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Why Companies Turn Woke | Guests: Steven Crowder & Mark Meckler | 4/1/21

2021-04-01 | 🔗

BlazeTV’s Steven Crowder has been demonetized and temporarily banned from posting on YouTube, and he joins to discuss how absurd the whole situation is. Pat Gray stops by to share the latest crazy developments in the Matt Gaetz investigation. President Biden announced his next project, which Glenn calls a "nightmare." Why are so many big companies standing against Georgia’s new voting laws? Glenn gives us the decoder ring to understand what’s really going on — and it all revolves around the Great Reset. Parler CEO Mark Meckler stops by with news about Parler’s actions before the Capitol riot. Restaurant owner Merlena Pavlos-Hackney returns to discuss being jailed for refusing to close down under COVID restrictions.

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