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Voter Fraud IS a Threat | Guests: Sen. Mike Lee & Robert Epstein | 10/14/20

2020-10-14 | 🔗

Where is the DOJ on voter fraud? Social media is clamping down on any suggestion that fraud could be a problem this election. Sen. Mike Lee talks Amy Coney Barrett’s hearing and gives quite the endorsement of her and President Trump. New files claim Hunter Biden introduced Joe Biden to a top Burisma official, but there’s something off about where they allegedly came from. Nancy Pelosi berated CNN’s Wolf Blitzer for asking her about delays in the next coronavirus stimulus bill. Glenn talks seriously about the radical nature of the Democrats and how America will greatly change if they get the power they desperately crave. Dr. Robert Epstein gives an update on his election monitoring system and the interference of big tech in our elections.

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actually can tolerate real estate agents, I trust dot com. What you're about here is the fusion entertainment when that programme, where America, the Good NEWS is there is nothing we're going. Going on in the world, nothing It's I mean it smooth sailing. Today we have barely any thing to talk about all. There is the election going on the the stealing of votes. We we have more shooters from
and teeth to report today. but other than that. It's all in. There is also the super cool this who collide super collider. We have to do about this in detail? It is next week It's gonna, try to open a black hole You know it over there in Europe, me personally, I'm rooting for the black hole they're saying do you know not only some people are saying this is really dangerous. We should know what a black hole, but what there describing really is- and this quote first contact with parallel world how we have the Pentagon. Admitting we have you, f, o spaceships in our possession. The late actually came out with an official report on that this
we're, collider is next week. Gonna try to make contact with apparel if a worker, old and those just don't even register people are like yeah yeah, But did you hear what Biden said today is a lame duck programme although it is as crazy as having alien spaceships the things it Joe Biden says. So, maybe maybe America is right on that one talk to a little bit about rough greens here for sixty seconds. They were right into the show commercial, a free one, stop us for the first half hour on the show, and we really appreciate you listening to us and our sponsors, rough greens, I ve been talking about for a while one of my listeners Diana. She wrote to tell me about her six year old golden Retriever, who is having to take expensive pills due to a skin condition which letter so made her so each year that she would chewer own skin. To the point of bleeding, I have
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Calm. Slash back, are you F, F greens, dot com, slash back tonight on Glenn TV, the episode big Tech would love to censor election hijacking is happening now. Glenn experts have left is ensuring durable, doesn't count and reveals the chaos that coming in November. Never before has an election been clothed in lies, deceit and manipulation of the american voter watch. Glad to take on Democrats, the media and vague tack tonight, nine pm eastern only ablaze tb dot com slashed when this is so, you know this episode tonight is only on blaze, tv and I want to explain why we want to get the word out, but we are in such a hostile situation now with Facebook in Google and you get strikes. So you know how this works you get strikes. if somebody in one of these liberal organizations decide
aids to say that's not true or that's a rumour or whatever, and they have done it was over and over and over again, and we keep getting those strikes removed from us. But if you at three strikes your band and we just at this point- I don't want to do anything that we know they're going to absolutely hate. because we need to save our strikes for after the election. Today. This is a very important episode on blaze, tv. It will be on blaze, tv only I'm sorry, but we don't want to risk anything at this point. It's all buttoned up, but I mean our lawyers or getting involved at this point it's ugly Oh, please Watchin, ablaze tv, if you're, not a subscriber you have to do- is go to blaze, tv dot, com, Slash Glenn,
What is the promo code is a glance in your safe ten per and on Europe on your subscription make sure you watch tonight, nine p m. Only on blaze, tv, we're gonna, be telling you all of the things going on and making the case that this. election is being tampered with. I don't know if you saw the alternatives, the tick Tock video. did by a tick tock user but it came to the attention of the Trump campaign It showed somebody allegedly allegedly filling out multiple California ballots for Joe Biden. There called voter fraud. and they are so arrogant. They think they can get away with it. Somebody this came to the attention of the White House, so the White House is taking action. The campaign is notifying law enforcement, be taking Lee immediate legal action. Can? Can I ask you why
the White House White. Why Eric Trump is the guy who s like hey? Did you see this tik Tok thing? Where is the d o J. Where are they by the way? one word coming in save our election, a code for twenty bucks off low extra ten bucks off save our election as the code at please tbd consequent we're gonna be going in to that also, you know twitter and all of these organizations are banning people from violent speech or any kind of misinformation? Adam Raw who buy he's my favorite of the robot family. He isn't ain't he well. I like his participation with antifreeze, these fantastic so on twitter he posts a picture of himself. We,
Ay ay driver's license printer? Ok, his hands in his house, And he tweets it Sherwood sock. If someone with a history of trolling and revenge motivation, their hands on a driver's license printer, especially that person had access to a daily stream of a bitch worries and new? A lot of undocumented people who just wanted to vote against? Donald Trump live like what is his name By the way, you can still see that tweet today that in one take that down also Keith Oberman, Keith Aubrey Do we have the audio from last week on Keith Oberman, you hear this. While you were away, I did he Aphesis amazing. It is terrifying. This This guy is really sick,
but remember, arose and bar is also also a socialist and remember when she said you know we have to be head the bankers. there now making deities one, My daughter's has a friend who has just gone. Knots she's she's up in New York and she's, just as she's a sweet girl, she's. Really nice was one of my best Dollars best friends, and she was posting play and on how to build gettings. We need to build. These are what was happening. So anyway, here's Keith Oberman last week. If you didn't hear it, tromp can be and must be expunged. The Haiti has triggered. The Pandora's box he has opened. They will not be so easily destroyed. So let us brace ourselves. The task is twofold:
Its trump must be defeated, areas must be destroyed, must be devoured at the ballot box, and then he and his enablers is supporters and his collaborators and the might please and the William Bars and the Sean Hannity in my pencil and the Rudy Giuliani than the Kyle written houses and the Amy Coney Berets must be prosecuted and convicted and removed from our society. While we try to rebuild it and to read The world Trump has nearly destroyed by turning it over to a virus. Remember remember that as we dream of a return to reality and safety and the country for which our forefathers die. Yet this fight is not just to win an election, but to work by enough to chase, at least for a moment trump and the maggots off the stage and then try to clean up what they left, Remember it even though to remember it. remembering that the fight does not end November. Third
but in many ways will only begin that day well, he is fantastic shapes Marian Acta. It's really seriously saying what it so hard is heard. The wonder: is it so hard to watch by the way lionize collaborate, data collaborate like real told only real to members of the National Association of real hers? I Do I understand that they have this. Like very expensive conspiracy theory as to why, like I guess, MIKE Pence, would be guilty of a crime. What is the theory that Amy colony bear it is, is respect what why would she be prosecuted and can? But as you did, but you notice that he said he said, Donald Trump, his collaborators and his supporters support all his supporters and then he says he paralyzes everyone. The MIKE pen
of the world. There is only one might pens, so it's had a glory, the Sean handed ease of the world. That would be you to stoop. I'm taking you down longer without pay easy. He was my head right or for a year s. Efforts here, as I just said, is words against my will. Anyway, this is really really dangerous stuff, but Chuck Todd yesterday acknowledged Keith Oberman, who used to work with on meat depress daily. It began F. By Mitt Romney released a lengthy statement on the current state of politics, condemning president drum for his recent round of attacks against political falls including Kemal Harrison correction. Whittemore and members of the Obama administration, blah blah blah blah blah. During the interview with Syria, Senator Dick Durban, Todd Ray much of Romney statement to get Durban reaction.
And then alluded to the overman x or be said You know Romney goes on name check to a couple of people, but somebody. The very far left in the media world. He also when, after any called out Nancy Pelosi for some of her actions, so all he said about this was all he somebody from the very far left. Now they are not on the right there. Actually socialists and don't stand for the constitution, but why supremacist nazis. I've. Never, heard them say, or will there just on the very far right? So dont worry about them, nor hey, yeah, it's dismissive, one is on the left. You right in the end, the entire problem- and here is the problem here- is the problem with this. The owner of a Portland restaurant was shot at. Yesterday for being pro police
the owner of the Heroes American CAFE John Jackson, told the aura ghonim that some and called the Berger joint last Thursday to see if it was on the list of establishments that are pro police. We dismissed. It and then They shot out two of our windows and smashed a third with a baseball bat. This is This is happening all over the country you see the the the rioters that shot at the the other cafe in Portland, day of rage owned by a black veteran. Did you see that guy on the plane yesterday It was, I think it was Southwest airlines he's either he's wearing a Trump make America great again mask he's eating, and they said you have to put your mask on sir, and he's like
and he turns around it- is all a video and turns rise like I'm eating. Can I eat and even the people across the other yeah he's, I mean he's eating, and if the stored turns rouses you just you just they. Quite. This does involve you and she's, like I'm his attorney so cheap. I stood so maybe you she wasn't journey. I don't think so She said I'm his attorney. I have every right to speak for him. She said he's just eating. They kick him off. the plain and easily I'll put my mask on and there like. No sir, this towards stewardesses. Ed stewards have all talked about it. None of us wants you on the plane. I mean This is, this is dangerous and the american people are fair. They are fair I think that's why some people don't like Donald Trump, because they think he's a bully
and I will tell you he d act like a bully, but in his real life I don't think he is at all. I really don't he just a pity, Barnum the kind of guy that is always that's. The way he's always behaved and the press has loved him for it. Until He became the president of the United States. They loved him until he be president and wasn't ruling in the way they want him to rule. now that this violence is going on and people just want fairness, it's. Why has the Democrats are such slime? The That's why Amy Coney Bear. It was only asked if she had ever raped somebody once yesterday because they know their up against the election and if, They treat her poorly.
They know the poles and the and the tide will turn against them because of way they handled Cavanaugh, but make no mistake if this was two years away from an election. They doing the same thing to her that they did two Cavanaugh. they just want to be seen mean right now, but all of their Sarah gets their excusing. Who beyond mean they are active the promoting and engaging in violence Our water is blinds dot, com changing other no coverings in your house's actually no small feet. If you wanna done right, just you know you can wing it and put up any old thing or even go to an expert. Will here the thing blinds. Dot com has a third way they ve been in bed. Providing quality and affordable window coverings for over two decades now and there make sure that you not only get the blinds and the shades of the shutters or whatever kind of window covering you want, but all
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your chance to win a holiday home, make over worth two thousand dollars and check out this week, special savings on top quality, blind shades, interior shutters and more no just as necessary rules and restrictions, may apply its blinds dotcom ten seconds station. I, our I'd so now the FBI in trouble up in Michigan because remember the the group of raw. wing extremists there filmed videos of themselves with IE and our flag and in those videos were saying. Donald Trump is not your friend he's an enemy to the accounts, pretty right way and yeah for a very right wing anyway, now they're in trouble, because in court the guy representing Caleb Francs argue
In court, there was no real plan to capture Whittemore. There was big time, between crackpots. And he was making the case yesterday. Have you not heard people making big talk? and by the way the B. I was there they were they put somebody in this group and they Were the ones really trying to hatch the plot? They just got them may Malta has all of them and them to say all these things that are on tape really really. Ah Why would I wouldn't necessarily argue with that? If it was, you know the tea party and then I was in the tea party, and this was the Obama administration, This is a left wing group. What do you really? the hold overs from the Obama administration are doing that. I mean the really FBI, the ones who are like
Who are you gonna? Get around this coup thing here and low, while the here really doubt they're the ones that are doing this, I don't think so I don't think so but Governor Whittemore. There's more news on her and my glee coming up in just a minute standby, Glenn Back programme. are at. I wanna talk to you about own resources Rick on Wireless year buds these are really great ear buds and if the engineer? Would ever allow me to use blue tooth it here, which seems to work fine, the rest of my life? I would be way We were carrying these he's great recon, ear buds. They are, more comfortable.
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This is the global programme there's something wrong with Amy Coney, very she's good, looking she's, really smart she's highly accomplished, she's, a good mother, can raise Oliver kids to be successful and smart she's. Good, at her faith stop hogging at all. Amy stop! Hardly at all leave some scraps for the rest of us. There's gotta be something there. The azure there's gotta be something terrible, and I really have the the notorious a c b t shirt. Stew is modeling for us right now while sales are denotes, diving, stop modeling its do with why wired, where people previously purchase carrying stop modeling it. It's the industry, say C b, T shirt, you'll get it at the yeah, the Glen back store the loose. or blaze store or wherever
All fine notorious a c b t, shirts or soul shop, dot, blaze, media that come that's a dumbest address ever rigorous, do does merged archives? I read her address ITALY shorter. Let's go to the entire euro area, it is ok. Anyway, we have a senator MIKE Lee joining us now who we have asked him to be an diving bell, because we don't to get his covered cooties, and we welcome him now allow MIKE alone in the joint from a diving fell first of all, how you feeling much better? Thank you good yoga. Access to good doctor soon die the latter breast doing well and good. right so with Amy bear. It is from all from all angles here: watch eager and we're like she Amazing.
Am I wrong about this shit? it really is. She really is men if one wants to fill in Syria, as a human being one need only watching, make only bear an inaccurate, and this is somebody who makes me feel a little as a human being. I always feel like, while I'm the dumbest sky ever after talking to my group, and you feel that way about good. Now, you know what the rest of us feel like talking to you guys, take laundered stuff and make it cool. She can Burke stuff and make its own simple yeah- and you know what she does all this- while raising seven kids oil king at thirty minutes. Each incredible I want you to at. I want you to ask her if her husband ever suspects than all those children aren't hit because their different color does he not noticed that I mean I think she's been fooling around on him. You should ask him. You should ask her
you didn't get married her. Yes, yes, hey just going on yesterday's yesterday's questioning where they asked. If you ve ever been a rapist. I just want to know what's up with your kids, here we go back to something senator justly just said, though, you ve never seen her equivalent. Let us considering the circles you run in. That's that's a pretty amazing statement that look when you look at the overall package of what precise she presents personally academically knowledge, intellectually and as a tourist she's really quite amazing, and we ve, been very impressed by both of president trumps, two previous nominees to the Supreme Court, but Judge Bear It- has managed to set a new standard, not going to be difficult. to ever exceed MIKE. I remember hearing the Bork, nomination and the hearing, and I thought he was good and then I heard the Clarence Thomas and I, felt the same way about him that
the last time I felt this way about a hearing, the least one that I read that I remember I don't remember the Scalia hearing is or a chance she is caught from the Thomas Scalia and that's who she's gonna be we're gonna have to Thomas's on the I bet you look. I think she is going to be a Thomas Scalia LEO. She's cut out of those three and I'm sure you or you would have mentioned that confirmation hearing is, will be the elite confirmation hearing was fantastic one of the best in America history she will beat. Right in line with those three justice which is exactly what program Trop, Pross denominate, and exactly what I'd like to see. So is she's not going to accuse herself in the the Democrats are counting on the the prime court? It is she refuse herself. If, if she goes I what free from
Look at it the rescue her to reduce herself from basically any case it might care about. write anything that you'd rule against us. Could you refuse yourself pointed out That is what she is confirmed. who is a member of the Euro Supreme Court she's, no less at justice, then the other justices and yet alive, I'm sure a case make em up from time to time work for whatever reason: she's gonna refusal, but did you get I wish list a mile long of everything they water just step away from. That's not so
MIKE. How realistic is it that the sorry senator we're talking a senator my clean, my my we? How realistic is it that they are good this? The Democrats are gonna, try to make sure that there is no quorum, so you can't hold a vote. We will. We will see your butt rumours back and forth about that all week, long I dont, like. I don't show our cards too much wife says that I need to learn about poker trace, because sometimes I tend to show Not us show them here, but I will say this: we get plenty of tricks of our sleeve if they try to pull that stunt. I hope they won't be that foolish, but if they are, we can play back at that. Can you remember I hope that I hope that is with is a really accurate statement. Coming from you I buy by would guess it is
because I know, there's there's nothing that they, more EU members do when they tried to. They were threatening to call me in front of Congress to testify in from Congress and order, but also by the way I know- and I got on the air- and I said oh please do to please do it and olives and that does not stop it. I thought stop I so hey you know what I am hearing you say is: oh please Democrats, please do it you. Can you tell me the two other things I am concerned about the, action and the holding of the Senate, worried are you about that? I'm worried to the degree of twelve on both of them at an end and combats on two points:
So that's a lot of work ahead of us in eight point scale, but right here, but I am very concerned on both fronts because he gazed at how we can see does and planned out some really long term deviancy for a system of government, one of the first things they want to do look the filibustering, which means that it will no longer require sixty votes to end debate and so they'll be able to pass, they want a kind of legislation, they want with a simple majority and then they're gonna. Add you see in Puerto Rico as states and then they're gonna pack, the Supreme Court, the combined effect of those three actions he's gonna change our system of government, basically the forum for the foreseeable future and make it such that it would be very difficult to recover that same brown, very difficult,
Republicans or conservative severed to have a meaningful voice in the process for decades to come back to that concerns me, Our republic is over if they pack the court there, There is no balance of power. That becomes a legislative branch in our system of government is over that I personally or will it it's- maybe eight minutes, maybe a little but strong, but but it's not inaccurate in the sense that, for the foreseeable future will become the norm, see one of the reasons that worries me with the court, whilst technically not unconstitutional for them to do. That is just wildly.
inappropriate and very destructive of the constitutional order. What I mean by that is once they increase the number of seats in the court. You can't take away. Those seats can take them away, they have to wait for the person, dies, retires, oars and pasted removed that hardly ever happens it so as a practical matter, those seats or no permanent, the next time, A republican majority in the house in the Senate and a Republican sits in the White House therapy plumbing pressure to do the same and then you'll have this one way ratchet effect of everybody. Just increasing the number of seats on the Supreme Court and become a political body that leads diminution of rights that the problem tarnish Senator Mc Lean, mighty dude bent the bends ass was on yesterday, and he mentioned a constitutional amendment to just hold it just set the number at nine forever. Are you on board for that? I would hope that we wouldn't need a constitutional amendment, given that I wouldn't
be opposed to the idea of setting that through the constitution, it is not a bad idea but in the meantime, obviously we're not gonna get that done. If we have a president and a Craddock Majority in the house and of the Senate, bent on not doing that, because right- that's what they point to do it's one of the reasons why people me to continue asking Joe Biden these plans are in that regard. Every time he denies it. We need to ask when you use it as a way to defeat him. I was starting to somebody who is a big Washington watcher and they say that the G o p some The g p just waiting for Trump to be defeated, and that way they can get back to you. No regular g o p business is the yo peace, supporting the president and fighting as hard as you think. They should be. Well, I didn t o p. First of all is defined not answer the leadership of the Republic and National Committee.
Or even reporting, tellers and without looking congressmen. Gnp consists of republican voters throughout American, people who actually make the difference of show up and vote and make those decisions and my senses the gas, doping is overwhelmingly in support of this president because they see the gardens where they agree with everything he says what he has done, really has made in America a better place in which to live. He really has done what he promised to do as far as draining the swap. I look, or do I M having another four years to do that? I will tell you my: I appreciate your honesty you, and I were on the same page with Donald Trump, and you know you had work with him first hand, and you turned before I did as you are seeing first hand the things that he was keeping his promises on.
and it takes a it takes a big person, especially in your role, to say, You were wrong about him and year supporting him now yeah look four years ago and I didn't trust him. I didn't believe that he meant the things he was saying and it's easy when you dont know someone to criticise them to attack them, not to trust him and frankly this business, There's a politics. There good reasons not to trust someone before you know them and when I got no one, any Man of his word
as what he means it and he does what he tells you we're going to do in this business. That's refresh, it has met the world to me and I I love a guy. I don't agree with everything he does, but I like him. I genuinely trust what he says he is going to do because he's proven again and again and again, his willingness to do so either against great adversity. He's also proven his understanding of the fact that, often times, is more than just Democratic Republic, and this is Washington DC versus everyone else. It's been a long time since we got an advocate like that and the one that sounds like the covert talkin writ their chance to make. My thank you so much preceded Senator Michael E from Utah. That is lots of big endorsement for mass. Like laying rave from my guy, you that's,
That's almost like a cat. Even imagine, and I don't think I want to a drunk MIKE leave me, and I was just like an Larry nasal guy. I strangely do now late. Lately too, I strangely em like just in level. You did a little dance and I think that draw people matters. I actually thought it was a sterical. I love him. Morally glad we have people like my clean out their fighting, for I am to cash. Thank God pointed out. I am listening to him in Utah. Oh yeah knows that that's an interesting storyline I dont understand we should maybe I don't either, and I would like our it We talk to a little bit about relief fact, really factor all I have to say is it worked for me and I was sceptical just like you do we verify I take it. While you see me take it every morning, yeah yeah yeah take it every morning years now, every land area every day at lunch I will I would I do that if it didn't work,
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You know he sees me, he's doesn't engaged, superlatives and I mean he's just a straight talker. I've never heard him talk about anybody like that. And the same with Amy Coney, Baroness dummy those two endorsements were like well now. really glowing two things I take out of that interview from likely One was that in You just said which I guess includes both bear it and trump endorsements. And the other one was he's at twelve right I mean spinal tab. It only went to eleven he's the twelve when it comes to fear on this election, if you're not on that sort of you're, not at a twelve on an eight, yes ales one, a tech I see so much. I don't over this last night and stood as America, but, like I see so much conservative media, be, unlike all in two weeks, are three weeks. The liberals are gonna, be cry. It is here that is like
like they may really? I hope they are do not do what they did. You don't get a competent like this issue. This election is not in a good position right now that doesn't mean you can't change doesn't mean that Trump can't win or that they can hold the Senate, but of all of these things are on the line and in real religion. danger of going away in three weeks if, if that means Luckily, every every supporter. I have that. I know of Donald Trump are alike, are through a river of Covid nineteen and if you're, not thinking that way, you're you're missing Judging how important this election is this time, this time it is the most important election of the republics lifetime, at least since eighteen sixty a MAC our sponsor this half hour, for the blaze, a MAC if you don't already realised this.
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back a MAC better for you better for America. What you're about to here is the fusion and entertainment and enlightenment program. Nancy blowsy yesterday, just on leashed Wolf letter its CNN. These guys, giving you a twenty four seven commercial, lives, or ask one question about the stimulus package and net
he policy has a full fledged melt down and I can guarantee you calls went in to see an end yesterday from the demo Rob saying how Dare you do this? We want Blitzer, it's got to be disciplined, they can't hand anyone even their own allies? No one can question their power. We are, we are headed for real trouble. If people don't go out and vote and, quite frankly, vote for the rich applicant Senate and the White House it's. This is This is not a done deal too. We gotta stop being arrogant here. I feel we are the Hillary Clinton people from twenty Sixteen gone yeah, she's gonna with me. You know he's not there's no way. He given. No, no don't be that person be that person, because
Everything is stacked against you. I want to talk You then just sixty seconds about the election hijacking and the left is ensuring that your vote doesn't count and some new news. They came out yesterday about Hunter binding that is absent the lease stunning. do that and sixty seconds is a glaring back programme. All right. I talk to you about your car or your truck when it runs out of warranty. I I would like to draw especially my trucks, till the doors fall off, but it's not the same as being stupid up yesterday in his old seventy one m gb. Seventy eight, seventy, always seventy eight as nice as the one you had were you when you were a kid. Oh yeah mine was really neither have I drove off the lot. The guy wet literally said. Remember:
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because they are censoring every one now and they have Three strike, rule and we have had so many strikes and we keep winning and they- taking them off our record. But we are preserving our voice. For after the election we are taking all of our strikes and holding everything that they are going to say all that true and then we win, but we pay a price once three strikes you're out and we're not putting our selfishness position. This is really really important. It's all! really well researched, but it's got to He played only on blaze, tv, and I warn you now. I dont warn you. I beg you, eg you to understand that
in a world where they have the Senate, the House, and the White House. Our voices are going to be lost it well, take longer read an article yesterday about the fairness doctrine and how All the the right has got to stop hypnotizing people. Honour on talk, radio, it's much more powerful and dangerous than anyone knows that same Article yeah right does look like they're trying to make this return. They're gone. You there absolutely going too so we will be off of. I believe we will be off of radio. We will be off of all social media everything Youtube. You will have to go hunt for us at Glenn, backed our com or blaze, tv dot, com, it's why, when you go to one of those sites, we first ass, you would you like to sign up for a newsletter we need. To have direct contact with you, if you want to join us and become a member of the blaze, we'd love that but
at least if you don't have the money at least sign up for. free, email newsletter, because that way, We can stay in touch with you with no filter in between right now the Democrats are freaked out about Amy Coney Barrett joining the Supreme Court, but don't let air. Fretting fool you because, as I will show you tonight on nor Wednesday night, special, the left is doing just fine in federal in state courts. In fact, they are thriving right now and How can I possibly say that with all of the judges he's appointed because they have enough judges in at the state level that are doing their bidding democrats. Are successfully creating chaos. Their massive push for malian voting. Now there were
king over time to change the voting rules all across the nation taking advantage of the friendly courts in judges to legislate from the bench all about in insurance programme. They are not going to lose this election. They were, I'll do whatever it takes, and that is that carries a much more grim, and different meaning there usually used in political terms. They are waking the state voting systems to make sure Joe Biden PATH to victory is easier colluding many states, I believe, rigging the battle of the ballot. And as we seen for the last six months, what is their justification for creating all this new norm covert? Nineteen night we're gonna, show you how mail in voting is already going off the rails in many states. This is in him
Portland episode for you to arm yourself because In three weeks this. going to be the argument there voter fraud on the right really really he was there and are going to be fighting in every swing state with with courts with a hand. Chad's all of it all of it. It's it is dangerous to report publish on any social media via just said lately. there's been a lot of confusion and anxiety that the process, perpetual waited in part by Donald Trump and other politicians. Making false statements about the accurate c of mail in voting on Facebook and other social media platforms face new voting centre is an attempt to set the fat. straight about voting and the
Company said it's using politically neutral sources like them a partisan policy centre to do so? So ones being bombarded with an unsolicited message, Instagram facts about voting voting in person and voting by male have a long history of trustworthiness in the? U S and the same expected this year. Voter fraud is extremely rare across voting methods. That's not true! That's not true, by the way the president of the by partisan police policy centre, you to advise Obama when he was in the Senate, and then the senior vice president was the manager of the climate change campaign for the Union of concern scientists and worked with President Clinton so by partisan my rear end, but its crew.
be that they want everybody to tell you that everything is fine when you can read the news for yourself and know that it's not the watch in post just reported in August that more than half a million ballots were rejected in the primaries because of bow it's that arrive too late or had voter errors, No matter who you vote for it's going to be a mass if you vote by mail, so are there actually trying to ease the election anxiety or is there another agenda at play too you're going hard after Trump on several of his tweets. This honey badgered doesn't seem to care. Donald Trump wrote ballots r B. returned to states. They cannot be act Thirdly, counted many things are already going very wrong there put a warning on this. One learn: how voting by mail is safe and secure.
and be see said when President Donald Trump Facebook account Monday posted in evidence free assertion that mail in let's, cannot be accurately counted. The social me giant responded placing a label. on his twitter account Facebook, or change the label and made it more aggressive, describing a long history of Troy worthiness for above boat, in person and by male freely. Facebook and twitter announced months ago. This is how they're going to deal with many posts from Donald Trump about mail in ballots, they'll, Lee the posts up, but if they contain misleading information, they're gonna, add a fact check label, but he will be all by himself defending on social media, because if I The opinion that this This recounts, or whatever, is shady Nina based we, the things said the lad,
It was saying- and the right was saying about the recount in Florida in the year two thousand, if I have that opinion you will not see it on social media there just putting labels basis spending Richard Grenelle account he's that he was the former head of the dna. He was the DNA director of national intelligence. He paused did photos male in ballots sent to his friends dead parents, so he knew Is it to be true? It's a commentary on him and his friend and the bow it's that his friend got Andy. a band him band him. Twitter said it's going to expand its crackdown on Minsk. Misinformation surrounding the election and mail in voting from New York pose Jack Dorsey. The company ceo set an appearance on the daily podcast Twitter will. Can
new to evolve our policy to protect the integrity of conversation around elections that incur goods. He said suspending accounts that might engage in particular agree. just aspects of violations of the terms of service, even it belongs to the President of the United States. We won't hesitate to take action on those accounts and will use every tool. We have to do that. Dorsey said. The consequences of censorship for people like Ben Shapiro Stephen crowded mark live in me two, if we get fact checked on it, you get out, you could get up Hard strike from you to you too, which could result in us losing our channel or being monetize, which is the least of my concern it all
puts us at risk and being included in their news category Facebook. It will read, use distribution and put us in danger of being demonetized as well it's a warning shot. First, they take the money which we used to help pay for all the research and get our voices to the masses, and then they take the plan warm entirely its away, curtail the kind of content that we put out and they don't you don't approve of they don't like because of an pinion disagreement, This is a form of soft form of censorship. That's what's really happening with tonight. Show it's why we will only be tunnel. On blaze, tv dot com? We need did you standing with us as we stand with, you Ben Franklin said we all better. Hang together, we will certainly hang separately the pie.
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in financing dot net or call eight hundred nine zero. Six. Twenty four forty, eight hundred nine zero six, twenty four forty tens. station Eddie, so we got a new document that has just been released Hunter Biden introduced his father. There vice President Joe Biden to a top executive at the ukrainian Energy firm line, then, a year before the elder Biden pressured the government officials in Ukraine to fire, the secure who was investigating the same company, the now never before revealed meeting is mentioned in a message of appreciation that one.
the advisor to the board of Berries math one of the board members, their allegedly sent Hunter Biden on April. Seventeenth, twenty fifteen about a year after Hunter Joy the breeze my board at a report. Did salary of up to fifty thousand dollars a month? Why? we get it. He knew nothing about oil and gas, our energy. He had he didn't, he didn't speak. Russian Ukrainian. He was, he did nothing, he didn't speak the language of either business energy or the country but other than that, but that very well qualified, very well qualified. This is what No said Deronda. Thank you for inviting me to d c and giving us an opportunity to meet your father and spend some time together was really an honour and pleasure. Now wait a minute Joe Biden say they never talked about it. He never did anything.
Like this, he didn't know anything about berries under never talk to about any of that. That's weird an earlier email now just released from made twenty fourteenth show The ukrainian reportedly breezeless number three executive skiing Hunter for advice on how you could use your influence on the companies behalf hey, How? How did we get this? This a weird story of you heard this yet oh yeah This is this is weird. Sits behind weird it's beyond we're. Yes, certainly not true, it's it's! It is make like there's something else going on. Isn't there will I get the story, autonomy, social justice ass. Is this really does just doesn't it doesn't? I don't know: what's happening, the computer. This came from a lapse computer
and it was a it's. A treasure trove is got lots more on it then just this computer was dropped off at a repair shop in binds. Homestake of Delaware in April nineteen other support. The store honour, the other men Material extracted from the computer is not. Worth even talking about, because it's really horrendous unless it's true me. I'm not saying that information on the drivers in true how they came across it seems I don't highly questionable. No, I dont forget all right the cost, were brought in this macbook pro it was water damaged and e came in and said: can you repair this? He now were paid for the service. He never retrieved it. or the hard drive on which everything was stored. According to the shop owner right, he tried
repeatedly to contact the guy who had the computer shop on couldn't positively be positively identify the customer as Hunter Biden but said the lapse Boris, sticker from the boat binding foundation named after hunters late brother, the photos, the Delaware Federal Court Supreme Subpoena, given to the New York Post that show both the computer. Hard drive were seized by the FBI in December, it shows that there are looking into this because there not sure this or gave it to Rudy Giuliani and to the New York Post after giving it to the FBI. Some We should draw down on this one or the other is theirs. That I'm right here is something not right with it. Now We talked about Norton, let's
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fifty percent off your first year with intangible subscription Norton dot com. Slash back but a blaze, tv dot, com, Slash Glenn, use that protocol save our election you'll get access to the special tonight and twenty bucks off, this is the Glen Bag programme we we want. I tell you this Hunter Biden story. Now I told you about the smoking, gun emails that our on this hard drive and you can find them at New York posts, dot, com The emails on how. On how Hunter Biden was introducing the the board. members, and that leadership of Maurice Mamma to their day
and the email asking hey. Can you swing some of your support with us and cannot influence your dad on this and that all things that they have denied happen before all these documents were found on this hard drive now thee the other part- and I didn't mention this before, because It is its salacious and I haven't seen the videos and I'm the guy who who told you deep fakes, could be a very big danger, so I I wanna couch this with I know anything about this, but apparently There is a twelve minutes, video of hunter. By whose admitted struggling without with addiction problems smoke. Crack, while engaged in a sex hacked with an unidentified woman that
too much stimulation right? Then? I am just one of the other get a sex with an unending, unified woman or smoke crack. You really don't need both at the same time. So there is a picture from the hard drive and it is clearly Hunter Biden now again again. I don't know I haven't seen it all. We haven't done the fact checking on that in the back, and I dont know how you do the fact checking because the there. I don't want to hear that. We should also point out this picture and this video might be completely fake, though we know that thing has happened here inside us. I'd like a crazy accusation, correct correct the idea. Only thing the honestly matters about that is not that he was smoking crack, while hooking up with random women. It's that I actually identify it as a look potentially as a legitimate, hard drive, right. The question is: are these emails legit and this is the idea being that this laptop that was dropped off it.
Peter Repair shop for water damage with a bow bite and charitable foundation sticker on it, but the shop owner quite remember if it was Hunter Biden who dropped off any tried to come. try to communicate with the person whose dropped off many times, but still can't remember that person is try to communicate with? Is divided now, you'd think his name would be on the recent work or the receipt. If it was him who dropped it off and I'm not so that means. This information is fake at all. What I am saying, is this a whistle, blower or something right like someone to either has stolen the laptop or has the information through some other means. And intentionally drop is often a place that they knew.
would somehow find its way to Rudy Giuliani or whoever okay. So I, what do you think about that there? I think that that is probably well I'd. I dont want to comment on whether or not the what The odds are cause. I don't know this story just broke yesterday, right so ay ay. I want to be really really careful cause. I don't want to. soil all of the hard work we have done over the last year to get this starts right and then have destroyed by this year but I will tell you this. The so blowers that we know of that. We have dealt with on this, who have given us information very high level, people in Ukraine, one of them it has just disappear. now we know he's alive because I contacted us, but he will not tell us where in the world he is because,
He delivered something we think he delivered. something to the Senate and We know what it is we dont. This is a theory. We don't know what it is we dont know if that is even what did it, what it is, but we know after he went to the Senate All of a sudden, his visa was revoked by the State Department, well. This has something to do with the State Department, because its Ukraine, that is all about the State Department, our embassies, Hilary, Clinton Joe Biden, all of it so did the deep state revoke his visa. He thinks he s. And he said he has left the Ukraine and he's I'm going back to the Ukraine because he's afraid for his life is like I'm a dead man, I'm a dead man, so I I think that
you're not saying, and this guy did not saying that when I'm not. I wouldn't surprise me if somebody who had the information How do I get this to the White House? How do I get them to the press because I'm? gonna drop it off you know I don't want to be involved in this and all media and they either stole the laptop or They had that, as you said, and and put this on to cover their, accident peak enough interest from the guy at the computer store knowing that, if he's a tree supporter he's not give this to the FBI and let it be buried here Gonna give it to the newspapers and he's gonna, give it to the White House right, which is exactly what he did and that day seem to be more plausible phenomena, Ino there's a you know some chance that
it's totally made up, pretty could be fake, could be that's the weight of their doing this and notes with some foreign influence operation. Is all these positive classical, but I mean it, it does seem like the way it's being reported in the New York. Posts is a possibility, it's just so out of the norm. But again, if Europe, whistle blower. If here, if come across these communications, and you need get them too to someone in power. This seems like a way in all. This is how it would be done in the movies for lack of of an actual up. You know ability to report. Are you can't? I can't tell you what it was, but this is certainly not like. You just, but we just Hunter bite, and now he is a guy who's on heavy drugs all the time. Reportedly struggled with them. It wouldn't be.
Please be impossible for him to actually just walk into computer repairs door with his brothers sticker on his computer, with one damage and I'll be back in a couple of always having visited China returned a rental car with white powder border. So this is, he not be divided ability, it just doesn't seem like right right. Well, it's in the hands of the FBI. Now, so the FBI is doing an investigation. What Means F, B. I have no idea but so it is in the hands of the FBI. So we Will we'll watch this story too to see? But I will tell you this. You know still that there were problems three times the my life because my Jason Bourne Movie where it was like
with a lot less of physical activity here, but it was, it was, we would look, at each other and go. This is a move. This isn't real. This cannot be real and it was and some day I'll, write a book and talk about a whole that stuff, but it was. It was real and you're like that What else do we couldn't even process the things that security was telling us cause we're like? No, that it now that's that's not can't and when it does, happen that way and one of the things I think I've talked about this before the Washington Post style, section yeah? It was one of we in one of those movies movie moments. We're like that can't be true, a message was sent in an article two Somebody who knew how to read it to get a mess
age to me, lay off Van Jones, he's leaving the White House and they came to me and said: ok lay off Angela like what they like he's leaving the White House, and, unlike will that, but that's not what I wanted in the first place. I want an explanation of why: how did this communist get in there and I said what are you, what do you mean? Did you get a phone call or what is it now? in the Washington Post style section. an ice head, thus dials sanction, and he said that is traditionally the way the White House sends messages to people around the world, who are in the know, and if you ever see a political story involving the White House in style section that the place were when the wash I suppose tat any credibility
they said they I can remember, which president started it, but they said we need to get this story out and wash people said no, we won't put of planted story and where a newspaper- and they said how about the style section cause, that's not really news right, and so there was, this a guess, agree and this is at least the story- I was told the agreement between the Washington Post in the White House for years that If you really at an important story, get out, you could put it in their well, that's where this this story was and it didn't belong in the style section and so it bit made total sense that kind of spook stuff happens. It really does happen. It's not beyond, reason to think that somebody stole that or some operative was like I can get it to the
I'd house and I can get it to the press and it will eventually go to the FBI. you just let just gimme the laptop I'll take care of it. I mean that unfortunately as weird and is unbelief viable as it sounds, that's the kind of stuff it happens in Washington DC all the time I mean, anybody I've ever talk to in Washington DC every one says house. cards. Is exactly without the killing them. said it's exactly the way Washington is. If you watch that that's terrifying yeah, it's truly terrifying, but everyone said the same thing, it's that that is what it is just with the killing. I always followed up with
that you know of more willing to admit it's all talk about simply say, I'll break ins going on in these days. Home security, it doesn't have to be, you know, doesn't have to be hard, doesn't have to be expensive. If you were, are looking for a secure system that is easy to install and will save money online. recommend simply safe. Put aside, up in your front yard this home protected by simply safe, simply say makes it easy and affordable to have the best home security on the market state of the art equipment round. The clock monitoring make simply The first name in business and when you pair how simple it is to set it up with the fact that you're going to pay zero dollars and fifty cents a day for Mata drink it oh brainer had over
simply safe, back dotcom that simply safe back dotcom tonight on Glenn TV, the episode big Tech would love to censor election hijacking is happening now glance experts have left is issuing durable, doesn't count and reveals the chaos that coming in November, never before has an election been clothed in lies, deceit and manipulation of the american voter watch. Glad to take on Democrats, the media and vague tack tonight, nine pm eastern only ablaze TB, Dotcom, Slash Glenn, this is the Olympic programme. This example programme- and I am am glad back my executive producer, head writer on the programme- is a stupor gear. Do I want to get you and Steve days together for an hour, I mean
He seems nice, but I liked her have a makes that sort of commitment ill by your drink it by a drink and take out to dinner first of and he doesn't get on the first. star we'll see. Ok, so very tempted hit that. So you are the two smartest numbers people. I know you both. I trust both of you Poles sees really smart, yeah, yeah and you're really smart. I mean you have been right. You were right in twenty sixteen million you mean you're. Just I've watched you over twenty years, you're right on these things, but you to disagree. On the poles and I I to have a because your bolts, you'll both be sick. to each other, so it'll be a could debate. I I really want to ask both of you. Questions and have you guys
tell me where the differences are because it came in here and he outlined sort of his case when he was in for those debate, pray Alyosha yes ago. Yet it would debate coverage and it didn't seem like he had that much of a different opinion. I D says the Poles are wrong. He said he said specific poles were wrong which that that is, you know, I think, that's accurate, there's been some that not be Syria loose as though my rig pole of what was it fourteen was way wrong in fourteen. Does anybody believe this is a fourteen point race? I mean I I am not optimistic right now. I will tell you, I said all throughout the summer look. This is weird year. People are in an election mode, yet I wouldn't worry until the end of September. Well, guess what guys it's your worried and I'm where I would say it's time to where we were there. We are still things less than three weeks away, and you know what ways to change the narrow
from now on, obviously, there's unforeseen events. You can never you never know what's coming right, but I mean the first debate and it doesn't seem to have gone well for Donald Trump in the polls. No, the second debate gets cancelled because the present it gets the krona virus of what is there one more debate, yeah I mean that looks like what we have left. Yeah, it's gonna be, That's not gonna go well because Donald Trump is is They're not gonna, be fair to Donald Trump when that installed from gets angry and when he gets angry. He again, I agree with him in his anger, just wish that he didn't, feel like he was the only one to correct the record, and I think that up in the last debate. That's what his son told me. He said You know my dad fell like he was the only guy that was going to correct the record. They would never there we're just gonna. Let him get away with all that stuff. And he was like. He wanted to correct the record right then, and there
understandable. It is understandable, but it didn't work again didn't were, and I will say like I understand the virtual debate. Thing her, how he didn't want to do that, of course how can it be on zoom? Rightly they haven't. You been networks, studios doing this, but to me any opportunity to get Joe Biden on camera for an extended period is something at this point in the race you need to take bright. Fanny are soon led. Him hang himself, you ve got a lot of harm Sophia, I mean there. They ve been able to hide this man for an entire campaign and were less than three weeks away from the election I want talk to you about some cultural things, that I disagree with the poles and I want you to help me. You know just you're either going to walk me off the ledge or you know one way or another and media that follow my death we're good back in through the window you desire,
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when programme welcome to the welcome to the programme we have so much to cover with here. We have a c b with a notorious ac b Talk to you about her hearing yesterday, what's happening today, also This incredible in credit video of Nancy Pelosi just going unhinged in an interview with with won't blitzer it It's not about Nancy Pelosi, it's more really about the attitude of these people and what is coming if they get power, I never thought I would quote Linsey Gram. he said it right. During the cabin I hearing you people so badly want power. You will do anything to get it, and I hope to God. You never do
the aid. Is it's really twisted and scary? What is coming our way? We begin their and some talk on the polls in sixty seconds is a glaring back, I want to talk to our gold line. Here's the thing about my predictions about these. There always called crazy. There always called you know it. Can Ever happen and lay de we have seen now ninety per cent of them seem to becoming drew, the big ones are all coming true, thats it twenty sixteen was gonna, be a bloodbath. I said twenty sixteen the summer leading up to that election would be the summer of rage. I was one election off its this last summer and what's coming to our streets in next three weeks is going to be something that I do any of us have ever seen before in our
in our streets and it's gonna be happening all over. We are on the brink, going to civil war- and I pray to God that we don't, but I would Surprise me I can't you strongly enough to protect your financial house, the dollar I could go through age. Day period to where it is just caught in value. You thirty percent of the value of your dollar overnight, we could be facing a time where we lose, they reserve currency status of the United States. If that happens everything you worked for is gone. Please protect some of what you have with gold and I want you to call gold line right now and get all the information and and then prey on its study. It out prey on your smart enough to to make this decision call eights
six gold line, eight six gold line or gold line dot com call them they're, giving away free silver with every purchase made this week, so you can purchase silver outright, which I did love last week or you can get free silver with the purchase of any gold product, its eight six, six, gold line call them now. Eight six. Six like tonight on Glenn TV. The episode, big tech would love to censor election hijacking is happening now. Glenn experts have left is enjoying your vote, doesn't count and reveals the chaos that's coming in November. Never before has an election been cloaked in lies, deceit and manipulation of the american voter watch. Glad to take on Democrats, the media and vague tack tonight, nine pm eastern only ablaze TB, dotcom slashed. When so I I have to play this audio from Nancy policy.
because it really tells you an awful lot of blue these people are and how they treat any one Anyone who dare cross them now see policy has been CNN, is an extension. of the of the one party system, it's an extension. It's practically Pravda at this point and they have been over backwards. Wolf Blitzer asks Nancy Policy about this over one point: eight trillion dollar proposal from Donald Trump Look: let's get help to the people and we're not going to go, you know and put it in all these special funds, etc, etc. But, let's put one point eight together, we can agree on that. I want to do more, says, Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi won't even talk about it, so Blitzer says you know, people are suffering in its true, but they
want Donald Trump to be blamed for it. They want people's lives to get worse before the election, and so not willing to do it and wolf Blitzer start talking to her about it, and this is incredible. Listen to this. It's not about me it's about millions of Americans who can't put food on the table who can't pay the rent from one rather than the heading that Byzantium long fly rising. I know you are, then I'm just saying I sent them. We know them We owe them. We represent that letter perfectly the enemy of the good, as they say, you're nowhere near Paris, Madam Speaker, always dick. pace, but we're not even close to the good. Are, let's see what happens because every day is critically critically important thanks. So much joining insensitivity to our constituents needs. I am sensitive to them because I see them on the street begging for food begging for money, not us
perfect having them. We feed them. We feed them whose we you mean you feed them with my money is at is that you feeding them or is it feeding them, have you I mean. Have you? Are you feeding them in your local area? Nancy or are you filling you're you're free or with more ice cream She feeds them with Jenny's ice cream. I think she to abide by the nine dollar pint right. I mean it's it's a scene and what is that what was she doing? A wolf Blitzer eggs exactly what Khumalo Harris was doing to my pants ta king down to him because disagree MIKE and in the end the debate were being very polite, she was talking down to him and down to the american people. If you
I agree with her. This is same thing,. If you think that we are going to live in a calm by your world with people like this. You are mistaken if you think they hassles and Disruptions are going to end because Joe Biden suddenly gets the presidency yours sadly mistaken the the the and tea for rebels. They don't lie the Democratic Party, the Democratic Party, is only using them and think they're smart enough to know that they are very clear of being a lamb in LOS Angeles, just came out last week and said Joe Biden is exactly the same as Donald Trump same thing: we're not stopping I mean they want to destroy the free market and the constitution.
and they will do whatever it takes. You know why Joe Biden is in talking about refuses to talk about. The book, the filibuster and then packing the court. Because it's very unpopular with the how can people like seventy five percent of the american people are against packing the court? So can't say, he's going to pack the court. There was a deal made between the left and the Democrats when Everybody had to rally around Joe Biden, you Oh deals were cut. Bernie Sanders has already said that the deal was Scott got a lot in return for that, so What is that stuff? Well, it is packing the court. It is adding more states.
is getting rid of the filibuster, it is getting rid of the electoral college those are things they agreed on if they have the house, the Senate and the White House, a mere could changes and changes dramatically and if you don't if you think it's hard to stand up now and make your mind wait until every one on the left is talking everyone who disagrees with them like now? see policy. Come Harris. You're not worth their time. Did you feed them Wolf. You know I bet he has I, really taken his money and put it towards homeless. Shelters already has with Wolf but he's a good guy he's a decent man. A very high as.
You know the only reason why they have a problem with a c b Tori essay B is because she actually believes in something we have a problem with Nancy Pelosi and and You know There never gonna see Nancy policies getting rid of birth control or abortion and she claimed she's a staunch and law Oh Catholic, are you now? Are you now? because even this pope, even this pope, is against abortion. They know, Joe Biden, I think he's also, losing Catholic Joe Biden also has said just recently in one of the most amazing statements. I've ever read. Who do what I have to do to too? You know, can t You to work on the things that I believe in I've had
berry, my soul. Deep! underground You should have done it. I have at least I ve noticed it doesn't seem to be whole, hasn't cow, okay, so that the reason why they have a problem with Actual religious people is because they believe in something when you believe in something you'll, do it, what These people believe in I'm telling you they believe in country that does not resemble the Three, our founders put together They believe that and they will do anything anything remember A lot of them subscribe to the the ideas from solid Linsky, whose book was dedicated to Satan mean
you know as crazy. As that sounds that's true, literally two, it's not like. He really wanted say he likes Satan. No it's in the book that the dedication to say Satan and what does it say as the fallen, the fallen angel- dedicated to the fallen angel, who at least one his own kingdom You know cause cancer. I can remember what it is, but at least one his own kingdom Satan, Solemn Linsky, its eye it The first for radical the adverse radical known to man yeah, who at least one his own kingdom that it so they'll. Do anything anything, and You know when you're, when you're, when you're messing with that kind of stuff.
It's only a matter of time before you just the dark this just envelops you and you have to start silencing people, and you know whatever. We too many well will kill him. I mean it's. I don't. I dont know if people really truly understand that you know we're here. and they will do they everything that cover the tracks. Look at Cuomo, let it go with the nursing homes? no, you know in New York. It was what seventy thousand of our debts for covered approximately that I think their official number is forty or fifty thousand deaths, but if you- look at it in you. They they play counting games with that. You look at it. It actually run seventy thousand so it means we only lost a hundred and thirty thousand nation wide
seventy in New York. Many of them from nursing homes door, directly responsible for those deaths is the guy that the nursing home management would come to an end. Please don't do this, please you don't understand. We can't do this you're going to kill. old people, did it anyway and now blames it on Trump NEA unease. a book it's out this week. I love you picked it up yet! Oh, I know I've got my copyrights already under my Christmas tree really here, because, right there under Joe Biden, soul, oh, I am getting one allied China in a lot. I am getting a first of all his boat, his he's net earned out his bonus? His signing bonus for this book. So when you say I got, I want to give him money. Well, you're, not giving money he's already got it no matter. If he certainly was assigning bonus, a hundred a hundred dollars.
in the Bin that high his last one was gigantic and its old almost no copies. Which is hilarity almost money laundering. It is, it is, it's an interesting here because you don't they. They with conservatives they are very specific. You gotta make this amount of money will in you that and then you get of you get assigning bonus. If you will you get it, you get three book deal or whatever it is, and it is always tied to your performance. These p we'll just keep getting millions of dollars of of book advances that they'll never out. Never. It it honestly its. I would say it I mean it's late. Looks like money laundering, you're you're, not what are you paying them for you're, not getting that money back? How is this a good investment right,
once in a while they get a really gonna. Michelle Obama will clearly not actual actually earn out her bone, assert its very, very rare that around a generic politician running sums. bid biography, he's gonna turn out of six or seven figure bonus in almost never happens, and what they do is in these. These both companies- shovel money at the piano Andrew Cuomo, I came from I had the number in front of you, but it was something like he sold like eight hundred books. The guy. You know here no more of this one because he's been in the spotlight. You never get another book published ever if you weren't on the left and a political hero of the left. You wouldn't aid read books. No one would, but I wonder if Amazon would allow you to self publish the had me. I ain't you'd know nobody would print for eight hundred books sold. Now I mean you, don't do it and what s interesting about Homo too is I think you can fairly say there have been missed.
ex made by everybody in the Covin thing and a lot of people would look at this and say well, how would you know you know these are all new things, everyone's in the middle of a crazy situation? Maybe you make mistakes and you can excuse some of that. It's hard to do with Chrome, other Cuomo imported, covered Positano notions. I won't hear I won't hear of it. I want to quote from his book on what he said about that you liar you absolute liar quote. Oh has cleared this up in his hourly, because I have the quote from the directive. While I have the quote from him in his new book good, let's hear it. Ok we'll do that. One minute stand by our eye thank you. So much tore sponsor wreck tech. The ultimate grilling experience awaits you. When you go online and your shop for a tech, it's not, ass, the actual grilling part that that is, I mean it's really amazing, but is the community that you,
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with the end wreck, tech with a cue dot com. That's already see tee to dot com. Ten second station Eddie. you know, I don't even know if I should allow you to do the lie you're about to do. Why should you actually correct one? Look we make corrections. program. Ok, it was thirty two hundred copies he sold of his last book, not eight hundred. I was right and it was a bonus of seven hundred and thirty eight thousand dollars what was said three thousand hours for thirty, two hundred books there's books were a hundred thousand dollars each anyway This is what this is. What Cuomo said in his book? Fortunately, although I try and never successfully communicated the facts on the situation, that was his one mistake with go. Of course, the drum forces had a civil, a simple line: thousands died in nursing homes,
it was. It was true, but they need did to add a conspiracy which was that they die because of bad state policy that man aided and directed the nursing homes except covert, nineteen positive people and the covert positive people were the cause of the spread of the disease in nursing homes. It was is a lie. End quote That's his book He tries to draw all sorts of lights on this like we can't. We don't know for sure that fact what I say is like well, we found covered in other patients in the same nursing homes. That's like way of getting out of this like well, we have important positive patient, but it was already in there now, of course, Obviously, as we know now that a minority of covert positive patients are the ones doing all the spreading, so adding any can emergency of covert positive patient is a really bad idea, because it just increasing your odds, wheel.
Ever know exists? Finally, how many patients Andrew Cuomo killed with his policy of I, of course you also are- that is one of the policies the policy was that These nursing homes would be prohibited from stopping coded positive patients to come into them. He also- and he was the only state in the union. I believe to do this, which was he prohibit. did nursing homes from testing? patients when they were coming in to find out if they work. positive, because he was worried they would discriminate based on their Colvin nineteen positive status. That is a guy who has
locally no respect for human life, and that is why he had been worst performance of any individual in the world when it comes to Covid nineteen nineteen. I just tell you what he said in his new book. It was, it was a lie: These guys are despicable, really, yours, truly despicable is back programme. So what is you're, paying keeping you from today. What's keeping from doing whose keeping you from enjoying time with I love to paint and I'm painting all the time now. But I couple years ago, pain was so bad in my hands. I thought I'll never do this again. I won't be able even write again, which I of two hand right well as before really factor came along. So what's yours What is it you don't do any more than you love, try
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Tonight- Studios America in Glenn, back back to back, go to blaze, tv dot, com, Slash Glenn, used a promo code, save our election for twenty bucks off This is the Glen Back Programme, where concerned about this election being stolen votes, being shifted were finding ballots now in garbage bags in the homes of postal workers. I mean it's it's really truly astonishing. What's going on and half the Tree doesn't seem to care maybe that's, because we ve all been hypnotized as crazy as it sounds that what big tech can do now is there? can convince you of things there,
you don't even you don't believe, and you will think it's your own free. Will your you're being manipulated every day. All of us are doctors Epstein is with us now and his website is stop big tech now dot com. he has been setting up a a project to be able to monitor. these these the search engines, this to prove that they are manipulating the election, Are you finding that yet, doctor we're shining a few things so far. I do have to say first of all, Glenn averted if it weren't for you and your listeners and your viewers we wouldn't have a project this year, you you you're, you and your people have, much funded the entire project
was a little short of files, but the world gets and also the wonderful because without you literally, these companies will just be getting away with murder, and so, Yes, we have now build a system, it's too small. We need to scale it obsolete taken. Syria. please. Our data are taken seriously by authorities, and by industry media. But yes, we are now monitoring beyond the third search engines, I should say in granting we're looking at lots of things now. I can't give you the full list. Obviously, we're finding lots of evidence of bias and were finding something else which I think will probably not surprise you, but it surprised me- and that is I- These companies are shifting away from the presidential race because I think they they know they have a lock on Lee the popular vote there and they I also know that the trunk is still get us.
In terms of course, because of it, representatives or because a state legislatures are the spring cord. So there A away and they're moving to the Senate races? That is what their focusing on, because if they can get a lock on the Senate and even a trump cards Second term, he has no power If the he weaken the White House in the Senate and Lee the house where we I mean they will pay the court. They will add states, they're they're gone. Indians, the media and now big tack, you'll, never see conservative ever gay in power really ever again I I lean left myself as you well know, I I I can live with that, but what I can live with is how this is happening.
cannot live with these companies, particularly cruel and Facebook, in Aceh surely, Google having this kind of power to basically fix elections, not just in the? U S, but around the world with anyone, knowing what they're doing and without leaving a paper trail for authorities and is without me, and these monitoring systems all of this stuff where were they college femoral manipulations, always ephemeral? Stuff would be completely lost forever. That's what I'm capturing with the monitoring system. Are it so it's how much it costs per person to be able to meet after. Have you you get these people that agreed Study and you watch over their shoulders if I knew, if I have this right and you see what's happening to them online every time the Google search every time they go to a certain place, you capture it and
It is it something that there is no record of unless the person has agreed to have everything they do captured on on tape right, that's Sadly, writing a curse were doing that with customs software. So we have a lot of technical issues were dealing with every day and, of course, we have to recruit These people around the country and secret caught us close. It Two thousand dollars to recur, Just one of these people. We call him field agents and we have to equip them. We have to train them. We have to protect them. We do back. jack. So you know it's very exciting so we ve now thing to you and your snares and viewers we have now build a system, we only have days left. We ve got to scale up to be taken seriously. I can tell you right now. I can't give you I'm not going to give you the exact numbers we don't have. The elections in place right now. If we had an extra
couple hundred thousand dollars. Obviously we can expand that number quite considerably we're hoping that ten days to to, before the election. We can make some sort of announcement about what were finding and get these companies to back off. during those critical days and when they you back ass, we will detect. It are I back off, if they don't baggage, when some of these people could go to jail I'll because there are violating campaigns, finance laws. I want you to go to stop big tech, now stop big tech now and if you can donate Whatever you can to hundred thousand dollars is not that big of of risk. I know a lot. people in this audience already have given Vigo, if more great. If not thank you for what you ve already done, even if it's just prayers that you know Big donors fall out of the sky here in the next couple of days, but
You can afford anything and you you agree that this is really important. Please go to stop big tack. Now dot com you'll find. All of the information you'll find me and mark Levantin. Everybody else talking about this and how port it is. This is the audience that is. Is the soup bring it in and making it possible it's really important, especially in seeing that the centre, is calling all is subpoenaed all of the big tack leaders, the before the election to testify in front of Congress, and it's a scare tactic to try get them you know the under. Control on election Day and, more importantly, after election day, they are very concerned about voices, as am I being silenced. But
We really need to have some evidence here and what they're doing in manipulating, because if you can get that and get it out to the get it out to the public? a week before the election. That makes a difference and it also will give the bed the Senate some things to talk to these guys about. absolutely in ten Cruz and I'm in regular touch with his people and the first he's the one who had me testify before Congress last year He really understand this issue. I you know his people are just dying to get hold of it. These data that were collecting and am also dealing with a lot of the state agencies, because some of people are late, totally get it as well. By is easy have no data, if no one is capturing, this stuff their word against them and happily exactly right. Are you are you? Do you think that there is
there's any one serious about breaking these guys up, or I mean there is in Google one of the boys Yes, lobbyists now on Capitol Hill near. Actually, the biggest down below I mean the money that is being pushed into Congress by these guys is anybody. Can I do anything. You know the complicated matter. But the point is there: are some people now on the hill who are saying they're gonna do some things, but everything- they're saying, if, like their mesmerized, is what the big companies I'd say it's literally org talking about these texts. designing the way in which they are going to be regulated and guess what that is, couldn't diminish the absurd. in power that they have right now of surveillance of censorship. manipulation, in other words what Congress is doing right now and even the agencies. I am sad to say I am among most of them there
on the wrong track. They don't understand where these powers come from. You cannot break up, for example, the search engine itself. You cannot break up a face books, a shout social media platform, you'd be splitting millions of families apart. That's where their main power comes. So when there Well, you know Anti trust action and getting up to sell out some of the companies they bought. All it does is put more money in the pockets of the major shareholders. It just makes them even richer than they already are. It does not diminish their power, so you know your question. yeah. There's there's talk and I think they'll be some action, but they're? Not our leaders do not really get it. They do. Understand or if they do they're not willing to act because they're getting votes and money from these tech company I'll Robert. Thank you Much is please keep in touch with me in and let me know along the way how things are going
love to know tomorrow morning, if you would just email me and tell me how much has been raised Reno from this appearance today, I'd appreciate I'd like to hit that two hundred thousand dollar lead all of yours, that's what we hit last time, you were on, we hit too. thousand dollars of donations and I'd love to hit that again today, so we can actually have valuable usable, credible data, in the next couple of weeks. Thank you so much represent, I am. I am so grateful to you and the american people should be grateful to you and democracy should be grateful to you. So thank you so much kind of you. Thank you very much again his website. If you would like to donate Don't get this under control. Now we're not going to stop tech now dot com that stop big tech, now dot com
let me tell you about our sponsor, were grateful too. Is life lock among the many wonderful things that has that, as you know, been done for us. The pen, I make has also brought us some really bad stuff in increased in unemployment, benefits the claims filed the country, a lot of them are bogus the the unemployment checks and the claims that are coming in thousands. Tens of thousands of these are fraudulent. Its oh bad now that the F p C has said due to allow large part to the high volume of benefit fraud, cases, identity, theft. has now officially moved up to the number one spot for fraud in America number one, they we'll take your name in your identity and they will use it anyway. They have to to make money.
really important that you understand how how much a threat. This is too, you know we can prevent identity theft or monitor all transactions, but lifelong will see that the things that you might miss on your own it also. They also have a dedicated team that work too restore your good name, should something happen, that's worth the price of admission, just on that and right now, You can save up to twenty five percent off your first year with a promo code back Promo Code, Beckett, one hundred lifelike, one, eight hundred lifelong or lifelong dot com use a promo code back, save twenty five percent. Now lifelong dotcom, lessening back, in. in one of the most obvious stories. I have read today the day
the matrix who filmed and alter porn vivid with a priest. says their repercussions, the Dama tricks who filmed Anne S an important video with a Louisiana. Priest on the altar of his church said She now suffers from nightmares really I wonder what does nightmares by be happening in you're kidding me had, is, you know the church had the altar burned and I think they re dedicated the church. I mean it's a bad deal, but look at the guy does peasant press if that was my priest. I'd be like our home, where isn't Amy and are we on the wrong side on? Are we the baddies egg? While I mean that guy just looks like a bad person I think he does
yeah It's not a flattering photo gnawing. No, you know and then the church had the gall to come out and say what was you know? What, done on the altar was just demonic. By this I mean that's the creation of life you're talking to an ethnic babies, you to be born with a ball gag it. So sad, so bad at Sacho by people really don't like when you have sex at their church, that something I've noticed were the yearly several news stories. You come back to that state. Not Greece, should not be having sayings and this and when the extra yard did it on the altar yeah, we I don't know what we get an end was filming a poor and I dont know, Actually, if he thought, no
would figure that out it's really interesting how people just totally dismiss the fact that there are courting than his actions, I was watching this Netflix documentary that is out now in some of these true crime, documentaries and its tariff. In several ways about a husband who kills his wife and his two and the two kids. Have you seen us not hide nigh? I it's again that your crime stuff has stuck to watch at times, but this entire documentary is based. Lee just footed from their facebook page and but he said, to not only, of course is I don't don't want to ruin the entire thing, but not only his wife but others involved. In this situation, I mean it is like I like. If I guess I understand the bigger crime is. The murder is the second time the altar, but I just can't get has the idea that, if you're going to do these things, everyone don't film them everyone. Everyone said
to me plan the president. Gonna win and I say I don't know It doesn't look good right now, but I don't know and they all say Can the american people be this stupid? and I really want to say yes, yes, I mean what point? Did you gotta stop saying that in asking that question? The answer is yes they can be. I mean until these two were convicted their cancelling out your vote in somebody else's. That's like to worry under control a done deal. I lay a little one that to have a galley. Alright, we'll see you tonight very special programme. You don't want to miss the I jacked elections and the left
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