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Will the Media Say HIS Name? | Guest: Dr. Robert Malone | 6/28/21

2021-06-28 | 🔗

A police officer was shot by a suspected black nationalist, and the media is silent. Pat Gray joins to discuss various news of the day, including a U.S. Olympic athlete shunning the national anthem, a Birds Aren’t Real rally, and PolitiFact correcting President Biden. Dr. Robert Malone returns to further his and Glenn’s discussion about the censorship he’s facing and the side effects of the COVID-19 vaccines. The National Archives created a task force to research racism in America, and it went just as expected. Glenn goes through the report and explains why it should bother everybody. Glenn reads a report of what a New Yorker found surprising about the Midwest. Police were called to a Home Depot to stop an ongoing exorcism.

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