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What Counts as ‘Hate’? | Guests: Helmut Norpoth & Andrew Torba | 7/14/20

2020-07-14 | 🔗

The media is outraged over a photo of Sen. Ted Cruz without a mask on an American Airlines flight. A video resurfaced of actor Nick Cannon spreading anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. Glenn argues that it’s no coincidence our economy, schools, culture, and faith are all in jeopardy. Islamists are joining forces with BLM to take the movement worldwide as BLM stands against the nuclear family. Election forecaster Helmut Norpoth explains how he predicted Trump has a 91% chance of winning the election. The Nazarene Fund’s Tim Ballard warns that the pandemic has been a “harvest time” for child traffickers and reminds us that we are a covenant nation. Andrew Torba, founder of social media site Gab, discusses how even Visa is banning him.

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What you're about to here is the Future Eu Entertainment and in my men, the Glen Programme, where oh hello, America, are welcome to the programme hairs lot going on. First of all, more than a thousand more than a thousand employees at the CDC have signed a letter calling for the agency to address ongoing and recurring acts of racism and discrimination against the black employees there, the cdc it also calls for the CDC to declare racism a public health crisis. In the U S,
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on tears at TAT, covers dot com, slash back tomorrow night, the most dangerous agenda of black lives manner. We actually do you have any logical myself, but only serve to killer trained organizers. We are trained marxist marxist plot to transform America by destroying the fact. We are super first set of any illogical theories. Glenn fights back with the facts. Ninety amused at least to be calm, slash glass tomorrow night, if, if you're, not awake, yet I don't know, what's going to wake you up, but tomorrow night we go over the black lives matter agenda to destroy the family. In about an hour. We're gonna talk a little bit about more about this and were also going to show you that well and behold the
access to and the Islamist are now joining together in the is to destroy the western way of life and death, includes, though the nuclear family, which they now say, is a capitalist invention guilty because, while I remember reading about the family, you know forever. But maybe it's just me we'll get to that coming up in just a second also, can I ask you, a question may be seen the the TED Crews scandal on American airlines. Have you see it's do now? I've missed almost all of TED crews. Travel related news recently. You haven't seen this is everywhere really yeah TED crews was on a American Airlines Plain and, and he was photographed not wearing. His mask. Now he had a cup.
Coffee in his hand, see the cup of coffee and he was wearing a mask according to American airlines, but then We decided to take it off to drink his coffee We wish is me out it's not only its Natalie. Okay with the policy of the airline to drink your car be without mascot is also common sense to do your coffee without a mask so he's not wearing a mass while he's doing his coffee? Nobody had a problem except the guy in the seat. Next to him, and he tweeted. I I you I'm in danger crews refuses to whereof, ask not true at all now since the big story in the last that on all twelve hours, maybe and and you seeing this story everywhere now I give you another airline story that happened at. About the same time
Let me ask you if you ve heard of this story on on Saturday, so a day earlier, for twenty two bound for Chicago O Hare from Seattle had a man moving through the cabin yelling quote. I'm going to kill everyone, and just except it I'm going to he'll, I'm quoting still. I'm gonna kill everyone on the plane. Unless you accept Jesus was a black man multiple times he shouted die in the name of Jesus. According to Alaska Airlines, the man became extremely belligerent and physically aggressive. During the assent it occurred about in fifteen three passengers, including a law enforcement officer and a flight attendant attendant helped to do subdue the man the plane
The return to Seattle, Tacoma Airport. Again I will kill everyone on this plain. Unless you accept Jesus was a black man, now just a compelling argument: Color he does just for color. I thought I would add in this was a skinny white dude that was doing this a Seattle radical now so far charges have been filed. Was it was in the chair, has jurisdiction it might have been. Raw. It might have been, I'm I'm just I'm! I'm wondering why no charges! Oh! I address. I forgot Seattle no, no wait a minute that is federal jurisdiction this guy. Terror. On an airplane, agent, anyone saying that you would be.
In jail. You should be, or in an asylum now they're worth young. What why We're here at double standards, and I don't want to talk about the double standard of this. I want to talk about Nick Cannon now I am proud to say: I don't even know who Nick Cannon is Nick Cannon, apparently a big star. He's on America, talent or God was saw buzz or whatever it is, they ve got talent, ok, and he's wonderful, formerly married to Maria. Carry. I hear Stew yes, for maritime Mariah, carry used to do a radio show the same station. My wife did so she met him before it is that it was very nice. But again you know she's she's, not jewish, so that may have been the reason why, right at such a nice, while she is white
He seems to have a promo white people and jewish. So apparently he hosted on his odd cast. That is all the rage, these days with the kids? hosted Wrapper professor Griff Who is the who is very anti semitic and you know has add things like jewish family secretly control the world and then that also black people can't be Anti semitic because they are the real semantic people now easy. An actual professor Dewey know if this is coming from an academic background doubled think he is, I think it's kind of, like professor acts of who I don't know, was a real professor either. He said in order to be Anti semitic, I'd have to be an anti black man, anti black woman, anti black people, Anti Black Africa, anti all other people and I can't be because I'm blind
and the real semitic people are black. Ok, Well, this sounds kind of like the nation of Islam and Louis Fair, con probably is because he and his his buddy cannon seem to really like Louis african Up currently base positively of Louis Fair COM, and the nation of Islam and Cannon said when you The person who, as the lack of pigment, the law, of melanin, that they know will be an they know. They'll be annihilated, therefore, they know that, however they got they ve got the power. They have the lack of compassion, because melanin comes with compassion. I didn't know Did you know that skin pigmentation is also equal to compassion again like. I would not large dark eyes. You are on this
all that we can adopt? It was just the sound crazy that there was just a stupid actor. Yeah he says: pigmentation comes with soul, that's what we call. We call soul, brothers and sisters. And that's melanin, and did it connects us to the people that don't have it and I'm gonna, say this carefully. This is gets careful I meant to say this carefully, but Either there a little less where the term actually comes comes from, I'm gonna bring it back around Minister Farrakhan. That way, boy in jewish people. Just may not have compassion when they were sent to the mountains of carcass. They didn't have the power of the sun. I've got my Dakota, where you are in your son, controlling Dakota ring still is I've got the power. The son of my were yet ring solar power to sew. It does work that way.
Good, good right or rights. All we still have the power to control some. The sun started who deteriorate them So they were acting out of fear, their acting out of low self esteem, their acting out of deficiency. So the only way they can act is evil they have to rob: steel, rape, kill and fight in order to survive. So these people- and when I say you know these people or when I say we I see give the melon aided people had to be savages. They had to be barbaric because they were in these nordic mountains and are these rough terrain. Environments, solar acting as animals and there the closer to animals they're the ones who are actually the true savages I want to say you know the context when we speak of jewish people, white people Europeans and the Illuminati. There
doing these things as survival tactics to stay on the planet. No, I didn't know any of that. Did you know any of us now I e a good thing that he was careful, because that's a really the kind dicey, scientific lines that you don't usually like to walk now: he has come out yesterday and responded to this He said there was no malice or negative intent by in a time like twenty twenty. We ve got to have these conversations. We do. We have to have those conversations I mean we can, think somebody well trust scientist quite were very much anymore, but maybe somebody with you know
clue that racist back in the in a progressive era, we're saying that pigmentation came with compassion or came with the entire? regions and that spin, why we disproven Let me know, maybe somebody should be in the room that that knows a little something about that, but he said I am a you know. I didn't mean anything bad by this. And if there is an assumption that it was perceived, is ignorant wolden, let's debunk it right away. Nick that was so sweet of you He said a few rabbis have reached out since then, and he said my podcast is specifically in academic podcast, to have tough and difficult conversations based off of text and when I read something in something's, not accurate, let's do away with it. I can't wait, sit down with some of the people to educate me.
You know he said I then I like this too, because this this goes right along with the thinking of black lives matter, he's a free Since my father, I don't agree with everything my father said there some things that he raised me with that are powerful and I hold onto and some things. Unlike our agree with none of that he'll be responsible for my, fathers, words or actions you, nor or minister, Fair, a con. You know he's been ministering and am saying things that you said that that's his voice in his white. I can only be held accountable for what I've seen and heard and done wow Nick Thou. That is a revolutionary thought. Isn't it really? it's amazing how people internalize these views and then just think third, normal You know you hear about them, your entire life, from your friends from your family, and then Bulgaria will everyone knows ex wires these true in and it's not me,
after the million men march back in the day, this is under loose Farrakhan right and it's like ega big. Some mockery from that right, because only four hundred thousand people showed up as a people is a lot of you when you see the fair con speeches when when he gets in trouble on twitter and stuff look I'm. These are packed venues, sometimes cheering loudly for these crazy things that he is saying and then we about. There was one militia member in Montana who planning accidents like art will bull that this movement never gets any attention, except for the past. When their meeting with congressmen and stuff and he saw this happened with several athletes. This past week, when the dish on Jackson thing happened, then Stephen Jackson came out said things we, it can now saying the same things like theirs. There is a real foundation, or the fair con ideology that goes through these circles.
That seems to be over represented in in Hollywood and enact that believe this stuff, think it's true and k, and when you say they say it out loud there. Actually ethics surprised. If there's any push back, because what is it and one of the ever received it before well The shown Jackson has received a little bit of back, he is he's now, I think on his twelve tribe tour, where he is sick meeting with all twelve tribes. Even the loss tried, as and an easy going out Schwartz now, yes, I was very concerned about it. When I read that headline- oh, my god he's sending, and there is that Work- is that, where this Carter at this hour- but this is how you it's now and is only that- are all hell. Let me Let me ask you this He just stupid. Idiot moron or does he actually believe these things? My belief is that he's just a moron right
who why do we go to athletes and celebrities Opinions on these matters, we shouldn't ever, isn't it before social media, you never heard the Idiot Vienna Football players opinion about the burden of the jewish people. Wait. His tin say anything they are. They asked him about screen, passes and fly patterns like that's what they asked him about now. They ask either their constantly talking on the other on their own, with no pr person tweeting, term Hitler Crack and about how we got that far and is not even a lady. Can we get it right in? I think odyssey he probably read. This is interesting when you look at the quote, he just doesn't. I know that he has any idea, he's ever thought about any view. Things too, I think, he's hateful towards jewish people. I sincerely doubted I just as easy put any thought into it. When you read the quote it. Lot of white person bashing in it and do I that too Sean Jackson with weak would would tweet a white bashing quote an. And correctly assume he would get no push back at about it at all.
That's really possible, because that's an that council just say terrible things about right. It mean Does it said the weight was worded in its it's a fake Hitler quote, but the way was like word: it was like White Jews and said white people a lot throughout it. Any problems mistook it. That's not an acceptable excuse, but why we care. Would british on Jackson thinks about anything just say Who cares you know if you have it it's here that no educate and when are you, but I also end of the year, I think we should move on from these in these imbeciles and just think about the people that we can save. But I find it interesting cause you know in society cause it had Jew in with white people and jewish there, cross the line. If it was just white people heap probably would have gotten away with a totally probably would have been. No, nobody would set it. It's like this airline, this Alaska Airlines, flight, chrome is dragging a cup of coffee and it's a national scandal, but the guy sick
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what do it. What do we have learned Eve? I mean why we're here and sports, and is there any scotch on what it might be. Yeah there's couple things first, while they didn't officially say they're going to change the name happening they there's been a lot of names tossed around there's nothing official in one of the issues there. Having is that there have been a trademark, squatters that have been taking up every name for years now, trying to figure out what it would be, a blocking the Redskins access to it. It seems like that, generally speaking, won't rule in their favour in these situations, but it's making their life a lot more complicated doing this, because they they almost every name can peaceably pick has been taken by people who have- Eddie trademarked it somehow It is currently very definitely the weak. Are the weasels still available
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welcome to the programme how you doing pat off. Are you kidding me? How could you not be perfect right now? do not well. Everything is well. I've got some. It is. I've got some good news for you. That's really good news where good Jeff Sucker has announced he sent out a memo on Monday, spending ease. They say it's part of the network's, broader effort to ensure coverage and discovered remains a permanent part of our journalism, which Think everybody's examined all right. That's what you ve been saying about CNN. I wish you could be more about race, not less. Of course, I'm just wondering whether we can have the conversation and now it's nice to know that we're going to have one phenomena. Have you ever taken so us sucker, pray, CNN, pass coverage describing it is powerful and emotional and credits it
helping to shed light on the growing movement against institutional racism. And he says today, I am pleased to announce that we're making an even more significant, sustained commitment to ensure race coverage is a permanent part of our journalism. Many too what did journalists around the organization work on around on race, blah blah blah we will have dozens of CNN journalist who will regularly report on our stories on this beat across digital news gathering are contribute and beyond that is now a new and expanded CNN Ray steam now I'm not sure I I've seen gotta. Go with the Bentley Rais D myself No or or the porch,
It has a nice re steam itself when CNN coming in they were now. Maybe it's NASCAR, so I don't know maybe CNN having their race team and on a NASCAR would be. Would we really good, but they just made it better well it's going to continue to get better. I mean everybody's on this bandwagon. Now the Washington Post is telling the Texas Rangers it's time to change their name, wait there. Rangers why how when This really is a soviet era. The Texas Rangers do have a dicey dicey, history, the body and Clyde part of the Texas Rangers story. So I would imagine if it's a little dicey from there the Rangers had been kind of pulled back,
during the time of body and Clyde, because they were known as just they would go out and they would get the guy and then kill em and so when they, when the governor, finally, the Texas Rangers on body and Clyde. There was a lot of problems with it, because some people were saying these guys urges brutal killers, So I dont know the race part of it. I only know that part from body and Clyde, but you know that the problem we do have a dicey history, but I don't think that's away. Anybody looks at the Texas Rangers now known Davy dig don't matter shhh the Texas Rangers battled indian tribes, like the comanches, who captured and tortured innocent people to death gang two women before murdering them, did this regularly as a matter of course, but somehow the Rangers worthy undisputed bad guys. You know how I mean it's,
the Washington Post said to know the full history of the Texas Rangers is to understand that the teams name is not far off from being called the Texas Clansmen wow, I really I mean it s really made mistakes in the past. Probably, but I mean are they really? Is it really that bad, an organization that there you should call him? The Texas K, K, K Sarah. Could you just do me a favor? Please. Could you just tell me what Barrack knows fragile, remember from Michelle Obama, what an Iraq knows it we're gonna have to make sacrifices to change. Our conversation. Conversation means our traditions. Our history, within our traditions, are his into a different place, yeah into different
Place, oh my gosh. You know that was frightening when she said it back in o, seven in o, eight, it's terrifying now, because it's all happening, it's all happening. All of it. Big time did if you look at what they will look at what they are just destroying right now what they're doing to our kids? Why not going to school by is Los Angeles not going to school. Look what's gonna happen to LOS Angeles, a It is not the the homes. Schooling thing is not working for a good number of kids. They are not getting schooling. You know, I leave it to Beaver is not happening in everybody's house, so there got a whole. Probably half of the kids- and I put my Kids in this category, we're a hell of a time getting my kids too. To do harm schooling, and I'm telling you if my if the school, kids are put in. If that is
going to stay on home schooling we're out, because I keep my kids won't do it. My kids won't do it So you you ve, got a generation where at least half of them are now gonna be a year, a year and a half with real schooling without interaction you gotta have the parents who are. Some of them are single and have a single income who are having to stay home. Your view, taking this whole country into poverty, at the same time, you're just your taking the teenagers who are the the most likely to revolt the teenagers and giving them even a worse education than you are giving them before, and I don't know, that's possible yeah it's this this fall school year is going be really fascinating because they have already been out for how long's it been five months, For five months now and then
and then, if you were to continue it to the end of the year and into next year, Norway play away closet colleges. Are: U S see actually raised there too, wishing Their classes are gonna going to be online? This fall. Our. How did they get away with that? You ve got, All the reason you away it, because if you are done enough to two, they don't have to pay, for it are our inherent. What doing you know what's happening in our colleges right now. You know we're. All of this is coming from and How many of us are still going to send our kids to university? Stop it You know you can get all of the classes from MIT Online Free free, you ve got to find. Did you you guys talked about what is it the Saint Andrew School appear in IDA? Nowadays, we still have that add, but
add, was fantastic Theo's great. What really we ve got to find these places where our kids are not being indoctrinated gap, as is goin on even the most conservative of schools. Yeah, I mean like I've lawyer kids, who are average of eight years, right now and again, at this have like, you basically set remembering things in detail what around five maybe saying something like that and give or take maybe for some memories, but like in a five six in that area like they have that, period of their life, where they really remembering things is what three years old and now five months of it, is covert. When you're too, about fifteen percent of their life that they would remember, is now living under lock down, not being but to go to school, having to stay away from people and throw masks on or whatever. This is like a evidence. Some left at some level. This is making veer
alterations to the way our kids are growing up. It's not nothing. It's not! all you guys just don't wanna take care of your kids at home. I mean certainly when my wife- that's a huge part of it, but There is also another two aspects of this that are important, like changing the way that these kids, entire childhood, is going to look, and you know, Look. We all have to deal with this really terrible thing going on, but You put a brain normalcy back into, especially younger kids. Lives is something that we should really strive for, if at all possible, I think bringing normalcy into older kids. Like me, really important act like I can't do without football. This followed, it looks like we're. Gonna have to we'll call it an ice college football at least in, and then I don't see how they get a fell gave the first time anybody gets cold it on on an NFL football team, tarnish the whole thing down, don't you think? it's it's just too
It's crazy, you look it. This is. This is the problem. This is why America, with will eventually lose we'll just wide in two to slavery. Because nobody's like the way words are yet available and Nike and all these new. What have they not done to you in the last year when they nodded I've done everything but strap you to table and jabs scalpels in your eyes, like with the policies, I just don't go to football players for my moral leadership. Why does everybody else? Why does everyone care my legs about any of these things? I don't care, I want them to go around them. Jonah fell. What, One thing I liked about the NFL was: they were always very american
you know when you one hour, I only watch him on the suitable, and so they always had this very american, very Father, some kind of thing black lives matter? of their stated goals, is to break up the family, yeah that's evil anyone within the sound of my voice. If you, especially if you were in my faith, you know how evil that is, that is basic building block the way God creates the universe is through the family. And their stated goal is to break the family up men too straw the nuclear family that is unabashed, evil and you have to stand against. Did Mitt Romney, you are. You: are a war less work? less member of the faith. If you can't, you see, I'm sorry, I'm not damning into hell, he's just go into hell. He is what our you're doing when you're marching with people
any and they are stated, their goal is to destroy the family. How is it possible? How is that possible? I don't you wanna damned hell at this particular juncture. While I thinking about you were born right now, they'll by this is this is my frustration on we just giving in and look at it gonna fell is doing. The NFL has caved on everything. Will these keys on everything that is right? It is the same with Hollywood. New still go to movies, you love Broadway, every one of those guys embrace all of em are they say strangely, had the opportunity right
You said you'd like football, and so you care about football diligence don't go. Don't call me hypocritical, critical, even worse, when we now when I'm wrong, when I'm in the middle of pointing out how wrong you do that on your own time, on your own show that these people are in a Hollywood. Surely you individually- and it's all doesn't hate me and pat that, even though we are these people at all, you got you didn't know, go there, but what I am trying clearly wrong, but making a very good point do not interrupt me from here on my that's how someone who's going to the Radio Hall of Fame situation arise. Thank you. Thank you very much. Thank you. If I lose to the people of empire, I'm going to hang myself, I shouldn't say that, because a lot of people would vote for in pr if they thought that were true all right. Let me tell you about our sponsor this half hour by the way. Have you seen with the mayors have done
the mayor's Association of of Amerika, what the then the national May counselor conference, of mayors. They're they're calling for reparations, so we gotta go forth. Anyway, really factor. Let me tell you, let me tell you some Good NEWS about David he's, longtime listener, avid fan of the game of golf and he listens to us because of our golf coverage, is so good, but the game it. When, when David was unable to play anymore because of extreme and frequent pain in his left hand in his right me, so he had to do golf, and that was bad enough, but he was in so much pain. All the time causing problems in everything else that he was doing. He was desperate for some kind of relief. Then here talk about relief factor like any one would be. He was sceptical cause I'm a dj, I'm a recovering our colleague dj. What do I know. But I'm just telling you people ask me all the time:
do? You really believe in annual can't said something in the seventeen hundreds that I barely even understood, in the nineties and I've adopted it as my motto, there are many things that I I believe that I shall never say, but I shall never say the things that I do not believe so they worked for me, works for David, David got ahold of golf club again, he was back out on links playing as well as he ever did before. He got his life back by Aching relief factor, and so can you call it five hundred eighty three, eighty four, eight hundred five hundred eighty three, eighty four relief factor, dot com guess is the going programme? this is the Glen Back programme. We ve got some news on what
For me, it is doing with schools and churches and it's time to rise up also the attack on the family coming up a little bit of at the attack on the economy as well We are, I mean we are under attack in and Lincoln said it best. If it, happens, it's gonna happen from an enemy within and I feel that there are many enemies within people who are who are actively engaged in sabotaging the United States of America and You have to be aware of it and act accordingly. And it is really up to the people of, I think the churches and the Christians and the God fearing people that understand a covenant. I I think it's incumbent On us, too, who saved the nation and it it will be maybe a remnant
of the nation that survives, it may be the entire nation and we begin to write a new chapter, but it will will depend on whether the people in the churches wake up and and stop fiddling while Jerusalem in Rome and SALT Lake and wherever is on fire stew,. We were just talking about covered Your feeling on the covered thing I just I keep going back and forth. We talked to a doctor yesterday and he said it does or damage to keep people at home then it's going to save what I said all these restrictions are or are not scientifically backed at all any more. I am fascinated by the fact that you know they keep saying like all these red states are responsible for the spread when they also say it's all kids at bars. It's like war, the twenty three year old of bar is not a republican voter. That's it
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What you're about to here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. When their programme, hello, America, unwelcome other global programme, we are at war, make make no mistake. We are absolutely at war, but we're not live war with flesh and blood we're not we are at war with darkness. Then you can't even
begin to see or understand. There is evil that is sweeping the earth, and that is a word that about four years ago I said he I guessed up using the word. Evil now know when it's called for it should be used, and this is evil what's happening to us. I just I want to show you the destruction of the family, the destruction of the west. I want to show you how radicals communist socialists, anarchists and his lamas have united diversity stabilize destabilize Europe than America, who destroyed the western way of life. So it's all happening right now and when did it start well,
I think, perhaps go bomber knew what Michelle Obama? What did Brok, no and bright knows that we are going to make sacrifices to change our conversation. Gonna have to change our traditions, our history, but then I have to move into a different place. Oh, and we are we begin there in one minute is a gleam. Program, so how important would you say your identity is too you ve had to put a dollar amount on it. What would it be bearing in mind, of course, your idea He doesn't just try to your bank account or your credit cards at ties to the very credibility of you itself. It ties to the members of your family and their futures. So how but she is that worth to you, and scarier? is it when you think how much it's worth to a cyber criminal.
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We're too lifelike our common use, a promo code back for twenty five percent off life locked dotcom, promo code back or one eight hundred Lifeline America welcome to the programme. I want to encourage you to start keeping a diary it will come in very, very handy in the years to come and I think future historians will thank you we're doing that. I would urge you to print articles as you see them. Especially articles like, for instance, today we open the show with a story about the TED crews on an American Airlines Plain everywhere and American Airlines said you know no, he was wearing his mask. He was fine, but somebody
who said, I feel I feel endangered because you won't, you is refusing to wear a mask, it was a lie. It proves was doing exactly what the airline said he could do. He took off his coat his mask, so he could. Drink, his coffee, that what the airline says. You can do, that's exactly what he was doing, but that story was out, but there is another story from Seattle that you probably haven't heard. A guy, a skinny white loser from Seattle gets onto a plain going to Chicago O Hare on Saturday stands: and begins going through the aisles while their ascending and he's going through the icing. I'm gonna kill everyone on this plain unless you admit that Jesus was black, so admit it and die with Jesus We said this several times. I'm gonna kill everyone on the plane Where is that story weird? is that story. When you see those stories, please cheap. Also start star,
preserving the things of american history that are being destroyed a silly. As it sounds answer my mom these things are. Going to be just tossed out and and more and more think we're getting closer and closer to books, its import that if you have important books that you have them in hard copies and not on Kindle the can be taken from you at any time and deleted at any time on a electronic device make sure you have hard copies of things we are under attack and We have to stop looking at these things, all as isolated incidents. I dont think they are. I dont think that there is a Think it's a coincidence that cover happened.
And just at the time that anybody who is really watching the markets. Now is that the market is, is toast the. The FED is in trouble because of the spending that they ve done. We we watched it on this programme, showed you that we're doing things without any explanation that they had never done before. For six months, leading up to covet and now they're just giving all this money to all of these big corporations, their investing in the stock market? That's unheard of the place for the FED. They are also underwriting our our debt in figures that are staggering. It's not a coincidence. It's not a coincidence that I think that that's happening at the same time, all of the corporations are are sucking up black lives matter and its
a coincidence that black lives matter is here and and the new or times is doing the sixteen nineteen project. At the same time, it's not a coincidence that both of those have been done. I have had curriculums done for them and they are being pushed into our schools right now. It's a coincidence that our churches are closed. California, you cannot accept this ban with churches. It's not a coincidence that the law- Tis said they wanted to destroy the wealth of the United States, and straw, what the entrepreneurial spirit Do you remember when Barrack got in any started, although these things in all of these least local Marxists started banning, lemonade stands war You one better if
watch your family lose everything because they were entrepreneurs and you're being taught Capitalism is bad in school. Do you want to be an entrepreneur. Not a coincidence that over fifty percent of restaurants now are closed for good. As of today, forty one percent of all businesses overall closed permanently. Now those are the small businesses and they were the ones they were ordered closed by the government bars restaurants, Jim's yoga studios than next wave is partially California you're toast text. It cannot be closed again Next wave that will be impacted will be those who work necessarily ordered clothes state by state, but our impact did before, the larger chain stores that are closing
for the last few weeks. These are just some of the names that you will no longer see on buildings peer, one imports, gone g and see gone, J C penny sick, It jewellers. You know Signet jewellers is case or all of these other little diamond places, Those are all signet jewellers for for twenty one is closed. Lulu lemon closed. Now they have caused either all or most of their stores. In the last sixty days, Macy's gap will- Greens office d, oh Banana Republic pyrrhus, all of it closing hundreds of their stores and then our current effect is the smaller stores that are located in the shade same shopping centres the small shoe repair, the dress shop stationary shore, the store that the fashion store people who rely on the foot traffic in them all or the or the large chain store next to them, public private.
Partnership between Uncle SAM and the? U S commercial interest is almost entirely fortune, one thousand focused and in a way I guess it has to be. It makes sense. The government would focus resources towards companies that can provide the broad. Services like Walmart CBS, three M Smith, old Thyssen food. But small business man. The backbone of this nation is left out in the cold and still that isn't, the worse news- the Eu S budget deficit was six hundred sorry, eight hundred and sixty four billion dollars in June, also a trillion dollars in four weeks total. U S! Death! Now he was closing in on twenty seven trillion, when we last had an election. It was twenty trillion law like in the next or in this four year period, the Donald Trump in because of all of this will add a
Point three trillion dollars for twenty: Twenty debt per pack. Taxpayer is growing at two and a half times the rate of household income the Federal Reserve is now buying an average of nine billion dollars. Of U S. Treasuries per day, Not rolling over buying old debt buying curve, brand new debt new issuance grow Treasury holdings by three hundred billion dollars a month? is the modern monetary theory. All. Those elements are true and that's all true. Without another round of covert stimulus which will likely between a trillion the Trump proposal and three trillion the purport of the policy proposal. U S. Federal debt will be at thirty trillion dollars by the end of the year and that doesn't count any of the debt from the state or local?
so growing at rates. Never before seen. I saw a story. The other day from Venezuela, here headline. There is no more wealth to distribute them. Whaler poverty rate surges, they found sixty four point: eight percent of venezuelan households experienced multi dimensional poverty in twenty Nineteen, a measure that takes into account income, as well as the access to education and public services. That is poverty rate surged in twenty nineteen, two levels, unmatched anywhere in Latin America as the one prosperous oil producing nations, hyper inflationary economic collapse, continued forests six straight ear. There will be no more wealth to redistribute and the mark fist and the anarchists and the alarmists, something
that. I was marked by every single person. In the media left and right. I was called old, mad man for saying it. Everything we talked about at Fox everything is now in play. It's all here and why he's coming. My friend. He is going to be tough. Unless we all stand together, unless we return to our God. Unless we allow this, they need sure impact to change us fundamentally marxist anarchist is lamas working together, they're, not even hiding it anymore, experts, now, call it the Red Green Alliance. They got a nice name for it. Now.
Care has been marching with black lives matter in several places leading chance I would have voted, way. Some chance. One is from care in Florida. The other is from. Brooklyn bridge when the black lives matter been met and invited speakers too, call for the establishment of police Israel, the? U S, government, I want you to listen to the chance in both of these cities. Listen since Florida, please the black lives matter chant in Florida. This care this, the care rally.
Now they were a little more blatant in Brooklyn. Here is the Brooklyn Black lives matter and care rally. No annexation rally Since we justifies to Palestine from Gaza, mobilized. Exactly what I said would happen is now happening on our streets. And you are not hearing a word about it-. Another be Elam. Islamist rally had the chance black lives matter path.
Steady and lives matter, and then they ended with the chant from the river to the sea. Palestinian Palestine will be free, which is the call to destroy Israel. Do we have that chance from the river to the sea. Palestine will be free. That means kill. The Jews. That's what it means we are now dealing with people that want to just have fairness in America. I've got it could break and then I'm gonna come back, and I want to talk to you about your church
I'm telling you right now. The church is the only thing that will save us, our churches, but Where are our pastors, where our preachers? There are the people that are supposed to stand up, for what is right. Are you not listening to God how an alcoholic, DJ, Mormon get this and not you. Back in one minute, lemon ideas, man. I got a good one for you, all, the all the leftist, our embracing the cancel culture, so what think about joining them. Today. Is your opportunity iii to cancel your left, leaning cellphone provider and make the switch to America's conservative cellphone carrier. Patriot mobile, you, you know
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It's nine seven to Patriot you'll get the same great nation wide service and even better surface. They been named the number one service provider now in the in the nation for customer service. It get your cousin my plan, starting at just twenty five bucks by calling nine seven to Patriot nine, seven to Patriot or Patriot, mobile dot com, slash back tension, station Eddie. I want you to go to the website. Black lives matter and I want you to see now- they have really toned this down. Somebody to go to the time machine stew and get black lives matter from five years ago, because they were much more clear than they are now. But they still have left all this stuff. In.
Black lives matter. Has the family in its crosshairs. They call it capitalist invention, which is raising because that's exactly what Karl Marx said you have to destroy the nuclear family. Now they say it capitalist invention, as if families have been around for ever since the beginning of time. Please. Please here my voice. Please hear me. A bad tree cannot produce good fruit. Eighth that is is key. Calling for such evil. As the dust production of the nuclear family can not bear any good fruit
any organisation that is calling for the running of the Jews into the sea can not be her any good fruit, you are being played right now and it least this audience has to wake up. We have together for years and years you ve known these things were coming you were like me. I prayed that I was wrong. I did not want to be right, because I know what comes after this if we change. Our waves, but it's here now and you have to recognize it. To bring your families together.
You have to stand for your basic right of worship. California has reclosed the churches, no one no hold them in open air. No, it is your constitutional right. Churches rise up the Glen Back Programme I'll tell you about George. He lives in Ohio, he's he's an architect less to dry breathing with a pencil and then he likes to get out there and actually build the things he likes to take his own hands and and get em into work and turn his ideas into reality. Well, Malawi was restoring an old farmhouse. He realized the pain he had been dealing with over the years it. Finally, under the point where he was unable do the physical part much longer and this really bummed him out because he's not the guy kind of gotta be slowed down by pain and he's, not old, he's, not all What am I doing? Well, thanks.
Lee. He discovered relief factor and decided to give it a chance because it was drug free sure. Enough few weeks, George was back to building the things he sees only in his imagination. He got his life back and so can you call eight hundred hundred five hundred eighty three, eighty four or click on relief factor dot com. It's one, eight hundred, eighty, three, eighty four or relief factor dotcom call them now get your life back relief factor dot com. Get subscription to blaze, tv Ablaze, dvd com, Slash Glenn! If you use the promo to see the family, you save some catch
we're glad you're. Here the helmet nor pantheism professor of stony, broke university. He's an election forecaster, and he says that Trump now has a ninety one percent chance of winning reelection. Website is primary model dot com. He is the guy who has he looks at this very differently enemy. Let him explain and let's start their professor. How do you know? How do you start with? What are you discount and what you count to try to make your prediction? Ok, thank you. Thank you very much for having me and get the opportunity to explain that. My my predict essentially is how the primary turn out and particularly early primary, send all the candidates do in special New Hampshire and South Carolina is a big predictor in I'm in my model and so the fact that
Biden DE handily, which other Hampshire, I I think sitting president, would do but go digits, doesn't happen and softer line that Biden dare terribly and in New Hampshire I have, I think it came in since angle. Digits knowing it in South Carolina so that its offsets a little bit Thea the bad showing, but on balance, Donovan This far superior candidate in the Sir Early contests and their real action, something that cannot hypotheticals like like, like polls that are being taken right now, so you here is a problem with this, though this year cause. I have agreed with your Your theory is not the pool say but the exciting, for the actual candidate who has a real momentum and who is excited their base. That's your theory. Right!
well in a way, it's it's more than that, because if you look at New Hampshire, New Hampshire is more than a sort of base election New Hampshire. For all practical, purposes an open primary. You don't have to be republican devoted the republican primary New Hampshire. You can been independent and even if you I'm a crab their men men to beaten, this time You can actually make a change on election day and participate in the republican primary as well. What say it's more than ever and ok yeah it's all so help me out, though, because this primary seems like it happened. Fourteen years ago has been so much that has happened since that time and we're a different nation than we were what gives you the feeling that this number is stable this time around well you're. Certainly right I mean I don't think I can think of another.
Election year, a majority Things should have set of happened since the beginning of the year and nineteen sixty eight isn't all, maybe that debt to think that's a good comparison and because a nineteen sixty eight a candidate who was who was in the race early on president by Lyndon Johnson, decided by a sort of this time that you would not seek reelection because of things that materialise than that that there, the threat force them to commit to retire But what I can say is that, having having looked at elections for more than a hundred years like since one thousand nine hundred and twelve and what What I, but I find is that, though, the basic algorithm that aims that I'm using ended this more than then the primary predicts, one five of those twenty seven outcomes and give me a certain confidence that sort of in the long run whatever I said it's detect in these.
Only primaries Wilson materialise in the end as well. So, for example, Joe Biden has trouble in in their primary. That's an indication that he might have trouble later on and from doing so well, but mean He probably has a good. Answer becoming throwing the Indus. Well, I'm in it that's an it's. It's a big assumption. It may not be true this year, given all the thing But other than that happened. Look at the at the polls and kind of saying that, don't you regarding them, but you're, not disregarding all poles right you're, disregarding polls that are done this early in the election cycles is that the right way to think about it my my might work as an algorithm doesn't use any pulse either either Paul's right now pulse later on, meaning opinion polls like Laker surveys of the electorate within s question about, though, what you plan to do, I don't need any response. What particular. I am sceptical that,
all right now, let's and sprang moments getting the summer have great predictive power. If you look at for example, elections from nineteen forty eight through the last month. Two thousand six There were eight in elections in nine out of these eight in elections, A major part in Germany who was leading in the polls in the spring, losing in November. I mean that's that half of them so I would say that poles right now Doing no better than flipping a coin in predicting what's happening in November, is setting up and says that they think of the average amount of movement in poles from now till the actual lectures about seven points, which is a huge swing, Amelia Ino Woods of major one that the argument from the other side here, though, is that this lead right now is more like ten points and even with the seven points which you might not see, a trump being within striking distance d. Put any credence in that
Let's say I mean, as you mentioned, are members and all the things that are happening in this election year. One of the things that happened and pours is really the campaign may neither termed nor nor Biden is doing a lot of what you call campaigning and then the convention's manner take place in a format that That said you they that they would have been probably held by now. That would be held a to month, and- by their particular initiative, as I say, hiding as basement and coming out now and then, with some small advance in the traumas, guided bigger things better, Overall, I think I would have to say that the campaign is on pause and so more than more in any other election. You we oughta discount, any kind of appalling, that's being done right now, there's an awful lot of comparison between this year and at least in my book and nineteen forty eight
a very unpopular president with the press and everyone else, no one counted on him, winning it at this point and yet Harry Truman, beat Dewey famous picture of Truman, holding a newspaper that had already been printed Do you find any? Do you find any similarities between any past elections well absolutely I mean the way as a de facto said, a nineteen forty, eight Dewey was leading a Truman's valuables reading throughout the whole year and instead, maybe in January, so that sort of a little similar and when you look at many look back and you ask gallop actually did this, and also to take a look at that. After the election. When you decided to cast into two to how you about it, you would and at that people, within about the last two weeks two three weeks or decided
overwhelmingly went or a tomb, and there was a big swing late in the election. By biggest, maybe campaign, swaying deadwood that we ve ever seen anecdote all the Poles misled because, nay, they stop Paulding other, I'm sure that are going to do it this time, then I'm gonna give due to buy it and say we do not waste any money, but it is, only indicative that that's what's happening a campaign. Can can't can have that effect and say, especially of a campaign, has been on pause ass. This this year. I wouldn't I wouldn't scandal then maybe don't really know I'm in our environment will come across when the campaign gets at a really personal nasty and you out there and you have to say a lot of things- are I think that a lot of angles and in which the Poles may the May may may swing around it. Do you look at the electoral college at all
absolutely my impetuous, my prediction this time. This is a change that I that I may because of the split. Last time I'm predicting the the electoral about my ninety one percent probability. Is it well when the electoral bought out us anything about the popular about. But I'm staying out of that because, in the end it doesn't matter it matters only who wins. That was a surprise like promptly domain. The important thing is assumed to hold onto a battleground stage. Thirty one, last time and the ones that that was out of a surprise like Wisconsin, the Pennsylvania and and and Michigan, and an acre or two to lose the loser popular vote and I will say any any popular of any popular about that said, but no international poles of about two over three percent should now
should be no reason to, to write off from as possible when I'm in economic and you can get by without again. I believe in any cause you're, a prediction of the electoral college has has trouble. I think three hundred and sixty electoral votes, which would be a pretty massive in ice Toby a heck of a night. What what additional states do you have him winning out of the ones? In other words, he had last time. Well, How do I would have to guess, because I dont arrive, that electoral about prediction by adding up a state by state by state by state the way some some other people are doing like like five thirty April, probably do that and some others another site. I did a national figure so as a national figure that I track in elections lighting twelve, and some people have actually done
favour a figure of other that's. Actually. A combination of states said that that adds up to that end and there s a so as not to let an imaginary number or close to it. But yeah. I certainly what what require that, in addition to a lot trump one last last time he would also pick up a sort of states like Virginia Minnesota. the New Hampshire, which has some small small, tired, I maybe some other. So I did it. I agree it is it's a tall order in hand pushing at an odour two together together that level to that. But the point is the prediction: but he will get more than the two seventy require too to win out and for college and what it Predict last time will out last time to pick electoral college prediction. I simply said that, given my
my my work asset that tromp had an eighty seven percent chance of winning pretty alone with that, but yeah you're pretty alone. With that, I know you think I was so near Mount enlargement I want I want, if I may, that I don't think I was anybody would did put any any anymore. Mobility on whatever forecast day they were, they were offering thank you very much. That's how I help he is you find all of his work at primary model. Dotcom, that's primary model, dot com are limited, Barbara lives in North Carolina if she has a six year old, Cocker Spaniel with the Shelly. Eating issues. Her dog doesn't like to eat. That does want to eat anything, and on top of that, he's got sleeping issues, a double whammy: but ever since he started using rough greens, everything has begun to change. She says
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Tomorrow night, the most dangerous agenda of black lives manner. We actually do have an ideological myself until they sailed particular trained organizers. We are trained Marxists marxist plot to transform America by destroying the family. We are super I'm sort of eighty alive, theories, land fights back with the facts night. Ninety amused at least to dot com, Slash, Glenn, joy, lessening Glenn back This is the Glen Back Programme- were were really glad that you're here there's a the things he had me. I need to know about, especially here. In LOS Angeles, the the state is now. They are going to continue to keep
schools, clothes they're not going to call classes back into session and I heard I don't know you you listen to as in the daily today, it was NPR whatever that thing is this morning stupid you listen to that now. I did not good for you you're, smarter because of it, but I am just as I am astounded at their reporting. I'm sounded at their reporting they're talking about you, know, California, and and and that this is really a smart thing in all. The doctors agree that they should have another tilt. The american Pediatric Society says this is dangerous for our kids it will do much more damage, keeping them out of school well but we also have you. No bus drivers might be fifty sixty years old. Will then tell that bus driver that they should stay home,
Why why are we keeping all of the kids home for the bus driver and they don't think about the economic ramifications for the families about all of those low Income families that have, one pay Jack household they staying home. How are they helping their kids? How are they buying an apple computer to be able to have access to this yeah, and you know it going marriage is so bizarre, and this was only the very very beginning that scientists were saying in this is not a good way to solve this. The schools, as in particular because of the effective, if you He D have capacity of hospitals, nurses and doctors have children, so they have to be what to do something with their children to go work at the house at the very least crazy you have made, and they they were. I will say it does seem, like the majority of scientists. Don't think that that's schools are particularly younger. Kids would be much of a problem It's there there's a lot of fear gonna about adjust the kids. It's yeah! It's
just about the kids, though they made the point. You know we think about the bus drivers in the teachers will tell those teachers to stay home if risk. They should stay home. We arc we're quarantining everyone for people that are at risk; it doesn't make any sense, and then they said, oh well, the California Teachers Association had some real concerns about about health and safety. Now they didn't They mention that a little bit, but they went on and said. Police violence is the leading cause of death and trauma. It's a moral issue and we should be taking our money from the police and shifting it into education. Also, they wanted a federal Medicare for all programme. They wanted to shut down all charter schools it. They wanted a redistribution of wealth that is the the Labour Union for teachers in California. It has nothing to do with your kids. It has everything to do with Marxism glanced back program. You heard me
about my takeovers boots and how much I love him and what a great company they come from. Two small business. That's doing things the right way down here in Texas, we'll given the challenges that we are going through is a country to Clovis has asked me to speak about something else that comes to mind. Every time I put on my takeovers boots the cowboy now Oh, I'm not a working cowboy, but I know some of those guys and not being one of them. I wouldn't pretend to be, but what I see in them I see and other people too, because in many ways cowboy is just a mindset and and compromising can do attitude a willingness to help, even when is really hard and most of all the cowboy knows that the good guys always win in the end. So who begin the hard work of bootstrap in this country and economy back into shape to always has the boots. You need find your parents. Clovis, dotcom d C, o vs dotcom, slash back to covert dot com. Slash back, and what do you say? Let's all
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It's a lot of cash women. I say yes on that yeah. I say yes on that american financing dot met, call them now: american financing, dogmatic, eight hundred nine zero, six. Twenty four forty eight hundred ninety six, twenty four forty american financing dot net things happened,
What you're about to here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment when their programme, so there's a couple of weeks. I want to talk to you about. First of all, you can go into a store now and you can buy an MBA Jersey and you can get whatever you want. You know what, on the on the back, unless it says free Hong Kong, you can literally have them customize The cops but now free Hong Kong. Well, that was up until yesterday they said. Oh, my gosh, the NBA. We made him stake week, we didn't yeah we
and that you could go ahead? Input kill the cops on the back of the Jersey, but free, Hong Kong. That was just an oversight. We block that one. We shouldn't block you blocked free Hong Kong by mistake, but you left kill the cops in there There's a statement for America, but even better can you go to the website? Can you got away for her by children disguised as a cabinet. America There are real things going on. There is real slavery, there's real captivity. I can't believe how distracted we get so quickly on things like that. We begin in one minute is a lame duck going chefs? Don't just go up by high end expensive. You know kitchenware while that's it in.
So anyone who really knows cooking understands the tools you use are almost as important as the knowledge of what you're doing chefs. Don't just go up by high and expensive. You know kitchen wow- that's an industrial, Stove! That's really nice, which I had one of those in my house: yeah. Well, here the restaurant, we just like two overpay, four things: it don't matter you bite Expensive equipment because it makes a difference now here is a chance to buy something. That's not expensive, but is the asked in the business and the reason why it's not expensive believe me if this was selling Munich at home, deep or whatever it would be too ice, the amount that their charging you, but they go direct to consumer, so they they cut out the middle man, that's how they can get it to? U inexpensively it is a killer, killer, grill, it's it's erect tack. We see tee easy, it's erect tech.
They. They have this great marriage of the sturdiness of good old design and the perfection of smart grilling technology, and you can cook anything on it. Follow wreck tack on all of their social media platforms and sign up for their news letter. It's really a way of life. It is a that's a lifestyle in kind of a family once you get into it. It's wreck, tech grid, rules within ass dotcom. That's all you see easy grills dot com so there's a new conspiracy theory out that kids are being shipped in arm was too guess pedophiles who are buying them on wayfare. Now I have to tell you, on the surface? This makes no sense and look
into it. You can really see this makes no sense and its it's really dangerous conspiracy theory. For a couple of reasons. We fair, first of all, is a company that doing good had dont think that their? shipping! Any children in our more stew can I get in a man on that want to live, ordered many pieces of furniture from them and never has a child arrived in any of the box right which I'm happy about so this This is like pizza gate and I think PETE Gate was another dangerous dangerous story, be is that one endangered people this could easily endanger the people at work at a wayfare people believe it it involves a portion of the russian conspirator go you'd know you have to use the russian Google to be able to put the skew number in, and then you see the pictures of the children. No, You don't know you don't.
And the reason why I think this is even more dangerous because this actually is happening and and child abduction and child sex slavery worse now, because of coal, then it has been possibly Ever If TIM, Ballard from operation, underground rest, railroad and also the Nazareth Fun on with us now did, did by your kids on wayfare by any chance to him. Did you get some because they were going fast. I hear they had sold out of here. What I saw now that There is no evidence at all that the waiter was involved in this, but I'm glad at least people Earl being an appealing, becoming aware to the fact that it does happen, and twenty than the worst year. Ever ever. History or children. We have abandoned them at every turn.
The unintended consequences of lockdown Glenn. I mean we have literally millions of additional reports more this year, then, at the same time, last year from the national For missing what a children's behaviour kid, your home- and we were told there told this sit here with your laptop with your smartphone and Mamma I gotta go scavenge for our job and our food and whatever else and the pair elder home and we're chatting with them, and we are. We have it's all over the world, and we see that the the a communication and their basically think it's harvest time and in it it's harvest. Time for these kids And the report, we won't even know the consequences for years to come with millions of lines out that we know the kind of other catching our kids just just the other day. I got In thirty minutes from my house, gaming online, with two six year old girls from Indiana. Luckily, the cop caught him here twenty six year old girl while were gaming. The didn't know that they could game someone online
and these six year old girls and sending the naked pictures of themselves to this oil till you're, old, Thelma, ash and independent, in all over and thanks to the fact that work science and walking our kids away from the people to protect them, their teacher school so forth. Third, personal TIM, when you said when you said it was harvest time, you mean that literally that they are actually on line. You have seen them in conversations pedophiles. Saying this is harvest time? Oh yes, they are. Idiots can be. I mean, there's two million children who are forcing the sex slavery of rear, who considered that the number that just that demand the number of out there and they are talking on the dark net and we are watching them and they are literally saying things like or even directly it hard time? Can you believe that their sitting darkness? setting back right now and they are
their home alone with their winter laptop smartphones and upset about also can't work their home alone, and they know how to act as our kid online through gaming through just looking, I gotta go under cover an trick, our kid. And they know how to get out of this, what they do, and what sitting here, so our art I had we're just sitting here, nor did it we're sitting our society and when I even conferring a part of the debate when we talk about openings, older or locking down economy the shutting keeping people away from it it was awkward. What are you doing, arguing about what happened. Did he kicks the F b? I made it. But lay they warn the nation March that this weakness we gonna happen, but no one seems to care about this. And then one crisis? We couldn't mixed crisis, and here we are the next crisis and you know what happened endorse. Why does go tat? Can illegal and horrible What are we going to do now? What has deepened the policemen like this,
the police, means that, from what I can tell so far, we're gonna do fund the proactive police units the first to go. Proactive police units are the ones that quiet arrest, you kid so like how many times in point twenty. Are we going to fail or did but refusing to bring them to the table. Kid can't right. They can't protest, they can organise, and so there quietly big we have with us boys- and I don't see anyone doing a coffer, so Let's talk about the things like pizza gate and wayfare those kinds of things they do happen. Do they not? I mean, are our things being silk? Is that what was the? What was the the the village voice? I think it was had a section where they were actually helping. Pedophiles by sell children. Wasn't the village voice? Oh yeah,
Now this may mean I've been. I spent years of my life Glenn pretending to be a ten year old kid. Phone line to see what people do to him and we ve got cut. Doesn't sin of pedophiles I d by me an undercover kid or or real kid? I've got them on Craigslist on Facebook. On red social media platinum. You can imagine one hundred percent. They and they do you called words. Peter was one! That's what people get that use that name? There was a time when if you're looking for a child you talk about, I want to order a pizza and that you could have, with add up like that, and I mean we're out in the middle of that refer for decades will absolutely is happy. Children are sold online on social media platforms, there's no question about it: ok, so tell me about your thoughts on Epstein.
This case really bothers me for for multiple reasons. He got away with it for so long. He said he was in intelligence. We know that acts. Wells father was also in intelligence overseas it all. These really famous people were involved that what was that TIM? I mean you used to be in the government. Trying to us all of this stuff. Do you believe this is these are more to this than we think There is more to this. I think it more should watch the empty Netflix documentary too then how do I got away with it for so long on the way he is doing when truly is being done by millions of P American. You watch the emptying story. Now he's different, he's more influential and could name cordial people, and I hope that the or comes out with it with the recent arrest of his of his girlfriend, but this
happening. His story is not uncommon. His story the story of million the pet about living in the country. We are the higher demand for child rate The US and in the world we are in the top three four destiny. Some countries, cupboard wanting to get their kid into our market. For this. This is the play the of our general end and it's happening every day and its Sir, I don't know how to make the world up polite Thirtieth is anti human trafficking awareness day. So we Oh, you are in the natural phenomena, gets get super super loud on that day, entrusted rallied troops, people go right up and be outlawed for one for one get outrage on something on something that we can do something about the elderly so something we can actually do something about. I you know, I worry about our country TIM and I know you do in and you are part of restoring hope and
you know we are a nation if you just if you read scriptures you ve heard over and over and over again he says I can't save all save the righteous remnant, but I I can safe. I can save you any more. If you go into unrighteousness and We are sitting here tolerating things and we have to do something that shows the Lord that no, no, There is a group of us here that that really care we and we want to do something, and it's not about politics, and I think the best thing we can do is to become abolitionist? As we talked about and in restoring Hope agree glance in others. If we want to help, God bless America, kid he's waiting for us to help him whether there is one thing: is you told us that make them more at seven, Nothing else. Armenia must get pickup went in word in scripture Tommy, about. If you hurt kid up better than him
storm, be wrapped around your neck and you tap into the sea. I may not build a violent but the right, yes, I mean we Know- we felt about the put get on his side on this one it's an easy one to get on his side on lip. Let's liberate these children right now I'll, join, I let me take a break it Bob. Let me also take a quick break and then I want to talk to you a little bit about the covenant that we talked about restoring hope and and kind of the history behind that. So hang on one minute, first omitted a car shield it it should be the czech engine light it should be called. Have somebody else check the engine like can get your check in the engine charge a whole lot of money, light about that one, when that like goes off, especially if your car isn't under warranty, it could be a sensor in those there's can run three five thousand dollars pop system we'll piece of plastic:
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all right. So TIM, we Huron with me- and this is something you have been talking- For a long time and the more I read the more research I do that the more I know this is true that we are, in a nation. We are we have broken the covenant by our acts and our deeds in We are now it to the point where an adversary, I think, to God in many ways and we're not going to survive without him. Gave us this land to protect and to work together and to do good things. And glorify him, and we haven't always done that. But right now, I fear we are falling waif way behind. Tell me about tell me about Abraham, Lincoln and the covenant so Abraham Lincoln the other civil war began. Then he doesn't think
think of it more than gotta bring the union back together. The south is leaving in eighteen sixty one. He says that the idea, this is not about. Slavery it online and bite. You could be clearly thing an indifferent to this is about we re in his very open about the fact that God has told him, but the reason is if I had been mistaken, inaugural address, is that of the punishment to north and south. It's bizarre speech, I think, Anyone any problem ever given in the middle of a blood bath of a war. People are dying on your side and then Why didn't you say? The enemy is wrong sore. We we around the north is wrong, and God is doing this. Came to understand that there is a covenant relationship with God and it We were getting the blessing of Heaven, because you were being stolen, righteous and the complicity and Odin flavoured even the north was apart up, and you recognise that an infant
the nation have to turn around and in eighteen, sixty three when he finally was brave enough to say it and and when, in your programme you had two children, read this beautiful cabinet, or did you hear leader, has got worse sorry, we repent of our ways please poop again and bring us back together the nation, and that became the song. He sang making picky on until finally in and then after that point is you know you ve said this: the union starts winning every single battle for one small one, every single one. And that's how the governor works. If we breaking the head, the national Thin and we turn it on its head, back to God knees he will bless Latin watching them believed the pilgrim used it and our history and somehow we have forgotten them. So the sign of the covenant is keeping the Sabbath holy
one of the signs in the old testament. That's very clear that how to build one nation or God you need a show- God something it. What you will you bet. You believe that there is a causal relationship. Banal cosmic teaches us that the seventh day is that late and the pilgrims made sure we He knew the theme of we will look at our history is the very first Sabbath in America. They found themselves stranded on an island, limits called Clark, violent and the little man, a little boat had broken their little Shallop had broken and me their family was twenty miles away. Their families were dying on the Mayflower and there the fine linen and these fourteen pilgrim them stranded and make fix the little that the mass of above that of the animal shall be broken and they you gonna have the both things. Go we gotta go our families dying in. The majority said no we're staying here and we're gonna, worship, God, and they found this enormous rock this they caught pulpit rockets, thirty times the size of a rock and they sat and they worshipped God, because they,
didn't die, died by the covenant and they said we have to show got the next day December eleven. Sixteen twenty. They find their little paradise plummet, and God bless them. This is a very simple if Ben Proposition, if we are righteous, then we'll be blessed than the land they all it is everywhere in our history that scriptores confirm it. We need to bring you back to it, so here's what I want you to do. I want you to go to american covenant. Dot. Org! That's right address! Isn't it an american covenant, DOT, org and and look at the Avenant itself. You can even print one out cs it with your family ties with your family, sign it with your family and make it. And this is not about the government- this is about the people and if there's just a handful of us it will make a difference in the end these.
The eternities. I really truly believe that, and we have to be a righteous nation. You want to do some. That shows that you are on God side. Remember, he's gonna be on our side? We have to be on his feet, for his children we urge you to become a member of? Oh, you are in the rescue team or the rescue team with the Nazareth Fund and that that can mean that you are volunteering. Your time you garb pledging fight, bucks a month just make a month The donation of five bucks a month has Lincoln on the on the I've dollar bill on The covenant that he made and make one yourself we can how much help it. The kit, Carson out a safe and rescue somebody, underpinning and in the area, we got it down for like under a hundred dollars believer not in some other regionally Workin difficult legal can be up to a thousand, but that's that's. That's a pretty
price to favour a child, like sure, is TIM. Thank you very much appreciated TIM Ballard from the Nazareth Fund, DOT, org and Oh you are a rescue our children. It is a It is a daunting task, but one that we can do and one that everyone will agree on. Imagine what an impact your family could make. If you if you could save one child, you just your family by Christmas? How many can the people in your office, your neighborhood, your church, start to work together on something that doesn't cause division but causes things to unite and all of us to come together. Do it now american Covenant, DOT, Org.
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It really really easy now for men and women shave secret, available regionally at HIV, wagons, Walmart and Amazon, or you can just go to shave, secret dot com and use the promo code back. Let him know that I sent you a shave, secret dotcom use the promo code back and saying and go to place TB, dot, com, Slash, Glenn, use the Protocol Glen or six save the family actual you! Twenty bucks authors subscription a place to be Very Weiss has just a tendered his resignation to the New York Times in it. He said twitter is not the mast head. Of the New York Times I saw her
As she said, it's it's not the mast head of the New York Times Might as well be. She talks about the the fact that there is a new Mccarthyism in the halls now of the New York Times, it's a fantastic phantom stick letter that, you should be that you should read, will give it to you here in just a few minutes. Will posted it backed up com as well, but it is it excoriated the New York Times at least one person is brave enough to speak out, although she will be mobbed mobbed for saying the things that she did. There are a few other people that are already paying a very high price that you need to know about. Andrew Tor, is the founder of GAB gas he's a Christian and he wanted just to defend free speech and he saw the rise of censorship.
And so he started gab and it has a community of four point: five million people from around the world using various alternate technology products such as gab, social, enter web browser and people, power, news, aggregator, gab trends Well, he's run into some problems with that. He has not only been shut down in squashed, he is being de person Andrew is here to talk about what is happening and whose doing it to em. I Andrew how area I go. I appreciate you haven't we on shore so now you banned by both Apple and Google. And why was that well. They claim that we have hate speech on our website, which, of course, as we both know,
not a legally defined term in United States of America. The Supreme Court has unanimously ruled that that is one hundred percent protected by first amendment on multiple occasion. I am not sure what they mean by that, but in equality, source planets also hosting providers, its payment processors. It's a basic level of infrastructure required to Tehran, websites that email services, all in all, we ve been banned from about twenty five or so different services and platforms, and it's not only the business glad it's. It's also me personally, I've been banned from things like COIN Day, some things like paper and now Even visa is is totally blacklisting, sets its mafia style pact. We went helped us. Wait. So it's not just gab, Now they are making it impossible for you to do a transaction using any financial service.
I'd primarily using services like pay power, music services like coin base, I mean you know. A lot of these different services have basically monopoly on transact. On the internet, so you know one hundred percent, our business right now, is being operated by ship by male people actually biting off. Michael Jackson, mailing them through a p, o box or Bitcoin right so that's what we're relying on right now for our customers, because we cannot process payments on internet. So this is the kind of stuff your Christian. This is the kind of stuff. If you don't accept the mark of the beast you're not gonna, be able to do, any business you're not gonna, be able to have. You know, make any transactions you're. Kind of already starting down this road. Yes, and that's why I wrote a very long and a total about this, and I am glad that you and others are talking about. This is because I want other Christians to be aware of this year is born
too far away glance from seeing the Bible labelled as hate speech. And if you are a christian website or if you're a church- and you want to transact on the internet, I don't think we're too far, from seeing exactly what is happening to me happen to all So that's why? I'm speaking up about it, I mean you bring up regulation. Thirteen seventeen Any man doesn't have the mark of the beast, even allowed to transact an all out to buy or sell, and that's exactly what is happening to me right now, and I do believe that is firstly because I am very outspoken about my faith in Christ. Menudo teach him any technology Theo's that are very can in a very open about that, but I am very proud of it's not something I'm going to hide I don't know that has anything to do with it. If I had to guess, I would say it's a big part of it, but in the back down. You know, like you, as you mentioned, we have four point: five million people in our community from around the world from all different backgrounds, all different country, Oliver Beliefs
This will preserve an export. You know freedoms that we have here is Americans, which the first amendment two people all around the world. You don't have that that lesson that we have. Legally here So you don't you protect free speech. So do you allow people Do you know national socialists I mean, I think, the national socialist or any worsening international socialists, but do you edit speech at gab week. We do not. We do have one, so we don't allow threats of violence, We don't allow illegal activity. We do not allow pornography common sense. Doth essentially do not break you S law on our website, and we have people from all different political backgrounds. Absolutely we house, you have people that are supported. Ominous, and we have people that you know. Identifiers national socialist. These people are a very, very small minority,
as long as they're not making threats of violence and as long as you're not doing anything illegal. You know they're allowed. You have political discussion, You know you were there is mortal studies that show that gap is not an echo chamber, because we allow this Briefly, information is free flow of discussion and I personally believe that sunlight is the best disinfectant soak. If you have some on that is in our economy, is the best way to convert them over is due to happen. Mercedes with them and highlight the ills of communism, for example, So what's next for you what what? What do you foresee Andrew What are you, how are you gonna set date day, David taxes, it pretty much every possible. We spent the past two years bill our own infrastructure. You know to less close to say: if you don't like Silicon Valley role, go and build your own platforms, go build your own website and that's exactly what I did back in twenty six June.
That I know that I would also have to build my own hosting if the shark showed up the bill by our payment processing with a sharp sure my email, if a shorter and that's exactly what we did so we we built everything in house it took about two years, but now were very extremely resilience. Answers many more attack factors that they can come after us with, I guess unless they get us banned from the post office. I am sure no one has surprised at this point. Are you? Are you still able to take the donations now that you build built your own in processor. Can you take donations, or will you soon be able to do that donation or not donations, but subscriptions online? Yes, so we like your facebook and twitter, we don't sell. Our users. Are users are not the products being so we have an optional subscription service that is called gab pro that people can upgrade to and lock additional fee.
Chairs on the site. I'm right now we have each act, so you can enter in your your browsing in your account number and pass that way. You can write us an actual physical jack and may lead to our p box or you can use Bitcoin. Also, those three options are the, after that we have. Unfortunately, we cannot accept that it or credit card, because what's happening is someone for visa? We ve been told us from multiple payment processors, for visa is sitting on our sight waiting for us to get a processor up as soon as we do. They contact that processor and they threatened with heavy fines or less day unless they remove us. So obviously the processor doesnt want incur those heavy fines and an end to promoting us, so we literally house again bossiest tile packets here with some of these, on our side and watching for us to get a new processor and then immediately in a basic training them and attack them unless they are move us so that we do several. Why would they do
Why I'm not I'm not dismissing, I know they're doing it, but why would they do that? What because we're growing like crazy and We don't have any dependence on corporate advertisers. You see, you know this boycott of Facebook ties are so they're going after facebooks. You know cash cow, which is advertisers. We don't have that problem. We find it by our users. So you are, they dont want our users to be able to support us who pay us, because we been growing like crazy. Our traffic is up to you, Sent my government We know we had our best won't ever for revenue despite being blacklisted by visa and not being able to accept credit cards, so we're grow. An end in a they don't like that, the powers that be dont like that they wanted to stop. So that's why we're wonder attack is because we offer a viable alternative to Facebook Twitter and to all these in a big tax. Tyrants that that our silence, Americans and people all over the world,
so your website is gab, Dotcom, GB, dot com. You might want to check it out for yourself. I am. My morning you, that all of us are going to be in this situation? If we change our ways soon but tat. He is ahead of the head of the game. Andrew. I wish you the best of luck in. If there's anything, we can do to help you, we stand, bind you a hundred percent, we don't have to even agree other than We agree in the bill of rights that nobody has a right to their opinion of writers speak out and and be heard in the public square. That doesn't mean they have the right to be. Endorsed or even claimed, to be accurate, but they have a right to say it, and only the speech that we all despise is the speech that needs protecting you so much for doing that. Andrea appreciated! Thank you! Going! God bless.
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Eight hundred five hundred eighty three eighty four and get your life back with relief dot com. The Earl of Low Tech, Glenn back This is the Glen Back programme. More glad, you're, here tomorrow on Gb Tv on Blaze, TV, my programme at nine p m. We're gonna talk to you a little bit about what is going on. With with black lives matter and and others now that our true to literally kill our families, it is a remarkable. I think that everyone is overlooking there stated goal is to end the nuclear traditional nuclear family of the western world. They that the family, with a mom and dad and children
is a capitalist invention. I dont know if their history books, you know, Don't have anything passed, but seventeen sixty families have been around forever. I dont know if they know that, but they're trying to end it- and there is an assault on the family and there is an assault also on the church tomorrow we talk to you about the family and we have a promo code, or blaze tv. We urge you to watch tomorrow. Call your friends, your family call. Your church members and tell them to watch the blaze tv tomorrow night at nine p m. You can subscribe to day and save twenty dollars with the promote save the family that sea. The family If this doesn't convince you that we are. Working against not flesh bone but actual I dont know: what will I don't? what will- and I don't
where the churches are. I was glad to see. There is a. There were several hundred people that went to the Golden Gate Bridge and they were protesting the the governors. Governor nuisance, new law of no singing or chanting in churches. Who do you think you are? Still, they don't have a problem with people screaming at each other and screaming at people right next to each other. Without a mask in these protests? But I seeing at church and now he's double down and I think he's closing the churches in California. Again, don't do it find an open air place and go back to worshipping God We cannot allow this government or any government too. Dissemble those people who are worshipping God and praising him.
We need him now more than ever, and if the religious people in this country do not stand up, you are going to lose your rights. When did you hear the guy from gap, I mean What, since, when did since, when is Ford racist clan member buys afford truck that that it doesn't make any sense at the opera like we live part of the development. Of our civilization is the ideal. That you serve people you'd toned degree within maybe dont, like in our efforts. Restaurant. You go into. Has some gigantic Bernie Sanders supporter working at that is serving food to you and everything. Every time some leftist goes into a restaurant they're, getting served by some trumps supporter. That is there civilization is what it is. It's that important you're not supposed to be doing this and are continuing to do it, because it's being
raise their being in the very wise thing you talked about earlier is a major development. I mean you know she is one of the most outspoken vote of voices in a really good voice. When it to working for the New York Times in her calling out the times and then a lad of credibility she used to be at the Wall Street Journal right. I'm she's, It can remember everything, but she is very, very credible, she's been around for a long time and very smart, and it's in a lady s. Different views is not like a hot. Core, like you, know, talking points generator. Googe is great what voices like that? It was a good ire and, of course, they ve blown it by ass. She points out letting twitter be the editor of the New York Times? I mean that is that's why you shall have a statement. Listen to this my fault, my own, for raising the wrong Thinketh Times made me the subject of constant bullying by colleagues who disagree with my views. They have
Show me a nazi and racist. She wrote a book about anti discrimination if I'm not, if I'm not mistaken about about Anti Semitism and how to stop Anti Semitism. She said my work in my character or openly demeaned on a company wide slack channel where man had editors regularly way in some is some coworkers insist. I need to be rooted out of this company if it's gonna be truly inclusive one. Other employees just post acts emerges next to my name. Cow. I I think she has a lawsuit. Here is the Glen Back Programme,
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