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Virginians Echo MLK | Guests: Alan Dershowitz & Burgess Owens | 1/20/20

2020-01-20 | 🔗
The American idea that “all Men are created equal” has changed the world, but today’s Left is more Malcolm X than Martin Luther King, Jr. “40 Acres & a Fool” host Cam Edwards reports live from the Virginia Capitol as thousands peacefully lobby for their gun rights, despite media fears of violence. Trump defense attorney Alan Dershowitz explains why he believes "abuse of power" isn’t impeachable. Also at the Virginia Capitol, BlazeTV’s Jon Miller explains how the protests are just Virginia’s yearly lobbying day, not a rally. BlazeTV’s Steve Deace discusses why the New York Times would endorse two candidates for the Democratic nomination. And NFL star and congressional candidate Burgess Owens calls in to discuss the Left’s abandonment of MLK.

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