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'When Liberals Are Deranged on Trump' - 5/4/18

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Hour 1 Is Trump Derangement Syndrome spreading?...'it's rarely contagious'...Ingredients needed for cure of T.D.S. ...help your friends and family...Dramatic reading of the Golden State Killer...Glenn tormented his sister when he was younger...Uploading your DNA....New technologies in solving crimes...If Hitler were alive today...the dangers of losing control of our data...Are workers becoming less valuable?...This is a good day for Trump...Is Twitter helping Trump?...Jobs are going to change...Working at the Amazon warehouse...A.I. is growing...Where will we find jobs?...Where will we find meaning?...Hats off to Spring Field Armory   Hour 2 Are children being brainwashed in college?...The ratio of Democrats to Republican professors in colleges today is overwhelming...are you paying for indoctrination?...Internship with Mercury One...Bill O'Reilly on the air with Glenn...Job numbers...Cohen, Giuliani and Stormy Daniels...Comparing Bill Clinton to Donald Trump...Are we hurting our country?...Is the new strategy to wear down Donald Trump?...Can they shake up Trump's base?...New York has the strongest gun laws?...How many more companies are breaking ties with NRA?...Governor Cuomo sounding off 'to please the left'...A fight to the end for the 2nd Amendment...It's an economic stranglehold...Hillary Clinton isn't a socialist?...65% of millennials don't believe in the God of the Bible   Hour 3 Hollywood has stood up and said sexual harassment is bad...The hypocrisy of Hollywood...Special guest Todd Hein, the father of son bullied by his Spanish teacher...bullied for citing Fox News?... Who are teachers working for?...How do you fight for what you believe?...Pat Gray is back! He could die during his show, however...Who is pooping on the high school track?...Don Blankenship running for Senate...Is politics all about entertainment now?...Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite ran a better campaign...Mercury One bringing back the Leadership Program...ages 18 to 25 can qualify...Mercury One Museum will be open for three days!... 'Nothing new here' regarding Iran 

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Courage shrink back side effects of trumped arrangement syndrome include rage. Inability to avoid the patriarchy sense if it had a micro, aggressions, victims, complex inability to conduct reasonable conversations, blurred vision, while shifting genders bloating chronic, whining preoccupation with defending minority cultures. Hatred of men so set ability to man, splaining or man spreading and denial your doktor immediately a few experienced chest, pains sudden pink care or thought two feminism. So Lee today. What you're not going to hear on television is ass time our unemployment rate was this low. We were counting Chad's. It's three point: nine,
nine percent How can we hear a lot of talk about that because it shows that cutting taxes actually works, cutting regulations helps people get jobs. Sadly, I have to also report that congressmen, Gregory Meeks Democrat from New York, has been showing signs of advancing trumped arrangements syndrome yesterday during an interview with sea and ends poppy Harlow and Berman. Congressmen, Meeks displayed the unnerving symptoms of a contaminated patient First, all he showed a profound sense of denial. This clip fairly long, mostly because Representative Meeks does such a masterful cringe. Do job of taking his trump hatred with past the voice, an insinuation, his symptoms emerge in the form of an elaborate form of vocal and ideological gymnastics. Listen, no doubt
Everyone would welcome the return of these three american citizens and, let's hope that Rudy Giuliani is correct and that they are on their way home. We just don't know if it. If it happens. The president deserve credit. President mood us a thousand area. Does president I didn't they re Americans come on. I think the number one we want to make sure that they come home and if anybody had anything to do with it, I'm happy. I want our market citizens to come home. I look at the whole deal with North Korea seems to me that all of what was started was started with president, and President Moon has been doing a lot of the negotiations and been talking to. Koreans and talking to the Chinese behind the scenes in trying to work to make this happen because he knew when he heard president Trump say that Is it would not go back to South Korea. We decided to attack North Korea. That's women
Oh, she s a start taking place with North Korea. He left he went to block a restart transitive. Moon, tat, present interim deserves thought accredit, but without meter even in your interpretation of its president, Trump didn't get in the way and he doesn't need deserve credit, then, for creating or being part of this atmosphere where these three Americans may come home in these talks might happen. I am glad that we get our American is that if we get our american detainees home, it's a positive thing. And a number of individuals can take when I see one of them, but I m here to talk about the whole North Korea, soft in peace. The reason why we are where we are is printed. It seemed like you're doing everything you can do not say that the president to their credit, luckily prompt arrangement syndrome is treatable. There is a cure, of course. There are many people who are just immune to the cure. They are incurable, but most
people, however, with treatment can be saved? Ingredients for the cure, include humanity, belief and others logic, common sense optimism, ah little greater selflessness, personal responsibility a recognition of facts. And critical reasoning of the average fourth greater. If you are A loved one is faced with someone who is stricken with the syndrome. Stay calm, it's rarely contagious their hysteria. Inflame your senses, it's what, patients want instead shoulder your humanity, your kindness, your ability to be strong, show them your sympathy, and maybe hopefully they will see you what again, not as a video game villain, but the person that you are and they I recognise that with logic the It can be there and be healthy once
again It's Friday may fourth, here listening to the Glenda Programme, writing them. And carefully sixes beer, as he watches and underwear commercial, last with a gravelly flatness when the actors voices become high pitched and then he takes another sip.
These brawls back into their cleaner, if it's his comfortable in the bungalow, overlooking the Pacific Ocean on Cockle shell drive in doing appoint California, the neighborhoods nice, it's gated security guard, a safe Oceanside town in Orange County. The man looks like a suburban, I unwinding after day's work, which is precisely the case he served in the navy. He fought in the Vietnam WAR. His wife is an attorney and their three daughters have promising futures ahead of them. The man is a police officer and by all accounts there is no reason to believe otherwise he sits there in the recliner and on the television. The nightly news on Tuesday August 19th, one thousand nine hundred and eighty was his grimm- is ever sixty. Five people died in Poland when a freight train collided with a nearby passenger train,
like one sixty three caught fire after take off in all two hundred and eighty seven passengers and fourteen crew members die. Maybe as the man watches the news he thinks about the night stalker the cereal rapist at had terrorized California, each time he had claimed another victim people rushed to buy guns. Many hardware store, sold out of locks, but it had been a while, since he had struck the man was so focused on television and lost in his thoughts.
But he was almost startled when Patty Harrington groaned from the floor, her hands bound behind her back with brown macro, make roared. The man enjoy, tightening the restraints until his victims couldn't hardly feel their hands. They would only feel a neck pain, the man it somehow or another crept into this gated community unnoticed and then into the house. Patty was a pediatrics nurse and her husband, Keith didn't hear the man until he was in the room as they slept there wasn't any forced entry. Keith was twenty four. He was just months away from completing med school. It you see Irvine and the harringtons. It only been married for three months. They were staying at a house which Keith's father owned temporarily and they had never even settled into the master bedroom, but when men crept in, he forced Paddy to tie Keats hands together to keep in the master bedroom, and then he took Patty into the living room and began raping likely stacked plates on Keith's back and told him not to move because he'd here it he likely gloated about the ring. Currently, however, he was taking a bit of a break till much just a little television with a beer. He would rape Patty and shifts stopping occasionally to grab some crackers or something else from the cabinets, but he kept his gloves on the entire time when it is finally done with Patty. He takes her into the bastard he covered Keith, with a blanket to avoid getting bloodstains on himself and then lands. One swift blow to the back of Keats Head with a piece of lawn equipment and the man would not show Patty the same courtesy sheets hotter found the two bodies tucked into bed. They were both still wearing their night clothes. They had been dead for days by then Keith's, father recoiled, and then he lifted the blanket.
Keith was purple with a gash on his head. With a killer had hit him, but he had hardly lost any blood. Was not so lucky, she was caked in wood chips and blood. She was just in a mango. The heat, the killer had beaten her savagely and then continued beating her well after she had died and was clear. They had been murdered for spoiling for some rules. The mystic ritual, this story. The Harrington story, is just one of the many heroin, gruesome heart, rendering tragedies the golden state killer, caused between one thousand nine hundred and seventy six and one thousand nine hundred and eighty six he would commit at least twelve murders. At least fifty
and a hundred and twenty burglaries for decades. The alluded in baffled police. He was always just one step ahead. Art, because his m o was changing he raped, be killed through cities and counties all throughout California, starting with Sacramento County and then down through Oakland in Santa Barbara in Orange County, he had a sadistic career that lasted twelve years, terrorized California, the killer, fully plotted his break ins and murders, often posing as a jogger. He studied his victims, their schedules, their habits meticulously. He delay unnerving taunts to the press and the former victims, and then he disappeared Was he dead? What had happened?
In late April, twenty eighteen police? had a breakthrough. In the case. They found a dna matched through a genealogy website, the suspect, was Joseph De Angelo. It was seventy. Two year old guy, he owned a boat and a modest house. His neighbours have said that he was can tankers and often would fly into a rate for no apparent reason, but none of them imagine that he might be capable of such heinous sinister behaviour. If D I was in fact the golden state killer. It would mean that he would have raised a family in between the vicious rapes. It would mean that he was a police officer for much of the time of his rape and murder. Spree although he was fired for shoplifting before the rampage ended. No one knew He took a warehouse job in a local grocery store where he worked as a truck mechanic. For
anti seven years until his retirement was celebrated. In twenty seventeen, one of his daughters in one his grandchildren, we're live with him in the house at the time of the arrest dad grandpa What's going on what must have been going through their mind when police warmed his house to arrest him, he was inside building a table in his garage. He had a roast in the oven for dinner. They took him out and bound his hands together behind his back not sure if the handcuffs were so tight that he could no longer feel his hands just a nagging pain
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Real estate agents? I trust dotcom real estate agents. I trust Dotcom, sell your home on time and for the most amount of money with real estate agents. I trust dotcom com, mercury. Glenn back very excited about some things that are coming up on the programme not only today, but in the future, where we hope he enjoyed the news story that we just on the golden States killer, which is an incredible story. I not
from California. I dont remember that Wednesday killer. I just remember there was a time period. I remember growing up what TED Bundy and he was, I think he was in the Pacific Northwest. The Green River killer. There were just like these serial killers that were all happening it seemingly in the seventies, and I really what kind of being young and jumping out of the bushes to my sisters and guys tad until there is a severe in the attic. Oh my gosh, they were suggested to me. So don't even start. I was a younger brother, so they beat us not out of me all the time until I got big enough and the first thing I did was run I'll go it's TED than I ran for my life, but if you re really is just an amazing story Guy goes back and just lives his life. The question is,
he believed he was going to get away with it. He got away with it for over thirty years. I know thirty years he stopped killing in eighteen, eighty six, although they are now looking back and trying to tie other unsolved murders to him, so we may have a running We still have a number of that murder pretty soon, because he D kept changing his Emma. He was smart use. Com is cops or new. He knew how to do this on board Interesting was the way they found of his insane the zone. Second time has ever happened where they ve done this. They went, they had dna from the deaths and they went to a public dna site, so they have the site, which I would describe Catholic, a social media of dna, and the idea is that you put not like twenty three in maiden what now it's kind of now, it's kind of related. But if you put your dna in there, you can look for relatives. It's sort of genealogy sort of social networking awake. You can search dna patterns, define relative, you did know you had
What is needed is an interesting say. You even know what your dna, I'm sorry, but I am, I mean the item I remember when the evidence with Oda Simpson It was dna, wasn't good enough people like out on others. So I'm beyond that. But do you you? Oda, like twenty three may, get your dna and then and loading upload. That is how I would assume I've never does. What is really thing? Does it sort and categorize and say hey these p oh, are like your. You have any your dna links rights he could find for pull a distant relative that you didn't know that you had in this particular case. That's kind of what happened is they went onto this free searchable site? They created a profile with this dna profile and sir, for similar dna with found was not the killer. Who is dumb enough to put his own dna on a public websites? That's not what happened. They founded distant relative of the killer.
And from there they were able to build out. I think it was twenty. Eight different family trees going to the early eighteen, hundreds and sort. Through all of them until they were able to lock down on this guy. You love the fact that somebody thought to do this it and soon it will be done by artificial intelligence, yeah you soon and artificial intelligence. You know, machine learning will just go out. We can find him this way and it'll just it'll. Do it in minutes and really. This is like it's a weird idea, but at some point it's almost like there will be, I don't say no crime No one solved crime, but it's it's. This is, I think, is Portland as the fingerprint It's that it's only doesn't work. You gotta remember with people thought at the beginning. There were like what you mean if finger prints, he's leaving his fingerprints and in one hundreds that in blood types, those were used, and so
you couldn't solve anything. I want somebody finally thought fingerprints. Let's look for fingerprints. They didn't, have a they didn't, have a record. They didn't have all the fingerprints they started to see. Giving fingerprints and that's how they started connecting things. This is the next step, but this is way ahead of fingerprints COS. DNA, you Lee dna all over when you committed. It's very difficult to not do that, and so you think a how amazing it is that they can solve this. Mrs great use- and we can all be really excited about the aid here that they were able to capture the sky through amazing, meet needs using genealogist and all sorts of different plate. Ways to go. The other side of it, though, is we're. Entering a phase in which you no longer control. Your own data, your own dna, because it was this guy, who uploaded this on
It was some relative. He probably had never met in his life and yet were able to find him because of that now in a crime, its great right. This is what really well and they used totally. These are totally legal means, but in a wheelchair Like we can control are, data by saying? Why not go to agree to that agreement? I'm not sign up to Facebook. I'm not gonna sign up, or you ve interacted with, to a point where that doesn't matter because, if someone, you know has done it vacant all these records windup combining in one big sort of blunder of data, and you can. Track, based on people you know, or your related to, or you ve interacted with an a totally different way, there's no way to control it under the under those guidelines. We are We have created one of the greatest This man has ever created and one of the most dangerous things man has ever created. There would be oh juice, left none today,
Hitler had the stuff that we have today, and what's just over the rise- and I want to show you something that's happening in apple- I'm sorry not Apple, Amazon and you're gonna, say ok. Well, I I feel bad that then I want to take you to China and Taiwan. Two together and ass. He some serious questions of where we headed and what is the difference? Glenn back Mercury so there's seventy two thousand veterans organizations at America. They serve the best of the best but none of these organizations help pay for funerals first servicemen, the average man or cost six thousand dollars and also seems pretty low to me at this point, the government only first, three hundred dollars- and if you are a mathematician,
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This is the clear backing and a very positive jobs report we three point: nine. Nine three point: nine percent, the last time that we have had that unemployment rate we recounting Chad's, it's been eighteen years since we have had that unemployment rate yet December two thousand, that's Ring remark about that's. You know back before the show was national. We adjourn
Stir gone through the two thousand election work, Accounting Chad's, maybe you'd only the election is it actually officially decide Amber Eleventh no war. I mean it goes back a long long way and you know it's it's pretty much, it's the jobs. Created weren't, quite as high as they were expecting and which is why the market is in particular reacting well to it that, in the and the wages they're not sing wage growth, which they would have exe didn't John this worrying to see wage growth is interesting, because no one says that I heard you say that many many times nobody, any phone company analyse side says this. What they say is it's gonna com, it always comes and if you think myself keep saying that it's not gonna come talk, cause of automation, yes and we're not gonna. See, though, that rise, not it's. It's actual workers are going to become less and less valuable. And- and this goes to even people like me- I mean you
who will be able to in ten years be able to Gee ties, my thinking digitize my voice, everything and it will come up with through a I. Perhaps with that things than I can come up with its art its stories. It's it's. Of Course Otto Manufacturing, it's all of it, it's all of it here and it's pretty amazing. You know you will hear as well that the The company was doing pretty well before Trump took office, and so we have to prepare you. They trumped? There's a lot of credit here. It, is a good day for trouble- only have the North Korea stuff, which seems to be advancing very well. The dino thee it looks at the prisoners, were we ve got, somebody would have taken his twitter away. He would his his popularity rate would be well in the sixties. I think If I didn't have twitter, certainly not helping other out. Who is any argument to say that is helping him at this point, but Emily helped him
you can say I think, break through the primary group right, because it brought saw attention I will tell you, can imagine, is helping him now. I think it did help, though you know, I say that because I either all the trouble he causes himself, but then again some of them. Problem has been a short little fat man That's, probably what I'll break through win North Korea was that guy's these knots early. I heard him he's not like a normal president. We better change our behind we had in Ramrod was an early this weaker. Last week you wrote a new book and he's ere. I think in a really interesting commentator on these matters, because he's not hard core conservative. He is not hard core liberal like he comes out. I think he's trying to call balls and strikes, and he he is the only one he keeps going on CNN and they don't know what to do it because he keeps saying hey Trump troubles the only president. They could have done this with North Korea he's the only president who could have done it in his answer that when they asked why, what's your answer is
SK aversion, you know both Bush and Obama didn't want to risk the negative potential consequences of this sort of approach, which is why beating up on China and in an talking, tough and all of those things. Now it as I think trumps approach does, increase the chances of a real war breaking out on the other side. It definitely increases the chances even more of actual peace, breaking out sue strength right, and this is why the guy get elected right. That's that's why the jobs thing is similar. Many think you you you'll see if you happen to be telling the job numbers to your friends, you will, I can see that quote to you, the Obama job numbers from his last fifteen months in office are actually, on average better than the first fifteen months of trust. So just know that when you go into any argument today about that, I think the real answer for that is that its harder
to gain jobs, growing economy when you're at almost full employment. I mean really think about who is easier for Michael more to lose weight, or is it easier for you know, but Brad Pitt to lose weight. It's easier, four Michael, more right, if he even Let me know some data he's gonna lose weight really fast and that's what happened throughout the above it ministration it. The job numbers came quicker than they are now, but the fact that its heart four trump to go. It harder go from four percent to two percent. Then it is from six percent to four percent, But let me to these are good numbers and it's pretty encouraging. I will also say it is harder to go down from here, because jobs. We are not. China is not our enemy on jobs and they're they're, not king jobs, from us in the future. This is in fact, they're. Gonna be too in jobs from there, the from themselves soon because of manufacture. Going all digital and automated and a I
same time, and I don't think these stories are unrelated at the same time that Seattle, is pushing in over their fifteen dollar minimum wage and coming Amazon and saying we want a head count and a five hundred and twenty six dollar tax every year on the person you employ Digital Seattle, tax it'll cost Amazon over twenty million dollars every year, and they are saying we you can afford it near just to add anyway. Employ forty thousand people. Time story comes out the talks about how bad it is to work for Amazon I want you to listen to this, but I'm to listen to this story. With the mindset of jobs, are gonna, become more and more scarce, Jobs are going to be automated more and more and more
kid your life in your place of business. You know that in no matter where you are theirs, these ten to twenty percent, probably ten, ten percent, of everybody's place of business. Where people are let your like half screws off all the time, they're always on the phone? There always talk in their goofing around they dont. Do it right? Every job you ve ever had. Now listen to the story and tell me cause you're gonna, be, I think, conflicted in this former Amazon Warehouse worker described being stopped in his tracks by an awful smell emanating from the trash cans. The stand he said, was unmistakable and led him to one conclusion. His car workers were so worried about taking too long on a bathroom break that they had to resort to urinating in the garbage. Cans doesn't say that that is what it is. It said it's his conclusion: but they were so worried about their bathroom break, while others, also another one. I think I've worked.
And some people that probably would p in a garbage can, if it just cept, save them extra steps. Is that a possibility? I never will. Anyone in the act. I just witnessed the aftermath in three instances: three I felt I noticed an awful smell and pinpointed noticed pinpointed the location, the trash bins that are scattered throughout the multi tiered mezzanine, and I reported it Never has there been a trash cans that smell bad at any other circumstance they said. They found a bottle of urine on a shelf, saying that people would do so because they fear that the bathroom break would take too long cause them to miss their strict targets. Publishing, bloodworth story. Last month, more than thirty people who say they worked for Amazon in the: U S, the UK and Germany, so or then thirty people. Three major countries,
have contacted business insider with stories of working in an Amazon warehouse. They verify some of their accounts through employment, documentation and interviews? the warehouse employees paint a picture of constant surveillance and a crippling fear of missing targets. Ok, I just I just want you know thirty people out of work force of how many there Seattle has forty thousand. Do you think between the: U S, the UK and Germany. You can find thirty people who we're like? Oh, my gosh, you as they were slave drivers Or have any has, of course okay, so they taught about the efficiency. Is the beating heart of Amazon, and they have girl. They have the yes, they have these pickers where thousands of employees pick products off shelves, pack them in the right boxes and get them to customers, but that official
see comes at a cost. These employees say they occurs, move around warehouses on predetermine routes to collect items for delivery. Scanner each one with a handheld scanner which, at a time, I am the links between scans employee say the pickers must hit. Number of scans per hour and if they miss Their targets managers shows to see what they're doing boy. You say that the spending time talking to co workers get time to go, get a drink or taking too long to find a package or build this time off task too much leads to a penalty. Point for an employee get enough of those you're fired They get completely rational system. You shit you're not being paid to talk to other employees. If you take a break you're, not gonna, get in trouble in that you take too long, and it has happened multiple time too, for your even talk to you have to have. I think four points, can from you. Then you meet with a manager, and then you have a nice our chance. You get four point here. To meet with a manager then,
have another chance. You have four points in you: meet with a manager and you're fired I mean, shall I give you twelve member tune and again like that? What describing if accurate sounds a little cold, what it's not there that's not their job. Here is here is the line that jumped out to me when there is pick to pick this means employed as fifteen minutes breaks between picks, essentially you're to fifty mb breaks or in standard ten Our shift their actually, lieutenant breaks, because the time gets, a break room or the toilet seats eats up at least five minutes. He said a picture moving around the warehouse to retrieve items for packaging, is it me? the employer, feel like a robot.
Don't say, don't bring that don't don't use the word. Robot is: don't you don't exist, as you know that you're quote, you might feel like a robot, but at least it's not a robot that has your job and the more we are. We re entering a really weird place because China, there do look at people like robots and they are now doing brain scans. Spat at Amazon. There now doing brain skins, they put a chip in a hat or a cap that every employee has to wear and If you are you're dead, asked suicidal, not focused the Brain scan through an algorithm goes to the boss and the boy I says: they're not focused the boss, comes down, as is pay attention. Man pay attention, they come down. Couple of times? They move you one time they move you to another place this I can time go home.
Now they said other people thought that was a little intrusive in and felt it was a little insensitive, but they I used to it. There is a balance here. The world is changing and we but is it we're going to do that being said, it is why we must end and universal basic income is not the answer but I dont know what is the answer, but in the new ten to twelve years. We're going to need an answer because more or more people, this the jobs Ed, three point: nine, that's the opposite of what The people in Silicon Valley are thinking there thinking if we could just get the the jobs at fifty six point one percent a year. If we could have you no ninety six point, one unemployment. How great would that be.
There's. Nobody would have to work. That's what Silicon Valley and technology is driving for so that leaves question a where do you get money be Where do you find meaning those two questions that have to be answered by society. First one will be answered by all of us. I hope the set one has to be answered by each of us individually and we better start finding. The answer to that rule now on a journey about filter by if you live. If you live in a place where allergies are bad holy cow, let me introduce you to Texas do you have allergies
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kind of me here, that's it that's absolutely me. I would I mean my my age. Vat system would catch on fire and I'd be like what the hell is happening. This is the third one in many of these companies and other just come with you to the black filter and, like dude So anyway, if you're like that, there's a there's a great way to buy filters, its filter by America's leading provider of each MAC, filters for homes and small businesses. They make it really easy for you to improve the quality of the air. You breathe blasts, reduce the wear and tear on your age, vat system, all of them built here in Amerika and shipped for free within twenty four hours. Also set up, auto delivery and save five percent. By doing that, if you'd like to you, never gonna need a reminder again here. It is its filter. By go there now they have six hundred different sizes available they'll make em custom forty! If that's what you need filter, be you why dotcom filter by
dot com, Glenn Back Mercury. Yeah. Glenn, back hats off to Springfield Armoury and leave the story on this later at Loo Loo later on the programme, but spring field armoury has just released this statement. They are severing ties with dick sporting goods and field in stream, in response to their hiring a group of Anti Second amendment lobbying firms, this law,
This action follows Dick sporting goods decision to remove and destroy all modern sporting rifles from their inventory. In addition, they have denied second amendment rights to Americans under the age of twenty one. We at Springfield Armoury believe that all law, abiding citizens of adult age are guaranteed the sacred right under our constitution. I have to tell you if, if All of the gun manufacturers said to Dick sporting goods are really I don't sell to you. I think they would probably be a smart thing. It might Although then it makes guns, accessible, which I don't know that necessarily something that for the satellite? I would like to point out that there was a study done on dicks and no matter what they say. Studies are showing that there still selling?
the modern sporting rifle the young, there still selling them they're just claiming their not they're, getting rid of their inventory before they Malcolm arrest of mercury. Courage. Sri back, have you recently sent your son or daughter after college, Have you noticed any you in them at all. Maybe they used to be staunchly pro life, but thou kind of unsure, maybe political. At all. Other coming home and You know dad. I think
I'm kind of political now, just baby little bit. Coming home on Thanksgiving in debating climate change, social justice, Universal health care, as it turns out, there seems to be a pretty The reason for this our children hear me out this crazy being indoctrinated and we are tens of thousands of dollars- to allow them to do it to our children. If your signing a cheque for your children's college tuition sit down before you here, these statistic, Because you might pass out you're driving just pull over the side of the road theirs? who study published by the National Association of Scholars? Now new things were bad in college and universities right did you know I was this bad news study. Published by the national associations. Scholars looked at nearly nine thousand professors at fifty one, sixty six top rank liberal arts colleges in the U S and they fell
Political bias on campuses is not a rumour conspiracy, it's hard fact, and the numbers are insane if you remove the to military colleges from the study, the ratio of Democrats to professors, republican professors is twenty sorry. Twelve point, seven to one. So the amount of a republican urges Democrat there S. Thirteen Democrats, if you Even column, Democrats have liked to see how many are democratic. Socially S. Thirteen too but every one Republican, like forty percent of the colleges, had zero Republicans on staff for eighty per cent anyhow resent av eighty percent had so few republican staff members that they found it statistically
insignificant. It's forty percent had none. Eighty, percent had such a low lover number. It was statistically insignificant. Now this has been building for decades. This they found in nineteen. Eighty four thirty, nine percent of the college professors described themselves is left leaning by ninety nine. It was seventy two. Today an all out, dumpster fire thinkers and nobody with a different point of view. The numbers look even worse when you break it down by academic field,. You want to know how the leftist are so effective and rewriting history may be due to the fact that every one, every single room, every single one, rip republic in history, professors For every one there are set Nineteen point for Democrats. Seventeen to one year an english major. If so, there are forty,
eight point, three democratic professors for every one Republican and it goes down he'll from there, the food filled with the scariest liberal to conserve ratio shouldn't be a surprise at all. Anyone who watches reads the news. Listen to this, Out of nearly nine thousand professors and fifty one of the top rated schools, the number of death, crap to republican communications facility members, not professors, communication facility members is one hundred and eight. Two zero? What do you think our media is unbalanced, or of conservative communications, professors is zero. Zero if you think the bias in the media is bad now you haven't seen anything yet and I just just ass! He a quick question: why
Why are we all still signing those checks that now two wishing check? Why are we? writing that it's Friday may force here listening to the Glen Back Programme by the way before we get to Bill O Reilly. Let me just remind you about her in turn. It programme for students setter, eighteen to twenty four years old, and we have had we ve actually had people were out of college and are now teachers. Jonas, First, your last year we are having A two week study course about the founding that's founding documents? David Barton leads this along with his son, you have actual hands on experience with the founding documents and the letters between the founders it is in its an eye open? the experience, its leadership programme.
How the student leadership by turning programme may a ghost there's three sessions, the run between May in July, you gotta mercury, one dot, org to slash L, teepee leadership, training program you can find. Other details. You have found other details in and make rejoined the summer. It is its its eye opening The stories were getting back from the people were going back to college. What one of them is actually teaching their college, professor The history of America, because she wrote a paper and he was like: where did you get any of these facts and Open minded enough tell you where he's like, I did know any of this, so Please join US mercury, one dot, org, Slash, L, P, p, other who accessions and you can find out all the details there by don't accept everybody you, dear kids or whoever is gonna, have they're gonna have to go through a m a rigorous. View and whites need not apply just so we can forget that at the end, men, men and white men in white or everybody could apply.
That's just as will judge you on the content of your character. Well, programme Mr Bill, O Reilly how're, you, Sir, Why are we using killing? England is a textbook, maybe killing the assessment, it maybe maybe I'll killing the S S maid go where you got. These urchins pointed in the right direction. So when are you when is killing the S s coming up commemorating camera remind me then, and you don't know what we're going to send you a large print galley The second lesson is a magnifying glass come without carried so so bill? the jobs numbers today. Three point: nine percent, I haven't seen that really covered very much zeal of you know Giuliani, throwing trumps legal team into disarray on CNN right bow
the reason I went down from forty three point: nine stormy Daniels is now on the road and average. Let thy dropped down three nine somebody. Think it. What do you think about the Kohen story this week with Stormy Daniels in and Giuliani coming out in an the pressing he made a horrible mistaken in Europe? This was a brilliant move by Giuliani, well you know about that. But, as you know, because you are study are announced John DOE, O Reilly, dot com, the reason Giuliani did. This was took a raid on Michael Cohen's ox in that re they took all his documents which clear They show that COIN wrote a check for hundred thirty thousand dollars to Stormy Daniel, so that story was gonna. Come out
the president knew it Giuliano user do have lawyer, knew it so that they said. Look we gotta get out in front of this. We have to say that we can allow let's get and had always been? So that's why Giuliani, when I'm happy ways I mean his main focus was too demonize. James call me, but the secondary focus the out at it. You get paid out a retainer. I even written because I know you keep up with in my commentary a glint back dot com is so you know that one, main things that this did was, and I don't think this is inconsequential is it took. The liability off of Cohen Cohen, was in trouble, and this sad not to know he didn't, I paid him back so ill.
Campaign finance, ITALY wasn't any those things, so it really right. When olive branch saying hey stick with us, maybe, but I think the more important thing was they wanted to define it, that it was paid by this the key red paint or funds. When you hire an attorney, you turn he says work out your how's, your bow, your car and your third child and then I'll. Take on the case, so you have to give them money up. That's a retainer So Owen was getting, I think, a monthly retainer from tromp any use according to Giuliani, some of that money to get Stormy Daniels off the radar screen. The story, you sickly that stormy, Daniels, alleges or night stand tromp way back get out well thirteen years ago, and she, but money to shut off right, that's blackmail!
nor should media, doesn't care about that and they gave her a little bit of money because it was coming close. The presidential election. They didn't want this woman running around whatever attorney, so that would have so little or can decide where his herself that's a worthy thing to do. But you know what up by the press is using is obviously to say, while Tom said You did knowing about the pyramids he's a liar and an Sarah Sanders is alive, everybody's, a liar, you're right, you don't have the usual Billy I can't take this is almost in many ways: the same story as the Clinton thing he you know, Clinton came out. He lied about the affair that it came out that he was lying than he said. Well, I was only for it was a personal thing. I was only try to save my wife, I mean you're Donald Trump can say the same thing here and you know how but the country is gonna care, but that was the half that didn't care under Clinton and the other.
It is not going to care and they were the half the did care, so I mean it's gonna have them the same outcome? Is it not Nobody about the outcome, but it there's a difference between, because the acquaintance actions or political lewinsky was when he was in the oval office It was in the White House and from where you re way back when he was The older and had no political aspirations, and he was any also light under oath were Trump did not lie under oath. Not yet I mean yes, that's what the with thing is all about ass, a perker retract its it's love. What Bob It's me about all this is that the country is being damaged, I somebody like Stormy Daniels and her a tiny and I think president has to understand that book. This is hurting the country, It's not about you anymore, it's about ice because you ve got north
really you ve got a wrong. You ve got this, hurts the stock market every day. Stock market now wobbles because they don't know, what's gonna happen to the president and then the stock market, which should be stable and growing, is thou wobbling and that hurts everybody who hold equity saw, is now becoming something that I think the president's gonna have to. J enough enough. I'm an answer The question is where I believe they should be answered. As I said, I would never two million years. Go in on with Robert Mahler it a million years. I would never do that because I know trap front doesn't remember one week to the next which happening you just doesn't remember I it is impossible for him to answer these, he's uses a tangent. Spanish short he's got the guide so the diary he doesn't remember but he'll say any
There comes into my own. I know it's an interesting, isn't it resting place to be ok when we come back because you are in New York. I wanted Aren't you a little bit about what the governor of New York has done with the Anna Array and financial district, its phenomenal coming up in a second first, let me tell you about car she'll there, the sponsor of this half hour with deliberately we appreciate their sponsorship if you ever taken your Korean for an oil change, mechanic find something wrong and surprise you're hit with a repair build that you didn't expect. You know what it feels like. I just went through this my Korean, it's my truck, and just how many oil change like hey gonna fix something it was over five thousand dollars and I'm like what then, after the initial blood rush, where you kind of just see stars in their sweat, comes to your brow. Then I, when is it covered with car shield, though yes, it is.
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Car shield, dot com use, the Roma go back and save an additional ten percent. That's car, she'll, dotcom, promo code back deductible may apply Gran Mercury. Plan back the president is doubtless today to speak of the convention. Pleased to have the inner re here in the great state of Texas bill? He just
before he got onto a marine one- and he said Rudy Giuliani- is a good guy, but you get his facts straight, which is kind of a sting turn. He said also that they will fight this there's a subpoena all way to the Supreme Court, and they are not. They just took your advice, they're not going to testify. Well just more play? The dubious remark was insinuating that you really did not have its back. Straightway top a hand of these. I would he took down that that's when I took out of it. I have done, have the full context of it yet, but he did say, he's a great guy and just started yesterday satisfactory to get his factory so that China spin, whatever damage, they think they ve Bernhard incurred here,
Look I just wrote a message at a day for below Riley dot com and it's pretty simple match. Again. It was written poor, the executive branch just tell the truth. You know, even if its painful yes, because you can't keep this case. As with the strategy now than people should understand you to wear trump down, so he cracks right wherein down every day of some other many scandal every day, impugn his honesty or whatever? You want media shroud. I, and so you make it impossible for him to focus on the governance. An you psychologically damage him so that each yes creates people. We stand back you and I, of course, do We ve been in the eye of the storm for many years, the tall it takes on people like Sean Hannity to be called. Salaam, Lord,
like me to be accused of things that I didn't do. People like you, people they caught it or whatever. It takes a psychological tall inside you go out the seven eleven and say I don't give a flip. Ok, especially when it its organised and it starts its hateful It hurts your children and your friends. I mean, I think, to tell you. I think it took ten years off my life. I really do I it myself in the mere tonight, and I'm not the same man and that will end, but that's a good thing back there. Not the same as that is not yet. Ok so, but but but so sewed. Everybody knows that we know what the media is is doing.
And we see how many times the media has been wrong. I've got up. I've got a whole list of all the things the media has gotten wrong and proclaimed. This is the end dropped because this and they were wrong about it and had to go back and correct or air break. They don't care. I would but wait a minute hang onto second. So how is this? How do you think this will play out with the average person because I think the average person they bought in with you out into Donald Trump? You know: ok, that's the kind of guy. He is ok. The stormy donors thing it happened. It happened if it didn't it didn't. That's already ICT into the price of Donald Trump and for him to lie about it. If, if he is indeed lying about it, if he was lying about- and it comes out that he was lying he's causing his own Asia here in the movie. That's a message to the day until o dotcom. Look, if you, if you pay block, is no questions, you got it,
right so that you gave a money because you, you didn't want four days before the election and this Well it because that would extortionists and blackmailers do I'm not saying that she's want. I don't wanna be all that the court by your lawyer, but I'm just saying, said the timing of these countries. You say was not willing. Yes right, so I won't be cool you're, not thy calling her a blackmail, our stores in it, some saying that it is happens all the time to powerful and prosperous people in America. All the time I saw you withdraw You just gotta, basically sit down. You Leon. Other council and he's gotta prepare a statement that an end at it and your right. These bases and gonna blame because of this I am not just like Nixon's base, wouldn't have fled him
on the Watergate that, yes, I but you get deeper and deeper and deeper, and now you have an organised media that is devoted who destroying you so do that You're! Only your only defend does the truth. Even if an art will it, if it goes through, goes all the way Supreme Court does have to admit it. If, indeed it is true, I am not not saying that it is at this point, but if it is true, he goes all the way fight it. Do you Think that even shakes his base at all? No, I don't think so either. I think if he explains that I can't possibly remember all the things that Robert Mauler we don't know where he's gonna go. We don't know what my Flynn is at we, I don't know any of this and I can't get in a position where grasping four things that I'm not sure about? Yes, I will,
answer written questions? That's what you Bill O Reilly dot com, as we continue a bill, are rarely we'll talk a little bit about the end, our aid and the state of New York. Next Glenn back mercury So by now you probably know the drill you gonna steal your house, you bump is someone that you knew from ten years ago. Look it's NED Ryan character from. A day and NED writers and I'm a real estate agent. Now remember me and you go to that whole process with his person and uneven like back then is now Most agent seemingly for life sought a good way to do business You need to sell your house fast and for the most money the place to go is real estate agents. I trust I come it's a service that takes away the guesswork. There's got be a better way to find a realistic?
agent and real estate agents. I trust dot com. Is that better way than twelve hundred agents from Oliver America that had been qualified by the team and they make sure that we get the best results that their affronted, honest with you, Mr P. But listen to the gun, back programme or pat unleashed turn about people who share your values. Let these agents your business get moving with real estate agents. I trust I com. If you need to sell your house fast and for the most money it's real estate agent. I trust outcome this is the Glen Back Programme from New York state from the F S daughter and why DOT Gov Department of
actual services press release governor Cos- while directs Department of Financial services to urge companies to weigh reputational risks of business ties to the energy and similar organisations. New York They have the strongest gun laws in the country, but we must push further to insert that gun. Safety is a top priority for every individual company, an organisation that done business across the state there for. I am directing the Department of Financial services to urge insurers and bankers. Dade wide terms whether any relationship that they may have with the end are re or similar organisations set the wrong message to their clients and their communities who often look to them for guidance and support this Just a matter of reputation is a matter of public safety working together and we can put in and a gun violence in New York for once once and for all the effort, is encouraging regulated entities to consider reputational risk and promote corporate response. Stability in an effort to
courage, strong markets and protect consumers now this has already been taken by met life and job job, just got rid, its discounted programme concealed? Carry insurance we also I know that Bank of America and City group have already out and they have started to change their relationship. Bank of America said no five. Central services to gun manufacturers. Begun sellers that make high capacity, magazines or guns that fire high capacity magazines, including a semi automatic hand, guns that the care? They can hold more ten rounds bill, yeah! This is just a way to get around the constitutional argument. This is too military and government.
Squeezing the bank's. What what do you? What do you think they mean you should check into your reputational risk, while the real. In here by the Governor Como is too boycott caught like a sponsor, catch the media. They want any companies that, business with the energy to be punished, economically. So that's where you start to use successful the boycott in the media. So now the politicians are safe we can do the same thing without it No, we don't like I can already and the subjects to it in New York the election? The actress who actually play Nancy Reagan in the movie killing Reagan? is running against Cuomo, any democratic, primary and cheese. You know a socialist she's, very or left so he's doing a lot of things to please.
Useful laughed- and this is one of them such a lack of but this is really a lotta. They along the company business with the state of New York and at the other thing correct, saying if you, if you do any anything with IE and our aid- and I can do business without here's what here's! What just happened this this this was just issued by the state of New York, the department actual services- has find locked, didn't companies seven million dollars, underwriting an hour. A branded carry guard insurance. Now it carry guard insurances, If you are, if, if you have to shoot, somebody they cover your bail, they cover the fees they they do everything they can to make sure that you are protected, that you can. Not be financially destroy by a charge that maybe you're innocent of the
just file that they have just locked in agreed to pay a seven million dollar fine, because They were part of this. This insurance, a seven million dollar fine wool, that's gonna send a message throughout the entire financial industry. I can't do anything that it covers insurance for guns that will kill the second amendment you know it's, what has happened is caught. They have then bring it in and say this. Is it this- is it a legitimate point of government? This is
the union has made in court a law that is its coercive, and it's against the second amendment and it's designed to make it impossible for people to exercise resettlement. Right so that what has happened? I assume it'll happen when hurry. The little boy s, but who will have who will have standing in that you know, and and will they be brave enough to come through in Illinois there now a in one town about confiscating all of the guns they're having a heart, you Don T, member, yes, and if you say that last year, but times times, are different now and they're having a hard time finding people all of the people that were that are being named in this lawsuit, the all Jane and John DOE nobody's willing to put their name on it, because I mean and it's a violation of the fourth them we're just gonna, come and sees your property. Will you, which my house for it
it's a violation of the second amendment, and they're having a hard time. Finding people who are willing to stand up because they know their life could be destroyed in their lives, are in danger. If they, if they see, and against this loosen back, This is a fight to the end of the second amendment. So there are, I think, and support. That amendment according to pause and don't yes to the energy and other groups have to say this is what's happening. I yours what's happening so we have to fight against it and it's in it. I have always said this in the end is what the p we're gonna want they're, not gonna, be able to overturn the second amendment. That will never happen in America, sick institutional things and they never. And I get that out the amendment out so you're gonna try.
Strangle economically, just as they do on television, and it will be the problem. Then said the second amendment you're gonna have to find it it's a bra, bill. Anything on your list. Em and I've got a couple of other things on your list, but anything on your list that you think was important this week that we haven't touch based on well. I think that, You know you have a system now total collapse in the media. I think we colonel with that on this programme but it's now starting to take shape even more dramatic form. So no longer is the media, and this is really interesting, they don't pretend any more that their goal is not report facts. Folks, it's to get tromp out of
this year. You know what I was when I was in and when I was a fox is sir, do you have the clip from Hillary Clinton? I think it was from yesterday or the day before, where she was while the Iowa caucus. You know Fox. I said: there's gonna come a time to wear their elders. Let us take the mask off Another issue is, it was when Newsweek said we're all socialist now, and I said we know not. What does that mean and they and theyve they immediately. Reno went back and then everybody said, o S sister just a racist term. You know you just by saying you're a socialist you're. Just it's basically you're a racist here. What Hillary Clinton admitted to just two days ago when she was making a list yet of more people that caused her to lose. Listen to this, you may be the only presidential candidate since World war, two that actually had to stand up and say I am a capitalist and you did? Did it hurt you? Probably
I mean you know it's it's hard to know what I mean if you're in the ILO carcasses and forty one percent of Democrats are socialists or self evident right of socialist, and asked. Are you a capitalist- and I say yes, but with appropriate regulation and appropriate account quality. Ah, you know that that product, last and oh my god, she's a couple: listen to that pierce the here's, a democratic forty one percent herself described socialists you know. It s an amazing phenomenon So many Americans believed that there is good clothes. You know I mean just taken I gotta Caracas and look around or go to that of other anymore, but get on a cruise ship. They dump their per day. Go to China? I just go I'll go out to Shanghai and they walk around a little towns so It is amazing how a people are so stupid that they think
Socialism is a system that would bring prosperity because it will not yearning. I saw this week, was the millennial study on religion by Pew. Did you see that that Americans aid is eighteen too. I think it's forty two had just abandon religion. You know they don't believe in their quota, quote God of the Bible and the God of the Bible course is a guy that interacts with human beings. We created a God the guide, is aware when your life and struggles in trials- that's the God of the Bible, little millennium. Don't believe that sixty five percent I don't believe that ok, so now you combined with the socialism, I knew getting into atheistic socialism, which of course is communism.
An eight. You know from aware people to see how the country say. Jail goes back on what you said at the beginning of the hour, the education system that these kids being indoctrinated. Well, tat wasn't bad Republicans or bad why people are bad. Men are bad. Ok We owe you know we will have to fight against it. You'll want to be the bad place and, if you're a guy, then you have to walk. She have you, they're, given the guy's away out back. If you woke, then you ok. You know like invasion of the bodies, not sure Jha. Will you they com? Are you well isn't an amazing that you're you ended up? You have to dead, asleep they just check taken the language inflicted upside down. You have to be done This leads to all of the facts and common sense and reason to get and get that they get. The term woke applied to you, you're
dead, asleep s bill when admin I don't know if you know Jacob Pine or heard his story, but he the guy who a kid eighth greater! who had it translate a story in his spanish class, so a new story, so he took a new story from Fox news his teeth, A really just bullied him in class lectured him in class and and just locked in ridiculed him for using Fox NEWS at source. Fox news is fake news used to never use that as a source. Ever again, it was fair and really embarrassed the kitten from his class yeah. I have his dad on the next hour. You have to listen to it, but I d do: can you Think of any reason why that would,
happen in a spanish class? Isn't it just the translation? You know you guarantee experiment. If you want a you know any kind of control the creation that spanish people, but don't know of Americans understand how dramatically changes are in this country people who are trying to stop this madness being destroyed and picked up one by one. Don't know nothin ill luck, factually Israel. But is not nearly what it was five years gray with that Doha. Dramatic changes dramatic and that's the one asked why the fence in the media, there's no one else, so you seeing it happening before your eyes. In two thousand, eighteen, the bad guys, My opinion are winning
who's that cycle irreparable. I don't think it is, I think, but you can swing it back because the instincts of most Americans, ah what when they see this, so you still have the folks but the organised politician media education. System. Unbelievably damage that this point actually agree with bill everything he said, but I do think there is hope, there's something else happening and will get into that. A little later bill, O Reilly from below rallied com, nobleman a mistake area. He said at last line a defenceless fox. I think what he meant was bill, O Reilly, Dotcom, nice. It's footprint is probably what my colleagues it is veil. Thank you very much appreciated bill orally familiarly, dotcom, so big news. The last couple of weeks simply save his one. Some really important distinguishing honours editors, choice award from Cnet magazine, PC magazine and the wire cutter of these,
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She is about to give birth in prison because he was trying to protect her two year old from an assailant and when you hear this story, its phenomenal somebody way nuts on her. They, the woman, drove her car in to the other woman scar her daughter was still car, so she she pulls her goddesses back off now she's on her property, happening at her house, honour own property, and she says back off after the other woman, drover car, The car we're her daughter was, she He is now in prison. What. That whole story is coming on Monday. You don't want to miss it coming up next, Todd Heine the dad of the boy,
that is in eighth grade that was bullied by his spanish teacher because he was told go, translate a new story. He did but he translated a new story from Fox NEWS and he was bullied and impair, and ridiculed in school we get the whole story, and what happens then, Glenn back mercury,
courage. Three back yesterday we learned where Hollywood with its dainty, preaching and glamorous fist waving draws the line typical dramatic, though outlandishly late show of Force the Academy, motion picture arts and sciences as expelled bill, Cosby and Roman Polanski. It's time they decided to idle sex abuse, end quote, but best of all because her in Hollywood in their such incredible for farmers, they were able to say it with a straight face unaware, apparently of all of the irony here,
in a statement the board cited the organizations of standards of conduct as the basis for the two men expulsions, the state also noted that the board continues to encourage ethical standards that require members to uphold the academies, values and respect for human dignity. They also pointed out that only four people have ever been expelled in the academies. Ninety one year, history, there's Bill Cosby, there's Roman Ballade there's Harvey wine steam and Carmen curried to clarity. I've, never heard of you ever heard of that name, his work we are familiar with the crimes. The first three but what it currently deed, what in what they do? Most men murder must be re right. No, no. No in two thousand, for he emailed a friend and early preview of a confidential film, and it wound up online.
Barely bring myself to say those words neither is something to be said about lumping those for crimes together that kind of makes of, hours out of all of it because its key, has been on the run for decades. Has been nominated three times since his Eighteen, seventy seven guilty plea for unlawful sex with a minor, also, known as child molestation and right of a thirteen year old in two as in three he even one an Oscar best director for the pianist. Ah, no, when you took pretty swift action on the guy who released one of your precious movies. Next year's off Oscars expected, to parade this ruling around like a badge of courage. Here we are
years, more really of a scarlet letter announcing to the world the hypocrisy of Hollywood. And how it pays so well, it's Friday may fourth year, listening to the Glen Back Programme, Hollywood standing against you know sexual abuse, it always stuff. Now, isn't it a little like when the church came out when was it I teach eighty two and eighty ninety of Galileo was right. Ok, the lock now! Thank you very much. You have a story that just incredible story: it's happening for Wayne Indiana one of my favorite towns in all of Amerika and in black hawk middle school. It revolves around an eighth grade. Spanish teacher She did to a student for completing his project. We his father on the phone now Todd Heine the Fund
or Jacob, who is an eighth greater there in in for winning Indiana hello taught. How are you great much better beyond so so Todd tell me tell me this exactly what happened what the assignment was and then what happened after that This is actually a reoccurring assignment that does. She gave the students beginning of the year once Sir, to read any type of current events: news, article n- that they choose according to her own words. It could even be watching a track me. She it's time to translate a story into spanish turnout in and it's it's a weekly assignment for the kids, okay. So your son, he went and he found a story which is actually an incredible story. I read it and was amazed by it
about how the there are. Several pilots now from the government who are saying they saw UFO and there was video of it and everything else. That's that but he picked. It is ok and so what was the problem? Well, the problem was during next day after he turning Simon and she came up to him in the middle of class, and in front of everyone didn't pull my sighed and said: hey Jacob I'd like to talk about your article from yesterday, she said I want you to know. I notice that you sourced Fox news as the source of your article and I want you to know that Fox NEWS is fake news. It's full of life, and you're no longer to use Fox news for anybody's again it with All your long, it's their discretion. Zero. Don't use resources, sources. Do you these sources? It was always up to the kids and it went and then she didn't stop there wasn't just that. She bullied him and embarrassed him in front of the class I was I was that was
beginning yeah. She actually decided to give him a separate assignment. She said what I'm gonna do. What I want you to do is stop doing these Simon, that everybody was doing in class, and you have a new assignment you are to Google. Any of the many traps are many above lies at present trumpets, told since being an office in right now, age on the internet it tomorrow, and what did that? to do with Spanish and what does that have to do with the story of Ufos? Actually, that's that's! How this entire incident about an I'm actually on your show. Today they would non political. In fact, there are Multiple news outlets CNN and we all ran the same article Linda Non political buster, the source of the news with offensive, four main of all places? Would it news and not when the other sources in then give him. You know a punitive assignment that again out
right of any class curriculum. I've ever read for community schools in a spanish class to Google, the sitting presidency, numerous lies and right on that? Instead, so so so Todd your son comes home. Jacob tells you this! What does he say an end? What do you do well here Do you want my wife now when she picked him up that afternoon? She immediately called me. I became obviously it's. These are great kid. This is a spanish clad, does not government or any kind of setting that maybe even political speech would be inappropriate. I went ahead. Call a school that afternoon enforcing their offers were closed. The next move Can I call to request to speak with principal they were. They said she was out of town for a couple days. I'm somebody will get back with me. So being unsatisfied? I immediately called the the actual school corporate office itself. They. I refer me back two black hawk to Mr Harald, whose advice principle and he returned. My call
told him. You know the idea. The incident occurred told that we would like to set up a meeting with this teacher, the principle and in a figure up happened. How was it happening in you know four main of all places, So what happened while two days later, we actually had had our meeting a meeting which, in the state of Indiana, were one party state we do. You can actually record did not let them know we did that that meeting the teacher one on a per cent admitted that it exactly took place the way that that my son described it. She did given the extra assignment There was not a he said. She said it was yes, I did that. I'm sorry, in fact, her exact statement was, you know I can imagine tap into my child. I would be in the same. I'd. Be furious something that effect of so and what did she do it well? I was quite
I said why are we here where what how did this become? You know that I see what gives you to write to you know, pushed political use, agendas or whatever on children. She never could answer the question. She end up being asked by the print but to leave the meeting because again was not giving any kind of answers the princess after she left the room, told us that this would be an human resources investigation. She would forward it on and keep us posters much ass. She could see her so what are you may have heard anything senses are well, you know the scented actually took place, they regiments and was on on March Twentieth, so over a month, and I will go now various email, were sent to the school. In fact, I did a little bit more research on this teacher just by Poland or public till four media pages. That are absolutely full of
I don't know how to distribute butter. Liberal, a propaganda, anti trump. You know ban assault weapons. I was a bit warren in any tweets that she put in own despairing to present a tromp she retweet Siano. She actually put a couple things on her own face or her own twitter account in she doubtless yourself as a teacher for community schools, that I doubt it they too much of it on the air but Tom, how president is a liar and he should shut is often mouth in hopes of this. Isn't you know how to make more sense. After, for you know, just search a quick search on her that this is. This is personal this and she feels like she has the right to know at her political beliefs, are on thirteen and fourteen year old, kids of all people. Yet I am in everybody has their own political belief and you have a right to express it in your own life at central Central it when she cross over into the school, and it becomes indoctrination that think that's a real problem. What are you
expecting and what are you hope and what are your next steps sure, so. In short, we know a lot of them. Not much communication from the school itself, zero from the school district, I'm finally came to the point where we Her feta by actually called believe it was and end of April fourth and spoke with Tom Rawle, who is the assistant to the superintendent for the fourth many schools district? I'm toy. He told me that day that the investigation into this incident has been completed, but it is a private. Matter between the school district and the teachers are, as the outcome of this goes the biggest thing as well. You know with this after our initial meeting with the school four and told that this is gonna be forged? The human resources farmer for investigation was sounded like their taken, its very serious, fast forward. Three more schooldays Jake was actually picked through another teacher that that's medeia, creative writing assignment. He did to to have an excuse. Daphne
the afternoon to build an art that ninety a tax at a friend in the same spanish class. He did. I miss anything for homework tonight. And the homework assignment of the child tax it back said. Yes, our homework assignment is absent. It's been six months sincere, Can importer Rico how? Well I'm sorry, since six months since the Hurricane Porter you go only ninety five percent of the island has power and how Donald Trump could have done more. My guy says that people again three days after this incident So again the frustration get mounting we'd. We did the right way. We went through you know that the due process of the meat The waiting forwarding more information as we were coming and was soon as I got that he that text messages that my son's friend had sent him I immediately went to school. The next morning said this has got to stop. We do not want in this class until its investigation has a conclusion there.
Solution at that time was what he can come down here and work in the office. No sure what I was just because the next day we fork me school, started there there tunnel. They spring break, so just a band aid for the day. Ok, what's your spring break, the data class has started back. My wife actually called the schools at what is a plan for Jacob in the spanish class, She basically said he can continue to come down here. If you do not want him in that class, am I said no, he is there to to learn just through other friends that have the same period. They have a writing class in fort period. She said: would it be possible to just have him go to? the writing class, as opposed to come to the office, and she said here Let me see him, she confirms she could do that now. My wife's second question to the principle that that phone call. What about the spanish credit? This is an honest, eighth grade spanish class. It was to give him. But we thought was one credit moving into high school and of carry for it.
In the conversation with the the principal she said that she have to look into it. There should be an issue with his his credit train. Bring again he's an honor student illustrate a state, AIDS and Spanish as well, and there was not much of a conclusion. It was kind of wait and see in it, the high school next year doesn't do anything. Let us know it is this. It is this. The best thing we had already been gets better, Mr Vanhecke absolutely so again April twenty. Fourth, I called on the school day Drake and talk to the assistance superintended, Toby domestic over amateur, there's no matter. We as parents have no right to know icicle winded the investigation conclude we don't you haven't. You know no rights to know. Any of this is that between us and the teacher onset fight with that. Actually, Monday of this week, I actually called down to the Indiana State Board of Education and
I spoke it down. There's I'd like to figure out the process of a formal complaint against my local school system. She said that to any complaining at the school system policy questions are made at the local go district level and referred me back to the School board Middle Gotham. Google, the school board phone number and made that call loan. Behold, it's actually the superintendence offices phone number I spoke with their again explained: hey I'd like to formally complain and I'll make a complaint against the school district to the school, bored regarding and it in it was my son. She, no idea who needed to speak where she said. Let me figure talk to and I'll call you back out. Minutes later. I got a call from actual superintendent, Wendy Robinson, affording community schools very very strange conversation. I guess that I guess left more questions, answers through this.
Gene or do sir self, as you know that superintendent, and what do you need to speak with my school board about, and I told her you know, we don't feel like the attack. The policy to forward many schools has as far You know any teacher discipline or answer it would teacher is kept between, a teacher, and you know the the HR department that we'd like to talk about the policies. Her, that term will now MR highly the teacher as apologize. The school board has apart. The school district has apologised. What more do you want out of this? I will first, while the school district has ever apologized and she rapid. She said I am apologizing right now. I will handle that apology. I am sorry for what happened. I said now where's the teachers, apology. How I mean. How can I take? You know leave her apology went three days after this me that we had she continued to push your political agenda. I'm sure had no answer for it, you Point where he got kind of heated and we are going back and forth
at each other for little bed brought up the concern of this high school credit. Transferring said, I'm going to let you know that I will get it writing that this train, this credit, will transfer so at least a big portion of our you know of our issue with this incident in oh Jake, a being basically penalised over. This was in my book until the next day and I received an email from Missus robarts today I gotta get. I can take a break we get to the edge of the second is just insane aright everything is upside down. The world is in chaos, and it's looking for stability and I think Bitcoin it looks very unstable, but but crypto currencies are the future. It is this. Sure I don't know You know all the ins and outs and when I started to invest it didn't know all the ins and outs and it may really scary. How do you know how to sell them or by them I knew enough about them to believe there's something here so
he looked around stew and I were looking for people who can teach this. Who really knows it? We found a guy called a ticket to worry he's from the Palm Beach letter he's a guy, I who has been talking about this for a long time he came into the office. He was explaining these and we looked at each other. Like ok can. Can you just do this like in a course for us and for the audience So that's what we ve done and you can take this course. It's a smart crypto course, Dotcom, Smart Crypto course, dot com, you I understand what cripple currencies are and and not, just how to invest in. But what is it? for the future, how to invest a which once good, which ones are bad etc. Then you can decide if you're gonna get involved or not, but you need to standard smart crypto course dot com go there now smart crypto course, dot com
Glenn Back Mercury. Climb back. This is an amazing story for Win Indiana teacher bullying child in the spanish class, because he's using Fox NEWS as a source. It has nothing to do with politics at all. She says I'm sorry about that. I see assigns if something crazy, to make amends for using Fox news of parents go through an ordeal at the school. She apparently says: he's not gonna. Do it three days later, she's a sign. The class tell me in all the bad things at the press
it is done when Porter Rico in Spanish and the fathers, trying to get somebody to do something. He final gets to the school district, US superintendent, she upon oh Jesus, says, don't worry about the credit, but then what happens Todd your what it is well received, the female back from her stating that Shia has looked into the that situation but that he will receive the credit for the first semester. She said according to this, ghoul, though your wife requested your son to be transferred out of the spanish class. They also stated that my wife told her back he's planning on taken a different language and act. Your German and she had a question on. How will we spanish credit affect his German, for next year, so the response we got back was that because my wife requested to get him out of that class because of the incidents keep occurring and they according
then. She had no concerns about this credit transferring next year because he's taken another northern last though he will not receive credit for the second semester, unbelievably unbelievable. So what do you do now? Tat you know, a ring, Oliver Options and where we can play our cards. Pretty close, to us and it just will you do if you just keep us up to speed on this, because I am in a small town like for wine Indiana, I mean it's. MRS craziness. This is absolute craziness if can't get satisfaction, make sure you keep us informed, cause we're now with you and in your corner. Well, thank you to your time. We will definitely be posted gutless. Thank you. I d but you and all the people who bobo we love you Glenn back.
Mercury here? Listening to the Glen Back Programme, we welcome pedigree back to the programme. Who had surgery this week and apparently things went well. They did feeling consider well what's goin on, Doktor Seti's one hundred percent, but he could go quickly. We gotta, he said you know. If you
Gonna kill over and die it'll be some time products between like one thousand five Friday morning to to oh five, central time Friday afternoon when it well. That's when you're gonna be on the air, but I could have been badly you'd, be doing fine and then dropped it are you? Ok. Between times. One way this is already the second dramatic could be. I'm not I'll. Tell you I don't know. I want a tune into the pad gray programme. To someone I know what's gonna happen, anything could have everything getting anything just don't die. Welcome, backpack glad you could be. I have a quick story. I know you want to get into some political things, but I have a good story that The we have finally in New Jersey solved, who was pooping on the high school track,
they were. They were fighting human feces near the track every day on a daily basis and they couldn't figure out who is doing it? an solely the school district. You don't put some resource powers to an end and they found out that it was a guy who was was jogging on the track. At five o clock in the morning every day and when he was finished her halfway through whatever he would drop, is drawers and poop their next to the track? Pullers drawers back up and start running again happens. No, it really does it really really doesn't, but it is interesting I is charged with lewdness and littering and he's doing court on Monday and he has taken the lead he has had to take leave of absence from his job because
While he was the m, he was the superintendent of the school district I believe that not explain american and nutshell. Today is unbelievable. Crayons reminiscent of another superintended story we recently and how does it feel, Pat, that you know when Glenn Two select the perfect story. Start your segment with he's elected that one. Yet as the one he was looking for. What is that? What you're perfect area does? Does somebody I've? Finally, tube in the hallway are theirs there is. Another story, doesn't comes out of from West Virginia in love with this story today its Don Blankenship was running for Senate nobody's gonna win after the sad I dont you raise our full weight and I wasn't he, the guy in jail,
you had a minor brush with the law was pooping in school. He was not here, he actually ran. I think it was the sixth largest coal company and of because the media is like a very wealthy guy. He asked you know very respected arena and the business community at some level they did have a minor incident. And I mean with minors they lost twenty nine minors and a terrible accident you'll remedies for several years ago, and he wanted to get paying some legal cost for that because of safety violations. He I knew I was a pretty ugly story was though he has decided to run for Senate now, he's at three person race. It looks like he's in third place and when you're in third place in three person race, but still relative, league competitive like it doesn't look, he's gonna win but you know what I mean is that why you're values point how it didn't look like he was gonna win until the sad. Until this outcome I gotta take drastic measures.
Sometimes you need. I need to let it all go to win a race like us and that's what Don did here. He is a lot, The fact that it is at war knew it invades. Here is the new ad from Don Blankenship, I'm not like you can for you, a Senate, and I approve this message. One kept emits Mcconnell has created millions of jobs for China. People about doing so, Miss has gotten rid is, in fact, is China. Family has given him tens of millions of dollars, mitya swamp vapour now running false negative adds against me. They are also childishly calling me despicable and mentally ill reward. Ukraine, the swamp and create jobs for West Virginia people has begun it Joe Mansion and ditch cocaine Mitch? For the sake of the kids, I am concerned that there are too many China people and african people and MAX but I might vote for that guy. Just because of that and well I want you can get me started on the Japan people,
fear that human rights and with job that's the craziest thing I mean if we're going for entertainment value, which I think is what we're doing now. Isn't it that's all we do, and I mean it's all we'll do now in politics is who is going to be more entertaining that guy is non, stop joke material does appear to be it. There's a dash of racism in China, yes, and also remember Mitch. Mccullough is Mary, Tulane Chow, so easy that's an actual, that's where is China family come on me as if I didn't understand the cocaine reference though cocaine match? Yes, so does the hurricane Mitch it's every it's a great stretch in politics. I love when that when people really go crazy and try to manipulate a claim to like really stretch it so much Mcconnell is co Mitch because might recall, is married to allay chow right. They chose the secretary. She was thrown auxiliary, China, China them lets us United Family of transportation out she's transportation, so she's she's, these secretary transportation murder, one of the reasons she has a qualification for that role. I guess it's her fault
We had a shipping company and they still on the shipping companies or dad started a shipping company one ship! giant shipping company in two thousand fourteen there is, SK covered ninety pounds of. Cocaine on the ship now had nothing to do with a lane. Chow had certainly never knew with Mcconnell, really nothing to do with a company either known was charged in the incident. They found ninety pounds, the shit, but it just smuggled in I ever get there is so large a carries. One hundred and eighty two million pounds each, it goes. Where goes so, this is wait. I like this before point zero, zero, zero, zero, five per cent of the of the hall and Cargo was cocaine on one trip, one, I am four years ago,
a company that oil should I the family, were you should why huddle apologized lack? I tell you that I tell you that's why China Feminine so. Do you know I'm not that kind of areas will do you? No one. May I just say that really I think we can come to a place now that you shouldn't run if you ve never had a problem with a minor, I mean that in any way, minors can be interpreted this. What is actually for the kids out and a few others? He said he was yet when more than forty two kids, that was important. The other thing. But what are we to an unidentified kids with him? We are so high docility, more or less and children. We don't even our in neighbours eyeliner though they were, that parts are often too because the kids are adorable and it's like you now you bringing these kids into this little it'll ordained, kids. I just I don't think I mean do you have to see what they have to post it. You have to see it cause, it sounds bad
it would then, when you look at it, you know you see, Sir, it's a paper from Burma from We have from Napoleon diabolical dynamo. Yes, yes, there's absolutely no emotion in his legs. Someone's, however, vote for me, and I will make your wildest dreams come true that for you, globally admonition China allow he could not. Now are you? Ok, I'm not sure what the demon psychopath he looked so how healthy and hand he would have any sudden
I always out of nowhere and none of us here that he was five look. What's he gonna none of us. If you look fine and then also all auditing again- and none of us are coming now, Mona besought can we won't see coming as well unpack gray unleashed where he made very well from Scientists have said it to him. He'll over during his programme today, autonomy Doktor said he is going to die, that's computer, he remedy is going to die and maybe the most likely time would be in the next I'm doctor man most likely. It'll happen on the air. Today you don't want to miss it history in the making with bad gray and his entire extra coming up in a few minutes, most of this network. Glad you're here Let me tell you about our sponsor this or is it eight hundred flowers. I love one eight hundred flowers, May I just tell you that right,
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Glenn, back screwing, exciting few weeks here at the Mercury studios in Dallas Mercury, one starting their leadership programme again the first week the session starts, may twenty eight that just a few weeks away But this is a for ages, eighteen to twenty five, if they, if you have a passion for discovering truth and a desire to become a stronger leader, we like to spend a couple of weeks with you at mercury, one, it's mercury, one dot, Org l, p leadership, training programme, you are going to have hands on experience on leadership and on the country your into of hands on experience with documents in some of the greatest artifacts in american history. You can I wasn't a big deal not yet who hear nothing other than the media wanted to make sure you understood. Session. There's two weeks each each sessions. Two weeks may twenty eighth,
A concession is June eleventh and the last session the summer is July. Ninth, eighteen, forty five mercury, one dot, org, Slash, L p. I will tell you this concession is going to be quite an amazing thing. Mercury one and I have been working on something for well since we Move to Dallas has been a big dream in a big problem. And something that has been very, very complex and differ. Ultimately, we are going to announce it that week at at our museum, the EU will be the first to see and experience what we're doing if you come down to the Mercury studios and see the museum which will be open for three days here at the studio,
and it's gonna be one of the best museum experiences we ve done yet it's a munchkin eating contest. My would you now I am by the way not to doughnuts they her act right, I'm a wizard of oz about history. So let's go get out the details of that mercury at our soul. Thanks for the media before we depart. If IRAN thing that happened this week with with Israel and then Yahoo saying hey, you know, hence the burden a bad thing and I went away fast. Did you know I wasn't a big deal? Not yet you hear nothing over and the media want to make sure you understood that over and over and over again listen They knew that is
the. U ends nuclear watchdog says about the israeli Prime Minister was indignant ngos self describe blockbuster revelations on IRAN. There is nothing new in babies, presentation, nothing new and not groundbreaking, nothing new in substance, nothing new, nothing new! Here, nothing, new, nothing, new, nothing, new! Nothing! New funding, knew nothing new, nothing new, nothing, new, nothing, new, there's, not a new story, I mean really. It is incredible that they keep doing that by the way the voice, Glenn reference, the voice, Christiana poor. Yet, while asian insects, expert Christiana for the concession just got a big, is your answer is right now about how different people have sex around the world and that's it again in a surprisingly, it's very similar though it be, I have sex around the warriors couple things that happened. We can describe them more detail, maybe after the show here, but rather it has had a conversation shockingly very much the same.
I would say that so that was not surprising at all. Let me say that I thought was surprising to hear on Fox NEWS. Did you hear this you'll caboodle thing: wow, that's it's gonna gone viral. I guess Neil! In we know the way Neil does because ease. He says I think everything with a smiley seems like an up a beat sort of guys. Has he been on trumps case? Aligned, but I know I don't know he led into it, for I would seem like ours yesterday he hears a clip of it. This is from his show- and it's a shocking to hear this on Fox NEWS when there are obviously more any from NEO Computer and from Neil as well, here's here's. What patients played no role in this transaction of that yours testily, bent over the doubt, Mr President, say maybe not deliberately consistently way do consistently. So let me the clear, Mr President? How can you drain the swamp if you're, the one who keeps muddy the waters again didn't know about that one or two thirty thousand dollar payment do a porn star think it did.
So you knew nothing about how your former lawyer, Michael Cohen, handle this until acknowledging today, you or the guy behind a retainer payment that took care of this, you insist that money from the campaign or campaign contributions played no role in this transaction of that you're. Sure thing is not even twenty four hours ago, Sir, you couldn't recall any of this and you seem very sure now, I'm not saying you're a liar. Your president you're busy understanding a devil, the time Sergei at which news a snake- let's just say your own words on lots of stuff, give me, shall, I say, lots of pause. You are right to say some of them are out to get you, but of the times their using your own words about you, you're, Benes. Probably like not care, but you should, I guess, then too busy draining the swamp to ever up and snow listing your creating. That's your doing. That's your stink! Mr President,
That's your swamp! She wild Irene that in that just a clip of it. It went on and on and on any one over topic after topic after topic, highlighting some of the myths statements and that's why I was. I am guessing that television wasn't on the White House during that I It's not I'd! Imagine it wasn't! That was was pre print. Who could pretty dramatic on Fox news. Neil caboodle, you know, is always kind of gone his his own way, and you know I disagreed with him and agreed with them at different times and things, but he is. You know he is I'm having a dickens of a time he always a gentleman but about his fiery, as I've ever seen him ever in life. I have a great weaken will see a Monday Glenn back
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