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World Government Summit Admits EVERYTHING Will Change | Guest: Bob Arvin | 3/31/22| The Glenn Beck Program

2022-03-31 | 🔗

Glenn reviews the highlights from just day one of the 2022 World Government Summit, where global elites bragged about a “new world order” that will completely transform our energy, food, supply chain, and monetary systems. Glenn hears from listeners about what’s on their hearts most. Love is not good enough for the Left any more. Former Disney artist Bob Arvin, aka PolitiZoid, explains why he decided to come out of the closet and gives his firsthand account of when the “internal hostile takeover at Disney” began. Glenn gives the latest news on the call for a convention of states. Glenn reviews a chalkboard of all the things that "could never happen," but already have. Is Russia actually pulling back in Ukraine?

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