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Watching, While Vomiting Profusely? | Guests: Jeffy Fisher & Jim Geraghty | 8/1/19

2019-08-01 | 🔗
Hour 1 Round 2: Poor punching bag Biden. Fake outrage all around. Dipping into the Kool-Aid the way only Cory Booker can, only to find out it's Roundup? Breakout Bill de Blasio: "Evening the score" while "taxing the hell out of the wealthy." Hour 2 Sunshine, unicorns, and yodeling. Why are Democrats always trashing doctors? "Kirsten Gillibrand is the worst"?? Jeffy steps by to chew some fat. Cop vs. Woman: Who won? Hour 3 Flashback 1999: Elijah Cummings says Baltimore is "drug-infested." When Tulsi calls out Kamala? Last night's debate grades are in: Stu tells us who passed and who failed. "Between Two Scorpions" with author Jim Geraghty.     

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The fusion of entertainment and in line with this is that land back programme we patents do for gladness weak. Are you can check out my shame? Tat gray unleashed merely preceding this, and indeed listen to barter kaput guessed at your leisure time in point, so last night's democratic debate pretty agonizing, as was the night before you say. You said on the pre show stew, the e? U you dislike this group even more than the first night scrope yeah. I really did watching it and I had to watch both in the end. Our debates because it's part of our stupid java and tarred, though, The aid is re every minute. I want to stop every every single minute. It's like you know it's like if you- and I know this would not necessarily relate to you, but I think it may relate to couple people in the audience which is when you had a lot to drink and you
Go you're back up near the bar and someone's like about shots for everyone, and you have that moment of. Like your body is screaming at you, don't do it. Please don't do it not another one, but Europe, I have two I'm year, although people around me, there's that weird feeling I eat. Can I didn't want to be the ones whose you knows it was baling on the party and then you do A new vomit profusely all night. What Europe here is a programme were vomiting profusely all night. That is the end your thing, because last every right, every other person that begin speaking, I think to myself. Don't do it don't stay here. Don't take another shot and then I do- and it is its painful. I What I thought was it was at least interesting in the idea that you had people who were saying I
the moderate view or more moderate view. Then the crazy Socialists, and then they were debating things. I thought at least of substance we're last night was just everyone. Picking on Joe Biden, I mean what I mean Kirsten. Sheila brain was less. You know she is developed, an immunity to shame and I know how you do that that's tough to do, but she has developed super likeable to super. Unlike of all, she went to this ridiculous attack about some object. Joe Biden wrote in eighteen, seventy nine of about year about trying to protect families, and you can am. I could be heard you have that here trying like you look age, I just wanna. I just want to know what he meant by that really is that you didn't you just magically, a friend did by a forty year old up ad today that that's what happened
and you're just curious. You could have asked, and probably a thousand times when you ve been dog, inhuman private over the past two years. If this was really offending you instead you're bringing it up on the beat stages, just transparent. Let's, let's play that Jill Brand and Biden Talkin about women who work cut out I just need to understand as a woman whose words my entire career as the primary wage earners as the primary care hammer. In fact the second, my second son Henry is here, and I have him well when I was a member congress, so wonder Vice President Biden analysis. Am I serving in Congress resulting in the deterioration of the family, because I'd access to quality affordable to learn to do, I want to know what he meant when he said that That's a long time ago he hears it was about, it would have given PETE making today a hundred thousand dollars a year, a tax break for childcare. I did
I want that, I wanted to child care to go to people making less than a hundred thousand dollars. Please answer, then: that's what it was about as a single father who in fact grace three children for five. By myself. Some idea. What a cause and my support he enjoyed. Every single solitary person leading childcare get an eight thousand dollar tax couldn't have done. It puts seven hundred Thousand women back to work increase the GDP by almost a tenth of one percent. Is the right thing to do. If we can give tax base to corporate This is for reasons why can't we do at this stage are vice president. You didn't answer my question. What do you mean? Would you mind when a woman works outside the home? It's resulting in quote the deteriorating close family? No one that we are voting need below. It was the title of the bad she requested consignment. Normandy needs a hundred million. Women are worrying, he changed and a ten minds have to work there, the private,
our sole wage earners. They actually have put forward food on the table. At ten moms are working today more When we get points, he asked opposite the ito. Look, you know what the deal is. It me Ben. It may have even been at the time cause. Forty years ago, people believed that one of the parent should be home to raise the kids. People just believe I know it's ancient ancient. Thinking in so so so wrong, headed right that children should be raised by parents lately should be raised by tv. We know now or video games or daycare centers. If Europe
Angela brand. That's what you think. That's just as good as either one of the parents being harnessing the zone was raising the kid by an Ipad. Is a bad parents. Know I'm saying that's the way to go now. Ok could in any way to go and that you set television. I will not mention tablets. I waited signed. I'm sorry that was an egregious oversight. Did you mean, but I would like to know as a parent who is raising their chid via kid via Ipad, I wouldn't know what you can find it out. We all admit that it is the optimal situation if you can for one of them to be home and raise your kids. I option to have it's not always available to everyone, but we all know that the ideal situation is if one of the parents can be home, then be home and raise the kid right, but like what's really bad at again celebrate his terrible she's trying to do a comma Harris did last time purchase. Try to have this big viral moment and here's the thing you're talking about the outrage like dear I. Your concept is well, it's really hard to raise kid as a single parent you're talking to a guy who try
quickly lost his wife in a car crash. Yeah right like this, is the one guy who really does have experience. In this way. As he said, he was a single data for a while ass, I mean you don't use, it is it's one of those things were she's, just not good at this she's pathetic. Can she just needs to just drop out and go away? I think she has any chance of meeting the next debate. She did not perform well add all last night and At some level. The average person would say I basing myself and from nation, and I need to stop doing well that what she was really not wire having some shit from shame and she doesn't mean yeah, they they don't are triple eight,
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That there was a loathsome but something extra at the end of this clip. So we need, if the finish the jailer brand by an exchange here has been Joe cut a meat, good job, you don't get job here, watch this pluralism and have to work to provide for their kids. Many when they want to be working to provide for their community gets people lesser vice premier there you don't think today or what You mean when you said at the beginning, my decease wife work boy had children. My present waivers worked all the way through raising our children, the matter is the situation is one that I don't know what's happened. I wrote them skills from Enact Lily led better. I was deeply involved in making sure the equal pay amendments. I was deeply volume all these things. I came up with the it's on US proposal to see the women were treated more decently. On college campuses, U K to Syracuse University with me and said it was wonderful, I'm passionate about the concern making sure women are treated equally. I don't know what happened, accepted you now
four presents a risk that labour, by respecting the way, now only respond to nationals of the ground by the way he has again put those words, and I would like to know what you meant by those words that I try to get a viral video at to raise more money. Why are you responded correctly? Because I need these two really together, so there's not an edit, and then I can send out two daughters is like is legitimately what she's doing named she just gets destroyed and that exchange and it is so true. She is transparently all full. When it comes consistency, is she really did run as a car? first person as a could you dont, like a John any right, she's, like a conservative Democrat, on immigration- and I thank you-
an abortion and several other issues, she was much more conservative energy is now and she's ass soon ass. She ran for state white office. She completely changed into a hard core leftist and as I didn't points out in its interesting because he's got this sort of information. Everyone, these people every one of these candidates he has had backroom conversations with because they were all begging him for our attention and position and to heightened their profile because bite and obviously was in the White House for eight years. Under a prey, by the way that has something like a ninety five percent approval, ridding them under among Democrats, so This is not a it's, not a situation where the ito biting his unfamiliar with these characters. They're all just there. Shameless MIKE We believe the things they were saying about this guy and a guy. I dont, like Joe Biden and not just him. Tiresome Obama yeah there I won't after Obama and his record. It's like Cato
have you guys has Obama, been taken off the throne of God himself, because at one point that's almost who they believed he was yes, I would to see I'd love to hear from today a democratic but no normal democratic voter or, if having to be married to a normal democratic vote or have one in your household. Those watching the debate with you, because I if the average democratic, voter felt the same way that I did, and I dont like Joe by I think he will be a reasonably resident here right and I know I think I don't think he's it. I don't think he be not only a good presidency. He's not honest is a law problems I have with a guy, but it was so over the top. The attacks were so ridiculous against him, that I almost feel bad for I was like this is they're, just piling on him with these fake attacks, and these are people that he's the head relationships with that he's helps over this time and it felt so over the top and ridiculous. I wonder if this, the average
democratic vote. It was like the same thing as this is ridiculous: emulate no money trying to hide. This is blatantly political. When they were not. These were not valley. The attacks in there you know I don't even know what Corey Booker was doing. I know his eyes were wide open. He was seeing every one in the crowd that I know that is something he signals every time he speaks and I think you get the impression by watching Booker that ever think he says, he's practised in front of a mirror for twenty minutes beforehand and he's very is eyes light up because he seeing himself he really like seeing himself. He likes his reflect. She loves his face. He loves that he's on camera all the time and it just comes off, is so prepared and fake and every one of these debates afterwards, the same things happen and I dont know from is completely out of touch, but the ex constantly praised for its performance and I suspect, contract what,
what would be watching what? What what what programme were? They watching Very Booker is so so false he's trying too hard all the time and the the day I dont know how that connects to people, but it gets, it does for some, at least in the media. The media is constant praise for Corey Booker, constant they think he's the greatest guy in the world every single one of these things. They say he does a great job and I thought it was terrible ass like terrible. We should play some examples of how terrible he was coming up about. Sixty seconds wi fi is spelled W. I ef I, unfortunately for many people. It also spells TM I, as in too much information, because we, I find whether public or right in your own home. Even password protected, is Always private cyber criminals can use. Why
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Slash, Vienne, balanced overland, better blatant seventies and easy gangs are we're talking to glory blogger and his awful performance. What was his coolly thing? All about? Here's, a little exchange between Joe Biden, an inquiry Booker for, the entire eight years. She was mare, a thing done to deal with the police department at risk Why did you announced in the first day a zero tolerance policy? top and fruits and higher really Julia this guy. In two thousand and seven, when I was twelve get rid of the crack cocaine miseries present. There is a saying in my community you're dip into the Kool aid and you don't even know the flavour of the reforms that we raise. Your majority had the eight zero you. I said that I
reforms, not just an action, but indeed, sir, you are trying to shift the view from work. You created, I mean get cringe chills is trying watching him try to pull that off into the coup Leah. When you don't even know the flavor ah well, nigh is now the most cultured and am in America hat so the coup here, Jim into the Kool aid, but you're unaware of the flavor for small flavors all was labelled. On the outside of the other, well you're, if you're dipping into it. It's obviously in a bowl of some kind, and you can see what flavour it is broken. Just another galley other colored all would be grape crappy red would be. Maybe strawberry, labor it or cherry right orange would be I Donno Orange flavoured, and now we have a
Adam expression, and so what's that you get the flavor wrong you get another delicious flavour of coolly is that we have come here. That sounds terrible years ago by the way out. Oh here's, a guy who has whose years, why through the walls of apartments and saying oh yeah, to people when it comes the Kool AID Mikuli Man, he has been delivering real information on Kool aid for decades, right and Korea, here- comes in here with this ridiculous saying and tragic: all of that information spreading out the window. It's wrong, but neither do I am fascinated by That's because I mean I understand- but perhaps I dont have the connection to see, of these things. That maybe I need to understand the Corey because cause Mauritania, the limb as communities of male double, with his multiple condos worth hundreds of thousands of dollars his mouth,
oh businesses, he started up and somehow got millions of dollars of funding without any knowledge of how to actually run the businesses, which are now out of business. Anyway. While he was aware of a city Corey Booker's, history of care, option in that city. Is, is fascinating within an entire episode on it a few weeks ago on the television show but idea that to your dipping for an understanding, dipping into the Kool aid, but you don't know the flame it just doesn't seem all that problematic just because, let's say you think it's strawberry, ok, It turns out to be orange. Yet, like I are you gonna vomit, It's really really taste good, still higher
it's a delicious sugary drink driving Sunni should Senor glass. Don't you see that hey? I all? I thought those cherry, but not orange drink it now anyway. Now there is now there's a pathway here, Pat for people like us, if you dip into the Kool aid- and you find out its round up that matter, United for an issue that you have actually got a problem, I have, I have had a drink around, so for me it would not be a problem for radio and tv right. You rat poison, might be a better of better. For example, so mom there's a pathway, though, for people like us, Pat to bridge the gap between our community, the evil. White Whitey White Task, Dick community of those of herbs where we ve walled off our community in a bubble so that no one of color can get into it back community that I assume that we living has because we voted conservative in the past and the community of Corey Booker. Now
the one that he's making millions of dollars and living in a beautiful condo in the nicest area of Washington DC, not that Corey but the one that he's portraying here. You know a man of the people of the streets, that's him! He knows this talk. This is natural for him that wasn't the fur time, he had ever said that it is his tie life this that pathway. However, to this is the bridge there is called urban dictionary. Dot com. If you go to the dictionary dot com- and you type in something you don't understand, it will attempt to tell you what it means. So here don't be giving in the Kool aid, when you don't know the flavor currently means when you see into to a dumb person that they are getting in your business in nice, I should point out: you may have heard me: U S eye any assess its actually be a z s. So when we're getting in your business. Or messing with stuff. They dont need to be messing with, and we
however, an example sentence here, for you Bill if Bill were to say Ella Mayo? I bet she d Do you cause you were a cheap, Ass Nick it respond man, don't he dipping in the Kool aid. When you don't know the flavour and I now with that perspective, can all understand and appreciate what Booker was talking about which by the way what two would buy was argument was accurate. Look is a terrible thing to higher Rudy Juilliard Ease guy too to work. Security in a major city while dirty did a pretty friggin good job with it. So I dont think that that is a Rudy turn that town around yeah. I ain't as people. Now the Rudy Giuliani of today is looked at different, that here right right back in early nineties right I mean he fixed times square. He Turkey did turn New York around and Julia. I did this for the cities all around the
sure you do in consulting and stuff for cities all around the country and America to try to replicate those same results. So the fact that Booker did that is not actually controversial, but you see for avoiding it because now Juliet Tromp and you can't say anything, go about troubled me. They called him a white Nationalist Last Ireland, television flat out racists, let out racing multiple times. They said he was helping Al Qaeda I mean it. Is they just cannot stop themselves. Did you know on average it takes police, forty five minutes to respond or home security alarm. That's almost an hour with some because the police are lazy ringing like that. It's because, when a home security system is triggered most of the time, it's a false alarm and the key goes to the bottom of the nine one one list, but not if you have simply safe home security,
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healthcare situation. Did you you will, where first of all its apparently gonna cost thirty trillion dollars and taxation. Thirty thirty two trillion dollars that over ten years and very easy absolute, a low estimate that what I tried to bribery, Goliar, Eu Asean, that estimate that's there's that's kind of. I don't know that at least here at least double you know, and it doesn't even include so much when you also aware that even then there's a dead but I didn't know that earlier I dont know there was a deductible on top of the tax Somehow I mean you have to allow. They also goes along with massive middle class tactics. Massive wit they try to get around by saying. Well, you know your overall cost is gonna, be we lower personally so you're saying that, because I'm not paying health care in pre premiums attack, is gonna that will negative.
Tax increase is no Zulueta, nay hilarious, part of the argument about single payer healthcare because, instead of the keep saying well, you're, gonna get free healthcare, know their goal, create a new line on your paycheck and in the coming going in a youth. The line now that talks about your healthcare, that's going to be replaced by Tax line that is going to be more than what you're doing now. That's that's what this is going to be here to say: oh, it's free, but no there is a giant tax line that takes all the money away and so to be more for you, especially if you, God forbid, or one of these rich people earn more than forty thousand dollars homeward how you gonna get destroyed by this here's. What build a pot de buildup lazo in his opening statement was unbelievable. Last night. Listen to this. To the working people of Amerika. Tonight I bring you a message of hope. Oh good we can make change in this country. I know from personal experience that can be done. When I became the mayor of the nation's largest city, I set up
on a path of bold change. They set, it couldn't be done, but we gave predicated every child for free. We got rid of stock, First, can we lowered crime we raise the minimum wage of fifteen dollars an hour. Yes, it can be done now. Tonight we have to get to the heart and soul of who we are as Democrats, there are good people on this but there are real differences, Joe by told wealthy donors that now fundamentally, would change if he were present, calmly Harris said: she's, not trying to restructure society. Well, I am for forty years working people have taken on the chin in this country for forty years, the rich about richer and it less and less in taxes cannot go on this way. When I'm president, we or even of the score, and we will tax the hell out of the wealthy it doesnt Andrey and
insurance a country that puts working people first. Ok, that's as strong a class warfare statement. Is I've ever heard in this country. Yeah. That's just fly about Marxism. It's the bourgeoisie versus the proletariat I'm an attack, the hell out of the wealthy. Ok? Well, let me donate to your candidacy, because I really want to be taxed until I can't have any more I dont have a single penny left in my bank account. Please take it all what I'm looking for a ceiling on my achievement. I dont worry what happens if a chief too much in the usual, I want to make it more than fifty thousand a year. I my gosh, fifty thousand, if the wanting I'm twenty percent twenty thousand the year two thousand, I think Andrew Yang will give us a thousand a month, maybe that's enough at maybe maybe that's why
I much sorrow I mean it is blatantly stimulus. Seen after understand, of course, this is who deposit is, we all know his history and that he is, he is essentially a communist. You could say communist if you want to say socialist, that's fine tune with the bottom line. Is he is because Mark Sea and in the way he thinks and the other two things about lousy which are important to know. If you don't know him and you're not in New York number one. He has absolutely no shame. He will say anything at any time: for any reason. If it benefit, he would call His own mom, a serial killer and accuse him publicly for thirty cents off a coffee, but that is the type of person he is. He has no shame. He is a here we are using and even the pull in New York. Provoke forum believe that, like here, that ratings in New York are disastrous, he's the least popular candidate in the entire field, because they don't even like him in New York in the or in the Democratic party. Yes, so this idea is
he's. Also, I would say ballsy right: he who come out and say it is a new Yorker and come out and hill. He will fire any that all night last night he went after bite and multiple times come on Harris a couple times he's try really hard to break out of that zero to one percent range he's in any. Has he does not have that sense in him that, like y'all wow, if I do something embarrassing, then I'm going to look terrible and people are going to. He does not feel that way. He just goes for it. He does not care so these tax and in him going to this level of of saying is that no one else will say in the Democratic Party like attacks the hell out of the rich people? We only other person. You could see that coming out of the mouth of his maybe Bernie Sanders he does that because he does not his his path the presidency is to be a big jerk to everybody, onstage and number two, b to the left of everyone, including Bernie Sanders. He did. He is actually to attend,
to get to the left of Sanders. No one else is really trying even Warren worn wants to be seen to the right of burning centre slightly, but she was to be seen as the more acceptable alternative to Bernie, but pretty much still a socialist. He wants to be. No, You want to get to the left of of sanders to get that activist socialist vote on his side, which gets, to two or three percent. And then he can get it ex round of debates and try this all over again, but is it to its not a winning philosophy? You know it's like that. It's very it's like the the boxer whose Ike like the guy, the Jim, you gonna couple to the bar, and maybe he wanted Bart fight or two and then he's going against like MIKE Tyson, his prime and you know- I'll come in and throw some big punches and hold we'll miss and then I'll get knocked out and that's gonna be the De Blogs YO campaign, but he is I'm going to go he's gotta play de fancies.
We come out there and try to job a few times. He's he's going to throw a wild punches in just pray that Something connects any shameless, so is able to at least attempt it. He does not feel that ain't that you would feel from the MIKE Tyson punished So I was pretty embarrassing. I thought by De Palacio he's he was not surprised. See that he made a little bit of noise but- and he was all protest at last. Yeah, they're, yellin screamin about things about the member, the Eric gardener situation in where he was what selling big big guy and black, and so that created the controversy because he was killed by a White cup and yet I think it was sullen cigarettes on the street right loose cigarettes right. Yes, it over and the police had told him not to and then pretty soon he jumped on his back and started the chokehold the big guy and they had his arms pin behind his back that they were on top of him. Any goes up saying I can't breathe. I can't breathe bleat. Let me up, let me breathe and they suffocated
the death and that was the horrible! Now situation there isn't a oh. He ease up for whether or not to rule in the police force now you're trying to decide whether or not he's gonna get fired. He already didn't face charges for it. So, now they're trying to decide whether he stays on force or not, and it does not seem that look the way was presented? Was this guy took off his hood to do the suffocation it seem like it's more of a case of excessive force, not now because of race. Didn't it doesn't seem like any there's, no evidence that it stems from racism. Now I just happened to be that one guy was black and white guy right, so we automatically applied like we do the president right, like he's talking about comings, and so he must be racist. It's just one of the few situations that everybody talked about, that I was one of the worst ones. I was pay right out. I mean like some of these somebody situations where police officer does something like this in a lot of them are just it's just not true
yeah. That's it already stand different in this. One was really rough. Really robust hard to understand how it occurred is really really was hard to understand that when you know, if we ve talked officer disasters who said like looky, this guy's a huge guy, you know understand when you're in that in that mode and you feel it Her life is in danger, but I mean that when really didn't look like that at all to me, but you know the point, the point is, I think, de Palacio getting protests it for that is interesting in that, like he is not approach. Cop guy, not an lazo is is, is a man that I would have, credible amount of difficulty going to work under his in his supervision. He administrate these the police, the Bears office and is the administrator for the police department and this the guy, who am I, They said I had to tell my black son, about all the mean cops who might kill him like that? Was his big state last time in the debate. Can you go work for that guy. The next day, if your police officer
police officer you're doing your best to come back home to your family, independent in defend the you know it listen people who are victims of crime. Now the cops ate him. Oh, my god, they absolutely him. I don't know that I can come to work I can even show up under under build the plaza. So the fact that aren't he's been protest. It because he's not. Fired that call what we ethnic. That's an amazing coincidence. It shows that you there's no, where you can ever be safe, you're, never gonna be woke enough. You're never go a pro algae bt enough. You're, never gonna be pro anti cop enough, though these things exist, there's not a place you can be in but you're safe, which you ve been critical. Enough of publicans critical enough of conservatives there's no safe place? There really isn't it
of course, deplore use such a jerk it's hard, not to like the fact that he he he's getting hit on that issue? No, I enjoyed whether process and I love the fact that again, it's liberals eating their own. If they started this fire now, it's burning out of control and they're getting their getting. Earned in singed by the same thing that they wanted Republicans to get burned by. This is my impression that it's always been burning is the world's been turning. Is that not accurate, except for you, and I we didn't start that we start that far. That was not us. It's it's right. It was. There is always burdened always into the world's been turning. Yes and I think that something that they need to recognize. It did not until age lesson of they didn't know they didn't what do we want to do the the Joe Biden thing in time last night he said our timid, both debates. I thought it was better last night, a little valley rebounded a little, but because he was trying to be bolder. He wasn't quite is nice. He realized everybody's, not his friend on stage, as are all run and against him, and is the lead here,
it got it so there he's got the target on his back and- and I think he responded to a little bit last night, but He also stumbled around a little bit last night hears elicit of that but I want to give a chance to respond, in fact is that the bills as president This gives me the future present here that that legislation is talking about about all these breakthroughs. Rehab with day you do know the whole asking me. Immune system? My found that scares me secretary. We can hear fine punishment. Please continue through. The fact is in fact and the only reason this particular Part of laws is not a recovery. In talking boy, Bernie acknowledges three trillion thirty trillion dollars and they're, not gonna, have to pay
anyone. There won't be adaptable, deductible, we're out of your paycheck. You can hear I can do it took courage to resolve resilience, Lombardo anybody. It crosses a stage where the wizard, with a Phd crack powder, cocaine, totally disparity totally eliminated. My plan calls for the We can show that we have normally we were we'll work it out. I call for it or who I know I'd really bigger than any other. First, you went out and you hire Rudy Giuliani guy, and engage secondly, part of the organization and only twenties anyway. I expect This city, that's better surmise, presidency. Vice president, I didn't overview, please that respects, or did she do not like. I like me that you, in fact have been the police offs formation with legs or pay your you're a climate child me in order
there are changes when jail. Or would you not rejoined the typically yes are now? I would not rejoined the teaching him his own a little bit of a struggle. He style. This decree has an issue be as he gets older inner he's been a rapid fire guy, his whole life and its harder and harder. You know I think, for he comes office, as has not able to keep up with the words he's trying to yeah. That's a problem. You know if I really think that if he were to labels able to kind of just just a little bit and say slow down by a hundred more deliberate. With my speech right. I met a smile more and be like that. You know cause. He had been fine, he'll, be fine. He just in trying to replicate the guy. He wasn't nineteen eighty eight I dont mean by plagiarism. But he's just he's not that guy anymore and he needs We stand that if you really wants to nail these things, but I do think he was good enough yesterday.
To maintain its leading role in his Lee, I think so too in our probably will. I think you probably think if he continues with performances like that, he'll probably be ok. He probably has a fifty percent chance of winning the nomination if he can keep it can at least maintain that level of performance tat gives you an idea of just how bad this field here. Yet, when we're defending Joe Biden Yen. You're late. Seventy seven back is the phone number it's patents to infer Glenn, whose on vacation this week, I should remind you that I'm balloon tv this all week would been doing these sort of look backs at the debate and mocking all the candidates we also tonight. I think it's tonight when you do it we're gonna, do the actual story behind Flint Michigan because been hearing this way during all the debates like while we need fix Flanton Flint, these people were lie. Four dead wood, this poison water and all these things. How did the flint thing actually happened? It's
fascinating story and ties back to something that both Democrats and Republicans praise all too often, but Flint, was essentially a shovel ready job project, it was in a stimulus project was a project to not really fixed the water system, but to create new jobs and that's how it was sold to the people and so on people are like all yeah. Let's do that and that's the thing that wind up screws wound of screwing up everything for the people of Flint we're going to do because the history is really fantastic. When you see that this once again, we'll just another government problem, but a police, tv, dot com use the promo code Glenn twenty years to get twenty bucks off your subscription and let us have a little more fun with a democratic candidates, because this is a candy, bold man. These guys beating up on each other is just a lot of fun.
The fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. This is the Glen Back Programme a path and still for Glenn Ahmed Limburg Programme, Tripoli. Seventy some be easy gay by the weak and you're. My show, Pat Gray, unleashed immediately preceding this show every day from six to eight central and seventy nine, eastern and even less podcast it at your leisure. Whenever we want, when everyone follow Paddock Pat unleashed on Twitter and at world of stew, for myself, I wish we did die did live tweet the debate. And last night, which is, it does make it a little but tolerable yeah, because you're kind of had fun with it, and you realize how ridiculous it isn't a good point out all the nonsense and people will make you laugh, which is good if I had access to this
home when the democratic speaking that will make it much better, make it much better because it, instead of getting really hacked off at everything there saying, is laugh like it's a sitcom, maybe you ve been around for some of these clips. It wouldn't play now let s see if it improves mocha, as I think that could actually make a difference. Yeah others actually one interesting moment on the CNN Pre debate coverage. I know you're watching all the pre debate yet all over the place You are all over. The pre debate also saw this moment or not, I might have gotten up, gotten up sandwich yourself, at the time. One that's terrible mark as they want to live. I wanted to talk about is the one time you got the same, darn it. But the weird thing is, I haven't told you acclivities, yet so you don't even know. I'm presidency comes sort of psychic lesson I was out of the room at the tonight.
And I did not watch the pre debate, I can't believe you start through that too. Well, now that hurts it hurts its physically to debate. No, I thought this was interesting. I think you might actually like this. This is a CNN panel. Talking about the a democratic two candidates Nan their promises so far in this action, cycle, Kazan and then there's this divide between what is possible. We do have to work with Congress on something like as bigger. Healthcare and for those of us who covered the healthcare debate, the last I know how hard even the little details are to get across the finish line. Verses they, if you dream you can do it. Let's do there's let's get freely and those sunshine and unicorns ain't always easier with everything from you talked about. They have to pay for those criticism from people like Joe Biden that the other democratic candidates being straight about how the report, except for Bernie Sanders, you saw that last night was with warm
a salivating over the John Delaney in the wealth tax argument, but she dodged complete weeks when asked about which have very little class. Yes, she said that she said: oh, how there you go down, but she wouldn't say that their tat it tat way. The problem with that is that, yes, the taxes will go up in the costs, may go down, but win that Republicans are concerned that if they give Democrats, inability to raise taxes, they will never come down, don't keep going up and up and up that's the republic in our I hope he is not just a republic did, are usually called notice. The truth, it's the facts here. It's interesting, though, their noticing. These are sunshine and unicorn. Arguments and they are the idea that its own going to cost thirty two trillion dollars which, by the way, is the left wing number the left wing estimate for these programmes. Thirty two trillion dollars just for healthy number, they were using last night. Yet then they all admit that that's the one they want. The reason why there admitting it is because it's going to be much higher than that, and I know it doesn't feel like its past.
But to have a number higher than thirty two trillion, but believe me, thirty three trillion exists, and so does thirty four, and so it is fifty six trillion. Does it give it load, three trillion dollars a year for ten years. That's it Finally, the entire. U S, budget right now Doubling we cited a government with one policy. We beat yes with just one that doesn't even include the free collar for everybody or the men, come that they decide on or any of these other, Ray giveaways, they're they're, doing it for giving all college debt that's been accrued. Soon the trillions, as well as one make one point, two three trillion dollars for that programme. And many of them are advocating that just for giving all of a sudden k it, nobody has to pay any any of the debt they accrued for college. We talked earlier this week to Brine Riddle whose one of the top budget analyse in America work for them and had an institute we know has all sorts of connections has worked on. You know all be all form of things in it. He's a guy who, even a piece
Fox about the costs of the green new deal which was a job. How he did that actually ran this thing because showed how Dick Iulus this programme was I'm talking to him? I think was a Monday and he's out in the cost of these plans, and you just see them just churning and churning and churning and churning- and we got the point where we started talking about the word arena where at the point where fifty sixty trillion dollar lent already- and I said well what about the green new deal now, Medicare for all as part of the green new deal, but there's a lot of other things like retrofitting, every home in America getting pudding high speed trains to everyone, Haitian were planes fly, which is, Nothing would realise that Partlet that's backwards, like that's. A terrible move right, you're going you're, taking some of its much more efficient, much better and going backwards, which is what most up to the same thing, would healthcare. It's the same thing with but you know so building retro fitting all these green energy changes and they went, went through all this and physical cow. Do you had he come
The cost of that he's a I've been scoring budgets for a decade for two decades there. It's almost incalculable kit calculate some of these things there. So the costs will be so high that you can't get all the variables in there to actually come up with a number that you can. Even mildly competent in because they're. So high but in order to start learning the word quadrillion real soon around this place, the area in a lot of you, but not a word it's coming soon triple eight seven, seven be easy K. We will share with you what does Michael Michael Bear Bennett and outcome: Allah Harris discussion on health care in and Biden, Indent Palazzo talkin about immigration coming up one. This is a landmark programme. Man, I'm really excited to welcome a brand new sponsored to the show to Clovis. I know how ridiculous a great pair of boots can cost to call this makes great boots and accessories. They sell their,
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Patents do for Glenn on Limburg Programme or in the debate last night we watched it, so you didn't have to part of what what is interesting, is that there are still a couple of maybe actual Democrats rather than socialist or communists in his field. One of em Michael Bennet, whose is certainly a conservative, but at least he's trying to pull the party back to reality a little bit and and tell them look this: it's not practical! Why can't we just do the thing that we, that is real, that that fits with reality, and we should point out that that's always the opposition, it's not an opposition of that socialism would be really bad or that you a fully socialized economies and terrible idea, the hour you meant is just we can't get that done. It's not practical right now, let's take a step and will do more later, and so what are they told when they bring that up republican talking? right where you jockeying for anything. We disagree with. You. Don't have an answer to dock employ here right,
There really is the way that by that works, it is is which is fascinating, because it's just they just say republican talking point anytime, Anyone says hey how you gonna pay for something like this like: what's the cars like a dog import right but we can talk about, is also pay. You have a Senate to deal with it as a bunch of Republican did its. We can't get any other stuff, past repaired and starting point. It's not me. I guess it's a republican talking point. The Republicans will be saying it: how you're, not gonna, yeah, we're trying to be a little bit realistic here and you give Bennet for that. Although he's not he's, not good debating or anything on its analyses that has no chance of winning, which is always what's entertaining about. This is that the socialists are like the teens, and all these guys, delaying Adrian Balikh and Ban Ed and not closure are zero or zero. One is the needles right, so here's that discussion, Bennett and Harris others on this stage. I've been crystal clear: were I've been for a decade through too?
races in Colorado. I believe we should finish the job. We started with you order care where the public acts and gives everyone in this audience the chance to pick from a family where they want private insurance or publican. It will fire knows drug companies to be negotiated with by Medicare, and it provides competition that is totally differ. From the plan set are worn and centres. Sanderson and Cetera Harris have proposed, which would make illegal employer based health insurance in this country and massively raise taxes on the middle class to the tune of thirty trillion dollars is, as Joe Biden said, we don't need do that it doesn't make sense for us to take away and from half the people in this room and and huge taxes on everybody in this room when we can pass a public option, trust the american people to make the right decision and have universal health care in this country. In
you're not ten years, will, first of all that without the respect to my friend, Michael Bennett, which means there's no like bananas, does not offer anything that is illegal. What separates the employer from health care meaning that, where you work will not be, if you, where the kind of healthcare you get will not be a function of where you work, I have that so many Americans who stick to a job. I do not like where they are not prospering, simply because they need the healthcare that that employer provide, it's time that we separate employers from the kind of healthcare people get and under my plan we do that as it relates to the end Parents and the pharmaceutical companies who will not be called and would not be taken to tat by Senator five or Senator venison, and we will do Senator an urban and I'm wondering about Centre Harris is my friend is well but say it wishes, not admit it had it tonight. What's in the plan, which is banning employer based insurance,
we're not going to be all admit that when Donald Trump is accusing Democrats of doing that is well, we need to be honest what's in this plan would be nice and employer Nace Insurance and taxes? The middle class to the tune of thirty trillion What's that that is due to be preserved, its more than one hundred govern dollar collect in taxes over the next ten years ago, and we need to do that crazy. I love oh, you know he says he says that her plan will make price We'll make public the, private insurers, illegal and then response to that is. My plan doesn't offer any thing. That's illegal yeah that wasn't the prevailing. Can't you saying that all insurance companies will will be Mill Eagle under your plan. King of private insurance should go through. The government. Must I that's on believable reactors at this is one of the legitimate split there's three sort of flavors:
this health care debate. Going on with the Democrats right now. You're unease is the one that vat negates private insurance right away. Right Bernie is the most pure sober is Medicare for all and Medicare for all means every one is on Medicare period, so there's no. You, if you have turns at your work right now or you're on that occasion or you're right. Let's all everyone just goes to the same programme. Every its single payer, pure single payer, and it happens almost immediate, like all of us now have health, under the vizier, because the right it ever meant run healthcare plan of courses, all sorts of complications, it will cost much more than thirty one trillion dollars. It also will make tons of hospitals. Doctors leave the industry, I mean it, you know there. If you have to get paid it Medicare rate you're not going to be able to maintain your practice does also the massive problems with it plus you'll have far less doctors because part of the allure of being a doctor and going through
all of that education, because they go through twelve extra years than most of us? Don't do case owed their you should be rewarded for that. Yes, they're gonna make some money for that. All goes away, so it makes it makes that not worth it any more. Exactly. There's no reason to do it because in under looks some people, purely for for helping. I guess, but I mean it's an extra incentive to be a lot of people like it. You're gonna be certainly much less right. So that's me. Favour, a is Medicare for all and a pure sense the downgraded that and what what a lot of people on the stage or offering his Medicare for all who want it is the way that they say it. So, basically there is, Medicare option. You could show you go into if you would like, essentially Is it something like you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with it, if you like, when you have rain, keep at it like your plan and you like your doctor, you won't have to do a thing. You can do your plane like our healthcare plant yeah, I can build
If your health care plant, can we get a fall for that again again seriously again, it's I say not thing: it's a sea Exactly it's the same lie Obama told us and by the way it was a lie. Then it's a lie. Now it's not gonna work that way, and they know that, of course, one There are counting on the same thing: Obama counted on the by the time it comes around and really kicks into geared to late anyway, right, it's too late, exhibitors down the road of people start get you getting used to it yeah. So that plan is essentially they'll, just be created, giant public option that anyone can go into now and then the bite and plan, and a couple of others have just a massive expansion of Obamacare that those last too pretty much. The same interest is almost branding we're, like both Biden, strand essay Obamacare, was great, Therefore, we should build on Obamacare with this option. Public option, which is Obama did run on by the way two thousand eight. He wanted the public option, any
the other version of his it is its Medicare for all who want it. So it is the same thing in a lot of ways, but it's a branding difference, the bottom line is the biggest difference is: do you is public insurance, the only game in town, and with Bernie, with Elizabeth with cobbler after ten years with What's her face Crystal Lady American Williamson dark clear, yodel area, but that the one with the essential oils normally way their learning is good. You'll do essential oils solve I. Why is that something? We need urgent, yodeling syndrome? Yes, I dont know, but will look into that help. Turns are sad part of life. I mean it seems like there's always something that, it hurts sir bothers S. Health lies right. Well, if that's, u, you really need this. He would see. Beady products could do for your health c b
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At sea, be distillery, doktor, C, B, distillery, dot, com, Ben stoop for Glenn under Glinda Programme, we're just discussing Republicans and how evil here? Because the only Republicans one is for you to die they want you to die. They just want you to die. They said that actually, during the debate, one of the candidates said the only thing republicans care about is getting you off of your health care, what do you care about that local? Why would it be a priority like what would it was ridiculous to anyone care about removing someone's health insurance is so ridiculous, but the old everything that they care about. Apparently, if you watch the rest of the debate, is insurance profits, so they
apparently want these health insurance companies to profit of people who don't have health insurance, which is a fascinating trick. The the idea they kept coming back to the profit thing over and over again, we can of profit and healthcare that could because profit is a bad thing, not the thing, that's ripped, three billion people out of poverty is Profit motive is not that because it's a central part of capitalism. It is these central part of capitalism. So if you're vilified profit, vilified capitalism, your vivifying, the lifting of me double billions of people out of extreme poverty. That is its fastened, thing. Basically, the best thing that has ever happened, to the world and in human terms, is something they continually vilify, even hard core communists in China. Under and there s yeah they brought for four hundred million people out of abject poverty in the last few years, because they now use a capitalist, hybrid sis in India.
I think the same thing is happening to Milton organs of millions of people are coming out of total poverty. It is, it is a literal miracle it if and when they talk about the health insurance in all these evil profits will be like if there is a shot. You have to take that cost. Four thousand dollars. They always bring up the most extreme ridiculous example. In some of those do exist, however, the health insurance profit margin at the helm industries, part of problems and five percent profit, It is now let us so. Ninety eight percent, its acted, mower, ok, ninety percent, if you're gonna split hairs with me, still it's a little late, you play that game. The tag its eighty, nine percent. Ok, I know what whatever it's a little side is it that is six percent. Six sixty six percent- it's just six six percent, but number six, yes and then followed by a percentage, sank, six percent profit. I believe
incredible breakdown is- and this is serious, the breakdown is, that's not a big profit margin at all media per year. Eighty dollars per person in profit, eighty dollars wow, not a lot of money. I mean look, it's it's a big industry, and is getting bigger because as a society that had capitalism and is but to innovate and save lives and extent, life expectancy and crew, incredible new innovations like the MRI like all of these great medicines that everyone on stage has very either taking or they have another person in their family taking, but all they do is a terrible things about the pharmaceutical industry. This one drives me nuts, Can we stop making biggest villain in our society, the people that cure grandma's cancer. Can we stop the people who are helping look as with it,
any industry. Of course you can point to things that are bad in it. Of course you can. Everybody knows that that is not a tough parlor trick to complex area any I can come up with one bad thing in an industry, but the bottom line is weak have revolutionised the way people stay alive. They ve taken pain from people. They ve cure diseases with whom we we, they are able to treat diseases that were thought to be lost, causes before They will be the ones they come. With the solutions to cancer. They will be there. They come up with solutions to eight. I ve they will be the ones to come up with solutions to all the diseases that we do. We are terrified that kill people and cause deep. Magic pain and all we do is used treat them as if their this, you know Dark board. Ninety percent of the new medicine that comes out
did the world here comes from the United States of America, but let's change that system and go to the governments and that everyone else has and produces nothing new. Amazing. Balanced, overly another glimpse peremptorily. Seventy. Seventy cheese? Now? Why? Why are you here jaffee? What what happened? I want to start by two little chill a little fat. Why she will over the fat again they after the debate? Why? I will be here for the forest why you invited you is what I want to know you did. Now you know that it is completely enter which candidate invited you to this debate. If Robert, I would have guessed, it was deliberate, she's there most annoying No doubt about that. She's really cringe worthy man. Did you see her last night talking about how she she's. Trying to in her she's, a white woman yeah, but
trying to act as if she's the voice of all the different colors of the rainbow? Next year we agonized he's a white woman but she's the voice of minorities. Yes, anxious she's, very she's got a lot of guilt about being a white person. She does not like that or she does not a fan of her whiteness. No here is it shall of red talking about her her her embrace of all the colors of the Rainbow I think, as a white woman of privilege. Who is a? U S, senator running for president. I state it is also been my responsibility to lift of those voices that are being listened to, and I can talk to those white women in the suburbs that voted for Trump and explain to them? What white privilege actually is when their son is working out a street magnum announcing a sunken wearing a hoodie whiteness is what for some from not being shot your white privileged areas and stick it that might be the worst clipper, the entire. All that entire debate number one number one
imagine being a whitewash when, in the suburbs and hearing that it? so condescending. You explain to me why privilege senator thing you really are you cause? I can't wait for that, one member to If she had white privilege, it must not be effective, If she's at zero percent, You tell me why privileged doesn't even get you to one percent in the polls not even the one, that's depressing, and- and this is something that I don't I don't I mean this- is a gun. A news based programmes in a bright, a little news here, it's gonna be stunning. If you're driving, you may want to pull over the side of the road, if you At that moment miss this is, major jerk the wheel into a pole. If you're going sixty arrive at a high wherein now I once, and it's only happened once saw a person of color walk safely in a hoodie I know he saw no you'd. I swear. I saw no one, I pulled around the corner. He made an shot immediately. Dude, I dont know
I was thirty seconds of safe walking. A person of color in a hoodie safely strolled for thirty seconds it my purview. Do you have video proof of tone of granite? Why don't you leave it areas like all love, what objective data abducted by aliens to and yes, I video that either, but this is real. I saw this happen. They act as if, like ever in oak and the number do not support the idea at all. Police are shooting black people at any rate higher than then is first of all, connected to the crimes and act. Of the people involved and never too is there shoot more white people than they do? Black people react bye,
We know the people you're much much much more likely to be killed by some of the same race. Black people are much more likely to be killed by black people. White people are much more likely to be killed by white people. You because you are more likely to be killed by someone around if you decide to break it out into the percentages and say which one is more Don't you dare start started and I am not going to let me you a story about the police. I did what one of the things that is helping the police in your your numbers that we don't get to them. No deny wellnigh deafening. Will now do nobody from the FBI. Crime report because I know that you will be the most racist thing you could possibly do today and I will not have- is their while. I resist organization and the FBI producing their crime report with a number. No, no! No! No! That's not what the police are starting to wear body cams now, which is proof to their benefit. A more times than not yet it seems
but there are also ties want him. If I was an officer me to have someone, I'm absolutely, furthermore, do there there are times when you see a story like this, where the sixty five year old, lady in Oklahoma, got pulled over by by police officer is body came on and you go through and start breaking down. The interaction and I dont know how during this video, I'm I'm a for the cop and then I'm against the portcullis, I'm for the police officer, not against the police officer. By the end, I was still I'm still confuse it. I'm all torn on this one too. So we started off. The original stop with the officer pulling the lady over
why did issue for a defective equipment its eighty dollars have till server. Sixteen to take care of this. Did you sign over the axis? You name it gave a morning driver over six months or the entries are gonna. Give you a warning for some even drivers. Six months, you sign it now, because I don't think that I have to pay anything out or something that speaks of all, and I can fix it. Ok, so now, She doesn't want to sign the ticket right, so you do go through. I want I process to wear a been a little pissed off at the ones I take. It now want to sign, and is the police officers discretion happens here knows I point, though I am Please leave with the police officer of the Junta. For some politely, I think you should be in belligerent. Like you, I had a friend once who got pulled over for speeding and he said They said why respecting and he said. Well, I guess I just ten to speed on this road.
The worst excuse. It hurt you're telling you have committed a crime like a hundred lie time right, and so here's like it's nice
any you give her. Some brownie points were being honest and saying that six months, but what's once the officer has that knowledge? He asked to give you the ticket right and so he's gonna get the ticket, and it's it's. What you stretches I happened is when you get pulled or, for instance, for speeding and they say you were doing sixty miles an hour in a forty miles, an hour zone, and you just on who I was gonna, be out that long. I wasn't even for an hour and I don't even know what are you talking about what that work? For you know aka, nice. So then, now the officer is starting to get a little ticked off right, instead of instead of saying, instead of ripping the ticket, often given a tour thrown in the guards and while you're still gonna get the ticket, you still have to pay for whether you cited remain entirely. That's what happens it doesnt navigate to ticket in any way not signing it doesn't do anything. I still have to do so now. The officer is, you know, he's got a little he's got his back up against the Wall little bit in his mind,
That's all you always developer lights, jump you nervous about nothin about. If you not signing up, you can tell me what you step out now, your honour us, how much sooner us step and are now do not do not take the final step out now we're Bianca. He was about to leave right now, though, to opportunities to opportunities for the police officer to take clear. This body s right. The whole thing could enjoy at one point I know she's. He sits so just go to mean outside it. Wait pass that now right,
I'm not goin. Could he could have just given its correct, ok and I'll, give you that, when he now his peers and how we should, as it was right, how kind of the railway them for that? How long was the time we between this first video, the second video, was he trying to convince her for five minutes? Was it thirty seconds some of this task and video seems to be added to those that we don't know, least officer? So I don't know if it was a twenty minute, bring him in twenty minutes and she's argue with him for twenty minutes and then he finally says all right now, you're under arrest. The other side has more I've, it's easier to understand its position. If its rivets fifteen seconds and she says, she's, going to sign it three times and then he says you're under arrest that
There is a big line there, so you still kind of on the police. Officers are yeah and yeah. She takes on, she is being belligerent. Energy is, by the way, start to roll away and stop right, where you can add persistently not do that with a police identity lad and she laughed limited he's out aloud. I was a dumb so now relegate the really dumb, but he has all the information on her ready knows where she lives. He knows all that information. He doesn't have pursuer except his dick for Are you pull away from a cop? After a traffic, stop you absolutely absentia and it was a horrible tram except to cause she had a light out. Anyway, that criminal activity of that of again, who does that? Would you ever do that now? No, would you ever do that? Then the reason you wouldn't do it pulled over fifteen die right, so I've had plenty of that opportunity and writer no way, and I think most people will know that Romania, you know better than that This results both on like so now, she's pulled away and whose pursuing her and
Finally, catches up to. That allows these potent weapon. I mean now the young, maybe tat extreme, now he's pull this weapon whose pursued her g got her pulled over. We hear multiple police officer. Now we really escalated here. We should have we have really escalate. Where are you with the cop on at this point or the or the person? Look if someone who runs from a cop you can say well, she's only an old white woman- and I now decide here- and I know I know those Aren'T- I sell wheeler with a black person in a hoodie. We know you do there, while the body dead already, but again, if, if this was a twenty five year old or does he saw the person in the car with the hoodie should wish. It would be good if this is a twenty five year old guy in a car, and he pulled away. They would have lately go after him and do exactly what they're doing here.
The real, what that's a little bit sexist on my part, because I would think almost I think I might leave. It's almost appropriate to approach. We are gone if it's a twenty five year old kid me ass, a part of that is, like you might expect, there's an additional crime. Why you running from the cop when eighty dollar ticket you are expecting something more going on here, the belligerent older lady. I just think a God I'll come back again and appeal, adjourn older on older lady has I've gotta do she's got a finger and she can pull the trigger, but he's already with nice already has already see that note. The odds are she's, not armed She's already dealt with her up to the reality that shoot on pieces. I know he's writing out. He knows how to use his weapon opposes weapons so that she gets ordering her out of the car. And then we had transpired
The car allows no drugs to follow your mind you back because of their communities, and it is your back put mine. Your ban is no see, there's so much and she's in the wrong, so he put his working away drags or out of the truck, rags. This old women out of the truck throws her down on the ground. There's not ass. She ordering her to put her hands behind her back. She obviously has gotta have a difficult time doing. That is a suitable sixty five year old woman. Not quite
as its shape as us. So she's got everything. I've got not as a safe is ok and what our arms I we did not wish. You can't know. So she rolls over and as he's rolling over she's kicking and she kicks him in the growing don't know that that was the only that was an accident, all stop. It was an accident and she rolls away any taser. All it takes is a barrier infuriating on this guy you're my she could not come with him so that with him she is absolute. I'm leaving everything rose on this initiative and like look, I think, you're right could he have, Abd escalated it. Yes, I one point: men probably maybe should have taken that window, but she's acting completely irresponsible, she's doing things that she absolutely should not do, and then you come up with this shit
Old, so she can put our hands behind my back and allow this ass well ass. She is only there's out, I, u rag this woman out of her car or they would actually lay down to put our hands, who are sites that she's not doing that line, but she got up and kicked the police officers for supporting rogue over. She did she puts me because I'm a ball teddy taser and he gets her handcuffed later. You see you get their income and then he's trying to be our UK. Are you hurt everything? Ok, she's like now? I'm not ok. I've heard me designed I've that happened to me before it is that it doesn't feel good, no cells, so now she's been charged with a felony assault on a police officer was misdemeanor for resisting arrest a lesson forget about the broken tail: the towing charges, the lot charges all all of this. All of this for broken Taylor. Kind of cash that she should have made inside the ticket and she would have avoided all of it. The predominant cop on this one I gotta say that's the thing. You know this
What everybody does with these incidents is just what Jeff Adjusted, which is she does All these other things and all that over a tale I ate it or take. It was over the tale. I ain't gonna win over a long time ago, there could have been had the police officer had better training of your infuriating. That's stupid, Glenn, also giving somebody led him into the studio. I don't know what we're doing some investigating right now to find out how it happened. One of em most agonizing aspects of that debate. Last night to me was the climate change stuff. I just I could there are four. Nor do I believe the earth is ending and fascinating because they all just look to J easily for street credit.
They are. Everyone knows he's that they climate guys. So there was like you know what I mean. I will say I agree with a generally and J as we have the same exact plan of whatever he has as it will. You guys keep telling us that this is the most important issue, that of authors of iron why're. You just go with J uneasily, then, if you're on, begging for his credibility to his approval. She's go with a guy, if you actually believe this is the most dangerous thing, of course, the truth- and you don't you all know, we all know the they believe it wholeheartedly because are, for instance, the Google summit there all doing right now, the rights they flew to ITALY on just hundred and fourteen private jets. There weren't a thousand private Jan. They all the tailors early cut back, don't try to don't try to know several thousand ways assume our yachts worth for fun, written union dollar really to ITALY, YAP and now there,
This climate change at this Winkie resort costs at the minimum nine hundred dollars at night, Google's foot the bill right, what I'm sure they're all eating, just vegetarian, fair because low, we all know leading locally local, unsustainable attorneys, double starting right uncle on a private jet, really gets difficult, fast gotta eat too on the runway. If you believe this stuff you're not live in the way that you know where your right madness, The fusion of entertainment and in line with this is that Glenn Back Programme with patents do for lend this week. By the way you can check out my show that grand least immediately preceding the show on the blaze, radio and tv network or on podcast any time of the day or night at your leisure. We ve got some racy racism we could talk about out of there anybody more
racist to in their racist raising. Then Donald Trump who's been talking about Baltimore and you know what that means. Not just dog whistle forward for for black people yeah, if, if let's say if Donald Trump were to say New Hampshire was infested by drugs. That would be racism because he's thinking of the black people who live in New Hampshire Bia exactly any did say that about New Hampshire. People and mediately jumped on him because he hates black black people, black people, It is it's only ninety three percent. Why so there you know some black people there and that's it. Most worse, when there is less black people and a state like New Hampshire, to be being racist against those people and makes you even more racist ia. Nor does it take to if you had it, accentuates that race of AIDS squares, it says the graces squared while its
a good way to look at it. I, like the begging, bet that science that lies in science yeah. You can check out my formulas that recently formulas that search I haven't been area arose. Oh yeah, I'm excited roughly three people who checked it out and no yeah. Now it's pretty great. Ok, I'm interested in the The reaction to this, which I can have a racist person, talked about Baltimore yeah, really really bad, and I will guess I guess that reactions. Can it be a tad different, though on this particular really thing because, as we learned from, I think, was Erin Burnett and many other people talking about this Baltimore story Is it not just use being critical of Baltimore or pointing out that this particular city? Many people have done every one son that so that they too have a fallback position, because it ate but I call here's President Obama and here's the ears twenty five People saying that Baltimore has the same rights, including former mayor of Baltic, exactly saying virtually would trumps.
So what do you do with that? Because you can't be can't say best criticising Baltimore, even as and when personal, there's, a bunch of democrat white people who did a to z, can't say that that's racist, then you have to fall back to The idea that when he says the word infested or in station there. So when he signalling his racism to his racist people get so that's the the key to his racist racism right. If you want, I mean I saw unlock the key to his hood. Is the word info infestation? That's when he's saying: hey, hey nationalist which, by the way he was called onstage at a presidential, freaking despicable last night, breakable. They called him a white nationalist, look, I we we ve been cut. Color Donald Trump many times. I don't like all of his policies, though there are some that I do really like the idea.
There is enough evidence to come any evidence to call this guy. A wine national is rights, yes, spectable! That's a lie in and bordering on slander and wounded that become ok again, you go back to the Glen thing, which is just in the news again because of the loudest voice being broadcast. Showtime, where they actually presented real life event, that happened on Fox NEWS when he went on. In two thousand nine and said that he thinks the President might have some animosity against white people who might be racist, NEA and that will that was all hell broke loose. How dare you colleague, president any president racism? It do it every day, all day now, yeah I mean I was despicable. We just celebrated the tenure racist first rate, yeah, when we did that We, I dont think when Glenn said that on the air, you would have been able to predict how crazy this is come I mean literally
my long every broadcast on cable news on CNN, our MSNBC. They say it, but a journalist says it all. The time lag, just an opinion person which you know least at least where the president or candidate you can make. The argument aren't whether trying to win an election, they're gonna call Mozart's names, name calling in politics, not exactly crazy. This once white nationals is an actual philosophy, It's not like this guy's, a jerk This guy's a loser. It is, you're saying that this person adheres here's to it to a philosophy. Of government in the world, but that is a spouse. By people like Richard Spencer, when there's no ab, absolutely no evidence at all to support that. You can say that you think he's racially insensitive. I think that would be something you could make an argument on. You know here either economic, but that's he's insensitive on everything is racially insensitive. He's just insensitive. You know he's sensitive to penal, but it didn't Betty doesn't like in a way that's part of what we like about him.
Part of it yeah you don't because he stands up to people there. He does and we like that, There's nobody has up until now. So it's it's kind of refreshing will defend himself and that's what I think a lot of people like about him. Yes, but when you are saying, first of all he's a racist, its proven. Why? Because he said send them back to where they came from? Ok, while that aim, we went over that too. It's like you know we said, send peers Morgan back as it like the second amendment, where we racist, I don't think we were in our people you know a lot Omar told people on Twitter that they should go back to where they from which she racist, because I know what it was said about her. It was definite proof of racism when she said to herself. It was now Even if I have not seen one news broke, asked acknowledge that she did it not war. Another guy have she: did it publicly on Twitter to A person said go back to where you came from and we
fine one example of anyone, even mentioning it in passing in dismissing debunking at nothing it's so obvious what they're doing so. Had this idea? Well now it's Baltimore said something about Worldcom, racist for that and that's proof that is racism, They find all these other people who said the same things about Baltimore, so they have to back off of that they back after infestation. So that's what stand now inside. Thirty seconds will give you the latest in this never ending saga. This is that land back programme. This is an advertisement pay, don't attorney. Spokesperson ritual block admitted Massachusetts. Only Sokolov LAW, LLC Chestnut he'll, Mass Paul, J Morgan Winner Part Florida, Reg, hobby, New Jersey, Michael broken Solace, admitted Louisiana. While this row maintains joint responsibility most cases of this, I preferred whether attorneys were principal responsibility me don't feel yoga. If you know what me so Theo may is, you are someone you love is likely been affected by this devastating cancer. You
be entitled to compensation, call Sokolov LOL today, one eight hundred five one, three, eighty, sixteen the only known cause of me Sophia Leona, is as best as exposure, thousands of U S, veterans and trade workers or at risk for the disease. Nearly thirty billion dollars in court ordered trust has been set aside to pay money to asbestos victims. If you or loved one has been diagnosed with me so Theo, my call now you may be able to receive compensation without ever going to court or filing a lawsuit call for a free legal consultation at one eight hundred five one, three, eighty, sixteen that's one, eight hundred five one, three eighteen sixty one, eight hundred five one, three, a teen! Sixteen So if you say the word infested when talking about Baltimore Young, already racist period
there's no way around that one. Now there's nowhere on that one, except if you happen to hear this next audio clip from nineteen nineteen, I present to you the one the only alive is Cummings this morning, I left my community about more druggie infested airy who want a lot of the drugs. Are we talking about today we have already taken the lives of so many children. The same children dad I watched fourteen or fifteen years ago, as they grew up now walking around like zombies? This is only forty miles away from here We heard that dog whistle. We heard it with our own ears, like you know how we lack people, usually usually humans, can hear a dog whistle. That's why it's called dont dogmas?
clearly used, the word infestation just proof right. There proof positive, That's a racist comments. Never really. I know it used to be racist. If you remember, when Glenn called broken names that was racism last night The debate, that's a harder. Do Brok Obama's vice president of all time. Apparently he was all he was doing, was arrested, deporting people unwell and worse than Trump, and can you crash when people said and some people did, but extreme people said that Obama was helping terrorism, namely flat out stated that last night was it It tells you gathered that secretary was Gabert, who said that helping helping Al Qaeda are helping ISIS Creasy, crazy out? That's not good! That was not our best moment. You did a lot of good moments last night, but I am fastened by this Obama thing. Can you man watching this if your Barack Obama, your guy again, we
think Barack Obama was a really bad president, but separate us think about the democratic primary field for a second? This is it. This is an audience that approves of Brok Obama at a ninety five percent clip and The people were saying this kind of stuff about Barack Obama just a few years ago, in a way Obama standing above the country above above the world, they sort of God easy. He has, while it's pretty far dear and then last night he was arable on the border. He was too herbal on health care. I mean a Cares, a disaster to these people, the job a couple of years ago. Everyone was telling us. This is no solve all our problems and now every candidate on stage, with the exception of biting, who only wants to completely transform Obamacare to something else. He was the only one who said anything positive about Obamacare everywhere else thinks it's trash and I've I'm sitting there and I'm Barack Obama, the middle that debate, and I'm watching these people trash me in trash mean trash me. I am
ultimately going on twitter, and I am endorsing Joe Biden right in the middle of the debate. I want to see the faces: here's to Jill a brand and Comma Harris, as they realize Obama, has endorsed Biden except you're. Forgetting me can't because Joe asked him not to fuck member Joe went right, and he said please don't now. Don't worry that don't John interest to unfair, for the other guys I mean, or girls is alien hell of a statement that Barack Obama will not endorse but it is a hell of a statement. Never wanted says something really serious about Barack Obama in that picking your vice president is essentially a one person presidential election. You are the sole you are solely responsible for person who may be president of the United States, you can pick any one that is, constitutionally qualified you
supposed to pick the one you think would do the best job in the nation he selected, Joe Biden, he watched him in a job for eight years. Now he doesn't endorse them, don't endorse him. I don't involved in primaries. What are you talking about? You had your own primary. You picked the president. United States? You picked him, you pick Joe Biden and it says a lot about bite in the Obama will not come out and say he's the best men for this job really. Does I don't know what he knows well it does seem, like you know, something's, probably seen this video
as TAT went on those moments, America's proudly, we are confirmed now I soon. This comes out of the debate at some point. The bat is Joe Biden signals. I want somebody to bring that up. That is a legitimate criticism, drunk T shirt walk down a road way sing in the village. A song know something's wrong there. Now he said IRAN. He said he doesn't drink. He did clearly, that is clearly that illegally doesn't drink. Any more was trying to say I got here that we must clearly drunk of warning. If your buried in dead, you can't afford do, not let the credit card companies make. You think you have to pay it all back, because you don't want the credit
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its eight hundred nine seven zero, nine one, five, nine triple eight. Seventy seven be easy. Gay its patents do for Glinda. The glimpse programme tells he gathered, made a lot of new issues. One of the highest searched candidates out of the field last night. I think people that their debt- they don't recognize her there who she is. They see she's, obviously of a pretty face and she did a good job last- I think she comes off- is very serious. Someone who actually, as mastery of the thing she's talking about she, is an interesting background and people just done
who she is so Gabert last night- and I am I mean how many times have we save us tools he gathered when we previewed this going in she going to go your Kamel Harris and I'd say, run interference for Joe Biden You know what she wants to be widened, XVI, VP or maybe secretary of defence, that's at least belief, but I mean you played out exactly like. We ve talked about last night now Harris who had we run at last time because she's going after by knows going after her well that ended last night with Gabert, who I mean, took her down in dramatic fashion. Here's a clip reality is right. Now we don't have a healthcare system, we have a sick system, and there are far too many people in this country who are sick and unable to get there or that they need because they cannot afford it. So the core of this problem
is the fact that big insurance companies and big pharmaceutical companies have been profiting off the backs of sick people have had to say the table writing this legislation now come. Harris just talked about Catholic, civilians, who helped write her build. This just pointed to the fatal flaw in her proposal. Civilians explore Medicare advantage private insurance company who will stand to profit under her plan if worse, begin to really reform our healthcare system. We ve got to shut out big insurance and big Pharma out of the drafting pro so they cannot continue to profit off the backs of the sick people in this country who are? urging and in desperate need of care Senator Harrison was fortunately representative. Gabert got it wrong happenings Bilious did not write my plan, she's endorsed it as being one of the plan, It is the best to get us to a place where everyone can have access to health care in America. You're gonna do
from Carcano did not have a great night last night Gabert. I thought, did very well and to give you another example of what she was doing with I didn't later on in the debate now. Gabert is very anti war machine v. Very much on the sort of passive side of things. Now she was certain the military but she's a pacifist per se, but she is very much on the non interventionist side of this argument. Just one of the many interesting aspects about her she's, fascinating, surely, is a fascinating, just changed dramatically. Yeah it already ology. If you dont know her history, she was very much involved in the I guess: you'd call The anti algae BT q I ate two plus good community and she was disappointed. Her dad was a big activists in this world and, and she was appearing at didn't even then- sort of a conversion there. We have a situation at here, you yeah, so in a way you might be no
that would not have way to the right of not only the Democratic Party but really where the Republican Party is. At this point, and she said I had this big conversion moment and believe me, if he, if Biden names or as VP you'll, start hearing a lot about that one, because I dont think that Bt Q, I ate two plus community. It must ask our they're not gonna. Let her have this conversion, I dont think, but beyond that later on in the debate. They went to her As someone who is very much opposed to intervention when it comes to foreign affairs and ass, her hey Joe Biden, vote for the Iraq war. How do you feel about that? You served over there? How do you feel about him sending you over the ward? She said you know what we ve all been fooled. We were all fooled by the intelligence, we're all fooled by what they did in the Bush. Duration did and South take a Biden sheep. In a very nimble fashion, seaward should over and when after Bush and gave bite and no responsibility for its own vote
it's pretty amazing, so she did. I thought she did a very good job. Last night I did the winter did grades for the debate or since, if there's any any here that you would disagree with, I deplore you had a d minus worst in the field I had and it and Jill a brand. They got a great for two plus you might have been f might have enough. I would have your cause, I'm a generous there. If a matter de minus most to enough. The only reason I didn't give him enough is because he knew he was noticed how good you know. Somebody might Ellida he's gone after the socialist vote. He was the furthest left that field, and I think trying to do that, so he can accomplish something he was tranquil Bennett. I gave a d now Bennet, gave a de la not because of the points he made, which some of them are very good, but because don't think he was out things in line with the party and also his presentations, not good he It is not a good candidate, so he struggles and this sort of format. I also that he was not
convincing, as like a Delaney was the night before what to making the moderate points Jill around. I also gave a d which I think is incredibly incredibly generous. I mean it is almost like. I guess you get a tax deduction for the charitable great of a d for curse and deliberate We gave a deep loss at the origin of a deep losses because of the credibility. Their people gave him he was terrible. He could have given him. He could have enough on its own. The issue, though they kept going back to him and saying you know he I'm just like giants early on the climate and that help is one that audience so the fact he was at least credible do that audience. I gave him a deep plus corps Booker. I am definitely south of almost everybody on this one. I had curry Booker, sucks and well thinks he's great. So, oh, how I don't know what I'm saying that they are not seeing. I think he's so fake and smarmy us awful his son likeable and unlike the Boeing One after Biden completely unfairly, multiple times like by men, but it's like at least try to be fair are you Booker see minus hair
and bite- and I gave both sea pluses. So that's a big downgrade Harris it's a slight off great for bite, and I thought I was a little bit better in this one, a little bit more on top of it. Harris was much worse now. She was lost a lot of times and was getting hit from other directions. She seemingly did prepare for, though, if she watched the Glinda tell us program or news, and why it matters she would have been prepared for you talked about it Andrew Yang, I gave a be minus now, yet As one point we have of radio like when the D, J, getting sick of the Celine Dionne song. The audience just getting to the point where they're starting to like it, I'm sick of one thousand dollars a month from Yang, though I dont think most people know what he's trying to play the hits. I thought you did a much better job this time he was pretty pretty good and he's got his voice out their Castro. I gave a bee he's boring. But he's, I think, competent stream to these very boring, very extreme solutions,
The border he's a Vp East too he's talking himself into the Bp Hunter. I yourself and toxic average. Given a minus, I thought she was very solid, the best of the fear clear winner there right on our agenda. I would think so too now she's very again, she's all right, People are not policy was that in judging on policy, here only judge them. Performance in that room and does it out the ability of national review all for the offer of between two scorpions, a dangerous click, novel, so timid and took it, took me a little generally here. I think, like two thousand Sixteen Republicans, I think, attempted at least to learn lessons about sort of the structure of this where they had the kitty table debates in the adult AIDS and are so many candidates- and I don't know if they have any idea how to deal with it. Looking at the way the Democrats have structured this, did they learn any lessons do think this is improved the process at all your eyes.
Oh if you're Andrew Yang or Marian Williamson, nor even Michael Bennett, who believe it or not, is a senator from Colorado. You said you know very low little low loading idea, but you know he is really just real person. America, Delaney really exist of John Delaney, has been on prime time debate spur never before hours. Now, maybe five. If you had, depending on your stop wash that's act, pretty good. You know it's not something Bobby Gentle gotten. All he did was turned around the set of Louisiana during his governorship out down there, one as it looks I vote yesterday and in the corner unnaturally on there's this not parties would never choose to have twenty five presidential candidate as the Democrats have this time. They would not choose to have seventeen, and my fear is that twenty twenty it our trump wines loses either way you could have possibly to parties could have you know no incumbent nominee on twenty five May
look like even small there, there's nothing to do with the tragedy of the commons. Everybody's got an incentive to run and they end up making it hard because thing, but I think that all the candidates who went into it wanting to- good in the debate. But measuring stick is not. Are you good in a debate measuring Stew, can you be memorable and at a much higher bar to clear and that's one of the rules is like it. Oh Mary and Williamson talking about dark, psychic horses, that's memorable How you're healthcare plan would affect the current health in parents of union members in Michigan. That's probably nothing He has memorable yeah as everything else, the honour it does. It doesn't send sort of strange. Hey you're in in oh, you have this situation like the Delaney and Elizabeth, worn back and forth on healthcare. Was, I thought, really instructors that is like Delaney was. I thought on subs just smoker. I mean he knew those. He knew the topics. He really had good knowledge of all mean you a deep. He was impressive. I thought Delaney in that debate an obvious
he's working against a room who really wants into something more left, but the men terrible moment is Elizabeth warring saying. Well, why do you run for president? If you don't try for difficult things? What what we again we are talking about this before it's like it could be with well wing. Let's we're gonna make wings whose proud of everyone's back well that's a difficult thing to what you know there are thanks for your limited, an angel making a very pragmatic, smart point: the reward goes to Elizabeth WAR and who comes up what kind of a catchy line, and everyone cheers added that this is your incentivize in bad behaviour. Still. If a member debate stage- and one of my rival says, if we can dream it, we can do it Mathilda flap your arms and fly about. What's that things you grieve? You cannot do and its interest Everybody remembers Warren slamming the lady. If you look back to what the link
said, the moment before she was saying scoffing at him about is his scepticism is pessimism. Is lack of ambition. It will as he wanted to rebuild our will, improve our infrastructure, create jobs, he's wages create universal health care either aren't you other fairly big goals in there? That's not at an ambitious agenda that early standard issue, democratic politics, and all with war they shut? All. My goodness, can you believe Scott. You know. Why should anyone in a run for president, if you want to talk about what you can't do well in for starters, as the constitution that is at issue? Is the power of the present the United States, the need to build a consensus in Congress, through the house, to get it through that this judicial review, the checks and balances, maybe what you are proposing is inter constitutional, maybe it would be good to have it. What's have one debate where every candid just gets up and say I'd like to do acts but the path to concentrate
empowered is that the president does not have that our last debate. Never the little were saying we're. Gonna get rid of the filibuster, wait a minute. The president does not decide what the and it does with the filibuster. You know it turns into when I am king. I will do these things and that's not how the american system works and that this just generally speaking as as a country is this, I think very much affects the right as well. We really are at the point where we're just elevating these politicians into kings in here, and in the EU are judged as as your adherence to whatever they are talking about at a particular moment. That The aim is to be certainly as certainly hit the completion of the right side of the Isle its. I think certainly hitting the left side of the ILO as well.
And it is the exact opposite of the way this country was formed and end the way we're supposed to be thinking about these things. This is not supposed to be some big contest where we all run towards our hero and have them solve our all our problems. We have a system and its worked pretty well from last couple hundred years. It has my former colleague. I am sad to see him go Jonah Goldberg, who to in a quote, I believe, are William. Russia was one of the publishers of National Review, how'd, you know look, you know we're gonna like a politician, fine, but never fall in love with apologies. Then he didn't mean romantically. He has met you, let that sense of where you put him up on a pedestal. It's because you are personally you're a committed conservative or you have some sort of issues or power policies are believes. You really believe in sooner or later, that politician nine, if not nine times out of ten, probably ninety nine times out of a hundred they're gonna, have to compromise and somewhere and you're. Here. Look at that compromises I can't believe they did what what a sell out. How could you, who that you know, but that's the nature of government rather than some
when you have to if you want to get those fifty one votes to the Senate, you wanna get sixty This will be a filibuster. You want to get a majority you're gonna have to get. Well, you're gonna have to say I can give you someone column age. You give me some column day and that's that's political reality. Those of us who care about these things tend to be, if not ideal less than we had this idea and our heads above how things are to work, and sometimes that's plus Poland feasible in the political relevance. Sometimes it's not so Consumers can never get to attach to these guys may like to periodically joking president's stew, their temp workers for your contract if your good will keep you another four years after that, you're gone if we think you're doing a great job though we shouldn't be thinking about them. As these you know grand men of history who you know already picturing the staff, two of them on a horse that'll be no somewhere in Washington or something like that. I'd Rushmore filled a full up guys.
Thank God. So maybe this, let me give you a scenario here. I want to take off the table sanders and common areas in war in and bite in an ongoing, take Buddha Judge to offer off the table for you. You have to pick one person who you think the best chance to win, not the one you want. You want to win, but the one who has the best chance to get a pull someone out of those lower tears. What would you do? Well, that's that the issues we keep down, it's a five percent risk and that's that five you just took off the table. There are the five I guess the other work for wild Beethoven generating excitement in the very beginning, although I think looking back really relished, B B, the Icarus like fall a better or work over the last years that rear too. Because I remember reading about this guy back during early for the centre racing, I going to look a little bit of credit he's kind charismatic,
campaigns hard in his races that he won for El Paso City Council and there. But beyond that, no he's, not your building. Its Kennedy asked about this guy's is driving record and so the idea that even better than usual for taxes democratic me. But you know not this world Peter the only way he was gonna be tough cruises. If TED crews was asleep at the switch and that good didn't happen, so he goes in there and all of a sudden it you know him boy by a media that just absolutely moves TAT Group is, and it He doesn't have any, doesn't have a national media operating, as is, as is yours, pressing ovation press releases for me either glowing coverage, probably on par. Obama, seven away and He put him up and he just Wilson all of a sudden. The jumping on the diner comes kind of weird man. You here try to trick is wife and eating baby poop and you're like what's wrong with this man, get out so by that
the standards of whoever add that statue early on better work. I kind of stature beyond that worker Is probably the best shot, the best shape in South Carolina mom, and I think if he had stuck to what he built his career on Canada's come by Irish, but you know almost a million Williams and we're gonna win this race with love. You know where that Corey Booker back the Lord Mayor days was not down the line lefty, and so there are some potential there, but I think that they want interesting stories about this. Twenty five percent rate on the democratic side is early on it looks like most democratic primary boaters released. The people who are answering your phone for the poles. Looked at the top that the massive group picked dishes from the buffeted table, they liked and there really not in looking at the other options that much net night. I think that that is the state of affairs. At the moment before you go
It can give me a couple minutes set me up to two red between two scorpions jerk for those who are used to ridding me in politics. That is really not all that political issues might M to vent on creative energies into the realm of the spy thriller. I love Brad Poor Tom Clancy Day a syllable all our kind of stuff. People who have read it have really enjoyed. It were up to one hundred and eighteen reviews on Amazon. It is available at this point only on Amazon. So if you really hate Europe is awesome, sorry to have to inform you that available and Kindle available caper book AIDS and entire thirteen dollars and paper back. I think you can do that worth it. If that's true pushed for your blood, it's a three ninety, nine and kindle anything busboy people are enjoying. It is a kind of little Corky a little bit odd funnier than your typical thriller, but a really much is about a terrorist bought. Think you're, just gonna set down. Is it ok if I were a terrible their terrorist? How would I take him,
How are we vulnerable and without giving too much away? I think our social debate are our cultural divisions are where were very divided and if somebody set out to tear apart our social fabric, I think we ve done but half the work for them so far, so. Rose love people are enjoying its I'm very pleased that hope everybody checks it out. Good reach Waiting for the remainder of the summer that we have here a miracle between two scorpions, a dangerous click novels available now unquestioning jumped up all the time on national review. Jim eczema should join us banks. Have you stupid beer. Spam stupor Glenn on the Glen Back Programme, triple eight, seventeen, and be easy K. Carbon unusual circumstances, an amazing event happened on MSNBC the other day, I think this was before yesterday, when not Chris Matthews had elapsed, with war and on his show actually a stir, a couple of pressing
questions and kind of stock to it, rising yeah- I don't know you know every for five years? Chris Matthew says something reasonable guess It sets a very rare, but it is possible really murder, I think. Actually, Matthews too, is more of an old school Democrat YA things. No he's old. But is also an old school democrat, and I think he can. Relate more to that, but he's deftly left and he's very these terrible on things like accusing the other side of racism and all that stuff. But like money, I'm not a policy. I think he's more of a Michael Bennet than he is a Bernie Sanders, but listen to him push Elizabeth Warren here on on actually help power, we're gonna pay for all these six area.
You're provide for government and governance. Health insurance got that more benefits. Bernie. Sorry about your eye, glasses, veering aids, everything more money, more you're payroll, go you guys. Dogs knights and I dont have saying how much you're taxis coming go up in you'd say you are you're going to live requested on which they tax know how much it costs about. How such it's, how much families and argument you just don't hurry, hovering obligations and they have to show that Medicare for all was gonna bust about remember when it ended up showing that Medicare for all is cheaper than our current system. That's the Republic nosey argument that you put it all together. You do. The costs are healthier premiums and you get more benefits, therefore back about ahead. But will you pay more in taxes, but that's what he's my question because Constance Genetic said scenarios etc, but also against walking points, not a Republican. So this question is about where people are gonna come out back anomaly, but when we might lose sites and go up while spent most of my life studying families went off, but there's no instantly closely reflects hair is an answer to the question about some attacks has its cost that mattered? That's amazing, amazing. She will not answer it. No, they won't because its
Huge tax increase, the largest taxes tax increase in the history of the world are absolute life far not even close everyday biggest tactic. Recent global history when it would not be remotely close if they were to pass that right and an end. I can't say that now she, I'm am Superman. Bernie will say it yeah reality. So you're gonna go up, put your cut, he'll, say: you're, put your costs, you gotta go down now! That's insane! It's not true at all the idea that the federal freaking government, going to see you money when they process every single visit of yours to utter the doktor. There's absolutely no way I mean it's among the the most. Inane things I've ever heard in my entire life, one of the candidates in one of these debates at our member which, when it was actually said rock or sea, would go down. What's the government manages it? What are you nuts way that have you ever been to the post office? Why have we not have you ever have you ever try to open up a business. Have you ever try to do the most base
thing when you're interacting with government, it's always a disaster and the aid in that light, the private sector, is the one screw and that what up with all the paperwork is completely bonkers. Anyone who believes it is crazy right and the idea that at thirty two trillion dollars or whatever it is that that is the act, it will cost? This is. Is right? We know it's insane. It's gonna be much much much more than that and wants Government has control of all the levers, it's all going it. Just like you know, when you're funding colleges, those private car, all gonna go up because everyone's gonna know every cost is guaranteed by the government and the quality. We go down. The airline tickets,
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