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Yay, Free Crack Pipes! | Guests: Sen. Rand Paul & Sheryl Attkisson | 2/8/22

2022-02-08 | 🔗

Glenn and Stu discuss the Biden administration's plan to hand out crack pipes to achieve equity. Olympic athletes are protesting the poor food China is serving, while an Uyghur athlete has gone missing. Glenn shares a story from the 1936 Olympic Games and the unexpected friendship between Jesse Owens and Luz Long, who stood opposed to Adolf Hitler. Author Sheryl Attkisson joins to discuss the smear campaign against Joe Rogan. Sen. Rand Paul joins to discuss the upcoming spending bill vote and what’s happening with SCOTUS. Glenn shares some good news regarding the fight against ESG scores. Glenn shares the story that teaches the importance of talking to your neighbors and not allowing people to become “untouchable.”

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when you are about to here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. ikebana, back program,
yeah, seek twisted freak. Welcome to the Glen Back Programme, it's Tuesday, and I just have to bring some news from Washington to you. That is such a relief. I mean people think that Joe Biden is a little out of touch. The administration is a little touch with the average person, but I'm gonna correct that mere ok, there's not going to be any any of this fake news on this programme. I'm gonna correct that this guy is IE, is rock solid, he's leaving right where the american people are just some things the White House announced yesterday and you you will see out of touch wooding down to it
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don't go to really factor dotcom relief, factor, dot com or call one eight hundred for relief. One eight hundred the number for relief relief factor, dot com really factor feel the difference. So do when you think it Joe Biden. What is the first thing? They just leaps to your mind: well, lunch ok, Joe Lunch Bucket Joe, which you know everybody in the press- is called him met for middle class, Joe Middle class Joe? Why would you call a middle class joke? Has everyone calls a middle class show, he tries to say, come on stop but yeah. Just keep doing e g isn't necessarily wrong that nickname, but hill admitted if he has two yeah. Now. Let me ask you this: when people went to the polls now, you're gonna have to do some speculation about when people went to the polls.
and they they actually voted? What do you think when they said I'm for lunch bucket Joe bright? What do suppose they were thinking and hoping would happen well, I was, and then they would probably think you know that there's this guy, who was president oarsmen values, tweeting all the time you never that member hemmed I do, and he was he was again him off and you get is getting fights of people all the time. What we want here Glenn is a return to normality and turn to normal, see something that is all very Amerika, something that we We all recognise is oh well, that's that it's not unusual bright, citing to go back to the way. We all understand this country should caution. Thank goodness we have him he's got into office in yesterday. Administration talked about how they are going to do
start handing out crack pipes to drug attics in underserved communities that stuff exactly the return to normal see, I was lacking Department of Health and Human services fiscal year. Twenty twenty two has a harm reduction programme and they're gonna have the crack pipe plan is well. It still is it's a kid that will provide. Safer pipes to drug attics when they, when they smoke, crack cocaine or crystal math, see from hypes safer vibes see, you know a lot of times: ill used glass pipes, sometimes they can cry. And then they ll lead to an infection in the crack use. No, Yes. No, yes, yes, sir, Oh here's the thing the girl Not everybody gets US Are they really gets us this
where really centre is right in the american people. You know me sure any president could see, saying: hey Freak Creek crack pipe you don't mean very common. That's the normal that we want to talk about every that was the only spoken thing did George Washington to ass. If he rode George Washington went when they were going across, the Delaware Gamers smoking crack, but this is where it gets even more united, ok, ok, Money will be prioritized for selection if they pay was to use the funds in under served communities. So we'll get the freak crack pipes. If yours serving a law urged african American or Algae Bt Q plus population. Are they say that black people smoke crack.
no. I don't think they're saying that there seems to be what they're saying no living reality saying something out there: prioritizing delivery to african Americans of crack pie. Ah ha, that's it! That's the air that's not the hundreds racial prejudice Alex affected. If that's not a democrat policy from the eighteen fifties and Sixtys or from the eighteen sixties. I dont know what is that unbelievable, and why right in line with I think Amerika was thinking because that is when you say lunch, Bugger Joe. You think the guy, Urim and you're on your own, the construction site right. It's time for lunch, you sit now. We know. We on the side of the building. Yeah eat him on the ground. In your work boots much bucket Joe comes over he's a normal guide and work in a normal, real hard jobs life. He said I have a normal conversation that what's bug in him yeah, you might say
but the end of a bar, maybe he's gonna, be or afterward. I try and hears what here's. What's it get not him today and ill it'll express. This is like a loss of rights that are safe for African Americans and gay people. There lookin, for you might actually see that one at the end of the bar, but another now we're looking for a president, United yeah, it's so yeah anyway. Seattle answer Francisco had the you know, crack pipe thing: didn't we gout so well now yeah and so they're getting rid of it. But Joe knows that's an injustice. So we got we ve got back one by the Way Justice Department. They are Ben forded. Once there is a court said now can't do this, but they are thinking about doing it anyway, you know crack pipes are one thing, but what about those who inject heroin? Ok, the government is now
I am not making this up. They are now putting but considering pudding vending machines in where If you needed a clean needle, you could get one a needle vending machine, and that is what the american people demanding I mean. Does it make you just feel so. American you're, like we are on the right track. We are going to restore ourselves to the great need, in that we really are That's been holding us back. Those damned crack pipes. In the inner cities. I mean all the people in the suburbs they can get their own. Damn. wooden nor metal crack. You know cause they're they're, a diamond does, out in the suburbs, but
This has been an underserved community and crack pipes. true and I will say what you know: he did promise to shut down the virus and, as we know, when is a virus ever spread through intravenous drug use? Yes, that's never been an ever never been in a lever, never never never about away. Speaking of servicing shutting things down lunch bucket Joe strikes twice. How lightning doesn't usually strike twice in the same place, but yesterday at the White House it struck more, two times actually, but second time it. They made an announcement yesterday and who hasn't been calling for this can a poor ways, for the love of peat Release the twentieth hijacker from nine eleven. Can we please just released M D, those big prose
ass of agenda twenty one out of intercourse the truckers here in Amerika. How can I don't know about those crazy nazis up in Canada, but then truckers here, I'm sure they're like we want the twentieth, Hijacker released and Git MO shot down. on huge three already for the american people, all yeah yeah, huge pressure and all people there are some people who are like my money to jewish is a little tight yeah. But what about the twentieth hijacker near? Ok, what about him? And what happens is that twenty of I just can't get a crack pipe for free or all need a lot of vending machines horrid it's. This is all horse this. The picture is all, are show my gun. And this is the sort of stuff lunch bucket joe- can relate
the people we can only in what are you guys like where, whereas won't come on man? Well, they wanted. You know sure we all wanted the twentieth. I jack he's right and the crack pipe, the needle figure, but you know I think, a priority and he got it right because day before yesterday, You know he released twenty five billion dollars of frozen assets to ram and was my priority. As you know, and allay, I think a lot of Democrats. You know I'm a little on the edge on this. I think a lot of Democrats would agree with me. You know not problem conservatives believe but hey Can we just please give the Ayatollah and Hezbollah and twenty five billion dollars, what we landed in the middle of the night on that tarmac enough it was not enough and it was that sweet spot right between twenties
six and twenty four billion that we were all talk about. Yeah the conservatives are say no only twenty four billion, the liberals are saying no twenty six million around over eighty outline wilds brilliant everyone was demanding billions go there. It was just a matter of how many billions. So a lot of people are saying you know I'm just saying about the winners. What are we gonna do about the economy now cheese yesterday the White House came out with yet another new plan o the problem with the economy is that well the union's aren't very strong and so they announced a goal yesterday. The union icing fifty percent of America. just the fifty should only want yet were at fourteen percent. So it's not a big deal fort.
Fourteen percent, but tripling it would still leave at eight percent short. Yes, yes, it would ok. Yes, it way when I have tripled it yeah and then add another half yeah, then a little more well, it's gone down. Actually, I was wrong. I twelve percent, it's gone down. It was a whopping. thirty percent at the height of the union's other nineteen, fifty thirty percent. So they went down to ten point three, so five times as many people in the union's as per se, the population that shouldn't while they want us to take a couple weeks. They want seventy one million people just that just seventy one million thirty one million. What I mean that seventy five million over seventy one billion that membership fourteen million today, so they want seventy one million, and that is half of the workforce So I think this is
that's what I was looking for and why are they doing it? Yes? Well I'll. Tell you why? Why its fighting covert nineteen advancing social and economic equity for underserved communities. I e crack pipes. Tackling climate change and building a modern, sustainable economy. I e death of the free market. We need a vibrant labour movement. So that's good. That's good now no there are reports out there that saying doing this work. Increase. The infrastructure projects that, though, that the White House is working on from anywhere from twelve to twenty percent, but who can't we can print more ok, what do you care about money or people? People says Joe Biden, you're, probably one of those haters? It don't think we should be in and out free crack pipes. Right, am I right? Am I right
you'd darn right, I'm right this is him, but this is launch bucket. Java connected to the people This is, can I ask you of it of all the concerns I mean when you look at the polls, The number one concerns always crack pipes yet for under so community. You know how we only eight, the president shouldn't red Poles yeah. I think we got that. I think we have a. We we got. Women have not read the balls or Reed of side. I don't get me to give you that and has no advisers that are really in touch with. American people at you know he wants it to look more. You know, like Supreme Court, It's a look more like America! Well handed out, crack pipes union jobs
oh and needles, I dont think gets us there. I know I know I don't I don't you know what he should do is he should appoint the first. Crack smoking Supreme Court justice does he have currently thinks that it's in the inner city. So maybe you'd get you know a black person as well. I'll, which he's really and fade already said. He's gonna. Do that yeah! Well, I mean Eric Smokin crack. You could get white or black, but if he does it in the what did he say under served communities? I think that's what he sang cause. It's racial equity so maybe he could get some from that underserved community that smoking, Grech, that's also qualified but nobody pays attention to, four Supreme Court threatening needle with it dont say these wrong early wrong words. American fine,
NL, as one eight do through three for nobody that I'm not animal s, good access, dot, org. Ok, your bracing yourself for the upcoming volatility that is going to hit the the markets until flay inflation slows down interest rates, going to fluctuate, you know kind I can minute two minute, never know you know I like that kind of volatility. I'd like living on the edge hey, am, I gonna, be wiped out financially tomorrow or maybe next week, or maybe not at all. It's fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, but anyway, I want to talk to you about american financing because they help you, whether any storm that is coming. You can see the process by the way I was reading, something really interesting. You know, I said the other day should by land, maybe by land, you know cause that's a hard asset yeah, and then I thought you know they're going to try To get us out of land and how are they gonna do that raise taxes on land yeah
like the sheriff of Nottingham. Would that be fun to be great, so while their thinking about how to destroy our lives. Maybe we should think about how we preserve what we have. Please do me a favor and stop paying all of this money to the mortgage company Stop paying all this money to these big fat cat banks this time, as many other day there like so the feds. If you know that as part of the federal government, now stop that's, not it's the bank's yeah, then they need some help. You know they ve called themselves and said: hey. Can we get some bailouts and they said to selves, while I don't know, but it ll, like you're gonna collapse, if not, we don't like to do it and they said he. I know you don't, but we really needed and then they said o K.
So it was a really cool conversation between themselves at the FED and the banks anyway, stop giving him so much money get yourself out of debt about a consolidation loan or lowering your mortgage at a map, Rick in financing aid. Ninety thousand six hundred and twenty four four thousand eight hundred nine hundred and six two thousand four hundred and forty americanfinancing dot net 10s station- I d by the way we play cut one here. This is a report call it out and say: why did we and freeze the twenty five billion dollars to ran? Again, I don't know and how you can say that that around gets no benefit and that this isn't some kind of sanctions, relief that you will be a minute.
She has offered to around before it is and made any of its own concern them. should. I was responding to set this endeavour, then forget about the jealousy. Were you think you were in most cases dad answered? My question does a ran benefit at all from the? Waverley resume. You will need to ask the iranian government whether they think this is a benefit to the whole. You know is both. We know this is a benefit to us. The ability of third party entities to work on the nuclear nonproliferation programmes are in your safety is raging in IRAN in the face of our growing concerns on Non proliferation and nuclear safety concerns. That is in our benefits. Yes, the people with those benefits and Ferchar. Actually, russian chinese european companies, right, don't you say that I'm saying that it is manifestly to our advantage, not another kid benefits us
to the elderly, argue nuclear safety and Philip resist this is press room is completely empty. It's just this guy from the eight and love head from the State Department and and I love this guy he's like broken you just like our rights screw guy, then you know like every day I got do he's like what kind words crap are you gonna be shovelling today idea that guy, I mean the guy from the state department. You know goes back, be enough: to his office and he's like? Can we have this guy killed We have seen the drones drones. We get spies someplace. We I mean off this guy and all of a sudden fall out of a window floor of some tall building. I'm just saying They have to be really. It is the second time in the last couple of weeks that disguised as world all love how he sees a hero.
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so much for listening, hey just a quick, couple of updates? Apparently the foods not real good in China, who had seen that I'm coming talking today that it is the apparently all of the Olympians are protesting. The quote: whore, conditions one Russian said. I cry every day he's a benign. weightlifter I could I every big food because or russian weightlifting rise and redress. Yes, he is who do they serving these guys? He is a game competitor of or Russia is our only slowly bold day, because I don't live strength they get out of bed. I only reinforce a boss. The day goes is just impossible to eat the food, my stomach some very bail, huge Blake circles around my eyes, a girl, every day. I'm very tired. This is terrible. I mean it's not weaker concentration camp, terrible, but why would they
care about right right? Well, the catering apparently is questionable You know it's not like your at Davos, You know, I'm saying there are no hot meals there Our crisps, which I think are potato chips, isn't rain or that be a cookie. I'm not sure it's easy and all these. These lesser countries that call things differently in a crisp. I think that's a chip like a potato chips. Pringles are potato crisps, not potato chips. Portion of it really is is because he has not achieved the can legally Billie holiday shit as they pour it out into a mole. So it's a crisp, so they have crisps, nuts, chocolate and nothing else. Well, that's clearly, not true, because storage leads bags of both die every day. I had a poster maize.
my Kurtz and they only heavy and full of possible will have you tried to boil it. Maybe maybe that's the deal, Mr Russian I am sick and tired of people bad mouthing the good people of China. Thereupon in China that are going hungry, and are complaining about the food their serving. I mean one: You don't if you dont like that food once you put it in an envelope and send it to the weaker village. Valleyed s belly made love it made love they love. It by the way, a twenty year old, weaker, Skeer, yeah yeah. That was, he slid. She left the the ebb and Lord Olympic flame yeah how's array powerful. You know it was. I think it was an inn your face a moment to this. Stupid Americans who called genocide yak as if, if, if it
genocide, why would they put a weaker yeah, the biggest yeah the world lighter, limping flay preach it come on the year. Why would they do that? If they didn't like people, obviously love them? They gave him the best job in the whole world. Here, the de LA here's, the deal right there, not killing the weaker au fait with why would they draw your attention to it, suddenly we're doing something bad, how she paid China back, how she had her olympic event as she's. skeer nobody knew of her before it does not like she was a big skeer in China. I now Isaac is usually people who follow skiing would know. The Olympic scares me well apparently ironed out there's a lot of ski in the camp. She came from
so she was allowed to ski an honour for anyone for anyone for any shows how much China loves a week or two exactly right. An she placed forty third in her cross country event. What's and then she did he heard the sheep Yes, she disappeared. Nobody. There, That is not ordering. That does not happen in China very much Well, sometimes people go away on another, let's say a vague. He added she digging, probably trained, really hard rise for the Olympics yeah and was a little disappointed me performance, so she's on vacation sheep mebbe issues may be at about a beach somewhere in our under a beach. Someplace per person like six feet under a beach. Maybe Now I don't know we don't know, we don't know they gave her.
a bold and unprecedented opportunity of lighting the olympic flame and that's what she does. She comes in forty third, and now no one can find see. Some people have speculated. I don't get this out of the work as it would just so. We can dispatch with this nonsense. Aha, some people have speculated they just picked. A Wii That was not at all qualified to be in the Olympics, just so they could use it for propaganda purposes, and people like Savannah Guy. We could sheer, am on IRAN car Us Senate dry. I'm not you not say I disagree Zionism from that like that would be misinformation. That would be a limping, chinese misinformation? Yes, I should get banned from social media if I believe that, but I believe the opposite. I believe this Wonderful athletes who China loves so dearly that they wanted to give the wiggers. The platform to show
the world, how loved and unity cultural, the chinese people really are. I only have the Soviet national anthem and the Nazi national anthem. I don't have the chinese national events of right. We should have still more. The both of you, ass, crazy people lose that in history, at their responsible for even more LAO while there it is my gosh, don't you feel patriotic soon the new american national anthem, nothing too, so we also need to bring their words right. Now, I don't you know what they're saying as a bad choir. Stop that stop! That we learned the lyrics. Yes, I am the new us. I have the new Spotify, they come up out of the song right now she sing along
I have the new Spotify anthem, it is there theme song, Yeats, fired candidates. Clearly coming it's already on this, and I already not me I'm not doing it is this available spot. If I can, only I saw got spot of oil is the name of a horse. Somebody rather lies horse on somebody you at all. Why there's something like that? That's.
I didn't know of the White House theme song too. I know this is the greatest. This is the best for eight hours it, no one even using a right which is traded in right, now, really go to change it to Mother American Cinema, Russia, mother, I don't even know what they're saying you they're, probably just saying we hang you if you disagree and we're like. Ok, that fits still works. We don't have to change all the lyrics seriously. Imagine if we we just instituted this than elected dove longer and to be present. Can you imagine we would know how you just do the math of Dollar one Britain's age. We may actually be elected doth one offs gotta be younger than fighting I made by our well. the national parks in you see things. You know, use
things like I don't know old, faithful and your like. That's older dollar! Six! four years old, sixty four, not that old, that all now, and I don't think he's act, MC a lot of all or whatever it in but like when's. The last time we looked at the constitution duet in this country with which the national aid, the all the soviet we're gonna, go for that what the hell, let's just go for Elon Musk, but he is I disagree with a lot of its policies, but it would be fun by which I mean a mare, entertainment, have some we'd have some features: It would be fun one crazy. We had like president, whose I constantly tweeting taunt stall of his enemies, all the time that I would not be a wild. I look like me, you cannot do that. Ok, here's, lifelong! I'm! Sorry! We just take the world seriously, we like Russian, we just gray eyes out all day
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one eight hundred lifelike or had to life locked outcome, use a promo code back for twenty five percent off lifelong dot com. I have them, use them. Eight hundred Lifelong learning back programme, If you happen to be watching on blaze tv, you will see that I am holding what appears to be like a torch without the flame I haven't had a weaker light. It yet this is the nineteen thirty six Berlin Olympics torch, this is the one that Adolf Hitler walked the watch, come into the stadium. Now imagine
if he would have had a Jew care ring the torch and running in This is really an in your face moment: the Americans, who are saying that the Nazis, don't like the Jews, believe that imagine that that would mean the coverage here would have been. You would have been and and Hitler had already purged all of the Jews from the olympic team, where a lot of really good athletes. They were Jew, he got rid of all of them. And you know wanted everybody to know. Nothing has happened, they're going to a special place special place. in nineteen thirty six the world felt a little like it does. Today we on the edge of war and nobody wanted war. The german team. Was these practical bathed? This was the moment that
would justify Hitler's regime to the world because he was clear: a racist, sorry, Whoopi. He believed in the master race Erin race, which is made up race, was expecting the area and athletes to win all the metals but he knew at the beginning of the game. There was one guy standing in his way was a twenty two year old American. His name was Jesse Owens. Jesse had a hard time deciding whether he was gonna come and represent the United States, because he was blue, and in Amerika. he wasn't really getting the recognition of being the athlete that he really was this would be the first chance for everyone in the whole world to see him and action in three days he won for metals, prove
Hitler wrong each time he grabbed the gold. But then it came time for the long term, this is the event he held the world record in and he choked fouled out. Then he did it again. He choked a second time. And found out, he was jumping too late. He had one more chance to try for the finals Pressure was getting to him. Hitler was in the stands watching He knew he not only had to prove himself, but he had to prove Hitler wrong. He needed to jump. Twenty three and a half feet to qualify. That's insane! Isn't it just to qualify He didn't make it he would be.
The fodder for german propaganda, because There was another guy waiting to jump. He was, german area in his was his was lutes long and he was picture perfect area blue eyes blonde tall young. He was really rate at the long jump if hit or could have three be printed. A bunch of. We know people that he could say madness is the perfect Darien rate they all what look like lutes long except he wasn't? Hitler Perfect, german. In fact, he was far from it before Jesse, step to the step. the young. The sand pit to jump for his third attempt loose
up to him and whispered in his ear gave him some advice. He said Europe your Jumpin way before the following: I'm gonna go over and I'm gonna, take my towel off my neck and I'm just gonna lay it down. You jump where the towel is the effect Jesse Qualified. Twenty five feet, so they both moved into the finals where Jesse, him for the gold. Lutes was first to congratulate them. in fact walked arm in arm around the stadium posing for pictures. It was a giant middle finger to the dictator. looks knew that he chose sportsmanship and friendship. even when he knew Hitler could have him killed.
And that's exactly what happened to him. He was sent to the front where he died Before he died, thing looks and Jesse Owens became good friends, final letter to Jesse Owens. He said when the war is done go to Germany. go some day and find my Carl and tell him about it, Father tell him Jesse what time We're like when we not separated by war. Tell how things can be between men on this earth. He closed it with I think I might believe in God, which as the final gift to Jesse Owens, because after seeing Jesse a before he competed at the Olympics. It was Jesse who lutes went on to learn about God from
He was killed shortly. After writing. The letter, the bravery of two men- in a world losing its soul, that's where we are we We choose friendship. Will we choose kindness, it seems like a small choice, but in a world like we live in today, it's a choice that change is an shocked the world. Let me a little bit about bill bar? Ok, there's nothing good about working out, nothing. and so what do you have to do? Is just eat fewer calories? I know it's crazy, like hey get eight hours sleep. Why, as following, you feel better shore
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when you are about to here, is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment Ikebana back program
America and welcome to the club back programme. We have a pact, our for you ran Paul in about a half an hour and Cheryl acts. It joins us about Joe Rogue it, and she knows this topic inside now, cancelling cancelled culture. The government might be involved what we owe to Cheryl in sixty seconds. To a certain extent. You are in charge of your future and the future of your family large extent. However, things are getting. You know harder and harder to be in charge of, because the government is getting bigger and bigger and bigger. Now, There are things you can do to prepare for the man made storms that are coming, our your finances. Looking you
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It can financing dot. Madame arrogant, financing, animal us one, two, three four, but would w dot animal less consumer access got. Org so one of the best investigative reporters in the country, if not the best and the one is still doing our job. I mean there to be some other good ones, but now nobody's doing it anymore. Cheryl accurate. She's, an investigative reporter. She is the host of full measure with Cheryl Acquisition and the author of the smear. Welcome to the around Cheryl. How are you I'm great could be here? oh Cheryl, I been thinking about you ever since this thing which Oregon started because you literally world the book on how this, how this happen and I'm watching this unfold bringing back. Some very vivid memories its wave after wave after wave. It started with. You know,
he's giving misinformation, given information about cove it, and then it will he's a racist, and now it's he's a transfer job. How does it? and he now yet it by the play book in my book, the smear where I dissected What was done to you? What was done to down? I must actually. I would say that Joe Rogan plan looks almost exactly. like, what media matters and the less propaganda fair and- interests behind them, what they did to I'm as if you remember, and it's it's when they find an enemy of whatever their advocate. or their money interests. Don't want discussed or exposed. They find other reasons to smear the sin and try to remove him- and I talked about- will what's the difference between a smear and just telling the because Joe Logan Acknowledgeth, he said some objectionable things that are very hard to hear.
day. Well, I described that I'm smear and there is, there is a line that the fit explains this these people, when this happens, are targeted, not be of the information and views of there being smeared for, but because of the other in points they have over it. that aren't even being talked about now, which is the Covid nineteen putting out factual information Some didn't want heard, and I Grogan with clearly targeted because he had large following it showed ordinary peace at friend. or alone when their thinking of certain thoughts and views are waiting soaring, five scientific studies. So do you It really is just that or is it they can't tolerate someone who won't bow to them? They gotta take em out or yes, they do, but only be he's not on the right side of the money. interests
people may not understand or behind these efforts that look like their sort of grass roots upwards they're, very well organised you- and I know medium. As in other groups, once they targeted, Rogan started coming. every word he ever sat overtime and had probably already been gathering on how they listened every everything you say everything I say: everything we write hoping to find that one oh grain. They can amplify into a smear for the power of destruction to get rid of places that are often narrative on these topics that their money interests, care about. Someone Did this to me or my good friend tat. I miss rest his soul the forgot, his he's, not in an era when did it to us. It was new to the american people and they you know, you'd be like now. These people are financing this and allowed. We will like yeah right. What kind of a conspiracy theory now
very one knows every one knows they ve seen it over and over and over again and their sick of it. How it does this just does he? How do you think this ends? Why I think that the great question now I think was the one who didn't crack when this does happen to him. Everybody up that some pressure to a pile of earth apologize to crack once that little bit of we MRS there, as I wrote about it's, not as though the Energy is there and then they go away meeting the propaganda, that's when they really think they're keeping because they, since weakness, maternity and our goal is really to get an apology. The goal is to destroy the person whose harmful to their interests may keep going. How this than by not shirk has, I think you, you re. A good point, have gone too far now recognises when they're going after. I use the example when everybody's anti vaccine people know they're not, but when they're all called that when everybody's called race
Some people know thou not and when Joe, then, who is not a radical conservative or giving me information and hopelessness know that when he is accused of that it starts making people go a aha, so I think something's gone on and its less effective. Maybe they overplayed their hands by broadening the map of the people, that they attack getting more and more bulk, but I think that's a fine on their part of the propaganda of desperation, because people like Joe Rogan, are very effective in the thing. The narrative, often the false merit is that they have you know they make sure all over the media. I've been saying this for the last couple of months, I've had increased hope that things are turn because people see to be waking up and not not just the ones it were. May be asleep or in a word active on you know the more conservative side of the spectrum, but Democrats not leftist, but Democrat
its Democrats are started say you know, I don't want any of this stuff. I this this is ridiculous and I sense that there is a change in our society, because every eggs accelerating so rapidly that its easy to see. Now, then, I think yes, they again have they overplay their hands several years go, and I like him to everybody says the pendulum swings. Well, the organised efforts in the well funded efforts, save dominated sense about the twenty sixteen time period in a big way, but I dont think they're. The majority and the majority of people who feel differently they're not organised and while find it. So it takes a little longer at kind of summers, but I think it suffered enough enough important. Things have happened and that people have been attacked that maybe your correct says it's starting to
maybe swing the other where and that people want to do something about it. That's sweet, reaching critical mass and what stop sees people Cheryl? I always say the truth finds a way to be told. So, ultimately the fact come out here, I thought kind of funny. I heard too Some of these states are lifting mass mandates and people are speculating. Well, maybe the universe. Looking at five and now it's it's the fact that I think the vaccine mandate corpus have all gotten co,
It now serve their suddenly starting to say we should recognise natural immunity. I mean ultimately, the truth is the truth and it may take longer to get out and in the sea of these this this information, but I think ultimately it does, and you find that people can find facts and good information as much as others. Try to hide it from them may not be easy, but people naturally seek it. So I think that's that's how it ends the best advice I give Glenn than I I think some people have actually taken every time. Someone says in online or China there, but you shouldn't here or read something that should make You go look at it, listen to it or be that vat paid asleep the cancelled and the propaganda. When you say when you're censoring something that means it's important doesn't mean it necessarily
but it might be true and you should go on it and that pretty much makes their strategy or tactic loot. I think, Think that's exactly what's what's happening to is. They are so freaked out, because becoming reckless and so overt and you know this this thing from CNN just on the bandwagon beat the drum and too a horn about how these people need to be cancelled, is crazy, he's crazy. As I wrote about the most effective propaganda campaigns mayors are the ones that are invisible to the public that she don't see the hand behind them.
Employment is a subtle way, but you're right. This is gotten so obvious. I think, in the face of desperation on the part of the interested really want a Swiss you now to look at different to a different place. I think it it's got to be where people looking at it. Like you say, Democrats, Republicans, independence, whoever you are and starting to go. What harm the propaganda says, they're starting to say beyond Coburg and beyond Joe Rogan. What else have they done this with that? I just didn't think about road and I think, back to the vaccine. autism, issue, universe, Ben scientific studies, lawsuits and settlements issued by the government and their own experts that vaccines can cause ought to them for years, but that's just consider over and over again the bouncy bouncy box. Think of what they have done to be parent, some of the same public health agencies for decades, for train them, it's crazy, while behind the scenes suddenly and paying law,
since the knowing that their own experts felt differently. So you start apply. What else does this went up to the supply to what we are seeing today? How managed is the I mean I the media is just imploding. and, unfortunately, the government credibility has imploded and now, science and medicine is imploding. I mean that That's, not a recipe for a healthy country in any way, shape or form. Well, it's not, and that one to recognise that, but I don't know how you get back to a place where those influences aren't still at play. In other bear their accomplishing their goal. In some instances they simply confuse the situation. Let's say there medical information that a company that wants you to have about their medicine. Well, if they
We can achieve that and you don't know what you believe, that's better than you believing the truth and we're in this and confused environment where everybody putting out all the conflicting information, and so yes, people know to be sceptical, but starting the stand all of that, but that's not necessarily help in such a way. neither and you know I'm gonna- be reporting stories that discuss in the near future. I mean see these things need to be, and I don't think it will be, but does it need to be up in restarted. Very few people have the kind of faith and pvc that they used to write and you have to have the biggest pandemic channel, that they supposedly gotten trillions of dollars to prepare for over a decade and so utterly and make so many bad decisions at every turn I mean, this agency, all about and you know I still look at the fact- that of all the things we know that has got that have gone wrong
The same people are still in charge. They haven't even may that another bank pollution imprison right these experts that were wrong summing up, aside all that stuff, but these people were still long understood, listening to them, I'm investors stunning, to me it's it's like that in almost every department I mean I've said to President up and in an interview recently for going to run again ear. have to clean house beyond everywhere, top to bottom, you're. Gonna need the the house in the Senate to go along with you, I dont know if anybody is interested in actually cleaning out the swamp, but Every single agency is is kind of like the CDC where they ok, good people in there There is also some really bad people some people that are misreading and but people that have their own agenda here. They turn expanded topic, but you know it
for eighty four to eight years. No one can in all that out. This operates independently of the president, this mechanism you're talking about people, I call it persistent bureaucracy and they fight back with either just not fermenting one amendment once if it's not what they want or they launched lawsuits subterfuge and they can. They can carry them, for a long time till the next person come then. So I dont know how. Even if you clean house you you get something done in any meaningful way. I think tromp came the closest, yeah due to the fact that he was thought at every step, and he did do something like reducing regulation and after the losses and finally starting to accomplish what he wanted with wall, any it's amazing. He got anything done. Those are big chain, Isn't that bureaucracy like their side? I would be very happy to see his approach if he were to
be elected New Cheryl. Thank you so much I know you're really busy, but thanks for coming by it, I've been thinking about you recently in. You are one of the people that it had been targeted and then you now here you have no place here on network television, so you went on. You did your own thing and its wildly successful and now many of us feel like we're. Gonna be chased off of our own platforms, which is bizarre. Just bizarre. We gotta turn around soon will thank for having me any time for you. You got it thanks I could say she is the investigative reporter and the host of full measure, which Cheryl Axis and she's So the author of the smear which, if you to understand? What's happening, This really is the go to book. This explains it in great detail. She took about a year and a half Teresa all of the facts on all of the big smears
and she explains, and you will understand- and we have a watch the pattern I mean that's that What do you know? She was saying, and I was too it is wave after wave way coms and they the same thing over and over again When is America, gonna say, shut up just shut up, you don't like it, don't soon and I'm not listening you cause, this is all loaded Nancy below. Call it ass your turf. This is all astroturf. Isn't it time that you start doing the things that you love again. The one thing that I used to to do. There are two things that I had to stop doing. Painting and right. With a pencil urban. couldn't my hands: just could not function may be in such bad shape that I just I
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one eight hundred for relief, one, eight hundred the number for relief, get them nineteen. Ninety five three week, quick start develop just for you relief factor, dotcom relief factor, dotcom feel the difference ten seconds, stationary we We have and Paul on your member The guy that we had on Monday yesterday must have an Friday. Then the Big Board live. DC, restaurant, yeah, ok and it was thought, maybe Thursday Lastly, because we had him on, and he said he was gonna go
by Friday to a like a city council meeting, and he was hoping that we're gonna be reasonable right now there not being reasonable, I'm stunned here they I am too, and he is completely out he's out and he looking for some one that will represent him as an attorney because they are I mean there completely out. Ok, they took Is business licence they took away his liquor licence. Everything else, If this is not a law, this is the mandate from the mayor- and there are real- France, all over DC that are not asking for people's vaccine notice and they're fine, it's just then he said he wouldn't do it because it wasn't right. It wasn't the law, Sir couple things that I think that our major priorities for Republicans should they gain power and the new future, one was OSHA, let's, let's
Let's forget what oceans post, we do it because it's not this is the We may have knocked down this one thing, but they're already way too deep into the american workplace. What second? Is this idea that like you, just keep going with emergency orders forever, like I, ok First couple weeks you could understand. Maybe to have time to gather people in the legislature to pass a law, but if you want one of these, things done pass a freaking long been two years to do this and are still going on executive emergency with herself give send go dot. Com, slash every one is welcome, is how you can donate to these guys, who are just under attack from an oppressive government in DC, give send go dot, com, slash, Everyone is welcome to design back programme Donna it's about dogs experience with rough green. She said my dog od in a long gated, wiener dog I never. Long gated wiener dog. What does that mean that fourteen feet long?
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replace tv dot com. Slash, Glenn, promo code is glad to save ten bucks off your subscription to please tv, The great reset is now out in audio book. You can get from audible or Amazon right now. Look forward. Glenn back great reset, read by me man. I bet it's good I don't know. I wasn't there when I recorded it. Let's go to lift our senator ran Paul from Kentucky whose joining us now one of the few senators that is, actually involved and paying attention to leave the Big Board, the the restaurant in the District of Columbia, that for some reason is being single out and they ve shut him down. Senator
from the programmes gland eyes for a new back. So what happening in DC. You you have the mayor, making a rule has any I'm through City Council and not shutting down restaurants that aren't checking, but these guy said we're not a check as it's. It's not really even a law and they I've come at them with a bag of bricks every day yet within within hours of expressing the then they went after the owner. They took the their alcohol licence away within twenty four hours. In twenty four hours later, they padlocked the building. I mean This is the kind of world were living it. Now, these people, Of control on in there was a pull the other day. That said about. Fifty percent of Democrats are willing to put you indefinitely in detention, to basically put you in jail if you're not vaccinated,
I mean this is it this is a completely insane and without a vaccine, but I still think protects you from getting sick, but it doesn't protect. You come too, admitting at a receiving the almost touch really of nobody's concern us in your own. If you exactly, do I think it still advisable politically interred age groups Certain people are overweight, but you make that decision. It should be nothing about you trying to force it on other people, I have to tell you thank you for signing the pledge to not agree to any spending tomorrow if eating it. If it involves mandates, I don't know why every single Republican, if they sign that they should they honestly, you should take a hard look at those Republicans, That won't sign this. What what is your possible reason? that'll, give you a good reason: Donal, don't don't reelect them
here, and there is a shift going on the curious thing. Democrat governor, thank God, you're gonna live like this forever, starting now, at the time, we welcome the push back quickly on masking our kids. We need to go back on the masking on airline. There's no evidence that the master working at all. You want evidence it Mass on the airlines. Don't work. We saw that play, They went with the mostly Mormon missionaries back to the Pacific island. Everybody tested negative before they get a plane. Forty two out of fifty four, add the disappear when they landed? I love anybody, I'm juggling because they were all them afterwards. of on that plane and yet everybody on the playing God covered network. no than any more accurate fact which is sort of another question we have to say we're going to continue to have all this minute asian mask separation that don't work for something that is largely not making the Let me ask you Louis which topics to Ukraine.
Feels is, though, unlike anything, I've ever felt that our government. Are administration is kind of pushing for a war in Ukraine, with Russia. It am I Is it just me You know why you fear, among the members of Congress up here too, and many of them were stolen from the never trump camp. The trainees me item Kissinger most of the people who think war should be the first resort, not the last resort There are ways to have a more nuanced position, and I think we should do things to try to deter Russia from baiting Ukraine, and I think that both carrot and stick that could be put forward actual would be stronger than thing. I will put a few sanctions that would work with Germany and they look. This is what I tried to do yesterday that Germany has been forthcoming. To save you invade Ukraine were not going to buy your natural gas in a big way, not just sanction it, but it will require Germany's cooperation because we don't
that much natural gas from from from Russia would have that much credit all with Roger carried out beyond the deterrent front. But on the other side of this I don't think so. unreasonable to say that you moroccan but Ukrainian, a military alliance against Russia. I asked the Secretary of State, the citadel said, Howard. How do you think we would respond if Mexico were joining a military alliance with Russia. What do you think we might do? We might mass troops on the border with Mexico? We would be so. What have we wouldn't tolerated for a moment I mean this is some of the cuban oh prices. We didn't write them putting metals and a nation close to us. We wouldn't Howard motor, we have to understand that their perspective as well. So I would do carrot and stick out look we're gonna, have a veritable embarked if you invade, but we also will offer them carried a thing. You know what maybe Ukraine would be better if a country with one foot in the east and one in the West Bank shipping would be better for Ukraine to try to see them
of Switzerland Day more their model. Then the model of becoming you know a military presence with NATO. The the. the idea that. we are living under a regime and I don't think I've ever use that word before for America. the living under a regime that is it it's all, most as if their ruding against us in every possible way the things that they did. this this weekend in the twenty five. Billion dollars. You know that Unfrozen gave too. I ran the it's it's it's a girl. but people that are completely out of step with the american people both also agreed people that I mean do you know how bizarre and far out these people are these people that think tanks? the terrible holiday immediately.
Loading, America, the terrible place, and we it is all very light thanks giving because everything America did was horrible and everything Americans did were horror, and I think that this is just a bizarre sort of world we read, I mean these are the people who think that, We are in the wrong by saying that government school should not medicate our children and shouldn't be giving argue. Our girls testosterone at the age of thirty. Thirteen without permission misses the bizarre world, but there. Also it's going to come home to roost because as people understand and know how far out Democrats are defined. The police give our kids Zack hormone without permission, give them even surgery, sex change, surgery or sexual appearance trains. surgery without permission. I think they're gonna paint themselves. So or out on a limb and it happened? Makin Kentucky we used to be majority Democrat registration state with now, which good church going crack families are like had now
for the government. Given my get vat hormones go without my permission, leafy poor, so bizarre that I think they're losing America and hopefully the next election, talk to me a little bit about Scottish what's happening there. You know that the one thing, but I'm the say over and over again- and I was told the media- Esther I came up to them is that one thing we will not do is we will not treat their nominee the way they treated cabin are, I think, what they did was reprehensible, despicable and we will show, in contrast, that we can have a debate over someone's qualifications, you know, I'm not voting for somebody who's for abortion up to the time a birth and voting for somebody who has our concerns for the constitution, but I am also not gonna stay up and make up stuff about their highschool Dating or saying a rapist in high school back on it. That was so insulting and so the meaning and the Democrats should be reminded that every step we should also show them
in public that we can disagree with someone on principle, nature, and maybe even vote against that person, but without making a personal slander so that I agree with that and I dont want to be. I do not want to become everything that you know that that he'd spies on the other side. So I'm glad to hear that then I agree with you. However, there's a bade going on right now, especially with Spotify in Joe Rogan about apologizing, and there's a place for apologizing, there's a play, to be you know decent, but but that mean that you surrender you know it's not that you know you you have to fight a good fight and a fair fight, but I people, look at apologies or, or you know being more statesmen like they're, starting to look at that as a sign of weakness. I dont think it is
well. I am tired of all the sort of mouth kind of apologies. Where you read your stay man, you look like you, ve been tortured all my long and you read it many say: stop it. You know like they may people apologize overtime for, saying, I'm sorry for being trends phobic. You know, I'm sorry for this. They call me transfer back what adults do is not my concern. Viana do that do it. My concern is about the law and about about consent. But the thing is it not borne out in and making. Some now ask apology, but doesn't maybe Debbie rancorous. As far as you know, personally attack people and frankly, I dont think we do that. But you know we're gonna do what but does the thing move forward, but TAT one another fighting, and on this I am, I guess, confuse the people who
towards dark and didn't want to have any rules require right somehow now they believe it speeches danger. Then they want to shut down people, they disagree with the both infantile juvenile proposition and I'll, get how they can I understand the release of people who were free spirit now being against speech. I know you for president once before, any out of running for President America is starting to look like she. Shifting back to a small government, hey, let's Although the rule book kind of thing any thought about, running for president again. you know sometimes until my wife says why in the world, would you want to do that? You now, I think so much of it and there were a free for all. You know, with an open open raised that one I have Donald Trump
once again at. I just don't know that the other be anybody that will be able to compete with our dropping a primary, and so I think it and then what happens over time right now, mostly, concentrating your I'm running real action in Kentucky and draw up in November and concentrating on that battle going beyond that, I would assume is doing well, I think pretty good. What we're finding in Kentucky is that, like I say, the Democrat Party Lack controller Democrat, You know, my images were confirmed a Democrat heard going God fearing conservative Democrat, but they saw the port, Lay them and that's what happened a thumb. Any I mean we ve had party officials now switch parties where people changing where immigration and so were now and even pudding and the democratic area that were democrat, going back to the time of Andrew Jackson, mattress which can become republic? the world a better place where we have few cities, about Democrat, but they're not
dominating. As like you know, Lana truly dominate the population of George another bright equal to the rest of the state, and so it is becoming more harm without these well cities portraying Kentucky. about a signal It's gone low population that they would work more. about the city, the rainfall thing, So much senator appreciating nice, like you bet, We are better off having him in the Senate. Kentucky you better. You put a reluctant interesting answer on insomnia. the presidential yeah that seem, like you know, no trumpet seems like e b. The east
but there's a lot of people would say that here, if crops running out right, if he is the only reason, I start with fifty point deficit, and no one wants to do that here and you'll be he'll, find something about you. You'll forever be labelled. Tat he's good at that is very good at that. Comes a day when you wake up in the morning. Stare at your bad and think in up think I'm doing sleeping thing wrong student. I we have to talk about our sleep discovery that we had the Thomas Sleep Discovery ever. We both had it just this week and anyway You can change your sleeping situation, cry My pillow just try it is it's gotTa Sixty day money back, guarantee blah blah, but I'm telling you I fluffed it up last night and I was just perfect: it was per don't know how this pillar works It's, I don't know, but you fluffy
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Well, I told you that the by an yesterday they are with you, they are in the fight. They know what you're feeling what you desire. That's why, Yesterday they came out said we're gonna. Let the twentieth hijacker go from nine eleven from NATO. And we're gonna. Let him out to get more he's gonna need some psychiatric care, but where to send it back to Saudi Arabia, worries from oh and all the hijackers from Saudi Arabia. That's weird, I'm sure he'll get the help he needs and we won't have a pair with him again he that they also said that they're gonna start handing out crack pipes in on. the thing that was on your checklist, I'm sure and The riders reporters like hold on justice. Second now this is Andrea's shillelagh. And ass. She was asking Jen Saki. Yesterday whether or not President Joe Biden is going to investigate, quote the right wing forces responsible for
supporting Canada's freedom convoy right, I need you and me, we ve all thought of that. When we ve all thought whoa wait a man, it can investigate those criminals, because you know their criminal still. Let me ask you a question they get us right. So often you know conservatives they just they nail us these, the press they Neil US every do they have microphones at our secret meetings. I think they master in. Oh, I remember the big secret meeting where we are like how we're gonna fight back this, and we also canadian truckers like that to say, as it is exactly that's exactly the lobbyists path, yeah was freedom yeah, we're like we have to fight for our freedom here Canadian. Eighty four augurs rise ass, the that's the ways that was slew them over and over again we ve gone to the canadian truckers gas, which is a major It's amazing that that is really where we ve, where we are
I mean look they're, not even popular there and their fighting back here. I think that the movement I'm not sure they're, not popular it doesn't seem like at least in our life, maybe don't believe the Poles or whatever, but like Canadians are different. That is a similar as they are to Americans. They have a different way of dealing with authority. It's it's our house and wait until summer. Yet it is a bad and they never ever. They don't bro ass. They don't I mean. I know it's not what they that's kind of what we do and its let's white surprising, to see it happening in the notorious in Canada ass. It was what I wanted me said. Can in trackers that's what's gonna solve our problems back programme. So are you interested in financing a home that you're gonna have to put the houses in just constantly under water, because your play,
You're always bursting and you're always gonna have to move out and go to a different hotels, exactly what Sarah does for Aurelia ass she right. This is the sense of what she just about got it finished and pipes burst again, yeah and then, and then again so that's third, time: yeah yeah. This is the year. The way, not only is there a sultan be home for happiness, a plan that she's working on and she's done it with american financing of mirth practicing does not make your pipes burst, though they Finally, your mortgage at a great rate, and she has a great rate on this home. Unfortunately, she can't see to keep it out from under water, which is a problem, but you could actually have your house and dry and goat going towards financial freedom. Just like thereof, lawyers, when the house tries out Sir convincing eight lack mould white play. We get what I thought. The next step: eight hundred Niger, six, twenty four forty four gotta
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when you are about to here, is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment
It is so weird every day I come in and he says that and then I talk and I'm like I'm goin back. What are the odds that I'm on the Glen Back Programme every day? It's weird now we're making. We were make, I think, it'll asleep, less, that we're making great progress on e s gee. I gotta give you an update, oh and by the way, an update on the bar. If you ve ordered it, it's gonna be out in the next couple of weeks, and hopefully yoga hopefully will be able to go to a store and by it. But if you ve already ordered it's gonna be shipped in the next couple of weeks, and the audio book is now available, I'm telling you guy, you read, it should win Grammy what you read it beautifully beautifully, coincidentally same name as the guy who,
This programme is about every day we're we're, but you can get it at Amazon or kinda, not Kindle but audible or wherever you get. Your audio books makes You pick it up again, Grammy or I can see him on state. I can see him on stage this year, accepting that Grammy any probably go off on some sort of political rant, and it will be embarrassing and honourable and everybody will just yell at here, but I think you'd like him all right. Let me tell you about our sponsor this half hour. It's the tunnel. Twins arrive Being tied, lifts all boats, there is a phrase that using who read doubly important are the foundation of our belief in Americans. It is something that children Luton learn through us most, you have to teach them. We
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twins, back dotcom, get the deal right now. Tuttle twins Baghdad com, but do it before Friday night you'll get both bonuses? and the disco Tuttle twins Beck dot com. Oh oh, oh, oh, is exactly what I was thinking. Listen here is some good news about the great reset, laid last week and over the weekend there is. There is a flood of new interest from state lawmakers looking to stop ii, s g and the rise of the great reset you. Are doing your job and you are you're making a huge, huge difference We have received through Heartland, which MIKE author is be a big part of heartland, and They are getting all kinds of inquiries. And they ve,
actually put together a team of three people at the Heartland Institute that is just dedicate. To helping state legislators and other state officials work on energy issues. the lawmakers I'm told are very clear on why they're doing this, they all learned about the great reset either listening to the programme. watching? What am I presentations on S g, which is very hard to find now They heard it from a member of the audience, one member last weekend said he's been reading the great reset book and knew he had to get involved. So here's the thing. Let me go! update on what is happening. We have just learned that state representative, Jake Hoffman is introducing legislation House built twenty six, fifty six mental the Eu G discrimination in Arizona. Again,
it's gonna be house built twenty six, fifty six, four Arizona this one, unlike other bills, this. What I think is doing it right most. States are dealing with government divestment. This is their saying: we're not gonna put any money into your bank. If you are coming with any out of e, and many of them only really concentrate on the key. I think that's a big mistake. But this one will pay a financial institutions. Banks doing business in Arizona, either directly or through a contractor for using political affiliation or social credit, environmental, social governance or similar values based or impact criteria when make credit and other financial service decisions, that is perfect, that is just perfect we also found out that there are two bills in Oklahoma Senate bill. Sixteen forty four house built
ready to or one that will be bent the use of all social credit scores by governmental enter these political subdivisions, business or persons, fantastic new bill, but is to be proposed in Wyoming. This is new. And that will be an attack on e g scores and social credit systems in the state that bill will be introduced soon, perhaps as early as the end of this week, we know now of five states that are introducing comprehensive bills to stop. Yes, g and social credit scores, so they are Arizona, Kansas New Hampshire, Oklahoma and Wyoming. These are the ones that are leading the way and should be considered the gold standard. There are others that We are making really good moves. I don't think they go far enough, but they are.
trying to divest from anybody using the great reset groups like Black rock because of discrimination of fossil fuels and related businesses. Those states Indiana, Florida, Texas and West Virginia really kind of disappointed in Texas in Florida. Quite honestly, I expect you to lead fourteen. State officials have sent warning shots to banks and financial institutions about targeting fossil fuel companies in no. Amber. It was alive Emma Arizona, Arkansas, Idaho, Kentucky Louisiana, Missouri debris Sk at North Dakota, South Carolina, South Dakota, Utah, West Virginia and Wyoming too. Other. We estimate that there are twenty states now pushing back against Yes G in one form or another low. Only five in that group and propose bills that will tackle more than just the e in de it is, in
Horton to let your lawmakers no hay, he s in the g. Leads to all of us so, does the E. U may not be able to get alone or be denied alone, because Europe, you know, of automaker aura somebody? That's using gasoline engines, Europe, you know, you're got to many trucks that are running for your company, that you know or not alternative fuels? Well, you may get that blood. They may not get that loan to do it, but that affects you. How far do you drive to work? That is, yes g question that concentrates on the e, but it is about you not a business we ve also been spreading. The word among state lawmakers that land has set up an email account specifically first,
legislators and other state officials to contact. So they can tell us about the work. They're doing Stapi as G scores in their states or if you have any questions its stop as Jean at Heartland DOT. Org stop Ass g at heart, land, dot org the government relations team at Heartland will continue to work with any state lawmaker or state official who needs help with legislation all you have to, who is reach out and ask, and just to be clear air Oklahoma Wyoming are the new states on our list and they taking on all of S g. Thank you. Thank you thank you Thank you for listening to this programme. Thank you for coming acting your house and Senate in your local state, that is the way to do it. Hold your banks accountable,
Now there was a story in the New York Times. I mean I've. If I didn't know better, I would say this author read my book. great reset, because I mean it is almost word for word. However, the author is, for it So that's why she wrote it she and, but she said the same things that I'm saying its positive. Why would the New York Times Runnin? m t you know story at the pre at the time when inflation is soaring, most empty blur embarrassed right now, because inflation is going out of control. However, if you read the book or you read this argument in the New York Times. It tells you everything you need to know. Em is modern monetary theory, and what it is we can print as much money as we want the government
doesn't even have to worry about paying back. You can just print in print in print if were true, I'll, come more just thinking about it now how many governments and how many gold coins, clam shells or whatever else people had why is this the first time somebody like you know what the oceans, fuller, clam shells, water, we just go, get all of em. It doesn't work. Now I m m t the experts in article reason that were we're seen too much inflation now and it's not because of the FED and the Democrats printing too much money and spending too much money, no, no that there is not a sufficient number of controls. I regulations on you and tax is on you to monopoly prices to stop inflation,
This is from the New York Times, Skelton and her colleagues make clear that the pandemic relief packages did not follow one of em empties key tenants. They did not try to. Count for resource constraints ahead of time in an m T world the king, national Budget Office would have carefully, analyzed possible inflation. I had of time you know the idiot to get a wrong. Every time there's a bill law makers, would have tried to offset any strain on available workers and widgets with Stabilizing measures and tax increases stabilizing measures that she's talking about our price controls and more regulations on businesses by this sounds like it's gonna work. Doesn't it the taxes are taxes to raise funds, because don't need taxes to raise funds in an empty right. you don't need to raise taxes to pay for something because you don't have to worry about it. You can just print more the threat
it can print all the money it needs Axes Our use, like price controls to punch and destroy industries that are deemed to be bad for the economy by some we'll planners. So the idea that the New York Times is proposing is stop the inflation crisis. We need the sea be Otis step up, you know, and impose price and labour controls this. Great, I love this. it's never been tribe. That is what's coming our way. That's to the great reset is all about that's what Joe Biden is doing. That's why were hemorrhaging money and going Have massive inflation for the forces balls future the thing that will top all of this is you saying: I'm not gonna play this game, but I'm not. I'm sorry but
will stand up in my local state, my local community against yes, g by taking my money out of these big huge banks, because believe me, the big huge, that's the FED, that's the FED. The FED is not a part of the federal government. It is the big banks, and you know when the law the President's nominated Nother, another FED chairman he's gotta go unfrozen. It really really the present has nominated. Well, that's the president's righty can nominee, but he can only nominate from a list of like three people that the FED chairs approve now I've seen this before I've seen this in Alabama. We have document over next door here at the museum from the think the nineteen thirty's or fiftys when they were like you're, not latin black people out there like no
That's not true. That is not true. Black people can voted. any time when the Democratic Party now True, yes, it is who hears here's the way it works. Yeah. They can vote in the white primary, because that's a white primary. but once we get the primary done, they, choose to vote for that White Guy, that's how they did it We have the we actually have the the voting instructions and in a voter tabulation where its whites only primary so pick from he's. Ten white guys all you white people and then When we get one that we want to run, then blacks can vote sure I'll. That's exactly what the fat is. The feds
The president can pick, but only from this list, and and who picks that list all the banks twelve chairs of the bed, so all of the banks. they're saying- we want him. So banks, when the FED says you know with the banking sector is really having trouble and we're thinking. Maybe we should bail them out. baling themselves out, I This is the biggest scam. This hold this The thing that we ve created not what the founders created, but what the progress is created in the law. asked one hundred years is the biggest scam. They tell you that all we got to save the banks, that saving them. Not? U them. now you know what racist, we're, we're antiracist, aha, aha
is that why you're giving crack I put out too under served communities Joe Biden, what I'm just mad Braun Islam just mad because as a wealthy white man, I have to buy my own crack pipe should be on that list. Two should give them to me, not just those under served communities unbelievable back in a minute. now, if you, if you, if you really understand what I just said, you might want to plan, the future and called gold line, were financial house is gonna come up against insanity? You Can sanity is here you think inflation is here gang You ain't seen nothing yet the great red set is here now
you're feeling it because the average price is about to break four dollars. A gallon for gasoline four dollars a gallant. You know what in two thousand eight. How Expensive was gasoline in two thousand eight with the final straw to break our back o caution, for me any, but I was for forty or those four forty or something maybe that high no, I think it was, I think, was for fifteen inner. Look. Look me on your right what anyone we're not far away from the height of gay and it Gonna go higher and higher and higher. Please consider having some of your investment, some of the money that you have saved in gold or silver. If you don't have your life I don't have a lot of money by silver. It's cheap if good This happens. What I'm saying is gonna happen golden. Is going to be worth so much money? Hey? Can you break a ten thousand dollar coin? Now. silver will be used
will preserve the value right now. You. The gold, indian or a five dollar gold liberty coin and thereafter special incentives that they ve never released before gold and silver together gold line. Now find out how to qualify. Eight six gold line, one eight six, six gold line: they are we for your call right now. Eight six eggs, gold, liner gold line dotcom ten SEC stationary? well. I I notice that Stu Stew not talking about the real story today, I'm not No, no. We did talk about a crack pipes. We did my good and were upset very upset- well word just upset it didn't happen faster, exactly
and it isn't targeting rich white people. Why dont rich white people get safe crack pipes as well? because they, you know they have so many crack pipes that the government could take one of their crack pipes, and give it to underserved communities and those rich people wouldn't even noticed that one of their crack pipes is missing. Finally, we hit the level of equality we ve all been sir. There is there, it is redistribution of craft piracy by wavy Abner story. That's what Joe Biden announced yesterday, but an Cuomo is also reportedly expressing regret. Over leaving office, it should it doesn't aid not leaving office. Earlier note now actually believes he has been vindicated. I mean this guy's delusional Delusional his job The vacation seems to be, I guess they didn't actually press criminal charges from the statute of limitations. While the what
He groped right. There wasn't, I guess, enough to none in his hand, but I guess he didn't get enough of a cup. I don't know exactly what trying to do their very sad story and the rumor is now at him, and Chris Cuomo are a having a comeback. Potentially The new podcast really dumb in dumber. I think that name is already taken, but you know yeah. It apply so well. Maybe they can work, something which one would be dumb and which one would be dumber alive, and I leave then up to the experts, the Glen Back Programme. All right Cuomo is obviously dumb and mail, the quorum studies- are here it's February. Normally, this time of year, I've given up on my new year's resolutions, but this year oh I'm still chugging along of loss
Wait just like I promised to do I'm keeping at it, though everything I think about that. I want to eat. Makes me when I ran my car into the side of a burger king and steal all of the burghers Yonah Mozilla I saw that on the news yeah it was made me anyway. You know it's helping me is built bars, built bars are delicious and their made with one hundred percent real chocolate. Have you tried their puffs. If not, you are missing out. They are teen infused marshmallows fluffy delightful. Covered in real chocolate. May I just say Relations
You can write now get the fluffy puffs right now at Build Dotcom user promo code back fifteen get fifteen percent, are back fifteen promo code back built outcome. Welcome! Welcome to the club, program. Don't forget! The audio book is out of the great reset router, by somebody? I don't even know how they got him. I don't know how they got him. He was is very busy and hard to just not willing to sit down and do everything, but he took ten hours in edited time and just read this thing any did it all like it was written by him really crazy.
My name is Glenn back and he is read the new audio book, the great reset it's available. Now it actually has extra stuff in it cause it's my book and my audio book, and so I added extra stuff. You could get out now, get it wherever you get your audio books. Ok, Tell you the story of David Murphy. Do we have any spied? We have any had on our dreams. net. Anything like that. We have I would just use s averages and you gimme the Yang Gimme Gimme this here, sir. Let me tell you about date: Murphy David Mayberry Mayberry David Mayberry. He lives on can't street downtown Ottawa right there in the heart of the ongoing trucker protest. you ve, been told by his media, even his prime minister, that the people involved in that truck convoy were racist. Anti Semitic can
piracy theories aid, mongers bullies. You know the type so mayberry David Mayberry saw them watch them for days, part in its neighbourhood. These monsters in the day. They have their origins step briefly in the cold, a stretch their legs, then ten at night well. He said they sat quietly in their trunks, having small conversations among themselves and maybe having a cigarette or two, but what were they talk? think about yeah sure about how much they hate indigenous people. Or something like TAT. David said, They started looking like they weren't really monsters, so he decided to do would only Mayberry. David Mayberry would do He went out to me.
it is new neighbours in the street was ugly. No media outlets were there talking to the people involved in the protests of David did visa. He did know what to expect. He was even afraid I mean really blame him somewhere in their truck? They add the clan outfit, even though the plan is nothing to do with Canada, which is really left. was the american influence and tell you there well He had conversations and he says he's described it as one pleasant conversation at a time every stereotype about the truckers was shattered, he realized wait. A minute there racist they're, not radicals and they're, not Anti Baxter's. These People who just didn't want to see their nation designate a whole group of people as the untouchables
Well, David is documented. This now story find national poster, whatever They call the newspapers up there. As I finally made my way back home after talking to dozens of truckers in the night. I realized I met someone from every province, except for peace said word island. They have The blood for their country, they believe it they believe in Canadians. These are people. That Canada relies on to build its infrastructure, deliver its goods. Fill the ranks of military in times of war. The over Our main concern they have is if the vaccine mandates are creating in the untouchable class of Canadians they didn't make. I flew Arguments from Plato's republic locks. Treaties sore somebody else's interpretation of West Minister. elementary systems which I've read in I love I could talk about the elementary system free day instead?
see their govern government willing to push a class of people outside the boundaries of society deny them a livelihood, deny them full membership in the most welcoming country in the world, and they said enough that I learned my new neighbours are not monstrous. Faceless occupying mobs, they are are more. Conscious, reminding us but every blow of their horn, something shouldn't forgotten. We are not country. That makes sense touchable class out of our citizens and that's right. That's what he did at is exactly what he did. Mayberry David Mayberry Get that name. This is really the solution. What he did you nowhere flirting with civil war? That was our conversation yesterday the right and the left beginning to think the differences are just too big ideas are irreconcilable, I mean I don't know how we work.
Whereas capitalism neurons. You know where it is. Gonna have a couple of mandates here. No, no, no, not know there are things that are bill of rights that we just can't compromise on, and that is true, however, I don't think we're as far as we are as far apart as everybody says, we are. If we just talk to other and that's one of the reasons why they want to make people untouchable. They mean two polarize and isolate so you don't talk to them because if you do, you will notice that the majority of Americans right and left- I should say, Democrat Republican Independent, our good we're, not the country of Twitter. and almost no one is untouchable and that's a good thing.
See where we really differ and let me go into babbled country, Stu. Can I get any man Marmara now. I normally don't talk about the Bible, because my vast knowledge Of the Bible is little intimidate intimidating to some. Don't that's near love. I am Hallelujah, yes, so Let me tell you the story of lot from the gas full of land What happened? What? Why was the whole Saddam Gomorrah thing about me? What are you get from that? The angels commoner, like you, can't DR what there's one good guy there no longer but what if there was I go, find em. So the angels go down and they go into Saddam Gomorrah and they realize wow this places like Saddam Gomorrah, it's bad
and a lot sees them out. You know with the people I like these guys. Gonna come in here I don't know we knew they were angels or not. I'm only saying that just so don't feel intimidated by my vast scriptural what but so he's ease like come on in here then there's an hour the door It's the mob outside and there like, give us guys, it just came in we're, gonna what Saddam is known to do bring outside and locked I know, but you can have my daughter low la I am thinking the angels went lot. Ads are not a good idea. That's now now he's getting, you can't have his daughter. No, really, you could add my daughter. Just don't take them, no he's getting still so what happens they start to leave because, it's gonna destroy the city
and for some reason they said and by the way, don't turn around a look at it. and his wife, LO and behold, women. Yet I'm saying women she turns around. She looks at she turns into in a big statue assault. So what do we get out of this story?. first of all lot could have been the Morton's of that area. Ok, You could have been shaven salt off her feet. You could have been maybe may be made, At her knees I mean the kids, a cry: mobs lost her feet, yeah yeah, but we still have in our head and everything you couldn't. He could have made a fortune, but did he know first thing I get out of this story second thing I get- is wait a minute. hold on, I would like say God.
give you my daughter that doesn't sound like something a dad would say: does it or a good dad are some dad's like hey ten bucks, those are bad dad's, not the ones usually find in the knot. bursting into flame or turning into a pillar of salt kind of category, and I mean so Why would he say that ways at in there. And how can the angels were like? You know what I still think you're, a good guy. You were gonna just throw daughter out to the wolves here. That's there to remind us one thing: You will notice that the angels, you know we're not, therefore the you know the good really fun You know the backdoor the entertainment, they were not there for that. And that's what everybody in the town apparently one and I d,
of these angels were hot or what but that's what they wanted. It's not enough that they didn't participate, get there. not enough that they didn't participate, they was not enough. There are like Nora, we're just here to see this guy I mean that looks like fun sure. but I think we're going to pass on that we're just visiting. No the mob, followed them to law, to lots house. It's now ok, it's not ok, you will participate. What does lot do he Besides, maybe if I compromise I'll give you my daughter. Do you think that would have stopped the mob. They would have taken his daughter and the two guys you can't compromise.
with evil. You can't compromise with the mob the mob. Won't take no for an answer. That's why you can't you. can't live in in place where people say I just read an article this morning cash? Who was it it was? It was an Ipad peace in their like. Can we really even live what these people they were taught about. The people won't take the vaccine. Can we really even live with them?. Ah, What's the other option Mean surely George Bernard Shaw, Surely everybody knows you know a few people. I don't deserve to live anymore, no George. I think that I mean maybe road good plays, but I think everybody should remember that. That's what you said,
forget about the plaything. That is what they intend. They will not take. No for an answer. So here is the lesson they'll never co exist. We could have a civil war and say we can guessed we say: hey you pick the first twenty five, we get taxes, but you pick ok, the next twenty five and we'll just live there. They will not do that because you will comply and the second thing is. Good Heavens man, if your wife is ever turned assault, just start at the bottom shave off and sell that salt. You will be the Morton's of your day, my gosh, but is lock thinking Patriot
full scale, assault untruth right now, you're right to speak the truth. Youtube to FI there. a war, and you will comply or let well with the help of. a big tack in the: U S government there. still a few companies that have slipped through there angers. That's why I'm here a partner with Patriot Mobile. This is America's only christian conservative, more mobile carrier. That's It's so evil right. There, for broad nation wide coverage. In fact, they use the same cell towers is the major carriers who get the same great nation, wide coverage, plus the peace of mind that your money is in supporting things like abortions, Patriot Mobile, it has plans to fit any budget and they provide excellent customer support, morbid
lay. They share your values and support religious freedom. Constitutional right sanctity of life are veterans first responders. You know the things we all thought. We agreed on Patriot mobile dot com, slash back or call nine seven to Patriot, get free activation with the offer go back, and if you veterinary first responder, you're gonna save even more right. Now, Patriot Mobile, dot com, slash back. Why aren't you doing it right now? What oh that's more important? Really, patriot, mobile dot, com, slash back, stay informed for the free newsletter. Today, Glenn back down, sure. There's been a lot of good news. This week you ve got other.
by an administration. Yesterday, releasing twenty five billion dollars in the frozen assets and shipping it read over to around you. Have they crack pipe thing which everybody loves, freak crack pipes for those in under served communities? Yeah the needle vending machine that they announced yesterday. Oh, they also have they wanna have half of the population as a labour member. It's all good, it's all good. What could we do that would break your day. Even more have you heard Russell bran? Indeed, His imitation o Brien Spelter, its hysterical, listen, which sounds great but not all, really really cool. Now only a phoney Germany, or not only making real, not trots, Giuliano going on, I drove who just wing it who make it up as they go along and because pickers like
Rogan are trusted by people, they don't trust real newsroom smile. I wanna people drove me that drugs drug and but I'm probably draws we're. Looking moved my time not to Rogan, there is possible. He took horse market met from the other day. Now tell me, sir! and don't tell me anything other than this should be a war. Yes, there should be a war interviews ton I'd like to bring you do about Joe Rogan that whole read that they came from is hysterical. Is the rustle brand thing? I don't. I He was an actor right and then he's now he's just money Ass, the eighties podcast is he's funny he's running really funny. He was comedian right, lamenting the of came from those very funny bodies. Also, just I think comments generally speaking, east common sense- does he seems to be yet, even on some things. Yes,
wasn't he also married to Katy Perry which pushes back against that narrow? Completely I mean sanity. Is you know it's a flow, its dialogues like the ocean ebb and flow ebb and flow. Sometimes that way out other times. You, like I'm gonna, be crushed by this crazy. I see it tomorrow. Radiations decline, back programme.
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