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What Just Happened? | Guests: Bill O’Reilly & Madison Cawthorn | 11/4/20

2020-11-04 | 🔗

Glenn reviews election night, from some weird actions Fox News took to reports that some states stopped counting votes until the morning. What are the odds that a burst pipe would delay ballot counting in Georgia? President Trump did better than the mainstream media predicted, but was it enough? Oregon decriminalized the possession of small amounts of hard drugs. Bill O’Reilly joins and explains why he’s not happy about the election and vote counting in Nevada. BlazeTV’s Steve Deace believes we just witnessed a “coup." Glenn gives his thoughts on where we should go from here: “Put on the full the armor of God.” Congressional winner Madison Cawthorn joins after becoming the first representative-elect born in the 1990s.

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you're full? Well, we're going to recap what has happened since you were asleep, and let me just give you a quick criminal on that nothing, nothing What do you remember this? One word did it keeps coming to mind, and that is the effort, but. maybe maybe it's just me What you're about to here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment man that programme well
It's like Fox NEWS, has called Pennsylvania forbidden after one has been counted. Do that I'm sorry, I'm sorry what happened a Fox news, let what happened to our country last night, since when are we a country? That's like you get a little late, it's almost ten! Thirty! Let's stop counting and go home when did when we become those be. When did we become ITALY? we tell you the story as best. We understand it in sixty seconds, a green back programme my pillow you know, that's something that I would have liked to visit last night. spend some real time with my pillow and my sheets and my bed and my family, but I didn't now. I can't
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sheets and pillows, you can get them now use a promo code back call eight hundred nine hundred and sixty six three thousand one hundred and seventeen eight hundred nine hundred and sixty six three thousand one hundred and seventeen for the great radio specials. Now, at my pillow dot com, when you re in the radio Hall of Fame would also have to do. I rise of rice algae go go you know. Nbc was very bold. Last night, I don't know if you saw this we're gonna get to the election, but I think there bravery last night was really, really just so amazing it. We have to start here last night NBC, came out and said I Dickens endured years of federal investigations and media frenzy over allegations of the Trump campaign collusion with trout with Russia. Second Eight rival in the open decline Europeans now deserve more than indignant dismissal from Joe Biden campaign about the boy
campaign our the family business affairs in China, so, light. Is the best disinfectant trust the american people, don't try to frighten or lie or bully them they can handle the truth. deserve to hear it. NBC last night in the fog of war decides to go on the record. So they can say we said that he should answer for last night deadly. yeah and you have it sorry, but I You know the best path will attest to, and I think Stew did. You know me when I I mean the F word was an art form for me at one point, Now we are sad. I only heard stories of the Euro rather like I worry about. Yes, yes, and- and you know anybody who could paint with that word better or more often
Wow that word keep coming to mind today with everything that was got. What, with everything was going by the way oh my gosh, I'm worried as everybody. Ok in Georgia, where they were Keeping all of the bite the ballots for you know by because it I dont know if anybody's notices, but none of the new votes that their counting it don't seem to effect the trumpet none case are we like? Oh, we found more ballots and they are all in favour of trump, but yesterday the present central election results, to be delayed until Friday. Because a pipe bert, in the room containing all of the male in balancing, so I told them. You know that bathroom is not the place to keep them
but they did, and I hope everybody is okay, so Tuesday night a pipe breaks at now, hard she's. We can we, get to those ballots until at least Friday will they have to dry get well of baby. I got home dry course it now there some Good NEWS by the way, I'm not avoiding you know what happened. What after you went to bed last night because nothing happened. After you went to bed last night. It I dont know when we became the people that we're like my man, Bob count your room doing a bit of generalization here. That I think, is exactly accurate. Pat there was bare pattern.
Literally alive stream of them counting votes and Pennsylvania, and they were doing it all night yeah, but by multiplying, says when night someplace did right, yeah yeah, yeah yeah some did many did many did did ninety did not dad's good, that's good. Most likely. Those were Republicans that we're up me. I feel it off. You have your there all right, they're, all Super Republic, have you ever have you ever in at any time seem presidential election, where the Amy State Aimee, where went in our what we're gonna get an app when with our human beings, they do sleep, I meaning allowing it shifts. I know it bucks county where I used to live. There grew in twenty four hours a day, but the problem here is not that whether they go to sleep or not, the problem is there stupid law, which says they start counting these votes, millions of them until election day votes come in three,
weeks ago, and they have to let them sit in a room until election day, while no, unless a bit less it put it in a room with a really recipe pipe vary widely, that's just silly right floor. The reason why you have floaters results, which had gone out tons of mail and vote to here is because they through the machine beforehand, yeah when they do not relate on election day. Let's be honest, let's be honest, I mean just the physics of it. You can't cheat. Until you know how many votes you have to come up with you. I think what election stolen just so you can feel like. I know I know I have to tell you. I mean I just as a shock to me that Fox NEWS, can call Arizona with one vote counted it. We ve got one percent, no, its, not one percent report, no is just one vote. We have. One vote were calling. It prayers were calling Arizona for Joe Biden how
Couldn't happen yet you have a margins that are bigger in places like South Carolina boy man, we just can't call it. We just can't call. You know why we can't Kali, I can say home to you, we can't you do the college. We cannot all the articles aware all of the Biden votes are get to it either that or that are not how the process works at all. Could it's one of those two things as the process where the process works not on how many votes are tabulated, that you see its vote based on things like projections now I know why these very that these are states are not by no vines New year's jack we're each year, which is, I think, a bad idea by the way that right all at an early call, you actually went out, looks like Trump is winning like sixty nine to thirty one and they called it, provided
I don't like you know, for example. No, I love. I love. I love Fox NEWS. I love the fact that Fox NEWS can be heralded Fly Joe Biden last night, like pay news outlets, Juster declared us. The winners are, and I am not saying that any funny business was happening in Arizona. I dont believe then. I believe that that call was right just way early way early. It seem to get anybody to cook nobody's willing to go out on a limb. You ve got like I've got bird on my hand, by fifteen million votes in a state where there is only five people, but we can call it it's a little early again. Oh that's why it's important to know what vote remains right right now, a pencil if you'll get Pennsylvania Trump is up by fifteen points. However,
all the vote- that remains is like late vote is the early vote, which is more democratic and a lot of its from places like Philadelphia in Pittsburgh. Right. So we know this, and this margin is going to narrow it right question narrow enough, provided how many points is he right now because I said fur what he has to be at least five point that up twelve, the after Well, I don't it's that in Ireland and you know what I hear area You know what I loved, though, what I really loved was the New York Times analysis this morning. That either with Minnesota you can, Look at that and say all this AIDS around it. You know She again and Wisconsin. You know that Minnesota is a bellwether, and so we know that we can. We can pretty much look at Minnesota and assume that it's going to happen in those two states as well
oh hi. Oh now one by seventy five points might mean that borders stay right there. Next of Pennsylvania. It's like cone of silence hitherto cannot and you can transfer any of that does completely different right, The ball is almost like a different country. It is like a different country, yet where one is real, Corrupt and the other one is just major league, corrupt and thinking it. It's a I mean, yet he did very well at a higher, and I would say if there s, no you're would cut we're Talkin last night about polling and how it has put probably it's worse. Miss was Ohio, I'm which the poles basically showed a tie and trumpet, and when I went by about eight the but that was while I was closely
private Klaus panels. Again I just said it was the biggest Miss I Mukherjee IBM saying. Yes, I wasn't even as a lot of money and if they are right on the money I mean the majority of these states. The polling was very, very close, showing the only other one, I would say is amiss so far almost simply because of Cubans. In my ear or Amy was Florida cigar. Toyota total toss up state, but the media like leaned, abide an end. Instead, it was ass, leaned, tromp homies, anyone that by the writ well but for now I see this time, the end at the end of the day comes, but that probably three or four Why, for I, don't even understand inclined to do this kind of organised Joe Biden to my own ideas. I I do think Florida if Florida can get it right if Florida as it is these that gold star state, now they are the sledge standard is really are. You know why you know why they may be
because they made changes from last time. I don't use it between two thousand and two thousand twenty. This isn't what also, but also the other thing they did was that change all the rules in the last minute. They didn't. You know that they didn't say. Oh by the way, We can only count these after. We know how many votes we need. As I that's its insanity. Will all of this is insanity, if, if you actually care about fraud for protecting the, democratic elements of our republic right. This could not be held happens right. We cannot have Europe either. We need to a massive investment into. We know There's no reason these boats can't come out on election day. It's two thousand twenty, it's not eighteen! Eighty, I understand in eighteen eighty why the stuff would be hard- it's twenty twenty
Florida shows that it can do it, there's no reason why other states can't do it. They just need to spend time getting it right or listen, listen, listen! Commissioners! We will take you to data this molded, Cinemas, Vernal, rear, someday watch tv on artists, or I do. What do you? Do? I really Yokul learnt that it is not ideal. Eighty, oh yes, it is it is it is it you know. Did you see? Did you see em, the village, you know where that was filmed where pencil. That's guys, the army Charlotte designing the the voting system right in Europe is available, but I mean like, if you look at this right now you'd be, I think you might say that you'd rather be Joe Biden. If you had to pick
under normal circumstances here, you'd rather be that guy who has the balloon states? Yeah, ok, ok I'll! Do that because eight others that it seems like Joe Biden probably going to win Arizona. You know it seems like a polish members on I Nevada theirs of its very varies, is small led for binding, but it looks like he's going to be favoured than the mob runs November, with Scots it Harry read, I think. Does our observers are observed our union that library in Wisconsin and Michigan, and a little the current vote. When I went to bed last night, both Wisconsin and Michigan showed trumped up now. They both show Biden up by narrow margins that both of those could change, Michigan biting pass IRAN Monsieur getting near. I ever that forty nine point, five, two percent to forty eight point: nine. Three percent: that's to you, how how did that? How
where this, where the cities Were coming in with record numbers for trump record number that again I'll give you give to give you to make you feel some fresh. I thought they might have it the other way when we swim. If there's a bunch of different sources, other sources may have that the EP than the other way. You shall eighty credible source that has it the other way, but in mainstream media source. Has it going for Biden, tedious Is that a mean oh they're, they're, good, really good source in oh, but again it's. What I'm saying is any of these things could flip you to their very Georgia is, is super super close out neutral out all these, thereby two points as we speak about again them, though, that vote is pouring in from Atlanta, and we know right now, if it wasn't for that, damn pipe bursting the anodyne. It's all you know right now, they had Biden is gonna win by a lot, a law in Georgia, but it's gonna take a still Friday before we can.
yet those signatures, for said, I think, is good news. Thou sand, it's really good. May it looks good. I mean our Joanie Ernst was, it was a risky, it looks like she might lose. She wouldn't winning. Obviously places like Lindsey Gram looks like worries us according to limit a hundred and fifty one million darcy. This is a report that bothers me. This is about. That really bothers me end.
highway is. Why is this? Is this is sort of like here in the middle of the intersection of the highway of sarcasm and anger right now and I seem to be at the theatre want why there's this car is not that's exactly right. Thank you package. We just want to be outraged and we will club morale rate was sarcasm. Hacksaw people will think you're kidding. I found one giving its numbers, we don't lie past, that's it! Ok! That's a show and denied everybody in get to what I'm really pissed off about and we'll get to then just a second is long as I can I needs. Could I get a note bad in these a paper, because I need to prioritize all the things I'm pissed about hidden We talk about honey, you want Save money, get the app.
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its join honey, dot, com, slash but we're gonna we're gonna have to. Clients are going to demand their money back to they. Aren't they Dalia for sure join honey. I'm not I'm by Bob I'll move to some in the country and where there is no extradition rights for this, and I will just I'll move out. I will I lose the laws on joint honey, dot com, slash back, join honey, dot com, slash back ten second station. I d, you think I'm cranky Billow Riley's come in and joining us in just about a half an hour from now he's crazy on is best dealt with super thrilled about the world. His here. Can you imagine yeah with this is gonna, be like yeah yeah. Let me get just a quick just at a quick, just, hey
that in your pipe and smoke it hey. We should do tee shirts, like that. That's a great phrase. Somebody right that down here is a real, quick thing that just really hacks. That really hacks me off the The fact that all These people that were supposed to do so poorly You know they're going lose all of those seem to have giant coattails a writing the coat tails of Donald Trump. Where we are seeing the Senate races that were performing under that are coming up because the the Republicans came and actually supported and, in record number at sea grew everywhere, Donald from grew everywhere, except for a white males right? but they're. So damn races. The data collected, they don't know they'd involve form because of the
I won't say with me the number of times for knowledge Ized, for being erase all right, landmines, we're like I can't over him now by the way, is ever done that he needs to do that today. I want to throw that further apologizing for white supremacy. Oh my gosh or more the second, the Glen Back Programme. Oh hey, I want to tell you sorry we forgot let me tell you about my patriots apply now what could pass? simply go wrong. You know what mean we're not gonna meteorites in the streets theirs. Gonna be any mood for a civil war there's not going to be an economic depression. Me what can possibly go wrong I worry about food supply, don't worry about it, though
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This is the Glenn Beck Programme, for those who think that there is no upside, Want you to know. Corey Bush, the Belem activist she's been sent to Congress by Missouri. Congratulations on that one or again. You thought they had lost control and they didn't make any sense. have voted to decriminalize possession of all drugs in floating smack heroin. Crack
the Smyth, while years right reaction to that kind of crisis they had where we know the entire city was being torn up every night. Well, you and what? If what? If? What? If we just to criminalize all draw, is that lives? You know what it's like painkillers. It doesn't actually stop the pain you just don't care is my foot I feel like my arm has been cut off. I'm really kind of enjoying this little I'm on right now, laws against another arm. Yes, it's all so it's kind of like that, like the states on fire, let's give her body little heroin think that'll work up Louisiana Amendment says there is no constitutional right to abortion, so that's good really it only comes into play. If the Supreme Court overturns Rovers is weighed which isn't going to happen,
Sarah Mcbride has become the first transgender state senator in U S history, so Regulations do Sarah Mcbride and I dont like Mcbride you implying there. but you implying their gender. Is that under your pride, I thought that gender normative stuff Oda. By and by when, I think of Mcbride, I think of Mcdonalds we as a joint cooperation that I'm allowed still to hate, because They kill cows and serve burgers. Other giant corporations were just going to ignore ok just ignore all those that are trying to take control of everybody's life and violate every thing. Liberals said they were four will nor those button Mcdonald's has got to go going through this this map here because cause were keywords- talk mothers up. They are Michigan being a very important state superman If you give Arizona to Biden an event
the Biden, which looks like that's the weights going sconce into bite in which looks like that's what the weights going and if Biden holds on and wins Michigan now you can get Rested with trumpets a trump holds onto Georgia, which is in Doubt North Carolina, think tropical when, given that give him its Albania looks like he's. Gonna win Pennsylvania messed up by ten still, but that's keep narrowing all day. All day in all week, honestly that that other you're gonna know you're ten days, I think they have ten days. And yes, that's gonna, be fine, those folds damn. I just found this winners in the in the sea. We were checking the cushions and for coins and ballots in a reserve and Tina billion, whereas as long as it's like you, but if you do everything I just said it's Biden to seventy Trump to sixty eight That's all that's close to what the White House thought it was gonna, be the White House was looking. They were internally talking about to sixty eight Biden in two seventy four tromp or to seventy two drunk. That's me
giving what we mean second district to tromp, which it I think he's gonna win, but he's lost Nebraska second district. If use flipped that one Europe to sixty nine to success, I ll giving him Pennsylvania to argue that shrugged petroleum heads of any while so he the wind Michigan, our Wisconsin guys or something else, is a fraud. It is it is any that's Donald Trump, just checking in they're gonna get. Let me just to please Don't do that again and just let me if you're watching blaze tv, I've, a giant, I love my chances of fraud, pointing with pointing with his tiny their lands. Let us do it. This is a fraud Catholics. This is what it would look like. I feel, like you said, is quite that big, but it's it's a nice now get investment, the giant trumpet. Might you know about that? I dont my wife really
My wife comes home from the Trump store, with the giant troubling trumps store and where's. The Yom store I dont know she knows where it is. I did the same thing. There's a trump stories like yeah dummy. Of course there is like jobs are in, I mean now it's like you know. I haven't been to the town. Store sheets yeah, you can buy. Well, you can buy things like this. I ain't lamp had Why she thought we were going to do with a giant trumpet, I'm not really sure, but you managed to get an age to guide it. I got a right it off. I got a rounded off anyway. You are saying, is doing this I don't even know anymore. I think got. What I'm saying is, this can still be. It could go either. It is not over. It. There's no react. We need you. If there's going to be fraud right, you need to have evidence of the fraud, and we may very well uncover evidence of the fraud.
important to understand, though, because Trump was ahead in the in these counts. It was told was absolutely part of the plan to count these votes will act as the no. I know not. I noticed just a matter of you know: how many worker I find right when we may find that their they're doing all these should antigens in Norway loss, but which is why the where you we hide her aunt em man em. It's why we fought against a lot of these rules on these, why these rules are dumb, and this should not happen again. This is its mission to change their mind on waiting two weeks for the mail in ballots to come in. are we going to have to wait two weeks to find out who was Michigan. This is why I think that this is why no Michigan was then we're supposed to count. Em last night, ass machines posted be done today by noon. I think
easier? Here's that would have a Michigan eight! It's gonna take a few days. Earliest absentee ballots can be processed is November. Second, which likely does not give enough data count them all by election Night Secretary State estimates that it could take until Friday November. Six for all balance to be counted in order to be declared margins will probably shift towards democratic days after November. Third, as male votes are added to the results so that and we do expect and its that's what's happened overnight right a minute when I went to bed was the leading in in Michigan, now he's a slight underdog, but again we don't meaning it predict these votes? You can't say out this there's just in there just as likely a chance that they're gonna find a whole bunch from digging and says that I have to tell them, but it's not only to die, don't know eight, they say ever in Georgia where that my purse
They had rumbling infrastructure. It is what it is that there is, and in a what tromp never did do infrastructure we also by the way this is on him. Did you know it's for here is how it is: there's no pipe bursting, seemingly in any republican district, where they're keeping the ballots you not Albania, it's weird now is now I'm only fifty six years old, so I mean I'm sure this in the entire history of voting on them. entire planet, I'm sure there are other times, but it's in my lifetime. I've never seen anything like this and have
ever seen. All they just found a whole mail bag, full of Reagan, votes no net, we don't ever, they will look at his bag. I found of George W Bush votes, but again Xyz are in no way to making I just as I didn't care that will happen. I think TAT could happen sometimes future. Yes, we're they'd high. Oh my god Reagan votes. We just found them, but it never will happen now. You know within forty year light of the alleged tomorrow that I can say in Michigan. Oh my gosh. Here's a whole treasure trove of Trump vote. Right, they might say, are not going to my gosh here is old treasure trove of do evil. Is that a good idea? Yes, there is a distinction, however, of finding bags of votes and counting the vote. That came it right, yells diet, that there is to be done, and this is the real problem for me. I have no problem Florida got it done I have I have no.
problem. If you are counting them and you say, we're gonna need an extra six hours. Ok, for twelve hours for Michigan, that's reasonable but extra nine days it's not coming suitable, because the way the law is structured, though, that you can't expect some county to stick to to be able to get through every single vote when you don't allowed him to count it in advance. Yet will that allow exactly that? Do that that is gas? Only here's! What happens is and it will believe me they will make sure this can never happen again as soon Biden is in the the an amazing thing to me is that We are sitting here in this way. Think people are gonna, be frustrated. With this I had to vote I had to get thereon time. I had to get my ballot I somehow or another did it and mice some, our another could count them I don't understand it. You know
If this was truly a problem. then you would have a problem in an equal number or even a clothes number of states that you know had me. millions of ballots like Florida come and you would have an equal, close number of states of republican states doing? That is well. Why It were just having problems in these these states that just seem to be wrong by Democrats, or in the case of Georgia, It was only the city of Atlanta. Why and it was only the county. That's run by Democrats. That's the only voice, the pipe. When Democrats have the opportunity rang, what they do. Is of the laws so that they are the least restrictive possible when Republicans by the way, have the opportunity they set them up. The way is the most respected refer restrictive and the real for that is.
In reality in the reason for that is because they think both sides think that will help them win more. That is why they both Julia. so that is where we are right like these, but look, there's no problem, We all know that these that that no state is called In reality, right now, right like in reality, election boards do these calls that happens later We are talking about media calls because they don't, because these laws are set up in the worst way possible for us to stand where the vote is and where its coming from and how many are left. It makes it very difficult. The american people to understand and have faith in the system, and that is a really important thing. You said rules this way, even if all of this, even if This is completely on the up and up which it maybe it's possible. It's impossible for the american people not to have a huge and understood
the big question about the way the stuff happens. You know I mean some of the separate online Pennsylvania and banal serious level have in pipes and pencil now in Pennsylvania is yes said it see, no, not exactly up to date, technology right now, the amish or counting, and please, if you're, anywhere near these, these amish counting centres, you know what's happening right now is like you know your area voice of a woman's aunt JANET. Die, then jeopardizes of Rebecca I have lost count again
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don't put in your last name, put in my last name at car, she'll dotcom save ten percent car shield dot calm deductible may apply s instinct labelling programme. Don't don't don't still stop at unless madness, dog is very bad news about the Senate. No, I don't want your bad news, Terry, talking about. I mean I'm going to keep the phase of I have no faith, I mean honestly, I've never seen things just stop on a dime. They have you ever seen. That now is that what I do unavailable had oven, eyesight, yeah rightly feel that way. It didn't actually happen It happened in some places like Pennsylvania, kept gunning in many areas. Last night it did seem like Georgia was like ourselves, some people homer and go to sleep, sleep,
I know- and I got nobody else who could not made it do another. She was very well. We run in Georgia. I dont know where there is no There is nobody here for getting this diamond. That's the problem. We are, they had lots of people, but nobody really as interested in making sure that we had the count last night. Are there still places where there actually going one two three or are they Just putting it into a computer and account some forum, I mean that that is a difficult yet my big oil it was you're generated, I put it into but it was immediately counted and we're done yet, but I mean, if you hardly places the advantage for system being ass, coming from the backwoods of taxi sent right, but are you puts it put series in my own case out if you were not allowed by law to start until yesterday?
and then you walk into a room and there's four million votes sitting in their don't take tied him into a majority to outlaw shouldn't. Take that long, but its inelegant, the it's very likely the timid, take. Few ten days now. If you have been a few days, they can well it'll take his hand days when a few have storage place where it s yacht water pie, you haven't been replaced in awhile, no they're, very rusty. Ok, you went down to the basement you're like we're sure we keep the ballots and your like out right under the pipes, gratitude thirsty what right there. It looks like there's a leak in that area already there they should befall you there, you they'll, be good. I basically super clean would get all the cove it off and so on the Senate yeah sure we will go through the honest. I had no tell me about the Senate, I mean have forty solid lie around four million. Are we going to keep the Senate
I think so much work like are still right. Republicans Europe like for well right last one and then we really want to know if we're gonna have fifty one. That's it. We could have sunk, rightly either a good chance. There is the Glen Back programme.
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After and I saw that on ABC television growing up. That was a picnic parity of what we're in for today and the guy I consider the happiest man on earth practically Walt Disney. Bill O join. Us hints sixty seconds a grand back. No, yes, I mean he's. While these me, if you take into account the time when he was moved first locked into the freeze Ernie's, like let me out you son of a That'S- that's the Walt Disney. I was thinking of with bill. Rarely alright lifelike Breaking news out of another major cyber attack, because we haven't had enough drama lately, this time, The victim is Barnes and noble. Well, when I say victim is Barnes and Noble Oda, actually mean? Is you? The bridge? at Barnes and noble, potentially exposed all their customer data. Good thing-
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I signed Pennsylvania for lifelong, so I'm sure all that data is secure now, one eight hundred lifelong or head to flocked outcome used a promo code back for twenty five percent off lifelong dot com stir Bill o the happiest man to ever live welcome to the programme bill. No really cause. I'm like ITALY with I care care about business, What does this mean? like a clean people who live in the vat and they can't count the vote. Legal lady was past. Ten thirty, you know Nevada just stay, I ll get up I mean really explain this to me. If you check again soon six electoral boats, for the last thirteen Ford
Ours has been started Seventy five percent of the vote counted with less. then eight thousand led for bite. Ok, Let me I let me let me just can explain it to you. labour unions labour unit, corruption. Are you guys job the boats and they're they're? Not gonna work is that we did tell me all labour unions are notoriously in the bag, for Democrats are out there trying to a they're trying to find. Why don't you count the boats, Nevada? why? Why are we here? at ten o clock, Eastern nine o clock. Central, why we, sit near looking at twenty five percent and about in the data which does taking you the way not counted
can you answer me Y know? I mean this happens. All the time bill every election stuff like this happens, gotta stop, I know with this male and madness because you know- and I know that in Philadelphia, Detroit they're gonna cheat, you know everybody knows are going to cheat all not a conspiracy kind of guy. You know me for many many years. I don't do that all right. The two are is no names meant not a conspiracy, guy yeah but when you set it up Well, we regard the another two thousand without exactly sure where they are. I believe we are bottom. Yeah ok You know, I wouldn't be. It wouldn't be It wouldn't be so bad, but we
all know we all know they're. Not all of a sudden find you know ten thousand ballots in favour of trump. Now we all know what what it is right. We know what it is, the only way it stops. for Congress to pass a national election law, not gonna happen. Withstand and now I want to state to oversee it. Ok, when oppose open and close, aren't you what kind of machinery have? What is you ve got to say? If you want? a non fraudulent system. In particular in this, edge of technology when it's easy to do this kind of thing we gotta. So this is and the boats have to be counted in every state. Now, if you want to make it Well, Thou is passed. action day, twenty four make it uniformed, because this is in saying
Well, if you don't have to worry about it, because we're not gonna have a real free, fair election without the electoral college, next time. Anyway, if they win, you know have to worry about having a free, fair election, because you were going to be dictated to by the big cities. They will get right of the electoral College and they'll start stacking or extend. It is. Stay in the hands of the republic is, which is probably the most important Story, it is yesterday it in it is a Senate stays in an republican hands and it will block the ashes and totalitarians funds. Drawing white has worked, perfectly now for two hundred and fifty years. Ok, not perfectly but it is worth a more. I am so sick of this. A more perfect nation is what our constitution is striving for. A more perfect may not a perfect nation nobody's perfect,
No countries ever perfect. No system is ever perfect. We would you like a more perfect every time it should get better. It seems every every election since two thousand, as they do that regrets lose its because it was stolen, and they are expert you notice Florida can get the job done. Florida can get the job done with millions of ballots, but it's strange wherever the Democrats are in control, they just can't seem to get the job done. They had to stop and taken nappy nap last night. I guess all because Wisconsin and of and Miss again and Nevada are run by democratic governors and the legislation are Democrats. Look this is in there all known, as dates for corruption as well. This was back position.
and it's happening right before our eyes, and I expect tromp declared North Carolina and Georgia, but that still doesn't give him enough. He needs it. Take you win Pennsylvania with six hundred thousand lead as we speak. If, if that away, a rage, you know, then they'll be devil, go to the spring court alive. I'm telling you right now bill. I said yesterday I visit for about a week. They I'll drop needs at least five points ahead, because five points, is probably the beginning of a caught off being able to falsify you get into it, ten percent lead, and then it just if that operates. There's no way, that's real! There's no way. That's real! Well, you know We all know that this system is wrong wrong. It's ought to Congress to happen. Why Nancy closely, because Pelosi would never they never do it.
where do it in the house, but the sun. it is gonna, try and I know how you know yes, we're waiting some statement Biden today, buddy you, is Jimmy? I'm telling you bill that that is. We were just talking about this off the air, It's a misunderstanding. Jill Biden said I think he might in about an hour, that's because she walked by the Roman. She heard a Noma and unrest is taken that out of context he's just going hockey's, not really gotta, make a statement for everybody, just gonna, say oatmeal in about an hour. doubtless pull back I'll, be understand it. There was cool I always knew. Was today's not my day to be Gandhi? Ok, let me know when that day comes, I would like to quote a graphs. Don't think it's gonna happen any time soon, but no gay, you never know so right now. We stand talking now on Wednesday morning
This she said it is going stay with Republican so odd, those of us who are traditional Americans are respected. Like our country, we don't think it's a horrible race ridden play. We have that hold for the next two years. Okay, now is or is who's gonna. Be president the odds are the it'll be by ok, that's the arts, but it's a swam donk, because with lunch and I understand, even though ninety nine point seven, they say- at about has been counted the ones you haven't been counted are in rural areas, and you know back because you are a big rural area guy Those usually go to trot and less than twenty thousand margin in Wisconsin that I'm telling you this somethin wrong there. So I ice
Spect is gonna, be litigation. That's gonna, put the nation true more angst. That's gonna come tropical, should there now. I want to introduce the produce four hundred thousand votes for Biden and none for me out. I have to tell you that I have to tell you Georgia, what a surprise Georgia in the democratically controlled county where Atlanta resides they all of the ballots in that room with that rusty pipe a blue and now now they just can't count em right away, gosh darn, it now the odds of that I don't know, it's in our vote in county is our line ass George, you I think think will stay with the report against the sand. North Carolina same way,
I could be wrong. I remember about eight years ago I was once I actually every state except Arizona, and what Didn't check their into Arizona with Cindy Mccain appealing to the women of Arizona that you're not trumps, a barbarian. Look what you did to my husband, no war euro, that's what tilted it! The other thing that now happened for the Trump people was african. Americans did not turn out for Donald Trump, the really big story. Besides the Senate, that's what everybody should take away from this. and the corruption of Those who, as Lindsey Graham said, want power so badly. They will do anything to gain it that the real story is Donald up has changed the demographics of the river, Lincoln body in a good way, in a good way.
Well, I'm not sure about that. He was counting on African Americans to both form and they didn't, in Florida, the Cuban. Engine day, counting came out for Trump and put a moment STAR County STAR County in Texas. Did you follow that up? That is those borders. raising taxes yeah there. They are fed up with the chaos that one day I want all waters down there. Store counties of poorest county in the country, I was doing better under Trop, but its owner. That didn't happen. You know we still divided nation. and a nation. Now it's not going to accept this verdict. United, Not you will see. I mean, I know why I do radio and television and social media, though rallied our guy. I know it what people, Follow me your standard date. They think the fixes in big time and
scan exacerbate that you know we will who still get so they want happens Bill make a grocer Supreme Court. I think you're gonna pick out of date. Or two and they're gonna say was a cheap. And while federal suited the the spring up to here. I think that is, I think, that's right. I mean I ain't your back, I mean, but you know that I have almost always right so that one tiny you know usually you saying everybody was only women we're looking for Mr Right, Mr Right, but that was that was made. Lacking in tandem, it's all right bill,
What did you think about the president's statement? Last night? They press is reporting this, as he said they were that he told Americans that he was going to the Supreme Court to stop the cow that's not what he said he said star. Voting He said I dont want dont want is start finding all these new ballots. What he was saying was this system is ripe for finding ballots in the couch, and it's not right and that's that's the point he was making, but there spinning it as he won't stop counting I am a little surprised anymore. I know fifty percent the country doesn't, and I They do a big thing tonight on de LA rally, dotcom about these polling operations, thou. so long again? Island, could be sued either.
Think he's watchdog agencies that file suits all time for freedom of Information ACT stuff like that, I think they should file civil suits against she's polling outfits because this is the second time now that you know by the way, by twelve by fifteen, all the network polling was wrong? All of it so soon bring him in for fraud. Then you get a discovery and you'll see exactly who they talk what their orders were, because this the biggest fraud in the world is not well, do disagrees with you, but I doubt yes would disagree, I don't think the pulling was that bad honestly, I mean in a blue looking to do just look at the last week. Every network Paul had and winning by double digit. Everyone think they hit the average about eight points. Now again, you will get a real clear because that averages in red motion and Trafalgar, which were much closer just
get the network news balls, the CNN Paul college Poles, Monmouth merest, quintet back door. wait and Larry Chateau noir. Me out here, you're, like the only learned, the elevated I put him on other factor early on back, I wished so Wrong four years ago, but it was even wrong here two frog, the only guy that I thought was even close. To what was going on. I was pretty close. Russia has an added. You know that came down. Look you take California out of the popular vote. You really after because it's a communist. I take him out to win is the popular vote. Handedly and, as I said, I predicted trouble with seventy percent of american Ok, hang I just as I and I need to take a break
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ten seconds station, I d so Bill Riley is with us. We ve gotta just about three four minutes left with him bill. What else do we need to be aware of what Elsie, watching, Where are they do? Media is gonna fall at the Cliffs Bigley. I'd and wins they'll, be a low celebration on ninety percent of the corporate media tv outlets? But after that I mean bite, maybe you're, never gonna shit, no How is your whole press conferences? Rain like tat, but you know by the way, did make my play bingo once in a while. Writing maybe we'll get a look that little lemon? What are they gonna do now? Let me I'm gonna hate a linear. Let me get your opinion on this
NBC News came out in the middle of last night, just released a little story, saying hey there I'd be something to this Hunter Biden story and maybe should answer questions. Did you see that That three yeah yeah it would mean that I'm drunk and guards via that its weapon blurted out. No, I think what it is. They were wanting to be on the record to be able to say no, we asked we, We said that I mean it was shameful shit for what they did, of course, is, but I mean what is a that anybody. I mean: that's: ok, TED Bundy is a bad guy system. Let anybody know that's what I'm saying that amount, even if you and euro abroad. Are you and you love to hear your own opinion reinforced it's boring after a while they just boring
so there are going to go over the cliff back Bill, o, never boring. Nor is books. You can get killing crazy horse available wherever books are sold now, killing crazy horse great book from Billow Riley Bell talk to again will touch on Friday. Thank you. So much program, american financing NL as one eight do through three four W W W that animal S, consumer access, dot, Org, hey you wanna, get your financial house in order, I'm just saying be fiscally responsible if Biden does and pulling this off, you are looking at taxes of biblical proportions and you saw that I don't love. You saw the markets last night Skyrocketed when they thought tromp was gonna win and then gonna went o crap and when we
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little irritated last night, if you think I'm irritated today, I am like a peace, love and hippy guru at an airport compared to Steve Steve, joins us now high Steve. Gentlemen. Good morning as written Gostar would say: peace in love, rye and la I'm. Guessing your mood has not improved much sense to, I am no that's why they re ok How are you feeling about the numbers and the way things are going What's happening here is the same. People brought you fake news. fake russian collusion, fake rape, allegations against Brett Cabinet Threeg, Ukraine, in collusion fake coded.
Doomsday models. Fake poles have now brought you a fake election. This isn't about numbers, and it's not about specifics. It was about. This. Is the third in the final stage of a plan, and this is a coup that what's going on here, and I am just read with a big step in the president's campaign manager set any offered. Some very specific numbers- and here is what this is about. Now this is crypts versus blood, it is a street fight. Now new Gingrich advising the president took owns. The Republican Congress is, as is, is like going to the drug store and buying condoms after she tells you she's pregnant they want, hope you at all. The Republicans I want to be rid of him. They want to be rid of his base, they hate him and his base. There will be no help. in fact, even if they wanted to you, wouldn't want their help because there, the Apple Dumplings day right now,
you want your own team on the street on the ground in Pennsylvania, Arizona, Nevada, ME states, and the hand combat and its overall to be Donald. Trumps happy place, much more than the nuances of the halls of commerce. That's! What's going on so give me some specifics that show you that this is a coup, not that I I don't I agree with your premise at all, but do we have the evidence that they have already cook the books, because The evidence that I see right now is the with the hay I had to go to sleep last night. We couldn't. We couldn't, miss scouting, that's inexcusable. And something I've never seen before, but do you have any numbers that show anything well how about the fact that a bit Joe Biden needed away about. Seventy five percent of the ring Hugo Chavez like number and in Wisconsin with less with
not even all the votes, counted they're saying he actually win like eighty two, eighty plus percent about remaining bow, look at what happened in Virginia last night. Talking about this right before we went off the air, and this was my first sign. You know we had. We had three. We had three phases of this election last night. The first phase was tromp had to prove he was in the game. He did that in Florida. Second, Easy I approve was there's a path for him in more than one to get too to seventy. He did that. Will then we entered the third phase. What I called last night, blue state chicanery emerging is an excellent example. Yet far news with their boat or suppression. I'm I'm sorry calls that. That's the word we're going with the Fox NEWS and in others, calling Virginia right away tromp is leading in the raw data right at a total. The entire time at about eleven thirty central time last night, there was a report from the foxes. Billy it there in Fairfax County that they had over
how did Joe Biden sample by a hundred thousand boats in it We live fire fact way up in Fairfax, yet in Fairfax, counting you, which is, which is the wealthy upstate. right county. While the government workers work there I mean it's, it's is its is blue as California right, but this is it, but this isn't You know? Well, you know it's the universe, its weighing county Detroit, and you know that's not what Fairfax County is right then, and there they are hundred thousand both error and then, when we went off the air last night it to em, they still had not updated the Secretary of State to office one time now. This is the twenty first century This is this is an area where we can track anybody down. We want, we can weaken everybody's concerned about it. data being stolen, everybody's concern, about being tracked everywhere. They go and Florida with the third highest
population in America the most contested state? In the light of the last, the ears and presidential elections. They had this thing, all wrapped up by ten o clock last night and arrest the beast can't figure it out in the middle of the night and it just so happens when they all shut down Donald Trump. The head and when you wake up, oh by Golly, dens the brakes he's. suddenly behind in every single one of these states. Here's my evidence who does the counting the same They lie to us about everything they been lying to us about everything this entire time- and this is it's like the same people they gave me the It bottles are the same ones that are counting these boats. Are you comfortable at this time because everything you say right now, I agree with, However, I don't think I could prove it. I have a she of feelings.
I have a long string of things that I have never seen before. But the most compelling thing you said to me was eighty Santa vote went for Biden Now, at the very end, though, the there, the votes that came in at the very end that they They founded hadn't, been counted yet eighty percent when forbidden, that's it that's not plausible know, now that the wit, what you kissed him Dr is what we would call in a criminal proceedings, crime, a fascist evidence, meaning that there is evidence that investigation is worthy. It may come up with nothing but a chance, means it's more evidence than putting Julie, sweat neck on national television. Let me tell you that its primary She evidence that something, the fairy it happened, but here's the problem who with who? Wouldn't you to Kate this, the Republicans who voted fifty
I'm to repeal Obamacare where they needed our boats. They didn't do it. John Robert who says in the Supreme Court its state exchanges is not estate exchange when it's a federal exchange setting up data Exchange and Obamacare is not attacks, but a mandate that attacks, even though Obama administration said it's not attacks to who would we go glad to who, what we go to have a fair, honest hearing, show weaken all find out what the actual result was. What would it be? The transgendered health secretary at the State of Pennsylvania and the Sociopath govern there. We are what we go together, real hearing to find out once and for all, so we could come together later as a nation that say. Eventually we have to put this behind us and take our kids delay. Weak and school to who what we go to what appeal witten Fox NEWS in their voters- oppression in Arizona last night, you know conservative, media gatekeeper. Where would we brother where, when we go to get the closure you're asking for I dont know where we would go home is
fair and impartial you're. Here. Can you name somebody? Okay, so again, I agree with your feelings. I agree with your premise: shipping is a failure. yeah. Ok, that's right, you're, wherein you're right, you're, right and I agree with. Where do you go now. Since our job is not just us require, Inga doesn't require us only state the problem where Where do we go? What do we do Steve? This is my fear. Glenn, it's been my fear for the last six months in this election. Is that we're dealing with forces at work in this country who a civil war and I dont want one Glenn I make a good living it is good as years about the Hall of Fame brother, but I ain't poor. By any stretch, I make a good living. I got three great kids, a nice wife, you know I want to go home to them. I want you know I got a.
For my daughter last night, her store she manages was like third in the whole company nation wide for sales go home and and tissue and give her a hot. I dont want to do this, but their own affairs, various forces at work in this culture that want to remove all the norms. Why don't we move all the institutions that are founders gave us so that we could have these brawls, civilized industry, ized manner and in one side clearly one and once I clearly loss and if it was you on the wheezing at you, went back and got him back the best. You could next time- and it was odd, be in America the next few years and will fight it out again at the next election. These people want and do this country their deconstruction, their stained glass window shatters and they want to take off This away, so that the people who out all the gun, and your audience in mine feel as if they have no alternative. Therefore, but to take the law into their own hands? We don't have a political party that represents us. We don't have a court system. We can trust and that's why so many people turn to somebody like Donald Trump could begin with. Did they bought with his money? He with independence.
this them he would fight for us, and now you look at what is happening right now. Where's Mitch, Mcconnell still silence worth carbon Mccarthy still silent, where's your but we're all your republican senators and congressmen silent standing by like Pontius Pilate waiting for the Democrat Party to do the deed singular. Grimy there little hands back all over this poor, pathetic excuse for a political party. We keep bailing out to try to bail ourselves out. Because we know that if the Republican Party fails, the last step we probably have is walk in a load, and we don't want to do that. But these leftist they want us to say what they want the end of the country and are trying to provoke the Bolsheviks versus the Mensheviki out in Saint Petersburg Square. As we speak, I wish you were more passionate. Steve. Thank you
for last night. Thank you for your analysis, fewer spot on last night, I thought I thought you were great and you have been really really good, and you ve done your homework, I believe on covered and on the election hey. I actually have a couple of things that I need to address. Today, I want to try to see. we have time. On the other side, the break to hit one of those things there is an out. There is an answer for this and in its vital that we all do it and I'll try about that here and a second we'll talk to you later Steve. Thank you so much by the way, this Steve Day? Sir programme is heard right after this programme and I think today is probably one of those shows- you don't want to miss the Steve Day show on blaze? Tv and blaze, radio join us at blaze. Tv die
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We have two p m. We have really careful and I was reading this morning before I got on About the whole armor of God and We need to dawn that, so we are able to stand against the wiles of the devil. That's what were up against and we have to stand against it only quoted for we wrestle not against flesh and blood and that's the problem that we are thinking we We are fighting our neighbour or whatever fighting anti far. We are fighting evil. that is being manifest through those people We are we are, instead of prey capacities against powers against the rulers of the darkness of this world, and virtual wickedness in high places, therefore, or put on the full armor of God. So
day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground and, after you, ve done everything to stand. Stand firm, then alike, one stand, therefore, having your loins girt about with the truth, I ain't gonna. Let me explain this. stand with the belt of truth, buckle around erase. Think about the belt of truth. Being like one of those heavy. We know one of the heavy weight title belt. I mean that will protect you from being sucker punched. You know. That's Houdini died and God knew that but also from getting kicked in the twigs and berries so true we'll stop you from being doubled over and going all man and see that, when coming and having the breast plate of righteousness. That's key breath, plate. What's that that you're you're internal organs, that is your heart. You need to protect your heart with. I just and
of this, your feed shoot your feet should be shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace, that is saying your feet should always carry you towards the gospel principles and- and peace above all, taking the shield of faith. That's what we are lacking today Listen, what did what would Steve had said just a few minutes ago where gonna, go where gotta go. We go to the only place. We can count the only place. We can count on in in the valley of the shadow of death. There is One thing that will protect us They watch over us and we must have faith in that. That way, we will be able to control the fiery darts of the wicked It's a helmet of salvation yours, kicking yourself, stop thinking about the past. Stop thinking
the things that you might have done wrong. Those are all distractions put on the helmet, protect your mind with salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. We, if we're, going to persevere. If we are going to live on as a nation, you must take on the Spirit and the armor of God hey. Everybody knows pay pal, but Did you know that they were teaming up with honey to save you money, honey
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your car in home insurance. Do it today the zebra dot com, slash back, take ninety seconds and find out how much you can save the zebra dot com. Slash back, What you're about to here is the fusion of entertainment and Enlightenment the Glenn Beck California, the the measure passed to where they are writing in discrimination into the constitution where you can actually now discriminate based on race, sex religion, you can discriminate,
Congratulations on that. California also also another great development in Oregon if you just have a small amount of crack on you. If your Hunter Biden you're safe, you're, not going to jail in in Oregon Heroin math any of it men legalised in small amounts now in Oregon, which is perfect. You know when you gotta state on fire. You just need a little gasoline, the poor on that fire, it's fantastic, and would you be surprised if I told you that the website Ashley Madison became a congresswoman last night and platform was just encouraging People to cheat on their spouse Would you be surprised if I told you that its twenty twenty Of course, not
unfortunately or fortunately, that is one thing that didn't happened last night, but another Madison did Wind Madison CALL Thorn congressmen elect from North Carolina, we're going to talk to him, the youngest representative in Congress. He was born in the nineties, Moreover, you young Skippy Day to day boy. I've met you Joe Biden, I heard him say Skippy Day with women. I would Madison Catherine joins us in sixty seconds is the glaring back programme. Let me tell you about a relief factor. Brains are not designed to remember pain, accurately, one of the greatest things. It really is it's. Why It's why we have a population, you know of growth.
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de facto dotcom, eight hundred five hundred eighty three eighty four relief factor dotcom eight hundred five hundred eighty three, eighty four before we get to a medicine? I wanna item I just wanna play for you, the man that could be the next president of the United States here he is its element. Number four, please Biden, mistakes, his granddaughter in interduction. Listen to this one. We have it
I don't think there's I think everybody in the control room. I saw a lot of you have to work with the centre to know where this is my smart growth daughter. So this is my this is my son and world I'm trying together. It was Natalie neither were browsers go here, so it wasn't even Natalie. No groundwater, normally Finnegan video it so wow. It wasn't bows daughter. He was introducing her name. Wasn't. Natalie His son bow did not did not ever get away Did to the Senate in Delaware, he was yet Nigeria Sky is he's out to utilise, God does not see
gone, but the Good NEWS is the most likeable person you could imagine Kamala Harris, maybe the president's soon so like that one of the guys who is going in to fight- and I just I love his story. a guy who is now going to be the youngest representative in Congress he's from worth. Carolinas eleventh district. His name is Madison Catherine Madison. How are you. I'm doing great landing zone reverie back on you bad. I you know I'm really pissed because look at you, I mean you look fed and trim and everything else. I look like a big fat cow. You are You are young successful and nothing seems to stop. You it's fantastic.
We're glad, I just have a never quit attitude about scientists campaign make sure to make me fats or am I to do so, Let me ask you if you are going in, are you concerned at all about losing your soul were when you get there at that. That place has a real affinity of collecting souls that's what I hear so. Obviously I I'd want to insulate my knee jerk reaction would be to say no, I'm not afraid of losing my soul. Just because I know who I am got a great base to rely on I do realise that there is a danger in Washington DC, so I'll be there. Cognizant of it. I've got a great team around me and I know that He wants you out to hopefully take dissolve Washington DC because we need some re put:
so ass, a morals and values and some some freedom, loving fighters in Washington DC, may make a suggestion to you. I was singing value this morning as I was, reading the news- and I I saw you are coming on a day and I I thought you you should write a letter to your future self there. it says hey dude, remember who you are and me, could promise to yourself that you Don't dismiss it be. as you get older and possibly start to get lost, if you ve made a promise to yourself. I will read this and I will remember who I know who I am and you give it your wife, so she can stick it in your face it is. I think you're. The kind of guy that could save himself because it happens to all of us. We we gets a certain place and if we're, if we're not
prepared for it, and we don't have you of the right mindset wheels Dismiss it now, but I know so much more now or I can. If I can do this. I can gain more power and then I can really do good. We'll glancing as it does. A great point is always so many people who just say what you know: I'm willing to do a little bad you're, a significant amount of good but As I said in you, you and I have talked to give out my faith and kind. My background in what I believe in and tat Young, formerly my spies, reinforce the titanium. So now I love, I know something depend or break from the edge of the powers that be, but I will tell you Glenn. I live here great. I did write a letter to myself because the person I am right now is completely indebted to the people I represent, and I think, or missing in Washington DC all career politicians who believe in self over service, and we have to fight against that. Tell me what's happening in South Carolina was: is Trump Gonna win South Carolina.
you know. I don't know XL to your lobbying that those are now Caroline North Carolina. We all rang North Carolina airliner. hell, you we are seeing record turn out and watch North Carolina. I think our campaign was able to bring a lot of new people to come in to the Big Tent Party with the Republicans, and we were able to carry a lot of votes in the mouth. But I'll, say, anecdotal evidence. An empirical evidence I have from the state suggest that president drop is going to carry it handily, I believe he will win the state and if he does, I think that does give him step on the path to victory. Glenn. What do you think about? What on the other. We just all Joe Biden, you don't even know what Mademoiselle, as his son bow, was past way May recipes. doesn't even know where he was elected? What he was doing, incited state doesn't know
granddaughter in I'll. Tell you it's a scary prospect to think that that is the president. I could be serving in Congress under what? What? How much can you resist a president and not be like the Democrats, who were just really antitrust party throughout the last four years. I have to tell you you don't resist the person per se and as long as you don't make it personal I Your fine, but you know I think the Democrats are controlled now. This is nothing against them. This happens. I think The democratic party is controlled by the goober laughed and everything the uber left stands for is evil. It is evil It is happening, and you know, If you remain clean and stand in the purifying fire of truth, your gun,
to be o k and you must stand against evil you have to, and do you know that I will talk about harking back to you. I wasn't even alive, but you I hear about these J F K. Democrats Democrats, you can sit down, have a discussion with during my disagreement, but you can both move forward. I know what you're trying to make a better country, but that's how will we today I would. The overlap has taken command of Adam, chronic party you? I blame you established on the right a little bit for allowing rise up buddy. I do believe that that is the way it has got to be fought against your actual rights evil. Is trying to take away the future of our future generations and that's a as something that that so sad, so sickening they are these people, Hate America. I can't believe that their people were actually elected into office. So what are you hope to accomplish? What
no I've got new. Obviously two fronts that we're gonna have to find out, which one is the policy that also in, I think we're. Gonna work getting closer to fiscal responsibility now, maybe develop of fifteen a twenty year plan to get us back to a balanced budget to you not really really need health care of his country. The rules were written in nineteen. Forty, two other free markets, never textiles, system. I think it needs to really be allowed to fly for then Albion Buddy. More importantly, I think the Culture battle right now is so important that divide. So ass we see in our country, you were having to fight again as ever left out, we can defeat a level I we I so we can re. he'll this partisan divide that we have in our country. I think it's time Americans Ruggles together again, why I think we will win, we aren't battling weather The country is wicked and should be destroyed, because it's always meant a tool of of racism. We
can't come together until we can agree that the This country has made mistakes like all countries, but It is with the car, The Tunisian is the tool to make a more perfect nation, not perfect one a more perfect nation. And then we're all working together in striving for the same things. Right now, you have people, I mean noisy gram set at best, and I can't believe I'm quoting him on this costly he's. Not my favorite person, by any stretch of the imagination, but he says he set it right. You people want power so badly. You will do anything for it and I pray to God, you never get it well, they may be getting it and that that's wait when you're willing to do anything for the power and tear this country, apart limb from limb, because its midst
inherently racist we we can't sit down and have a cup of coffee with those people. As we don't have any degree with degree on Are you concerned at all about the Republican Party? I mean the Republicans seemed a seem a little quiet today, don't see anybody on television. I dont see anybody saying we're here by your side. Mr president. He seems to be fighting alone. Tell you that's not true. I am right by President Trump side. I think he is the best hope for our future, I personally really do like President Trump Avenant say I was not voting for president trouble. I voted on the republic inside of the ticket I was voting. for an ideology does United, guess what was on the on about this November are yesterday: was I allergies ones. It's gonna say you have the need.
The state you have to kneel to the mob, going to tell you when and where you can go to church. So I can tell you what your children can learn in school. I'll tell you if you can open your business or not, or you know on the side that I like to vote on with President Trump and then the person who I'm fighting in the trenches with right now. I do believe that and that I, that ideology, weenie lonely you are God. We stand for our flag, and that is a that. That's a party I'm proud to be a part of its loving and compassionate, but it's also fierce and ready to fight. I wish I could be there when you take the the oath because you know a lot of people take that and it doesn't mean much to them, but I know when you raise your hand- and you say I will put in defend the constitution of the United States. I know you mean that and provide a lot of people was real hope. Thank you
we're going it's an honor to get to come back on your showster I'll. I will tell you. I know that you're, probably very busy got covering all the people swearing in on January. Fourth, but you are absolutely invited by swearing in I'd, be honored to have you. There Yup on that, I may take you up on that. God bless you and stay humble, we need you. Thank you what a good guy, what are really good guy and it's good to see this generation that is coming, that they are clear eyed and clear channel. If you will to, I think, righteousness all right. Let me tell you about Shepherd Michael lives in Georgia, and he has a german Shepard and not much of an eater she would. You know picker dry kibble food is not her game to eat, giving
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thoughts for the day coming up in just a minute. We're also can we live tonight at nine p M are Wednesday night Special is. Just gonna be live and we're gonna cover the news of the day, and we should know about. Georgia looks like trump now with ninety seven percent reporting shows leading in in Georgia, which is which is great. Pennsylvania, still has almost at ten point led for Donald Trump, and we should know about. We should get a final thing for my Wisconsin and Michigan by noon. Eastern time, that's what we were told last night. those states, but we will. We will learn, we'll see tonight nine p m only on blaze, TV, you don't want to miss it.
Can you give me any updates on anything that is broken in the last hour? So have we heard from Joe Biden cause he was rumored to pee bearing to speak man, that was the entire speech as any of em an imminent o beer. Would you know the update gimme. The vote is coming in slowly but surely, as you point out, TAT puzzled, his narrow too little, but now to a little under ten points. That's to be expected. We'll see how long that goes with did, but the by campaign, I would say, seems very confident about their prospects. Wisconsin. They ninety seven percent in Biden, ninety forty nine point, five from forty eight point, eight now, to give you a little additional known on that one, Scott Walker, the former governor there who went through multiple, very close elections, pointed out that their down by
out forty thousand votes, trumpets down by twenty thousand votes in Wisconsin, and he pointed that if that lead holds good me very heavy, lived for a recounts situation, not that of number that would be changed into recount. You know unless something really crazy happened, but eighty were like Biden finding some more by Allah winning, so I don't think he needs to find wound undermined at this point in my, but that ones that would now you get Emily. It gets difficult from here Arizona. You know the Trump campaign is trying to keep Arizona alive. It was called very early by Fox NEWS is recovered last night. It was then Right, but it was called, is as well right before we went off the earth two or three a m whenever that was by a p as well, does seem to be a dove, but data reporting error That shows how to give they give these projections of how many per cent of the voters in when they had it, like ninety nine percent, at least that this
with the New York Times uses, revise this to say only eighty six percent of the voters, and now it doesn't sound like a huge difference, but it could be Emily would be now the other parties. New York. I've never actually called it for all. Four four I did so that one could be up in the air. Still. There are still paths that mean this could still happen for Donald Trump and the Senate as well as is looking off. You could be after mystic about the Senate, but I wouldn't say that's guaranteed either or have a few more days of this guy. I want to give you optimism on the president as well, and you just stick around for a couple of minutes. I have something I think you really want to hear a grand Back programme. Greed mobile, the fight against leftism in all of the dangerous things that it stands for has only just begun are trees and our losses. they service?
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mobile dot com. Slash back patriot, mobile Dotcom, slash back call them right now and switch nine seven to Patriot. Get your subscription to blaze, tv dot, com replaced dvd com, slash gland promo code is Glenn, save some cash. This is the Glen Back Programme so glad that you tuned in today. Thank you for listening and thank you for voting yesterday and caring about your country This election never was about Donald Trump, Joe Biden and damn crafts made about Donald Trump many of them so blinded by their
hatred of Donald Trump that day I voted for a Trojan horse. Somebody who is mentally. Not there and whose vice president, is, a socialist, somebody who, who believes that it is the equal outcome. that we should all be striving for. I tell you that that's just evil and In my faith, we believe there was a war in Heaven and that we all fought in this war, and the warriors as you read in Genesis that. Satan said do it. My way just give me the credit. I will go down and I We'll tell everybody exactly what to do.
And when I, when I tell them exactly what to do, they ll do it and everyone will return home safely and Cause no pain. Will that didn't, provide us with any growth. and a third of the angels turned away and said no but I believe we were those angels we. Shows. We chose once. for the freedom to make mistakes. As long as there was forgiveness that it We would turn back and say I cash I screwed up. I am so sorry that there was forgiveness, God trusts boss, even though he knows us how he could pass simply trust us is beyond comprehension. Thomas Jefferson said
I trust the american people they'll screw it up. but eventually we'll get it right. Winston Churchill said the same thing. Americans will do the right thing once they exhausted every other option, they'll come to the right conclusion. I still believe that my mother. My mother killed herself died because of drug addiction and alcoholism. And it would be easy for me to say if I could save her all of that pain and I could go back in time. and take that choice away from her. I would. But that would be the little fourteen year old boy. That would say that
Because I realized that every mistake I've made every really horrible choice that I've made led me here, and wherever I am at whatever time of my life I been in even in my dark days. It exactly where I was supposed to be to learn? as long as I remembered where the light was as long as I remembered there was forgiveness and redemption. We are looking at things that me, don't make any sense at all. We are looking now at a time where it seems the world has gone mad, where Oregon
decided to legalise small personal amounts of heroin all personal amounts of math. Now I personally am a libertarian and don't think. The war on drugs is the right way to go. but I M kind of anti progressive, libertarian, where you can't just introduce drugs. into a society that has no restraint. You have the teach them restraint and correct principles, and then you can allow them. You can courage them to live by those principles, knowing that some will and some won't. but it's not in your hands, to dictate. we are now looking at a group of people
who actually believe the United States is bad. And that it has always been rooted in evil and racism. What a horrible bleak world they live in, but there the idea of a cold and dark Winter people are coming our way, and just because they are doesn't mean. I have to live that way. but I need to know what true. I want to hear something I read from doktor Horrible Watts he was a political economist in World WAR, two and he was somebody who knew what the socialist system was, and I want to read what he said now. This is during world war, two
scrubbing socialism, the national Socialists, the Nazis. Tell me this isn't true. Today could be written about our society and what is being suggested. He said quote: Socialism is the theory and practice of coercive collectivism. It is evil, fruit of greed for other men's possessions and greed for control other over other men's labour. This greed for good in power is as old as man and his widespread as the human race. goes by many names, disguised in many forms, as men think up many excuses for robbing in ruling their fellows socialist theory is a modern excuse and elaborate rationalization for this greed and for the organised, looting and despotism it seeks to achieve, but it materialism its collect
this point of view. Its reliance on violence and coercion. Even most of its economics, are as old and is common as Syn it holds out two men, the hope they may reap what they have not zone, it teach that man is a creature of his environment, that he may be happy and good if he gets enough. Wealth rig artless power where all this need says. The socialist tempter is to bow down and worship the socialist state turning over to it authority in power to take the wealth wherever it finds it and to do. Act labour as it will just a little last hatred, just a little lying propaganda, just a little violence on the picket lines, a little suppression of any critics
and a few generations of compulsory education in socialist thought surely will see the bright new day, the quality peace, brotherhood and freedom, says: the Socialist it's important for us to remember. The federal government did not create the states of this republic. The state created the federal government and if this, states forget their place, they lose their meaning and entire system of government loses its meaning and the next step, is the rise of a centralized national state and that where authoritarianism can take root and grow. Today. I want you to remember: never ever forget that history is filled with example. Of men who mean to be good rulers, but nevertheless me,
to rule. I truly believe this is a choice. Land, truly believe its choice. Above all others, it black by Almighty God and our forefathers made covenants that kept it. So and it will continue to be a land of freedom in liberty. As long as we are able to advance in the light of sound and during principles of right to sack we're fine such principles for it. Speedy and see often selfishly motivated, is to endanger our noble heritage. and it is certainly unworthy of the great african people with everything in my heart. I love this nation, I've seen other places enough to appreciate what we have here.
To me, this is just another nation: it's not just one of a family of nations, This is a nation with a great mission to perform for the benefit and blessing of liberty, loving people, everywhere, our voice and our hope, and our light and seemingly just enter into the darkest. Racks in those cells halfway across the earth where someone is being held for what they believe. It is my firm conviction that the constitution was a stably by men, whom god raised up for that purpose is actually part of my religious faith, The days ahead are sobering in Chad, aging and it
will demand the faith and prayers and loyalty of every American. The night is far spent. The day is at hand. Let us there, four cast off the works of darkness and put on the armor of light in my arrogance. I thought I knew what was best. For the country in twenty. Sixteen, I don't gonna get us, I don't want to get lost there again, and I explain that to you and how D old Trump may turn. to be Obi, WAN Kenobi. Stand by our sponsor this half hour.
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get a free homes, security camera. When you purchase a simply safe system. Now it simply save back dotcom. That's and please safe back dot com your listening to Glenn back all right, it is, it is not looking good for President Trump. There are some there are. questions and there are some paths still, but it looks like Wisconsin he is going to go. To Joe Biden, Wisconsin saying they have no more vote count and bite in his got up. Some I won't get em. I could get him. What are they need? Twenty thousand twenty thousand, what known Ayers yet em my you get him their here's, a Raven one or the other way around me. I would find it count. Yes, they were, but in a look Michigan, you know Arizona, Nevada, Michigan Pennsylvania
still theoretical. When winnable states, you could argue and of course, North carolina- Georgia Trump would have to hold onto. But if you can win, Albania and Michigan to eighty four yeah Will he be awesome? Yeah winds in that area to lose Michigan and pick up Arizona or also get to seventy nine he can pick up and adjust Nevada and lose Michigan and in Arizona still get too to seventy four so there, Sera mean our. I wouldn't consider necessary the favourite, but I would not be. I would not be having a petty party at the so I'm I don't, but I will tell you this. I have a different perspective in this hit me last night when he was doing well, because I thought when I first heard down Trump on Fox NEWS yesterday, taking on Fox NEWS, I thought why is he doing that
either knows something that I don't know which setting something or he setting something up. Man, it's very pessimistic to say, was setting something up, especially after you saw the behaviour of fox last night. It was not really just wasn't fair towards the president. I thought at all is so There is. I was singing about this and I was thinking what he said. I thought, while look keys, be just he before all this just this morning The other side of May said. He is setting up a challenge to fox and common were thought is that Donald Trump will leave office at some point and he will start his own news network and the thought. Keeps going through my mind is this stuff. Me down. it will only be more powerful and I think Donald Trump.
Being president is a really great thing, and I Thought in twenty sixteen having him as president would only lead to bad things, but I was wrong. I was arrogant I did I recognise that God can work miracles through and around anyone If it is his, will When they strike him down, because they did that guy is going to be the media's worst nightmare. and he will get into cable news and he will play there. Our game and beat them at their game. and he may end up being more powerful on the outside because the news must be changed and I know there are investors out there. That would pour a lot of. I mean you know kind of the Murdoch kind of money
behind a news outlets like that and may be, just as important we ve, been worried about voices being squashed If he becomes a powerful news authority, powerful source of news changes, the game again go ahead. Stew say somethin it'll bring me down and bring mutineers go ahead. Now he's like nobody might still win back programme,
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