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Will 2021 Just Be More of the Same? | 12/31/20

2020-12-31 | 🔗

Justin Barclay fills in for Glenn. 2021 likely holds more of the same in store as 2020. What happened with the GA election and why isn't the media reporting on it? Pat Cilbeck, former MI state senator, joins to discuss the problems arising around Dominion voting machines. Vera Sharav, a survivor of The Holocaust, joins to discuss the frightening authoritarianism of governments' response to COVID. Buddy Gainey joins to discuss the explosion that occurred in Tennessee on Christmas. Author Donald Miller joins to talk about the importance of faith in these trying times.

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Like you're about here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment land that programme agreed earlier I can I can I can I say that technically it's not. Why new year yearning, we have lost somewhere. Maybe it has already look. I am more than ready to get this year over with David exude, what is twenty twenty want to have in store for us, turns out probably much the same as twenty twenty we'll talk about all that matter of fact, some major things you want to hear about, in this slow traditionally slowness time, fact, you're not hearing about what happened in Georgia. Yesterday some bombshells drop and much more.
We'll get all of it- coming up just in Barkley from W o o d in Grand Rapids on what radio filling in it for the way that I have to go back programme so much or for twenty twenty one, as we knock on the door. Time is ticking. Twenty twenty is swiftly flying out of our hands: and a lot of of celebrating that a good thing in a lot of ways. but I don't mean to be the mirror bad news, I'm just saying if you want to look. forward. Do what is to come. You have to go too far. We'll talk about some of those things that you can do to really get a grip on what is coming, and you know- maybe to shape suddenly me why Let's go to Georgia, because one of the things we saw this last year in
as recently as a complete media black out here. It has been special since the election, quite something not just on the usual sorts of suspects, resources, the mainstream media outlets, the networks in the papers, etc. but also in social media. It's been tough, they get the word out o about election for questions of this alleged election, fraud In fact, yesterday big hearing happening in Georgia, did you see this on the news chances? Are you didn't breast Its Rudy Giuliani yesterday. There ten ways to demonstrate that this election was stolen said, the votes were phony that there are a lot of them dead bull felons.
Phony, ballads phone email and ballads. How is it that in every single republican county in this state, state senators rent ran ahead of the president by force. To six percent, every single. What exactly forty six percent The present favorability in this state Reno That at least a few of those cases he's gonna run ahead of it, public centres. And it just so happens, it's just in states where they fix devoted that happened in other states. The present ran ahead of most republican States energies. So I'm tired of Restraining their so many ways are demonstrating at you know, it is a question of courage Ultimately, a question of cart. Have the courage to stand up. to the obligation. The constitution. I save put on you to save our people from fraud to save the reputation of the state of Georgia. From
in history certifying a phoney vote, led to the wrong resulting election, which will be diverted to history Do you have the courage to put up with what's going happen. If you will back change that certification and do the right thing, the president's turning As a former mayor already Giuliani, their language, compelling argument promise. Americans are hearing it and even with the fair. Most Americans are hearing it. There are a lot that stand up and say: hey. We think maybe something a little off, but you know interesting because you can't have that conversation. You can't ask questions. and social media, censoring everything in fact that that video, I still every have we heard any. We yet even hear what we have what that video. where they're pulling
boxes cases out from turning to table after they close things down that night? was reported that a watermelon had broken and state farm and they had to get in there repair, and so they sent everyone home. You see on video them, leaving this a security, camera footage, and then a bit later after all, the folks have left the observers. What are they these cases, everybody the table, go to town count in these things have yet to receive and explanation of what happened. We have yet to hear from those people who were there in the room. If this was any other day and age, we have investigated reporters knocking on their doors, asking questions they be sitting down and they be answering these questions. In fact, this Georgia, senator or origin the legislature? They would have these people testifying one of them as to what happened.
If there's nothing to see here, we transport- What about it be open about it. but that's not what we ve seen this entire time, the EP lack of transparency. I believe is the evidence. Something Nefarious went down. something very wrong and how got effect and play out coming up with the Action in just days. We shall see. But I gotta tell you when it comes to one twenty one and what's on the horizon, more we witnessed in twenty twenty. Unless people stand up And unless we start to see some change, what about what some of that is also what you may have missed yesterday, because- there was bombshell after bombshell, one particularly big one drop yesterday.
When it comes to those dominion. Machines in Georgia that I found. Really fascinating. We have heard all along that these machines. Nothing to see here the cant connect to the internet. Theirs issues- there's no, no, no chance or problem tat, the hack, these machines, but, as I've said all along should never be even appearance of impropriety. We can't afford that in our system, because if that is possible,. All bets are off. I saw a story, I don't know it's a pole actually down ablaze right now, you go over and check it out. Fifty five percent of very conservative phone to label themselves. Very conservative George Voters say they want What about neuron ass
they're gonna stay home, because it's a rigged process that I'll know who the pollen elegant anymore, that coming up and whether it's it's legit or not, but I don't blame him. I understand. If you're in Georgia, I get it if you're. Anywhere in this country, knew voted in your scratching, you're, a hack, I'm in Michigan. We certainly have plenty of questions about what happened here, and we have some answers in fact about it happened in Antrim County. We gotta look into those voting machines. and if you know Antrim County, if you down it's a tiny little counting up north, generally votes and swings republican. There were some issues this year. and all was revealed more questions than answers. and the answers it we got were pretty shocking. We ve talked about
Before and I am therefore going to filling foregoing awhile back with had guest on the attorney that was applied that lawsuit met, porno we ve talked to him. Talk to another friend he's a former Michigan Senator he was actually there at the teeth. you have set. Convention Centre in Detroit. You probably seen the video and, if the photos where again for trade, parity purposes in them All of this, counting not on, did they stop in the middle of the night like handful of states, but in the mean the counting the next day they decide for transit, Patsy purposes? Get our best practices what they we're gonna do was put up card bored over the windows, so that for that we're outside trying to get in after they kicked observer after observer out trying to get in.
there won't be able to see anything, a complete lack of transparency. So what happened in that room matter fact: he'll shed some light on that plus what were learning about those dominion machines from Antrim County, and you have heard a lot of talk about January. Sixth, there's big news about that coming out of our yesterday with them Josh Holly we'll talk about that. What could but our January six, what is store for this country, as we inch closer. to twenty twenty one back After this on the Glen Back Programme, welcome back adjusted, Barkley, Hanford back the tyrannical em back programme and, questions that are still unanswered from twenty twenty. We march forward into the new year, get some answers. We do have some, but not a questions remain what I find is a smugness and some of these folks who
refuse to even asked or entertain questions. These are the journalist and I use air quotes. That should be curious, I am I'm, I'm generally curious. I want to know what happened and it turns out We have some ideas, right now. Is former Michigan Senator Pat Callback he's a wholesome pike, ass, let's fix stuff dot org a good friend of mine and tat, appreciate you be in here with us today, area, oh great, how are you doing welcome to the Haglund Back Programme and happy new year. I guess I can say that will allow. We go lot of ground to cover here but TAT yesterday in Georgia, if you're gonna be able here this anonymous now play a little bit of this audio from This bombshell it broke down The dominion change machines being connected to the internet was
early, though we can last week about connected devices at this very moment at a polling location, the county. Not only do we now have access to the devices to the pole pad desist but we are in, and it's not supposed to have wifi and that's not supposed to be able to happen. So we ve Docket documented now it's communicating to ways in real time, Minutes receiving data and sending data should never happen. Shouldn't be wifi with now argumentative in real time, so we can down the data, but that's going on right there where Everybody's voting I got so I just gotta stop this so that people can understand what's what's happening. There was a hearing yesterday in Georgia and in the hearing, This man announces as the election for the senators run off his hat,
being in Georgia as its happening. These folks are connected two dominion machine they are connected because its take to the internet and he says we are in we're seeing this happened right now in real time, so regardless of what happened in the Alps back in November. We're seeing this happened right now in real time Why should any of us? We saw this Paul fifth five percent, a very conservative Georgia voters say not going to vote in this election, which I believe is a mistake. I think we ought to vote goddess of whether we believe it's rigged or not. I understand it the five percent say they're not going to. I mean look if these results, Patrick and what were hearing How should any of us have any faith or trust that our elections are secure? I'll should listen to our
Suddenly he told us that this is not secure election in american history. Perhaps lad Brahma right you're. Looking for everything, gotta worry about it. You know, I think the key point of What happened in Georgia in particular yesterday is number one realises that this soul narrative was that There was no internet connection with these devices number to the only one they can demonstrate that there was an internet connection, was got some white hat hacker to get into the system and demonstrate that there were two way communication going on with these election divisive. Now I just heard listen. I don't know what a white had its way had a good guy act ethically lacking. The bad guy that tax on ethically. We think there are a lot of black hat Bob in this election and in fact, Think a lot of those may have been
representative, our agents of other countries, Why China and IRAN and other people to take away? Why did it take a white hair? Occur to go in and demonstrate that these machines for accessible to the internet, and the answer to that question is because everybody has been denied access to the electronic data all across it, country, with one notable exception- that with an interim county, where Judge Kevin Alpha I'm are granted access to a third party team working with at the girl, the attorney er mentioned earlier may have been a rock star on it. You got access to be data on a Lantern county server. But the report that came out at the request: Michigan attorney General was rejected and there were dead To remove some key information, but frankly conflicted with the information can
made by Dominion C, O John Paul II, who is under oath before testify before a Michigan stunning Senate oversight committed the Dover kind of them, Three key data. Point number one. I watch my castle merited was that they were not connect to the internet. Number two it took Way, tat hacker to go off demonstrate that that was off the face of it. A number three why are we being denied access to this data in the first place? This should be acceptable to everybody to go up and look at. yeah we're talking about transparency and we found it out as much transparency. They had Detroit with a cardboard for the windows in the sun and entire thing speaking Detroit callbacks what this right now he's a former Michigan senator here, and in fact he was. He was of the of the Michigan election fraud
Many folks who went in and in this was years ago, when you were still serving at our lessons, trying to make sure that are safe and secure. I know you were there at the tc of centre at the convention sinner looking at the things on that day now I want folks to know who patties like he's an end. Near by trade he worked on the the space station has worked with NASA mean this is not some random guy off the street. Although you He had some things that day, specifically with the connectivity of these machines, you saw they were connected or had the ability to be Actually, I'm actually, along with more pertinent background to this topic, is that I'm a certified Microsoft mobility specialist between attracted my share networking and in that time and when I walked into the tea he s manner what you were the home of the Detroit Eighty counting board eyes. I would add on how these machines are connected. Now we warn allowed to take voter graph and achieve someplace where they have actually been able to go
Often do that, I I couldn't you that, although we did have some folks it there? If I would have done an irony that they would have been kicked out of that facility in my youth format, for them it would have been over. But I I did Know- and I took note of the connectivity between all the different devices in that facility and the first thing that I notice that all the tabulated machine a calculator workstation were connected, our view. Ethernet cable, your router- that right I was in turn, can I get you another router that was connected to a series of adjudicate her machine Judas machines for your eye here. Whenever the scanner read about it correctly. It dumps it into pet about flax file, like them if you will that allows people to go. and change the vote as they see fit and you're supposed to have a report can a Democrat reviewing out when it happened. Perennial anything from our network perspective, the de tabulate hers
where they were scanning the ballot or connected to do you two, which were also connected to a local data, or, if you will like the Master mission, Control Centre or the whole enterprise nurse five hundred three pretty things within the Detroit Eighty can. Or tat. Hang on hang on. I want to make sure people are able to hear this information. We can take quick breaks, bring it all to you plus what happens next, like? What do we do with? Some of you may have heard before its new Now I will talk about that. Can we combat Justin Barkley ever Goin back today? Trouble: seven, seventy seven, twenty seven care you enjoy the programme. Bag justifiably problem back today in a global programme eight seventy seven back be easy K allotted me, if you are in Georgia. What happened there. Yesterday, this video was broke early the week last week about connected devices at this very moment at a polling location in
the county. Not only do we now have access to the devices to the pole pad desist but we are in. I'm supposed to have wifi and that's not supposed to be able to happen, so we ve Docket documented now it's communicating to ways in real time maybe receiving data and sending data should never happen shouldn't be wifi with now. I commend it to the real time so Down the data, but that's going on right there, where everybody, voting and I just want to get it into the record. It's happening, in other words its happening now former. Michigan State Centre. Patrick callback joins me. He was there in Detroit, where they but the cardboard over the windows, key notice at the machines looked like they might have been Connected to the internet, they certainly have cape ability he's got that background and engineering and not just some guy off the street, but he he saw the Essen raise, alarms about it. If
he's the agenda to the reports of the interim county. What did you? What did you guys see when you when, when you were, with Mr Remsen about what happened there, an ant from county specifically. An interim county. What they found was an amazing error rate. We are talking about hunting data from the italian later scanners and when they couldn't retailer dump it to an ado to care. I wanted from county what they found out. What there is an error rate of around sixty percent, where they couldn't rabies, and then they dump it turn adjudicators up. That's supposed to be the exact you're, not the rule So the time this is below one percent. Any of this better be transferred over energetic here and what happened northern adjudicators, simply that put cheated up for a man and a metal where you can single, often just what the boat was an that's. What happened interim count listeners don't recall what happened before
and for the alert attention, breaker old citizen bill, Bailey highlighted that interim county doesn't go blue? He said something right here when they saw that I to expound than boats slept and and this without doubt it done by put them into that's. What's pool called dude occasion for you, that's what they're gonna fight an interim counting the outside, then, if I let the rank Odin Algorithm was unable and John Policy Dominion denied that that was the idea he denied under oath before a Michigan Senate Committee, that that was the case, but the ring boys. Voting algorithm for those listening to know now is what enables rational loading. I e decimal point in your vote so model, it may be worth one point to a nearby, maybe one point eight dependent and who I vote for that's what happened with the essential Dover Canada to key things. We identified cannot answer Mcgowan, yeah, ad
You see this happening in Georgia's? Well, they just reveal Last night there were flips and georgian certain counties. They saw math radically. Some other than the trouble votes- went negative at some point very strange. None of this is being examined or looked at her even give. the time of day by the broadcasts networks any other, the mainstream source was there, though I suggested a negative vote for dropped back so tat. I got ass. You big big news. Yesterday I mean this was a bombshell The kind of made its way out, but but also Center Holly comes out, Josh Ali comes out and says you know I ma I Gonna stand up on. The sixth and andor objected to this, sir, the certification below ok so tat, tell us what what he says and Does that mean in this in this whole process? As a couple
important because on January, when vice president pants opened up all the envelope from state with electoral out, but there is an opportunity to poor housing, And Senate members to object to the votes were cast and I will get a lot of house numbers at it then very outspoken on- and I remember Congress Millbrook, some particular than bear out look in on this topic by chance. We haven't had any thunders until centre hallways from misery, coincidentally, the show me stay right, stood up and said now, I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm hoping some other senator like around Paul incinerated proof, there are no centred around Johnson's Express fundamental, long aligned ethic. Furthermore, the merrier you'd have singled out what happened thing cock. If discussions they get kind of ugly. Want to be the only one in a particular opinion, so it would be good for him there
safety in numbers and our understand why every single member of the Republican Senate carcass is not standing with Josh this happens and I now it's only part of the process What are the chances that you know that the net steps are taken where that what what's the likelihood in far and maybe followers down that road. What that looks like in possibility America after a while just get one house number and one sided member, to a particular about it, goes back to nice all huddle further in the house and underline that China and outcome I can t? Do we accept them or to reject them? And if they were jack them than those votes are both those chambers, don't accept them. Those votes don't go
end of the challenge for the electoral college votes and if you don't get to a majority number- and you don't get to the two hundred and seventy mark inside when I Electoral college votes, voter calf. Then it goes to invoke the twelfth amendment and told amendment. What happened At the. U S, house decides who the next president before anybody panic and to regulate the loudspeaker policy in their line advertising. actually not. I cast by all around thirty five members of the of the. U S house what happened to that? Each state gets one vote and I am at Bay down there delegation Sergio Majority Republic into new delegation. Then you have Control that particular estate throat and what happened money. I should look at the way out of the: U S, Congress. There are twenty six days with republican control
delegations and twenty four would Democrat shell in that context, President Trump would get another four years as president. If, All those delegations voted to Long party I sell cooking, will see what happens couple of questions about this former Michigan Stay Centre package Back Shoney's right now talk about this, but in Michigan. What are the odds of that happening here are ye lined up to go that way or now. I am I Lot of retirement I am now away. It doesn't matter because these From other states had said, we don't have confidence now in Michigan and I have to be the Michigan delegation say: hey. We don't trust her by her, but it's likely they could have done that already at the state level entered hey, you know We're gonna go often we assign the electors because we don't trust the election result, but our state laughing, but did not do that. Why not
they not heard from enough people, but they took action now and what I ve been doing is just going through the motions you know they. Actually, I highlighted at the beginning of the treatment that one of the key We then is getting access to the electronic data. Is its taking active gotta get from answering count each of the legislature this is how it works. They weren't often actually subpoena that electronic data, but guess what they put the deadline for one. I get that data back they submitted. this subpoena and December. Fifty they said hey. Can you get that data to us from Detroit Electronic Election day? Can you get all that electronic data to us by January, twelve, finally, we are discussing was Jane. It takes place on January, set right that right, my I thought the January to offer
you guys will we may don't take years, are rising shouldn't a gun now row. We don't need that emergency. We need this meat matter factor. Meanwhile, we ve been in an emergency, her locked down this entire year. Almost question about what really constitutes an emergency, has been something else it we ve been talking about, not just in this David all across the country are right before I let you go on the sixth. I now folks are going to DC you're gonna in lancing its capital or what people do I mean? I'm I'm! I really either because we ve talked about this. Quite I dont repeated that horse, because I know folks, we're or balance or a kind of on this line right now, fifty five percent, a very conservative folks in Georgia, said they're, not voting, Emmy people, R r R. They're going to be just can completely turn like turning this out and saying what I've heard all this I'm done, I'm out in all or
or they're going to step up and say, look I'm going to. I don't know what the next step is, but I'm just going to take the try and do the next right thing here and at what is that for people people need to realise that warrant a battle for their future american. Frankly, that you throw the free world answer you too now and say: I'm done, you just lost the battle that their people that are trying. and in the media there people, whether deliberately trying to get that reaction from the fire campaign paying psychological operations in the military. There were, they actually try to get rid of the will to fight by the enemy and ethics what they're doing right now and they say that Joe Biden has the President Elect just deal with it. That's what they're saying that's why every day I started off in my social media feet and Joe Biden is not the Frenchman light, be can't succumb to that sire. You can't leave The battle that way we gotta go up. and demonstrate and Jane Orange set back wasted.
Port, the president. We support free and fair elections in America, because issues bigger than the twenty twenty election. They should the twins only to allow China? Twenty twenty four election, I'm going if we don't have to rethink our election, we can't have paper answered tat. I, people are saying like it is. You just want Trump to win you're trying to overturn this thing, but you actually have an interesting record going back to twenty sixteen here in the state of Michigan Will they back when jails time? One often data culture we count in Michigan. For all the people that say: hey you and be pushing this election integrity thing so much Donald Trump at one, while no unfair for them. That's exactly what I did back in twenty sixteen called on our Michigan attorney general and Secretary of state to do an investigation in the wake of the twenty six keen election could go and see what was going on, in particular in the city of the tribe at least one instance, where we we discovered that there were three and six votes on a pole block
but when you looked in, the machinery is only fifty ballot. Third, somebody, I heard about that they, like than just run it through. If you type there's a there, they tear gas Tat were being played back then the investigation revealed thirty one count: the voter fraud court jurisdictions. It did not comply with data request so there, There is already smoke back in twenty six and twenty seven in timeframe and, regrettably, nothing was done about it, congratulations by the way, I'm for American State Centre, Pat Callback, Erica from this search over nineteen, the corona virus. I know you talk low, but about that, but you ve got interesting information up on you have website, let's fix stuff dot, Org, just briefly we're going up. Thirty six: slept with you, tell us what now what you did in and what work for you, wasn't feeling too good for a few days after mere Julie He came in us by before Michigan House and that's why I think I picked up the bog, but a couple roughly
there. A finally went off once a surgeon respiratory achieved. I got past it, And literally, and once I tested positive, I cite the treatment and all the cocktails that is trying to be trying to discourage hearing the state of Michigan. They turn. I dropped it. or when, as you pack and causing with older sister grown in, I took that the treatment that there be an actively discouraged by desperate like our governor women. dementia again and within five hours, I was feeling pretty much honour percent, except for some lingering respiratory issues. We shouldn't fear coded. We should hear the government response. The carpet former senator here in Michigan the state we Research would be here, Patrick call back. You can check him outlets, fixed stuff, dot, Org, always a pleasure, my friend and happy new year to a greater degree then happen here. You appreciate
Yeah you can go over. A check is stuff up by the weights. People like that, and it's obviously people like the blaze. Do you think about it You trust working. You get every year, information its people like that its people, like the blaze where you can. Can you to get the information, the stories that matter matter fact I got a good news letter as well. You can go over and get sign up for mine, just in Barclay Ba our seal. I why just embark later com so Good news here, the stuff it they're not telling you the things that their there their hiding from you I believe there is a lot more good having a well known fact will talk about their coming up here and a little bit more. what you can do. What next as we close the door on twenty twenty and move forward, to the new year back after this just in Barkley Filling four glinda dynamically back programme yeah about you, but this important this matters because the future-
of our country- and we say that I think it sounds too grand- maybe it sounds too broad- you see that Future of our country depends on it, but let me let me break it down because after all, who is the country. It's. My daughter who was just born on the sixth of December, lose fighting right now, like a little warrior, little baby girl, she's, just three pounds: sport to pound, six ounces, she fighting she's got fight, nor nine of some of us have lost that fight women. beaten down. But when I say or when you hear the few sure of our country Depends on it and not the if not the world, it's your kids it's mine, your group, kids, but were fighting for fun for the truth. Returned honesty, a return to what America is all about. We continue that fight
finally on Facebook, Twitter Instagram, wherever you are on social media, including the new ones, right Mr just in Barclay influence today. We continue that fight after this. Failure. America, it's just a Barkley from W o o d, one radio in Grand Rapids Michigan they and the last shell count down the last few hours here in this year. Twenty twenty coming up this this our great conversations, these public health being weapon eyes, very sure of the Holocaust survivor champion for human rights, an expert on biomedical research, ethics and coming up. She see some eerie parallels to what's happened. Now in this pandemic, we'll talk to her a man who witnessed a miracle. He was in that bombing in Nashville and what
happened to him. Nothing short of we'll talk about that coming out and just minutes, but I gotta go back programme. This is the Glen Back programme. She's Holocaust survivor, who is missing some eerie parallels to what we're seeing play out right now during this last year, the pandemic. Russia has a lot to say in fact, about what is happening here in Amerika, if not the world when medicine veers away from the hippocratic oath. promises to respect the, individual right to do no harm to the individual, Going to harm the community as well, because the community is a bunch of individuals there are.
Crossroads in life will you have to make choices, and, if you don't someone who will make that Those for you is not going to make it for your. Best interest. The idea of just bought We are without considering What is the wrong? if it's not in my best interest, I wouldn't want to live in under such a regime. I know what it's like. I know what that is why I wouldn't want to veer. Assure thank you so much for being here with us today of your had taken the time. I know this is something that's a should close to your heart, a project, obviously as a founder president of aid, our pay, the alliance of Human research protection is, the count having weapons so tell us. I mean I can't imagine everything you seen in what you ve gone through, and I believe we have to learn from our past
What are you saying, the parallels and in what do we need to keep in mind here? Your call to all Americans and folks around the world right now. surely not to blindly listen to authority. This is really it so against what America, with about America, unlike other countries, guy due to its citizens. Rights Individual rights, the right to religion, to speech to assembly, and all of these things are being wiped away by would be dictators. I mean the United States have different governors, I'm in New York. Well, I've got Governor Cuomo who gets what he just had one of his restrictions on religious services knocked out by the court
now. On Monday I mean in the courts or about the only institution leaped where they take seriously those. rights that are in the bill of Rights and the constitution, and I think that people need to understand that. It's really up to us. If we don't insist on our right, they will be taken away from us and we can see that we this so called pandemic. I know a lot of books. You have even ask questions throughout this entire process amid well, meaning and well intentioned at visuals who arches trying to understand, what's happening sits masks, and I I wear a mask. I visit my daughter and the children's hospital she was born on the sixth she's. Only three now she was born three months early. I have to wear a mask. When I go on the hospital, I don't I don't do that. not something that I have a problem with that, I'm not a fight
but what I am fighting is for the ability for people to make their own decisions when it comes to their health, and I That's what I hear you saying too. Yes, I I want to bring up the fact that what made the power and and the Nazi regime Unique was its use of public health and the medical profession to implement. Both designed some of the horrors conducted them gave the order. the selections at every step- and it is very, very ah upsetting to see
that again, public health is being used as a weapon to force people to do things without asking I know we're looking at this vaccination. The these inoculations in the coming days, but their questions about the vaccine and that the fact that you would ask questions it automatically puts you wanna in a strange category, shouldn't. We ask about the effect of the fact that the effectiveness of this vast, and maybe the side effects as well. Where hearing some stories that are concerning Well, the other piece door it here I mean, of course we should be asking. We should have been given
formation before the before the vaccination project. Really these vaccines follow you not with had to other pandemics, or this in nineteen seventy six and into I wasn't a nine at that time. They were swine flu, ok in seventy six and in each case, what happened was that the government, in partnership with pharmaceutical companies quickly came up with a vaccine and those back scenes caused Europe irreparable damage, ok, the seventy six back scene, caused game bury which, which is a rapid destruction of muscles
than in two thousand and nine it caused macro leprosy. Thirteen hundred, mostly adolescent. What that teach should teach us. Is you don't test something that something like a bad thing that goes into your body, rapidly skipping safety studies, and it takes time to to elicit to find out what the most serious adverse effect could be. I'm instead unleash this a million of people and, of course, this vaccine isn't even really a vaccine seat using technology that women late genes, in a way that has never ever been done before. No vaccine or or drug or anything has been brought to market using this technology,
Why should we blindly just trusted and everybody exposed before we even know what it might do. You're sure on his ear, whether she's a founder and president of HIV, the Alliance of Human Research protection and vera. I want. I, we gotta, take a quick pause here, but coming up I talk about why this is so important to things were starting to seize this idea. Vaccination papers, you gotta, have your papers. In fact, it's now it's moving into an electronic phase here is a holocaust survivor. She seen this play out before. What does it look like? What did she see in her experience and where are we headed as as a country is a nation and and the World Bank with Vera? going back to the ethical and back programme just Berkeley right after this. She survived the holocaust in and she sings Ameri parallels to what's happening now. Verse arrive as with this, the founder, unprecedented h, r, p, dot org
biomedical research ethics, I mean human rights experts ribbon More in this process for a long time now are starting to hear, maybe the government one force us to get this vaccine. Although there still question about that. However, corporations might in fact make it mandatory that you have this vaccine or you can't go to. With visit a business, you can't go to a concert. You won't be able to fly. What should we They concern with their vera, I guess that Americans have for decades resisted the idea of an again to the card which, with common Europe. Excuse me and now it's not just an idea, didn't card now their planning, essentially to have one card, everything your health record, vaccination record your bank account
you name it your life essentially, all the things that you need to use in daily life will be all in one until it can be a chip not eat, not even something up. carry balloon, that'll be embedded in you. Well, I think people need to rebuild. I think people need to say hey you're, going far too far to extreme. as a government. We never really voted for any of this. What did you have you seen in your time Specifically those instances, the holocaust that that this is this is leading us down a road that we really need to think about. Well, one of the things said I learned later I was a child. Remember it was a little child. Was that the eye
M punch card system, the censorship. This in Germany, Austria everywhere really that facilitated, the round up the agenda, education so the extermination of the Jews of Europe and, as I said, doctors were involved right in the front lines. actually originally day the first victims? were young. German babies ensured under three children who had some. Some abnormality- they were, I don't,
Bye bye midwives, I doctors preschool, which reports to the government and then doctors selected those children they deem to be not worthy of and the children were taken away from their parents. The parents were deceived. They were told that the children would get special treatment, that special treatment was later known. As the program key for the children were killed, two they were murdered. I by lethal injection and some were even some were even subjected to start.
patients die. It showed that the doctors could document how long it would take for a child to survive without nutrition via this. Isn't that far off, though I mean that we think about this holocaust and and how long ago this Nazi Germany in these things work maybe a different world, but in fact these types experiments and things have happened Consider since absolutely- and you know it most- people don't know about these things and some don't want to know, but I think it very important that we know exactly the
the fact that Europe governments, if they're, not being watched their not being watched that they only that they only rule in areas that are supposed to do not where they're not proposed, then, yes, powers will happen. The dark is the best way for hers to happen and right now we, the people are being kept mostly in the dark and any any site
they stood doctors or any about speaking about these things are being centred all over the internet and, of course, the mainstream media doesn't allow any any such voice back. You know that's exactly how dictatorships work. That's how the Nazis kept the german people in the dark. Most most german people did not commit crimes, but they stood by and did nothing. What do you say to people, Veronica is someone is, has survived the Holocaust in your background here who was speaking out who say you know, I'm afraid I'm gonna end up on the list. I think you and I'm play the hearty feel harshness, I'm, but I'm afraid I'm gonna end up on a less died. I just I just want to go. I mean people are really facing day really decision, no fear is the way that the Nazis did it, that the Soviet
It is that the Chinese did it big day all operate on that same formula. You keep this people in dread and great fear whether it was but you know it to be about war. The enemy is coming now we have a situation where our government is pointing. You know the Cotonou essentially at us. As if we were the enemy. Now one of the one of the aspects of this vaccination is that under operation works, indeed is going to be tracking and tracking is going to be done. By the military technology, companies and intelligence can agencies now why this is. This is like
His if we were you doing enemy country I know folks are gonna, have to make decisions here in the coming days. Reason: absolutely they re awhile and make decisions go ahead. Why were talking about this. Now is that you can. have these conversations early. You dont, want away to the last minute to may have to make that decision This is something that you want to hear about now, so you want to address issues. You no wonder that one of the things is that informed consent to know really. The holy GRAIL and informed consent was mandate. It the Nuremberg code, the Nuremberg trials of the doctors of the Nazi doctors, in that in their decision in that trial day It has been handed down the Nuremberg code, which is ten items
the ten commandments, but the first and foremost is Voluntary, informed consent of the human subjects is absolutely essential, and that is that the cornerstone and informed consent means disclosure the potential and no risks. We calling for transparency throughout this entire process this whole year and in so many different ways, that's the only you can have informed consent is. If there is, and spare, and if the folks a populist actually be informed. I know you, resources at your website. I want to do your chance. A h, r, p daughter will make sure that folks can go over there, but here I want to thank you for your car, to stand out to speak out, to use your experiences as a gift for What else, because, if you're not doing this and who else will well
exactly what I'm doing it. I couldn't possibly keep quiet, because when I came out of the hell that I was in a shorter asked, where words everybody We're wish everybody. Why did they allow this to happen? Now? Just now Zira you're sure the president and founder of Alliance of human research protection. Thank you for being here with us today, gutless coming up a little bit of hope continue even in these dark days? He survive that Nashville bombing his family was right in the middle of it the mirror. the he witnessed with his own eyes after this just Bartley infrequent back to Diana Global Programme, just in it just in Barkley COM. You can reach us to a triple eight. Seventy seven back. That's it eight. Seventy seven b e c k- and I just Eddie brief conversation off the air at the will. If you can get it, as to listen. You want
back and listened to her in the pot? gotta glum backed our common you'll, be able to pull up and listen to her, but she is the President founder of European Free alliance, of human research protection and a holocaust survivor, and she said to me. I can imagine she said This is this is very hard to talk about the horrors of of what we went through. What we expect It is happening again. To have to stand up and to fight this happening, again in in a world in place. We should never dreamed that a million years it would come to America. it is The conversation, I think a lot of votes need to hear down the podcast there, a deadline backed our com later wealth.
from dark times some light, and there is hope, as Vieira speaks up and stands out Her hope that you will hear her message and gap and send out too. That's not all bad news, even Let's have some of the most. Trying times that we ve experienced over this last year. Even in the midst of the chaos, there are good things happening. and as one man and his family. Spend Christmas day in Nashville.
outside of the building where they stayed in Arabic and be this message was playing early. That more lily explosion occurred that We all woke up to on Christmas morning, our next guest as I said, was there with his family. Buddy Gagne joins us right now Yeah I read, is buddies. Actually, a friend of mine on Facebook. He lives here unless Michigan, where I'm from, and I saw his his posts on Facebook. And my jaw just try- as I read through it, buddy
you are, you went down a visit in Nashville thought. You'd spend some time there in Araby and be and you are right on that shrieked steps away from where this bomb went off here we are came in lives in Nashville. She moved there about four months ago. So my. Michel and my daughter concern. I decided to fly down and spend Christmas, were and she has a apartment, three other girl. So we need to find a place to stay and my wife on this Airbus Aimee, had one suddenly second avenue so you're just a couple adores away from where it went off that that yet That's incredible now eat you describe the Airbus and be in your policy. Secure said the little bit disappointed at first, that, when you got inside there were no exterior windows. yeah. On the way down airport? I was this ring summer finer,
we must have missed in the Congo. then an interior candles. So there is no windows to the exterior other than theirs. couple windows in their family remit looked into a very small, completely enclosed atrium, so had called and said he is not very about this in his own way- we could move somewhere. and they were fully but that was a god really looking out for us. That scenario. Had we been on the street side, where the those were right there on the street. We would have partly been injured or possibly killed by the breaking glass and the debris that would come in the room it's absolutely Lee unthinkable to wake up to see this news anyway, on Christmas day it been right outside. Where you slept. What tell us what Experience was like body. What did you? What did you hear? We heard report? of gun shots fired. We heard
this message that was playing. What did you experience? What were you hearing that we I did not hear any of the messages or gunshots the police were evacuating people. I think they were coming in the back of the building and they back here to First Avenue just don't know if they didn't get to us or download, I adore we didn't here- am I a bedrooms are actually on the second floor. The first floor was the, kitchen and family on the second floor was our burners, but I'm a very light sleeper side like what I heard. That's what it's none of it than have time to get to us. So we were how to at the time the explosion. Six thirty and it was just one of them the sound of ever heard, combined With the entire building, shaking glass and debris falling over, the condominium jumped up and immediately small smoke. So I yelled to my.
It down done all my life. I said we have to go here since possible. I cannot imagine what you think it and what what's going through your mind, that's happening you here, explosion! You know something has gone wrong, but you're not quite sure. Yet rather the kids, and you know as a new thought of myself. I mean I'd can't even imagined, fathom what you're doing to protect your wife in your kids at that point, but you grab him and run what what's happening first, you know my only thought was discovered in earthquake or something I couldn t. Imagine what would cause this kind of, sound and and shaking the whole building an impossible fire. So luckily It's over bedroom. There was a kind of a cat, was there, and I had placed the keys of the car and my wallet cobbler things on it on a couch.
I just saw it was able to grab at which you know if it was somewhere else. I wouldn't have been looking for something thank the Lord that that was right there, and so we went downstairs in there was hoping the candle door to seeing like massive flames, and smoking and being tracked, and thankfully that wasn't the case when we opened the door to the right to it, Back of doing to First Avenue, the Holly was completely filled with smoke, so the causes- Exit was really to the front on the second avenue. When you came into our building and you can see it on the body camp video about two thirty, the officers. To the right and you'll see our entrance there, one. Seventy eight there were two: the guy had be twenty foot tall, double glass and would doors how to keep had access to go in and then you had another ten feet. Another keeper Another set of identical twenty foot tall glass door-
when we came out of our condo door and round the corner, there was nothing left It was just obliterated doors, class and wood and debris everywhere. I think a water pipes broken lizard, our discussion down into the Euro area body as I said, I can imagine being awakened until all of this. I know that it was your wife or your daughter who ran out you guys just grab that she could and got out of their without she was on. Is that what happened? wife Michel, my daughter, Quincy both did not have shoes on and we get to the to the street and it looks like, war zone. I've never been more, but this from watching movies- and you know just the worst, free everywhere on the sidewalk on us and literally right across from us, was a car. Let it exploded and was complete. and often flames. Another interesting thing is,
the night before we we were there, I was gonna part MIKE. Right in front of the condominium there's a spot on the street, a metered spot and, of course, He ran out about six p m, so I thought this part here and then get the car in the morning, but I didn't know what time it get up sought out. Thank the Lord was a directing it to park here. So I wasn't parked across the street and the surface, but which turns out was a big thing, because if the car had been there had been destroyed so any yeah. My wife and daughter had no shoes, the girls come around the corner and I looked and my wife and we were all shocked when my wife was kind of frozen trying to solely stepper way around other debris and I'm thinking I don't know, what's gonna, to happen to this building going to come down. Is there a bomb shooter? So I just you know instinct ran back grabbed her through My shoulder and ran to the corner.
you took some pictures. We haven't really been able to see the full scale of the damage with the pictures that have been on tv and floating around. I'm not really sure why, but you took pictures on your way out and it looks like hell. They were Mr President, our life and I certainly wouldn't we should on anybody and are becoming if replaying that moment in your mind, over and over again, which which is probably not a good thing to do. But then you go through scenarios of you know what. If this building collapse, because literally right next door, a building, building collapsed and you know it been trapped under com Morton Glass, probably seriously. Or killed, and, as you know, that God was, control, making sure he was protecting us and not just a miracle that the girl with their lives
How are you guys doing right now I'll just gonna physically were fine. Emotionally immensely, it's tough, as I said, the escape Replaying that moment in your mind- and you know- sometimes you just popping your head in and you'll start crying about the whole thing cuz they just so emotional. So I think I don't like to use the term PTSD cuz. I think that's Reserved for soldiers that have been in war, but we then Have some kind emotional trauma that we probably need to talk to some people about coming work through that loud sounds wool starless, that's gonna! There's gonna, tough,. I am praying for your family, and I know that term. I know that the right the folks listening today are to a body. I am so grateful
that you you made it out and that that everyone did make make it out what you describe tonight I complete we agree. his only as if God had his hands on you all that day and keeping you save through this, it is a miracle and I M so glad- You sure the story with us, because this especially the time at wherein right now, is the glimmer of hope that that we all need right now, no matter what is happening. I just We share your sharing it with us today. Just then, we really appreciate all the support and loves and prayers that the people have been given to us on Facebook, and people. We don't even know- and this was also say still so proud and am grateful for all the while the policeman fire personnel that were there, the local police officer certainly saved many lives.
As we watch on the matter Cambodia, the two minute mark you'll, see them walking by that are being obviously had exploded. That point there was and then killed, and so they just the mood in the face of danger without any regard for safety, and they save lives on in there real heroes. Here I'm calling to defend the police. The here Those are running toward the danger not away from it and down boy there. Is no greater moment than what took place at day and then what happens every day when those folks go out to the servant. Body. Thank you so much for being here with us today. Just really appreciate it. God bless God bless a happy new year to year. In fact, He mentioned the police and other miracle. I dont know if you saw the story or not the one, the officer said he heard what he could only describe as a voice from God warning him.
To move in the opposite direction and just moments later Harvey exploded in Nashville You're that story coming up just embargo and four going back today on the Glen Back Programme. Go back to the Glen Back Programme, just in Barkley in Berlin, and I ask Mr Justin Barkley on all the social media platforms. Seventy seven back be easy. K is where you can get at it. the programme at any time- and we just with a man who he his family were right there on the street, the Nashville bombing They were sleeping than are being beaten by the grace of They were saved, they were spared historic. isn't the only one I dont know if you seen the story, of this Nashville police officer who said he heard the voice of God that saved him that Christmas morning,
which the parking arise and in second commerce dig it out of glass radios, and on that point I get out and I'm starting to go back toward Llewellyn Posey and, as on curator, walk toward them walking back toward the army. This might be politically correct. But this is my truth. Clearly here tell me to turn around and go check on time being. Who was by herself down Broadway and As for me, I felt like out at every step. Aid in the music stopped and has on walking back? Where are we now I do see oars and allow a boom, and I am stumbling Iraq meet our hearts. Are someone tell myself staring thinks they laugh is taken before last spring,
it ought to have been a major she's. Ok, We cannot meet a metal, grab exerted check it down on her, get a gun out because, like Santa felt like there was good reason, it is sad to fill the night. You know if we're like some have a movie so we're checking on each other and she's she's acts in me. She's telling me that China raising on a radio I can hear Oh, yes, temporary here in my left ear, it's an incredible story, and there are many just I get even in a somewhat darkest moments we face throughout this year there have been glaring, bright shining ones, That should give us on the matter what We face, as we close out the last chapter here in the moments remain: and twenty twenty two, twenty twenty one is on the way
Happy New Year, America, it's just a Bartley every day for the land on the Glen Backfire RAM. And yes, we count down last few remaining moments year. Twenty twenty some folks are cited, but what will twenty twenty one look like? Will it be any different or just more of the same gotta look into the window of what is yet to come here and next few days, Munson throughout the entire year, and we'll do that with you coming right after this is going back programme what a year, pay. Twenty twenty has been on a lot of ways: a blur in Barclay here from my. Would: radioactivity well o d in Grand Rapids four Glinda, Damned Glinda programme and
to tell I I feel like the days have just flown by, but and also in ways that they each link third and last forever. It's it's been the most strange year of my entire life Kay, swirling all around us and waterways, expand the best years of my life to? Can I tell you a secret. It's been pretty amazing. I think there's a reason for that matter. About that here and just a little bit too bit of a secret. my wife and I, although in a similar situation or expecting, the birth of our daughter in March, and twenty twenty one she came. Three months earlier in December, on the sixth
she was only two point: six pounds We had a rush to the hospital, my wife's water it broke. We were there for about a week and I've told this story and she's doing great by the way, because prayers. The folks are listening to the show and many others. Gotcha unjust, present to the whole thing. She's, perfect, the a little early. So on one hand, we have this well this, stress this emergency, but on the other hand, we have this gift from God. and she truly as I wouldn't traded for the world, If you have said that you can only understand things. Looking back on the dots connect them, I dont know I wouldn't have picked this way, but got out a plan once or water
now that she's here, otherwise my wife was gonna, have to spend seven weeks in a hospital on bed. Rest, I think every Thing happened. The way it was supposed to everything happens for a reason. Could it be, though, twenty twenty. With the same way, could it be everything happens for a reason. I said a little later, under this thing and twenty twenty, I thought it's twenty twenty vision, everything's gonna be awesome. I can see clearly now. and now I am starting to see that I can see clearly and that that there was a reason why everything happened. I said that twenty. Twenty was a year of revelation me necessarily like the book in the Bible. Although
I really see that everything This back, then, that everything would be exposed. It would all come to light. In fact, we sing in so many different ways. Our society who we are even down to the Individual is being exposed, the good the bad in the ugly all of it works in all right. and had through this entire pandemic. We ve seen politics very questionable moves here for best intentions or power, who What they made questionable moves and therefore centre one from Canada is the latest. His name is ROD Phillips. He gave this announcement Canadians telling them not to leave her anywhere stay home for the holidays. He said everyone Throb Philips, here, you'd be from age ass. On this Christmas eve, I want to wish
each and every one of you a very merry Christmas. I mean there's more. Playing in the background, he's got a fireplace, only problem with this whole thing, as he told his own constituents to stay home, he was in his home Island of Saint Marts, that's even gingerbread house and milk- Cookies are egg magyars, something next to him on the table. It's incredible. then you have the juxtaposition of the leader, the governor of Florida, Rhonda Santa's yesterday ass if he had gotten the vaccine. So what I said is unwilling to take it. But I am not the priority there. The priority, I'm under forty five and so even under forty five or not
then I guess, and so one it's my turn. I will take it, but this issue I want to be vaccinated. I want my parents are grandparents to be able to get it, and you know what I mean: I'm an elected official, but what we do at the end of the day, but spoke just where the risks commuters eat last. He said you know. I understand these questions about the vaccine, but I want the foe suit, who are most vulnerable to have them? Maybe we can save some lives that way. A lot of questions about leadership that comes out of this year. That I think, need some answers and who are our leaders? Where did they come from They say that you get the government you deserve and I believe that
that has never been more true this year, maybe it's our fault or where at least responsible. you know I have some sense that we are looking and have been looking. Institutions, in our leaders. To the media, even the parties right for this. perfect Savior to common rescue. Was all. We ve lifted him up way too. I think even higher than our true Savior at times. Maybe that's problem? Maybe that's. Why we're constantly being let down right is that were looking to the wrong
waste from the answers. Maybe that's why we feel so hopeless. maybe it's because our real hope lies elsewhere. Coming up maximum talk to a man, a guess who something online. The other day that really resonated with me you'll have a little hope for you and for me, for all of us, Michel, twenty twenty, but also the sea twenty twenty one, a little differently. Wise man once said, would expect over the next ten years, and it's the question that I asked today what we expect. Twenty twenty one to be like. I share the same that we seem to
when slash twenty and that can be good or bad depending on your perspective, will give you some that maybe give you a little hope. Coming up right after this, just in Barkley ever Glinda Diana Glinda Programme, go back and going back programme. It is just an amnesty just in Barclay on Twitter Facebook all those places, but with joy now with a guy on Instagram? In fact, I saw him post something this week. that really resonate with me. For me, read a little bit too to you. If a person lives of it will remain stagnant. Till they are rescued ever and lives as a villain. They will face justice or die. if a person lives as a hero, they'll achieve much and receive rewards?
A person lives as a guide. They will earn Fact, adoration of heroes everywhere the gee. We bring to our lives matters. The stakes are high. And the stakes are not only personal. Your communal, a con that collectively sees itself as a victim will not rise to the challenge, but instead, resign themselves to their dark fate and continue to be oppressed by dictators from within their own country or beyond. Donald Miller joins us right now. I'm going back programme found things for being here, I am glad to be here there's more to this pass by my shirt on twitter. If folks want to see it and down You know this is really resonated with me done. Is you know, he's he's a guy in- and I guess we give bit of unauthorized backgrounds and offer he's gotta. A company called story brandy helps businesses walk through there stories and
They can resonate with folks that they want to sell stuff too. In an amazing, with this, but you have a background with faith in talk a little bit about that first and in and maybe why that play such an important role here, yeah. You know, I've got my crew. Started writing memoirs and in order to make those memoirs more interesting, I studied a lot of narrative structure so story and how it works those members was turned into a major motion picture and so studied story even more and was fascinated as I discovered the power of story and power, Narrative Transportation, so narrative transportation is a term that describes what happens when you believe a story and what's This thing is, if you can frame a narrative that people will buy into they. The narrative is so Powerful inner their mind, they will begin to reject facts that would threaten that story and into the wood with what air transport
The proof is that story. Narrative is actually more powerful than truth, and so it's it becomes very important that we be into tell stories that are true and let stories that are true and- and I, in this day and age. It is fascinating that that on the left and the right in every facet of society, we have people who are leaving things that simply aren't true and not one that we have a difficult time really getting to the heart of what is true you on Christmas morning, here just in a national Tennessee. Where am I am today Six thirty in the morning, I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth and end. I just felt the earth rumbling I'll bit and kind of wondered what that was and about three Minutes later came on the news that a gentleman had pulled in downtown NASH, olden and set off a bomb in an hour VIII and my wife said gash. What what do you think he would say, king. Luckily, nobody was was killed. There were three people injured, but it could have been much
devastating, I said honey. You know I don't know, but what they'll uncover eventually is that this person had bought into I'm kind of narrative in which the, playing a role in a story whether he thought he was doing something heroic or he wanted to be the martyr. We will probably be uncovered the term that he subscribe, some sort It says the FBI begins to investigate that. That's exactly what they're in covering is that he, you know. He believed in some conspiracy theories about literally about lizards and five g networks, NAFTA, controlling lizard aliens, and things like that That's an absurd example, but is it still affects us right because he did go down. In its fictional mindset and in the real world blow up a big portion of National Tennessee, at least two or three blocks something, The rules that we believe we play in a story dictate how our lives go, and
and so what you read on Instagram was just a piece of some writing that I was working. I thought you might but the public citizen and see what they think as it seems very culturally relevant. You know you go on to say, thou Miller with this by the way and down It goes on to say, and this poses an American. I grew up in a car That, though, certainly flawed perceived itself is heroic. Inside an evolving story, attempting to perfect liberty for all too late the data, what consciousness is increasingly attracted to pull it. messages in which we are described as victims in need of rescue by political power, or their representatives, strong men, we see that play out a lot in the last few years in some way we damaging waste in some divisive ways, whether it be identity, politics or just the polarity of everyone. Picking a tribe, how do we get back to seeing our story.
whether its as individuals or this, country itself as a whole story enter recognizing, although there are laws right that that we ve got right country in that we have greatness inside all us those seeds anyway. The out where you notes the greatest three in history, the world. Our economic system, is the greatest experiment: history, world at reducing poverty. It you know it's got thoughts. We needed to change things in the tax code, two weeks and things and capitalism to make it work even better for everybody, but you can argue with this has been the greatest exercise. We we did that with a heroic mentality, Was I studied story? What I discovered reserve, therefore major characters, the victim, the villain, the hero and the guide. Those are the four major characters and stories, and they those because of the major characterised in stories, because they are the major CARE
there's inside of us on any given day Justin. I play the hero, the victim, the villain, the guide right, the hero wakes up early and get started on its goals within my computer, forget the charge it last night on the victim, and I've got a sit around away for this computer to charging at a bad. You at my wife, there's the victim and then she why you have you just remember to charge your computer for you gotta. I say what can I get vindictive and get mad at her and I'm playing the villain and she says I again: can you help me get the donors issue are happy and I'm playing the guide, but those are the four roles: the hero overcomes challenges, overcomes villains to free victims, the victim, a bit part in the stories? What what everybody needs to understand the victim exists only to make the hero look good and a villain but bad. That's it. That's the purpose of the villain in the story, the villain his seat king vengeance, and try two to punish those who have heard him or her and the guy
It is the one. The old sage is helping the hero when the day again, those four characters exists in in stories because they exist in us. Now stories make them really clean. You know we see dispersed hero. They separate the identities into different people, but the truth is much more new whilst in real life, what what will find, though in life, is that when you play the victim, your fate in, up very similar to the way the victim ends up in stories. They either die or their rescued and what you're fired and at the end of a story is the victim has not given a reward. The victim is not praise. The victim is not respected. usually hauled off in an ambulance, and then the camera goes and the hero was given a reward, we find it play the hero- we are in the respect of the people around us. We accomplish our goals. We accomplish our objectives, we put villains in their right place, which is either dead or in jail And life goes pretty well for us if we play the villain. And sometimes villains trick themselves into them.
In their being heroes, but there the day between a villain and a hero is the villains. Seeking vengeance in the hero is seeking justice and those can get very. Distorted, but when we are here being innocent people in the name of a good cause, we are definitely playing the villain and what Since the village they are either go to jail or their killed the guy. in stories, is not that the main character in the story, but its arguably the most respected character in the story. Gand off is the guide. Imagine the hunger games is the guide. This a straw character whose already played the hero for many many years and is now teaching other heroes had a win you? This would be. our elder class in America, the greatest generation those who's gonna have gone before us who can turn round and teaches something. What what and finding more more, and what troubles me Justin is that political messages they say you are being threatened by outside forces. People are out to get you. You deserve better theirs.
It's nothing. You can do your helpless, let the government step in, and and be your rescuer well, if the governor, our rescue than who are. We were the victims, and so what happens to a country when it collectively identifies as victims is. What is what happens to a victim minister there there either they other decline, and and make somebody else look good or are they perish and I dont want wanna, be to dramatic, but the reality is you know those days when, when we worth putting a man on the moon and we were building our economy and even in the civil rights movement? We know we played a hers. What role it? People look at civil rights, women as it as a bruise. our country, and certainly it is, but it was it's also a country that was willing to fight with itself to become better an end in itself
you know, there's this heroic identity that is gonna get a hold on a second. We gotta take a quick break I'll, be right back Lydia, because I want to ask some questions about this. How do we change victories sack programme? welcome back that of lumber programme just in Barkley Infra Glinda Day. Well, Certification, as we can't down the last few moments of twenty twenty and look forward to twenty twenty one love to hear from you, light? Seventy seven back, that's it Seventy seven be easy, Kay, em at mister, just to Berkeley, Facebook, Twitter and all over the place and just and adjusted Barclay dot com or talk o thou Miller right now, is sharing in some of us thoughts behind this. Those that I saw an instrument that really resonated with me and what, talking about how you can transform, not only in your life that maybe is a country. Is a society can transform from victims in the victors
Why don't you just mentioned some of this? How we Then hearing the messaging from petitions and in the media in different places of about this victim mentality and why we ve kind of all sort of settled into this. In some ways, maybe individually in our lives. It's very easy to do it, but there is an alternative that you mention a couple of MAX. We just run through those quickly again and then we'll get to like how we couldn't baby do that matches die A country, but in our in our lives as well, well that there few things too, remember what is it that there are actually victims in the world and in their people? Lino Henry Cloud of friend of Mine describes victim as somebody who has no way out. So if you actually use that definition
and the victim has no way out the majority. The time when we see ourselves as a victim, we are actually not victims. We actually do have a way out is just the way out is hard are the way out it as as is going to request that we sacrifice in oh, we learn TAT were playing the victim, an element of self awareness which show that the recently the victim is that dictum, so I can get out of their responsibilities because you know they're into dire situation to take care of whatever. Then you take care of where they going to track the rescuer, the prom is when we play the victim or not a victim. People actually get tired of us and justice. I grew up in a home. We were very poor. We stood in line for government cheese, and I remember just being so embarrassed in worried that somebody at my school would see me doing that and your mom had worked at seven p m. We were latch key kids, we held our key was hung around our neck gonna some yarn and in there what is there to help us with homework and all Augusta? I really did grub thinking. I was kind of dumb and I was bullied alot
and because I was bullied, I learned this defence mechanism of playing the victim and Somebody it works it. You know, people leave you alone a little bit and don't believe you as much for the same time. You have no progress, you do not get better. You not to form to a better version of yourself. You do not accomplish goals, you just hide and and so the ice we will have a lot of compassion for people play the victims, because it is a survival mechanism, but what cha My life personally was when I realized it within a member state was even a merely twenties. It took that long when I realized it. that everything I wanted in life, I wasn't gonna get by playing the victim of that that it was in fact it was an unattractive role to play. in life- and when I realized that and began to take some responsibility for my life. Things slowly transformed over the next ten years, and I was able to develop the work ethic Lose some way start dating right, a few best selling books start. company and now you know,
embarrassed when I look back on the way I thought in the where lived in my teens and went in early twenties, but I do find Self completely unrecognizable, so what do you think? happens and stories that so exciting is the characters transform. They actually do change the here. changes and becomes a better version of themselves, they are ill equipped at the beginning and they are confident at the and if you look at star wars? He doesn't know. Luke doesn't know if he can be a jedi by the end is destroying the death star in King speech. King George, doesn't know. If he can do this, he thinks the wrong person fate. If you was chosen person to be king, but he worked with his guy, that is line on the drama teacher, teach them how to talk and by the end of he delivers a speech without stuttering, and he has transformed When we meet somebody who hasn't changed in five or ten years, there complaining about the same things you're in the presence of somebody who seized himself as a victim and what are the most
hinder beautiful things. You can do if it's possible- and I think you do want to do this much you ve earned the right to do. It is just to explain what happens to a victim dont, transform they don't get the girl. They don T get the promotion, they don't accomplish their goals. They don't do that and it's real. Is there seeing themselves as a victim someone to be really careful, because, as soon as we start judging victims and think of them is less people than we are. We actually start playing the villain. A hero has great compassion for victims, and great understanding and also great greater understanding? liberty and free will somebody wants to be a victim. They have every right to be a victim. It's not my responsibility to change them, but I think it is my responsibility to explain what happens to victims and went happens to heroes, invite more more people into heroic mentality at Sir, it's great way to put at an invitation, so Thou limitation down.
with this right now story, bran dot com, is a website and author of some great books. In building a story, bramble mention those memoirs, but Before- and you might wanna grab, some of those who are go pick. Some of those are scaring close. Like jazz a couple of those thou you may Can you kind of got your ideas, as you these books and were part of this movie. N, n and now helping businesses do this. You got your basis in your background for the stories, so we know how the formulas work in the movies and in books, and what not the very close to what happens in real life. How do we choose it? in the real raw moments to become. Either a hero or a guide and say in what I'm gonna stop being the victim, maybe personally in our own lives and then also as a country. Whilst things happen, happen in order to play the hero end.
Course I don't mean in order to beat your chest and be the centre of attention. I mean I mean in order to inside yourself, see yourself as somebody who's capable of change and capable of great impact, one of the things that Euro does in a story and it works in our own lives too. Is they have a clear defined? goal in mind that they want to accomplish something in it. They ve written down, it's very very clear This is also in line with Viktor Frankl work. That Frank was the Vienna psychologist, who was alive during a time of Sigmund Freud and contended as Sigmund Freud said that people's dominant pursuit and desire was a desire for pleasure. Viktor Frankl said no, it's the its did this for a deep sense of meaning, and he said in order to find meaning you need to have that. You need to take action on a goal. You need to move. were that meaning is experienced in motion, and so just any
every morning and not every morning, but at least three or four mornings weak. I get up, and I read my life plan that I created for myself and it starts with my Bitch wherein it- and it basically says here's what I want my wife to say about me here- things that I want to have accomplished in So there is a sense of movement toward a purpose. victims, on the other hand, are lost victims We want to be rescued, you're not trying to change the world. They just want to be rescued. They just want some aid to come and take their pain away and, of course, of your real victim. we hope that that happens. Free, we hope it. Somebody comes, but but a victim state is meant to be temporary. It is not meant to be It is not who you are it's a state that you are an and can get out of when we actually say: ok This is what I want to accomplish. Another characteristic that here have in common and stories and heroes have in common in life. Is there not a fleet of Fraid of conflict there not afraid of challenge? They want to change something it may know changing. Something is going to be hard, and so whence. When life gets hard enough,
Saying I don't want it to be like this, and this is unfair. They say. Oh, this is exactly what life is supposed to do to us. It supposed to challenges and its own He threw in countering pain that would become better people. There is no other way and story to make some a better person. Then too encounter pain in so We find that way and when we are in the heroic role the pain change the challenges still there, it's just that we like it I mean when, when Dwayne Johnson, the rock is working out, he feels the same pain you and I would feel the difference with him is that he likes it. Joys it any any enjoy. The benefits of writing looks very different than May, and in so that you know if we If we say this is what I want to accomplish in life. Here's what I want change and unwilling to go through great challenges and and condemnation, maybe an ear, and even people attacking me and those things in order to This thing happen. We find,
cells in a heroic role and in what you'll find. Since I read Viktor Frankl fifteen years ago, no there's there ve been days that have woken up, and and life has been sad tragedy- has hit my community and that yet and I don't want to do this work today, but I'm don't do it. I'm not saying life is always happy, I promise you just in fifteen years, since I define my goal and and goals in and we my life plan. I have not. a single day, not experienced a deep sense of meaning in my life I really like life. I like it on its terms and its terms are. This is going to be difficult. So being willing to face the fight right and no exactly what you want and where you want to go these are the individual things at the finest Donald? What what came do as a nation. How do we make the turn together. Well,
we need to choose leaders who are capable of a unifying mission. In my opinion, the here too, that we are living as a country right now is Democrats against Republicans? Are our government is very expensive? and we elect people who who want- bring down the other team. If you will allow me That means is, we ve got a congress that fights with each other, rather than getting things done in an I'm sick of it, because I think they're wasting my money, We have a media that incentivize is that sort of outrage at the other party and in so If you look at all the incentives, the insane for the media, the incentives for Democrats to bash on Republicans Republicans to bash on Democrats. If you look at the incense we're incentivize in this country into decline So what we need is we need a leader who stands up and says: look I think, we're about to get past by China and twenty twenty five. Our debt is horrific.
our military is is not as strong as China's China's naval fleet just past hours are edge. patient system is in decline. The reason is, none of these people are getting, thing down there too busy in a bar fight, and we need to stop the bar fight. When you become too other and decide that America will lead the world in education. We will lead the world in our military capability. We will lead the world in in freedom, we enjoy in this is important, because we want to prove to the world that democracy and freedom is the best nurturing environment for humanity, it's important and instead, I think we have, I think we ve got on both sides, the I'll just, and I think we ve got some short sighted leaders who are winning the bed. battle, but are losing the war, and so what it's gonna take is leadership that unites the country for real, I think, that's when we find our footing again, but
I'm not seeing a lotta leaders out there at least the microphone is not being handed to a lotta leaders who are willing to do that thought Miller. story, Brandon COM really appreciate this conversation with you, and I look. The hearing more in the future great poster, Instagram will share that too it's over on my twitter as we speak. Thank you so much for being here with us today and I I'm looking forward to seeing what comes just in thanks congrats on the new baby and happy new year. Thank you to my friend and Miller. That is a conversation that will continue to have because it's you know not going away any time soon. Unless we take action, as he pointed out,. So what's what are some of the things we can do tend to look down the road, continue our conversation right here- you can join the programme at one. Did eight thousand seven hundred and twenty seven back the triple eight thousand seven hundred and twenty seven back and get the Good NEWS.
certainly more of it happening I've gotta get newsletter. You can go check it out right now, just in Barclay DOT, com, slash Good news, just in bar they d come such Good news. back right after this Gwen today on the Glinda programme joy listening, Glenn back I just want to say it has been an honor and a privilege to fill in for Glenn during his well deserved vacation. It's just a Berkeley from wood. Radio in Grand rapids down the remaining Romans here in this year. Twenty twenty and look forward twenty one. I guess we have some decisions to make quite a few, in the most simplest terms,. Every year. Folks make resolutions and they fail. I'm one of them.
But how do we make changes and can we. that actually last I know we can a guy who dropped Almost a hundred pounds not too far ago and of that off even through this crazy pandemic and the crew in us with my daughter in the hospital and the things of and I know that real change can be lasting and it can happen. up to us, it's up to you and me it's it's our choice. We the government we deserve. We get the bodies we deserve. coming from a guys out a few cookies Assad aces. But we can make change. and our own lives and in our country, don't you
I don't know, what's gonna happen In twenty twenty one, in the first few days on the sixth of January in Washington DC the electorate, knowledge, the twentieth, I dont know who will be sworn in. but, as I said over the few days that have had a chance to spend time with this wonderful audience in four Glenn no that, God is still in control, and he still on the throne. So, instead of putting my faith in it, detentions, organizations co parties, maybe media even leaders that I, like a put my face, my trust, where my real hope lies a higher purpose higher calling. That's it for me today, priest
Would you be in here get the Good NEWS, my good newsletter, Justin, Barclay dot com, slash Good news, no matter what happens on social media anywhere else, to the beginning of the year, we can stay in touch. That's a happy new year, goblets. This is the Glen Back Programme.
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