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Waking Up Woke | Guests: Gov. Greg Abbott & Jeffy Fisher | 4/23/19

2019-04-23 | 🔗
Hour 1 And the Woke list continues. More things to add to the 'what is racist' list? That's why darkies were born. ...Bernie Sanders thinks murders should be able to vote. Ex convict talks to Glenn, "I have paid my debit."   Hour 2 Texas Governor Greg Abbott calls into take Glenn's complaints. Property taxes are are skyrocketing out of control in a state that everyone is moving to. "We are going to hammer down the property taxes" ...America is being Fundamentally transformed right before our eyes? ...If it ain't broke AOC   Hour 3  Jesus most likely was a Palestinian man? We are moving away from the MLK. Favoring groups by skin color is all the rage, again. Post modern deconstruction of American culture ...Time to play 'Is It David Duke or Amy Schumer' with Jeffy

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strive again by drove past a statue, and I don't even know who the person was that statue, but the way he was looking at me, this giant words with a wolf, but everything about you, gonna travel weighted average is giving me down. I don't know if I go, I don't know. What's next some big fat old woman who had been dead for forty years, she's gonna have a statue over averages. Egg raises the eggs: I can't I can't do it. This is a landmark programme. We get into the nonsense that we're living in and I'll tell you the real reason behind it up until the second first, let me tell you my car shield, if your car your car. Now it doesn't include pain and suffering, but if your car,
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This on my truck any. It is well worth it one bird car six thousand mentioned promo code back or go to car shield, dot com and use the code back and save ten percent. That's car she'll dotcom Code back car shield, one eight hundred car six thousand promo code back, do you know there's a bust of CHE glaring at a hillside in Bolivia. There is statue of Lucifer in Madrid, Spain and another one in Belgium, there are states of Karl Marx, stolen Lenin, all over the world, including a statue of Lenin in Seattle, same goes for now, there's a sap statue of Satan. In Detroit there hey it's it's not oppression! You! It's just a statue of Satan, just
side of former ghetto in Warsaw there's a statue of Hitler kneeling in prayer. There is a monument to fascist soldier in Chicago that was gifted by italian, fascist dictator, Benito Mussolini, said: Dorothy, large statue of a naked man standing on a naked woman in the cemetery in Brooklyn, theirs, at you of a policewoman urinating in Dresden, Germany, of course, there's mannequin piss this at you in Brussels, have you little kid being in the in the pond, which is kind you can address him up its different things depending on the time of the year, and I that's horrible. It's a horrible statue, and it's been oppressing me and I I wake night tears is but there are a lot of things we have to worry about today. Statues? Are not that's. Not all this an actual list that we compiled for
you today, of the things that have been branded racist, Joe in the last two years in America, dogs and dog, walking nine one. One calls to USA, these scanners class, sickle literature, literature in philosophy You need to say this. One milk knitting being cheerful, not each year, full friendly. This not being friendly enough lie: breweries, clowns, The adventures diets. Infant Reality rates the one comes from none other than Kampala how'd. You say your name common, Comma Harris. You should know that when she comes- and she says, infant mortality rates, but she tweeted implicit racial bias is one critical reason that maternal
Torp Merton mortality rates for black women is three or four times higher than white women. She blamed maternal majority of mortality rates on, of course, racism. So but also there's make up, make up purse, All space is very very racist, vikings. Potatoes include gin, Inclusion, bird, king commercials, the ok okey hand sighing the rainbows compliments, childbirth, house plants, nail polish bacon, yes, Bacon trying to improve racial tensions, not focusing constantly on racial tensions. Mentioning racial tensions exist. Since, if your white now I did just be the first to add this monologue Wilson, be called racist, I'm sure there
an incredible amount of Opel overlap between statues and perceived racism. I don't To give you an example, because you know exactly what I'm talking about by the way more staff of Calisto Christopher Columbus are coming down. It was celebrated yesterday that two more states are replacing Columbus day with indigenous peoples. Day Columbus, there's, Thomas Jefferson, there's Frances, Scott Key Abraham, Lincoln of all people Joan of ARC and many many others. Now the Most recent example is, as unexpected is the whole walking or dog, is racist But here s the thing on the latest outcry: they work really hard for this one, except in doing any kind of research.
The controversy centres on the statue of Kate Smith a singer who was once called the song bird of the south. She gained faint gained, framed in the nineteen forties. Ford got room, I saw recall, which I think is a progressive nightmare, but that's a different story. Smith's achievements. Or a little awe inspiring she performed for king of King George and Queen Elizabeth she she performed at the White House right before world war. Two Ronald Reagan bestowed her with the presidential metal of freedom. She was credited helping defeat the Nazis, thanks to Eighteen hour broadcast in which she helped CBS raise over one hundred million dollars in war bonds. Think of that back in the nineteen forty years
one hundred million dollars because of her a teen our broadcast- and I was just one broadcasting did by like- I think- with a total of six hundred million- I mean- which is if you'd today's dollars is over ten billion dollars. Think of that are worth think of that she helped us defeat the Nazis for DEC, its both in New York Yankees in the Philadelphia flyers played her version of God bless America at home games the Yankees featured in the seventeen is seventh innings. Since nine eleven flyers, even had a statue of Smith outside stadium she'd, because the teams, good luck, charm after she performed God- God bless America before game. Six of this, before Stanley CUP Fly finals, end the flyers one, but this month. All of that is changed. Now oh she's, a racist. We shouldn't even mention her shouldn't, be a statue she needs.
Cancelled. She needs to be forgotten. She needs to be smeared and destroyed. Here's what statement reads: the flyers have enjoyed a long and popular relationship with God bless America is performed by the late Kate Smith, but in red. In days, we learned that several of the songs, Kate Psmith, performed in nineteen thirty included lyrics and sentiments that her be compatible with the values of our organization and evoke painful and unacceptable themes. The songs. Now, What you do know you're going to be offended by the lyrics and songs, but hang on the song. That's why darkies are born. That alone, a room on that one and Pickaninny Heaven not a room there either pickaninny in case you dont know, is an archaic. Derogatory word too Scribe black children, she
performed the movie. Is she performed this song in a movie in nineteen? Thirty, three. In the scene. She d did the song to a lot of little colored children living in the orphanage and she saying about watermelons and its re its clearly a racist song, Kay under contract in a movie that she didn't write. But she performed it. Ok, but Let's look at the really disturbing one, that's why darkies were born I don't even want to see the lyrics on the air, because they will be taken out of context and used to smear me I'll. Let Kate
sing it for herself here. It is one that I know how much ok, so you listen to that near like what is this, the planned meeting how is this? Possibly you how
Was this even acceptable? Listen to the lyrics that's why they were born because, somebody just had to be content with any old thing. Somebody had to be tired and worn and laugh it probable had to plant the core take the cotton. That's why people were born are kidding me how, you possibly recall, that way, if we would like to live in the world of ignorance, if we would like to live in a world where nobody does any critical thinking, Eugene jump to whatever conclusion suits your agenda and that's really important. I'm gonna come back to that Then you can just be pissed off at Kate, Smith or or
You can understand that that is a song from a nineteen thirty one Broadway review called George Whites scandals and it will is a sad tire of war. Its supremacy. He actually wrote this song along with Paul Robertson. He was an act and a civil rights activist his father was literally a runaway slave. So what happened. What happened? Oh, oh! This was a song that civil rights activists were actually singing too. Mark race. You know if we get rid of Kate Psmith because of this. May I suggest we put we put MEL Brooks on the chopping block, the song he sang.
Because he sang about the inquisition paranoid You hear that. I'll play it for you in a minute, but he's so Dunham Movie, where breeding black people. It's crazy blazing saddles here here's the inquisition. His song
at stake in the Hague was a sham look out, say we have our mission to convert the Jew. My without a teach, we're gonna, see like make an all that they can review on fur. Was this may? How could anybody do this? The inquisition we're gonna, converted, chuse, it's better to lose your skull cap and Jaska. Oh my gosh. I need to take a break, I'm so offended. I'm so offended standby. There's more here. This guy says about Hitler Spring time. It's it's terrible if we can find the audio evidence of it let me tell you about one: eight hundred flowers, one eight hundred flowers. By the way
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the way. You'll see this special offer ends on Friday, one eight hundred flowers, dotcom ten second station. I do but Kate Smith Gatesman is a racist. Now you might ask yourself why Why would someone looking for Kate Smith. How? How did that even happen here going through cates. Catalogue and then stirring this up in Philadelphia. This isn't about racism? This isn't about anything, except God bless America, That's what this is about. God bless Amerika, the song. If I might call
a former first lady because my husband knows we're gonna do this. We have to change our traditions, have to change our language. To change our history, that's what says about God, bless, America, because the song she sang. The one that is the real horror show. She sang in a review to mock racists, she and a son of a runaway slave civil rights activist. World it together. Now, let me ask you this. I say not ass, the son of a civil rights activist son of a runaway slave, who Came a civil rights activist now me, let me just
Let me just remind you again: if you're going for parity and we have Destroy careers base, on parity. Then its song, MOSS destroy its creator as well. Bring time for Hitler. Ladies and gentlemen, you, sir, you certainly can't say things like that clear. You can't you just Let me now. I think you should be tossed off. You just said spring time for each which I will not say, because I know it fifty years, they'll come back and say it was that you were saying that Hitler was a bad person. You were saying he's good person. Look at you put the word springtime near it I mean that is what we are facing, not even going to save time and let that rings Zile, jewish.
This ring stop play. Kate Smith play her song, you to hear it in the same way that you know the context of this that is the same context as
it Smith, one per housing on you being stupid, their counting on you being uninformed their counting on you not even going to Wikipedia riches. Encyclopedia afford dummies. Their counting on it why to get rid of God bless America a nut tradition. Another voice. Another high point, a woman who helped us fight the Nazis, a woman who not only of this fight the Nazis, but raised in today's dollars. What was it six billion tangled heads and billion dollars on her own on her own
we have to raise that is. We can have a white woman raising money, Dal fight evil, not now known there weren't people all across the country giving their hard earned dollars to stop Hitler. They were all for Hitler, don't buy into it and for God's sakes, Amerika stand on here. Listening to green merit. I want to talk to you a little bit about filter by you know. We ate we're a term, eastern outside on the patio and raven. I had got up, and we wash off the patio furniture, my car wash it was three inches of green pollen. It was so nasty Have you noticed this? But allergy season is here or going to being in a house near you very very soon of its not already, if
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The fair skin blue eyed. Depiction of Jesus has for centuries adorn stained, glass, windows and altars and churches throughout the United States and Europe Europe, but Jesus bore baffled, Bethlehem was most likely a palace. Damien man with dark skin So first of all take this and cause he asked one white people say when they find and find out that their white Jesus is in white. Do that, but that is not really. I have a feeling. Jesus looks very different, then all of the bureau pictures of them model beautiful. I I usually do fashion modeling, but I'm the cylinder where commercial, Athens resolution, while I say, told us there
they'll beauty. The me would desire him there was he wasn't. He wasn't super attractive. Courting dies air prophecy What did I say and no one knows No, he didn't any certainly didn't say he wasn't. Even gonna be a Jew. He was a palestinian wit, Height Palestinians, the Arabs, Arabs, didn't live in them In Israel, They came and and came in about seven hundred years after Jesus died. No so it would have been a mere nickel birth. Indeed, wacko torn to a people who weren't even further as try gave birth to the first Arab. Ok, so pat Let's talk a little bit about Lee. The town hall last night, exciting, wasn't it it was all right man if there could have done if they get it at all
the candidates, I would have been laughed at. You can be they get through any of these things when did winded when didn't criminal voting become such a big deal in the Democrat Party because they have to have every single vote right and because they know criminals are going to vote for Democrats now, listen to this question that we have from the town hall last night about prison voting and listen to the way. The question is asked of Bernie Sanders tell me if Fox NEWS would have asked this question exactly the same way if they wouldn't have been called racist and is Lama Forbes. Listen. My follow up question goes to this being, like your writing, an opposition at against you by saying you the boss. A marathon bomber should vote not after He pays is debt to society, but while he's in jail, you sure about that, but Chris I think I have
many thirty? Second opposition. Throughout my life, This'Ll be another one, but I do believe look at this. What I believe do you believe in democracy You believe that every single american eighteen of age or all there was an american citizen, has the right to vote once you start chip away at that. Believe me, that's what our looking goblets all over this country are doing to come up with. All kinds of excuses. Why people of color young people, poor people, can't book and I also know they're not now your printing up. I want sixteen year olds to vote. No,
no you're, just printing up nuth, while if sixteen outcome a twelve year old, can vote and Republicans governors are actually asking people to bring their idea the pole with them. So we can verify that at you and my me now you have to do that Heyward. Always you can get. You have to do that when you pick up prescriptions right, you have to do that when oh, what are our door? Druggist are pharmacist. Are they racist because you can't get up proscription, without your idee, so are they racist? That's life, saving medicines and it's not just in casting a vote to be out of millions right as light as a saving someone's life where I had to show up with ideas becoming any so racist too. Claim that minorities can produce an ivy they can they can they do and by the way you to release our it african American. His aunt to an eighty percent is obviously one of the most popular things in all of our discourse, and yet the Democrats could tell you to get away with that harping on it to making yeah what I am I admit to a
big a little torn on this issue with was centres was mentioning. Even within the Boston bomber, should they be able to vote while in prison are no. I So I've been my whole life, my own. Let me just a minor question. I would like to hear you cause you listen to this. Listen to this question but understand this is Do huh never been out. You know he's always been look. We have what, all kinds of storms. Listen to this glad have it, I can't say the thing is. I have no idea what you wanted me to say her. Now I want you to say you're what you're gonna say what you said earlier today about you know: you ve had a new look at this go ahead my new perspective on it at early. So I guess I feel like I'm torn on it and I get it done unaware glens leading to yours. I'm sure I hope I don't go through your thing here, but so the idea being that, like If someone is in prison and one of the issues in the campaign is about
prison conditions should the per who's being affected by those policies, be able to have input in them using example that used today and are not saying that this is your that man made. You're just using this? For me, I don't allies. I knew no can now and wonders s of my first example: wasn't what if they be outlawed air conditioning in prison and eggs really hot, and should you be as a person whose effected by the policy be able to say wait a minute? I want a politician who is going to pose that then to appeal to Glenn, I said if they started out long, they started throwing as we can. Foreshadowed many times they started thrown people with unacceptable political opinions in prison. What if you're some you're? Some outrageous touch your hosting you get into prison in and you are now in prison for some bs thing that you shouldn't have to do what if they started, throwing Kate Smith's to the world imprisonment because said these horrible things. Should you not have input to say you know what I dont think that candidate? Who is my leave violating the constitution should be people to go wrong
gun claim is another good one. The second amendment, if you thrown in jail because they put in one of these crazy policies should while you're in prison be able to say. I want to different politician who sees the constitution the right way and I think there's an hour, This is a largely meaningless conversation number one they're, not there we're not their number two. We will be next. We wouldn't, but never to also like I know it, I'll get all we get all excited about. The actual we know meaning of a vote in this very, very important historically and all that is that the idea that these are turning over elections oftener, it's gonna be unlikely, but just for me from a principle manner like I. Think that if you people who but oppose those policies that put them in prison shouldn't, You could in theory, right off your Hitler you could put. You could put Jews in prison who could never vote you out of office right and you could come up with some ridiculous wade. Put them in prison and then they would have no input to overturn that way. Yeah that's kind of a separate
though, from what we're talking about here, because we're not at that place if we got that place than ye. I am, I am, I think, differently about it, but when there now is to avoid out or not these on a vote for their own air conditioning. They lost that opportunity. You lost that right, surrogate hears it. Here's the thing is through the air conditioning thing takes a moral society. Yeah, do you know if you're, not a moral horseshoe them right now, nobody is declared unconstitutional nobody him. Today's America is going to say I don't care if they drink swill rodents, Kay, even let em starved it than we dont we're not like there? Yes, oh, so that one doesn't work, because we still are somewhat more old people that don't want our prisons to be nightmares. Someone.
Some right I mean that's, family principles are about what we know like you're. Not you don't come up with Guido there's. No, no, I don't know it's in a week is putting soldiers in your home, then you are not doing more time, but we still have the third amendment in its still stands as a legitimate prince erect, and I think the principle is I happen to agree with. I don't agree with once you get out of prison, but you ve lost that right forever. I don't think that's right. You ve paid your debt, you pay your dad, but while you are in prison, I'm sorry you lose your rights, your in prison. So there's no can do serious enough serious enough that you could lose your voting rights forever. But I don't world for it. And let me tell you, I don't think so, because others like me, missing children, rape, you ve, paid your debt let we either believe in the pay, your debt or we don't want. You paint your dad if your, if
crime is so bad that you can never ever recover from it. You should never ever be out of jail yeah. That's it s kind of argument that, like the media, maidens law list right like if you are a threat enough to potentially molest children that we need to tell everyone in your neighborhood about it. Maybe you shouldn't even the output yard, but I do think that the EU there are things that we don't understand. We don't understand, you know if you can ever be cured- and God forbid in this- this tape will destroy me, probably in maybe a year and a half. But you can be cured from pedophilia yeah. Oh it's old timey. He believed in cures were failure or might not be a year and a half me I'd, be a weak and how I know I know, but
We don't know why? No, and so we don't wanna, take chances with our children. However, you know the voting booth is not schoolyard with kids in it. Now you told you don't move into an area where the voting booth ends up in the school because then here you know and your solved. If you have committed a crime against children go to school, he can go to school of own, so we got you covered. I think, to amendment my general position on this forever has been if it's part of the punishment and you receive you, do the crime and receive the punishment you know about it in advance. Right like it, it's all publicly available that you're not gonna, be able to vote anymore. Probably, ok and fair but I can understand the other side of that when it areas into you know that part of your voting right is is saying like. I think laws should be this way If you are on the wrong side of that law and then there's no one there to overturn an unjust law that could be problematic
formed long term scenario- and I don't just the other day the correct I was released I would rather, we the american way used to be that The are on the side of of a freedom always err on the side of freedom measure. What you're saying is well yeah, but maybe these guys get out and they're gonna vote for this or that well yeah. Maybe but what about the guys who come out and they are truly reformed or we're gonna get a punishment Angela, who, just the other day the correct? I was released under trumps. Second chance, yes, and he completely reformed and actually get out of prison than they brought him back in on some technicality, and then trumps law by partisan off other scares. What's crazy. Now this is not Bernie Sanders, because Bernie Sanders doesn't think you should ever lose that right.
Even while you're, so what our serving you or the Boston Marathon Guy complementarity, level of old, basically, the same yeah! That's that's crazy! It's, in my opinion, that's craziness. It isn't, in my opinion, is, be able to say look you lose it for that time period we either as a country believe in forgiveness and redemption or we don't if you pay the price we must let it go. We must let it go. I think you should not put a voting booths in prisons.
So but if they can escape prison and get to vote thickish batch account. That's my policy on buildings running allow Georgian George Soros we'll have island, ran appraisal, hex! No member! Thank you. So much bad Maghreb unleash the podcast available everywhere and, of course, he should subscribe to blaze, gb dot com, but it's been placed dvd com. Slash glad he's a promo code gland you can watch the show Pat Show also show we're all I believe my mouse. Ok, let me tell you about exchequer acts. Chair can make your day so much better until a guy, like Stew, is sitting next to you in his next then you're you're like even though I've, got another pain and my and it's I don't I was chair is taking care of one literally promoting a business. You are a bug Lionheart stakeholder, in what efforts I don't know why. I get my money wisely, No more sore backs no more sword. Next, just focus in productivity, it's more
like a recline her, it can't stop that nagging buzzing sound of the person you might work with but it'll solve everything else and you'll get a free foot. Rest right now. Try the x He sick model hundred dollars off and as low as twenty eight dollars a month with zero percent financing or today, I get a free foot rest, its exchequer basis in all the Ex jeers come with a thirty day, no questions asked guarantees of complete satisfaction and free shipping exchequer GO to Ex chair back dot com. Ex chair back Dotcom Letter Ex chair back dot, com or call eight for four four Exchequer promo code back Jason. Welcome to the club back programme is a Euro you're an ex con desert. I, I actually had when I was nineteen years,
although not all but a deadly weapon in California, and was sentenced to three years in prison, and that was a ninety ninety two, yet I'm still unable to go in I believe that you know until you're done. Would parole and everything else who should be allowed to vote, but you know I pay my debt. On my own company. Now I agree to raise the great family, but I have no say so and in all its bill, I'm still paying the price twenty five? What do you see this is this? Is my problems such as the sucker for victor? He goes lay miserable that, This is always bothered me when you do your time and you're finished, paying your debt to society, We either Believin forgiveness and fresh starts, or we don't, and I think you should have the right to vote in a once. You ve paid the price and you're done with everything I agree with
percent Jason. You should have the right to vote. It's yours. Darting fresh. You starting over new chapter, begin again, thanks so much you will go ahead now in that fight start over, and I believe that you don't want some things I should lose like I messed up. I should never own a gun. I caused myself to do that. You know that's my responsibility, but the hold everything continuously. I think it's wrong, so it I just think more people need to look at it in a broader spectrum fringes. Never again
thank you. So much Jason by the way is all with a deadly weapon and ninety ninety two under was deadly weapon, but it was in California today that might be. I don't. I don't know a french fry, the climate. Yes, yes, I I married a white person, definitely yeah our eyes back in just a second with a governor of the great state of Texas, which is starting to download on taxes, is starting now There is a patriot mobile behind, has talked about this for a second year. If we to start putting our money where our mouth is, and I'm I mean this sincerely seriously we're in the fight of our life and if you are using a mobile phone,
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Easiness. I moved to Texas from New York, because I couldn't I couldn't take the insanity anymore. Couldn't take the the taxes on top of taxes on top of taxes, I couldn't take the attitude anymore. Couldn't take the lawlessness and the ridiculous news of the way laws were reinforced or not enforced. Well. Welcome to Dallas Texas, the
Diego has now come out and said he will not prosecute thefts of personal items worth less than seven hundred and fifty dollars unless the theft was for financial gain so give they steal your watch. Your wallet new donates, not very much, is seven hundred fifty dollars. If that person really needed that will then the dossier will not prosecute what they did. A worm whole open up and I got it we ve dropped into some Alice in Wonderland. Is this Texas is even America anymore? What the hell is happening to us
Texas, Governor Gregg, Abbot. I contend the best governor in the country at least the best I've ever lived with me. Not then I live. You know what I mean with joining us in one minute. I like working there like we're. Fine curtains together seems like I want to talk to you a little bit about american financing. Right now is the time to buy a whole gap, you're buying a home with a governor of a state that you happen to live in. Maybe you gotTA, Commission Humphrey, guessing it away, and we now have a little love, shags and environment anyway. If you're looking to Bio home now is the time to buy a home. I think mortgages are going to become extremely difficult to get and rents. Going to go up and up and up and up renting, is the future. So unless, buying an apartment complex where you're gonna be renting to somebody else, don't last year, money down the toilet rent is going to go through the roof, as is my feeling on that.
By a home, get at it. Low low rates that you can get right now and the people to help you with that mortgage to get into the right. One is a merry in financing dot net American financing dot net their salary based consultants, Ciller not making any money there really truly working for you. There not make him from the bank. If they get you into this mortgage, eight hundred nine zero, six. Twenty four forty, eight hundred nine zero six, twenty four forty, its american financing, americanfinancing dot net, its incorporation and then allow one eight, two, three, four W W w dot animal s, consumer access, dot, Org, Greg but you haven't gone insane yet have you
taxes allow lawlessness in the state of Texas that what is going on in Dallas Canny is unacceptable. It is the job of a district attorney, to enforce the law that he took an oath to preserve, love, protect and defend the laws of the state of Texas. He violating is oath, is unacceptable of a what change policy he ran for the wrong job. They should for the legislature where he will fail in its policy. But let me tell you something we are now. Not going to allow district attorneys in the state of Texas to hijack our legal system and to promote lawlessness to not prosecute crimes. That is insanity. We're going to send him packing to New York or some other place, what color curtains do you like me? I just love you. I love you. I saw this come out over the weekend and I if you really need it it's a necessity for you.
Seven hundred and fifty dollars. They can just rob you and saying what do we have charities for? What do we have churches? For what do we have soup kitchen for? Well, this is not. What are these people thinking listen to the we. We get, the NBA play, arson and hockey playoffs going on all right. Now, I'm in a nice big tv, I can have people over to watch the game with me and I found one poor. Only seven hundred dollars- zombies, stop by and grab me a tv, not worry about paying for it, be able to host a good tv watch game. Insanity who we target? We talk of this are making the case right now I mean this. Is socialism in in a nutshell, except it's with with crime they were talking about yesterday, there making a big deal out of having acts
to the internet, will if I have access to the internet and wifi, but I dont have a computer as long as I steal one four seven hundred dollars, I'm ok for you, my messages but put yourself in the shoes of the mom and pop grocery store or some other top a store, yes in some part of town in in Dallas County somewhere, where they may have people commands homeless, and I'm just gonna take this or take that from the store owner, because there is no fear whatsoever, a being prosecuted that that is lawlessness. Are the district attorney and I'm very, very proud of all the law enforcement agencies, both in the state of Texas, as well as in downtown Dallas County coming out as well as I did as well as the attorney general did. We want to send a message just to Dallas County, but also to the entire set of texts now that this type of lawlessness
not going to be allowed, will not be allowed to be promoted and we're gonna work to shut it down. How the police feel about cause they're gonna, be the ones who a star boxes in a call and say We have these guys they come in every day and they. Steel muffins right off the counter they just take em and they walk out. We cannot continue to do this. How the police. How are they expected to deal with concern and take the brunt of store owner or the person has just been robbed when they say, I'm sorry, there's nothing. I can do equally inanimate ass. One reason why the place was so extremely angry about this, because they too taken oh, they too, or they risk their lives every single day where they could be shot and killed. Is there were gun down in downtown Dallas a couple years ago? They put their lot, I was on the line to promote safety, to protect the people whose communities they patrol
and now they are being told by the prosecuting attorney in that account in that country, that these criminals may not be prosecuted, and oh, it ties the hands police officers and they are rightfully angry about this, governor. This is way above your pay great, but I know you're doing something about it. I want to tell you a story of something that happened to me or his way below you're, ways below you, pay great, sorry but I want to tell you something happened to me that I could not believe I lived in in the state of Texas. My my home, a taxes. My my taxes went up property tax fraud taxes through the roof through the roof and everybody that I know, the taxes have gone through the roof, might axes, went through the roof because I own three and a half acres. Everybody else in my neighborhood only owns one acre,
even though my houses built across those three acres- or you know two and a half of those acres in it, So we can a one story thee, tax assessment came back that I had to pay for a three acres as if there was a home on all three, because it could I'd my land up is laws. I tore my house down my land up and be able to sell three houses on there. It was insane so we wrote a letter saying we. Yes, we're coming a wee wee wee want to contest this returning wrote a letter a was in the wrong was in the wrong place. We were two defended with our attorney for. My wife walked up. She her the woman at the taxes. Sesar is sitting at this little council. She's Does she walks up and she hears the woman say I am so sick of these rich people.
And their problems, blah blah blah blah blah life is like, oh dear God, so she sheep presented. The woman looks at her and said, How do we know that, of you meant that that this letter means what you say. It means we said well pick as we are the ones who wrote it, our attorneys wrote it for its where the ones who wrote nay, said well, but the key my here means that it could have been written about this. We're like note, but that was a mistake on the comma we are fighting it. For this reason, forget the comma we're here to testify. This is what we believe they rejected it, because two other people looked at the woman and said I dont care. Whatever you decide, of course, she decided now we're not accepting this because of the comma governor this is insanity, its insanity what's happening to people in with property taxes in Texas.
One thing is: is tat by taxing authorities in that's. Why we're your focus this session, as we speak right now on reforming your property tax system doing briefings? is to address import. What you're talkin about in those terrain in and out of Control appraisal system, run listen. This is top on you and many of your listeners, but think about the average senior. Being driven out of their homes that they may have already paid off, because the property tax There are increasing so much that can no longer live in their home. It's insane thinking, the millennial who's looking to buy their first home and they they averaged out there monthly income and things like that and figure out. You know we can afford to buy this home for one hundred thousand dollars or whatever the case may be, but then, when they have to factor in with the property taxes, are they realize well, they're not going to be able to afford to live in the home. Told me about it. One is. We have to reform appraisal system
it produces more sinister taxes for property owners for homeowners is that they are able to jack up your approach. He's devalued by ten percent. You're, my god, they're gonna. Try to get every penny from you by doing exactly that, and there is no limit on businesses and what they can increase the property taxes by an iron so that the cost of what you're paying for your good and things like that, you bet you may by Somewhere- is goin up a whole lot, because property taxes and the seller is going up so much but point one We want to reform the appraisal system. Point too. We want to use state money to buy down your property tax rate so that we will lower the amount of poverty text. That you pay and then point three to close the back door to prevent taxing authorities from be able to come back in and raise your property taxes back up. That's why people
I have seen in the news that the text, since it has already passed out in the text with how soon will pass out limit on the ability of taxing authorities, to raise your property tax right. We are going to hammer down property taxes in Texas. Thank you for that. Ok, Do you have time? Could I could I hold you over for one minute and then come back, because I want to talk to you about what happening to our state. I think let me there you know they're gonna get. You asked me to do it. I got it. I gotta get to the cap Well, I guess I'll get. You forgot to continue their. We question required no answer, and we are, I am very concerned. Texans are not aware of the efforts to flip ass, blue. But we are. We are close to losing this state. It feels am I just feeling something. That's not happening. No other did
It is true, obviously, the elections a got close this past year with a better effect, but part of the better. If it was the fact that he raised eighty million dollars, he was able to spend that money on getting people to registered about and go about who had never vote before until We are working as to counter that by making sure we get conservative, out to vote and get them registered and so weightless, and we understand that if we lose texts, we lose the United States of America. It will be no other texts for people to go to in this is worth fighting for, and so we are going to work every single day to make sure we fight to keep Texas to conserve it as a bastion of the United States of America. God bless you. Thank you so much military. That guy is he's rock solid, he's one of the people. You actually want to let off the phone to go to you actually do his job because, usually a good. Well, they don't I mean here in Texas. We don't have full time legislature,
so therein what every other year, yes, I'm two years area two years on, like that, in its I mean it's great there, just not around don't see it There are some how the state operates. I don't know how I have this data, no state income tax right, I'm because their property property taxes are bananas higher because the northeast, but no they're, not in New York. There are high. Or some states, but with no problem with no state income taxi economy can our appealing have I have with? It is the way they are raising them there. Raising them like create like he said they can raise him, ten percent, so they do they some ten percent get us live in May this year and then you have to protest it. It's the most bizarre system and I would say most people in Texas earning unaware of the agenda house. You like what we when we know that was our best. My taxes, that was our deal with a comma was we said, the property taxes went up in this. But last year and now they're gone up again, and so they said because the way we phrase that sentence in the way the comma was no, you can't print
that's last year you missed it last year, so you can only protest? This year were like we. We know that what you're saying where we were making the point that it already went up an unreasonable about now look at what you're doing and they were like up. Sorry, you conclude last year: how do we know I would you say not, maybe in the future, hired account nourish turning into just go directly to the governor with their little problems? That's nice! That's me, that's all I know is I gotta. Do it I'm not an ideal, but is an unbelievable systemic EU strategies? Afraid ok, limited by life? Luck, cybercrime getting worse, security, researchers recently discovered and unprotected publicly accessible database, one hundred and fifty gigabytes of detailed, plain ex marketing data in colluding, seven hundred and sixty three million email, addresses now
the. What this is his is. This is big intelligence data and it is it's everywhere and all of it is being hacked into and all they have to do is reassemble your email address with who you are. The kind of social security number, and that can be done now, really bad. You need somebody watching out for your idee and that's what lifelong does. They did a wide range of identity threats, like yourselves, security number for sale on the dark web, and if there is a problem there are gonna work to fix it. Now, but he can prevent identities after monitor all transactions at all businesses, but lifelong can uncover the threats that you might miss join now and get ten percent off your first year by using promo code back call. One eight hundred life flock one eight hundred lifelong use, the promo code back or lifelong dot com. We break now for ten seconds station. I d,
Ten, You know we ve had a sponsor for a very long time and I've never said anything about this and they're, not a sponsor on this radio show. So I'm not going to tell you about commercial. I wanted from the hard on something. We are so we are so behind the eight ball and its beak as conservatives don't we demand results. We demand results, And so, when you go to you know, people like George Soros, the veil put too, other billionaires and they care about the results they care about them in the long term, but their willingness to put their money in and not see a personal return right away, because they believe that the country
be better if it was socialist or whatever guy bail, a return when they get the country. They believe we I'll! Do that! We don't do that and as somebody who started the network, end and scraped and pinched and saved and did everything we could to be able to Catherine people around. That would help it was hell. It was absolute hell. We ve made a difference. The blaze is making a difference. It's now number two behind Fox news. We ve had a hundred percent growth in our ratings and everything every month. For the last two or three months, it's been remarkable. What's happening and we appreciate that I'll. Tell you about a client of ours that there Not part of this radio show. So I'm not a damn telling you, because I believe in it this group of
veterans who saw exactly what the left was doing with the phone companies and they saw that the cellular phone companies were take some of their profit and they, had decided you know what we're going to give it plan parenthood we'll take some far profits and will give it to plan parenthood we'll go. To all these different places? Eighteen t actually has board member Who is who is on a or it is on the board of or the president is a board member of plant parenting and remember that it I don't ever that a mere member, the rise of the group that used to be called LE, Rosa or yet a race has a border. We open borders, yes, I say: have people from multiple phone but he's on their board right there here should aim of it. Now they have just they are working against you and every time you pick up the phone and you use it and you pay your bill at these phone companies
you are supporting love and plan parenthood and everything else. So this group of veterans got together and they started Patriot Mobile and they ve been in business for awhile crazy about this. Is they re? the same towers case everybody's on the same towers. So when you get cover It's the same, damn coverage: it's the same coverage are all on the same towers and so What they're doing is there saying hey? Would you please stop suspending your money to plan parenthood just who to us and will support Dennis Prager and Prager? You will we all support, or different organizations that are fighting for the things that your fighting for, instead of taking bit of our prophet and gives to plan parenthood, we'll take a bit of our prophet and we will win. Two things that are actually building our country there.
The phone companies are actually doings that there are phone companies in California that actually have been built to fund races for progressive yeah mynors, while one company in particular, not one of the big like headline names that you might know about, has donated over eighty million dollars to progress. This causes and is a smaller companies as yet, not one of them. This is not one of the big ones. I mean think about that. Tens of millions of dollars flowing into races against the things that you believe in and that's why I like I mean in it. That's the that's what I do like about Patriot Mobile again, not a commercial, but you you're getting you're getting the same so observers you know, you're getting is rising because I'm latin lazy to sacrifice anything right. Last, guy stiffly, lower costs, also your supporting serve it causes so many things that actually agree with the constitution. So anyway, I just I'm only telling you this example. You can join at one eight hundred, a patriot. If you want that's great.
What I'm saying is America. If you believe in the constitution, if you believe in America, you must start working together. Dancing up sure you're, not giving your money needlessly to people who are working against you stand together. You ve got to stand now here. Listening, TAT, Glenn Bank, here's another organization, Another organization you Assisi now you Assisi A is United States concealed, carry association there, the top provider of self defence, education, training, Legal protection in the country, their member It is amazing. I highly recommend you become a member of the: U S Ccs, just because of the legal coverage alone, because Things you're gonna get really dicey, but they would like to introduce themselves by giving you something.
Giving away load of free guns. Yes, a boy, load of free guns- these are great guns. There. There pistols and really high quality you're gonna love it just all you have to do to find out which got it is, is a text the word back. Two eight, seventy two to when you text back Two eight. Seventy two to you'll automatically be registered for nineteen chances to win one of these nineteen guns, they're giving them away on. I think it's this Friday. So do it now back be easy K text that word to eight seven two to two and introduce yourself to the? U s c c a every We feature of one of the endless number of democratic candidates in a socialist spotlight tonight. Cobbler Harris plays tv dot com slashed Glenn from about let you know
I just want to tie a few stories together for you. Let's. Let's start with Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka What did we learn about that? We learned that those were Easter. Worshippers, not Chris. We also noticed that there wasn't a single democratic leader that come out before win win New Zealand was attack. And said When you see those attack, they came out and they said this is a war against Islam and it must be stopped. His hatred of Islam Ma be eradicated when the Easter worshippers were killed in a. Warden aided plan an attack by several people, a group in surely Sri Lanka, supported by an international group of his nobody said anything about it. Their thoughts and prayers went with people of Sri Lanka
There was great. I appreciate that, but we will you at least say this was an attack on Christians and Christians are coming under fire at the The highest rate since Jesus. Will you say that no, they won't why? well, let me give you story too. God bless America, Kate, Smith,. The statue in Philadelphia, Kate Smith, is being taken down because they say she's a racist if you missed, if you mean This reveal make sure you go back to the podcast and listen to it today, because we talk in our our one- and we showed you the song she sang where she sang it, why it was written, why she sang it in context She is way ahead of her time.
Way ahead of her time as a civil rights leader. Ok,. Why are they really taking that out? They want that dad you down because Kate Smith, saying God bless America at St Dish, Jim. It's the way we view Amerika. It's part of She raised the equivalent of ten billion dollars herself ten, billion dollars to fight the Nazis. That's insanity, here's this heroic woman in a different age. Singing a song that was meant and sung by civil rights leaders. She was it was a sarcastic parity of A white racists in nineteen thirty one wow she ahead of her time. That must happen.
Popular. Why are they doing it. Because they know for a fact, the mental transformation we have to change our traditions. We have to change. R, r, values, our language and our history, and that's happening yours have to take part, the rule of law, if you're gonna have top down bottom up inside out, you have get rid of the rule of law. You have to create chaos on the streets, we just Do about a d in Dallas this guy? This is insane. He says, he's no longer go to prosecute anybody who steals things that are worth less than seven hundred and fifty dollars. If they really need it. Excuse me. If they really need it, they can steal it. So if its baby
diapers food clothing, I contend a laptop. You could mean The case that I really needed this for, just about anything in today's world. You have create lawlessness. You then have to backs the citizens wealth. You have crush the rich well, they're doing that. Are they not look I'll Elizabeth Warren take away a tax on peoples. Wealth, that's not their income, that's their wealth! So if you fifty million dollars, what can afford it. Every year I tax you, let's say ten percent on your wealth. That's ten and on every piece of art you own? You know every that you have. This has already been deemed unconstitutional several times, but that's why they're, going take away People's wealth
the way the rule of law take it people's wealth, to them against each other. Rich, poor, black white. Take away their history, their trades. Chickens, What do you have left? What do you have left we're gonna? show you a couple of things first tonight on the blaze at five o clock, Common Harris is. She is our latest Democratic Nominee hopeful that You're going to show you her history, her a is a little complex, especially somebody who believes in reparations way Until you hear this one it'll make your head hurt. You can never do the math com core can't figure the F out on this one, commonly Harris tonight at five o clock on the blaze, then a week,
from tomorrow may day that is the communist holiday of May? First, we are going to do a special and I'll be on all platforms. It will be free, it'll. Beyond the blaze blazed tv, it will be on the you too, and Facebook it'll be on every platform. Where do a special next week called socialism. A warning from the dead. And the reason why we are calling it. That is because We found a document that was written, by the communist historian of Czechoslovakia, Annie they triumphant document. It was basically. How we did it. When we signed the the treaties in world war, two.
Churchill made sure that he bound the Soviet Union as much as he could remember nobody, you know, after was fine with the Soviets communism, but Churchill knew these guys are dangerous. And so we bound them to something that we thought. Maybe they couldn't effect anybody, but they did found a way around it. Bound them by saying you cannot come in and disrupt elections? You can't put UK, put armies on the street? You can't take over. You know in a hostile manner. They after find their own way. They decide to join you, that's fine, so this Maybe it's went to work on a plan. How do we flip Czechoslovakia, which was the bread basket of the east, it was providing most of the food right after World war two
nobody had any food Czechoslovakia bread basket, they A free market they adjust come out from fascist rule. One how did that country flipped, flip and began communist and a Soviet ally. In three years, document was written as how we did it. It was buckled out of the former Czech Republic back in about nineteen sixty it as shown to some members of Congress at that point and then just kind of slipped away in the darkness. Well, we You have rediscovered it in our research on a few things and we couldn't believe it because it the document that absolutely spells out word for word, step by step, exactly what's happened, to America.
And once you are aware of it, it couldn't, it led be able to be done, but that if everybody is aware of it and every he believes it and everybody doesn't dismiss it as some old document. If you Actually, look at what it says and you: look at how they did it and why they are doing now in Amerika. You'll plainly see what flipped Kosovo, Kiev in three years, have you noticed how quickly things are going have. You noticed they pointed out what I was on CNN. These are the birth paying of the things to come, meaning the pangs we're gonna get harder and stronger more painful and closer and then we birth to something I do, think you want to see what were giving birth to, but if don't open your eyes and you dont begin to stand up now: we're giving birth.
And sooner than you think,. That's a special that is happening next Wednesday. You'd like to support us. You can join blaze. Tv go to blaze you mean dot com, Slash, Glenn. Your membership pays for the research on things like this. And we really appreciate it. I am making this special free for everyone, and we we really hope you will get they're your friends gather your family and watch this special next Wednesday night. It is vital. All that you understand what's being done and how speaking flipped, because they- made in the past and they're doing it again and just like Kate Smith, Unless you know Unless you know the truth,.
They can get away with anything you say Think about anybody, and they are their erasing our past. Don't miss it. Join us now at blaze, tv dot, com, slash gland? If you use the protocol, Glenn you're gonna save ten, talks on your yearly membership and over yet tonight come Allah Harris in this one is- I mean it. Saturday night live, couldn't have read this story It is so crazy. It almost knee a laugh track, but it's just another day in Amerika. If you're in constant pain, I want you know, you are not alone. My pain and inflammation were so bad that there were Many days and I say this with gratitude,
towards my wife and embarrassment. I don't know, there's something that happens to herself it happens to a man when you are not able to button your own shirt or Tyrone shoes and Tanya God bless her with em. It up and she would but my shirt Tor time my shoes and the horrible. I just live this way any longer and she was the one finally said just try really factor. Please just try it. So I did if you can help with that problem and the other problems you have, she really can't do anything about. That's was really sad here. You know she there's there's just just nothing. Should you can take your that other stuff that Is that all the earlier I just wanted to make sure Tanya had a defender here in this room. Now should you say something and then just get punished,
in the face. Admittedly, Volvo really family work on that they will. It will help reduce the inflammation and help the paying go away. Eight hundred five hundred eighty three, eighty four eight hundred five hundred eighty three, eighty four- or or to relief factor dotcom, get your life back. It works, relief, factor, dot com. I think, that's right, I somehow another. I slept through last night, my bed, some of wormhole open up in my floor of my house. My bed tumble then do it. I've I've come up on. I dont know if this is earth for earth twelve, but it's not The earth that I buy went to bed in law, I find the one I went to bed and was raised and we had this. This democratic Socialist named Abkhazia. Cortez I dont know. If you have her on on your earth, but she looks a lot like the one you call a Cassio Cortez, but One of my earth wasn't this:
crazy, listen to the one on your earth. But she just said if it ain't broke, don't fix it stuck up, stop ah toto. I wanna go home. Go home, she's saying that the the v ay perverse
the highest quality of care and what she's she's crazy about? Is Europe veterans are receiving this and there are some who say it needs to be fixed, or tinkered with are you insane or on this earth. Does the vs work Zog MA? Am I earth it doesn't work. I mean I believe it is. I have that is every veteran I've ever talk to my entire life, but other than that it seems to be working. Well, if you do we have to use it. It's great If you happen to be one of the beneficiaries from all of the nonsense and and bureaucracy, then it's fantastic. It may have to get treatment there, a little bit of a problem, my earth. Two weeks ago, a veteran went in and was trying to get help, and they just gave him more drugs.
And so then to try a too you know, show the world that this system is broken. He told his wife before he went to the doktor today. I think I'm gonna have to make a statement on behalf. Of all of the veterans, and so he went to the doctor said: hey just more medication for this needs like that, really is not helping and he laughed and he blew his brains out. That happened on my earth on the way with this cause Yo Cortez Pair, It's all fine. It really is amazed when you put in those terms I may move, has as we had There's a reason why we have so many veterans come in here and are on the show, because they, they look at the world. They dealt with these systems and they feel the same way about them right. They ve had to deal with all of the nonsense from a what is essentially a socialize version of medicine and
one that is not even looking. It is truly socialism, not even looking at the facts of what works. You know the vizier they're they're, not talking about twelve step programmes there only answer is drugs that first let me tell you about home, title lock, home title fraud. Huge huge business. All you have to do. Is you go down the court house and you are not going to tell you exactly- is cut out the courthouse yet some stuff You changed some stuff. It's really really easy. You buy
They can notary, sealed you know to rise it you sign a fake name. You turn it into the court house and somebody else's house is yours. That's how easy it is. There's only one company that is standing against that and its home title lock, go to home title locked, dotcom, you're, gonna, get a hundred dollar search for free when you sign up, but please sign sign up yourself sign anybody. You know that owns a house sign up for this, especially your parents, home title on dot com the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. This is the line that programme how man. Yesterday we told you about the story from the having deposed this deadline. Satan is having a moment. End, quote
story was how satanist it turns out. I'm quoting sadness as it turned out our everything you think: they're, not their patriarch, their charitable. Her ethical quality minded dedicated to picking up litter with Pitchforks Hannah Arizona. Highway Satan is having a moment. Oh yes, he is, and now today I bring you another insane story. This one from one of the editors of the New York Times in an opposite peace he's got a few things that he's discovered about since the war on Christianity. Pr, it's real ass sure those new shrilling Sri Lankans ask them if it's real, we go there in one minute. This is that land back programme could also ask him how to pronounce the name of their country. That's another thing you can rely on could make out of an attempt for our just carries. The first three would be to you
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Calm, Slash, Vp N, tell them. I ever get this job three point. Three questions credible observation ass. He was even on this. Wasn't. How did he get this job from the New York Times New York Times is published a piece by a writer who was reported for the times as well as added for the New York Times magazine. In this wonderful, wonderful article, Eric coping judge, the writer as I grew older, I learned the fair skin blue eyed, depiction of Jesus has for centuries adorn sing, stained glass windows and altars and churches throughout the United dates and Europe, but Jesus in Bethlehem.
Put most likely a palestinian man with dark skin. Now, that's weird because the Palestinians weren't anywhere around Jesus, if acted exist until our seven hundred a d so just up now, just a few hundred years after G is lived pal Stevens appeared because her there, there as no Palestine in fact Palestine came because an emperor Rome after he got rid of all of the Jews heat is, aid to rename the area palace Tina and he renamed it after the ancient enemies of the Jews, the Philistines you know me, and they were defeated by you, know King David and then defeat several other times and finally, The Assyrians,
long before the Jews were fighting with Rome. So here what happened? Apparently, Mary padded job all remarkable birth This jewish woman gave birth. With without any kind of well within immaculate conception. And not only was the son of God Here- who's. The Palestinian. He wasn't even jewish, so then, that's. Crazy, not even jewish. He was arab heat not possible. Now, here's the real problem. Besides the fact that he never in this article mentions that Jesus was a Jew, he now does Jesus was a Palestinian. Now even the cultures across the world, may at times show a Jesus that reflects their own story away
Jesus is deeply embedded in the western story of Christianity. It has become often impossible to separate Jesus and white from the american society. I Oh, I will never I've. That's the main thing that I think of, thank God, Jesus was white guys. That's the lead of every servant, sermon that I've ever been to I mean like it I buy only go because my services practically clan meeting its Lego, the the it is not at all a cent part of Christianity, that Jesus was white bright like that is not the does it not matter at all. What Jesus is color was I mean yes, the imagery here in the union in the way we look at Jesus here, yes, he seems like kind about. Why did, but completely. Economic is necessarily clear and all the photos we ve seen Irene. Others did three now that for K, video we seen of it is pretty clear,
that he does look a little bit darker Scandia me bow where we had gonna like the seven eleven surveillance camera. Look jeez yeah. I know now. If the world k you can kind of italian, although the darker scan edges is that it all material to one Christian on earth, I mean, maybe a white supremacy would care about such a thing. Rightly guy I do. Cares it's not it's not material at all. I have a feeling. Jesus was not a handsome man, I mean, we picture I've ever seen of Jesus is, as you know, he was a handsome man that he was probably handsome man right like public, there's a description, the Bible after the as he's going through the whole scourging thing, which is part of the the Easter yeah situation, yet does not pleasant before the crucifixion and went through both which he ought not not pleasant and there's a description of him as completely unrecognizable, as even like a huge and he saw destroyed from the first process. They put him through the door. Put him on the actual cross. He
Not even recognisable is basically a member of the species. Now ever picture. You ve ever seen a painting of Jesus on the cross. That's not machine, in that way, right like it's, that it does not it's not what the imagery shows right. That is not. It does not true fully reflect What we believe Jesus actually had gone to to that point right like he had, but he had been It would be too gruesome to hang on the wall right like me, talking mill, Gibson level stuff. It even worse from passion of the Christ and that's not necessarily the way people, not necessarily the picture in every hallway right, but is that central to the belief nodded all is not a trivial to what we're talking about. No, now listen. This is what he said. Now you the cultures gross world at times.
Show a Jesus reflects their own story. A white Jesus is still embedded in the christian story and where, in the west it became an impossible to separate Jesus and white from the american psyche. But I am interested now stu. I want you to answer these questions because is interested. I am listed in how white Christians feel about images of Christ. Just is over that one can adult, and I mean I don't really think about it. You feel about the possibility that crime, May not look the way, he's been portrayed for centuries in the United States and Europe. Listen to this question how do I feel about the pie? stability that crap may not look. The way has he's been betrayed. Dude figured that out one. I was like in third grade all the pictures of Jesus look different, you know, and it's I don't.
Expect Jesus to look like the guy that I see you know, then the pictures I just I don't do the reverse. Rightly, what say we hundred plus a Jesus came for from Hence in Missouri he's, like a be no new, from all White guy white, as can be white, bread, white, and that's. We all knew that and some Foreign country decides four tray him and he looked differently where we you guys, aren't christian sorry, your pictures looked different, but now it's like physically here's. The last questions is the last question If you ve seen Christ depicted as a man of color, why It was your reaction. Well, I burn the church down. It's either what had or I went away. It makes sense. You know, it's kind of like you know when I first saw black dolls stir. Coming on the market, my gosh I
even I ain't area, because I was a white little kid- I didn't think about that and then, when I saw it, I was like that makes sense and is is a thinking. Human being your like, of course, see you, and to have something that looks in relates to you right as oh, I don't have a problem with that. I don't know anybody who does and we do complaint occasionally about how these things get changed right like, but my complete but like why out? Ok, now I don't know, Superman's gay or you know, did Captain America's now you know and ask him oh or whatever, like these things, change were like ok, this is this a silly. The reason why I at least get annoyed at those things is because we ve moved. We're moving further and further away from the Martin Luther King vision. Yes, now, instead of saying don't notice, skin color, it's not important and has nothing to do with life. Don't worry about it, which is that's the vision I want. Instead, it
always notice. All the time you if you don't think about my problem with who's, the guy who's, taking overture James Bond Black actor. I think he's great things. They don't know- and I think he'll be a, good James Bond. I don't really care not watching it, because Saint James Bond is black. I mean I thought Pierce Brosnan, kindest, socked, he's white enacted by the assembly with black Panther right, looked like pillar like that's that but like it was promoted not as a great movie but as a file. Lily black people get a superhero. That was this. That was the rag line of the movie icicles and silky according to the media, and that's the problem and so mentioned be about that. You shouldn't need to have someone who looks like you right, I should be able to be like if I have a hero that is black. I should like to know what, if I just had a white version of that, I could sell that to my kids rather silly. That's that's a totally against what Martin Luther King wanted. So my problem with like, for instance, that use views double o seven is
double o seven- is a character written by Ian Fleming. It's based on him, it's been, he stopped him a person, a person, so in it is it's part of history. Now you change, it doesn't I still, if he's good at being James Man, I'm go and I don't care, I really don't. I guess not material to whether you're going to enjoy our we now but when you when you, when you I do have a character. Be somebody that their clearly not, but what I mean again that it is not so stupid. It's not born out of tolerance. It's not born out of acceptance is not born out of certainly color. Blindness is born of the exact opposite, which is what all this stuff is from the left with the word. Racism gets thrown around a lot, but what else is it when you're basing decisions on skin color like that is exactly why
the definition of races of ITALY's use the ay you're here making decision solely based on the carver per skin and we say hey, I, to have a black superhero. It's not real, or I need to have a black candidate or I can accept. It meant the Democrats. Basically admitting that as they run for president We have a white guy at the top of the ticket. There has to be a person of color, on the agenda, as the Bp Mark Can Jonah light and wind can Bernie Sanders when, as a white male the New York Times said, are the Democrats really inclusive, if the presidential nominee. Isn't it is white injustice, just a gay guy It's not enough is that enough, qualified for the job. Yes, it's enough, it's got nothing to do with this whole thing, and progressive and- and I would say this goes back to your most recent book when we're about Post modernism. It is actually
complete reversal. They have They are as obsessive race as Richard Spencer is. They are as obsessed with race, as as David Duke is yes vague. They happen to be favouring different groups but they are simply religious groups. Savings on race, skin color and it's the same exact as easy, because the progressives haven't changed. The earth the twentieth century. They were racist. They were destroy exist on black people now the racist against white people or Jews or whatever it. Nothing is change just the target. Racism, isn't about the target that our group can change. Racism is about hatred,
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I installed com promo code back, we break projecting stationary I'm want to go back to the gates, miss on which we talked about earlier today. But here's the this on now. Cates method case: you don't know she sang. God bless America, and I want you to know the anything you need to know about this story is this: is post modernism deconstructing american culture? This nothing to do with Kate Smith, and I will prove it to you. It has nothing to do with Kate Smith it as everything about deconstructing our culture, cates, That's who, who raised herself the equivalent of ten billion dollars to defeat. The Nazis in war bonds. That's incredible
Nineteen, thirty one she went on Broadway and she was part of a Broadway review and she and another guy sang a song, it sounds whore, ugly, racist. I want you to hear What did you hear the actual song that she sang in nineteen? Thirty, one that somebody was so oppressed by. I mean who's even searching for this. Listen to what she said, one of her life,
one case. So how could this song, even even then, how This song be song on Broadway and and among all the enlightened artists of the time, how Broadway show be done with this in the north in nineteen thirty one, well, It's very easy. If you just ask that question instead of jumping to conclusions that oh gosh. She meant this, you would know. That she saying this song. So did someone else, a civil its activist on
stage, the same show onstage singing this song, the guy, who also saying it was a was civil rights activist whose father was a runaway slave. Why would she sang this because It is in the same spirit as another song from other Broadway play it was huge and critically acclaimed just recently with
El Brooks. Do you remember this song from spring time for Hitler restarted where you want to buy audience that saw rushed like in the movie, because there's so much and that this could be on going be that job, be that don't or you could see the greatest was written by a shoe MEL Brooks marking the master, raise mocking those who followed Hitler and Hitler himself. That's what this was about and that's what the Kate Smith Song was. It was a song mocking the white supremacist in the south, but do we
No, we don't care why who was so down trodden by this song that none of us have ever heard of who is so down trodden by that I'll tell you somebody who is looking to destroy our traditions, someone who is looking to destroy our history, that to somebody wants a transformation of America. You ve got to change history here, listening TAT, Grand Bank, something incredible is happening right now. Voices are growing louder, who are tired of the bull crap being spewed by world leaders who have too long ruled with power and lies, and instead of helping their fellow countrymen, they have done everything they could to enrich themselves. These, voices are getting louder and louder and voters are electing less traditional voters. I the
latest is in the Ukraine, where they hired a comedian literally voted for a comedian in a landslide. He had no policy ideas, things not gonna, go well and as chaos erupts, socialism becomes more unpopular, more popular and our doll becomes worth less and less gold line. Just risk release their twenty nineteen version of the legal tender bar tat individual one tenth of announced. Ninety nine point- nine percent, pure gold, bullion legal tender, bars, secured in a credit card size barter case. I want to see how easy it is to own gold or silver silver, read their risk information and call them right now at eight six, six gold line, eight six six gold line commonly Harris is one of the front runners for the democratic nomination. You need to know her history, where she stands socialist spotlight on place dvd com, Slash Glenn tonight you know it.
How about social engineering and racing history and confusing in and getting rid of everything that you know so we can flip the country inside out tonight Commodore Harris who is running for president. She is on the cheese on the block, to be able to look at her and look at her. You know her history. It's a really confusing history for a woman who cries out for reparations what side she's really on I mean when it comes right down to it, wait until you see her confused history and the things that she is done from. Apparitions to the me to movement, commonly Harris tonight at five o clock only the blaze tv in all it's! It's amazing we were talking about. You know ok, Smith, You know is, is now out who
How are you affected by Kate Smith? She died like one thousand seventy five? Who cares? Who cares? No and no one cares about Kate Psmith, except for her poor family. Who is be that is being destroyed by this correct and You know she's she's now going to be remembered in history books as a villain, so we can get rid of somebody else who did great things. Because why she was Pro America, she sang God bless America. That was the target, but I warn you, you better go after male Brooks, then how MIKE I mean always sunny in Philadelphia, we're how's that I can imagine what that sounds like in ten or twenty years again, saint everything there. They were parodying terrible people. Then their teasing satire to show that people who do X Y and are really bad and those of you in Hollywood or in comedy. You should
The lesson of Louis UK who Louis UK is never gonna, be forgiven, and I I think the only thing I can think of Is that remember the special he did where he was talking about abortion and he was he wasn't fully in the boat? Oh yeah he's had a lot of examples of that type of thing, he's no conservative by any means, but he seemed like comes he's come out. He came out against a common core at one point right, you know, like that. You can't do that. You do so. You are now looking at his own separate issues, but we ve seen many speed we'll praise Roman Polanski, yet sex with fourteen year old rail guys find movies are good. How is this a real issue? It's not so a warning worn. Look look in history to Kurt Garonne of of the budget. Herman film industry? He was the icon of comedy and film. Germans used him for a while Nazis were fine to have him until it.
In time for them to finally say: ok, we're stable enough. You are no longer here. Idea was no I'm too important. They won't do that to me, so we were too How about this offer yesterday about? You know there are racist. Does David Duke he's a bad racism, but you're gonna. Look for Europe for parity! comedy you're gonna have to purge an awful lot of people and allow, people on the left here. That's why we have a fabulous new game, show glad it's called. Is it David, Duke or Amy Sumer, which one is it? It's gonna be very difficult for the audience due to come up with these answers, and that's why we brought in an expert has nothing to do with. Neither one of us wanting to read a bunch of David. Do quote so we can be taken out of context and we don't care about Jappy. Its. Please do you know? I don't think this is fair to say: is it David, Duke or Amy? It should be?
he is- is David Duke or somebody just as bad as David Duke Rikers. That's the thing. There's aunt, Kate Psmith as as bad as the basis of that day, because she sang the song which was apparent here- is that it was a satire satire to show that racist word dumb israeli right. So we brought in jeopardy and again it has nothing to do with not wanting to be regulators completely expendable ethical out. Some people said the welcome Jaffee. Thank you host a vision that Glenn is given a brand new, very clunky titles. Yes, David Duke or someone just as bad as David Authority, Syria. The lines now I happen to know these guys. I've heard this particular Amy Humor bit I am curious to know if you can actually tell I think, someone that we're gonna be difficult. Ok go ahead This is David Duke or someone just that's too bad the asian people laughing I can cartel.
Well seeing that is from Munich talking about laughing. I would say that it someone just as bad as David. The only issue: where do we have Amy humor, audio and asian? Developing they all my look alike and they don't make facial expert wow. Well, someone just as bad I'll tell you that David do thank you and I hope, for the future of the future. Generations realise we all know how bad David Ducas, but we don't realize their other people just as bad as David Duke question or to question number two. Now who's the wet back wow
again. This is why don't you happy reading these, like David David, Duke David, you can do we have any shooter Oddy on that line. That actually is like. Now it was the wife back and like I was only humor somebody just as bad just this ban has data doing in the next one really bad. I think that white people were no question the creators of what we call White America, who was that David, Duke or someone just as horrible say that again cause our stuff say again? I think that white people were question the creators of what we call White America, I think, does it have to a comedy routine does that sounds like Amy sure
do we have Amy Shimmer of that line that doesn't sound like me, that's like something they would say. Yeah White America definitely built what we would call white American. They could have been yet that could have a serious policy state, for maybe she saw it so it has either Amy Humor trashing mean racist against white people or David to being racist against people of other colleagues are incredibly confusing, gameshow, really back to our host Jeff Fisher. Of course you know the miracle of AIDS. We all do it's! The a disease that turns fruits and vegetables. What I done think even Amy Shimmer would have said that by then, Is it a joke farms? That is your final answer, Sir David Duke
Do we have a monsieur audio that one year rang with nice organise worth while? So, My best friend is black sheep you tell me how to freestyle rap that I've teaching her how to freestyle swim. That is equally humor. I play the audio and my best friend is black, and this story since a comedian noticeable she's been teaching the only free RAP get out. Evans eating her out of results. When so, in ok to the audience laughed at that today, but will it be ok in the future? I think we need to identify with Cell phone technology- everyone whose in the audience laughing at these, I think that laughing at that sad. It's a sad statement. You think that all white,
people freestyle swim in all black people. Freestyle Rapid Europe, clearly erases the interesting take on that. But, yes, added next out Jeffreys hosted the fabulous gameshow get back in the kitchen those dishes are going to do themselves. That is something that David Duke absolutely said, but I bet Amy Humor also said: let's hear do we have Amy she, Morocco lack an occasion I decided in talking about his statics saying they need a guy's is outlined in, even as the hostess does Alex open David Duke would have said yes, because that's just a straight racist line right like hey. I didn't survival, it was about women. No, no! It's about Hispanics is about his man, it s because you see spanish judges according to Amy issue, when we take out context of what she's actually doing here, and I think this is great, because when they build all the aim shoot tumor statues that are clearly coming when that have.
And we can all revisit this in fifty years and tear them all down. Good thing, there's never going to be an issue I am so sick and tired of hearing about slavery. You think slave didn't exist in Africa, even indian tribes, that's David do and do we have Amy Shimmer audio. You are correct again line you pretty good at this game. You seem to know these racist things very. Well, that's indifferent game show up. Look at is the J Game show contestant, also David thanks very much Jeffrey. By way you get Jovi ass. He sat podcast you in the fat June. The fat with Jeff Fisher Available were all podcast are. Actually we can get to the line about seconds and their work, let's do it
that one. It would be. The fourth clip on our list from Amy Humor tell me: is this David Duco Amy Shimmer? Would you know when you heard this line? If it was just read to you, I mean nothing works, a hundred percent of their time rain that MAX again now that, but that I mean again this is of context taken out of context, which is what you ve done to me multiple occasions. Taken me out of context. They just did it to me last week, just last week you take things out of context and it's bad and but we're not oh, which ones the fascists, are You ve, already decided America by letting these things stand You ve already decided that you'll just go along with it, so who where they want to sweep up
Believe me, I mean they will come for you eventually they will It will come for you. There are already eating their own. They don't even have power yet. And there are already cooking people out of the club. What do you think's going to happen to you? You? one wrong move your out. So good luck to you we by the way, conservatives were how come you to do your comedy and Amy Comedy you want to do anywhere. I may not. Pay for it. I mean enjoy it myself. But I stand by your right to do it in a place. You can draw naughty. It never find us outside protesting, never going to throw pies and you never trying to stop you from smoking at college, which ones are the vast which ones the fascist, the one. It says, hey Book, the theatre. Go!
Because much money is you wanna tell any joke you want or the ones you say you can't say that you can dear. You say that I'm gonna protests protest, I'm a picket pick it and I'm going to burn every book that you have ever hello, which ones the fascists aright. Response to this half hours, real estate agents. I trust dotcom housing market as on fire all over America, in some places literally on fire, but not necessarily where you live if you are looking to buy a new home. Now is the time interest rates are falling You want to be able to get that great interest rate. If you buy or you sell a home right now. You're gonna have a good. Chance of selling your home for top dollar. Buying a home. If you have the right real estate agent, they're gonna, get it at the best deal can in the right area. For you
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Romania's long Kate Smith is bad Amy humor is just as bad, if not worse, there, that what David Duke certainly wasn't a defensive, Amy, humor, another comedian saying that that's not the way it should be treated. I will make sure that we were not defending at all. Were defending the right of people to express themselves should be taken in context, our intent all known much red is really about contracts, aid contacts and tear down their statute as soon as possible. We also there's a little bit about Israel s night glare. Bernie Sanders Bernie Sanders. This is really good. Listen. You may not have known this. I am not Empire Israel, but the The matter is that Netanyahu is a right wing politician who I am is treating the palestinian people extremely unfair, what I believe is not radically. I just believe that the United States should deal the Middle EAST on a level playing field basis, words. The goal must be to try to bring people together and
just support one country which is now run by a white wing Dare I say racist government, you do you'd you did there you didn't, dare you dared to dream knife? there have been cases in the past Glenn were some commentators have called the president racist of a country. And they paid a huge price for that not recently now not only those guys are wise. Guy is instead of staying here, those guys a white guy and he's a Jew. So if You'Re- democratic, socialist, fair game, fair That's! Ok for you! Do you can say whatever you call anybody, racist anybody, racist now? Of course he has the right to call other governments, racist, but I mean how do you expect to analysis is ridiculous. If you think that Donald Trump anybody who says dial drops out of control really the air, he
as in called the leader of an ally, a racist I mean he's vat, gin control of his faculties about Bernie on taxes and so on, but I, and will continue in this campaign to fight for progressive taxation in another way, whether it is Bernie Sanders, a your family or anybody else in America, one have so much income and wealth inequality when the people on top phenomenally. Well, you if you are hoping, runs doing very, very well. In our economy. You should be paying you their share of taxes. We will raise those taxes for the upper income people. We will do away with the tax loopholes in the tax breaks that large private corporations currently I can't wait. I sincerely hope he is the Domini because the defeat will be bone, crushing phone. Crushing
Bernie Sanders as president of the United States go for it. Democrats, you maybe overplaying your hand, little a little Glenn
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