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Watch Your Beef Prices, America | Guest: Steve Stratford | 6/1/21

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Glenn and Stu discuss Texas Democrats walking out over the state’s newly proposed voting bill. Why are we still buying food and medical supplies from China? People are going to the movies again, and Stu gives his review of “A Quiet Place Part II.” Prepare to pay $5 for a gallon of gas. Inflation is affecting everything from lumber to beef, and President Biden is actively making it worse. Glenn takes calls from farmers who have been affected. Cattle buyer Steve Stratford explains what’s going on with the beef industry and how the four top meat-packers in America are involved. A BLM chapter founder stepped down after discovering what the organization actually stands for. Spain’s postal service introduces "equality stamps."

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Glenn pretty well, we know how to get a good weekend. We should at some point talk about. I saw a quiet place part to MR get, who is really just came out. Yes, very good, I thought was very good, but it definitely felt like first like returned to the theatre for reels the stab yeah. Well, I was, I was gonna go and you know do some memorial day stuff, but I just enjoyed the long weekend can stay I ve. A national radio programme begins here in just a minute.
more not entertainment declined.
Program, is sick. Twisted freak welcome to the Glen Back programme. We are live from standing rock ranch, but my heart is never far from Texas. What has happened in Texas is absolutely remarkable and the New York Times is reporting it as if you don't look. This is probably why we need the filibuster to go away because look at what look, what Republicans are doing? Yeah? Let's look at the Republicans and then let's look at the Democrats all in the name of democracy. We have that coming up in sixty seconds programme.
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I'll pack, seventy percent of the people who try it go on to order more because it works eight hundred five hundred eighty three eighty four its eight hundred five hundred and eighty three eighty four, it's relief factor dotcom Welcome to the Glen Back Programme, my log is asleep behind My dog is asleep by me and I'm glad you're here. Thank you so much we have We had an interesting her to tell ear in Texas. You know in Texas, I think we run things better. because the politicians are never in session,
which is the way the United States used me. We used to meet I think it was once every year in the summer, once every other year and put it in Washington because they knew nobody would want to go to that swamp. Speedo infested and mayor of a town and unfortunately, the the politicians in everybody. I guess decided to make that a permanent thing, but it it used to be that they would only come in that's the best scenario for republic because it allows people do have control of their own lives caught the yeah, the house in the Senate in Texas. They dont rule our lives because there never there, so they ended their session in it. In interesting way, wouldn't you say still, I would say in its its apparently as the I believe it was the the times in a new story by the way road,
and summarised. These are the real public and efforts to clamp down on voting these goodness we have that happening very as you can see, and democracy. Glenn Republicans, don't one people to vote there. Looking for selecting a group of six or seven people who will vote each year they are trying to clamp down on that list. I do, of course, know about you, but I'm on that list in there all right in what I say goes right, all white men and there's about six of us, maybe seventy eight. If you can encounter zionist Master over in Israel, of course, so is the big, the New Georgia law. Controversy is now Texas, because eight years each state has gone through it. The national media has tried to come together to tell everyone how terrible it at these things are, and now the latest one is in Texas, Texas took a while to get it done, came down.
to the end of the session, which was needed to be Sunday night long story short what through Democrats decided to do because you know they lie. democracy so much Glenn and the first now too much democracy, the right that right in front of the voters must be respected. Yes, of course, as you payment, so what they do with these elected officials that were put in by voters, they do so it instead of letting them I dont know accomplish there were their jobs and actually do their jobs and get their get the bill that the media? public and voters. All supported through they decide to walk out and make it impossible to come up with a quorum, basically a procedural measure all so. The vote couldn't go through. So all in the name of democracy, democracy. Yes,.
so they stop the democratic process. Now, as you know, our republic republican process, if you will not not republican with a Kapital are but a Republican with a smaller right. They stop de republican process, which Part of that is democracy of you know all of them lining up and and voting. I stop that all in the name of that yeah really interesting, especially after being lectured for the past couple weeks of the terror of January Sixth and the insurrection attempt that we saw on that date, Glen, The reason was that it was so offensive was not just the violence in the rioting. It was because they stopped the democratic process from going forward. That was such a terrible tragedy. Just couple weeks ago now, it to be praised. The Democrats walked out of the sessions. Are they couldn't get? The vote on now lie.
long term. They will have a special session and they will get the Voting Rights ACT done. Here in Texas, but fascinating about this. Glenn is not only that there stopping democracy to preserve democracy, as it were? To paraphrase Oh George, Bush life capitalism I gotta get to violate the free market to save the free Marduk. Exactly then, really were Georgia as other doing here, but Did you do this? You know it's it's. Typical bill that you ve seen from republicans this cycle, which is basically hey we think, maybe you should be able to prove we are before you vote things. Like the overwhelming one of the most popular items in our national discourse, which is Voter idee things
This is improved by seventy and eighty percent of minority voters. Seventy in eighty percent of democratic voters approve a voter. I am, but it's tough toss out there as if it's the most offensive thing. You ever heard your life so mostly stuff, like that. The one judge like in Georgia, where they they latch onto you can't have water. Really lie used here. What people are going to vote to get water and now you're taking over the water, because water is the reason why people get lined vote every every November, really sit, so ha so high in the summer November November, at November, he'd would pay for the summer movies, so evil are dropping dead, the lines in November from heat they because you don't have any with Brigham Water. That is. Are they didn't Georgia? So they didn't attempt that rang in Texas. What they're doing in taxes is the risks
the vice president. Waste grants. I did a brisker first. I voted in Georgia and I didn't get any water now. What no brisk! So what they're trying to do in Texas is their highlighting this one part of very law that was also part of their original the Georgia law. Basically, it says you ass. You can vote early. yes, you can vote early on weekends, yes, you can vote early on Sundays, but you can vote Nay morning early, you vote until I think it's one p m on Sunday, whoa whoa whoa, whoa whoa. Now, Oh my gosh look at the oppression right! That's what they're saying now. Why are they saying that I mean the problems are saying: look you know we want to be able to protect people who work at the polls and have their ability is still go to church, so we too
people, forced to avoid church tactical work at the balls, because if the poles are religious, just so you know: Texas is the closest to a blue law state that I've ever seen, and it's all choice, people do go to church. I know it's weird Democrats, but people do go to church You know when you're not putting their pastors in jail in Texas and Very few stores are open on Sunday. a lot of people take. You know the Sabbath actually as an important thing, it's against the law for them in some places do close. There's a lot of place ice open to, but those they're not at all heavily trafficked, as you might think, because people are actually at church. We don't highly is that it is a high population, religious of voting rights and citizenship. So so, but never the Democrats are saying well, the only reason there doing this is because
they're, trying to limit the souls for the Poles glad source for the poles souls hang on just a second, my friend, hey Sarah. Do we have the gospel music here as we talk about the souls for the poles, that is fantastic so are they? Are they actually being honest? This time the while souls were the poles, that's dead people voting now I should say you are sold to the post war era it. So I guess it's not it's that we don't want our our broader registry. We want dead people, it's it's there. claim. Ba was a big you have been, they took the mask off already. I thought maybe there's also like yeah we're still with names of dead people. It's the souls were the people would not be surprised honestly at this point on this one I am by, would neither so cells to the polls is a programme that runs, let me know largely in black churches, which is it
that after church, everyone together and they all go to the polls to vote early? I guess now I mean I don't know what time church runs in I am I did. They runs various times: users, multiple services in Texas, I've noticed your immune allotted churches have show times airline politically relevant movie, theater, three or four services per day right, because so many people that actually go to church here, but the idea That, like what, accusing Republicans of ease, alter the time schedule so that One could vote before one p m, but because, They think they're charges the amount of people who will go from church directly to the polls. In theory, if it was, I don't know what I was your church and eleven or twelve. So you have to wait an hour of course. The whole point is to make the pole workers, we are also going to church giving them time to get to the balls to open, but
What they're saying is there just trying to limit black people because they apparently and again. This is racism again racism and action here by Democrats? Who are you simply trying to make the case that black people care so little about his gun and in society that, if given ape an opportunity to vote, but they need to wait an hour will not vote because they care so little about this country. These cared so little about the state that they will not wait for an hour after church to go vote because they act We care about the pole, workers also being able to go to church these religious people. What do you think the port workers ability to go to church so that they can go immediately after apparently the accusation here and there so. This is the only reason for doing this is to limit black voting and there or this is anti democracy, which is why we can walk out on the democratic process at the last minute. Ok, my head. Follow that's from trying to do the gymnastics on this one word
Democrats, the ones that we're trying to shut down all of the churches good was it ended, I mean that is, the demographic, the Marxist it are not really vote, church. You know god here is a group of people than that spent the last year telling you you're not allowed to go to church at all are going to be fine, your pasture is going to be arrested. If try to go to a worship service, they're, the ones telling you that democracy is at its edge. If black Jeez aren't allowed to cart their voters directly to the balls from church again in addition to all of this, we spent the last how long with the Democrats telling us it's against the law for any faster too, anything positive about a report
looking policy from the pulpit, because it's a violation of the separation of church and state learning at their tax. exemption status removed, but yet Sold for the polls is so vital to democracy that apparently now you're allowed to go to church. Just so you can get to the ball is in the sand, and I love this souls further pools. Aida just couldn't be any more clear, your ears, the Hague, to me, you gotta losers, tax status. If you the inner mingle at all church and the pole, you, you lose your tax status you know I wouldn't exemption of souls the Poles and Alaskan Hawaii who or what
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So over the weekend I am spend the time driving up to up to the mountains, and I ve never seen so many job openings in my life to every place. I went to said now hiring now hiring please come in and take a job Is there anyone out there anyone within the sound of my voice? Do you have two legs? Maybe you're missing to arms. Kenya work the fry later, some way or another, with your teeth I mean they will take any body anybody. because everybody is just kicking back on the the Biden train? and it is really frightening when you think about it, when you, when you, you look what's happening to us we have already. I mean they produce those. have, you ever tried to hire some white people to do work, not aben happen
Why why people don't do work? I didn't. I was not familiar with this theory now now I should say white, teenagers and stuff, not gonna happen. Really. Now, while you are you have a teenage suddenness could be coloring year analysis and I'm I'm I'm sorry, I'm sitting here with the fire teenage boys. This week, all the stories I will have to tell as I put them to work this week, we'll see- and I have a feeling my son will be the laziest of all of them and I could be wrong, but These anything like his grandfather, he will be. You know my grandfather. The EU is the chief steward it at Boeing and he was the union steward puts you, I came from a democratic family end and union members
when they weren't so bad and and he he would go. He was a good story, teller, so he go to everybody's. You know how to make so many widgets a day and he had put him in a big barrel, as you made the widget He would go around any. We just talk to everybody and tell them stories and make them laugh, and then take one of their widgets and nobody had a problem with, as he just take one of their wages and put it in his pocket angle. Next Skynet tells more story. My kind of my grandfather work today in his life I thought he had his widget count, but even that you made any of the death penalty in Romania. So maybe it's just runs in my family, but Woof, Erica, has got to get back to work. We are learning how wonderful it is to sit back and get paid by the United States government were starting to think that Archie. You know what maybe this day
universal income would be a good thing. It will destroy. The spirit of this country listens to plunder programme american financing and unless one a do three three four W W W that animal, less consumer access, dot org. So I have I had a conversation or somebody must have had a conversation with Paul. about his experience with american financing. We asked him. We know what happened go what we're looking for, and he said it was outstanding said Entire process was smooth the guys that I worked with really helpful. He said I didn't think I could get a better rate than I already had, which was very low. He said, kept hearing Glenn talk about it over and over again. I'm finally, like ok so I made an appointment and the rest is history, but it took a year off of our mortgage and
a few hundred dollars on our monthly mortgage payment. I mean sounds great. We considered calling American fine it. We might think that you already have a great rate, but do you have the best? Take it from Paul, that's where he was and he got the best rate and he saving a few hundred dollars every single month and lost a year on his mortgage, its american financing, eight hundred nine zero six, twenty four forty, eight hundred nine zero six. Twenty four forty american financing dot net ablaze dvd comes last Gladys place to go to get your blaze. Tv subscription, save ten bucks for the public of glass This is the Glen Bag Programme. Welcome, I'm glad you're here for life from these standing rock ranch, and I don't know what you did this weekend, but
I travelled with I travelled with five teenage boys across the country. the Mai cars are up for sale right now, not sure you'll ever get the smell thou its thought, I throw that in last night we set around with a veteran friend of mine and I said, can you tell him about friends, you ve lost in some other fight Turin and it was the only time that I saw the boys completely silent and, on for about an hour told some amazing stories. My my deep gratitude and deepest thanks to all those who fought for the freedom So we can be stupid and pass it away matter.
Thank you so much for everything that you have sacrificed and all of your friends that you have lost. I am Billy Grateful, as is my family. What did you do this weekend's do? What the notable things I did was the US to go see a quiet police part two which, though they fought for that's that's what they fought for compromise that we actually did and he enjoyed the long weekend as common recommended and did go, see quite Place Party, which was really I it was really interesting to to do because I've been to the movies. A few times I went actually in May twenty twenty one point. Gray, and I agree that we have to go to a movie. It was really terrible than diesel movie and we were
two people, not only in the theater, but in the entire cedar complex. I dont know. If you saying we went to a really bad in Van Diesel movie narrow, it down and now it does it? Doesn't it all the more? So if, if the reason the theater was empty was because of in diesel or the pandemic windows, but so far, but it was interesting to see quite placed portuguese I've been looking forward to this for a while. I really like the first one and So, on March, eight, twenty twenty John Kwasniewski- Jim from the office did he's been great, a bunch different projects, but he never saw this never thought of his directing talent. There were when he was working at a paper company now really he's gone into. He got his life together. I heard a lot of time at the gym, apparently and he's been thinking about erect movies so that we can He is at a red carpet event
or a quiet place part to those about to be released in a couple of weeks that weekend there's a hundred million dollars down at the box office the next weekend it good down to fifty three million dollars and then large twentieth that weekend, which is the weekend them a quite party was supposed to come out. It goes from fifty three million and drops down slightly to four thousand one hundred and sixty dollars nationwide, she's a one. What would they round to a one hundred percent drop, revenues so that period where, on March eight, he is masterless, no social, distancing, doing a red carpet event for this move it's coming out in less than two weeks to we being delayed for what they think. It's gonna be a short time. Turns into what fifteen months for it was so this move sitting here, ready to go for fifteen months finally released this weekend and to me it felt like the first real. Like we're act.
Really back at theatre type of events like why do you say, then? Why do you say that while they tried a couple times to restart this right, the first one was tenant? in the summer last year, which flopped miserably and was also a. I also want to see in the movie theater and was terrible. and then agree. They sort of have done in a couple times here with a split releases like Godzilla versus Kong came out and made like almost thirty million dollars in theatres a couple of months ago, a babo too her cat, a movie. They came out cold enough that, You know I wasn't. Managers really goes. I liked it alot about. It was great, it wasn't a tadpole type of movie right. Quite places the first one I feel like it in theatres. They really and for this is the old school did over food. I think over fifty million dollars this weekend, which is way way about re yeah. Now, If it was released in March of twenty twenty with no pandemic.
Probably would have done a hundred million dollars in We can so it's not fully back, but it was in other things. These were crowded. Why They know. I went to book a normal time movie with my wife one time one night this weekend and it was like crowded enough that you know hard to find a good seat in the theater. Like wasn't completely sold out the theatres we looked at, but it was mostly sold out even nay, I want to going to was pretty crowded format, nay, felt like a you know, this is it's. Come back around and it's funny because that that the story of the movie parallels the me stream media telling of the pandemic, which is like What, if you listen to the media like we're open one day there No one is allowed to go. Do anything. If you haven't in person conversation everyone, there dies, that's story, the pandemic to the media. It's all of the movie
is it the perils of them? I would as were. Actually you know pretty amazing I feel like found. She, though, was trying to sell us these big monsters beginning I bought into it. You know just a few months: it I'm like no do That's a quiet place, that's not happening here, let's just not happening here, while it it's the toughest kind of movie to make in it. Again runs parallel to the pandemic. Like the first movie, you spent the entire time figuring out like what, Hell is going on right, there's something's, going on something bad is happening. I don't know what it is. One of these things look like what is going to happen. I don't understand how this occurred. When you make this, equal to the movie. It's a lot harder to make that movie, because you know what the creek, look like you under Stand all the rules of this. You know a horror, movies scenario and soda.
people interested in it. It's a lot harder to make the movie. This is why, like every like, Jason or Friday, the thirteenth movie, they just up the death count in the sequel skills that I don't know what else to do, what we didn't kill more people on making bloodier- and I mean how many seventeen year olds are gonna- have sex at a camp can now make him. We kill its skills when it again where this is like it, they did a really good job, pulling it off its up. There part of its opposite, though, like you get to a point where, once you learn the rules, what a situation where you have, let's say a vaccine, available to every the person who wants to take it above the age of twelve right. You Fear can't be there any more right like It feels like people, certainly in Texas, but I think this is even starting to pour me out of the blue states. People are ready. This is it fell to me like the first time. You know That it was like we were able to go back to normal a little bit like, even and even in a movie. Theater glad no masks mean ninety.
And of people not wearing masks going into a movie theater name, that's a different, it's weird! It's it real depends on where you are ya. You know I was in a cross country this weekend and I was in You know small towns all the way and I really didn't see any mask use. You go to LOS Angeles, you go to New York and people are wearing fourteen masks on her face and for no reason it is Julia, been drilled into their head and its It's really quite sad. I was talking to someone who my friend of mine who lives in Pennsylvania this weekend, and he was telling me he's, like you know, like all the CDC thing, guidance changed and All the stores now say like masks or optional, but seen a thirty percent. Maybe forty percent of people are not worrying, masks and he's like I'm going in there. Every time without a mask are now, unlike what think people lose here? Is that that that's just cultural right that-
that's not a scientific, Joe, doesn't You would argue these states have higher vaccination rates than than even a state like Texas. Does it's like it's just cultural thing at this point and people get very, frustrated about these restrictions, and rightly so. We ve talked a lot about how their Wrong and not following the science and all these things and that's all totally legitimate the The day when the histories written about this pandemic, the fact that Texas burned up a couple of months earlier than you know Slovenia will hope which opened up a couple months earlier than California is not going to be the headlines. like it says it's not the top of this of the story here it if you're in one of these states it feels like an eternity, but I think you know we are getting we're at the point now where, if you look back, four months ago it wasn't thirty or forty percent in a blue state that were at last it was zero percent or five percent. Now
its thirty or forty percent in a month from now only fifty or sixty, and then it will be eighty and then it'll be a hundred and are going in the right direction. Texas feels the ECB. The only exception to this I would say at this point is some places still have their employees wearing masks. Other than that, I would say, we feel appeals and zero percent back ten years in Texas Why are you you might be pissed off if you're in a blue state hearing that like how can that be happening? We do live and to America's right now, but this is coming to you. It's just. You have me The people around you voted for terrible governor and it's going Take a while you're gonna have to pay for that vote for a couple of months, while they are all these things, even when the science? Clearly says it's time to change: these policies, but The aid is coming. We are on the right side of this. I think- and it was kind of encouraging to see people buy Can a friggin movie theater again fifty million dollar movies is soon will be at a hundred million again, and maybe more
You know these regular, I back for all. which I denied as much as I can sit here and I like to Don't worry about me! states in blue states, it would be nice to have. I don't know, there's a lot of good people in those states that have been beat up by all these policies will be nice to see them. Feliciano, yeah, I will tell you that we were, we were driving up. I had a very different weekend and then I think you did. Although I was sitting in front of a bunch of teenage boys that I had to say: could you just shot for a few minutes but we were driving through the mountain as we were coming into the canyon here for the ranch I saw in animal. I never ever want to see again. It was a cougar and it was about. Two o clock in the morning was Madonna Hand, were drive and who have been here.
The dollar woof yeah. You know what I think, there's more frightening dandy, actual cougar resolved, but he was standing across the road he took. A full lane she was that big, thing was enormous. we're coming around the corner and stop the car. Energy looks at us like like? like the car, was a refrigerator you'd just open up the door, and I am looking for a while. The heads with his with this thing with just look at the car like a refrigerator. Is there anything in there? I can eat a hippie who is Fine, absolutely terrifying. Fear that hooker I fear the cove id any time the czech engine like comes on in your car. The first thought yours have is how much as is gonna cost. Oh, no, no, no, no, no
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of your grocery supplies and your gasoline could be absolutely unaffordable very soon. If you're somebody who perhaps or stocks up on food, if you haven't already stocked up on beef in particular, you might want to do that for the fur time in history, beef. By the pound on the on the earth. If you will was less expensive than pork, Why is that farmers. I want you to know. Ranchers and farmers We're gonna be doing especial on this in the next couple of weeks, because something is very wrong. and we're gonna delve into a little bit of this coming up in just a few minutes, but something or something is very wrong with the four companies that do all of the the lumber distribution and
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Five hundred eighty three, eighty four, eight hundred five hundred eighty three, eighty four getting older dozen ever shook- I mean still sucks, but maybe nourish much with relief factor tomorrow, night ongoing tv Californians are leaving the golden state in massive numbers. Thanks to the radical, less destructive policies blaze, tv host Dave Reuben joins glint to expose what living in California is really like. San Francisco run by Progress LOS Angeles while by progress in all the states that are doing well right now, it's pretty great by you gotta be careful because you're gonna get infected, want golden state to lock tomorrow night nine pm eastern, please tv good! I play cuts. Six by democracy is imperil. Listen this Eliza millions
security to our own. Our have been shaped by the between aspirations of the many and greeted the few between People's right to say, determination, the self seeking of the dictator between dreams of democracy and appetite for autocracy, you're saying around the world. Our troops what this battle on feels around the world, but also of our time. And the mission falls to each of us each and every day the mark, See itself is in peril, here at home and around the world. what we do now. What we do now. how we honour the memory the fallen. Will determine whether or not democracy will long endure
so those are great words. They really are, but I'm having a hard time squaring them with reality. try I'm trying to square them with. So let me be honest with you ll Emily did you see the do we happen to have the video of Joe Biden when he was talking about the very young girl he's at a speech? not going to go into the happiness of the very young girl thing. I just want you to listen to him here. It is
I'm honored to be joined today by Governor Northam by two great representative, well, Congressman Glory and Congressman Scott. Listen to it, and I want to thank you. Thank you for all. You do to represent the service, the family, members that caregivers survivors or call Virginia home, I'm especially honor to share the stage with Brittany and Jared to Nathan and Margaret Catherine. I love those Brett's, not here man, I tell you what I'm looking at looks like he's. Nineteen years old we'll have to overlook the Guerriere Dewey. I mean it completely hotel. I mean you give guy, that's not my point, but I think it should be made to go ahead. Stew, it was
really creepy. You all heard it, and you know it was creeping Erin. I understand that there is an utterly he's going for there, but he is they tell him not to try doing it again, because it does not work. It is really super creepy. However, Did you notice how he is just Emerging bring me, I love those birds and bring me. And he just sounds like he's really tired, Lego, Laguna, nab him pretty soon, I'm not sure that. He even knows. I think he has surrounded himself by radicals, and I dont know, if he's even getting the truth on what is happening with his policies, because How are these radicals writing these speeches for him, these beaches, don't reflect
the policies of the air of him for the most part that that, you know democracies imperil because of the the want of dictatorship yeah who's calling for a dictatorship, who's. Who is who is building the framework of a dictatorship who's. The one is trying to change all of our systems. So it's easy to stay in power. Who is the one that is demonizing half of the country? It is its its frightening and I, pull the other day that democratic. There are no mean the ones in Washington. I mean the average Democrat that you know that lives next door to you. That is normal. They're starting to be concerned about some of these things that are happening there, starting to look at the woken and say, as is going too far,
You know it looks like we're starting to edge into Marxism will welcome, the Party Democrats. I hope you, I hope you wake up a little faster because democracy is in peril and I don't understand the policies. You know we are looking at probably two million new, dreamers coming in over the border two million in this year, At the time when Americans are not working party, people will work. I don't know about you, but I see I see you know in new immigrants, assuming their legal or illegal, but I see new immigrants and they are working hard They know what the american dream is.
So is that it is it is? Are we just living off of this new labour and then Americans are not supposed to go to work everywhere everywhere. It is happening. We're Americans just aren't going to work. I got a friend who wrote to me he said Glenn, my my neighborhood. Facebook page is now a constant stream of job openings for low wage positions. People are. Planing, because mercury coffee just shut down here so they can find people Jimmy Johns is now shut down, not big. Of covert, but because he can't find anybody to work it, the local It's a place can't find any one I just play. An order it Mcdonald's and drove up to pick it up the matter you told me she can do curbside because they don't have enough people even to keep the drive through running
we're dozens of cars, waiting like seventies gas lines for the drive through at Mcdonalds. what's happening to us. Well we're we're. So many are not willing to go back to work. and this is going to mean really bad things. Now, I want to talk to you about the price of gas the price of everything that is going up. Then not all of it is because people won't go to work. Some of it is We include all food and energy costs into our sepia. I. Which we don't because the government says all whose numbers are two volatile, I'll just go up and down, and we do want to include include personal, The consumer product in index- I mean consumer price index, I mean because they'll go up here,
to include them like we use to? We be closed, to twenty percent analyzed rate of inflation. Twenty percent. John Williams: that's shadow stats, pegged nineteen eighties era sepia at twelve percent in April, paired to the four percent that the government tells us, it is. But even he noted that is Inflation index doesn't include all food costs, for instance, dining out I'm not dining out all the time, but I'm using Goober Eads more than I ever have before. if gasoline moves up to five dollars, a gallon even his index, be higher closer to eighteen percent. We also have another problem and I would love to hear from you anybody who is rancher or somebody who,
cells lumber on their land or a longer, because something is very very wrong. We a growing issue in both the lumber and meet packing industry. Now on Friday,. and this is why I question the president. We have lumber up over eight hundred percent increase the price over eight, rid per cent in an increase We also have our housing shortage now. People are trying to buy houses, but their buying houses and a re or I should say at a price that we have never seen before in human history when you look at the case Schiller Index never has a mirror paid this much for a house
it's almost double what it was in two thousand: seven right before the big collapse where Everybody lost their houses. One of the reasons is because the houses are about thirty percent more expensive to build right now, because of a shortage of lumber. Now you're, President of the United States. What do you do? if you believe in the United States, if you're trying to help out the consumer do you do things to make lumber less expensive or more expensive. On Friday, prison invite and put a new tariff on Lumber, so now we have any lumber that is coming from. Canada has new tariff on it. Well. That's not helpful that woman, The price of lumber even more expensive,
now there are four companies for companies that run the lumber mills they're all Oh for companies that are the largest meet packers. They control over ninety percent of all of the product in America. So if you are looking to buy meat, your most likely going to get it from these for processing plants Eighty percent you're looking for a lumber, you're gonna, get them from these four different lumber companies. There is something you could make. Case for or collusion and there are some senators now include in democratic senators. Who are now looking at the price of beef and what is going on in the price of lumber and they're, asking questions and They're doing is they're asking the Justice Department to
look into it to see. If there's any collusion, You trust the Justice Department. Consumer prices are up more than a hundred per cent in each industry, but what's driving the shortages. Is more collusion between major companies, keeping the supply short rather than skyrocketing demand or shortage of production, in both cases, lumber and beef. Fortune, one hundred companies Control the industry are making huge, profits right now, gigantic profits. but the producers and consumers are getting. Screwed! with a chainsaw out in the fall arrest, he's not make. more money
the guy who has has purchase this land and is trying to thin sum of forests by taking some of the lumber he's done getting rich, if you have heard of cattle and You are trying to sell them at market. You ve paid the highest price you may have paid in a very long time for grain. You have to raise the price of your cow because you pay, it cost you so much money. if you're lucky, making about eight cents a pound? that's barely enough to keep the lights on if you're lucky as as a Friday, you weren't, making anything you lucky to break even Most are losing money, so
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again station. So it is, it is not the fault of the truckers, it is not the fault the producers. We know now that the producers are paying more for grain. they are the cheapest logs. We ve had in a very long time so what's happening because the the guys who are actually producing them. not getting any more money. In fact, they're getting less so where is coming from. well, the meat producers are blaming it on the truckers.
Truckers would not be, could not be responsible, for a one hundred percent increase. Yes, we have shortages of people who want to work, but the truckers. are being paid more than they were. Not enough to make our beef, this expensive its the producers level, the people who actually take the beef process it and then get it to the stores they are made he profits there. Our record profits. and because there's only four of them too which are foreign owned. When are we learn that lesson? because there's only four of them. I believe it's a wink at a nod. I if I can prove it, but there needs to be an investigation by its gonna be the job. this department.
V, I believe, are looking at profits and saying Why would we work harder when we making more money than we ever have. We words were putting out loud product and we're making more money? Why would we want this to change? I think these companies are in it for Americans, I don't These companies are actually doing the right thing They're doing the right thing for the shareholders, perhaps for thee, he owes. Perhaps not doing the right thing for the american people. And somebody in government needs to have a hearing call them to task. Has anybody clean enough in Washington DC to do it, because the price of your house and the price of the food that you put on that kitchen table are going
two skyrocket, if this doesn't stop soon, you are also going to put all of the farmers out of business. You're not gonna. Have anybody they can afford to raise cattle for meat, but don't worry to those companies are foreign, but the there too they're the ones making things like the impossible burger. How they're so green all. I wonder if they get some help on mad as well the sins programme cyber criminals are crafty and sometimes they use unconventional offline means to accomplish their goals there nodded above, finding anyway, to steal your mail. They steal your mail, so they can get personal information that might lead to things like your bank account street
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that will be there and clean at all love because nobody can prevent all of it, because it's it's everywhere. Lifelike dotcom save twenty five percent off this invaluable protection. Now, at lifelong dotcom use the promo code back, it's one, eight hundred lifelong one, eight hundred lifelong or lifelong dot com, promo code that go to place tv dotcom, Slash glad that promo code is glad if ten months after subscription to fleece tv, this is the Glenda programme. I wanna play something I found on lonesome lonesome lands, it's a it's a rancher kind of website, and this is Does the guy who gives the updates his name is Jim wonderful? I want you to listen to what he says about the prices of of beef
in the grocery store and on the farm, the view. Imagine yourself as a key factor in you. who are and to head of cattle every day and on. To head you're, making two hundred dollars per head, so you make him four hundred dollars a day and you're, making a good living on a good profit. and all of a sudden, some happens, and now you're only able to make one a only able to butcher one head of cattle a day and on that one head, because there is less supply b. you're able to increase your pricing and all of a sudden you're, making a thousand dollars a day and see indeed so. You're income has jump to head a four hundred one head, a thousand and now you got less payroll, less facilities needed less logistical issues, just less everything and you're making more money. Are you gonna be in a hurry to go back to go by can work harder for foreigners there's a day or even want to sit on your thousand dollars a day and just
I get in, is rocketing in this budget that one You're gonna wanna sit on a thousand dollars a day, but in it petted a marketplace, what you would have Somebody else would say they would want that market share. They would want that shelf space and they would come in and they will but your two four six, eight whatever it took, because In a competitive market, place But in this scenario there's only four of you as you and three other beef backers in you. Just gonna look at each other, while you're making your thousand dollars a day and think, and why would we ever go back? Why would we ever increase increase production again when we can sit back and make them Make more money than we ever dreamed of, and so That's where we're in what they are doing, is illegal. That's alright. They always have to have an excuse right now. They're excuses a labour shortage last year, It was a covert of course in the year before that there was a little fire that,
broke out in one of the beef one. Beef Bang complaint in Kansas in its just always another excuse and every time the profit margins just get more. They just stretches profit margins out more and more This is something that I never knew and never followed, and most people don't because we're too far away from the land. But what he was just saying is exe. Actually what all the ranchers around me say every single time. It's always something We now have for companies that produce about ninety percent of all the beef in America, Thyssen's foods, GPS, Cargill, and Smithfield Foods. they're, the ones that are controlling the market and the market price we I've got to start, getting away from these big companies on almost everything,
we know the one thing that people have right on the on the left. If you wealthy thee idea that we should Think globally, but act locally. The more we have given all over the power over our food over our medicine, everything out of our states many times out of our country. We I've got to find these small meet packing plants again and Encourage them and start buying from them, because this is out of control by and in Ohio, hello, Ben. Yes, there are good morning out things in Texas. Really good yeah, well talk about. You know the inflationary raid on on food pricing going up. Our family, here in our village we honor Very, a small meat processing prefer
what do we do? Everything but flattering. and we re all of our products. Nuclear are on our farmers upside down. and why I tell you what I don't mean to sound cliche but since January, Twenty protein prices have drastically. Greece. You know we thought that last year, glad you know we saw last year due to call that you know air and we saw a huge, huge, huge price increase. and we also saw huge price decrease- immediately after that and now saying that again Like you said, we're saying these excuse is being played out of less labour. Obviously we know there is less labour out there, but you are correct, correct. There are four companies that control the price. here in the United States I think
It's like almost like the mafia if there buying. If they are not doing it, I mean they control the price of what the animals cost. at the market. And they're making all of this money on the end, where the farmers in the ranchers and the people who grown the grain there getting rich well they're they're, the ones that not only are they doing, though, processing to the final consumer. Also owning the product is well and they are not there, not the small family farms that raise the hundred too. I found ten thousand cattle every year by them better. Do it at that? and with it the corporate Albania's work for the man, so to speak, so yeah what were are our family business here or were inanition there. That's where we're operate and fell directly to it from farm.
table if you want to call about another, that's real out hot first point right now, tat word to say: you're talking about the before companies. Not only do they control the price they control or the regulation as well to and make it much more difficult for the small family farms to be successful. And I call on the warm organization of our food not unfair, to stay too a retail like Walmart, but they want you to go by. These small. They don't want you to buy from us small producers and region. They want you to go into the large retailers like the girl augurs like the public's, like around here. What we have here are Meyer stores as well two or more hole through their cost goes end. They trick you and your thinking that those places are actually left one year, actually paying more than this
but they have no baby one or two items that are. after that, a small retailers, but everything else, maybe later Ben. Thank you. So much for your phone call is if we need to find our own processors, locally and by farm to farm, to table, let's go to MIKE in West Virginia hello MIKE, MR back our easier MIKE. Sir. You I'm gonna good morning. Sue. I might have a little bit different perspective on this. I work for a company that manufacturers animal feed trailers I sell these trailers to everyone has just been mentioned on the air within the last five minutes. I was telling your call screener the name of my car he who I deal with and what I'm being told out their Glenn. Is that
The three main ingredients to animal feed is corn soy and these off Obviously you don't, but diesel fuel wanted, but you gotta have a product from point a to point b and I've got people out there telling me not only at the big producers, such as the ones you mentioned, Smithfield Thyssen, but also- Your smaller female there were hundreds of small feed mills in the hills. Pennsylvania, Ohio so and so on no telling you that by this time next year, so it could be, double One could be doubled in diesel could be for fifty a gown and that's not unrealistic. And one that have, I dont think its own. Will. and I just like mike- I don't think, that's unrealistic at all, and I agree with you. The three ingredients for cattle, but I am saying, is that the average rancher brings his cow, who he is. To pay more for diesel fuel. He has had to pay more
for his feed he's. Getting that back. He's break king, even at best and is the soldier solely all the profit margins are coming from or going to the meat processors they're not going to everybody else They are certainly not go into the rancher Your dear absolutely correct and the bottom line, and all this line is that an We don't quite understand, I am maybe you do, but the bottom mode later in all of this is energy prices. Cost more money, the move, raw material from point eight. Maybe that's just gonna be No common such to realise that it's gonna cost more money to move the end product from point a to point b, We think that is moved in the animal feed industry or the animal production industry is done with diesel fuel.
Whether it be trains, semi trailers. What have you He and one went off the bad and they don't buy it like you. When I buy it and Glenn by no other paper loud and show wonder You know when they're right, a dollar eighty five, a gallon, which they were a year ago right now, Now there are almost double that dead, the wounded pays for this and we can all think Uncle Joey for this, the one at that for this is you and me and everybody else that want to sit down and and and have a good meal, and it's not just beef. That's where people all those ingredients I gave. You know turkey feed. That's turkey feed at chicken feed, that's cow feed it's a coffee. This got a little bit less of that. I am talking from the dairy side of it then some of the others. Some of the dairy feeds get molasses in it.
more sweeteners, inoculate more appealing to two that animal but went but corn soy, what the other people don't realize gonna, maybe you do it when you rolling on the roads of Ohio, Indiana Illinois, I grew up in Chicago area and you see all these fields of corn. Ninety five percent of that kind in so doing that you see when you rolling down the back roads Having made Illinois, that is not for human consumption that for animal consumption I mean that's, not yours. We thank you I agree with you might think: you're gonna cut you loose. We have Verne on the phone have overrun. one hour you I could tell you. Thank you for getting to these topics today. I have a different perspective than most on this. I work for company that leases rollerblades to security personnel, patting zoos, and
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this is the Glen by Programme were glad to hear. Thank you so much for listening interest. You must know that collar, not the one who was telling us about the fourteen mean ingredients of road and swell, but the one before that Vienna Abandonment, several key collars this hour, where I am fascinated by this at the level of I, like a grocery stores. Often, as you might know, by looking at me- and I You realize how well capitalism works when you think about are all of these things, all these products in the stores that always there whenever I need them, and I spent approximately zero minutes thinking about how they get there. I I am not required by right at all by the by the country at all to even think about this in I do realise these problems are real.
So I'm with you, I never think of it, either until the men, until the price of until my grocery store, says we're not even buying beef ribs anymore. because they're far too expensive, no one will buy them, and I I'm hearing that in a community of ranchers that stats nuts, and so you start to look at it and go ok a week what what part of the capitalist system is breaking down here and there's several things that are breaking down and if we are going to, if we're going to be able to afford meat,
there is a possibility that this is part of the Eu S g thing. Two of those companies that are the beef producers are also making fake meat, which would be great further. Yes, jeez scores, you were putting ranchers out of business once you do that. All you have is corporate meat and you're held hostage. You can't lose the local farmers, especially when you go to the grocery store and look at the price of food to death. Is the program Peggy Sue? sure Hilary. I wanna talk to you a little bit about my friends, my patriot supply. As we look ahead and a very uncertain future. You might I consider my patriot supply and a food supply specially with food prices and taxes and inflation where do you want a minister or not? I think the country is going to face them, some difficult times in the future,
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entertainment, the Klondiker,
America's farmers are in trouble, but you're going to experience it in a different way. When you go to the grocery store in you, try to buy some cereal, you try to buy some milk and you try to buy a meat product of any sort. You're gonna see real increases of of all of those products very very soon and theres. Many reasons why that price is going up. Some of them don't seem to make sense. I have a guy who can explain it to a simpleton like me in sixty seconds programme We just celebrated Memorial day movie.
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however, I think we lost it as a nation when we lost connection with the soil and how things grow and are produced I want to talk to somebody. Why admire a great deal who has been on the programme before and whose voice I seek out when the price of meat is starting to go up his name Steve Stratford, he's a Kansas cattle, buyer and Angus breeder. And since the manager of Pratt Livestock Pillow Steve how area the morning goin on great thanks for had a meal bad now, Steve here's, what I'd like to do because most of the audience doesn't it does care a bright, the price of cattle, and they should can you frame this so people who are just the good just go to the grocery store, their living in a city there living a normal life and there
connected from the farms can who explained what's happening to the beef and why it is so important I tell you want doing right now, the packing industry is controlled by such few amount of people that basic. Today they can now, but the screws the consumer and the producer both and and capture a margin in the metal. That is not true. A percentage equity theirs basically you know there their property this week, a thousand dollars a head and only met animal for a week or less and the produce There's margins are negative, a hundred to me. Twenty or thirty dollars, They got an eighteen month, investment in that animal rights the people who are raising the cows. They are losing money now at the open market,
why is the market I mean cause they're paying more for feed. They do have at least twelve to eighteen months. In that cow that they had the feed it and care for it and give it its vaccinations and everything else- and now they're losing money That sounds like a company trying to put farmers out of business. Exactly right and numbing you're talking about that producer losing money, while our product at the retail sector is at record levels, Andy demanded insatiable. This happened, they ve got so much captive supply and control handed to them that they don't have actively bed, knows no true price discovery on those cattle, so got the deal controlled and their put new screws the retail sector and also the producer The NGO in mind do get it down to just a few very large print search that they are willing to work on a margin,
and put the average smaller operator out of business in this country. So the free market system. It has completely broken down correct, You know we ve lost any price, discovering any connection to be here to the prom. We raise, You know they are they can now. They can price in the retail sector and basically give the producer whatever they want. so the Trump administration was looking into these. Into these. processing plants, because of covert, and they said all this is the price and the farmers are getting screwed because of covered and he didn't think so. Do you know if any of that was was done was was her any result to that.
Who were actually waiting on the results of the numbers of fire and packing plant were still waiting on the final results of that investigation. All that stuff is down any real true fruition or answers, we speak right now we have a couple. Three derives from a different senators to open another d, O J Investigation So what is the? How long can rancher you know? wait this out? I mean I don't know any ranchers that can lose that kind of money on their cows and then just well. Well, I just do it again for a year and hope that its better next year the island and were at that point now go and aware of the clocks thick and fast. where it is such a large investment out here for these people, and then they have to invest much time, capital or labour that tab.
don't start getting a plausible return here, we're not see a lot of these producers go out of business and how that affects the consumer. Is the Like I said before I mean these. These big backers comprise it did the retail sector. However, they want they own different. much of the protein business their controlling that whole meet counter with also investment in fact meet. Let's price there alongside arm run it no Miss Admiral, rising by the backer. I mean you go into the effect of the foreign he's coming in and as long as it's processed here can be labelled the product of the USA. Gotta come in from all avenues of me right in the middle of the american taxpayers and and billions of dollars to the Eric and rancher. The American Baxter just as well wrote those checks to the four major.
hackers because they're the ones it got that margin our products. Was never and problem are planned. never was added discounting the me in, Counter and we had to bail out the american ranchers wonder when the This raises a record level went and matches, consistent so we were talking to Steve Stafford whose report on this I've. Why watched, I think, on Friday or Saturday, and You know I am, I am not a rancher, but I dabble in TAT House and the one thing that I have learned is this start with cove id there's, always in excuse and it it. It looks like that this started to get bad around twenty fifteen, which I think is interesting when you lose the Paris accords, because they went down as as well at that time.
and the they were then pushing the corporations and big banks into this. Yes g thing, but let me just give you in an article here. That really is disturbing from animals and quoting meat from animals will be a luxury, and very pricey in the future, the People will have to turn d vegetable derived alternatives which will be cheaper. This According to J B S, chief executive officer your belt, oh Tom. What is it Tom Zoning this is cheap meat GPS saying years ago that this is going to become very, very pricey why What are the indications that be? is going to become more pricey in the future. Other then, people, wanting to engineer prices to be
expensive yeah, gotta packers. Investing in the alternative meets porches direct competition in may you know? There's no reason right now for what the producers receiving for the meat to be at the price. They are just a monopoly on that on me, acting system, and we haven't you You get these take me out here? They ve got a list of ingredients in them that is longer than your average bathroom, cleaner, you'll find under your sake, I dont think we really know the ramifications of that steps even healthy and I imagine you are a red blooded American, that each red meat and out we that is the most wholesome source of protein for a long time here. So I dont think we throw the baby out with the bathwater and think we go to these alternatives are pushing so
Steve your seeing the futures prices now. What does that mean in the grocery store a month from now two months from now. You know the futures price To the grocery store, really means nothing. The futures prices sport, the producer out Here- can lock in that add aura, you know price his product dad. There is another kind of from the futures price to the box, beef, there's no time to the do serve the box beef price. we knew about like a December futures is showing that cattle gonna be fifty dollars, you Nine dollars higher than it is today now and is that core lighted a marked? Be that really doesn't the Pakistan price that were so? Do you have any You have any idea how, if our prices are gonna, go up or down. The grocery store
We looked at me like they're gonna stay up. We about them, your problem in these plants. They can't process at maximum capacity because the police won't show up because they can make as much money sit and home collected unemployment and, like I say, that's crazy demand right now, everybody's out, meanwhile, back out so what did the day and they ve got that right shut their engaging the consumer because they capta they can't process enough. Other people brought Steve? Thank you so much I want to take. You wanted get to another had well. I guess I do I'd like dad death than ever consumer out there listening to you in the consumer across the United States, needs to call their senators nor legislators annexed. as concerns, because you know like today we ve got GPS, which is the largest packer in the United States protein.
under cyber attack and shut down, so the prey this'll skyrocket at the consumer level, one. but these backers goes down for a minute, so this guy national security and food security needs, do have more packing and not me, acceptable that problems. Steve. Thank you very much. I appreciated call your senator and your congressmen now and have them look into this. I was just going to report on this cyber hacking It is exactly what happened to our gasoline what a surprise we're gonna see more of this, which will cause the cost of everything going I should like to know what Washington is doing about it. You know last time we had a cyber hack, it was, it was a private, matter. I was a private corporation
What the hell good is the United States government if you're not protecting our pride. big corporations and are Brenner private individuals from terrorist attacks, and that's exactly what this is their shutting us down and their shutting us down in core sectors. God, forbid, somebody actually get serious the damage they could do to this country, ten second station, I d after I tell you about rough greens. If you're like me, your door, Is it just a good dog? He is the best dog and a member of the family that you care about deeply and you want to be happy and healthy. My dog is exactly like that. Always part of the family and when he used to have eating issues. It worried me allowed a worried, my wife in it it were. he d,
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second station. I, Go back to the Glinda programme, as we YO go into food enthusiast, Steve, Brigadier otherwise known as do so my business strategy and a food Gama data that is a food enthusiasts, is how I want to be known. beyond my my greystone when I pass You used to be a food inventor, You are very good at inventing really delicious things. Thank you. Thank you glass. So one of my main accomplishments in life we ve been talking a lot of really is pretty much you're, only oh accomplishment really Stu. I anybody's Ernie's aim and I'm not I'm not upset about that yeah
I don't. I just don't think that there is even more important than food mean the price of food. I just mean food having it around? You know disdain burgers in fries and who Taylor, tarts, and things like that. I guess again occasionally a salad for someone I dont know who buy occasionally, give them my lettuce and tomato off of my hamburger and they can either Basically, south. What is it has the main ingredients? You know lettuce tomato Oh, no, I dont know how else who make a salad they're, probably as other things in it, but I'm not really that interested people point out zone for many people around the country. Salad is the food that your food eat.
Exactly right. Yes, it'd be a wilder to see that throughout Europe right that they are exactly ripened. So if they had a salad, I'm practically having A salad myself, yet what he would do, they're talking a little bit about your talk, a little bit about the the different sort of power. These two options. There are these days and they do point out that basically you're doing a similar process here when you talking about a hamburger all you're doing this converting grass into food. an essentially that's me, they're almost doing the same thing. You're, taking grass almost entirely work, yeah you're freaking it to an item on eating the gradual, their turn that into cow. and then reading the cow, so is very similar so basically I'm having grass every time. I have a stake that budgets registered, oh maybe I'll, have a look fine
with a little corn. You know, but basically that's the you're having grass and corn admin sure yeah, that's how it works is exactly how it works. Like you know, when you, when you're eating french fries you're just eating your vegetables, that's all you're doing ketchup, I mean that's your fruit, Russia with that sort of rude sound of her isn't tomato effort. Is it of tomatoes afore? I think it actually is. Yes, I wasn't. Gonna makes no sandia that whoever was categorizing Guenaud tomatoes s out of fruit, spot of root, yeah Remember the narrowing the colonial times we used to think that in Amerika we used to actually believe that tomato We're poisonous. and you should never eat them because it was poison and p. Would do shows in others, is this newspaper. report that we have overrun the vault for mercury, one of a guy
taking all day Saturday. He was in the newspaper for it and all he did was go to the town square and, like twenty thousand people showed up and he tomatoes all day everybody was waiting for him to die, and he never did. Why aren't you glad Ergic? Aren't you glad you live in a time of Netflix seriously? much better than the tomato eating guy is, did they just have white pizza? Had that to it all that work, You don't know the head pizza, yet not you're, not sure sounds like a matter. It was kind of it. Like a parlor trick for Thomas Jefferson. He would invite people over and then he
slice, tomatoes on the late and everybody around the table. Go! Oh, my gosh and he'd say now there actually good for you and then he would cut his up and eat it, and then everybody else like these may as each made over which hasn't changed any I mean it's exactly how I approach tomato now. Ok, now that nonsense more on the programme in just a minute stemming the scenes programme. We had ribs and corn and weak. Put it on the grill wrecked tech over the weekend, Yesterday it was so good, so good few have never heard of a rap wreck tech you need to know. Maybe you haven't heard about it, because,
they're, not in stores and if you ve been looking, you know you go by home depot in your like one of these days. I'm gonna buy that wherever I guarantee you when you look at erect tack on line is going to its going to beat the best one you ve ever seen. Here's why? because they don't have stores they sell directly to you. They they Don't have that middle man, so a third of that price is not going to home deep or whatever is selling it. So they
But all of that money back into the grid listing was built by growers for growers. It's it's an amazing smoker. It's amazing grill! It's an oven! I mean to here just the best check it out now go to wreck tech with a cue already see tv, Hugh Wreck, tech, dot com, that's already see tee q, dotcom and its blaze, tv dot com, slash, glands, promo code is glad you say ten bucks after subscription to police David. This is the global programme were flat. You here there's a couple of updates: one on black lives matter, one of the guys who was a Bee Elam founder in Minnesota. said he was leaving now.
Because he figured out what the group is really all about, I want you to listen. I am living proof that no matter your start in life quality education is a pathway to success. I want the same success for our children and our community. That's why twenty fifteen! I was a founder of black lives matter and Saint Paul. I believe organization stuff for exactly what the name implies. Black do matter, however, after a year on the inside a learned,
had little concern for rebuilding black families and they cared even less about improving the quality of education for students in Minneapolis. That was made clear when they publicly denounce charter schools alongside the teachers union. I was an insider in black lives matter and I learn the ugly truth. The moratorium on charter schools does not support rebuilding the black family, but it does create barriers to a better education for black children. I resign from black lives matter after a year and a half, but I didn't quit working to improve black lives and access to a great education today,
I serve as the president and executive director of Minnesota pairing you we're dedicated to help and parents moved their children from failing schools to successful school is hard work and we're up against forces. They don't want us to succeed, but success is passive. Just look at me and the hundreds of children and families we ve helped to pursue a great education right. The chains of poverty and lead a life of success now join our movement to return to faith family and something else if, if that was black lives matter, faith, family in education? If that war, what they were doing. I think they would be much more much more people, would be much more inclined not to abandon them in record numbers, but the?
people know. This is all about Marxism. Now it's all about violence in the streets, and it really doesn't have anything to do with what the average person wants, which is a fair shake, What do you hear this professor? arguing for critical race theory, I mean the ivy. If you want to talk about taking the mask off listening cut for we say that no Marxist Foundation, a critical race. Theory is at base spiritual concern, if you read marks, you know that he was concerned about alienation, specifically alienation of the species being that element of humanity, that provides creativity that is unique to the individual that really gives us. It is what defines humans from animals in that case and was concerned that our modern systems were flattening that humanity. So
core question for Critical race theory is one of the leasing people, especially people of color, specially black people from the oppressive systems that deny us access to our species being included Racism ha so which one do you think will be more effective The one that is saying look, you can be a success, look at me or one that says no. We have to condemn other people because you can have success. This is oppression. I don't understand how this is selling we don't, but it is, but it least we haven't gone down the Spain Route, Viet cut one the world has had enough. It is to draw a line in the sand.
Thousands have taken to the streets been breezy discrimination and careers. Spanish postmen citizens once depletes by too that's why we created a new series of his stance. Proteus precincts quality stops a collection of the stance that reflect ingest April reality. We should never says there are people who think the value of a person depends on the quality of their skin. That's why he's stance happened? Different vat bending the color of their skin, they represent that I get this dump the lower its. That means you need more black stance, that white ones for libraries that way every let every place it would be. A reflection of the equality generated by reason of protest equality is, does a collection stance. Amending that followed should not determine if only we place on a person's life,
hey, that's all the postal service in Spain, starting a new stamp programme where the lighter the color of the stamp. the more value it has the Lee darker the stamp the less value, and they're saying that this is going to be because people are gonna, buy they're gonna have to buy a lot of the law. Or price stamps. and you will see. How many of those lower price stamps it takes You know, instead of just one white stamp. I've, ve, never seen really works, but doesn't work at all for civil, having just the fact that you're putting a lesser value in the darker side,
color is so obviously insulting of an eye so insulting. I guess they're trying to say this is the reality. But basically, if Richard Spencer became the head of the postal service. Would he changed the Would he changed the the way these these steps? were designed. I don't think he would Richard Spencer, were in charge. Here is the way the stamps woodwork, the lighter the color, the more the more value it would have, the darker the color, the less value was it have so I mean they're, just Emulous dies a nation's yeah he's there implementing, like some racist fever, dream here that they would be Bay somehow gain the power be able to do. This is completely nuts. They are not capable of implementing this themselves so instead The government of Spain is like well we'll just do it and will implement the racist fever dream. So we can make the point that that
but they really want Of course, is not it's not. Simple to happen anyway, but that goes beyond just how ridiculous this is. This is just permeating society in such a weird way, so it Did feel like we had We can pass this. We got to a point where Sir sure racism still existed. There are still David Dukes of the world that were out there, but generally speaking, real race. Not the number one thing everyone thought about every day: Unless you are some sort of identity, and now we have an entire society pushing us to become. I did I don't know why anyone would want that as a general idea, but it does seem to be where we're going, by the way, an update on the most dangerous attack on our republic cents per The civil war, maybe even earlier
The January sixty in Vienna, we're we're on the lookout for white terrorists We could. I possibly could you please play cut twenty five got twenty five. The twenty six twenty five one before that, please, whose Yankee Stadium yellows, but our level seem at work that is labelled twenty five in our lab black militia. Common Arap moi, what do you do when you think about Europe's bad children caught it may and running?
It be this other rights. right right have been getting No, Why not you black nice found no one MAC about when we talk about we come out with a United United brought the day, black revolutionary progressive problems arising, There is progress in writing.
So they're gonna give the cracker hell from the cradle to the grave that's too, and there are also going to kill everything white insight. I wouldn't worry about it. I wouldn't about it. You know it well, it did sound a little like Louis Farrakhan we know Lui Farrakhan ever kill anybody. Don't answer that? Let me see if I can rephrase it as Lui Con killed more than one person, but why, I don't know, I really dont know Vienna. May I don't know, I don't know eighty, but I will say watch out for those January six riders- Oh god, it's it's so AIDS! You know this is everywhere. right now like there's this green, I'm sure you ve been up on the on this because its sports related Glenn, but
There is a controversy where inquiry Irving is a basketball player who believes there is flat he he went to the Boston cell. To I'm! Sorry, I'm sorry! I just I could you repeat that I miss yes, your income is heard the Boston Celtics, yes, ok, and he believes it is rightly so he went to the boss insulted. Has all k hang on hang on? Can we not skip over the earth was flat? I think that's what I'm here and that is the had actually believes the earth is flat. Yet he did say this in a pod cast at one point. He was flat and he doesn't see any curvature and so yeah he's sorry since and were listening to were listening to him and further comments. Why? Well? Because he sang the right thing about race- see a guy who thinks the earth is flat if they say the right thing. If they say the right, antiracist thing on the right day, they can. They'll be listened to, because their opinion is vital.
this guy? Why should we launch Alex and told me? I was made a big deal about millions of millions of dollars, arrogant when all these multiple championships and then he please quit on the team to come, the court on the team and leaves to go to another city to build a super team with other superstars in in Brooklyn. So It doesn't really like em all that much rain and the no longer fans. So they're playing each other in the playoffs right now, and so rise there about the play in Boston. Tiree Irving says you know, I'd is hope. It's about basketball, not all that racism. We know the Boston people, the racism is strong in Boston and I just hope that they're not races to me when I get there now It flies in the face of his two thousand nineteen story. But when he said he had never seen any racism in Boston, but he's up, in his opinion and now Boston is very racists so ass, he goes to play this in this
do sit in a city where he's criticise them as racist and abandon them after taking millions of dollars as he's war, if the court someone throws a water bottle Adam that is evidence that he was right Boston is a racist town Racism is huge deal obvious. Everyone's raised again. Look I rearing not worried about the whole was the What was the bottle shaped as well? take a bottle ignited our eye right right. Let me show you a bottle here. What is this look like? What? What kind of shape is that here a bottle? Now, it's it's like. If this were the head, this would be the neck and even call it the neck of the bottle. Look, I you know you think so. It's kind of shaped like a weird, you know oddly shaped person. Well, I don't think so. could be. She suddenly shaped anything if its oddly shaped and whether you like it and now I think when you when you're,
looking at a water bottle of year immediately thinking, that's a person! and really, I think, that's a person and its own, person, because most water bottles have whitecaps. I think that the clan member. So A clan member attacked This, weekend was it this week s plan was attacking him. I think, and I feel, thou what No, what do you think that's more bizarre. Then the earth is flat, hustler turf, you know the name there. The makers of the best zero turn lawnmowers, both for landscaping, an professionals and now Regular homeowners, as well with deck sizes is small, is thirty. Four inches would who fit through most residential gates all the way up to a hundred in four inches where I read this tat the first time and I had a column and go wait. A minute is, is this a joke?
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turf, Dotcom, Glenn Back Programme, we saw this do by Simon in Schuster, has said a deal for a foul cheat children's book which is available now and also he's publishing a new book towards the end of the year, offering his views on truth, I'm gonna, be first in line to be assured that we be a short balkan thinking, the lover You buy ten lessons on truth service and the way forward expect the unexpected while this was unexpected army, what farming, and maybe it wasn't if you're a fan of algae,
you know and Governor Cuomo they seemed both cannot go down the same I'll. I wonder how much of advance doktor found she got for his book on troop programme.
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