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We’ll ALL Get COVID-19 | Guests: Charlie Kirk & Dr. Robert Epstein | 3/2/20

2020-03-02 | 🔗

Glenn’s speech at CPAC drew heated reviews from Media Matters, but he dares anyone to actually fact-check it. At CPAC, Glenn saw President Trump’s speeches in a whole new light: Everything’s bulletproof, the audience is his only friend, and Netflix signed a deal with the wrong president. With Super Tuesday a day away, Joe Biden won South Carolina and Pete Buttigieg dropped out, but Biden/Buttigieg 2020 is still an option. Turning Point USA founder and president Charlie Kirk talks Bolshevik Bernie Sanders and President Trump the comedian. Glenn believes the coronavirus has been in the U.S. for a while and that it’s here to stay. And Dr. Robert Epstein discusses why he believes big tech will NOT allow Trump to win in November.

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My goodness looks like corona virus look. Can I guess it is another girl virus? It's already here, we're all going to get it at some point. All of us are gonna, get it and most of us are going to survive, and it's not just this. We're gonna get it because it's going to be around now forever. We are still fighting the flu pandemic of nineteen. Eighteen that flew that we get every single year is a knock off of the spanish flu of nineteen eighteen pandemic. Same thing with corona virus and erode is like all my gosh look, it's starting to be here. No, it's already been here. We just have him in testing for it now the test for coming out, so we all need to take a chill pillar relax. The one thing that we should be concerned about is the economy, the economic ramifications, that's real and that's going to hit the chickens are going to come home to roost. We have information on that today. We have Charlie Kirk joining us today. We're gonna talk about Super Tuesday for tomorrow, and I was it see pact this weekend and I was just a few feet away from the president during his speech and boy. Do I have some behind the scenes observations that I can't wait to share with you all coming up begins in one minute
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did say that I think I did say that Glenn, Glenn back a former news with Fox NEWS, Pardon and an ally to Donald Trump View, the first time I've been called him now. Donald Trump doesn't even call me an ally. Was cheered on by Republicans during a conference in which he claimed a Bernie Sanders presidency would lead to another holocaust an incendiary speech full of false claims and misinformation. Now this is the way miss. Information and disinformation spread. You you I had a piece for Yahoo NEWS and you may. The claim full of false claims and misinformation and then not go over any of those things actually say what that really was and take this speech apart I welcome you to try to do I'd. Go news. Go ahead,
and I ve a Yahoo newsroom is bustling at this point in the car and they company trajectory sidling. After have time for that. Well yeah, I know, Oh all of a false claims and misinformation to the annual see pack conference. Mr bet compared Sanders. Annie supporters, the Bolsheviks, yes warning of violent revolution could or Should the Democratic Socialist Assume office yeah, just because that's what his supporters are saying these not grass root groups of Democrats there, marxist revolutionaries, who believe in nothing short of complete overthrow of the United States and destruction of the constitution and the free market system back to an audience of activists at the White House and White House officials at sea pack, and please, let's stop calling them Bernie brows, because they're, not my brother, there. There are not something that is funny their Bernie Bolsheviks, their Bernie Brown, shirts. That's what they are. He said
cheers of support from the crowd, and their revolution will result in death and misery. Another whole about Paul D, more another holocaust or whatever we call the next great socialist atrocity missed back also suggested that MR senders followers, who he falsely claimed, are armed with pipe bombs. Molotov cocktails and guns are worth than the Nazis I did say they were worse the Nazis. I said there that we have it worse than our grandparents dead, because our grandparents in world war to it clear what evil was. It was clear. They took it seriously. Now we're looking at Bernie Sanders and ease is Vonny ease like Larry David, and these are Bernie brows and where- laughing at them. We laughing at the Nazis were laughing at these bolsheviks, who are indeed
the arming themselves, with pipe bombs and molotov cocktails. Have you noticed antiphon Have you seen any of their peaceful rallies. Nor say too there was a lot of laughing about the Nazis before the Nazis turned into what we now know. Nazis were when they were early on. They were very much jokes, and more marked all over the world, including by you, know the United States and Britain and all the people who want to taking the very seriously later out. Yes, so anyway, I'm I'm not worried about it. I just want to say to both the daily beast: and Yahoo NEWS. First of all, Who stories isn't why Lee condemned. Ok, that's you you and media matters any. Story I have read. Was rip in red from media matters we know who they are second thing I want to say is tell me what tell me what the lies were. Tell me what
tell me the lies see. We actually said that if perhaps like that there will be another holocaust know which is those out. You know what that is made. As I said there socialist revolution. I said these are revolutionaries, and if get into office, their social, their marxist revolution? Will to the destruction, because what they're saying and I'm not talking about Bernie Sanders, saying this- I'm talking about All the people that are in his came essay all. I should say that almost all of the people in his campaign and the ones that have been shown by project very toss. They are too king about a violent revolution, they are talking about gulags. They are talking about killing twenty million people. They can't that they can't fact check you on. That, though, is that means they'd have to mention that the project there tough thing which they all do the fleet nor ignored and which is great right
They may also memory, but they still work there and they ve also ignored all of the people who are called Leah paid highest level of the Bernie Sanders campaign, were over and they were consulting the former Communist Party of EAST Germany. I mean, there. They are with the communist all over Europe and they are consulting with them. So please you haven't done your homework, you don't know what you're talking about and That's giving you credit. I personally think your for it, but I could be wrong. Let me tell you about in fact, let me take a quick break early cause. I want to talk to you about what I discovered about Donald Trump. I'm sitting in the front row of see pack while Donald Trump is giving his speech and I see him and his speeches in it
entirely different light now. I saw him in twenty. Sixteen speak I saw him live, and it Just wasn't the same as it is now, and I have learned so much from what I I think a the door of understanding has opened up for me and I ve looked. I look at him and speeches which I have always been like. Oh please, don't know to stick to the script stitches I look at him entirely different after actually sitting and being there. If even if you dont, like Donald Trump Just one understand Donald Trump, go to one of his his rallies, you will understand him in a complete lately new way
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and you know he's next because of two things. First of all, you hear the helicopter, the blade beating over the The the the convention centre, as he's landing on and Marine one and Then they go into like this twenty five minute, video peace made all the lights dumb. Now I'm sitting, a little behind him, I'm just out of his peripheral vision if he is, if he is giving a speech in these matters him sitting on the podium, I am on the left hand, side Joe out of his peripheral vision, just a little behind him. So I'm seeing everything from behind which was fascinating. So HU as you're running this documentary I swear to you about thirty Whitehouse secret servers, the secret service staffers come out, and the first thing do is a wheel out this big.
Light case giant is like it has like ten bodies in it like wonder or other delivering. They opened up and it's the podium and they It's all put in this beautiful bag inside all protected, and it takes two or three guys to lifted out of this case. And they we'll it up and they lock it into place. As I'm watching them assemble this I, for first time realise that's a kevlar podium. That podium is bulletproof, and if you look at it it covers the chest area of the president. You know. Usually the cameras are a little higher up, so your kind of looking down, but if you or in the audience its covering his idle organs- and the reason why I realise this is: I see how heavy it is but I also see for the very first time when used
your president's speak notice that they'll have these little signs on the stage and in Case on each side of the podium worthy signs that you said see pack twenty twenty. And the secret service walk out with these and, unlike, why are they up see pack signs. Next to it I mean it's weird that they're doing Then I see the bullet. Roof shielding that is wielded out and they take these giant metal plates out. It was really sad to watch this. They took these I ain't metal plates out of this case and they had I don't know probably four feet by three feet tall and they They have these legs kind of, go out so its flesh with stage, and then they take a and shout and they lock them all in place on both sides of the podium. Then, the reason why you don't see em is
because then they take this blue blanket or this blue view no tell tale bluff, whatever the effort put it over that, and then they put the signs. That would say you know Trump, twenty twenty or this case c pact twenty. They put him in front of that. So you just think it signage But, let's really sad is if you're looking from behind the podium, you realize the podium. Hizbollah proof and those signs are for shooter gun and somebody comes and throw the president to the ground and now he's behind a bullet proof shield? It was bizarre took them about twenty five minutes to assemble, just the podium and everything else. The podium has a little many MIKE plan. Form that pulls out but I realized this platform is made for each president
it's not like they had one platform. It's me It will be made for the height of the president. And so they had this little thinkers, Donald Trump, so tall, I think he's. Here than I am and he put they pull out this little many MIKE step, our thing behind it, so some can be the same height as the president, and they were too people that were checking the teleprompter, which were quite of his created as well. They were all electronically controlled on heighten and everything else. It was amazing and there's like tat people just working on the teleprompter to put them put them up, one comes out and he's on the little step ladder thing that slides in and out of the podium, and and he said he stands up and he's looking in helping them do it. Then he those backstage as their locking things into place. He puts the little step letter back in slides, underneath the podium and another
comes out and I'm thinking this is the Trump standin cause he's huge use, a giant of a man and he walked up and he just, was looking at them and they were readjusting in everything else. Then secret service rocks into place vase when it comes out just like they did when I was in the oval with the president. They come out. The last thing that happens. You and you know the president's walking in the room. The last thing happens is they bring in a glass like a very nice still cut glass with this full of the president is a symbol of seal on it. Water and I got actual glass of ice water and they set that underneath not a bottle of water, they set that underneath the podium and and the Little Box the president has LISA White House, I dont, know what this one was like, but where you're at the White House. You know the president's coming in because they put the water down and then
the secret service comes in and they put this little box down and it's a box of bout. I dunno for by four inches and its. It's a square, and it's about two. Maybe three inches tall made out of wood, beautiful I'd love to have one for the museum beautiful. Laid with the presidential seal in, like old or something on top and a little red button, and that The button when the president is in trouble, the president need something you're. What have you push them? and people are grappling down from the ceiling, so they do that. Then and Lee Green Woods. Bless. The USA start now I know I am not familiar with the sun without a single shot. So God bless the USA and and
God bless Lee Greenwood and I loved that's hung in the day. I'm I'm is time to move on, but conservatives can't because there the own Lee Green. What is the only artist that is like a Republicans can use that song, because no damn Tat will never use that song, and so were you republican use it because everything else they can get the licence to use? And He comes out and want to tell you my impression. Of his speeches. My wrist, act for him as a control performer my spect for what he does every day and his calculation is gone up dramatically dramatically and just by watching him. Speak live on
I tell you about the whole experience as burn. Take a quick break then I will come back and I'll. Tell you about the whole experience of what I learned but Once you understand this about this president, you get it like, for start to unlocking you like that He's President United States, is why he's President the United States, I had that that those lights turned on about how way through that give everyone could see him speak alive and understand a look at it. This way they get it. Every member the press they'd get it so Gregg lives in Hawaii and hasn't it resting experience with relief factor. Last year, his knee started to swell you know it none of us want to hear it. You're living in Hawaii anyway made clear
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try it out it relief factor, dotcom. That's relief factor, not com, Did I and still does America, we look at South Carolina what happened and what it means for the future. Also, Andy no is on the programme for a blaze, dvd commies from ECHO Glenn sign up for ten bucks off what about the global programme? It is Monday. I was it see pack this weekend and I understand the president more clearly, then I think I ever have and I have. I have missed, his secrets, ass. You know and I think a lot of people are like this who, like the President but they're like I wish you would stop treating and I've come this place to wear I do wish. He would stop Quito tweeting, but I dont think we would be where we are in a good way. If it wasn't for his tweeting, so I'm kind of torn on it because it is tweets that
draw that expose everything drives the laugh so crazy that they don't know what to do, and so they just prove him right all the time. So while I would like to get rid of his twitter feed. I would not like to get rid of his twitter feed. At the same time, I'm really torn on that. The other thing, like when I saw him at the state of the union that was a well crafted speech that was really good and he was very presidential and if you remember right eye to him if he was that, I said to you that if he was that guy from now, until twenty twenty he'd win not sure that I was right about that. And here's. Why I haven't been to one of his rallies since twenty sixteen and I into one of his rallies, but I went to his rally before he had the the seal on
Hunton and on the stage and before he added he track record. So I didn't believe the things that he was saying he was going to do. I still don't believe a crazy. You know is like This is the greatest whether pattern in their history. Since the dinosaurs. I still doubt we thought like. Ok, I don't think so, but whatever, that's Donald Trump hears but I here's what I learned watching him Donald Trump has mastered this thing its genuine. I don't think it's calculated. He has mastered this thing with his supporters that he's president of the United States, and yet he's not. And what he here's? What I mean by that in the present in the United States is your, best friend gay. You grew up together and you would expect the president. You know you
would call him, Mr President, and if you were in public he might even say- Don't call me, don't call me mister YO stilled still, I'm still bill people around him would go please when you're in public police colleague, Mr President, and you probably would because he's the President Eyes states, but when you're in his living room above the We know White House and yours The two of you. You'd, be sitting on the couch and be like POGO, though he tell you what I really don t. What really happened. This is frickin crazy. Here's, what happen any heed? watch and stuff and you'll, be like ok. So what did you really think about the debate and he like all many MIKE and he would be making fun of him. That's who This presidency is on stage when he's in those rallies he's your body he's. Best friend who happens to be president and he's doing the curtain back
it's I've heard people say it is the best entertain, in Amerika. I believe that to be true, it is the as value its free. You're, seeing one of the best shows I ever seen, and here Another reason: why? Not only is he genuine in those things he genuinely funny when you see him in little clips, you don't you don't get it when you why, should on tv. It's not. The same when you're sitting there and your watching him. I have I've. I've known he was a good performer, but I have to tell you I think he has some of the best comedic Netflix, they gave the boy was a billion dollars. Are a hundred million dollars to the wrong president.
They gave a hundred million dollars for Barack Obama to make a bunch of documentaries that nobody's gonna watch What I sighed see pack was one of the best, and I say one of because I can think of to others that are on par It was one of the best Netflix comedy specials I've ever seen. He has comedic timing. Unlike I've seen and I thought that I do No, I just didn't give him enough credit to be that kind of performer. He was- and I know he was because, The guy who is sitting next to me, was like he's. Can you man, because he would something and it would be really really funny and he just kind of glance over and look at me and kind of smile like I know, what I'm doing term. Like you do brother you do.
I mean it was. It was impressive to watch him. I've never seen, and I chalk this. I talk to this up to arrogance. I still think he's an arrogant guy. However,. Not sure. That's the right word. I've never seen any one as comfortable in their own skin as him, because I watched him walk off stage, and I could see him walk off in the back k and. You know what I get off stage. It's like who I was work in Oda mean that was not work for him. He walked off stage and there was no let down. There was no ok aright it's him and I will watched him. I was close enough to really watch his body language. The guy is
more comfortable in his skin and who he is than any one. I think I've ever seen it was removed couple remarkable to watch remarkable that's why I worked so well right. I guess in real life people in we're way. That's off authenticity, right yeah: it is it eddies. He you know, If you understand the mindset that the people who voted for him and the people who will vote for him are sick of beings, told one thing and then- do another here speeches when he giving in he's going off the of the prompter. It was weird because we seeing him on television you're like stick to the proper stick to the broader stick to the rapporteur, but in live, that's What you're going for you don't care what he sang the proper. It's almost like an interlude. Is it because he he wore the sitting ass. We said
This guy's in seventies aim. Exhausted from I D minutes because first feel, like you're in catholic Church, you're up and down an up and down and up and down, but genuine. It's not like the it's now. Like the stupid us, the state of the union speech words like I'll sit down shut up. None of you mean it is genuine you're up and down, and up and down an up and down and you're laughing so hard, and when he goes, back to the speech you're like ok, I don't really have to pay attention here and it's Like he's coming out and he's just yeah realisation over and then he just stops any and that what everybody's coming forth are not coming for the speech, that's what Obama missed Morocco, Mama didn't have those crowds, because he was an image of something and he gave he's beautiful speeches.
But he wasn't real, it wasn't a hidden connects. You didn't want to hang out with Barack Obama. And he didn't have anything theirs- is air of discovery. With this president to wear your, who wanted some one who was consistent. Who would blow the system up? and so he's telling you. Ok, here's what I really do this weekend. You know really drove him. Nuts, there's really great figured out something else. And I know this to be true because of me- you can feel very alone. Doing kinds of jobs and there's lots of people who do these jobs, and I feel very long. No one is more alone that the President United States, no one special. Since no other president wants to talk to him. You know they always say at least I have you know,
talk till the other presidents and I get together, nobody wants nobody's, nobody's his body. No one. Many is a legend airily small circle, even for president correct and so that guy is alone. My friend said to me, I'm exhausted and when he said that I was looking at the President thinking this guy could go another three hours now. Genetically there's something going on with him. He's very is not his age gay he's. In good genetic health? I think so that goes for stamina. He sleeps like three hours a day, there's something weird happening with him. A good way. I wish I had that the The thing, though, that I noticed because I'm like this and I know others he he's always surrounded by enemies, always.
When you and I see each other, you might get something out of the speech and you may be like all that was fun. That was great, but I can get to you, I yet more from you, then you get from me because I recharged, that's happening. The president is hanging out with his friends. Those rallies and he knows he's in a safe space with you. He knows that you're not gonna turn on him and and He is getting recharged its. It's his you're, his friend. You're, his friend and he's living in a pretty friendless world right now. That's what's happening that it's happening and that's what people are feeling that He saw loyal to you and you're so loyal to him, because- he's doing what he said.
He's letting you in on the secrets he's letting you in any is pulling the curtain back in his, like everybody thinks are all that they are not really care. That is huge for his fans and you, giving that back to him I think the guys unstoppable completely do He's unstoppable in the election, but when I hope you gave it gets Biden over her, look. You know Paul Paul unease like let me just take it. All, he said I did in South Carolina got to the result, who should I run about a run against than he was like a judge by Rosa, whereas able but I don't even know who he is or why he's right. I mean he went through all over me said, I'm only asking about two people, Joe Biden. An Bernie Sanders. He said I want you to cheer. If you think it would be the easiest to beat Joe Biden. There is pretty good
here now. Those who think I should run against Bernie Sanders, because you think he'd be the easiest debate the place when knots and all I kept thinking no, no, no allow Yeah assets such as we have this conversation on. They are buncher times of which one you drew for young and it's tough I do understand the argument that Sanders is the guy because I think he would be may be the easiest one to be. Maybe maybe, however, if you lose. The ramifications are considerably worse. You and that's the thing keep coming back to us like economic current of ours is a great example. I don't think that's going to turn into something that that just the electricity that something like that that is complete The control of the president could change the election and make the other person wind and that other person is Bernie Sanders. Gus socialists here, as in the United States, serious problem, but I will tell that I am
I think that it is interesting to see The way that President dealt with all of these people over the weekend, and I really I want to see if I can get see pact to give me the video cause I want it. I want to they did into a like twenty five or thirty minute comedy special, because I think he was brilliant, truly brilliant. If he was any other president, he would get an Emmy for these. Because our tv specials, they really are. He would An Emmy for bed comedic actor, I really underestimated his calculation and his skill Ray we truly brilliant, really, brilliant. Ok, our response, is to Congress, and I want
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So. The president said in his speech on Saturday at sea. Patchy can't fly in election, and that is so true, so true Tom style. Who just dropped out this weekend, much money. He spent play a quarter of a billion dollars quarter of a million Euro delegate's zero, nothing you can't buy, it many MIKE has the president calls him MIKE Bloomberg. He's There is a funny ran from the president on on how he just being ripped off by his campaign. Advisors are like no really MIKE, I think another, two hundred million, and we This thing locked up guy, but you can't you just can't buy an election. And the other thing I think everybody, including me, we need to stop our predictions because last week by noise, like guy he's, done all fairly nod mooted judge these proudly gotta watch no peace out.
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A Comus western goods for new frontiers. Welcome to the programme, America. It was. It was quite an amazing thing for Joe Biden who everybody was counting as bring out your dad in South Carolina, and it is changed. The game now super Tuesday is back into play. We're gonna give you all of our analysis of what happened why it happened plead, but a judge dropping out. Why did that happen? Will tell you all about that? Give your analysis on so much more, including our current virus update and a special gas Doktor Robert Epstein is coming up next hour in an interview you do not want to miss we're doing a special on Wednesday or Wednesday night. Special is on the the throwing of this election by high tech, and is your vote even safe? Does it count? Epstein is on with us. He says,
his latest article why the Republicans cannot win no matter what anybody says, no matter who the candidates actually are. He says already in the bag, he's a Democrat who's trying to change this because he says the elections are being stolen by high tech, all that and more coming up on that programme. So, have you ever had just spectacularly good customer service? I mean to the point where you just don't you don't just notice it your captivated by his that kind of thing that you're like home? the cow I have got to. Let somebody know about this. Well, that's but real estate agents. I trust that's the kind of stuff we look for that So the kind of real estate agents we're looking for where there the real estate into your like her
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Place in New Hampshire honestly could have thought he would have may have dropped out after that it was so bad, however, kind about back to a second place by twenty six points, though second place in Nevada, which is not a great showing by rains but shut up enough to convey people in South Carolina. He was viable He won forty eight percent of the vote and South Carolina Protuberance centres, twenty percent so huge blow out. There was a whole that came out on the last day, ripe or South Carolina that had him up by twenty eight points. Exactly but, the poles, had him up by double digit. We talked about this all ass. We get. If you listen to the show you probably to this coming because we talked about it all asked when we talked about it, we showed you how the poles were changing by at the beginning of the week. It was pretty close by the end of the week. It was the last point I think I heard was eight up eighty, eighty boy, others there is one of the twenty one. A teen one of fifteen and one that actually hit twenty eight points exactly so he die
We needed the field and, as we talked about this, leading up to South Carolina, there's basically to hurdles for centres to end this nomination. Her lover, one was South Carolina does Jill and show up and win that state in a convincing fashion. Did we would have to close it wouldn't have changing right? It set out sets up Biden as a viable sanders alternate, which crazy, because two or three weeks ago, we are like a clean bill, Ralloo husbands and he's gonna be the nominees envy. The nominees me, what was a too weeks ago we were talking earliest areas, we armies, like now, you think he's done. He may be done now, Mickey, I think, he's got the clearest path other than centres. Point clearly The next hurdle was, if Biden were, to fail, which he too they actually does. This is the third time he's run for president and the first state he's one in three runs, The first state he's ever one think of
that, for second he's been running for president since nineteen eighty eight and he's one one state. That being said he was able to win that one state and convincing fashion that the Bloomberg question still kind of hanging out there, because if, if Sanders were to have defeat, did Biden real The only alternative the resources to run against him and tried in police pushes to a contested convention, would I've been Bloomberg and blubber. Killed himself with this with his debate? Performances, please, honestly, if he didn't participate in those. I think Biden would have tougher time winning South Carolina, but people were Ok, we have nobody else. We'd better, go with Biden. Bite and now I think, steps into that. Be sort of position number still looming the the that the talk as if Bloomberg ex inviting could be strong on Super Tuesday. There's fourteen states and Super Tuesday he looks bigger in some of them. He's gonna win a lotta delegates,
Strong Bloomberg may consider. Running more Anti sanders ads and sports are trying to get help by. And in a way to the nomination, just trying to take out sanders more than anything else and then try to get it to conduct a contested convention. Buddha stepping out of the race is completely tied to bite and performance and I ability as a quota quote moderate candidate, which he is course not. None of these people are moderates, however, judge stepping out of him playing the long game is thirty, three years old He realizes he, you know you look at the that's the way super Tuesday looks and the rest of the field looked he's running out of money says I not going to win this anyway, here's a good time step out and look like the better guy I'm above this. I want to help Biden, win and this will set him up for future runs it'll set him up. I mean it not impossible he was promised the vice president.
Now. Finally, was behind this probably, but he was probably suggested that he'd be shortly yes, I bet you bet he's a final at the very least that if not, has a nice for all new administration wants it? in a bind. Buddha judge makes a lot of sense for a lot of different reasons. The big weakness rebooted age has been black voters, Biden has no problem there. But today the big problem for Sanders Army, not Biden, is young people. Yet which he will appeal to younger group and what and white intellectual suburbs tie us is not its out Biden, strength either, and that is Budapest strength. Herself I made him. Aid actually does make sense. Of course you get the is there of intersection reality there right. We know the first gave vice presidential nominee, get summit, intersects analogy points, but another white guy is ok for Democrats. I dont know I earnestly at this point. I dont know that might be.
Wheat revolt but human letter of the consideration. I love the fact that its lunch pocket Joe and picnic blanket PETE. Why did you not with the picnic blanket in the basket and arrogant attitude or vice president gambling along times right like that? What they right, why did biting get the gig well in reported in Obama's own words was because of his gray hair, because. As the time Obama was seen, sort of like Buddha judges. Now not a lot of experience. Very young, no foreign policy experience really so what you do you bring in Biden who's been around for a long time. That makes a lot of sense here. I think, with Buddha judge you have some who can speak for sentences, nice, it's a nice alternative. Dividing right knows what a remote control is right. You know that my eyes and might even be able to say: ok, it's like a beta MAX
But now it is not a Buddha judge. I think, would do a good job. We gotta mistakes, he is, he seems to know what he's doing in this is a smart strategic play, because even he get nothing out of this, he will be seen. Let's say Trump. Its bite into twenty twenty you're, twenty We for lead dog right now is probably put a judge because of it Agatha he's gonna come out here, just like you know, You have some candidates push it too far, some kind. Don't push it far enough. Judges right, that's sweet spot. He could see still viable enough to make an argument that he should go on and cities giving that up in a sacrificial way get out of the way so that biting can win. Biden does when Buddha jet will be on that shortlist? I believe you will be so I wanna go into some more of these, but I mean what you say: remember Clinton was called the combat kid, so
can't call at a by name. I don't always come back fossil dinosaurs, not care. Now you know come back anti I dont know what it is, but please come back in fashion all of a sudden it would you say that this is a surprising. Come back that might make him the front runner in the long term. Yes, I think after I think he was fine after Iowa that the New Hampshire one was the one that was really shocking. That me, I mean fifth place If you finish, forefathers leaders would not surprise me fifth was was so bad. I thought he might just be like screw that out. We do, but you know he doubts back in about a little bit and in this which, by the way he was favour to win this from, day. One everybody knew he was the heavy favoured in South Carolina that the Poles started, getting closer and closer after Sanders. Look like he was taken lead. As we told you last week, it all
turned around in a dramatic way. We poles of sailors down by three or four four weeks, and now I knew was ten fighting that twenty twenty five. I think it's because people started looking at Sanderson going. This could happen. This might happen if Israel is no more playtime right. This is like he's. A real socialist. He won't give up yon ache. Strong nuts heroic ass dry. Eight billion hate billionaires, Castro had nine billion dollars in his bank account when he died, where how did he make all that virtually the same way you got you bought all your house's here, take it from the people and you can convince people that hey definition, second showed some strength right. He had a debate performance where he could have
ITALY, see competence from where he he debated from on that last one is able to destiny, binoculars wicked competence, kind of distance. It was blurry like Hitler like like pale and could see Russia how's that ever more out in the same sort of way ass though he looked like ok, maybe Biden is and is ok enough to get to be able to hold on to some level of opposition Bernie Sanders that looks at this and says: hey now We deal with Joe Biden yeah now I want to get too I wanna get to club, which are- and I want to get too to Elizabeth Warren and and super Tuesday, tomorrow, get to that here and injustice. Second, first, let me tell you about american financing in modern economic history. We have never seen mortgage rates be able to move as low as they are right now. Have you heard that we think are, I think, it's Wednesday morning, right before
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In financing dot net, eight hundred nine zero, six, twenty four forty or american financing dot net american financing, Nl Us one, two: three: four W W W W. I thus consumer access not or we break for ten seconds station. I d Ok, so let me just give you my thoughts on things and then its tell me where I m wrong or expand on this p Buddha judge. I think it's very clear that a call I've gone out that if the deed I think the president is right when he said this shows Buddha Judge dropping out shows the Democrats are mobilizing. Does Bernie Sanders. Ok, we agree with that area, so people to judge, maybe was promised a short list or whatever, but he's got a long career. Except for him to drop out unless curve.
We are playing a longer game or indifferent game Warren is a Sanders fan Why is she not dropping out question no one really knows she does have her home state. Coming up on Super Tuesday, Massachusetts which he has a chance to do fairly well in, although most people do not believe she will win it. She may be looking at that and sort of the Rubio fashion, where once I is my home state, just as we please play the Elizabeth Warren theme here. While we're talking about Elizabeth, I the elementary Heather go ahead. So Elizabeth had Elizabeth Warren, if she was all about ideology, you'll be very smart for her drop out right now. Yes, if, but she does believe that you can get a decent amount of delegates through this, you know she could. She could hit fifteen percent in California, which would be very big for her cheek.
At some delegates tomorrow. So she's, theoretically sting and for that reason, is it possible that she thinks she can get enough delegates to help Bernie at the convention throw some of her delegates his way, we'll Elizabeth, it's possible Elizabeth warrants seems to think that She can be seen as a bridge candidate between the party had Bernie Sanders. So let us goes to contested convention, which were only five now I believe, hesitate almost seventy percent chance that we're going to contested convention. This is getting to be a real size and neighbours, a seventy percent chance. But if that were to happen, there's Elizabeth WAR and for some reason believe she can be this compromise candidate, where she is part she's enough in much in the establishment that these two folks would like, but she's very similar to Bernie policy wise, the birdie people will come along. There is no evidence that anyone thinks suffer this way. In fact,
try this approach in several elections and she's finnish forth at this place. Every time she tried it, so I dont know why she believes that, but she seemed to think it's possible. That's the reason targets to. Let me go to Michael Bloomberg now because Michael Bloomberg: obviously like dries up in a little clown car and very small, throwing out the very small and he's got the little. If you saw mob trumps impression of him from sea pass. Sterical very gently laugh funny very, but they are so Michael Bloomberg. Now he's not doing well in the polls for Super Tuesday eat. Well, I'm not expected to win is not expected to win a lot of states, but he should winsome delegates. He his pulling has gone down considerably since he showed up since people started hearing from him. No one wants
saw him in it is normal. Habitat was now does not pretty here's Michael bloom in his natural habitat yeah, and you look at me like. Oh, my gosh he's a monster yeah, it's like I want. Was it a koala barrier like all qualities are adorable many put one on your neck into starts scratching your eyeballs announces. It's like it's like that: Coca COLA Polar Bear. Ah, that's cute therein, drinking co go there to healing baby seals and you, if you get close enough there drinking your blood, is whenever about Ankara, so yeah that and so people don't like him. I believe this. South Carolina win by Biden was impressive enough and boom in blue. Work has been unimpressive enough that going to see a lot of people who are seriously considering Bloomberg. Last week, switchover abiden on Super Tuzla ACT and its goal make him the most viable us. Alternative to send or now do you think, because he really came out against Sanders.
Do you think that his money, that there is any thought on Bloomberg. Carcass Bloomberg is not getting that phone call from the Dnc go unheeded. You know now you'll love each other. He does what he wants and he doesn't care about them. He does. He does. I think legitimately, not What Bernie Sanders to ensure. So I think what he is thought is you'll stay in the race. I can't imagine he's gonna drop out unless bite look like he- was running away with how the seventy percent chance of broken it s, a dimension ramming he's just knock em up I mean why drop out. You can run another quarter of a billion dollars of ads if their targeted against Sanders and not necessarily pro Bloomberg. That is a bit deal because if it hurts centres enough to keep his percentages down or helps both, Biden and Bloomberg get above fifteen percent if they're both doing that
if they're sway the delegates up. It's not that big of a deal are now. We have the Bernie Sanders Update they about Bernie Sanders centres got smoked. Armenia smoked in South Carolina should have done a lot better. He's gonna go through states and Super Tuesday, where he's heavily favoured, like California, which has the most delegate's an entire run. Massachusetts is probably gonna win. He's gonna win Colorado in Utah easily. I think it is. I'm I'm spaces. Speculation. Gonna can only speculate, but I think you might when Vermont, I think you might, is he going to do Texas He is of Terry get hit the pale insane. Hauling tells you yes, I don't believe it frankly because the reason the polling likes him so much as he did very well with Hispanics in Nevada, pulling both all before South Carolina shows he's in the lead, though,
somewhat close. I think there is a good chance that the Bloomberg who showing up twenty percent of these texts poles falls away and bite. It is able to take their listening who kinds are real estate agents of the kind that treated almost like a hobby and the kind that just bus there, but because they actually care now which on. Do you want representing you the hassle of dealing with real estate agents you don't have to worry about a free service now call the real estate agents, I trust dot com. This is not a company I represent. This is my company and it was born out of frustration between me and my brother and like can we find out how you can find good real estate agents, please. How do you let them? How do you know do they have a system? Will they do the best in the country they do They really have worked out a system to be able to attract the most buyers
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The programme, Charlie Kirk. How are you Charlie? It's an honor gland thanks, so much for how to emigrate. You're gonna teach you don't know Jarley, as he's found our president of turning point USA, which is this phenomenal group that is spreading not only all over college campuses and high schools. All over America oh literally all over the world, it is remarkable, Charlie, what you have put together, to talk a little bit about the book, but I want to get into some specifics with you that our little different, but let me first, yet you're here call on Super Tuesday and what happened in South Carolina. It says: waiting Glenn and thanks so much for me, it's an honor to speak. You didn't bloom it might be one of the worst politicians I've ever seen. Victory is all about Bloomberg. In my opinion, the bullets right now because I like- the others believed he would at least have some form of charisma or Cooper
capacity known fact to to the audience know, and it seems as if you got the money can buy you a lot, but it can. By you, charismatic can't buy your connection and so because it at Biden. I guess this has become the default of the established, pick and it doesnt seem anyone's excited about providing it. Just kind of people are putting up their hands single again. Although for him now- and so you to see a real collision course, you're gonna, see Biden. Who is going to be very, controllable by the stable very will do what he has told by the powers debate Bernie Sanders. Who is a true revolutionary is a true bolshevik. He believed in recital n, gaily and Marxism, which you of details brilliantly in your books and has been so instructive to me and yeah it's on a collision course, and so the question
Will it go the way that it went in twenty? Sixteen, where Hillary use a lot of the the power levers to eventually beat Bernie in some? Let's just say, question the ways I have my doubts. I actually think that Bernie is better suited to defeat Joe Biden. This go but it's very obvious that the establishment is quite nervous that Bernie Sanders could be the nominee. I have a contrary, You and I actually think Bernie would be harder to run up against and Joe Biden me to come in the minority opinion. Then will you were I you know. I listened the president's speech this weekend where he said you know just a quick Paul who think it be easier to win against Biden then, who things be easier to and Bernie everybody was just out of their minds, and this was so great that he was gonna run against burning, and I thought I I don't think so. I mean Biden has no there's no passion behind by none that right and he plays the old school game. You don't know the game of the supporters of the past
and Vienna you. We ve never seen a bolshevik campaign for present United States. We have no idea what the press and could be facing that's right: And never underestimate how hard it is to run up against the generosity of promises that might never have to be fulfilled and probably won't be fulfilled very difficult, and in its rooted in divisive, Victor ology identity politics and Senator Sanders, though that quite well and you and I both know blind that the culture has been killed but so far in the wrong direction towards the leftist marxist world view that I think that they ve been waiting for Canada. Like this, and I do believe they would have higher turnout, and I do believe that it would be difficult and certain states. Nor do I think, it's beautiful, of course it's beautiful, but Joe Biden. He embodies the in class, more so than any other candidate. I could think of I would rather run against that. I would rather have President Trump ironically
as an outsider as an incumbent president, out of her time than America have, I would embrace Piper candidacy instead of trying to argue for the status quo, which Arnold that would be it against Bernie now but it's really I mean it's you for people who won't put Donald Trump signs in their yard. I must are making signs that, just as America versus socialism, because that's what it is and I people who, like I don't want to put a Donald Trump sign in my articles, but I think people would put in America versus socialism sign in their yard digress, what this would be about. That is one that is a fight that I think we will win. Thankfully, at this time in Europe, in our country's history,
It should be a short I shall be a fire alarm and a wake up call to every american suit might get a question a lot, but this one they say how on earth? Is it possible that a candidate like Bernie can can be getting this much traction is: have you visited a college campuses? Have you seen what our government schools have been teaching these last couple decades? It flows downstream from culture, and your bright bird told us that you repeatedly and he's been proven, correct that brief energies to byproduct Pisa he's William Jennings Brian style Morton, and indeed you know, what I mean by that and let which he's trying to use the word instincts of what would be a populist movement next with marks and it's not going away- I mean in the in the coming years and american politics, you're gonna, see even more talented politicians and you look at burning is actually quite hear very talented, repeats himself. A lot,
He makes very fatal errors, and why would I think there is a very interesting thought exercise for you, Glenn Bernie Nominal Unscathed, you, gotta you'd, better, let's get it all. Bernie is not a landscape in the sense that he does the heat heap in did he does not embrace this biology or the the history of the country is true take over yes or ill, and he was very clear, yes and in saying that, if you are trying to take over a country, do not do not attacked the flag, do not attack the songs. Do not attacked the history, in fact in brace them, but a true radical disguise is to be someone who is in an abandoned that so well, he was a truly skype. I think Bernie is not burn a true. He Kiki almost rejects the doctrine of Olenska known. This should be as this should be a wake up call for everyone listening and it could be a fire alarm for a broken culture and
things to come, so I will tell you that I am I sat. Right behind the president in his speech this weekend and I really watched him and I learned a lot about his connection with with people he's running your people. You say why is like the guy at the end of the barge says things That's right! I think People his supporters see him as the president, whose also their friend who is now telling them and joking with them like this is crazy, right and he'll be the president when he used to be the president, but he's still on the sighed Anne. Bringing the average person along with them and that unlike their in on it together ex ante Electra profound point, and I read about this and might in my book the mega doctrine and economy
this realization. I went to the ten tromp rallies in the course of ten weeks when I wrote this book and I did it kind of unjust stay put fact finding mission trying to do a journalist, wouldn't do it actually witness and see and worn, and when I realized is exactly the point that you put forward Glenn witches, President Trump does not just go to the rallies to fire up the base which he does. He goes to actually learn yes vote to get. He wants to see what's resonating what the people out there, He has a very high more around the podium than any politician. I've ever seen him do that famous kind of sites if you were to go and look and chemical nice say something such as I move. Embassy of Jerusalem and help me to place a Robin Assail K got it. Keep that up. Yeah? He does he walks back from the podium then he watches it's. It's got for not even said at one point:
you know what I'm gonna have to ask that question. More often, You know he was doing internal polling, yes, and it goes both ways and I'm sure you noticed this- but at that speech Did you see anyone on their phone? No, you see anyone texting beside taking pictures, of course, but no genuine doing the normal. Stop you speeches know they are locked in and engaged I mean. I have not seen people so focused on a speaker, and I saw this one went to these rallies and I wrote this book in Wisconsin and in Florida in Arizona where I saw tens of thousands of people at all? Attention walked in on every word, the president with saying not tweeting, not responding their text messages and they, oh, I almost acquainted
knew this was the president giving a shareholder report to the people that put him into office of your role as if the american people are the metaphorical board of directors that he believes he needs to continue to report back, to incite here's how we were doing here's what you can do, and I want to keep fighting for you. So here's how I read this and I read it very similarly, you know his speeches. He'll have the speech written so ease that's the shareholder report? But then it's it's almost as if he's your body, whose the president and your alone, with him and he is like Tell you what else I mean this is correct. You know what else happened this week. You know what else this person said or this person and you you're laughing and you're getting the inside scoop. So he's more of like your friend, whose all- the chairman of the board and you're in the shareholders meeting, but then afterwards, he's, like alone, give their real scoop
it's an amazing thing. I I totally missed unless you're there watching him. I bet that exact right, and I believe that this is the best exam but we have in my lifetime and american political movements of what citizen government looks like because, for example, if the President to a Trump rally, and he said something like what you think about it. I met a care for all people are upset and their screaming and UNICEF I don't like that, got it. So do you? You agree to Charlie that, because your book is your book is really really good. I'm not going to be able to get into nothing. I know we, we did a special with you Friday, the Friday night special it's on blaze, tv just under Glenn, TV or Gb Tv, and look for last Friday's exclusive, its forty five minutes with Charlie on the book in its fascinating. You really have to heed here it, but
the loyalty comes from him listening to them and and and also he is he's not gonna betray, because I really think he gets so much out of that audience. He's it's like the only time he feels safe. I think which is odd, but only time I think he feel safe to say what he really believes in a room where everybody's gonna go yeah? That's right, you know it's like their friends, and so he I'm going to betray them, because that's who that's the only group of people he trusts for good reason. I mean the he feels far more, comfortable in front of ten thousand fifteen. Fifty thousand Class Americans edited than at a Deasey Cocktail Party YAP reading about whatever is there no new grandiloquent
they see that rising. I want. I want a president who wants to spend two hours at sea package. Saturday, the same week that he flew back thirty fifty hours round trip from India, to represent us abroad the same week. Negotiate peace in Afghanistan and deals with what I call the China virus. Crowd of Irish, but he spent two hours with five thousand middle class. Americans see back that special and he got more out of it because after this each and I've been with them after speeches. Everyone out a couple times here, and I just watch saved like, while they really loved the fact that move the embassy, they really like that and then keep internalize it and then that that to him is reinforcement for what he's doing also instructive. He is a dozen trust, his advisers, and you know you really go over a lot of this in your book. He doesn't trust the advisers,
advisers that he trusts are either his family members, or mainly the people there. This is his advice. Reward meeting. That's exactly right and from citizens should die. The citizen government goes all the way back to the Bible, of course, where the idea individual being sovereign, but we look at who exactly is in charge of our country We, the people at all of us at the individuals in the president, recognises that and it's a damn emphasis on the arm. Intellectual as essential intellectual superior many of the ruling class, which I love. I absolutely love it because I believe that the over emphasis on that, in the last thirty years would actually contributed to the rise of progressive ism, and you can say a lot about President Trump, but he has slowed the rise of progressive ism more dramatically than any President Reagan, and I've been per that he deserves
little financial credit. The name of the book is the market draw a doctrine, the of the only ideas that will win the future by Charlie Kirk, it's available everywhere this week get it now, if you'd like to hear more from Charlie just you can follow him on twitter he's got a great podcast. Also. We have him for the Friday night exclusive. Last Friday, it's available on blaze, DV really really fascinating, discussion on the strengths and weaknesses, and and how this election is gonna come down with. Old Trump and Charlie Kirk thanks so much Charlie appreciated when there are people out there who know a lot about you, a spouse of S friend, sibling Facebook, Google but what about all those cybercriminals? How many of them know you better than you think it up to you to decide which among them is purse.
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You right away its Norton dot com to Norton, three sixty a powerful ally for your cyber safety, even though nobody can prevent all cybercrime you. This is the two box that you'd need its norton dot com, slash back now until March, eighth you'll get up to sixty percent off your first year with an annual subscription Norton. Calm. Slash back is that Glinda Programme,
good news, the dial up. Four hundred thirty four points today that so little refreshing we do have to debts of the corona virus now in the United States, but it's there some new information that showing this is probably been here for a while now and I have my corona virus update coming up for you don't want to miss that happens every day and our number three also Doktor Epstein, who says TAT, is already a selected a president. Hello. America is Monday and our daily corona virus update is coming up. You don't want to miss this. We do it. Today, at this time, plus we posted now front page of Glenn back dot com, so all of your corona virus needs
our found there on the website will give you all of the information that you need, including a come on guys, from our surgeon general. This weekend, the head of seed CDC, in America come on, relax a couple of things and I think some actual good news is coming out. It's not gonna be interpreted by the press. This way or anyone, that wants you to freak out, but I think there's some really good news that is being misinterpreted and I go in one minute- is that run back programme So there are two parts of the corona virus. You really need to understand. The first part is the actual medical side of it, and on that I have some good news on the
other side of it is the the economic meltdown. Now the FED looks like they're gonna come in and cut rates again on Wednesday, their incurred. The entire globe all of the central banks in the world to do the same. This is going to this. Just a it's like over using antibiotics, you can you antibiotics, but if you over use antibiotics, they become worthless, it doesn't have any effect I have a feeling that they cut rates and they cut them pretty dramatically here, if not this week, maybe in a couple of weeks, but I you're gonna see some FED cuts and I don't think it's going to actually do much for the economy. I think we are over using these. Antibiotics right now and that should caused some concern right now: the economic, make impact.
Corona virus is not seen yet here in Amerika, except fraud like the DOW, the DOW? down one in four days, five thousand points. Six thousand points remarkable remarkable If you look at the value of the dollar, the value of the dollar is going down because we're gonna make more of them. If you look at the DOW, your for one k is down. If you have precious metals. If you have gold, your way up, I mean way way up that is that should disturb you when the price of gold goes up their special in a dramatic way. It means that the world is more unstable because the world always goes to gold. Where things. Look like a real crisis is at hand. Please stand the corona virus is good
to be with us for a very long time and what we're looking at now is just the beginning of it. If we don't get a vaccine in two people's hands by this time. Next year we could have real real economic. Downturns and troubles, and especially if Bernie Sanders looks like he might be, the president, will you be, depression quickly. I want you to called gold line now and find out if gold or silver is right for you. Do it right now How much risk are you willing to tolerate? I hit my met last week Goldline, one thousand eight hundred and sixty six gold line. One thousand eight hundred and sixty six gold line, call him and ask him how you can Tat. You re array fora. One k or other retirement accounts and just
Speaking to somebody today about your portfolio. You're gonna get a three quarter rounds, pure Baviaan silver coin, at no cost call. Today the number is a Six six gold line, one eight: six: six gold, liner gold line, dot com, right here. Our daily stats for a grown up update. All numbers are our lot in the place by five hundred and thirty, a dot m central time. So these are all as of five hundred and thirty. This morning, total confirmed cases. Eighty nine thousand eight hundred and forty two that's up about six thousand from Friday, Confirm dead up two hundred and fifty five from Friday, eight Percent of all active cases is steady, considered, serious, meaning hospitalization five percent of those require. I see you treatment,
That number is steady at eighteen percent- the! U S now has eighty eight confirmed cases and two deaths both in Washington state. The CDC website is now showing four hundred and seventy two total citizens have been tested. Four hundred and forty five last Friday, now you're gonna start to see the number of those infected in the United States go up. Here is why because we are now testing for them. Remember. The CDC website showing two four hundred and seventy two total citizens have been tested in the EU. It did states four hundred and seventy two people. I believe the corona virus has been around here for a while, but because our health care system is good. Because we're we're freaking out about it. It's me and treated like the regular flu.
As these tests now become more and more frequent because today fifty four labs now having testing capabilities here in the? U S, the CDC has certified twelve regional hospitals to perform their own direct testing. As of this week. That's new! So now you're going to one of these big regional hospitals. You're going the testing done right away and more and more hospitals are gonna. Come a online that me. You're gonna find more and more people, for instance, We now have a fatality rate in the. U S of two point: five percent That's really high. That's because we think there are only four hundred. What is it? What did I say? Four hundred and seventy two tests that had been done so when you I have four hundred and seventy two tests. How many of those have been confirmed and too People die Wilhelm,
people in the United States actually have it right now I think, you're, to see these numbers go through the roof yeah I mean because they think it's been just being passed around. For example, Washington State for weeks. Weeks undetected yes and to tell you it's not so bad here right and a look. People they think are having their be passing without even getting sick at all. You know soon forums whatsoever, even after the incubation period is over. So I mean that being said, there's it might In no way, this thing wise up anywhere near two point: five or two point: three percent vitality rate when this is over I'll, be stunned, if its above one, but that being so it's still a law that when we talk about the flu itself, its point one percent die, but When you thirty million people, get it every year that numbers a big number. So let me give you the stats. This is comparing the seasonal flu
To call we had nineteen, and this is why governments are freaking out or taking aggressive action, This is verse the flu, the cat, fatality rate currently two point: three percent globally in the United States is two point five, but I I believe that number, because I don't think we know how many people have it all right so fatality rate is two point: three globally: the serious complication rate, meaning pneumonia and hospitalization. The common season flew seasonal flu is point nine percent. This is at eight. Thirteen percent, so eight nine percent pneumonia or have to go to the hospital. This is why it so deadly for people who are older- requiring an icy you that? these common everyday flu is point two percent. This is five percent. The rate of infection? Is why Point three
the rate of infection or the are not score which they give smallpox, I think, is like a fifteen me is very, very virulent spreading this at four point: seven, that's a lot time that it survives on surfaces, the flu is forty five hours Kobe! nineteen is five to nine days. Incubation period, two to three days for the flu five to fourteen days for covered nineteen nap, we heard immunity which is really important. The common flu has that so, in other words, we a kind of hat we're all little bit immune to it and different strains might hurt us, etc. We don't have immunity towards ass the hospitalization per one million infections for the seasonal flu, its nine thousand for covered eighteen, it's a hundred and eighty thousand per million I see used for one million infections, toot. Twenty
five hundred for the seasonal flu, fifth thousand for covert nineteen and fate qualities per one million infections, one thousand for the sea, the seasonal flu twenty three A thousand fork with nineteen as it stands today. But again I think that number will come down, and this is why, of course, you you ve course prepare for the worst case scenario that this rate serve continues. It means adding lots and lots of tests. It means all sorts of different things, so you should prepare to be credibly serious. We just, I think I think, rationally understand that it's not gonna be as high as thankfully yeah you're gonna be look, we're gonna be inconvenienced, and let me just Let me just say this: in explaining it for the last few days to people exist and they seem to connect within the first they freak out and they think I'm saying to them- we're all gonna die not saying that. Listen to me carefully Roy
gonna get this all of us right covered nineteen, whether it's this month, next month, this year, next year, five years from now we're all getting. I disagree, we'll get the flu exactly right, the flu the pandemic of nineteen eighteen. We are still passing around the seasonal flu is par. Of that flew the original flew from nineteen eighteen, So we have all had the same, flew of nineteen eighteen. We ve all had it several times times. Incredible incredible. That virus was introduced in nineteen eighteen. It was a pandemic Well, we ve all had it and we didn't die, The same is true. This will be around most likely for the rest of our lives. Cove it. I is going to be added as a secondary, flew now so you'll
this flu, the seasonal flu, nineteen, eighteen, the spanish Flu and you MIKE covered nineteen, so there be to strains of flu now, if its eggs, Exactly the same as the flu that just means we ve doubled the amount of deaths every year, sixty five hours and people died last year for the common seasonal flu, and while we were talking about covered nineteen, eighteen thousand of died this year, you're right from it, so it it more people are dying from the seasonal flu then most likely will die from this flu but it's very virile and we as far as spread apple and if it mutates and we don't have any defence against it. It could be bad. It's just the unknowns, plus no treatments, but but stop thinking that I can't get it, I can't get it. I can't get it You might already have it and you, might get it in
fits this this month. Ok, that's probably gonna, be scary but in time we're all gonna get it we're all gonna get it the world's not gonna end no But when you look there, the seasonal flu right there there are vaccines every year that very somewhat Iraq, effectiveness, but air. Fifty per cent of people get them right and which help cut down the amount of doubts and how I cut down the spread of the flu. The think of flew happening with no vaccine at all, which is what this could be correct, you're going to see some sort of fifty percent getting a vaccine beforehand. Zero percent get it and then add on that
there's four different medications that treat the seasonal flu. There are zero medications that this so you're going to be dicey right and we shall we until we get our arms round is gonna, be dicey. We know the flu sort of burns out and the war in the summer months. We don't know that about this, about krona virus you if it does, leave it probably well, but we don't know if it doesn't I worry about serious, much more serious economic impact if, if we can get the thing to die down, Then we at least have time to get the world back on its feet before it hits again if it even just slows down, but does not stop. As a seasonal flu does that's gonna, a problem for the economy and we're gonna need to have a vaccine and some treatment for it pretty quickly. This is not a bola. It's not. Last thing please stop wearing the stupid masks K, supporting it
with its four fashion, if it's for fashion than just being still but it doesn't work gay. It doesn't work Even the end. Ninety five, it has to be fitted to your face, in another saying if you haven't and ninety five great than where a regular mask underneath that stop it stop it ok you know. You should have had an end. Ninety five mask or an end. One hundred mask law long time ago. But on the in this particular case, it's nice doing anything except stopping doctors where it's really bad from having something that they can put on and take off and dispose of, because every keeping them. You know in their basements and in their bug out rooms. You don't need it. It doesn't work k for you. It won't work and it's not necessary just wash your hands for two minutes,
several times a day, use antibacterial soap and stay? informed- and you can find all of this information by the way the CDC actually came out that has CDC. Is it ok, Now for the masks, I mean it was almost hysterical the way they dealt with it. Please. Just stop. Fine all of this information now at Glenn, back dot com and here on the broadcast. First thing our number three at this time every day on the radio program and on Glenn back dot com, We have a dear friend who her man, whose becoming a dear friend, I should say Robert steam he's a senior research psychologist. He's been doing, work about Google and how Google and others are rigging the election in twenty twenty. He said this. New articles out said Republicans.
Understand there. They can not win because of the way things are being rigged, I spent some time with him coming up in just a second now patriot, Mobile There is every chance this November, we as account we're gonna have to pick between the current president long with all its flaws and everything else and a full fledged communist. I think we should vote what do you think you're doing Tribune. Your voice matters now Here is another thing, the matters putting your money behind things. You believe in now. You might say I I'm absolutely pro life, I'm sorry, actually I'm right there, but if you're, paying yourselves your cell phone company for yourselves service and you're with one of the big companies your most likely donating through them to pay, and parenthood. Did you know that We need to do business with people who think like you and are supporting the causes that you do
patriot mobile is that phone service everybody uses basically the same for towers, and so the services generally. You know the same: no matter who's got it now, it's not like it used to be in the old days Adrian mobile has the same great service, cheaper prices for yourselves service. You're dealing with a company that is not putting money into the hands of you know abortion can makes an abortion lovers. It's there, not fight against the second amendment, its patriot mobile, which you do have a choice and it makes a difference. Switch now save a butler money gets same great cell coverage and work. People who are working with you not against you, patriot, mobile dot com, slash back tens can station. I D
I have only got about three minutes here with with Doktor Epstein and then we'll have to take a break, and I will come back and have a real conversation doc. How do you want to set this up on what you are? What you Think we're facing for the twenty twenty election. We are facing the end of democracy. As we know it, Tang are able That's a scary way of putting a guess, that's pretty blunt and Why do you say that for people who don't know what you do, which will explain in a minute Why do you say that, with such authority. Because I understand the mechanisms that are being use now to shift votes, people's knowledge and without leaving a paper trail. I just had some, unlike any form of profit.
To remain. Where signified. Actually he he believed the best enormous, sir, when by buying in South Carolina, was actually engineered by Google wife. He believe that the enormous win by Biden in South Carolina was was engineered Google and I, I don't know that, but I do know without Any doubt that the big tech companies can shifts fifteen million votes in the upcoming. Action, a map enough to basically sweep the country that is in From my perspective that mean the end of democracy, because it means that all of you instigation that are ongoing against Google, and some other companies well I'll, be shut down, follow them,
think about the Asian now by the empty, see the urban and justice he's a general fifty one of them Congress and all about investigations will be shut down, and you say that because there In bed with the Democratic Party will be open, They are supporting democratic candidates Democratic candidates are very much in the pocket. Yes, these companies and they're, not only making enormous donations, of course, and that more or less you can see. But behind the thing for shifting boat, so they're giving something to Democrats that you know. More than gold escape, I'm goal and vowed pride so when, when we when we come back, I want you explain how how they can manipulate people without
even knowing how could they and like you said you don't know, you don't have evidence of this in South Carolina, but let's use that as an example since it so recent. How could they have done that make that case, I'm going to show you in and ask for your help as an audience to help stop this. It needs to be stopped if you love actually being free, Mortimer Programme. Seven months off from work to recover from an injury is into an option for most people, and it certainly was not for Robin from Ohio Sheet we're at a correct correctional agency and she's gonna she's she's tough and she Naga sit around the house for seven months and and way people are more determined than others to get back to work, and she was one of them so she's us into the show and she hears about relief factor she,
broke her wrist and they said you can't work for at least seven months. Well, occupational therapist when she comes and she's starting, taking really factor and are occupied you'll therapists like while the swelling is down in your doing great mom to the astonishment of every body. She was able to return three months early. And she credits it to really factor relief. Factor stops the inflammation that causes most of our pain stops are kiling its efforts at their seventy percent of the people who take it going to buy more and it cost one thousand nine hundred and ninety five. To start with a three week, quick start trial, get your life back a drug free natural way to ease your pain, relief factor com, good ablaze tv that com is a practical glenfern. Ten bucks offer we're doing live Super Tuesday coverage tomorrow, you're not gonna want to mess, get that on Youtube as well,
This is the global programme. What you're about to hear sounds a little nuts. Quite honestly, it sounds that sounds like a movie sounds like it. They couldn't happen, but, let's remember twenty years ago watch television on your phone, while your car was driving you home also was only in a movie. This is real and the guy. The only guy that I know of that is really watching over is a guy who is author editor long time for psychology researcher professor distinguish scientist he's the former editor in chief of psychology today senior research, psychologists at the American Institute for Behavioral Research and technique ology. Also. The founder and director emeritus of the Cambridge Centre for Behavioral studies in Massachusetts. He has hd in psychology from Harvard author of fifteen books, this guy also,
voted for Hillary Clinton. He is not a guy who is saying: hey you doll Europe is the greatest in their rigging and again this is a guy who actually agrees with that. Democratic policies much more than anything, a Donald Trump. But he believes first and foremost in the constitution and that Every vote is actually heard and counted and now manipulated have tremendous respect for him not to Robert sixteen explain. You write in your men, your latest article no matter which weak candidates, the Democrats ultimately nominate, and even with Russia's hell, President Donald Trump cannot win the twenty twenty election for the matter and races nationwide, in which the projected winning margins are small under foot percent or so republic in general are likely to lose that
Quite a statement back it up. Well. Unfortunately, those statements Only true, I'm I'm actually under stating the gravel. The problem too. Stand. What's happening here, you have to go back to add to what my democrat friends. Call Armageddon day you Paul on election day, twenty sixteen, but they got Armageddon there. You have to go back To that day, you have to look at that. One hour, video that leak from Google? right after the election in which shut Google topping back in an hour, saying straight out, This is a disaster. This calamity were never going to. Let this happen again. You have to look at some of the whistleblowers who have since
fired by Google or quit, and they are telling us that from that date, forward Google and, to a lesser extent the other tech companies may a decision we are going to use every single, technically have available to us to shift boats and make sure that tramples is not reelected so all a matter of record now, also, a matter of record is is meticulous scientific research. I've been doing since twenty thirteen, that shows the power that these companies have to shift votes, and I actually can calculate for each technique how many boats fake shift, so you ask: what are the technical? Can they do? The techniques are on
Leave a ball. They ve never existed before in human history, Ivan stumbling on them, one by one, carefully studying them with tender, tens of thousands of participants in multiple experiments in multiple countries. The techniques are unbelievable, so I to start with the first, when I discovered a theme, genetic manipulation. I backed this. This is simply the fact that if one energy is favoured over another in Google search revolves which virtually everyone. You, though, that shifts most to that candidate and people can see if there's any bias in search revolve. Almost we can see a correct and there's no record of it. Yet this is called an internal it still believe her collar femoral experiences. We know that from a leak out of good of emails to the Wall Street Journal and twenty eighteen, where one good
everything to fellow Google Google is hard to say. How can we use ephemeral experiences to shift people's views on trumped travel ban, so bitter ephemeral occurrences like you, you, you type in a search term. You get them three thousand, that bad information. Your thing on your screen is generated just for you generated on the fly ineffectual because you're more likely due cook him, but at the time so we definitely have an impact on you and disappear, it's time for every sort anywhere, so that a experience as a perfect the manipulation, because no one go back in time and figure out what you were shown. It is perfect, and bad technique alone, easily shift more than twenty percent of undecided voters with
their knowledge up to eighty percent in some demographic groups, that was just my first discovery I was back in twenty thirty covered about a dozen techniques like that which are controlled entirely by these executive, every couple of companies and you can counteract what they're doing it's not like a billboard? You see you put up you your bored I put on my word right by your tv, commercial. I buy Mikey commercial. These techniques are now thing like that, because it, then if you wanna, buy some mad imposed from unsafe burger, something now within your computer will do the same and so on? But what is Facebook itself? What it's good to go its south? What if the platforms when support one candidate or forty one party, you cannot act what they're doing. Generally speaking, we can't even see with
Ok, so I remember as a kid and you you you ve talked about this. I remember as a kid. They said, Arthur, editing, films and movie Theatre to make you drink Coca COLA more. Their pudding I'm putting frames in that that that show the an ice cold coke and it makes you want to get up in the middle and go to the refreshment stand or or Disney. Is putting in secret sex messages into the the nothing nothing. Compared to do this. No, no that's come some limited influence and the real thing very, very, very tiny its. Tiny that we'd, never even pass any laws in the United States to prohibit the UK does prohibit it, but we only be prohibited because again, and it shows that has such a tiny effect, but the effects that I've discovered
are humongous, for example, Freak Ethel, there's one which I call DD, which is the she'll demographics effect it in this is so simple: funny I e g on election day, Google posted a big message on its home page, which would what had been seen on election day five hundred million times by American. They replace the word. With the words go vote. Does about reminder. And a tremendous praise that day. Look at that great thing that great public service. You know that their Google is doing. That was that a public service that the boat manipulation because Google the demographics of the people who are going to see that and they knew very precise having down to the last digit. They knew that how many more Democrats would see that reminder that Republicans
That reminder was seen by every one matter that would have given eight hundred thousand. And more about the Democrats and to ah So I urge suggestions I mean I could go on and on, because we're actually do just open up a line of research on a whole new manipulation, which is, I think, gonna, be bigger than all the others will. I know we're doing we're doing a special. This Wednesday night and you're going to be part of it in this Wednesday night we're talking about the stealing of elections. How secure are our elections, everybody's talking about Russia get about Russia, Fourg at about Russia. How about this? This has a much bigger potential to reach. The end Mokroe sea and in quite honestly,. Free will, in others
there is a debate, and I see it happening in the the circles of Silicon Valley and those those kinds of people and their now starting debate. What is free will? Is there anything like free? Well, does it even exist or will it exist in the future if you're right doctor I believe you are because you ve backed up with the evidence. It does met? You think you have free well, but you don't your act, really being manipulated. All the time well and an- and here is a quote from a british economists who was the professor, I think that when he said this back in nineteen, fifty seven a world of unseen dictatorship is conceivable still using the forms of democratic governance.
And that is what we are up against in Eisenhower. Nineteen sixty one in that famous speech it is, he warned not only about the rise of a military industrial complex. You are you. He actually warned about the rise of a technological, a leak that could take control over public policy without people, knowing that where we are now that's exactly what has happened I mean I have the numbers. I have the data. My work is meticulous in all respects and, as I say, were just about were just about to get numbers on a whole new technique that we ve discovered, I'm telling you this is frightening and the fact that mainstream media and that my fur and the Democrats are pretty much ignoring what I'm saying not all of them, but most of them are Massa Ray, just an that's, because they're the ones benefiting at the moment from these the population.
So maybe we'll have you back tomorrow. I would like to hear about the the new the new way and, if you will on what you ve discovered We also really want. I urge you if, if you are thinking, you know what I want to donate money, I want to help on some. This probably the biggest thing that you could do to help preserve the republic, and and that is making sure these tech companies are held responsible here. Only one doing this, he needs to raise an awful lot of money I want. To go to my Google research dot com. If you have I don't care of its five dollars earth ten thousand dollars please please consider this as a donation, You go to my Google research dotcom. That's my google research dot com, Hopefully, we're gonna have some some breaking news for you on Wednesday,
out some of this research, but we really need your support, and he needs our support. Financially. My go research, dotcom doc of we'll scheduling tomorrow and egg. It's more detail from you tomorrow. Thank you, so much Glenn and by the way I do consider your friend. Thank you very much. I never want to presume. Thanks are I'd. Let me tell you spring is here, and that means moving your lawn and if you're somebody likes to mow the lawn, I actually like to mobilise just not when it's a thousand degrees outside its you know you can be outside by yourself. I know like most MILAN, my lawn when it's like non, stop it really hot and how this is going to take me all Saturday afternoon to do. Have you looked at hustler turf hostler is a is a line of lawnmowers. They ve been making them, from the sense of fifties or sixties and I'm telling you these people, I loved it,
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these zero turn lawnmowers out. They will, if you know your long all day Saturday, let me tell you something: you're gonna cut hours off with a zero turn, a lawnmower go to learn turf, dotcom, that's hustler, turf, dot com, on the radio offer button ended the promo code back be easy. A hustler turf, dot com. Your listening to Glenn back May I speak directly to our veterans for a minute in two thousand one. We started something that became the longest war in our history and that might have come to an end this past week in and if veteran, I dont know I can't even presume how you're feeling right now, the? U N, the call you defended us, a foreign land, while the rest of us were knocked on our. But since shell shock you were there You lost friends,
too many friends, I dont know if you can go to war and not lose a piece of yourself, but because of you, I don't to answer that question for me. I dont know what it's like to come back from a war. You do. Thank you for doing it. I know. You didn't. Never you never imagined making a peace deal with terrorist. You probably envision the same thing that I did Minos September. Second, eighteen, forty five as the japanese pen, their absolute surrender aboard the USS Missouri. We cannot repay you for what you ve sacrificed and what you accomplished, or the last two decades what you do was right. It was exact, what we needed after nine eleven, but what they asked you to do. Build a nation, that's not what you do.
We just signed a peace deal with terrorists and they're not going to honour that I'm sure they're not Nobody knows it, but so do we. But we ve come to a place where it's time to I'm home we have to come home. You engaged the enemies of our country on their soil. You defeated them. You shattered their ability to hit us like they did that fateful day. Twenty years ago,. But it is time for them to Govern themselves, we're nation builders. We shouldn't have asked you to do that. Our military, the most powerful the world has ever seen. You gave Ask any people a chance. Well, that's All that we should ever promise a chance. It's up to them now
veterans. If you see somebody who's either returning from or has served in Afghanistan in the past, we do me a favor shake their hand. It has been a very long two decades. Thank you. Program.
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