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Wall, Fence, Whatever It's a State of Emergency | Guests: Dave Isay & Jeffy Fisher | 1/8/19

2019-01-08 | 🔗
Hour 1  State of Emergency...you decide?...the #1 Problem since 9/11?...a wall would 'help'...wonder who's writing the President's speech tonight in the Oval Office? ...First ever Prime Time address to the Nation?...message: 'State of Emergency'?...security, drug trafficking, the Presidents last card?...wall, fence, whatever...a barrier is needed at the southern boarder ...Nuclear option(s)?...Best case scenarios?   Hour 2 Opioids and Heroin...Drugs are a Huge problem in our country...more people are killed from drugs then mass shootings...Caller Taylor: "Trump must build the wall to energized his base"...this was a 50/50 debate just years ago, now it's just all about Opposing Trump...Politicians will leave us astray, the Constitution won't...Secure the blessings of Liberty? ...David Isay, Founder & President of Story Corps joins share this powerful message about Marine Corporal Zach Skiles was deployed to Iraq in 2003...When he returned home, Zach found it difficult to hold down a job and soon after found himself homeless? ...President Trump will speak for 8 minutes then Chuck and Nancy Nancy get the call?...Old guard keeping New guard in check?...Counting Syllables?   Hour 3 The Room tilts again?...Jeffy 'Heart Attack' Fisher is back and better than ever?...Jeffy discusses his near death experience...prayers and blessings from everyone...calling 911 and the ride in the ambulance?...no smoking, no Twinkies while on supplements...Jeffy inspires Glenn to participate in Operation Less Fatness 2019?...Glenn's Goal: losing 50 lbs?...losing weight with people that look at me (Glenn)...Flashback: Glenn and Jeffy Wheel of Blame? ...'Planned Parenthood', ironically does nothing of the sorts?...defending the Unborn...their way or no way?

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the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. This is the Glen Back programme well to their use very big day in Amerika today or tonight, at nine o clock we find out if we are going to be a nation under another national emergency. Is this a national emergency? What does that mean? If the president says we're just gonna spend the money? Does he have the legal right to do it? What are the ramifications of it?
I thought we should start with the pros and cons list, and I want to hear from you the pros and cons of having the President declare a national emergency tonight to be able to get the border build pros and cons. Let's look at this dispassionately because I know what my passion says: I'm guessing. I know what Europe I shouldn't says. Let's look at the facts. First, we do that right now. This is the Glen Back Programme. Welcome but we by the way for anybody who is just a joining us him listen for a while. We have taken a lot of the commercials out of the first half hour and we only break a couple of times. This is one of it. One minute so You can tell you about a sponsor than right back into the show. First wall. It is field of greens. There is there some fake news out there about Super foods and you
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They never ever go away. You can't to declare a national emergency. The president does- and I make no mistake- I believe he has this power to do it and I think it's an important power for the president to have, but way. It's designed it never ever. Goes away because it both houses to just majority vote. No, but then it goes to the president and he has to veto. Will who's, the guy who just proposed it so It's not gonna veto it. He is. Our iii is gonna veto and then you have to have two thirds of Congress over overturn his veto. Will that almost never happens, and in fact in history it ever has happened, but if you look at the national emergencies that we have. They all kind of fall into the same category who was the first president to declare a national emergency.
Then even guess it was. Jimmy Carter, then happened in nineteen? Seventy nine so we went from one thousand, seven hundred and eighty nine one thousand seven hundred and ninety one or one thousand seven hundred and eighty nine to eighteen, seventy nine. Without a national emergency. We Through world war, one world war, two, we went through the civil war No national emergencies. Eighteen, seventy nine was the first and I want you to listen to the pattern. Knocking the iranian government Property November, fourteen nineteen, seventy nine. So that's Obama, when he flew all that cash back there, what Obama was usurping. Now he was giving back their property, but that still remains we're still under a state of emergency blocking
properties or Carter. Did it against IRAN, and then you know that the billions of dollars you sent over there was essentially the other side of that transaction. They were complaining about how we kept their stuff all this time correct, but we never got rid of the national emergency, a proliferation of weapons of mass destruction November fourteenth ninety ninety four, so the next guy who did it was Bill Clinton now listen to this. So first present into ever, do it nineteen seventy nine was was: Carter. He only did it once then: Reagan, where did it? Bush never did it, then Nineteen. Ninety four Clinton gets out his pen proliferate, of weapons of mass destruction, prohibiting transactions with terrorist who threatened to disrupt the Middle EAST peace process and ninety ninety five prohibit certain transactions with respect to the development of the iranian petroleum resources. Ninety ninety five also
one ninety five blocking acts, assets and prohibiting transactions with significant narcotic traffickers. Then in ninety six regulations of the anchorage and movement of vessels with respect to Cuba, then in ninety seven blocking sudanese government property and prohibiting transactions with Sudan blocking but he a persons who threaten international stabilization efforts in the western Balkans? That's two thousand one! So now George Bush is good into it: and here's where it really picks up the speed. Continuation of export control regulations, August seventeenth, two thousand one Declaration of national emergency by reason of certain terrorist attacks September Fourteenth two thousand one then said: we're twenty third blocking property and prohibiting transactions. Would persons who commit threatened, commit or support terrorism? Then blue King Property of persons undermining democratic process or institutions in Zimbabwe March,
Stu thousand three then Pour acting the development fund for rack and certain other property in which Iraq has an interest march to them three blocking property of persons and prohibiting the export of certain goods goods to Syria may to them. For what in property of certain persons, undermining democratic process, the processes and institutions in Belarus June, two thousand six Also, in October, two thousand and six blocking property of certain persons contributing to the conflict of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, then blocking property in persons undermining the sovereignty of Lebanon, and it's a democratic process and institutions in two thousand and seven. Then we have in June, two thousand six continuing certain restrictions with respect to North Korea and IRAN korean Nationalists and that is two thousand and eight now we're in two Obama time blocks
property of certain persons continuing to the conflict in Somalia blocking a party of certain transactions relating to Libya blocking property of transnational criminal organizations blocking proper a person's threatening peace, security, stability and Yemen blocking property of certain persons contributing to the situation in Ukraine. That's in twenty fourteen blocking property. Certain persons with respect to South Sudan in fourteen blow, in the property, a certain persons contributing to the conflict in the central African Republic blocking property suspending the entry of certain persons contributing to the situation in Venezuela then brought Brok. Blocking the property of certain persons engaging insignificant, malicious cyber enabled activities into any fifteen and the law when did Obama did blocking, copy of certain persons contributing to the situation in Burundi. Madden in twenty fifteen now, what are those all have in common? There are blocking property and possessions of pretence,
terrorists, or of inflation and newly inflamed hot spots around the globe right they none of it. We now have. It would fall under the category of spending or anything like that. It's all blocking property and that's what has been used for right it is. It is making sure that people, the bad guys don't have access to more funds, transfer funds across international borders or We do anything to help the bad guys, that's What the emergency action has been Since it was first used in nineteen, seventy nine and I would say to a bit beneath him- I think, a lot of those having common, not all certain that certainly not September fourteenth two thousand one, but most of them, I would say, are lower on the priority list of american sovereignty and security. Then the area than the border security issues. I greatly what what's Burundi might be very important and probably is, but I would not
on the level of September September eleventh or building a wall on our southern border. Right I mean I think, like that there was no reason to those things, but you know so here is the here is the here's the issue, the Ets since two thousand and six that the Americans have said. We want a border wall. That's why Congress, including Hillary Clinton, an Barack Obama signed into law. A border wall sift secure fence act of two thousand Essex Luton. We I in an area in the Senate in Congress, tried to convince. We all know Glenn this time. It's real! No, it's not I mean. I know it wasn't, and you know it wasn't. There had no intention of doing it. They were just placating the american people, but this and start in two thousand six. The reason why was popular for Obama in Hillary Clinton to sign it in in two thousand six was
because we all knew what happened just a few short years ago in two thousand one, and no one was willing to do anything about it. Our borders, north and south our trouble, but- another. There's another piece of the puzzle, then overwhelming problem that we have is overstayed visas. And they ve never fix that either That was the number one problem and September eleventh. That's still the number one problem with terror and a border wall won't have anything to do with that. It won't fix it, but I don't, that's where the american people are. They know that they don't This is a fix all they just I think this is one box that needs to be checked and no one will ever check it I'm. If I'm reading the american people write the american people,
I know that this is a problem, and there too, I heard of waiting around and being told by one party or the other, we're gonna. Fix that because Bill Clinton said he would fix that. Senator Barack Obama said he would fix that Hillary Clinton said she would fix that door. Bush said he would fix that. No one has fixed that. No It is serious about it, except the american people. So tonight I think people are going split into camps V Democrats, who had been brainwashed that oh no, this is just racist. No, it's not. They're going to be against it, even though their leaders signed in two thousand and six when all the rest of it Democratic remembered September eleventh,
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as I see it is that this would mean that there would be a permanent solution and I think that's the number one thing the conservatives are looking for work time of having the same battle at being told we're gonna take care, Knowing that they're not gonna, take they're not gonna, be serious about it, and so This provides something that goes beyond this precedent and it's done burden. They decide to blow it up her terror, down whichever I would necessarily past the future president like, like you see them, not repairing it just now, this? Let it go to waste! Ok, so you have a permanent solution. You have or security. You haven't solve the problem, but you have more security, heavenly improvement right, yes, A move in the right during a big move in the right direction, and you have accountability right count ability. How do you mean that You have somebody who is willing to say I'm
responsible for this? Sir? That's nice to hear occasionally right. The buck stops here. That's the one thing that I think both Publicans and Democrats want maybe not on the same things, but they at someone to say buck stops here. And in that is. That is the real problem with like government shutdowns, and things like that is the more we oh don't believe in the federal government, the more we want, someone, anyone justice step in and say I'll fix it, because We think these things are common sense. I believe the border wall is common sense I mean. I want a bigger door. I what or qualified people coming, and I want the best people from all over the world to come in, but I did what I don't bond are people coming in through the windows and through the side, doors that we
no, whose in the house- and I dont want that in any way shape or form. I dont want that from Sweden and I dont want. From libya- and I don't want that from mexico- like the other basic common sense when it comes to having it. Tree and having borders, you have to be able to control them if they get out of control. Rightly, we know one stocking about offence between us and Canada, because that is not an out of control border. This one is and we have to do something to stop at the fence, would it would help quite a bit? And they ve already let us down after they weave elected them and they ve passed bills promising it ok, including votes from die and fine stated part bopper, Barbara boxer Brok Obama Hillary Clinton. This is not a republican measured very recently. No, it was two thousand six, and that is that's it. The president's gonna hang his hat on tonight. I think He does this. He may not do this
going to eating- and it is our task actually saying that EU emergency aid murmured and of shifting funds to pay for the border wall without pass into law- yes, you think he's gonna, do it by do. Do you if I had to guess I'd say: yes, there's a lot of reporting on it that bed that's indefinite, what he's considering he may so just be threatening bright lucky. A b saying like look, I'm going to do this either way you might as well get your dhaka and give me the money because Let it go do this as a year he may give her may say: you ve got seven days, might put a window. Where are you thirty days wherever it is because of the cost and then a shut down thing? It's getting to those at elevated levels to worth starting to Iraqi, starting to see the reporting about people who, who we know of the tax funds they ve solved in short term, but they did you get this. Stamps thing, that's right right around the corner of the several different programmes that will start becoming major news stories. If they don't get this fixed by, then I wonder whose writing this tonight. This really has to be written really really well
and his his goal, brain to make people understand the seriousness of the border as a separately from some political issue right This goal is to say person who's in the middle? Who cares security, but is a partisan or is in a huge trump person or whatever to convince them that hate. You know you ve been hearing all the stuff, and may I say that I'm lying about this here, the facts. Really is a serious situation and we may need to make it a national emergency. This is the first time that he's done anything from the oval office. He has not given a speech behind the resolute desk, in the oval office, but not addressed the nation correct, I don't know, I'm pretty sure look it up. Will you Mirza? I am pretty sure that that is the prime time address. Prime try, as is his first prime time, address from behind the resolute desk the rest
desk, is generally reserved for real really important speeches. Milestone kind of speeches to where we're going. The war or there's a national emergency or the something really grave that we need to talk about also, it has traditionally been used for the farewell address, interesting. Is that he's a media struggle yesterday with? Should we even take? This is something that we should even yes, first vote. Yes, second of all, if you would have even suggested that underbrush Obama you'd have been a racist for suggesting it on the level,
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Over the holiday had one hundred percent blockage in one artery and fifty percent blockage in the other, about eighty or ninety percent of the people who have a heart attack like this. Don't survive somehow or another this this iron giant did. He's back today, and we will have him on the programme to talk about that coming in about an hour and a half from now. You dont want to missus second of the show we're talking about the president and his his address tonight from the oval office is the first from behind the resolute desk and this is an important one- he's gonna talk about the national emergency, whether he declares a national emergency or not. We, no. But this a legal way for the president to get the wall built. It is. Highly controversial way to get it built. Is going to apparently, possibly
evoke the bill that was passed by both houses, including signed by Barack Obama, then Senator and Senator Hillary Clinton to build a boy Wall in two thousand six and he's going to say the Pentagon has the money, and this is a national emergency. We bring Graham from the Pat Gray unleashed podcast, which airs right before This programme eagerness by the way it boys dvd, come slash back, usually go back the access of the show in the news in white managed path. As also on in peccary unleashing much Stephen crowded, Stephen Greater comes back earnings January seven, seventeen thank which is great all brand new Stephen crowded episodes. Aright so were true. Make a pro in common list and pat on the pro. I have its permanent, its permanent solution that it does help with security
aids, accountability, which I think everybody wants. Somebody want somebody to stand up and say I am responsible, But I also I would say that it also helps in the drug war for sure I mean that is a national emergency. What we have coming across our borders right now, our southern border, in particular with Fenton all in heroin and an ox cart, and that is a national emergency. I expect that to be a big part of the picture, I too, because that's enough, that is an escalating issue with opiates, and everything else and part of that is related to heroin coming across the borders were most of it comes from you. As far as a pole, I don't it'll happen any other way. Mister, they're, not gonna. Do it the only way to do it, It's the only way to do so. I have a whole but low to stuff. On the on the pro list,
Khan list. There's one really, there's really only one is not the right way to do it, but how? What do we do when somebody than Ex president comes in end and tell me that if it's you know beta or better he comes in or tomorrow heresy, Hillary Clinton and she comes in and she says, climate change is a national emergency There are already saying that, without without law, back karate saying they can also do that, regardless of what He declares in an emergency to build a wall and could happen anyway. But I get the point, and the point is Is this the right way to do it and of course it isn't, but it get done any other way I think we ve seen that it was ordered. It was by law in. Thousand six, the fence shall be built and somehow it wasn't while somehow weapon with Gay Bailey hutches. Yes, yes,
they came in and said well offence where appropriate and you can use other technologies and security and other areas so just because I agree with, but they never did anything about it right now. They ve done any of eleven on any of it, and only now are the even repairing the broken down areas of the fence, that's the only thing they ve done so far, and so that its. That also goes to the permanency of that. That is a that is to me a con because can build this, but then repair its future presidents cannot repair need. Are nothing new, nothing in it looks like changing from a wall to offence now again, which I take the double fencing. If, because that, really effective in its proven to be effective in in the San Diego area. They built a dumb. And in some parts of the border to triple wall, and then have a space between the fences where the border patrol goes up and down patrolling an
road right when you drive back and forth in vehicles, yes and it reduced illegal crossings by ninety five, ninety five per I will tell you realized and go with me when I went to Israel the very first time Jaffee did, and we went, and we were on the border of Syria, whereupon up on our way to Lebanon or on the ball if Syria and had a border fence than it was a. It was a double chain link razor wire fence all of the sand on each side in the middle and Each side had been raped case. It was perfect Lee Rake, there are no footprints in it. Guy said, can we stop to take picture of this, and the driver said you don't stop here am I so we were out in the middle of absolutely no, where I mean nowhere there. I'd seen our house in an hour there we were nowhere,
and he said you know what to stop here- and I said why is dangerous and he said no but you're going to be questioned and I said there's no way we haven't seen a car. He said: okay, he said, but do not step on the sand. And I said ok, so I got out my took a picture. Before I could turn around. There was There was a border guard I tail skews me. Asking me what we were doing. Who were who we were, I mean than that. Border is secure and it's just too fences and they rake that sand to be to see if there's any footprints on it you know immediately and they actually patrol it I'm fine with that fire that they take it seriously the walls, friends.
Conversations, mean us right like what we want is a barrier to stuff. Like I understand it, that's what Trump said and that's why the media's so focused on it, because they want us to prove that Trump didn't come through this promise. The american Although look at that and say what we were these people stopping Sup from crossing the border with sunlight fable, their reason why trump people and in me one- wall and not a fence is weaker I dont believe me now. I dont believe that they will actually patrol that fence. I think there are You know patrolling the. Maybe president will either The next president. Will you go with wire cutters and cut it out if they dont, if they don't care A fence. Their wallets moved more difficult right, a wall that German Alia specially the one you described, at one of his campaign, stops with the concrete and steal rebar thirty, forty feet high yeah, that would be. That would be difficult to be difficult, again, if you dont patrol it, we could take down any WAL Mart
they're gonna have to still patrol it at some level, but it would be more difficult and that's it that's. The issue here is to try to make these things more difficult. So where do you stand on this when we do it finish, issued the cons list. You think those that it just The fact that this is not the right process of doing it, I think so, doesn't I think- because I'm absolutely in favour of a war of a Waller Valencia, whom I do think of it? Because I mean, if we look back at, let's see the nuclear option for judges right the nuclear option for She was initially done not for Supreme Court Justice Justices, but just for normal judges to be pushed through, and so the Democrats did that which the republic is always could have done it when they were in. But the Democrats did that first, and so it was easy for Republicans to come in and say: look they already did it right, they need use that as a justification. It wasn't even a controversial move, really wonder why, when they did it with corset, change the entire process at the way we voted on Supreme Court justices with with corset
there wasn't really even a story a minute, so I think When you take that off the table- and you say what can use a national emergency for our priorities as far as policy, if we can get them done through loss. This is one of the things I did not like about the Brok Obama Dhaka thing. You know there are a lot of people who think that people who came across the border with their kip, since when they will say seven years old and are now whatever nineteen should be able to state their dream, who's that that whole conversation that I tried to pass the dream at nine hundred thousand times with some republican support at times, and they get it done so Brok Obama said well or just do it doc modest, do Dhaka, Andrews get it done, go around the law. The same thing is how but here I think, there's an argument to be made that doll Europe has said correctly that we need. We need this money. We need to secure the border like this is a real problem. Give me the money.
But it did a law there, not putting in a law. So now he's coming up with a new way of doing it, and I don't like it doc. It was not a national emergency and I think, between drugs and and illegal immigration when especially when you see who's coming over. You have you of people from the Middle EAST, coming over our border, you also have people from Venezuela and Honduras. The Duma I wish this country well. So it's I, like just dreamers or coming across the border, that you have immense thirteen. I M S. Thirteen, where you can clearly make a case against as well will be interesting. Is this will go? through the courts. But if the court's held up, darker. Then say no to this president. I thank you.
We're headed for real trouble and the court should not be over to overrule the president unless it there's a lot of people saying all this is unconstitutional. It is not unconstitutional, it is. It is it's a pass law. He has the right to do it using it in a completely new way, which is spending the power, a niche, they passed this way they will check and balance in which the the Congress could override is. We know his situation like. If someone comes in and says this is a national mergers, Congress could say well, no, its not won't believe you that got that got thrown out the court so there's no check and balanced other than overriding a veto, so we're agreed that we want the fence and we- and we think that this is a national emergency between dry examine their thirteen and other things that are going on we all agree, good heavens, he's. Not this way, I'm afraid of the ramifications of, however best case scenario here. Maybe he talks about it. He threatens it. The Democrats get freaked out about it.
And don't want him to be doing this in the future so made they come along to negotiation. Actually I don't think that I mean I really there. I think they will. I think they ll love the fact that you have just said did the power, I think so too. Iran, as I said best case scenario right for the next person. Thanks so much listen, a pad gray on pet gray unleashed on the blaze, radio and television network Blaze, tv dotcom sign up now use the promo code back, right. Our response of this half hour is lifelong. According to the experts, by way, we're gonna take your phone calls next. Accordingly, the experts, some of the cyber security predictions for twenty nineteen ransom. Where is gonna taper off, but it still wreak havoc Crypto Jackie.
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additional ten percent off your first year, its promo code, back an extra ten percent off now at life, lock dot com pros and cons. This speech begins at nine one thirty so I know one thing who one minute thirty seconds after nine o clock, they say that it will last no more than eight minutes he's not making the case these. You can get announcement of some sort Andy it's about- secrete security and human Terry in projects on the border, Rob in Maryland, pros and cons then I I'm a constitutional say they always say, conservative or liberal view. We need to stop doing that and say constitutional We constitutionally one
government Adam. The few things are supposed to do is provide security for a country. Yes, I definitely want to walk. I dont want to search for the reasons you guys already said once offences up interest, wire cutters urine and it's not monitored the pros. It stops at any cost. Terrorist and easy way and that you still get em but believes that way is stopped. The drugs, which is a start societal issue, help slow, that, because right now just bring a mule train and third, it helps us economically. We could pay for that wall in a year from all the benefits, They give away. You know we have welfare, state and no border, and I do believe that it would also help the security of the people. You know it get shot or get by. Driver who shouldn't be here. I mean people still by drunk drivers, but they are there they're supposed to be here.
Malecon. The only crime is that yes, this this is that right, Do we really should have been done the proper way, but you're, not properly I mean there's always a constitutional is. Where do you end up? I end up with this constitutional doktor was not constitutional, because this deals with national security, boring. I think that's it he sent place for constitutional is to stay. I think I think it's true, I dont think its unconstitutional. I dont think it's the right way to do this, but it's I dont think in the knowledge that is not all its. It first, I was invited for the common defence and national security. The national emergency ACT, which is based on is a relief laud law that I dont think should exist in its current way. However, he is using it in a way that is appropriate and were, and legal and others question whether it's it's legal force. I gotta take your phone calls after the top of the hour as well. Let me go to Marie in Pennsylvania, hello, Marie hello,
taking my call and best wishes to Jappy. Yes the Governor Tom off of Pennsylvania, declared estate widening. Chauncey Disaster Declaration on Heroin in Pennsylvania to me this proves is an emergency. I'm should use it. You cannot solve a problem like this. The problem with states calling disasters, but you myself at the big. What a wall to stop it I blocked frenzy. And we did it in drugs. Can I one stop, or I am very happy. I agree with you that drugs are a real problem with the border and a border wall would go a long way to stopping them. I'm gonna get back into the drug war. When we come back top of the hour,
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The fusion of annex ii, men and in rain guess is that combat programme. So last hour we started to make a list of the pros and cons. The president tonight is going to give a speech that they say will last no longer than eight minutes, so he's not making a case on something I think he's making an announcement. Is he going to declare a national emergency or is he going to say I will in thirty days, if we don't solve this, is he going to just take the reins and say I'm going to build the border wall? We made pros and cons. Listen, I've got lots prose to permanent solution. It does add to our security, doesn't solve our security, but it adds to our security. It stops people, hopefully like em S, thirteen and others who are coming across our southern border. If it actually helps health care because will be saving a lot of money, you can't have you can't have open borders and a welfare state. You have to pick one or the other and also drugs. We have a serious problem with drugs and on the other side of the border, it helps with humanitarian humanitarian aid. How many people the Honduran, we know we ve, heard the interviews with how many were used by people saying I know America's is gonna open up its doors, how many people are harmed by that now? It can only come up with one conned, but it's a big one and we hear from you next this land back programme first
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The president has a right to do that. We have twenty two national emergencies already running they just ever go away, and it's all sorts of different. Types of national emergencies is well. I mean why the fighting this is at which I had a car last, our saying well, one of the ways we could do this is because of the opium thing I mean this is a major issue. Well, there is a national health emergency on opiates, a different type of national emergency, but until he actually, he promised to to declare a national emergency on opiates, but it took him better a while to do it in, a time the media was constantly complaining that he wasn't starting a national health emergency and opiates. They complained about a constantly until he finally did wind up doing it. Now to come in, does I don't think anybody has applied The oil in heroin, in these sorts of things now
you want to do a different type of national emergency. It's a very controversial thing right, so av smart. He will include Opium Lloyd's tonight. He will include M S, thirteen. And he will include Vive the humanitarian crisis that has been caused here recently by people who wish to do our country no good also, he should include that we will open up. Are our immigration and make it easier for qualified people to come in does I think anybody has a problem with with immigrants as long as they're here in their qualified right we, but we don't want to miss thirteen and again Emma's. Thirteen gets this political sort of thing all that's just Donald Trump, trying to scare people to just put this in perspective Aramis. Thirteen kills four point three times as many people to die in school shootings in United States
or point three times as many people die in the hands of Emma's thirteen than die in school shootings and how much do you hear about them is thirteen. You don't ever hear out just a nonsensical. All just Donald Trump is making things up, I'm s thirteen wages, but letters of numbers you just thrown together. No, it's a very violent gang and they kill a lot of people. The United States is a real problem, a real problem. If you think school shootings are a real problem which we all know the left does. This is four times the size. The president should include things like that. If he's gonna make the case now the The downside I can see on this is I don't like the way this is being done. I don't. I don't want to set this precedent. I dont want the ex president, coming in and saying I'll tell you a national crisis, a national emergency sky, warming and here All the stats began. They will be the ideal time behind a national emergencies to take things that aren't partisan issues, the others, not,
cigarette that, as we all know, that we know IRAN right is a big problem and we need to stop their funding right. That was the first time it was used during the again during the highest hostage crisis in September. Eleventh right after that, we all know we're. On the same page. The votes are all being under two zero on issues related to that, this is one where obviously, Republicans wanted to happen democratic, don't even tell me the thing that isn't partisan now why are you did say usually only in emergency situations but again, that's why there's a national emergency part of this right part of the national moored. Look, I'm not making the case for this cause. I don't think this is the right way to do it, but I but a play devils advocate cause. There is no other way to do this anymore. Any other way to do. It has been Droid because we ve made everything partisan when you said well, we should know well, we all did
we all knew that two thousand six, they all Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton signed the wall into law. They pass eighty two nineteen but, alas, said okay, so it wasn't partisan issue it just is now climate change should not be a partisan issue, but it two part of unity is partisan, extraordinarily sit. I mean you right yes and that they will say the same thing. This is not supposed to be a partisan issue and You should pass it's a national state of emergency on the climate and we can do ex wincey. They ve tried it. I mean this is how a lot of times Epa has tried to control emissions and put in, standards on which are things that you know. I fought against the entire time because they are, I believe, those are completely unconstitutional. This one would not be it so. Out through the law it. Not only would it not be unconstitutional, it would be completely
legal as far as I can tell it's just a new way of using this aid is in. It does seem to be an expanded use of this power, which I don't want that I don't ever want to be clear, telling you that dig comment is taking is, is it is getting more power to do something because they are to have enough they are to have power and the reason no. These things are hard to do too, the border wall is going to be hard to do, and that is sort of built in your system, which really crazy. As we went to the moon and the nineteen sixty when we didn't have the technology we didn't, the technology, and we said we have to do this now because it's easy, but because it's hard. We don't need any technology, we don't need to do it event. Acknowledges has been around for a while in or out forever. Look it it's hard to do No heart to do was go to the moon in nineteen sixty nine. That was to do good
together in putting a fence or a wall up to stop people from coming in across a border. That's not hard at his people. Unwilling to do it. Yeah I mean I just you know we all. If this was the this could have been done. We would needed to have a conversation about laws for the past two years right everyone realize for the past two years, including the administration, that this was not the way to do this, the same world, by the way that Brok, oh Mamma, had the conversation about Dhaka, and they said we can't do this. We had a pass a law and then but with another way around it, this one is a lie. Of a different. I think it's better than the Dhaka thing. There's no question about it, but it makes me a little uneasy. Doesn't let's look at it? This way? the only reason why we have Donald Trump, the thing that Donald Trump really connected because remember he wasn't connecting at the beginning until he got onto the border wall.
When he started on the border wall. That was his in his first opening speech. I was like nineteenth on his last year. It was not a high priority in that speech. People correct that the whole of mexican rapists thing that he got beat up on so much that was, I want to say, was like two or three per cent of his speech lose if it was not something he focused on at all so soon ass, he started to get onto that. That's when he really took off. So let me just let me just as this. This little thought here that perhaps, because the Democrats refuse to deal with what they said, they would do in two thousand eight and they greed we needed a wall then for some political reason or some other reason that never has been vocalize. They decided not to build the wall. That's the reason why we have Donald Trump as president, because politicians refused to do it actually now what they said they were gonna do, but what they read
a bill and signed on to do they passed a law that say shall be built and they now Where did it? So, if you, looking for an ultimate reason. Why Donald Trump? How could Donald Trump our present? Well there? It is that stuff like that and Republicans and the Democrats failed to build a wall that they ass. The law, the amazing about I'm in trouble, one thing about Trump and these moments is he doesn't like being a defence right, so this is for him to turn it to being on offence. I've got something I can use and I will use it. I think there's a good chance that he says tonight. You ve got two weeks. Two to hammer this out or I'm going to use this. So that puts him on the offensive. It makes me uneasy that sort of power, but still it It is an understandable thing that, because the basic thing behind it, Everybody agrees with, at least in this audience. I think most people are on the conservative side, which is this is a real problem.
People are ignoring it. We need this thing built figure out a way to do it. Completely logical way. To think what I have to make sure we don't cross some barrier week, we're going to get burned by a layer ex left to them their own devices. The american people would solve this problem. We would solve it. Just take all the just. Take all the politicians out of the mix, never more than sixty seconds away from more of the show. Let me stop here and just tell you quickly about liberty, safe liberty safe. The biggest complain imagine having a business where you biggest complain. His wish. I had more. Imagine that wish I had more. We should bigger well, they make a bigger, safe liberty safe there, is the number one complaint wish I would have bought a bigger one. There, the number one safe manufacturer in the nation and they ve killed more than two million saves, and we ve done it for a reason. They lie in the industry in technology and innovation. They offer
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ten seconds station. I think this is the global programme. We go to Tailor in Indiana, hello, Taylor, hey I'm with you guys under that died right way to do it, but you had touched on the pro that I'll get a mention in that I knew them dies this base for twenty twenty I didn't boat for tromp. I was I vote for Adam moment. You guys suggested it. Biting he's, gonna use their if he does in fact filled the Volga. They are, I believe, the treacherous Democrats and allow me to get this done. I built this wall and I think that this aid, like you, guys that people were fed up in that kind of work on the left, I think they're term. I think if he does, build the wall he's in he's in trouble,
because that was the number one thing he promised to do. And he had a chance and then he folded on it, which was shocking to his base. I think and I think he knows I've got to build this garden wall, used to be in that camp right, hey, you are now in power which has rammed down their throats like you said that, and you're gonna swing the other way, and that's why I'm in that case it is not the right way to do. It is, it's easy to say. I agree with it, but it's not the right way to do it. Have you made a decision yet on are you for or against it if he says I'm gonna build anyway. I be against that year. That yet feel good like our course summit, but the wrong way to do it and I would not be or the way that is proposing, because this is tough thing here- remedies dealer, that's a great perspective. I think for those things where we were
This conversation, ok! Well, if it's not gonna get done any other way and we want it done so, how do we get it done? Well, in our system the lot of times there's a lot of You want to do that. You don't get done. Like the French, just part of what the founders designed, I mean, there's a lot of stuff that I would love to get done like getting there income tax to zero right, but I can't who had, unfortunately, right now, I think that is a You know you have to continue to make your case and you have to continue to try to prove to people that this really is the issue that it is, and you ve seen me are, you might say like right now and it's understandable there's no it is, as ever, gonna get done. The devil suppose it in blah blah blah blah again. As you point out, this actually was passed This is this is this is it is? It is something that you can never pass. It actually was past fairly recently in thousand ten Democrats report, and it was a fifty fifty issue among Democrats, whether you could do it and it was obviously favorite among independence and Republicans. There's no reason this debate can swing back
sensible side but right It's become unfortunate. An issue of whether you like Donald Trump or not, is the question whether this is an actual issue, and that is, I think, it fault of the media, and I think it's the fault of of turning everything, into a partisan issue. Even when is blatantly obvious, it would be helpful for US security, but there's no way and we can't at some point get back to some sensible discussion on this right. We ve already been there. So I am, I started teaching the kids to the constitution over the holiday, that was a Christmas present to them vile and they loved it an alternative you say. Yes, we ve turned to spend about an hour every every night for a week of the holiday with, family and we went over the declaration of independence and the constitution, and I'm sorry- by the preamble of the constitution, the only only capitalized words in the
in addition, their huge they jump off the page. We, the people and we, the people. This was that this was a different idea. No constitutional government was formed by the people. It was formed by the elites, but this is the people we the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect nation, not perfect nation, a more perfect nation, meaning we're never gonna be perfect. Can we stop expecting that? A more perfect union establish justice, insured domestic tranquillity and Peru aid for the common defence now just take those apart This government establish justice. Do you feel that we, but justice is being served right now, I think that is the one where The closest we
we have made. Some mistakes were trying to correct those mistakes, meaning the legal justice. Yes, you were commit a crime and you have a chance. Yes, through your case, obvious ones are perfect, but right with we, the people, it's not perfect, but it's getting better. I think with they the government there, strolling justice. There is no such thing as justice right you look at. Establish justice ensure domestic tranquillity. I found it all solved or think everyone's tranquil right. If you're doing this opposite the them in the most irritant above the biggest ear. Tint in our society is government. It's the parties, it's the politicians that r r coaxing us into bonfires, but should take they are so unconstitutional right now, they're, not
helping us promote. Domestic tranquillity they're, not promoting that promoting the opposite, wide for the common defence, pretty good, pretty good, Excel that's where this one falls in when it comes to solving the problem that we had September eleventh, they haven't solve that. The number one problem is overstayed: visas, el- the number one problem- it's not order, its overstayed visas, promote. The general welfare. Notice. It says, provide common defence, promote the general welfare, that's interesting! It doesn't guarantee it no guarantees. Defence guarantees. Defence have to provide defence, it has to promote general wealth. So, in other words, it has to do things like
courage. Science, encourage business, encourage entrepreneurship; it needs to it needs to moat the things that would be good for society. Well, I'm just a second post to insure domestic inch the tranquillity they're? Not ensuring that, therefore, to ensure that their most to promote the general defence they are due, a pretty good job on that and theirs. Both to promote general welfare, the entire Thing is upside down the entire. Everything is upside down to. Cure the blessings of liberty. I don't think anybody in Washington even look liberty the blessing anymore. They think many of them think it's a curse there too. Many.
Rather doing things that we don't even know about follow the constitution, follow the constitution and it will not lead to a stray airline, TAT, Glenn Bank in fact about real estate agents, that I trust real estate agents. I trust dot com is something that Tanya and I started. I don't know five years ago and the results are truly truly remarkable. We built a real estate company, real estate agents. I trust it's not it's actually not a real estate company. We we are. We go around the country because of some of the other businesses that I do. We I happen to know all of these great real estate agents all over the country and I thought: there's got to be a way for people to be able to be connected to these people, so I am running a real estate agency. These people don't work for us,
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It addresses the nation at nine p M supposed to be an eight minute speech no longer according to the White House, and and will continue to talk about that here and as the second I I I I also because it's a new year? I really want to focus on the big issues and is overwhelmed. During the holiday within a number of people that road an answer. How come They were to giving up how they had wrestled with depression, how they had been wrestling with alcoholism and how they had a new commitment to continue another day. And sometimes we forget about how alone people can feel and its because We don't talk about these things because we kind of bury them and they are. They are kind of furs
principles there. Were there the things that we should be talking about with each other? We should be look out for one another, but sometimes he sings make us uncomfortable and you dont know what to say. I know that It is true for me, in many cases with veterans because I have. I hold them in such high regard. I don't necessarily don't necessarily know what I would do. In their situation. And it causes me sometimes do not say anything. One of the biggest regrets in regrets in my life, I'm good friends with Chris Tiles, wife, but I was not friends with Chris, because I stood at a charity. Fundraiser shoulder to shoulder with him, and I,
shook his hand and thanked him for his service. I didn't even talk to him because I was so intimidated. Our soldiers are going through real tough times, but its those hoof. Those who refuse to give up that make the difference our part story. Core have eight have agreed story to tell between Being Corporal Zack styles, he was deployed. To a rack into thousand three. He was there. At the beginning of the invasion while serving on the front lines. He lost five friends within a two week period and He came home. He had a hard time just ass, he had hard time holding down a job. He found himself homeless, so Laurie Course set down with him and his father Scott. To talk about the difficulties that he face during the war and how he got. Back on its feet. This is an amazing story. Listen
I remember chandelier every gift That I've been given, I dont, have a better one, then, to be your dad. And I remember you, smile and Santa Lovey do dad and then you got The car and went to war what was lifelike after you came home I was pretty sure someone was gonna, kick down my door and I It was scared to go to sleep. I couldn't, sustain employment. I couldn't, he rent and pay for groceries it all just kind of fell apart. And then I was homeless crazy thing was that I didn't think tat. There was anything supervision, time I stayed on coastal trails in hiking trails and in the a time I could just pass out at park. Time very, where I didn't know where you were. And it is difficult
watch. Anyone let go of hope what did your son? It's excruciating, I remember great relief that you decided going too impatient treatment. I remember one night you getting out of the car to walk. I kinda treatment building I was dark in your head- was kind of down and for a moment. I could feel the way you were carry. Is I watched you walk into that building? I uttered these two words it now they were some kind of prayer or not, but they just came out. My son and I was absolutely overcome with grief and love and the big of hope, What is life like for you now? It's Pretty cool graduated undergrad, yes
I heard Schumacher just ask I remember my dad's in this to me and I feel it is show true between you and I It is your life, so you have the last word your dad. That gives me the second to the last word. Second to the last orders, believe in them. And I'm on your side there is a powerful thing. I I learned from somebody who had And kept as a sex slave in Mexico, she had literally, she had changed scars around her neck scars, Oliver, her back where she had been beaten and burned chained for a couple of years.
I was recording something with her, and I said, I want you to say hi. My name is so and so and I used to be a slave and she said no. I won't say that, and I said ok, ok, wine. She said because I know are considered myself a slave. They If change me, but I know are considered myself. A slave. Our lives are a blank piece of paper and we Are the only offers of it if someone else's authoring it or if you don't like the way, the story is going open. New page and start again. It sounds ridiculous because it's too easy, but it's true. Davis say from my story: core is with us now Dave
We give me an update on on on happy new year. It's great to talk to you, while the Zack is is getting his Phd In psychology- and I will say you know, this is the first time as as, as you know, historic were interviewed to people who care about one another coming to have a conversation, and we ve had a doesn't big special initiatives. Should the ears and this one is part of the military voices initiative, fucking, focusing on the voices of Palestine Eleven of that's in there and their families and the first. I never had this conversation first. I never talked about what what
in India to sack in Iraq and I met so I don't get a chance to meet a lot of the participants in in story court. We ve had half a million people who participate, but when I'm giving a talk, sometimes people from stories will come into the into the come to the talk and sacks that's got came to talk a little while ago and this this goes back a little bit. What you were saying about The woman who you had interviewed, who is the sex slave and Anna, reminded me of that Mandela quote where he said: Nelson Mandela. They contain my body button again they catch him. I saw, but as acts dad Scott after I played a story handed me out just a very brief quote, which stuck with me- and it just said Here- is the world beautiful and terrible things will happen? Don't you,
fraid. So how can people get involved in your new initiative? One small step. This is trying to bring people together that Maybe I don't see the world politically the same way, but your preserving the voices of people who are very, very different from one another, but can find common ground. How do people get involved in that? So we have, you can come to your website at story corps as to your y, see or Ps Dot, Org backslash, one small step, which has one word. And you described exactly what we are trying to do. We have had half a million people who know and love each other like Zack and Scott, come to story core and now we're working to put people on opposite sides of the political divide together. Just do not talk about politics. Just to remember that someone who disagree with is also a human being. Can you started a yet
have you ever really started to record these. Yet, oh, yes, we have at its. You know it's it's it's it's a kind of addictive. It's a beautiful thing to see him, and none of it will surprise you you noted it brings our kind of the opposite. Impulses are social media. When you do a story, court interview, each of those interviews go is goes to the Library of Congress. So your great great great great great grandkids, can hear the voice of your grandmother, your friend, whoever you're talking to your voice and unlike social media, which is so disposable. You no story. Korea is the ultimate kind of long game right, but when you come to a historic or booth and you're talking to someone across the political divides, you know that your great great great grandkids you're going to listen to their Sunday. So you really are your kind of best highest South show it's it's just that it's a beautiful thing to see an end, and I think that it's it's enough already right,
in the country with what's going on behind at its it's, it's it's just an existential crisis. It's dangerous and we ve forgotten that we belong to another? I can't wait to hear some of those voices that your collecting, if you want to be a part of this, go to story core c, o r, P S story, core dot, org, slash one small step is again one one word Dave. Thank you. So much we'll talk again. It's great to talk. You talk to show you a lobby. Simply. Savings are sponsor. This have our simply safe, putting things putting things off when it can be a kind of a bad thing. But little things off, but hey that spot that lump probably should get done today. You know, I'm worried about the security of my children and the security of my house probably should be done today. Other things, and I didn't you
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important word that the media is leading out charge. In an on related matter. Now related case out of New York, italian belt vessels, desolate Kyar. Then it can nevertheless sure it is sure whether it is there's a bunch of syllables in case and that that word she was charged in a unrelated matter- have nothing to do with a meaningless. However, however, have ass a besieged, promoting it s lawyer, who met with Donald Trump, shoot your charged and kick in obstruction of justice case law yeah, but you, but not at this, not just nothing doing, the one we ve all been talking about right. It's it's incredible, the spin on things, Ok, maybe I mean exactly like I mean I struggled trying to figure out why you would do that. Cosette seems like so. We're going to be delivering the rebuttal to the President now the President's Gus, for eight minutes is a president's birthday like. Why are they doing that is giving
if I don't understand, why do you? Why would you want to put Nancy Policy and Chuck humour in front of the country? May I give, you may have arisen reason sure because they know that the the body olitic of the Democratic Party: the real fervent ones are angry, and so they want angry people, but Anti Pelosi and Chuck shimmer are part of the old guard they're leaving so vague? appear to be angry. They don't want the new guard to appear angry. Ok, maybe I mean I can't I mean I struggled trying to figure out why you would do that. Cosette seems like such support strategy and why, wouldn't you put a new face in there, I would you put its potential twenty twenty candidate environs hispanic in that role. So I would you go with Chuck, humor Nancy Pelosi right and maybe it's
because they realise there is a risk of this. Looking like politics as usual and exposed to stand, they want to be real. Angry they want to, they want to charge this is racism, etc, etc. So let the old guard do that. I, but I now fuck you let humor do that. I mean in say what you want about Nancy policies policies, but she constantly looks insane, but to be honest about it, she her eyes are five times larger than the average persons, their superbly All the time she has clearly is doing something whether its plastic surgery or heavy botox or whatever it is her smile is bizarre, early, fake she's. Stay, strange she's, like every systems like a bad attitude. Why put on someone who, maybe if I I understand that this is a somewhat logical idea right. You wanna, if they are alpha where enough, which is difficult for me, to believe it. Maybe they are self aware say, look we
wanna, be we do want to put one of our new fresh faces for twenty twenty in this environment, because it's a bad environment, people associate them with negativity. Let us go out there and take the head. My guess is more than that, they just want to be on tv as, people who want to oppose nano? That's that's what I'm really believe yeah. I really believe these two egos are in That's why the two people in August it was like. I should do. It needs you do here and there that ok Bob removed. Neither one of you will compromise or shut up. It's it animal both you both go and do we have word yet is if they're going to alternate syllables for the entire speech I don't know, but where counting syllables will be counting syllables today to see if it was evenly dispersed or dispersed in favour of the woman or against omits either sexism or anti Semitism work and we're not also Marcello working on and on which it will be, but we'll find out tonight really fast.
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the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. This is the Glen Back Programme, I remember when I was a kid- we were at a local parade- Andy veteran. He was dressed up in the VFW outfit with little hat and he dropped dead of heart attack right in front of me, and I must have been about eight and I'll. Never ever forget it. It's different. When when you're, young and people have a heart attack something entirely different when it is your friend.
Jeff Fischer, who has been with issue for almost twenty years, he almost drop dead of a heart attack over the holiday. He had a massive heart attack about eighty or ninety percent of the people, who have a heart attack of of his size. Don't make it alive to the hospital he did and he's back in his chair today will talk to him about what that experience is like what he learned and basically an hour of Agnes JAM, packed into the Glinda programme. As we begin right now. This is a landmark programme are added. Talk to you a little bit about our sponsor this half hour. We cleared out a lot of the commercials in this first half hour, so we only have to break twice for a minute each and then be able to come right back to the show
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The ranch and my whole family and my grandkids everybody's around and I look out into the main room, and I said everybody we have a prayer and everybody on your knees- and my We just looked at me and I said, Jeff He has just had a heart attack and it's a big one, The end of the prayer Most of us were in tears because we just love him dearly, And we were greatly concerned about you Jeffrey the support, the overwhelming support between go workers and listeners, and viewers of this network was unbelievable and in a proof that a well wishes and thoughts and prayers work. Yet.
So tell me what it was like that morning you got up in the morning Amber, told me: you were sitting on the edge of the Bay area, in other words, the bed and the pain in my chest was not going away, move a couple days days of pain. Did you ignore, before you were sitting on the bed and wondering whether you should go to the house, a couple that I remember him so for two days you were having Hartwell a little bit when it went away so I know that you told it going away and then you just say you're fine, You convince yourself that it'll do can change that innovation. Is it a pain like you ve ever felt before, and not really I mean you really honestly looking back on it, it was dumb not to do something. To go. See somebody about it because we realise it adds that right now. That's just not that's not the point.
Of hurting yourself, why you sleep the pain of indigestion, heartburn, right and so the morning of the the pain that would That's two up it just doesn't stop There's no way you just a minute, it starts in your chest in it stays. There continues down your arms and I didn't have so much. That is more just of complete Pressure on my chest: nonstop: paying all over. You know the entire chest amateurs, Ale mule, you feel nauseous and, like you, throw up and threats some profuse sweating. I understand it absolutely with big times what it more than usual Reigneth clause was image. I'm surprised your family didn't drought. If it is usual, I'm surprised that the lifeguard wasn't called out. Sir, was still, I believe the shirt was still sobbed. A couple days is not so you told Amber not. Call in the first. I'm here
don't worry about it. I'll be goes away and then the last the last now was more of a no yes call, you know was now while so no means yes, do you, ok, we're learning an awful. I believed that no so so she said that your pulse had gotten down too. I think for If I were never been, I was down to nothing we're the moon is really about. Is that he's at it stopped a few times? I believe that I believe that an end in transit Weena one say you know what we called I'm one one and in the rescue fire rescue in the ambulance. People were all there with five minutes, maybe I how long it took them to get there. I know that we live in some strange area that it took three transfers. I'm a nine one want to get to the right nine one, one for my life was she, freak out, then I know it probably was pretty fast.
But yes right, you know when you called I'd want ones like you want something now and all hold on. I will transfer you hold As for your please old he's a the phone, but they there was nothing would straight in transit from my onto the to the hospital I apparently went off to deepen farther close, to the end and that once we got it, hospital. You remember it. I remember leaving the neighbourhood. I remember look I member looking out the window say out of the way there leaving the neighborhood and then I remember going into the hospital begging on the door of the e, because the ardour wouldn't open a member that I have ever lad. The virus to go and to be fair, though a lot of businesses have rules,
open the door for you. Yes, that's dictate visually and I believe there is a restraining order. Your very plausible riots and go into the normal iii are situation right. I did that we would would straight into surgery right straight. In luck, I love for a heart surgery. Research about to be out I haven't seen paperwork Gore Bill or Alex not come at dumber everything's, going if May it's coming law, its global there's gonna end up at the front door. Oh, you know the umbrella Jaya bags, or there is a first thing when I heard that The first thing we called A charge and ensure that you did not have any problem with paper work. I can imagine. I understand there with paperwork. Lady camellia, really do not believe that what was amazing was there was nothing. We move straight in and write to the right to the surgery and they had the one one
The left side was a hundred percent blocked, that's the widow maker. As they call it a night with pearly there's a reason. They call that the when it gets one hundred percent blocked, you die and if it is not intended to fast enough, wait a minute get to it in time. If someone, you know, believes that no means no in your world. God. I'd want one you're dead right, a meal They got their voting time to fix your life flashing we are not really did you. To us was a. I was telling you. I remember that. Well me this morning, when a candle applause, I don't remember ever thinking this. Is it didn't last. Remember I remember, I didn't think I don't ever think policies elaborate. I never thought that as these images are no wonder of that's why you are alive. I wonder if that whatever it is, you that
made. You not think that is what helped you carry on with very possible about. I've, never thought the amount of. Obviously you know, I'm is scary. In your area. Heart attack on em, you look out broken out in going through whenever you go through and have a heart attack on the job is hurting, and I want to stop and I wanted to be fixed, but I never thought of it on orders. Anybody again. So let's get this over with of one of you too. Will we talk jar? replace so that past weekend you mention what I thought was really interesting was its country. They brought you in and they their job and cleared out the problems and you cut alike. Kind of reset it you're like if they had just known. Let's say two weeks earlier that you had this blockage, you will see had the surgery, but you were we have had the heart attack, you would be back. I mean you. This is remember. This happened. What ten days? Twelve two weeks ago- and here you are you're work, where we are We had our the generation, we're probably the last generation where something like this
bad, not you out, you're done you're done, you would have had double bypass surgery double doubled. By surgery was like. I was crazy when that's last resort stuff. Now I don't think they do it to them. I think they do. I think that they break it just open once in a while. If you have you, new import particularly what a new one- but I guess oh yeah there are put in like that. I had a step put in. The one valve and the other valve they cleaned out, and I learned yesterday that they left a couple of hours on the other side of my heart that were like, pretty or forty percent block their leave, though, because outlook welcoming themselves out now you'll be fine
themselves are in themselves. Are now the numerical those arriving models in areas they did the medication I have now scribbler little notice is doing its work right right, it's a very Oda. They have me I'm gonna blood dinner. I get a mosquito bite me. I'm dead, who go countries out, don't got yourself but the reality that the data that allow pointed out now that we ve got the other side's work and good. Ok, so now I will medicines can emulate, emphasising it's amazing. I me Ray Kurzweil said Glenn just stay alive until three, twenty thirty. Then you'll never die. Not that I want that either we I don't want that either, but I mean that's that's mean that's how far medicine is going to go. We're just at this steep steep curve will come I can talk about changes now and changes that are wives are now yelling at us avows because of you.
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com or call aid for four four exchequer sensation. I mean so we were up in the mountains until last Sunday, and this happened one day, The twenty Eightth was authors or Friday, and the drive down. We just got a text message ring it text messages, but it came again. Phone calls up the mountains, so I had a dream I ve twenty minutes freaking out. And I called Amber right away and then they called patents do an pad did or stew ended the conversation with the big
please different when someone who's like appear a friend, this happens to it. It changes the way you think about the life right on how much hunger. We can do this to our bodies. Rightly that's exactly what he said and we can do this door bodies anymore. We're not young disappointed I dislike to apologize. The idea had I apologize to view entirely its statistics, but alpine no, no, no in and actually Jeffrey. It's good. I've got to lose fifty pounds a what doctor, say to you. They are. You know they have. Obviously you know they lose weight and eat right and get get. You know, exercise and get riding at your heart stronger, we're all you know who were than the way you're saying in the rice. I like it was our eye lashes, I'm really out across the bow and warning it's all right. We could do something about it, but they really were most concerned about. There was another thing:
that now involved myself in over the years that you're not an airliner down. When it comes to you, they were most concerned with these smoking. That's a haven't! You picked I got the idea of you'd kill nobody smokes around me. No you'd start smoking again and resist So that's what they're most concerned with is that the smoking sat smoking are preserved. Put a patch on you can chew, don't smoke, doll baby, don't do none of the no smoking, so you're done Would the smoking, if you actually stopped here, we are now having to raping supply related point of the momentum that in austria- and I thought about this the other day about the voting, because I don't know that they know anything yet no there's any actual deep.
Studies that prove then I think the sites on an honest these pretty favourable towards making. As far as a work placement, I mean it's much lower and the risk of a sort of scale, but again that doesn't mean a person who just had a heart attack should take it up. I have tried to give you stop it's better. I mean, I think, that's where the rat right. Those companies talk about that in that like this is a way to stop, is not necessarily something it certainly not something you just start from from scratch. Ok, you're, not smoking, don't start reaping. But if you are smoking payments runaway collateral, I feel for you come out of it the parties, Heck Georgia, Zeros, vocation of any sort: zero, zero smoking of any that you should not even go to LOS Angeles so that right now pretty much a witch,
you know, kills the rave parties that I couldn't say now. That's all I said nothing about the gotta. Be aim may Heroin get they. They did talk a little bit about supplements or unwanted today, with the harp damage. The art does point out a few things about some of the supplements, but that's about it. Let it go. I ll ask about this. What are these supplement? Just big vitamins, glad vitamins or supplements vitamins He's taken some shady fraud in Mongolia. You take him like rhino war. Those are illegal, so I did they I mean you know we were occasion I mention this programme before your weight in tonight. He I think once or twice if people a bond time was really remember this. Now we if we show yeah Michel CUP today, say to you like: hey man, I don't wife notoriously, I know eggs, fat men which or
the prison. This line, the pre Christmas Party- you don't she said you know, now I came up to me and she said you are looking great. I was right. I got two homes where LA yeah yeah a moment like you, re student, really really yeah. So I thought wow. I am as big as a has got to stop such, but she likes Herman Plump Deadlock, said she's she's, a fan of thirty righted and do things right now health? Why would she is also in the Tories, organised good cook? all the things you should have. I know so stopping are you gonna, make a change in this room? I already have stew Gosh look at that he is gonna die rather died and stop twinkies yeah. That's what you're saying I mean
I'm going to lose fifty pounds this year, you're going to lose. Fifty pounds is going to lose with excellence, good that's it's important, not adjoining all glove with real time Of course, I shall lose out. It's easy. Fifty by like different about why should you how much damage could you were you're, really you're really svelte for awhile and he lost what over a hundred power under about again about seventy five. Eighty back after you gain how much once in a while others that jokes dry or I ll write, but I mean only pounds from where you were. I don't think so. Maybe a little bit more than that. Ok I'll, know no really here,
Got a lotta waterway, your element to alarm hollow and so had Juno plan. We are having a goal in mind of what you want to do is that they actually right now that the doubts were more concerned with less good, the heart healthy and, let's start exercising and start getting that back, and everything else will fall. And the smoker. No snow, isn't it, you know that rather says that's arbours out there put me in some place. I have to go to now. Some heart rehab place, so whenever they have to go with what they say, I know started using or a row a rower analyzed love those yank on dry and yet the I have the one Frank Underwood our great and started using it. It will wipe you out, and it if you do five minutes a day, even but
you do five minutes a day twice a day. They recommend more than just five minutes. No, actually like ten minutes, they say ten minutes a day and needed as I and have all body work out here, I'm up to four and then I just want to kill me. I don't. I saw the strength of the pen energy to be able to reach for a knife or even a little that official figures about God bless. You know, let me to sack in just a minute now I'll get extra year, lessening TED Glenn Bank, american finance, incorporation in the mail, One eight do through three four W W w dot animal s, consumer access, dot, Org man, if you, if he would have died, can you imagine out tragic that would have been to hear that my car kept that forever. Who would have me like a dialogue, is Jerry if God, anyway, american financing American.
Dancing is a group that started with me and about two thousand eight or two thousand nine. They want the start of two thousand six, but I wouldn't taken because I didn't believe in mortgage companies and they kept saying we're not that kind of mortgage company we work for the client, not the bank. I saw her call me after the collapse they did. They have poems people in problems because they didn't do stupid loans. They work for you we call them now if you are looking to ratify or your brand new home first Home american financing dot net, that's american financing, dot net or call eight hundred nine zero. Six. Twenty four forty while he's still here doing it, you should listen to Jeff Fishers, podcast called chewing the fat with Jeffrey get it. I tunes writer, extra
so we're talking new Jeff Fischer, who had a heart attack over the holiday, and I we have a friend who went in full body scan, and you know that one of those things were you they did they check here. You know every which way scan came back said that he had four places of skin cancer and add some hard blockage. Like seventy percent heart blockage. It was right before Christmas. He decided to go to somebody about the skin cancer and he would, after the holidays, do something but the hard and he died. Last week I mean the heart is just eat, nothing happens. If you don't have the don't have the heart, we were surprised to find that jiffy does
have one as it stop working or several people recover another Ivan throughout the overwhelming response of well wishes and prayers. Many legal were surprised that I actually add one gallon. I caught the joke and and black either owes well. I I don't know. I just remember the one that the clock showed me when I was lying there when he says, showed me a picture of the of the heart pray surgery, and there was in others, big blockage, black blob up there that he showed me If I were, that picture is now one g stake, a very welcome to them, yet with very welcome outside now. I think I complete huge believer in this being the future of medicine. In what Princeton on jeopardy centre does and others where they'll do these full physical Zanu and even the biggest. Jeffrey, is like if the Who had done this scam, a full body scan they do it for all the cancers they do for the treaty picture of your heart with all the blockages. They know everything is it's all that. What happened to you after you get a heart attack they do before.
You get it so there They can see that it might be humming any really the only barrier here at this point is cost its but it's it's hard to afford for a lot of people. At some point, we're not far away from this being a regular part of everyone's lies where they can scan for this stuff in catch. It way before to a hundred percent. So much more cost effective to do. Before omega uneasiness, insurance companies or, like you know what it makes more sense and for us to do this with everybody. Prior to that does he know after because they're gonna be in in you know, intensive, Therefore, what were you indeed have doubled? Nobody here, you know it's, it's a lot less expensive and the costs will come. Once it becomes more and more common. Ever it really is it's one of those things cause heart disease still, as with so many of its one of the biggest causes of. Of our medical costs along with death. Obviously and that's one that between that cancer, catching those things early. They can cure them early. We just don't.
So the time you not testing for them, till. You have a problem or are you noticed something? And at that point sometimes it's hard to actually deal with so up so pattern. I more pat than me. I've only got the looks from the family. And his house goes before you had a heart attack. I said I've gotta lose fifty pounds and most closely related groundwork before the heart is actually a good violate right. That was not my request region and, if I knew in advance, but I'm not talking but its whole, so I just at the looks you know by Jeff he's gonna change the way you know he's gotta start exercising, and then I get the whole family. Looking at me like about you, value hearings, ignoring the cows, are having to younger, will have an impact. Jack is all over Sorry, cheese, languages, she's the you now books to read this. Is the food you're gonna eat your? Not only that this that's we're doing yeah you gotta the book I know
die will I do want to die? If you keep telling me to read it work, I do want to die and look for a way out now, you're serving Mikhail. I will. To die. Jackie is pressuring pact you'd, better this you're. Getting this I am hearing pressured is where are you getting anything still haven't too much? She we shall call she's gotta, she's really well, that's how she doesn't vital. She didn't need you not definitely not so bad that I've been deftly bringing the tawny is. As you know, Turkey has been pretty cool about this and I think it's because time is like an I got has at any time I'm good. I was so I'm gonna get I've. I've had my share on that one. So why fifty pounds, if you pick that number randomly noakes it puts me back to where I should maybe seventy puts puts me back to about two fifteen
it's a you're in the area where your errand striking distance of yeah, you know of amid the lowest wait. I've ever been, was to await to elect. See I mean it outside of high was at CNN had like. I was alive and I've never pictures of those donors, and I ve never gotten back to two ten. Even I mean I just I just can't get back to you. Ten, but I've. I've had a place where I can and for some reason, Lou the wait. I've tried really hard. I can't lose the weight. And these are ones that my group can work out. An oh I put on because I have just given up I've just been like fine, and that's just that's. Not a good place to be right away for a long time to lose the weight and- and I just can't do it- and I have also been in a place to wear my doctor, and this was the greatest day of my life. I said
you call my wife please and tell her this. What you're doing any exercise at all now exercise, I'm like oh gosh. You write that down eruption. I need a tape, need to hang on justice ex say that into my phone. Please call my wife. I need you guys- are a bible around, because I swear I will follow you to the letter. Right now is a real doctor or someone you found. My kind rabies in Mexico is real Doktor Romagna, the walls, as is right. So what I want to do is I don't know I don't want to try to lose weight with a bunch of people who are like I want. I want to lose weight with a bunch of people who are like me in on a mean, is if you go into a Jim, I'm not going into a gym by the way, but even When do it? Jim then all above then you're the person that everybody looks at you know I mean I don't want to be around. I dont want to be the fat prayers. I want, I want to lose weight with people and only
people who have experienced this snow I want to lose p. I would lose weight with people who work out breath when they roll over in bed at night. Twenty. Imagine that glad I'm here for you here. You know when you're, like a wolf but I really have to sit up now. Do yeah well, that was a work out and you may all the way over accepting everyone who rules all the way over his answer. My half, when did when you, when you're thinking, I just can't roll over it's gonna, be. I'm gonna be winded that I'm apt sleep an extra hour or let you know what I'm looking for those like when you're lying in bed. In your thinking. I really have to go to the bathroom, but there are so many steps, there's just so last Epps. If I just stay here, may back and hold it until now, I've always been that way she hears here's. My biggest problem is I always set out of you. Remember me saying this, but I have always said I'd be happy five, the brain and ajar
I love, and I don't have a year. I don't I don't like the whole body thing. You know I just I'd. I'd be happy. Put a book in front of. I have to have an eye or two Maybe mouth I would be happy if I was just ahead Lucy if Wally with rise has annually right prior to the negative side. Have now that my body doesn't work so well. I've adjusted that thinking. That's not good! Now I would not be happy. Is ahead in a jar really yeah? Now I would think you really checking your body more than ever, like others. Turn on the composition of time before the first idea is by the way, are nineteenth anniversary joke yet has I think she's probably like I dont have to anymore, you think I'm done, I took a designated aggravating of duty years is Alot nineteen nineteen, nine gradients, amazing! I can,
nineteen years in two days, Jeffrey, eighteen years in two days, I said my first words in talk radio full time. Do you remember what they were? Go to listen to you that I know he was the producer. He was a boy. He was a board up and I said I think, by taking this but I may have made the biggest mistake. That's a good way to introduce yourself tonight's yeah, It's always feelings. I that doesn't mean I'm going to work out, as I know as well as making it five. Thirdly, it five thirty I did a bit and Jeffrey just looked through the glass, and I was dying just dying and it was a wheel of meat that without an these. Now it was wheeled blame wheel of blame, and the concept was this is before pc got way out of control. The concept was, we had to pay
the story, and then I would in Spain, the wheel of blame and it would Bob with, like white men or native Americans, and I would have to take the story and and adjusted into now. That's the easiest game. Now I resolved on all the time with ruse. Whose just dying going nowhere. I looked at Jeffrey, like good God help me. Man take me out to a spot may pointed, and he hesitated, and he said when he did. He just look through the grass and shook his head. Like you, This gas, I've I've been less through the died, the guy who's gets us off the hook or I will will start well we'll talk about it more next to the next couple of days and then maybe next week will started officially are next. We ve made a few weeks me Elizabeth up generic then Valentine's day. Ok, so we'll start
some points, and then he got Christmas right around the corner. I really really factor if you're in a lot of pain, try really, Actor git your life back, I was point a year ago in this, as we know and the doktor was I'd, say you don't don't don't don't don't move d have to move, don't move where I just couldn't take the pain anymore. And I just didn't wanna take all of the things that mild Jeffrey is taking She knows. I started with relief factor and it was my wife nagging me quite honestly that made me start taking. It kill everything you do anything that I know it's one hundred percent drug free and is like what, if DOW Chemical isn't involved in this in some way or another. It ain't gonna work, but it does. It has four key ingredients that help helps your body fight against information, which is one of the biggest problems that we have in all of our health, but if you have
neck, paying shoulder paying back pain. Whatever your pain is try the seventy percent of the people, the try, the quick start for three week trial period they go, the order more month after month after month. I do I've been on it now for a year get your life. If back or to relieve factor dotcom or call eight hundred five hundred eighty three, eighty four, it's relief factor, dot com enough for an organization with parenthood. In its name plan parenthood doesn't seem very interested in parenting at all, they have to save most of their ire to fight any. Effort to limit abortion at all. Remember any me. Opposition to plan parenthood is automatically construed as being against women's health. You just don't want women to get. You know basic health care. No, that's! That's! That's not true.
Here is part of the white patriarchy, that's probably true, but think about, think about where we are in this debate if you can even call it a debate anymore, defending unborn humans means your against women's rights left is genius, it twisting logic. Then. Making that twist mainstream and for Organization the claims to care so deeply about basic female issues, plan parenthood focuses most of its fire power and resources on d, ending abortion, They are there. Abortion houses, an example: is there billboard campaign across Iowa to try to get people? To quote say abortion go ahead They abortion just roll off the tongue, and feel the stigma of murder fade away. Abortion is their new campaign. Plant pair notes is worse.
Seeing the narratives, while people can talk openly about abortion. No, that's not true. You know what you're talking about abortion. Say: murderer. Plan parenthood is waging their billboard war, because the governor of Iowa recently signed it allow one of the strictest abortion laws in the nation, known as the fetal heart beat law Bans abortions in the state after the baby's heart beat is detected It can be as early as six weeks. Now the notion that it might be a baby human in there with a heart. Would mean that we would might want to protected from death. The law has been taken effect pending a lawsuit from plant parenthood. That's why they put the bill words up at features the face of a woman who supposedly had an abortion next to it, old, saying I had abortion and I'm not apologizing. Another version says I had
abortion and it was just health care. You know most people agree and when you get down to six weeks, that's where it starts to fall apart, but that that law keeps getting further and further back as technology grows, It's interesting that we don't see a plan, parenthood billboard urging women to get that mammogram or color strong check when's. The last time you saw that abortion the only billboard worthy cause for plan parenthood, because a boy is profitable as an industry. It is the cars that keeps them in business. It isn't it that most grotesque thing you ever heard ass, planned parenthood zealously devoted to women's health, fending women's rights? Not the health and the rights of women that are still in the womb non mammograms. Just abortions
The women still in the womb are apparently expendable. Is there not women yet they're, just babies with potential of being a woman or a man? Or one of the other ninety four genders. Thank you for saying our victory. Somebody needed to say that's really an incredible thing. You're right, two eminent people generally do not support abortion passed. The first trimester only tool eight per cent of people supported and and the second trimester, and only thirteen percent of people supported in the third trimester, so the man stream the act, A policy of the Democratic Party is supported by thirteen percent of the american people. They do not have my support and I would say that was even less because the Democratic Party won't even stand against partial birth abortion strew, meaning that would be even that's even less right, but it is It's one of those issues that we have people just don't like to talk about, and so it doesn't get any conversation, but I think that he's billboards. These crazy things are a positive for us, because
you really have to beat. You should be proud of it. If it's nothing, it's either now thing or the worst thing that ever happened, and if you think it's Nothing will then, of course you can go book, but a billboards. All you want an animal height as defined at mentally, but go ahead, we can but what they say, as we should have a conversation about, I'm perfectly willing to have a conversation without any name calling but they're, not now they want. They want a conversation in which they are talking and no one else is yes and that's Problem with America is everybody just once your I d be heard, and nobody else aside to be heard and with plan parenthood the way grown into being monstrous Corporation that they are here, Glenn Bank
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