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'We Are A Nation Of Immigrants' | Guest Host: Mike Broomhead | 12/31/18

2018-12-31 | 🔗
Hour 1 Mike Broomhead in for Glenn and Stu... Immigration and how the media down plays the facts... The hatred towards Trump is real... Audio clips from former President Clinton, former Senator Obama and a clip from Schumer declaring their xenophobia... Lindsey Graham has a proposal for building the boarder wall?... Are the Democrats simply being 'obstructionists'...    Hour 2  FISA Orders and how they are obtained and used... Guest Stave Hooper, former 30 year F.B.I. Agent... Where are all the kids, the media seemed to care so much about, from the Parkland shooting now?... Discussing the 'flip-flop' on boarder security... Twising the words of the POTUS... The tragic story of the California police officer killed by an illegal immigrant and the kind words issued by the sherriff of the fallen officer...    Hour 3 The government shutdown continues... Who are the players in brokering a deal?... The destinction between legal and illegal immigrants... If the government was a private sector business?... Disrespecting the rule of law... Does illegal immigration drive wages down?... Labor unions are down in numbers?... Chuck Todd validates what we've been saying for a long time, the media isn't intersted in reporting... 

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