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Watch What You Wish For? | Guests: Bill O'Reilly, Rabbi Daniel Lapin, Andrew Heaton, & Jonathon Dunne | 2/22/19

2019-02-22 | 🔗
Hour 1  Proud of transforming the Democrat Party?...Bernie Sanders is a terrifying nightmare, if he were President?...Disrupting the system ...America would have voted for anyone in 2016?...Trump's done, if the economy goes down ...Getting Serious about the Declaration of Independence?...America's original blue prints?...When life is too easy?...Maybe, this is not how the world is?    Hour 2  Doubling down with Bill O'Reilly?...Jussie Smollett's metal health needs to be checked?...It's time to disengage on this story?...A world of delusion and the media's witch hunters?...MSNBC actually did their best to ignore the Smollett story, while CNN defends it?...How much jail time is coming?..."It's Chicago"?...The Big undeveloped story that's yet to come?...the Mueller report is ready to drop, but does anyone really care anymore? ...Who Are We? with Rabbi Daniel Lapin...Watch BlazeTV for Free?   Hour 3  Fun with Parody?....Bernie Sanders, aka Andrew Heaton, from BlazeTV's 'Something's Off' joins GB? ...2020 Diamonds in the Rough?...Nike shoes and their stock market plunge? ...Jonathon Dunne, from 'Freedoms Disciple' podcast, joins to give us an update on Brexit?...America was built on the premise of 'doing the right thing' ...

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the future of entertainment and in line with this is that, like programme, this is this is a gift. This is a gift and America's either gonna. Take this gift or they're going to reject this gift and they're gonna say: oh, I I want to open that, and I want to live there. That gift is democratic socialist. They are.
They are out in full force and even the Democratic Party is trying to torpedo some of them. It's amazing to watch the great democratic socialist feast, as they feast feast feast on themselves. We begin there in one minute. This is the Glen Back Programme: Liberty, safe, where you can put your emergency cash. You can add by the way, if you have emergency cash, the government can take it now. Can they still, but why not? Well they get their view. The Supreme Court just ruled right, cash there, you can they just can't coming to go where you get those gash from the bank and its mind and well I wouldn't say they ruled that unfortunately, but we're moving down the path of atonement, civil asset. For yes, yes, for its, I mean it is movie therewith. They basically asked for that case. Did they not? I mean the justices were saying
Bring that carries out began that now you can't the government can just take things right because they pulled you over for a broken tail right. So here the thing I mean you better, Keep your guns, your medicine, your cash, your jewelry, everything safe! If you have a liberty safe, you leaving you it safe from everybody, accepts the federal government vacant come in and take it, which is this wonderful? But here's what I want you to know right now: Liberty, safe, is having a sale at your local Kabila's, the he Cabello safes are made by liberty safe and they also carry the name brand liberty safe, because people are asking for my name, the Cabello if this is the liberty save made by liberty, made here in the USA and its the best built safe on the planet bar none, liberty safe, go there in law.
Get them now on sale at Kabila's liberty, safe dot com, that's liberty, safe dotcom, so you know you got the other really exciting. The dying now make. I would comment dynamo myself, Bernie Sanders now running for President There seems to be a lot of you. What stop and say that he's gonna be on the show today that this be at times in our you're right, you're, right, you're, right when you're right, you're right Bernie Centres can be joining us on the show is that our number three? Yes, top of the hour of our number three of today's broadcast wanted to talk to him for a long time would never come on. I really I seriously would like to talk to him because I ever back that he is open and honest about what he says. I mean what you believe,
there's a an incident hung on the socialists, you last night Glenn where Alyssum Olano, oh my God, noted brainy act. A genius yellow semolina, yes, pointed out that democratic socialism isn't real just a trick by Republicans scare you into not voting for Democrats, because think they're socialists now the people who have I and to find themselves as democratic socialist, I'm not exactly sure what they say about that. They don't exist they don't exactly that? like someone clung himself, a unicorn again map its end and and and maybe see gee, I'm not sure, fakes their deep faye I'll. Have it your way now that they might be muppets you could you could It's me that Bernie Sanders is just like an automaton me that he is the map it up in the balcony area, but we accept he. Wouldn't he beat that
The two elite is for him yeah. He wouldn't be you and so the people we shouldn't, sell these tickets to other people. I will hold onto this lakefront promptly, odor allocating now until I wasn't fully kicks out, we can all share in royal right no case so here is here. Is that the conundrum that I face today All of this stuff is coming out negative about Bernie Sanders, and I think Republicans are pretty thrilled that bird he's Anders is running. Yet again, I I think this is a very exciting thing to see that Bernie Sanders? Is going to be a has even the possibility of being the top of the ticket, so one probably the front runner right now. What he is fund raising and things like that identical and yet so there's no reason for anybody to torpedo him. You should celebrate him.
But yet there are all these leaks of all this news. That's coming out. And I'm wondering who would we these that huh have the motivation to go do all the wet works, on Bernie Sanders this, This is the this is. The latest here is Bernie Sanders in nineteen eighty six for some reason of being very excited when, when Fidel Castro made the revolution in Cuba, I was a kid, and I remember, reading that, and it was just seeing bright and the poor people are rising up against rather ugly rich people on our mental again very distinctly, a very distinct feeling? I was watching the debate. You remember the famous Nixon of Kennedy Debates. That was the first time the presidential camp candidates actually debated and I was becoming increasingly interested parties- did not much but was interest them sitting in the student allows you to dormitory watching that debate and at that time,
but you know I was very excited impressed by the cuban revolution. Even the Democrats weren't excited by the cuban Revolution, now here is in nineteen. Eighty eight I was impressed by the revolution that poor people would rise up and get rid of the ugly rich guys and now in nineteen. Eighty eight, he sees the fruit of the revolution of nineteen. Nineteen in the Soviet Union, most. People here also were extremely impressed by their public transportation stations themselves with absolutely beautiful.
Including many works of art, chandeliers, the one beautiful it was a very, very effective system. Also, I was impressed by the youth programmes that they have the palaces of of culture for the young people, a whole variety of young programmes for young people and cultural programmes which go far beyond what we do in this country. Are we went to the theatre in Europe's novel, which was absolutely beautiful, and three separate states with their cultural programmes, are put on my professional actors and actresses looting, a puppeteer area and the plus the highest price on the ticket. Thank you is the equivalent of a dollar fifty that, where the wonderful now the gulags and the torture and the cries of the oppressed, and you know the millions that were killed, but have you seen the chandelier? I mean I hate rich people in their opulence, but is love.
The people have a chandelier in their subway system and it was beautiful whose gorgeous you didn't see it. I didn't I mean there's a cost, benefit analysis to everything I mean for me, a chandelier to train station worth about four or five hundred thousand dead. If I if I can get it one chandelier per four hundred thousand I've starve to death in the fields. Executed as they try to get potatoes. I think that's about the right. Yeah well, I'm people might say it's a little lower and I hired that's the debate right. I would like to have more than one chandelier and I also want these great youth programmes, because I was very impressed with their youth programmes. You know when they're turning their Para. In to the KGB, That's one of the youth programme is one of the programmes. I love that I let you love into me, a good you program, you're Talkin, one point to one point: three million dead: I trade, if it lets say School basketball, at one point, six million, for if you get his jailer with three stages in a puppet theatre
yes, who million dead for that really ya? Think that's about anguish, handle ears. Well, if we put the chandelier you're in the voting, I'm not to five years to find out who five well, we could debate on two to five three right. You know how many million have to die, but I was impressed by this this guy is a nightmare. Skies a nightmare he's terrifying, as at present in the United States. I have to tell you I don't know. Woodrow, Wilson, here's what happen Woodrow Wilson was that kind of guy. He was that kind of guy. He was the kind of guy who is like yeah. Well, you know if you're gonna have to kill a few people are gonna have to kill. A few people have put a few people. Buying bars will have to do it because it's the right Thing for this state of the collective and yet further active, and so that was that scared, the american people, so much that they buy
two way and we got the roaring twenties. We went with a with Harding and then Coolidge and we got the roaring twenties. So we had to soften everything after that, and we didn't have any kind of re emergence of the progressive until the great depression. So I've been waiting to see what our bottom is. And I don't think we're gonna hit our bottom. I really doubt Our bottom has not come yet there's not enough pain for the american people. It's the line in the declaration of independence, and I can remember it look up the declaration of independence. For me, real quick but there's that there's a line in it that says basically people will suffer all kinds of oppression Just keep going crazy They would rather have they known, then the the possible pain of a switch of the unknown, and so they, just get worse and worse and worse and worse. But then there comes a point towards like ok. I've had enough and they rise up.
Do you realize how fast this is going to happen if we allow it to happen. It could happen twenty twenty that they, completely redesigned this country and flip the in higher constitution upside down we lose the free market system now as long as we dont lose the vote as long as we dont lose drew representation, which is always the first thing that people do as long as we don't lose that we might be able to turn it, ask around and set it right might might did it before under Wilson. We meet be able to do it. The difference between Wilson and today is infrastructure. Wilson didn't have the universities he didn't have the media he didn't have
The government infrastructure he didn't have department of Homeland Security. In all of these things they had to do it. From the outside? And that's why Was easily shut down in the next election, I dont think it goes back. I don't think it goes back I think once you flip this this system, upside down. It Suffice. Because they're so many employees now and in one term the federal gum but would grow to an expert at an exponential rate. I mean think about Bernie, sent Let's say he wins the domination, which is eight its appeal. Stability. I still find it to be the most likely possibility, but he's the current aren't. You bet he's gonna Bilbil count em out, just because of the Democrats will destroy him. An end remember to Sanders is a little bit different. Then some of the other candidates who believe in socialism in that he is medical life, he's fees plan for the future of I want social
on a number two he's four hundred and ninety three years old, has nothing to lose he's, not the tipping whose playing for the future. Here of of of his political life, he's fees plan for the future of I once socialism, uneasiness, raptor right sums that us rubbed her. He comes in winds that nomination at scenario if he actually wins the presidency, they absolutely arc pulling out of the house and there definitely taking the Senate. Can they get to six? votes in the Senate, probably not, however, seen over the last two years, I here each side taken another thing that used to have to be sixty votes and changed into fifty? You seen the Democrats. Did it with judges, Republicans Supreme Court this time and done. Trouble said many times that he thinks the filibuster go away, so he can get things done. The fact that Trump has said that you told me Sanders, isn't gonna get in there and make that same argument and if they
they can get that through. There's then they'll pass all of this crap listen. This is why this is happening to the Democrats. Why has the socialism train all of a sudden just picked up? It is it's like you know in back to the future To is that the one words the wild west? that's three and three o j. So remember they throw those logs into the train and they throw that last bundle and that's what gets it up to eighty eight miles an hour, it's as if the Democrats or the democratic socialists have thrown that last bundle in and all of a sudden, we are hyper speed to the cliff and who does not feel I Wang. Why did that happen? What cause that I'll tell you in a minute?
One minute film at eleven now filled film in one minute now will actually know all by talking about the future of the country are making us wait a whole minute. Ok, so here's this here's, a thick eva, was so important. Why wouldn't you say it now? Hearings are trying to make party letters a week is a capitalism is still an effect yeah. But luckily right one once we don't have this evil capitalism things thing to deal with. Will be here to tell you these things from our cell to yourselves in the Boolooroo anyway, the latest data breach affects emails and passwords of two point: two billion accounts. It's amazing tat is incredible. Third of the world that's two point, two billion people have now been compromised in the latest data breach. So everyone is gonna be compromised. There is. There is no security any more! You have
no chance of survival on this. If you don't have somebody watching over all of your information, it critical now that you of life lock this is this is this, honestly, like you know the first person. That said, you know what I think I wanna lock on my front door. There's no reason a log you run nor nobody's gonna, take anything and then all of a sudden, your neighborhood is Detroit, That's what's have put the lock on your front door. You need life, locked dotcom, use the promo code back life, lock, dot com, promo code, back, you're gonna save ten percent. Nobody can stop all identity theft and you know all the rest of it, but they are the best. In the business. It's lifelike dotcom, promo code. Back or one eight hundred lifelong. We pause now for ten seconds station idea.
You know that life is full of unintended consequences and that problem with master plans. That's the problem, with anybody saying, I know what we do is if we, This then they'll do that ok and you're. Always We are always our own point in that in that at some point at some point you may be right for the first couple of moves, but then something happens that you never anticipated in your like all crap guy that's why Master central planning doesn't work now lead you take this to join. The last election and something that we all felt was good. And that's a disruption of the system. We want to disrupt the system, and I said at the time people
You're saying I want a disruption. I want somebody go in there and kick these guys, but I get it and I'm with you, but people who said I, somebody to burn it down. I warn, don't you don't want to burn this down gay? Well, the Democrats Viewed this last election as burning down of the house. They saw that one guy, come in turn the Republican Party upside down good bad doesn't matter. He turn the country or the Republican Party upside down, now there or trade barriers reply We can never been for trade barriers and He is such a disruptive figure that he can get away with just about anything well veil. Like that live in trying to get away with a thing for a very long time, so they ike this disruption. That's why
A democratic socialist have taken off the masks, because your running against in twenty twenty you're, not running against JEB Bush you're, not running against George Bush you're, not run against somebody like you're running against disruptor and so the left wants a disruptor as well the Log Donald try was that last bundle of logs that the Democrats now have to. Can end their socialist democratic socialist train and thrown it into the fire and he's created such a white hot furnace. That they're, like you, know what we can. Get away with anything as long as we're thinking, big and thinking differently. That's why, Your hearing about the new green deal because he's a disrupt the figure and beat him
we need an even bigger disruptive figure, because every one of their voters will vote for whoever they nominate, whereas I'm not Donald Trump and theirs. They believe there's enough independence and others that will vote against Donald Trump to put in any one. So if you're gonna get anyone on our side, why not Therefore? This is why they have to investigate. This is why they have to have scandal because they are creating for their side a candidate, will feel to them, as Hillary Clinton felt to us. We all said: there's no way we're gonna. Do I mean he? I will vote for Hillary Clinton she's totally corrupt. She totally she's wrong on everything and totally corrupt, and they need him to be totally corrupt, because We would have voted for anyone. We would have voted for anyone any Republican there was in her right and in that in another similarity to twenty? Sixteen here is in its a notable one for us right now, which is the debt
the crafts had an analysis of that election that they could. Where anything that they could think of to make d so that Hilary could dispatch with him eagerly wanted to run against Donald Trump, because he was the one that they could be. He was the easiest one. To beat this guy says all sorts of crazy staff at ease. Does not a politician he's gonna sit around a million times in all these teams going to come out and who knows what they found was going to happen and so I'll cheered for doubt, to win so that Hilary could dispatch with him easily. The sea thing is happening now reversed. Are all looking at these socialists and these crazy people who like to me- and I feel this way as well- I wouldn't of Bernie Sanders to be the nominee, because now how can Bernie Sanders get elected in this country? How is it possible? However? watch what you wish for here, because if you get someone who's as idea, I logical as Sanders and it comes into a one on one with a big personality like trump anything can happen, and if a socialist gets elected, we can see these things accelerate.
After the recent, imagine here's my prediction. If the economy goes down and and Donald Trump doesn't, because more presidential and gain about eleven points of like your president and vice versa. And we'll be Joe Biden and better they're gonna, put better on the ticket with Joe Biden and that will be, that will be the ticket, but because you'll have that democratic, socialist Tipp of the hat that new reformer with better. The with better and then you will have the oh he's, not crazy. Heavier metro if he's not crazy, he's not and he's a puncture. It's interesting because I think I see bite and more as I feel it is, Enemy crashes, that the idea of a socialist when he's real far far left of the left candidates, like a Sanders like a Harris,
like a war in winning is is intensified where Biden has is more likely if stay the same to be the the ugly gets in the economy? The more beautiful trump looks more likely. They go socialist. Yes, it s, but that just look at I have today. Right yeah- maybe I could change for georgia- we're gonna come back path is going to join us. Bernie Sanders is joining us on the programme. Jonathan done it will be here. Bill O Reilly is also joining. This big show today don't miss a second Miss a minute missile on your lessening ten grand banks. Real estate agents. I trust I come. Why did we from this, we formed it. So you could find the right agent. So could sell your house on time and for most money, the real reason is because I went through I've sold how,
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I pay your hard earned money to join an organisation that fought for a government, run healthcare system and stood against tax cuts for middle class, Americans and small business owners. That's a our p join a MAC, but concern of alternative same money. Saving benefits of aid are p without the liberal agenda. Stan with a MAC as they fight the good fight become a member today join now. It aim act. U S. Slash USA, AIM Act U S, Slash USA holy cow. I am convinced welcome to the programme pad. I am convinced The United States had just a serious conversation about the opening lines of the declaration of independence. We could find this nation- and let me go Example just listen to the first five lines we hold
he's truth to be self evident that could be a weak there, all men are created equal next week. The are endowed by their creator would be but we six months with Britain, unalienable right that, among these rights are life liberty in the pursuit of happiness period that to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, there's your definition of government right there Governments are instituted to protect rights. Deriving they're just powers from the consent of the governed notice. It done say powers. It says just powers that when ever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, meaning they are starting to squash your rights? It is the right of the people to alter or abolish it. An institute
a new government laying its foundations on such principles and organizing its powers in such forms as to them shall see most likely to affect their safety and happiness? prudence, and this is the line I was talking about earlier prudence. Indeed, this is where we are will dictate the government's long establish should not be changed for light and transient causes and according they all experience has shown that mankind is more disposed to suffer while evils are suffering vendor, themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed and the last line, but when a long train of abuses as new producer patients person invariably the same object in Vince, the designed to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, comma, it is their duty. Coma. To throw off such government and provide who guards for their future security. Now why
A dozen public education work because public, education cannot teach that govern cannot teach this. We have taken and said, hey it's our government that is going to protect these rights. But over time I felt uncomfortable even reading, but went along drain of abuses and usurpations invariably reduce them to absolute despotism. It is our right is their duty to throw off such government. Why did I feel uncomfortable that because it's revolutionary because so many people see look they're calling for revolution. How could it How could a government teach them revolution is good under despotism tee. What those rights are and what the Proper role of government is how could they be teaching, that and spending all the money and creating the curriculum.
And at the same time say you know what we're gonna create some new rights here. They wouldn't they can't nunneley that, but the line well before that endowed by their creator. Yes- and I want to talk about that at all- no cause that might offend somebody not everybody believes there is a creed or we can talk about a college. You know what it's not, even that it's not even that progressives we'll tell you and whether they believe in God or not, they will tell you They believe in God, somewhat. Some of our most of them- and I Most of them would consider themselves spiritual that there is some higher power, but that not in their opinion, where rights come from there. I don't believe their rights come from the body in watching did not the body of Christ, but the body in Washington, and so that's that's the real break away. It's a higher power is just not the one that was necessarily intended. Correct, correct if we would just teach that we could
We could save the country. America just had a does a serious like we used to in you know the seventeen countries, not everybody at it, but the the history teaches us that the tax, Ernie were full of people who were debating while which right is it? What is it? What do you mean that right and why should we give the government that much power at central centre? The people were engaged they're, not engaged, engaged on what the latest tweet was from somebody they despise or someone. They love that's not a battle of ideas, and I don't think they even try but the declaration of independence anymore, they ignore the declaration of independence like that's, not a founding document anymore like it has nothing to do. The constitution. The constitution is a I important, but the declaration of independence. That means nothing now the declaration of independence is our mission statement. Our constitution is the blueprint on how to build it with
up to the mission statement, you're just building a machine and it could do anything. You have to have the mission statement that What sets us apart name the mission statement of Great Britain, the Magna Carta, the bad teeth, act right. Man named the most about the name of the mission statement of Germany or France. You there. There isn't no say written what I d has won, but Britain and France really don't you just Britain. Now you said Germany and France and Germany in Germany, France and Britain has one Britain they started things we have as yet a Magna Carta. Yes, I mean that's where the miracle started right out in the desert in many ways, that was that that enlightenment was that our mission isn't any nuts and art in our mission stated in it did break We really did, but, but really that's. Why that's? Why
That's why America is different. You know make Amerika great again: it's not about jobs, not it's our mission. What is our mission? Our mission is, show the world that all men are created equal and when you treat people like that, look what they can accomplish just leave them alone vans That's that's, that's what's bread inside of us, that's. What we're not talking about and again we're not talking about a because that's by design. The founders and everything they said in everything they stood for has been disparaged and it's been it's been. Ridiculed it's been marked and it's been nullified by air hundred and probably fifty years of under bashing. That of of under belittling of making them out to be nothing but racist, white, rich old guys who are completely unrelated to write an end not worth
paying attention to any more than I look The other thing to is, I think, the country as at some level, and these these this ban Ideas is at some level a casualty of the success of the founders of the mean when you came created, a country that ninety five percent of people can never watch a news broadcasts and just care about what Kim Kardashian tweets and still about another hour there, yet it still amazingly runs itself to be the most prosperous nation on earth. And it's like well, it's hard to me. The argument you should care, is PETE less and less people care and things get better and better people being, you know, dragged out of poverty all over the world, because this. Capitalist engine and the free, Market has as generated so much for so many at some point. It becomes difficult to.
Defend, because people take it for granted, and I really think that's where we arts at that sort of the focus of Jonah Goldberg spoke. I mentioned a moment ago with a merely like that suicide of the west, it's like they were making this choice to no longer defend these things. Because if we take them for granted completely solely do we do you guys gonna have Jonathan done on later. Anyhow, he does not agree to marry disciple from Ireland, and these you know it takes an irish guy to remind us about the believable rights and and foundation of this of this country that he does. We haven't for granted and he doesn't have so he doesn't take it for granted and people in Britain who understand it. Don't take it for granted in to listen to him. Talk about the constitution is a pretty special thing is it's pretty inspiring because it you know, I think it takes a foreigner to remind us sometimes of what we Of your cause, nobody else has it and we forget
Sometimes we just have taken for granted our whole lives too where we don't even pay attention to it and most people don't you read it most people don't even know what's in those documents anymore, so proud of my son the other day he came to me about about a month ago, and we ve been struggling with some stuff, and so we ve been, is having a really great talks and them, and he said TAT. I ve been thinking about when we talk about yesterday, and he said you know what I think the problem is really said. No, he said I think my life has been too easy. And I'll you'd say that me and I really wanted to pounce and say: oh I'll, make it tough. But he was right and he I mean the wisdom of this kid
If we just would look at ourselves and say I mean his life, I mean he's. Had some he's had some issues but he's also had a sweet life that nobody else. Nobody else has had Oh he's really been raised in a family that has opportunities that nobody else has, but he all still struggles with everything else that everybody else struggles with. That is really the american story we are. We are throwing we're, throwing temper tantrums because This is so difficult. No, you don't know what difficult is you don't know, what difficult is We are not willing to say you know what role the Riis. Why we're complainants reason why were walking around pouty? The reason why were walking around thrown temper tantrums is because we're spoiled were spoiled. We, we ve had it too easy, if we could Thus come to that one understanding our country would change, but we,
old we'd. We we want to. We are rewarding people who are victims now. With the Jesse smaller Jesse Small. At case he's. He knew he would be rewarded if he was a victim. The country countries, not don't forget about the native American who's, been. The drum and the kids face knew he'd be a victim of the the Royal stone. The case with the virgin, rape situation. You know, there's a there's, there's aid say you're fetish are using it right with the word Raynham near your taking it you're making it into this, like sexual preference, something you're all everyone striving for sexy to be a victim of this link in countries where she wasn't a victim. She wasn't everybody found out her excuse was well, but
This does happen and I'm just bringing that to light. So it's ok. It's always the stick. It sells the case. So even that was fine. Now is greater, say in how to land worded saying there was blood. The place has a list of stores. I think they ve been expanded on what we did on a Monday if he could get thirty fake hoax, is a revolving around Trump people, saying Trump supporters. The Ex Wincey there's a list. The blaze of like thirty of them, and they are all fake and their often think all are not to be thinking, of course, of the vast majority of them overwhelmingly embraced by the media, who said, while This is a real sign of. What's really happening here. Guys and look. There are p who are awful, the dew awful things we just saw a guy arrested this guy who was arrested. The coastguard I who was going right, he's trying to emulate within your last artwork had been really really bad. There are really bad people, but that normally doesn't happen, but again this that they as ethical washing postpone. You point out the writer saying I want
this to be true, it needs to be true, because want to show everyone this is how the world is well made It's not rivers stop. It think. Maybe it's not! Maybe all of gases as to what white people and Trump supporters think maybe they're wrong as it could steer mind at all? Let me show you dozens of cases where the same thing happens where you incentivize people too, caught climbed to the top of the ladder of our society by being a victim, and then shockingly they all fake it and try to become a victim Of course they do. We you're telling everyone. This is the best thing you can be We want an enchanted gloody allay who said, in its eight think of intoxicating! This must be for someone who left to go in you. Happens to you. Everyone funds, every one, as oh, my gosh, you're so brave,
Everyone says you're, so strong you're here difference you're a hero, I'm so sorry. This happened you. Those people are evil. All the people that you do like your bad. In your great I mean you can understand why? Some we'll be incentivize to do something a little. That is why, when I went to Mexico, I was so disgusted with our country. I know you say it at the time I just like. I I almost almost. Couldn't come into work for a week because it was week we were tearing down the statues and I us, done a three day: tour in Mexico, talking to actual slaves, people who had chains around their neck and scars on their back from being whipped, gay. Women who are in their twenties, and I asked one of them as well. We're filming something. I said I want you to say your name and that I was a slave, but my life is a blank piece of pay and only I write, my story and she looked at me and she said no
through Trans later she told me you. There was a slave others could says. I was a slave, but either the chain around my neck. I was never a slave to me now. That's inspiring Eileen that, where a woman was actually enslaved to a bunch of college kids in beautiful universities with everything going for them, saying how they ve been victimized bias statue of a guy who lived a hundred and twenty years ago. Maybe our life is a little too easy. Whether worry about the universe, has a way of balancing that out. Fixing it ex chair is our sponsor this half hour. These are great eat great chairs and you can get the one that I think will take you to Mars. It has so many eye that I haven't found the launch button yet, but there are so many adjustments on these chairs they're just rate you can get the
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promo code back. This is the back programme. Did you see Jeffrey small? Let's attorneys statement play. We witness an organism in law enforcement spectacle that has no place in the american legal system. They are going after Chicago saying that they are just targeting this poor man, he is still declaring his innocence.
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The fusion of entertainment and in line with this is that going back programme, and there is so much to talk to Bill Riley about you. Ve got the exit from New York with Amazon and Ale, see you have developments big developments in the mother, a case which is supposed to be finished. Morrow Bernie Sanders his throne, his hat into the ring Mallette, and what
happening there an incredible incredible story, but that anyone count the forty six lawsuits that California has filed against Donald Trump it it doesn't even cover the the emergency declaration. We ve got a time to talk about with Bill O Reilly and we begin in one minute. This is the grand Back programme. It also doesn't really even go into any of the foreign affairs. There are so many problems with our financial system right now and we are the best out of that of everybody in the world, but check It is on the verge of destruction. We have seventy percent of our investments in the United States with our. People you you me everybody else, seventy percent of is locked up in the stock market, so the stock market takes a hit and it's bad, but if everybody
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bill O Reilly from Bill orally dot com bill. You are you I have so much. I want to talk to you about you. Gonna you're gonna have insight that we have. We may be miss this week, but I want to start with dessert. I want to start with this crazy story out of Chicago and adjusting smollett. Well, it is a great story, and you know he's doubling down by two. The Hollywood pen heads, I didn't, do it in others, If I is a true, I, the bridge God. Oh please her on lying about me. It tells me the guy is mentally ill used affair, does seem to everything and a job. No, I I that might be fair. I I'm ok. I think it might be evidence now, yes compiled
if Chicago police, which treated him with respect in the beginning, and the guy still claiming that no to widen jumped up to thirty in the morning and fourteen below zero, whether when he came back from a subway, but he's going he's doubling down even more than that. His lawyer came out yesterday and said this is what I thought we were dealing with was bad enough, but now look at the just allow Eastern persecuted by the authority. Oh my gosh, it all. I think that This poor, yap, disengage and- and this is a lesson for people in their personal lives as well once you get into a point where there is yours, I shall end that truth in it. Don't matter anymore, so and I d illusionary world you gotta get away? Okay, so on
being that story behind me. I am that, and I feel, a bad for any human being that self destruct. That way, but the lyrical story here, come on hours when Buckler to Senator YAP in my opinion, you have destroyed their credibility for airports cast members- can members of empire have come, Having said this is horrible, they are due. Drawing him foxes distance themselves and not Fox NEWS Channel Fox, has disk themselves and yeah. The presidential candidates don't well. I do but there are no did do because both worker in and Harris ON, a Reza may have, though hunting against bread cabinet, so this is to are right, so there, which hunters the true these people are an idle
I submit to you that no America is gonna to vote. Why should you be said? I could live in a different country now, but there, which hunters and Harris had a pretty good shot at the number to spot on our Biden ticket. But Now- Biden. Put you there. Are you gonna hear about is just some away. That's all you going to about Trouble go to town on that and so will pants like crazy. So that's a big! turn the consequences of this whole thing that the media will never report the second big story, this is many millions of Americans now believe If CNN is trash. You add their media critic, the ball guy, what it what's his name that dishes animal there
Don't turn rely on rioted sources, Ryan's dealt are potentially I'd start a vicious beyond belief. This man, ok and La Logan pointed out Up- is written comes out, and he says he says on the air. Mainstream media covered this Mallette responsibly, that's the end him delusional generational, so I looked at the numbers. I just got him from last night for CNN Cable NEWS, They are now evaporating. What are their light in what are their nightly numbers like what MSNBC Did- and this is all corporate we discuss this before their ordered to do and say, was dead and cover it. That MSNBC they did. Was they just ignored it if you can believe it,
They were all over small add when it first started. This is terrible The usual virtue, signalling that new, aware, noble on that country is terrible, but we most NBC. We are so noble and so smart and then, when it turn what MSNBC did, and this is all corporate we discuss this before their ordered. What to do and say, was dead and cover it. They ignore. Even their big, show Matthau, ok but see it and try to defend it, see the difference in sight. The liberals- you don't want to see this anywhere here this anymore. They went Emily. We see because even they couldn't stomach the lies our CNN I mean so you got to real. Big stories off small. Let you go, the disintegration of two presidential candidates and the disintegration of CNN?
now? How long people remember I don't know, but it We brought up at any time. Will you, you have. May I have one more big story. I agree with everything you just said: one other story that is big and yet undeveloped, and that is how much time will he get for this now he's accused of sending his own letter to himself a threat letter to exert probation and a fine. That's a mistake wait a minute hang on. If you did that the the penalty is seven to ten years for just pays little fraud go back. I know, hang on just the second floor the three for the reporting of a crime. If sky, he is facing from basic sentencing. Aid to thirteen years back I understand you where you can carry a gun b. A gang member and they won't even give you any
jail time, so here's the here's, the the undeveloped story yet to come, and that is if, if this guy. We have thirty on the blaze today we have added last weekend reporter went through and they found like twenty different, stories that were fake today, the blaze has a comprehensive story on thirty of the fake left wing. You know I was you know I was victimized somehow another by Donald Trump supporter. If you don't if you'd I, to make an example out of the sky, There is no truth on the local level. Police won't be able to believe anything. They're, not gonna. Do it back, I'm telling you this is cool County Chicago, and also what does not happen is they're gone the lawyers so small that will go in and see
Our client has psychological and emotional problems. We want to make it please deal don't put in jail. He'll get therapy give him. Probation hill, pay, a fine for all the expenses that the Chicago put out and that's what will happen while that will send a really bad signature. Ha guy. I know not. Eighteen, oh, I know I know, are a big question on burning Bernie Sanders and his announcement will do that coming up in just a just a second with Bill O Reilly. First, let me pause for one minute and then back to bill feed, of greens, yes, another week without me having a salad. Now I've got to lose weight, so people can see that this is this. Is it diet thing, I'm doing considerable. We like you should have food, have know this. I hate this rabbit food. I hate it right and it's the
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Are you awaits tomorrow, Brick House, Glenn Dotcom Offer Code Glenn. We pay a pause for ten seconds, then back to the lower, adding, let's start with the audio of of of Bernie Sanders other when two releases, but the I want a second caught, where he's talking about how great the Soviet Union is back in nineteen. Eighty eight, Most people here also were extremely impressed by their public transportation. Recitations stations themselves were absolutely beautiful.
Including many works of art chandeliers, the one beautiful it was a very, very effective system. Also, I was impressed by the youth programmes that they have the palaces of of culture for the young people, a whole variety of young programmes for young people and cultural programmes which go far beyond what we do in this country. Are we went to the theatre in Europe's novel, which was absolutely beautiful and three separate stages. You're cultural programmes are put on by professional actors and actresses looting, a puppeteer area and the plus the highest price on the ticket. Thank you is the equivalent of a dollar fifty. Well, that was the costs of the ticket, a dollar fifty plus about fifty million dead, but that's it for a puppet show that price could never be a high enough bill? who is releasing this is this stuff coming from the right or this stuff coming from the left
put it out its wretched. Seriously, though Democrats do not want Bernie Sanders as a front runner I mean Bernie, you. If you look at history, Bernie never never would submit for an interview with me because he knew that it would be the end he's on with many in forty five minutes now he's yes, yes is a German. I would you forty five minutes from now Now. Here's what you ask him say: ok, Bernie! What's the difference between the Soviet Union that you were praising Matt Year and the Third Reich. What's the difference right, I will ask him that I also ask him what he thinks. My look, if you look at the historical atrocity yes levelled by, Hitler as opposed to stolen, pretty much equal
So it was a little more ex little more effective for a longer period of time, whether they are and then you anymore, sir sooner standing there, in a land where thirty million people were murdered to impose a governmental system? And you are raising that system, if you ask that question back please through, because that's what he did so the bill the the democratic socialist that this has been turbo charged all of a sudden I explained earlier- as if I don't have your- watched her back to the future three where they went back to the wild West, guys my favorite right. Ok, wanted to hear headed three Latin, got it so at one point, the dark and Marty they have to Oh this bundle into that engine.
For the train to get it to go to eighty miles an hour, and it takes up like a rocket ship, something has happened with the democratic socialist movement. What is at bundle that they threw in to the fire that has made this a nonstop train right to the cliff, I think, it is that they learned that Somebody who is really very disruptive to the whole system can make it like Donald Trump and they you think they can now just pull the masks, often go yeah. You know what we want a world, a new world order. And we're gonna change everything and they think that will work with the american people because it it worked. In some way with Donald Trump? I see it a bit differently. Guy tell me I think, the Amazon thing in New York really the Socialist movement. I agree
five thousand jobs vanish the over left, the communist mayor, the Plaza and he's gonna, shame part Bernie Sanders. Oh yeah, yeah ok even the he, was outraged by the socialism that call Amazon pull out of here now. Even live in New York, and I don't care what happens to New York. The message got out now: eyes, guys who were on the Democratic Party, and I use that term for the Republican Party as well. I mean a real money, man, a real behind the scenes, people, the Bonner group, the shadowy people that live in Washington and raise all the money that we want this. Then I want the socialists, ok, they want Biden, they want somebody who's moderate, because they know it's Mcgovern, its jaws. Mcgovern coming down the track to run against tromp I'd. They know
All internal pulling shows that what is thereof the answer is the media The media love is the far left progressions, which is why they made Cortez a enemies. Star the quarter deck, Irishwoman she d vibrating we just happens to be in Congress. But believe me, she has no interest in Congress at all she to be liberty and hang with the wooden swells aright saw the estate Coachman money, razors inside the Democratic Party, who are you don't know who they are you never see them they're up Ganz than your part. The wash post? Ok, who, for some reason, think all is progressive stuff all the socialist stuff, is really good, will Just stunning me it stunning to me that the Washington Post has that opinion when the Washington Post owner,
the guy, who lost in New York City. You pull out not only not only that but he's gonna have to ride a hundred million dollar checked at the coming ten kid. They're gonna, lose that the US at ever got to a jury which it won't the jury. Given three hundred million or so I should imposed in real trouble, but its bees. They see YO of Amazon alone. Suppose he's gonna have to write that check women that lawyer in land use, jumping up and down is this the easiest casings ever got move. Why here I gotta hear what you say New York Times or why should impose? I want a jury, what Kentucky jury I and I'm going to parade my sixteen year old client in there and he's gonna, tell ya to watch and opposing others ruined his life. Are you kidding me
how much money is that bill Ask you this if if I offered you a nine to one return on your money and it was pretty guaranteed. I couldn't, I could even say to you five to one for sure, but gonna be right, you're insane work. What are you giving me I'll? Take it correct every what the poorest among us would be insane. If I said you only have a dollar, but if you give that dollar to me, I'm gonna return five to nine dollars and I being generous by saying five: it's a nine dollar return on the investment that but this investment of three billion dollars was for the state of New York. A nine wasn't one return. Natalie that I met here. This whole a complex one. Ten miles away from my house were I'm talking to you right now. Every single person.
Western queens would have benefited a person in a bore all imaginable. Your house would have been worth why it ouch, The owner, keep yes every What are you looking for a job, every high school kid who wants to work after school so bill? When I come back, I want to talk to you about them. The real people that maybe your help talks too that live in that area, what they ve learned, if anything about their own house of representatives in another state assembly in New York and people, a Cortez? Is there a breaking point with the average Democrat here, listening TED Glenn Bank,
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we're with bill, rightly on the Glen Back programme. It is Friday we're talking about the loss of Amazon to New York and what that means politically, Oh see and others are celebrating, the New York Times had a deal on their their daily podcast today about what it means for New York and they were so arrogant, saying well, New York doesn't really need Amazon and we'll get those anyway quote we we create in New York City thousands of jobs every month anyway. Oh, do you really but what are the real people think, on the streets and from Billow Riley's house. There is a vantage point to where you can look down at the little villages and towns were real people actually live. What? How are the power the average Democrats looking at you
Job creation. This is in job creation. These are serial killers when it comes to job creation. Twenty, Five thousand jobs lost, ok I'm I'm I'm glad you follow the New York Times, because I dont yes, you only have you don't because everything that are liars on it right and they lied. Today is what your report, Accurate night is: I have no I dunno reasonably did it so little Andrew Quorum. All the government at the governor of New York State- and I use the word little because he shrinking, in my estimation, almost every day little Andrew Cuomo comes out two weeks ago and said We are two point: five billion dollars, light on tax receipts, so we expected to point a billion dollar more taxes in New York City and the reason we don't have them is because
large wage earners, like Glenn back in the eight decided you specifically I'm sure he moved out of the state? Would you did think about, but when moved out, ok, so that's a fact in stone said the New York Times, containers without Need Amazon Wee Wee, greater job or time than there, of course, contradicting little Andrew? Are I tell you I believe a word. Those people say nothing now. I'd your question before the break wise either to elected Boccaccio quartet, as gonna wise up and see she's peddling is hurtful to them and the country, and I'm not sure and I'll, tell you No, it's a new! whose penetrates now through to seventy five percent of the America.
The people will hang on lay five percent. Twenty five percent of us follow it, but seventy five percent of us are so a dick into the machines and everything else they did So let me let me give you a prime example of this. Here is a Cassio Cortez, try, to explain how taxes work to to show that me, you know, will appeal to seventy five percent of Americans watch how many ways out of the wilds there's little Susan. Please look through the camera and explain the time for the dominant, because if I made your marriage, she's gonna take seventy million dollars over me and saw a marginal tax rate, a thing if you make more than ten million in one year
which is a pretty good year. Does it down? You may also knows it merely seriously. You mean more than ten million in one year. Your ten millionth am one dollar gets tax. Seventy percent, which, by the way we use, are marginal tax rates and under republican presidents, of ninety percent- and it was when we experienced some of the largest rates of gradually you're crazy, like she's? Only is behind it and I know how to avoid, or even now just like an end. It really concern for the question: isn't ten million enough when does it starts with a story I like when at what point is a moral that were building just pesos a hell, a pad when we have the most amount of homeless? people in New York City this is this. Is this? Is the bodega boys? That's how people get their news? My marriage, couple of viewing.
I am at your neck, like like, ok, ok, So what We have now is somebody who really wants to be a card dash in all right. So understand Macro economic Shias and understand that any making ten million dollars you already paying fifty percent of that ok, not on a corporate level you're, not a corporate level. I think the guy and should go in there, and I don't think Amazon should be paying no taxes which they did last year. Nothing I don't think so. I dont get it wrong. Ok, I'm so I'm with who does on that, but for me when I earn money at get out, I pay have half eight and federal taxes, and that's not enough.
This woman, I achievement should be celebrated, not punished. Let me let me switch subjects here in the last few minutes, the Miller Investigation is supposed to be finished next week, a were false, be what happens. What are we gonna see see and reported that I don't trust anything CNN says, but I think the indications are that the new Ernie General made it call tomorrow and shed when you gonna have it. I think that's what happened. And I had that on fairly reliable information is still always knows force so bar got in the first call was smaller. When you go out and Emily gap Ok, so I'm gonna go with it that put out something, but it's not gonna be public filled out a bar, and the bar will brief.
Congressional people as soon as he does that it'll week out, and that's true the whether this works bill is that it basically falls onto bar to do a summary of the Mai. Report. Is that right? and my and then by that, to make their public to put it out your folks, and I don't believe, there's gonna- be anybody in boys off office. Gonna put it out. Such a brief congress, that greater so scared now the Department of Justice- that then directive do it, but as soon as he goes over to the ill and since in the committees and soldiers of what it has to say, later not going to get an accurate appraisal of it so shift Those guys they're going to do negative, no matter what it is. And then the Republicans even it- well, they say is in so the folks will not yet real accurate barometer and then, of course, the news.
Is he reported accurately they'll, they happen much invested in it so comes out of this in the end bill. What does this mean for the? Unless there is a charge levelled against Donald Trump? It means nothing. I mean What if it's one of the kids down junior, if you're not originally wanted the kids, it's not gonna anything like that and if it were It would have already weak out it's gone, here's what it's going to be an you guys have this on tape and you can play it back. It's going Donald Trump did I understand that his organization. Violating the spirit of our elections by interacting with russian agents. Bad ACT, errors that going to use that word during the campaign and the Russians tried to avert our election by the trunk camp,
it was so naive and so distracted and so incompetent that it played into their hands the Russians hands, that's what it's gonna be and is it true oh that, because it more we're gonna get. Essentially, if I'm reading this right is we're. Gonna get bars report a Trump appointees report, about what the Mulder Report says. You get them all report, some down the road right, so bar can't distorted. He can but that's gonna com and watch the somebody briefs. Distorted and will impress, of course will never report accurately because the cat so but he could make a drop of russian collusion, they have to accurately and then the people who are invested in tromp who have defended him he certainly say He was here.
Jumping wrong. They can't do that. Everybody's got to stay where they are is like Jesse Smollett please keep going debate. He cared admitted this. Maybe subpoenaed to get the actual full report dying out, though I'm gonna pay, always money to Jack birthday. Thirty million bows needs they would. Actually it'll be redirected. It's like it's like When backs life, you have to read that half of it lot of it's a lot of his ugly. I don't know I don't know, I don't know if I go there in that challenge with me there built, but thank you so much Bill O Reilly bill already died. Riley died, gum, good You talk to you next week, thereby double bill O Reilly, dot, com, sign up sponsor this half hours. American financing. American financing, would remind you that now is a great time too
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Nine zero six twenty four forty eight is american financing: dot net zircon finance, incorporation in the middle one. Eight do three: four W W w dot animal s, consumer access, dot, org, this is the Glen Back Programme. This is the global programme I'll tell you that I am. I am. I want it to my own horn here call it's not me. It is really the people that I'm interviewing If you haven't listen to my podcast, that happens once a week, you really need to. They are really really good of sometimes a ninety minute conversation with deep, deep thing. Earth, people that are in the news, and then people like Rabbi lap and who, once in awhile, yield
learned so much from this guy, if you, if but once once or twice a year, I get a chance. Then time with him, and is always just on of information and wisdom, asked him to come and do a podcast this weekend, it's going to be rabbi lap and we talk socialism we talk about. What's coming with the country, we talk a little bit about history and the most basic of human questions? Who are we listen? The by was not man's book about God. If it was we talk about the creation of the universe. Is God's book about man. And fundamental to that is this basic question of. What are we? Are we nothing but creature on the continuum that starts with bacteria and move up to two people or are we occur?
Clearly different creature, as I say, touched by the finger, a God. That's really what we have to ask ourselves, because everything flow out of that one's once we decide that question and you can never know it. You have to it's like everything else in life. When you get married to a woman, there is no way you can possibly know everything about you before you get married. That is a step you take with faith when, in almost every major decision in life, when you choose a career, have no idea only locations that that's gonna have thirty years later, and so on on this decision you also make it season in your life, you say lock this list, there two ways to live my life either to live my life as if I am truly a purposeless collection of molecules of nitrogen and oxygen and phosphorescent and carbon, or I am
thing that God created and put your with a purpose and the occasions are absolutely huge and the key society for all person, I'm gonna, try and make myself become the family. I'm going to raise the society I'm going to all of since shaped, as I said earlier by a belief along these lines, as opposed to any facts. Rabbi lapping the latest in a series of interviews with fascinating people, people that I don't necessarily agree with some people. I absolutely agree with, but each of them are people that I really want to talk to coming up the next couple of weeks I got a guy who is the only survivor to ever jump off the Golden Gate Bridge and his story is phenomenal and he's now motivational speaker trying to get people to understand. Oh I've been there. You know he was kept alive by seals,
no I'm not like Navy seals, but like so you'll feel seals. Eels, see lions lions came up and hand held him up. The coastguard could get to empower. Governance is an incredible allotted. Deep conversations have had on this path. Cast a lot a really interesting things. Can I make a recommendation for another? Yes, do we have the shoe? clip from his Alexandria cause. You Cortez interview. We just did, I think you should talk to this guy, because this is insight, you're, not gonna here and what else has illustrated like she's only explained it and I don't have separate- or even so, that's crazy. Like she told we explained it and don't have ten million dollars, but even though I am just like naw, I mean that you need to get this guy on this a huge. We hear that one more time. That's only not sure it was crazy, like she's always find it, and I know how to avoid, or even just like I gotta,
We know about our stickers printed without on it I mean. Can you imagine that is deeply time. That's really deep was strangely, like she's only explained away, not, but right now I killed, I think about Irene I am. I really am. I bet you are. I have no idea what C4 guide said. I I bet you are. I want you to sit. Back and think about that America today, just I've only has what is claimed it. And yet I'm still gonna, like You're crazy, like she's, only explained it and I don't have separated, although even on your list
the fusion of entertainment and in line with this, is that Glinda programme. I dont want to waste a second teasing. Your what's coming up the one the only Bernie Sanders he announced is Ghana to see this week. Any is in our programme are on our programme via satellite this is the Glen Back Programme, one minute away. Twenty three in me. The results are in it is, it is fascinating. I got mine what two nights cheyennes came in Tawny is still not in some incredible things about. I think Tawny is history. Unless Tawny is not the mother of Giant, I don't know but to see this come in to see where our roots are.
And to be able to track the roots back and also see you know. Do we have problems that were carriers for anything anything? It's really really fascinating and and fun and it starts this thing inside of you there like. I want to know about my heritage now. I want to know where is that, where did I cross when, when did a back ever go too far, Hence I want at all when I want names it gives you threats to. Poland basically want to go down and figure out what actually happened? It's there is a kind of its a good. It's a good started, a kind of get the history of your own family and I m thirteen times more native American than Elizabeth Warren. And I ve never put it on any kind of resuming or anything, but I might well that's what she said at the beginning to twenty three and me, twenty three in me get your kit right now, you're gonna receive all
your personal personalized data on where your ancestry is from, but also you're gonna find up some key health care. The tipps that are Here's one of under them in some of our just like kind of silly kind of nonsensical things, but of them. Is your more prone to hating chewing sounds now everything shying Anne was more prone, was less prone to hating chewing sounds and she actually loves them. It drives me out of my mind, and I was left I dont know what did what DNA says that, but
but it's there and it was accurate anyway. Twenty three and me twenty three and me dotcom, slash back! Go there now get your kit join me on this journey. It's an incredibly fund journey, twenty three and me to three and me: dotcom, slash back. We go now or two Bernie Sanders, who is joining US ice, are you in New Hampshire, Sir I'm in Vermont
on your from my is the people's New Hampshire Rattle Hampshire's, the one percent of a month. I would never set foot in New Hampshire primaries. Ok, well, welcome to the welcome to the programme. Like you it's good to be here. I would like to say hello to you and to uselessness specifically the once make less than forty seven thousand dollars a year, those the hardworking Americans who represent technical and yellow what about they? What about the other people that are making fifty fifty five? Even a hundred thousand? Oh, you mean the Rockefellers of the United States, that is sucking wealth out of the middle class, the hardworking middle class, its composed of people that work and coal mines chimney sweeps have nothing to say to those people. So what exactly is why why do you think you ve connected to the people? oh, is so dramatically now We finally awaking as a country that wealth is entirely dependent upon fifth and there, standing, but the way we handle it used to either.
Take the money of rich people or potentially break them into smaller organs in pieces and redistribute them to the masses, and I am the only person that wants to actually take blood out of Jeff Beetles an end resupply at the other, more hardworking people you you? Actually one is blood. Yes, you. I bet that way that point, because you you have access to the bank, account if you have blood, not all people moment, but There was war, the seventies. If you would give you get someone else's blood you you have some, recourse to the checking I dont That's true, sir, now some of the sum of the proposals that you are making are I mean they sound like the former Soviet Union, the up I will with I will acknowledge the robust proposals to try and save the United States from these sending back into a plutocratic hell hole where a risk
crash with pop hats are beating call orphans with whips. We'll amusement yes glint. If that's what you mean you'd get will haven't worn top hat for a very long time. Around the time of Abraham Lincoln pending a net is entirely due to the new deal of if the off what we have the honour to be top hats everywhere in coal orphans living a case. So you are, you are your for. They green new deal. I suppose I had a lot of problems with it. As I imagine you did. I thought it was fairly anemic and- and a tiny and its scope. I thought it could have been three four times more Boston. It was, and when I'm elect the president, I will A hyper me on green deal? That's new for I, the new green deal- ok and What's in that hyper new, green deal? Thinking like I appreciate that I know you want. I don't always the idea. However, I being able to spell out the policies are important and working Party knighted states again, but that the number one thing land is Medicare fall. Now I know what you're going to Sigmund you're going to say: how can the United States afford
pay for medical care for all of the people of the entire planet earth- and I tell you we have enough money to do that and it is unconscionable waiting at the wealthiest country in the history of the world can give help get everyone on earth, are you on Medicare for all for us for all for all for everybody, for everyone on earth, and if there are other planets they have life, we will also give it to them. But now everyone on earth. Ok, so is so, do we have borders in your world? Yes, we do. We do have borders because you be you have to be aware and conscience of rich people from other countries. You ve people stop from coming him, so you have borders around rich people, yes, ideally we would not let anyone from the Cayman Islands or from Switzerland. Those two places Dorothy, and if we do, our declare war than we should Corinth them. Ok, our eye. How do you go to you? How do you instance. New York just rejected
You know Amazon and they said we end New York doesn't need you know, Amazon's jobs. We create thousands of jobs every month anyway. We. Bigger than Amazon annually old, twenty five thousand jobs, that of gloom, This is a fundamental misunderstanding about the economy works the the economy naturally produces wealth. It comes up the kind of butter, sort of the ground, like you, probably a proponent of trickled down economics, but what a proponent of of driven economics like from aseptic tank. It rises from the bottom and adjust. Actually happens and evil people take more. Then their fair share. So the job the government is to allocate theft which is while promises into small units that are more equally distributed and the people of New York did that they saw the benefit and having a type of leader. Who is a technocrat with a sort of us and having them in charge of money. That is the key. The that is the future of mankind are so Bernie There has been a lot of fun loved
that has come out on you that that that that that s that you wrote about how the men have US fantasy of women on their knees, bounden, gagged and beaten. That's their sexual fantasy and women- is their fantasizing about being shaped by three men at once limit, was a long time ago. I believe it was nineteen. Seventy three, which is also the last time I had sex, have not. I have not had any relation since that time. I believe, should be expunged. Duty, the good neighbour that I've had of not having any sacks, not at all normal and Intel everyone's having an equal amount. I refuse to engage in conall relations with any american rack. Are these? Are these things being like the videotape of you print praising? You know Castro's revolution You still stand by that Castro was quickly to an agreement. Here he brought universal, education to the island of Cuba. Here he was
fanatics cigars, but they were. They were also made by good working Cubans and he was an excellent baseball player John, I myself am a fan of if you notice, I'm originally from Brooklyn, but look undigested until capitalist stole them and said the LOS Angeles, cable, but vivid Castro himself was a killer. I mean still had a couple of details: all leaders have a couple of things. Maybe I'll foibles that they have to deal with. You know I I frequently M M criticized on my fashion, because I like to store the two suits their own pringles can does that detract from my excellent policy chops, I signal store any a crumpled suit and killing. You know hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people there. Then I dont wouldn't compare them again. I think that the issue of land is with trying to make a better more just more equitable society. Occasionally, occasionally people might die,
but they will die worse than in the capitalist system which, based on making a puree out of workers in the islands, giving it the cows to feed them in the wheat, the cows neck creates gases. This also to cycles that I don't think you're acknowledging the capitals to some might say that you're, crazy Bernie. Ah, I am. I am crazy, like like f I was crazy. I'm crazy for justice. Crazy equality. Does that make me crazy glancing up? Ok, will put this one more question. You know you, you ve, come against Howard Schulz? Yes, because he's wealthy, yes, and but you said to run as an independent is, is horrible you're, an independent? I haven't independent strategically when it suits the ambitions of me, the working class people. How would Schulz
is a billion at every billion. It is a policy disaster in the United States. I think his money should be taken and every Starbucks should be converted into some sort of organic organic farming facility for iceberg. Let us not the keel cables. The top one per cent of vegetables are decisive. Let us are it, so you are your for the Democratic Party, all the rifts between you, two of healed, there's nothing but love with you in the democratic pray. I am a strong supporter of the Democratic Party I am enjoying the Democratic Party. I am. Proposing legislation actively that we should all legally be friends, and I believe, once its past, we will usher in a new anew. Utopia, our end ethnic, that just if anybody wants to pity and on your campaign. What what? What do you recommend You can go to my website. Bernie Sanders to suits and a crumpled pringles can dot org. The other ones worry taken, unfortunately, but that that one was until available right and you can go there and on it. On my patriot account and I'm sure into the crowd fund, a new state in between Massachusetts and New Hampshire, a new state
Yes, it's going to be firm, ought and I will do is be- would be Vermont only slightly better. So there's a lot of projects to get involved in the main one is to get me elect a president. I think I'm at a pull it off this time. If I don't, I'm gonna keep doing it at least twenty four hour. Thank you, much Bernie Sanders for being a part of the programme. My pleasure, thank you, but I think you would you like the dishonest. Yes, he isn't a mamma to. I think we should explore next time. I don't know I've. Seen Vermont, you know, one I dont know how you'd make it better. Can you too many for months. I don't like it thanks? I don't think so. I want to talk to you a little bit about crypto currency here in blockchain technology. Blockchain technology is going to be so important and an eye. I want you to understand it, because gonna play a role in everything that you do in everything that happens in our world. You see what's up we blockchain technology end and deep fakes.
No as having a figured out, the other they are saying now, DARPA Darpa is, is working on how to identify fakes and and then stop them from coming online right, and they want you to face book in twitter and everybody else to run an algorithm that will automatic spot a deep, fake won't allow it to be applauded and power. The debate- and I didn't understand, envy him. They were real notes DARPA, so they weren't giving you the recipe, but it has something to do with blockchain where it sending each each other. These things through blockchain. So when you. Take a video or something it'll go on it'll go online and then be broken up into a a chain. So if, if that picture that YO, is reconstructed in any way right, it'll be out of order. Any size, interesting area like the DARPA figures out things that at that
see, my goodness there's gonna be there is why I'm telling about that is because a block achievement of our future is part of our future is really important that we understand, because this is also the way money is going to be sent. And information is gonna, be sent. Our emails are gonna be encrypted. This the basis of Crypto currency, Smart Crypto course, dot com will help. You understand this at so you can be an investor if you choose to or just be somebody who is aware of what's happening, so you can stand: the basic building blocks of what the world this building right now, you can take a third they risk dry risk. Free trial of this course go. Do sparked crypto course dot com right now, Smart Crypto course Dotcom. Do it today, are your course and learn about crypto currency and
Jane, Smart Crypto course. Dot com call one eight, seven, seven PBS back eight, seven, seven, p, B, L back ten, second stationary it's it's raising thing. Next week's it'll be a pretty intense weak on day. The Senate is voting on abortion. The while not really then voting on abortion and voting on whether you should kill kids that are alive. You see after they ve been more. Have you seen not even an abortion argument. Have you see, The video of this when going in one to kill her baby late third term and they say it's a Camera and what this woman says, we have this audio yeah here. It has yet to that from you doesn't thirteen a few years ago, but it gives you kind of
vision into what this. What what what's really going on in these places This is from live action, they're talking to an abortion doktor whose describing how it would happen, two born alive babies from unsuccessful abortions. Listen
what, if it was like, twitching or like something like that, like the solution will make it better be moving around in the jar. Our kind of solution would make it later. That's the whole purpose of this kind. So, like it looked like it was like link, breathing or something like that won't be able to. It will be a sign not even going to see a sell out. So you like, if that's how they think it goes our lab, where they do the same for the job cleaning and all that ok. So what is the solution? It's just like my toxic or from developing, clean and caused by the time you lad still needs to be freshly yeah so as a legal way proper way to make sure that everything humanity no pieces so like you'll, make sure like I don't have to deal with it will die like gun. You done once you start today that you you're not gonna, see when I want to show you some pictures of another. You are like if I feel like I'm having like labour being kind of thing. You call us call you here we have an emergency whiling one if it lying pops out like at home. If it comes out near comes out, then what is like flesh? I am going to come in to make sure that the amount, but we know that a situation, because if it's like one of those live on the floor- and I do not in fact what would we do and taking care that Sunday, you guys when com- and I very thing you Know- will tell you about something somewhere and bring us,
say human being there talking. So that's really going to be up for a vote on Monday. If somebody has a botched abortion and the baby comes out alive, do we flush it Dewey, nickel it or do we have to treat it like a human being, that's happening Monday, Tuesday there are going to vote on whether or not to accept the national emergency for the border. Next week, some big we and supposedly the Mulder report is quite close as well from being finished, they report again as bill correctly pointed out, it was CNN reporting this. So who knows, but supposed to be towards the end. Maybe next week it will be coming out there's a last up going on. It's not exactly see back to your friend, open the session. See pack, I am I'm the opening act for raw should
from Texas Patch on his eye, oh yeah, and grandchildren criteria, so I'm I'm opening for Dan Crenshaw, which is should be exciting, should be really exciting. I like him a lot yeah I mean you know he is he's Meda. An impact in a very short time, and almost it I mean everything I can think of us, because he's just kind of done the right thing in a position where he didn't have to mean that was, do a separate live guy was making fun of em because you know saying you didn't have an eye and then in jokes, joking about whose you lost it dinner. You know serving our country and he handled that incredibly well play victim didn't play victim. I mean that's great. Look at that against Jesse, so small that from this weekend you know Damn Crenshaw easily Maremma. This was on the verge of an election this Saturday before the election, I believe, and he could have easily exploited that to win more votes to get more donations,
and instead he was just like look. You know I gotta supping offended by every little joke, you know? I don't like what he said that much, but you know, I'm sure, he's a good guy and then he went on Saturday alive and joked around with them. About it they made each other, and that was cut it. You know it was It's in the exact way, you're supposed to handle those things and death french. I didn't really well and in everything I've seen from him since has been really solid and any seems like a great guy is ever wonder why it surprised by somebody kind of coming about an out of nowhere. I didn't know Dan really before the election and excited that someone who seems like there's a lot potential there yeah they're changing. This is a new generation. It's just a new generation, and so am I is to see what's happening at sea pack? I am anxious to see if we really understand what we're up against I'm gonna be talking. I think the theme of sea, back this year is what makes Amerika great and I'm going to be talking about capitalism. That's, why
makes Amerika great. Not socialism and the differences between the two processes to be good. That is Friday, morning, I think it's the opening session, like it seven thirty or something like that, and then Dan Chris no european radio right after that, we, if you go into the two thousand eighteen congressional draft and you're picking, some Anita diamond in the rough it you selected, Crenshaw the other teams. Ex Alexandria, Cassio, Cortez or Ilan Omar and win. I'm feeling pretty good about that draft. Yeah! That's the right way to do it or they could picture Jesse Small, at thighs, please. Next role, right he's probably whole, probably after the subway sponsorship dries up. Do you believe, then? He goes to ethical runs for Congress Angle, elected as a democratic socialist. By the way do not bring up talking about sponsorships. How did you
bring up calling capper, Nics company Nike and the blow out that happen now This calling cambric owed it. Now I said yeah, no, I want Nike to own it I kinda on their stocks fell. Two percent yeah overnight, because there was a ten issue blow out between Do Gand Neck is Design Williamson for some reason was boring. Ten issues on the basketball court known understands why he was doing sure thing, he was his shoe blew out. He was wearing a basketball shoe a basketball sneaker you blew out in and he got injuries out for a few weeks. Luckily, I wasn't supercilious I play that way just ten issue, piece of basketball, it's a basketball shoe but it was a tennis. I would attend issue. If we were anxious, I didn't I didn't know we bring the big guns. Just let me get the fifty caliber just have adjust coil
just a little bit and take me about three minutes and we'll be back here, lessening TAT, Glenn Bank. Our sponsor is car If you are looking at a war. That has expired on your car or if your look, buying a used car by a used car trust me by a used car, not worth paying. I finally get it at fifty five. I finally get it He had not worth driving the live. The brand new car off I'm having the value destroyed overnight. Let somebody else do that, but one of the concerns is a warranty you can get car shield. To do that. I have an old truck, in the United States, but we are now getting guarantee anymore. I had it this car shield it saved me six greyhound. I
idea that it was covered. I had no idea. I had the problem that it has had to be. How to be fixed, we fixed it. Car shield took care of it. One eight hundred cars sixty one hundred one, eight hundred car sixty one hundred use the promo code back safe, ten percent car she'll dot com. If you missed the visuals of Bernie Sanders and then interview you may want to see it got a blaze, tv dot com back back use the provocative back. This is the Glinda programme. We sometimes need to hear about ourselves from an outsider some time, somebody who is not in the family, so to speak, Look at the family in a one hears happening guys and nobody really sees it because you're too close to it, John,
then done is known as freedoms disciple. He does a podcast on the blaze. He is from Ireland. He so desperately wants to live here in the United States, but we are now getting actually getting a visa here is is dick uselessly difficult and so he is in Ireland any comes in to visit from time to time, and then he speaks around the country about Erika and what makes us. I love this not what makes Amerika great, but what makes us exceptional welcome to the programme, from Ireland. Jonathan Dunn, thank you, sir. I was going to be here yeah, it's good to have this year at home in America. Aren't you yes, yes, where I feel comfortable. I do come over here, I'm sending on home when I'm one day when I fly back at some back to Ireland and it's the waiters its life, it must be hard for you, because I can imagine the men
there's a lot of people are there in Ireland who are like you know what America's really got But the thing is the frustrating thing and why I do what I do is: there's not many Americans today who can actually tell you, whites and exceptional nation. I talked him. People on all sides, and I get America's great because we're Americans no you're good because your set of values and principles- and I was very bad, slips of shared the strategy- and you know as well as when I came over first a seventeen year old boy went Clearwater Florida, my grand dancing, I fell in love with your country, then I fell in love with your people. This awesome? Your open minded, your inspiration are always looking forward. You ve got. This can do attitude then, with the internet and the learning people like you and mark Levant? I fell in love in Amerika the idea. It's the idea that few exceptional. When I hear people on all sides Beyonce. You need to be more like you're up to be like everyone else. No, we to be more like you, not because your Americans, but because of certain deals the lot right to life liberty in the pursuit of happiness. The right
you have the right to pursue your happiness. You can do anything you want doesn't matter, cuz. We raise your class, your background, your education, your parents still don't see the difference between you and me. They would think Scotland, Ireland, England, I mean I can go over there and be whoever I want to be. Why can't you be there at that over there she's got not there's no incentive to be so people. Let me get break down at the certain policies that you need to beware of so everyone. Now you run for twenty twenty you're talking about progressive tax goes and its the millionaires and billionaires the price but that is, it might start there, but eventually attacks to the average Joe, the middle eight million are simply. Let me give you some stats about, aren't, aren't proud, progressive nation with a proud, progressive tax code. Every cent everyone earns over Turkey, two thousand euros which ballpark would exchange rates by thirty. Four thousand dollars is taxed at forty percent. Oh, my gosh, why would you work? Why would you do the incentive my mother is over sixty and she made some changes in her life a couple years ago, and she worked five days. We all her life and you
Don t some money for what you did. I down like? I need to do little bit less and I to just wanna do different things. I want to live a bit more, Not only did our numbers is that if you the a half day week or treat a week, you don't It was like a hundred bucks if you like, but that's two days now, work. How is that working cuz? I brought a right under the thirty two thousand and thirty toes thirty, two thousand euros to save so much money. She was effectively spending two of her days effectively working for the government putting herself through the hospital. If you have that incentive or lack of incentive, why you work hard My comments earlier, why want a bonus, but that's only for workers when you're innovating? Why would you want to do Why would you want to working if forty percent of income tax to the government? That's income tax, we have pure aside. Then we have a? U s c, what are those so it's pay They did social insurance and then there's the USA, which is a social charge which all supposedly goes into the healthcare, but you're like a government like you all where its posted
into these different forms, but it'll themselves into one big, posh, Vienna. Everyone just takes out of it. What you will so you up or up to fifty, but that's pretty much me bill rightly talked about it today. Fifty percent of his pay check, because lives in New York goes to taxes about four these six are forty seven percent of might paycheck, goes to taxes. We're doing that. It's just on D, the rich, yet that's happening. The difference is the really had a chance to get there. Get it there the reason. The frustrating thing for me is socialism and about big government is that we have to understand I hear Bernie Sanders in some of the socialist speak there. Usually rice on the problem. The solution they fall down on the reason that free market capitalism is. The answer is because it creates level playing field for everyone, these big businesses that lobby government and use these policies, and you use these regulations and tax policies. They ve made their money. They can pay.
Forty percent tax motor people. Don't it's! Why? work is exception. If we go back to your history, you study the history of the world and pretty much every revolution. You're. The exact opposite Because usually revolutions and using this in France right now with the other professor notice, there people- the bottom of society, and I mean this not from a class or not from a standard from an income point of view, with nothing to gain an waiting to lose wanting their slice, it a your founded The exact opposite I use modern day language, your fifty four seiners, a declaration in the pan, where the bourgeoisie were too greedy, capless the millionaires and billionaires of the day if they wanted to, they probably could have gone to the king and said: hey, listen, king, we're all people. We all these people would status with. Money would not well known what land with property with businesses give us a better deal. And you screw the average American they didn't. They fought for freedom for everyone. I have studied the founders so many times, and I, never looked at it that way, that is a great observation Ben
they had everything to lose. That is wider incredible, but let's go even one step. Further. The frustrating these cause you're, using certain words in your culture right now, and one of them is winning, Everyone on my friends on the left, my friends on the right these age want to win. Erika was never vote, winning that's going to some of the stories about winning. Shall we your fifty four sign as your declaration in the pennants one as a judge from New York, this is very rare for to night, he was respected by sides the ought as affair judge after the declaration of independence. How many cases did you hear zero? Why? Because wasn't about winning. It was about doing the right thing. People who signed your declaration. Opponents lost property lost stature lost or fame had their wives. Mothers are sisters right. What was winning like to them? you go into the revolutionary war, the people who fought who went actually went and about who lost her brothers we had no shoes, you haven't got guns, you haven't, got the right training. What did winning like to them. America was not built on a great idea.
We want to win study. The french revolution cause, that's all they wanted. They wanted to get there, but a pair Women compel the other side and that ended with the gating. America was built on the premise of doing the right thing. It's why you had divine providence. If you get us anywhere damn it's not about winning. You have to do the right thing and you answers are in your constitution or are in the bill of rights, and if we have These conversations you win. Can I share. Which have someone. I had a conversation wings make someone went Johnny. Here you talk about government and stuff, you know Bernie Sanders, you have to admit money in politics is a problem I am. We agree with your money, and politics is a problem. Lobbying is a problem. He went how'd you fix and I wonder why don't you tell me how you fix your Bernie Sanders support our duties is welcome. Finance, ruler signal the interest constitution. What's in that document are fixed article, one section, eight, eighty causes are there of what the federal government can do, everything else is left to the
I know you ve set. You believe that you share this. If you fall, Thus everything else has got to go to the state we'll, have lobbyists in Washington. You come to Texas become too often you come to New York. He come to Chicago Buddy states like Texas, your me, what two months every two years in jail for twenty two months of the year lobbies cant, do anything in Texas. Then you encourage to go elsewhere, have you solve these problems, the constitution, the siting, your country right now you ve come so far off your government. Your founder said: there's aiding too The federal government can do everything else is to the states. Here's the the truth about your country, can you name doing things the federal government wants to know. Can you name one. They tell you are toys that you can go to? They tell you what cars you can drive. They tell you what mortgage you can have. The can tell you how much income you have they tell you sweet you're allowed? They tell you what medicine you have they moving? The federal government cannot do in your life, because here's where the differences, America's founders of so exceptional. They set your rights. Come from your crew
and there's limits on government. Why terrified, but no addresses this problem. You wanna know the real butler. Today, it's not Donald Trump, it's not Democrats and Republicans bottle of the data we need to start explaining to people. It's not you. Versus tyranny. It's the law of man versus the law of nature, your exceptional for a fact, because every other nation, winter to king, a dictator, a monarch, oligarchy, theocracy You, then, are all based on the LAW of man. There's no foundation. It changes with popular opinion and would open and with elections, wave elections. Yours you said not anonymous, we're gonna based, of the laws of nature, slow and natures got because there's principles. They were true forty years ago. Their true today and they would be true, too fifty years from it is why socialism doesn't work because it ex away and in is in the face of the law of of nature. It does it.
It says that men are not animals and that somehow or another we can equalize everything and make every body the same. It's it's in nature. Nothing is the same all the lions are not even equal. You don't mean very one Thus we want right of a people. You know we want people to do there from things, because there's two key but the Inuit emphasising your declaration of penance. You have a right to pursue your happiness, you not guaranteed happenings. We have the right to pursue it. It's about individual. We all have different things. If you wanna go, be out of the blaze which you did and you wanted to have this empire to the stand and be a beacon for fruit. Gopher continuity as an island nuff. Absolutely, no, not, I hope, but also has no market first. That's the reason you have a difference of people. Take me: what's the difference between Ireland and every are in America and the rest of the worth, you haven't beacon, you're, not using it right now, but you have a road map to success. We don't have that. We don't
natures law. We don't have a fundamental belief, we're all created equal. We have a class system, that's how I got my joy Volovya. Remember. I rang in your annoy me when we could have name, please stop using the word middle class. It goes again, the founding of a principle of America, because if you have a European Europe, thus stew your middle and lower, but yet were often they created equal. That work you can't have it the soil and water to myself. Much more upper class at either of you, I'm the lower class NOS one basic living, but the idea that you have to do if you want to go, be a baseball star and earn like money. Machado give you based If you want to be money mature, don't you want to sign a ten year? Three hundred million dollar deal gophers if like me and who would like to speak, and I want to do that for free gophers. It all dear pursuit of happiness. You must set up a business or a few be a stay at home, because that's popular to attack the. If that's your dream, life gophers fundamentally comes back to an individual and you can do whatever it is. You want you have one
opportunity in life and we need to encourage people this here's, the cultural difference between America and the rest of the world. A country, pulls people down. There's a saying, I'm sure you may have heard you get too big for your bridge. Will you can't do that? We have not been successful, then you're, no rich! You have all these things. You have you Picard new car. You have all this money. You're were all these many a google gee. I see how much money your work, your to beg you need to pay more. America was about in a walk gophers. Why don't you do it yourself? You can do it. Stopping you. It's all appear in the mines that so many people have become a victim love. I could never do that Ike. Why could I do? I can come from the right class? It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter it's all in your my dream, big you're, here a couple of years ago quickly we have about a minute. Minister. Have half left tell me what, if anything, is different since the last time you were here where the good The report is, I've been around a lot of Texas in Oklahoma, Saint Louis. You people are still awesome. It hasn't
the way you treat each other online housing infiltrated. How you treat people on the street, which, thank God touch wouldn't ever does you're still open. There's no racial issues, I've tat conversations or black people why people gay people stray people. There is nothing, and the biggest thing. I've learned is there's an appetite for founding principles because everyone right now they won't might Namibia, because it or politics are going. Things are making sense right now, we need to do if you want to go back and you want to actually make a mark exceptional again. Now is the time to make the case for your founding principles You have to understand the declaration independence and make the case not about the Republicans, Democrats or Leffertses would make the case for principles, because here's the thing people say to me: can America prosper again. Connemara could be exceptionally get. Thus the question the question is yes, you can. The question is: do you want to question? Is? Are you willing to go through the and sacrifice that your that your founders venture together? This is why we gave him a show on the Blasi. It's a podcast. You can listen to it: freedoms,
dipole Jonathan done. I urge you to to seek that podcast out, listen to him and support him and one day I hope, to welcome him as an American to our shores. This year you will Jonathan. Thank you so much Pritchett Gylingden, sponsor this half hour as Ex chair sit in great chairs made by Ex chair. These are, I think, the best years I've ever sat in atomic these in Ireland, a toilet. Much though we make the Delorean in Ireland such her, yeah that was right. Ireland, Northern Ireland is is there there's a network that really way really you making what used to make bombs and an Delorean in Northern Ireland so that that was held in industry good, where we do not make bigger impact. If I may, the energy routine, did you use in guerrilla war in Iraq, sadly against the american troops. That was pretty much founded in Ireland, where you didn't have bullets and eventually went and targeted someone on the step in shadow
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This is the Glen Back Programme. All right. Let's, let's, let's ended here. Do you agree with what billow rightly said today about adjusting small at that he's not he's gonna get off, I kind of I think this is one of those crimes. I kind of feel like it's actually works to be a celebrity highly committed, because a lot of people did the have had Trump pokes attack and we went through a list of the most people can get anything place, has a great story on it today, on leave the thirty plus hoaxes, but I think he as he is poked a finger in the eye of Chicago police. They are really
upset about it rather upset, because they don't redirected, resources away. You know and the the superintendent actually said you know. I wish people care much about the violence on the streets as they care about this year. I mean, is it we frustrating, if you're in Chicago you're, dealing with real problems, and then this situation and empire has written him out of the last two episodes yap, please tell stimulant be honest about it. P is done, have a safe weekend, we'll see you. On Monday, the airline tickets.
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