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Why Does the Media Hate Viktor Orbán? His Right-Hand Man Takes On Smears | Guests: Balázs Orbán & Rep. Lauren Boebert | 8/4/22

2022-08-04 | 🔗

The American corporate media have nothing but negative things to say regarding Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, but are the smears justified? Political Director to the Prime Minister Balázs Orbán joins to set the record straight on the media's disdain for the Hungarian politician and also share the prime minister's stance on some of the world's most pressing issues. New York and D.C. leaders are crying out over an influx of migrants into their cities, but is it comparable to what border cities are dealing with daily? Glenn compares D.C.'s budget to the border town Del Rio's budget, which proves that the actual border crisis exists in our border cities. Rep. Lauren Boebert joins to discuss the Democrats' relentless attempt to unseat her, the desperation in the lies they create, and how her political career came about.

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demand amerika and welcome to the Glen back programme. I wanna talk to you a little bit about c pack guys I'm hearing the feed from the board. Please, let's cut the music. I really want to talk to you about. president or bought, or vice sorry so screwed up your price, Minister viktor, our bond, he's coming to see pack today, and he is please guys I am hearing the control room, I am hearing slap back from stews microphone. I believe anyway, Not the way I wanted to start the programme, prime minister,
victor or bond, is coming to see. Pack and the media has gone out of their mind, their framing it as Nineteen thirties hitler comes to Dallas, see picture match lap. He has spotted, that's it let go. We listen to the man speak and if people have a disagreement was something he says, then we should raise it and talk about it. Well, that's all you're gonna to do today because we live in historic times and no one can remain on the sidelines. I don't for us the media, to tell me the truth or what to think by the we shouldn't that is our job as humans and citizens to make our own decisions and come to our own conclusions. So here what we know about. Prime minister Orban, we know that left us in europe and america don't like him. We know that mobile, left leaning, mainstream media doesn't like him. We know that George Soros doesn't like him.
So far. I love him based on that now, it admit that I dont know a lot about the prime minister. I've obviously done my homework, but, like the american media, I will not pretend to be an expert on hungarian politics or history. So I will not lecture hungary on being hungry, as they don't try to tell us or judge who we are. What we do, however, when it comes to human rights, we all must take a stand and never again turn a blind eye. When there is warning signs, we must never we get the holocaust or the actions in words that led to it. So let me be very clear on some of the facts. Some of the thing sound really interesting and correct. If you try, to preserve a nation at times specially recently there have been things that have the prime minister has said. That seem very alarming. So let's take these
on the agree side, prime minister, urban has secured their border against the dictates of their own. federal government. If you will the eu they have made immigration policies similar to ours, used to be the is also crackdown on sexually explicit education in classrooms, put a strong emphasis on religion, family and advocated strongly for his country's social and key. Trial. I identity. Now on the alarming side. He has recently made statements that sounded way too close to Joseph gurgles. To go unanswered. If he means, if the translation is correct and he meant mixed races, the way the earth twentieth century progressives and margaret sanger, o n hitler meant them, then, obviously I cannot stand with the man Here is what he is said in the english translation. One half
the world where european and non european peoples live together. These country, These are no longer nations. They are nothing more than a common elaboration of peoples. So far so good, as differentiated between quote a world in which europeans are mixed together and one in which migrants are quote, applying and flooding the west so far, so good from from the outside they come. He stressed quote. This is why we have always fought we willing to mix with one another, but we do not to become peoples of mixed race. Ok, that's problematic. What did he beam? The rhetoric it like that is disturbing and very much the rhetoric we have heard coming out of germany in the nineteen thirty's I have very long record of warning of the old trades in rhetoric against the Jews. That has come
in both the european left and right. Remember both russia, the communist in germany, the fascist exterminated jews, because both those philosophies are rooted in marxism programme, Civil ism is also rooted in marxism. so is, is or Bonn a marxist is he a progressive if so I have my answer, but even if not in what context Do we trust a man who's talking about mixed races? If that's what he meant it is, vital to separate eugenics period races and replacement theory from culture oh preservation, huge different. And no middle ground, against the first, but a strong support or of the latter weary, as prime minister Orban, Now one more thing: the media says that he has quote presided over significant democratic backsliding
over the last decade by consolidating control over hungary's judiciary, But it is my understanding that he has not asked for a study, nor has he suggested to pack the court's. He is so they say consolidated control over the media does the american media mean that he's like the Democrats here. And his co opted the media to do his bidding or is it that he's in bed with social media, to limit speech, speech and quash debate. they also say that he is consolidated. Control over civil society now I imagine that means he's crackdown on george soros or is it that he is shaped. What is taught in schools, but is here see like president Biden, administration called pair
terrorists who disagree with him and disagree with what is taught and set the scene. state police out to harass, intimidate and monitor those parents, if he's any of those things I'm again stem and the media should love him. the guest. Today we have the power nickel director of the prime minister, and member of the hungarian parliament belies or bonn he's here too, explain what the government is really all about what he meant? It's not up to any member of the media to decide for you. I think you should here it from the horses mouth and decide yourself, but pay attention because words do have meaning Mr Orban, welcome to the programme how're you, sir good morning. Mr back its wonderful to be here. Thank you very much hosting. Thank you. Thank you. I want you to know. I dont want to find some little any. Finally,
what do you want to hear? The opinions of the other side is not from the legal remedy. I appreciate it, Yes, and I want to make sure that you understand. I am going to ask you hard questions, because I think they have to be asked. The rise me. No audience is yes ok? So so tell me, let's start with the hardest thing here: the mixed races thing: what did the minister mean by that yeah sure you have to I understand that term. We hungarians we are living in the middle of europe. We are more than one thousand years old nation, but we are, culture an island mainly because our or far very unique language we have an extremely difficult than unique language saw, even if you translate- or you can translate things obviously to english. Its meaning in the cultural context, is obviously different, so the prime minister was talking about. There was actually,
nothing new under the sun. He is talking about these issues since two thousand and fifteen. when we had the first migration big migration crisis in in in europe and from they to another. Four hundred thousand people try to march across country, and we made the decision to to establish a border fence and illegal migration and since then everybody calls us braces. Fascists and so on. What we were talking about is that you know judeo christian heritage, of the european civilization. Hungarian contra identity. It must preserved its value. We have to fight for it. You know people are different in hungarian context. We don't have any racy shoes. We have zero tolerance on anti semitism and non racism is that it's not an everyday problem in in hungary. So
if you, if you talk about these issues, its very obvious hungarian audience that decide about, let's say it's about culture! Ok, So that is a debate we are having here in amerika and not only is our border really truly there's only one way to describe as a welcomed by our administration invasion and we are concerned as a nation. We have always been one. We were. Built on immigrants we love immigration. However, is changed is now we have our own people in our own country, trying to destroy our culture and we're bring People in and not coming, those who are trying to preserve our culture or come here for because of our culture and adapt and melt in is at this. Same thing that you're talking about
Yes, but we have. Some difference is obviously the united states of america is is based on is based on the idea of immigration, but so based on the idea that the EU can come from all over the world and you come become good citizen. If you accept the rules you represent and protect the values do, and if you for your nation and for your family, then for your own good. This is his idea of miracle. everybody is talking about integration, but its mainly about assimilation, we note your hosting very many hungarians who became very good the american citizens. We approve a proud of them, but the problem is that the current waves of gratian. Mass migration movements day they are different from the previous movements, especially in europe- and europe is in a different situation because we, our nation states, so we we
For example, in hungary we as I mentioned, you a very unique culture with the very unique language with the yet very unique civil, position of background. It's obviously linked to judeo christian heritage, but it's It's just a ten million nation, and we want to just keep it that way so as it was said in the speech by primary new sorbonne, we will now neighbours. We are wonderful relations, so people people know each other. Families are coming together, and so on and so on, but but their hosting hundreds and hundreds of thousands or millions of people from different parts of the world from me, the least from from central asia from sub saharan africa, who have the day a wonderful p, one by one, but that, but they have a different culture. They have a different liddy and they don't want to be integrated, they want to remain as they are. You convinced you have to respect that, but one that then try to court
existence. We are cause serious problems and these are challenges to which one the daring europe, it's a brand new phenomenon, so we have to find the answers prime sorbonne since two thousand fifteen. He is Obviously he is an anti mass immigration politicians right now, the only one in in in europe, and and I think the world of the eyes yes you're right now, and the only one in the word in but sir two thousand fifteen? The answer to that. it's called challenge and due to the ideas of the hungarian government. Is that your races? and by some might, then you are not allowed to raise this topic. I think it's unacceptable from the democratic debate point of view Let me just see if I can get a quick answer on this. You are a christian nation
and you have amended or changed some words in the constitution that reflect that that in amerika, according to the press, makes you a christian nationalist or a christian theocracy. What, the difference, and can you be a christian nation without being christian nationalist I and you know I have no idea I use to use to work in academia before I became politicians, so so Definitions are very important, especially constitutional ones, but, but I think, if you put a reference point in the constitution? Debt? you have christian roots which should be preserved. I think it's it's not about exclusion of of others. It's about how to keep your kind
we together, and that the main problem, with with the current stage of progressively bureau democracy and as the problem of the restaurant now that there is a first, the furthest it became so neutral. Then you know the state cannot differentiate doing good and bad, and then the progress is occupied the state and they push, the ideology and they they just want to get rid of everything which which the founding principle of of the rest, and if you want to fight back, you have to use these sure, if you have demonstrated to change the constitution and eighty percent of the people I mean the grassroots waters, not the elites, are on your side. Then you have to put it on the constitution. You have too proud of. It is about others. It's about how to how to secure the the future of your nation that should be the job of
of the hungarian politicians. That's why I voted for constitutional amendment, We are talking to the political stir if you will in hungary, he is in our studios. In doubt texas, right now his prime minister, is gonna, be speaking in just a few hours at sea pack. He is a political, silent scientist he's a member of parliament and current, the political director to the prime. mr hum by also have heard from many sources that he might be the next prime minister hungary. Deafened continue our conversation here. Devil. If not, it will
Did your conversation at ten second station idea? It appears to me that there is a concerted effort by the world's elites to destroy the nation state and come to a new global order and do that they have to destroy our culture and our children, our families, etc, etc. What is the prime minister's opinion of the world economic forum and the great reset sorry, I didn't hear you. There was some problem with the or what is the prime minister's opinion of the world economic forum and the great reset yeah. So it's a very, very hard cash flow area,
question. You know we're we're not dumb, not that we are just a small nation, so our opinion obvious accounts, but we know that we are not the game game set their sea or so we just want to follow very closely what is going on, but its very obvious that the that the global elite things, as you mentioned in the beginning there, The disasters of the twentieth century were caused by If I by radical ideologies, return, return somehow linked to the roots of off if european civilization and civilization of the west, so they want to get rid of them and they want to invent something. would they want to changes society? They want to change the economic structure want to changed policy. the new media and everything and and and. You know it's just term.
And there are institutions and all the institutions which should be served. A goal to have Communication between the western countries- based on mutual respect, they are misused. They are just became ideology, corporeal, authors of this idea and in the end- for you in amerika. You can say then words economic forum and does not play an important role. Who cares but but imagine the situation that you are in the middle of a few robe with ten million people you just. Became free after the soviet yoke of occupation, You just joined the european union and they can put a lot of pressure on you and even even on the democratically elected governments, they want to force them to change their policies and they want to push the
ideology. If you are in line with our progress ideology, if you the rules, then we're gonna support you and Your life will be easier, but but if you don't do we whatever is needed to adjust destroy your country, your government and the will of the people and change the will of the people. This is an everyday experience from our side I've only got about ninety seconds here. What's your current stance on NATO are you in line mostly with what the alliance wants to do, bringing yeah sure nato. Nato plays a very important role in european security. What we think is that president tom, right. So the americans are protecting the european right now, that's The a fact and the europeans are not able to protect themselves, so we should be able to protect our often that's why we are also increasing the mediator. spending
but what they do is its, where it's very important, then it's very good because it's not ideologically based, but its geopolitically may so it say it rational way of cooperation, but europeans should pay a stronger role in the defence system, when we come in we come back, we're going to take a quick break and have or questions and and he'll have more answers for us, the lodge or bonn from hungry. I want to talk to him a little bit about gay rights. They get a bad name on gay rights. What is really happening? Oh, I cannot wait to ask about george soros. I think they're, the only country in the world that has banned him and his and his allies from operating in hungary more than just a minute, the Glenn beck program. If you
was watching me for any length of time. You know that I believe that the individual can make a real difference that people good people together will make a bigger difference in the world than any government it seems too many people that it's too small their ineffective, but together we make a huge difference. I want to talk to you about that old towers foundation. This is charity that I want you to check out for yourself. Never take my word for anything. Look it up and do your own homework yourself, one of the towers foundation is one of my favorite charities because they actually have held fast over the last twenty years after the towers fell on nine eleven. They promised that they would take care of the first
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victor Orban in our studios in Dallas. I'm sorry, I'm not there myself due to greet you. His name is at the lodge Orban, no relation to the prime minister, you guys have taken an extraordinary stance against George soros, which makes me one of your biggest fans just based on that alone Why is that churches very talented, hungarian man, you have to know that, but but the role he's playing in invest in politics I don't think it's a good role so and probably here in united states. He can also cause some troubles but in a small country like like hungary, he is
since this is money as it can be a game, changer soul and he doesn't like to be democratically elected. He just one wants to influence things from behind the curtains So there was one day in hungarian history before two thousand and ten when we had the, swing liberal? We would call it progressive, government in hungary, then what shortish spend more money in hungary, intercultural, extend the hungarian state itself, so he's influences is, is extremely huge, he's supporting media's ngos, politicians obvious the or representing the radical left wing progressive site so says, is, unfortunately, we don't have independent opposition. They enjoy church owns them, well he's making a huge difference here in American all throughout the west. I can only imagine what a small country he could do
so is he he's not welcome, nor his ngos or his money and hungry is that? Is that what you've done? obviously not not welcome but button, but the arab waiting there, he has more than sixty. Only eighty a day are operating there. There would. There was one. There was one issue with, but all migration institutions, because after the migration wave and then was mentioning you for one thousand people to simply add the hunger and thousand borders and we established a fan. Does that here? findings o d gratian aid than supportive ngos and, according to our understanding, he was a clear stance, against our own national interests and national security interests. So this is a field where, we reacted in a way hardway and we block the activity of those ngos but the, but he is here
here there, he is still yet still has candidate in politics as viable, and he is using his international gonna zation team, to put pressure on us. That's everyday issues, let me let me go to gay rights. We have I think america has gone off the deep end. I think we're the farthest out into the deep waters on much of this cultural stuff, and one of them is sexual. I Kennedy? There is no man, there is a woman. It's what you decide today, et cetera et cetera, and I know there was a referendum and it passed overwhelmingly to stop this in the hungarian schools. However, there is the difference between that craziness and p well being allowed to live their own life,
you defined in the constitution, marriage or no sorry. a family as a man and a woman in children, knows that exclude everything else: no nine can gaze get married or not not at all. All all the people are equal under god. Does the christian thought what we also follow and an old man can do well, would they want it's. Also, bout there, sexual orientation. So it's it's a free, countries that sense they also have civil partnerships, so they can. You can call it that kind of a marriage, but what we call it see. What partnership so it's available for them mean what is not their available in other countries, but these are about that. It's about the children, it's not about the gay people. It's about the children.
It's about the agenda propaganda which her which as in the united states has started to effect? add the sexual orientation of of minors of of kids, causing kindergarten through Some ngos through the media and and we stood up last year and we pass the law and you can and imagine what what what the scandal. Emerged in the european council there, all the other european leaders, they d gone mad the actual, the blog down the funding so the financial support which is coming to hungary from brussels because of that reaches actually ridiculous and totally unacceptable. So we had no chance to turn towards our waters. What did they say, and, as you said, it was one of the most successful referendums in the history of hungary, so
ninety five percent of the people said no to sexual any kind of sexual orientation in schools in kinda guidance Media. and gender reassignment sullen, and so so they said they'd, they say the very clear sign that they don't want. to file death phantom, what we see I dont want to judge. What is going on here in the united states would be definitely don't want to follow that kind of better, and if you want to stop it, you have to take action immediately. That's what we ve done! That's why we are under pressure, You kind of stuff you kind of sound like a a hungarian version of florida. From what I can see? and they use lorries are not scooping. as long as you're, not scooping people up with different lifestyles or harassing them more
pushing them out of society, then be you would be like turned to russia. And ukraine, I am now reading things that seem to be leaking from the white house that, concerned about president's lansky their concern that this is going well and maybe they ve made a mistake, Some of us have felt that way for a long time. You I have felt that way or your government has felt that way, that It was wrong if I'm not mistaken, that it was wrong for russia too. go in and I shouldn't have done that, but we should be brought green for peace. This is the hungarian para yeah. This is don gary and position at the vote. beginning, we condemn russian aggression. Currently we are hosting more than one million.
Craniums who pass our borders, we are welcoming them. Some of them are staying, some of them are going further, but but but but to doing our job, but and we supported the sanctions or the sanctions which were accepted by by europeans- because unity was very important but from the very first moment, we said that our strategy that the ukrainians, with the support of all of the western countries, with military equipment. They will be able to stop the russians and the mix sanctions will be effective against putting this. This is miscalculation, that's what we were representing from the very first moment and there and it seems that it turns out that that we were right so so, unfortunately, the thing is that that the ukrainians, they fight in bear very
pray way, but We all go away, it's about manpower and compare russian manpower to ukrainian manpower. It's about it should be about the numbers and there will be. One point where, when went and russia will be doing the big through and and and then the situation will be even worse for ukrainians and for the whole western world, were the other part of the story is sanctioning regime and- and the fact is that that probably was a good idea to stop energy exports from russia or try to stop energy exit from russia to to europe, but def daybreak, but to find alternative models, prizes us so much higher than that, than they can earn. Their money, which is needed to do in the war machine that the reality. I know that something else is coming through the liberal media, but this is the
everyday reality what we experienced- and I can see in europe that these countries are suffering, economies are collapsing, the inflation rate. This is skyrocketed and in stable governments like the government in the uk government? fatally like the governed by gear, the or they already collapse and and you know we are in the middle of summer, so what we have been hearing them, this time, a very tough time, so what level. What our recommendation is that we need strong euro. We need strong america. He'd, strong american leadership and speak immediate peace talks between america and russia. That should be done, and that should be the interests of the west as well. So the media, the says that conservatives care about hungary because we want to be fashion, which is the first.
From the truth? What is it that you think captive its conservatives. What do we have common and what don't we have in common, That's an elephant and although situation, where relationship reverie we had, we had the mouse and and the american conservatives are the elephant is so, but but I think what what hungary what's wrong. It complains that death have clear, cut conservative christian government for twelve years and the country didn't turn into a bad direction, just the busy? It went to a good direction, unemployment rate when down judy if grosses it's a the numbers are very good.
The societies furnishing number of marriages went up, number of divorces and abortions went down. Fertility rate is up safe longer. Hungarian cities are set, and sound you dont have drug problem. And so on and so on. So I think, I think, and you don't and you don't have google logs and secret police sure sure without these things we can. Then we could achieve that. So I think it's approve that if you stand up for your for your well use, and, and you can formulated a stable government which can exist for for a longer period of time. Then you can bring prosperity for your country. I hope, the same form for the great united states from thing so much for being on with us and we look for where to talking to your prime minister in the end
future. We appreciate you guys making this track out here and I, The american people will make up their own minds as they listen to the entire context in and not to what the mainstream media cares to regurgitate. I wish you well thank you. Roma. Thank you very much respect the god bless hungry. are back in just a second boy am, I gonna hey for that? In our view, oh, my gosh Glenn back the nazi, of course, he's withered she's I too low Tell you a little bit about our sponsor this half hour, its american financing and I'm a big. work and smarter instead a harder when it comes possible. To do so? Sometimes working smarter means letting someone else. Who is an expert show? you the way, that's that I deal with things. This is what,
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stay informed, sign up for the freedoms letter today, glenn back down com, the This is the glenda ram, I hope that I have asked the right questions and asked them in a fair way, as he was leaving. He said, he who really tough, and I said, I hope, I'm fair, and he said yes, but those questions have to be asked and answered. And and if you listen to me long enough to know. And you heard me with politicians before, if they say something- and I just think it's bull crap, I call them on it you know you ve been just no by listening to me that
I don't agree with that at all. If I would have sensed any bull crap on any of those big issues I would if I would have come out and said I don't believe you. I believe him now I wasn't in the room. Stew was: did you any feeling of any feeling of anything but honesty and openness yeah. I I see- and I think he was he was a nice guy and and and is trying to bridge. A cultural gap from hungary to america, which is not easy, eminent, so there's these are different traditions. Do you know that, as you point- with the languages even hard to get the exact right translation for people to do together. Which is understandable. I'd also like to thank you, though, for being
I offsite and leaving me in the room with a guy. As your asked you're like well, he could be Josef gerbils, we don't know, I don't know how he does what he thought off the roof. I'm not sure that's really comfortable for me just wanted to thank well, you know. It's amazing to me is how the left Will say all these things about victor Orban and could seem like he's, throwing gaze off the roof. He added same time there- all for the uranium deals in peace talks. Let's go over and talk to him embracing and are throwing gaze of the roof, makes perfect sense it it's in.
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when you are about to. Here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. This is goin back programme.
We just spent an hour with the political director of victor autobahn, who is giving a speech today in Dallas. He came into the studio to talk to us about hungary and, of course the press is going wild over big drove on actually call me crazy, coming out to texas to be heard, Treating him like a is hitler in nineteen. Thirty, three, we to find out the truth? We're gonna talk a little bit about this from the behind the scenes. If you will hear it just a second also mike my heart is breaking for the mayor of of washington d c and the mayor of new york, who came out yes, raids that we are being flooded with migrants. There being bus, stop from arizona, cal, end and texas and working
being bombarded with these. We and our budgets can we standard. We need a national emergency on this and I think I know no more a national emergency on this no you're. You should just have to absorb the people and all of the costs yourselves and in one of the most shocking things. I have found out that, because I want to, I want to quote this there are people now, five thousand people who been passed in two washington, d c and apparently so. of them. Just laughed in the middle of the night, Why? What is texas hiding my gosh, I cannot take the hypocrisy when I talk about this and so much more in the neck. Sixty seconds standby,
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but he's at least left the studio. So it's not uncomfortable for you anymore. I mean it was very nice guy and I want to say that it was uncomfortable. Dealing is very nice but you when you're, you know, your intro. While you were away from the studio, I'm in the studio with him, you're, going through all of the accusations from the mainstream media. It was a little uncomfortable for me, just a tad gelato, yeah, well you're like ay, I dont know Jake Joseph Garboils Icu, who is the better guys at this guy, or is it just a girl who need to answer that question? I don't know you know the new york times says he's murdered forty seven poppies. Does he liked I'm not sure I was a little bit Of course I would assume see. Pact would not be having him if he was a puppy murderer. So I think there is some indication that a lot of olive oil bs but interesting to hear from their from their mouth.
So you know one of the things that I like about today show is we go from Mr Armand from hungary right to Lauren bobo, and she's coming up next hour, so if there is somebody else that could make the media just think. I was the anti crisis even more I'll shoehorn. I'm in here in the next half hour does oh, my god, and she will take pride in that matter of traffic. What that her appearance will make the media go insane. I think that she will like oil, but by the way, have you heard. What run what around the santa said, on thursday thursday. He said is coming in announcement from him. That will make the media,
his head explode yeah said today being thursday. That would be that's. That's pretty interesting. You may have lots of the day. It is well. I mean people. I think people want to speculate that he's going to announce that he's running for president, but now he's not going to make literally no sense. He hasn't even won as governor race. Yet so he needs to that's, not a that's. That's not going to be it, but he is going to do something that apparently is going to I left completely insane he has shown an aptitude for that sort of behaviors. I think I believe him. What could it be? What could it passed believe me, any speculation, and all of you, because he's really hit all about button buttons really is If he's going, to build a wall around disneyworld. This time I dunno, I'm not sure what he's going to do a giant forty foot wall around disneyworld hubba. How about this? How about this that he does a press conference and he, yes it does. It would just the head of the giant mickey mouse. You know
like what's your name, Cathy griffith griffin, nor griffith, did you know I donald trump she's a blood? ripping auditing us like a pay? Kids. What do you think you should go disneyworld, although there in mourning right now all I think that would be great that'd be great: but we had it. That would be it The unforeseen ended would end, is career so I don't recommend it, but it would. It would be great I'd love to see it even it'd, be with mickey's career. Well, how would he act anymore if this had occurred? Yeah so would add his career. Okay. So I have got to reed from vanity. Fair of parts of this I call that are just crazy, crazy. Do they not here themselves, I mean least, I hear winner, like you know,
these executive orders that that job Why is is issuing. I mean that that's the road, the fascism. Ok, I get that but I also hear window old trump is issuing executive orders. the voices and the conservative side. That would say It's the only way he can get it done so he's gotta. Do I see the hypocrisy see there, I see it and I think most conservative see it. It doesn't, strike me as anyone on the left side. he's what they're doing sees the aps? Wait a minute wait you guys just said yesterday- cry against humanity, and today you're doing you're like what we want the other
kay, just put it for their own good. It's it's crazy! It's sort of a what of aid news. Busting superpower in a way fell in that ethical, has mastered this for many many years. I think there's a there's an element of Donald trump- that's mastered this as well, which is you Qaeda, if you, if you do, If you sit in the left as this, I think egregiously at times, but like you, don't, if you have me These sources that are friendly to you, you need to justify what you said. That was completely in the opposite direction. Just moments ago. Correct you don't need to come up with some sort of intellectual through, that makes any sense. If you just have the right amount of people on your side, you can kind of this just say it I mean like in a week using trump is an exam. or his his his dealing with north korea was a good example of this. He would lose
early one day say he was going to wipe them off the planet and the next day said they were good friends and in Donald trump's you know world. It was his present united states, he's doing this in some sort of negotiating tactic and trying to get what he can out of out of north korea, but, like the left us this on every one of their platform positions. You know they are all about keeping you. They don't want anybody to get in the relationship between you are a woman and her doctor. Oh yeah, we're going to spend a couple hundred trillion dollars on obamacare over the next few years and dictate every single piece of your healthcare. So oh and get a good vaccine requirements and these other things, but we don't want anybody relationship between a patient and their healthcare, and they could say these two things and never have to come up would an intellectual through line between them. That's it incredible superpower. If you can get away with it, I just you know, one of the right seems to be able to do that. Why
think because they only see the hypocrisy. I really don't think that their ignoring it anymore, I think they just never been held to any kind of standard. These the you know what they are. You know they are they are america with electricity at some wait. The tables are going to turn now in america, without any electricity you don't have to. Imagine long, because it's he's coming. Imagine if we were hit by any mp we'd be dead. Some of us within the hour we'd be like I can't microwave popcorn. What do I I mean we wouldn't be able to handle this. So a more primitive society woods just
weightless not out of us because die by guy. That's the way they are going to be, and they This is why they don't ever talk to journalists on the right. They don't ever have they just Dismiss them they might them because they can't Answer these questions that guy guy I kept my pop porn with a white they just or capable- because nobody has ever taught them so they have nobody question them, so they have no muscle all your dog defending, but I wouldn't describe as the cage. Ap p principle. current jean Pierre principle, which she see. like she's, never had a difficult question ever ass to her in her entire life, and so every time one kind of comes out of its almost always do see who's asking the question
and you don't want- asked to answer a question, and she just sitting there like perplexed as if this is a foreign language and why she so bad at or job she's never been pressed at any point in her entire life. Its clear- and this is now the five percent of the left. They never have to deal with a tough question trying to in reality to the equation, so when one comes up life really hard and you know it's it's a situation that, like on the right, is in some ways a blessing that we're counts. we challenged all the time, because we have no other choice but to figure out how to defend our prayers. suppose, if they stand up to evidence- and you know- that's- it doesn't make you- part of that when we talk about this, all the time would play in places like california. And you know, other liberal bastions were like the conservatives from those cut of those states from those areas are really really have a
have a strong foundation in their beliefs because everyone around them all the time, says they're insane and so there constantly having to choose themselves and make sure that their crazy, and when you go through that process, you become a much stronger, conservative and and and have your ideas much more fully formed are gonna. Take quick break. We we deleted some sponsors last hours, so we could bring you the orbit interview and squeezes much into that is possible, so you'd be too It's here to make good for that. First, full the tunnel twins tunnel twins. are preserving our nations history and it is a huge focus of mine. In fact, I spent almost all day yesterday. I've got some really exciting things to share in the future do. We have to find different ways to bring street to life and who get our kids interested in history. It's not
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Second station idea and we're back economic, monitoring the rada santas announcement, as he makes it to. Currently. It is something about law enforcement, and it is something about seemingly the bits and pieces I've heard so far see. You have to do with the idea that you know people can break the law over and over and over and over again keep getting released and then go on to do more and more crimes senate going after those the maybe the district neither the as if you know the way that they're prosecuting these. These
claims locally, so admirable will keep following it, but that is the gist of it. He is not announced her he's running for president he's, not announce he's running very willing of america way way way, but is he given their press conference? with making his head in his hand, he's got something in his and I dont know what it is so of it with it. If it is making a small right, it'd be sad if it was the real mickey look I didn't take it off the head of a costume those people inside those costumes. I don't think it is out of the actual making its desire that question and he's gonna bring mickey out and make he's gonna be on his side. You know maybe, making he's gonna, be like a whistle blower disney and that's how this whole thing ends Think I need to see on twitter somebody tweeted a picture of rhonda santas, just like Cathy griffin holding a little mickey mouse had a little mickey mouse head, the real
it's an island deny I would be around had now it is violent and it shouldn't happen, and it wasn't that mickey mouse was a cartoon. Then I would die with course, never say that Maybe his point is anyway: they don't even get prosecuted for crimes like that. be what he was highly right, For instance, can you chop their head off of a cartoon mouse and get away with it now not in florida and as of tomorrow, our right I want to get back to the immigration think, as I can't take it. I can't take it from new york and I can't take it from Washington DC. Listen to this Washington DC resident, who chose to remain partially anonymous. Part of the volunteer responds to the cities. Recent influx of people apprehended on America. Southern border says that helped mothers who arrived after being assaulted in front of their children. Let me ask you this: who assaulted them? Who is-
altered them because, if you're, meaning that the united states government, the border patrol or anybody who texas police, if they assaulted them We need to know, but what I am guessing is you mean the mothers were raped by the coyotes and the drug lords that help them across the border that A whole different thing now: isn't it because I care about that. I care about The police were assaulting, oh were they assaulted by its in in First thing thing left out of the vanity fair article anyway, been helping mothers who have arrived after being assaulted in front of their children, fathers with broken ribs who broke them. Families that are being done, on the side of the road in front of union station huh, sometimes in the middle of the night, well now
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well, just ready and email that was just sent from new york cities, human resources, administration to all names on its distribution last stand and the epic times just got a hold of it. It urged all staff who can work over time to do so to deal with a drastic influx of asylum seekers in manhattan and other boroughs, internal request comes a week after the mayor, Eric atoms described it growing stream of illegal aliens coming to the big apple as a real burden on new yorkers new york already has overburdened shelter systems again h.
he s ass, an age are a leadership and staff. In recent weeks we have seen a drastic influx of asylum seekers coming into our shelter intake sites. She, where do you think they're coming from these, must be from the canadian border so urgent. The city says they don't have the money to be able to deal with it. It's very much like the problems that you're, seeing, of course, with those four thousand immigrants that have been ripped from arizona and texas on a bus. and they say sometimes in the middle of the night. These people are just brought in. Without this these knowledge. Oh my gosh, that's heard of so oh, I just been crunching some numbers Four thousand illegal immigrants have come in over the last couple of months to washington, DC c for tat.
Does washington DC possesses a crisis they can afford it? They need federal assistance. A federal emergency has to be declared, four thousand over last couple of months. Do they know that the border patrol in texas is lasting more than four thousand illegal immigrants every day and those are the ones you know we ve arrested the small. Border towns have to cope with the Oh, it's only It's only one thousand illegal immigrants. No, we count the zero zero. Oh, no, it's one million illegal immigrants to these little teeny border towns. man hole the cow it is new york, and I do you know, mayor adamses, complained about it, even though the buses are only going to washington, d c, somehow or other people,
finding their way to new york and their homeless any to know what to do. You know Del rio has a population of thirty five thousand. and and thirty five, thousand people have now a shantytown of just haitian illegals, that speed up overnight of fifteen thousand, so just about half the population now is illegal and theirs A thousand illegal immigrants coming up every day In del rio, that is wow a thousand every day, and so in four days it equals what washington d c has had to deal with, how poor washington dc what they how to deal with over the last three months. Oh my cache. How are they doing it screw?
who Del rio house, Washington, DC, doing it and by the way, by the end of binding sturm. At this rate, the number of people led in the border will exceed six million people. So, let's look at this. Ok, so washington. D c is in a crisis. It is really bad. They have a budget. That was said at seventeen point, five billion dollars for the budget that's a lot: ok, seventeen point, five billion dollars where they get a squeeze the money for those four thousand immigrants that they ve got. No, unless for months you know, adele reels budget. On the other hand, seventeen point five billion will sound like peanuts, dell reels full budget full budget. All of it is a a one hundred and seven million dollars posed to seventeen point five billion. So
it's only a hundred and sixty three times bigger than del Rio. As you know, it look at Del rio's budget and gave you the full budget here. Okay, however, however, Let's do the math here, because if you look that washington, d c seven billion ever they got a lot going on. So let's just look at what what he is used just on homelessness, in washington, d c, thirty one million dollars now. Total possible border immigration budget that is taken cap acts, expenses, everything everything, that is the best system, the economic development corporation, the
channel room tax nutrition services, the service for women, infant in children, all train exploitation, the entire administration transportation operations. All of that economic development, you take all of. And they have a whopping total that we could you'd collapse, the rest of that, but you still have money. I mean it's still in the lights on it, city hall, have twenty three million two hundred fifty three thousand three hundred and thirty five. De d c, which solely focused on homelessness thirty, one million; okay, all right, I I Ok, I'm trying to see what the problem here is with Washington, d, c, new york
is also reporting not receive any of the bus immigrants and their now have a bug of one hundred and one point: seven billion dollars just to put in perspective, EL paso five per cent of disease budget brownsville point now. percent of disease total budget. Therefore, thousand four thousand in d c, it's a national emergency. Ok, I mcgowan it's three per cent of deceased total budget. Laredo has one went to four percent of deceased total budget. These towns are being swamped with people. There are more immigrants, then there residents in those towns and do you see the media doing anything about it? Do you see
anybody that cares those towns because I'm seeing a huge huge uproar in the press on a crucial it is to just two. These poor migrants and put him on a bus and ship em into a city like wash indeed see that just as not prepared but texas mexico, arizona, we're just expected to bring em all in millions bring it man shore. We ve, got all this money down here in texas because we're in oil and gas away selling the oil and gas anymore, because we ve been cut off by this in misery. Well, I'm sure we have money just common out of our ears, these small towns, you know of thirty thousand people Those thirty thousand you're telling me that there's not
billion air or two in town that won't even miss it. I mean I can go on a block. Love take that just the bloomberg. building there's. You know ten thousand people living in their three one third of the population of any of these towns Del rio? One third, and many billionaires just live in that one building come on off up your billionaires, laredo cough em up it's time for them to parry their fair share. This is sickening absolutely sickening when new york is affected or washington DC is effected at all by this, the media Those crazy and talks about how cruel and how these poor people are suffering and they have been mothers have been abused
on their way in to america and whose going to care for them, yeah, that's what we ve been saying, though, time Have you only care about it when money is involved, we, in texas and other border states are dealing with this every single day. we're, seeing people for stand but you flew a drone over. You know. Cnn was there with a drone, so they could see it. Yeah, yeah, I'm get about sending buses up to see an end. You know. Guy cnn will welcome you just the time warner center. They are going to love. Having bunch of migrants right there at the doors. of the time warner centre, because I know they love emigrants, they love you you're, just as american as they are
oh there and they ll help you. It is We are so close to winning at so close to death. This is going to be the only one is gonna last in the end, and progressive, think it's america, that's gonna fall, I hope to god that we are all awake and I think we are The trust in the media is the lowest ever, but that doesn't mean you can do. Disengage you can unplug and caught the cable. but you have to find a source of information that you can trust to keep you up. speed, because we are very very close to the end game. It could have in this fall, but
think americans are waking up, and finally, there are some people that are standing up like randy, aunt is run santa's standing up with mickey mouse with them Head of mickey mouse, you know just bring him dangle by one year, yellow. I think were, I think, we're close to winning just don't sit down and listen, let's make mickey's blow, The last blood that is shed, ok, sure it's cartoon mouse, but no more even cartoon blood, please this half hour. Creating a parallel economy in this country is not easy, but it's pretty odd. At this point, we really have to big america. businesses have become inundated with leftist policies, which is why,
I've companies like verizon donating a portion of your bill to things like and parenthood. I don't that you want that, I just want to go. so company can give me good cell company. You know I don't lectures or anything else, and I certainly don't need cell companies taking my money and then in asking it in things that I am one hundred and ten percent against like one that doesn't despise me. I'd like the chairs, my values, I'd actually like one that is fighting it, always in the fight with us and there like yeah, I'm pro life, I believe in amerika, I believe in the of the bill of rights and actually doing things with their own money to stay. up. Well that company is here and is called patriot, mobile, patriot mobile, dot com. Slash back. I want you to switch today. These are the good guys, you don't say great services are on the same cell towers as all the other yahoos
nine seven to patriot nine seven to patriot, get free activation. Now, if europe akron or first responders. Let him know because they have special discounts. Just for you, so come enjoying the movement, make this today, its patriot I dot com, slash back patriot mobile calm, slash back or call nine seven too, treated decline back programme, This is the glinda programme. Now, in Gin imagine mickey mouse in the hand of rhonda santas justice head, not runs but but make emails his head. As he makes this announcement in florida just few minutes ago.
The constitution of florida is vested in media power in the governor, not an individual state attorneys, and so, when you flagrantly violated your oath of office, will you yourself above the law. You have violated your duty. neglected your duty and you are displaying a lack of confidence to be able to reform those duties, and so today we are suspending stated turning through war. Now What I know about andrew warrant is he's a sorrow sky. and didn't he make hillsboro county a abortion. Sanctuary. Yes, it here- only a sanctuary county, I feel curbing right. The guy made to cut the hills were a hillsboro, a sanctuary county for late term abortionist and doctors who perform castration, slash double mastectomies on minors, law our law. So currently here
Those things actually are supposed to mean something- and this has been an interesting thing, because we had these big debates on what the law should be, but that the left and speed typically george soros and the organisations he funds have found way to sort of dis. Up to this system and just put people in place. don't enforce the laws. So then the debates, don't matter, doesn't matter if Abortion is illegal in your county. If you just have some and who is refusing to an where's, the law that exists well As is doing something about that today, you know, that's the problem, the president of the united states. His main job is what. to enforce the laws, to make sure that the laws in forest and if he, you know he's not even supposed to veto Any laws unless he finds them unconstitutional, so he can't go like
I really don't like this one. That's not what he said it to do with the veto power. It is. I feel this is unconstitutional, then the first stop for the constitution, protect in defending it, then it goes back, griskin override that veto and then it would to the supreme court That's the way works run, run So this is the only guy. Seemingly that is standing up for the law. and god bless him and he's right. It's gonna make the that is going to make the media's had explode. even more. I have to admit it. I'm coming out saying I just be headed mickey mouse.
I think this one is probably a better move for a governor, I'm not together. This is the line back programme Let me tell you about home title fraud. You could already be a victim of home title of fraud and not even know it yet, Cyber thief may have already forged their name onto your title of your home and say, find out our partners over it on title of a great deal. Where you going on right now to go to home title locked out com, you can simply and enter your dress, for your free, no obligation home title scan. This is how you discover if someone is already camping on your homes title you don't want that to happen. That's that's it! That's bad! So you go there. You
I look at your home title information see if any of the any of the sessions at any of these shenanigans are going on, and then you see if a cybercriminal has already have access to your home's title. If that's true you're in you know, you want to make sure you reverse that as soon as possible, but the best way to protect yourself going forward is, with home title lock at home title loc dot com. If you use the promo code, radio, you will even enter your address to get your free, no obligation home title scan is one hundred dollar value free right now, at home, title loc, dot com? The code is radio poem, title locked dot com, the code is radio. We started the show about ten seconds
when you are about to here is the fusion of entertainment and
the Hello america and welcome to the Glenn Beck program. Well, you know, I thought I thought I could make the media's head explode today by having mister obama from hungry on today, the political adviser to the prime minister of that evil evil place hungry. Do you know hungry? Do you know how to actually that's where transylvania is? It's got to be? Evil anyway, thought I thought I'd make their head explode, but you know just in case they didn't. I thought I would put the cherry on top of the the ice cream here and have Lauren barber VA beard on Lord gilbert is a congressman that the media hates the left despises. Oh, this should be fun. We begin in sixty seconds the
No. I find this incredible. There's a new survey out the other day that suggests over sixty percent of americans now believe we're in a recession or even worse, a depression, tai team. What a bunch of dopes! Doesn't anyone listen to our president right now when he speaks, I mean Joe Biden when he says no. Do it is clear to anybody that we're in the middle of the greatest economic growth of our lifetimes sure gdp growth was negative for two quarters in a row, but that doesn't mean anything blah blah blah blah blah josh you should you should really watch c n n. You know what I mean and perhaps stick your head in a blender to see what happens. Listen, I dunno as clearer. It could be, but now would be a good time to look into investing in gold and silver building
at hedge against the coming insanity that we are facing. I urge you please call Goldline today talk to them about it with every legal tender bar sold or purchase this week, you're going to receive two of the new one out silver. Benjamin franklin coins at no cost. Don't wait to call for the special it'll sell out quickly, call them right now: eight, six, six goldline, eight six, six gold line or line, dot com so I think the first my first encounter were lost, Barbara was when He came out if I remember why, it's a glock on our hip. and she was telling democratic presidential candidate better work, hell. No you're taken my guns, no you're, not and I've loved, ever since learned
bird. How are you I'm doing great glen? You know that was a fun and sassy day. I I didn't really know what I was getting myself into. It's just to piss mom and a gun. and I heard the Democrat playbook just announced from a presidential debate stage and nobody was saying anything of this guy so drove three hours to. President rally with my glock on my hip: look them in the I told him hell no you're not taken our guns. Can I now look at us now you are hated and buy a lot of people. How does it feel as a person? Well, I dont get my value from the media from the left, I know who created, and I guess I value from my creator- I'm not going you look to some some made up false things. to get my myself worth from so I don't really mind that they hate me, and it also lets me know that I'm on the right track, because they can stand the truth. They hate
virtue. They hate anything that is good about amerika. And so whenever they come after me, like I we're doing good. yeah, but I mean you know you talk about virtue, but you had an abortion on your boy yeah. I didn't know where we are going to terminate another ten creates baby today, I mean this is now they cannot attack personally enough, because they always stretch it too far, and now they just completely make it up. They completely fabricated. There there was. These lies saying that there were two terminated. Agnes ease. I was an escort stripper, an attic, all sorts of things and you know, we'll get tired of it. There, like you, know that discredits anything that they're trying to do because it so out of touch, but that's I will have my lawyers handle that one
it amazes me that cnn talk to the guy who lives things up and he said you know okay, so there were some inaccuracies. I dont know accusing a woman of having an abortion. After being us a stripper in a drug user and a prostitute, then my to be a little more than just an accurate and cnn is even said. They asked two. Are you going to apologize? Has he apologized down and now he devils down on a daily basis, as I stand by his claim, stands by his Anonymous or says so? No, this is. This is not something that he is backing down from and frankly neither am I you know it's interesting it. I have four boys. I had gosh stretch of nine years of pregnancies and toddlers and where and what not and they could have picked any aids to make up these terminations pregnancy terminations and they pick two different dates where I was,
net with children that I had right smack in the middle, the brain of means making that's the best you can do you couldn't get their birthdays, the media media. Can you get my birthday right? yeah, you know CNN. While they said these are inaccuracies and he admitted to them still go on to say these things are not proven, reigns of calling them alive right. They just say they're not proven as if somebody could prove them still taking that jury firm cnn. I can't, even though you know it got dieting article that we did from them, but but yeah now for them to still go would that not say no? This did not happen. They wouldn't do it So you have a new book. I called my american law, yes and the as I can there. I'm sorry, I have not read it I tell you Who are somebody who started out? You were working, it mcdonald's, you, you know words
ripping or being prostitute, but somehow or another you made it. Maybe of adding more money, you know, and we are we're living in a in a time now, where everyone is being told they can't make they can't do it without a government, handout so the message of my american life. I said Anne the messages you absolutely canning, you do not need the government's handouts to to get you through life. In fact, it puts you in a cycle of poverty that traps you. I was he's in a democrat households, and I wanted to tell my story, because a fake news tries to tell my story for me and they get it so wrong. All the time at others my story myself but I was raised in a democratic households, my mom, she moved as from florida, too little a little apartment, aurora, colorado and the man that she moved in with we soon found but he was very abusive, abused her views drugs,
alcohol and it left her looking for answers. She went to Democrat, politicians and four answers and they they said. This is the way that you are sick. Asphalt that you could be successful, take care of your children and it was welfare. So I've stood in line for government cheese have stood in line for bread and I've been in the cycle of poverty that is impossible to get out of kids every time. Mom wanted to try something else. They would say no to know you, you can't that you won't make. It won't be enough for your family and so eleven years old. I knew that that was not america's best. Started working. I mcdonalds fifteen. I'm so glad that There was a minimum wage low enough that they can invest in me at ten years old currer they eat the. I had no experience. I'd, know work ethic and they were able to invest in me and teach me those qualities that fifteen years old and I register and we're getting that first paycheck from mcdonalds it was so great. I learned to things
of all? I didn't like this, like guy, that was taken all my money, I didn't remember him stuffing fry boxes with me. I couldn't recall him standing next to me, but somehow he got most of the money, but also just the pride and empowerment of having put my hand something and creating wealth, and so I began you become a self taught conservative and I saw that these principles, truly leads to a better life and I went on to marry my husband. We have four boys I ministered to women at the garfield county jail a first step. oh years, and I can open up businesses but up restaurants and rifle colorado, one of them being shooters, grill that really golf nationally, but it was so great to bring these women from the jail who felt like their options. were expired and I was able to introduce these women to the god who turns their shame into glory and then once they got out. say it's not over. You can
alex, is a successful life and I was able to bring them into my home. I was able to offer them jobs, and this was so much more powerful than a government handout, and I saw these women just have tremendous lives afterwards, so All of these values have led up to this. You know I have a passion for justice and the constitution, our country and our boys to be raised in a socialist nation? I don't want them to live in a socialist nation, so I'm here to preserve america will be. Hey you, they absolutely despise yeah when you ve been called every name under those under the sun right let loose, me before I get into. Why is it that they ate you? Let's stay your story here for furred for just a second check you
you volunteered you time, you were not a politician right at this time interior time and you then take these women who have just left prison and you hire some of them and they go to work. And do you stand with any of them. There are well that I stayed in touch with. Most of them have moved out, Fortunately we we ve seen some day. You know got falling back, hard times and and reverted back to two her old ways, but we have some great success stories to many would would to church with me and their families to church. Eventually it is really a beautiful experience. And so I've seen just so much joy of seeing them clean up their lives and in just have this complete restoration and too well to watch. That process was amazing, so
if you're you're you're doing all of these things, and then what makes you want to get into politics yeah? Why really was just tired of politicians saying one thing on the campaign trail and then getting wherever we send them and doing something different. Whether its state capitol washington dc air, even our are mayors sooner, they say one thing to get elected: they say they have these plants. firms and policies and and then they do something completely different and it let us down Not only that I saw too many, politicians giving away our freedoms our freedoms dont come from politicians are rights, do not come from politicians, don't even come from the constitution there guaranteed by the constitution, but these are our god. Given it's our natural rights, and so it so frustrating. When I see, politicians, elected officials give away those rights and we were battling that right now, Washington dc with our second rights we writes stinks.
publicans path, Nancy play sees a our fifteen gun grab. To republicans. Did that Democrats didn't do that they didn't have the it's for it. They could even pass a kidney stone. Republicans pass that for her. Ok hang out, just as they are either take one minute break here, and then we're back with congresswoman loan bobo Lauren borders standby. First, your dog you know the difference between a healthy and unhealthy food, but his body does when you're feeding him dry, kibble food, for instance, is body is telling him that everything is eating is dead because table food has to be sterilize for long shelf life. That's it comes out of the factory you're done body knows that and ease missing out on key ingredients in their several signs that they are licking their feet, etc, etc. Such other signs at my dog was doing. I didn't know what that meant. Please check
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factor dotcom one. Eight hundred for relief, one, eight hundred for relief relief factor, dot com or call eight hundred. The number for relief really factor feel the dish since ten second station idea, I'm just asking the congresswoman. If you can stay for until about forty five yeah, you gotta after the hour, yeah, ok gray. So let me just go to your mom. Your mom is in an abusive relationship. And she gets out of that sellers she's trying to raise a family by yourself and you, our very against welfare, but you don't have up you
make sure people aren't def dependent on it. But you don't have a problem with the government helping out those who are truly in need. Do no, no, no, no there's a safety net there, but there are so many abuses to it, and so many people who are able bodied, who can go to work and provide, their families, my mom, absolutely, could have done something, but she was told by the people in these offices. It will never be enough. You will lose everything your family will suffer and felt like she would. the failure of a mother, for trying to be successful. She was too that she was inadequate and cannot do this without the government. She believed there lies and we lived under their failed policies and you one when I knew out of the home and I started working, my mom got a job. She started working at a hair salon and then she became the owner of the hair salon and a very was very successful? And you know she decided took to leave that kind of work at my restaurant
and that was an amazing experience when she came to work their cause they're. There would be days my what restaurant was shooters, grill and rifle colorado. All the waitresses open carry so we're very, very popular people wanted to come and see what the girls with the guns and Sunday it would be so busy and so hectic it would. It would take em Can you in you to just smile at the customers, because you're so busy at would call my mom on those days and it's a mom. Can you just? down here make my customers happy and she would cunning he would walk in the door and start at table one and everyone would be lost thing laughing with her led laughing at her stories, and everyone would just have the best time and she come in and simply bring joy to the restaurant and that you made it up, time thing and started working out the restaurant- and you know it was. It was amazing, but my mom is my best friend she's, been through some really really tough times and been deceived alot nor life, the sheep is an amazing woman. That's great,
Let me let me go into some of the things that have gone viral with you when I got up used at the reason venezuelans are eating eating their dogs is because They don't have firearms. Well, that's where it started. Is it not the case Tell me what you mean by that before god go away in amerika. We have these, core may die Each treat businesses you could walk in and get core main biscuits for your dog. Visit Venezuela there eating zoo animals there eating dogs in venezuela started with them. Take the second amendment way, and that is how the the communists took over in Venezuela, people's guns, oh absolutely disarming them right now we are free citizens in america, because we are armed and once hours firearms are taken, from us once our right to defend ourselves against aid too reaching tyrannical government is taken away,
that that never is that is when we are no longer free citizens and we are subjects subjects to the rule of the government. We are doing it bit by bit. They found ways to go around things. Are making it difficult to buy guns ammunition. Now they are there. bullets to the higher ass. Ah, I know it What is that all about yes and then that the twit holes on that get on their think on twitter? They think there. There tell me they're, like also want to defend the please, because you don't iris agents to have to have firearms like if you are not simply think that that's the police. but we have a lot bigger problems if you want the ira doing a police force, and that is a much bigger problem, real problem is there any? We have one minute before a break? Is there anybody that you think is I mean: do we have the numbers because of the worthless rip
lincoln's that we have in ends. You know some of the s s. Do we have a chance of pushing this back? I hope So I m doing everything that I can. I am a member of the freedom caucus. I know that we are pushing hard on the Senate and- and I need the american people to call the senators- those calls matter that public pressure matters, I mean we got the disinformation governance board, shut down with public pressure, so put the pressure, on the senators and make sure that they do not pass as our fifteen gun grab. so much ok, we'll be back with more injustice. Second standby Glenn
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the lauren bull bird is with us. Now she is going to be speaking on saturday at sea pack in Dallas she's in for the day, and then she flies back home and then she's back here on saturday for the speech, I'm going to be speaking right around the same time and president trump is also speaking on saturday: and I have to ask you in, and you may not want to answer this question. is nancy Pelosi senile or just drunk all the time. You know You don't see her in person. I promise you. It is so much worse in person. It really has and the house chambers, the temperatures to very low speed, cold and the house chambers, and I figured it out to preserve nancy.
I I believe it. It saves a lot of walt disney. Yes, I believe it's to save on a lot of the cosmetic features, and you know we're we're saving her on the botox costs, but also it's it's very important that the temperatures just right in the house chamber because, if it gets to warm her eyes, I will begin to melt and then we can see how high inflation really. So I I really want to know, is she's senile, or is there something else going on? no he's really she the point. I say on a regular basis that she does not drink, which tells me she's, probably trunk, Well, that's the way that the way they do it in the democratic party that work there, a fascist there, the fascist actually talk to me.
What about e s g and the great reset know about it, and so I I want to know a lot more about this. I have read your book. The great reset I've read it once. I've listened to it twice a great audiobook and so they have a lot of plain time and want to understand this so much more. I want to partner. with you on this is scary stuff and they put it right out there. Right out in the open, the world economic forum and there there just candidly here's what we're doing guys, what you're going to do about it- and I you know modern, modern monetary theory, I see this happening in kind there is on a regular basis. They just spend money, spend spend, spend it more more debt, I believe that this is the answer. You no clue change that this is the existential threat to the world You know these yes g ratings said to you know you were we're not going to be able to get anything without our Aren't you being rated with europe,
yes gene and how environmentally friendly you are You know I mean they're they're not wanting to give go, got yeah. No, as they say, I'm currently eddie at my ranch witches, because I'm way up in the mountains, it's completely off the grid. So I have to use solar and everything because of that I know solar power. or wind power. Here not right ready for primed no, Yesterday we had a fire up the gender generators. What by eight o clock in the morning, because we were we already were using so much jews. Stop that I couldn't go on the air with The power that we had a mandate is not ready. For prime time we are dumping. All of our security for this I dream of zero emissions? Yes, you know I so I serve on the natural resources committee, and this was a priority for me coming to congress. I I record and western colorado southern colorado. We have some of them
just resources in the world right there under our feet, but politicians are regulating our communities into poverty, forcing us to keep it in the brain in the ground our forests that they want to lock those lands up? So we can't extract any of these resources and and utilize them, but It is so important right now. How to be energy independence we have to get back to that. Would I these guys on a regular basis and the natural resources committee. They want to outsource our energy development to our adversaries. They they claim this moral high ground and there really just not my backyard extremists. They I've seen the billionaires in new york who say no, oh sure. I for the wind, the wind turbines, but there but one right next to my house across the street, can't they put it down farther. I get middle see that they are gonna, be impacted by that, but also here in the committee, they
they're fine with having forty thousand children mine with their bare hands for cobalt and the congo owned by china then that that cobalt, those rare earth, minerals, go to china and we I solar panels from them and feel good him a virtuous about ourselves, get to pat ourselves on the back of our group. We are so it's really disgusting fighting this, but also its it's. So descent deb look you're, using generators right now, you're off the grid and having to use generators for your energy. These electric vehicle Many of them have, we seen you know hooked up to a generator and if you notice, Glenn but I'll? Let you know little secret, the electric vehicles they don't even have gas petals. They have coal fired energy. I do You said you said the earlier this summer that the church
supposed to direct the government. And everybody labeled you as a white christian nationalists. First I have to ask: are you a white christian national atom kidding who says I'm a christian taliban, so I dunno I dunno? No, no! No! This is so funny I churches supposed to influence the government and end. The Democrats want to flip this and make it something that is totally not they wanted to say that I am for theocracy, I'm not for theocracy. We have a great constitutional republican, I'm here to defend that, but the church get involved, because if we stay silent we lose by default I believe there is a giant adam, but it's not that it's not the governor that influences are sorry it's not a religion or the church that any losses government it intervened. Fluency is us right. Hopefully
to do the right thing, and then we influence the government correct. While when I say the church, I'm talking about the people, so when I get up in a church say good morning, church, I'm not talking about the building and not talking about how they filed the church is the people and and and that's not just four walls, and so I guess I can. I can expound, I'm not a little bit, but John Adams, you know he said that this country was made for a moral and religious people for for christians- and you know I am so glad that we have the freedom of religion and people can can experts ass their religious beliefs, if their christian or, if they're not does it doesn't matter. We have that freedom here, we don't have fled a state church? They didn't want that. They didn't want the government Determining religion, but absolutely have a part to play and we cannot remain. silent. We have to be involved, we have to speak up, we have to be loud and and be in front. You know
they want to make this about my really in personally. They want to attack my religion personally. They want to attack christianity, single that out. Look at the supreme court victory that we just had with the coach whose preying on the field They want to single him out. They want. You cancel him, but the supreme court. no, you have your ear religious liberties and you can go had a brain. School whoop I fail to recognise that they themselves woke news. Is Lydia, cracked. It has all all of brien markings of a religion. It you can't argue with it. You can't deviate from it There are high priests that can destroy you and call you a heretic gas, the ito it either has redemption or no redemption. I mean it is a religion. Yes, absolutely an end to the left government. Is god
you know so they know they don't believe that there is a higher deity than government and that's why they want this totalitarian rule. You know, I just think it's awful that a pasture pastor or father priests. What whatever you may be a deacons stint could stand up and say and not be able to talk to him congregation about politics about govern. and and in the left, once completely in. conversation but get those politicians can go to that. urgent, shut him down. They shut down. Churches. That is our first amendment right? We not only the freedom of religion. We have the freedom to assemble and they shut on our churches and now those pastures not allowed to say anything about the politicians that shut them down crook because of separation of church and state right, which is a misunderstanding, and in this way all those all,
Politicians will go to lefty churches right and speak about politics. There Absalom, that's not the governments fault, that is the churches, fault for beef afraid to speak out There are very, they think that they will do you no lose their five away, see three or whatever, and that's that's not true rights, not true. They have a right to do that. Yes can and should say so. Let me let me ask justice last question: is it better worse or about what you, thought going to washington and working in washington. All of that It is what I thought, because this very difficult it's very partisan, unless you know we have a couple rhinos passing stuff for nancy Pelosi and it's it's
because I didn't fully understand the self governing mature the rule of the body and end that nancy policy can literally make up whatever rule she wants. You could put a magnetometer for the members to go through a fine. You, five thousand there's four, not wearing a mask. I've been fined because I wasn't we're in a mask and house not doing it they all of these rules that she can do. That's really. bad. It's really bad that we can't have debate and regular order and and actually add amendments to bills and and actually have committees. Where legislate. Jane goes through the community of jurisdiction. Before goes on the floor, Nancy Palacio just pull a bill out and send it to the floor. Without going through many and is its very frustrating, but is also better because There are more members of congress there that are are there for the right reasons. They are principled. They are here for a country for
people, they love people and there they are to do the right things. I thought I was gonna find, maybe four of them, and they heard there are quite a few more than that, and that is something that is very inspiring to me. These are the people that I like to spend my time with an alike. So my time with the lobbyists and K street. You know I want to be around virtuous people righteous peep. who who care about our country and want to get this back on the right track. What you Inflation want to secure our southern border, wanna, take care of these gas prices, and so, much more, and so these are the people that I spend my time with, and that makes it so much better than I thought it was an and then just seeing the hope that people Merrick. Have I have the privilege of travelling all cross america trying to get more. Conservatives like me, elected to serve with me I travel. My district very, very heavily and see the hope that people have that we, will turn this around, and I know that there's hope Glenn. I would not leave my for boys and my husband. Every
to do what I'm doing. If I didn't think that we can fix us excellent. Thank you. So much Thank you for your service and proceed coming in think. I'm upset that is the republican congresswoman from colorado. She's got a new book out called my american life, its representative laura bogart back in just a minute, the so Michael lives in connecticut. He was living for years. With pain in his elbow, tried long time to find a way to get rid of the pain and nothing really work. Something would help him. You know just for a short while, but it would come back then one day. Michael heard me talking about relief factor on the radio and decided it's worth a try in working to be out. Twenty bucks this is becoming an old story. Now Michael got his life back. The pain is gone. Annie.
On it without something that is a drug. It was developed by doctors and has four key ingredients to help the body fight inflammation. Try. their three week. Quick start Ciba done work for you, it's nineteen, ninety five call one Eight hundred for relief, one eight hundred for relief relief factor dot com developed for you were the factor dot com. Eight hundred the number for relief relief factor feel the difference climb back joined the conversation. Eight eight. Seventy seven be easy. I have had the privilege this week. To spend time with many of the best artists in america and too
from India that are like really famous in india, and are just beginning break out here in amerika. I bid shell, dunaway thomas black, sheer jeremy lip king josh com, air, albin basilica, MIKE mom mode collector amazing talents and I've up here in the year. At the ranch we ve been doing a stir retelling session, trying to help artist. understand how to craft a great story and angus and Sarah Fletcher. Have flow in and then some great workshops on on story and you're talking last night about you know if we try We care about the things that we All love? If we care about them, not going away.
We all have to do our part in telling a story and that's not partisan, that's the things that we were all supposed to agree on, that we all found self evident. We don't anymore, and I think its impact for the art world to start tell stories you know Landscapes are great and their beautiful, but at this time we not be telling the story sits? Isn't that what caused the renaissance war war? Storytellers, like michelangelo and Leonardo DA vinci, they told the story, christianity and those principles that had been lost in the dark ages. So I just I urge you to go to the inspired art league dot, org, inspired arts league dot, org and if europe, if you're an artist
follow what is coming by making a documentary on this whole week and yesterday just I sat there and I mean these people are. Are giants in the art world, and I sat there and I everybody's art was critique by the whole group? I wasn't it didn't go well for me. it was remarkable to see these people are now how much they understand story and how they are. Thinking about incorporating things into their our work thanks to the inspired arts league, for
putting this on we're glad and we were proud to be the host of it here at the standing rock ranch, or I will be back tomorrow morning- disease, the Glen back programme, and.
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