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We’ve Hit the Iceberg; Get Into the Lifeboats | Guests: Bill O’Reilly & Michael Malice | 3/4/22

2022-03-04 | 🔗

Glenn explains what’s going on with the price of oil as the Biden administration continues to curb local oil drilling while simultaneously courting Iranian oil. Pat Gray joins Glenn and Stu to dig further into the oil crisis, which the big banks may use to destroy the Western economy. Bill O’Reilly joins Glenn to discuss Russia/Ukraine and the misinformation surrounding the controversy. Author Michael Malice joins Glenn to share the story of his father escaping Ukraine and the horrors he saw regarding Ukrainian children. Justin Haskins, co-author of "The Great Reset," joins Glenn to discuss Alexander Dugin's terrifying book "The Great Awakening vs. the Great Reset." Glenn and Stu discuss the crazy molecular drink printer.

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