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We Are NOT the Extremists | Guests: Alex Epstein & Mark Meckler | 2/16/21

2021-02-16 | 🔗

Glenn and Pat are back in the studio after Texas froze over. Will Puerto Rico become a state soon? Democrats are now calling for a “white nationalism task force” and “9/11-style commission” on the Capitol riot. Center for Industrial Progress founder Alex Epstein joins to discuss the real problem with Texas’ power grid and what it teaches us about “unreliable” green energy. The Left likes to call conservatives “extremists” while they’re the ones leaving the Constitution behind. Parler’s interim CEO, Mark Meckler, joins to talk Parler’s return to the internet and what still lies ahead. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is finally being blasted for his nursing home scandal, and his response is nothing but blame-shifting.

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you're, not entertainment, the Klondike Programme,
hello, America live from Syria, or maybe just California is low wherein Texas, but it feels like Syria can use water today, at least in my home town, because they could be poop water. Congratulations on that. You get a boil all of your water. Now electricity grids in Texas or down like crazy, we're we're having a gas shortage and natural gas shortage in Texas. We are down at about one degree in taxes is a forty year storm and it is like living on another planet. It's really like I mean we're. Look, no we're making California looked good today,
talk a little bit about back. It doesn't affect the entire country, but boy, oh boy has. Is it a wake up? Call yet again? How many more do we need port Rico is about to become. A state Biden has pulled sixty five Trump administers administrative laws out which is going to dramatically affect employment, gun control is being pushed, and Bitcoin is up to fifty dollars a coin gee. I wonder why all of this and more we begin in sixty seconds so Megan Megan lives in California and she intermit thirty. She was in a horrible car accident left her with shooting Baines down downturn. Regular back Jago got so bad that you, going to a chiropractor. An acupuncture is six times a week.
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Dear dotcom, eight hundred five hundred eighty three, eighty four Bali cow. We welcome map tat brain the studio, one of the brave that attempted to tell whether the roads which are not so bad the highways aren't so that the problem with I'd Texas is we don't have any snow plows, we don't have area for, well remain insiders and are now Delaware from Texarkana Texas down to Brownsville Texas. Is the same distance from Texarkana Texas to Chicago So it's an enormous state and we met for snow plows which are not really a help when you have snow all over the state. Of course, we know global warming, nor is global. cool its global climate change, its global something now Disk
guard the fact that this happened forty years ago. You know when was global cooling. But here it hasn't been, this bad in Texas is just not prepared for it were expecting other forty six inches of snow tomorrow. and we don't have this, whether ever the last time we had whether like this was ten years ago, and we just got sleet and the Everything was iced over. I mean nothing moved in in portions of Texas, vis is almost the entire state of Texas Thee. The electricity the We have all these windmills, they are all frozen, frozen solid, so we're not producing any wind energy nuclear power plants offline, we have our gas and coal plants that make Gee there also offline because of their frozen
their frozen solid. We don't insulate things like they do up and no up north, because we don't ever have this. Whether I think maybe excess should re, evaluate that just a little bit like I said in my in, town same? Is yours right, the suit Doyle yeah this treatment, plant went down and I get some pipes, burst, etc, etc. So now are drinking water may be mixed with poop water, which I love dove? Who doesn't like my water chunky, because nothing better. Fortunately, I gave up on tap water a long time ago, although you cook with it, you know so you're irrational teeth with it. Yeah thanks shower with it. I mean you know, it is nasty. So let's talk about the news outside if taxes which quite honestly, makes me want to talk about the news insight of Texas a little bit more Porter Rick
statehood looks like it is on its way to happening Porter, ECHO has held six non binding referendums on its status incurred. becoming a: U S state, since nineteen sixty seven However. The residents there have most recently voted in favour of statehood. Was last cept. Sorry, last November, this has I guess a lot to do with Hurricane Maria, which caused three thousand deaths and the worst natural disaster to hit the island to date. That we know of Also, they have seventy two billion dollars in debt. can't filed for bankruptcy. So why not just pushed into the federal government, I dont mind paying for Porter Rico. Do you know I mean I actually have less of a problem paying for Porter Rico than I do for California, a real problem paying for California. If California, in New York and Ill
I start pushing all of their state debt into the FED. I am really pissed off. I'm really pissed, off. I didn't live there I did live in New York. I voted against it because I knew I was insanity anyway, it looks like the current governor who is part of the new Progressive Party, that's not the Democratic party. This is the new Progressive Party, is very, very excited about this and it looks like the republic during the Democrats are going to push it through. So we ve got that go in for us, but don't worry Congress could stop it. and don't forget. Washington DC could also become estate. Well, yeah,
Isn't that great elsie I gotta go in for you now, here's a stay! Super democratic states here says he added here's a state that they're gonna make sure. Does it become a state and that is a Jefferson. Is Jefferson the State of Jefferson. nor jeffersonian. I never heard of it. I grew up in the West Coast, but there is movement now in northern California you're is saying they want to break free. They don't feel They are being represented at all by California legislature, and they are conservatives and they want to become their own state. Do you remember Pad where we still together in the nineties, When I, when I read some things from. I think it was dug and Alexander Dugan that said, the United States was gonna break up into five districts.
And when they was asked, why? How do you? How do you know that he said by twenty. What was it only twenty or twenty fifteen. Something like that, the United it would be in a civil war. and we would eventually break up into five different districts and when asked why he knew that he said because we have people on the ground, meaning have people pushing for that, and I could see that happening quickly. unfortunately We also have something really really great happening in the military. Now the latest on the Pentagon, the Pentagon is not focusing on the islamic state or the threat from China or the threat from more anyplace else. They are now
Doing everything they can to look at the threat from within in Joe Biden is continuing to not focus on China in fact strengthen China a while promoting social justice inside the Pentagon, his fur, first military related, echoed executive order, or order was too. Overturn trumps trends, gender policy, which I think we are all fighting for, where we not where we're like this, this fairness is gotta- has got to be upheld here, and somebody needs to free all the trends genders from the oppression in. Military, Lloyd, asked in his defence secretary, the first african American to serve in that position. Austin during his confirmation hearing to rid the military of racists and extremists. Now
I wasn't aware that there were racist and extremists in the military. I mean I knew that there were jihadists shore knew that. But weren't supposed to talk about it, so he wants to get rid of racists and extremist. Here is the problem when you go looking for something, and you know that it's there Do you generally find it generally? Yes, yes, you generally, you know it's like. I've ever worked at a place where a consultant comes in and the management hires a consultancy says. Look: here's what problem. Is the problem as we ve got x, Y and Z and all the employees are like. That's not the bureau but from muslim management. What are the consultants usually find? B and c, or X, Y Lindsey. They always find X, Y Lindsey, vat what's happening in the Pentagon now and I
to any white extremists out. I want anybody, but what happening now is the department offence, but was notified by the Fdi one hundred and forty three times of investigations of former and current military members in twenty twenty sixty eight of the times pertain to domestic extremists cases. with the vast majority, former military, many unfavourable discharge records, and only one fourth or seventeen had anything to do with white nationalism. So Sixty eight times there were extremists. Seventeen of them had to do with white nationalism. What's real, Interesting in this story, is it doesn't tell me what the others were: thee
The military still has not given when the House Armed Services Committee, the Oversight Committee in Congress a definite vision of extremists, we don't know what they're even looking for they won't. Define the word The the problem here is that they are going to find what they want and we are now going to politicize our military on another front, Thee now. President Joe Biden has pulled Sixty five pending Trump Administration executive orders. Several of the withdrawal strike down orders that would protect him. can jobs by tightening immigration restrictions, eliminating proposed oversight, regulations on
China backed Confucius Institute operate on campus there. Is this is obscene. What is going on right now. Under current law, outgoing aliens release from custody can seek legal employment. This has now been withdrawn? Uk we were saying: no. You can't do that The trump orders were protecting american workers, between what he's doing with China and what he's doing with immigration, we have some serious problem I'm coming our way, but the Good NEWS is the by administration over the weekend to quote this: straighten will not wait for the next mass shooting. He is calling for universal background checks, we have that we have that
an assault weapons ban. We did that it did nothing, We did it in the nineties. It did nothing and legal liability for gunmakers. How? What does that mean means, if you use the weapon You kill someone, sir one can sue the gun manufacturer. That's using a car and suing General Motors, because you went on a walk way. Drove over a lot of people now if the car has automatic pilot and you turn it off and it caused you to drop. Then you could see GM, but You chose. To drive on the sidewalk and kill a lot of people. You can't sue GM under
Biden you'll, be able to sue the gunmakers. They are going to make it they are going to make it impossible for Americans to be able to defend themselves. by the way small well has said in the wake of the capital riot, we need a nine eleven commission, a white nationalism task force holy mother of everything that is good and sacred. We need white nationalism, task force. so now there pushing for a nine eleven commission and the guy who is doing it is swore well there's no moving on January six hours a day that will all sadly remember. I think we have to take an approach that we took after
timber, eleven to root out white nationalism. What about the ball park? Why Didn't we have a nine eleven commission after they tried to shoot all of the republican congressmen? Why why didn't we do that by the way, swore well Is he said that he is sure that guy herself odd herself was proud of all of this. So he knows that. God is a female which I think we can't hey that he's a hypocrite on that because he was with Christine Fang and while he was doing the Fang banger, we heard him scream- oh god, oh god, oh god, many time so, maybe God's not only a female but also chinese and a spy american financing MLS one thousand eight hundred and thirty four.
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again station. I d by the way. If you use Instagram, that's a facebook product, They have announced a policing of private direct messages, so now if your direct messaging, somebody in private the the hate speech for hate speech. Crackdown police will be reviewed. all of your private messages, and this is gonna com. If you have Google mail, this is I dunno come to you there. Yes, that there already reading your mail, the algorithms already reading your mail and you're already being sorted right now, but I
that's good, that Instagram can and look at everything that were we're doing. I think. That's that's wonderful about you pack. I love it yeah I love it now, because if anybody knows you know, what's hateful die, I think its instagram toad shadowed. You yeah, I do not know I think the Pinterest people are probably a little head ahead of Instagram early yeah they're, just their remarks, snapchat jet the rate their great. They know better than all of us really about Netanyahu has claimed that we have great eyes, Israel has great ties with the Democrats but to bite and still hasn't called now. Prime Minister Netanyahu you'd think that pretty important ally? but maybe the false or out you know we're in Israel or
gents awfully couldn't even really respond to whether or not Israel was an important ally, really f She had a hard time figuring that one out when she was at out Then we have Bitcoin your record high of fifty thousand dollars a coin. Wait, that's near record, denies record at is yeah nearly fifty thousand feet de the thousand dollars a coin, That's not how I wish I would have brought about six cents, three hundred five, five thousand right: twenty thousand. Well, I remember we discussed it really seriously at a thousand dollars and you didn't do it. I didn't do anything and I was gonna. Do it and I was gonna, buy like ten of em yeah and you didn't do it, but I didn't do it. You didn't, I didn't do it so I did
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By supporting, plays tv use the protocol Glenn for thirty dollars off your subscription. Add blaze, tv dot com. man. I am so glad that we have rejoined the Paris accords, so we could get rid of all of this. This global warming and global cooling that is going on I just that want to throw this in a french court. has declared that France is guilty of failing of meaning its own climate change goals so France is not look. You know living up to the Paris agreement, but you know they probably can't read it in a different language? You know it's in French, so they were the ones who brokered the international treaty committed to reducing greenhouse gases by forty percent by twenty thirty
and carbon neutral by twenty. Fifty Unfortunately, it looks like they're, not gonna. Rail will make that. So god they got moral problems. They have to pay now, one euro one dollar twenty cents, one euro, this according to the court, for moral damage to eat each of the associations behind the lawsuit and that could I mean I'm I'm suing them because I am so upset about it, so they could. I could you know just that could be hundreds of euros. We we just don't know at this time- means I'll China who is has declared that they will be carbon neutral by twenty sixty They are making great progress, great progress, they built
three times as many coal plants in twenty twenty, as the rest of the world combined. but just three times is not like put thirty tie exactly right, it could have been, they would have angular thirty and they are like, let's cut down to just three times the rest of the world come round and the a voice of America. News has observed now remember when you, voice of America. You know Freedom is on the other side of that microphone. Oh yeah, you Norman, and they said that this would seem who undermine China's short term climate goals boy he would see according to Voice of America here, which seemed to undermine their rub their short term climate goals but
does using paying, has promised to make his country carbon neutral by twenty sixty, so voice America would like us to know that they are gonna make up for that in the long run. Didn't bang just forty years from now Yale just gonna. Take your what's gonna happen, yeah event as they have a total under construction eighty eight point, one gigawatts of power, eighty eight point: one game isn't one hundred and twenty one gigawatts is now it's one point to one gigawatts in back to the future. One point two and want to one gigawatts so there I believe they are under construction. China now has eighty eight point, one gigawatts I mean they could go back to the future at any point eighty eight times, and is it a coincidence, eighty eight, how fast in the car
eighty eighty miles an hour- it's not collated coincidence! That's why they can promise that they are going to be able to do it in the future. Costs have already been there. They know they know so we get wee wee wee wee wee. Have that going for us. Meanwhile, Texas is a little frigid, yeah yeah. Our infrastructure just doesn't seem to be what we thought. It was Germany is deciding that, maybe we need to do more oil and gas. Energy, because what were using you know the solar
and wind. Well, all our solar panels or frozen and covered with snow and all like Texas. Our wind turbines are frozen, solid and power from that is where the eyes and weary do you remember the old windmills in HOLLAND, because I I I mean maybe, but I don't remember ever: They die a solid look into. Yes, I don't remember it. I mean I was round in the euro and the fifteen hundreds, but Jeffrey was so. We got back home and Joe Biden was so we re all right we know he knows so. That's good it's good yeah. This is interesting because one other scientists, Professor Schwartz, explained. The problem is going on in Germany any he said with this supply of wind and photovoltaic energy, which is solar energy. We
between zero and two or three percent energy from wind and solar. That is de facto zero. you can see it in many diagrams that we have days and we in the year where we have neither wind nor PV, photovoltaic Actually, this time, for example, there is no wind and no heavy and there are often times when the wind is very minuscule. These things I must say that have been physically established and known for centuries. Now, wait a minute hang out just a second you're saying Germany via a place known for its beaches and sunny sky right you're, saying that people
I've known? Yet there would be days and days and we're in months without without without any alone or wind yeah. And you remember how does as a shock to me in all the World WAR, two movies, it looks so toasty and warmest problematical. They met us and yet always look. They were in their only would be there and you be like why, as everybody in the german remember the little short shorts that the german officers used aware, yeah tat tops and the short short right. It was able to analyse the Frank in hot yeah, so hot, and that's what I thought till I sometimes because it was the Ebro race. You thought there hot and you just wrought people meant that as they were good looking and no now they were actually very war, very warm in the front, and that happened in Russia too. I understand, I understand rugged Russia known for its beaches, it's all running sunny day Asia yeah! Well, I have
Have I have solar panels? and you know when they don't work cloud, the winter yeah and winter winter in Nigeria, it's crazy! It's crazy! That's! When they don't work, as long as you have a direct line of sight to the giant flaming ball of gas of sky done. It's! Ok! Then it's fine! Now I'm not a scientist. I don't even know what that is. flaming. I mean I got up just the other day and I looked out like this. sky is on fire, they said. No, that's a flaming ball of gas of some sort. And as long as you- and I said, I am against gas, oh yeah, that's petroleum! That's dinosaurs role, the dinosaurs in space that died, Larry's net flaming ball in that flaming ball and they're burning fossil fuels, and that is not something I am foreign shouldn't be doing them so should not be doing that. You got that you got that, go in for it, so good NEWS
as we are, we are again, deeper and deeper into the Vienna. The green thing which I think we're all four I, I will tell you that Edward has announced that by what is it? Twenty twenty five, twenty twenty four, all of their cars will be electric No one for years. Let me look at me, like I'm gonna find dear Y yeah, it's it's while shockingly close shocking because even GM is in what twenty one and twenty five Gee emissary twenty thirty five. I think I believe Jack, is a GM product or words at Ford. Now, ah Jaguar, Jaguar landowners, airline. Only Jaguar brand will being entirely electric by twenty twenty five wow,
and will launch e models of its entire line. Up by twenty thirty seems impossible. The high profits whence II type model in the Sixtys and Seventys Jaguar faces the same challenges, other carmakers, making its transition to electric vehicles while retaining its feeling and power of luxury combustion engine model, I mean there tell me: you're, not gonna, be able to own a fossil fuel car soon twentieth Thirty thirty, five really soon yeah and what is it What they can Jaguar go further than three hundred miles on a charge: I mean have they fix the battery problem? None of the deal is nobody, including Tesla, has fixed that problem. stop in recharge for free, we. Finally military, I gotta go. Where are you guys I mean
you don't have to really leave your house. No I've really do sometimes I'll know. Take go to seven hundred or eight hundred mile lie to see other people that you don't want to get another people, families, z friend, did you see? I am not making this up exe ports are now saying that in the United States we will not fully be vaccinated, fully ready to come out of this until twenty twenty seven, that's the latest. I hadn't Twenty twenty seven, hey we just have to flatten occur all we have to do it. Dean datasets, fifteen danish, flattened the curve wherever they may have said. Fifteen years it's been so confusing, I dont even may I just suggest you look for vampire space bunnies because they are coming. They are coming, and they won't be a surprise when they come
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A new while study out by the Washington Post they have found that people are isolated alone. They knew to express their true selves? and that's why there's more extremists out there right now is a lot of these. People are just craving human interaction, but the way imposed liked point up so ancient times, pandemics of spurred sharp turns in political beliefs spawning extremist movements wave of This trust and wholesale rejection of authorities nearly a year into the corona virus crisis. Americans are falling prey to the same phenomena. Historians Theo origins and others experts say, This is a situation where nearly one in five, so they believe in Satan worshipping child enslaving elites. Seeking to troll the world
downs of paralyzed the economy in the first months of the pandemic, and in when that happened, there was a sham increase on searches online for extremist and white supremacist, supremacist materials online. Sure now I don't how about you, but when I was shot in the first thing I thought was: how can I join the clan and I think here I think, a lot of people I mean, let's drop the whistle here, and you know, stop just hiding behind no that's right, dick Iulus MIA and, let's just not to admit it, a British. finally got us. They do you guys. British study found that the pandemic boosted radicalization globally as people found more time to delve into extremist arguments, how when we were working, we didn't. What time did no time to know we didn't, we didn't.
some of these insecurities predated the pandemic. Many of those arrested in the capital riot own businesses or worked white collar jobs. Did you know that no yeah, yeah so and wash and impose analysis of public records, found that nearly sixty percent of the people facing charred charges have prior money troubles. Mean lingering means Therefore, whilst ok, they had groups at ease and unpaid or white at www corset does there were on like they were at home, Cove id, they yeah squandered all their money and they had unpaid tat, probably on clan material, irresolutely rights and many are involved in these things because they have been clobbered quoting the washing imposed clobbered for virus related shutdowns. and then they talk to a then they talked a couple of fur really
just experts, Richard Land, president of Southern Evangelical, seminary said Anne healthy society. The government, the church would say this is nonsense and people would believe them, but you know that check on extremists. Impulses by the church is not there over the past year the pandemic was a constant undercurrent, as Americans took to the streets to protest Rachel Injustice Police, brutality and pray, and binds victory as we too. To the streets to protest racial injustice. I remember that yeah. I do brutality areas talladega, those but president vines victory? Men are level one. I wear one eighty one one day and there still six thousand trooping see through the fall now say. So Well, that was not only an attack as an insurrection plot and is an impromptu meet up.
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Typical american financing there waiting for your call now it said the eight hundred and nine six hundred and twenty four four thousand eight hundred nine hundred and six two thousand four hundred and forty or americanfinancing dot net. Do it now? Alright, the Texas Energy GRID and the green new deal with green movement? What's happened to Texas? How can we possibly make fun of California all of that and more coming up, what
not to turn the clock back. Texas is going through something historic right now we haven't had temperatures in Texas like this, since what nineteen seventies
It has been a very, very bad few days in Texas and it's about to get worse. We have sewage treatment plants that are now the pipes are bursting. We we of the lot of the state, is without any power. Three and a half million people in Texas have been without power for awhile, and it's not getting any better, but I thought Texas was on its own grid. I thought Texas was fine. How can we possibly make fun of what's going on in California if we get hit by extreme weather? Is there difference and is getting worse in Texas because of the push De Green energy. What does your future look like Amerika, all that and more in sixty seconds Glenn programme. Time shares
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the president and found her for the centre for industrial progress. The author the moral case for fossil fuels. Alex Epstein is with us now, hello Alex. How are you. Hey, you won me back on your shot, it's great to have you! I wanted to talk to you a little bit about what's happening in Texas. There is no way we should be having these problems in Texas with Ie with our own power grid with is ouch, gas and oil as we have what the heck is happening, yeah, so I'm in This is something I've been warning about for a while in September twenty, so I live in California when the California blackouts were happening. I want on twitter that there are similar things happening in Texas until A black out is an extreme event, but this black out is not unprecedented
access has been having what I call industrial blackouts alot. They call it demand management ethically me into one there's, not enough power. They have their Austria, o clock curtailment they'll have their industrial projects, stop another Howard, industrial people. They won't cut it often home. So what happened here? the lack of ability to meet. Demand has just been so extreme and then there are some unexpected events. That is that everyone is saying, but it's him. but this is not an unprecedented thing. It's just a more extreme, and this is something that happened: a California tat country. And the fundamental reason, whatever else is going on- is the answer. since on using unreliable, wind and solar energy, stead of reliable energy from coal nuclear natural gas Why is that called? We have? wondering why, when we know that those sources cause there's issues of failures in Texas in all talk about that? But we know for a fact that coal gas anew
we'll can work under any weather conditions and around the world. So whatever is going on in Texas, it's not that coal plants don't work. Gas plants, don't work nuclear plant. is a combination of specific mismanagement and non preparation in taxes, but the main thing is much attempt to rely on unreliable energy and that takes away focus and funding the reliable energy and for making it resilient. Ok, so I'm I'm kind of caught in between some people are really really pissed. Somebody. Well, that's what happens I'm somewhere in between There are times that I feel like I'm living in Syria, however, I don't expect the state to spend oodles of money protecting for something that happens once every. Even you know when it to salt trucks and everything else. Why spend the money? It happens every ten years? This is something that happened. You know about every forty or fifty years in Texas, so I cut some slack but I don't understand
why our coal plants are down there. Our down our natural gas plants or down? Why. we'll sit there. There's I mean we, I dont think the costs are causes the so called reliability council attractive idea. I've been totally open, so it's not easy to tell exactly what's going on. There are a number of things that can happen. So one thing that they'll tend not to talk about it. It's possible, there's been some mismanagement of supply and demand. So when demand was exceeding supply, they didn't Her tail demand early enough and that can cause things to trip up. It can be that specific lamps aren't resilient enough. It can be that the fuel in sure there's something off with that in terms of delivery of europe- and this is something I think that will emerge, but again, these are all things that are here. Not everywhere around the world. There are not inherent in coal. ass, a nuclear, whereas what you see with what then solar, as they went completely out to lunch when they were needed most so, no matter how even
there had been no freezing of the wind turbines. Wind, would have still been useless during very large portions of the situation, Less way way way way way way way way. Why would winter, but when there was wins? Why were wind turbines not useful? Well? Well there frozen. Some members were not allowed at Windsor. There wasn't wind. The whole time saw there as it. So talking point for the other sites that I will not that many of them forget, but if you look at them, recent data. Last several days there have been times when it's been one gigawatt out of thirty two, so that part of the thing is they call the capacity they call the maximum possible wind, the capacity which is ridiculous lucky situation since I have thirty two gigawatts of wind and everyone brags about that, but when the going gets tough one two or three gigawatts of wind, so again there are always people always like to talk about the peak, but the real thing
is where are they when you need them and appoint as they are not reliable there, there basically reliable four zero and that's why they are so much cost, because you always have to have the unreliable infrastructure the reliable infrastructure, so some greens are blaming not enough gas being online and that's me: the green screen is scheme requires it to be off line. so we can get more electricity from wind right where every Figures engineered around trying to maximize the amount of unreliable wind that you're used to the whole way the grid is working normally, that's very wasteful is your cycle the gas up and down to a common the wind, if you had a reliable energy infrastructure which we used to have around the country, you just have a horse of reliable plants and then when you had a lot more demand, you could just where a lot of the reliable plants, but here what taxes is trying to do as they're trying to minimize the number of reliable planning to cut costs,
and this is why we are now one of the public utility people said. Anne, twenty nine team, like it we ve got a serious issue- are a reserve margin is very scary. Taxes is notorious in electricity circles for trying to get it with the lowest reserve margin possible, which means the smallest. For error possible, it's gone down dramatically because they ve been trying to cut prices and use. When that's what that's what happened in California. We didn't maintain our power. Enough because we didn't want to raise price, even more after we had inflated them with green energy. If you dont focus on reliability, you're gonna lose reliable, so in northern climates, when it gets cold like this every single year, Hata with how do they avoid this problem? Are they doing less green energy than Texas is well there, things are. So one is just they have better specific policies for their plants and I can take all sorts of matters. The latest figures, the user,
we need these places? Taxes even in bad weather is not as bad as places around a lot about a few places in Russia are using kinds of places places in coal parts of Canada, happening more important with the onward? What I call the unreliable said, the solar and wind, it is possible, a certain amount of them along the reliable, so people in the MID West or saying hey, look I wouldn t, Those are working and its true that you can spend money and they are fairly ice. But the point is there: in court: dont scale, because again you have to pay for the unreliable energy infrastructure, the reliable energy infrastructure. Was you a real? It's really inefficient terror a grid that way it's like these often go traffic for the reliable plus. You, you them down a lot more quickly when you move not today, but the real thing to notices you cannot rely on the unreliable, their parasites and what we have is a country is a policy that is true
get us one hundred percent dependent on these parasites. The real lesson of taxes is not that wind turbines froze it's that wind and solar cannot keep us warm power in the winter, and so these green new deal type players are a complete fiasco. Everybody should be asked by what the hell would taxes do under your situation. How the? How would they get power if you're gonna have nearly a hundred percent wind and solar, which were totally out to lunch when they were needed most she's? While they were now buying power, I believe from Mexico which pushes what so are these, when people say the Texas grid we're fine. We have our own grid in Texas or have the per as of policies just pretty dismantled any positives we had with that. Yes amiss.
I mean I was really scared of what was going to happen with the storm, and my fears unfortunately came true, but one thing I thought would be good in terms of a lesson is Texas does have this isolated grid and that can be an acid. Our liability, but big when it really illustrates, is the problem of relying on unreliable energy, because in color we even need a. We import twenty five percent of our electricity, which at a given time, could be forty percent of our electricity, twenty four it is just an average, so war, bailed out by vodka, Utah Arizona What happens if they start trying to have more more unreliable, then we can't rely alone. That's what happened in the summer. It got hot. We went down. The sun goes down every day. People are shocked and we do not have enough electricity and we couldn't get it to. Everyone is trying to play this game of get it of chicken with how much unreliable can I use get away with it, and the taxes is a good prostration, because as the self contained world and
We need to learn that the whole. U S cannot be like taxes again. Taxes is something like twenty percent wind. Tiny fraction of the binding plan, the binding plants as one hundred percent carbon neutral grid by twenty thirty five- that sport news and he's not pass on nuclear? He does nothing the support nuclear and that the biggest, why the biggest giveaway is none of these people support nuclear touch. This is an option increasing nuclear. If you look at Texas plants, I just I just wrote about this on on twitter- is out twitter com. Slash, accept sentence. I wrote the statistics, listen! Listen! If one like, what would you say Taxes has planned, okay, so Euro nuclear plants, nuclear or the most, whether resilient plants, they store their future zero plants. Without no new coal plants, there probably gonna shut down plants. Nine point four gigawatts of wind, so the existing thirty two gigawatts. They went down to one gigawatt when it was needed, bucks and spatial useless and then twelve
you're. Getting a lot of sore and solar was almost completely useless and then five new gigawatts gas, which is basically to handle all the ups and downs of the wind and solar seditious taxes. When and that is a mild day at the beach compared to what Biden has We need to really change direction right. So I want you to tell us what America looks like with the Biden Plan and what statesman and people locally should be should be doing, because The first thing came to my mind was I am now sufficient. I am not self reliant at all, I'm still reliant on hearing exodus, I'm reliant on way too much stuff way too much stuff When you can't you can whether a storm for three days for days without these. These aren't rolling brown outs are rolling blackouts, they're, not scheduled anymore. They started scheduled now, they're, just Now I just haven't full blackout
and that I mean that just is not in a in aid. You know twenty first century world that, makes no sense whatsoever in my opinion, are about. In just a second more on the Green Energy movement and what that means to you coming up in just a second there's a scan out there. Now we get a text message claiming that you can access of free year of Netflix wow really of free year. Here's the deal, don't respond or click the link. If it happens to you, there, try get you to log in to a fake website and share your information if there really lucky your credit card. We'll go in as well. This is why you need lifelong important to understand how cybercrime and identity theft or affecting your life every day. we put our information at risk now, no, He can prevent all identity theft. Nobody can monitor all transactions at all businesses, but you can
and keep what's yours, yours? with life, lock, identity, theft, protection join now and save up to twenty five percent off your first year at life, locked outcome with the promo code back, that's one aid red lifelike, one eight hundred lifelike or head to lifelong dotcom use the power oh code back yet twenty five percent off now add lifelong dot com ten second station. I D. are we back with Alex Epstein. He is the president founder or the centre for industrial progress, the author of the moral case for fossil fuels Alex. So what does Amerika. Look like we're, The way the Biden administration is heading even right now
so it is important because the dynamics I mention this whole hundred percent carbon free grid print about nuclear. Like that's, not gonna happen. It's completely impossible. The whole net near by twenty fifty thing is impossible, but that doesn't mean we don't need to worry about it, because we were seeing the Texas even small, steps in that direction disaster. So what you see is just more and more of these black out of these brown out and one I think on the highway is what happens to industry, what lessons industry take when they keep getting blacked out and they get blacked out a lot more than much more than we do as consumers they're gonna go overseas, they're gonna go other places. I really want to highlight the strategic thing. That's happening right now with China, because nobody attended to China: users five times more industrial electricity than the? U S, five times The vast majority of it comes from call a lot of ITALY. First, it is used to be unreliable, solar panels in wind turbines for us, of course, we are mostly build them here because they have to be built.
cheap energy, which means they have to be built with. Fossil fuels are not built with solar panels and wind turbine. Obviously you have China making this this very strong strategic move to get to unilaterally different power and for them to empower and then they say all gonna go net zero by twenty six me they get praised by Biden. They get praise, this guy Larry think they had a black rocky, almost one the financial or going up- and so you just see this amazing strategic way where they are using fossil fuels to get ahead. They have recorded oil import, they had a five year high and coal production, their building, one hundred plus new coal plants. Again five times more electricity we're. So they are due. power and us power among themselves and thence telling us these almost useless solar panels, and wind turbines environments playing into, and so unfortunately, he's expressions useful area for China I think that security thing should scare us just as much as everything else, so where do we? Where do we go
because it honestly you have Bank of America saying that they are not going to you know: they're gonna start looking at loans if you're not green, you may not be able to be fitting into their portfolio of businesses. They can loan money to your black Roy. Pushing this. We have the great reset pushing all of this and Jaguar Just came out and said: they'll be fully electric cars by two twenty five and nobody is talking about the inn, Greece and electricity that is needed if we all go to electric cars. Yes, I think that these tasks crucial to have the moments ass, teaching moments so this this is maybe they create crucial teaching murmur of twenty one. Twenty twenty one to change the narrative on this, and I mention that on on twitter, I posted a very comprehensive explanation. More broadly recently, I created a website called energy. Talking point stuck on that takes all
these issues and give you a very quick, well reference statements on everything and that's all my overall goal of just changing the narrative where we move from this focus. unreliable energy and climate catastrophe to one where we recognise that if we use the best source of energy, namely fossil fuels and nuclear, we can keep. Making the world a better place to live weight. I do believe we in fact, while we're talking about one degree in a hunch Seventy years, climate related deaths or an all time low, fossil fuels making the world a better and better place to live got the facts are on the side of and mandatory government controlled green energy is making the world a worse place to live. So those are the two narrative I just keep hitting over and over and over an eventual People do not see that narrative correspond to reality and the other a narrative is unreal and destructive You so much Gimme the giving the name of that website. You just created again called gee talking point dot, com, energy,
fucking points dotcom? Thank you. So much appreciated, Alex Epstein president cofounder for Centre for industrial progress more in just a second. Did, I say today, while I'm second, the My family and I been so concerned about others have don't have heat others. Don't have all of the stuff that we might have, please suffering that is going on in Texas. Were green energy should wig people up alone, lessons learned programme. Let me take a real estate agents. I trust dotcom toe I thought you know about writing the entire list of things. I'd rather do than get involved with buying and selling of a house, but I realized pretty quickly. That would take me, probably for the next forty years to do that. Give me a hand among them was bungee jumping into a ballplayer filled with venomous snakes taking a
to the shoulder just to see what it feels like working at the New York Times. Those are just some of the things that I'd rather do. Then buy or sell a house, it's a hassle, but it doesn't have to be. If you have the right real estate agent in place, you don't eat you. You're, not gonna have all of those hassle. You need somebody who knows the market knows how to attract the buyers knows.
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talking about a last hour. I wanna go a little further in depth on this. And and read it to you, because it shows. it shows the thinking of the elites. Where there are headed. Craig, learn quoting. Washington Post used to feed his Youtube following a politics. Free diet of chatter, about aliens movie escape warnings and video games then came pandemic Now he devotes much of his talk, show to his agitation that mass mandates aren't assault to personal freedom and that Grab somehow stole twenty twenty election from Donald Trump. The result, a much bigger audience. Ok, we're I mean you do. Skateboarding should have brought a huge audience. I mean everybody skateboarding nowadays. A much bigger audience. Yes, because everyone's life is affected by the mask mandates and
Yes, the mask mandates are an assault on personal freedom. When you mandate to them. Going to the United States, the people of the United States to say: look. We all need to wear masks can can we all just do this? We all have to work together. The American people would not have had a problem with it. We wouldn't have we did it. we were wearing mask when they told us not to wear masks. It's the mandate that is an affront to personal freedom and the Democrats. Someone somehow stalled twenty twenty election wash. Imposed? Are you really? Yes, you are so I'm not ask the watch imposed. Post is so deep up their own ass excuse, the expression that they, you see any light anymore. They they all they see is intestines and the. their own crap that they ve been eating
the pandemic has made more people want to blame someone else because they ve lost their jobs or their lonely. Curricular said true in vain. For years? A campaign professional has worn off Politics and launched a career and real estate, then covert help hit and he helped No Mask Nevada, organizing, a doves dozen rallies against masking, because he said the girl was inflating the danger of the corona virus. Well, I I That's true, How did we know that it is point? What what is it point Six percent point: eight percent somewhere Thirdly, and most of it on the upper end, yeah it's been overstated. People are isolate alone, they need to express their true selves. Bain said
our I dont know why. We are surprised that there's more extremism now people came out to rallies because they craved human interaction. Ok, that's not why p people are not craving human interaction. So they're like let's go broke test the government that somewhat happening? Yes, our key kids are killing themselves because they crave human interaction or extremism There isn't more extremism, I contend, there is more extremism on the part of the federal and some state governments it is. Extremist to say fifth Jeanne days to flattened the curve, and now we are approaching a one year anniversary and we have all of these people out of work. That's stream mists
not to people who say hey, maybe I should be able to feed my family. The action of the government is extreme, is don't let them who's. This extremists talk again, Anyone exe them. It's so amazing, here's the Washington Post again so ancient times? Pandemics have spurred sharp turns in political beliefs. Ok, Pat, have you changed your politically? Have you had a sharp turn? your political beliefs, oh yeah, still believe in the constitution, still do still believe in the bill of rights. Yes still cornerstone of everything you believe yeah. Me too, I haven't changed my political belief not at all. It's that the Ec streaming lists in Washington and these so called public private partnerships
in these so called civil rights groups, They are now jamming down everyone's throat. The Extremists thought that men can have babies that our girls should be able to play sports with guy. he's on the team who are claiming their girls and that's not a problem. Or how about the extremist idea that the banks should get bailed out, but not the american people here extremist idea. The federal government has a right to tell you to close your business for year. I think these are all extremist ideas, so I haven't changed from them. of rights, I still believe in that that doesn't make me an extremist that makes you the one who are pushing new policies that have never been done before in America. Never
even been tried in in the world. You're the extremist. Not me not me, Anyway, history has shown that extremist movements, waves of mistrust and wholesale rejection of authorities. Now, why would Have a wholesale rejection of authorities or any kind of mistrust right or the government right? the media. Couldn't believe it couldn't be that they ve lied to us. Every step of the way could every step of the way, and then the media has done their bidding. The meat has covered up every step of the way. The reason why you have q and on it because people don't believe but government, because they have proven themselves to be untrustworthy. You know why dont people trust you, if you are somebody and you have a bank like G Norway's common ended plank
No. I want to do business. What are they say, we're untrustworthy? Well, have you been well Fargo, have you been I can explain your lack of trust from the american people. If you been screwing them and that's what Americans feel or hired representatives, don't represent us and we All this, because we ve seen it over and over and over again the time we elect someone. The state as everything they can to just. And told them, if we like somebody like a tea party person, they co opt them, they change them. They in them or they throw them out. So you Did you get somebody with a bigger hammer, Donald Trump? What did the big state do? destroyed. Him did everything he could they could
to destroy lie. after lie after lie: I'm not the extremist, I'm not the extremist, Americans are falling prey, says the Washington Post to the same phenomenon, historians, theologians and others. Experts say exemplified by a recent and pr apes, Ipsos Pole in nearly one in five, so they believe Satan, worshipping child enslaving elites took control of the world, do you believe that that's eaten worshipping child enslaving elites now, control of the world, no yeah. Neither do I. As shutdowns, paralyse the economy in the first months of the panic of the Pandemic Americans, sharply increased searches for extremist and white supremacist materials online. I dont know Anybody. I dont know anybody who did that I dont know anybody was like. I lost my job. I've got to become a white supremacist.
You do know anybody who, in securities and fears loose by the pandemic, fed into the existing erosion of trust in leaders in institutions. According to those who have studied how people react rampant to unconscious, old disease wit not reacting to the disease, we are acting to the leaders of our country of medicine and the media were react, to them. When you tell not to wear a mask and then you less to wear a mask. You lose credibility when you tell us This is gonna, be over and fifteen days. We accept that. Ok, maybe this summer we gonna do it. A couple of extra months, because we don't have any year into it. You have no credibility. You have none and then you come to us. At the same time, when you told us no masks were good and now you're proposing a tomb
ask men minimum to be legal, no, no, in a healthy society the government in the church, would say this is nonsense and people would believe them this, according to Richard Land present of the southern evangelical seminary, but the pandemic that check on it stream is impulses has failed for some who crave? an action with others, God created us, is social preachers, and when we isolate from other human beings, we tend to malfunction. That part is true. For the past year the pandemic was a constant under current, as Americans took to the streets to protest. Racial injustice Bell Pandemic had nothing to do with that police brutality, all of those protests all of the Rachel injustice, all the looting. Everything went on that because of the and and the press,
and in President binds victory in the twenty twenty election. I only remember one one and it was January. Sixth, it was a bad one. Yes, but one. much as they were motivated by the causes themselves. Many who participated in the street actions were probably also eager for human contact. You know I love breaking the windows of amazing store. Just because we can do it is a human family that view. Ring to psychologist, to have studied the effects of social isolation? January six that attack on the capital was both an insurrection plot in him. To meet up an assault on the infrastructure of american democracy and a social gathering for people who believe they were defending their idea of nationhood, just sort of a getting to know you yeah
with you. I would think we're all dish up here. Many have argued that President Donald trumps efforts amounted to an attempted coup, but was it and why does it matter where in the wake of covert nineteen. It appears that far right, extremists have discovered the extent of people's fear of social control. The loss of liberty and have realised how easily they can manipulate citizens. Who may normally subscribe to extreme ideology. It is not extreme to believe in the bill of rights. It is not extreme to believe in the constitution, it is now extreme to believe in a court of law where justice is blind? It is extreme to believe anything other than that in America now made If you live in the Soviet Union or now Russia, what's the difference it might
be extreme to believe in those things, but in America is not extreme to believe in liberty. Its extreme to believe that if your politicians lie cheat steal that they should, to jail, or at least be proud, secluded or at least be voted out. It is not extreme to believe that the President of the United States should not in rich his own family with the biggest end. of Amerika and, quite frankly, the free of all mankind, China, not extreme, it's not extreme. To believe that thirty, forty fifty executive orders in the first one hundred days is extreme. It's not extreme. To believe that we should do the great reset. It's not accept
I too believe that we don't really have a protected freedom of speech as long as a bunch of global companies, many of them in bed with the commune Chinese They get to decide who speaks in who doesn't it's not extreme to believe that marxist, should not be in charge of our schools. It's not stream to believe that libraries in those schools should not purge books in America? I'm not even done with the Washington Post, but Just want to make sure that the Washington Post now forget them? I won you too firmly understand you. Who are not an extremist. if you believe in the bill of rights that does not make you and extremist though who wish to thwart it. Are
extremists. Though that monologue sure makes me one, I am sure in their eyes relief factor, What is it that keeping you from doing the things that you love to do. I mean, besides being forced to wear a you know some sort of a yamaha your face over your mouth every day. Do you suffer from pain, frequent pain, mild. All the way up debilitating. It can What you are able to do. We can wash all the color out of your world, leaving a bleak landscape where it's hard to find motivation, let alone the ability to do anything at all. Please just try relief factor, William call them now eight hundred five hundred eighty three, eighty four, it is work for so many in this listening audience. It's worked for me. Seventy some of the people who try to go on to order more. Why would you do that less it works for you. Just try,
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got done with that article from the Washington Post. It's an amazing article, I'll post it online at Glennbeck, dot com. Also tweeted out a you know what better yet I'll I'll share it. Yes, on parlor, it's back Mark Meckler, you might know the name he's the interim ceo of parlor. He joins us next. What has happened? The parlor? How have they recovered? What is their strength now when we come back? Alright, let me know about a bill bar built bars are sponsor. This is my favorite. Actually it was like This is the mint brownie until All the cocoanut brownie chunk came. every tried this yet try this bad. You will you like cocoanut, no, you don't how can it not wasting you like member
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not much time and the klondiker
George Orwell, Road, nineteen, eighty four. While he was dying of tuberculosis, he said it would have been better. Had I not been under the influence of tuberculosis at the time, but he's not entirely dissatisfied with nineteen eighty four, he saw the future. He said this is the direction the world is going at the present time before his death. He said quote in our world: there will be no emotions except fear, rage, triumph and self a basement. The sex insect instinct will be eradicated. Whilst we shall abolish the orgasm, there be no loyalty except loyalty to the party
but always there will be the intoxication of power, always at every moment there will be the thrill of victory, the sensation of trampling on an enemy who is helpless. If you want a picture of the future rope or wealth. Imagine a boot stamping on a human face forever. The moral to be drawn from this dangerous nightmare situation is a simple one. Don't let it happen? It depends on you and in a time of deceit telling the proof is the Ultimate revolutionary act. Canyon EL the truth. Well, in a revolutionary act? Parlour back on line. We talk to the interim CEO marked Macular in sixty seconds programme.
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people who invented it, I mean in Thing is a tank. When you sit on a hustler you're, not sitting on somethin to mow the grass your live the dream there is a difference. You go check. Everybody else out, then find your closest hustler mower dealer You will see the difference between by some other Moma Mower, find a hustler dealer just go test I've won. All you have to do is just check out hustler turf, dotcom, go to hustler turf, dot com, isn't it necessary that on this review, our own attitude and say yes, it is possible for men and women of good will to differ. Mark Macular is with us. He is the interim ceo of parlor, which we know now is a website of real danger, real extremism. Mark
How are you you know? I don't feel I'm very dangerous certain in by the way. How been portrayed well do you believe in the constitution and the bill of rights? Why are you not only in a league unequal there you go. I just Just at a monologue last hour about how extremists are the ones who are trying to get rid of the bill of rights in the constitution. But, The media and politics in Washington are trying to make those people seem like the Americans and where the extremists. are fundamentally anti american? They stand against everything that this country is founded on and for and frankly those people right now they occupy The White House and their control of both houses of progress were in real danger. Ok, so you or the interim ceo, if you, if you recognize a name, Mark meddler, it's because he's the convention estates guys and
he's when talking about that with us for a long time. But what was it about? Four weeks ago we were talking about dimension estates, and I mention parlor going under an or going out be. Take it out and we talked about ploughed services we talked about. There has to be somebody that is building the infrastructure for the right to fall into, and you talk to them I'm about being a part of a movement to do that now, you're the interim Theo parlor to that play a role but you're doing behind the scenes did actually so I've been thinking about this problem. as we talked about for a long time, and I've been working on finding alternative service providers and and folks for actual real patriots who would stand in the way in the event that they were attacked, and so I had a little a head start in thinking about this, I knew the primary own is a power their long time, friends of mine, and so when I saw it go down. I just reached out to see if there's anything I can do to help literally didn't expect end up being
interim ceo, that's just the way things have worked out of her time cry but yeah. I think a lot of it was my thinking in advance. I gotta say, though, when all the credit forget, the backup goes to the staff. These guys have been absolutely credible. It is taken, however, a month. I'm not blame this on the staff by any stretch, yes can a month to get over a month to get back in public square is there Any law suit that I know you're an attorney azure any law suit that could be had for the destruction of business by Amazon and the collusion with all of companies that we now know happened here. There are obsolete, as there is a lawsuit. This argument, file or working on an amended complaint on that that law suit is against aid of U S, Amazon, web services, and I do think there liability, I think, there's all kinds of antitrust up. I think there's business damage stuff but which will be
putting out more on that, probably in a week or so what we amend that complaint good. Did you see the just just so you have it in your coffers. I'm sure you do the story that came out that showed that there were the Many more people organizing on Facebook, four January six than there were on parlor. You had, I think six and they have maybe seventy tabs whereas in fact, there's been a couple, a great stories on there was an independent review by Forbes there. They found the vast majority of violent and excite full stop that took place on Facebook, Youtube and in Strasbourg second and third we'd barely made the list, and so like there's always gonna, be bad content on every platform. That size, but the bottom line is this was just a hit job. It was a political hit. But I would also add that it was a business it job they see parlor as a real threat to their monopoly on on. business market? Add on free speech and they're gonna come after us. There is no peace
ace according to them, for somebody who disagrees with the with the car cabal, is no place for them. Is there I mean it's not enough, being kicked off of the other platforms when you start you go on another platform: they'll shut down the platform, the that's exactly right in and look, I think, there's theirs to measure to this. That one is knows each outside what they agree. Remember that, most when he said that the definition of fascism is everything inside the state. Nothing outside of the state and nothing against the state so that now being enforced by our government but also by the Tec oligarchy in working with the government, and that I think the second thing is a business model at parlor. We leave in free speech. So if you can say it and the public square, you can state either, we believe, and privacy and data sovereignty, meaning we're not monetizing the data of our users, we're here for our users as us, to our users not to use them in
use their data and we have now rising model that doesn't use their data, and so I think, that's very threatening to Facebook and twitter and all the other. So how are you gonna make money when the advertising come bought? Cabal comes after you guys. I mean blaze. We have worked building our own advertisers and there we know, as close the bullet. Proof is possible because they believe in us and they believe in the work that we do it. You guys are you at that place with your advertisers. The soil occurred, the same types of people that advertising the boys have advertised and we'll be advertising again on parlor. These are people who believe in the same things you and I believe in there not going to fold to the kind of pressure that the woke media and the Woke mob without them so tell me about the infrastructure in and how stable it is. Now
happen to you guys again. Look I'm very comfortable with interest. Structure and again this is where my head was, as you know, before, what to be with parlour We did is we went out and we found providers who shared our values but were also big enough to handle the kind of load that we put on them and what we do, to be sure, and this is really important. Goin for anybody is operating in the space. We made sure that there were multiple redundancies, so we don't have what I would describe as any single points of failure. I'm very certain I talked to the sea. Of all the companies that we're working with I'm very certain, gonna stand with us and I came to the Woke mob, but even if they do we in multiple redundancies and we're gonna continue had layers of redundancies so that we know where bullet proof in the future. So, let's talk about. Let let's play devils advocate here the the problem. That they will say is that we are living at a time where
spirits see theorists sand and crazy things and white, supremacist and all kind of terrorist, can be online and yet Don't want to add fuel to that you should you should Make sure that you have an algorithm that stops All of that kind of hate speech tell me, why that's wrong? If you do think it's wrong, I do that's right and because that runs first while runs contrary to adjust our philosophy at the founding in our philosophy. Through most, american history really until recently. We believe that, if you don't like somebody speech, bad speech should be countered with good speech should be countered with more speech, not with less speech. When you start clamping down on free speech, you start creating. Well, you you'd read about it. You talked about this George Orwell's view, the nineteen eighty four view of the future, which is this idea that they got me well, control all that we will have overlords and overseers. Now I do agree.
By the way that there are far too many people out there pushing conspiracy theories and many of them are in the democratic Party. In Congress there on CNN thereon, MSNBC, ABC C b. Saw the others at yet. At the same time, I think we should just deep onto their conspiracies, as we largely done as opposed to seeing them shut down, what I'm not interested in doing I've I have not asked for people to be shut down. I've supported people who have been attacked by the Woke mob, even Specially when I vehemently agree with them, freedom, Speech means freedom of speech. Taught me the person who says yeah, now I if I go over the parlor theirs, we all these people, because he usually when it is when there is one place to go You know all these places that are pushing the boundaries gonna to be there and I don't want to be a part of that. You know that,
beauty, parlor and one of the things that makes it so different from all the other social networks that this big scary worded. The social networks is algorithm and I think people should be scared of that big scary word, because what it means is, if you go there and you, like certain things, they're gonna start pushing other things that you that sort of they think fit, and this creates what I call the echo in fact in it, does put a bunch of stuff into your feed. You might not want to see at parlor you one hundred percent design, your own feet, There's nothing that you're going to see that you have requested to see. You can easily remove anything from your own feed again, we believe, and data G, and we believe that our users are prime, that that's who is in charge of their experience at parlor. We want them to see. Only the people there They want to see and hear from only that groups and people that they want you to your foot tell me now about the people that did belong, how long's again take before your fully running with at least the people, all that you had before so the platforms
fully up and running right now we have the capacity to handle everybody who wants to come back and log on their arson. Limitations right now. One of the limitations is we're having folks having trouble what the apple io ass? I believe that a technical limitation Gonna get around here today, for the promised, without is that we can update the apple, the app that's on the absolute right now, because we are remove from the app store, while working on that, so folks can't updated, and if there are problems in there, we can't fix those problems that as one of the three were working on right now, trying to fix that. I'm an app on so his bending over backwards to help you with that, to make a comment on that right now, Lanka's we'd really liked to be back in the app store has so many users war. Two I no longer I not so. The second piece of that is that will have. We are seeing every day more more functionality come back folksy to remember that this thing when
Went down is not just a website, I think, if you're not involved in technology and it works, it seem less its. We not think about. What's involved, Then it's there are so many different layers, I'm so proud of the staff at parlor for literally sixteen to twenty hours the day they were putting in four weeks to get it back up, but we expect to see glitches over the next few days, it's better today than it was yesterday, in continue to get better throughout the week, and I expect that will be back to full functionality some time next. this week by the we're not even taking new subscribers work, were focusing only on the existing parlor family, make sure everything up, stable and running. While I expect to be accepting new users next week, is everything that me you know you may have posted before, or do you have to start from scratch of urine if you're on an old subscriber, If you go there right now likely you won't see any of your old stuff. All that data has been preserved and we will start loading that we didn't want to load the system.
The old data when we first went out, but all that stuff has been preserved and it's all going to come back to mark best of luck to and and congratulations to everybody who didn't give up and the battle behind the scenes? I know what it is like when you are running a digital company and you can't come or attack like that, especially when you're you're, not you know, you're, not Facebook or Google It is all hands on deck, and I I I gotta tell ya its remarkable that you are back in the first place and you, ve gotta, be proud and of all. The people that are behind the scenes because I know what it takes an You guys, just pull off a miracle can gradually ivory back when thank you very much and and you're right, it's the staff I dont were I don't get any of the credit I come in. I get to go on the radio talk to guys like you, but their incredible, hardworking team. All over the country. These
as of work day and night and they get all the credit for Poland this off. Thank you so much more Pritchett, for me that you share my next week remind people that they can join if your new user next week at at parlor are living. a couple of things: Bank of America. Just said. The emerging emerging markets currencies of inflation risks bad bad inflation risks. They say the long term outlook is more balanced by You should have some protection against higher inflation in the emerging markets. This is really really bad because all of those all those countries that have used the? U S, dollar, two back anything, as we inflate our money there, the first hit, so if they
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station idea so the majority of people believe that if you believe that the election was stolen you shouldn't. be silenced or punished at all yeah, but only fifty. Four percent said The shouldn't punish fifty four percent. Thirty five percent said yes, they should be. An eleven percent Roald Dahl now, Sir,
great meanwhile, acknowledging their institutional responsibility for addressing racism within the libraries. The University of Delaware and Bingham to university are launching a year long, antiracist, racist talent, management audit. They're going into the libraries to identify actionable reforms. Building on Extending the impact of prior projects That represent diversity organs, national culture, community engagement undertaken with the library, the museums and act- If an archive partners If you have anything that is important to America's history and you on it to be preserved? We have have a vault under mountain We have another vault here,
and we are protecting them and we are making sure that they do not fall into the hands of the government. They do not fall into the hands of EU. They, our going in and looking for an anti racist audit. Through all of our universities, the archives museums and they are going to purge if this isn't fascism If this is what happened in Germany in Russia, in we place where it is gone. Bad. I don't I don't. Know what this is. We John heard books and history. Lessons learned from cash Sometimes I wonder what else we could have done. all right when you drive down the road
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of what we are seeing now is because we haven't really done the reckoning with the racial injustice and white supremacy of our past that we need to do, and so you know a truth. Commission, a lot of people will think of South Africa. We use them in countries around the world and basically, but it is its communities all the way up to the national level, having conversations about both the lorry and the glory of our history and what had solely in the history of our country and leading up to on January six, so that We come to stop a great thing is about this truth. Commission is we're gonna a finally talk about race and you know, and will we ever do it when they did it in South Africa when they did it in Rwanda it was because the people who slaughtered those those people- you know in a different tribe, if you will, they were, still living next door or to the other people, so they needed then truth and reconciliation committee. But I am
I am all for I'm not gonna pay for them, but I'll pay for it. Damn it all say, raise my taxes to buy shovels and we're gonna dig. All? Those Bastards that own slaves and then up all the slaves, so they can testify in a court of law I'm for it to go for it great idea, so we got that now, so we have it. We have a truth commission going on this war well says that we we? We need a white nationalism, task force, Finally, somebody has finally somebody has said it and can we play, Ruth Commission for applause, please same is the same? Clip Othello was cut differently. Ok, you know what this is Still, the Nick production, You know what this really is. This Proof Commission is the Committee of on american activities. That's all it is
is exactly the same. It's a witch hunt for a day
What kind of red scare the one in two ways? First hand: funds disrespectful, while some members have guy, we know we are concerned about leadership, drops of borders more. How are we going to widely almost programme based peoples who have signed up for the job by cutting off their social media? Verse, Google unexplored delisted popular from Mary stores, then Amazon, servers. Democrats trying to blame free speech platform is stop related to big tags. Censorship is the issue of art Psmith appearing to call for the countries in the South and Donald Trump borders. There is a proposal to have a commission to investigate republican colleague. Senators of file. Complaints against two other colleagues is trying to release these businesses to shame them into shining silent, saying Tom supporters and conservatives pushing up to five people, even some cultures, a wildfire that you can have your poor gasoline ons may surprise when it reaches every business, stand up for every american, otherwise, eventually come free aid will lead this court of our truth. Commission. Before we adjourn today, let us come,
Heather, and hear one more case. If I could call, as witness govern. Cuomo. On his nursing homes scandal and whose really to blame the New York State, the wage has always fully and publicly reported all covered deaths. in nursing homes and hospital. Stop for a second. Is he saying that they have always fully reported? And I think that's what I heard. That is what he says. Yeah now, is that true, we're gonna, have to have the truth. Commission look into that. I think I know it is not ok it or not, and we know that, because its own People have admitted it right. They, that they were hiding the truth judiciously excuse. Last week they didn't come
and fully tell the truth, because they were Fraid of that evil, orange man, bad yeah and so that's why they didn't do it? Yes, but wait. there's more other than just stay, Face lie he's been fully reported in the natural nursing homes had the most vulnerable population. Yes, we deprive it did not get into the nursing homes by p we're coming from hospitals, cause you got into the nursing homes by staff work. This is nursing, says we hang on sea I thought when he signed the executive order to take people that, confirmed with covered yeah and ship them to the nursing home right and the nursing home said. No, we can't take them. Please don't do this and he said you have to, and they said, you'll kill the patients in the nursing homes and he
you have to, and they said no, we really shouldn't any said you have to and they said no really. This is wrong and he said you have to, and they said no, this is Europe going to be responsible for many people who are dying and he said you have to a lot of people, I think that was the problem, but the problem as is while they were having that discussion, peep who were working there at the nursing home. You know the good care workers, those heroes, the people they were working at the nursing homes, they're, not heroes. Now they they re, infected all those poor people in our signal, its their fault lao So mastered here, don't you hate those nursing home workers. Now Can we play anymore of what he had to say
When we didn't even know we had covered half staff walking into a nursing home, even though they were symptomatic symptom cause the national experts who told us you could only spread covered. If you had symptoms and they were wrong and they know that they will write again. yeah, they were wrong AIDS. May Governor Duomo, Thomas mobster mean all of government. You knows really bad all those people Big colony arose, though time they were the real. They were the ones it would kill. In every body we don't have a mob problem in New York we ve gotten nursing home workers who needs the MA one. You got nursing home workers, you know what I mean: phenomenon: phenomena guts. I don't even know what that means
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a guy who went out and and and pained about how great he was wrote, a book on management. and now has is is lying. I dont know why everyone on his staff, isn't on talk, radio isn't on whoever would accept them as a guest. I e, if I worked for somebody who then started to blame the nursing homes staff? I think I d I mean I just I don't care how much I love you I would be like this. Is I can't I can't do it another day. I can't I sit here and listen to that. The people of New York just sit back taking it to from him you you have to you have to take, into consideration that a lot of these guys. I mean, if you, what are you gonna do what do you mean you're in your in New York,
you're getting fed bull crap from the media. Now, not all the media. They are starting to peel away from him to some agree, but there's kind of leaving it in question. There's no question He buried his own executive order. He removed it from the website his own executive order do we know why he did it. He was taken the advice from all of the big donors that are the big New York hospitals. Who didn't want, although scoville patients so You have to do something with em so who doesn't have a big donor? What what group is out there that doesn't have huge? many bind it oh, I know nursing homes we put him in the nursing homes and now he's blaming it on the nursing homes staff we we're. Where is the nursing homes union
meaning that isn't that abuse we? here's, the nursing home Union not standing up to this bully good word form to. Is too good what he is abolished. They they, they all are really they all are anybody who is now I mean I'm. I am amazed at the story that I read this morning coming in about the libraries how are Our libraries are now go through social justice reforms and they're going to spend the next year. Looking for all the books, it should be purged from our library bats. Is a book burning. What are you doing? That's book burning. You could say goodbye to just about any book written before nineteen, forty, because they all contain concepts or language
That is now deemed objectionable, and you can't you can't you can't say it. You can't think it you can't. You can read it. That is so mean you can't even have, like is going on with the with the batch. Or bachelor add. I don't watch itself but have used everywhere. If God, seed, Wanna contested, went to an anti Bellum party, which is it so like your in the south, and so Chris Harrison who hosts the show so That sounds like the world police. It's coming after. You he's the show. Now he had to step aside for the rest of the year, at least and maybe forever I wouldn't be spread as the ABC doesn't just fire him outright ABC has become all I mean, there's a mouse with a badge man, that's all it is. ass with a badge you know they, granted last or you want to talk about hypocrites.
The mouse decides who works, who doesn't and yet in the in MILAN. They feel, moreover, in Chinese, China and the people in the province that rounding. We hers up like that, acceptable, that guy said not how much? No, thank you. No thank you It is these these corporations always been pro corporation. I asked you earlier of your political values changed. No! No! have your views on corporations charged yeah. Absolutely I mean the left was right about what was coming with corporations. They were correct about it, but now there oh for it now full of his sudden, as these corporations are taking our. country and taking control of the country and the world they're fine with it
I dont understand, as luxury corporation is run by a left leftist. They love you, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, their fight with a mall even though their essentially for different governments thence That kind of running the show right now I don't they all over the world government about for the same government, the same government and their in collusion with the United States government lives. They are absolutely in collusion with Facebook, says: hey, we gotta take parlor off and they parlor off, even though the evidence shows there was more hate and more organizing four January six on Facebook when when they can get all of the corporations to straw parlour that's one corporation, that's for corporations or walking as one and doing the bidding, for there are partner, the government
there's the left wing where, where? Where are those people that used to say I'm for rights? And I don't like rights that are being trampled on by corporations programme
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