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'You all wish you were here'? - 5/25/18

2018-05-25 | 🔗
Hour 1: The NFL is a private business that can mandate that its employees stand for the anthem …President Trump says that players should stand proudly, but then he goes a bit too far …Perhaps the networks just shouldn’t show the anthem – But of course they’re not about to do that …Actor Jim Carrey demonstrates against gun violence with a gruesome painting and re-written Pledge of Allegiance …Amazon Echo device records a family’s private conversation and sends it to a random contact …Spotify has partnered with leftist organizations to define ‘hate content’ that shouldn’t be promoted …If the incident described by one of Morgan Freeman’s accusers is the worst she’s experienced, she hasn’t been victimized too often in her career   Hour 2: Caller thinks that Morgan Freeman’s ‘Boy, do I wish I was there’ comment had nothing to do with the female reporter …The American bishop who presided at the royal wedding has criticized Trump’s ‘America First’ policy …What is the proper way to date in this day and age? …Harvey Weinstein taken into custody on two charges of sexual misconduct …Texas woman claimed she was raped by a state trooper during a traffic stop – His body cam proves he did no such thing …White NAACP leader found to be committing welfare fraud, charged with perjury and falsifying claims for public assistance.   Hour 3: Isn’t it nature’s way that men and women are attracted to each other?…Kevin Spacey is probably a bad guy, but Pat and Jeffy would still like to see him have his day in court …NARAL is way worse than Planned Parenthood – Now they want to hold ‘anti-choice’ lawmakers accountable …Caller describes how women are giving away their power by keeping these ‘Me Too’ offenses to themselves …Libertarian caller claims to be ‘anti-abortion but pro-choice’ and says that the right needs to do more to promote adoption …Why won’t Americans listen to the argument for a ban except in cases of rape, incest, and health risks? …High school senior posts his school for sale on Craigslist, ends up in hot water

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