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'We Need Forgiveness' (Bill O'Reilly & Ian Bremmer join Glenn) - 3/30/18

2018-03-30 | 🔗
Hour 1  Does America have a gun problem or a mental health problem?... keeping people ‘high’ on emotion so they’re distracted… ‘random acts of violence’ always get more attention...gun violence has receded by 50% and 70% while mental health is spiraling out of control...clinically troubled people...'tougher laws or a wall are not going to help our problems'...'we have avoided the truth'… Glenn has good news: ‘Today is a really important day’…we’re all virtue-signalers instead of quietly living out the truth…we need forgiveness ‘more than ever’...Glenn Beck tells the story of Easter ...a CEO is under fire for giving back to his community?...how government erases legacy of private donors who want to help people   Hour 2  Diplomatic chaos…getting people to care about the Russia threat? ...Good Friday with Bill O'Reilly from BillOReilly.com ...the media loves stupid kids...rewarding falsehoods...GWU students slam George Washington?...there is no objective truth on college campuses today...David Hogg vs. Laura Ingraham...'she was wrong to tweet what she tweeted’...Hogg is being used by the media...Actor attacks Ingraham, but where are all the women’s groups and feminist organizations??...Glenn doesn’t want to ‘name-call back’...the boycotts are ultra-serious...language does matter ...Eating a leg of lamb while watching 'Peppa Pig’?    Hour 3 Transgender in Ohio?... born a man, now living as a woman…should birth certificates forget about biology? ACLU lawsuit says yes ...Despite the apparent 'bromance,' President Trump has been tough on Russia... Political scientist Ian Bremmer explains...the expulsion of 60 Russian diplomats was huge move...Russia is dismantling the West from the inside...Russia's economy continues to be deteriorating under Putin…here’s why that makes him more dangerous ...The gun debate we all deserve?...Alex Jones’s son challenges David Hogg to a gun debate ...Hillary Clinton answers bizarre Nazi question... Stu Chooses The News?...bitcoin-mining toothbrush vs. high-level drug exchange?  The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck and Stu Burguiere, Weekdays 9am–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio

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The blaze radio network on demand love courage, truth, Glenn Beck! So do we have a gun problem or do we have a mental health problem in America?. Pro gun controllers have the answer. They think it's very obvious and they're going to do everything in their power to never let option b, mental health ever ever. Trump blaming the inanimate object. How is how how is this even reasonable? I mean we have had guns in America for a very, very long time. We haven't had this problem having this problem because Nothing else is wrong.
How do you make it out the gun? While it's easy, you avoid the facts. You over sensationalized some made up facts of your own and finally this is the most important of the mall. You make sure everybody stays high. Is a kite on emotion. Because, when you're afraid, when you're emotional, you don't think you do these three things and skies the limit. You can change anything. You might even be able to convince the former chief justice to call for a repeal of the Second amendment: let's look at the facts here over the last quarter of a century. The US gun, homicide rate has fallen by over half. During that same period, the gun, Dillons victimization rate has fallen by seventy percent, so wait a minute. Why is it all of a sudden we feel like like we?
have to control guns that the gun. The pro gun control lobby has made it look like like Gun violence, rather than receding by fifty and seventy percent, is actual a growing problem. How is that happening SS? so every statistic out there will show you the exact opposite. Well, it's We pretty easy if it bleeds. It leads violence No matter how random or rare it may be always gets more attention than peace. A mass shooting will get twenty four hours a day. Seven days a week, over a month in coverage but random, Random acts of violence will inspire marches walkouts. Even even legislature if, if if need be, they'll they'll, just take it to the legislature and and will have legislative Paula sees the world will change.
But a quarter century of falling crime rates. Doesn't do anything. I think everybody can agree that there is a problem right now. We've establish that it is not gun because because the facts don't fit, that it's not guns So what is the issue here?. The answer is mental health. And the government's inability to address it. I beg your pardon just for a second while I unload a few more facts, keep in mind None of the numbers that I'm about to drop came from any partisan source. They didn't from some conservative think tank and all This came from the United States secret service, the secret service. Just needs to report showing that sixty four percent of
all mass shooters showed symptoms of mental illness, one slash four of them had been hospitalized or were on psychiatric medication before the attacks. Seven Five percent of these killers, send In or engaged in, suspicious conduct that should, alerted law enforcement So what we have here is clinically deeply troubled people who Any cases had been in mental facilities, but we're still pull able, somehow or another to purchase guns and even giving away their intentions beforehand, with Kim locations and suspicious activity. Now the facts clearly show that gun violence is going down by. Fifth and seventy percent, but at this Same time meant
health is spiraling out of control and our government clearly can't figure out how to handle it. So people taken the easy way out. You blame the guns, the tool, if the clinically insane all the while, sweeping the real problem under the rug and that that, is our fault. It's Friday March 30th. This is the Glenn Beck program. let me bring you some good news today we have opioid
addiction problems in this country. Unlike anything we've ever faced, we have kids. Kids. We have hatred, we have anger, deep anger. Hatred. And we're all saying: how do we fix any of this. I want to tell you today: it's not going to be fixed through tougher drug laws or even a wall, a wet Muse Band Teachers. Or hate laws? It's not. We have to recognize and reconcile with the truth, and we have avoided the truth. Today, is a really important day is good Friday. Today is Passover. And both of those are connected.
And the message in both of those is it is. It there's always a chance to start over. Whether you believe that Jesus was just a historic guy. A good guy or you just believe that g is. Is God It doesn't matter his, His message is the same, no matter What you believe- and that is the is a way to start over. There is a way. Fix. Your life, no matter where you are. We've we've grown into these people who, Those were so self absorbed and so arrogant, and I I want you to know, I'm I'm saying this about me. More than the country we have We have all fallen short
some of us more than others. But we're all short and and what we do every day is we go out and we measure the distance as if we are in some Jesus, long jump competition? We think we're going to win. We're not in a long jump. Why are we measuring how far you jumped in how far I jumped and how far the person jumped and At the same time, Look at it as if we are all acting like this is a long jump competition. It begins makes sense, because the only time that you really measure somebody's distance, is when you're going for the gold- and perhaps that's the problem, we're all going for gold.
Our life isn't a competition, it's not how far or how short we are at the finish line, because we can never come post to the record holder, never. We put on our team jerseys, be it right, left, rich or educated self made Chris An atheist in foreign all steam team jerseys. And we march into the bogus stadium of our life waving our colors and cheering those stand with us engineering, those who are our enemies. And we miss the point we miss The Egyptians missed. We're all the same there is Such thing as a slave in a free man
have human rights. You cannot enslave me and even if you do in slave you'll never enslave my mind? My soul who I truly am miss with the Egyptians missed, the angel death is going to pass over all of our doors some point coming into all of our houses tell you it's how you live your life and you go out. It was a stormy Friday afternoon. Two thousand years ago, when death came, in Jerusalem for this man? He was
beating his chest or jeering others. He was a hard working carpenter who got it. Who's, the quiet man who promised peace and miss piece to the thief hanging, Next to him, who, just The end of his life said: I get it and want to start all over again. It's that man that changed the world. Be him God or human. He is the one who changed the world, any changed it. By showing us we can change ourselves. It's so many of us Christians were not changing. Ourselves, worry. Not changing others we're worried about. Measuring our distance It's bogus.
He changed it by showing the weakness and out. We sometimes feel as ok. Change the world by teaching us that the way to here come. The hatred of others is by hating them back. It's not through battle it's not through, argument: it's not I for an eye tooth for a tooth, but it's gentle forgiveness even if they hate you. It's by little by little by little self sacrifice, recognize what it means to be a Christian anymore. I don't know what it means to be a conservative anymore. I don't what it means I know what it means to be human, but I
afraid. The rest of humanity is forgetting. When I was growing up on Easter, girls would put on pretty white dresses in boys would put on Sunday suits. You would wear your Easter, best. In many houses we had for candy and eggs and families attended church, and we come home to eat dinners of honey, baked ham, deviled eggs. Those were our traditions. Our traditions have taken over in
I fear, left us empty because it wasn't about the dresses, the suits the deviled eggs or the Easter Bunny it about a a guy who used that day to show us how to redeem ourselves and how to start all over and it all began with forgiveness, doesn't have to be something big. In fact, it's probably better If it's something small, we don't have to out jump each other, we don't, we don't have to win the gold medal in. We should not be chasing after the gold. The person in the group that you're forgive Doesn't necessarily even know or need to know that you're forgiving them
or how they wronged. You doesn't matter. For giving somebody is so hard to do. It takes a long time And lots of prayer. You don't do it very often anymore we're condition. Be angry and to be defensive. And to run with our own tribe, and today the other tribe to signal our virtue, instead of actually just quietly living. It. So this weekend between the bunnies and the candy in the morning in the ham in the afternoon, can we. Take a moment and.
Examine the hatred in the anger in the fear, we all feel I mean we say all the time. I can't forgive them. I can't let this so I can tie this. No, they have to answer for this. May I just quote one thing and let really true bounce around in your soul. This weekend quote father. Forgive them for they know not what they do. If he We could say that is or strife and our anger and our reasons for hate the other side or hating, those in the other is really greater than that is our
cross heavier than his is Our pain, propane, then he is, he came to save us. He came to show us that there is peace, that there is love and we nailed him to a cross. Really, our problems are bigger than that. Our reason for holding on is bigger than that hello. Here again, humility, meekness grace forgiveness- find it in your heart. And begin to make it a practice. Forgive your brothers and your sisters
Give those who are not going to be at your Easter table because you just can't do it or they just can't do it. Forgive those who have a act on social media. Offended your instead of self who may have lied to you have default Deaths cheated you forgive them. Is. None of us are perfect. None never will be. And boy. If there's one thing we need more than ever, it is forgiveness, Happy Easter, And Shabbat shalom
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land back where we have a lot to go over today. We're so glad that you're here we want to put first things first and talk to you about you know the things that matter most Bill Reilly coming up. The hill kind of the week in the things that I'd like you want to get his take on a on a few things this week. One of them, is George Washington students that are wanted George Washington, out of the name of George Washington University, and they wanted because I mean sure you probably a great man in his time, but he was also a slave owner bill. O'reilly coming up in about one slash, two, an hour Glenn Beck. Mercury
this is the Clinton program, time itself does not exist, as we know it as we understand it, It only really exist as something called space time. It's really only a point on a giant map something that we can use to find out where we are where Ben or where we're going so now unfold space time Trace our way back, first
maybe just a couple of years tonight I can report to the american people and to the United States has conducted an operation that killed Osama Bin Laden leader on my order, United States Military has begun, stressed out kind of terrorist training back even further. This is Diana died. This vast right wing conspiracy, okay, died today. I the thing I've got during the past or nine terrified living human beings are being held. President and American labeled for Hong Kong again landing for a while. Are there still even before Mark Cohn? There was
back past. The signing of the declaration of independence past the age of enlightenment, before Martin Luther hung his protest on the church doors before Columbus, rediscovered the fact that the world was round. We go past Newton, Galileo, the dark ages, the Crusades back to a time before books when most of the world couldn't read or write, and history was oral. We leave this world now where we can hear and see a lone protester standing in front of a tank in a country on the other side of the planet, and we can see it live to a world seemingly simple, yet brutal. Beyond our understanding where news was spread from mouth to mouth, we stopped here at approximately twenty nine of the common era. We stopped at a small walled city in the Middle EAST. It's around
one thousand at night just to full of days before Passover, The meals are being prepared. The night meal had already been eaten and just in the city or asleep. One man, however, is not it's strange he's younger than I am he's about. Thirty he's awake and phone in a garden, his friends who have been with him for several years or just a few yards away. They slumber, underneath the star filled sky They still don't know that even how they sleep the world is about to wake. Eleven of twelve men slow! the side Hill, one man awake, he couldn't sleep, for he knew he was in a garden in prayer
praying so hard about what he knew was about to come, praying so hard that blood actually drip from his pores in the place of sweat back at the hill when Returned he begged his friends to wake and pray with him. They Know how serious his request really was? They had no idea what was just to come. He pleaded with his friends. Why will you not rise and pray with me? He this again before returning to the garden alone, he out there on rocky soil, his hand this clasp his head, bowed twilight, dude raped his neck. The horizon still in black, he prayed, even harder for guy would eventually turn purple than light Blue and he knew what uh Tim
back to the hill once more friends asleep. He his friends rise, rise and pray with me. I need you now more than ever, the said they would but shortly after he left they Phyllis, again, the dawn Was even closer and he knew he Time was running out now over the hill they just like flowing lava burning in the night solace the are surely awake now they have sworn their faith to him, but he He knew that wasn't true. We can and he'll be forsaken. First taken by the same men who just swore their undying devotion: the torch Let's grow brighter. The glass, running low.
Playing of the metal, swords and spears, the sound and the vibration of the March deep down from their feet to their spine, creating a shallow vibration, leaving them quivering the soldiers approach. The one is grabbed and kissed betrayed with a kiss, a kiss wearing the mask of loyalty. One of the men leap forward draws his sword, cutting the ear off one of the soldiers. He raises his hand, no peace. Take me now in peace, for this is my purpose. This am I being this Is the reason I came now, one of them Peter strays while his friend is being persecuted for crimes he didn't commit he
By a fire Denying any relationship he has is he tries to blend in with the common people a woman. Approaches Didn't I see you with him. Peter said Surely I don't know him, but you gallery for the Current time Peter says I do not know this man, now Jesus is pulled back and forth between the two who will determine his fate. Can't see any crime, but they still question scourge and mock him. Aren't you the king, silence and here is your crown, says one: is they give him a crown of thorns and press it into his head? He stands. For the judge we condemn him for no crime, but Passover. He said to the crowd you
You can choose one. I will release him as the king of the Jews or Jesus. Standing silent, his eyes to the ground. Is condemned to death. Jesus now carries his cross through the stone clad streets to the place known as the skull the place where he will soon die. His back torn his head bleeding beneath his thorny crown. The women cry out loud as he passes, he put. Just for a moment and comforts them weep for me. Rather, for yourselves his mother,
looks on, is huge nails are driven through his hands in his feet. They raise the cross and slam it into the ground. It is at this point that all four writers of the gospel struggled with a description of the crucifixion As I have they described with the only words that I could use- and they crucified him. He now hung on the cross. Is the soldiers bid lots on his clothing below next to him? two criminals hang they are simply tied to the cross. One of them says you're, the Son of God. Save us now save all of us, the man in the middle. Does nothing for he had a purpose The afternoon passes
skin, stretched. He wept begged for water. They gave him a sponge on a read, filled with vinegar in a moment where he showed us that he was truly human. He cried out and said my father, other father. Why have you forsaken me? The sky began to grow dark, is approaching three hundred o'clock on a Friday afternoon.
When Jesus the Carpenter from Nazareth spoke once more and only once his last words, it is finished so today, people all over the world do. As I do know. I think that loan carpenter for dying dying on that Friday afternoon so I may live What matters most happy Easter
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disagree with his analysis there by the way, All right, I'm just decided that side point. Yes, this was his alma mater. This was the high school that he that he went to and he wanted to get back to the community and he's already given back to the community. I think there's a stadium named after him there's a hospital named after him. I mean he's given a lot to this community. The The school board voted unanimously Tuesday night to accept his my and to rename the high school Abington Schwartzman High School. Well, this is set people up all up in arms. How dare this egomaniac. His name is already on the hospital. His name is already on the his name is already on the the stadium, and now it's on the high school over the front door as well what an ego maniac he's
egomaniac. He is he is The guy who's giving you a stadium, giving you a hospital giving giving you a school. He's an egomaniac. You won't accept it you don't want it through for what reason. He's giving you a gift. And all he's asking for is hey. Can I have my name on it just so people remember, I don't know about you, but the New York Public Library wasn't always public. It was personal, it was private who is two great men that up their libraries together and gave it to the city. One of them was asked her. I can't remember the name of the other one I don't I think it was Rockefeller, I don't remember who it was wow because we call it the New York, public library and all good things come
the government. No, no, That library came from two very wealthy men who we, eat now say were robber barons yeah they were so evil in so bad they were robbing everybody blind to watt give everybody one of the greatest libraries the country has ever known. Who's, the one with the ego problem, I mean you can give in secret. Is it better to give in secret? Probably we should we're not looking for accolades or anything else, but I, but Judge Guy who's, given twenty five million dollars, so the who can have instead of a rundown high school a nicer high school and and really pour money into education.
Go to have a problem with him, putting his name on it. I mean he didn't even get it first it is Abington, Schwartzman's high school, really Schwartzman Abington, it's really crazy. It's crazy? What is wrong with us what's wrong with us, should be edit about that who cares if you want to put his name on there who care about this one, Thank you. You should be, you should be telling him we demand to put your name on there. Yes, that's what it should be. But you know what this is. This is class hatred yeah, because I think you bring up the public library was asked her in by the way, the two and Tilden, but again like people believe that that's government. Think, It's called the New York Public Library and it's like no great men who donated all of this to the city and now no one remembers it Thank you, Mister Schwarzman, my kids will never use your stadium or your high school, but thank you Glenn Beck
Mercury love courage, truth, Glenn, Beck to Snowy Sunday afternoon in the bustling cobblestone city square of an english cathedral. Town people are huddled together is the shuffle from one shop to the next. The man his daughter, stroll into a pub talking to a nearby restaurant for a meal, but this moment, last moment like. Continues as usual for this small. This quiet town is quaint. After their meal. The man and his daughter go out and watch the snowfall as they sit on a bench and suddenly they're, both slumped over on closer look,
the woman is now foaming at the mouth or eyes, are wide in pale. She's lost control of her bodily functions, the doctor, who had been shopping nearby with her husband takes a look now at these two zombie, like people, patient, zero. A new infection We've seen it in zombie films, the infection, task sizes, rabidly, eventually disrupting life on a global level, as all of us are turned into zombies. But this case infection doesn't spread like that. It's not a disease, the This is diplomatic chaos that grow More virulent with each reaction. Within an hour. The man a former russian spy in his daughter had become catalysts to the RE ignition of the cold war, see It's really clear that the Russians had been brazen. The man
it poisoned double agent, who had retired in England after being convicted of high treason by russian courts, he was a british citizen. He died on british soil in a cozy English ' town. British Prime Minister, Theresa may was outraged she unequivocally, castigated, the russian government, who continues to deny their involvement she expelled twenty three russian diplomats from the country. The US followed suit. Closing the russian Consulate General in Seattle to to a sub base. Then dispelled sixty disc diplomats, more than twenty countries, dispelled russian diplomats in an active diplomatic unity with Britain in what is the largest expulsion of russian intelligence officers in history,. Yesterday. The Russians followed through on their threats and ousted sixty american diplomats.
As we now gaze wide eyed. What does this mean said yesterday quote Russia's response was not unanticipated and the unite. States will deal with it This is just another piece of tickle upheaval on the global scale played out some times like a game of checkers. What's interesting to me, is we are more interested in Stormy Daniels. Then we are about? What's taking place all around us like murder, in broad daylight, is Friday, March 30th. This is the Glen,
program happy Easter and welcome to Bill O'Reilly. How are you bill? I'm. Ok back thanks for asking, let me just says get any if you have any additional or new thoughts on Russia in the expelling of the sixty diplomats, I mean it's expected any thoughts on. What it means where we go from here. Well, You know you'll know that I was uh I'd love to brag on your shoulder. I know it is unseemly on good Friday in the beginning of Passover is pretty much in c unseemly in every week, but but you know that I kicked off the Trump administration by interview. President? I know you probably my my marquee was asking him: why are you Why are you friendly with a killer food. Why
How do I follow international news? No, that Putin has an arm of assassins, and and they go all over the world and they kill people all right and CIA knows it. Mi six knows it in Britain, everybody knows it all right that's what happened to these people in in great Britain. So what do you do? I you runs, the show in Russia is not going anywhere. You're, not it's changing them. If you weren't the president, he probably be one of the assassins meaning have a look at the guys eyes. Okay, so then you have to bake, is basically take it case by case and I think that the expulsion of the russian diplomats was something that the countries could do Send a message to Putin, does Putin care? He cares a bit he doesn't want to be an international pariah and I think that's
you go with them, you you try to isolate marginalized him. Personally and maybe he'll stop a little bit, does this really matter to anybody in their real life? You know be This is so distant. You know so far away, they don't know where Crimea is, and I'm not being supercilious, word of the day supercilious, but those I don't know where it is. I don't care about Ukraine, care about how Russia operates doesn't touch upon their lives. So yeah I mean they know Putin's a bad guy who runs around topless in the Arctic on, but that's about all they know about is is, is this something they should care about and if so, why well yeah? It did I'm kind of a citizen. You are I if you're in a really hyper aware citizen that, is interested in the world. Of course you have to care and pay attention, but most people just try to make
living in getting through the day or the week yeah you know. So I'm not. I don't come down on people who are apathetic about what Putin does or supercilious. That's me on super silly 'cause he's arrogant, mean then I'd talking down to people that our government is charged with keeping an eye on Putin. And so we have to have enough confidence that government do that. At this point I do. I I think that we will keep close eye on this guy. Alright, let me change directions on the daily wire Benschop those people went out and they they to Georgetown University students and ask them about George Washington. I've started at Georgetown, but George Washington University and ask them about George Washington. I want you to listen to this audio bill Unami Horowitz and I'm here on, the campus of George Washington University named after our first president,
also a slave owner, wonder, Students here I think we should keep the name or change personally, I would change the. I think that it should be changed. I think that recognition is super important and I think that recognition of recognition for who he was a person- I don't agree with slave trade, so you change the name if you could do it. Yeah yeah yeah, that was one thousand seven hundred and seventy six twenty eighteen and I think it's important that we realized and reupholster the systems that built us. I think we should change the name, it's not to say that he was an important man back. Then it's just saying that in this day and age, it's important. I don't think it was. The first thing comes to mind when I say George Washington, I think about mom, says yeah hum so college kids are morons. Who is that the headline here I will tell you about I about burst a blood vessel when here
bigger story, who's, the bigger story, because I know you always hunger for the big story. This kind of infantile analysis, taking hold on colleges all across the United States, all right 'cause of the cowardly administrators who put in there who kiss the butts of the far. Left in any radical, on campus and they don't want any micro, aggressions or macro aggressions. Look these it- It's at George, Washington, university um are ignorant. Are they want to reupholster? I love that I want to re up. You know what I want
the poster your head and just put a pulse tree all over it. So you can't speak, I'm a fascist, ok, I don't have any statues, so you can take him down. George Washington, if you read killing England, I know you both have. Alright is a tremendous hero and most solely responsible for freedoms we have in America today. All the freedom who gave the truth She held slaves. He was a pro additive. The aristocracy. The 18th century. Alright, yes, he did That was wrong, Quincy Adams and his father, John Adams, knew it was wrong. Why Lincoln, looked look the other way. You know not negate his whole life because He was an aristocrat in the 18th century and that's what the aristocrats? Did they held slaves so it
just gets me crazy. I don't know whether you you know what's going on in Holy Cross College, question: what's your Massachusetts now they have this guy. Teaching who says that that Jesus was a drag drag king, the okay, across a Jesuit university, all. Well, here's academic freedom. Here, you know all we disagree with him. This is the president of the university. I said I don't really agree with that academic freedom. I I I sent my I sent my daughter to Fordham University, where they promptly taught her the priest. The Jesuits probably taught her the Bible was a collection of stories and none of it's true yeah. My daughter goes to for him to yeah all right. But for them is a little bit better. They did a little bit in Didn't give into these to this a radical group that was telling republican students in the republican club, you can't go into the campus coffee shop, the administration for him stood up to that. Ok,
but you have an unbelievable wave of cowardice uh. These college campuses now and the radical idiots know it and they use the students just like they're using this David Hogg kid in Florida, and I hope we get into that in the next segment. We are we ok. They're using these kids 'cause. They know the kids are stupid and they know the kids are motivated by peer pressure and I'll tell you more thing before you take a break 'cause. I understand you break cycle back that I study your operations. Ok, I was thinking about sending my daughter to George Washington University, so I went down and I checked at the dorms and they're located in the city of Washington and I walked in an I could not breathe in the dorms at George Washington you do. You know why pot, overwhelming you couldn't breathe in the dormitories there.
So that tells you all you need to know about you, but I will tell you this bill that the the I don't think these kids are stupid. I think these kids are being misled. I think there is yeah there is, there is no, if you don't seek. The truth If you don't learn history, your stupid I will tell you that if you were growing up in today's society, where most every teacher is teaching you falsehoods and and the media is showing you falsehoods. The end all of popular culture is, Oh is showing you falsehoods. And rewarding those who fall in line with the falsehoods, I'm sure that the average person is that intellectually curious. I I I do blame. You know. Ten percent to eighteen percent of the population is strong enough to say, wait a minute, stop it. Uh
No, but not everybody is cut for that kind of of travel. I will tell you bill that I was ignorant most of my life 'cause. It's easy to be ignorant it's hot learn to say, wait a minute wait a minute and completely against the grain. I think they have eighteen lines for that, but I'm not going to do it 'cause it's good Friday feedback, Cutting these college students college students not high school, I am, I understand not stuff out there if you to find out about. George Washington read killing England. Now one book for twelve weeks got it, I got, I got it. Just don't know that if calling them stupid is the a to get them to be more intellectually curious. You know may know spin! There
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it's just it's absolutely beautiful and you get it for free. You have to do is just call now: gold line, one thousand eight hundred and sixty six gold line, one thousand eight hundred and sixty six gold line or gold line com Glenn Beck Mercury. Glenn bill, O'Reilly Good Friday, he to be good. Is Friday, We were just talking about George Washington University in the students that are that are in college and and bill was talking about how they were stupid, and I, I believe there unchallenged, and I think you know that the ten year was meant. So you could say crazy, radical things intel it. Those radical things have have changed over the years, but
can't say radical things. Now you can only say you can only say Jesus was a drag king and get away You cannot say that is post, modernist bullcrap, an here's. Why you I have the other side. You can only challenge One direction and so if you are unchallenged, how do you get out of that bill? Well, the goal of education is to seek knowledge and in order knowledge you have to seek the truth. Jiggly. In the liberal arts I mean You can't go around saying that Adolf Hitler was a good guy I'm misunderstood. I mean you I've doing these kinds of things and still be operating at a level where your teacher or a student on a college campus all right, so if the or is that your opinion overrides facts?
then you don't have a university anymore. You don't have a college anymore because of postmodernism fat x don't exist? Well then, you don't have a college campus. Yes, but you don't have one? Yes, okay, so why don't? Why don't we do say do away with your grades? Do away with your degree and you can. Just have a you know a social time for four years. I haven't. We already said that really is it. Did you ever hear the academic discipline academic? Discipline means that You deal with reality. Now there are subjects that are subjective, Ok, we know that. But history is not one of that correct, and so you have a situation now, where you're, absolutely right that just tolerated on college campus. I don't know that none of this would be a tolerance, traces not tolerated. This is encouraged. This is post modernism. There is no objective reality. There is no objective truth that
the deal that that will then I should be in the brochure or of the college, but we do not believe in objective reality so sailor suit in here. Yes, I would agree with you that should be in the brochure but you know, we know that all right bill, I'm going get to I'm. To the Laura Ingraham hogs. In here in just a second, but I want to get or on this particular topic. I want to get your thoughts on uh, on David Hogg. We out going into the Lori Ingram things were going to get get to that after the break, I've got about ninety seconds. Tell thought on these students and what the problem is well. I think the students, as I've said, are doing a good thing by raising awareness of, debate in America the over gun violence. I think that's a good thing, but it's clear to anyone who
covering the story. At now, the students, many of them anyway taking their cues their information, their analysis and opinions from far left people. There is the same theme they're not seeking, the truth anymore, they're, not seeking information anymore, they're saying? Send me something in the morning that I can tell CNN that I can say on CNN and so now I want to go to the fascistic side of this argument and that, if you disagree, you say anything this side and they'll shut you down? Next Glenn back mercury
This is the Glenn Beck program. The boycott. Now that is being conducted strangely all by his little lonesome. This high school student is now ducting a boycott against loyal, Laura Ingram because she had the audacity to say after He started complaining that he wasn't getting into the schools that he wanted with a four point. One She said, stop whining about it. This is not unusual it, the schools that you are a applying too well. He took great offense to that He's demanded an apology and a boycott, an law immediately said I wasn't. You were whining, I I'm not calling you names, I'm saying not gonna. Man-
And she apologized for it, but that's not good enough. So now there is a boycott and boy bill. Have we not seen this movie before can you going to see it a thousand times again, because there's no impact into it. You know, there's no resistance to it. I see the story a little bit differently than you do: I think, Laura Ingram shouldn't tweeted about the kids academic situation, I don't think any and tater or adult should com. At all about any Minor's, situation in a personal round. I just don't think that you know, because the adult has the and the the perspective that the the kid doesn't. Even if the kid was whining. So what the kit
phone number, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! Wait stupid and there's no spin what happened to that thing yeah! I don't know anout, but wait a minute thing, but wait a minute. I think it is. It is look bill. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! You and I both agree when people were saying horrible things about Chelsea Clinton, calling her the cowardly lion and everything else back in the 90s we all I thought that was wrong with it we said, kids are off limits, don't do it. However, when they inject themselves in an they, are being held up by the media as these gods and they every fact wrong. Every act that I have heard come out of. His mouth is a different issue. Right talking the issue, the kids presenting and I'm talking about his personal profile. So I don't have any any problem with anybody saying well, we believe David Hogg is misguided, Becaus, Xy and Z, but on his per
portfolio? I don't think that adults We even if he's even if he's bringing it up in the public, we could end up he's bringing it up in Adobe kid. Alright, ok, ok, so so I would have done it an but Laura said that she was sorry. She didn't mean to demean the kit all right, but the big for here is within hours of Laura Ingram tweeting this about uh. College rejections within hours that kid and his friends had every sponsor on Laura Ingraham's program listed that in do it I I could get you a million dollars media matters right there, because the as we just said the far agencies are working with David Hagens. France. Alright so they called him up or they texted him and said, hey her this This is Dave
Why did you do this and Dave that's a good idea, I'll call for a boycott and that's what they did. And then all of a sudden, a sponsor said: yeah we're not going to advertise anymore, because that's what these companies do? That's what they do all right. So who is who What is the media and the left creating if David Hogg, what is the no no, but that's not David Hogg, doesn't mean thing with uh story is where freedom of speech is really in trouble. In trouble. The far left knows that it each time they can call for sponsor boycott of anyone. They despise and some of these companies will fold so you're going to see this over and over, and you already seen it with me with you with I miss with Limbaugh, with Hannity, already seen it ok and now,
picks up more speed and we're companies defending people where, where that so this is story, David Hogg is just being used he's being used. He's our semi celebrity. The far left adopted him feeding some things that he's putting out there Nobody knows that, but the beat corporations of America, I I I mean I don't freedom of speech doesn't exist anymore. Is that what you're into I have to tell you bill? I I don't. I Don't accept the idea that just because these are kids or they are or they were in mourning that we have to walk tiptoe around them. I really don't accept all they are. Can you hang on just a second, when I had a minute wait, a minute it
it. They have engaged David Hogg, has called Dana lash some of the worst names imaginable. She has said that Marco Rubio is splattered in blood, that he he's he's made all kinds of accusations and then and named Adam, and I am not going to name call back. I don't want to name call back, but if you know It's it's it's one thing to say: let me play Michael Rapaport here: there's nothing to say that you, you know how? Dare you say that about this kid he's a kid leave me alone? Okay, but listen how the left is responding. Play Michael Rapaport WAR, Ingram, the Fox news reporter you, filthy PIG, you dog, faced animal, remember Laura Ingram. Just a year ago, at the Republican National Convention throwing up the Nazi salute. Check. This out. Look look at the Arian pin up girl this
the same or Ingram, who, just a few weeks ago said that Lebron James and Kevin Durant and these athletes said just shut up and dribble, and then I said infamously that you should shut up and Remember her and now Laura groom the Savage this dog this month- and this has nothing to do with her- looks do with her behavior. I think a stock bill I do not want to respond in kind he's, a he's, a square where the feminist organization exactly right, yeah well, Saturday, where are they? exactly right, so, we all know what's happening. Happening, is the far left, the media approval. And with their encouragement and their enabling have now said, we can stop speech
that we disagree with. We can stop it, we can kill it and we can do it through boycotts. Look this guy that you just played really cares what he says he's in he's a dope at the boycotts. The boycotts that old for a serious hey, I actually, I will tell you this. I don't think a lot of people even know who Michael Rapaport is a nice. I was struggling to put his face in right. Okay right, so you know I I get that, however, language and what we're saying on twitter and Facebook and in blogs- does matter when we're starting to call people vermin, does matter. History shows us when you dehumanize people, it does matter so I'm sure
a feminist organizations, are going to be all over. Mr Rappaport, I'm sure that'll next Friday, when we speak, will all look at the feminist organizations rising up and telling him that Comments were inappropriate. Yesterday there was a there was a great struggle on twitter, demanding facts and sources, and so I had to share with them NBC News and you, still people didn't believe that the pulse nightclub shooting the first first target was Disney. He turned around by a by a police officers being there. They have them on tape, scouting it and then coming back later, with the gun, putting guns into the baby carriage and then seeing this enormous amount of people with guns and turning around then just googling. That
target was not the gay club that was his third choice and he never googled gay club. He just googled gold. Club in Downtown Orlando Build don't believe that that was even true half of the country, because no one reported on it. How do we Where do we come together bill? If, if Half of the country is getting print news. No, we don't I mean it's not going to happen it maybe maybe some kind of leader will emerge Maybe it's happened before in our history who can so powerful in the White House that they can sweep aside. The hatred that has taken hold possible probable now, so you got two countries now
all right and the two countries fight it out and there are no rules. This Smear smear, smear attack, attack, attack, destroy, destroy, destroy and that's what we are. Can you leave me with something happy not selling anything, not selling anything I'd say well, it was hard for me. He in the area of commerce. I was I what are summer. Weekends are are different than all the the holidays, because there really isn't commercialism involved in a man is not a lot of pressure of Gibson. Occasions, and so I think everybody should really. You know, turn off the tv and you know I want them to go to billoreilly dot com, of course, but other than that. I'm just have a nice spring weekend. An my tip of the day yesterday on my twit, Abdel Riley was
somebody who's alone lives alone invite him over for Easter dinner Passover dinner, even if Don't come that's okay, but you can find them. And- and I think that if we all start thinking about that people in our own neighborhoods, and you do that. How easy is that just do it, even if you don't particularly like that much you know, so I want everybody. Have a nice relaxed weekend, including you back. I want you to be relaxed, you know get away from stew and that kind of pressure. And just you know, let do you to get away from back and let me do let me do. Let me do media matters work for them bill? O'reilly says invite lonely people over for dinner Bill O'Reilly Headline bill? O'reilly encourages cannibalism.
It's all written for you all written forty years. Hey have a great Easter and good for a nice weekend and uh appreciate, of course, being on every weeks a lot of fun you got. It will see you next week, peers every Friday on this program, to recap the news and give us his non spin, alright spring is here. Thank you. Believe it's Easter already spring is here already uh Now is the time that you will. You sell your home. Now is the time where people are starting to sell their home they're starting to come out from the snow they're starting to think school is how to be over we've got make a move whatever. If you need to sell your home, Go with real estate agents. I trust dot com, real estate agents. I trust dot com they're going to sell your home fast, For the most amount of money there just like you, their word
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People that really they become friends real estate agents, I trust dot com. They will help you through one of the most dramatic things you can do and that is move real estate agents. I trust dot com, Glenn Beck, mercury. Glenn Beck so glad that you're here? Thank you. So much have for this weekend too. Heathen This is. This is the weeding. This is the weekend by the way that my my second eldest, daughter, Hannah, I think, became a vegetarian Really she wanted to become a vegetarian she's, never been able to do it because he likes me too much, but she hates the idea of it and it's because it's because on
Easter Sunday, I is cooking, and I was making leg of Lamb and so I had her. I had come in and she said what he making dad and I said, come on, we make it so we put it out in your seasoning and stuff and I she said what is and I said leg of Lamb and she, stopped and she said so eight. So this, somewhere on a farm there's a lamb with only three legs like I said absolutely have to happen. Absolutely you don't need that Lamb, like this all at once, don't know mask again, don't follow. Follow follow an she didn't, but I could see the wheels turning and then at dinner she or when I pulled it out and I started to slice it. She said dad.
Let's all that juice at the red and I said, that's blood. And that's when she that's when she was like okay, I'm going to go cry now. I think the Lamb is one of those that crosses the line. Toys. Like the kids have a little lots of stuff Dan and there's not a lot of cow, stuffed animals right now, when you count sheep and sheep are cute they're, cuddly yeah, I guess, although poor Peppa PIG is having ruin, ruin, probably bacon for a kids. Probably 'cause. That's the prop very popular cartoon. Flip, but when she, the great thing is kids when Peppa PIG lose popularity. We eat her, so she serves us in two ways: entertain women's education and food probably not a winning argument with a six year old well, but this is
coming from the guy who said that's blood. The terrible I was gonna say she was. She was like six. What you do there is you hi? You lie yeah, no lots of cool wow thirsty lots, a coolly right before we took that. I like to tell the truth. Daddy only is drinking because you cry Glenn back mercury love courage, truth Glenn Beck, there is, into truth and There is the truth that you want The true so who you are, but it is do
print then scientific truth and we need to embrace that and know the difference between that and without any kind of hatred or or judgment toward one another. Stacy Ray born a man, it's right there on the birth certificate, but Stacy Ray alongside with Jane DOE, Ashley Brenda Basil, Argentino in is that the birth certificate is wrong and with ACLU, they have sued the state of Ohio for refusing to change their birth certificate to reflect their dated gender now see Becker she's, general counsel, for the Ohio branch of the ACLU rebuke, the state's decision. She said a birth certificate proposed to tell the world about who we are well. Birth certificate policy, however, refuses to provide transgendered individuals an only Trans,
individuals with a birth certificate that accurately conveys their gender identity. There is an x and a y chromosome and those things never change your Personal gender identity may change, but that does how change the sex or who you were when you were born. Aaron Bear who serves as the president of citizens for community values, accused the ACLU of wasting taxpayer money and a statement. He said with this lawsuit, the ACLU is sacrificing medical accuracy for political ideology by attempting to four. The state to falsely to falsify official records. A birth certificate does not accurately reflect the biological reality of an individual becomes a meaningless if not ha full document make. No
Take this lawsuit isn't about whether Ohio wins can be supportive of people with gender dysphoria. It's about politics and whether politics beats biology. Fix reason firmly in her seat in question with boldness, even the very existence of God, for if there be a God he must surely rather honest questioning over blind, did fear, alongside Kansas, Tennessee and Ohio? They are A few states that still prohibit identity changes on birth certificates. Earlier this month, the judge ruled that a similar policy in Idaho was unconstitutional violation of people's rights. Specifically, God given right to identify as a man or a woman regardless,
of biology. It's Friday March 30th. This is the Glenn Beck program. Biological sex site. Six sex male female your identity. Why can't you just add that box? I me? Why do we have to why we reject science to him race, gender identity. Why does it to be either or sign it says, one thing: gender: Today you can say another fine. We must not go to a place to wear rejecting science all right we have been talking about Russia, Russia, yesterday expelled sixty diplomats 'cause, we expelled sixty diplomats, and Ian Bremmer is a political scientist and- and he wrote it
for time magazine despite eight, a parent bromance from Has been tough on Russia? Ian is here to talk to us about the what's currently going on with Russia and our stance and and possibly what it might mean Ian well, the program. How are you going to you? First of all, I think this is an interesting take from you, because most it would write for time magazine, I would say say that Donald Trump has been soft on on Russia, and I think he started out that way. And he has taken He'S- done some really hard things that I don't think anybody's done really since the cold war. I mean. Certainly there are people out there that still believe the United States should be much harder in its response, and that was true under Obama and that's true under Trump,
This is a country that we know was involved in undermining the legitimacy of our electoral process, and we also know that they've been engaging in major cyber attacks. Yes, again, all sorts of critical infrastructure. Yes, there's no question that steps that have been taken by the Trump administration which Trump has personally approved both in terms, individual sanctions in terms of supporting, arming. Ukraine something Obama did not You right and also most recently, the closing of the Seattle Consulate and the removal of these sixty russian diplomats fast buys are, frankly, those are some of the toughest apps that have been taken by the US. Certainly since the cold war and Trump did not need to take If you wanted to maintain my bromance with Putin. He clearly could have said no.
These are the Serbs. The substantial. However, I mean I I'd hate to be the present United States today, because I think Putin, the is: is a very good chess player and Is somebody who says they're only going to go so far because nobody wants war with Russia and I don't know what you should do I mean that that it is so clear that they are trying to dismantle us and the entire west from the inside in their play. You know not only digital games but they're playing mental games with our with the entire West Ann. And what do you do? How do you respond and not go to war? What is the appropriate response. Well, so I- a couple of points here. One is that if you really want to hit Putin, I mean we can't delegitimize his elections because they're not democratic.
He's going to win no matter what so it's not quid pro quo, but we could use We go after the oligarchs, the people that are close, Putin that have gotten their billions from Putin's largesse, who have big real estate. Holdings and all sorts of cash at play in the United States, if we wanted to squeeze them, they'd be very upset at the Kremlin. So that's one step you can take. You could also start leaking information. Be embarrassing to Putin and his family, and and the oligarchs around, in the same way that they leaked information through Wikileaks about the democratic National committee in the run up to the elections, for example, I mean there are steps you can take, but let's also recognize that one of the reasons rush is dangerous, is not because so strong, but by side for precisely because
Russia is declining in its influence globally and Putin's really unhappy about that, and it makes more willing to lash out more risk acceptance in a way that the Chinese are expand. Hang their power, the fuel research. The time is on their side, and so then much less willing to take a whack at Americans they want to play the long game, they don't want to trade war, and you see this and clearly Russia's decision Putin's decision to go. After this former spy in Salisbury UK probably means that the Europeans now double down on saying against Russia hurting their economy, while many european governments had been pushing to actually take those things comes off so they shot themselves in the foot you now have because of Putin going after the US election, a tough line on Russia being just about the only thing, Democrats and Republicans in Congress we agree on and even in crane where Trump
The end, where Putin really embarrassed Obama by going into Crimea, taking it and refusing the down and having his little green men in southeast Ukraine fact is that weird Providing the Ukrainians, arms, the Russians are losing citizens and it's very embarrassing for them at home. It's not popular and most of Ukraine, the vast majority of their economy and the political system is oriented trip Lee towards the West or Europe in the United States, which had not been the case or the Russians actually invaded Crimea was much more split in a strange way. Doesn't doesn't the isolation, of Russia into what I fear is happening all over the globe and much of it directed by Russia into this nationalization. This this heritage movement, doesn't that in some ways make him more strong. If there alone and it's us against the world, and we are strong Russia. Your abs
Lee Glenn and it does make him strong at home. Same way that Castro never won. The removal of USA sanctions, because I mean if we had been in like crazy, with all the tourists coming into Havana. His regime wouldn't have lasted very long, so absolutely Putin at home is strength, and by this kind of heritage movement, exactly as you say, but to be clear, there's no threat to Putin Domestic anyway. I mean whether he was going to win with seventy seven percent of the vote as he did, or seven two percent or sixty five percent. I mean real opposition in Russia is either locked up exiles or dead. In can we talk about the oligarchs a little bit 'cause. That is when one of the the kind of suggestions, as you kind of pointed out we go after the people. You know the you know the old in Russia, now all of their money. That's the globally, but there's an meant to say that that is a problem, because what Putin wants
is to bring all that money back into Russia and that kind of what would be the result of that is that accurate, in fact I've made that argument an it's a double edge sword. So the question is: how much do you want to get the benefit from taking on oligarchs, who are clearly going to be personally less happy with the Kremlin? And you know you get one or two of them to defect. Might you get good information that way, as opposed to the structural point, which is who Konomi is deteriorating. Oil prices are Lee LO. They don't really make anything. A lot of multinational companies are not lining up to invest in the russian market, the way they are trying to other emerging markets and so Putin he's been trying to get big oligarchs to bring cash back to Russia, and that's also argument in the UK, where you know so many more of them are located in domiciled and clearly that doesn't make Putin very happy.
Back in ninety nine, I read The manifesto from Osama Bin Laden and He said, and I didn't understand it at the time he said what I did, what I did to the Soviet Union. I will do to America. And I thought well, he didn't do that. You know it. Were part of it, but it was Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul and Margaret Thatcher- and you know we collapse them economically- and uh. And now I see that I've feel the exact play is being made against the United States and the West, and Russia is playing a role in this and I'm I was so intrigued by it now today they just show their their test their test of the new Satan Rockets, which I was strangely titled, but they you know they talk about this hyper, this sonic weapon and
It just strikes me as STAR Wars and Ronald Reagan: do you that these are bluffs, and trying to get us into an arms race. Or do you think this is real? It goes to your earlier point that if Putin can show his own people that he is on par with the United States, that he is the big tagonist he can get the Americans involved in a new cold war, an arms race that makes him look stronger, but you know as the world's Only comprehensive superpower, the United States. The good news is that, We do a lot more damage to ourselves than any other country could possibly do that's, of course, also the bad news and in that regard I mean I would argue that, let's see, John Bolton is probably more of a threat to the United States, a lot what you just said from Osama Bin Laden and let him get to witness, in other words, so and it really believes the war in Iraq still was a good idea. Despite all of the Americans, killed an p
ESD and coming back and feeling like we shouldn't be global sheriff anymore, despite all put the money, despite all of the bad will with allies, as well as the instability in the region that came as a consequence of that failed war. We now have someone that out to be national Security Advisor thinks that that's actually good Policia, not just in Iraq, but other places too now it'll be interesting to see how that plays out when we have Trump himself, intimating over the last twenty four hours the US should pull out of Syria precisely because well, what's in it for us we, beat it ISIS. So why are we still there? We very interest see how those two end up playing together, even though we the we did not know, and in Congress, and there was no will to stop this. You know this war with with Yemen and or in Yemen with with ran, you know, that's undeclared war that both Bernie Sanders an MIKE Lee tried to stop and
it you know we're still. We seem to be expanding and not contracting yeah I mean, certainly in that was Obama and Trump at policies been quite consistent over the course of the two administrations, but not by the United States, led by our allies, the Saudis in the MRI and certainly after Trump, this first trip as president outside the United States not and uh, which would have been more traditional, but instead to Saudi Fabian was very feted by the saudi king and the crown prince it could you imagine that the United States would then tell the Saudis. Ok, we're going to cut the rug out and went on to support you in this war. Now I mean I do think that there are good reasons to support the saudi regime. I think that at home, Mohammed Bin Salman is truly trying to engage in revolutionary transformation, which is way overdue in terms of their economy, their culture and their religion, and if he can stop fun
know what both at home and abroad that's going to take away some of the terrorist we have, but in Nationally, he's been a much more willing to take on race, tried to show, was going to see days and also get the American sucked in the conflicts that it's not we're all clear. Our in our interest in I would love to have you back when your book comes out. Your you have a new book coming out called us verses them, the failure of cold globalism and from what little I know about it. So far, it's fascinating and I think we have a great conversation. It's we'd love to have you back for them, but thank you sequentially week, thanks for talking Thank you very much. Ian bremmer political scientist an author of us versus them, which is coming out. It comes out April, 24th, Glen, he's at ianbremmer dot com or at Ian Bremmer on Twitter.
I want to talk about Lifelock look. There are so many threats going on you know, especially during tax time. People can claim identity and file for taxes. You can get a tax refund and girls, will call you and say hey by the way. This is the IRS and there was a problem and you got to return that right away and you send it to this, and people are falling for it There are so many threats and most of them, will go undetected. That's where you really get into trouble, The new life lock identity theft protection is now adding the power of Norton Security to help protect you against the threats to your identity and to your devices. You can easily see your fix on your own if you have problem, they have agents who are going to work to fix it now. Nobody Double cyber threats, Proventil identities, after monitor all transactions at all businesses, but Lifelock is pulled my butt out of the fire. A couple of times get you get
phone Call- and they say are- are you doing this? Are you opening this account or you It's I don't know honey. Are you opening this account? No, No we're not gray we're on it, though It's the way. It happens. Lifelock dot com Call one eight hundred Lifelock and use the promo code back. You get an extra ten percent off your first year if you, the promo code back at Lifelock, dot com Glenn Beck Mercury Glenn, Beck and now the gun debate that I'm record deserves hello, Mister Hog, my name
Rex jones- and I want to make a public statement about you, claiming to speak from my generation about guns, I'm fifteen years old, Mister Hog and our need talking points or little teleprompter. Behind my CNN interview screen to get my point across I'm backed up by statistics and facts, you are backed up by falsities and lies Mister Hog. My dad publicly invited you to come on his show and debate him. You shied away in crawled back under your rock Iraq shown would like to publicly challenge you to debate me name a time name, the place name, the venue. I will do it Apple Far from the tree. All my gosh, that's Alex Jones son, challenging Hong to a to a debate which I will say I mean the Second, amendment was debated among our founding fathers yeah I mean you know, and I will say that this is a perfect end to this experiment. Let's have a final debate between a fifteen year old and a seventeen year old. One of
which is the son of a conspiracy theorist and let's have them they'll wait the second amendment and then we unplug the country and turn it off. It's a great last act is really where go from there, goodnight everybody, everybody and we just turn it off and and see. Maybe maybe somebody comes eventually to turn it into something else, but I feel, like I mean I'm speaking as an alcoholic wow these bottom I think we just found it, but you know. Maybe I don't think that's it. I don't think that's it. I think those two could debate and we would still yeah we find it a little lower we'd still go lower. I am I I can you, I can you imagine, we said the same thing about some of the drivers of parkland, which is of course they're. Their points are, should included in the debate if they wish it to be, and of course, obviously hearing about their experience is important, but
it been utilized by the media and the left is despicable, and it's hard to imagine that this is any different right I mean it's. The same point should apply here right guys, an. Not it's not a good turn. Glenn Beck mercury. You're, listening to the Glenn Beck program? Can we do choose your news and also the Hillary Clinton audio? It's the same: every hurry, hurry, let let's, let's start with a little bit of Hillary Clinton, is on us. You know see if the Anti Defamation League is interested in any of this audio. Here's Hillary Clinton, her latest.
As someone who grew up in Vienna and barely escaped the holocaust. My mother would say from time to time that it happen here and I was. I would be very dismissive that I would dismiss it and I dismiss her comments and her fears as implausible. Find it shocking. I'm even about to ask this question, but I I do It is not about what are your concerns about the stability of our democratic institutions and structure the animals to a small, my then. What for you is the essence of american democracy. I'm hoping that the worst. That kind of question me, Ruth is just never even approached we never get to that.
Okay to Nazism, but it will require people turning up in voting in these mid term elections. Okay, so, are not see. Is it the right way in the two thousand eighteen Malek right? Okay, we're not going to get there unless people vote, Democrats. In twenty eighteen. But I Hope we never get there, but we could be within twelve months Watt but where is that I never ever ever ever ever, got close to that she's saying, if you don't vote in the midterm, will I'll turn into a nazi nation. Oh Ok, no big deal she's gotten nuts. Alright choose is still yes The war, here's the headline number one, the world's first blockchain toothbrush.
Would you mind coins while brushing your teeth? Ok, head number two who needs taxi when you can take an ambulance all right, three probably the worst headline. But a very good story drug bust in Detroit gone horribly wrong. I feel, like you have to stop on the scale here. So I'm going to go drug bust, I am making a recommendation for the drug bust good choice. Ok, you're, Ready Detroit police. Undercover police officers, in a drug bust. The officers we're undercover disguised as drug buyers. They go in and they make the deal remember. This is very and it's these are, high level, drug dealers, they're dealing with they've, been
taking them out for awhile they go in they need make sure that they do it right and remember guys, do not pull a gun, don't do anything until the money is exchanged and we have the drug and they have the money. Are we all clear on that? Yes, sir, all right, But your hoodie on, let's go, they go in Take the deal after months of working this gang they make the deal and both sides say freeze because police district. Eleven. Posing as drug dealers, Police district twelve were posing as drug buyers,
Needless to say, the room got a little tense when both sides drew their guns and they had a warrant for their arrest. Yeah. That was a drug bust gun horribly wrong. All right, we'll see we'll have to save the tooth brush for the bit mining here, a second. Let me up. Let me tell you about Ziprecruiter. If you need to hire great people, there is a really great way to find them something better than just posting your job online and then waiting for the right person to see it. Ziprecruiter does They post one hundred plus job sites, but they also we have developed a smarter way they learn. What they. What you're looking for zip recruiter, is a system that is a smart system and identifies the people with the right experience and then invites them to apply for your job. Zip recruiter,
the invitations have revolutionized how you find your next higher 'cause. They go out and they say hey. You should apply, for this, tries recruiter, try it for free today, just go to ziprecruiter dot com, slash back that ziprecruiter dot com, slash back! Try it for free, put the people in the right positions. To take your come to the next level. That's ziprecruiter dot com, slash back, Glenn Beck Mercury Herman back we're going on a journey. The time itself does not exist, as we know it, As we understand it.
It only really exist as something called space time. It's really only a point on a giant math, something that we can use to find out where we are where Ben or where we're going so let unfold space time trace our way back
First, maybe just a couple of years tonight I can report to the american people and to the United States has conducted an operation that killed Osama Bin Laden leader Bob on my order. United States military has begun, stressed out kind of terrorist training back even further. This is Diana died. This vast right wing conspiracy, it was today I the thing I've got during the past. Eight or nine terrified living human beings are being held president and American labeled for Hong Kong again landing for a while. Are there still, even before Mark Cohn when the air was signed?
back past. The signing of the declaration of independence past the age of enlightenment before Martin Luther hung his protest on the church doors before Columbus, rediscovered the fact that the world was round. We go past Newton, Galileo, the dark ages, the Crusades back to a time before books when most of the world couldn't read or write, and history was oral. We leave this world now where we can hear and see a lone protester standing in front of a tank in a country on the other side of the planet, and we can see it live to a world seemingly simple, yet brutal. Beyond our understanding where news was spread from mouth to mouth, we stopped here at approximately twenty nine of the common era. We stopped at a small walled city in the Middle EAST. It's
One thousand o'clock at night, just Of days before Passover, the meals are being prepared, the night's meal had already been eaten and most in the city or asleep. One man, however, is not it's strange. He's younger than I am he's about. Thirty he's awake in alone in a garden his friends, who have been with him for several years or just a few yards away, They slumber underneath the star filled sky. They you don't know that though they sleep the world is about to wake. Eleven of twelve men. Sleep the Side Hill, one man awake, he couldn't sleep, for he knew he was in a guard.
In prayer praying so hard about what he knew was about to come. Praying so hard that blood actually drip from his pores in the place of sweat. Back at the hill when he turned begged his friends to wake and pray with him know how serious his request really was: they had no idea. What was just to come deeply with his friends. Why will you not rise and pray with me he, This again before returning to the garden alone, he out there on rocky soil, his hand this clasp his head, bowed twilight. Dude raped his neck. The horizon. Still in black, he prayed eight even harder for This guy would eventually turn purple than light blue and he knew
what awaited him back to the hill once more friends, asleep he His friends rise rise and pray with me. I need you now more than ever, the said they would but shortly after he left. They fell sleep again. The I was even closer. And he knew his time was running out now over the hill they more which, like flowing lava burning in the night solace The eleven are surely awake now they have sworn their faith to him, but he knows he knew this. True We can and he'll be forsaken first taken by the same men who just swore their undying devotion, the torch
screw brighter the hourglass running low, the playing of the metal swords and spears, the sound of the vibration of the March deep down from their feet to their spying, creating a shallow vibration, leaving them quicker. The soldiers approach, the one is grabbed and kissed the trade with the kiss, the kiss wearing the mask of loyal one of the men's league for as his sword cutting the gear off one of the soldiers. He raises his hand, no peace take me now in peace for this is my purpose. This my being This is the reason I came now, one of them Peter Strays,
while his friend is being persecuted for crimes he didn't commit. He things by a fire, Denying any relationship he has is he tries to blend in with the common people. To me approaches didn't I see you with him, Peter surely I don't know him, but you Gallery Galilee Third time Peter says hi. Do know this man now Jesus is pulled back and forth between the two who will determine his fate. They, can't see any crime. But they still question scourge and mock him. Aren't you the king, Silence here is your crown says one: is they give him a crown of thorns and press it into his head? He before the judge. Damn condemn him for no crime but
is Passover. He said to the crowd you you can choose one. I will release him as the king of the Jews or Jesus. Standing silent is I is to the ground. Is condemned to death. Jesus now carries his cross through the stone clad streets to the place known as the skull the place where he will soon die. His back torn his head bleeding beneath his thorny crown. The women cry out loud as he passes. He this for a moment and come it's them do not. Wait for me! Rather, weep for yourselves. His mother
looks on as huge nails are driven through his hands in his feet. They raised the cross in slam it into the ground. It is at this point that all four writers of the gospel struggled with a description of the crucifixion as I have they described with the only words that could use and they crucified him. He now hung on the cross. Is the soldiers bid lots on his clothing below next to him. Two criminals hang but they are simply tied to the cross. One of them says you're, the Son of God- save us now save all of us. The man in the middle does nothing, for he had a purpose. The afternoon passes
Skin stretched he wept. Begged for water. They gave him a sponge on a read, filled with vinegar in a moment, where he showed us that he was truly human he cried out and said, author
my father. Why have you forsaken me? This guy began to grow dark. It was approaching three hundred o'clock on a Friday afternoon when Jesus the Carpenter from Nazareth spoke once more and only once his last words. It is finished so today people all over the world do as I do now. I think that loan carpenter for dying dying on that Friday afternoon Sly may live
Glenn Beck, Mercury,
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