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We’re Living 'The Bubba Effect' | Guests: Bill O’Reilly & Andy Ngo | 2/5/21

2021-02-05 | 🔗

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene was removed from her committee assignments. Glenn explains why people start believing in conspiracy theories and argues we’re living through “the Bubba Effect." Time magazine celebrates the conspiracy to control the last election. Bill O’Reilly joins to discuss the ongoing Rep. Greene controversy and Biden’s effort to root out “extremists” from our military. Glenn goes over two recent bills and how radical and unconstitutional they are. Is the Great Reset a conspiracy theory, or are the facts all out in the open? Journalist Andy Ngo reviews his new book “Unmasked” and discusses how Antifa became the radical group it is today. Economist Harry Dent returns to finish warning about the next economic bubble to burst.

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