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Why Aren't We Treating Monkeypox Like a 'Public Health Emergency'?! | 8/5/22

2022-08-05 | 🔗

Glenn reviews the latest Senate hearing regarding the FBI and domestic terrorism. Why is our government importing terrorists but leaving stranded Christians to fend for themselves? Glenn goes over some good news, like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis firing a Soros-backed state prosecutor and all the people standing up to the woke culture. Bill O’Reilly joins for his weekly news recap, including the ongoing threat of communist China. Author Michael Malice ponders why Democrats are spending money to boost former President Trump-backed candidates. Glenn and Stu discuss the latest government response to the monkeypox disease. Why are Democrats hesitant to pass a bill banning gain-of-function research when Dr. Fauci claims it’s not even being done?

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