Well, I don't I urge you well, you should be. They did to re, might even be outraged by it will get into that next, its it has nothing to do with valleys video. This is the real deal. Ok and maybe you're gonna be shocked. I can't wait to hear it. I'm sure there's gonna be important, I'm sure. Are I take it to worry the the expert or go to expert on Bitcoin encrypted currencies came out
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Using science and end an analysis to make his you know pretty action if you will watch the real, play for free now at back, Crypto show Dotcom, that's Beck, Crypto Show Dotcom, teaches also sharing the name of the currencies, and you have a chance of walking away with, though your share of two million dollars in Bitcoin Watch replay for free tonight, midnight Pacific? Only you can watch it all day any time it ends at midnight, Pacific your life. Ass, chance back, Crypto show dot com, it's free back crypto show dot com. Glenn back to re, engage cow. I I'm very.
Very concerned? I'm really upset. I dont know if this is real or not. I just an honest another common tape. I just know no, no just tweeted this. I just treated this. I dont know The sources is alley. Stuckey or This seems highly edited, but I'm not sure it doesn't seem like some
The president would do Andy. It's not marked parity, oh my couch yeah. So could we use play this? Please was clean from seeing I sat on the front line in United States acting round time for the full production of his song, the backgrounds his tie, its position as the microphone. Everything changes almost every word, but I'm not sure if this is downright scariest hell everyone. Please watch this video revealing seen. How did this person get elected to be president ignited states? the new phase of the Republicans By the way. Those are all that's the evidence that people believe the alley. Stuckey video is the three comments. I just read to you: they one person said downright scary is howl. Another said
everyone? Please watch this video its revealing now they have any evidence of those comments are real debate. Through income and find out for sure if the person really felt it was downright scary as hell or were they joking about the comment, because that is how I would comment on science and art parity these, nor is it a moment, marked parity. Yes, that's that's what I think we need to know. It wasn't mark parity, we don't know if it was parity at but he can assume it wasn't, and we must immediately go for the worse possible outcome. If it involves a Democrat, did you hear this interview with Peru Springsteen now? yet this is I mean this is a bizarre interviewing and its downright scary is hell. Gladly syllables came out of the question I hear you a problem with your pants falling down, onstage, what's wrong with them free, a prelude to a couple minutes ago. I saw you using a nutcracker to open a bottle of beer. How come
It seemed like a good open. Ok, as many members, as you can, between seven and twelve a lie, ed web say something and comprehensible that something I guess my Ours is a practical thing,
Ok, that's enough as their while Bruce Supervisory. Nobody on Iraq's seems all it does seem old. It seems like it's from AL tv I'll tv, which is one weird Alianza VIC took over MTV everyone's. This weird l, Yankovo use he's a serious interviewer that never disparity loud. I didn't know that its very is very controversial, so this is something brand new brand new. I'm sure I and it seems like a bird sprinting while looking much younger must be on some sort of good drugs. He was obviously in some errands scary. We could say that we don't know for sure, but just based on this video Bruce spread steam may be close to an overdose. Also has its downright scary is held me. They do said me, Everyone watch this video, its reveal aid is revealed. How does this get person get to sell albums God stay? I have no idea these
At least he knows how to count the least can we we know that we know he can count. It's very disturbing. I mean I it's it's this addicted outrage. Were there faking that they are upset about this. It's not real. Then air not upset about it. They knew it was parity from the beginning, its not a real story but they're doing it anyway, and that is a massive problem. Ok, a lot to discuss today, including the tapes cone and from This is the Glen Back programme due to re. Also everything that's happened, carbon laying load. Now you want to ILO television. Is the best place to do that now, I'll, give you a chance to clear up some thing, You gave an interview with Billy Bush. Who claim that, while you're at a gas station in Rio, a gun was put to your forehead and contact? And you are
now you're saying that didn't happen. And that's why I over exaggerated that part that part of it the thing that part is really the whole part. Gun beforehand. It's really just a story about some guys urinating on a gas station. That's alone. I was intoxicated, ok but on Sunday, when you told a story to Billy Bush. It was after the incident I was still in toxic, but then on Wednesday you told Matt Lauer again that you were robbed that wasn't three days later, clearing house This seems highly edited. I don't A valley Stuckey had anything to do with this, but this seems highly added edited here. Eric Satire, Savelich Satire. I don't even know if I choose to believe it and say it's downright
scary is hell right. Well, people should listen to this because I think it's quite revealing into his. So anyway we have Austin, Peters and he's Eu Us Senate candidate in Missouri, an his Senate race is happening. What August are you there? Austin yeah good morning, guys August seven August, Seven's, okay and you are you're here. You're of I guess, fund raising with a raffle. For a ay ay, Three, the printer that will print a gun it's called a ghost Gunnar had to his milling machine. It allows you to make an unseen realized: firearm every again has the right to manufacture at least one firearm that doesn't contain the serial numbers. So last week
The court decision that made it so that it was legal for us to use our not only our second memorized, but our first amendment rights today, tribute machines like this and its it away for me to explain to people in show people that I am the strongest that an amendment, candidate in the country and definitely got liberals got the higher up on the back of their next year, either. Come informing. I have of feeling that no one could out do the guy who is that you can make a guy without a serial number. You don't be hard to find somebody. Important, because the guy that I'm running against the republic and whose sort of like the Mitch Mcconnell Pickin this rave yeah, you know the first thing
he did when he announced was running, was come out in favour of gun control, actually he's technically to the left of the Obama administration when it comes to firearms controls, because he wants to use executive orders to ban firearms accessories, which even Obama said he didn't have the authority to do, and you know we have some simple that show that if enough Republicans Missouri know that Josh Holly is weak on the second amendment that we beat him. So I'm trying to get the message what better way to do it and let people make their own goes guns so. I said I'm concerned, though I saw a recent press conference with one the honourable Charles humor, and he He was very clear that this any idea of a three D printed gun was very dangerous. Sir society and you earlier on here saying the opposite. I don't understand
well sure. Tumor is no friend of the second amendment. Eight he's a big fan of the type of Diane Feinstein Gun bills that came out in two thousand thirteen, which, coincidentally, the democratic running against Claremont Gaskell, the big supporter of, but we we don't expect to see Republicans in red states like this one coming out in favour of gun control to it almost seems like the Democrats want to take all of our guns and some Republicans wanna take our guns. Just a little bit, I am to stop point defence. On the second amendment I wanna go on the offensive, think we need to stop fighting over how many of our rights we're gonna take away and turn the conversation towards how we can expand our second amendment right. That's what I'm fighting for in those the principles, all care with me into the son a next year, so the raffle ticket? How can you can you buy it overstayed lines in? Well, it's free, so it's basically just give it.
I say we couldn't do a raffle, because our campaign fires lost. All you have to do is go too often Petersen knock on Slash ghost underscore Gunnar and you can register for free and hopeful you'll be able to win. Your own goes gun the shrine, ok and in, and I suppose you could make a donation there as well. You absent, but we could and weave delta grass. Through its army, I were not funded by the establishment in DC, thousands of reg the people your listeners have joined us forty bucks? At a time we raised almost six hundred grand on it? You know interesting line is that, despite all the money in the endorsements that my republican primary opponent has had on the only Republican who's running against Clare, mechanical in the double digits, you know Trump on this date by nineteen point and I'm the only Republican who beats or by sixteen points if the elections are held today, the guy that everybody is trying to pop, prop up unless raised right now, is either within the margin of error or he's losing to her, which is
probably why they're so desperate nerved can avert their doing a whole Bernie Sanders Hillary Clinton thing here remember when they change the rules to favour Hilary, while the Republican Party is doing that here. For me, I feel sometimes like the Republicans. What I don't lose with someone they can control, then and with someone like myself who they cannot control all. I believe that absolutely so Austin the can be his. People don't know you you're, obviously a a deep libertarian but you're? Not one of these crazy Rotarian that is somehow and others also for universal health care or think rethink. No, no, I'm not a. What is the leper back? The cake libertarian provide pro liberty pro constitute an old constitution.
Conservative. I mean what the one of the main reasons why I'm running line is because I want to give some back up to people like ran Paul and TAT crews and MIKE Lee. Those are the people that I want to join in the U S next year. That's why I'm doing this to not only represent the people of Missouri but to represent the cause of liberty, and you know when you got there public and establishment, doing everything they can to stop you and the democratic standards went doing the same. You know your. Globally on. The right side of history is just a question of in two weeks. Can we get enough votes on August seventh to beat them it's locked I'll this race, which is why
legally obligated to ask you goin back for your endorsement. Would you like to get you now? I tell Ya Austin no I've. I've learned an important lesson, never eat around me as a union for use on a twenty Sixty England, but ass soon, ass don't get, and I appreciate it. I think what you do is just gonna say, as you should ask for me to hate you endorse the other guy, then you have a great chance. Speaking of endorsements Austin, I saw Donald Trump yesterday appeared with your opponent in the primary and he did. It seemed to be an all familiar with whom we worked. As I have to be honest with you who is kind of, I don't seem like he actually has like deep knowledge of this race by any means, but he did not seemingly endorse your your opponent and we, happen in Georgia. Last night I mean I can be very powerful. How if I don't want them, It is time that the president interfered in primary Alabama elected a Democrat,
the President of the United States and the vice president doing everything they can to counter prop up this guy here in Missouri, because he hasn't been campaigning, he's really ticked off a lot of the grass roots with not just on the policy provision that he's taken, but he does hasn't showed up to any of these events, and I think he has this sort of entitlement complex and is really strange because it's kind of Ivy League Yale lawyer, but he can it does this whole pretend populism, like he's a magyar Republican, but he's just so not. If you really want to drain the swan, if you really want to be no tick off Mitch Mcdonald and the republican elites, there's only the Missouri, that's going to count that can actually, when the primary and be clear mechanical, that's Austin Petersen for you a Senate. So I think that the President, this is probably hasn't done. His his research, unfettered everybody in the Senate, primary probably just had somebody pointed Josh, always said, he's the guy and frankly the president, has better things to do than to worry about a republican, primary Missouri, but he's probably called and took out here
favours called in forum, and I mean again, the question is the end of the day. Are you and ABC voter anybody, but Clare? not the strongest republican Senate candidate. I beat her hands down, We do I Peter sixteen points over. But you know, Israel, exciting, guises, I'd better by forty one points with young people if you want to restore and revitalize the Republican Party with true conservatives and true libertarians, I mean on the best candidate who do that here in Missouri, so I'm hoping people are gonna. Come out for me on August seventeen pull a vote I actually believe that what you just said it is true the countries moving in a different direction and if the Republicans don't don't hop on and and and understand the Democrats are. The Democrats are moving towards socialism. And that is going to appeal to a younger group of people the if the public, conscious, bleak, keep playing the same game you're in a fight
yourself in the dustbin of history you, need to move towards a constitutional. Libertarian, but not necessarily a crazy libertarian. You know a libertarian constitutional kind of candidate because That is what the you know, The millennials will vote for and I can There are four things anyway: there fixing what we have put up with for so long. They won't put up with it it's totally high and the sworn enemy of democratic socialism of communism of collectivism. I think that the report Can party is at a crossroads right now and that if we really want, future to be limited government future one that we can secure the blessings of prosperity for our posterity, Think a conservative, libertarian alliance what we really need- and there are two of Us Liberty, Republicans who are running this year-
recommend you check out Senator Eric breaking up in Maine who's running against the horrible Angus king he's a great guy, and then of course, here and there very high, I think that there is probably no better state other than perhaps your own state of Texas. That can have someone like myself. It is a true constitutional. As somebody who really wants to bridge the divide between left and right and say you know, we have some things in common as american swinging, two letters partisanship come behind so that we can put our country first put our constitution. First put our freedom first and that's what As for our children, they want to be free, they don't wanna, be saddled with student debt. They don't want to have to date, only want to be with social security. They should be allowed to opt out when their young people into the private market place these kinds of solutions, What get young people excited, not democratic socialism, but if we don't put up good leaders that I'm I'm
the same may be swayed by that. Do you know Alexandria, Ocasio Cortez is the Bernie Sanders of the world, because when you just offer free stuff, free stuff, free stuff, I mean that's a powerful incentive for some people but prank I prefer a freedom is dangerous. Glenn. I think that's why people are afraid of it: freedom as dangerous as hell, but frankly up for it to the alternative, Austin Petersen running for U S Senate in Missouri, thanks for being on with us, and I just I think I have to go to the website just put my name in so I could possibly when the sky they ve got three printer you to find Austin Obstinate, Austin Petersen dot com awesome, Petersen, dot com or follow him at a plea for the number for liberty.
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Glenn back my way, this portion of the programme brought you buy a lovely city of San Francisco. Events, the makers of pepperoni now on San Francisco streets. They have we're gonna get into a problem there having their now parent? it's very dangerous too the transit system there. I think there is. Slippery. What's the nicest you noticed being killed in open? killing system. So oh murder! Well, I'm just a little bit of a dash of murder. Asher from her has ever heard. Anyone know I mean when you re at an annual who are murdered. Those people here are examples. Eddie citizens of San Francisco. What is going on there? I mean that see what is going on there. Is it just progressive? Isn't that America is amended action? It's it's it's I mean the Pope is definitely progressive is progressive. His men action right.
I did not enforcing laws like that. You know letting homelessness become such an issue in Reno, basically invite homeless people to come there and do these types of things in their city because they feel bad and they have to give away everybody's tax money. Is that once clear, the murder thing? I guess It is blaming police for everything. What's the reason for that, let me good kind just back for a second you really need to have a law that says don't poop on the street. I think you have answered your call Should the fact that you made a jungle. It is this. Is this: I believe that the real deal anyway, so My question is. If we need laws to say, but you can't poop on streets,
you're not going to get you. You have no place to go. You are you you, you have to have an author rotarian government. Well, knows your daughter marathon, of the large majority of people are not pooping stream right. I know why what people do make those Then you should have a bunch of people that are saying: hey, hey, I'm gonna, coffee or not coffee or whatever the police force and another called in a third Thor, Terry in government, people are employed on the New Chad rule yourself, Glenn back mercury. Back it's Wednesday July, twenty fifth, this is the Glen. A programme of a lot to talk about today. I want to talk about Elon Musk there there
something going on with a media, any Elon, Musk and Elon Musk, as is behaving radically, but I think I know what it is and I want I want to take you through it. There was a credible article that just tore him apart a couple of days ago- and I wanna talk to you about that- also- why socialism or how socialism kills countries that's come about an hour from now When talk about the farm bill that the president has just pushed out, and this tape. That CNN has has released last night. Now, let me ask you a couple of things. I have seen I have seen tapes come out and played on the news. I don't even know how many times a thousand times. Ten thousand times I've seen this happen
over and over again throughout my lifetime and all The tapes have one thing in common. When you see them on television and your listening to them It is the one thing that every single tape that you ve ever seen have in common. What does it do me, particularly if the odds, Equality is not easy to understand, you know like if you think of like the Mitt Romney forty seven percent video. Remember saying that in her picture that your mind at the bottom of the of the video you always see what the transcript as it goes, have you by word. Have you heard audio too, veteran worse condition than this one. Mean very rarely it's it's. It's now, there's been some but their third. This is a pretty bad quality, audio terror, at least at times right, but you
somehow or other we have probably seen worse it in the media has has declared what it said now. Cnn decides to run this tape and they are very clear on what it says. They think that its as Donald Trump said? Pay. Cash I challenge you to listen to it, but that's that's what their export aid, but. They wouldn't commit to that, otherwise they would have put that transcript down, but they don't run a transcript on any of it. Ok, So last night Lanni Davis comes on and he is Cohen's attorney now. Why would he higher Lanni Davis's an attorney because that seems to be a sign these turning on Trump that service. Seemingly at least that's what are ones so Lenny Davis gets on and says you have to listen to the tape. Don't take my look, I'm a Democrat. Don't take my word for it. Listen of the tape, so I did over.
Over and over again- and I want you to listen to the tape now you're gonna hear in this part there talking about unity, they ve got to take care of this thing they ve got a set up, some sort of a of a fund and pay into it, and the question is and its muffled did die old Trump say: pay cash or don't pay in cash, If he said, don't pay in cash there Its consistent with what he said and, if he didn't then Trump and Rudy Giuliani are liars. Can this. This is. This is where the media is. I want to take you beyond the media here in a second, but it's important first to establish this. What does he say here and it was its proceeded, or you will hear right after you will hear
the Kohen saying: no, no, no, no, no, no, no and the way he says it to me is like in agreement. None on- and I know I know I know- listen I spoke to Alan about it when it comes trying for the financing, which will be egoism. What have I got not just played again. And I spoke out about it when it comes to mind for the financing, which will be egoism with what he said, steps up. He said financing. What financing? Well there we're gonna have to make a payment of somehow. Now, when I spoke down about it when it comes to mind for the financing, which will be listened with, what have I got it all just? What did he say. Now it's hard to hear, but I I listen to it with headphones on this morning and
listen to it over and over and over again. To me? It is really clear that he said don't pay in cash amartya. Yes, I spoke out about it when it comes to mind for the financing, which will be worth. What have I got no stu, I feel he says, don't pay with cash right, now there are where he's too figure out exactly what he said. Cnn decides to run with this. Why because there are absolutely convinced he says: pay in cash. He's does it just says it after don't rock intersect right now, maybe he does say pay in cash no, I
now I can. I haven't done forensics on this, but you can do. Forensics can use it the state run away to Nick Yasser are LEO Guy, see if he can clean it up and boosted and see if he can turn it around forces morning. Ok, I think you saying he saying essentially don't pay in cash, and then currency will, of course not. Yes, you done on anonymous. Obviously we're not gonna painting right, that's exactly awaited sounds, if you would have said in ordinary users, a real life example. My wife says to me: you're not wearing that out, Sir are, you and then I go. And change. Even though I have every intention of wearing that outside final, so call it may have been considering thing in cash, but as soon as he hears trumps, they dont pain of propriety easily. I got honours its past Ok, so now,
The question is. The media, is making this in to see Donald Trump is lying to you about pay off with a playboy playmate that he had sex with Is there anything new there. So, Sir anything new there I think that you didn't know what in the realm of wild possibilities, not just possible highly probable, if done tromp were elected president No, I mean we, we all kind of price this one and we all know, oh, he waited hold it just a second Donald Trump lie: excellent. Ladies Donald Trump likes big bucks, some
Blondes, I believe, she's a Burnett. Whatever here's is it? tromp may have made it with a penthouse Pat or a playmate. No way, there's not a lot of surprise coming out of them know. Sorry, there s not a Meda and and die. Trump who has this angel avoided, turning they might pay people off to keep them quiet shot. I know it's not a surprise right. This is this is akin to coming out in saying now and expecting people to be surprised. How did you know that in New York Donald Trump Card, I worked with them on meaning kill anybody but yeah he will. He was working with the mob and get buildings built in staffing. Do some pay payoffs from time to time of the mob. Get out of here to God
the guy who had the casino in Atlantic City that guy, the guy who can build buildings twice as fast as anyone else doesn't seem to be slowed down by anything in a city, riddled with unions and mobsters shot. Ah,. I mean there's no surprise there ever but he has already baked this in ok here's. What the media is doing. The media is missing the real question these think that sea we caught him, we caught him, he was lying. Startled trump if, no Trump. Here I mean you, look it It's a tough thing because in our trump pretty clearly denied that he had any knowledge of this pay off
Yes, he did you believe it at the time I did not give us. Neither did I, nor did anyone else idle. Chair would Reverend Jeffreys says He didn't believe it either you know, I don't care what I don't care. What any of these these me, pious, religious belief? Well now he this happened a long time ago and he's changed it does. Matter it matter not to the average person with Donald Trump. It doesn't matter if it gets all priced in writing wish it did, but it doesn't here in its, I think- you can fairly say that We had a democrat on tape.
Who is talking about a pay off to a media sore say now. This is different churches and hide a stone ass. We would be a certain amount, as especially living being being in the weeks leading up to an election dinging being being but again in I do This is all this priced in? You know you look it ideal there. I happened to be scrolling through some. You know some of the nerves, stat sites that I look up and war Had posted just day, aced graph of down trumps approval since he took office that thing and move more than four points in either direction since the day he walked in, I would have been surprised. It's basically a straight line from left to right. Everybody does everybody. Has everyone has opinion of Donald Trump. They know who he is nobody's moving. Nobody is moving right and I think you know look you look at this and I think you can fairly say
he's done a lot of really good things as he's been in office in here, if you're, a republican or conservative you'd, probably like at least one, if not two of his Supreme Court Justice picks you, The economy has been doing pretty well There are things that there are things like. Certainly like ISIS send, you know is a big one. There's been a lie, of positive things that have happened, and so you price in Kay will, I know he does some stuff that that used to make me uncomfortable but I'm going to put up with it, because there are some things that I really like and, I think the decision that people are making on a day to day basis. I dont think this type of thing surprises. This activity surprises anybody. I mean look we call on was acting in the campaign. He was acting thus like this and was caught on. Tape Thing just like this, during the and pain with a story he didn't like about Trump during the campaign screaming at reporters through. Meaning when them with lawsuits. This is what Business was pay off
threats. You know what surprised by what he surprised, and nobody should be surprised that Michael Cohen ISM, workers worst attorney. The fact that he would go in there and record is own client in a sensitive conversation like bad is absolutely inaction, usable the act as an attorney. He should never get. Another client, luckily he's only I'd like one anyway, okay, so here's a guy who knows where all the bodies are buried, John ever did anything. He knows only illegal, certainly Michael telling it he thinks that is this. Is this? This should give trumps supporters some. Some hope. I think. This is the one that he releases now You could make the case. It is holding back something really really juicy, but If you just want this to go away you you release something this. This is nothing this is.
Think this is not going to change the poles either way I think it to take what they want out of it. He said didn't or he it say: yes, you gotta pay and cash. It doesn't matter. Everybody hardens their position, and This is the thing that they have, that is the smoking gun. This this is Cohen, saying I gotta get him on for this now think about this he's not the worst attorney He is a. He believes in self preservation Donald Trump is a guy who can turn on you and destroy you and you bearing all of the bodies. You want to make sure that you have some insurance. I suppose that's true, although that's the exact opposite. What is to turn is supposed to do an attorney. I know defend their client at personal risk, no matter what the whatever they have to do, their supposed to say as all sorts of things they might not even believe yes, to defend their client to get. There cried the best possible defence,
recording mega a guy who, by the way, was weeks away from presidential election and storing that idiot her home by the way. So if you get rated they're gonna find it is Is the sign of the worst attorney about how he's clearly the worst attorney onto something clearly enemy to other parts? First of all, their supposedly only twelve tapes that they found. And this is the only one- with Donald Trump Voice on it, so you think something else coming from the tea there's, nothing that doesn't seem to be anything at least how it's been reported so far. This is as bad as it gets four Donald Trump, at least his voice on tape that we know of, I think, that's kind of interesting. The second is wise, Cohen doing this coin? Is either really flipped on Donald Trump? After all these years, it's possible that he's Looked on him and he society know what I've got. No path left self preservation.
I'm gonna go with a democratic attorney Clinton Associated Attorney and go for this and try to make friends on the other side and hopefully get out of us that can be ass. His approach here, the other part bull approach of my mind, Is that he's looking for signalling from the White House that, if something goes down and Cohen gets in trouble. He's gonna get pardoned right. He wants trump, come out kind like he's done with with the M with Flynn. He signal this way a little bit. He certainly did it with that. Would the sheriff in in Arizona that he wanted pardoning ricotta comes out says? Look I they can. If they're coming after him with ridiculous partisan attacks and if it they're gonna, do that, will then I'm gonna have to partner and if good signal that I think Cohen probably is gonna, be fine It was a he's signalling the opposite. He saying what I am saying about, Michael Cohen, which is what kind of crap heap of come out and record his own client if he does have more
If anything on these twelve tapes is really bad. And- and he gets into trouble The Kohen will flip hard on Trump, but why? It would make anybody care sea, because the press The press is so discredited themselves if the press would have come out end and talked about old trump from the beginning, and been fair. Maybe maybe things would be different, but they have every step of the way they ve been unfair. I want to give you an example: when we come back first, our sponsor this half hours, mercury, real estate for most Americans, your home, is the biggest investment that you are going to ever make, and that is why we real estate agents. I trust dotcom working with a right agent makes a significant difference in the outcome of buying or selling your home. We have thousand agents. Oliver America, who are just like you their word, is their bond, their fate
the show they share your sensibilities, thriller Cadillac, making a new friend or agents are fully vetted hand, picked for your team for their knowledge, their skill and their track record. Is there a friend yeah, that's great! I I would love to you know, be friends, sell my house that what we ve met them for. Are they the right person to sell your house? Do they know what the market where your house is thousands of families have already but real estate agents. I trust dot com to the test and you can now the results yourself by going there now real estate agents? I trust Dotcom, that's real estate agents, I trust dot com you know The problem of the media is they do not under stand? The art of persuasion and they don't understand the art of persuasion anymore, because they haven't been challenged, see back in the nineteen fiftys when they
or in bedding messages in movies, etc, etc. We're doing those things intentionally because they had to persuade American to move now that earned crop of people. They they ve never been challenged on any of these things there in that they are there in the main stream of their culture. The media there has never been challenged, really seriously challenged They're all in lockstep, and so they don't understand the art of persuasion. They don't even think they have to make the case, just say it and it is and people goes to fall in line and Wendy don't fall in line they. They don't understand it. And so they become more and more unfair and unreasonable and they can't explain anything to anyone, because they ve LAW, stability, because they ve never had to do so,
If the media would have come out at the very beginning, Francis. Let me take the collusion thing with Russia: the forever collusion, collusion collusion. Ok, when this story first broke, I was probably one of the first to say we are by Ben. I bet if they had when they had those email, say: hey. We got something on Hillary Clinton and Don Junior Rights basis, hey well. Why just stop on by were very interested in that way He had just that. I was like absolutely Absolutely they colluded. Absolutely. However that the way the scenario played out but the media Didn T to say it did. Let me let me pick up their next
listening to the Glen Back Programme, pursue we're talking about the Kohen tubes and do they even matter- and I contend no and I contend that they don't matter for a couple of reasons- first of all to me. It sounds like he is saying: don't pay cash Cnn says it sounds to them like he says: pay in cash. If, if that's the best. You got where we're both hearing and lets say we're both being honest. Both hearing that nothing? You got nothing Kay. I didn't even that big a deal had the format of the payment. Now that the additional duties of payment, yet you're worried about shows all it show there trying to say that he's lying no shut up. Ok, so Let me show you why this does matter, but it won't matter.
And it's the press whose fault bouquet legacy you go into a drug dealer and you say: hey wanna buy some crack, you'd sentiment email. I wanna buy some crack, he says no, my crack house, so you pull up, you have the money and you walk in and you feel spooked in so you don't buy any crack or you say: hey where's, the crack. You promised and they say why don't have any crack, and you say what I drove all the way down here for crack. I know crack Will. I was gonna, buy crack from you. What I don't have any crack to sell you term at you, walk out the the feds couldn't be courting you does matter union by crack? Did you. That was your intent. We even by crack, so I got oven they got nothin, that's just the way the law works. So
a star with this collusion knows might have been hey. We got some crack on Hillary Clinton. I like crack. Can you come too office sure your crack. Okay, again the office, they don't have crack. Even talk about, maybe they would have colluded, but they didn't you nothing. You got! No. If the media would have come out and said just that, look it looks like he wanted to collude, but they didn't, in the end Now it could be because they didn't have any crack but we also do have any evidence. While we were in the meeting that he said hey, where the crack. And even if he didn't say that its a collusion until they make a deal they. They didn't do that Instead they went, after him, with everything
now, this whole this whole Russia Gate has been going on going on going on. They spend. I don't know how many Domini hours, how many days, how many months now Digesting this and in regurgitating and eating it up again on television doing all they can to make sure you know everything. Donald Trump does is bad. Let's just say they would have been good. The whole time said: Others now, there's no collusion here. There is a price with Russia, but there's no collusion here. Would you I have colluded, looks like it, but he didn't so we move on if they would have dealt with him like this in a reasonable way, maybe maybe people but have cared when you call with this tape, but not for the reason you are saying. The media is like look he's lying. It's done
all the trumpet if his lips are moving, there's are pretty good shot is I'd say in what's really happening, Oh, that's a lot of times by his own desires in his own defenders alike will say you know this. Is him negotiating right? Exactly were a harsh statement about ex topic. He does actually mean it. What they say. The US all the time about Terence right. The gout Anita he's are actually gonna. Do these tariffs? That's not really what he wants to do here. Negotiating with these other countries. Ok don't maybe he is its Donald Trump. You don't No, you cannot take what he says seriously. You have to take what he does seriously all. So we come to you and say: look here, It's just he's here is on tape, with his attorney trying by a story from a media outlets to suppress it.
That's different! Then I buy story, Daniel Stormy Daniels story, so she wouldn't share it to the press. That's different! That's it! interaction between you and her? That's her business. You might think it's shady blankets scenario at its what's done. Ok, is I'm I'm very uncomfortable with a candidate for anything. President candidate vice president's senator anyone being able go to the press and say you have that story. Listen, don't run that story I'll, give you a x number of dollars. That's a problem for me He added something that I don't think he did anything illegal. No here look. I know I don't know. I can't say that I'm a well versed enough campaign, finance lotta that I don't know complete certainty, but I may I dont forget it in illegal, although I think in the future. It may be something we want to at least consider making illegal. Can you I'm cause we suck at this. We have no media sources. I can you
imagine how a Democrat would be able to exploit this, and they probably have right, where Adele four Democrat, if it was legal and unacceptable for a press, it'll candidate a few weeks before the election, to to the New York Times and say: here's a million dollars get this person, Laurie convinced them. You're gonna, run it and then bury it at that. That is not something I would want Barack Obama to do or No come Allah Harris to do or any other democrat in the future, and they are going to be a lot better at than we are so here's the intensity. But this is that this is one reason why it doesn't matter if here, under the washing, imposes Lescaut blessed be reasonable. He goes to Fox news. They have this during their life story, we're gonna run, and he says I gotta give you a million dollars and you make that disappear right. I'm ok, let's Fox news
This is the national inquirer. Ok, they don't have any real credibility as it is so going to the national enquire and saying: ok, I just don't want the headache. What is this gonna cost yeah different than the New York Times either There are levels of this. I still don't want somebody to be able to do it, but it's not against the law that I know of and it is shady, but it's Donald Trump negotiating with the national. Inquirer amazing. What part? What part it isn't shady I mean look. We in this house, again, I think priced and allow people saying what how can this be alive, which payment never happened First of all, we don't have record of it happening right now. We know the pain happened from the source they're talking about to the porn star to display
We count as a porn star mama, but does that mean? replace our model? I think she did. I didn't see the photos of this particular person, but if you, oh an end, payment. We know that part of the payment definitely happened. That's on record and has been already talked about and discuss widely. The p from the media source to her. She He was paid I am told that she was gonna be able to run columns on the site and everything else. So we know- that part of it happened. We don't know for sure whether the payment happen from Cohen or from another organisation to the media, to this media source from other direction. We know they talked about it. We know he said he had no awareness of it and now on tape. Being very aware of it so made its way: in all brush this offers nothing, and I think, because probably nothing illegal here that might very well be the right thing to do. As far as the grant scheme of things, though, let's think about this for a moment. Do we want this precedent going forward out? I think,
what we should do, something nothing to do with double drop that go with it did with with fifty are right empty are a You ran fair and square ran from simple terms past too for three one for four and he probably what are kept running till the at a time when he died, everyone said: ok, he did that Square, let's set a new press and going forward that we one president candidates paying media sources to hide stories. That really shouldn't be something that's that's allow. Let me ask you this: if Hillary Clinton would have done exactly the same thing and she were on tv, saying it's a vast right wing conspiracy and deny denied it. I didn't I deny, but then tape came up and it showed her with one tramping of a joke like a national inquirer, the new four times and
it shows that it shows that she is. She it colluded with or or paid off somebody, let's say it was the you know the Daily NEWS here: ok policy that are not the New York Times a daily knew something they dislike big. They do tabloids type stunningly that right. Ok, so they did. She did a deal with that. We would be pretty outraged if it was, I know I already journal washing, impose New York Times. Then I'd really be upset. But if she was paying a journalist to hide a story that they had, I would have more than ninety than that to go out Get right, like they went out and got the story captured action until they call it. He would do and got the story to kill it. It wasn't like they were about to run it and they got a payment, don't run it, they went and they they want and bought the story, so they could kill it. I mean you know or sell it would not, but they did
Make them in they got the story so that they would suppressed could be? I guess I mean sell it to don't write like agenda, be it the point is that this is not a good precedent. I think we can all agree that that's that's. When are you link that heat, whether he did was it legal or not? What do you think that? Well, we all do is about Trump, whether use well, the payment was an officially that officially go through it lets you say it didn't, throw there's nothing to talk about here in the future. We should probably do something to make sure that this is a normal occurrence and if it's happened, because if it's happened, if this comes out on Hillary Clinton tomorrow that we before the election she paid New York Daily NEWS, a bunch of money to hide a story. I wouldn't be really outraged about that. Aren't you, yeah, I will be, I mean I don't believe, will so the point here is that At times we have, you can't be Unless you either stand against it right now and say, I'm I'm rage by this, but he it's not against the law
as far as I know, but as far as I know its not against the law. So if it's not against the law, then he had every right to do it now. Let's change that law, so he or anybody else cannot do that It is outrageous that you would you stifle the story. You would buy a story from a media outlet to stifle at the end to kill it. That's not cool! That's not a free press, the press. We I mean I would be just as mad at the New York Times or Washington Post if had done a deal like this with with Hillary Clinton. I be equally as bad them lies in anybody's through shut up. You know the national inquirer because they have no journalistic credibility there,
that's. Why in that's really seeing something you know in a world where no one has any journalistic integrity, Let me take a gold mine. Just reading a story here about the housing prices that are collapsing. All but the farm subsidies that are coming out, that that's that this is bad. Is really bad. The farm subsidies Willimot were paying our farmers because our trade policy is backfiring that doesn't sound good anyway, things herb. Things are dicey. Now not his dicey as they are in Venezuela. Yet Twill apparently is going to have one million percent inflation by the end of the year. You mentioned that
a million dollar inflation These controls are being hurt because the government set in and said okay, so you can't charge that much for flower, because people have to eat. Well now factories are stopping making flower because they can't afford to make it because the price control and so they just as this vicious cycle. I went to the Canadian meant because, if you're like me, I dont trust that in my lifetime, things are gonna, be stable, likely even our now. That's why the maple flex bar the maple Flex bar is comprised of nineteen individual bars that make up two ounces of silver. Now you you can area like a credit card, Egon Habit, legged credit card is about that size, but then even break it apart. It's designed all of these instead of coins, storm silver coins. What they are is they are unlikely to school,
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The amount of the programme, A few minutes. We have reclaiming joining us. He is gonna, be talking about how socialism kills. Countries. And he did a really great monologue on it yesterday and weaken and joins us in just a few minutes. Also, we need talk a little bit about the farm bill, turnabout socialism. This is socialism and its caused by us now I'd love to hear from farmers because- I would imagine that a lot of farmers are like look, I'm going to give this a try for a while here, but you know, because I'm hoping that what Donald Trump is doing is a negotiation tactic, and this is going to either work or he's going to stop doing it soon. We are now we're now offering billions of dollars in aid to by all of them work in beef and everything else. That is that it sitting in a freezer someplace that nobody wants and
Donald Trump suggested that maybe we buy all of that and and give it to food banks. Well, that's good, except that our tax dollars. This that's. That socialism and what You ve done is youth youth you ve caught who's, this by your call negotiation tactics on trade. It's not good. And I am hoping that we don't go down this road very much further, but will talk. About that end and also Elon Musk I have a reason. I think why Elon Musk is getting the the straight arm. From the people on the left in the media. Why are they shunning him I'll? Tell ya next man, if you, if you listen at all to the mainstream media, you think the world is ending because a fake news- and am I make
she's. Just couldn't get any worse, well Actually, it is a lot worse in countries like India, news and danger. It poses is not hyperbole because it This happening there in private messaging apps point Four people have been killed by mob lynchings just in India, this year's this year because of fake news that being spread on things like tat now private messaging app. What's app telegram, we chap line these are these- are these are apps where people can forward messages to their friends or groups? and there's no way to determine the origin of the message- and messages are all core encrypted, so no one can the message that isn't intended for them. So nobody, nobody, monitor this evening. Employees of the APS, can't access the messages, and now somebody has found a way to weapon eyes them so
in India there group of friends it were driving through a village they paused to give chocolate to some children. Well. Somebody had started a rumour on what's up that the, our full of of people that were handing out candy we're kidnappers, will they weren't and when they stopped to hand out candy. Ah formed and overwhelmed the group of friends. They killed one of them. A thirty two year old guy in the brother of the guy, said, look I did everything I could I host screaming as stop, stop, stop we're, not kidnappers, and he said, my brother has And killed by fake news. In Brazil fake message claiming that a yellow fever vaccine was was dangerous. That spreads what's up, and so or did not go and take the mandatory vaccine that the government was handing out. They had a
had to go in and debunk that claim, but still how many people in today's world how many people are gonna, believe you know the government over an anonymous. What's app message, I mean that's how crazy it is what's up, was developed by two libertarians de belief in privacy. The whole kind for the EP revolved around now mining and storing information about people in twenty fourteen Facebook bought what's up for nineteen billion dollars now. Radically- the privacy controls that made this and similar acts so appealing are there we things that people are now using two weapon eyes it and to spread fake news. Tat Gee continues to improve and improved, so many aspects of our life. And it's gonna get harder and harder to you know: you're, never gonna put it back in the bottle. Nor should we try.
But there's one thing: it cannot improve on that's what that's to us, and that is our our ability to strain ourselves tell recognize the truth It's Wednesday July. Twenty fifth, this is the Glen Back programme. Edric Laden is come on. Man he's one of the smartest guys. I've I mean it makes me feel just like a dumb as a boxer rocks around him in these he's got an enormous vocabulary is really really super smart, and very well read across all across every thing. He's kind of of he's kind of a jack of all trades. He ease a rider. He started in the seventies is as a reporter
but for a b c radio writing news for them at separate cetera, then he started writing novels and he once will wards and made you know a splash and he's probably best known for don't say a word which was Michael Douglas Film, eventually and true crime, which was it Clint Eastwood Film, he wrote those also empire of lies. And he also Rhoda Michael Kane Movie and a horror film, and Oh, he is in the belly of the beast in Hollywood and he is just right things that tells us Ruth about things like socialism yesterday, he on his programme did a great job explaining how socialism is killing country, all around the world. Welcome program and reclaiming thanks quite great a beer so are you got it are you? Are you shocked at how quickly socialism has become probably go?
you know, it is a little shocking, but the funny thing about socialism is its current, diabolical as it takes about seventy years, the sucker Tri Tri when you institutes socialism in the communist revolution to the fall of the Berlin Wall just about a lifetime. You look at that world WAR to Europe that went very socialist did today when Europe is essentially being supplied, by that migration and by a loss of interfaith in themselves. Just in about a lifetime such diabolic, because you know people who started to socialism and the people who see the society fall or not the same people and they don't connect. They think can't be the national healthcare. That's turned us into from an empire into a backwater that can't be right because I've had national Healthcare, all my life, but that is in fact what it was socialism is both the symptom of the other. The disease socialism comes in as a society has lost faith in itself and its also the cause of that. She's, getting worse, it sucks out. Well, it's
It does so many things, but the two most important things with socialism does is the first thing is it that is the logic of slavery. I'm a big believer that idea. Expand to fulfil their own logic, so you start by saying all men are created: equal meaning all white men essentially, but that I just gonna. Than to include everybody and women to eventually because ideas expand the beast socialism? Is your time that you put into your work it's your money belongs to state your life belong the state its exam, actually the same logic that a master says to slave. He says to slave, you do the work, but I'll get the profits, because I'm superior to you and that's what state says to the people under socialism. So which turns slaves. You wonder, why single generation, Nicaragua becomes a slave state?
There should be a wailing slaves day to be left wing slave states that as well as destroyed in a blink of an eye, and basically that Jews of Europe, the thing that made Europe the greatest civilization, on earth. The Europe of Shakespeare, the Europe of Mozart, the Europe of John Locke that Europe is gone. You know that Europe has just gone, and socialism has a lot to do with it and the other and to me sometimes people go a little, not when I say this because they don't quite understand what I mean. But socialism is materialist philosophy in order to Turkey the slaves you gotta, take their god away, they can't say to them you got it Did you in his image? You are unique european. First, you loved. You have dignity because you taking his Where would you say to him is everything you need is contained in a dollar bill and a bunch bag If I give you a dollar bill in the lunch bag, you're happy that you don't need, meaning you don't need you no dignity. You just need your dollars,
give you enough money in a lunch bag, and you may make the decisions. Why should a guy? civilization you ve, taken literally taken the meaning out of a civilization, is basically said, the only thing you are our physical beings live. You have pleasure you have pain and you die, and we see that the people there reason for all the stuff that we do all the great stuff that we do all the stuff. It makes us a vibrant, create civilization. Like America, it's gone go on, do no reason, the city. The garage in store for fourteen years to invent some kind of new battery little store wind power. You know you don't have to do that, because it's this meaning to it, and watch socialist countries- and this happens every single one of them. I always your people how socialism me they look at really socialist, but have very high access and a lot of social spending like Norway and the others, poor, show everybody's happy, Norway, anything yeah, but
everything they use was invented in a capitalist country. Other using cell phones are the using cars. Are they do? They have an army that can protect them or delete, depend on our army to keep It is a way the living in our garage so there in the same way the children are happy because they don't have to take care. If anything, they don't have to make anything so a harder to be done. Than it is to be off the four year old kid? And I just think when we stop unjust. An internal logic of socialism and you she's pretty girl, like Alexandria Occasion, Cortez you're, talking about it you think like, while the sounds pretty good, but if you leave a hundred and forty years instead of seventy years and see what it does to a nation. You would understand that this is the wedge very, very dangerous and destructive philosophy. How how concerned were you when you heard Cortez say you know capitalism is gonna, be around forever and all of these things that you say happened
because of of the free market and and because of the constitution in the enlightenment, that's just natural man's natural evolution. They would have come up with this anyway. That's the one powerful. I mean the cost saving grace of Alexandria occasion. Criticism is that she's adult she's really but she's not. She has two degrees. She has an economics degree and foreign affairs degree, England, making me lose my faith in higher education that I didn't know you had a woman says we have low unemployment because everyone has to jobs, and I'm counting on my fingers like thinking. Well, if we had one job, we
The same unemployment number is a very strange way of thinking, but yeah I mean that is what you have to tell yourself. Capitalism has reduced poverty around the world in this world. We live in a world of wonders and and wealth where people were living even the war or living in ways that the Faroes couldn't have dreamed of. You know if you it is the Faro who built the pure its walked into a movie the store in our world. He be shocked. This world drop out of the sky was worldly built by capitalism and what what evidence you were saying that that is up an idea short- and I did it- transformed the world for the better, but now evolved out of it a my question what's your evidence? What how do you know that the future is some per its socialist world where we get the spend? What kind
and created a mean where's the logic, and that if you spend what capitalism created, what's going to create more wealth, Andrew the President is Sir, is debut, farmville wit? We are only having to spend twelve billion dollars on cause of the trade bill and we ve trade barriers up, which is anti free market and those trade barriers people are retaliating, and now our farmers are really really hurting we have. I know you remember how many tons Is it twelve million tonnes of of meat sitting in freezers that is going on sold and our farmers don't know what to do. And I think a lot of them are sitting here going. Well all I need the farm bill and I'm hoping that this is just a negotiation tactic and its a pay off soon, but it certainly paying off now. In fact, it is now republican socialism. Is it not?
you know. I really worry about Trump. On this, I tend to attend to hold fire with true, because I know a negotiation is a moving thing. Yes, are always attacking where trumpets standing at this moment when I know he is thinking down the line of ways trying to get, but in this case I dont get it because if he is spending this money on the farmers, he said this himself, the by himself some time, so he can punch China for their undoubtedly bad practices right. So he's punishing China with Tariffs tariff that China's Spending with tariff that are hurting the farmers will he's paying off the farmers. But China knows he's just buying time right so China, what why doesn't China just wait, I'm out! Why does he think? Annabelle wait him out and get to the point. Where
Tariffs are destroying us, but not doing all that much to China. I dont understand what he's thinking here. You know there are. A lot of people think count displaying three dimensional chess, all the time and listen. Sometimes even some great outcomes are sometimes they well, maybe maybe they're right. I dont get it with this and especially, I know this is the kind of thing that probably only bothers you and me in America. Is tariffs are supposed to be done by Congress. You know that actually in the constant and they keep handing the stuff off to the president, and I wonder what why? Why do that? Why isn't Congress in charge of this, like it says in the constant as they do, what they don't wanta be holding the bag? They don't want to be in the back- and I may not do anything about immigration, they don't do anything about terrorism and so then make whose tramp of being an authoritarian and to transport He keeps saying no pass a law, please. You know, legislator the legislators, so you know this thing. This is
been trumps philosophy on trade forever. This is not a new things not making it up. We're gonna have to play it out. Nobody's gonna, stop it, and you know I'm going fingers crossed that he's got an idea. I d, you know, that's that's the best. I can come up with this moment because I to the logic of it. If this is just a delaying tactic, why, with the Chinese? Just wait us out in the same way, when Obama announced that he was gonna pull out of Afghanistan, why the Taliban, just wait, or so I can have a trade war for going to surrender. I only have about a minute here, Andrew, but I'd love to give an opinion only if he could, in a minute the thee. My fear, is the economy goes to Hell in a handbag? we are going to be looking for socialists if the economy, stays good. We're gonna be fine, but We will look for a handout from a socialist and they'll be glad to give it to us.
We do we whether a storm like a very bad, a two thousand eight or a great depression somewhere between its up very open. Russian. I think your worries are really well based. You know, I'm always pretty optimistic, I'm hoping the trumpet pull out if he sees the economy going south, but that is What exactly are communism spread? We look at China, the corrupt government, that the ideal The communist came and replaced was less office than the Communists, and the same thing is true: the tsars that's how it gets in. It gets a win win. Capitalism. Else because of mismanagement by politicians until your worries are completely well founded, I just hope Trump champion some guy and I hope he pulls out if he sees that happily Hendrick Laban always good to talk. You, sir, thank you so much and via my best, your family, I will say Andrew Clayton- is his name remarkable guy. He is a guy who, when I saw him about a year ago,
millions each other in years and he's Glenn. I have to tell you something about ten years ago. I said something to somebody and he said I was wrong and I set it about you and who assist a joke, but it did never spell right. I needed to apologise, and I said, I didn't even here the joke did. I think he said, and I said it was. Cookies, Indiana, relax Andrew this guy is such an honest and decent man. Honoured. We will do call him one as a circle of my friends. Sponsor this half hour is Casper Middle and I you're tossing and turning you're, not sleeping you're drenched your covered in sweat. You say we run the sea or the fan all night to try to keep cool or you could get rid of that. He trapping mattress and sleep is cool and comfortables. I do on my esper mattress all cast.
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news, and why it matters ok, a little disappointed. I thought we were gonna have the yet the the girl on yesterday from you did. Remember the integrated it yesterday, Michel from the story from refinery twenty nine, which was this millennial in New York that was having to struggle on a you know: twenty four hours at twenty five dollars an hour job and going to see she had to live Trips to the hamptons and Cargo toes do is quite amazing, and then we get on tv. I'm told all day that we have ever and lead. Cheese bore of striking resemblance to you, too I am now thundered too, because tractors all take that as a compliment. We have really gas sheer she. I dont know why see Slogan little ditzy, I think she got her. I miss this.
Articles. I was looking away and then I look up and I had looks like she was. Why are you looking away well but look like she accidentally God, her gum in her hair. There was some govern the hare by mistake there by this particular gas, and we never marked as satire. So everyone should assume it was one hundred percent accurate while wow. Ok, that would be misfortune in that. Are you Jack set out at the blaze dot com become a subscriber enjoined us every day. Welcome to the programme, very glad that you join us there's a there's kind of an internal debate here. And it's about the Trump tapes and still makes a really good case, and I want you to hear it here in a second Pat and I are both saying it doesn't matter- this is The first of all. I didn't think
you did you think that he said: pay cash or don't pay in cash. I couldn't really tell, but I'm not really sure why that such an incredible focus yeah I sittings, because he said because Rudy Giuliani said he didn't say, pain cash ripe is what have you done or he didn't must try to hide it to your way. He was already trying to hide it either way. He said he didn't know anything about this invents publicly and he did know about it. Invents, that's so he was obviously trying to hide. It was he's trying to hide it from regulators. I guess of me the accusation, because we know the payment happened from the media source to her, that we know so. We just don't know whether there was a payment from Trump to the media source as well, but I mean we know the pain. Actually cut out looks like it obviously did, and it doesn't
look like there was a slush fund. Remember our our initial idea was that there was some sort of a slush fund and he did open a company with that purpose. We know that he then closed it with no payment made, so that the belief is that the payment was actually never made so they never paid Karen Macdougall. Now they It payment dual. That payment came frowning never paid the national inquirer already questions. Did they pay the national choir? We know they thought they were planning to do it. We know they set up the company to do it, but the company. Apparently never paid the money on record through that come he too, to the national enquire. Now the possible that they decided later. You know what let's do cash it's possible. Or did they or did they decide you out than matter it doesn't matter. Emily major suited packer was like in case. You want you to give me a hundred. Fifty thousand items pay it. No, I mean he's a friend very proud that Saddam incredible amount of money for David Packard, adjust suck it up and and and and spend yeah, there's you know
again this is russian collusion, but even if it were as illegal to pay the cash or whatever. Doesn't matter cause, it didn't know that we know of there's nothing here. There's no! thing here, a nobody's gonna care, no trumps borders gonna. About this. They already don't know aid alone care. I think it's because a we ve already baked it in you, don't make it in but how surprised or you that he slept with playboy model after he was married to a to another. Similar will look. I I since electing pastorate chief. So am I didn't indicted and care right down here? I'll hang on but beast, but but because these- and since this is one of the thing I only sorry knew he'd, we already knew or the election that he did right now. All of them are the election. This listen to him on Howard, Stern, that's who he is yeah, that's who he is, and so nobody is surprised by this. When you look at when you look at Cohen
did anybody think he was a clean. Turning the whole I thought he was a mob guy. We heard him ranting and raving against who said that he was threatening Sally Resource Daily, be daily best port area. So you know when you know who he is your like: whoa whoa we she's gonna set up a dummy corporation to pay the nest. Where nobody cares It's not like you're, paying off fox you're, paying off the national inquirer. Now All of that. All of that This point has been all day. If we found out that Barack Obama had paid off knowledge, let's used to be a break or Burma is not believable Bill Clinton is the democratic version of Donald Trump in when it comes to his love life. So would anybody had been surprised that Bill Clinton making it with supermodel or a playboy model or
porn star? No, I wouldn't be not. An arrayed spoke so Bill Clinton. If, if he would have, if this story would have come out Bill Clinton, s national inquirer to silence Playboy model who says she had an illicit affair with him. Would we care It would, of course, of course, we know that we would have courtly would let me would have been. We did care about all of these scandals. You at the three of us, cared about the Trump scandals too, and that's why none of us voted for him. We did care, I do care, but but the people who really support him strongly. I dont think they do now and that's because that's the problem might think appeal here, I think, is because I think you know it's true. I would say this to people on the left when they're like those say, though the beer column be like you know when
to do something about all these white people and they are so geared to be flexibly, calling everything racism you have to ask them ok, just change the though the letter or the word from white to black and You can say how would you feel if that was racist, If you start as a well look at the poor, the problem here is all these black people, literally, it will be raised, but they feeling naked The problem is all the white people, that's not racist. Well, that's z test and for us the same thing is you: should she wished change to whether its Hillary Clinton or be Clinton or whoever? It is clearly would be upset about this and I am field not not to look back Donald Trump, You can do that easily end say why, like Donald Trump, do not to get things just this going forward. Do we want this precedent going forward, then forget, I'll drop. Forget Bill Clinton. Forget Barack Obama do we want this? This, president? Will you be acceptable? Could we don't the media sources. They ve got all the good ones.
They can do this a lot better than we can do this paying media sources to do favors, for them is not a precedent that it necessarily want to continue the already get favourable treatment? But you know these international court would save us weekly. If there is a scandal with the next presidential candidate who's, the guy, our air colder runs resident. Let's use Gary heart Gary Hardy was the national enquire. Wasn't that didn't Gary ART there was. It was a national inquiry that God Gary Heart, changed their borders. Ministry John, I feel like I've Edwards had paid several under thousand dollars to the national inquires. To that end the so they not only didn't run story, but they actually went out to do yet the story, so they can hide it like actually Firstly, went out to get the story pay the person and then hide it intentionally. We wouldn't really upset him rightfully. So it's ok to be upset about these things and still say that you know what I like.
Of course, it should still all so now years. Here is the one difference, because I agree with you, but this this The things that come to mind one John Eddie it was. You know talkin about himself like he was just a good guy and a great saint. Nevertheless, nobody believes that about people believe that about John Edwards, people thought he was a good guy, a good look at him with his wife and his wonderful and blah blah blah blah blah. No, he wasn't nobody's bag. I don't nobody looks it him, like he's, faith, all to MILAN here. I mean I'd I'd feel true. I mean, I think, a lot of his supporters do look at it that way and well they later they not only are they are they are. They are intentionally blind and there intentionally blinded themselves. I do think there's anybody who thinks that I mean look.
Buddy who writes about his marriage. While I was walking down the aisle, I looked it millennia and thought I already bored with this. What am I doing us and you, and he said the man I was in its preen up thing: wasn't it Mary? We play the audio his pre, he knew it was like a you have to have a pre up, because I know my my my marriage to Miladi will eventually end yes, so I mean this is too he is it just to express our surprise now media prior is a little bit. I mean look again it he. The things his private life with whom he sleeping with his son for him in Maloney ETA, sort out right the fact he's telling us that he didn't do. It is of mild interest like he should he shouldn't be lying to us about these things, just like any president should be line, but the idea, president or presidential candidate. A few weeks before the election have it has
potentially damaging story that he takes money and gives to a media organisations so that they capture the story and make sure the voters dont know about it, see how you don't think that that's it Lee. I do a real problem. I do I do. I found it a problem with the Ella Times, headed about Obama, get that and when the went when the photographer hit. That hid the picture of of Louis, Fair Khan and oh bomber together, and that was all done without payment yeah. That's why this isn't about Donald Trump. Now, no son, but the american people and what we will come to exert yeah and suppress and the american people I mean, what about the right, then it is anything else. Anybody who have changed anybody who comes to me and says hey. I will buy that from you now know, you're not buying that from me friend orphan, Oh I either find it were running or not
it's either. I find it to be true, and worthy of running or not course of course, if you mean your, I mean that the national court is a terrible media organisation procure a terrible media organization if you're not making decisions based on that right anyway. That's why maybe they we don't know, but maybe that's why there's no record of the payment. Maybe they were like I mean we may Peter National Inquirer, but we're not whore massive partner in patent. Wait, wait, wait! There's, there's one more thing on the! and this is the real question stew, pat the three of us, We all feel the same way about dumb trump. We ve always felt about Donald Trump as a person its policies, I ll some of whom I dont like some of em they're better than I expected a lot better than I expected and not like not like by a little bit I mean your eyes. Large inn yard is better okay, so
but we still feel the same way. I still think he's bad for civilization. As we know it, you know you mean, as far as like civil politics, not civil, not civilization, necessarily like forming the civil part of civilization. Our society. Ok, being civil to one another. Ok, that's not all him. This us and everybody else, we're all in on lots of people are getting problem The one thing that is crossed my mind over and over and over again is live in the world as it is deal with the world as it is not the world Do you wish it to be its beak in the world not of the world so I can sit here and go. Ok, well, I don't agree with this. I dont like his behavior. I think he's bad for society, and I say those things. However, that's me
that's, not the world. I live in the world I'm living in doesn't want to hear any of that. Well, ok, well I'll attempt to say that from time to time to remind people this is good, but neither is the other option. That we have on the other side that is postmodernism, that's tearing apart as well and the sky has done some good things. That's me living in the world as it is without. I think compromise is that accurate exact sounded it's what we said at the beginning when he was elected really given the chance he's the protocol balls and strikes as we see em an enemy gonna call a strike a ball and abolish strike. Am I going to do it? If I see it on the outside corner in its over the plate, I would call it a strike and we, I think we ve been we consisted in doing they haven't we.
I've tried ride, we ve tried or know any other way to do it, because I you know, I don't either, and but it did it, I just don't. You know we can't this. World currently makes us feel like you're a sell out one way or the other eritrea you're, one way or the other, no matter what you say. No, I'm thus dealing with the world as it is and try to hold on to my own personal belief, but the rest of the world is going along with my personal belief. That's ok, that's ok! EL continue to live. What I live and believe what I believe, but I deal with the analysis of the world as it is that's one thing. The media cannot do
are you gonna do about simply saying yes to say pack re appears on the news and why it matters a new may know that, of course, from its very high podcast, on the eye to discharge the number twelve podcast in politics in America sway over one by the end of the week. That would be fantastic and also unpack. Gray unleashed is what yes, both available on items and these subscribe and read it give it a five star rating and it helps the move up, so they could be exposed bigger audience only day, three on the news and why it matters and podcast. So I simply safe simply safe is gonna. Give you the best bang for your back and it is high quality. Every step of the way there alarm system is is is different in the first place, Because they didn't set out to make money they set out to make something for friends they started to make something that would protect their friends. Who, couldn't
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Glenn Back wildfires in California other forcing you Yosemite too closed our sequoias Yosemite. Do you know that? It looks like a year. I no. If they look up their fire retardants least joy sequoias out by San Francisco. These trees are amazing. There's some of the oldest living things on earth and their gigantic. And the reason why there so old is because their sap is actually fire resistant and so they eat. You dont burned the giant sequoias. Which is an amazing feature for four. It obviously for it, arrest oil, the redwoods. This way I've, never seen the redwoods. Are they fire resistant to? Oh good? Thank God. That we pray for the people in California. We we pray for the land of California, that these wildfires can get under control,
and we can also press it. Maybe some of the leaders in California get under control and start to see the light before the whole, Place burns down metaphorically and literally Glenn back Mercury.
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